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Electrolysis: processes, compositions used therein, and methods of preparing the compositions

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08/07/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140216939 - Laminating magnetic cores for on-chip magnetic devices: A laminating structure includes a first magnetic layer, a second magnetic layer, a first spacer disposed between the first and second magnetic layers and a second spacer disposed on the second magnetic layer.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140216940 - Methods and apparatus for uniformly metallization on substrates: An apparatus for substrate metallization from electrolyte is provided. The apparatus comprises: an immersion cell containing metal salt electrolyte; at least one electrode connecting to at least one power supply; an electrically conductive substrate holder holding at least one substrate to expose a conductive side of the substrate to face... Agent: Acm Research (shanghai) Inc.

20140216941 - Method of electrochemically fabricating multilayer structures having improved interlayer adhesion: Multi-layer microscale or mesoscale structures are fabricated with adhered layers (e.g. layers that are bonded together upon deposition of successive layers to previous layers) and are then subjected to a heat treatment operation that enhances the interlayer adhesion significantly. The heat treatment operation is believed to result in diffusion of... Agent:

20140216942 - Carbon-metal thermal management substrates: A method of manufacturing a thermal management hybrid article includes electroplating a copper layer on a graphitic layer, adhering the copper-plated graphitic layer to a plate of aluminum with a nano-copper paste to form a substrate, heating the substrate in a forming gas at a temperature less than 500° C.... Agent: Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc.

20140216943 - Laminating magnetic cores for on-chip magnetic devices: A laminating structure includes a first magnetic layer, a second magnetic layer, a first spacer disposed between the first and second magnetic layers and a second spacer disposed on the second magnetic layer.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140216944 - Graphite oxide and/or graphene preparation method: A graphite oxide or graphene preparation method includes providing a plasma electrolytic apparatus, where an electrolytic solution is provided and a graphite electrode is configured as a cathode of the plasma electrolytic apparatus; and providing a cathodic current so as to initiate a plasma electrolytic process at the graphite cathode... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20140216945 - Passive water heater anode rod depletion sensor algorithm: The present subject matter relates to methodologies and algorithms for providing anode rod depletion detection and warnings thereof to consumers. Consumers general are not concerned with monitoring consumption of protective anode rods incorporated within water heaters, The present subject matter provides automatic monitoring of anode rod depletion and provides the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140216946 - Fluid treatment methods and systems: Methods and systems for treatment of wastewater. In some embodiments, the system may comprise one or more modules such as an electrochemical module, an electrocoagulation module, a flotation module, an evaporation module, and an ultrafiltration module. One or more detection modules may also be provided to analyze the concentration of... Agent: Energysolutions, Inc.

20140216947 - Electrode arrangement and method for operating the electrode arrangement: An electrode array for the cyclic reduction and oxidation of a redox species in an electrolyte, wherein both electrodes are disposed on an insulating substrate and connected to a counter electrode for the application of a voltage, comprising: 1) a control electrode for reacting the redox species for cyclic electron... Agent: Forschungszentrum Juelich Gmbh

20140216948 - Hematocrit corrected glucose measurements for electrochemical test strip using time differential of the signals: Various embodiments that allow for determination of hematocrit by a time differential between the input and output signals such that a glucose measurement for a blood sample can be corrected by the measured hematocrit of the blood sample.... Agent: Lifescan Scotland Limited

20140216949 - Mediator-stabilized reagent compositions for use in biosensor electrodes: The claimed subject matter relates to the stabilization of 1,2-quinone mediators, especially those containing 1,10-phenanthroline quinone (PQ) and more especially transition metal complexes of PQ, in the presence of enzymes when contained in dry reagent layers for biosensor electrodes, through the use of various metal salts, particularly those of lithium.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20140216950 - Erythropoietin receptor modified electrode and its preparation method and application: The invention discloses an erythropoietin receptor modified electrode, which is a glassy carbon electrode with erythropoietin receptor as recognition element fixed onto the electrode surface via ZnO sol-gel. The modified electrode can be prepared easily, and its performance is stable. After 50-day storage in the dark at 4° C., its... Agent: First Affiliated Hospital, Third Military Medical University, Chinese People's Liberation Army, P.r.

