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Electrolysis: processes, compositions used therein, and methods of preparing the compositions

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11/13/2014 > 25 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140332392 - Anodized aluminum oxide template enabled nanostructure formation and method thereof: The present invention relates to an anodized aluminum oxide template that is used to grow periodic nanostructure and method of fabrication of the said template. The invention further relates to the fabrication of the respective periodic nanostructures from diverse materials using hydrothermal and/or CVD method for growing the said nanostructure.... Agent:

20140332393 - Sn alloy plating apparatus and sn alloy plating method: An Sn alloy plating apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a plating bath configured to store an Sn alloy plating solution therein with an insoluble anode and a substrate immersed in the Sn alloy plating solution, an Sn dissolving having an anion exchange membrane therein which isolates an anode chamber,... Agent: Ebara Corporation

20140332394 - Osteosynthesis with nano-silver: An antibacterial coating that is composed of silver is disclosed, as well as medical tools and implants comprising such a coating, and a method and an apparatus for the production of such a coating. The medical tools or the dental or orthopaedic implant comprises a metal or metal alloy having... Agent:

20140332395 - Manufacturing method of electronic component: A manufacturing method of an electronic component allows an intermediate inspection during a manufacturing process and includes forming element electrodes and feed lines such that pad portions of the element electrodes and the corresponding one of the feed lines faces each other via a gap in a plan view, and... Agent:

20140332396 - Consolidated amorphous carbon materials, their manufacture and use: A carbon based material produced from the consolidation of amorphous carbon by elevated temperature compression. The material having unique chemical and physical characteristics that lend themselves to a broad range of applications such as in electrical, electrochemical and structural fields.... Agent: Reticle, Inc.

20140332397 - Bath for surface treatment, method of producing surface-treated steel plate by using the bath for surface treatment, and surface-treated steel plate produced by the same method: To provide a bath for surface treatment capable of forming a surface-treating film having excellent corrosion resistance by a high-speed electrolytic treatment, and a method of producing a surface-treated steel plate having excellent corrosion resistance and closely adhering property to the coating maintaining good productivity. A bath for surface treatment... Agent: Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.

20140332398 - Electrochemical ph measurement: An electrode for the determination of pH is made by depositing a phenolic compound on a conductive substrate, where the phenolic compound has a phenolic hydroxy group attached to a carbon atom on an aromatic ring and also has an oxygen atom connected through one other atom to an adjacent... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140332399 - Low capacity sodium hypochlorite generation system: A Low Capacity Sodium Hypochlorite Generation (LCHG) system uses batching rather than the conventional continuous flow method in the production of sodium hypochlorite. Batching eliminates the need for metering pumps for brine and dilution water, as well as their associated controls and maintenance/servicing demands. Batching also precisely controls the ratio... Agent:

20140332400 - Aluminium electrolysis cell comprising sidewall temperature control system: The invention provides method and system for cooling over a large area, suitable for use for control of layer formation over an extended area in an aluminium electrolysis cell and exploitation of heat. The objective is achieved by a manifold from which a plurality of hot end heat tubes extend,... Agent:

20140332401 - Low-voltage alkaline production using hydrogen and electrocatalytic electrodes: An alkaline production system comprising an electrochemical unit comprising a hydrogen-oxidizing anode, a cathode compartment comprising a cathode and a hydrogen delivery system configured to deliver hydrogen gas to the anode, wherein the unit is operably connected to a carbon sequestration system configured to sequester carbon dioxide with the cathode... Agent:

20140332402 - Process and apparatus for producing hydrogen: A process for producing hydrogen for use in a subsequent methanation process includes electrochemically converting water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is depleted with electrolyte aerosols. Then, the electrolyte aerosols are separated from the depleted hydrogen in a wet electrostatic precipitator in a hydrogen atmosphere.... Agent: Outotec (finland) Oy

20140332403 - Speek diaphragm for alkaline electrolysis and its use: The present invention describes a diaphragm comprising SPEEK for alkaline electrolysis with a first layer having micropores and a second layer of macroporous channels which start at the contact surface between the first and the second layer then extending and forming the outer surface of the second layer, where said... Agent: Ingeteam Power Technology, S.a.

