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Electricity: power supply or regulation systems

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11/13/2014 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140333269 - System and method for sinking excess current and creating a biasing voltage: Data may be encoded onto a direct current power line by modulating the current on that direct current power line. One method of modulating the current is by placing an inductor on the power line and then using a controlled transistor that turns on and turns off. The inductor will... Agent: Neofocal Systems, Inc.

20140333270 - Current ramping during multiphase current regulation: Voltage regulators in a current share arrangement may provide a total current to a common load, and may be simultaneously turned on to ramp up member currents. Each voltage regulator may provide a respective member current in the current share configuration. A target current value may be determined from a... Agent: Intersil Americas LLC

20140333271 - Semiconductor apparatus: A semiconductor apparatus includes a first structural body including a first temperature voltage generation unit configured to generate first and second temperature voltages which have different voltage level variations according to a temperature variation, in response to a temperature measurement command, and a first temperature information determination unit configured to... Agent:

20140333272 - Switching regulator with reduced body diode conduction: A switching regulator that includes a high-side MOSFET, a low-side MOSFET, a high-side driver circuit, a low-side driver circuit, and a capacitive coupling circuit. An output of the high-side driver circuit is coupled to a gate of the high-side MOSFET to control the high-side MOSFET to be substantially depleted during... Agent: Advanced Analogic Technologies Incorporated

20140333273 - Thermal balance conversion circuit: A thermal balance conversion circuit includes a voltage conversion circuit, a temperature detection circuit, a PWM controller, and a signal integration controller. The voltage conversion circuit includes a plurality of voltage conversion units, and each of the voltage conversion units converts the DC voltage of a external power to a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140333274 - Complex power management device and communication device: A complex power management device includes DC/DC converters and a common reference line connected in common to the DC/DC converters. Each of the DC/DC converters includes a first switch element and inductor connected in series between first and second nodes, a second switch element, one end of which is connected... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140333276 - Dc/dc converter having a step-up converter supplying a step-down converter: There is described a DC-DC converter having a Step-Up stage (10) supplying a Step-Down stage (20). A common Step-Down controller is designed and configured such that a single reference voltage (VREF) is compared to the output voltage (VOUT_SD) of the Step-Down stage by a single comparator (61), producing a single... Agent:

20140333275 - Voltage boosting/lowering circuit and voltage boosting/lowering circuit control method: A voltage boosting/lowering circuit according to an aspect of the present invention includes an output voltage generation circuit 15 that includes a switch element 2 connected between an input terminal 1 and a choke coil 3 and a switch element 7 connected between the choke coil 3 and a ground,... Agent:

20140333277 - Fast transient buck regulator with dynamic charge/discharge capability: Systems and methods are disclosed to control a buck converter with a first switching circuit including a first upper power transistor coupled to a first lower power transistor at a first junction; a second upper power transistor coupled to a second lower power transistor at a second junction; an inductor... Agent:

20140333278 - Dc-dc controller and multi-ramp signal operating method thereof: A DC-DC controller and a multi-ramp signal operating method thereof are provided. The DC-DC controller includes a ramp generating unit, a comparator, a logic circuit and a switch unit. The ramp generating unit generates a first interior-ramp signal and a second interior-ramp signal alternately. The logic circuit generates the first... Agent: Upi Semiconductor Corp.

20140333279 - Choke circuit, and bus power supply incorporating same: The invention relates to a choke circuit and a bus power supply incorporating same. Such a coil choke circuit includes an inductor connected between a first input terminal and a first output terminal, a boost circuit connected between a second input terminal and a second output terminal for increasing the... Agent:

20140333280 - Driving device: A driving device comprises a first transistor (B13), a second transistor (B14), and a resistance element. The first transistor (B13) has one terminal receiving a pulsed current and a control terminal connected to the one terminal. The second transistor (B14) has one terminal connected to at least one load, the... Agent:

20140333281 - Method and devices for non-intrusive power monitoring: A method and device are disclosed for estimating a power demand level of an active circuit on a power supply line. A ripple amplitude and a ripple frequency associated with operation of the active circuit may be monitored on the power supply line. The ripple amplitude and ripple frequency may... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140327411 - Power factor correction algorithm for arbitrary input waveform: The present disclosure provides techniques for a power factor correction system having an arbitrary input waveform. The present disclosure provides two example methods of digital power factor correction that allow for a high power factor on an arbitrary input waveform. The two example methods are applicable to both constant-current inputs... Agent:

20140327412 - Inductive load power switching circuits: Power switching circuits including an inductive load and a switching device are described. The switches devices can be either low-side or high-side switches. Some of the switches are transistors that are able to block voltages or prevent substantial current from flowing through the transistor when voltage is applied across the... Agent:

20140327413 - Feedforward control method and apparatus: A feedforward control method, which includes: determining, whether the input voltage rapidly changes or slowly changes; when the input voltage rapidly changes, determining, a first feedforward gain coefficient corresponding to the difference between a input voltage reference value and a first input voltage measurement value acquired by a high-speed low-precision... Agent:

20140327414 - Method for operating a power converter module and a device therefor: The present disclosure relates to methods, a system and a module for operating a power converter module. The power converter module comprises a voltage converter, an output circuitry and a processing circuitry operable for controlling the voltage converter. One method comprises transmitting a first status signal representing operating parameters of... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20140327415 - Phase balancing of high-frequency power generation units: Methods, systems, and devices for phase balancing of a plurality of high frequency (HF) power generation units of an HF power supply system. In one aspect, a method includes measuring a first signal related to a first power reflected at a load and arriving at a first HF power generation... Agent:

20140327416 - High bandwidth psrr power supply regulator: A voltage regulator includes a power device formed by an NMOS transistor having a drain terminal coupled to an input voltage, a source terminal providing an output voltage and a gate terminal receiving a gate drive signal; and an integrated AC/DC control loop configured to access the output voltage and... Agent: Micrel, Inc.

20140327417 - Voltage adjustment method, and voltage pre-regulator power supply circuit and system: A voltage adjustment method, and a voltage pre-regulator power supply circuit and system, that implements highly-efficient output of a power supply in a quasi straight-through state and increases voltage output precision of a circuit. The voltage adjustment method includes receiving a to-be-adjusted voltage through a positive wire input end and... Agent:

20140327418 - Extended current capability for power sourcing equipment: A current mirror (e.g., an N or P channel MOSFET current mirror) is present in a load current delivery path. The current delivery path typically includes a network connection, e.g., for power over Ethernet applications. The current mirror provides a reference output, and the load current flows through a primary... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140327419 - Current limiting circuit: A current limiting circuit includes a current sensing module that is configured to sense an output current of a power transistor and to generate a corresponding sensing current which is proportional to the output current. A first current limiting module coupled to the current sensing module is configured to generate... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (shenzhen) R&d Co. Ltd.

20140327420 - Power supply and dc-dc converter therein: A power supply includes a rectifier circuit to rectify power, a smoothing circuit unit to smoothen a voltage of the rectified power, and a voltage drop circuit unit to drop the smoothened voltage. The voltage drop circuit unit includes an electric charge storage circuit to output the voltage-dropped voltage, a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140327421 - Switching regulator and method for controlling the switching regulator: By controlling the duty of a switching pulse signal and a switching frequency of the signal in response to changes in load current, the ripple of the output voltage can be reduced and switching losses can be reduced and thus a switching regulator that is efficient can be provided.... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140327422 - Dc-dc converter with adaptive minimum on-time: A DC-DC converter has a high-side transistor series with a low-side transistor and an inductor connected to a node therebetween, a gate driver circuit has a high-side gate driver circuit coupled to the high-side transistor; a low-side gate driver circuit coupled to the low-side transistor; a minimum pulse with circuit... Agent:

20140327423 - Dc-dc converter controller: In a DC-DC converter controller of the present invention, a ramp voltage for compensating a reference voltage is designed to have the same valley value or peak value irrespective of an input voltage and an output voltage of a controlled converting circuit when the controlled converting circuit operates in the... Agent: Green Solution Technology Co., Ltd.

