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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150144493 - Aluminum alloy plate: An aluminum alloy plate includes peritectic elements and Mg. Wherein plate thickness of the plate is represented as t (mm), a range within ±0.01×t from t/2 is represented as a central portion, a range within ±0.01×t from t/4 is represented as a quarter portion, and a range within 0.02×t from... Agent: Uacj Corporation

20150144494 - Fade-resistant high capacity electrodes for a lithium-ion battery: The gravimetric and volumetric efficiency of lithium ion batteries may be increased if higher capacity materials like tin and silicon are substituted for carbon as the lithium-accepting host in the negative electrode of the battery. But both tin and silicon, when fully charged with lithium, undergo expansions of up to... Agent:

20150144495 - Methods and materials for electroplating aluminum in ionic liquids: A method of depositing aluminum onto a substrate is disclosed. In this method, the substrate is disposed as cathode in an electrochemical cell with an anode and a liquid electrodeposition composition comprising an ionic liquid and a source of aluminum, and aluminum is electroplated onto the substrate. Residual water content... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150144496 - Methods and systems for manufacturing components from articles formed by additive-manufacturing processes: A method is provided for manufacturing a component. The method includes connecting a component comprising an internal passage and formed by an additive manufacturing process to a power supply, the component functioning as an anode, connecting a cathode to the power supply, the cathode being disposed in an electrolyte solution,... Agent:

20150144497 - Buffered cobalt oxide catalysts: Disclosed are electrolysis catalysts formed from cobalt, oxygen and buffering electrolytes (e.g. fluoride). They can be formed as a coating on an anode by conducting an electrolysis reaction using an electrolyte containing cobalt and an anionic buffering electrolyte. The catalysts will facilitate the conversion of water to oxygen and hydrogen... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20150144498 - Device and apparatus for carrying out chemical dissociation reactions at elevated temperatures: A reactor is provided which comprises: a plurality of reaction units located within a reaction zone, each of the reaction units being adapted to enable carrying out a chemical reaction of one or more raw gases (e.g. at least one of CO2 and H20); ingress means to allow introduction of... Agent: Yeda Research And Development Co., Ltd.

20150144499 - Electrolytic cell equipped with concentric electrode pairs: The invention relates to an electrochemical cell, particularly useful in electrochemical processes carried out with periodic reversal of polarity. The cell is equipped with concentric pairs of electrodes arranged in such a way that, in each stage of the process, the cathodic area is equal to the anodic area.... Agent:

20150144500 - Devices and methods for producing and utilizing hydrogen: An energy production and distribution system, a hydrogen production and distribution system, and a method are disclosed. The energy production and distribution system may include one or more previously decommissioned maritime resources positioned in floating and/or adjacent disposition with a body of water. An electricity generating apparatus may be disposed... Agent:

20150144501 - Method and apparatus for conditioning hydrogen: A method for conditioning hydrogen includes positioning hydrogen on a suction side of an electrochemical compressor. The hydrogen includes at most a fractional amount of an extraneous species. The electrochemical compressor includes a first electrode on a suction side and a second electrode on a pressure side and is configured... Agent:

20150144502 - Electrochemically-assisted megasonic cleaning systems and methods: An electrochemically-assisted megasonic cleaning method includes applying an electrical potential to a conductive surface immersed in solution to form bubbles of gaseous molecules produced by electrochemical reaction, and applying a megasonic field to the solution to oscillate the bubbles and clean the conductive surface without causing damage. An electrochemically-assisted megasonic... Agent:

20150144503 - Methods and systems for treating petroleum feedstock containing organic acids and sulfur: Methods and systems of treating petroleum feedstock contaminated with naphthenic acids and sulfur are disclosed. The methods and systems include heating the petroleum feedstock to decompose the naphthenic acids, pressurizing to minimize the portion in the vapor phase, sweeping water vapor and carbon dioxide into a headspace with a non-oxidizing... Agent:

20150144504 - Electrochemical detection system and method of operation: An electrochemical detection system for determining a concentration of a gas in exhaust gases of a combustion process. The system includes an electrolyte, a reference electrode, and a sense electrode that cooperate to form an electrochemical sensor that exposes both the reference electrode and the sense electrode to the exhaust... Agent:

20150144505 - Dual-chamber analytical test strip: An analytical test strip can include a patterned definition layer defining two fluidically-separated sample cells having respective ports, a common electrode arranged over the definition layer and in electrical communication with each of the cells, and respective cell electrodes. Surface portions of each electrode can be exposed. A method for... Agent: Cilag Gmbh International