20140332404 - Process for producing high-purity tin: High purity tin and tin alloy are provided in which the respective contents of U and Th are 5 ppb or less, the respective contents of Pb and Bi are 1 ppm or less, and the purity is 5N or higher, provided that this excludes the gas components of O,... Agent:

20140332405 - Hydrogen production process with carbon dioxide recovery: A method for producing hydrogen by performing the steps of feeding a synthesis gas mixture to a pressure swing adsorption unit; producing hydrogen from the synthesis gas mixture in the pressure swing adsorption unit; feeding the remainder of the synthesis gas mixture at low pressure to an electrochemical cell wherein... Agent:

20140332406 - Purification methods and systems for contaminated liquids and mineral slurries: The present disclosure describes methods and systems comprising hydrodynamic cavitation, microwave irradiation, and at least one of oxidative sonoelectrolysis and reductive sonoelectrolysis, providing feedstock purification of at least one of water, fluid and mineral. Contaminants, broken down and chemically degraded into smaller and more volatile substances by hydrodynamic cavitation are... Agent: Chiral Research, Inc.

20140332408 - Accurate analyte measurements for electrochemical test strip based on sensed physical characteristic(s) of the sample containing the analyte: Various embodiments for methods and systems that allow for a more accurate analyte concentration with a biosensor by determining at least one physical characteristic of the sample containing the analyte and deriving one of a batch slope, sampling time, or combinations thereof to attain accurate glucose concentration.... Agent: Lifescan Scotland Limited

20140332407 - Sensor, sensor kit and method for detecting an analyte: The present disclosure relates to electro-optical sensors, to sensor kits and methods for detecting an analyte in a sample.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140332409 - Chip for a pathogens, parasites, toxins and desired chemical compounds detection: The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus for an immunoassay technique that uses amperometric measurements to rapidly analyze different pathogenic microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, toxins, and parasites and chemical compounds using a disposable element. In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, at least one conductive... Agent:

20140332410 - Analytical micro-devices for mental health treatment monitoring: A lab on a chip device includes a whole blood inlet port and microchannels to transport a whole blood sample or plasma skimmed from the whole blood sample into a detection chamber that includes at least one 3-electrode set of a counter electrode, a working electrode and a reference electrode.... Agent: University Of Maryland

20140332411 - Electrochemical sensor for ph measurement: A method of determining the pH of an aqueous liquid which contains little or no buffer, such as does not contain more than 0.01 moles per litre of pH-buffering partially dissociated acid, base and/or salt, uses an electrode with at least one redox active compound immobilized thereon convertible electrochemically between... Agent:

20140332412 - Derivatization of carbon: Chemical modification of the surface of elemental carbon comprises a first stage of attaching a compound with an azo group to the elemental carbon and then a second stage of decomposing the azo group in the presence of one or more compounds with an olefinic group so that decomposition of... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Coporation

20140332413 - Derivatization of carbon: Derivatization of an elemental carbon surface is accomplished by exposing the carbon surface to an aprotic solvent containing a hydrazone molecule of formula (I) or the corresponding salt of formula (II) wherein R1 is an organic group, and R2 is an organic group or hydrogen and decomposing the hydrazone in... Agent:

20140332415 - Capacitance detection in electrochemical assay: A method and system are provided to determine fill sufficiency of a biosensor test chamber by determining capacitance of the test chamber.... Agent: Lifescan Scotland Limited

20140332414 - Disposable test sensor with improved sampling entrance: A disposable electrochemical test sensor designed to facilitate sampling of fluid samples. It has a fluid chamber having a novel extra wide sampling entrance, but no additional air escape vent. The chamber provides a reservoir from which a sample fluid can be drawn into the chamber through capillary action. The... Agent: Changsha Sinocare Inc.

