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Electrolysis: processes, compositions used therein, and methods of preparing the compositions

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05/14/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.
05/07/2015 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150122658 - Membrane design for reducing defects in electroplating systems: Certain embodiments disclosed herein pertain to methods and apparatus for electrodepositing material on a substrate. More particularly, a novel membrane for separating the anode from the cathode/substrate, and a method of using such a membrane are presented. The membrane includes at least an ion exchange layer and a charge separation... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20150122659 - Method of producing graphene from liquid metal: A multilayered plate containing, as the graphene forming matrix, an external layer composed of a metal or a metal alloy and, as a support substrate, the transition metals and/or their alloys and/or metalloids and/or their solutions and compounds is subjected to heat treatment in the following stages: plate heating until... Agent: Advanced Graphene Products Sp. Z O.o.

20150122660 - Aluminum alloys, aluminum alloy products and methods for making the same: Decorative shape cast products and methods, systems, compositions and apparatus for producing the same are described. In one embodiment, the decorative shape cast products are produced from an Al—Ni or Al—Ni—Mn alloy, with a tailored microstructure to facilitate production of anodized decorative shape cast product having the appropriate finish and... Agent:

20150122661 - Plating bath and method: Tin-containing electroplating baths having a combination of certain brightening agents provide tin-containing solder deposits having reduced void formation and smooth morphology.... Agent:

20150122662 - Plating bath and method: Tin electroplating baths having certain brightening agents and nonionic surfactants provide tin-containing solder deposits having good morphology, reduced void formation and improved within-die uniformity.... Agent:

20150122663 - Electrodepositable coating compositions exhibiting resistance to cratering: The present invention relates to electrodepositable coating compositions that produce cured coatings that exhibit resistance to cratering. The coating compositions include an active hydrogen-containing cationic salt group-containing polymer; and 0.1 to 20 percent by weight, based on the total weight of resin solids in the coating composition, of an ungelled... Agent:

20150122664 - Electrolysis tank used for aluminum electrolysis and electrolysis process using the electrolyzer: An electrolytic cell for aluminum electrolysis includes a cell body, in which an anode and a cathode are arranged inside the cell body, the cell body is filled with an electrolyte, and at least a part of the anode is immersed in the electrolyte; the anode is arranged above the... Agent:

20150122665 - Electrolyte used for aluminum electrolysis and electrolysis process using the electrolyte: An electrolyte for aluminum electrolysis employs a pure fluoride salt system and includes the following components by mass percent: 20-29.9% of NaF, 60.1-66% of AlF3, 3-10% of LiF, 4-13.9% of KF and 3-6% of Al2O3, in which the molar ratio of NaF to AlF3 is 0.6-0.995; or the electrolyte includes... Agent:

20150122666 - Gas production device and method: The invention relates to a device and method which, with the use of dopamine in an alkaline aqueous medium, can be used to obtain nitrogen from moist air and to generate other gases, hydrogen in the free or combined state, such as ammonium. The reaction medium is ionic and reinforced... Agent:

20150122667 - Method of leaching molybdenum from sulfide mineral containing molybdenum and copper through electrolytic oxidation scheme: Disclosed is a method of leaching molybdenum (Mo) from the sulfide mineral containing molybdenum (Mo) and copper (Cu) through the electrolytic oxidation scheme. The method includes dipping the sulfide mineral containing the molybdenum (Mo) and the copper (Cu) into a solution having chloride dissolved therein, loading an electrode into the... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources

20150122668 - Apparatuses and methods for conditioning water, and systems and processes incorporating same: A water conditioner that utilizes ionic flow and selective ionic filtering to control water hardness and/or pH. In some embodiments, the water conditioner includes one or more conditioning cells each having electrodes and a cathode side and an anode side separated by an ion-selective filter. The ion-selective filter is design/configured/selected... Agent:

20150122669 - Electrode and use thereof: The application relates to an electrode for use in the electrochemical detection of a target species, wherein the electrode has a planar surface disposed on which are probe molecules that are capable of binding selectively to the target species, wherein the electrode, prior to binding of the probe molecules with... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150114839 - Method of making a bicyclic guanidine-cured acrylic coating: Disclosed are electrodepositable coating compositions that include a cationic amine salt group-containing (meth)acrylic polymer in which the (meth)acrylic polymer is prepared by polymerizing a mixture of ethylenically unsaturated monomers comprising at least 10% by weight of a (meth)acrylic monomer containing hydroxy ester groups, the % by weight being based on... Agent:

20150114840 - Osteosynthesis with nano-silver: An antibacterial coating that is composed of silver is disclosed, as well as medical tools and implants comprising such a coating, and a method and an apparatus for the production of such a coating. The medical tools or the dental or orthopaedic implant comprises a metal or metal alloy having... Agent:

20150114841 - Non-caking salt composition, preparation process and use thereof: The present invention relates to a sodium chloride composition comprising an iron complex of tartaric acid wherein between 55 and 90% by weight of the tartaric acid is meso-tartaric acid. The present invention furthermore relates to a process to prepare such a sodium chloride composition and to the use of... Agent:

20150114842 - Electrochemical reduction device and method of manufacturing hydride of aromatic hydrocarbon compound or nitrogen-containing heterocyclic aromatic compound: An electrochemical reduction device is provided with an electrolyte membrane, an electrode unit, a power control unit, hydrogen gas generation amount measuring unit, and a control unit. The electrolyte membrane has ion conductivity. The electrode unit includes both a reduction electrode that is provided on one side of the electrolyte... Agent: Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

20150114843 - Electrocatalytic hydrogen production promoted by visible light: A method for the photoelectrocatalytic production of hydrogen and oxygen from water, is carried out by: (a) providing a photohydride proton reduction catalyst and a photoanode having water oxidation catalyst operatively associated therewith, both in an aquous electrolyte solution,wherein the photohydride proton reduction catalyst comprises a single-component light absorbing catalytic... Agent:

20150114844 - Identifying and regulating the starting behavior during electrochemical machining of workpieces: Disclosed is a method for the electrochemical machining of a workpiece, in which at least one electrode is situated adjacent to a surface to be machined and current pulses are generated in pulsed operation to ablate material from the workpiece. Before and/or at the beginning and/or during the electrochemical ablation,... Agent:

20150114845 - Targeted heat exchanger deposit removal by combined dissolution and mechanical removal: This invention relates to compositions and methods for the at least partial dissolution, disruption and/or removal of deposit, such as scale and other deposit, from heat exchanger components. The heat exchanger components can include pressurized water reactor steam generators. In accordance with the invention, elemental metal is added locally to... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

20150114846 - Methods of forming cutting elements by oxidizing metal in interstitial spaces in polycrystalline material: Methods of forming a cutting element include disposing a volume of polycrystalline material adjacent a liquid electrolytic solution and applying an electrical between the polycrystalline material and a cathode in contact with the liquid electrolytic solution to increase an oxidation state of the metal catalyst material. The polycrystalline material includes... Agent:

20150114847 - Electrochemical system and method for electropolishing hollow metal bodies: A method and system for electrochemically machining a hollow body of a metal or a metal alloy. An electrode is positioned within a hollow body including a metal or metal alloy, where the hollow body has a variable internal diameter. The hollow body is oriented vertically, with the electrode oriented... Agent: Faraday Technology, Inc.

20150114848 - Method and devices for operating a heatable exhaust-gas sensor: In a method for operating a heatable exhaust-gas sensor, which supplies at least one measuring signal and in which a sensor heater is operated using a pulse-width modulated operating voltage, the detection of the at least one measuring signal has priority over the supply of the pulse-width modulated operating voltage... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150114849 - Durability test device of membrane electrode assembly and durability test method thereof: A durability test device that examines durability of a membrane electrode assembly used for a polymer electrolyte fuel cell includes: a voltage application device that applies a voltage from one surface of the membrane electrode assembly to the other surface thereof; a current measurement device that measures a current flowing... Agent:

20150114850 - Planar conformal circuits for diagnostics: The claimed invention is an apparatus and method for performing impedance spectroscopy with a handheld measuring device. Conformal analyte sensor circuits comprising a porous nanotextured substrate and a conductive material situated on the top surface of the solid substrate in a circuit design may be used alone or in combination... Agent:

04/23/2015 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150108000 - Method of duplicating nano pattern texture on object's surface by nano imprinting and electroforming: P

20150108001 - Liquid processing jig and liquid processing method: Disclosed is a liquid processing jig for performing a predetermined processing on a workpiece using a processing liquid. The liquid processing jig includes: a liquid processing unit formed on a surface of the liquid processing jig and configured to perform a predetermined processing on the workpiece by the processing liquid;... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150108002 - Microprobe tips and methods for making: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to the formation of microprobe tips elements having a variety of configurations. In some embodiments tips are formed from the same building material as the probes themselves, while in other embodiments the tips may be formed from a different material and/or may include... Agent:

20150108003 - Method for producing ceramic circuit boards from ceramic substrates having metal-filled vias: A method for producing ceramic circuit boards from ceramic substrates having metal-filled vias. In order to be able to fill the vias by means of a single filling process, either a planar copper metallization is applied on one side to the ceramic substrate having vias by means of scren printing,... Agent: Ceramtec Gmbh

20150108004 - Multi-layer structures and methods for forming: An electroplating method that includes: a) contacting a first substrate with a first article, which includes a substrate and a conformable mask disposed in a pattern on the substrate; b) electroplating a first metal from a source of metal ions onto the first substrate in a first pattern, the first... Agent:

20150108005 - High differential pressure water electrolysis system and method for starting the same: A high differential pressure water electrolysis system includes a high differential pressure water electrolysis device, a water supply tank, a high pressure gas-liquid separator, a hydrogen outlet line, a drain line, a low pressure gas-liquid separator, a water return line, and a pressure maintaining mechanism. The drain line is to... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150108006 - Process and catalyst-electrolyte combination for electrolysis: The invention relates to a process for electrolysis comprising a cathode and an anode comprising a catalyst, both the cathode and anode at least partly immersed in an electrolyte, the process characterised in that the electrolyte at least partly inhibits further oxidation of a product formed at the anode. Typically... Agent: Monash University

20150108007 - Low energy system and method of desalinating seawater: A low energy water treatment system and method is provided. The system has at least one electrodialysis device that produces partially treated water and a brine byproduct, a softener, and at least one electrodeionization device. The partially treated water stream can be softened by the softener to reduce the likelihood... Agent:

20150108008 - Fabrication of nanopores using high electric fields: A method is provided for fabricating a nanopore in a membrane. The method includes: applying an electric potential across the membrane, where value of the electric potential is selected to induce an electric field which causes a leakage current across the membrane; monitoring current flow across the membrane while the... Agent:

20150108009 - Apparatus, composition and method for determination of chemical oxidation demand: Methods for measuring chemical oxygen demand, a composition and a kit useful for measuring chemical oxygen demand, a method for calibrating a chemical oxygen demand analysis method, and a method for determining carbonaceous chemical oxygen demand are disclosed.... Agent:

20150108010 - Method and device for measuring coagulation in a sample of a blood product: This invention relates to a method for measuring coagulation in a sample of a blood product comprising: providing a transducer (3) having a pyroelectric or piezoelectric element and electrodes (4, 5) which is capable of transducing energy generated by non-radiative decay into an electrical signal; contacting the transducer with the... Agent: Vivacta Limited

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