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Electricity: measuring and testing

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12/18/2014 > 52 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20140368182 - Identifying a signal on a printed circuit board under test: Apparatus and methods for identifying a signal on a printed circuit board (PCB) under test, including an integrated circuit mounted on the PCB, the integrated circuit having a test signal generator that transmits a test signal to an output pin of the integrated circuit, with the output pin connected to... Agent:

20140368183 - System and method for linear measurement of ac waveforms with low voltage non-linear sensors in high voltage environments: A method of correcting the non-linearity of a sensor on a linear, high voltage power line comprises removably fixing a sensor on a conductor carrying an AC signal amplifying the current signal and calculating and calibrating a desired gain such that a non-linear signal from the sensor is converted to... Agent: Awesense Wireless Inc.

20140368184 - Electromagnetic wave signal processor and electromagnetic wave detector: There is provided an electromagnetic wave signal processor configured to process an input pulse signal corresponding to an electromagnetic wave, comprising a signal processing unit including: a peak detecting circuit to detect peak values of each amplitude of the input pulse signal; an AD converter to convert the peak values... Agent:

20140368185 - Phase-locked web position signal using web fiducials: Approaches for enhancing web position determination involve phase locking a web movement encoder signal to a sensed web fiducial signal. Fiducials disposed along a longitudinal axis of a substrate are sensed and corresponding sensor signals are generated. An estimated web position is provided by one or more encoder signals. The... Agent:

20140368186 - Inspection apparatus and inspection method: In accordance with an embodiment, an inspection apparatus includes an electron beam applying unit, a voltage applying unit, a substantially flat component with a lattice pattern, and a first detector. The electron beam applying unit generates an electron beam and applies the electron beam to a sample at a first... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140368187 - Control circuit, and power generation device having the same: A control circuit 1 for determining a phase sequence of a power generator includes a frequency control unit, a cycle obtaining unit, a determination unit, and an output-supply control unit. The frequency control unit controls a frequency of a sensor signal synchronous with an operation of the power generator, and... Agent:

20140368188 - System and method for measuring varying parameters using adaptive signal conditioning: A method includes receiving a signal associated with one or more sensors. The method also includes examining one or more parameters of a signal conditioning circuit to determine whether clipping of the signal has occurred. The method further includes, upon a determination that clipping of the signal has occurred, decreasing... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140368189 - System and method for detecting and localizing non-technical losses in an electrical power distribution grid: A system and method for detecting theft of power in an electrical distribution grid. The system may include at least two communicating meters which form a transformer area network, a mechanism for measuring current and voltage at the meters, a mechanism for transmitting the measured current and voltage data to... Agent:

20140368190 - Branch circuit monitor: A branch circuit monitoring system (BCMS) for monitoring branch circuit currents in one or more electrical circuit panels is described. The system is comprised of a data center server, one or more panel processors, each with one or more collection devices, and one or more current sensors per collection device.... Agent: Precision Air & Energy Services, LLC

20140368191 - Apparatus and method for metallic constructions assessment: A device for discovering, identification and monitoring, of mechanical flaws in metallic structures is disclosed, based on magneto-graphic/magnetic tomography technique to identify stress-related defects. The device includes registration means that optimized for use with metallic structures of various types, shapes and sizes. Applications include a real-time quality control, monitoring and... Agent:

20140368192 - Rotation angle detection device: Provided is a rotation angle detection device, having a magnet installed on a valve shaft, which magnetically detects a rotation angle of a valve shaft, the device being configured to include a plate member having a predetermined thickness which is fastened and fixed to one end of the valve shaft,... Agent:

20140368193 - Isotropic and integrated optical pumping magnetometer: A magnetic resonance optical pumping isotropic magnetometer including a laser, a gas filled cell, a HF discharge circuit, RF magnetic field generating coils surrounding the cell, a first frequency regulating mechanism of an RF generator, a second polarization regulating mechanism of the laser beam, and a third regulating mechanism of... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140368194 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to acquire a magnetic resonance data set by radial scanning: Method to acquire a magnetic resonance data set of an acquisition area (5) in a subject (O) via radial scanning along a fixed number of spokes (6) respectively described by a first angle in k-space, wherein the acquisition area (5) deviates in positional space from a circular shape in a... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140368195 - Mr imaging with suppresion of flow artifacts: The invention relates to a method of MR imaging of a body (10) placed in the examination volume of a MR device (1). It is an object of the invention to provide a method that enables efficient compensation of flow artefacts, especially for contrast-enhanced MR angiography in combination with Dixon... Agent:

20140368196 - Practical electromagnetic gradiometer: An electromagnetic gradiometer (EMG) survey kit includes a lightweight man-carry boom about ten feet long. Matched magnetic dipole antennas are attached at each end and connected to a differential EMG receiver able to make measurements in the picoTelsa range. A pair of staging tripods allow the man-carry boom to be... Agent: Stolar Research Corporation

20140368197 - Apparatus and methods for making azimuthal resistivity measurements: A resistivity measuring tool used in a drillstring having a drill bit on a distal end for drilling a wellbore in a formation includes a tool body having a longitudinal axis, a sensor configured to measure the angular position of the tool body relative to the wellbore, at least one... Agent:

20140368198 - Insulation structure for well logging instrument antennas: An antenna insulating structure for a well logging instrument includes an antenna bed disposed in a recess formed in an exterior of an instrument mandrel. A feed through port is disposed in the recess and provides a passage between the recess and an atmospheric chamber in the instrument mandrel. An... Agent:

20140368199 - Downhole sensing in borehole environments: A drill string can include at least one transmit antenna and at least one receive antenna. The transmit antenna transmits at least one electromagnetic signal into a region of an earth formation. The receive antenna receives the signal from the region of the earth formation. The transmit antenna comprises one... Agent:

20140368200 - Modular resistivity sensor for downhole measurement while drilling: A modular resistivity sensor disposable in a drillstring having a drill bit on a distal end for drilling a wellbore in a formation, includes a sensor body having a longitudinal axis radially offset from a longitudinal axis of the drillstring, one or more transmitting coil antennas disposed along a length... Agent:

20140368202 - Systems and methods for downhole electric field measurement: Sensors, systems and methods for downhole electromagnetic field detection, including a downhole micro-opto-electro-mechanical system (MOEMS) electromagnetic field sensor that includes a first surface that is at least partially reflective, a second surface that is at least partially reflective and suspended by one or more flexible members to define an optical... Agent:

20140368201 - Systems and methods for downhole electromagnetic field measurement: Sensors, systems and methods for downhole electromagnetic field measurement, including a downhole micro-opto-electro-mechanical system (MOEMS) electromagnetic field sensor that includes a first surface that is at least partially reflective, a second surface that is at least partially reflective and suspended by one or more flexible members to define an optical... Agent:

20140368203 - Systems and methods for downhole magnetic field measurement: Sensors, systems and methods for downhole electromagnetic field detection, including a downhole micro-opto-electro-mechanical system (MOEMS) electromagnetic field sensor that includes a first surface that is at least partially reflective, a second surface that is at least partially reflective and suspended by one or more flexible members to define an optical... Agent:

20140368204 - Techniques for assessing condition of leds and power supply: Techniques are disclosed for assessing the conditions of LEDs and power supplies of solid state lighting systems. The techniques can be used, for example, to measure the capacitance of an output capacitor C in a switch-mode power supply (SMPS), and to measure the condition of the LEDs being driven by... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20140368206 - Battery control device: A battery control device includes an acquisition portion that acquires measured values on the battery state every predetermined period, and a determination processing portion that determines the battery state. The determination processing portion determines that the battery state is abnormal when the number of times the measured value is out... Agent: Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd.,

20140368205 - Electronic device and methods therein: A battery cell is configured to operate in within an electronic device. Determining the status of the battery cell includes using a strain gauge attached to the battery cell. A value of the dimension of the battery cell is established by use of the strain gauge. The status of the... Agent:

20140368207 - Power supply usage determination: The remaining capacity of a power source, such as a battery, may be monitored with a microprocessor, such as by counting electrons flowing through the power source. The microprocessor may measure electrons passing through the battery and sleep for predetermined periods, waking up to determine an updated capacity of the... Agent:

20140368208 - Cell state estimation device: After discharging has been stopped, a transient response component of the voltage remaining in the cell unit is calculated as an initial remaining voltage value (VDIFF) from the difference between the measured voltage value (CCVOFF[tC1]) and the open-circuit voltage value (OCVON:EST[tC0]). The open-circuit voltage value is thereafter estimated on the... Agent:

20140368209 - Method for monitoring a battery: In a method for monitoring a battery which includes a number of cells, in each instance, at least one electronic unit is situated so as to be in contact with at least two of the cells, in order to record a variable of this cell and forward it to a... Agent:

20140368210 - Cold cathode ionization vacuum gauge and inner wall protection member: A cold cathode ionization vacuum gauge, including: two electrodes disposed such that one of the electrodes is surrounded by the other electrode to thereby form a discharge space therebetween; and an electrode protection member disposed in the discharge space and configured to protect an inner wall surface of the other... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20140368211 - Ground leakage detector, and method of detecting ground leakage in electric vehicle: A ground leakage detector for detecting a ground leakage in an electric vehicle including a battery, and a charging connector which is electrically connectable to a terminal member formed at one end of an outside electric wire through which electric power is supplied from outside to the battery, includes a... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140368212 - Electric circuit evaluation method: The electric circuit evaluation method according to the present invention comprises: a step for finding a malfunction power frequency property, in which the magnitude of a critical noise signal at which a designated electric circuit causes a malfunction is represented by the power injected into the designated electric circuit; and... Agent:

20140368213 - Electric circuit evaluation method and electric circuit: A noise signal for a malfunction test is inputted to a ground terminal, and a frequency property of the magnitude of the power at which a designated electric circuit causes a malfunction is found. A detection reference ground of a detection part for detecting malfunctions of the designated electric circuit... Agent:

20140368214 - Electric cable wear control system: A system including: a cable including: a core capable of transporting at least one useful electric signal; a sheath surrounding said core; at least one conductive wear detection strand embedded in the sheath and substantially extending along the entire length of the cable; and at least one reference conductive element... Agent:

20140368215 - Method and apparatus for monitoring high voltage bushings safely: The voltage at the test tap of a high voltage bushing is applied to a bushing coupler which includes circuitry to sense and process voltages generated at the test tap and convert the voltages into corresponding data signals. Data signals corresponding to the test tap voltages are then transmitted wirelessly... Agent:

20140368216 - Measurement and system for performing a calibration: e

20140368217 - Noise equivalent circuit: Provided is a noise equivalent circuit required for completing an EMC analysis in a practical time and through a low-cost calculation process at an upstream stage of system design. According to the present invention, the noise equivalent circuit comprises: one or more energy sources; a propagation path for propagation of... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140368218 - Composition simulating the dielectric properties of the human body and use thereof for sar measurement: An oil-in-water emulsion includes an aqueous phase and an oily phase, the aqueous phase including water and a relaxing agent, and the oily phase including an oil and at least one surfactant. The emulsion has dielectric properties simulating dielectric properties of the human body. A device including the emulsion, a... Agent: Art-fi

20140368219 - In-situ determination of rod control system coil and cable impedances for nuclear power plants: Systems and methods of monitoring a rod control system of a nuclear power plant, including calculating impedance of at least one coil of a rod movement mechanism non-intrusively while the system is operating, comparing a measured impedance to a reference impedance, and determining if the measured impedance deviates from the... Agent:

20140368220 - Non-contact sensing module and method of manufacturing the same: A non-contact sensing module includes a coil printed circuit board in which a reference pattern coil may be formed at an upper surface and in which a sensing pattern coil may be formed at a lower surface and that has a mounting hole at the center, and a main printed... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140368221 - Sensored cable for a power network: Sensored cable (1) for distribution of electrical power in a power network, the sensored cable comprising an inner conductor and an insulating layer (10) arranged concentrically around at least an axial section of the inner conductor. The sensored cable further comprises a capacitive voltage sensor (100) for sensing a voltage... Agent:

20140368222 - Capacitive proximity detection using delta-sigma conversion: Capacitive proximity detection is provided by combining a delta-sigma modulator and a capacitive voltage divider circuit to create a high resolution capacitive-to-digital converter. Period and duty cycle counters provide duty cycle ratios from the delta-sigma modulator for comparison of changes in capacitance values of a capacitive sensor when an object... Agent:

20140368223 - Capacitance measurement device and electronic device thereof: A capacitance measurement device for measuring the capacitance of a measured capacitor includes a charging control unit for charging the measured capacitor; a discharging control unit for discharging the measured capacitor; a voltage converting circuit coupled to the measured capacitor, for converting a voltage signal on the measured capacitor into... Agent:

20140368224 - Test circuit and method for semiconductor device: A semiconductor device includes a first die, a second die coupled to the first die through a Through-Silicon-Via (TSV), and a test circuit suitable for measuring a resistance of the TSV by controlling an amount of current flowing through the TSV.... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140368225 - Electric circuit evaluation method: The electric circuit evaluation method according to the present invention is characterized in that a designated electric circuit is placed inside a shield structure, a noise signal for a malfunction test is inputted to the designated electric circuit, a short-circuit is established between a ground of the shield structure and... Agent:

20140368226 - Semiconductor device and test method: A test voltage having a first voltage or a second voltage is applied to an output terminal of a complementary fuse that includes a first fuse to one end of which the first voltage is applied and the other end of which serves as the output terminal and a second... Agent: Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20140368228 - Flexible display device: A flexible display device includes a display panel, at least one inspection part, and a detector. The display panel includes at least one bending portion and a display area. The inspection part is located on the bending portion and bends in a manner similar to the bending portion. The detector... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140368227 - In-line measurement of transistor device cut-off frequency: A test circuit within a semiconductor wafer that measures a cut-off frequency for a transistor device under test may include a radio frequency source, located within a region of the wafer, that generates a radio frequency signal. A biasing circuit, also located within the region, may provide a current bias... Agent:

20140368229 - Probe card and method for manufacturing the same: A probe card for an electric test of a device under test on a working table incorporating a heat source includes a circuit base plate including conductive paths connected to a tester, a probe base plate including conductive paths corresponding to the conductive paths and provided with probes connected to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Nihon Micronics

20140368230 - Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, and measuring method thereof: To provide a semiconductor device capable of being easily subjected to a physical test without deteriorating characteristics. According to a measuring method of a semiconductor device in which an element layer provided with a test element including a terminal portion is sealed with first and second films having flexibility, the... Agent:

20140368231 - Power semiconductor module comprising a power electronics circuit and an arrangement for measuring and transferring measurement data: A power semiconductor module includes a power electronics circuit and a measuring circuit for measuring a physical parameter occurring in the power electronics circuit and for providing a corresponding measurement signal. A transmission circuit is coupled to a secondary side of a transfer unit, and an evaluation circuit is coupled... Agent:

20140368232 - Insulated gate bipolar transistor failure mode detection and protection system and method: An assembly including an insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) is provided. The IGBT is coupled with a gate driver for receiving a gating signal to drive the IGBT and providing a feedback signal of the IGBT which indicates a change of a collector-emitter voltage of the IGBT. The assembly further... Agent: General Electric Company

20140368233 - Insulation inspection instrument: A continuity tester that has particular application for inspecting the insulation on the stator windings in an electric machine. The continuity tester includes a power supply, a brush having conductive bristles, and an analog-to-digital (A/D) converter. One terminal of the power supply is electrically coupled to the brush and another... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 46 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20140361762 - Systems and methods for monitoring fiber optic current sensing systems: A system is provided. The system includes a fiber optic current sensor, and a fiber optic current transducer optically coupled to the fiber optic current sensor and configured to receive polarized light from the fiber optic current sensor, generate an electrical signal from the polarized light, and isolate a direct... Agent:

20140361763 - Validating calibrated magnetometer data: Implementations are disclosed for validating data retrieved from a calibration database. In some implementations, calibrated magnetometer data for a magnetometer of a mobile device is retrieved from a calibration database and validated by data from another positioning system, such as course or heading data provided by a satellite-based positioning system.... Agent:

20140361764 - Adaptive electromagnetic probe for twisted tube heat exchanger: An electromagnetic probe for non-destructive inspection of a twisted tube of a twisted tube heat exchanger comprising a probe body having a sensing section being configured to allow circulation of the probe body within the length of circular tube and the length of helical oval tube and to allow displacement... Agent:

20140361765 - Integrated circuit using a digital method for ac/dc-sensitive residual current measurement: A method and a device for a galvanically isolated AC/DC-sensitive measurement of a residual current (ΔI), includes a component sensitive to magnetic fields which switches between at least two states in the course of oscillation. A magnetic field is formed in a sphere of action of the component sensitive to... Agent:

20140361766 - Hall sensor and sensor arrangement: A Hall sensor (HS) comprises at least four sensor terminals (EXT_A, EXT_B, EXT_C, EXT_D) for connecting the Hall sensor (HS) in at least two Hall sensing elements (11, 12, . . . , 44) connected together, element terminals (A, B, C, D) of the Hall sensing elements (11, 12, .... Agent:

20140361767 - Devices and methods for sensing current: Devices and methods for sensing current are described herein. One device (100) includes a base member (102) haying a first leg (104, 106) and a second leg (104, 106), the legs (104, 106) defining an angle (108) therebetween, a first magnetic current sensor (110, 112) coupled to the base member... Agent:

20140361768 - Chip-scale atomic gyroscope: Apparatuses and methods for sensing rotations are provided. One embodiment of the apparatus includes a cell containing alkali and active nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) isotope(s) atoms, a magnet providing a first magnetic field, a light source, and optics which circularly polarize light to generate a pump beam for optically pumping... Agent: Microsemi Frequency And Time Corporation

20140361769 - Signal transmissions to and from a local coil of a magnetic resonance system: Described is a local coil having a number of magnetic resonance antenna elements, a, strip-shaped, metamaterial signal conductor, and an adapter device for coupling signals into the metamaterial signal conductor and/or coupling signals out of the metamaterial signal conductor. Additionally described is a magnetic resonance system having a local coil... Agent:

20140361771 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and reconstructed image acquisition method: In order to improve contrast and image quality in non-orthogonal measurement without sacrificing speed, in imaging which combines a fast imaging sequence for acquiring a plurality of echo signals in one shot with non-orthogonal system measurement, the shape of a blade in which an echo train of each shot is... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20140361775 - Magnetic resonance multi-core array radio frequency device and magnetic resonance signal receiving method: A magnetic resonance multi-core array radio frequency device and a magnetic resonance signal receiving method are provided. The device comprises a radio frequency receiver which includes a radio frequency coil (11), a low noise preamplifier (13), a multiplexer (15), a radio frequency band-pass filter (17), a program control amplifier (19),... Agent:

20140361773 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to adapt a slice positioning within a slice protocol for a magnetic resonance examination: In a method and magnetic resonance (MR) apparatus for an adaptation of a slice positioning within a slice protocol for an MR examination of a first body region and a second body region of a patient, wherein the two body regions are formed and/or arranged mirror-symmetrical to one another within... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140361772 - Method for determining a magnetic resonance control sequence, and magnetic resonance system operable according to the control sequence: In a method and control sequence determination device for determination of a magnetic resonance system control sequence to generate an image series of a defined image region of an examination subject, the control sequence includes a multichannel pulse train with multiple individual RF pulse trains to be emitted in parallel... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140361774 - Method for quantitative determination of sodium in petroleum fuel: The invention relates to a method of and a system for quantitative determination of sodium in petroleum fuel, such as heave fuel oil. The method comprises determining a concentration of sodium in the petroleum fuel using NMR. The method advantageously comprises determining sodium in the form of sodium isotope 23Na... Agent:

20140361770 - Parallel mri with spatially misregistered signal: e

20140361776 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes a sequence controller. The sequence controller is configured to apply MT (Magnetization Transfer) pulses having a frequency different from a resonance frequency of free water protons and then acquires magnetic resonance signals of an object to be imaged. The sequence controller acquires the magnetic... Agent:

20140361777 - Sensor for measuring the electromagnetic fields on land and underwater: An electromagnetic sensing system operates either in land environments or in marine environments on the floor of a body of water to measure electromagnetic fields. The sensing system has electrodes that provide capacitive coupling to the local environment where measurements are being made. A new method of deployment in water... Agent:

20140361778 - Apparatus and methods for measuring spontaneous potential of an earth formation: An apparatus for measuring spontaneous potential (SP) of an earth formation includes a downhole tool that is moveable within a borehole by conveyance means. A portion of the conveyance means produces a reference DC potential signal. The tool includes a measurement electrode that produces a potential signal representative of SP... Agent:

20140361779 - Circuit arrangement and process for detecting a switch position: A circuit arrangement for detecting a switch position includes a first node configured to be connected to one phase of a power network, a third node, and a micro-controller. A switch is arranged between the first node and the third node. A resistor is arranged parallel to the switch between... Agent:

20140361780 - Systems and methods for monitoring circuit breaker operation: A control module coupled to a switching device that is switchable between an open state and a closed state as part of a switching event is provided. The control module includes a communication interface configured to issue a control signal to the switching device that triggers the switching device to... Agent: General Electric Company

20140361781 - Capacitive charge pump: One or more charge pumps may be used to amplify the output voltage from a chemically-sensitive pixel that comprises one or more transistors. A charge pump may include a number of track stage switches, a number of boost phase switches and a number of capacitors. The capacitors are in parallel... Agent:

20140361782 - Electronic component inspection apparatus and method: An electronic component inspection apparatus includes a light source arranged in a mounting area where at least one electronic component is mounted to a board and a light-receiving sensor arranged outside the mounting area to detect an intensity of a light received from the light source. A computer executes a... Agent:

20140361783 - Detecting faults in a two-wire power line: An apparatus and method for detecting faults in a two-wire electric power line isolated from ground includes substantially identical high impedance voltage dividers connected between each of the two wires of the power line and ground, circuits for carrying the output voltages from each voltage divider, a circuit for comparing... Agent:

20140361784 - Ground fault detection apparatus: A ground fault detection apparatus is an apparatus detecting a ground fault in an ungrounded AC circuit in which a single-phase three-wire AC power source is connected to a load via a U phase wire, a neutral wire, and a V phase wire, including two resistive elements having an identical... Agent:

20140361785 - Fault detection in subsea power cables: A method of detecting a fault in a subsea power cable or in a direct electric heating system including a subsea power cable is provided. Measuring points are distributed along the subsea power cable. The method includes measuring at each measuring point a current in the subsea power cable and... Agent:

20140361787 - Apparatus for measuring high frequency electromagnetic noise in printed circuit boards and measurement method therefor: An apparatus and a method for measuring high frequency electromagnetic noise on the power supply planes of printed circuit boards (PCBs). The apparatus comprises a printed reverberation board (PRB) with curved edges that generates a strong sensitivity of the results to the boundary conditions. The PCB under test is inserted... Agent:

20140361786 - In-cell touch panel and voltage testing method thereof: An in-cell touch panel is disclosed. The in-cell touch panel includes an array substrate, and a plurality of signal lines arranged at one side of the array substrate. Each signal line includes a transient lead and includes one of a display pin and a touch pin connected to the transient... Agent: Shanghai Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.

20140361788 - Detection system and method for testing connector: A detection system and method are provided. The detection system connects to a connector, and the connector includes a plurality of detection pins. The detection system includes a pin detection circuit and a detection device. The pin detection circuit connects to the plurality of detection pins and obtains output voltages... Agent:

20140361789 - Non-contact discharge evaluation method and non-contact discharge evaluation apparatus: The magnitude (charge quantity) and energy of discharge are obtained by optical measurement based on light emission, and are evaluated. A discharge source is caused to emit discharge light by applying a voltage to the discharge source from a known power supply, the intensity waveform of the discharge light emission... Agent:

20140361790 - Drive circuit, switch apparatus, and test apparatus: Provided is a test apparatus, a switch apparatus, and a drive circuit comprising a current source having one end thereof connected to a reference potential; a first switch connected between the current source and a first voltage source that outputs a first power supply voltage; a first output terminal that... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20140361791 - Apparatus and method for measuring dielectric constant: Provided are an apparatus and method for measuring a dielectric constant. The apparatus includes a cavity resonator including a cavity therein, an insertion hole penetrating through the cavity vertically and in which a sample is inserted, and grooves symmetrically formed with respect to the cavity in the insertion hole, a... Agent:

20140361792 - Resolver excitation apparatus: A resolver excitation apparatus that adjusts amplitude of a sinusoidal excitation source signal to generate an excitation signal having predetermined amplitude in order to excite an exciting winding of a resolver. A parallel resonant circuit having a parallel resonant element that functions as parallel resonant impedance for impedance of the... Agent:

20140361793 - Interactive and adaptive data acquisition system for use with electrical capacitance volume tomography: A control system and data acquisition system for an electrical capacitance tomography sensor comprised of a sensor having a plurality of electrodes, where each electrode is further comprised of a plurality of capacitance segments. Each of the capacitance segments of each electrode can be individually addressed to focus the electric... Agent: Tech4imaging LLC

