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Electricity: measuring and testing

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04/30/2015 > 66 patent applications in 50 patent subcategories.

20150115932 - Circuit, method and sensor for obtaining information on a physical quantity: A circuit for obtaining information on a physical quantity according to an embodiment includes a sensor arrangement sensitive to the physical quantity, at least one further sensor element sensitive to the physical quantity and a supply circuit configured to provide the sensor arrangement with a supply signal comprising a supply... Agent:

20150115933 - Offset compensation for zero-crossing detection: There is described a device for removing an offset from a signal, the device comprising (a) a frequency estimation unit (260) for estimating a frequency of the signal, (b) an offset estimation unit (222) for estimating the offset in the signal by applying an adaptive low pass filter to the... Agent:

20150115934 - Temperature compensated fiber-optic current sensor: In a fiber-optic current sensor, a 22.5° Faraday rotator, which is part of the sensing fiber coil, determines the working point of the sensor. The coil is operated with substantially linearly polarized light or incoherent substantially left and right circularly polarized light waves. In one arrangement, a polarization beam splitter... Agent:

20150115935 - Shunt resistance type current sensor: A shunt type current sensor (1) using an infrared ray temperature detection unit as a temperature sensor (60) can detect the temperature of a shunt resistance portion (SR) directly through the detection of infrared rays radiated from the shunt resistance portion (SR). Such a detection method is not so much... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150115936 - Signal error compensation for a magnetometer in a sensor package: A device (50) includes a magnetometer (54) adapted to produce an output signal (30) indicative of a sensed magnetic field (38), a second sensor (24), and a processing unit (56) connected to each of the magnetometer and the second sensor. The processing unit is configured to perform operations that include... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150115937 - Hall electromotive force compensation device and hall electromotive force compensation method: A Hall resistance measurement unit measures a Hall resistance value in two or more current directions between a plurality of terminals of the Hall element. A Hall electromotive force measurement unit measures the Hall electromotive force of the Hall element. A temperature measurement unit measures an operating temperature of the... Agent: Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation

20150115938 - Magnetic field detection device: A magnetic field detection device includes: a first magnetic field generating part, including a first magnetic field generating conductor; a first magnetic field detection part, including a first magnetic field detection element and a first differential operation part, wherein a first output of the first magnetic field detection element corresponding... Agent:

20150115939 - Magnetic medium for magnetic encoder, magnetic encoder and method for manufacturing magnetic medium: the bias magnetization region is formed under the first magnetization region and the second magnetization region near an interface between the first magnetization region and the second magnetization region, and no bias magnetization regions are formed under the first magnetization region near a center of the first magnetization region and... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20150115940 - Position measuring device: A position measuring device includes a measuring standard that has a first magnetization in a first section for generating a first signal level. The first magnetization is oriented in a first direction, has a first clearance between two adjacent unlike poles, and generates a first maximum of the field strength... Agent:

20150115941 - Magnetic detection device and on-vehicle rotation detection device equipped with the same: Rotation of a magnetized rotor is detected in a highly accurate manner without depending on a magnetic pole pitch of N and S poles of the magnetized rotor. To that end, a magnetic detection device includes a magnetoresistive element that is formed of a fixed layer made of a ferromagnetic... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150115942 - Magnetic sensor circuit: To provide a magnetic sensor circuit that outputs a desired detection pulse while preventing an erroneous detection/erroneous release pulse output when a fluctuation in a power supply voltage occurs within an operating power supply voltage range. A magnetic sensor circuit is configured to include a detection circuit that detects a... Agent:

20150115943 - Apparatus using hall sensor: An apparatus and a method of determining a status of a cover of a display terminal are provided. The apparatus includes a terminal comprising a display screen, and a Hall sensor comprising a magnetic field sensing surface and a plurality of Hall elements disposed substantially parallel with the magnetic field... Agent: Magnachip Semiconductor, Ltd.

20150115944 - Magnetic sensors: Among other things, the disclosure features a system comprising a sensor, a DC magnetic field source, an AC magnetic field source, and a receiver. The sensor has an aspect ratio of 10:1 or higher and comprises a ferromagnetic material. The ferromagnetic material has a non-linear magnetization response, and the response... Agent: Ascension Technology Corporation

20150115945 - Eddy current sensor with linear drive conductor: A multi-layer eddy current sensor includes a sense coil for detecting an eddy current, and a drive conductor for inducing the eddy current. The drive conductor comprises a substantially straight conducting portion that traverses the entire width of the sense coil.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150115947 - Paper sheet magnetic detection apparatus: The object is to avoid degradation of magnetic detection precision arising due to magnetization of transport rollers used for transporting a paper sheet. A paper sheet magnetic detection apparatus that detects a magnetic material in the paper sheet by using a magnetic sensor includes a transport path that transports paper... Agent: Glory Ltd.

20150115946 - Systems and methods having omnipolar comparators for magnetic switches: An omnipolar magnetic sensor system includes an input stage and a behavior component. The input stage is configured to receive a source signal and to selectively chop the source signal. Further, the input stage is configured to balance the source signal using behavior parameters and generate a balanced source signal.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150115948 - Magnetic field measuring apparatus: A beam that passes through a plurality of gas cells a number of times is led to a deflection meter from a light ejecting section, detection of a deflected surface angle is performed and a strength of a magnetic field is measured by a structure in which the plurality of... Agent:

20150115949 - Bridge circuit and magnetic sensor including the circuit: A magnetic sensor having a large magnetic-field detection angle range and a bridge circuit used in the magnetic sensor, in each of multiple MR elements in the bridge circuit, multiple strips, on the whole, along a direction substantially orthogonal to a magnetic-field detection direction are arranged in parallel at certain... Agent:

20150115950 - Hall effect sensor device: A hall effect sensor device implemented on a semiconductor body, having a first Hall effect sensor and a second Hall effect sensor, each of the two Hall effect sensors has at least four individual Hall effect elements and the four Hall effect elements are connected in series, and each Hall... Agent:

20150115951 - Power measuring apparatus: A power measurement apparatus configured to measure power consumed at a load, the apparatus includes a magnetic film module, an adjuster, a measurement resistance, and a voltage detector. The magnetic film module is arranged so that a longitudinal direction of the magnetic film module is parallel to current flowing in... Agent:

20150115952 - Device with magnetic sensors with permanent magnets: A device with a magnetic sensor is disclosed. The device includes a substrate with a device layer. A magnetic sensor is formed on the device layer and includes a first permanent magnet. The first permanent magnet has at least one alternating ferromagnetic (FM) layer and antiferromagnetic (AFM) layer, with a... Agent:

