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Electricity: motive power systems April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120098468 - Electromechanical motor: An electromechanical motor includes an actuator assembly and a body to be driven in a driving direction. The actuator assembly has an actuator backing, a first actuator and a second actuator. The actuators are mechanically attached by a respective single attachment to the actuator backing at a first end of... Agent: Piezomotor Uppsala Ab

20120098469 - Linear motor: A linear motor includes a slider unit having a magnet row in which plural permanent magnets are arranged in series so that the same poles are opposed to each other, a stator unit including electromagnetic coils for plural phases arranged along a movement direction of the slider unit, and plural... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120098470 - Electronic control unit including discharging circuit with plurality of resistors connected in series: An electronic control unit mounted on a vehicle includes: a capacitor that smoothes voltage of a DC power source electrically isolated from a body of the vehicle; a resistor circuit including a plurality of resistors connected in series, which is connected in parallel to the capacitor to discharge electric charge... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120098471 - Electrical system and method for controlling an electrical motor: An electrical system comprising an electrical motor and a method for controlling the electrical motor. The system comprises the electrical motor, a power source connection, a first motor control device placed between the power source connection and the motor, and a second motor control device placed in parallel with the... Agent: Danfoss Drives A/s

20120098472 - Engagement of a spinning ac induction motor: A mechanism for a motor controller for engaging a spinning motor is provided. A power section is configured to provide power to the motor. A control is configured to control the power section. The control is configured to search for a motor frequency of the motor by applying a small... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120098473 - Method for control of synchronous electrical motors: Method for control of synchronous electrical motors with application for stepper and Brush-Less Direct Current motors for which there is an explicit relation between the active electrical power supplied to the motor and the mechanical power that the motor delivers to the load. The active electrical power Pel consumed by... Agent:

20120098474 - Apparatus for detecting the position of a rotor of an electric motor and related method: An apparatus detects the position of a rotor of an electric motor having three phases and a plurality of windings. The apparatus includes circuitry configured to connect at least two of said windings between first and second reference voltages according to a first current path disconnect said at least two... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l

20120098475 - Motor driving apparatus: A motor driving apparatus includes: a threshold providing circuit that provides a plurality of power failure detection thresholds determined according to an installation environment of the motor driving apparatus, a selection circuit that selects a specified power failure detection threshold from the power failure detection thresholds, and a comparison and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120098476 - Feedback switching device and method for driving of servo motor: A feedback switching device and a method allow a drive control loop for a servo motor to actively switch the feedback mode in accordance with the rotating speed of the servo motor. When the servo motor is under a high speed operation, a sensorless position estimation feedback technology is used... Agent:

20120098477 - Methods and devices for estimation of induction motor inductance parameters: Methods and devices are presented herein for estimating induction motor inductance parameters based on instantaneous reactive power. The induction motor inductance parameters, e.g., the stator inductance and the total leakage factor, can be estimated from motor nameplate data and instantaneous reactive power without involving speed sensors or electronic injection circuits.... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

04/19/2012 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120091926 - Electronic speed controller apparatus with signal dividing port device and control method thereof: The present invention discloses an electronic speed controller apparatus with a signal dividing port device and a control method thereof. An electronic speed controller apparatus comprises an electronic speed controller, a radio receiver, and a signal dividing port device. The radio receiver is electronically connected with the electronic speed controller.... Agent:

20120091927 - Method of measuring and evaluating mechanical outputs of piezoelectric actuators, controlling method of the same, and apparatus using those methods: Steps of finding equivalent circuit constants of the piezoelectric actuator; applying a voltage to the piezoelectric actuator and measuring electrical quantity flowing into the piezoelectric actuator due to the applied voltage, or applying an electric charge to the piezoelectric actuator and measuring voltage applied to the piezoelectric actuator due to... Agent:

20120091928 - Position detector for moving magnet type linear motor: In a moving magnet type linear motor including: a stator 2 with a plurality of coils placed in one direction; and a mover 3 with a permanent magnet so placed as to be opposed to the stator 2, a position detector according to one embodiment of the present invention detects... Agent: Sabanci University

