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Electricity: measuring and testing

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11/13/2014 > 62 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20140333283 - Electrical energy measuring system for a mobile electrical power system: P

20140333284 - Flexible current sensor arrangement: A flexible current sensor arrangement comprises a plurality of discrete current sensing elements distributed along an elongate flexible carrier. An elongate flexible member for a current sensor arrangement comprises a plurality of carrying portions linked to one another by hinge portions, each carrying portion being configured for receiving a discrete... Agent: Sentec Ltd

20140333282 - Voltage and/or current sensing device for low-, medium- or high voltage switching devices: A voltage and/or current sensing device for low-, medium- or high voltage switching devices is disclosed as a constructively enhanced measuring device with high performance for use in switching devices. The sensing device can include a first voltage sensing part, a second voltage sensing part and a current sensing part... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20140333285 - Optical receiver and light reception current monitoring method: An optical receiver includes a light reception element for receiving an optical signal, a bias voltage supply/monitoring circuit for supplying a bias voltage to the light reception element and generating a monitoring voltage indicating magnitude of an output current of the light reception element, and a constant current source. The... Agent:

20140333286 - Load panel branch circuit monitor employing an intelligent current sensor module: A branch circuit monitor is for a load panel inputting a number of line voltages and including a plurality of currents. The branch circuit monitor includes a processor component having a plurality of digital interfaces and is structured to receive a plurality of first digital values from each of the... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140333289 - Current detection device for multi-sensor array: A current detection device for a multi-sensor array is provided. The current detection device includes a current input unit, a current conversion unit, a digital conversion unit, and a voltage applying unit. The current input unit amplifies a plurality of current signals input from a multi-sensor array according to a... Agent: Foundation Of Soongsil University-industry Cooperation

20140333288 - Power level identification circuit, power level flag circuit and power level supply system: A power level identification circuit includes a power interface, a voltage conversion unit, a waveform detection unit, a signal pre-processing unit and a processing unit. The power interface receives electrical power and first signals indicating a level of the power. The voltage conversion unit receives the power from the power... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140333287 - System for measuring power consumption of integrated circuit: An integrated circuit includes electronic components, a voltage regulator for generating a control voltage, and a power consumption measurement module. The power consumption measurement module is connected to the voltage regulator and includes an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for converting the control voltage to multiple digital control voltage samples, an averaging... Agent:

20140333290 - Method for improving common mode rejection in a rogowski coil-based circuit: A sensor includes a non-magnetic core having a first winding wrapped thereon. The first winding has a center tap dividing the first winding into a first winding portion and a second winding portion. The center tap is coupled to a reference voltage. The first winding portion and the second winding... Agent: Landis+gyr, Inc.

20140333291 - Method and apparatus for identifying locations of solar panels: System and method for identifying solar panels. In accordance with exemplary embodiments, an electrical signal within one or more solar cells of the solar panel is detected and processed to provide a detection signal corresponding to a distinguishing characteristic associated with the solar panel. In accordance with alternative exemplary embodiments,... Agent: Hiq Solar, Inc.

20140333293 - Current sensor: A current sensor includes: a magneto electric conversion element; and a magnetic field concentrating core applying a magnetic field caused by a measurement object current to the magneto electric conversion element. A planar shape of the magnetic field concentrating core perpendicular to a current flowing direction is a ring shape... Agent:

20140333292 - Self-shielded di/dt transformer for a meter: A sensor includes a core, first and second windings, an integrating amplifier circuit and a DC balancing circuit. The first and second windings are wrapped around the core. The integrating amplifier circuit has a first input coupled to the first winding, and an output operably coupled to the second winding.... Agent: Landis+gyr, Inc.

20140333294 - Method for determining a power consumption, supervision system and electric installation comprising application thereof: To determine a consumption in a group of branches of individual distribution of electrical energy, a method includes: a) detecting a change in electrical consumption in the branches, b) reading information relating to an electric current in a specific branch, then c) using the information, establishing an indication according to... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

20140333295 - Magnetic field sensor with immunity to external magnetic influences: A magnetic field sensor with enhanced immunity to external magnetic interference is presented. Included is a magnetic field signal generator and a demodulator. The magnetic field signal generator produces a magnetic field signal having a modulated signal portion in a first frequency band based on a sensed modulated AC bias... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, LLC

20140333297 - Rotary position detection device: A magnetic flux emission unit is mounted on a detection object and rotatable integrally with the detection object. An IC package includes a magnetism detection element, which sends a signal according to change in a magnetic flux caused when the magnetic flux emission unit rotates. A cover member includes a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140333296 - Rotating body of magnetic angle detector, manufacturing method thereof and magnetic angle detector having the rotating body: A method for manufacturing a rotating body of a magnetic angle detector, wherein the rotating body can be machined and manufactured with high accuracy without generating burrs, a rotating body manufactured by the method, and a magnetic angle detector having the rotating body. A tooth top surface and a tooth... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140333298 - Measuring system: A measuring system having a magnetic device for generating a magnetic field and having a magnetic field sensor for detecting a flux density of the magnetic field at least in a first spatial direction, whereby the magnetic field sensor is fixedly positioned relative to the magnetic device. The magnetic device... Agent: Micronas Gmbh

20140333299 - Measuring system: A measuring system, having a magnetic device for generating a magnetic field and having a magnetic field sensor with a sensor surface for detecting a flux density of the magnetic field penetrating the sensor surface at least in a first spatial direction, whereby the magnetic field sensor is fixedly positioned... Agent: Micronas Gmbh

20140333301 - Device for current measurement: A device for current measurement comprises a substrate with a first current conductor and a current sensor with a second current conductor. The current sensor is mounted above the first current conductor on the substrate. The second current conductor is formed with integrally attached first and second terminal leads through... Agent: Melexis Technologies Nv

20140333300 - Regulated magnetic flux density for extended current measurement: A current sensor senses a primary current in a conductor. The current sensor includes a core, a sensing device, and a magnetizing coil. The core is configured so that the primary current generates a first magnetic field concentrated in the core. A magnetic flux density of the core is established... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140333302 - Low power stimulated emission nuclear quadrupole resonance detection at multiple reference power levels: System and methods for detecting substances such as explosives via the nuclear quadrapole resonance effect. We observe that the nuclear quadrupole resonances of explosives located within a cavity portal involve continuous Rabi transitions which are nonlinear processes since stimulated emission occurs. In other words, where there are no resonances caused... Agent: Ami Research & Development, LLC

20140333303 - Magnetic resonance apparatus and method for rf excitation with two resonance frequencies to detect the cest effect: In a magnetic resonance apparatus and method for RF excitation with two resonance frequencies to detect the CEST effect, the RF excitation is achieved with the use of a first RF antenna and a second RF antenna of the magnetic resonance apparatus with a first portion of the RF excitation... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140333304 - Method of determining catalytic fines in an oil: The system comprises a NMR spectrometer, a digital memory storing a calibration map comprising calibrating data for calibrating NMR spectra obtained by the NMR spectrometer and a computer programmed to analyze the NMR spectra obtained by the NMR spectrometer using calibration map and performing at least one quantitative and/or qualitative... Agent:

20140333305 - Multiple channel nuclear magnetic resonance coil: A multi-channel nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) coil operating at a resonance frequency includes a plurality of unit loops disposed upon a cylindrical surface of a coil body and surrounding the coil body as a closed NMR coil; and a plurality of inter-loop capacitors configured to connect adjacent unit loops respectively,... Agent: Shenzhen Rf Tech Co., Ltd.