20150115953 - Method and apparatus for determining mud contamination of formation fluid: A formation fluid sample is analyzed using NMR spectroscopy to obtain a NMR spectrum. The NMR spectrum is then analyzed to find evidence of the amount of olefins present in the sample. The amount of olefins present in the sample can then be correlated to the level of contamination of... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150115954 - Non-resonant magnetic resonance transmitter with power factor correction: A non-resonant transmitter for a magnetic resonance (MR) system, such as a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) system, is described herein. The transmitter includes a coil for applying NMR pulse sequences to a substance. The coil is coupled to a circuit that includes a capacitor, a number of switches, and a... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150115960 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to acquire magnetic resonance data with a diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance sequence: In a method and magnetic resonance apparatus to acquire magnetic resonance data with a diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance sequence wherein the magnetic resonance apparatus as a gradient coil arrangement with three gradient coils designed to generate a gradient in gradient directions orthogonal to one another, the readout gradient is flipped relative... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150115959 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to determine a magnetic resonance image from magnetic resonance data: In a method and apparatus to determine a magnetic resonance image from magnetic resonance data entered into k-space that are acquired with the magnetic resonance apparatus, in the acquisition of the data a deviation from ideal homogeneity, described by an interference field, is present in the imaging region that is... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150115961 - Method and magnetic resonance system to acquire spectroscopy data in a predetermined volume segment of an examination subject: In a method and a magnetic resonance system for acquisition of spectroscopy data in a predetermined volume segment of an examination subject, spectroscopy data in the volume segment are acquired in multiple measurement steps, and spatially resolved MR data of the examination subject also are acquired in multiple measurement steps.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150115958 - Multiband slice accelerated imaging with balanced slice-selective gradients: A computer-implemented method for performing multi-band slice accelerated imaging includes performing a low-resolution fast multi-dimensional reference scan to obtain a coil sensitivity map. A multiband imaging scan is performed to acquire a plurality of k-space lines representative of an anatomical area of interest. A multi-band signal corresponding to the plurality... Agent:

20150115957 - Pulse sequence method for mri: The present invention describes a method for magnetic resonance (MR) and/or MR imaging, comprising acquisition of signals and MR images originating from a RF and gradient sequence causing isotropic diffusion weighting of signal attenuation, wherein the isotropic diffusion weighting is achieved by one time-dependent dephasing vector q(t) having an orientation,... Agent:

20150115956 - System and method for quiet magnetic resonance imaging: A system and method for performing quiet magnetic resonance imaging (“MRI”) are provided. An MRI system is directed to perform a pulse sequence that includes a magnetic field gradient s tapped through a plurality of different gradient component amplitude values in a manner that controls the difference between successive gradient... Agent:

20150115955 - Systems and methods for accelerating magnetic resonance imaging: Magnetic resonance imaging systems and methods are provided. A method includes applying a slice selection gradient perpendicular to a desired slice plane and applying, substantially simultaneously with the slice selection gradient, a radiofrequency nuclear magnetic resonance excitation pulse having a bandwidth corresponding to the desired slice plane and a frequency... Agent: General Electric Company

20150115963 - Channel by channel artifact reduction in parallel mri: An imaging system (5) includes a plurality of coil channel receivers (26) and one or more processors or modules (38). The plurality of coil channel receivers (26) demodulate magnetic resonance data from a multi-channel coil (10) which includes a plurality of coil elements (16) spatially separated, each element transmitting magnetic... Agent:

20150115962 - Expanded foam former apparatus and method for making the same: An MR coil former apparatus includes a body, a coil array, and a coil cover. The body defines a patient-facing positive surface opposite a non-patient-facing negative surface. The positive surface of the body includes an anatomic contour, and the coil array is disposed adjacent and conformed to the anatomic contour.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150115964 - Dipole locator using multiple measurement points: A receiver and tracking system for identifying a location of a magnetic field source. In a preferred embodiment a plurality of tri-axial antennas are positioned at three distinct points on a receiver frame. Each antenna detects a magnetic field from a source and a processor is used to determine a... Agent:

20150115965 - Induction logging sensor: Apparatuses and methods are provided herein that may improve sensitivity to transient signals. For example, an electromagnetic sensor for downhole measurements that includes a plurality of sectors (e.g., four quadrants) is provided herein. Each quadrant may include a magnetic core formed of a material with a high initial magnetic permeability... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150115967 - Electric switch: The invention relates to an electric switch, in particular a rocker switch, comprising a contact system and comprising a movable actuating element for switching over the contact system between two switch positions, in particular an on position and an off position. The switch has a drivable actuator, which is operatively... Agent:

20150115966 - Evse welded contactor detector: In at least one embodiment, provided is an electric vehicle supply equipment having a line power contactor including a first line power input and a second line power input and a first line power output and a second line power output. It further has a welded contactor detector with a... Agent: Aerovironment, Inc.

20150115969 - Storage battery analysis system, storage battery analysis method and storage battery analysis program: A storage battery analysis system includes a storage device storing data of time series variation of a voltage value and a current value during a charging period of a storage battery and data of time series variation of the voltage value and the current value during the charging period of... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd

20150115968 - Ultrasonic device detecting charging / discharging status of flow-cell pack: A device is provided for detecting a charging and discharging status of a flow-cell pack. During charging and discharging course of the flow-cell pack coordinated with electrolyte storage tanks and actuators, ultrasonic sensors of ultrasonic detection devices are used to sense sonic vibration generated by fluid flow in the flow-cell... Agent: Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan, R.o.c.

20150115970 - Method for determining an overall loss of capacitance of a secondary cell: A method for determining an overall loss of capacitance of a secondary cell, for example of an accumulator, which is brought about by ageing processes is provided. The overall loss of capacitance is determined additively from partial losses of capacitance which are determined by means of various parameters from various... Agent:

20150115971 - Electronic apparatus, input apparatus for display apparatus, and method of detecting remaining utility of battery of the same: An electronic apparatus, an input apparatus and a method of determining a remaining utility of a battery of the same, the electronic apparatus including: a battery configured to supply power to the electronic apparatus; a first detector configured to receive a voltage value of the battery, to convert the voltage... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150115972 - Apparatus and method for diagnosing malfunction of high voltage relay device: The apparatus for diagnosing malfunction of a high voltage relay includes: first and second relays configured to connect or disconnect a battery and a circuit using the battery as a power source in each electrode; a voltage measuring unit configured to measure a first voltage between a battery side terminal... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150115973 - Device for electrically testing the interconnections of a microelectronic device: A simultaneous electrical testing device for TSV interconnection elements passing through a substrate and including one end connected to an integrated testing circuit and another end to a removable connection mechanism assembled to the substrate through an anisotropic conductive glue.... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20150115974 - Method for determining maintenance time for contacts, and testing apparatus: A method for maintaining a contact of a connection jig for connecting between a target object to be subjected to an electrical test and a testing apparatus configured to conduct the electrical test on the target object includes: detecting a change in voltage upon supply of power for the electrical... Agent: Nidec-read Corporation

20150115975 - Systems and methods for determining electrical connectivity: A system (10) and method (200) are disclosed for detecting electrical connectivity. The system includes at least one power distribution conductor (18) and at least one electrical power pad (20) comprising a detection pad (28) that is electrically isolated from a remaining portion of the respective at least one electrical... Agent:

20150115976 - Continuous web inline testing apparatus, defect mapping system and related methods: In at least selected embodiments, an industrial size continuous Hipot testing system has defect mapping capability capable of finding pinholes, weak spots, and/or embedded conductive particles in non-conductive sheet materials. Continuous testing is made possible through a pair of uniquely designed rollers, such as conductive polymer rollers. Automatic defect mapping... Agent: Celgard, LLC

20150115978 - Calibration of an antenna array: An antenna system including at least one antenna connected to a captured signal processing receiver, an antenna protection radome; and a plurality of electro-optical probes distributed on or inside of the radome.... Agent:

20150115977 - Current-mode coarse-baseline-correction: The embodiments herein are generally directed to using a current-mode CBC circuit to maintain a voltage bias setting at a receiver when performing capacitive sensing. To do so, the CBC circuit may compensate for the change in voltage at a receiver by providing a current at the input of the... Agent: Synaptics Incorporated