20140332416 - Method for liberating and detecting nitric oxide from nitrosothiols and iron nitrosyls in blood: Amount of combined nitric oxide or nitric oxide presented as iron nitrosyls in a blood sample is determined by directing a low power electromagnetic radiation beam at a blood sample to liberate nitric oxide gas, dissolving the liberated nitric oxide gas and electrochemically detecting amount of dissolved nitric oxide gas.... Agent: Duke University

11/06/2014 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140326605 - Electroplating contacts with silver-alloys in a basic bath: A method for silver-alloy plating an electrical contact and a silver-alloy plated electrical contact are provided. The method includes cleaning the electrical contact by removing contaminates and exposing the electrical contact to at least one of an acid or base. The method includes preparing a sliver-alloy plating bath including water,... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20140326606 - Method for marking a tool: A method is disclosed for marking a tool. The method includes the steps of providing a tool, providing a rustproof layer on the tool, providing a printed layer on the tool, and providing at least one electroplated layer on the tool. The step of providing the rustproof layer includes the... Agent:

20140326607 - Methods and apparatus for forming multi-layer structures using adhered masks: Numerous electrochemical fabrication methods and apparatus are provided for producing multi-layer structures (e.g. having meso-scale or micro-scale features) from a plurality of layers of deposited materials using adhered masks (e.g. formed from liquid photoresist or dry film), where two or more materials may be provided per layer where at least... Agent:

20140326608 - Anisotropic high resistance ionic current source (ahrics): An electroplating apparatus that promotes uniform electroplating on the substrates having thin seed layers includes a convex anisotropic high resistance ionic current source (AHRICS), such as an electrolyte-permeable resistive domed plate. The AHRICS is positioned in close proximity of the substrate, so that a distance from the central portion of... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20140326609 - Method for marking a tool: A method is disclosed for marking a tool. The method includes the steps of providing a tool, cleaning the tool, providing a printed layer on the tool, and providing at least one electroplated layer on the tool. The step of cleaning the tool includes the step of providing an air... Agent:

20140326610 - Electrochemical reduction device and method for manufacturing hydride of aromatic hydrocarbon compound or n-containing heterocyclic aromatic compound: An electrolysis cell has an electrolyte membrane, a reduction electrode, and an oxygen evolving electrode. The electrolyte membrane is formed of a material having protonic conductivity (ionomer). A reduction catalyst used for the reduction electrode is composed of a composition containing a first catalyst metal (noble metal) that contains at... Agent: Jx Nippon Oil & Engergy Corporation

20140326611 - Membranes and catalysts for fuel cells, gas separation cells, electrolyzers and solar hydrogen applications: Oxygen reduction catalysts for fuel cells are provided. The catalyst can be based on platinum-coated palladium nanotubes, or multiple twinned, crystalline silver nanowires. Also provided is a method of removing carbon dioxide using a membrane having basic functional groups, and a method of water electrolysis using a membrane having basic... Agent:

20140326612 - Method for manufacturing solid oxide and device therefor: Provided is a method for manufacturing a solid oxide and a device therefor, capable of manufacturing a solid oxide used as an optical material without introducing damaged layers caused by machining, which does not use any polishing agent or abrasive grains including rare earth elements, or does not use any... Agent:

20140326616 - Analyte determination method and analyte meter: The presence of oxygen or red blood cells in a sample applied to an electrochemical test strip that makes use of a reduced mediator is corrected for by an additive correction factor that is determined as a function of the temperature of the sample and a measurement that reflects the... Agent: Agamatrix, Inc.

20140326614 - Analytical test meter: A portable analytical test meter is designed for use with an associated analytical test strip. A test-strip-receiving module receives the analytical test strip and is electrically connected to a dummy load calibration circuit block. That block is configured to provide a dummy magnitude correction and a dummy phase correction; and... Agent: Lifescan Scotland Limited

20140326615 - Hydrogen sensor: A capacitor for a hydrogen sensor includes a dielectric substrate, a first electrode on the dielectric substrate, a second electrode on the dielectric substrate, and palladium islands on the dielectric substrate and between the first and second electrodes. The palladium islands are electrically isolated from the first and second electrodes... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of Northern Illinois University