20140333306 - Use of gradient coils for correcting higher order bo field inhomogeneities in mr imaging: The invention relates to a method of correcting higher order B0 magnetic field inhomogeneities in the examination volume of an MR device. According to the invention, currents through two or more coil sections (X1, X2) of at least one of a plurality of gradient coils (4) are independently controlled in... Agent:

20140333308 - Advanced detector system and method using forward three-dimensional induced polarization method for tbm construction tunnel: Disclosed is an advanced detector system and method using a forward three-dimensional induced polarization method for a TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) construction tunnel. A narrow detection space of a full-face excavated tunnel is fully used, a controller controls doors of a source and measuring electrode compartment and a shielding electrode... Agent:

20140333307 - Downhole salinity measurement: A downhole salinity measurement and logging sensor system has multiple cells, each to measure conductivity, temperature and pressure of fluids at depths of interest in a wellbore. The multiple cells protect against effects of non-homogeneous wellbore fluids. The system also determines salinity of the liquid in the wellbore from conductance... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20140333309 - Electronic marker locator systems and methods: A locator for determining the depth of a buried electromagnetic marker includes a transmission antenna and two reception antennas. The locator has a major axis and is configured. The transmission antenna is configured to generate an oscillatory magnetic field parallel to the major axis. The first reception antenna of the... Agent:

20140333310 - Angular position sensor with magnetometer: An angular position sensor can include a magnetic device from which a magnetic field emanates, and multiple magnetometers, whereby each magnetometer senses a varying strength of the magnetic field due to relative rotation between components of a well tool. A method of determining an azimuthal position of a shaft which... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc

20140333311 - Relay detection apparatus and method of operating the same: A relay detection apparatus includes at least one relay, a voltage detection module, and a voltage comparison unit. The relay has an input contact, an output normally-open contact, and an output normally-close contact. The voltage detection module has a first voltage detection unit and a second voltage detection unit. The... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20140333313 - Application independent map-based cycle life testing of battery cells: A method and system for application independent map-based cycle life testing of battery cells is provided. A target depth of discharge (DOD) and a charge/discharge current level is selected for the battery test. The battery is discharged to the target DOD. The battery is cycled within the DOD range one... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

20140333314 - Current measuring circuit, battery and motor vehicle: A current measuring circuit for redundantly measuring electrical current includes a measuring resistor, a magnetic field sensor, and an evaluation circuit on an evaluation circuit board. The evaluation circuit is used to determine electrical current using the measuring resistor. The magnetic field sensor on the evaluation circuit board and the... Agent:

20140333316 - Fuel cell system: A fuel cell system comprises: a fuel cell formed of a plurality of cells stacked therein, each cell generating electric power through an electrochemical reaction between a fuel gas and an oxidant gas; a cell monitor capable of detecting a group voltage for each group wherein each group is composed... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140333315 - Monitoring system and vehicle: An object is to provide, at low costs, a function for determining whether a monitoring section should execute a self-diagnosis. A monitoring system has a monitoring section for acquiring information on the charge and discharge state of an electric storage device and a determination section for determining the charge and... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140333312 - Soc determination by evaluation of effects invoked by dimensional changes of battery cells: A system and method for monitoring a state-of-charge (SOC) of a battery, where the system includes a sensor and a controller. The sensor provides a measurement signal that can track changes of a nominal volume of the battery by either measuring a size or pressure of the battery, where the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140333317 - Battery state estimator combining electrochemical solid-state concentration model with empirical equivalent-circuit model: A battery state estimator which combines an electrochemical solid-state concentration model with an empirical equivalent-circuit model. The battery state estimator uses a reduced-order physics-based electrochemical solid-state concentration model to calculate open circuit voltage of a battery cell, and uses the calculated open circuit voltage in an equivalent-circuit model to evaluate... Agent:

20140333318 - Arrangement of an electronic sensor device at a terminal post clamp of a battery and a method for producing such an arrangement: An arrangement of an electronic sensor device (3) at a terminal post clamp (1) of a battery. The arrangement comprises: a terminal post clamp (1) of a battery; an electronic sensor device (3); a housing (10), which can accommodate the electronic sensor device (3); and a fastening means, which can... Agent:

20140333319 - Characterization of substrate doping and series resistance during solar cell efficiency measurement: Short-circuit current, maximum power, and open circuit voltage during a single flash are determined by varying intensity, voltage, and current. An apparatus determines the substrate doping and the series resistance of the solar cell. The series resistance of the cell is determined from a voltage step from the maximum power... Agent:

20140333320 - Circuit arrangement for detecting a short circuit in a power switch arrangement: A circuit arrangement detects a short circuit between first and second terminal connections of a power switch for energizing a load connected to the first and second terminal connections. A first power switch is located between a high potential of a supply voltage and the first terminal connection and a... Agent:

20140333321 - Insulation state detecting device: An insulation state detecting device includes a positive side input terminal connected to a positive side power line of a high voltage DC power supply, a negative side input terminal connected to a negative side power line of the high voltage DC power supply, a ground electrode, a controller that... Agent:

20140333322 - Monitoring and fault detection of electrical appliances for ambient intelligence: The operation of electrical appliances receiving electrical power from an electrical system may be indirectly monitored using monitoring units engaged with outlets on branch circuits of the electrical system. Electrical systems providing power to appliances to be monitored in accordance with the present invention may comprise split phase alternating current... Agent: Horizon Analog, Inc.

20140333323 - Multi-node electrical power monitoring, analysis, and related services: The operation of electrical appliances receiving electrical power from an electrical system may be indirectly monitored using monitoring units engaged with outlets on branch circuits of the electrical system. Electrical systems providing power to appliances to be monitored in accordance with the present invention may comprise split phase alternating current... Agent: Horizon Analog, Inc.

20140333324 - Indirect electrical appliance power consumption monitoring and management: The operation of electrical appliances receiving electrical power from an electrical system may be indirectly monitored using monitoring units engaged with outlets on branch circuits of the electrical system. Electrical systems providing power to appliances to be monitored in accordance with the present invention may comprise split phase alternating current... Agent: Horizon Analog, Inc.

20140333325 - Test module device and a test method for monitoring the stability of processes: The present invention discloses a test method for monitoring the stability of process and a test module device thereof. The test module device comprises: a substrate, a certain number of the first metal wires, a certain number of the second metal wires, an insulating block is disposed between the adjacent... Agent: Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation

20140333326 - Methods and systems for the rapid detection of concealed objects: The present invention provides for an improved scanning process having microwave arrays comprised of microwave transmitters in radiographic alignment with microwave receivers. The microwave array emits controllably directed microwave radiation toward an object under inspection. The object under inspection absorbs radiation in a manner dependent upon its metal content. The... Agent: Rapiscan Systems, Inc.

20140333327 - On-die capacitance measurement module and method for measuring an on-die capacitive load: An on-die capacitance measurement module (ODCMM) arranged to measure a capacitance element. The ODCMM comprises an oscillating voltage supply that outputs first and second oscillating voltage signals, the first and second oscillating voltage signals comprising differing phases, and the oscillating voltage supply component coupled to a first node of the... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140333328 - Apparatus and method for tft fingerprint sensor: A low cost, two-dimensional, fingerprint sensor includes a pixel array, each pixel including a switch and a pixel electrode for forming a capacitance with a fingertip. One or more active transmission electrodes are spaced from a selected row of the pixel array, and transmit a carrier signal into the finger... Agent:

20140333329 - Method and apparatus for measuring thickness of layer in printed circuit board: A method for testing an electronic device comprises providing a device under test (DUT) defined on a printed circuit board (PCB). The DUT includes a measurement target layer forming part of the PCB, and a transmission line which is in contact with the measurement target layer. The method further comprises... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd .

20140333331 - Ionization monitoring device and method: An air ionization monitoring device 200 and method is disclosed herein. In a described embodiment, the air ionization monitoring device 200 comprises an ion source 202 adapted to emit ions 204 and a capacitor 208 including a first conductor 210 arranged to be exposed to the ions 204 emitted by... Agent:

20140333330 - Sensor and method of sensing a value of a parameter: A sensor for sensing a parameter includes a capacitor, a switch and a comparator. The capacitor is configured to be charged or discharged by at least one of a first current signal or a second current signal. The switch is configured to selectively connect or disconnect the first current signal... Agent:

20140333332 - Electronic device, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: An exemplary electronic device is in a housing to be gripped by both hands, and measures the potentials of first and second fingers of respectively different hands. The device includes: a first electrode group provided in a position to come in contact with the first finger, including a first main... Agent:

20140333333 - Substrate evaluation apparatus and substrate evaluation method using the same: A substrate evaluation apparatus and method which includes a substrate storage portion accommodating a substrate, first and second fastening portions are arranged in the substrate storage portion and are each fastened to a side of the substrate, a driving portion driving the first and second fastening portions, and a measurement... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140333334 - Parallelism adjusting device and parallelism adjusting method: A parallelism adjusting device and a parallelism adjusting method capable of adjusting the parallelism between the surface of a semiconductor and the surface of an electrode by reducing the load on the semiconductor and capable of shortening the cycle time by increasing the operating speed. A probe device of adjusting... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140333335 - Probe: A probe includes a first deforming portion which includes a linkage mechanism formed by a vertical probe and a plurality of horizontal beams extending in a direction perpendicular to vertical direction, one ends of the horizontal beams being connected to a fixed end and the other ends being connected to... Agent:

20140333336 - Testing of electronic devices through capacitive interface: An embodiment of a test apparatus for executing a test of a set of electronic devices having a plurality of electrically conductive terminals, the test apparatus including a plurality of electrically conductive test probes for exchanging electrical signals with the terminals, and coupling means for mechanically coupling the test probes... Agent:

20140333337 - Current applying device: A current applying device in which a contact electrode is destroyed firstly when a large current is applied in the event of failure. A probe device is configured by serially connecting a contact body that is to be in contact with the surface of a power semiconductor to apply a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140333338 - Device for checking electronic cards: The device for checking electronic cards includes a base in which conductive nails are arranged pointing upwards, and a cover, also fitted with nails pointing downwards in the closed cover position. The cover is mobile in horizontal translation between an open position and an intermediate position. The device can also... Agent:

20140333339 - Board, integrated circuit testing arrangement, and method for operating an integrated circuit: A board may include a first set of board contact pads arranged on a first side of the board, the pads configured to connect to circuit pads of a circuit under test, the positions of the pads matching to the positions of the circuit pads; a fan-out region on the... Agent:

20140333340 - Method and apparatus for registering conditions of performance in a photovoltaic array: Apparatus and method for registering conditions of performance in a photovoltaic array are provided. A group of neighboring photovoltaic modules may be arranged to sense a reference performance for a respective photovoltaic module of the photovoltaic array. Each of the neighboring photovoltaic modules may have a transmitter to transmit data... Agent: General Electric Company

20140333341 - Testing fuse configurations in semiconductor devices: Methods, systems, and apparatus for testing semiconductor devices.... Agent: Rambus Inc.

20140333342 - Electric current application method and electric current applying device: An electric current application method for applying electric current to a power semiconductor 100 having a first signal pin contact region 102 that conducts a first electric current, and a contacting body contact region 101 that electrically connects with the first signal pin contact region 102 and conducts a second... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140333343 - Detection of bending effects in the case of electric drives: A method and a corresponding system for detecting a malfunction in an electric drive unit. The method comprises the following steps: ascertain (S17) a current flow characteristic (1) of an electric drive unit; detect (S33) a gradient change in the current flow characteristic (1) at a first point in time... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 41 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20140327427 - Coating defect detection apparatus and method for cut-to-length catheter shafts: Detection of a coating defect on a catheter shaft, by imposing AC voltage between an electrode and a grounding tube, passing the catheter shaft through the grounding tube and through the hole of the electrode, monitoring the voltage between the electrode and the grounding tube, and detecting the coating defect,... Agent: Clinton Instrument Company

20140327428 - Detecting device and method, and program: The present invention relates to a detecting device and method, and a program which can detect a power state easily at low cost. A current transformer measures current of a commercial power system from a commercial power supply through a connection point of the commercial power system and a power... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140327429 - Vector network power meter: System and method for implementing a Vector Network Power Meter (VNPM) as a new class of electronic test instrument that uses a novel topology based upon a reflectometer to combine the functionality of a Power Meter with that of a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). The VNPM overcomes application limitations of... Agent: Litepoint Corporation

20140327430 - Method and arrangement for determining an electrical characteristics at a regulation point: A method for determining electrical characteristics at a point of regulation to which plural energy providing/production units are connected via a common node is provided. The electrical characteristics at an output terminal of each of the plural energy providing/production units are measured in order to obtain plural measured electrical characteristics.... Agent:

20140327431 - Voltage detection device: A voltage detection device controls operation of system main relays to change an applied voltage supplied to detection circuits. An error of each of the detection circuits is corrected on the basis of a detection value of each of the detection circuits when the applied voltage is changed. In particular,... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140327432 - Micro inductive sensor: An inductive sensor includes a sensor package and a coupler package. The sensor package includes a signal processor, an integrated capacitor, a ferrite layer, a transmitter coil, a two part receiving coil, and a plurality of discrete components. The coupler package includes an integrated capacitor, a ferrite layer, and a... Agent: KsrIPHoldings, LLC

20140327433 - Bondline embedded current sensor: A system for monitoring electrical current passing through a cured bondline may include a current sensor network embedded in an adhesive layer of the cured bondline. The current sensor network may include a plurality of inductive coils and a plurality of current sensor nodes electrically interconnecting the inductive coils to... Agent:

20140327434 - Magnetic field sensor: Provided is a magnetic field sensor with which it is possible to simultaneously operate a DC flux gate magnetometer and a search coil magnetometer, a sensor is miniaturized by the DC flux gate magnetometer and the search coil magnetometer being positioned close to one another, and it is possible to... Agent: Kyushu University, National University Corporation

20140327435 - Hall sensor: A Hall sensor comprises at least three Hall sensor elements (1, 2, . . . , 94) that respectively comprise at least three element terminals (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H) and are interconnected in a circuit grid with a structure that is more than one-dimensional, as well... Agent: Ams Ag

20140327437 - Current sensor: This patent discloses a current sensor comprising a sensor bridge (14), which consists of several magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) elements (R11, R12, R21, R22), a MTJ temperature compensation resistor (16), and a current lead (20), which are integrated onto the same chip. The current lead (20) is positioned close to... Agent:

20140327436 - Power module with integrated current sensor: A power module includes a first substrate having a metallized side, a second substrate spaced apart from the first substrate and having a metallized side facing the metallized side of the first substrate, and a semiconductor die interposed between the first and second substrates. The semiconductor die has a first... Agent:

20140327438 - Dynamic field camera arrangement for magnetic resonance applications and methods for operating the same: A dynamic field camera arrangement for monitoring electromagnetic field behavior in a spatial region comprises a main magnetic field and a radiofrequency (RF) field limited to a first RF band, particularly in an MRI or NMR apparatus. The arrangement comprises a magnetic field detector set comprising a plurality of low-frequency... Agent:

20140327439 - Stable three-axis nuclear spin gyroscope: An n-NV-based gyroscope is provided that includes a diamond structure implanted with a plurality of NV centers, whose nuclear spins form a spin gyroscope. A number of radio-frequency (rf) coils and microwave (μw) co-planar waveguides are fabricated on the diamond structure to provide a sensitive and stable three-axis gyroscope in... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140327440 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and region-imaging method: In order to reduce image quality deterioration due to static magnetic field inhomogeneity according to imaging conditions without increasing an operator workload, shimming current where static magnetic field inhomogeneity of a selected region is reduced is calculated, shimming is performed for the selected region using the calculated local Bo shimming... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20140327441 - Measuring facility for measuring a magnetic field in a magnetic resonance device, use of a measuring facility and magnetic resonance device:

20140327442 - Debugging device for a body coil of a magnetic resonance imaging system: A debugging device for a body coil of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system includes a pair of output ports connected to a pair of input ports of the body coil. The debugging device also includes a pair of input ports connected to a pair of output ports of the... Agent:

20140327443 - Object detection system and methodology: A technique facilitates detection of an object passing along a conduit, such as a wellbore conduit. The object is released into an internal passage of the conduit, and the conduit is monitored at a given location or locations along the conduit. Movement of the object past the location or locations... Agent:

20140327444 - Battery monitoring assembly having battery monitor module and cable for connection to a shunt of the module: A vehicle battery monitoring assembly includes a terminal connectable to a battery post, a shunt formed of a first metallic material, and a cable formed of a different second metallic material. The shunt is connected at one end to the terminal. The assembly further includes a sheet formed of the... Agent: Lear Corporation

20140327445 - Evaluation apparatus and evaluation method of sheet type cell: The present invention is characterized in that an electrode probe is brought into contact with a measurement part on an outer surface of at least one of the positive electrode and the negative electrode, and quantity of electricity is measured at the measurement part, so as to evaluate the sheet... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Nihon Micronics

20140327446 - Fet nanopore sensor: A method of using a sensor comprising a field effect transistor (FET) embedded in a nanopore includes placing the sensor in an electrolyte comprising at least one of biomolecules and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA); placing an electrode in the electrolyte; applying a gate voltage in the sub-threshold regime to the electrode;... Agent:

20140327447 - Circuit arrangement and method for establishing compatibility between a field device and a diagnostic system: The invention relates to a circuit arrangement for establishing compatibility between a field device or an interface device for a field device and a diagnostic system pertaining to a control system, to the output of which the interface device or field device can be connected. The diagnostic system is adapted... Agent: Pepperl + Fuchs Gmbh

20140327448 - System and method for monitoring power facility status by mesauring online electric circuit parameter: The present invention relates to a system and a method for monitoring a power facility by measuring from online a line parameter of the power facility that is in operation, and the system for monitoring the power facility, according to the present invention, sets a measurement time and selects a... Agent:

20140327450 - Device and method for testing the state of the connection of a load connected to a connection point: A device and a method test the connection of a load connected to a connection point. The connection point is formed between a first switching element, which is connected between a high supply voltage potential and the connection point, and a second switching element, which is connected between the connection... Agent:

20140327449 - Electricity meter hot socket detection: When a poor meter to socket connection occurs, there is the potential for arcing to develop which can result in a hot socket and a fire. Disclosed herein are methods for a meter to detect the occurrence of an arc condition in the socket by analyzing the RF noise on... Agent: Elster Solutions, LLC

20140327451 - Adaptive frequency-domain windowing: A method, apparatus and software related product are presented for adaptive frequency-domain windowing to determine a time-domain crosstalk in a cable and produce effective TDX plots regardless of the frequency of a worst NEXT (near-end crosstalk). An adaptive window such as a low pass or pass band window may be... Agent: Fluke Networks Inc.

20140327452 - Scratch resistant touch sensor: A method of manufacturing a scratch resistant, touch sensor comprising: (1) applying a non-polymer protective coating solution to a touch sensor; and (2) forming a cross-linked polymer structure by curing the protective coating solution.... Agent:

20140327454 - Device for triggering an action on an opening panel of a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a device for triggering an action on an opening panel of a motor vehicle. The device (1) comprises in particular: a capacitive sensor (C) for detecting a variation in capacitance, comprising at least three electrodes (E1, E2, E3), said at least three electrodes (E1, E2, E3)... Agent: Valeo Securite Habitacle

20140327453 - Urine production handling device and method: Method for automatically, with the aid of a processor, determining a surface degeneration of a first surface of a urine handling system, the first surface being intended to come into contact with urine, the method comprises the following main steps: a) repeatedly measuring one or more capacitive values of the... Agent: Observe Medical Aps

20140327455 - Sensor circuit arrangement: In a sensor circuit arrangement, a capacitance of a sensor capacitor is measured by a circuit which supplies a corresponding sensor signal. The circuit comprises a differential amplifier with an input, an output and a feedback loop between the input and the output. It further comprises a first capacitor arranged... Agent:

20140327456 - Detecting circuit for fan installation: Detecting circuit for a plurality fans includes a plurality of detecting units, a connection unit, a processing unit, and a plurality of indicating units whose number equals the number of the detecting units. The detecting units detect whether the fans have been properly installed and then output detection signals. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140327458 - Integration of current measurement in wiring structure of an electronic circuit: A method of manufacturing an electronic circuit with an integrally formed capability of providing information indicative of a value of a current flowing in the electronic circuit, wherein the method comprises forming an electrically conductive wiring structure on a substrate, configuring a first section of the wiring structure for contributing... Agent:

20140327459 - Substrate of electronic device, electronic device including the same, and measuring method of resistance at connection portion: A substrate of an electronic device may include a first test region and a second test region to measure resistance at a connection portion. The first test region and the second test region each comprise a plurality of measuring pad portions, a protective layer disposed on the plurality of measuring... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140327457 - Tracking energy consumption using a boost-buck technique: The invention relates to an apparatus and method for tracking energy consumption. An energy tracking system comprises at least one switching element, at least one inductor and a control block to keep the output voltage at a pre-selected level. The switching elements are configured to apply the source of energy... Agent:

20140327460 - Test apparatus and method for determining long term reliability of an implantable device: The present invention is a system and method for testing the long term reliability of an implantable device. The system provides a vessel containing temperature controlled buffered saline. A support structure suspends a test device in the vessel so it is submerged in the buffered saline and provides mechanical stress... Agent:

20140327461 - Probe card assembly for testing electronic devices: A probe card assembly can comprise a guide plate comprising probe guides for holding probes in predetermined positions. The probe card assembly can also comprise a wiring structure attached to the guide plate so that connection tips of the probes are positioned against and attached to contacts on the wiring... Agent: Formfactor, Inc.

20140327462 - Test socket providing mechanical stabilization for pogo pin connections: A test socket for electrically connecting a device under test (DUT) to an electrical signal source comprises a plurality of pogo pins spaced apart from each other, a stabilizing plate supporting the plurality of pogo pins, a plurality of conductive lines passing through the stabilizing plate and configured to electrically... Agent: Avago Technologies GeneralIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20140327463 - Membrane sheet with bumps for probe card, probe card and method for manufacturing membrane sheet with bumps for probe card: A probe card is for testing a wafer which allows for stable contact with electrode pads of a wafer simultaneously under small contact pressure in wafer test procedures. A probe card includes a frame plate which is provided with a plurality of through-holes corresponding to semiconductor chips of a wafer,... Agent: Elfinote Technology Corporation

20140327464 - Testing of semiconductor chips with microbumps: A test structure including an array of microbumps electrically connecting a chip and a substrate, wherein a width of each microbump of the array of microbumps is equal to or less than about 50 microns (μm). The test structure further includes an interconnect structure connected to the array of microbumps.... Agent:

20140327465 - Structures and methods for testing integrated circuits and via chains therein: An exemplary structure for testing an integrated circuit includes a semiconductor substrate and first and second via chains disposed over the substrate. The via chains include a substantially same sequence of segments interconnected at N via regions by a respective first and second via arrangement. The first via arrangement includes... Agent: Globalfoundries, Inc.

20140327467 - Energy tracking system: A system for tracking energy use in a electronic circuit. In one embodiment, an energy tracking system includes pulse timing logic and reporting logic. The pulse timing logic is configured to receive a pulse signal from a DC-DC converter, and measure a duration of a pulse of the pulse signal.... Agent:

20140327466 - Over voltage protection testing apparatus: Therefore, no extra testing voltage source is required for testing the over voltage protection function of the power supply apparatus. Moreover, the extra energy would be released to the energy release unit after the testing of the over voltage protection function of the power supply apparatus is finished. Therefore, the... Agent: Chicony Power Technology Co., Ltd

10/30/2014 > 56 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20140320108 - Testing device and testing method for quantum battery using semiconductor probe: This invention provide a testing device and method for a quantum battery by a semiconductor probe, whereby the electrical characteristics of the charging layer can be evaluated during the quantum battery manufacturing process. The testing device equipped with a semiconductor probe constituted by a conductive electrode and a metal oxide... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Nihon Micronics

20140320109 - Current detection: A method of detecting an electric current through a main bearing of a rotating system comprising: a hub; a plurality of blades connected to the hub; at least one electrical motor arranged at the hub; a main shaft attached to the hub and enclosing cabling for providing electrical power to... Agent:

20140320110 - Measuring apparatus, measuring method, and measuring program: A measuring apparatus for measuring a characteristic of a crystal unit includes an input unit, a measuring unit, a storage unit, and a calibrating unit. The input unit is configured to input a measurement signal into the crystal unit. The measuring unit is configured to measure the characteristic of the... Agent: Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20140320112 - Current detecting device: A current detecting device includes an exciting coil (3) wound around a magnetic core (2) enclosing a conductor through which flows a measurement current, and an oscillator circuit (4) that generates a square wave voltage which is supplied to the exciting coil (3). Furthermore, the current detecting device includes a... Agent: Fuji Electric Fa Components & Systems Co., Ltd.