20140361794 - Silicon dioxide moisture sensors: A moisture sensor includes a first electrode, a layer of porous insulating material including a plurality of pores, a film of dielectric sensing material covering the inner surfaces of the plurality of pores and a second electrode.... Agent:

20140361795 - Sensor device and method for capacitive approximation detection: A capacitive sensor device with an electrode system has a first transmitting electrode and a first reception electrode, wherein the first transmitting electrode can be brought into capacitive coupling with the first reception electrode, and a second transmitting electrode and a second reception electrode, wherein the second transmitting electrode can... Agent:

20140361796 - Method of detecting a leak in a membrane of a roof: In a method of detecting a leak in a water impermeable membrane applied on a roof substrate, an electrical potential is created between a conductive detector on top of the membrane and the roof substrate causing current to flow between the roof substrate and the conductive detector through moisture in... Agent:

20140361797 - Systems for measuring electric resistance and relation between applied pressure and streaming potential across the membrane and utility thereof: The present invention provides a method for measuring net charge density of membrane and apparatus thereof. The method measures the net charge density of a membrane by utilizing the relation between the mechanical pressure difference applied across the membrane and the generated streaming potential or the relation between the applied... Agent:

20140361798 - Calibration device: An example apparatus is for use in calibration of a test system having multiple channels and a socket for receiving a device under test. The example apparatus includes a device interface that is connectable to the socket; and multiple circuit paths, where each circuit path is connectable, through the device... Agent:

20140361799 - Apparatus for temperature controlled electrical and optical probe fault characterization of integrated circuits: An apparatus includes an electrically insulating thermally conductive carrier for supporting a device under test (DUT), one or more thermo-electric devices arranged with the carrier, and one or more conductive vias in the carrier to make electrical connection to the DUT for coupling to an external test apparatus. A method... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140361800 - Method and apparatus for high volume system level testing of logic devices with pop memory: A method and apparatus for high volume testing of logic devices with package-on-package (POP) memory. The apparatus includes a handler arm, compound nest attached to the handler arm, swing arm and a socketed assembly that facilitates alignment. In the method, a logic device is first installed in a compound nest.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140361801 - Probe-connection-type pogo pin and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention relates to a pogo pin including a probe part and an elastic part, and more particularly, to a probe-connection-type pogo pin including a cylindrical upper probe part, an elastic part, and a cylindrical lower probe part, which are made in one body, to transmit electrical signals between... Agent: Iwin Co., Ltd.

20140361802 - Testing device: A testing device is disclosed, including a system circuit board, a first chip component, a supporting structure, a circuit board and an interposer. The system circuit board has a surface where the first chip component is disposed. The first chip component is connected to the system circuit board. The supporting... Agent:

20140361803 - Capacitive test method, apparatus and system for semiconductor packages: A multi-channel probe plate includes an electrically insulating body with opposing first and second main surfaces, and a plurality of spaced apart electrically conductive coupling regions embedded in or attached to the body at the first main surface. Each of the coupling regions covers a different zone of a semiconductor... Agent:

20140361804 - Method and apparatus of wafer testing: A system for testing a wafer includes a probe card and a wafer. The probe card includes at least one first probe site and at least one second probe site. The wafer includes a plurality of dies. The at least one first probe site is arranged for a first test,... Agent:

20140361805 - Testing circuits of liquid crystal display and the testing method thereof: A device and method for testing a display panel are disclosed. The display panel includes a plurality of pixels arranged in a matrix. Each of the pixels is controlled by a charging gate line and a sharing gate line. The testing circuit includes a first, second, third data testing pad... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140361806 - Configurable vertical integration: The Configurable Vertical Integration [CVI] invention pertains to methods and apparatus for the enhancement of yields of 3D or stacked integrated circuits and herein referred to as a CVI Integrated Circuit [CVI IC]. The CVI methods require no testing of circuit layer components prior to their fabrication as part of... Agent:

20140361807 - Test apparatus and method for testing a first and/or a second electrical machine: A first and/or a second electrical machine is tested using a test apparatus that includes a torque transmitter having torque connections for the first and the second electrical machine and an electrical shaft having respective electrical connections for the first and the second electrical machine. The electrical shaft is designed... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

12/04/2014 > 65 patent applications in 54 patent subcategories.

20140354261 - Method, circuit and integrated circuit for detecting resonance frequency: A method, circuit, and integrated circuit for detecting resonance frequency is disclosed in which a first operational amplifier circuit receives an input signal and provides an output signal for a resonance circuit to store energy, a zero crossing comparator circuit samples a discharge current of the resonance circuit and transforms... Agent:

20140354262 - Lock detector for digital phase-locked loop: A phase locked loop (PLL) lock detector may be configured to observe the phase error signal from a phase comparator of a PLL circuit. The PLL lock detector may accumulate a sum of phase errors and compare the sum of phase errors to determine whether the PLL circuit is locked... Agent:

20140354263 - Optically based voltage sensing device and method: A method of measuring fluctuations in electric fields is disclosed, the method comprising the step of: placing a Liquid Crystal Device in communication with the electric field, the device having disparate orthogonal polarization sensitivity to an external electric field; utilising an optical probe beam having a known polarization state to... Agent: Newsouth Innovations Pty Ltd

20140354264 - High speed clock cycle rate digital voltage monitor with triggered tracing for integrated circuits: Implementations of the present disclosure involve a system and/or method for measuring on-die voltage levels of an integrated circuit through a digital sampling circuit. In particular, the system and/or method utilizes a delay line based analog-to-digital sampling circuit that produces a voltage reading over time, such as at every high... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140354265 - Voltage sensing circuit for converter: A voltage sensing circuit of a converter senses input and output voltages of a converter with only one sensing circuit. The voltage sensing circuit is capable of reducing the number of the components for a controller and the volume thereof to save cost, and detecting whether the discontinuous mode (DCM)... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140354266 - Current measurement: Current measurement apparatus comprises a measurement arrangement and a signal source. The measurement arrangement is configured to measure a current signal drawn by a load. The signal source is operative to apply a reference input signal to the measurement arrangement whereby an output signal from the measurement arrangement comprises a... Agent: Metroic Limited

20140354267 - Method of compensating command value for rotation angle: There is provided a method of compensating a command value for rotation angle capable of precisely compensating a command value for rotation angle even when conditions at detection differ to thereby make error patterns different in the case where a tooth-to-tooth period error pattern in an arbitrary tooth period is... Agent: Dmg Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.

20140354268 - Position sensing device: A position sensing device has a first magnetic flux transmission unit that includes first thin boards made of long shape magnetic material stacked along a board thickness direction and a second magnetic flux transmission unit that includes second thin boards made of long shape magnetic material stacked along the board... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140354269 - Method and apparatus for determining the condition of a control element: A circuit (70) is provided for determining a position of a control element (24) arranged in proximity to an electro-magnetic field of a solenoid coil (22) for movement in one direction toward one stopped position relative to the solenoid coil in response to increasing electrical current flow through the solenoid... Agent:

20140354270 - Magnetic position detection device: A distortion of a signal of a magnetic position detection device is reduced so that precise position information at a high degree of accuracy can be obtained. The magnetic position detection device 100 includes a magnetic movable body 10, a bridge circuit 20, a correction circuit 30, and a detection... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140354271 - Rotation angle detector, rotation angle detection method, and image forming apparatus: Provided are a rotation angle detector and a rotation angle detecting method. Each of the rotation angle detector and rotation angle detecting method detects a rotation angle of a rotating body according to a plurality of detection signals that vary depending on the rotation angle of the rotating body and... Agent:

20140354272 - Rotation detector detecting rotation of rotating machine and system provided with rotation detector: A rotation detector which can improve the manufacturing efficiency of a rotating machine. The rotation detector is provided with a connecting part which is fastened in contact with a rotating part of the power part, an output shaft which extends from the connecting part to one side in the axial... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140354273 - Inspecting a steam generator: A steam generator tube probe includes a probe head comprising an electronic probe coupled between a proximal portion of the head that is configured for entry into a steam generator tube and a distal portion of the head; and a probe shaft coupled to the distal portion of the shaft... Agent:

20140354274 - Method and apparatus for eddy-current flaw detection: An eddy-current flaw detection method includes a synchronization step (S3, S4) of synchronizing the phase of an exciting voltage applied by coil driving means to an exciting coil for generating an eddy current in a test object with the phase of a driving voltage, higher in frequency than the exciting... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20140354275 - Atomic magnetometry using pump-probe operation and multipass cells: A magnetometer for use with a sample including an atomic vapor is disclosed. The magnetometer includes a cell containing the sample such as a multipass cell including a first mirror element and a second mirror element configured so that an incoming light beam injected into the container will reflect multiple... Agent: The Trustees Of Princeton University

