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Elevator, industrial lift truck, or stationary lift for vehicle

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05/21/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150136529 - Inground superstructure and integrated third stage arm for vehicle lift: A vehicle lift includes a carrier and a pair of arms. The arms comprise a pair of segments and an adapter pilot slidably disposed in one of the arm segments. The arm segments are slidable relative to each other and define slots to accommodate sliding of the adapter, providing various... Agent:

20150136530 - Abs brake control circuit of elevator brake system: An ABS brake control circuit of an elevator brake system comprises a brake controller, a backup power supply, a manual rescue instruction circuit, a power grid power-off instruction circuit, a system failure instruction circuit, a signal identification circuit and a brake mode switching circuit. when transport equipments, such as an... Agent:

20150136531 - Elevator backup power supply: A power architecture for an elevator system is described. The power architecture may comprise a panel receiving power from a power grid through a breaker, a power supply coupled to the breaker to receive power from the grid, a battery coupled to the power supply through a switch, an elevator... Agent:

20150136532 - Two-part sheet metal elevator guiderail: An exemplary elevator guiderail includes a metal sheet bent into a configuration that establishes at least one mounting portion configured to facilitate mounting the guiderail within an elevator hoistway. At least one guiding portion is configured to guide movement of an elevator car along the guiderail. The metal sheet includes... Agent:

20150136533 - Arrangement for the fastening of lift shaft equipment to a wall in a mine shaft: The present invention concerns an arrangement for the fastening of lift shaft equipment to a wall in a mine shaft for a personnel lift, the equipment comprising at least one rail that extends in the longitudinal direction of the shaft, on which rail a lift car can run, and fixtures... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150129365 - Brake: The invention relates to a brake and to a method for controlling the brake. The brake comprises a base part, a braking piece movably supported on the base part, which braking piece is configured to be moved between a braking position and a releasing position, a spring, with the spring... Agent: Kone Corporation

20150129364 - Hoisting machine, an elevator assembly, and improvement in vibration damping of a hoisting machine and in an elevator assembly: A hoisting machine includes an axial flux motor including a rotor having rope grooves and arranged in rotor compartment between a body part and a protection plate, and a stator arranged against the rotor in such a manner that the rotor is separated by the stator by an air gap.... Agent: Kone Corporation

20150129366 - Sheave for an elevator system: A method for constructing an interface between a sheave and a coated belt or rope of an elevator system, includes determining the surface energy of a surface of a coated belt or rope; and selecting a sheave such that the sheave has a work of adhesion between the coated belt... Agent:

20150129367 - Method for condition monitoring of elevator ropes and arrangement for the same: A method is provided for condition monitoring of a rope of an elevator including an elevator car and a rope wheel arrangement, which rope is connected to the elevator car and passes around at least one rope wheel included in the rope wheel arrangement. The method includes obtaining travel data... Agent: Kone Corporation

05/07/2015 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150122584 - Hybrid forklift truck: A hybrid forklift truck includes a truck assembly having a lift section, a drive section and a power supply compartment. A power module is received in the power supply compartment. The power module includes an energy storage compartment, a generator compartment, a fuel tank compartment and an energy storage device... Agent:

20150122585 - Lift chain tension relieving devices and methods: Devices and methods to relieve lift chains from being maintained under constant, or nearly constant, tension are provided.... Agent:

20150122586 - Elevator system incorporating a traveling motor: An elevator is provided including an elevator car and a machine rail. An elevator machine is mounted to the machine rail such that the elevator machine is movable relative to the machine rail. At least one belt operatively engages both the elevator car and the elevator machine. Movement of the... Agent: Otis Elevator Company

20150122587 - Elevator: A counterweightless elevator includes a hoistway, a car vertically movable in the hoistway, one or more suspension ropes, a rotatable drive member engaging said suspension rope(s), each of the suspension rope(s) having a first rope section on the first side of the drive member and a second rope section on... Agent: Kone Corporation

20150122588 - Elevator: An elevator has an elevator car and a counterweight suspended by hoisting ropes, which hoisting ropes are driven by a drive machine via a traction sheave, which elevator further includes a compensation rope in the lower shaft area between the car and the counterweight, which compensation rope runs around a... Agent: Kone Corporation

20150122589 - Elevator system with power storage device: An elevator system is provided that includes an elevator car (12), a counterweight (18), a load bearing flexible member, a motor have a drive, and an elevator control system (22). The car and counterweight are operable to be translated within a hoistway. The load bearing flexible member extends between the... Agent:

20150122590 - Brake assembly for an elevator: A brake assembly for an elevator includes a brake, a brake operating device and a first brake wire connected to the brake operating device and to the brake, the brake operating device being configured to release the brake by moving the brake operating device and the first brake wire to... Agent: Kone Corporation

20150122591 - Double-deck elevator: In a double-deck elevator, a car apparatus includes: a main frame; an upper car and a lower car that are disposed inside the main frame so as to be able to move vertically; and a car suspending body that suspends the upper car and the lower car on the main... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

04/30/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150114760 - Wireless vehicle lift system with enhanced communication and control: Wireless portable vehicle lift system incorporating one or more enhanced communication and/or control features. The lift system can incorporate enhanced touch screen-enabled functionalities, enhanced multi-processor architectures, and/or enhanced emergency stop features.... Agent:

20150114761 - Stall condition detection: Stall condition in an elevator is potentially dangerous situation if it causes slack to the ropes of the elevator. In such situation a counterweight or elevator car does not move even if the hoisting machine is still operating. This situation may be prevented by stopping the elevator as early as... Agent: Kone Corporation

20150114762 - Damping arrangement for damping the opening noise of a machinery brake of an elevator hoisting machine; an elevator hoisting machine, and an elevator: A damping arrangement for damping the opening noise between the frame part and armature part of a machinery brake of an elevator hoisting machine, the machinery brake being opened with an electromagnet, includes a number of channels machined around a magnetizing coil in the frame part of the machinery brake... Agent: Kone Corporation

20150114763 - Elevator security system: The disclosure is related to an elevator security procedure performed according to a security level of an elevator of a building including a plurality of residence units through an elevator security system including home gateways respectively installed at the plurality of residence units and a server coupled to the home... Agent: Kt Corporation

20150114764 - Safety related elevator serial communication technology: Safety related information for an elevator installation can be transmitted via a serial connection using serialization and deserialization modules. These serialization and deserialization modules can comprise redundant components, such as processors and interfaces, and can be configured to cross check various data inputs and outputs to identify data corruption, component... Agent:

20150114765 - Inspection tests for an elevator without additional test weights: The invention allows inspection tests for an elevator without additional test weights. An empty elevator car and its counterweight are balanced by filling in weight pieces to the counterweight. 100% load of the elevator car in regard to unbalance is configured by moving unused counterweight pieces inside the elevator car.... Agent: Kone Corporation

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