20140327424 - Power conversion device: A power converter 1 includes: a DC/DC unit 2 converting DC voltage supplied from an electric vehicle V to a first DC voltage for a home 20 or a second DC voltage for an electric appliance 24; a first power line L1 outputting the first DC voltage; a second power... Agent:

20140327425 - Portable electronic apparatus and power management method thereof: A portable electronic apparatus and a power management method are provided. The portable electronic apparatus includes a power manager and a controller. The power manager is used to receive a supply power generated by a power adapter. The power manager determines whether to generate a detecting signal by detecting whether... Agent:

20140327426 - Pulse forming network (pfn) having multiple capacitor units for forming a pulse having a multi-level voltage and a method of forming such a pulse: A method of generating a patterned pulse. The method comprises charging a plurality of capacitor units with a plurality of charges, and sequentially coupling the plurality of charged capacitor units to at least one electrical regulator so as to allow delivering a regulated energizing pulse having a desired multi-level voltage... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 15 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140320093 - Fast load transient response power supply system using dynamic reference generation: The present disclosure is directed to a fast load transient response power supply system using dynamic reference voltage generation. A system may comprise, for example, at least power supply circuitry, voltage reference circuitry and dynamic reference generation circuitry. The power supply circuitry may be configured to generate an output voltage... Agent: Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

20140320094 - Control circuit for power converter and related control method: A control circuit of a power converter includes: a zero current detection circuit for detecting a current flowing between an inductor and a voltage output terminal of the power converter to generate a zero current detection signal; an adjusting circuit for generating an adjustment signal according to the zero current... Agent: Richtek Technology Corporation

20140320095 - Circuit arrangement and method for reproducing a current: A circuit arrangement including a first branch, a second branch and a switching feedback structure is provided. The switching feedback structure may be coupled to the first branch and to the second branch. The switching feedback structure may be configured to adjust a current in the second branch to track... Agent:

20140320096 - Voltage generator: The disclosure relates to a voltage generator for providing an output voltage in accordance with a received target signal, the voltage generator comprising: a resonant converter configured to receive an input voltage, the resonant converter comprising: a first switch; a second switch connected in series with the first switch between... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140320097 - Negative voltage regulation circuit and voltage generation circuit including the same: A negative voltage regulation circuit includes an operational amplifier configured to receive a feedback voltage and an input voltage, a pull-up element configured to pull-up drive a first node based on output voltage of the operational amplifier, a load element coupled between the first node and a negative voltage terminal,... Agent:

20140320100 - Converter circuit and method for converting an input voltage to an output voltage: A converter circuit is described comprising a switch circuit configured to provide an output voltage, a control circuit comprising an analogue control portion and a digital control portion and a noise generator configured to generate white noise, wherein the noise generator is configured to supply the generated white noise to... Agent:

20140320099 - Switching regulator compatible with electronic transformer and control method thereof: The present invention discloses a switching regulator compatible with an electronic transformer and a control method thereof. The switching regulator includes: a power stage circuit, a control circuit, and an input current peak & valley setting circuit. The control circuit is coupled to the power stage circuit, for generating an... Agent: Richtek Technology Corporation

20140320098 - Switching regulator, electronic device, and electronic circuit: There is provided a switching regulator configured to convert an input voltage into an output voltage. A control unit is configured to perform switching control in response to a result of comparison between a reference voltage and a complex voltage which includes a feedback voltage acquired by feeding back the... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20140320101 - Digital average input current control in power converter: A digital average-input current-mode control loop for a DC/DC power converter. The power converter may be, for example, a buck converter, boost converter, or cascaded buck-boost converter. The purpose of the proposed control loop is to set the average converter input current to the requested current. Controlling the average input... Agent:

20140320102 - Voltage regulator with adaptive control: Generally, this disclosure describes an apparatus, systems and methods for adaptively controlling a voltage regulator. The apparatus may include a differencing circuit configured to generate an error signal based on a difference between a reference voltage and the output voltage of the voltage regulator; a proportional control circuit coupled to... Agent:

20140320103 - Direct current control with low e-m emission: A switching control circuit includes driving a flow of direct current through an at least partially inductive load. The switching control circuit is adapted for adjusting a control current in order to activate and/or deactivate a flow of current to a load terminal. The system comprises a timer element for... Agent:

20140320104 - Advanced control circuit for switched-mode dc-dc converter: A circuit for controlling a switched-mode DC-DC converter. An inductor is connected between a switching node and an output node, and an output capacitor is connected in series with the inductor. An RC circuit is connected in parallel with the inductor to compensate for ripple voltage. In a discontinuous current... Agent:

20140320105 - Apparatus and method for controlling pulse output: The present invention provides a pulse modulating power source, which comprises: a plurality of discharging modules connected in series during discharging; a plurality of triggers corresponding to said plurality of discharging modules, wherein each trigger provides a trigger signal to the corresponding discharging module to turn it on; a control... Agent: Nuctech Company Limited

20140320107 - Dc/dc converter, power supply circuit, and semiconductor device: Provided is a DC-DC converter with improved power conversion efficiency. A transistor which is incorporated in the DC-DC converter and functions as a switching element for controlling output power includes, in its channel formation region, a semiconductor material having a wide band gap and significantly small off current compared with... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140320106 - Power supply circuit: A power supply circuit comprises an under voltage protection unit and a voltage conversion unit electrically connected to the under voltage protection unit. The under voltage protection unit and the voltage conversion unit are electrically connected to a power supply. When a voltage of the power supply is in a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

10/23/2014 > 21 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140312856 - Adjustable output power supply: An adjustable output power supply with a data communications connector that at least partially complies with physical specifications of a defined data interface standard connector, such as a USB connector. The data communications connector has a number of data contacts and power contacts coupled to and providing output electrical power... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140312858 - Power supply circuitry and adaptive transient control: A control circuitry can be configured to receive an error signal indicating a difference between an output voltage of the power supply and a desired setpoint for the output voltage. According to one configuration, depending on the error signal, the control circuitry initiates switching between operating the control circuitry in... Agent:

20140312857 - Switch-mode power supply with temperature and current sharing: A switched-mode power supply in a set of parallel-connected switched-mode power supplies is operated to (1) monitor both output current and operating temperature, and (2) auto-tune an output voltage using two-dimensional control that employs a two-dimensional function of the output current and the operating temperature. The two-dimensional function is a... Agent: Bel Fuse (macao Commercial Offshore) Limited

20140312859 - Phase balancing of power transmission system: Phase balancing techniques for power transmission systems are disclosed. In one embodiment, a phase balancing protocol (240) includes executing a first phase balancing protocol (350) in relation to a first power transmission section (400a). A second phase balancing protocol (370) may be executed if the first phase balancing protocol (350)... Agent: Smart Wire Grid, Inc.

20140312860 - Control of a soft-switched variable frequency buck regulator: A system and method are provided for controlling a soft-switched modified buck regulator circuit. A voltage (Vx) across or a current through a pull-down switching mechanism within the modified buck regulator circuit is sensed when the pull-down switching mechanism is enabled, where the pull-down switching mechanism is coupled to an... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140312862 - Dc-dc converter: The present invention is applicable to the field of direct current conversion, and provides a DC-DC converter. In the present invention, a DC-DC converter including a triangular wave generation module and a switch control module is adopted. The triangular wave generation module generates a triangular wave signal according to voltages... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140312861 - Power supply: There is provided a power supply, including, a boost converter unit including a first boost converter having a first inductor, a first diode, and a first switching element, and a second boost converter having a second inductor, a second diode and a second switching element, an input voltage sensing unit... Agent:

20140312863 - Control circuit for step-up dc/dc converter: A switching transistor is configured such that its on resistance RON is switchable between at least two values RON1 and RON2. When the switching transistor is switched from off to on, a control circuit sets the on resistance of the switching transistor to the first value RON1 for a first... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140312864 - Light load stability circuitry for ldo regulator: A linear regulator contains an additional AC-coupled feedback loop between the output of the error amplifier and the base of the pass transistor that increases the frequency of the pole at the output of the error amplifier at light load currents to at least partially offset the decreased frequency of... Agent:

20140312865 - Voltage generator with current source compensated for an error current operable over a wide voltage range: In one embodiment, a regulator circuit for generating a regulated output voltage Vout has an error amplifier using a pair of bipolar transistors at its front end. The error amplifier compares the regulated output voltage to a reference voltage Vref. A precision current source draws a first current through a... Agent: Linear Technology Corporation

20140312866 - Linear regulator ic with versatile ground pin: A linear regulator integrated circuit may be formed having four external terminals including a voltage input (Vin) terminal, a voltage output (Vout) terminal, a Set terminal, and an operational amplifier (op amp) power terminal. A user connects an external resistor to the Set terminal for creating a reference voltage. An... Agent: Linear Technology Corporation

20140312867 - Low drop out voltage regulator and related method of generating a regulated voltage: A low drop out voltage regulator includes an operational transconductance amplifier configured to be supplied with a supply voltage of the regulator, receive as inputs a reference voltage and a feedback voltage, and generate an intermediate current based upon a difference between the reference voltage and the feedback voltage. A... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140312868 - Control of a soft-switched variable frequency multi-phase regulator: A system and method are provided for controlling a multi-phase switching regulator including a first phase and a second phase, where the first phase includes a first modified buck regulator circuit and the second phase includes a second modified buck regulator circuit. The first phase and the second phase are... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140312869 - Universal phase dimming module: A universal load control module may include a power supply that operates over a wide voltage range, a microcontroller, and one or more functional control blocks. A functional control block may include a dimmer circuit for controlling a lighting load that provides reverse phase cut mode dimming, forward phase cut... Agent: AblIPHolding, LLC

20140312870 - Boost-type switching regulator and semiconductor device for boost-type switching regulator: A boost-type switching regulator includes an inductor; a rectifying element; a capacitor; a switching element; an output terminal; a detection voltage generating unit; an output voltage controlling unit; and a detection voltage level shifting unit. The detection voltage generating unit generates a detection voltage according to an output voltage. The... Agent: Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20140312871 - Apparatus and method for wetting current measurement and control: A voltage signal and a wetting current are received from a switching device. A first pulse train is created from the voltage signal and the first pulse train has a first duty cycle that is proportional to the voltage at the switching device. The first pulse train is transmitted across... Agent: Ge Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

20140312872 - Power supply circuit: A power supply circuit 1 includes an output circuit that generates an output voltage by performing a power supply operation based on an input voltage, an output terminal to which, after start-up of the power supply operation, the output voltage is applied, and a control circuit that causes a test... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140312873 - Estimating and monitoring the effects of transistor aging: One embodiment of the present invention sets for a method for monitoring the aging of a circuit. The method includes operating an aging unit included in the circuit beginning at a first time. The method also includes in response to a trigger event, operating a non-aging unit also included in... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140312874 - Method and apparatus for determining a target light intensity from a phase-control signal: A dimmable ballast circuit for a compact fluorescent lamp controls the intensity of a lamp tube in response to a phase-control voltage received from a dimmer switch. The ballast circuit comprises a phase-control-to-DC converter circuit that receives the phase-control voltage, which is characterized by a duty cycle defining a target... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20140312876 - Low power tunable reference voltage generator: A method and apparatus for generating an improved reference voltage for use, for example, in a system requiring accurate low power operation. In particular, our reference voltage generator is adapted to output VREF as a function of the voltage difference between V1 and V2. The reference voltage generator is further... Agent:

20140312875 - Startup circuits with native transistors: Startup circuits with native transistors. In some embodiments, a startup circuit may include a first inverter configured to receive a bandgap voltage (Vbg) from a bandgap reference circuit and to produce an output voltage (VOUT), and a second inverter operably coupled to the first inverter to form a latch, the... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

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