20120091929 - Duty ratio control device, electric power tool and recording medium: A duty ratio control device includes a duty ratio calculation unit and a parameter setting unit. The duty ratio calculation unit, when an acceleration manipulation is performed, calculates a control duty ratio per predetermined timing based on a value of at least one parameter so that a rotation speed of... Agent: Makita Corporation

20120091930 - Power supply system, electric vehicle provided with same, and control method of power supply system: When it is determined by a determining portion (54) that the SOC of a first auxiliary power storage device (BB1) has reached a first lower limit value (TL), a switching control portion (56) generates a switching signal (SW) to switch from the first auxiliary power storage device (BB1) to the... Agent:

20120091931 - Induction motor torque control in a pumping system: A system and method are provided for controlling the speed of a motor driving a load that is electrically connected to a generator driven by an engine, through use of a first control feedback loop configured to control the rotor flux of the motor by controlling the field excitation of... Agent: Unico, Inc.

20120091932 - Electrodynamic braking device for a universal motor: An electrodynamic braking device for a universal motor is proposed, wherein during a braking operation a field winding is supplied from a network, and an armature is directly short-circuited, and a braking operation is carried out using a program of a controller of a control electronics system, whereby good braking... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120091934 - Method for damping electromechanical oscillations in an electromechanical system and oscillation damping system for employing such method: A method is provided for damping electromechanical oscillations in an electromechanical system including at least one electric machine operable with an angular speed and a phase of the angular speed being coupled to at least one torque load and producing an electromotive force. The method includes deriving actual values of... Agent: Volvo Technology Corporation

20120091935 - Method and apparatus to drive two-phase motors from a three-phase bridge: A motor drive for driving two-phase motors using a three-phase bridge output stage, and a method of operating the drive. The driven two-phase motor can be a two-phase bipolar motor (such as a hybrid stepping motor). The drive can also be configured so that a single output stage can be... Agent: Teknic, Inc.

20120091933 - Control apparatus for power conversion system including dc/ac converter connected between electric rotating machine and dc power source: A control apparatus is for use in a power conversion system including a DC/AC converter circuit connected to an electric rotating machine at output terminals thereof and to a DC power source at input terminals thereof through a switching means, a capacitor being connected across the input terminals of the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120091936 - Motor controller: A motor controller controlling a rotational speed of a motor and including a thermal detector, a capacitor, an operational amplifier (OP), a charging/discharging circuit, a flip-flop and a logic circuit. The thermal detector detects environmental temperature of the motor to set a first reference voltage. The capacitor has one terminal... Agent:

20120091937 - Control circuit for fan: A control circuit includes a current sensing circuit, an analog digital converter (ADC), an amplifying circuit, a processor, and a switching circuit. The current sensing circuit senses current supplied to an electronic device by a power supply and outputs a first voltage signal. The amplifying circuit amplifies the first voltage... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120091938 - Correction of counting errors in the evaluation of current ripples in a dc motor: A method for detecting a regulating variable of a mechanically commutated DC motor in a positioning device for a motor vehicle is provided. The DC motor has a standard ripple pattern, which contains per engine cycle or semi-cycle at least one index ripple, which is classified with regard to amplitude,... Agent:

20120091939 - High voltage dc electric power generating system with permanent magnet generator protection: A permanent magnet generator system provides protection from fault conditions. The system includes a permanent magnet generator having a first, second, and third winding wherein each winding has a first end and a second end. During the normal mode of operation, the first ends of the windings are shorted to... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120091940 - Ac motor and control apparatus for the same: An AC motor is provided. In the AC motor, there are M pieces (M is an integer of 3 or more) of stator pole groups SPG are arranged in a rotor axis direction, where each of the stator poles groups is composed of a plurality of stator poles which are... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120091941 - Flux controller for induction motor: Disclosed is a flux controller for maintaining reliable flux estimation performance in a low velocity region, the controller including a velocity controller, a torque current controller for outputting a torque voltage command, a flux controller for outputting a flux current command, a flux current controller for receiving the flux current... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

04/12/2012 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120086365 - Work apparatus having an electric drive motor: An electric chain saw has an electric drive motor defining a motor-specific characteristic line of the drawn-in current as a function of the rotational speed of the motor. A control unit controls the current flowing through the drive motor below an engaging rotational speed to values below the motor-specific characteristic... Agent:

20120086367 - Actuating device, microsystem device, and method for controlling a micromechanical actuator: A method, actuating device, and microsystem device are described for controlling a micromechanical actuator, which has a rechargeable capacitor for generating a mechanical motion of the micromechanical actuator, a memory having a lookup table containing previously computed data of signal shapes for controlling the micromechanical actuator, and a driver circuit... Agent:

20120086366 - System and method for dynamic self-sensing of dielectric elastomer actuators: A system and method is provided for determining the capacitance between electrodes of an artificial muscle or dielectric elastomer actuator (DEA). The method comprises measuring the voltage difference between the electrodes of the DEA, the first derivative of that voltage with respect to time, and the total instantaneous current through... Agent: Auckland Uniservices Limited

20120086368 - Lithium-ion battery controlling apparatus and electric vehicle: A lithium-ion battery controlling apparatus includes a controller. The controller is configured to raise an upper-limit voltage in response to capacity degradation of a lithium-ion battery which is configured to supply power to a load and receive power from the load.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120086369 - Propulsion control apparatus for electric motor car: A propulsion control apparatus for an electric motor car includes: an inverter apparatus connected to a DC power supply; a motor connected to an output of the inverter apparatus; a converter apparatus connected to an input of the inverter apparatus; and a power storage apparatus connected to an output of... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120086370 - Motor driving circuit: A motor driving circuit is applied to a motor unit, a pushrod unit, and a load unit. The motor unit is driven by the motor driving circuit. The pushrod unit is driven by the motor unit to lengthen or shorten. The load unit is pushed by the pushrod unit. A... Agent: Timotion Technology Co., Ltd.

20120086371 - Rotary electric machine for vehicles: In a vehicular rotary electric machine, a switching section includes a bridge circuit having plurality of upper arms and plurality of lower arms. The arms include switching elements. A diode is connected in parallel to each switching element. One end of the switching element of each of the upper arms... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120086372 - Electronically commutated electric motor having emergency running properties: The invention relates to an electronically commutated electric motor. The electric motor comprises a stator, and a rotor, in particular a permanent-magnetic rotor. The electric motor further comprises a control unit connected to the stator. The control unit is designed to actuate the stator such that the stator can generate... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120086373 - Motor drive circuitry: A motor drive circuit includes a positive and a negative supply rail for connection to a battery (104) a motor drive circuit including a plurality of motor drive subcircuits which each selectively permit current to flow into or out of a respective phase of a multi-phase motor (101) in response... Agent:

20120086374 - Inverter device, motor driving device, refrigerating air conditioner, and power generation system: An inverter device, a motor driving device, a refrigerating air conditioner, and a power generation system, which can reduce the recovery loss thereof, are obtained. A plurality of arms that can conduct and block current are provided. At least one of the plurality of arms includes: a plurality of switching... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120086375 - Motor control device: The motor control device detects the rotor position θm by directly finding a rotor position θm from a rotor position expression (θm=θi−β−90°) containing, as a variable, a current electrical angle θi from among a phase current peak value Ip and a phase current electrical angle θi detected in a phase... Agent: Sanden Corporation

20120086376 - Electric motor operation apparatus and method: The invention relates to a method for operating an electric motor with a primary section and a secondary section, wherein the primary section has a multi-phase exciter winding comprising winding strands, each of the phase connections of said exciter winding being connected to an output connection of an end stage,... Agent: Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.

20120086377 - Motor control method: A motor control apparatus and a motor control method determine whether the motor is in a back-pressure area so as to provide different rotation-speed control signals. When the fan is in the low duty cycle, a first circuit loop is switched on, so that the fan has more accurate rotation... Agent:

20120086378 - Fan rotary speed controlling device: A fan rotary speed controlling device includes a base voltage generating circuit, a first voltage generating circuit, a second voltage generating circuit and a compensation controlling circuit. The base voltage generating circuit receives a pulse width modulation signal and outputs a base voltage signal. The first voltage generating circuit receives... Agent:

20120086379 - Rotation direction control method for a cooling fan and rotation direction control circuit thereof: A rotation direction control method of a cooling fan is disclosed. The rotation direction control method includes a detection step, a determination step and a driving step. The detection step receives a temperature control signal from a temperature detection unit by a rotation direction control unit when a predetermined dust-expelling... Agent:

20120086380 - Electric motor having windings operable in parallel and/or series, and related methods: An electric motor for propelling a vehicle includes a stator; a rotor that rotates with respect to the stator; a magnet located on the stator or the rotor; a first winding segment and a second winding segment located on the other of the stator or the rotor; and a controller.... Agent: Evantage Limited

20120086381 - Brushless synchronous machine utilizing third harmonic excitation: A brushless, synchronous machine is provided. A brushless, synchronous motor includes a rotor, a stator extending around at least a portion of the rotor and separated from the rotor by an air gap, a first stator winding, a second stator winding, a third stator winding, a drive circuit, a first... Agent:

20120086382 - motor controller and related method: The present invention relates to a motor controller and related method. The invention is particularly well suited for use with an alternating current (AC) induction motor. Previously motor controllers did not take into account the combined effect a control circuit and controlled motor, had upon a mains supply and more... Agent:

20120086383 - Dephasing control: A system to control an asynchronous tri-phase motor where said system comprises: at least one filter directly coupled to the current of the Alternative Current (AC) line; a rectifier which rectifies the line current, a doubler which reduces the curl, elevates the voltage and delivers a voltage in Direct Current,... Agent:

20120086384 - Apparatus and method for determining speed of an induction motor: The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for determining the speed of a motor, generator or alternator, more particularly for determining the speed of an alternating current (AC) induction motor. The invention overcomes problems associated with previous devices by providing a speed monitoring device that is readily retrofitted... Agent:

04/05/2012 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120081043 - Control of a linear motor: Disclosed is a linear electric motor having a fixed primary comprising a stator divided into a number of sections, including a translating secondary having an operative length longer than any two adjacent sections of the stator in the form of a reaction plate, and a connecting means for connecting only... Agent: Texchange Limited

20120081044 - Electrical power tool for operating with alternating current: The invention relates to an electrical power tool, particularly an electric hand power tool, for operating with alternating current, having an electric motor, and electronic control device, and an electrical power switch for actuating the electric motor, wherein the electronic control device comprises a bias voltage output and a detection... Agent: Metabowerke Gmbh

20120081046 - Control of an electrical machine: A method of controlling an electrical machine that includes selecting an edge of a rotor-position signal as a reference edge and commutating a phase winding of the electrical machine at times relative to the reference edge. The rotor-position signal has at least four edges per mechanical cycle, each of the... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20120081047 - Control device of a driving apparatus: A control device for a driving apparatus. The control device is configured with a device that controls the rotary electric machine via the inverter, a device that determines whether a disconnect condition of the main power supply is satisfied, and a device that obtains an estimated field amount that is... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20120081048 - Motor able to work synchronously and as induction motor: The present invention relates to a motor that acts both as a synchronous motor and as an induction motor, and that comprises a stator (100) having coil windings, a rotor (200), where said rotor is a rotor with magnets (300, 310, 320, 330) generating 4 poles, and the windings of... Agent:

20120081049 - Drive control signal generating circuit: PWM conversion is efficiently executed. An output control circuit comprises a flip-flop which reads crossing of a reference value by a rotational state signal from a motor, and generates a motor drive control signal according to a state of the flip-flop. A clock generator generates a clock which defines a... Agent: On Semiconductor Trading, Ltd.

20120081050 - Control of an electrical machine: A method of controlling an electrical machine that includes commutating a phase winding of the electrical machine at a time T_COM(1) after a first edge and at a time T_COM(2) after a second edge of a rotor-position signal. T_COM(2) is defined by the equation: T_COM(2)=T_COM(1)+T_AVE−T_PD, where T_AVE is an average... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20120081051 - Control device: A control device configured with an external input estimator that reduces a vibration component of a rotational speed of the power transfer system at a rotational speed of the rotary electric machine and estimates transfer system input torque on the basis of the rotational speed of the rotary electric machine,... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20120081053 - Motor control method and device: A control device includes a drive controller that controls the driving of an electromagnetic coil, and a regeneration controller that controls the regeneration of power from the electromagnetic coil. The drive controller includes an excitation interval setting unit that sets excitation and non-excitation intervals such that voltage is applied to... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120081052 - Power supply circuit: A power supply circuit includes two half bridge circuits, a controller and two terminals for connecting a motor. The controller includes a signal input terminal, a phase inverter, a wiring board having four soldering pads, and two conductors. The four soldering pads are connected to the signal terminal, an output... Agent:

20120081045 - Control device for voltage conversion device, vehicle incorporating the same, and control method for voltage conversion device: In a voltage conversion device of a motor drive control device, switching-control is performed so as to enlarge an output allowable voltage range of the voltage conversion device restricted by a dead time in a switching operation for an upper arm and a lower arm performing power conversion by a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120081054 - Control device of a driving apparatus: A control device for a driving apparatus configured with a rotary electric machine having a rotor with a permanent magnet and a stator having a coil. A field adjusting mechanism is configured to change a field flux supplied by the rotor, and an inverter is connected to the coil. A... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20120081055 - Steering control apparatus: Disclosed is a steering control apparatus having a structure by which it is possible to efficiently dissipate high heat that may be generated, simplify a manufacturing process, and reduce manufacturing costs.... Agent: Mando Corporation

20120081056 - Apparatus and method for controlling speed of fan in computer: An apparatus and method controls a speed of a fan in a computer. The apparatus includes a signal generator, a signal buffer, a signal switch, and an integrated baseboard management controller (IBMC). The IBMC includes a general purpose input output (GIPO) pin and a signal output port. The IBMC determines... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120081057 - Method for operating an actuator: A method for operating an electrically driven actuator having a power supply that has an energy storage unit (7) is provided. At the energy storage unit, an energy quantity meter (8) continuously adds up the amount of energy stored and withdrawn. An actuating process is only carried out when there... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd

20120081058 - Dc power for sgct devices using a high frequency current loop with multiple current transformers: Motor drives and switch driver power systems are presented in which high frequency AC current (IHF) is provided through one or more cables (202) magnetically coupled with local driver current transformers (240), and the transformer secondary currents are converted to provide DC power to switch drivers of an active power... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc

20120081060 - Control apparatus for driving apparatus: A control apparatus that controls a driving apparatus configured with a stator. A variable magnetic flux type rotating electrical machine has a first and second rotor, circumferential direction relative positions of which can be adjusted. A relative position adjustment mechanism adjusts the relative positions of the two rotors. A control... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20120081059 - Electro-mechanical drive with extended constant power speed range: Embodiments of the invention comprise a multi-input range box driven by multiple electric drives. Range shifting involves momentarily increasing the current through all but a given motor, to a level that will carry the entire load, comprising specified constant power. Simultaneously, torque of the given motor is reduced to zero.... Agent:

20120081061 - Adaptive harmonic reduction apparatus and methods: Power conversion systems with active front end converters for example motor drives and power generation systems for distributed energy sources are presented with adaptive harmonic minimization for grid-tie converters for minimized or reduced total harmonic distortion in the line current spectrum including the source harmonic current and the grid-tie converter... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20120081062 - Motor control device: A motor control device includes: a motor control unit; and a signal output unit, the motor control unit includes: a first control unit configured to estimate a current upper limit value on the basis of the rotation speed of the motor and a current decrease caused by back electromotive force,... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120081063 - Motor control device: A motor control device comprises: an acceleration upper limit estimating unit; a target acceleration setting unit; a motor control unit; and a deficit calculating unit, wherein the target acceleration setting unit corrects the target acceleration based on the acceleration profile by an amount corresponding to the acceleration deficit within a... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120081064 - Control of an electrical machine: A method of controlling an electrical machine that includes exciting a phase winding with a supply voltage, and freewheeling the phase winding when current in the phase winding exceeds a threshold. The threshold is then adjusted in response to changes in the supply voltage and/or the speed of the electrical... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20120081065 - Overcurrent limiting for the closed-loop control of converter-fed three-phase machines: A method and a structure operate a three-phase machine, which is fed by a three-phase converter, using a stator flux regulator and either a slip frequency regulator or a torque regulator. A torque-forming fundamental-frequency current component of the stator current is limited by limiting a setpoint value that is supplied... Agent: Bombardier Transportation Gmbh

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