20140326613 - Techniques for fabricating janus sensors: Electromechanical sensors that employ Janus micro/nano-components and techniques for the fabrication thereof are provided. In one aspect, a method of fabricating an electromechanical sensor includes the following steps. A back gate is formed on a substrate. A gate dielectric is deposited over the back gate. An intermediate layer is formed... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140326617 - Method for detecting biochemical oxygen demand: The present invention provides a method for detecting biochemical oxygen demand. Active sludge, surface water, domestic waste water, or industrial waste water comprising microorganism is taken as a water sample with microorganism in the method provided by the present invention. The water sample with microorganism is cultivated to obtain a... Agent:

20140326618 - Electrochemical sensor: This invention relates to an electrochemical sensor (1), comprising a base element (3), which is made of electrically insulating material and has a planar surface (9), and a pair of conductors (5), which are attached to said planar surface (9) of the base element (3), wherein the two conductors (5)... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 19 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140318974 - Corrosion and erosion-resistant mixed oxide coatings for the protection of chemical and plasma process chamber components: There is disclosed a method for producing corrosion and erosion-resistant mixed oxide coatings on a metal substrate, as well as a mixed oxide coating itself. A surface of the substrate metal is oxidised and converted into a first coating compound comprising a primary oxide of that metal by a plasma... Agent: Keronite International Limited

20140318973 - Electrolytic copper foil and production method of electrolytic copper foil: The present invention provides an electrolytic copper foil that has a high normal tensile strength, a low decrease in tensile strength after a thermal history, and a low concentration of impurities in the copper foil and a method for producing the copper foil. Specifically, the electrolytic copper foil in which... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20140318975 - Machine suitable for plating a cavity of a semi-conductive or conductive substrate such as a through via structure: characterised in that it comprises a series of wet-processing modules (10-60) configured to conduct steps a), b) and c) by wet-processing in a chemical bath (B) and at least one additional module (70) adapted to conduct annealing step d) of the substrate (S) such that the machine (1) is capable... Agent: Alchimer

20140318976 - Reproduction method of liquid ejecting head: A reproduction method of a liquid ejecting head including: a process of filling the flow path with an electrolyte solution containing metal, and filling a space between an electrode capable of applying a voltage to between itself and the upper protective film and the upper protective film with the electrolyte... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140318977 - Microelectronic substrate electro processing system: In a processing system for electroplating semiconductor wafers and similar substrates, the contact ring of the electroplating processor is removed from the rotor of the processor and replaced with a previously deplated contact ring. This allows the contact ring to be deplated in ring service module of the system, while... Agent:

20140318979 - Apparatus and methods for the electrochemical generation of oxygen and/or hydrogen: The invention provides methods for producing hydrogen and oxygen, comprising the steps of: (i) oxidising a mediator at a working electrode to yield an oxidised mediator, and reducing protons at a counter electrode to yield hydrogen; and (ii) reducing an oxidised mediator at a working electrode to yield a mediator,... Agent:

20140318978 - Photoactive article, process for making, and use of same: A photoactive article includes a substrate including a semiconductor to absorb light and to produce a plurality of charge carriers; a dielectric layer disposed on the substrate; a conductive member disposed on the dielectric layer and opposing the substrate such that the dielectric layer is exposed by the conductive member,... Agent: National Institute Of Standards And Technology

20140318980 - Photoconversion of light using metal supported atomic quantum clusters: The present invention discloses the use of a metal nanoparticle which comprises at least one semiconductor attached to it, wherein the at least one semiconductor is an atomic quantum cluster (AQC) consisting of between 2 and 55 zero-valent transition metal atoms, as photocatalysts in photocatalytic processes and applications thereof.... Agent:

20140318981 - Method, apparatus, and system for electro-chemical activation of water: An apparatus, system, and method for producing electro-chemically activated water wherein (1) a dilute aqueous salt solution is first delivered through a preliminary reactor which has an anode element and a cathode element but does not have a membrane element positioned between the anode and the cathode and (2) the... Agent: Radical Waters International Ltd.