20140320111 - Current sensor based on a rogowski coil: A current sensor based on a Rogowski coil characterised in that it comprises a polygonal cross-section tube obtained from of one or more parts of rigid PCB, wherein the windings that form the Rogowski coil are located on the portions of rigid PCB which form the flat faces of said... Agent: Arteche Centro De Tecnolog&#xcd A, A.i.e.

20140320114 - Method for controlling an electrical device and an electrical device: An electrical device includes a magnetic sensor circuitry (101) for detecting magnetic field and for generating a detection signal in response to the detected magnetic field, and a control circuitry (102) for controlling operation of the electrical device in accordance with the detection signal. The magnetic sensor circuitry is configured... Agent: Tellabs Oy

20140320116 - Method for diagnosing a variable reluctance magnetic detection head, and detection circuit: A variable-reluctance magnetic detection head delivers an electrical signal (Uin) and a rising wavefront of the electrical signal is compared with a first threshold (Th) in order to switch from a first state (B0) to a second state (B1), and a falling wavefront is compared with a second threshold (Tb)... Agent:

20140320115 - Rotation angle detector: A rotation angle detector for detecting the magnetic change caused by rotation of a rotatable member, has a resin molding, a pair of magnetic property detection members, and a plurality of sensor terminals. Each of the magnetic property detection members has a sensor portion for detecting the magnetic change caused... Agent: Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140320113 - Sensor: Provided is a sensor capable of holding a sensing element at a position of good sensitivity without requiring filling of the case with resin. The sensor includes a sensing element, a case accommodating the sensing element and having a detecting face for the sensing element in an outer face thereof,... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140320117 - Method for producing magneto-resistive effect element, magnetic sensor, rotation-angle detection device: A magnetic sensor includes a plurality of magneto-resistive effect elements each configured by using a magneto-resistive effect film formed by laminating a pinned layer, a nonmagnetic layer, and a free layer in order from a side of a substrate. A first linear pattern is formed in a first portion on... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140320118 - Sensor module with a displacement sensor and a pressure sensor in a common housing: A sensor module comprises a housing in which a first displacement sensor and a first pressure sensor are arranged. The sensor module can have a second displacement sensor and a second pressure sensor. The module is being provided to monitor a coupling of a motor vehicle, for example a dual... Agent:

20140320120 - Rotation angle sensor: The rotational angle sensor for measuring the rotational angle of a shaft has two code disks, the first code disk of which is rotationally fixed to the shaft while the second code disk is held between the shaft and the housing by two spring groups. Each code disk is assigned... Agent:

20140320119 - Rotation sensing apparatus: A sensor main body includes sensing elements, which sense rotation of a rotatable body. A first molded body is made of a resin material and covers the sensor main body. The sensor main body is placed at a distal end portion of the first molded body. A cover covers the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140320122 - Current sensor: A first magnetoelectric conversion element group including magnetoelectric conversion elements, and a second magnetoelectric conversion element group including magnetoelectric conversion elements are arranged across a cutout of a wiring board. The first and second groups are arranged line-symmetrically with respect to a first imaginary line. The elements in the first... Agent:

20140320121 - Measurements of earth's magnetic field indoors: f

20140320123 - Optical pumping magnetometer and magnetic sensing method: An optical pumping magnetometer is provided that is capable of improving the response of the magnetometer with respect to a magnetic field that varies with a period shorter than the transverse relaxation time of electron spin of an alkali metal atom.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140320124 - Integrated circuit package having a split lead frame and a magnet: A magnetic field sensor includes a lead frame having a plurality of leads, at least two of which have a connection portion and a die attach portion. A semiconductor die is attached to the die attach portion of the at least two leads and a separately formed ferromagnetic element, such... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, LLC

20140320125 - Non-intrusive monitoring: Methods and apparatus for non-intrusive monitoring by sensing physical parameters such as electric and/or magnetic fields. Such apparatus and techniques may find application in a variety of fields, such as monitoring consumption of electricity, water, etc., in homes or businesses, for example, or industrial process monitoring.... Agent:

20140320126 - Statistical analysis of combined log data: A method for determining at least one characteristic of a geological formation having a borehole therein may include collecting nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) data of the geological formation adjacent the borehole, and collecting non-NMR data for the geological formation adjacent the wellbore. The method may further include performing a Monte... Agent:

20140320129 - Magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging volume of interest positioning: A MRSI system (100) includes a structure of interest identifier (206) that identifies a predetermined segmented structure in segmented MRI image data, a positioning rules bank (210) which stores rules for positioning a volume of interest with respect to the identified predetermined segmented structure of the segmented MRI image data,... Agent:

20140320127 - Method and device for determination of a magnetic resonance control sequence: In a method and device for the determination of a magnetic resonance control sequence that includes at least one first pulse arrangement that acts in a spatially selective manner in a first selection direction and a subsequent second pulse arrangement that acts in a spatially selective manner in a second... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140320128 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to acquire image data sets of an examination subject: In a magnetic resonance method and apparatus to image data sets of an examination subject by operation of the magnetic resonance apparatus, after detecting a region of the examination subject that is relevant to the examination, a coil element from each of two coil units is selected depending on the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140320130 - Antenna array for a magnetic resonance tomography system: An antenna array for a magnetic resonance tomography system includes a first ring with a plurality of first capacitors, a second ring with a plurality of second capacitors, and a plurality of antenna rods each extending from a region between two adjacent first capacitors to a region between two adjacent... Agent:

20140320132 - Coil arrangement for mpi: The present invention relates to a coil arrangement, in particular for use in a magnetic particle imaging apparatus (100), comprising a coil split into at least two coil segments, wherein the winding direction is inverted between at least one coil segment to another coil segment, and a capacitor coupled between... Agent:

20140320131 - Nmr rf probe coil exhibiting double resonance: NMR probe coils designed to operate at two different frequencies, producing a strong and homogenous magnetic field at both the frequencies. This single coil, placed close to the sample, provides a method to optimize the NMR detection sensitivity of two different channels. In addition, the present invention describes a coil... Agent:

20140320133 - Sonde devices including a sectional ferrite core: Sonde devices for providing magnetic field signals for use with utility locators or other devices are disclosed. In one embodiment a sonde device includes a housing, a core comprising a plurality of core sections, and one or more support structures, which may include windings. Circuit and/or power supply elements may... Agent: Seescan, Inc.

20140320134 - Electroacoustic method of conductivity measurement through casing: The present disclosure relates to methods and apparatuses for evaluating a porous earth formation. The method may include estimating a value of at least one parameter of interest of the earth formation using a signal indicative of acoustic waves generated at a metallic surface (200) in communication with the earth... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140320135 - Sensor module and electrode for a sensor module: The invention relates to a sensor module (10) for measuring an electrical variable, comprising at least one electrode (12, 13), which is arranged in a housing (58) made of an electrically insulating material and which can be connected to an electrical measuring device by means of a connecting cable, wherein... Agent:

20140320137 - Inspection method and inspection apparatus: An inspection method including following steps is provided. A pixel array substrate including a plurality of pixel units is in contact with a photoelectric inspection device. A plurality of electrical signals is inputted to the pixel units of the pixel array substrate and the photoelectric inspection device. Based on an... Agent: E Ink Holdings Inc.