20150115979 - Multiphase meter: A multiphase meter system including: transmitting and receiving antennas in the flow pipe, wherein the receiving antennas are at different distances from the transmitting antenna, and a control system configured to: apply an electromagnetic field to the transmitting antenna and receive signals from the receiving antenna induced in the fluid... Agent: Rexar Flow Measurement As

20150115980 - Systems and methods for inspecting reinforced concrete structures: An inspection system for a metal-reinforced concrete structure is described. The system includes a radio frequency (RF) system configured to be movable with respect to a surface of the concrete structure while transmitting radio signals into the interior of the structure, and receiving reflected radio signals. The system also includes... Agent: General Electric Company

20150115981 - Detection method and apparatus for reduced cross -talk and asic area of a fingerprint sensor: A method and apparatus for electrical detection of a finger print has a reduced number of interconnect signals between a sensor area and a substrate and an electronic circuit for excitation and detection of the finger print compared to a single—chip finger print sensor. The individual signals are connected internally... Agent: Idex Asa

20150115982 - Structures and methds for monitoring dielectric reliability with through-silicon vias: Embodiments of the present invention provide a variety of structures and method for detecting abnormalities in the back-end-of-line (BEOL) stack and BEOL structures located in close proximity to through-silicon vias (TSVs) in a 3D integrated chip. The detected abnormalities may include stress, strain, and damage that will affect metallization continuity,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150115983 - Sensing method and system: A system that includes a sensor for measuring a resonant impedance spectral response of an inductor-capacitor-resistor (LCR) resonator and correlating the measured response of one or more spectral parameters to one or more characteristics of the fluid. Such characteristics may be the age or health of the fluid and/or the... Agent:

20150115984 - Theft detection and prevention in a power generation system: A system for generation of electrical power including an inverter connected to a photovoltaic source including a theft prevention and detection feature. A first memory is permanently attached to the photovoltaic source. The first memory is configured to store a first code. A second memory is attached to the inverter.... Agent:

20150115985 - Temperature and supply voltage independent dc-dc current sensing: The present document relates to a current sensing circuit. In particular, the present document relates to a current sensing circuit which provides reliable indications of the current through a transistor. A current sensing circuit configured to provide an indication of a load current through a pass device is described. The... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20150115987 - Apparatus and method for testing portable devices: An apparatus is disclosed for testing portable devices. The apparatus includes a base upon which the portable device is mounted, and a top mold which fits over the base to immobilize the portable device. Templates can also be formed on the top mold or base. The templates contain test patterns... Agent: Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

20150115988 - Automation testing system for testing a motherboard: An automation testing system for testing a motherboard includes a frame, a first jig plate, a second jig plate, a platform, a first driving mechanism, a second driving mechanism and a console computer. The frame includes a track, a debug docking board is detachably disposed on the first jig plate... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150115986 - Alignment testing for tiered semiconductor structure: Among other things, one or more techniques or systems for evaluating a tiered semiconductor structure, such as a stacked CMOS structure, for misalignment are provided. In an embodiment, a connectivity test is performed on vias between a first layer and a second layer to determine a via diameter and a... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

20150115990 - Die stack test architecture and method: A test control port (TCP) includes a state machine SM, an instruction register IR, data registers DRs, a gating circuit and a TDO MX. The SM inputs TCI signals and outputs control signals to the IR and to the DR. During instruction or data scans, the IR or DRs are... Agent:

20150115989 - Semiconductor evaluation apparatus: A semiconductor evaluation apparatus includes a jig for evaluation and a probe substrate. The jig for evaluation is provided such that a plurality of semiconductor devices can be placed thereon. The probe substrate is provided so as to face the jig for evaluation, and includes a contact probe. The jig... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150115991 - Maintenance carriage for wafer inspection apparatus and maintenance method for wafer inspection apparatus: A maintenance carriage of a wafer inspection apparatus can easily unload a test head. A wafer inspection apparatus 10 includes a cell tower 12 in which cells 11 are arranged at four levels, and each of the cells 11 accommodates a test head 15. At an outside of the cell... Agent:

20150115992 - Glass substrate for electronic amplification and method for manufacturing the same: There is provided a glass substrate for electronic amplification having through holes formed on a plate-like glass member and used for causing an electron avalanche in the through holes, wherein a shape of the glass substrate for electronic amplification and a material of the glass member are determined so that... Agent:

20150115993 - Structure and method for testing stacked cmos structure: A test structure is provided for testing a semiconductor structure having a plurality of tiers. The test structure includes at least one conductive loop. Each respective conductive loop has ends defining at least one opening between the ends, and is embedded inside one or more of the plurality of tiers... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150115994 - Optimization of integrated circuit reliability: A per-chip equivalent oxide thickness (EOT) circuit sensor resides in an integrated circuit. The per-chip EOT circuit sensor determines electrical characteristics of the integrated circuit. The measured electrical characteristics include leakage current. The determined electrical characteristics are used to determine physical attributes of the integrated circuit. The physical attributes, including... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150115996 - Apparatus for simulating battery: An apparatus for simulating a battery is provided. The apparatus includes a power supplying unit, a state regulating unit and an impedance unit. The power supplying unit is coupled to a power terminal of a battery interface and determines whether to provide an operation voltage to the power terminal according... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20150115995 - Battery charger module for charging a vehicle battery and method for determining a state of an ac power supply at a battery charger module: A battery charger module to be mounted in a vehicle for charging a vehicle battery is disclosed. The battery charger module may include a capacitor, and a direct current (DC) voltage sensor configured to sense a DC voltage across the capacitor. The battery charger module may further include a controller... Agent:

20150115997 - Method of operating a generator connected to a power supply network: A method of operating a generator connected to a power supply network, in particular a synchronous generator, during a network fault in the power supply network, in particular during an electric short-circuit, wherein electric excitation of the generator is at least temporarily reduced in dependence on the value of at... Agent:

04/23/2015 > 58 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20150108964 - Sensor arrangement for a packaging of a medicament: The present invention relates to a sensor arrangement to monitor at least one ambient parameter, the sensor arrangement comprising: a first layer exhibiting a first electrical conductivity, and at least a second layer exhibiting a second electrical conductivity different than the first electrical conductivity and being at least partially in... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20150108965 - Shunt resistance type current sensor: A shunt resistance type current sensor includes a bus bar that has an approximately flat plate shape, a circuit board that is installed to the bus bar, a pair of connecting terminal portions that electrically connects the circuit board to the bus bar, and a voltage detection unit that is... Agent:

20150108966 - Electrical current measuring apparatus and method: An apparatus for electrical current measurement. The apparatus may include a power input such as a current transformer that can be magnetically coupled to a line being measured. The apparatus may also include an energy harvesting circuit to parasitically harvest energy from the current transformer and an energy metering circuit... Agent:

20150108967 - Methods and systems relating to ac current measurements: Accurate measurements of electrical power at various points of a power grid is becoming more important and, at the same time, is getting more difficult as the old power distribution model of a few, large power generating stations and a multitude of relatively linear loads is replaced by a newer... Agent: Guildline Instruments Limited

20150108968 - Rotary encoder with self-sustained supply of energy: A rotary encoder has a signal encoding unit fastened at the shaft, a signal detection unit arranged in an axial direction of the shaft disposed opposite to the signal encoding unit, a signal evaluation unit, and an energy generation unit for the generation of electrical energy for the rotary encoder.... Agent:

20150108969 - On-chip linear variable differential transformer: A linear variable differential transformer (“LVDT”) including a semiconductor substrate and a plurality of coils formed at least partially on the substrate.... Agent:

20150108970 - Eddy current testing probe and eddy current testing method: An eddy current testing probe includes: exciter coils 2 including a first exciter coil 2a and a second exciter coil 2b identical with each other and arranged in point symmetry, and each of which generates an alternating magnetic field to generate an eddy current in a test object; and detector... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150108971 - Apparatus and method for detecting an error in a measurement of a quantity: Embodiments relate to an apparatus comprising a first measurement bridge circuit. The first measurement bridge circuit comprises a first half bridge for providing a first half bridge signal in response to a quantity to be measured and a second half bridge for providing a second half bridge signal in response... Agent:

20150108973 - Magnetic sensor and method for manufacturing the same: An object is to achieve miniaturization and an increase in performance of a magnetic sensor device, and the magnetic sensor according to the present invention has a magnetic film and a metal electrode to be electrically coupled to the magnetic film, the magnetic film and the metal electrode constituting a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150108974 - Magnetometer: A magnetometer (100) for measuring an external magnetic field has at least one core (102), two excitation coils (106a), (106b), and a pick-up coil (104). The at least one core (102) has a magnetoresistance property measurable in response to the external magnetic field (111). Each excitation coil (106a), (106b) is... Agent: Institute Of Geological And Nuclear Sciences Limited

20150108972 - Sensor device and method: Embodiments relate to a sensor device including a layer stack 600, the layer stack 600 including at least ferromagnetic and non-magnetic layers formed on a common substrate 620. The sensor device 600 further includes at least a first magneto-resistive sensor element 711 provided by a first section 611 of the... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150108977 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method: The MRI apparatus includes a data processor, which time-serially performs undersampling on MR signals respectively received by coil channels included in a radio frequency (RF) multi-coil to acquire undersampled K-t space data, and an image processor that acquires a time-space correlation coefficient, based on noise information of the coil channels,... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20150108979 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus and method are provided. The MRI apparatus includes a first interpolator configured to generate a plurality of first interpolation data by performing calibration on a plurality of undersampled K-space data obtained from a plurality of channel coils in a radio frequency (RF) multi-coil, respectively,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150108975 - Method and apparatus for optimization of a pulse sequence for a magnetic resonance system: In a method and a pulse sequence optimization device to optimize a pulse sequence for a magnetic resonance system, wherein pulse sequence includes at least one refocusing pulse, a readout gradient pulse temporally situated after the refocusing pulse, and at least one readout spoiler pulse, the pulse duration of the... Agent:

20150108976 - Multi-echo presto: A magnetic resonance imaging system (78) includes a magnetic resonance imaging device (80), one or more processors (104), and a display (106). The magnetic resonance imaging device (80) includes a magnet (82), gradient coils (88), and one or more radio frequency coils (92). The magnet (82) generates a Bo field.... Agent: Konninklijke Philips N.v.

20150108978 - Sampling strategies for sparse magnetic resonance image reconstruction: A computer-implemented method of selecting a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) sampling strategy includes selecting a base variable-density sampling pattern and determining a scan time associated with the base variable-density sampling pattern. A modified variable-density sampling pattern is created by modifying one or more parameters of the base variable-density sampling pattern... Agent:

20150108980 - Apparatus for reducing vibrations in a pulse tube refrigerator such as for magnetic resonance imaging systems: A pulse tube refrigerator (PTR) comprising a pedestal head and a regenerator tube assembly is provided having particular application in cooling a Magnetic Resonance Imaging system. The PTR comprises a pedestal head and at least one cooled stage, the at least one cooled stage being mounted to a distal end,... Agent:

20150108981 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus for optimization of a magnetic resonance sequence: In a method to optimize a magnetic resonance sequence of a magnetic resonance apparatus and a magnetic resonance apparatus operated according to such a method, optimization of the timing of the magnetic resonance sequence is implemented by adopting a magnetic resonance sequence as a starting sequence includes a first time... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150108982 - Analog signal correcting circuit improving signal distortion due to cable: A pulse restoration circuit includes: a voltage restorator configured to include an OP amplifier and input an input voltage to an input terminal of the OP amplifier; a rising time restorator configured to be connected to the other input terminal of the OP amplifier; and a falling time restorator configured... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Sogang University

20150108985 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method: Disclosed are a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus and method. The MRI apparatus includes a data acquirer, which performs under-sampling of MR signals, respectively received from a plurality of channel coils included in a radio frequency (RF) multi-coil, at non-uniform intervals to acquire a plurality of pieces of line data,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150108984 - Method and apparatus for determination of a magnetic resonance system control sequence: In a method and a control sequence determination device for determining a magnetic resonance system control sequence includes at least one radio-frequency pulse train to be emitted by a magnetic resonance system, a target magnetization is acquired and a k-space trajectory is determined. A radio-frequency pulse train for the k-space... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150108983 - Rf trap, superconducting magnet apparatus including the same, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: A radio frequency (RF) trap for a superconducting magnet apparatus includes an electromagnetic wave shield which includes a conductive shield member and is configured to surround an electric cable; and a circuit member which is provided in a portion of the electromagnetic wave shield, and includes a conductor circuit electrically... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150108987 - Apparatus, method and system for checking rear lamp: An apparatus for checking a rear lamp includes a sensor and a controller. The sensor is disposed in at least one rear lamp and configured to obtain a first signal generated from the outside. The controller is configured to turn on the at least one rear lamp according to the... Agent:

20150108986 - Closed loop dynamic capacitance measurement: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for measuring capacitance of a display unit, such as an interferometric modulator (IMOD). In one example, a circuit may include an operational amplifier (op-amp), a voltage controlled current source, and feedback from an output of the op-amp as an input to the voltage... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20150108988 - Light-emitting device diagnostic circuit: A diagnostic circuit for inspecting a light-emitting device having light-emitting elements. The diagnostic circuit includes a power source module, a buffer module, and an abnormality detection module. The buffer module includes a plurality of buffers. Each buffer has a buffer input terminal and a buffer output terminal. The buffer input... Agent:

20150108989 - Distinguishing batteries in a recycling stream: Examples are disclosed herein that relate to identifying batteries of different chemistries such as in a battery recycling stream. One example provides a method for differentiating between batteries of different chemistries, the method comprising determining an expected mass of a sample of one or more batteries based upon an expected... Agent:

20150108990 - Power cell system with means for detecting a discontinuity: A power cell system, e.g. a fuel cell system, having a plurality of power cells, e.g. fuel cells and plurality of first resistances, the plurality of power cells and first resistances being connected in the form of a ladder circuit, and electronic filters each having a first connection to a... Agent: Vito Nv

20150108991 - Battery control device: A battery control device calculates at least one of an allowable current and an allowable power during charge/discharge of a battery from a no-load voltage and an internal resistance of the battery, and corrects at least one of the no-load voltage and the internal resistance according to the states of... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20150108992 - System for monitoring state of battery pack: In a battery monitoring system, an input current flowing through an input portion of an isolator member is larger than an output current flowing through an output portion of the isolator member. The output portion is electrically isolated from the input portion. The input and output portions of the isolator... Agent:

20150108993 - Ionization gauge with emission current and bias potential control: An ionization gauge that measures pressure has an electron source that emits electrons, and an anode that defines an ionization space. The gauge also includes a collector electrode to collect ions formed by an impact between the electrons and a gas and to measure pressure based on the collected ions.... Agent:

20150108994 - Instrument test arrangement comprising test equipment: To provide the user of an RF-surgical instrument with a non-hazardous short test operation, for example so as to test the ignitability of an argon plasma probe, provision is made for an instrument test arrangement, which is installed into a feeding medical device or into a neutral conductor connecting cable... Agent: Erbe Elektromedizin Gmbh

20150108995 - Instrument test arrangement: An instrument test arrangement is specified, which is preferably equipped for medical instruments for argon plasma coagulation. The instrument test arrangement comprises an electrode arrangement, comprising at least one test electrode. In a preferred embodiment, a test electrode is thereby connected to two neutral conductors of a neutral conductor cable... Agent: Erbe Elektromedizin Gmbh

20150108996 - Circuit and method for detection of ic connection failure: The invention provides a testing circuit for testing a connection between a chip and external circuitry. A current source is used to inject a DC current towards the connection to be tested from the chip side. On-chip ESD protection is provided giving a path between the connection to be tested... Agent:

20150108998 - Coaxial connector: A coaxial connector including a connector main body is formed of an upper housing and a lower housing. An outer conductor includes a circular cylinder portion surrounding the periphery of a hole of the connector main body and configured to be inserted into an outer conductor of a mating coaxial... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150108997 - Inspection apparatus and inspection method: An inspection apparatus for inspecting an inspection object. The inspection object includes a base body and wiring passing through the base body. The inspection apparatus includes an insulating substrate, a first electrode in the substrate with a portion of the first electrode exposed from a surface of the substrate to... Agent:

20150108999 - Device for measuring the quality factor of a cavity, in particular a superconducting cavity perturbed by resonant electron discharges: A device for measuring the unloaded quality factor of a resonant cavity which has an input port to accept incident power and an output port to measure the dissipated power, wherein the device includes: a transmission line designed to be coupled to the input port of the resonant cavity to... Agent:

20150109000 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for increased foreign object detection loop array sensitivity: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for detecting foreign objects. An apparatus for detecting a presence of an object is provided including a plurality of electrically conductive loops arranged in an array. The apparatus includes a sensor circuit configured to determine a characteristic associated with each of the plurality... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150109001 - Hardware-only contactless position sensor system: A hardware-only contactless position sensor system is provided that includes a contactless position sensor and hardware-only sensor system electronics. The sensor includes excitation, sine, and cosine coils. The electronics are coupled to the sensor and detect a position of a target relative to the sensor. The electronics include a phase... Agent: Rosemount Aerospace, Inc.

20150109002 - Method and apparatus for recognizing a manipulation on an electrical line: A method for recognizing a manipulation of at least one electrical line includes determining a parameter that is dependent on a resistance and a capacity, a resistance and an inductivity, or a resistance, a capacity, and an inductivity of the electrical line; comparing the determined parameter to a reference parameter... Agent:

20150109003 - Method of using an absorptive sensor element: A method of using an absorptive sensor element includes: providing the absorptive sensor element, heating the absorptive sensor element to a temperature in a range of from 30° C. to 100° C., exposing the absorptive sensor element to an analyte vapor, and measuring a capacitance-related property of the absorptive sensor... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150109004 - Non-invasive measurement of dielectric properties of a substance: The invention pertains to an apparatus and a method for determining a dielectric property of a first substance in a composition in a non-invasive manner. The composition includes at least the first substance to be measured and a second substance. The method uses and apparatus includes a capacitor for creating... Agent:

20150109006 - Flexible tactile sensors and method of making: A tactile sensor includes a flexible medium having electrically conductive strips embedded therein and extending in a first direction, said electrically conductive strips including conductive nanostructures dispersed in a flexible support material, said nanostructures selected from conductive nanowires, carbon nanotubes, and graphene, wherein each electrically conductive strip is connected at... Agent:

20150109005 - Low-side coaxial current probe: A method and apparatus for non-intrusively measuring flowing currents and/or voltage on the inner conductor of a coaxial cable is introduced herein. In particular, a resultant low-impedance element is coupled concentrically to the shield at a desired insertion point of the coaxial cable. A pair of conductive leads provided by... Agent: Thermo Keytek LLC

20150109007 - Differential amplifier and electrode for measuring a biopotential: A differential amplifier is described that provides a high common mode rejection ration (CMRR) without requiring the use of precisely matched components. One variation employs a method of noise reduction to increase the SNR of the device. The differential amplifier may be used in an apparatus for measuring biopotentials of... Agent:

20150109008 - Method for controlling the size of solid-state nanopores: A method is provided for precisely enlarging a nanopore formed in a membrane. The method includes: applying an electric potential across the nanopore, where the electric potential has a pulsed waveform oscillating between a high value and a low value; measuring current flowing though the nanopore while the electric potential... Agent:

20150109009 - Systems and methods for conforming device testers to integrated circuit device with pressure relief valve: The present invention relates to systems and methods for preventing over pressurization in a fluid management system used in an integrated circuit (IC) device tester. The prevention of the over pressurization in the fluid management system is based on the use of a pressure relief valve coupled to the fluid... Agent:

20150109010 - Electrostatic discharge test apparatus: An electrostatic discharge (ESD) test apparatus includes a chamber with a supporting plate, a test bench mounted on the supporting plate, a first supporting bracket, a camera installed in the chamber, and a control apparatus. The first supporting bracket includes a first rail mounted on the supporting plate, a supporting... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150109011 - Controlling alignment during a thermal cycle: A method of testing an integrated circuit of a device is described. Air is allowed through a fluid line to modify a size of a volume defined between the first and second components of an actuator to move a contactor support structure relative to the apparatus and urge terminals on... Agent: Aehr Test Systems

20150109012 - Multi-stage circuit board test: Multi-stage in circuit test of a circuit board has support to reduce strain placed on the circuit board during each test stage. A shuttle plate is disposed between a load plate that supports a circuit board under test and a probe plate that directs test probes towards the circuit board.... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20150109013 - Semiconductor device and method of testing the same: A semiconductor device includes a unit region including a circuit test region and a probe test region. The circuit test region includes a test circuit and a plurality of circuit test pads operatively coupled to the test circuit. The probe test region includes first and second probe test pads insulated... Agent:

20150109014 - Connector: A connector includes a connector case and probe pins that are arranged two-dimensionally in the connector case. Each of the probe pins includes a housing, a first contact terminal disposed at one end of the housing, a second contact terminal disposed at another end of the housing, and plural bent... Agent:

20150109015 - System-level testing of non-singulated integrated circuit die on a wafer: Structures and methods for system-level testing of integrated circuit dies at wafer sort is disclosed. This concept combines a system-level test (which is traditionally a “socketed” test performed on a packaged IC in a test socket) with the ability to contact an integrated circuit die on a wafer using a... Agent:

20150109016 - Test probe card: A test probe card adapted for testing a plurality of chips of a wafer is provided. The test probe card includes a substrate, a plurality of light-guiding elements, a plurality of lens units and a plurality of probes. The substrate has a plurality of through holes. Each of the through... Agent:

20150109017 - Test system for high-voltage components: An exemplary test arrangement for in-situ partial discharge measurements in distribution transformers has at least one test system with a plurality of test components including: an AC voltage source for producing a variable test voltage with a measuring apparatus for recording current pulses caused by partial discharge and with an... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150109018 - Liquid crystal display and method for testing liquid crystal display: A liquid crystal display and a method for testing the liquid crystal display are disclosed. The liquid crystal display includes a TFT substrate including M scan lines and N data lines, a drive power line, and a switch unit adapted to connect the drive power line to the M scan... Agent: Chengdu Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.

