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Elevator, industrial lift truck, or stationary lift for vehicle

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12/04/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140353089 - Vehicle elevator system: A vehicle elevator system including a transport platform for transporting a vehicle to and from a parking floor in a multi-story parking facility; a hoisting element attached at one end to the transport platform and at another end to a counterweight; a motor-driven hoist transport element to impart motion to... Agent:

20140353090 - Device for the position detection of an elevator car and method for operating an elevator system: A device for detecting the position of an elevator car (40) by a sensor and evaluation unit (20, 22, 24), accommodated in a sensor housing (10), which can be arranged on the elevator car, is designed for interaction with a strip (14) having a length and/or position coding and which... Agent:

20140353091 - Elevator travelling cable protection: An exemplary device for protecting an elevator travelling cable connected to an elevator car comprises a deflector that is configured to be secured to one of an elevator car or the travelling cable. The deflector allows the travelling cable to extend below an associated elevator car a first distance from... Agent: Otis Elevator Company

11/27/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140345978 - Travelling cable of an elevator, and an elevator: A travelling cable of an elevator, more particularly of a passenger transport elevator and/or freight transport elevator, includes a protective envelope, conductors for transmitting electrical energy and data between the elevator car and the elevator hoistway, and one or more load-bearing bearer parts of essentially the length of the travelling... Agent:

20140345979 - Vehicle elevator systems and methods: Ground-accessing elevator systems and methods are provided for transporting personnel between the ground level and one or more decks of multi-level vehicle such as a fixed-wing aircraft. The vehicle elevator systems and methods may be implemented using a multi-track guide rail system configured to guide an elevator car between the... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140339023 - Elevator reservations using destination arrival time: Use of an elevator system can be reserved for a passenger based at least in part on an indicated arrival time for a passenger trip. The passenger trip includes a portion that is carried out using the elevator system and an additional portion. The passenger's elevator reservation is scheduled such... Agent:

20140339024 - Arrangement and method for monitoring condition of automatic door: An arrangement and a method for monitoring the operational condition of an automatic door in an elevator, particularly a passenger and/or goods elevator, or in a building, the arrangement includes an automatic door which includes one or more door leaves, which slide horizontally in their location, a door operator, which... Agent: Kone Corporation

20140339025 - Guide/damper arrangement for an elevator: A guide/damper arrangement for an elevator has a sliding guide shoe, which can be moved along on a guide rail and for guiding an elevator car, and a damper unit, for reducing vertical oscillations of the elevator car during standstill, and the two form a structural unit. The damper unit... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140332320 - Stairlifts: A stairlift and/or a method of supporting a user on a stairlift in which the seat is configured to positively retain the user and in which the seat-to-footrest height is set so as to reduce flexure of the knee joints as well as to reduce the intrusion of the passenger... Agent:

20140332321 - Elevator having a suspension: An elevator includes a car, a counterweight, a suspension working together with the car and the counterweight, and a wheel at least partially wound around by the suspension. The suspension includes a tie beam arrangement with two tie beams and an encasing shell wherein a ratio of the width of... Agent:

20140332322 - Elevator system including monitoring arrangement to activate emergency braking procedure based on deceleration and method of operating the same: The invention relates to an elevator system and also to a method for monitoring the movement an elevator car. In the method a first emergency braking procedure is activated for braking the elevator car at a first deceleration if the speed of the elevator car exceeds the first limit value... Agent: Kone Corporation

20140332323 - Self-centering elevator cage door suspension: An elevator installation includes an elevator cage, which is movable in an elevator shaft, with a cage door suspension for a cage door, wherein the cage door suspension is movably arranged at the elevator cage by means of at least one movable mount. During operation of the elevator installation, a... Agent:

20140332324 - Actuation of a safety brake: An elevator car has a brake system with braking devices engaging braking webs integrated into guide rails to brake the car. The braking devices include a brake housing, a first brake body movable by contact with the braking web and relative movement between the braking web and the brake housing... Agent:

20140332325 - Filler piece for an elevator counter-weight: Each filler piece (1) for an elevator counter-weight, the subject matter of the invention, comprises a central metal core (5) and a concrete casing (4), such that a piece (1) is obtained having a target density whose value is comprised between 4 and 5.5 g/cm3 by combining the concrete of... Agent: Sic Lazaro, S.l.

20140332326 - Apparatus for fixing a hoisting machine of an elevator and a fixing arrangement: The object of the invention is an apparatus for fixing a hoisting machine of an elevator in an elevator comprising at least an elevator car configured to move reciprocally in an elevator hoistway and at least one or more counterweights or compensating weights, which are for their part connected to... Agent: Kone Corporation

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