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Electricity: measuring and testing

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01/22/2015 > 53 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20150022180 - Method and apparatus for phase identification in a three-phase power distribution network using servers: A remote phase identification system identifies the unknown phase attribute of any energized conductor within a three-phase power distribution network. A base station at a reference location obtains a reference phase each GPS second and stores it on one or more servers. A field probe at a remote location obtains... Agent:

20150022181 - Analytical gateway device for measurement devices: An analytical gateway device receives measurement data comprising one or more measurement values from one or more measurement devices. The gateway device selects a measurement application from a plurality of measurement applications available for execution (e.g., on the gateway device or some other computing device) based at least in part... Agent:

20150022182 - Monitoring device and method for monitoring a line section using a monitoring device: A monitoring device is provided that includes a first line section with a first connection point and a second connection point spaced apart from the first connection point in the direction of the line, and with a control unit and with a first current sensing unit, having a current source.... Agent:

20150022183 - Accessory presence detection: Disclosed is an electronic circuit with a first terminal for connecting an accessory thereto, and with a functionality for detecting the presence of an accessory connected to the first terminal.... Agent:

20150022184 - Current sense circuit with offset calibration: A switching device is controlled by a microprocessor to selectively configure the circuit between a current measurement mode and a calibration mode. When the switch is set to the “on” state, the circuit acts as a normal prior art circuit, with the output Vout being read by the microprocessor to... Agent:

20150022185 - Power receiving device and program: There is provided a power receiving device including a connecting unit that is connected to a power line through which power is transmitted, a determining unit that determines whether transmitted power is chargeable, based on power identification information indicating whether the transmitted power is chargeable power, and a notification control... Agent:

20150022188 - Magnetic field sensor and related techniques that provide an angle correction module: A magnetic field sensor provides an angle error value to correct errors of the magnetic field sensor. The angle error value is a function of temperature and magnetic field strength and is used to correct a measured magnetic field angle. Associated methods are also described.... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, LLC

20150022189 - Position detection device: A detection unit is disposed at a position facing a first magnet with a spacer member interposed therebetween, the first magnet is disposed between the spacer member and a second magnet so that a polarity of the first magnet corresponds to a polarity of the second magnet opposite to the... Agent:

20150022190 - Inductive position sensor: Circuits for inductive position sensor are described.... Agent:

20150022186 - Angle sensors, systems and methods: Embodiments relate to magnetic field angle sensors, including off-axis and on-axis sensors. In an embodiment, a magnetic field angle sensor comprises two sensor units, and each sensor unit comprises two sensor elements. The sensor units are spaced apart from one another and arranged proximate a magnet, wherein the two sensor... Agent:

20150022187 - Arrangements for magnetic field sensors that act as tooth detectors: A variety of magnetic field sensor arrangements provide so-called “tooth detectors” using a simple low-cost magnet.... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, LLC

20150022191 - Differential perpendicular on-axis angle sensor: Embodiments relate to magnetic field angle sensors, such as on-axis magnetic field angle sensors. In an embodiment, a magnetic field angle sensor comprises a magnet having an axis of rotation, and a substrate arranged in-line with the axis of rotation. A plurality, such as at least four, of magnetic field... Agent:

20150022192 - Discrete magnetic angle sensor device, a magnetic angle sensor arrangement, a method for generating an angle signal and a method for providing a sensor signal: A discrete magnetic angle sensor device according to an embodiment includes a first magnetic field gradiometer and a second magnetic field gradiometer. The first magnetic field gradiometer and the second magnetic field gradiometer are of different types of a group of gradiometer types. An embodiment may improve an accuracy of... Agent:

20150022193 - Methods and apparatus for magnetic sensor having an integrated coil or magnet to detect a non-ferromagnetic target: Methods and apparatus for detecting a magnetic field include a magnetic source configured to provide a magnetic field to induce an eddy current in a non-ferromagnetic target, and a magnetic field sensing element configured to detect the magnetic field as a result of the eddy current. The magnetic field provided... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, LLC

20150022196 - Current sensor: A current sensor includes a folded-shaped current path including a pair of arm portions extending in parallel with each other, and a pair of magnetoelectric conversion elements provided so as to sandwich therebetween a symmetric axis passing between the pair of arm portions, the pair of magnetoelectric conversion elements being... Agent:

20150022195 - Magnetic field probe: A detector of a magnetic field probe includes a first wiring pattern formed on a first surface of a multilayer substrate and having a predetermined inclination with respect to an axial line direction of the magnetic field probe, a second wiring pattern formed on a second surface and having the... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150022194 - Magnetometer for aligning a portable device on a planar charging surface of an inductive charging unit: A portable electronic uses a magnetometer to determine an alignment with an inductive charging unit magnetic charging field. The alignment increases a portion of the magnetic charging field generated by the inductive charging unit and received by the portable device to better power the device and reduce battery recharge times.... Agent:

20150022197 - Magnet with opposing directions of magnetization for a magnetic sensor: In one aspect, a magnetic field sensor is configured to detect a ferromagnetic object. The magnetic field sensor includes a magnet that includes two North regions and two South regions configured to generate opposing directions of magnetization to form a magnetic flux. The magnetic field sensor also includes a magnetic... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, LLC

20150022198 - Method and apparatus for magnetic sensor producing a changing magnetic field: Methods and apparatus for detecting a magnetic field include a semiconductor substrate, a coil configured to provide a changing magnetic field in response to a changing current in the coil; and a magnetic field sensing element supported by the substrate. The coil receives the changing current and, in response, generates... Agent:

20150022199 - Current sensor: A current sensor includes: four magnetic sensor elements arranged within a plane orthogonal to a measured current, having a symmetrical magnetic characteristics curve, and adapted to convert a magnitude of a magnetic field into an electrical signal and output the electrical signal; a bridge circuit including the four magnetic sensor... Agent:

20150022200 - Optically pumped magnetometer and optical pumping magnetic force measuring method: An optically pumped magnetometer having a single optical axis using atomic electron spin or nuclear spin includes a detection unit configured to detect an angle of a polarization plane of probe light having components of linear polarization and a modulation unit configured to apply a modulation to the angle of... Agent:

20150022201 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and notification information providing method performed by using the same and radio frequency coil and notification information providing method performed by using the radio frequency coil: A notification method performed by using a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus includes: obtaining information regarding a first radio frequency (RF) coil for photographing an object; obtaining information regarding a second RF coil connected to the MRI apparatus; comparing the information regarding the first RF coil and the information regarding... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022202 - Method for analyzing formation samples using nmr measurements: Methods for analyzing a formation samples using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) are described herein. One method includes performing an NMR measurement of the formation sample to obtain NMR data. The NMR measurement detects NMR signals with echo times of less than or equal to 100 microseconds. The NMR data is... Agent:

20150022203 - Automatic hf shim configuration for coils: In order to configure a transmission coil of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system without taking a specific measurement object into account, the transmission coil is automatically detected and identified when the transmission coil is connected to the MRI system. A phase setting of a pulse to be transmitted by... Agent:

20150022205 - Automatic local coil isocentering: A magnetic resonance imaging system includes a control unit configured to (a) compare a plurality of magnitudes of a field of a coil of a local coil, wherein each magnitude of the plurality of magnitudes is measured at a different time; and (b) determine, based on on a comparison result,... Agent:

20150022206 - Hybrid averaging method for specific absorption rate supervision: In order to reduce the memory footprint used for monitoring specific absorption rate (SAR) in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, a hybrid sliding window method is provided. The method includes receiving a measured value once every first time interval, processing the measured value, and storing a value resulting from... Agent:

20150022207 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to acquire mr data and to reconstruct an mr image: In a method to operate a magnetic resonance (MR) system to acquire MR data, an RF excitation pulse is radiated followed by repeated, chronologically sequential implementation of the following steps in order to respectively acquire the MR data of an echo train. A refocusing pulse is radiated, a phase coding... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150022204 - Methods and apparatus for pasadena hyperpolarization: The present subject matter relates to methods and apparatus for using hyperpolarization to improve imaging. Am exemplary embodiment, a PASADENA polarizer, is capable of delivering 2.5-5 ml of highly hyperpolarized biological 13C and 15N imaging reagents in less than one minute, and capable of repeated delivery every 5-8 minutes. Exemplary... Agent: Huntington Medical Research Institutes

20150022208 - Use of a plurality of tx coils: At least two RF transmission coil arrangements are provided. Each of the at least two RF transmission coil arrangements includes at least one RF transmission antenna. The at least two RF transmission coil arrangements are actuatable by a transmission apparatus of the magnetic resonance imaging system for transmitting RF pulses.... Agent:

20150022210 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing method: The present invention provides a technique for obtaining a high-quality image at high speed in DKI analysis. In the DKI analysis, upon estimating a parameter relating to diffusion in an application direction of an MPG pulse, a least square fitting is separated from a constraint processing, and only a value... Agent:

20150022209 - Method and apparatus for resonator signal production and measurement: Techniques provide for passive Q switching in a bimodal resonator environment, where magnetic resonators are coupled for power transfer. A passive Q switch is responsive to a driving power from one magnetic resonator coupled to another magnetic resonator. After the driving power reaches a threshold, the passive Q switch shunts... Agent: The University Of Chicago