20140318982 - Method for preparing tin-silver alloy plating solution and plating solution prepared by same: A method is described of preparing a tin-silver (Sn—Ag) alloy plating solution containing methanesulfonic acid tin, methanesulfonic acid silver, methanesulfonic acid, and an additive, wherein the method includes: (a) eliminating impurities such as released chloride compounds and released sulfur compounds, which are present in the methanesulfonic acid, (b) preparing the... Agent:

20140318983 - Regeneration of etch solutions containing trivalent manganese in acid media: A method of regenerating an etch solution comprising a metastable complex of manganese(III) ions in a strong acid is described in which at least a portion of the manganese(III) ions in the metastable complex have been destabilized, causing them to disproportionate into manganese dioxide and manganese(II) ions. The method includes... Agent: Macdermid Acumen, Inc.

20140318984 - Systems and methods for impressed current cathodic protection: In some embodiments, an ICCP system includes an AC-DC rectifier receiving AC power from an AC power source and providing a DC output having a constant voltage or a constant current, a cathode connection electrically coupling the AC-DC rectifier to a structure to be protected by the ICCP system, current-emitting... Agent: Transistor Devices, Inc. D/b/a Tdi Power

20140318985 - Potentiometric sensors and method for measuring intermolecular interactions: A coated-wire potentiometric sensor comprising an electronically conducting substrate electrode coated with an ionically conductive sensing layer and an outermost surface consisting of or comprising in and/or on a first molecular species which is capable of reversibly adsorbing a second molecular species and a method for measuring the affinity between... Agent: Universiteit Antwerpen

20140318986 - Analyte meter digital sample detection: An analyte meter is configured to digitally test for the presence of a test strip in the meter and for the presence of a sample in the test strip prior to activating an analog current measurement circuit of the meter. A test strip port connector having a plurality of contacts... Agent: Lifescan Scotland Limited

20140318987 - Analyte meter test strip detection: An analyte meter having a test strip port is configured to detect whether an approved test strip has been inserted into the test strip port before turning on analyte measurement subsystems in the analyte meter. After the meter is turned on, control circuitry in the meter continues to monitor whether... Agent: Lifescan Scotland Limited

20140318988 - Electrochemical sensor and method for manufacturing: The present disclosure relates to a sensor including an elongated member including at least a portion that is electrically conductive. The elongated member includes a sensing layer adapted to react with a material desired to be sensed. An insulating layer surrounds the elongated member. The insulating layer defines at least... Agent:

20140318989 - System and method for monitoring and oxygenating an automobile cabin: A system for monitoring and oxygenating an automobile cabin includes at least one oxygen sensor adapted to determine oxygen level inside an automobile cabin, at least one infotainment system adapted to facilitate user of the system to select a required amount of oxygenation with in a preferred range of oxygenation,... Agent:

20140318990 - Ph sensor system and methods of sensing ph: A system for measuring pH includes a substrate and a sensor medium on the substrate. The sensor medium includes at least one oxidized carbon nanostructure and optionally at least one composition immobilized on the at least one oxidized carbon nanostructure. The at least one composition has at least one property... Agent:

20140318991 - System and method for quality assurance of a biosensor test strip: The present invention provides a test strip for measuring a signal of interest in a biological fluid when the test strip is mated to an appropriate test meter, wherein the test strip and the test meter include structures to verify the integrity of the test strip traces, to measure the... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

10/23/2014 > 15 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140311911 - Multi-stage transfer mold manufacturing method, multi-stage transfer mold manufactured thereby, and component produced thereby: A multi-stage transfer mold manufacturing method that can save labor in a step of connecting by a multi-stage connection, a multi-stage transfer mold manufactured thereby, and a component produced thereby are provided for production of a multi-stage component by electroplating. A method therefor includes the steps of forming a resist... Agent:

20140311912 - Flow sensors with modular microfluidic channels and methods of manufacture: Modular microfluidic channel structures for conducting liquid from a reservoir include a sensor for monitoring a parameter (such as flow rate or pressure) relating to liquid flowing therethrough. The microfluidic channel generally comprises a thermally insulating substrate made of one or more materials such as, e.g., glass, fused silica, parylene,... Agent:

20140311914 - Composition for treating surface of metal, method for treating surface of metal using the composition, and coating film for treating surface of metal utilizing the composition and the method: A process for metal surface treatment includes dipping a metallic material with a cleaned surface into a composition containing 5 to 30% by weight of a nonionic and/or cationic water-based resin, 100 to 1,000 ppm of trivalent Bi ions, and an aminopolycarboxylic acid at 0.5 to 10 times in molar... Agent:

20140311913 - Method for synthesis of nano-crystalline metal oxide powders: A method for synthesis of nanostructured metal oxide powders. The method comprises converting the metallic material into a precipitate of metal hydroxide by an electrochemical reaction and calcinating the metal hydroxide to form the metal oxides. The method of the invention is also used for the development of cermet particulates... Agent: Universiti Brunei Darussalam

20140311915 - Anode for oxygen evolution: An electrode for electrochemical processes comprises a substrate of titanium or other valve metal, an intermediate protection layer based on valve metal oxides and a catalytic layer based on oxides of tin and of iridium doped with small amounts of oxides of elements selected between bismuth, antimony, tantalum and niobium.... Agent: Industrie De Nora S.p.a.

20140311916 - High surface area reticulated vitreous carbon-nanoparticle metal oxide electrodes: The present invention provides, in some embodiments, hybrid materials having reticulated vitreous carbon (RVC) and nanoparticles of a conductive, transparent metal oxide such as tin-doped indium oxide (ITO). The material can further include one or more transition metal catalysts, such as {Ru(Mebimpy)[4,4′-((HO)2OPCH2)2bpy](OH2)}2+. Oxidation of water, benzyl alcohol, and other useful... Agent: The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

20140311917 - Hydrogen production process: A method is disclosed for producing high purity, high pressure hydrogen from a low pressure synthesis gas production process. The low pressure synthesis gas is produced from steam or carbon dioxide reforming of hydrocarbons, autothermal reforming of hydrocarbons or partial oxidation of hydrocarbons. The resulting low pressure synthesis gas mixture... Agent:

20140311918 - Multi-step electrochemical stripping method: A multi-step electrochemical stripping method includes providing a determined electrode potential between a reference electrode and an article submerged in an electrolyte; recording a current peak value of a current signal flowing through the article; removing the voltage provided to the article when the current signal falls to a determined... Agent: General Electric Company

20140311919 - Liquid hydrocarbon fuel treating device for an internal combustion engine: m

20140311920 - Continuous flow electroflocculation water treatment system: A method is disclosed in which water is pumped continuously into one end of a container, the pollutants are captured and floated to the surface, the treated and cleaned water flows out the other end and the floated pollutants are removed. In one embodiment, the system consists of at least... Agent:

20140311921 - Purification method: A method for removing impurities from a sample of carbon nanotubes wherein the sample is contacted with an electronic liquid comprising a metal and an amine solvent is described.... Agent: Ucl Business PLC

20140311922 - Novel chemistry used in biosensors: The invention relates to novel compositions and methods for the detection of analytes using the nuclear reorganization energy, λ, of an electron transfer process.... Agent: Ohmx Corporation

20140311923 - Ph sensor, ph measurement method, ion sensor, and ion concentration measurement method: A pH sensor may include a reference electrode including a p-channel field effect transistor (FET) whose gate includes a diamond surface having a hydrogen ion insensitive terminal, and a working electrode.... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20140311925 - In vitro point-of-care sensor and method of use: An in vitro sensor point-of-care sensor including a substrate, a sensing system, and a reference system. The substrate can include a first cavity and a second cavity. The sensing system can be disposed within the first cavity and include an optode membrane, a selectively-permeable membrane, and a plurality of microbeads.... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20140311924 - System and method for measuring an analyte in a sample and correcting for interferents: Methods and systems to apply a plurality of test voltages to the test strip and measure a current transient output resulting from an electrochemical reaction in a test chamber of the test strip so that a glucose concentration can be determined that account for interferent substances in the body fluid... Agent: Cilag Gmbh International

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