20140354276 - Integrated hall effect sensor: The generation of a Hall voltage within a semiconductor film of an integrated Hall effect sensor uses the flow of a current within the semiconductor film when subjected to a magnetic field. The film is disposed on top of an insulating layer, referred to as buried layer, which is itself... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Sa

20140354277 - Mobile magnetic resonance tomography: A method for operating a mobile magnetic resonance tomography system having magnets and/or coils generating a magnetic field and a shield surrounding the magnets and/or coils is intended to enable an optimal image quality during the examination and at the same time have a small space requirement. For this purpose,... Agent:

20140354278 - Three-dimensional magnetic density imaging and magnetic resonance imaging: Apparatus for measuring magnetic field intensity characteristics around a target object enclosed in a 3D volume space is disclosed. It comprises (a) a means for magnetically polarizing the target object with a known polarizing magnetic field to introduce a magnetic density distribution (MDI) f(r1), (b) a means for measuring magnetic... Agent:

20140354279 - Faraday cage for mr imaging with accessory equipment: A Faraday cage assembly for use with a Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging scanner is deployed inside the MR scanner room. The Faraday cage assembly is configured to accept accessory medical equipment which is desired to be attached to the patient during scanning. Accessory medical equipment can include patient monitoring systems,... Agent: Children's Hospital Medical Center

20140354281 - Gradient amplifier with compensation for dead time and forward voltage: The present invention relates to a method for compensating non-linearities of a gradient amplifier (1) for powering a gradient coil (16), wherein the non-linearities are caused by the finite dead time of the amplifier and/or by a forward voltage drop, the gradient amplifier (1) comprising a controllable full bridge (8)... Agent:

20140354280 - Magnetic resonance apparatus and method for acquiring navigator signals: A magnetic resonance apparatus which acquires navigator signals generated from a navigator region including a first portion and a second portion, the navigator signals acquired using a coil having a plurality of channels, is provided. The magnetic resonance apparatus includes a scan unit configured to execute a first navigator sequence... Agent: Ge Medical Systems Global Technology Company, LLC

20140354282 - Ceramic camera for mri: A camera assembly for use in a MRI machine. The camera assembly includes a Faraday cage defining a shielded cavity and an optical path mount constructed of a highly stiff, dense, and non-electrically-conductive material in the shielded cavity. The camera imager and lens are mounted to the optical path mount.... Agent:

20140354283 - Mri acoustic system, acoustic output device, and electro-acoustic transducer: Provided is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) acoustic system that includes a magnet that is included in a bore having an image-taking space where an object is able to be accommodated and that forms a magnetic field in the image-taking space to obtain an MR image of the object, an electro-acoustic... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140354284 - Earth surveying for improved drilling applications: Methods and apparatuses for geophysical surveying are disclosed. In one embodiment, a marine vehicle may obtain magnetic measurements in a location around a drilling site. The magnetic measurements may be used to calculate a localized disturbance magnetic field resulting from, for example, solar flares. The localized disturbance magnetic field may... Agent: Liquid Robotics Oil And Gas LLC

20140354285 - Organic light emitting display panel: Provided is an organic light emitting display panel. The organic light emitting display panel includes a pixel unit including a plurality of pixels I displaying mutually different colors, a plurality of data pads electrically connected to wirings extending from the data lines, each of the plurality of data pads being... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140354286 - Organic light-emitting display panel: An organic light-emitting display panel includes a pixel unit connected to a plurality of scanning lines and a plurality of data lines, and including a plurality of pixels, a panel test unit connected to first ends of the plurality of data lines, and configured to output a panel test signal... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140354287 - Apparatus for testing an electromechanical relay: A portable apparatus for testing an electromechanical relay having Normally Closed (NC) contacts, Normally Open (NO) contacts, and an electromagnetic coil therein includes a housing, a battery, a battery test circuit, and a relay test circuit. The battery test circuit includes a first switch operable to provide a first type... Agent: Solar Turbines Incorporated

20140354288 - Detecting circuit for circuit breaker: The present disclosure relates to a detecting circuit for a circuit breaker, comprises: a detection sensor configured to output a detection signal by detecting a voltage or a current on an alternating current electric power circuit; a low pass filter configured to output a signal from the detection sensor after... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20140354289 - Method for predicting charging time of battery for electric vehicle: A method for predicting charging time of a battery for an electric vehicle is provided. The method includes differentiating a rapid charging and a slow charging. A necessary charging amount of the battery is calculated, and a reference current value that is stored in advance is detected for slow charging.... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140354291 - Battery monitoring system, host controller, and battery monitoring device: A battery monitoring system includes a plurality of battery monitoring devices connected to a battery formed by connecting a plurality of battery cell groups in series, and monitor a state of the battery for the respective battery cell groups, each of the plurality of battery cell groups being of one... Agent: Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd.

20140354290 - Measurement device for testing a fuel cell stack: A measurement device for measuring voltages along a linear array of voltage sources, such as a fuel cell stack, includes at least one movable voltage probe that measures voltage transitions along an array element. The measured voltage is used to determine a distance of travel of the at least one... Agent:

20140354292 - Method and apparatus for monitoring a multi-phase electrical system on a vehicle: An electric machine electrically connects to an inverter via a multi-phase power circuit. A method for monitoring the multi-phase power circuit includes non-intrusively adjusting a commanded AC electric current from the inverter after a prescribed time period and comparing a measured magnitude of AC electric current in the multi-phase power... Agent:

20140354293 - Fault detection system: A system for the early detection of faults in a low voltage distribution network in which at least two detectors are each located on one of two power poles at either end of a section of a power distribution line, each detector includes a GPS unit, an uninterruptable power supply,... Agent:

20140354294 - Solid state impedance tuners: s

20140354295 - Loose plug detection: According to the disclosure there is provided a method for characterizing an electrical connection between an energy storage device of an electrical or hybrid vehicle and an external power supply. The method may include, in the vehicle, receiving an alternating waveform from the power supply, determining a fundamental frequency of... Agent: Volvo Car Corporation

20140354296 - Signal test device: A signal test device for testing a tested interface includes a circuit board. The circuit board includes a processer, a first relay unit, a second relay unit, a selection relay unit, a channel selection key, a speed selection key, a channel display unit, a speed display unit, and an edge... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140354297 - Inverter system and method of detecting state of power cable of the inverter system: Provided is a method of detecting a state of a power cable of an inverter system. The method includes obtaining a value of a phase current supplied to a motor through the power cable according to a preset period, generating a mobile window having a certain size with respect to... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20140354298 - Apparatus and method for detecting partial discharge at turn-to-turn insulation in motor: Apparatus and method for partial discharge detection of turn-to-turn insulation in motor has a surge generator for generating a surge voltage to the windings of the motor by applying a pulse voltage, and a partial discharge current detector for detecting partial discharge currents between the winding turns of the motor.... Agent:

20140354299 - System and method for a nondestructive on-line testing of samples: An MRI-free non-destructive on-line system for detecting a presence of a material in a sample. The system includes: a flow conduit encompassed by a tunable RF coil and having an input duct and an output duct; a flow of the sample through the flow conduit; a signal detector that detects... Agent:

20140354300 - Distorsion fingerprinting for em tracking compensation, detection and error correction: A system for accounting for electromagnetic (EM) distortion with an EM tracking system includes a sensor array (144) configured to sense EM energy in a target volume. An EM sensing correction module (140) is configured to analyze data from the sensor array to detect EM distorters in the target volume.... Agent:

20140354304 - Capacitive type touch sensor with optical functionality: A capacitive type touch sensor has optical functionality, low reflection and thin thickness as well as narrow frames. The capacitive type touch sensor includes a cover glass, and a capacitive type film sensor member adhered to a rear surface of the cover glass. The capacitive type touch sensor further includes... Agent:

20140354301 - Edgeless single-layer touch sensor: A touch sensor includes a substrate and a plurality of columns of electrodes disposed on a first side of the substrate. The substrate includes a first end and a second end opposite the first end. The columns each include a sense electrode and drive electrodes. The columns include a first... Agent:

20140354303 - Method and apparatus for deriving current for control in a resonant power converter: An apparatus, method, and system for measuring current within a converter. The converter including a resonant tank circuit with a capacitor, the resonant tank circuit is coupled to a DC input bridge and a first terminal of the capacitor is coupled to a ground of the DC input bridge. In... Agent: Enphase Energy, Inc.

