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Electrolysis: processes, compositions used therein, and methods of preparing the compositions

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12/18/2014 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140367263 - Anti-virus aluminum member and method for producing same: P

20140367264 - Automatic in-situ control of an electro-plating processor: In an electroplating processor having at least one anode and one thief electrode, reference electrodes are used to measure a voltage gradient in the electrolyte near the edge of the wafer. The voltage gradient is used to calculate the current at the wafer surface using a control volume/current balance technique.... Agent:

20140367265 - Non-contact sheet resistance measurement of barrier and/or seed layers prior to electroplating: A measurement tool for measuring an electrical parameter of a metal film deposited on a front side of a workpiece includes an electrical sensor connected to a workpiece contact point, an energy beam source with a beam impact location on the front side, a holder and a translation mechanism capable... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140367267 - Electroplating tool with feedback of metal thickness distribution and correction: An electroplating reactor includes an electro-plating solution in a bath, a ring cathode in the bath and located to contact a workpiece such that only the front side of the workpiece is immersed in the solution, plural anodes immersed in the bath below the ring cathode, and plural anode voltage... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140367266 - Fast and continuous eddy-current metrology of a conductive film: A measurement tool includes a rotation stage supporting an workpiece support, a thickness sensor overlying a workpiece support surface; a translation actuator coupled to the thickness sensor for translation of the thickness sensor relative to the workpiece support surface; and a computer coupled to control the rotation actuator and the... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140367268 - Jig for manufacturing capacitor element and method for manufacturing capacitor element: A jig for manufacturing a capacitor element is provided in which an immersion position of an anode body in a processing liquid can be controlled accurately, and a heat treatment can be performed without difficulty when heat treatment is required in the middle of manufacturing the capacitor element. The jig... Agent: C/o Showa Denko K.k.

20140367269 - Methods and systems for hydrogen dissociation: A system for dissociating hydrogen from water is disclosed. The system comprises a container having an anode electrode and a cathode electrode disposed therein; a DC voltage source producing a DC voltage; a controller having an input coupled to the DC voltage source, and an output coupled across the anode... Agent:

20140367270 - Systems and methods for controlling electrochemical processes: A system is disclosed for controlling an electrochemical process. The system has a power source that is coupled to a power amplifier. The power amplifier is configured to provide an electromotive force (emf) signal, and a plurality of electrodes apply the emf signal to an electrochemical solution. A control element... Agent:

20140367271 - Method for producing alcohol: Disclosed is a method for producing an alcohol using a device for reducing carbon dioxide by light energy. In this device, a cathode electrode includes copper or a copper compound, and an anode electrode includes a region including a nitride semiconductor layer in which an AlxGa1-xN layer (0<x≦1) and a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140367272 - Hydrolysis system and method for a vehicle engine: A hydrolysis system for a vehicle engine includes an electrolysis unit having a plurality of spaced, generally parallel, conductive plates and an electrolyte between the plates that produce fuel gas including hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis; a reservoir that receives the fuel gas from the electrolysis unit and stores the... Agent:

20140367273 - Process and high surface area electrodes for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide: Methods and systems for electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide to organic products including formate and formic acid are provided. A method may include, but is not limited to, steps (A) to (C). Step (A) may introduce an acidic anolyte to a first compartment of an electrochemical cell. The first compartment... Agent:

20140367274 - Electrochemical reduction of co2 with co-oxidation of an alcohol: The present disclosure is a system and method for producing a first product from a first region of an electrochemical cell having a cathode and a second product from a second region of the electrochemical cell having an anode. The method may include the step of contacting the first region... Agent:

20140367275 - Hydrogen feed method and systems for engines: The invention provides a method for enriching air with hydrogen for subsequent use by internal combustion engines, the method comprising supplying a modified form of water; electrolyzing the water to produce hydrogen gas; mixing the gas with air to produce a hydrogen-air mixture; and injecting the mixture into the air... Agent: Go Green Hybrid Fuel Systems