20150109019 - Method for evaluating semiconductor device: A method for evaluating a buried channel in a semiconductor device including a semiconductor layer having a stacked-layer structure is provided. A method for evaluating a semiconductor device is provided, which includes the steps of: electrically short-circuiting a source and a drain of a transistor; applying DC voltage and AC... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20150109021 - Method of operating a stationary electrical power plant connected to a power supply network: A method of operating a stationary power plant connected to a power supply network, wherein upon the occurrence of a dynamic network fault in the power supply network, in particular an electric short-circuit, at least one fault value is ascertained in dependence on a state value of at least one... Agent:

20150109020 - Power supply current monitoring device: A power supply current monitoring apparatus is used for a load drive apparatus with two systems to drive a load. Each system includes a drive circuit connected in parallel with a battery and a relay connected between the drive circuit and a point at which power of the battery is... Agent:

04/16/2015 > 37 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150102799 - Jitter determination of noisy electrical signals: A jitter analysis system includes an electronic circuit having a noisy electrical signal with jitter along a baseline of the signal. The jitter analysis system also includes a sampling unit coupled to the noisy electrical signal that provides waveform samples of the noisy electrical timing signal and a jitter detection... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150102800 - System and method for detecting branch circuit current: According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a system monitor for a load center comprising a current sensor configured to be coupled to a circuit branch within the load center and to produce a measurement signal having a level related to a current level of the circuit branch,... Agent: Schneider Electric It Corporation

20150102801 - Method and apparatus for detecting an energized e-field: A method for detecting the presence of an energized e-field in a space, wherein the space includes at least one electrically conductive element disposed in the space and coupled with a controller, the method including receiving in the controller a signal from the at least one electrically conductive element, comparing... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20150102802 - Optical fiber current sensor: An optical fiber current sensor includes a transmitter optical subassembly (TOSA) that is formed in a package of a linear polarizer that applies light from a light source to a sensor coil that is formed with an optical fiber by linearly polarizing, a polarization beam splitter that separates light that... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150102803 - Current monitoring device: According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a current monitoring device comprising a current transformer configured to be removeably coupled to a power line and to generate a reference signal having a level related to a current level of the power line, a sensor circuit connected to the... Agent: Schneider Electric It Corporation

20150102804 - System for magnetic self test: The disclosure provides a system for magnetic self test. The system includes an electronic control unit (ECU) including a controller. Only one sensor is electrically coupled to the ECU, wherein the sensor includes a sensing element, a signal conditioning element electrically coupled to the sensing element and the controller, and... Agent:

20150102806 - Electronic induction type sensor panel and method for reducing indication error: To reduce an indication error at a peripheral part of an electromagnetic induction type coordinate detection device, sensor coils having a coil width of 21 pitches are arranged at a central part at intervals of 4 pitches. At a peripheral part, the coil width is shortened from sensor coil #5... Agent:

20150102805 - Intelligent train wheel sensor: This disclosure relates to an intelligent train wheel sensor including a permanent magnetic coil and a low-pass filter circuit, an amplifying and shaping circuit, an analog/digital conversion circuit, and an output interface and interface conversion circuit, which are connected to each other in turn. The analog/digital conversion circuit and the... Agent:

20150102807 - Hall effect sensor with graphene detection layer: A Hall Effect sensor with a graphene detection layer implemented in a variety of geometries, including the possibility of a so-called “full 3-d” Hall sensor, with the option for integration in a BiCMOS process and a method for producing said Hall Effect sensor is disclosed.... Agent:

20150102808 - Magnetic sensor: A magnet is disposed on one face of a hollow section which is the conveyance path of an object of detection, and has a magnetic pole of designated length along the conveyance direction of the object of detection. A magnetic body is disposed along the conveyance direction opposite the magnet... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150102810 - Method and apparatus to create at least one magnetic resonance image data set: In a method and apparatus to create at least one magnetic resonance image data set in particular angiographic image data sets, first magnetic resonance image data are acquired using a first projection acquisition sequence, second magnetic resonance image data are acquired after administration of contrast agent, using a second projection... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150102809 - Shimming procedure that includes determination of the target field by optimization in a parameter space of reduced dimensionality: A method for homogenizing the static magnetic field with a distribution B0(r) in the active volume of a magnetic resonance apparatus having a number N of shim coils defines a target field distribution B0T(r) using a filter method in which a norm of the shim currents is influenced by means... Agent:

20150102811 - Mri apparatus: An MRI apparatus comprising: an imaging unit configured to carry out sequential imaging; an SAR acquisition unit configured to acquire an actual SAR measurement value at a predetermined timing during the sequential imaging; and a prediction unit configured to update a subsequent predicted SAE value each time the actual SAR... Agent:

20150102812 - Nmr reaction monitoring flow cell: A monitoring cell, used to perform a measurement in an NMR spectrometer of a reaction fluid produced by a reaction vessel, has a body having inlet and outlet transport coaxial capillaries for transporting the reaction fluid between the body and the reaction vessel. Cooling lines are also positioned coaxially with... Agent: Bruker Biospin Corporation

20150102813 - Acoustic noise reducing rf coil for magnetic resonance imaging: An RF coil assembly for use in a Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner incorporates sound absorbing material in its construction for the purpose of attenuating the sound perceived by a patient lying inside the RF coil. Unlike a conventional RF coil assembly in which rigid components are used to support the... Agent: Children's Hospital Medical Center

20150102814 - Lighting maintenance, testing and repair kit and method of use thereof: The present invention is directed, in part, to an apparatus and methods thereof that effectively allow the testing, detection and identification of non-functioning light bulbs used in typical string lighting assemblies set up in series. The invention creates a circuit that determines whether there is a damaged bulb in holiday... Agent:

20150102816 - Apparatus and method for identifying batteries of different thicknesses, and electronic device: An apparatus and method for identifying batteries with different thickness, and an electronic device thereof, the apparatus comprises a buckle switch arranged at a position close to battery compartment in the electronic device, and a control circuit connected with the buckle switch. When a thin battery is mounted in the... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150102817 - Short-circuit detection apparatus for detecting short circuits of a battery cell and method for short-circuit detection: A short-circuit detection apparatus for detecting short circuits (20, 30) of a battery cell (1), characterized by a current registering device (10), which is arranged in the interior of the battery cell (1) or between the exterior of the battery cell (1) and an external terminal (4, 5) of the... Agent:

20150102815 - Voltage sensing system and method: A voltage sensing system for a vehicle traction battery having a plurality of cells includes: a battery controller, a plurality of electrical circuits, each being respectively connected to at least one of the cells and including an electrical component for limiting current therethrough, and a plurality of wires, each being... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150102818 - Method and device for determining a battery status of a vehicle battery in a vehicle: A method and a device for determining a battery status of a vehicle battery in a vehicle. In this context, complete discharging (S1) of the vehicle battery by vehicle-internal loads of the vehicle, complete charging (S2) of the vehicle battery, measuring (S3) a capacity and/or an energy content of the... Agent:

20150102819 - Lithium-ion energy store with measuring cell and methods for determining properties of the lithium-ion energy store: A lithium-ion energy store (1), comprising an electrode having a main section (2) and having a measuring section (3) electrically isolated from the main section, a counterelectrode (4) and a separator (5) between the electrode and the counterelectrode, wherein a measuring cell, which forms a part of the lithium-ion energy... Agent:

20150102820 - Battery monitoring apparatus: A battery monitoring apparatus capable of reducing power consumption. At least one monitoring integrated circuit (IC) is electrically connected to a high-voltage battery formed of a plurality of cells and configured to monitor the high-voltage battery in a plurality of modes of operation. A low-voltage power supply circuit can deliver... Agent:

20150102821 - Sensor device for an electrochemical energy store, electrochemical energy store, method for manufacturing a sensor device for an electrochemical energy store: A sensor device for contacting first and second contact points of an electrochemical energy store which are situated inside a housing of the electrochemical energy store includes: a first terminal contact for the electrically conductive connection of the sensor device to the first contact point, a first terminal material on... Agent:

20150102822 - Particle count measurement device: A particle count measurement device includes a preprocessing section configured to place an aerosol introduced into a measurement region in an electrical state of any of a neutralized state, a positively charged state or a negatively charged state, a unipolar charging section configured to place the aerosol which has been... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20150102823 - Circuit integrity detection system for detecting the integrity of a sensing wire in electrically heated textiles: A circuit integrity detection system for use in detecting the integrity of a sensing wire in a heating pad wherein the integrity of the sensing wire is checking the inputs from a first and second A/D converter connected to opposite ends of the sensing wire.... Agent: Sunbeam Products, Inc.

20150102824 - Locating loose connections in an electrical circuit: An electrical system includes an electrical circuit having a plurality of current paths and a plurality of switches for directing current to the plurality of current paths. A sensor senses a current or voltage in the electrical circuit. A processor connected to the sensor receives sensor data corresponding to the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150102825 - Apparatus and method for determining a status of a medical device component: Apparatus for determining a status of a medical device component, wherein the apparatus comprises at least one fusible component to indicate whether the medical device component has been used, and at least one reference component having at least one reference property that is representative of the presence, identity or type... Agent: Emblation Limited

20150102826 - Design structures and methods for extraction of device channel width: Methods and design structures for extraction of transistor channel width are disclosed. Embodiments may include determining effective channel widths of transistors of a plurality of integrated circuits as a function of drawn channel widths of the transistors, and determining a target channel width for a target transistor based on the... Agent: Globalfoundries Inc.

20150102827 - Touch screen sensor integrated circuit, a method of operating the same, and a system including the same: A method of operating a touch screen sensor integrated circuit includes: receiving a plurality of current signals through a plurality of pins, wherein each current signal is generated according to mutual capacitance in response to a modulation signal; sensing the current signals and generating a plurality of sensed current signals... Agent:

20150102828 - Capacitance measurement of high voltage device: Described herein are systems and methods that facilitate the measurement of the capacitance of high voltage devices while shielding an active device involved in the measurement from the high voltage. The systems and methods employ capacitors to store the high voltage such that the active device does not experience the... Agent:

20150102830 - Electro-diffusion enhanced bio-molecule charge detection using electrostatic interaction: According to one aspect, the disclosure is directed to an example embodiment in which a circuit-based arrangement includes a circuit-based substrate securing a channel, with an effective width that is not limited by the Debye screening length, along a surface of the substrate. A pair of reservoirs are included in... Agent:

20150102829 - Fingerprint sensor package and method for manufacturing same: The objective of the present invention is to provide a fingerprint sensor package having a novel structure and a method for manufacturing same, the fingerprint sensor package enabled with obtaining an accurate fingerprint image by minimizing the distance between a top surface of a sensing portion in a fingerprint sensor... Agent: Crucialtec Co., Ltd

20150102831 - Method of inspecting a semiconductor device and probing assembly for use therein: A probing assembly includes a TDR probe coupling a time-domain reflectometry (TDR) device with a semiconductor device including a transistor therein, the transistor having a gate electrode, a source electrode, and a drain electrode on a substrate, wherein the TDR probe includes a first probe tip connecting the gate electrode... Agent: Gwanju Institute Of Science

20150102832 - Carrier disassembling apparatus, electronic device housing apparatus, electronic device retrieving apparatus, and electronic device testing apparatus: A carrier disassembling apparatus which disassembles a test carrier including a base member and a cover member coming into close contact with each other, includes: a first reversing arm which sucks and holds the cover member; and a disassembly table which sucks and holds the base member. The first reversing... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20150102833 - Instantaneous ir drop measurement circuit: A circuit for measuring instantaneous voltage drops in an IC is disclosed. In one embodiment, a measurement circuit is configured to perform measurements of a voltage drop between a supply voltage node and reference (e.g., ground) node. The measurement circuit may perform consecutive voltage measurements over a number of clock... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150102835 - Substrate plate for mems devices: A substrate plate is provided for at least one MEMS device to be mounted thereon. The MEMS device has a certain footprint on the substrate plate, and the substrate plate has a pattern of electrically conductive leads to be connected to electric components of the MEMS device. The pattern forms... Agent: Oce-technologies B.v.

20150102834 - Synthetic test circuit for thyristor valve in hvdc transmission: Provided is a synthetic test circuit for synthetic-testing a thyristor valve in high voltage direct current (HVDC). A resonant circuit applies forward DC current, a reverse DC voltage, and a forward DC voltage to synthetic-test the thyristor valve. A current generation unit generates DC current that is above a reference... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

04/09/2015 > 47 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20150097548 - Cable detection in a pin constrained connector: A cable detection apparatus comprises a cable connector, a signal generator, and a detection module. The cable connector is located on a first device and has an input-only pin that is coupled to a receiver and assigned for receiving a first signal from a driver on a second device. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150097549 - Methods, system and device to identify a type of test strip: Various methods, devices and systems are described in which certain analyte test strip are identified for use in an analyte test meter or identified as unsuitable for use in the meter.... Agent:

20150097550 - Cable detection in a pin constrained connector: A method of detecting a cable connected to a first device includes generating a second signal within the first device, and outputting the second signal onto an input-only pin of a cable connector on the first device, wherein the input-only pin is assigned to receive a first signal from a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150097551 - Faraday current and temperature sensors: This patent application discloses techniques and devices for sensing or measuring electric currents and/or temperature based on photonic sensing techniques. An optical current sensor head is located near or at a current-carrying conductor so that a magnetic field associated with the current is present at a Faraday material and the... Agent:

20150097552 - Calibration correlation for calibration assembly having electromagnetic read head: According to one embodiment a method of performing a calibration correlation test for a calibration assembly includes sweeping a head module having a magnetic read sensor along a y-axis of the calibration assembly. The calibration assembly has at least one calibration trench having at least one nanoparticle at a known... Agent:

20150097553 - Device and method for measuring very low frequency electromagnetic fields: A measuring device for measuring one or more electromagnetic fields is provided. The measuring device includes a measuring sensor arrangement which is operable to detect the one or more electromagnetic fields and to generate one or more corresponding measurement signals; moreover, the measuring device further includes a data processing arrangement... Agent: The Mind App Ltd Oy

20150097554 - Method and apparatus for measuring location of user terminal using magnetic field: A method for measuring a location of a user terminal, using a magnetic field includes receiving information on a map of the magnetic field; acquiring a first measured value from a magnetic field sensor provided in the user terminal; acquiring a second measured value from another sensor provided in the... Agent: Idecca Inc.