20140354302 - System and method for a capacitive voltage sensor system: A system including a non-intrusive capacitive voltage sensor configured to couple to an insulator surrounding a metal conductor, wherein the non-intrusive capacitive voltage sensor is configured to produce a voltage signal indicative of a voltage in the metal conductor, and a monitor-controller system configured to receive the voltage signal from... Agent:

20140354305 - Multi-state capacitive button: In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a sensor, a button, a conductor between the button and the sensor, and a controller connected to the sensor. The sensor includes first and second electrode tracks. The button includes an electrically isolating material and is configured to capacitively couple with an object. The... Agent:

20140354306 - Power on detection circuit: A power-on-detection (POD) circuit includes a detection circuit, first and second comparison circuits, and logic circuitry. The detection circuit includes a capacitor configured to charge from a first voltage level to a second voltage level. The first comparison circuit is configured to compare a third voltage level to a reference... Agent:

20140354307 - Monitoring a conductive fluid conduit: p

20140354308 - Input stage for temperature measurement system: A temperature-measurement input stage is disclosed. In accordance with some embodiments of the present disclosure, a temperature-measurement input stage may comprise a resistor, a thermistor, a first multiplexor, an amplifier, a second multiplexor, and an output stage. The first multiplexor may be configured to couple the resistor to a first... Agent:

20140354309 - Portable spa monitoring and control circuitry: Control circuitry for controlling a spa water heater, wherein a microcontroller is configured to detect zero crossings of an A.C. line voltage from a voltage sense signal, to cause closing of a first heater relay and a second heater relay, to detect the time at which heater current is initially... Agent: Watkins Manufacturing Corporation

20140354310 - Capacitive sensor testing: Capacitive sensor testing techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a plurality of conductive pads of a test apparatus are caused to transition to a grounded state. The plurality of conductive pads is disposed proximal to one or more capacitive sensors of a device. An output is examined that... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140354312 - Test handler, test carrier and test method thereof: The present invention provides a test handler for various IC tests, which includes a chamber and a test carrier. The chamber is controllable to present a dry status. The test carrier is made of a high thermal-conductive material and includes plural positioning structures for respectively accommodating plural IC chips. The... Agent: Richtek Technology Corporation

20140354313 - Method for temporary electrical contacting of a component arrangement and apparatus therefor: A method for temporary electrical contacting of a component arrangement with a plurality of contact surfaces is described. A connection support includes a plurality of connection surfaces, on which contact protrusions are disposed. The connection support and component arrangement are brought together in such a way that the connection surfaces... Agent: Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

20140354314 - Thermal interface techniques and configurations: Embodiments of the present disclosure describe thermal interface techniques and configurations. In some embodiments, a thermal interface apparatus may include a flexible container, a plurality of thermally conductive objects disposed within the flexible container, and an attachment member coupled to the flexible container for attaching the thermal interface apparatus to... Agent:

20140354315 - Probe guide plate and semiconductor inspection apparatus: A probe guide plate used for a semiconductor inspection apparatus that inputs and outputs an electrical signal for inspecting an object via a probe needle, the probe guide plate includes a silicon substrate provided with a through hole that penetrates the silicon substrate from one surface to another surface through... Agent: Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

20140354316 - Circuit board inspection method, circuit board inspection apparatus and circuit board inspection tool: There is provided a circuit board inspection tool configured to electrically connect a circuit board with a built-in electronic component and a circuit board inspection apparatus configured to inspect a plurality of wiring patterns formed on the circuit board. The circuit board inspection tool includes a plurality of contactors, an... Agent: Nidec-read Corporation

20140354311 - Integrated circuit chip and multi-chip system including the same: An integrated circuit chip includes a test circuit suitable for performing a test operation and generating a test result signal indicating whether there is an error or not in the integrated circuit chip, a transmitting unit suitable for transmitting the test result signal through an interlayer channel. The interlayer channel... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140354317 - Circuit board inspection apparatus, circuit board inspection method and circuit board inspection tool: A circuit board inspection apparatus configured to perform electrical inspection of wiring patterns formed on a circuit board with a built-in electronic component is provided with a plurality of contactors, a switching circuit, and a controller. The controlling device applies voltage by using a power supply between a contactor and... Agent: Nidec-read Corporation

20140354318 - Interconnects including liquid metal: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to interconnects that include liquid metal, and associated techniques and configurations. The individual interconnects may electrically couple a contact of a printed circuit board (PCB) to a contact of a device under test (DUT). The interconnect may be disposed in or on the... Agent:

20140354319 - High current kelvin connection and verification method: A method and circuit for implementing high current capability Kelvin connections and measuring the resistance of the contacts and connections to verify that the conducting path is capable of carrying the high current without damage or degraded performance. Included as well is the means and circuit for efficiently dividing a... Agent:

20140354320 - Apparatus and method for testing the interconnection of photovoltaic cells: Apparatus and method for contactless testing a closed loop electrical connection in particular suited for testing the interconnection of photovoltaic cells in a solar pane. The apparatus comprises two coils. The first coil is a driving coil (11) comprising at least one first winding (15) for generating a varying magnetic... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20140354321 - Automated test management system for electronic control module: An automatable management system for testing one or more electronic control modules (ECMs), in one or more machines, is disclosed. The one or more ECMs are switchably connected to a testing unit (TU). The system includes at least one ECM connector, connectable to the one or more ECMs. The at... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140354322 - Probe card partition scheme: A method of testing an integrated circuit die comprises partitioning a first probe card partition layout of the integrated circuit die having one or more sections comprising a first quantity of section types into a second probe card partition layout having a greater quantity of sections comprising a second quantity... Agent:

20140354323 - I-v characteristic measuring apparatus and i-v characteristic measuring method for solar cell, and recording medium recorded with program for i-v characteristic measuring apparatus: To provide an I-V characteristic measuring apparatus that can, even though a solar simulator of a flash light type is used, accurately measure a true I-V characteristic of a solar cell that exhibits a different I-V characteristic depending on a sweep direction when a sweep time of applied voltage is... Agent: National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20140354324 - Method and apparatus for testing a semiconductor package having a package on package (pop) design: Embodiments include a testing arrangement for testing a first package, the testing arrangement comprising a frame having a top section and a bottom section, wherein the bottom section of the frame comprises a pickup section, and wherein the pickup section has a first air pathway; a second package mounted on... Agent: Marvell World Trade Ltd.

20140354325 - Semiconductor layout structure and testing method thereof: A semiconductor layout structure and a testing method thereof are disclosed. The semiconductor layout structure includes a device under test (DUT), a first testing pad, a second testing pad and a plurality of third testing pads. The DUT includes a plurality of metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) transistors. Each of the MOS transistors... Agent: United Microelectronics Corp.

11/27/2014 > 60 patent applications in 50 patent subcategories.

20140347032 - Chip detector: A chip detector includes a plug configured to be coupled to a housing. The plug includes a first magnetic member and a second magnetic member spaced apart from each other so as to define a gap therebetween. Each of the first magnetic member and the second magnetic member is a... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140347034 - Ac input voltage interruption detection method and circuit: A selector circuit selects either a class upper-limit voltage or a class lower-limit voltage as a reference voltage of a comparator. A control logic controls the selector circuit, and generates a count-up signal or a count-down signal in accordance with the output of the comparator. An up/down counter counts up... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20140347033 - Measuring arrangement: A measuring arrangement for determining at least one measured variable with a sensor device (2), a signal outlet for outputting of an output signal and a current-adjusting device for adjusting the current of the output signal provides a measuring arrangement whose power consumption is at a maximum for preferably all... Agent: Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh

20140347035 - Method for measuring the frequency of an electrical signal and an electrical measuring system: Described is an electrical measuring system with a six-gate circuit and a delay line. An electrical signal is fed from a resonator, at least one of directly and or via the delay line, to the six-gate circuit. The frequency of the signal is computed by the six-gate circuit in dependence... Agent: Friedrich-alexander-universitaet Erlangen- Nuremberg

20140347036 - Current monitoring apparatus and current monitoring system using the same: Disclosed are a current monitoring apparatus for monitoring an electrical current flowing through a wire, and a current monitoring system using the same. The current monitoring apparatus includes a power generation part connected to a wire to generate alternating current (AC) power due to electromagnetic induction with the wire, and... Agent: Feelux Co., Ltd.

