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Electrolysis: processes, compositions used therein, and methods of preparing the compositions

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02/05/2015 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150034488 - Conductive polymeric coatings and methods: Embodiments of the invention include conductive polymeric coatings and methods of making the same. In an embodiment, the invention includes a method of electrodepositing a conductive polymeric coating onto a substrate surface. The method can include contacting the substrate surface with a solution comprising a monomer, a counterion, and a... Agent:

20150034487 - Treatment of an anodically oxidized surface: The invention relates to a process for treating an anodically oxidized surface of aluminum or an aluminum alloy by means of a wet chemical process, wherein the surface of aluminum or the aluminum alloy is pretreated, anodically oxidized, flushed and partially subjected to hot compacting. The present invention also relates... Agent: Nanogate Ag

20150034489 - Method of electroplating with sn-alloy and apparatus of electroplating with sn-alloy: To provide a method of electroplating with Sn-alloy in which a problem of deposition of metals on an anode when electroplating with Sn-alloy such as Sn—Ag based-alloy or the like is performed is solved and a soluble anode is enabled to be used. Dividing an inside of a plating tank... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20150034490 - Multi-layer protective coating for an aluminum heat exchanger: A method for coating an aluminum alloy heat exchanger includes subjecting at least one surface of the heat exchanger to a pre-treatment process including cleaning; conversion coating the at least one surface of the heat exchanger with a trivalent chromium compound; and subjecting the at least one conversion coated surface... Agent:

20150034491 - Anode and method of operating an electrolysis cell: The invention relates to an anode for electrowinning process in an electrolytic cell, and the method of operation thereof, having cell walls and a cell bottom for holding an electrolyte and electrolyte feeding means, which anode comprises a hanger bar for supporting the anode, a conducting rod for distributing the... Agent: Outotec (finland) Oy

20150034492 - Water electrolysis systems and methods: Membrane-less electrolysis systems including an electrolysis chamber having an inlet for water, a cathode associated with the electrolysis chamber that includes a plurality of apertures within the cathode that fluidly couple the chamber with a cathode fluid pathway that is fluidly coupled to a hydrogen gas collector, an anode associated... Agent: Advanced Hydrogen Products, LLC

20150034493 - Method and apparatus for producing gas: This invention relates to electrolysis apparatus 10 adapted to produce oxygenated and hydrogenated fluid, formed during the electrolysis of an electrolytic solution passed into the apparatus 10. The apparatus 10 comprises a first and second outer end members 12 and 14 and first and second permeable electrodes 16 and 18... Agent:

20150034494 - Electro-chemically machining with a motor part including an electrode: A method includes rotating a first motor part around a first structure substantially similar to a second motor part. The method also includes applying a first current to the first structure to electro-chemically machine the first motor part.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20150034495 - Electrocoagulation apparatus with integrated sludge chamber and feed controller assembly and methods: Electrocoagulation and sludge control apparatus and feed controller assembly and methods for effluent treatment are disclosed, the apparatus including a primary reaction chamber having electrodes mounted therein and a treated effluent output. A sludge chamber is defined below and integrated with the primary reaction chamber and has a selectively openable... Agent: Rockwater Resource, LLC

20150034496 - Washing device and washing method: A washing device includes a container (10) in which aqueous solution is contained, an adsorption electrode (11) which is placed in the container (10) and on which adsorption and desorption of ions in the aqueous solution can be brought about, a counter electrode (12) which is placed in the container... Agent:

20150034497 - Method and apparatus for electrochemical recovery of mercury from solutions: In embodiments there are disclosed a substantially flat, flow through electrode, electrochemical cells comprising substantially flat flow through cathodes, and methods for electrochemically recovering a metal substantially liquid at room temperature.... Agent:

20150034498 - Concentration determination in a diffusion barrier layer: The present invention relates to improved electrochemical biosensor strips and methods for determining the concentration of an analyte in a sample. By selectively measuring a measurable species residing in a diffusion barrier layer, to the substantial exclusion of the measurable species residing exterior to the diffusion barrier layer, measurement errors... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20150034499 - Determination methods: A determination method is provided. The determination method is performed for a biochemistry detection strip which includes first and second electrodes and a reaction area coupled to the first and second electrodes. The determination method includes steps of: disposing a to-be-detected object in the reaction area; applying a first voltage... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150027896 - Method for producing cu2znsns4-xsex (0 less than-equal to x less than-equal to 4) thin film by one step electrodeposition in electrolytic bath containing ionic liquid: A Cu2ZnSnS4-xSex (0≦x≦4) thin film solar cell is disclosed. The thin film solar cell includes a Cu2ZnSnS4-xSex (0≦x≦4) thin film as an absorber layer produced by forming a precursor film composed of Cu, Zn, Sn, and Se using an ionic liquid as a solvent through a constant current process and... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20150027897 - Antimicrobial anodized aluminum and related method: An anodized aluminum product in continuous web or sheet form, which is heat sealed and coated with an antimicrobial composition. The antimicrobial coating can be bound to surface of the anodic layer and can comprise a network of cross-linked organo-silane molecules that are also covalently bound to the surface of... Agent:

20150027898 - Method of obtaining a yellow gold alloy deposition by galvanoplasty without using toxic materials: The invention concerns the field of galvanic depositions and relates to a method of galvanoplastic deposition of a gold alloy on an electrode dipped into a bath including metal gold in alkaline aurocyanide form, organometallic compounds, a wetting agent, a sequestering agent and free cyanide. According to the invention, the... Agent:

20150027899 - Anode for electroplating and method for electroplating using anode: Provided is an anode for electroplating which uses an aqueous solution as an electrolytic solution, and the anode which is low in potential when compared with a conventional anode, able to decrease an electrolytic voltage and an electric energy consumption rate and may also be used as an anode for... Agent: The Doshisha

20150027900 - Production of graphene: A method for the production of graphene and graphite nanoplatelet structures having a thickness of less than 100 nm in an electrochemical cell, wherein the cell comprises: (a) a negative electrode which is graphitic; (b) a positive electrode which may be graphitic or another material; and (c) an electrolyte which... Agent:

20150027901 - Biomining enhancement method: A biomining enhancement method for metal sulfide ores using sulfurous acid for microbial leaching of heavy metals into solution for subsequent removal via electro winning, ion exchange, or precipitation with alkaline and nutrient reagents for filtration removal.... Agent:

20150027902 - Process for manufacturing aluminium from bauxite or its residue: The present disclosure related to an economic and environmental safe process for obtaining one or more metals from the red mud slag, bauxite, karst bauxite, lateritic bauxite, clay and the like. The present disclosure also related to a process for obtaining elemental aluminum by electrolyzing AlCl3 in the electrolysis cell.... Agent:

20150027903 - Weld cleaning fluid: The invention relates to a weld cleaning fluid, and method of cleaning weld or discolouration especially on stainless steel. Stainless steel welds, such as those done by TIG welding, require cleaning to remove the resulting surface discolouration and also to passivate the steel. This is often done using an electro-cleaning... Agent: EnsitechIPPty Ltd

20150027904 - Multipart electrode array and method for the electrochemical treatment of blades having shrouding bands: The invention relates to a method for electrochemically machining blades of a turbomachine having at least one U-shaped or trapezoidal cross-sectional profile of the surface to be treated, wherein an electrode array having at least three electrodes that can be moved in different directions is provided. The electrodes are moved... Agent:

20150027905 - Reagent composition for biosensors and biosensor comprising reagent layer formed of the same: The present invention relates to a composition which reduces the measurement error caused by the effect of hematocrit in a biosensor and to a biosensor comprising the same. Specifically, the invention relates to a reagent composition comprising an enzyme, an electron transfer mediator, a water-soluble polymer, and bile acid, and... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150027906 - Solid polymer electrolyte ammonia sensor: An ammonia sensor that includes an ionic liquid impregnated sensing electrode (anode) and a cathode separated by a membrane. During operation, in the presence of ammonia, the anode and cathode generate current manifesting the electrochemical reaction of ammonia in the sensing electrode. Ionic liquids distributed in the ionomer film in... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150027907 - Systems, devices, and methods for measuring whole blood hematocrit based on initial fill velocity: Methods for determining the hematocrit of a blood sample, and devices and systems used in conjunction with the same. The hematocrit value can be determined on its own, and further, it can be further used to determine a concentration of an analyte in a sample. In one exemplary embodiment of... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150021190 - Counterfeiting deterent and security devices, systems and methods: A counterfeiting deterrent device according to one implementation of the disclosure includes a plurality of layers formed by an additive process. Each of the layers may have a thickness of less than 100 microns. At least one of the layers has a series of indentations formed in an outer edge... Agent:

20150021191 - Pattern transfer mold and pattern formation method: According to one embodiment, a pattern transfer mold includes a base body, first and second stacked bodies, first and second electrodes. The base body includes a base unit including a first surface, a first protrusion provided on the first surface and having a first side surface, and a second protrusion... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150021192 - Replenisher and method for producing surface-treated steel sheet: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a replenisher which is capable of supplying Zr ions to a metal surface treatment solution, while suppressing an increase in the HF concentration in the metal surface treatment solution, so that a chemical conversion coating film can be continuously formed on... Agent:

20150021193 - Method and system for monitoring the functionality of electrolysis cells: Method and system for monitoring the functionality of electrolysis cells for use in chlor-alkali electrolysis. The method uses the analysis of the current/voltage characteristic of the cells in relation to an AC voltage overlaid on the operating voltage... Agent:

20150021194 - Iridium complexes for electrocatalysis: Solution-phase (e.g., homogeneous) or surface-immobilized (e.g., heterogeneous) electrode-driven oxidation catalysts based on iridium coordination compounds which self-assemble upon chemical or electrochemical oxidation of suitable precursors and methods of making and using thereof are. Iridium species such as {[Ir(LX)x(H2O)y(μ-O)]zm+}n wherein x, y, m are integers from 0-4, z and n from... Agent:

20150021195 - Electrowinning cell and process: An electrochemical cell and method for electrowinning a variety of multivalent metals including titanium is described. In one aspect, the invention provides an electrochemical cell comprising an anolyte chamber comprising an anode and configured for containing an anolyte, a catholyte chamber comprising a cathode and configured for containing a catholyte... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20150021196 - Electrochemical method of producing nano graphene platelets: A method of producing nano-scaled graphene platelets with an average thickness smaller than 30 nm from a layered graphite material. The method comprises (a) forming a carboxylic acid-intercalated graphite compound by an electrochemical reaction; (b) exposing the intercalated graphite compound to a thermal shock to produce exfoliated graphite; and (c)... Agent:

20150021197 - Novel metal complex catalysts and uses thereof: The invention relates to novel metal complexes useful as catalysts in redox reactions (such as, hydrogen (H2) production). In particular, the invention provides novel transition metal (e.g., cobalt (Co) or nickel (Ni)) complexes, in which the transition metal is coupled with N,N-Bis(2-pyridinylmethyl)-2,2′-Bipyridine-6-methanamine (DPA-Bpy), 6′-((bis(pyridin-2-ylmethyl)amino)methyl)-N,N-dimethyl-2,2′-bipyridin-6-amine (DPA-ABpy), N,N-bis((isoquinolin-1-yl)methyl)(6-(pyridin-2-yl)pyridin-2-yl)methanamine (DIQ-Bpy), or a derivative... Agent:

20150021198 - Continuous machining system and machining method thereof: The present invention provides a continuous machining system and the machining method thereof. The machining system comprises a feeding module, an electrochemical machining module, and a separating module. The feeding module supplies a material strip continuously; the electrochemical machining module performs an electrochemical machining to the material strip. When the... Agent: Metal Industries Research & Development Centre