20150022211 - Detection circuit for display panel: The present disclosure provides a detection circuit for a display panel, comprising: a shorting bar, with connection lines for introducing a test signal or a control signal arranged thereon; a transistor array, the gates of which are connected to the connection lines for introducing the control signal, wherein the connection... Agent:

20150022212 - Surface charge measurement: The invention relates to methods and apparatus for determining properties of a surface. Embodiments disclosed include an apparatus for measuring a surface charge of a sample, comprising: a sample holder having an opposed pair of electrodes and configured to hold a sample in position in a measurement volume between the... Agent:

20150022213 - Battery sensing circuit path resistance compensation systems and methods: System and methods for measuring parameters of a battery system using a battery sensing circuit are presented. In certain embodiments, the systems and methods allow a vehicle battery sensing circuit and/or other associated system to measure a compensation parameter. The compensation parameter may be utilized by the battery sensing circuit... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150022214 - Monitoring system: A monitoring system having a monitoring unit and a circuit element that are integrated in an enclosure for protecting connections between the monitoring unit and the circuit element. The monitoring unit monitors the circuit element via a first electrical quantity, and the monitoring unit has a control unit and a... Agent:

20150022215 - System and method of using flexible ecu inputs to specifically determine the type of electrical fault on an input: A control module includes an input module configured to operate in a normal operating state and a fault diagnosis state. The input module receives an input signal from a circuit module and generates a voltage based on the input signal. In the normal operating state, a fault diagnostic module determines... Agent:

20150022216 - Ground potential rise with depth sensing: Ground Potential Rise (GPR) systems and methods with depth sensing measure the GPR between the ground grid and the remote earth. Methods and systems described herein may provide a GPR measurement to an existing distance protection. A GPR system may comprise a set of potential transformers. The set of potential... Agent: San Diego Gas & Electric Company C/o Sempra Energy

20150022217 - Method and apparatus for monitoring an electric power circuit: A method for monitoring an electric power circuit configured to transfer a power signal to a torque module that is electrically isolated from a chassis ground includes injecting a common voltage component into a common mode voltage of electrical phases during operation and monitoring a negative-ground voltage and a positive-negative... Agent:

20150022218 - Techniques and circuits for testing a virtual power supply at an integrated circuit device: A power grid provides power to one or more modules of an integrated circuit device via a virtual power supply signal. A test module is configured to respond to assertion of a test signal so that, when the power grid is working properly and is not power gated, an output... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20150022219 - Insulation state detecting device: In a high-speed measurement mode, a high-voltage measurement mode (V0 measurement) is omitted and only a negative-pole side ground fault resistor voltage measurement mode (VC1n measurement) and a positive-pole side ground fault resistor voltage measurement mode (VC1p measurement) are performed. In the negative-pole side ground fault resistor voltage measurement mode... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150022220 - Multi-frequency microwave sensor for temperature independent measurement of moisture: Microwave techniques for measuring moisture and other properties of paper and related products without requiring an independent measurement of temperature are provided. A sensor directly measures the reflection or transmission of microwaves at a number of well-chosen frequencies so as to characterize the absorption spectrum of the product. The technique... Agent: Honeywell Asca Inc.

20150022221 - Directional capacitive sensing means: A directional capacitive sensing means for sensing number, size, position and motion direction and/or speed of sensing objects, which comprises two or more proximity capacitive sensing means, an analysis means, the two or more proximity capacitive sensing means are arranged in two or more different positions that resulted in two... Agent:

20150022222 - Touchscreen sensor: A touchscreen sensor includes a transparent base material, a first transparent electrode pattern, a first index-matching layer and a first adhesive layer disposed in this order at one side of the transparent base material, and a second transparent electrode pattern, a second index-matching layer and a second adhesive layer disposed... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150022223 - Probe assembly and method for contactless electrical characterization of buried conducting layers: A probe assembly includes plural capacitive contacts that are separate from each other and a conductive depletion gate disposed between and separating the contacts from each other. The depletion gate is configured to receive a direct electric voltage in order to deplete regions of a sample under test of electrons.... Agent:

20150022224 - Touch sensing device and a detection method: A touch sensor having a touch sensitive film, a signal filter, electrical circuitry and a processing unit. The film is capable of capacitive or inductive coupling to an external object when a touch is made by the object. The signal filter is formed by the resistance of the film and... Agent:

20150022225 - Electronic device and current monitoring method: An electronic device includes: a detection circuit to detect a voltage difference between both ends of a wiring portion which is at least a portion of a power supply wiring that connects a power supply circuit and a receiver circuit; a current supply circuit to supply a pilot current having... Agent:

20150022226 - Systems and methods for conforming test tooling to integrated circuit device profiles with coaxial socket: A coaxial socket useful in association with an integrated circuit (IC) device tester and having a conducting pin surrounded by an insulating layer and embedded in a conducting base. This coaxial pin configuration allows for good thermal conductivity and better electrical signal transmission specially for testing high-speed integrated circuits.... Agent:

20150022227 - Integrated high-speed probe system: An integrated high-speed probe system is provided. The integrated high-speed probe system includes a circuit substrate for transmitting low-frequency testing signals from a tester through a first probe of the probe assembly to a DUT, and a high-speed substrate for transmitting high-frequency testing signals from the tester to the DUT.... Agent:

20150022228 - Conductivity inspection apparatus and conductivity inspection method: At least two needles (11, 12) are inserted from the surface of an outer covering film (200) such that the needles reach metal foils (252, 262) in the outer covering film (200), and the electrical connection state with an object inside of a structure covered with the outer covering film... Agent: Automotive Energy Supply Corporation

20150022229 - Probe card and method of manufacturing the same: A probe card, includes, a wiring substrate having an opening portion and including a first connection pad and a second connection pad, the first connection pad being arranged at a periphery of the opening portion, the second connection pad being arranged to be adjacent to the first connection pad, a... Agent:

20150022230 - Probe card and method of manufacturing the same: A probe card includes a wiring substrate including an opening portion, a first connection pad, and a second connection pad arranged in an opposite area to the first connection pad, a resin portion formed in the opening portion, a first wire buried in the resin portion, in which one end... Agent:

20150022231 - Test apparatus with sector conveyance device: A test apparatus includes a sector conveyance device provided with a plurality of soaking buffers, the soaking buffers being used to carry electronic components, the sector conveyance device being mounted pivotably by a pivot and moved between a test location and a transferring location; a transferring device arranged in correspondence... Agent: Chroma Ate Inc.

20150022232 - Reconfigurable semiconductor device: A semiconductor device capable of reconfiguration, including: a plurality of logic units which configure an array and are connected to each other, wherein each logic unit includes a pair of a first and a second memory cell units, each of the first and the second memory cell units operates as... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

01/15/2015 > 73 patent applications in 60 patent subcategories.

20150015231 - Capacitive positioning device: A locating appliance for a capacitive detection of an object encloses in a medium. The locating appliance comprises a measurement electrode such that a first alternating current flows from the measurement electrode into the medium. The locating appliance further comprises a reception electrode where the measurement electrode forms a measurement... Agent:

20150015232 - Apparatus and method for measuring real time clock accuracy in an electricity meter: An arrangement for measuring an internal clock within an electricity meter includes an optical communication circuit within the meter, an optical detector external to the meter, and a frequency counter. The optical communication circuit within the electricity meter is operably coupled to receive a pulse output of the meter's internal... Agent:

20150015236 - Consumer consumption monitoring system: A consumer consumption monitoring system includes a plurality of measurement devices disposed in corresponding supply paths of coupled consumer devices located within a building. A network node circuit coupled to the plurality of measurement devices retrieves measurement data from the plurality of measurement devices, and stores and analyzes the measurement... Agent: Broadcom Europe Limited

20150015234 - Contact voltage detection system and method: An electrical safety system and associated method may be used on an electrical enclosure containing phase to phase and phase to ground electricity. The system includes a volt meter having a probe and a receptacle having a number of ports adapted to receive the probe of the volt meter. The... Agent: Cintas Corporation

20150015235 - Method and device for measuring current at a converter: In a method and device for measuring current at a converter, the prevailing phase current is determined at the output of the converter by current-measuring devices, in order to supply it to a closed-loop control device assigned to the converter. The prevailing phase current to be ascertained at an output... Agent:

20150015233 - Tracking energy consumption using a buck-boosting technique: The invention relates to an apparatus and method for tracking energy consumption. An energy tracking system comprises at least one switching element, at least one inductor and a control block to keep the output voltage at a pre-selected level. The switching elements are configured to apply the source of energy... Agent:

20150015237 - Microwave ablation antenna radiation detector: A radiation detector disposed on a microwave antenna assembly is disclosed. The radiation detector includes a receiving antenna adapted to receive errant microwave energy and a rectifier coupled to the receiving antenna that is adapted to rectify at least a portion of the errant microwave energy. A filter is coupled... Agent:

20150015238 - Measurement system utilizing a frequency-dithered local oscillator: An improved receiver system may include an input to receive an input signal, and a signal generating circuit to generate a desired oscillator signal that is a single sideband radio frequency signal of time varying frequency. The receiver may also include a downconversion stage to generate an intermediate frequency (IF)... Agent:

20150015239 - Apparatus and method for real time harmonic spectral analyzer: In one embodiment, a measuring device may comprise two oscillators. The first oscillator may generate a local reference signal in a frequency detector to detect a fundamental frequency of the AC. The second oscillator may generate two substantially mutually orthogonal sinusoid signals having the selected frequency. The measuring device further... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20150015240 - Method of detecting irregular current flow in an integrated circuit device and apparatus therefor: A method of detecting irregular high current flow within an integrated circuit (IC) device is described. The method comprises obtaining infrared (IR) emission information for the IC device, identifying at least one functional component within the IC device comprising a high current flow, based at least partly on the obtained... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150015241 - Current sensor: A current sensor according to the present invention includes a bus bar, a magnetic sensor element disposed so as to face the bus bar, a wiring board on which the magnetic sensor element is provided, and a signal line electrically connected to the magnetic sensor element. The wiring board includes... Agent: Alps Green Devices Co., Ltd.