20140320136 - Method of testing organic light-emitting display panel, mother substrate testing apparatus, and method of testing mother substrate: A method of testing an organic light-emitting display panel, a mother substrate testing apparatus, and a method of testing a mother substrate are provided. The method of testing an organic light-emitting display panel includes operations of applying an electric field to an encapsulation layer of the organic light-emitting display panel... Agent:

20140320139 - Apparatus and method for remote monitoring of partial discharge in electrical apparatus: Apparatus for remote monitoring of partial discharge events in electrical apparatus 1 includes one or more sensors 5 for detecting partial discharge pulses in one or more conductors 2 conveying electrical power to the apparatus. A programmed computer 5 analyses measured pulses and discriminates between those originating from the apparatus... Agent: High Voltage Partial Discharge Limited

20140320138 - Loop powered isolated contact input circuit and method for operating the same: A voltage is sensed at a switching device and the voltage is associated with a status of a switching device. The sensed voltage is converted to a useable voltage regardless of the value and type of the sensed voltage. At a single self-contained integrated circuit that is powered by the... Agent: Ge Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

20140320142 - Method and system for measuring electric current: A system for measuring electric current supplied by an electric battery, for example a battery in a motor vehicle, including: a Hall effect current sensor; a device for compensating for measurement errors made by the sensor, including a mechanism applying an operation close to the inverse of an operator characterizing... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20140320140 - Method for determining completion of discharge of a waste battery and determination device: Provided is an efficient method for determining the completion of discharging waste batteries, the method being capable of accurately identifying the discharging states of the charge remaining in the waste batteries and appropriately determining the completion of discharging without measuring the residual voltage of each of the waste batteries. The... Agent:

20140320141 - Secondary battery control device and soc detection method: A control device of a secondary battery uses, as material of a positive electrode, positive electrode active material that shows a difference of an open circuit voltage curve between charging and discharging. A storing unit stores, as discharge open circuit voltage information, a relationship between an SOC in a discharge... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20140320143 - Battery management system and method for determining the charge state battery cells, battery and motor vehicle comprising a battery management system: A method for determining the charge state of battery cells or battery modules of a battery includes monitoring several battery cells or at least one battery module using a plurality of cell monitoring units. The respective electric current of the battery cells or battery modules is measured by the cell... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140320144 - Storage battery transfer support device and storage battery transfer support method: The present invention serves to reduce the costs associated with the overall life cycle of storage batteries by performing support so that a plurality of batteries are transferred between and used at a plurality of facilities. This storage battery transfer support device comprises: a collection unit that collects battery information... Agent:

20140320145 - Oscilloscope system and method for simultaneously displaying zoomed-in and zoomed-out waveforms: An oscilloscope system includes a current probe, a processing unit and a display unit. The current probe includes a high and low gain signal paths for receiving simultaneously a signal of interest from a device under test (DUT), and to output amplified small and large current portions of the signal... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140320146 - Ion chromatograph: A suppressor is structured by an ion exchange section being structured by an eluate path forming member forming an eluate path and a regenerant path forming member forming a regenerant path being stacked across an ion exchange film, and a heat-conductive heat block covering the outside of the ion exchange... Agent:

20140320147 - Electrical circuit: An electrical circuit includes a first circuit part and a second circuit part. A first electrical potential is applicable to the first circuit part, wherein a second electrical potential is applicable to the second circuit part. The two circuit parts are galvanically isolated from each other by an insulator, wherein... Agent:

20140320148 - System and method for detecting excess voltage drop in three-phase ac circuits: A system and method for detecting excess voltage drop (EVD) in a three-phase electrical distribution circuit includes a diagnostic system comprising a processor that is programmed to receive three-phase voltages and currents provided to terminals of the electrical machine, determine fundamental components of the three-phase voltages and currents provided to... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140320149 - Device for detecting fault in an electric line: A device for detecting faults in an electric line between a voltage source and a load is disclosed, The device includes a signal-generation unit a signal-receiving unit and an evaluation mechanism. The signal-generation unit is configured to produce a power-line signal and transmit the power-line signal via the electric line... Agent: Lisa Dr&#xe4 Xlmaier Gmbh

20140320150 - Shunt resistor based current sensor: A temperature sensor (60) is placed positionally corresponding to a central portion of a shunt resistor portion (SR). According to the configuration, it is possible to detect an approximately average temperature of the shunt resistor portion (SR) while avoiding a temperature biased in the temperature distribution in the shunt resistor... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140320151 - Tamper detection arrangement: A tamper detection arrangement for use within an integrated circuit (1), the arrangement comprising: at least one input capacitor (4) having a first capacitance value; a feedback capacitor (5) having a second capacitance value; a sensing arrangement comprising an amplifier circuit having the at least one input capacitor as an... Agent:

20140320152 - Dosimetry via platinum-ruthenium nanoparticle-decorated nanostructure: A dosimeter includes a platinum-ruthenium (PtRu) nanoparticle-decorated, -coated, or -deposited carbon nanostructure element. The PtRu nanoparticle-decorated carbon nanostructure element is foulably sensitive to a gas.... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140320153 - Oscilloscope current probe with interchangeable range and sensitivity setting modules: An oscilloscope current probe system includes a probe amplifier unit, a probe head identifier, and first and second probe heads interchangeably connectable to the probe amplifier unit. Each probe head has a respective electrically-readable type identifier, a respective current input to receive a current to be measured, a respective internal... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140320156 - Apparatus for detecting misalignment of test pad: An apparatus for detecting misalignment of a test pad and a probe card includes: a test pad unit; a guard unit configured to surround the test pad unit, and formed to maintain a predetermined interval with the test pad unit; and a power supply unit configured to supply a predetermined... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc.

20140320155 - Critical capacitor built in test: An electronic circuit and method for carrying out built in test of a capacitor connected to, and arranged to suppress noise at, an input of an electrical circuit is disclosed. The electronic circuit causes current pulses at the input, and monitors the voltage at the input by comparing the voltage... Agent: Silicon Sensing Systems Limited

20140320154 - Field device with self-testing of a piezoelectric transducer: An industrial process field device having a piezoelectric transducer performs self-testing of the condition of the piezoelectric transducer during a self-test mode. A charging current is supplied to the piezoelectric transducer, and voltage on the piezoelectric transducer as a result of the charging current is monitored. A diagnostic test result... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20140320157 - Oscilloscope probe having output clamping circuit: A probe for a measurement instrument comprises an input terminal configured to receive an input signal from a device under test (DUT), an output terminal configured to transmit an output signal to a measurement instrument, and a clamping circuit disposed in a signal path between the input terminal and the... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140320158 - Electrical probe for testing electronic device: An electrical probe comprises a cylindrical body which has a first end including a plurality of claws and a second end opposite to the first end for cooperating with an electrical test machine, wherein a concave contact surface conforming with the curvature of a solder ball of an electronic device... Agent:

20140320159 - Probe member for pogo pin: Provided is a probe member for a pogo pin, which is used for testing a semiconductor device, and at least a portion of which is inserted into a cylindrical body to be supported by an elastic member and an upper end of which contacts a terminal of the semiconductor device.... Agent: Isc Co., Ltd.