20140347037 - Apparatus for mounting an overhead monitoring device: An apparatus is provided for securing to and collecting power from an electrical conductor, including a current transformer comprising a core and an electrical winding that receives an induced current from magnetic flux generated according to alternating current present on the electrical conductor, and a clamping mechanism that attaches the... Agent: Cooper Technologies Company

20140347038 - Method of reconstructing electrical probes: A probe, comprising: a shank region having a top surface integrally connected to a bottom surface of a conical region; a pyramidal tip region having a base surface integrally connected to a top surface of the conical region; and wherein the base surface of the pyramidal tip region is contained... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140347039 - Systems and methods for measuring electrical power usage in a structure and systems and methods of calibrating the same: A magnetic field sensing device can include two or more magnetic field sensors configured to detect a magnetic field in a current carrying conductor. The magnetic field sensing device also can include a phase detector electrically coupled to outputs of the two or more magnetic field sensors. The magnetic field... Agent:

20140347040 - Rotation-angle detection device, image processing apparatus, and rotation-angle detection method: A rotation-angle detection device includes: an amplitude adjustment unit that performs correction to match amplitude values of multiple detection signals output from multiple rotation detection units to output corrected signals, the rotation detection units changing outputs in accordance with a rotation angle of a rotor and being provided such that... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20140347041 - Defect inspection device of steel plate: Provided is a defect inspection device of a steel plate. The defect inspection device according to the present invention includes a plurality of inspection units arranged in a width direction of the steel plate, wherein each of the plurality of inspection units includes a first magnetized pole and a second... Agent:

20140347042 - Modular excitation system: An excitation device for high-energy tests of stator cores of electric generators or motors is disclosed. The excitation device includes one or more excitation modules. Each excitation module includes an excitation winding and a power supply configured to drive an excitation current through the excitation winding which contributes to the... Agent:

20140347043 - Monitoring engine components: A method for monitoring local defects in a rotating engine component such as a gear uses one or more eddy current sensor(s) arranged to interact with the engine component as it is rotating during service. The eddy current sensor(s) may be carried by one or more teeth of a monitoring... Agent: Isis Innovation Limited

20140347044 - Magnetic field sensor for detecting a magnetic field in any direction above thresholds: A magnetic field sensor includes first, second, and third magnetic field sensing elements having respective first, second and third maximum response axes, the first second and third maximum response axes pointing along respective first, second, and third different coordinate axes. In response to a magnetic field, the first, second, and... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, LLC

20140347045 - Three-dimensional hall sensor for detecting a spatial magnetic field: A three-dimensional Hall sensor can be used for detecting a spatial magnetic field. A method for measuring a spatial magnetic field can be performed using this Hall sensor. The Hall sensor comprises an electrically conducting base body and at least three electrode pairs, wherein each electrode pair has a first... Agent: Micronas Gmbh

20140347046 - Use of flexible magnetic thin layer sensor elements: The invention concerns the field of electrical, materials and mechanical engineering and relates to the use of flexible magnetic thin layer sensor elements, which can be used for measuring magnetic flux density in electromagnetic energy converters and magnetomechanical energy converters. The aim of the invention is to specify the use... Agent:

20140347047 - Magnetoresistive sensor: A magnetoresistive sensor is provided. Specifically, multiple layers of or single layer of conductor line are formed at the same level as an insulating layer on a substrate as a bottom conductive layer. A magnetoresistive structure is formed on the bottom conductive layer and has opposite first surface and second... Agent: Voltafield Technology Corporation

20140347048 - Systems and methods for reducing magnetic resonance (mr) imaging acoustic noise in mr inflow imaging: Systems and methods for reducing acoustic noise in a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) are provided. One method includes applying a labeling phase of an arterial spin labeling (ASL) pulse sequence to a region of interest, applying a three-dimensional (3D) radial pulse sequence to the region of interest to generate a... Agent: General Electric Company

20140347049 - Method and system for measuring and calibrating imaging magnetic field in magnetic resonance apparatus: A method and a system for measuring and calibrating an imaging magnetic field in a magnetic resonance apparatus are provided. The method includes: providing the imaging magnetic field, where the imaging magnetic field is adapted for scanning an object; sampling a signal corresponding to the imaging magnetic field; processing the... Agent: Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20140347052 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and frequency shift measuring method: According to one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes a phase image generating unit, an image value acquisition unit and a frequency shift calculation unit. The phase image generating unit executes a sequence including an application of a bipolar gradient pulse and thereby generates a first phase image. The... Agent:

20140347051 - System and method for acquiring multiple different images using a single magnetic resonance imaging scan with multiple magnetization preparation radio frequency pulses: Described here are a system and method for obtaining multiple different images when performing a single scan of a subject with a magnetic resonance imaging (“MRI”) system. The scan includes the application of two or more magnetization preparation radio frequency (“RF”) pulses, such as inversion recovery (“IR”) pulses. Data is... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140347050 - System and method for reducing acoustic noise level in mr imaging: A system and method for reducing MRI-generated acoustic noise is disclosed. A system control of an MRI apparatus causes a plurality of gradient coils and an RF coil assembly in the MRI apparatus to generate pulse sequences that each cause an echo train to form and acquire blades of k-space... Agent: General Electric Company

20140347053 - Split magnetic resonance imaging system: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system includes a split magnet system having a pair of MRI magnet housings separated by gap. A pair of main MRI magnets are disposed within respective MRI magnet housings. A plurality of buttress assemblies are attached to the MRI magnet housings. Some or all of... Agent:

20140347054 - Magnetic resonance system with whole-body transmitting array: A magnetic resonance system includes a basic magnet that surrounds a cylindrical examination volume of the magnetic resonance system, the cylindrical examination volume defining a longitudinal axis, and a send structure configured to generate a high frequency excitation field (B1) in the examination volume. The high frequency excitation field is... Agent:

20140347055 - Super-resolution formation fluid imaging with contrast fluids: Cross-well electromagnetic (EM) imaging is performed using high-power pulsed magnetic field sources, time-domain signal acquisition, low-noise magnetic field sensors, spatial oversampling and super-resolution image enhancement and injected contrast fluids. The contrast fluids increase the electromagnetic character of the formation and fluids, either the magnetic permeability or the dielectric permittivity. The... Agent:

20140347056 - Method and system for calibrating a downhole imaging tool: System and methods of generating calibrated downhole images of a subterranean formation (110) surrounding a wellbore (105). The method involves measuring open hole and cased hole measurements with a downhole tool (132); determining (698) open hole parameters (e.g., Z90) from the cased hole parameters, known parameters and the open hole... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140347057 - Apparatus and method for providing battery information, and user terminal therefor: A battery information providing apparatus includes a short-range communication module for performing short-range communication; an information detector for detecting battery information; and a microprocessor for controlling the battery information to be transmitted by the short-range communication module.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140347058 - Method for monitoring a state of a rechargeable battery based on a state value which characterizes the respective state of the rechargeable battery: A method for monitoring a state of a rechargeable battery based on a state value which characterizes the respective state of the rechargeable battery, characterized in that, during at least one time interval, an electrical energy which is output by the rechargeable battery and an electrical energy which is received... Agent:

20140347059 - Secondary battery state detection device and secondary battery state detection method: To accurately determine whether an engine can be started while accurately detecting a degree of deterioration of a secondary battery, in a secondary battery state detecting device detecting a state of a secondary battery mounted on a vehicle, a measurement unit measures a value of an internal resistance of the... Agent:

20140347060 - System for power balance monitoring in batteries: A system for power balance monitoring in an energy storage battery comprising a plurality of energy modules connected in a series-parallel configuration. The energy storage module comprises a plurality of cells. Each module is a three-terminal module. The three terminals comprise a positive output terminal and a negative output terminal... Agent: Panacis, Inc.

20140347061 - Electrostatic detecting circuit and method thereof: An electronic detecting circuit includes at least one electrostatic protective module, at least one detection module, and a microprocessor controller module. The at least one detection module is respectively connected to the at least one electrostatic protective module, and the at least one detection module generates a driving record signal... Agent: Raydium Semiconductor Corporation

20140347062 - Photo ionization detector for gas chromatography having at least two separately ionizing sources: A detector for gas chromatography using two or more ionization sources within a single body to separately provide ionization energy to a column gas eluent to provide electrical discharge to two or more collecting electrodes provides improved selectivity and may be so used. Use is made of combined bias/collecting electrodes... Agent: Valco Instruments Company, L.p.