20150144506 - System, method and device for analysis of carbohydrates: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to recognition tunneling methods, systems and devices for the detection of carbohydrates by measuring tunneling currents of sugars which give distinct electronic signals in a tunnel gap functionalized respectively with, for example, in some embodiments, 4(5)-(2-mercaptoethyl)-1H imideazole-2-carboxamide and 4-mercaptophenylboronic acid molecules on at... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20150144507 - Folded biosensor: A test strip comprising two electrodes having conducting surfaces facing inwardly toward each other in a distal portion of the test strip adjacent a sample chamber. A pair of spacers are disposed, each adjacent one side of the sample chamber, between the electrodes. The electrodes each face in one direction... Agent: Cilag Gmbh International

20150144508 - Underfill detection system for a biosensor: A biosensor has an underfill detection system that determines whether a sample of a biological fluid is large enough for an analysis of one or more analytes. The underfill detection system applies an excitation signal to the sample, which generates an output signal in response to the excitation signal. The... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150136608 - Aluminum alloy having excellent anodic oxidation treatability, and anodic-oxidation-treated aluminum alloy member: An aluminum alloy comprising more than 3.5% and up to 6.0% of Mg, 0.02 to 1.0% inclusive of Cu, 0.02 to 0.1% inclusive of Cr, and a remainder made up by Al and unavoidable impurities, wherein the contents of Si and Fe in the unavoidable impurities are limited to 0.05%... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20150136609 - Sn alloy plating apparatus and sn alloy plating method: An Sn alloy plating apparatus is disclosed which can relatively easily perform control of an Sn alloy plating solution, including control of the Sn ion concentration and the acid concentration of the plating solution. The Sn alloy plating apparatus includes: a plating bath configured to hold therein an Sn alloy... Agent:

20150136610 - Electrochemical deposition method: The present invention is to provide a substrate holder which can effect a more complete sealing with a sealing member and makes it possible to take a substrate out of the substrate holder easily and securely, and also a plating apparatus provided with the substrate holder. The substrate holder includes:... Agent:

20150136611 - Reaction products of guanidine compounds or salts thereof, polyepoxides and polyhalogens: Reaction products of guanidine compounds or salts thereof, polyepoxide compounds and polyhalogen compounds may be used as levelers in metal electroplating baths, such as copper electroplating baths, to provide good throwing power. Such reaction products may plate with good surface properties of the metal deposits and good physical reliability.... Agent:

20150136612 - Direct-current shunt preheating start method for an inert electrode aluminum electrolysis cell: The invention discloses a direct-current shunt preheating start method for an inert electrode aluminum electrolysis cell, comprising: (1) forming multiple groups of direct-current shunt elements by using conductors with preset resistance values and geometric sizes; (2) laying in a hearth of the electrolysis cell electrical heating element groups of the... Agent:

20150136613 - Catalysts for low temperature electrolytic co reduction: A method for electrochemically reducing CO is provided. A cathode is provided, wherein the cathode comprises a conductive substrate with a catalyst of a metal and a metal oxide based coating on a side of the cathode. An anode is spaced apart from the cathode. An ionic transport is provided... Agent:

20150136614 - Electrochemical process for water splitting using porous co3o4 nanorods: The present invention discloses an electrochemical process for water splitting for production of oxygen using porous Co3O4 nanorods with a considerably low overpotential and high exchange current density. The present invention further discloses a simple, industrially feasible process of for preparation of said nanostructured porous cobalt oxide catalyst thereof.... Agent:

20150136615 - Analyte measurement method and system: Described and illustrated herein are systems and exemplary methods of operating an analyte measurement system having a meter and a test strip. In one embodiment, the method may be achieved by applying a first test voltage between a reference electrode and a second working electrode and applying a second test... Agent:

20150136616 - Measuring apparatus and method for detecting the hydrocarbon fraction in gases while taking into account cross-sensitivities: The disclosure relates to a measuring apparatus and method for determining a measured value in a gas flow accounting for cross-sensitivities of the measuring appliance from at least one additional constituent in the gas flow interfering with the measured value. The measuring apparatus has a device for dividing original gas... Agent:

20150136617 - Hematocrit measurement system and measurement method using the same: A hematocrit (HCT) measurement system and measurement method using the same are disclosed. The hematocrit (HCT) measurement system comprises a test strip and a measurement apparatus comprising: a connector transmitting an initial signal generated from a blood sample to the measurement apparatus, a capacitive reactance adjustor disposed between the test... Agent:

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