20140320160 - Integrated circuit for switching loads, circuit arrangement comprising an integrated circuit and a connected load, and method for operating such a circuit arrangement: An integrated circuit has a controllable switching element, the load path of which is arranged between an output of the integrated circuit and a supply potential. A test unit is connected to the connections of the switching element in order to carry out tests. A control unit is connected to... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

20140320161 - Testing system and method for dc-to-dc buck converter circuit: A testing system for a DC-to-DC buck converter circuit includes a multi-meter connected to the DC-to-DC buck converter circuit, an oscilloscope, and a control device. The control device is connected to the multi-meter and the oscilloscope and is configured to adjust the multi-meter and the oscilloscope, and gather data and... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140320162 - Wiring state detection device and intelligent power module: A wiring state detection device is configured to detect a state of a wiring that detachably and electrically connects a drive unit and a control unit via a connector. The drive unit has a switching element. The control unit is configured to perform drive control of the switching element. The... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140320163 - Method for monitoring a pump: A method for monitoring the functioning of an electric motor-driven pump (1), preferably in a vehicle (F), which has an internal electronics system (4) by means of which functional parameters of the pump (1) are monitored. The internal electronic system (4) relays the values of the functional parameters to a... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 50 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20140312877 - Ac/dc-sensitive residual current protective device (rcd) with parameter configuration: A residual current protective device (RCD) and a method for AC/DC-sensitive differential current measurement with a voltage-dependent functional unit, which includes an AC/DC-sensitive differential current measuring device, has a current sensor and an AC/DC-sensitive current detection module. A microcontroller configures the voltage-dependent functional unit and evaluates the differential current detected... Agent: Bender Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140312878 - Method for indexing dies comprising integrated circuits: Indexing a plurality of die obtainable from a material wafer comprising a plurality of stacked material layers. Each die is obtained in a respective position of the wafer. A manufacturing stage comprises at least two steps for treating a respective superficial portion of the material wafer that corresponds to a... Agent:

20140312879 - Method to realize electronic field-effect transistor sensors: A transistor includes at least one conductive layer, at least one gate dielectric layer and at least one semiconducting film deposited on top of a receptor molecule layer previously deposited or covalently linked to the surface of the gate dielectric. The layer of biological material includes single or double layers... Agent: Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche Istituto Pro- Cessi Chimico Fisici-ipcf

20140312880 - Wireless lamp power supply detection system and method: A wireless lamp detection system (20, 20′) is provided to wirelessly determine the topology of a lighting system (1) or the type of the power supply (3). The detection system (20, 20′) comprises a probe device (21, 21′) having at least a measurement probe (22), adapted for wireless coupling to... Agent:

20140312881 - System and method for determining rotor position offset of an electric machine: A method according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, detecting a position, including a polarity, of a rotor to detect incorrect rotor position offset of an electric machine without generating torque or motion within the electric machine.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140312882 - Anti-islanding protection in three-phase converters using grid synchronization small-signal stability: A small signal feedback loop or feed-forward loop having gain provides substantially unconditional instability in a phase locked loop when a reference phase signal is lost. The small signal feedback or feed-forward also modifies phase locked loop bandwidth when the reference phase signal is lost to increase rapidity of response... Agent:

20140312883 - Circuits and methods for generating a self-test of a magnetic field sensor: A magnetic field sensor includes built in self-test circuits that allow a self-test of most of, or all of, the circuitry of the magnetic field sensor, including self-test of a magnetic field sensing element used within the magnetic field sensor, while the magnetic field sensor is functioning in normal operation.... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, LLC

20140312884 - Method and arrangement for determining location and/or speed of a moving object and use of the arrangement: A method and an arrangement is provided for determining the location and/or speed of an object configured to move along a controlled trajectory, in connection with which object is fitted a measuring device measuring at least the magnetic field acting on the object in its different locations, which measuring device... Agent:

20140312885 - Magnetic flux enhancer system for reluctance type sensors: A magnetic flux enhancer system for a reluctance type resolver and an electromagnetic angle sensor having the same are provided. The electromagnetic angle sensor has a stator (210) and a rotor (115) that is rotatably supported by a rotation axis on the stator and separated therefrom by a gap, the... Agent: Arcelik Anonim Sirketi

20140312887 - Apparatus and method for monitoring the structural integrity of a pipeline: An inspection apparatus (100) for monitoring the structural integrity of a pipeline (101) comprising a central electromagnetic device (102) suitable for generating a magnetic field (106); a pair of magnetic conveyors (103′, 103″) connected to the central electromagnetic device (102) suitable for conveying the magnetic field (106) to the wall... Agent:

20140312886 - Magnetic permeability detector, developing device, image forming apparatus, and oscillation signal frequency calculation method therefor: A magnetic permeability detector includes an LC oscillator circuit including a coil and a capacitor; and a resistor connected in series with the coil.... Agent:

20140312890 - Apparatus and method for monitoring the structural integrity of a pipeline by means of a superconducting magnet: An inspection apparatus (100) for monitoring the structural integrity of a pipeline (101) comprising a superconducting electromagnet (102) suitable for generating a magnetic field (106); a cryostat (103) suitable for containing and preserving said superconducting electromagnet (102) at a low temperature; at least two magnetic conveyors (104′, 104″) connected at... Agent:

20140312888 - Flexible magnetostrictive probe having sensor elements without permanent magnets: A sensor for use in magnetostrictive testing of a structure. An array of sensor elements is attached to a flexible backing. Each sensor element has a thin strip made from magnetostrictive material, a first coil wrapped around the width of the strip and operable to provide a DC bias magnetic... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

20140312889 - Magnet evaluation device and method: A magnet evaluation device is provided for evaluating a magnet having at least two magnetic pieces bonded to an insulating material sandwiched between two adjacent ones of the magnetic pieces. The magnet evaluation device has an excitation coil and a detection coil. The excitation coil is configured to generate a... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20140312891 - Eddy current inspection probe based on magnetoresistive sensors: A device and method of eddy current based nondestructive testing of tubular structures made of electrically conductive materials is disclosed. The device includes a plurality of excitation electromagnets having an axis of symmetry and magnetoresistive sensors having an easy axis for magnetic field sensing; wherein the magnetoresistive sensors are arranged... Agent: Zetec, Inc.

20140312892 - Compensation current sensor arrangement: The current sensor arrangement according to the compensation principle has a primary conductor, designed to generate a primary magnetic field dependent on a current to be measured flowing through it, a first secondary winding, designed to generate a first secondary magnetic field dependent on a first compensation current flowing through... Agent: Vaccumschmelze Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140312893 - Intelligent electronic sensors for monitoring electrical circuits: Intelligent electronic sensors, system containing such sensors, and methods for using such sensors for monitoring electrical circuits are described herein. The electronic sensors can monitor current flow through a conducting line and are oriented substantially parallel to the conducting line. The electronic sensors comprise a sensor module comprising a current... Agent:

20140312894 - Measuring device for measuring the magnetic properties of the surroundings of the measuring device: A measuring device for measuring magnetic properties of the surroundings of the device includes at least one magnetoresistive element extending in a line direction, and a support field device generating a magnetic support field in an area over the line direction. A pre-magnetization device of one or more magnets are... Agent:

20140312895 - Non-contact current and voltage sensor: A detachable current and voltage sensor provides an isolated and convenient device to measure current passing through a conductor such as an AC branch circuit wire, as well as providing an indication of an electrostatic potential on the wire, which can be used to indicate the phase of the voltage... Agent:

20140312896 - Observation of axial magnetization of an object in a magnetic field: A method of observing axial magnetization (Mz) in an object (O) located in a main magnetic field (B0) comprises the step of determining magnetic field intensity (Bp) in at least one magnetic field probe (P) arranged in the neighborhood of the object. The magnetic field probe comprises a magnetic resonance... Agent:

20140312897 - Magnetic resonance imaging data correction methods and systems: Systems and methods for correcting magnetic resonance (MR) data are provided. One method includes receiving the MR data and correcting errors present in the MR data due to non-uniformities in magnetic field gradients used to generate the diffusion weighted MR signals. The method also includes correcting errors present in the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140312899 - Method and apparatus for single carrier wideband magnetic resonance imaging (mri) data acquisition: A method and apparatus for single carrier wideband magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data acquisition are provided. The method includes the following steps: exciting a slice or slab with the use of RF pulse and a slice/slab selection gradient; applying a phase encoding gradient along a phase encoding direction and reducing... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140312898 - Method for generating a desired spatially variable temporal profile of the magnetization state in magnetic resonance: A method for generating a desired temporal profile of the magnetization state in an object under examination (O) during an experiment involving magnetic resonance is characterized in that at least one spatially dependent change in the magnetization state inside the object under examination (O) is predefined and spatially selective radio-frequency... Agent: Bruker Biospin Mri Gmbh

20140312900 - Spinning controller for nmr sample tube: A spinning controller has an arithmetic unit (18) and a controller (20). The arithmetic unit (18) establishes gate periods Tg for a pulse sequence signal (110) produced concomitantly with spinning of a sample tube (40) and obtains a count value (Ns) by counting the number of pulses falling within each... Agent: Jeol Ltd.