20140216951 - Modular analyte measurement system with extendable strip port: A modular analyte measurement system having a removable strip port module. In one embodiment, the analyte measurement system includes: an analyte meter; a removable strip port module; and a connector linking the removable strip port module to the analyte meter. The analyte meter includes: a meter housing; a receptacle formed... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

07/31/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140202868 - System and method of anodized aluminum oxide nano-porous membrane preparation: A system and method for preparation of nano-porous membrane using anodized aluminium oxide and the membrane/film/thin lamina produced thereof. The system comprises a template forming device that comprises of two rolls provided with one or plurality of projections wherein the Al sheet is passed through the said rolls that are... Agent: Asian Institute Of Technology

20140202869 - Method for manufacturing a molding core: A method for manufacturing a molding core includes: providing a cylindrical roller having a circumference surface coated with a first film layer; coating a second film layer on the first film layer; coating a preprocessed molding film on the second film layer; engraving a number of molding patterns on the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140202870 - Electrodeposition of gallium for photovoltaics: An electroplating solution and method for producing an electroplating solution containing a gallium salt, an ionic compound and a solvent that results in a gallium thin film that can be deposited on a substrate.... Agent: Alliance For Sustainable Energy, LLC

20140202871 - System and method for generating a chlorine-containing compound: A system (10) for generating a chlorine-containing compound includes an anodic chamber (12), a cathodic chamber (20), and a brine chamber (30). The anodic chamber (12) includes an anodic electrode (14) and the cathodic chamber (20) includes a cathodic electrode (22). A membrane (28) separates the anodic and cathodic chambers... Agent:

20140202872 - Electrolyzing system: An electrolyzing system for electrolyzing a brine solution of water and an alkali salt to produce acidic electrolyzed water and alkaline electrolyzed water is provided. The system includes an internal chamber for receiving the brine solution and two electrolyzer cells immersed in a brine bath. Each electrolyzer cell includes an... Agent: Spraying Systems Co.

20140202873 - System and method for control pf layer formation in an aluminum electrolysis cell: The present invention attains the above-described objectives by a flat heat tube for attachment to the steel casing of an aluminium electrolysis cell. This heat tube can be a heat pipe or a thermosyphon. Preferably the heat tube is provided with a substantially flat surface. Preferably the heat tube has... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140202874 - Electrolytic generation of graphite: The embodiments herein relate to methods and apparatus for forming graphitic material from a carbon oxide feedstock in an electroplating chamber containing molten inorganic carbonate as electrolyte. Carbon dioxide flows into a reaction chamber containing one or more cathodes, one or more anodes, and a molten carbonate electrolyte. The carbon... Agent: Saratoga Energy Research Partners, LLC

20140202875 - Electrolyser and assembly comprising same, in particular for the production of h2 and o2: The present invention relates to an electrolyser for the production of at least one chemical substance, such as hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine or hypochlorous acid, or sodium hydroxide, by electrolysis of pure water or of water containing at least one salt, base and/or acid such as NaCl, H2SO4, KOH or NaOH,... Agent: Ceram Hyd

20140202876 - Ultrasound and acoustophoresis for water purification: Provided herein are systems and methods for separation of particulate from water using ultrasonically generated acoustic standing waves.... Agent: Flodesign Sonics, Inc.

20140202877 - Electrolyzer apparatus and method of making it: An apparatus for the electrolytic splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen gases is disclosed. The apparatus comprises: (i) a first hemi-enclosure; (ii) a second hemi-enclosure; (iii) a diaphragm electrode array positioned between the first hemi-enclosure and the second hemi-enclosure comprising: (a) a diaphragm, that passes ions and impedes the... Agent: Hydrogen Production Associates, Inc.

20140202878 - Electrolyzer apparatus and method of making it: An apparatus for the electrolytic splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen gases is disclosed. The apparatus comprises: (i) a first hemi-enclosure; (ii) a second hemi-enclosure; (iii) a diaphragm electrode array positioned between the first hemi-enclosure and the second hemi-enclosure comprising: (a) a diaphragm, that passes ions and impedes the... Agent: Gta, Inc.

20140202879 - Anode assembly for cathodic protection: The cathodic protection of a reinforced concrete structure utilizes sacrificial anodes such as aluminum or zinc as well as alloys thereof. Each anode is embedded or substantially covered in a material consisting of a hydrophilic non-cementious open-cell foam. An activating agent such as one or more lithium salts is contained... Agent: The Euclid Chemical Company

20140202880 - Segmented electrodes for water desalination: Apparatus, systems, and methods for capacitive desalination using segmented electrodes in a flow-through or flow-between configuration. The segmented electrodes constitute layered stack electrode units. Each electrode includes pores into which the target salt water flows. An electrical circuit energizes the electrodes and produces an electrical field acting on the target... Agent:

20140202881 - Electrochemical biosensor: According to one embodiment of the present invention, an electrochemical sensor (10) for detecting the concentration of analyte in a fluid test sample is disclosed. The sensor (10) includes a counter electrode having a high-resistance portion for use in detecting whether a predetermined amount of sample has been received by... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20140202882 - Peak offset correction for analyte test strip: Measurement with a test strip having two working electrodes (12, 14), using the current transient (402, 404) for each working electrode measured at a predetermined durational offset (Tpred1, Tpred2) from a peak (408, 410) of the current transient.... Agent:

20140202883 - Apparatus and methods for performing electrochemical reactions: The invention is directed to apparatus and methods for delivering multiple reagents to, and monitoring, a plurality of analytical reactions carried out on a large-scale array of electronic sensors under minimal noise conditions. In one aspect, the invention provides method of improving signal-to-noise ratios of output signals from the electronic... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

07/17/2014 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140197035 - Device suitable for the electrochemical processing of an object, a holder suitable for such a device, and a method for the electrochemical processing of an object: A device suitable for the electrochemical processing of an object is at least provided with a chamber that is to accommodate an electrolyte, a support for the object that is to be processed in the chamber, at least one set of electrodes located in the chamber such that during operation... Agent: Elsyca N.v.

20140197036 - Mold production method: A method for manufacturing a moth-eye mold of an embodiment of the present invention employs a mold base including a metal base, an organic insulating layer provided on the metal base, and an aluminum alloy layer provided on the organic insulating layer, the aluminum alloy layer containing aluminum and a... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140197037 - Treatment method of electrodeposited copper for wafer-level-packaging process flow: A method of treating a copper containing structure on a substrate is disclosed. The method includes electrodepositing the copper containing structure on a substrate, annealing the copper containing structure, and forming an interface between a pad of the copper containing structure and a solder structure after anneal. The interface can... Agent:

20140197038 - Copper electroplating solution and copper electroplating apparatus: An electroplating solution includes an aqueous electrolyte solution including water soluble copper salts, sulfide ions and chloride ions, an accelerator including an organic material having sulfur (S), the accelerator accelerating copper (Cu) reduction, a suppressor including a polyether compound, the suppressor selectively suppressing the copper reduction, and a leveler including... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140197039 - Electrodeposition coating composition: The present invention relates to an electrodeposition coating composition comprising a soluble metal compound (A), amine-modified resin (B) and curing agent (C), wherein the resin (B) has an average molecular weight of 1,000 to 5,000, an amine value of 20 to 100 mgKOH/g and a hydroxyl value of 50 to... Agent: Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.

20140197040 - Process for recovering alkali metals and sulfur from alkali metal sulfides and polysulfides: Alkali metals and sulfur may be recovered from alkali monosulfide and polysulfides in an electrolytic process that utilizes an electrolytic cell having an alkali ion conductive membrane. An anolyte solution includes an alkali monosulfide, an alkali polysulfide, or a mixture thereof and a solvent that dissolves elemental sulfur. A catholyte... Agent: Ceramatec, Inc.

20140197041 - Amperometric biosensor and detecting method using the same: An amperometric biosensor is adapted for detecting concentration of a target analyte, and includes a detector and a plurality of sensing members connected electrically to form an input of the detector. Each sensing member includes an electrode unit including a working electrode with a biorecognition element disposed thereon for reaction... Agent:

20140197042 - Saliva glucose monitoring system: A glucose sensor suitable for measuring glucose levels in human saliva is provided. Systems containing the glucose sensor and methods for making and using the sensor are also provided. The glucose sensor is highly sensitive and can detect glucose levels at least down to 5 ppm. Fabrication of the sensor... Agent: Northeastern University

20140197044 - Measuring nitric oxide in fluid: Apparatus and methods in accordance with one or more preferred embodiments of the present invention are used to measure nitric oxide in a fluid, and each includes a sample injection port; a pump; a measurement chamber; an electromagnetic radiation source; one or controls and user interfaces; and a cartridge. The... Agent:

20140197043 - Methods and apparatus for measuring nitric oxide in fluid: An exemplary apparatus for measuring nitric oxide in a fluid includes a sample injection port; a pump and reservoir; a valve; a measurement chamber; an electromagnetic radiation source; controls and user interface; and a cartridge. The cartridge includes a sample chamber a mix chamber; a sample degassing chamber; and a... Agent:

20140197045 - Simultaneously quantifying an alkane and oxygen using a single sensor: An alkane gas is supplied to an interface between an activated surface of a platinum or palladium working electrode and an ionic liquid electrolyte. The alkane adsorbs at or near an interface complex formed at the interface. The ionic liquid electrolyte is selected from a group consisting of 1-ethyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide,... Agent: Oakland University

20140197046 - Chemical sensor based on highly organized single walled carbon nanotube networks: A carbon nanotube-based micron scale chemical sensor or sensor array is provided that enables the remote detection of hydrogen sulfide and other chemicals in a gas stream. The sensor is suitable for use in harsh environments of high temperature and pressure such as those encountered during petrochemical exploration and recovery.... Agent: Northeastern University

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