20150021199 - Optical measurement system for determining the position of an electrode during the electrochemical processing of a component: Disclosed is a device for the electrochemical processing of components, having at least one electrode and at least one electrode holder, with which the electrode is movably mounted. The device comprises at least one optical measurement system for determining the position of the electrode. Also disclosed is a method for... Agent:

20150021201 - Adhesive hydrogel and method for electrolytic protection of concrete structure: Disclosed is an adhesive hydrogel containing a polymer matrix, water, and a polyhydric alcohol, wherein the polymer matrix contains a copolymer of a monofunctional monomer with a single polymerizable C—C double bond and a polyfunctional monomer with two or more polymerizable C—C double bonds, the monofunctional monomer contains a nonionic... Agent: Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd.

20150021200 - Protecting a metal surface from corrosion: A system and methods for protecting a metal surface from corrosion are provided herein. The method includes injecting particles comprising a sacrificial anodic material into a fluid proximate to the metal surface.... Agent:

20150021202 - Device and method for electrochemical gas sensing: The disclosure relates to a device for electrochemical gas sensing, comprising a plurality of different electrodes and a freestanding electrolyte film covering said electrodes, wherein at least two of those electrodes present a different distance from its top surface to the electrolyte film surface. The disclosure also relates to an... Agent: Stichting Imec Nederland

20150021203 - Amperometric gas sensor: The disclosed invention relates to an amperometric gas sensor for measuring the concentration of an analyte, comprising: a solid support; and a working electrode in contact with the solid support; wherein the analyte comprises a dopant which when in contact with the solid support increases the electrical conductivity of the... Agent:

20150021204 - Amperometric gas sensor: The disclosed invention relates to an amperometric gas sensor for measuring the concentration of an analyte, comprising: a solid support; and a working electrode in contact with the solid support; wherein the analyte comprises a dopant which when in contact with the solid support increases the electrical conductivity of the... Agent:

20150021205 - Sampling method and system for measuring blood lactate concentrations: A method of measuring lactate in a blood sample taken from capillary blood using a skin lancing procedure includes disposing onto an area of skin on an animal a predefined amount of a skin treatment compound that is capable of suppressing and/or eliminating and/or preventing and/or blocking any sweat from... Agent: Nova Biomedical Corporation

20150021206 - Electrode configuration for limca: Disclosed is a method and apparatus for reducing electromagnetic noise pick up in a Liquid Metal Cleanliness Analyzer (LiMCA), used to detect and measure particles in molten metal. A first electrode inserted in the molten metal is electrically insulated from second and third electrodes, also inserted in the molten metal.... Agent:

20150021208 - Measuring method for biological substance and measuring device therefor: Provided is a measuring method for a biological substance, a measuring chip, and a measuring device which exhibit improved electrical responsiveness and reliability. For example, the device or chip provided for measuring the amount of a biological substance in a liquid being measured comprises immobilized antibodies, a substance that is... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150021207 - Near-field-communication or rfid based electrochemical biosensor and method for an ingredient measurement using thereof: Disclosed herein are a near-field-communication or a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) based electrochemical biosensor capable of measuring an ingredient by being inter-worked with a wireless communication device such as a smartphone and a method for an ingredient measurement using thereof. The near field communication or radio-frequency identification based electrochemical biosensor, includes:... Agent: Center For Integrated Smart Sensors Foundation

01/15/2015 > 14 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150014172 - Method of synthesizing a metal foam, metal foam, uses thereof and device comprising such a metal foam: A method of synthesizing a metal foam of at least one metal M having a porous micrometric structure, the method including a step of contact glow discharge electrolysis in an electrolytic plasma reduction conducted in an electrolytic solution in which are immersed an anode and a cathode connected to a... Agent:

20150014173 - Machine for the electro-marking of large metallic surfaces and relative process: A machine for the electrochemical marking treatment of metallic surfaces, includes an electrode placed in sliding movement on the metallic surface to be treated, a buffer impregnated with etching solution for the specific metal in treatment, and an electric current circuit, suitable for electro-marking treatment of said metal, with a... Agent:

20150014174 - Perpendicular write head with laminated side shields: A perpendicular write head, the write head having an air bearing surface, the write head including a magnetic write pole, wherein at the air bearing surface, the write pole has a trailing side, a leading side that is opposite the trailing side, and first and second sides; side gaps, wherein... Agent:

20150014175 - Electroplating apparatus having scroll pump: An electroplating apparatus for plating a metal onto a surface of a wafer is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a wafer support configured to support a wafer and a processing base. The processing base has a scroll pump oriented to pump a plating solution in a substantially perpendicular direction with respect... Agent:

20150014176 - Wafer processing apparatus having scroll pump: A wafer processing apparatus is disclosed that includes a wafer support and a processing base. The wafer support is configured to support a wafer at a processing position with respect to a processing base. The processing base includes a scroll pump oriented to pump a processing fluid in a substantially... Agent:

20150014177 - Method for producing matt copper deposits: The present invention relates to a method for deposition of a matte copper coating wherein a first copper layer is deposited from an aqueous copper electrolyte which does not contain an organic compound comprising divalent sulfur. A second copper layer is then deposited onto the first copper layer from an... Agent:

20150014178 - Film formation device and film formation method for forming metal film: Provided are a film formation device and a film formation method for forming a metal film, with which metal films with a desired thickness can be continuously formed on surfaces of a plurality of substrates. A film formation device 1A includes at least a positive electrode 11, a negative electrode... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150014179 - Cmas-inert thermal barrier layer and method for producing the same: Disclosed are a method for forming a thermal barrier layer for a metallic component, which method involves forming a ceramic coat in which at least in part aluminum oxide and titanium oxide are disposed, the aluminum oxide and the titanium oxide being introduced by infiltration of aluminum-containing and titanium-containing particles... Agent:

20150014180 - Electrochemical synthesis of nitro-chitosan: The present disclosure provides methods for producing chitosan derivatives and the derivatives formed by these methods. The processes of the present disclosure utilize electrochemical methods to functionalize and/or modify amine and/or hydroxyl groups present on chitosan, to form new derivatives. In embodiments, a nitro-chitosan derivative may be prepared. The altered... Agent:

20150014181 - Method and apparatus for treatment of effluents from production plants of epoxy compounds: The invention relates to a process of abatement of the organic content of a depleted brine coming from epoxy compound production involving a vapour stripping step and a mineralisation with hypochlorite in two steps, at distinct pH and temperature conditions.... Agent:

20150014182 - Methods and systems for capturing carbon dioxide and producing a fuel using a solvent including a nanoparticle organic hybrid material and a secondary fluid: Methods and systems for capturing carbon dioxide and producing fuels such as alcohol using a solvent including a nanoparticle organic hybrid material and a secondary fluid are disclosed. In some embodiments, the methods include the following: providing a solvent including a nanoparticle organic hybrid material and a secondary fluid, the... Agent:

20150014183 - Integrated intensified biorefinery for gas-to-liquid conversion: A support device for carrying a selectively permeable membrane is disclosed along with apparatuses and methods of removing long chain hydrocarbons from a stream of gas. The gas cleaning apparatus uses, individually or in combination, plasma, catalyst and electrodes containing catalysts to perform the cleaning of the gas.... Agent:

20150014184 - Producing lithium: A electrolytic process for continuous production of lithium metal from lithium carbonate or other lithium salts by use of an aqueous acid electrolyte and a lithium producing cell structure which includes: a cell body with a cathode within the cell body; an electrolyte aqueous solution within the cell body, the... Agent:

20150014185 - Cartridge for processing a fluid: The invention relates to a cartridge (790) for processing a fluid comprising (i)a pre-treatment fluidic system with an inlet (710) via which the fluid can be supplied and at least one primary processing chamber (712) in which said fluid can be processed; (ii) a post-treatment fluidic system with at least... Agent:

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