20140312901 - Miniature nmr drill cutting analyzer and methods of use: A nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) sample analyzer has a plurality of NMR units arrayed in a predetermined relationship to each other. Each of the NMR units includes a sample chamber having a sensitive volume for containing a sample to be analyzed; a radio frequency (RF) transmitting and receiving device proximal... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20140312902 - Local coil: A local coil for an MRI system includes a signal antenna to receive a magnetic resonance signal and a tuning/detuning circuit to subject the signal antenna part to switch control according to a control signal. The tuning/detuning circuit is connected to the signal antenna part. The tuning/detuning circuit includes a... Agent:

20140312904 - Method of locating the position of linear objects: A method of locating a position of a linear object, including arranging a first and a second reactor around a measuring point, the first reactor generating an induced voltage corresponding to an X-direction component of a magnetic field, the X direction perpendicular to a running direction of the object, and... Agent:

20140312903 - Multi-frequency locating systems and methods: Multi-frequency buried object location system transmitters and locators are disclosed. A transmitter may generate and provide output signals to a buried object at a plurality of frequencies, which may be selected based on a connection type. Corresponding locators may simultaneously receive a plurality of magnetic field signals emitted from the... Agent: Seescan, Inc.

20140312905 - Reverse semi-airborne electromagnetic prospecting: Method for semi-airborne electromagnetic prospecting for hydrocarbons or other fluids or minerals. In the method, electromagnetic receivers are deployed on the Earth's surface over a subsurface region (71). An airborne electromagnetic transmitter is flown over the receivers (72) and the receivers record at least one component of electromagnetic field data... Agent:

20140312906 - Fractal shaped antenna for downhole logging: An apparatus for estimating a subsurface material property includes: a first energy interface device configured to transmit electromagnetic or electrical energy into the subsurface material; a second energy interface device configured to receive return electromagnetic or electrical energy due to the transmitted electromagnetic or electrical energy interacting with the subsurface... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140312907 - Sensing cable with parallel spiral transmission line structure for distributed sensing and measuring of rock-soil mass deformation: This present disclosure provides a sensing cable of parallel spiral transmission line structure for distributed sensing and measuring of rock-soil mass deformation. A circular cross-section of a silicone strip is tightly wounded by two mutually-insulated wires. The two mutually-insulated wires form the spiral cable. The two mutually-insulated wires are wrapped... Agent:

20140312908 - Lcd source driver feedback system and method: An electrical assembly and method for detecting failures in an LCD source driver is disclosed herein. A plurality of active channels are placed on the source driver which communicate electronically with an LCD. At least one dummy channel may be placed on the source driver which is driven with an... Agent: American Panel Corporation, Inc.

20140312909 - Programmable contact input apparatus and method of operating the same: At embedded control logic, electrical information with respect to a switching device is sensed. A decision is made as to an operation of the control logic based on the sensed information. The operation may be one or more of setting a wetting current or determining whether the electrical information is... Agent: Ge Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

20140312911 - Battery: The present invention relates to a battery. The battery includes: a detecting apparatus, located inside the battery and on an anode or cathode end of the battery, and configured to detect an electric potential inside the battery; and a conducting wire, electrically connected to the detecting apparatus and insulated from... Agent:

20140312910 - Battery management system and driving method thereof: A battery management system includes a sensing unit and a main controller unit (MCU) is disclosed. In one aspect, the sensing unit is configured to measure a current value and a voltage value of a battery under a discharge condition of the battery. In addition, the MCU is configured to... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20140312913 - Battery monitoring apparatus and battery monitoring system: A battery monitoring apparatus comprises a reception section to receive a radio signal and to output power and a demodulated signal according to the radio signal; a first power source circuit to perform power supply based on the power; a decode circuit to operate upon receiving the power supply from... Agent: Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd.

20140312912 - Method and circuitry to adaptively charge a battery/cell: The present inventions, in one aspect, are directed to techniques and/or circuitry to adapt the charging of a battery using data which is representative of an overpotential or relaxation time (full or partial) of the battery. In another aspect the present inventions are directed to techniques and/or circuitry to calculate... Agent:

20140312914 - System and method for measuring battery voltage: An apparatus and method for measuring battery voltage includes a first capacitor configured to receive a charge from a battery. A first switch may be configured to selectively couple the first capacitor to the battery. A second capacitor may be coupled to a reference potential. A second switch may be... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, LLC

20140312915 - Battery-state monitoring system: A battery-state monitoring system capable of efficiently estimating the state and service life of each storage battery at high precision by automatically measuring or acquiring various parameters of a plurality of storage batteries constantly connected to an equipment is provided. The system monitors a state of each of a plurality... Agent: Shin-kobe Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140312916 - Methods of and apparatuses for measuring electrical parameters of a plasma process: A sensor apparatus for measuring a plasma process parameter for processing a workpiece. The sensor apparatus includes a base, an information processor supported on or in the base, and at least one sensor supported on or in the base. The at least one sensor includes at least one sensing element... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20140312917 - Method and device for determining a maximum leakage current: The invention relates to a method and a device for determining a maximum leakage current in unearthed power supply networks with a plurality of conductors. The method comprises the steps of: feeding of a measurement signal UP with a measurement frequency fPuls into a conductor arrangement, setting the measurement frequency... Agent: Bender Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140312918 - Apparatus, method and system for random number generation: Techniques and mechanisms for generating a random number. In an embodiment, a first signal is received from a first cell including a first source follower transistor. Circuit logic detects for a pulse of the first signal and, in response to the pulse, generates a signal indicating detection of a first... Agent: Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

20140312919 - Configurable analog front-end for mutual capacitance sensing and self capacitance sensing: Capacitance sensing circuits and methods are provided. A dual mode capacitance sensing circuit includes a capacitance-to-voltage converter having an amplifier and an integration capacitance coupled between an output and an inverting input of the amplifier, and a switching circuit responsive to mutual mode control signals for a controlling signal supplied... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140312920 - Non-contact operation detection device for vehicle: A non-contact operation detection device for a vehicle includes: a spacer; a sensor electrode supported on a first surface of the spacer; a first electrode supported on a second surface on a side opposite to the first surface of the spacer; and a determination unit determining a change in capacitance... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140312921 - Fuel property sensor and method for detecting malfunction of the same: An electrode unit includes a first electrode and a second electrode, which define a space to flow fuel therethough. A detection circuit is connected to the first electrode to charge and discharge the electrode unit and to detect a capacitance of fuel, which flows through the space. A switch device... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140312922 - Device and method for determining capacitance: A device and method of determining a capacitance of a device is provided, which in one embodiment includes connecting a first terminal of a capacitor having a known capacitance to the first terminal of the device, applying an AC voltage to the first terminal of the device and the first... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

20140312923 - Contact input apparatus supporting multiple voltage spans and method of operating the same: A voltage from a switching device across a plurality of attenuation paths is received. Each of the attenuation paths provides a different attenuation to the voltage from the others. At embedded control logic, at least one of the plurality of attenuation paths is chosen and a sensed voltage is determined... Agent: Ge Intelligent Platforms, Inc.

20140312924 - Handler and inspection apparatus: A handler includes: a rotating section which is a holding unit mounting section which can take a mounted state in which a holding unit for holding an IC device is mounted; and a transportation mechanism which transports the IC device held by the holding unit. The rotating section includes a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140312925 - Vibrating device for positioning a miniaturized piece in a testing accommodation, and positioning method: An embodiment of a device for positioning a miniaturized piece, including: a positioning structure, which forms a first cavity, designed to receive with play the miniaturized piece, and a second cavity communicating with the first cavity; at least one electrical-contact terminal, facing the second cavity and electrically coupleable to an... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140312926 - Testing stacked devices: Testing stacked devices. In accordance with a first method embodiment, a primary circuit assembly is accessed from a first circuit assembly carrier. The primary circuit assembly is placed into a test fixture. A secondary circuit assembly is accessed from a second circuit assembly carrier. The secondary circuit assembly is placed... Agent: Advantest Corporation

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