20150015242 - Voltage detection circuit: A voltage detection circuit includes: an amplifier which amplifies a voltage difference between first and second input signals input into non-inverting and inverting input terminals of the amplifier via first and second input portions; a first signal line which connects the first input portion to the amplifier; a second signal... Agent:

20150015243 - Circuit assembly for the state monitoring and logging of overvoltage protection devices or overvoltage protection systems: The invention relates to a circuit assembly for the state monitoring and logging of overvoltage protection devices or overvoltage protection systems by means of pulse current monitoring, comprising at least one passive RFID transponder having an inductively coupled voltage supply, wherein in the case of an event of the overvoltage... Agent: Dehn + S&#xd6 Hne Gmbh + Co. Kg

20150015244 - Temperature compensated current measurement: A temperature compensated current measurement device comprises a Rogowski coil having a terminating impedance arranged to adjust the attenuation of the coil to balance changes in coil sensitivity so that the output voltage indicative of measured current remains substantially unchanged, the terminating impedance having different values above and below a... Agent:

20150015245 - Multi-rotation encoder: A battery-less multi-rotation encoder including detection coils with the Barkhausen effect includes a rotation detection mechanism and a signal processing circuit. The detection coils generate voltage pulses with different positive and negative signs, and transmit them to the signal processing circuit, and the signal processing circuit includes a controller and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150015246 - Calibrating read sensors of electromagnetic read-write heads: Described are embodiments to calibrate read sensors, which in turn may ensure that the equipment utilized to detect antigens is reliable and accurate. If it is determined that a read sensor is degraded a method of calibrating a read sensor of a read head may be used.... Agent:

20150015247 - Magnetic particle imaging devices and methods: A magnetic particle imaging device is provided. The device includes a magnetic field source configured to produce a magnetic field having a non-saturating magnetic field region, an excitation signal source configured to produce an excitation signal in the non-saturating magnetic field region that produces a detectable signal from magnetic particles... Agent:

20150015248 - Current sensor and electric power converter: An art of measuring a current with a suppressed influence of a switching noise is provided. The art disclosed by the present specification is a current sensor that measures an output current of a switching circuit. The current sensor is equipped with a magneto-optical element that is arranged at a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150015249 - Current sensor device: A current sensor device includes a casing having a cavity and a conductor fixedly mounted to the casing. A semiconductor chip configured to sense a magnetic field is arranged in the cavity. An electrically insulating medium is configured to at least partially fill the cavity of the casing.... Agent:

20150015250 - In-situ characterization of formation constituents: A well-logging method for a geological formation having a borehole therein may include collecting a plurality of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) snapshots from the borehole indicative of changes in the geological formation and defining NMR data. The method may further include identifying a plurality of fluids within the geological... Agent:

20150015251 - Atom beam gyroscope: One embodiment of the invention includes an atom beam gyroscope system. The system includes an atom beam system that generates an atom beam comprising alkali metal atoms along a length of a detection region orthogonal to a sensitive axis. The system also includes a detection system comprising a detection laser... Agent:

20150015252 - Methods and kits for detecting non-luminescent or weakly luminescent metals: The invention provides methods and kits for detecting the presence of, the amount of or the concentration of a substantially non-emitting metal in a sample by a) providing a sensitizer to a chelator of the substantially non-emitting metal thereby creating a sensitized-metal complex; b) adding an unsensitized chelate, and c)... Agent:

20150015253 - Automated image analysis for magnetic resonance imaging: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, comprising: a magnetic resonance imaging scanner configured to generate a plurality of signals for forming at least one magnetic resonance image of a soft tissue region from a subject under observation, wherein the at least one magnetic resonance image provides at least one integrating... Agent:

20150015254 - Control of sar values in mr imaging: In a method for imaging a body part of a patient particularly in relation to DBS where conductive elements can reduce a safe SAR level, the power in the RF pulses being delivered to the RF transmit coil is measured in real time by a unit associated with the FR... Agent:

20150015256 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: According to one embodiment, an MRI apparatus includes a data acquisition unit and an image generation unit. The data acquisition unit acquires an analog MR signal from an object and converts the analog MR signal into a digital MR signal. The image generation unit generates MR image data based on... Agent:

20150015255 - Method and apparatus for performing guided and flexible self-navigated structural mri for motion compensation: A method and a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus provide subject/object motion detection and correction during a MRI scan. The method includes generating via a magnetic resonance scanner a magnetic field gradient and a radio-frequency signal for the MRI scan. The radio-frequency signal contains a successive repetition of pulse sequences, each... Agent:

20150015257 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to determine a b0 field map: In a method and magnetic resonance apparatus to determine a B0 field map describing the local deviation from a nominal Larmor frequency of the magnetic resonance apparatus, magnetic resonance data are acquired at at least two different dephasing times after an excitation, in measurements implemented at two different echo times... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150015258 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to determine a b1 phase map: In a method to determine a B1 phase map for at least two excitation modes of a radio-frequency coil arrangement of a magnetic resonance apparatus, the radio-frequency coil arrangement having multiple independently controllable transmission channels, and the B1 phase map describing, with spatial resolution, the phase of radio-frequency field this... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150015259 - System, arrangement and method for decoupling rf coils using one or more non-standardly-matched coil elements: Arrangement, magnetic resonance imaging system and method can be provided, according to certain exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure. For example, a plurality of radio frequency (RF) coil elements can be utilized which can include at least one coil element that is coupled to and non-standard impedance matched with at... Agent:

20150015260 - Cooling system and superconducting magnet apparatus employing the same: A cooling system and a superconducting magnet apparatus employing the same. The cooling system includes: a thermal shield unit for thermally shielding a superconducting coil; a recondensing unit for recondensing an extremely low temperature refrigerant that cools down the superconducting coil. A cryocooler includes a body and an end portion... Agent:

20150015261 - Patient bore with integrated radiofrequency return flux space: The embodiments relate to a magnetic resonance imaging device, where the cladding of the patient bore of the MR imaging device includes a conductive layer.... Agent:

20150015262 - Extended detuning in local coils: A local coil for an MRI imaging system includes an antenna containing a first detuning circuit and a second detuning circuit, and a connection connected to the antenna between a first connection point on the antenna and a second connection point on the antenna. The connection is configured to be... Agent:

20150015263 - Airborne electromagnetic system with rigid loop structure comprised of lightweight modular non-rotational frames: The present invention provides a light weight, modular and rigid structure for supporting the transmitter loop of an airborne electromagnetic system. The airborne electromagnetic surveying system comprises a tow assembly connected to an aircraft, the tow assembly including a transmitter section comprising a transmitter coil for generating a primary electromagnetic... Agent: Cgg Data Services Ag

20150015264 - Finding porosity and oil fraction by means of dielectric spectroscopy: Methods, systems, devices and products for evaluating an earth formation. Methods include estimating at least one property of the earth formation using at least one polarization parameter estimated using a real part and an imaginary part of a permittivity of the earth formation at a plurality of frequencies, where the... Agent:

20150015265 - Look ahead logging system: A technique utilizes the acquisition of data from desired subterranean regions via a logging system. The logging system is constructed for use in a wellbore and comprises a transmitter module having a transmitter antenna. Additionally, the logging system utilizes a receiver module spaced from the transmitter module and having a... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150015266 - Multi-functional online testing system for semiconductor light-emitting devices or modules and method thereof: The disclosure provides a system and method for multi-functional online testing of semiconductor light-emitting devices or modules. The system comprises an electrical characteristic generating and testing equipment, one or more optical characteristic detecting and controlling equipments, an optical signal processing and analyzing equipment, one or more thermal characteristic detecting equipments,... Agent: Institute Of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy Science

20150015267 - Integrated standard-compliant data acquisition device: An integrated standard-compliant data acquisition device includes an electrically insulating package including a plurality of conductive leads and an integrated circuit (IC) disposed within the electrically insulating package and electrically coupled to at least some of the plurality of conductive leads. The IC includes a first multiplexer (MUX), a second... Agent:

20150015268 - Electromagnetic input device and coil detection circuit thereof: A coil detection circuit thereof for an electromagnetic input device including a plurality of first loop coils and second loop coils includes a first detection unit, a second detection unit and a selection unit. When the selection unit selects one the first loop coils to emit an electromagnetic signal for... Agent: Waltop International Corporation

