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Elevator, industrial lift truck, or stationary lift for vehicle

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09/04/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140238780 - Battery type forklift: A battery type forklift which is driven with power of a battery mounted on a vehicle body, includes: a fork arranged at a front part of the vehicle body; and a counter weight arranged at a rear part of the vehicle body, wherein the battery is mounted on the vehicle... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140238781 - Vacuum valve: A pneumatic vacuum valve is situated atop a cylinder or convenient working space utilized in conjunction with a pneumatic elevator. The vacuum valve has a coupling unit holding a diaphragm device for actuation of the diaphragm against a flow control opening. An Allen screw uses a simple regulation device to... Agent:

20140238782 - Regenerative electric power storage control system for elevators: A regenerative electric power storage control system for elevators, including: a converter that converts AC electric power to DC electric power; an inverter that converts the DC electric power to the AC electric power, and drives an electric motor that ascends and descends a car; an electric power storage apparatus... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140238783 - Guide rail for elevator: A method of making a guide rail for an elevator system method comprising the steps of: providing a guide rail; applying a protective layer to the guide rail for corrosion protection; and removing at least a portion of the protective layer. A sheet metal guide rail for an elevator system... Agent: Otis Elevator Company

08/21/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140231175 - Swivel lift: The invention relates to a swivel lift (1) with swivel arms (2) with a parallelogram function on which a bridge plate (30) or a walkable and drivable swivel arm floor (6) or positionally stable steps (42) is mounted on the lower swivel arm (2), and the swivel arms (2) hold... Agent:

20140231176 - Electric lifter: The invention provides an electric lifter, comprising a fixed mast structure, a movable mast structure that is movable relative to the fixed mast structure at feast one transmission means (chain or cog drive belt or rack or similar), and a load carrier, in particular a fork load carrier, being connected... Agent: Zapi S.p.a.

20140231178 - Elevator system: In an elevator system, upon registration of a hall destination call from a call registration device, a group control device determines an assigned car caused to respond to the hall destination call. An assigned car notification device indicates information on the determined assigned car correlating the information to a service... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140231177 - Elevator system with dynamic traffic profile solutions: An exemplary method of controlling an elevator system includes determining that a temporary heavy traffic condition exists that includes a plurality of passengers requiring elevator service from an originating floor in the building that is distinct from a lobby floor. At least one elevator car out of a plurality of... Agent:

20140231179 - Elevator arrangement and method: An elevator arrangement, includes an elevator hoistway, an elevator car, which is arranged to travel in the elevator hoistway, a counterweight, a movable supporting platform above the elevator car, suspension roping, which is connected to the elevator car and to the counterweight, and supports them while suspended from the supporting... Agent: Kone Corporation

20140231180 - Elevator system: An elevator system includes an elongated suspension member, a load-receiving part suspended on the suspension member, a counterweight suspended on the suspension member for supporting the load-receiving part, an elongated traction member for exerting a pulling force on the load-receiving part and on the counterweight, a drive unit, with which... Agent: Kone Corporation

20140231181 - Elevator brake control: An exemplary elevator brake control device includes a relay switch that is associated with a safety chain configured to monitor at least one condition of a selected elevator system component. The relay switch is selectively closed to allow power supply to an electrically activated elevator brake component responsive to the... Agent: Otis Elevator Company

20140231182 - Pivoting arrangement, roof element and elevator: Pivoting arrangement of an emergency exit hatch of an elevator, the arrangement being for a surrounding frame structure, a roof element of an elevator, and an elevator, in which arrangement the emergency exit hatch of the elevator is a planar element, and includes pivot brackets on its opposite sides, and... Agent: Kone Corporation

20140231183 - Elevator car: The invention relates to an elevator car comprising a support frame, a floor structure and a ceiling structure, as well as at least one car door, and side walls extending between the floor structure and the ceiling structure, wherein the side walls are formed from several wall elements, which are... Agent: Kone Corporation

20140231184 - User guidance with mobile electronic devices: A visitor can receive guidance (e.g., movement directions) through a portable electronic device. The visitor can read an information-containing tag with the electronic device to input location information into the device. With the electronic device, the visitor can then select one or more destinations. The device then provides directions to... Agent: Inventio Ag

20140231185 - Elevator system: The present invention discloses a method and an elevator system for allocating elevators to passenger groups. Passengers have access cards, the identification data of which is read, a passenger group is formed on the basis of the identification data, the destination calls to be connected to the passenger group are... Agent: Kone Corporation

08/14/2014 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140224588 - Device, carrying body and lifting vehicle: A device 1 includes a carrying body for carrying a load. The carrying body includes a first wall 3 which receives the load and an opposite second wall 2. Between the first wall and the second wall is a space in which a force sensor is provided. A part of... Agent: Ravas Europe B.v.

20140224589 - Lifter: The object of the invention is a lifter for a material-handling truck, in particular, a fork (1) for an industrial truck, comprising at least one fork arm having a shank (2) and a blade attached to the shank, a folding shoe (6) being pivotal on the free outer end of... Agent:

20140224590 - Arrangement for damping lateral sways of rope-like means fixed to an elevator unit and an elevator: An arrangement is provided for damping lateral sways of a rope fixed to a movable elevator unit, such as an elevator car in an elevator hoistway, the bottom end of which rope has an upward opening bottom loop. The arrangement includes a freely hanging damper supported on the top surface... Agent: Kone Corporation

20140224591 - Elevators and elevator arrangements with maintenance cabinet in landing wall: An elevator arrangement for an elevator includes a hoisting machine and a maintenance panel. The hoisting machine is arranged in an elevator hoistway, and configured to move an elevator car within the elevator hoistway via a hoisting rope arrangement. The maintenance panel includes components for at least one of control... Agent:

20140224592 - Elevator: An elevator includes a hoistway, an elevator car and a counterweight vertically movable in the hoistway, a drive machine including a drive sheave, a roping including one or more ropes between the elevator car and the counterweight and passing around the drive sheave and suspending the elevator car and the... Agent: Kone Corporation

20140224594 - Elevator braking system: A braking system for an elevator system includes two or more braking surfaces located at an elevator car and frictionally engageable with a rail of an elevator system. One or more actuators are located at the elevator car and are operably connected to at least one braking surface of the... Agent: Otis Elevator Company

20140224593 - Vacuum brake: A set of four brake assemblies are arranged to grasp a guide railing in a pneumatic vacuum elevator cylinder. The brake assemblies are each attached to a seal of the cabin or vehicular compartment traveling within the cylinder and to a structural support member within the vehicle. Additionally, each set... Agent:

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