20140367276 - Method and apparatus for operating a linear lambda probe: A signal from a linear lambda probe, which signal is meant to represent an air/fuel ratio for the gas flowing in the exhaust section, specifically prior to combustion of said gas, is determined based on a pump current. A difference signal is formed based on a difference between a pump... Agent:

20140367277 - Electrochemical sensors: An electrochemical sensor incorporates a ferrocenophane which is a compound with at least one bridging group covalently attached to and connecting the two cyclopentadiene rings associated with the same iron atom. This bridging group maybe tetramethylene. As compared to an equivalent sensor with ferrocene, the tolerance of elevated temperature is... Agent:

20140367278 - Methods for detecting survival motor neuron (smn) protein in whole blood or cerebral spinal fluid: A method for determining the level of survival motor neuron (SMN) protein in a whole blood or cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) sample, for example, a whole blood lysate sample or a CSF sample, including obtaining a whole blood or cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) sample from the subject and conducting an... Agent: Pharmoptima, LLC

20140367279 - Tsv bath evaluation using field versus feature contrast: The embodiments herein relate to methods and apparatus for determining whether a particular test bath is able to successfully fill a feature on a substrate. In various cases, the substrate is a semiconductor substrate and the feature is a through-silicon-via. Generally, two experiments are used: a first experiment simulates the... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

12/11/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140360881 - Electro-mark process and decoration of metallic surface and relative device: A process of chemical electro-marking includes the operation of placing the metal surface to be decorated in a position of application in which there is a silk screen, an electrode with a suitable pad soaked with etching solution, interposed between the electrode and the metal surface to be treated with... Agent: Metaly S.r.l.

20140360882 - High speed horizontal electroforming apparatus for manufacturing metal foil and method for manufacturing metal foil: The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for manufacturing metal foil by electroforming. Provided is a horizontal electroforming apparatus comprising: base plate supply means for continuously supplying flexible and conductive base plates to be provided as cathode electrodes in one horizontal direction; a horizontal cell including a... Agent:

20140360883 - Photoelectrode used for carbon dioxide reduction and method for reducing carbon dioxide using the photoelectrode: Disclosed is an anode electrode including a nitride semiconductor layer. This nitride semiconductor layer includes an AlxGa1-xN layer (0<x≦0.25), an AlyGa1-yN layer (0≦y≦x), and a GaN layer. The AlyGa1-yN layer is interposed between the AlxGa1-xN layer and the GaN layer. The value of x is fixed in the thickness direction... Agent:

20140360884 - Fluorine gas generating device: A fluorine gas generating device 100 is provided which facilitates the maintenance operation of recovery and replacement of an adsorbing material that adsorbs hydrogen fluoride and supplies fluorine gas in a stable manner. The device comprises a refining line 20 that includes refining devices that, with the aid of adsorbing... Agent:

20140360885 - Method of producing biocides from industrial process waters: Method of producing biocides from an aqueous flow of process water, said method comprising the step of subjecting a water flow containing ions which give rise to conductivity through an electrolysis cell in order to generate chemicals with biocidal performance. The method can be used for treating fresh and waste... Agent: Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vvt

20140360886 - Method for manufacturing fluid handling discs with porous mesh plates for use in ultrasonic mesh nebulizers: The present disclosure relates to methods for manufacturing porous mesh plates for use in ultrasonic mesh nebulizers, and the porous mesh plates manufactured by those methods. Cone-shaped dimples are first drilled in a substrate (e.g. a plate), but do not penetrate the bottom of the substrate. Next, the substrate (e.g.... Agent:

20140360887 - Electropolishing fixture with plunger mechanism: A method for electropolishing a medical device includes moving a plunger mechanism towards a side of the medical device to establish electrical contact between the medical device and an anode, the plunger mechanism moving transversely to a longitudinal axis of the medical device. Electropolishing the medical device following positioning the... Agent:

20140360888 - Apparatus and method for cleaning chlorobenzenes-contaminated soil and groundwater: Apparatus and method for cleaning chlorobenzenes-contaminated soil and groundwater are provided related to environment protection. The apparatus includes a direct current power supply, permeable reactive barrier (PRB) reaction walls and electrodes, wherein the electrodes are arranged in a polluted area according the concentric circles, and are installed into electrode chambers;... Agent: North China Electric Power University

20140360889 - Treating waste streams with organic content: Embodiments of systems, devices, and methods for treating, remediating, or abating carbon-containing wastes generate at least one of clean water; non-toxic, non-hazardous ash; or power. Some embodiments are modular, permitting rapid deployment, flexible configuration, and easy transportation. Embodiments of the systems treat carbon-containing aqueous waste, carbon containing waste, or a... Agent:

20140360890 - Asymmetric sensors: Cantilever Sensors made of piezoelectric material may be structured with various configurations of asymmetric anchors as well as asymmetric electrodes. Such asymmetry enables measurement of resonant properties of the cantilever that are otherwise unmeasurable electrically, resulting in significant advantages for ease of measurement. In addition the asymmetry enables expression of... Agent: Drexel University

12/04/2014 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140353159 - Electrochemical method of lithium iron arsenic superconductor preparation: A method and apparatus for producing lithium iron arsenic superconductor materials. An example of the method comprises providing at least one cathode comprised of iron arsenic, providing at least one anode comprised of a chemically inert material, placing the at least one cathode and at least one anode into an... Agent:

20140353160 - Method and composition for electroless nickel and cobalt deposition: An electroless plating bath composition of matter and corresponding method are described. The plating bath is an aqueous solution including an amino acid having at least one amino moiety and at least one carboxylic acid moiety or a polypeptide thereof, and having a molar ratio of amino moieties to carboxylic... Agent:

20140353161 - Method of manufacture a sliding bearing: A method of manufacturing a sliding bearing comprising providing a substrate as a cathode in an electrolyte within which a hard particulate is suspended, and depositing a composite layer of hard particulate embedded in a metallic matrix by applying a repeating cycle of bias pulses to the substrate wherein each... Agent:

20140353162 - Electroplating baths of silver and tin alloys: Silver and tin alloy electroplating baths include complexing agents which enable the electroplating of either silver rich or tin rich alloys. The silver and tin alloy electroplating baths are substantially free of lead. They may be used to electroplate silver and tin alloys in the manufacture of electronic components such... Agent:

20140353163 - Biological/electrolytic conversion of biomass to hydrocarbons: Hydrocarbon and hydrogen fuels and other products may be produced by a process employing a combination of fermentation and electrochemical stages. In the process, a biomass contained within a fermentation medium is fermented with an inoculum comprising a mixed culture of microorganisms derived the rumen contents of a rumen-containing animal.... Agent:

20140353164 - Device for electrowinning europium with channeled cell and method thereof: Disclosed are a device for electrowinning europium and a method thereof. The device for electrowinning europium using a channeled cell including a cathode cell includes a channel having an inlet and an outlet; an anode cell including a channel having an inlet and an outlet; and an ion-exchange membrane tightly... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources

20140353165 - Effect of operating parameters on the performance of electrochemical cell in copper-chlorine cycle: The electrolysis of cuprous chloride was carried out in the electrochemical cell. The particle size, current density, cathodic current efficiency, conversion of cuprous chloride and yield of copper formed depends strongly on current flow, heat transfer and mass transfer operation. The current flow, heat transfer and mass transfer are depends... Agent:

20140353166 - Novel process for scalable synthesis of molybdenum disulfide monolayer and few-layer films: The present disclosure relates to nanosheet synthesis. More particularly, the present disclosure relates to molybdenum sulfide (MoS2) atomic thin films and hydrogen evolution reactions. In one or more embodiments, a synthesis process may include sublimation of sulfur and MoCl5, reaction of MoCl5 and S to produce gaseous MoS2 species, transfer... Agent: North Carolina State University

20140353167 - Apparatus for water treatment using capacitive deionization and method for controlling the same: There are provided an apparatus for water treatment using capacitive deionization and a method for controlling the same. The apparatus for water treatment using capacitive deionization includes a first filter unit and a second filter unit allowing dissolved solids included in an introduced fluid to be adsorbed on electrodes to... Agent: Coway Co., Ltd.