20150015269 - Detection of mis-soldered circuits by signal echo characteristics: One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a method for detecting defective solder balls that includes configuring a transmitter pad to transmit a pulse signal, transmitting the pulse signal, configuring transmitter pad to receive a pulse reflection, receiving a pulse reflection, analyzing the pulse reflection; and determining whether the... Agent:

20150015270 - Relative angle detection apparatus and electric power steering apparatus: A relative angle detection apparatus includes a first magnetometric sensor and a first voltage amplifier that output a signal corresponding to a relative rotation angle between a first rotation shaft and a second rotation shaft; a first amplifier circuit that amplifies the output signal of the first voltage amplifier; a... Agent: Showa Corporation

20150015271 - Detecting circuit and detecting method for determining connection status between first pin and second pin: A detecting circuit for determining a connection status between a first pin and a second pin includes a signal generation unit, a logic unit and a determining unit. The signal generation unit is coupled to the first pin, and arranged for generating a first signal to the first pin. The... Agent:

20150015272 - Ground rod testing device for ground characteristic analysis: The present invention relates to a ground rod testing device for ground characteristic analysis. The ground rod testing device according to the present invention includes: an impulse generator generating an impulse waveform; a testing chamber accommodating the ground rod in which the impulse waveform is applied and a conductive fluid;... Agent:

20150015273 - Method for determining an electrical property of cable insulation: A method for determining conductivity of cable insulation of a cable including at least one conductor that determines the central axis of the cable and insulation layer surrounding the conductor longitudinally and radially includes steps of retrieving a cable sample from a cable, which sample includes a length of at... Agent:

20150015274 - Direct memory based ring oscillator (dmro) for on-chip evaluation of sram cell delay and stability: A novel and useful direct memory based ring oscillator (DMRO) circuit and related method for on-chip evaluation of SRAM delay and stability. The DMRO circuit uses an un-modified SRAM cell in each delay stage of the oscillator. A small amount of external circuitry is added to allow the ring to... Agent:

20150015275 - Passive wireless antenna sensor for strain, temperature, crack and fatigue measurement: An apparatus and method is provided for monitoring a condition of a structure using a passive wireless antenna sensor having a known resonant frequency when mounted on the structure. A signal is transmitted with sweeping frequencies around a known resonant frequency to the passive wireless antenna sensor. A signal is... Agent:

20150015276 - Probe for measuring biomolecules by means of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy: A probe (1) for measuring biomolecules by means of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is proposed, having a distal end (2) and a proximal end (3), wherein the probe (1) has the following structure in a cross-section oriented transversely to its longitudinal extent: a base layer (4) of an insulating material, on... Agent: Kimal PLC

20150015277 - Capacitive rotary position encoder: Some embodiments may include a capacitive rotary position encoder for the absolute determination of a rotary position about a rotary spindle. The rotary position encoder may include a transceiver unit, comprising a first arrangement of N electrically conductive, capacitive sensitivity areas which are embodied as angle segments over a defined... Agent:

20150015278 - Obscured feature detector: A surface-conforming obscured feature detector includes a plurality of sensor plates, each having a capacitance that varies based on the dielectric constant of the materials that compose the surrounding objects and the proximity of those objects. A sensing circuit is coupled to the sensor plates 32 to measure the capacitances... Agent: Franklin Sensors Inc.

20150015279 - Evaluation method and evaluation device for a capacitive contact sensor: In an evaluation method for a capacitive contact sensor with at least one transmitting and at least one receiving electrode, which are able to be brought into a capacitive coupling, at the at least one receiving or sensor electrode a measurement signal is tapped, which represents the temporal course of... Agent:

20150015280 - Wear detection for coated belt or rope: A method of wear detection of a coated belt or rope includes connecting a wear detection unit to one or more monitoring strands and/or cords of a coated belt or rope. The coated belt or rope includes one or more baseline strands and/or cords exhibiting a first change in electrical... Agent: Otis Elevator Company

20150015281 - Resistance measurement: This disclosure describes techniques for measuring the resistance of a component with measurement circuitry that is electrically coupled to the component via one or more electrical conductors (e.g., one or more bond wires). The resistance measurement techniques of this disclosure may measure a resistance of an electrical conductor, and generate... Agent:

20150015282 - Testing device for resistance value: A testing device for testing resistance value includes a base, an operation pole, a sliding device, and a housing for enclosing the base. The base defines a hook receiving slot. A plurality of contact tabs is formed inside the hook receiving slot for contacting pins of the expansion card. A... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20150015283 - Method and apparatus for power glitch detection in integrated circuits: A method and apparatus for power glitch detection in IC's is disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes a detection circuit in an IC detecting a voltage transient wherein a value of a supply voltage has at least momentarily fallen below a reference voltage value. Responsive thereto, the detection circuit... Agent:

20150015285 - Probe apparatus: A probe apparatus can suppress a spark from occurring near a wafer surface simply and efficiently when inspecting electrical characteristics of a semiconductor device at wafer level. A spark preventing device 50 mounted in the probe apparatus includes a surrounding member 52 which surrounds probe needles 24G and 24S between... Agent:

20150015286 - Micro-vision alignment system with guiding rings for ic testing: A vision alignment system for an integrated circuit device testing handler includes a head guiding ring configured to be attached to a pick-and-place device, the head guiding ring having an opening in which a device-under-test having a device contact array is locatable; a socket apparatus including: a fixed mounting frame,... Agent:

20150015287 - Testing apparatus and method for microcircuit and wafer level ic testing: The test system provides an array of test probes having a cross beam. The probes pass through a first or upper probe guide retainer which has a plurality of slot sized to receive the probes in a way that they cannot rotate. The probes are biased upwardly through the retainer... Agent:

20150015284 - Transmit/receive unit, and methods and apparatus for transmitting signals between transmit/receive units: In one embodiment, apparatus for transmitting and receiving data includes a transmission line network having at least three input/output terminals; at least three transmit/receive units, respectively coupled to the at least three input/output terminals; and a control system. The control system is configured to, depending on a desired direction of... Agent: Advantest (singapore) Pte Ltd

20150015289 - Multipath electrical probe and probe assemblies with signal paths through secondary paths between electrically conductive guide plates: A multiple conduction path probe can provide an electrically conductive signal path from a first contact end to a second contact end. The probe can also include an electrically conductive secondary path and an electrically insulated gap between the signal path and the secondary path. The gap can be relatively... Agent:

20150015288 - Test probe coated with conductive elastomer for testing of backdrilled plated through holes in printed circuit board assembly: A test probe is provided for probing signal information on a back-drilled plated through hole connector formed in a printed circuit board, where the test probe includes a conductive probe body with a distal tip region extending a predetermined minimum coverage length (LTIP) that is longer than a recess depth... Agent:

20150015290 - Probe module supporting loopback test: A probe module, which supports loopback test and is provided between a PCB and a DUT, includes a substrate, a probe base, two probes, two signal path switchers, and a capacitor. The substrate has two first connecting circuits and two second connecting circuits, wherein an end of each first connecting... Agent: Mpi Corporation

20150015291 - Cantilever probe card for high-frequency signal transmission: A cantilever probe card, which is provided between a device under test (DUT) and a tester, includes a carrier board, a probe base, two probes, and a transmission device. The carrier board is provided with through holes. The probe base is provided on the carrier board, and the probes are... Agent: Mpi Corporation

20150015292 - Wafer testing system and associated methods of use and manufacture: A wafer testing system and associated methods of use and manufacture are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the wafer testing system includes an assembly for releaseably attaching a wafer to a wafer translator and the wafer translator to an interposer by means of separately operable vacuums, or pressure differentials. The... Agent:

20150015293 - On-center electrically conductive pins for integrated testing: A structure and method for providing a contact pin between a device under test (DUT) and a load board which provides upper and lower contact point which are axial aligned is disclosed. The pin has an upper (30) and lower (32) section and a hinge in between which allow flex... Agent:

20150015294 - Test socket with hook-like pin contact edge: The present invention provides a test socket adaptable for testing different Integrated Circuit (IC) pad size during an IC testing. The test socket comprising a molded socket having an inner space and a plurality of through-apertures disposed on its surface; and a plurality of contact elements disposed within the inner... Agent: Test Max Manufacturing Pte Ltd

20150015295 - Signal path switch and probe card having the signal path switch: A probe card, which is between a tester and a device under test (DUT), includes two first electrical lines, two second electrical lines, two inductive elements, and a capacitor. The first electrical lines are electrically connected to the probes respectively. The second first electrical lines are electrically connected to the... Agent: Mpi Corporation

20150015296 - Test structure, array substrate having the same and method of measuring sheet resistance using the same: A test structure includes a terminal pattern, a first extending part, a second extending part and a measuring part. The terminal pattern includes a first terminal part, a second terminal part, a third terminal part and a fourth terminal part sequentially disposed and spaced apart from each other in a... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150015298 - Method and apparatus for signaling partial shadowing of a photovoltaic generator: The disclosure relates to a method for signaling partial shadowing within a PV generator including at least two partial PV generators connected in parallel. The method includes performing a reference impedance measurement on each of the at least two partial PV generators in a state of uniform irradiation of the... Agent:

20150015297 - Photo device inspection apparatus and photo device inspection method: A photo device inspection apparatus is an apparatus for inspecting a solar cell panel, which is a photo device. The photo device inspection apparatus includes an irradiation part configured to irradiate the solar cell panel with pulsed light radiated from a femtosecond laser, which is a light source, an electromagnetic... Agent:

20150015299 - Translators coupleable to opposing surfaces of microelectronic substrates for testing, and associated systems and methods: Translators coupleable to opposing surfaces of microelectronic substrates for testing, and associated systems and methods are disclosed. An arrangement in accordance with one embodiment includes a microelectronic substrate having a first major surface, a second major face facing opposite from the first major surface, and electrically conductive through-substrate vias extending... Agent:

20150015300 - Detecting faults in hot-swap applications: Circuitry for detecting faults in a system for supplying power from an input node to an output node and having at least one switch coupled between the input node and the output node. The fault detecting circuitry is configured for indicating a fault condition of the switch when the switch... Agent:

20150015301 - Islanding detection in electricity distribution network: A device is disclosed for detecting an islanding condition in an electricity distribution network, by receiving a signal of the electricity distribution network, and determining an islanding condition based on the received signal. The device determines a voltage total harmonic distortion change parameter for each phase component in the received... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150015302 - Islanding detection reliability in electricity distribution network: A device for detecting an islanding condition in an electricity distribution network. The device comprises means for concurrently monitoring an islanding condition and a network event condition in the electricity distribution network, means for detecting an islanding condition in the power system network, and means for determining on the validity... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150015303 - Partial discharge measurement system and partial discharge measurement method by repeated impulse voltage: An impulse voltage generator uses a predetermined rectangular waveform signal and a high voltage to generate an impulse voltage. The high voltage is obtained by boosting an instruction voltage of the rectangular waveform signal on a per-cycle basis. A partial discharge frequency calculation section receives detection signals based on partial... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

01/08/2015 > 58 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20150008897 - Scanning unit for scanning a scale and position-measuring device: A scanning unit adapted for scanning a measuring graduation of a scale for purposes of position measurement in a measurement direction includes a housing having a detector configured to generate position-dependent scanning signals. An electrical lead passes out through the housing in the measurement direction. A rotatable member, in which... Agent:

20150008898 - Monitoring an electrical power supply network: A method and a device are provided for monitoring an electrical power supply network. A temporal frequency change value is determined for at least two sections or for at least two points of the power supply network. The frequency change value indicates the respective temporal frequency change of the network... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150008899 - Methods and systems for accuracy improvement in current comparators: Precision AC and DC voltage, current, phase, power and energy measurements and calibrations with current ranges from 1 uA to 20 kA and voltage ranges from 1V to 1000 kV are now performed with accuracies of better than one part per million. Continued demand for improved accuracy has led the... Agent:

20150008900 - Energy management apparatus, system, method, and storage medium storing program: An acquisition unit acquires first measurement values of the amounts of electric power of respective branch circuits or respective load devices and second measurement values of the amount of electric power of a master circuit provided for a building from a measurement device. An overall set unit obtains an overall... Agent:

20150008901 - Pre-charging filters to reduce settling time: Various arrangements for determining a voltage of a voltage source using pre-charging are presented. Such arrangements may include a measurement module which includes an analog to digital converter, a driver, and an interface. The interface may be electrically coupled with the analog to digital converter and the driver. The driver... Agent:

20150008902 - Highly accurate current measurement: The present document relates to the measurement of the current through a transistor. In particular, the present document relates to a circuit arrangement which allows an accurate measurement of the current through a power transistor. A circuit arrangement is described. The circuit arrangement is configured to provide an indication of... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20150008903 - Current sensing device, and method of manufacturing the same: A current sensing device and method of manufacturing a sensing device are disclosed. The current sensing device can include at least two current sensors, implemented in an openable ring-shaped support, and wherein the at least two current sensors can be arranged in a chain-like arrangement on the ring-shaped support, and... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150008905 - Systems and methods for alignment and detection of a consumable component: Systems and methods for alignment and detection of a consumable component are disclosed herein. For example, a method for determining if a consumable component is coupled to a durable component to enable dispersion of a medicine is provided. The method includes determining if a signal from an electrical contact coupled... Agent:

20150008906 - Position sensing device: A device for measuring relative distance between two physical objects includes an elongated inductor coil and a movable core. The movable core includes a slug of magnetically interactive material and is configured to move within the elongated inductor coil and to couple and interact magnetically with the elongated inductor coil.... Agent:

20150008904 - Absolute positions detectors: Example apparatus for absolute position detection are disclosed. An example apparatus includes a housing and digit gears coupled to the housing to rotate about respective parallel axes. Each digit gear has a first portion including a first set of teeth disposed about an entire circumference of the first portion and... Agent:

20150008907 - Apparatus and method for the redundant, absolute position determination of a movable body: The invention relates to an apparatus for contactlessly detecting the absolute position of an element which can move relative to magnetosensitive sensors and has a magnetic field source fastened on the movable element, wherein two magnetosensitive sensors in a plane which are spatially offset in the direction of movement are... Agent:

20150008908 - Apparatus and method for measuring properties of a ferromagnetic material: An apparatus for measuring material properties of an object of ferromagnetic material, the apparatus including a probe, the probe including an electromagnet core defining two spaced-apart poles for inducing a magnetic field in the object, and a drive coil wound around the electromagnet core, and means to supply an alternating... Agent:

20150008909 - Device for compensating electromagnetic interferences during biomagnetic measurements: Invention, relates to the field of supersensitive biomagnetometry under presence of external electromagnetic interferences. In order to perform passive compensation of said interferences, design of device at the magnetometer input is proposed, comprising compensation elements and means for their moving including shifting, holding, and fixation units. In the basic embodiment,... Agent:

20150008910 - Techniques for magnetic particle imaging: A magnetic particle imaging apparatus includes magnets [106,107] that produce a gradient magnetic field having a field free region (FFR), excitation field electromagnets [102,114] that produce a radiofrequency magnetic field within the field free region, high-Q receiving coils [112] that detect a response of magnetic particles in the field free... Agent:

20150008911 - Apparatus for sensing current from electrical appliances: Disclosed is an apparatus for sensing current flowing the electric cord of an electric appliance. The electric cord includes at least two current carrying wires. The apparatus includes a current sensing unit, a computing unit, a power source and a housing. The current sensing unit is arranged proximate to the... Agent:

20150008912 - Method and device for detecting mechanical changes in a component by means of a magnetoelastic sensor: A method and a device detect mechanical changes in a component formed of a ferromagnetic material. The mechanical stress in the component is determined using at least one magnetoelastic sensor.... Agent:

20150008914 - Detection system for detecting magnetic objects in the human organism: The subject matter of the invention is a detector system for detecting magnetic bodies in the human organism, which comprises at least two sensor assemblies, wherein each sensor assembly has one, two or three anisotropic magnetic resistance sensors, of which the axes of weak magnetisation point in different directions in... Agent: Evonik Roehm Gmbh

20150008915 - Magnetic field sensor: A sensor of magnetic fields along a direction of measurement comprising N magneto-resistive transducers TMi, a resistance of each transducer TMi varying linearly to within ±xi% as a function of an intensity of a magnetic field to be measured within a maximum range [ai; bi] of intensity of the magnetic... Agent:

20150008913 - Single-chip three-axis magnetic field sensing device: A single-chip three-axis magnetic field sensing device is provided. This single-chip three-axis magnetic field sensing device comprises a substrate, a first sensing module, a second sensing module, a third sensing module and at least one coil. The substrate includes a surface. The first sensing module comprises at least one first... Agent: Voltafield Technology Corp.

