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Electronic digital logic circuitry

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05/21/2015 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150137851 - Configurable ic's with large carry chains: Some embodiments provide a configurable IC that includes several configurable logic circuits, where the logic circuits include several sets of associated configurable logic circuits. For each several sets of associated configurable logic circuits, the reconfigurable IC also includes a carry circuit for performing up to N carry operations sequentially, wherein... Agent:

20150137852 - Level shift circuit utilizing resistance in semiconductor substrate: An apparatus such as a level shift circuit includes a first signal output device configured to output a first level shifting signal, a second signal output device configured to output a second level shifting signal, and first and second detector devices. The level shifting signals are to control an output... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

05/14/2015 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150130505 - Charge distribution control for secure systems: Advantageous analog and/or digital logic cells and methods of powering circuit blocks using the same are provided. A digital logic cell can include a charge storage device, a logic block, and connections to a power supply. The charge storage device may be a capacitor. The capacitor or other charge storage... Agent:

20150130506 - Defense against counterfeiting using antifuses: A locking system for an integrated circuit (IC) chip can include an arrangement of one or more antifuse devices in a signal path of the IC chip. The antifuse devices can be configured to operate in a first state, corresponding to a normally open switch, to inhibit normal operation of... Agent:

20150130507 - Integrated circuit with configurable on-die termination: Described are integrated-circuit die with differential receivers, the inputs of which are coupled to external signal pads. Termination legs coupled to the signal pads support multiple termination topologies. These termination legs can support adjustable impedances, capacitances, or both, which may be controlled using an integrated memory.... Agent:

20150130509 - Nanoelectromechanical antifuse and related systems: An antifuse apparatus can include a cantilever extending from a first electrode portion to terminate in a distal end. A second electrode portion can be spaced apart from the cantilever by an air gap. In response to a program voltage across the first and second electrode portions, the cantilever can... Agent:

20150130508 - Non-sequentially configurable ic: Some embodiments of the invention provide a configurable integrated circuit (IC). The IC includes at least fifty configurable circuits arranged in an array having a plurality of rows and a plurality of columns. Each configurable circuit for configurably performing a set of operations. At least a first configurable circuit reconfigures... Agent:

20150130510 - Leakage reduction in output driver circuits: An output driver circuit may include a electrically conductive medium, an output logic inverter having a first switch adapted to couple a first positive supply voltage to the electrically conductive medium and a second switch adapted to couple a ground supply voltage to the conductive medium. A first biasing network... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150130511 - Scheme to improve the performance and reliability in high voltage io circuits designed using low voltage devices: A high voltage input/output (IO) circuit designed using low voltage devices. The IO circuit receives a first bias voltage and a second bias voltage. The IO circuit includes a pre-reverse switch, a main-driver and a post-reverse switch. The pre-reverse switch includes a first capacitor and a second capacitor. The main-driver... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 9 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150123701 - Quantum interference based logic devices including electron monochromator: A logic device is provided which includes an electron monochromator. The electron monochromator includes a quantum dot disposed between first and second tunneling barriers, an emitter coupled to the first tunneling barrier, and a collector coupled to the second tunneling barrier. The logic device also includes a quantum interference device.... Agent:

20150123702 - Method and apparatus for authenticating a semiconductor die: The present disclosure describes apparatuses and techniques for device-based die authentication. In some aspects, an intensity of a particle beam is varied during semiconductor processing to provide a semiconductor die having devices of varied values. In other aspects, different areas of semiconductor dies are exposed during semiconductor processing to provide... Agent:

20150123703 - Logic gate and a corresponding method of function: A logic gate (1) comprising a spintronic memristor device (2), which has two spin-polarized magnetic electrodes (3, 4) for injecting and/or receiving a spin-polarized current and a layer of material (5) interposed between the two electrodes (3, 4) for transporting the spin-polarized current from one electrode to the other. The... Agent: Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche

20150123705 - Memory element and programmable logic device: To provide a memory element where a desired potential can be stored as data without an increase in the number of power source potentials. The memory element stores data in a node which is brought into a floating state by turning off a transistor a channel of which is formed... Agent:

20150123704 - Reconfigurable circuit, storage device, and electronic device including storage device: A reconfigurable circuit suitable for a redundant circuit of a storage device is provided. A programmable logic element (PLE) includes k logic circuits (e.g., XNOR circuits), k configuration memories (CM), and another logic circuit (e.g., an AND circuit) to which the outputs of the k logic circuits are input. The... Agent:

20150123707 - Logical elements with switchable connections: Clusters of logical elements are interconnected by a switching fabric. Each cluster contains processing elements, storage elements, and switching elements. A circular buffer within a cluster contains multiple switching instructions to control the flow of data throughout the switching fabric. The circular buffer provides a pipelined execution of switching instructions.... Agent:

20150123706 - Programmable logic circuit architecture using resistive memory elements: A programmable logic circuit architecture using resistive memory elements. The proposed circuit architecture uses the conventional island-based Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) architecture, but with novel integration of CMOS-compatible resistive memory elements that can be programmed efficiently. In the proposed architecture, the programmable interconnects of FPGA are redesigned to use... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150123708 - Integrated circuit for memory and operating method thereof: An integrated circuit of a memory is provided. The integrated circuit comprises a first data driving circuit and a transmitting transistor. The first data driving circuit outputs a first data voltage to a first node. The transmitting transistor is coupled between the first node and a second node. When the... Agent: Macronix International Co., Ltd.

20150123709 - Reference-voltage-less pseudo-differential input circuitry: System, methods and apparatus are described that facilitate data communications using a single-ended communication link. A method for data communications includes decoupling a direct current component from an alternating current component of a single-ended input signal, biasing the alternating current component with a predetermined bias voltage to obtain a realigned... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

04/30/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150115998 - Efficient resource state distillation: Systems and methods are provided for generating at least one high fidelity resource state. A classical code and punctured to provide a first set of generators and a second set of generators. The first set of generators is mapped to a set of stabilizer generators, and the second set of... Agent: Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

20150115999 - Semiconductor memory device and a method of operating the same: A semiconductor memory device includes a ZQ calibration unit configured to generate an output high level voltage (VOH) code according to a VOH control code obtained from a result of comparing a reference voltage with a first VOH; and an output driver configured to generate a data signal having a... Agent:

20150116000 - Programmable logic device and semiconductor device: To provide a PLD having a reduced circuit area and an increased operation speed. In the circuit structure, a gate of a transistor provided between an input terminal and an output terminal of a programmable switch element is in an electrically floating state in a period when a signal is... Agent:

20150116001 - Integrated circuit device with embedded programmable logic: Systems and methods are provided to enhance the functionality of an integrated circuit. Such an integrated circuit may include a primary circuitry and an embedded programmable logic programmable to adjust the functionality of the primary circuitry. Specifically, the embedded programmable logic may be programmed to adjust the functionality of the... Agent:

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