20140353168 - Electrode for electrochemical abatement of chemical oxygen demand of industrial wastes: The invention relates to an electrode suitable for decreasing the chemical oxygen demand of waste-water comprising: a) a permanent component; and b) a sacrificial component arranged face-to-face and releasably attached to the permanent component and in electrical contact therewith, said permanent component consisting of a Substrate of a valve metal... Agent:

20140353169 - Hydrogen recycling apparatus and method of operation: A method of operating an electrochemical cell stack is provided. The method includes feeding a reactant gas to the cell stack. The flow of the reactant gas is halted to at least one cell in the cell stack. The voltage applied to the at least one cell is increased. The... Agent: Sustainable Innovations, LLC

20140353170 - Biological oxygen demand sensors: Bioelectrochemical Systems (BES) for use as Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) sensors, systems incorporating BES sensors for measuring BOD, and methods of using the sensors and systems for measuring BOD. The disclosed sensors are inexpensive to construct, long-lasting, have a fast response, and a large dynamic range. The invention includes biological... Agent: Cambrian Innovation Inc.

20140353172 - Devices and methods for long-term intracellular access: Nanoscale probes for forming stable, non-destructive seals with cell membranes. The probes, systems including these probes, and methods of fabricating and using the probes described herein may be used to sense from, stimulate, modify, or otherwise effect individual cells or groups of cells. In particular, described herein are nanoscale cellular... Agent:

20140353171 - Improved patch area cell adhesion: The invention provides a chip for use in a microfluidic analysis system, for example a patch-clamp system, said chip having improved cell adhesion through a predetermined pattern of hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions. A method for manufacture of the chips, and a method for improving the adhesion of a cell to... Agent: Sophion Bioscience A/s

20140353173 - Small volume in vitro analyte sensor: e

20140353174 - Sox gas sensor and method of measuring concentration of sox gas: An SOx gas sensor includes a first solid electrolyte member composing a part of a wall of a gas reduction chamber and provided with a first gas introducing hole for introducing sample gas into the gas reduction chamber, an oxidation part for oxidizing noise gas other than the SOx gas... Agent: Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

20140353175 - Derivatization of carbon: A process for derivatization of an elemental carbon surface comprising exposing the carbon surface to a reaction mixture containing a thiol and a free radical initiator, and inducing decomposition of the initiator to free radicals so that moieties from the thiol become covalently attached to the carbon surface. The process... Agent:

20140353176 - Hand-held test meter with time-multiplexed phase detection: A hand-held test meter for use with an analytical test strip in determining an analyte in a fluid sample includes a housing retaining a microcontroller block and a phase-shift-measurement block. The measurement block includes a signal-generation sub-block that provides an excitation voltage signal; an interface sub-block that receives the analytical... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140346049 - Dual anodized coating: A metal surface treated to have two anodized layers or regions may be used in electronic devices. The surface treatment may include performing a first anodization process to create a first anodized layer, removing the first anodized layer at select locations, and performing a second anodization process to create a... Agent:

20140346048 - Electrolytic copper foil, and negative electrode current collector for secondary battery: Present invention provides an electrolytic copper foil having a high normal tensile strength and a resistance to the lowering of the tensile strength after thermal treatment. An electrolytic copper foil having a normal tensile strength of 500-750 MPa and a tensile strength after heating at 400° C. for one hour... Agent:

20140346050 - Method for producing aluminum film and method for producing aluminum foil: A method for producing an aluminum film by electrodepositing aluminum on a base in an electrolytic cell to which a liquid electrolyte containing a molten salt is fed includes adjusting a concentration of an additive in such a manner that a measured value of an overvoltage is within a predetermined... Agent:

20140346051 - Method and chemistry for selenium electrodeposition: Techniques for electrodepositing selenium (Se)-containing films are provided. In one aspect, a method of preparing a Se electroplating solution is provided. The method includes the following steps. The solution is formed from a mixture of selenium oxide; an acid selected from the group consisting of alkane sulfonic acid, alkene sulfonic... Agent:

20140346052 - Reaction vessel for raman spectrophotometry, and raman spectrophotometry method using same: Provided are a reaction vessel for Raman spectrophotometry and a Raman spectrophotometry method using the same, which are suitable for observing an electrochemical reaction at a solid surface in an electrolyte solution. The reaction vessel for Raman spectrophotometry includes: a housing portion including a transparent window portion, in which a... Agent:

20140346053 - Carbon dioxide reducing method, carbon dioxide reducing cell, and carbon dioxide reducing apparatus: The carbon dioxide reducing method using light includes: (a) preparing a carbon dioxide reducing cell including: a cathode chamber that holds first electrolytic solution containing carbon dioxide; an anode chamber that holds second electrolytic solution; a proton exchange membrane inserted between the cathode and anode chambers; a cathode set inside... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140346054 - Electrochemical reduction device and method of manufacturing hydride of aromatic hydrocarbon compound or nitrogen-containing heterocyclic aromatic compound: An electrochemical reduction device includes: an electrolyte membrane; a reduction electrode having a catalyst metal and a porous conductive compound; and an oxygen generating electrode. The catalytic metal includes at least one of Pt and Pd. The conductive compound includes an oxide, nitride, carbide, oxynitride, carbonitride, or partial oxide of... Agent:

20140346055 - Radial counterflow shear electrolysis: Coaxial disk armatures, counter-rotating through an axial magnetic field, act as electrolysis electrodes and high shear centrifugal impellers for an axial feed. The feed can be carbon dioxide, water, methane, or other substances requiring electrolysis. Carbon dioxide and water can be processed into syngas and ozone continuously, enabling carbon and... Agent:

20140346056 - Process and system for removal of naphthenic acid from an aqueous solution: The present disclosure provides a process for removing naphthenic acid and/or naphthenic compounds from an aqueous solution. The process comprises one or more of the steps of: (a) feeding an aqueous solution comprising a constituent selected from the group consisting of naphthenic aldehyde, naphthenic alcohol, naphthenic acid, and combinations thereof,... Agent:

20140346057 - Electrochemical textile-washing process: The present invention relates to a washing machine comprising an electrochemical cell, to a process for electrochemical cleaning of fibers, to laundry detergents for electrochemical cleaning of fibers and to the fibers thus cleaned.... Agent: Basf Se

20140346058 - Device and method for parallel recording of impedance spectra and field potential: The present invention relates to a device and a method for parallel recording of impedance spectra and field potential of cells in vitro.... Agent: Universitaet Leipzig

20140346059 - Compositions, devices, systems, and methods for using a nanopore: Devices and methods that can detect and control an individual polymer in a mixture is acted upon by another compound, for example, an enzyme, in a nanopore are provided. The devices and methods also determine (˜>50 Hz) the nucleotide base sequence of a polynucleotide under feedback control or using signals... Agent:

20140346060 - Electrochemical detection of beta-lactoglobulin: A method to detect beta-lactoglobulin (BLG) is described. The method includes the steps of adding a known concentration of hydrogen peroxide to a sample known to, or suspected of containing BLG; and electrolyzing the sample using a working electrode at a fixed potential sufficient to electrolyze BLG, and measuring a... Agent:

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