20150008916 - Method and device for measuring a magnetic field by synchronised excitations: The invention relates to a magnetic field measurement device, including a detector (4) configured to measure the amplitude of an output signal at a harmonic of an oscillation frequency of an excitation source, said amplitude being proportional to the magnetic field (B) to be measured, characterised in that it comprises... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20150008917 - Rapid cycle dynamic nuclear polarization magnetic resonance apparatus: A rapid cycle dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) NMR apparatus comprises (i) a cooling unit, configured to cool a sample in a capillary, (b) a DNP polarization unit configured to polarize the sample in the capillary, (c) a stripline-based NMR detector comprising a stripline for NMR analysis of the sample in... Agent:

20150008923 - Magnetic field homogeneity adjustment method, magnet device, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: A computer executes: calculating a first volume distribution (v.d.) of magnetic materials on a shim tray, based on a first magnetic field strength distribution (m.f.s.d.) in a magnetic field space (S3); acquiring a first composite distribution (c.d.) representing a volume by addition of volumes of magnetic materials for each region... Agent:

20150008919 - Magnetic resonance apparatus and method for operation thereof with an accelerated progression of a repeating pulse sequence with an optimized gradient curve: In a method for an accelerated progression of a repeating pulse sequence with an optimized gradient curve (that has at least one pulse) for a magnetic resonance examination by operation of a magnetic resonance apparatus, boundary conditions for a first gradient pulse of a first progression of the pulse sequence... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150008921 - Method and apparatus for measuring magnetic field: A magnetic field measuring method in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus includes applying a radio frequency (RF) pulse to an object, acquiring first and second echo signals from a first readout gradient according to test gradients having different intensities, acquiring third and fourth echo signals from a second readout... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150008920 - Method and apparatus for measuring magnetic resonance signals: Provided are a method and a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus for measuring an MR signal. The method includes: applying a radio frequency (RF) pulse to an object; acquiring, as a response to the RF pulse, a plurality of echo signals from a plurality of readout gradients formed on a gradient... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150008918 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to acquire magnetic resonance data of a target region including a metal object: In a method and magnetic resonance (MR) apparatus to acquire MR data of a target region that includes a metal object, an MR sequence that includes at least one radio-frequency excitation to be emitted via a radio-frequency coil arrangement is used. A radio-frequency coil arrangement having multiple coil elements that... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150008922 - Nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) spectroscopy device: The invention relates to a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy device adapted for carrying out 1D and nD homo- and heteronuclear NMR spectroscopy measurements of a plurality of nuclei, comprising an RF coil adapted to transmit RF to and/or receive RF from a measuring volume, wherein the RF coil forms... Agent: Wageningen Universiteit

20150008925 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: There is provided a technique for obtaining temperature information for inside of a living body and accuracy information thereof in short time with low burden imposed on a subject. It is realized with a spectrum calculator configured to perform MRS or MRSI measurement for two kinds of substances showing difference... Agent:

20150008924 - Nanoparticle rf shield for use in an mri device: A radio frequency (RF) shield for use in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner, the RF shield comprising a carrier (22) and a plurality of nanoparticles (24) which—are immovably connected to the carrier (22),—are aligned along a direction (26) in space, and—have an anisotropic electrical conductivity in the direction (26)... Agent: Koninklike Philips N.v.

20150008926 - Non-cylindrical cable balun design for rf coils: A non-cylindrical cable balun design having reduced space requirements and that provides for a lighter-weight RF coil is disclosed. The balun includes a balun shell having a non-cylindrical profile, a dielectric foam positioned within the balun shell so as to fill an interior volume defined by the balun shell, and... Agent:

20150008928 - Electronics for a thin bed array induction logging system: A logging tool electronics system is disclosed with noise minimization features and pulse compression signal processing techniques to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of array induction logging tools. The borehole is radiated with a magnetic field produced by a configurable multi-frequency and/or multi-amplitude sine wave signal stimulus section driving a fully... Agent:

20150008927 - Methods and systems for obtaining an electrical impedivity and/or resistivity image of a subterranean formation: Methods and systems for obtaining an electrical impedivity and/or resistivity image of a subterranean formation are provided. The electrical impedivity and/or resistivity image can be obtained by determining first formation impedivity data and second formation impedivity data. The first formation impedivity data can be based on a component of the... Agent:

20150008929 - Apparatus for detecting the state of a rechargeable battery to be checked: An apparatus for detecting the state of a checkable storage battery in a vehicle having at least two vehicle onboard power supply systems of different operating voltages is provided. The vehicle onboard power supply systems are coupled by a DC/DC converter, which converts a first DC voltage of a first... Agent:

20150008930 - Voltage monitoring circuit, test method therefor, and voltage monitoring system: A voltage monitoring circuit includes a plurality of voltage input terminals which input a voltage across each of a plurality of series-coupled battery cells, a selection circuit which, by selecting two of the voltage input terminals, selects a voltage across one of the battery cells, an A/D converter which converts... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20150008931 - Power storage device, power system and electric vehicle: An electronic storage module includes a plurality of batteries, a primary monitoring circuit configured to detect an operating state of the plurality of batteries, a microcontroller unit connected to the primary monitoring circuit via a primary communication path, and a secondary monitoring circuit connected to the microcontroller unit via a... Agent:

20150008932 - Charged particle detector: A system and method comprising a charger for ionizing aerosols; a spectrometer coupled to the charger and operable to select for a predetermined particle size; a porous charge collector coupled to the spectrometer, and a MEMS electrometer. In some embodiments the charge collector may be a metal frit electrically coupled... Agent: Brechtel Manufacturing, Inc.

20150008933 - Method and device for detecting a usability of a control device: A method for recognizing a usability of a control device of a safety device in a vehicle includes: applying a voltage to the control device; acquiring a voltage curve or a current curve at the control device; and recognizing a usability of the control device as a function of the... Agent:

20150008934 - Circuit integrity detection system for detecting the integrity of a sensing wire in electrically heated textiles: A circuit integrity detection system for use in detecting the integrity of sensing wire in a heating pad wherein the integrity of the sensing wire is checking the inputs from a first and second A/D converter connected to opposite ends of the sensing wire.... Agent: Sunbeam Products, Inc.

20150008936 - Method for evaluating device including plurality of electric circuits: A method for evaluating a device including a plurality of electric circuits has: a step of finding a first malfunction frequency property for individual electric circuits included in the device, the first malfunction frequency property representing the magnitude of a critical noise signal at which each electric circuit causes a... Agent:

20150008935 - Protection apparatus and method of verifying operation thereof: A method of verifying a protection apparatus is provided. The method includes: setting a plurality of relay elements for sensing an abnormal state of the protection apparatus; receiving an input regarding test information for testing each of the plurality of relay elements; and when at least one of the plurality... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150008937 - Testing device, and testing method for the line and one sheet using the testing device: A test device for a display device including a plurality of demultiplexing switches connected to a plurality of data lines in accordance with the present invention includes: a one-sheet test device configured to include a plurality of control switches connected to the demultiplexing switches through a plurality of wires; and... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150008938 - System and method of detecting and locating intermittent and other faults: Data associated with at least one building condition or status is sensed by one or more sensors. The data from these sensors may be sent over a data bus and received by the central computer. In addition, a modulated signal may be transmitted by one or both of the transmitters... Agent: Howard University

20150008939 - Measuring leakage currents and measuring circuit for carrying out such measuring: An embodiment of a measuring circuit for measuring the leakage current flowing in a portion of an electronic device when said portion is biased by a biasing unit of the electronic device is proposed. The measuring circuit includes a first section configured to generate a threshold current, a second section... Agent:

20150008940 - Clock jitter and power supply noise analysis: Disclosed are a method, system, and/or apparatus to perform clock jitter and power supply noise analysis. In one embodiment, a method may include receiving a first signal, which may be a clock signal, then generating a second signal based on the first signal. The method may further include delaying the... Agent:

20150008942 - Apparatus and methods for testing of acoustic devices and systems: Methods and devices are disclosed for testing an acoustic probe having transducing elements for converting between acoustic and electrical signals. An electrical signal is generated at a frequency with a testing device capable of generating electrical signals over a range of frequencies. The electrical signal is transmitted to at least... Agent: General Electric Company

20150008941 - Flipped cell sensor pattern: Embodiments of a capacitive sensor array may comprise a plurality of large sensor electrodes and, for each of the large sensor electrodes, a first plurality of small sensor electrodes each capacitively coupled with the large sensor electrode, and each conductively coupled by one of a first set of routing traces... Agent:

20150008943 - Sensor arrangement and method for operation of an operating device: A sensor arrangement comprises an input surface, an optical sensor, a first capacitive sensor, an evaluation unit and a device. The input surface has at least one light-permeable part surface. The optical sensor is disposed below the at least one light-permeable part surface. The first capacitive sensor is disposed below... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150008944 - Test system and method for testing high-voltage technology: The present invention relates to a test system for high-voltage technology devices, in particular shunt reactors, as defined in the preamble of independent patent claim 1. The invention also relates to a method which can be carried out with this test system and is intended to test high-voltage technology devices... Agent:

20150008945 - Electric connecting apparatus: An apparatus includes a probe card having a probe board with a conductive path electrically connected to a tester and probes enabling to respectively contact connection pads of a semiconductor wafer on a chuck top and moving relatively to the chuck top, and an elastic heat conducting member arranged between... Agent:

20150008946 - Electric connecting apparatus: An apparatus includes a wiring base plate arranged on an upper side of a chuck top and having a wiring path connected to a tester, a probe card having a probe board spaced from the wiring base plate with a first surface thereof opposed to the wiring base plate and... Agent:

20150008947 - Ball grid array configuration for reliable testing: A method of testing a semiconductor die having an array of contacts, where at least two I/O pads in adjacent positions have the same data signal during testing operations with a test probe. The adjacent I/O pads form a test cluster allowing the use of a larger test probe tip... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150008948 - Prober for testing devices in a repeat structure on a substrate: A prober for testing devices in a repeat structure on a substrate is provided with a probe holder plate, probe holders mounted on the plate, and a test probe associated with each holder. Each test probe is displaceable via a manipulator connected to a probe holder, and a substrate carrier... Agent:

20150008949 - Ball grid array configuration for reliable testing: A semiconductor die with an array of contacts, where at least two contacts in adjacent positions have the same data signal during testing operations with a test probe. The adjacent contacts of the cluster allow the use of a larger test probe tip and/or greater tolerance on test probe tip... Agent:

20150008950 - Manufacturing advanced test probes: Embodiments relate to the formation of test probes. One method includes providing a bulk sheet of an electrically conductive material. A laser is used to cut through the bulk sheet in a predetermined pattern to form a test probe. Other embodiments are described and claimed.... Agent:

20150008951 - Method of manufacturing multilayer wiring board, probe card including multilayer wiring board manufactured by the method, and multilayer wiring board: A method of manufacturing a multilayer wiring board includes a stacking process in which insulating layers, each of which includes a ceramic layer and a shrinkage suppression layer being stacked on top of the ceramic layer, are stacked on top of one another, a press-bonding process in which the insulating... Agent:

20150008952 - Photoluminescence mapping of passivation defects for silicon photovoltaics: Methods for fast and accurate mapping of passivation defects in a silicon wafer involve capturing of photoluminescence (PL) images while the wafer is moving, for instance, when the wafer is transported on a belt in a fabrication line. The methods can be applied to in-line diagnostics of silicon wafers in... Agent:

20150008953 - Apparatus and methods for through substrate via test: A stack of vertically-connected, horizontally-oriented integrated circuits (ICs) may have electrical connections from the front side of one IC to the back side of another IC. Electrical signals may be transferred from the back side of one IC to the front side of the same IC by means of through... Agent:

20150008954 - Monolithic integrated circuit die having modular die regions stitched together: An apparatus for a monolithic integrated circuit die is disclosed. In this apparatus, the monolithic integrated circuit die has a plurality of modular die regions. The modular die regions respectively have a plurality of power distribution networks for independently powering each of the modular die regions. Each adjacent pair of... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 57 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20150002132 - Multiple coupon apparatus for cathodic protection testing: A test coupon package suitable for a cathodic protection system includes a native test coupon and first and second active coupons. The active coupons may be biased with respect to the soil or other electrolytic medium in which a pipeline protected by the system resides. The first active coupon may... Agent:

20150002133 - Method for operating a microcomputer apparatus: A method for operating a microcomputer apparatus includes provisioning an electrical reference voltage that is independent of an electrical supply voltage, continuously comparing a defined level of the electrical reference voltage with the electrical supply voltage, and performing a defined operation with the microcomputer apparatus for at least one defined... Agent:

20150002134 - Magnetic tampering detection in a utility meter: A method of detecting a magnetic coupling in a meter includes obtaining in an electricity meter information representative of power consumption as measured within the meter of a plurality of lines of an electrical service. The method also includes obtaining from a magnetic sensor information representative of a magnetic field... Agent:

20150002135 - Polarity sensing circuit: A dc input circuit receives a dc input voltage. At least four rectification elements are coupled to each other in a diode bridge configuration, where an input of the diode bridge configuration is coupled to the dc input circuit to receive the dc input voltage. At least one of the... Agent:

20150002136 - Measurement probe providing different levels of amplification for signals of different magnitude: A measurement probe comprises at least one input port configured to receive an input signal generated in relation to a device under test (DUT), and an amplification unit configured to amplify the input signal with a first gain where the input signal has a first amplitude, and further configured to... Agent:

20150002137 - Self-calibrating contactless power consumption sensing: A system for sensing electrical power usage in an electrical power infrastructure of a structure. The system can include a sensing device configured to be attached to a panel of the circuit breaker box overlying at least part of the one or more main electrical power supply lines. The system... Agent: Belkin International, Inc.

20150002138 - Electrical sensor systems and methods: Various techniques are disclosed for providing electrical current and/or voltage sensor probes or tags integrated with measurement circuitry. For example, an electrical sensor is provided that includes a probe adapted to be arranged to at least partially encircle a conductor to be measured, wherein the probe has a proximal end... Agent:

20150002139 - Systems and methods for shielding current transducers: A shield for protecting a current transducer from noise may include a first annular ring that may be disposed adjacent to a first side of a current sensor. The shield may also include a second annular ring that may be disposed adjacent to a second side of the current sensor... Agent:

20150002141 - Laminated core, vr type resolver and production method for laminated core: A production method for a rotor core for a VR type resolver has a structure in which one protrusion is formed on an inner edge thereof in which the rotor cores can be rotated and laminated without increasing cost. In a production method of a rotor core for a VR... Agent:

20150002140 - Semiconductor-based hall sensor: There is provided a hall sensor. The hall sensor includes a hall element disposed on a semiconductor substrate. The hall element includes: a sensing region, a first electrode, a second electrode, a third electrode and a fourth electrode, and a doped region disposed on the sensing region, and the sensing... Agent: Magnachip Semiconductor, Ltd.

20150002142 - Magnetic field direction sensor: A magnetic direction sensor, comprising a first array of magneto-resistive elements, said array having a first array primary direction and wherein some but not all of the magneto-resistive elements are wholly or partially provided at a first angle to the primary direction, and the remaining elements are also inclined with... Agent:

20150002143 - Method and device for monitoring status of turbine blades: m

20150002144 - Through-coil arrangement, test apparatus with through-coil arrangement and testing method: A feed-through coil arrangement for an apparatus that tests long products via eddy current includes an exciter coil arrangement with an exciter coil having a passage opening for the long product, and a receiver coil arrangement around the opening. The receiver coil arrangement includes two segment coil arrangements distributed over... Agent: Institut Dr. Foerster Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150002145 - Resistive element: A resistive element includes a resistive region in a semiconductor substrate, a first contact structure and a second contact structure. The semiconductor substrate includes a first main surface area. The resistive region extends in a lateral direction parallel to the main surface area and in a vertical direction perpendicular to... Agent:

20150002146 - System and method for a transformer and a phase-shift network: In accordance with an embodiment, a circuit includes a magnetic transformer having a first winding coupled between a first signal node and a second signal node, and a second winding coupled between a first reference node and a current measurement node. A phase shift network is coupled between the second... Agent:

20150002150 - Data detection device for use in combination with an mri apparatus: The invention relates to a data detection device for use in combination with a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus. A magnetic field detection unit (34) serves to detect a temporally varying magnetic field generated by the MRI apparatus, and a timestamping unit (35) generates magnetic field detection timestamps in dependence... Agent:

20150002148 - Joint estimation of chemical shift and quantitative susceptibility map using mri signal: An example implementation of a method for mapping tissue magnetic susceptibility includes acquiring magnetic resonance (MR) images acquired at multiple echo times, where the MR images correspond to a subject comprising at least two species of protons, and where each species has a different chemical shift in its respective resonance... Agent:

20150002149 - Mr imaging with b1 mapping: The invention relates to a method of MR imaging, wherein a portion of a body placed in the examination volume of an MR device is subjected to an imaging sequence of RF pulses and switched magnetic field gradients. The imaging sequence is a stimulated echo sequence including i) two preparation... Agent:

20150002147 - Safety tests for systems monitoring local sar: In order to provide online monitoring of local specific absorption rate (SAR) within a body subject to a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, directional couplers measure a phase and an amplitude of a transmission radio frequency (RF) pulse generated and transmitted by an MRI system. A measured local SAR value... Agent:

20150002151 - Mounting for a body coil of a magnetic resonance device: Mounting for a body coil of a magnetic resonance device is provided. A reversible and universal mounting device for a body coil in the magnetic resonance device is provided. The mounting device includes at least one expanding ring for creating a way of retaining the body coil in a tunnel-shaped... Agent:

20150002152 - Nmr probe head with improved centering of the sample vial: An NMR probe head (3) has a coil system (9) and a radial centering mechanism for a sample vial (4) having two centering devices spaced axially from each other to center the sample vial in the radial direction only. The first centering device (5) is disposed above the receiver coil... Agent:

20150002153 - High pressure sample containment system for electromagnetic measurements: The present invention is related to systems and methods for chemical and biological analysis and, in particular, to systems, apparatus, and methods of sample conditioning and analysis.... Agent:

20150002154 - Mounting for a body coil of a magnetic resonance device: A mounting device for a body coil of a magnetic resonance device is provided. The mounting device includes a suspension device that has at least one suspension element. The at least one suspension element is mechanically connectable to a counterpart piece of the body coil. The suspension device is configured... Agent:

20150002156 - Multi-resonant t/r antenna for mr image generation: A dual- or multi-resonant RF/MR transmit and/or receive antenna (1, 2) especially in the form of a planar antenna or a volume array antenna (also called antenna array) is disclosed for MR image generation of at least two different nuclei like e.g. 1H, 19F, 3He, 13C, 23Na or other nuclei... Agent:

20150002155 - Nuclear magnetic resonance probes: An NMR probe including an RF coil, a sample region defined within the coil, and a thermal control apparatus comprising a thermal control fluid circuit having a thermal control fluid inlet and a thermal control fluid outlet to control the temperature of the sample region.... Agent:

20150002157 - Transient electromagnetic geophysics system with cooperative source(s): A cooperative source electromagnetic induction (EMI) device includes: a transmitter configured to generate a time-varying primary magnetic field in the vicinity of a target object, which magnetic field inductively couples with the target object to generate a target object secondary magnetic field; and a cooperative source to which the primary... Agent: Texas A&m University System

20150002158 - Methods and systems for joint seismic and electromagnetic data recording: Methods and data acquisition systems enable joint acquisition of seismic and electromagnetic data in a target area using stand-alone digital recorders.... Agent:

20150002159 - Downhole seismic sensor with filler fluid and method of using same: A seismic sesor for a downhole tool positionable in a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation. The seismic sensor includes a sensor housing, a bobbin supported in the sensor housing along an axis thereof, at least one coil wound about the bobbin (the coil movably supportable within the sensor housing by... Agent:

20150002160 - Portable electronic device and method of providing remaining amount of electric power of battery in portable electronic device: A portable electronic device is provided, and includes a function key that outputs a predetermined key signal; a key signal regulation unit that regulates a voltage of the predetermined key signal; a Power Management IC (PMIC) that powers on the portable electronic device and identifies a remaining amount of electric... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150002162 - Diagnostic use of physical and electrical battery parameters and storing relative condition data: In at least one embodiment, a power management module measures an electromagnetic radiation spectrum or a voltage response of a battery module. The measured electromagnetic radiation spectrum or voltage response of the battery is compared to a plurality of reference electromagnetic radiation spectrums or voltage responses, respectively, which may be... Agent:

20150002161 - Method and apparatus for distinguishing momentary loss of battery contact from an undervoltage condition: A method and apparatus for distinguishing momentary loss of battery contact from a battery undervoltage condition in a portable device sense the current into the portable device from the battery, and when the current drops to a level indicating that contact with the battery has been lost, the portable device... Agent:

20150002163 - Device for estimating the impedance of an electric earth connection, associated estimation method and electric power supply system: m

20150002166 - Method for detecting foreign objects in an induction charging device: A method for detecting foreign objects in an induction charging device, with the aid of at least one control and/or regulating unit of the induction charging device, includes: ascertaining a resonance frequency; determining an actual quality at the resonance frequency; and comparing the actual quality to a setpoint quality which... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150002164 - Methods, equipment and systems for measuring radio frequency crosstalk: Method, equipment and systems for measuring a radio frequency crosstalk are disclosed. The method includes: adjusting an impedance value of a matching network associated with a radio frequency electrode (including an anode and a cathode) in a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) system, and/or adjusting an impedance value of... Agent: Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.

20150002165 - Power transformation system with characterization: A power transformation system having a power stealing mode for powering a device indirectly through an electrical load connected to a power source and also has a characterization mode. The transfer of energy from the power source via the load may go undetected. The system may store energy from the... Agent:

20150002167 - In-situ cable unplug detector operating during normal signaling mode: An in-situ unplug detector circuit detects when a cable is disconnected or unplugged. Detection does not have to wait for normal signaling to pause, such at the end of a frame or timeout. Instead, detection occurs during normal signaling. When the cable is disconnected, the transmitter no longer drives the... Agent:

20150002168 - Systems and methods for soft-field tomography: One system includes a pattern generator that generates one or more excitation patterns suitable for probing a hydration level of a tissue of a subject at one or more depths from a surface of the subject into an interrogation region. Each of the excitation patterns has a spatial sensitivity at... Agent:

20150002171 - Analyte test sensor and method of manufacturing the same: An analyte test sensor for use in measuring the concentration of a particular analyte in a test sample includes a non-conductive substrate, a reference electrode deposited on the substrate, a working electrode deposited on the substrate and a compensation electrode deposited on the substrate. The compensation electrode is provided with... Agent:

20150002170 - Sensing device and method of calibration: A sensing device comprises a microwave sensor (1) configured to emit microwave radiation and to receive microwave radiation reflected by a moving body in the field of detection of the microwave sensor and a wireless data transmitter (4) configured to transmit data to a remote receiver. A main power supply... Agent:

20150002169 - Systems and methods for calibrating phase and sensitivity of current transducers: A circuit for calibrating a current transducer may include a first resistor and a second resistor, such that the first resistor and the second resistor may adjust a measurement output by a current sensor. The first resistor and the second resistor may adjust the measurement output by adjusting a phase... Agent:

20150002172 - Conductive thin film detector: The invention is directed to products used to detect and methods for detecting conductive materials in the presence of non-conductive materials, including non-conductive materials having dielectric properties. Specifically, the product is a conductive thin film detector, which is, preferably, a hand-held device designed to detect the presence of metal in,... Agent: United States Of America As Represented By The Federal Bureau Of Investigation, Dept. Of Justic

20150002173 - Method for detecting pattern offset amount of exposed regions and detecting mark: A method for detecting a pattern offset amount of exposed regions comprises forming at least one pair of conductive detecting marks with a predetermined position relationship by a patterning process including two exposing processes; detecting an electrical characteristic of the at least one pair conductive detecting marks, if the detected... Agent:

20150002174 - Tapered mutual capacitive sensing pattern for single touch: A system comprises a plurality of receiving electrode sets, each of the plurality of receiving electrodes being defined by a coupled intersecting diagonal bar; a plurality of sets of transmitting electrodes, each set of the transmitting electrodes having: at least a first electrode on a first side of its corresponding... Agent:

20150002175 - Method for the operation of a capacitive sensor array on a motor vehicle and associated device: A sensor array for the detection of movement gestures on a motor vehicle includes two elongated sensor electrode arrays offset from each other on the motor vehicle. At least one control and evaluation device is coupled to the arrays and detects a change in their capacitance. A longer array is... Agent: Huf Huelsbeck & Fuerst Gmbh & Co.

20150002176 - Touch sensing device and touchscreen apparatus: There are provided a touch sensing device and a touchscreen apparatus. The touch sensing device includes: a node capacitor; a self-capacitor disposed between one terminal of the node capacitor and a ground; a driving circuit applying predetermined driving signals to the node capacitor and the self-capacitor; and a sensing circuit... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150002177 - Impedance determination: Apparatus for use in performing impedance measurements on a subject. The apparatus includes a processing system for causing a first signal to be applied to the subject, determining an indication of a second signal measured across the subject, using the indication of the second signal to determine any imbalance and... Agent:

20150002178 - Apparatus and method for measuring electrical properties of matter: The present disclosure provides a method and an apparatus for measuring electrical conductivity of liquids. In one aspect, the apparatus includes a waveform generator module configured to generate a first waveform signal and to supply the first waveform signal to a sensor; a phase adjustment module configured to receive the... Agent:

20150002179 - Voltage detector, electronic device, and control method of voltage detector: There is provided a voltage detector including a reference voltage generator that generates a constant reference voltage when a power supply voltage is higher than a predetermined threshold voltage, and a detector that, when the power supply voltage exceeds a voltage that is higher than the threshold voltage by a... Agent:

20150002180 - Space transformer and probe card: A space transformer includes: a ceramic substrate that contains enstatite and boron nitride as components; a through hole running through in a thickness direction with respect to a sintered body in which the boron nitride is oriented in one direction; conductive material provided inside the through hole; and a wiring... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20150002181 - Probe tip formation for die sort and test: Probe tip formation is described for die sort and test. In one example, the tips of wires of a test probe head are prepared for use as test probes. The wires are attached to a test probe head substrate. The end opposite the substrate has a tip. The tips of... Agent:

20150002182 - Visible laser probing for circuit debug and defect analysis: Visible laser probing is described. In one example a probe device has a laser configured to provide a laser beam at a visible wavelength, an objective lens positioned in front of the laser to focus the laser beam on an active region of an integrated circuit through a back side... Agent:

20150002183 - Semiconductor device comprising an output driver circuitry, a packaged semiconductor device and associated methods: A semiconductor device comprises a plurality of output pads bondable to an output pin, a plurality of reference pads bondable to a reference pin, and output driver circuitry with a control terminal for receiving a control signal and arranged to drive the plurality of output pads relative to the plurality... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150002184 - Method for testing a plurality of transistors in a target chip: The present invention relates to the chip testing field. A method for testing a plurality of transistors in a target chip is provided, characterized by automatically selecting a plurality of pre-defined transistors on the target chip and adding a connection layer to the key layers of each transistor such that... Agent: Semitronix Corporation

20150002185 - Logic capable power module: A wireless field device assembly comprises a process sensor, a housing, a transmitter, and a power module. The process sensor is configured to monitor a process variable and produce a sensor signal. The housing encloses an interior space of the wireless field device. The transmitter is enclosed within the interior... Agent:

20150002187 - Method and apparatus for monitoring the short-circuiting switching device of a three-phase motor: A method for monitoring the short-circuiting switching device of a three-phase motor (3) for driving vehicles, which is fed from a DC voltage source (1) via a controlled converter (2), wherein the short-circuiting switching device (5) actuated by a control logic (6) is connected to the inputs of the motor,... Agent: Fts Computertechnik Gmbh

20150002186 - Power grid outage and fault condition management: An outage intelligence application receives event messages indicative of occurrences associated with various devices within a power grid. The outage intelligence application determines a state of the various devices based on the event messages. Based on the event messages, the outage intelligence application can determine can determine and confirm an... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20150002188 - Detection circuit for detecting coil abnormality of dc fan motor: The present invention relates to a detection circuit for detecting coil abnormality of a DC fan motor, which is applied to a fan. The detection circuit comprises at least one detection unit and a processing unit. The detection unit is used to detect and receive the voltage signal at the... Agent:

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