20140347064 - Device for testing fan: A fan testing device connects to the fan and a motherboard. The fan testing device includes a first connection module, a second connection module, a control chip, and an alarm module. The control chip is coupled to signal pins of the first and second connectors. The control chip outputs different... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140347063 - Fan test device: A fan test device to connect a motherboard and a fan includes a power terminal, a first diode, a second diode, a control chip, a first connector, a second connector, a first electronic switch and a second electronic switch. The control chip is connected to signal pins and sensing pins... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140347066 - Arc fault detection system and method: Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for detecting a sustained arc in an electrical system containing polymer-based, semi-conducting components which derive their conductivity from carbon black, carbon nanotubes or other conductive materials. Over a time period, current and voltage data for a cable signal are collected, from which... Agent:

20140347067 - Fault detection device for inverter system: To provide a fault detection device for an inverter system, that detects a fault in the inverter system including an inverter circuit 2 that converts DC power into AC power and a motor 5 driven thereby. When a driving start signal Sig1 of the inverter circuit 2 is input, a... Agent:

20140347065 - Sub-harmonic arc fault detection system and method: Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for detecting a sustained arc in an electrical system. Over a time period, current and voltage data for a load signal are collected, from which spectral information is extracted. The spectral information has a frequency component and an amplitude component. The load... Agent:

20140347068 - Signal integrity test system and method: A signal integrity test system includes a signal generator, a CPLD, and an indicating light. The signal generator is electrically connected to an input end of transmission lines to generate a simulation signal having a waveform simulating a waveform from a signal source. The CPLD includes a switching module, a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140347069 - Arc detection: In a method for detection of an arc in a current path of a converter arrangement (2) for converting a DC input power to an output power, an arc is detected by sensing the current (4) in the current path by means of a current transformer (11), filtering the current... Agent: Det International Holding Limited

20140347070 - Measuring method using a measuring apparatus for cable diagnosis and/or cable testing: A measuring apparatus is connected to a cable to perform testing and diagnosis of the cable. The measuring apparatus includes a voltage source, a resistance, a switch, and an inductance forming a charging circuit, and two anti-parallel thyristors or switched diodes together with the inductance forming a series resonant circuit... Agent: Hagenuk Kmt Kabelmesstechnik Gmbh

20140347071 - Device and method for assessing the degradation of the insulation of an oil-insulated transformer: A device (1) for assessing the corrosion of the transformer windings in an oil-insulated transformer comprising a copper conductor (2) immersed in the oil. The change of the resistance of the copper conductor (2) over time is measured, e.g. using a Wheatstone bridge (2, 12a, 12b, 12c), and used to... Agent:

20140347072 - Variable resistor arrangement, measurement bridge circuit and method for calibrating a measurement bridge circuit: A measurement bridge circuit includes a first branch and a second branch. The first branch contains a first resistor which is sensitive to measured variables and an invariable resistor connected in series. A first tap point is located between the first resistor and the invariable resistor. The second branch contains... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140347073 - Contact-free photomixing probe for device and integrated circuit measurement or characterization: A device for measuring and characterizing solid-state devices or integrated circuits at RF frequencies up to 1.0 THz and beyond is provided that includes a transmitting photomixing probe structure and a receiving photomixing probe structure. The transmitting photomixing probe structure and the receiving photomixing probe structure are ac-coupled to the... Agent: Wright State University

20140347074 - Locking system for detecting and tracking the center frequency of absorption lines in gases: A method to detect a gas absorption line that includes alternately transmitting and sweeping two radio frequency (RF) signals through an absorption cell, wherein the two RF signals are transmitted at different frequencies separated by a range and are swept across a span of frequencies in a microwave and millimeter... Agent:

20140347075 - Position detection device: A detection coil is incorporated in a self-oscillation circuit. The oscillation frequency of the self-oscillation circuit, which comprises the coil and a capacitor, is set to a high frequency band (e.g., around 1 MHz or higher). A target section whose relative position to the coil section varies in response to... Agent:

20140347076 - Touch sensor electrode with patterned electrically isolated regions: An electrode layer has a plurality of substantially parallel electrodes disposed along a first direction. At least one electrode has a length along the first direction and a width from a first edge to a second edge along a second direction transverse to the first direction. At least one electrode... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140347077 - Utility metering: A utility meter for metering the use of at least one utility supplied to a plurality of appliances is also disclosed. An input section is arranged to receive values representative of the use of a first utility. A store contains appliance data characteristic of the use of utilities by each... Agent: Isis Innovation Limited

20140347078 - Current sensing of switching power regulators: Apparatus and methods for current sensing in switching regulators are disclosed. In certain implementations, a current sensing circuit senses current of a power stage of a power converter. The power converter can include first and second transistors. The current sensing circuit comprises a transistor that is a scaled version of... Agent: Analog Devices Technology

20140347079 - System and method for electrostatic discharge testing of devices under test: A system and method for electrostatic discharge (ESD) testing devices under test (DUTs) uses an ESD gun attached to a robotic arm to execute ESD testing processes. The system and method also uses a relay station to place a DUT after an ESD testing process is performed on one major... Agent:

20140347080 - Electronic device and printed circuit board testing method: An exemplary printed circuit board testing method includes determining whether there is an open shielding box every a time interval. The method then transmits a first control signal including a first predetermined path to a robot when there is an open shielding box. Next, the method obtains an image captured... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140347081 - Semiconductor device assessment apparatus: A semiconductor device assessment apparatus that electrically assesses a semiconductor device formed on a semiconductor substrate includes a holding unit having a surface to hold the semiconductor substrate thereon, and a detection unit to detect irregularity on the surface of the holding unit. The holding unit on the surface includes... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140347082 - Semiconductor device test socket: A test socket for connecting a device under test (DUT) electrically to a high-frequency power source comprises a plurality of pogo pins each having an electrode, an electron-to-heat conversion plate supporting bottoms of the pogo pins, the electron-to-heat conversion plate configured to convert kinetic energy of free electrons emitted from... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20140347083 - Silicon-on-insulator (soi) body-contact pass gate structure: A circuit for testing a floating body field-effect transistor (FET), and a related method, are provided. Embodiments of this invention include a circuit including a contacted-body FET structure that can be operated in a floating body mode or a body-contacted mode, and a passgate FET. A body of the contacted-body... Agent:

20140347084 - Low overdrive probes with high overdrive substrate: A method for testing a semiconductor device is disclosed. The method comprises positioning a probe card comprising a plurality of probes above the semiconductor device and moving the probe card in a vertical direction towards the semiconductor device. The plurality of probes are moving in a vertical direction towards a... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20140347085 - Test probe card: A testing probe card for wafer level testing semiconductor IC packaged devices. The card includes a circuit board including testing circuitry and a testing probe head. The probe head includes a probe array having a plurality of metallic testing probes attached to a substrate including a plurality of conductive vias.... Agent:

20140347086 - Method and apparatus for multi-planar edge-extended wafer translator: An apparatus, suitable for coupling a pads of integrated circuits on wafer to the pogo pins of a pogo tower in a test system without the need of a probe card, includes a body having a first surface and a second surface, the body having a substantially circular central portion,... Agent: Advanced Inquiry Systems, Inc.

20140347087 - Bar for electronically contacting an electrically conductive substrate: The present invention relates to a bar for the electrical contacting of an electrically conductive substrate in the form of a thin, electrically conducting and resilient contact. The bar comprises a current-collecting bar on which a plurality of contact fingers is fitted. The invention is distinguished by the contact fingers... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur F&#xf6 Rderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20140347088 - Method and circuit of pulse-vanishing test: Various aspects of the disclose techniques relate to techniques of testing interconnects in stacked designs. A single-pulse signal, generated by a first circuit state element on a first die, is applied to a first end of an interconnect and captured at a second end of the interconnect using a clock... Agent: Mentor Graphics Corporation

20140347089 - Testing of thru-silicon vias: A system and a method are disclosed for testing thru-silicon vias (TSVs) in a silicon die. A silicon die containing multiple TSVs is mounted on a wafer tape. Two probe points are probed on the exposed side of the silicon die. A resistance is measured between the two probe points... Agent: Esilicon Corporation

20140347090 - System and method for testing layout of power pin of integrated chip on printed circuit board: A testing system includes a layout information obtaining module, a first power pin sorting module, a transmission line sorting module, a power pin filtering module, a distance calculating module, a comparing module, and a report generating module. The layout information obtaining module obtains layout information. The first power pin sorting... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20140347091 - Device for detecting partial discharge for power transformer: The present invention relates to a device for detecting a partial discharge for a power transformer which detects an electromagnetic signal occurring due to faulty insulation. The device includes an antenna unit receiving electromagnetic waves, an insulator including the antenna unit, a metallic air-tight unit that seals a connector connected... Agent:

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