20150097555 - Resolver: A resolver includes a resolver rotor that is provided in an outer circumference of the motor shaft and rotates integrally with the motor shaft, a resolver stator that has a plurality of coils and surrounds an outer circumference of the resolver rotor such that a rotational angle detection gap is... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20150097556 - Variable reluctance sensor interfaces and methods of their operation: The embodiments described herein include systems with a variable reluctance sensor (VRS) interface and methods of their operation that may reduce the probability of erroneous transitions in a resulting generated detect signal. As such, the VRS interface can improve the accuracy of position and/or motion determinations, and thus can improve... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150097557 - Variable reluctance sensor interfaces with signal pre-processing and methods of their operation: The embodiments described herein can provide a variable reluctance sensor (VRS) interface that may reduce the probability of erroneous transitions in a resulting generated detect signal. As such, the VRS interface can improve the accuracy of position and/or motion determinations, and thus can improve the performance of a wide variety... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150097558 - Cover opening detection with hall sensor: A display terminal, an apparatus for cover opening detection, and a method of arranging a Hall sensor in a display terminal are provided. A display terminal includes a first body, and a Hall sensor disposed in the first body, the Hall sensor including a magnetic field sensing surface configured to... Agent: Magnachip Semiconductor, Ltd.

20150097559 - System and method for loss prevention using a magnetometer: A loss prevention device includes a magnetometer and a processor operatively coupled to the magnetometer. The magnetometer is configured to measure intensities and directions of one or more maxima in a magnetic field, the one or more maxima including at least a first maximum from magnetic north of the Earth,... Agent:

20150097560 - Magnetic sensor device: Provided is a magnetic sensor device capable of attenuating the intensity of the magnetic field to be applied to the magnetic sensor. A magnetic sensor device includes a magnetic sensor element which detects the intensity of a magnetic field in a predetermined detection axis direction, and a magnetic field attenuation... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20150097561 - Microwave cavity sensor: A sensor comprising: a dielectric waveguide for guiding a microwave signal; and a dielectric reflector at an end of the dielectric waveguide to cause formation of a sensing field beyond an outer surface of the dielectric reflector.... Agent: Heriot-watt University

20150097563 - Controlling a magnetic resonance imaging system to generate magnetic resonance image data of an examination subject: In a method to control a magnetic resonance imaging system to generate magnetic resonance image data of an examination subject, raw magnetic resonance data are acquired that include measurement values at multiple readout points in k-space. The readout points are arranged along a readout axis in k-space as readout pairs... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150097562 - Method and apparatus to acquire magnetic resonance image data: In a method and apparatus to acquire magnetic resonance image data; an examination subject is positioned in a magnetic resonance apparatus to acquire magnetic resonance image data of the examination subject with a magnetic resonance sequence, and sequence parameters of the magnetic resonance sequence are established. First control commands of... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150097564 - Device having at least one channel and at least two liquids: The embodiments relate to devices having at least one channel and at least two liquids, to a housing element and to a medical imaging apparatus. In order for the device to achieve a design effect by liquids, it is proposed that the device includes at least one channel, wherein the... Agent:

20150097566 - Method and device for controlling a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: Starting with a magnetic resonance imaging system control sequence that has a radio-frequency (RF) pulse train to control the RF transmission system and a gradient pulse train, chronologically matching the RF pulse train, to control the gradient system, the gradient pulse train including a predetermined selection gradient pulse chronologically matched... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150097565 - Methods and apparatus for reducing scan time of phase contrast mri: A method and apparatus for reducing scan time, eddy currents and image factors in dynamic magnetic resonance (MR) imaging associated with at least a portion a k-space. The method includes scanning at least a portion of the k-space with an Echo-Planar Imaging (EPI) pulse sequence technique, acquiring a randomly under-sampled... Agent:

20150097568 - Detection of buried assets using current location and known buffer zones: A method on a mobile computing device for locating electromagnetic signals radiating from a buried asset is disclosed. The method includes receiving buried asset data points corresponding to a buried asset, reading a predefined value, generating, based on the buried asset data points, a two dimensional area comprising a buffer... Agent:

20150097567 - Dual-radiation non-ferrous metal prospecting system: Methods and apparatus for a Dual Emission Non-Ferrous Metal Prospecting System are disclosed. One embodiment comprises methods and apparatus for finding metal deposits in the Earth, and then determining whether these metal deposits are ferrous or non-ferrous. One embodiment includes an Electromagnetic Quartz Penetrator. The Electromagnetic Quartz Penetrator includes a... Agent:

20150097569 - Validating operation of an electronic marker locator: A locator for locating a buried electromagnetic marker is operable to generate a test signal in order to validate that the locator is operating in accordance with calibration data. The locator comprises a transmission antenna and a first reception antenna. The transmission antenna is configured to generate a first oscillatory... Agent:

20150097570 - Testing device and testing method thereof: A testing device and a testing method are provided. The testing device includes a connecting module and a processor electrically connected to the connecting module. The connecting module is electrically coupled with a plurality of communication devices under tests (DUTs) synchronously. The processor determines a schedule for the communication DUTs... Agent: Alifecom Technology, Corp.

20150097571 - Apparatus and method for automatic ground fault location determination in high resistance grounded motor drive system: A PLC or other industrial controller programmed to locate ground faults in a networked high resistance grounded multi-drive system through network communications messaging to automatically place networked motor drives in various operational states to isolate individual drives for ground fault identification testing and selectively identify individual drives as suspected ground... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150097573 - Load apparatus for testing: A load apparatus for testing is provided. The load apparatus for testing includes a first comparison circuit, a switch circuit, a voltage-dividing load circuit and a second comparison circuit. The first comparison circuit receives an input voltage from an input terminal and obtains a first sensing voltage according to the... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150097575 - Method of evaluating device including noise source: A method of evaluating a device includes a first electric circuit acting as a noise source and a second electric circuit which is likely to malfunction due to a noise signal. The method includes: obtaining malfunction frequency characteristics indicating magnitudes of a threshold noise signal causing malfunction of the second... Agent:

20150097574 - Phase determining method, phase determining apparatus, and recording medium: A non-transitory computer-readable recording medium stores therein a program that causes a computer to execute a phase determining process. The phase determining process includes: transmitting electricity to a consumer via a power distribution line branched from a power distribution line using a three-phase three-wire system; identifying a time change pattern... Agent:

20150097572 - Tamper protection mesh in an electronic device: A technique for tamper protection in an electronic device is disclosed. A conductive mesh is affixed onto one or more interior surfaces of the outer housing of the device. The mesh includes one or more conductive traces coupled to one or more detectors within the device. The detector can detect... Agent: Square, Inc.

20150097576 - Calibration assembly for aide in detection of analytes with electromagnetic read-write heads: According to one embodiment, a calibration assembly includes an outer layer having at least one calibration trench extending along a y-axis, and an encapsulation layer within the calibration trench. The encapsulation layer has a plurality of nanoparticles spaced apart along said y-axis of said at least one calibration trench. Each... Agent:

20150097577 - Capacitance detection circuit that detects minute changes in capacitance: A capacitance detection circuit detects changes in the capacitance of a variable capacitor by using the change in capacitance to change the resonant frequency of a variable capacitor oscillator. The resonant frequency of the variable capacitor oscillator is converted from the time domain to the frequency domain, and then selected... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150097578 - Data measurement methods and systems: Methods are described for measuring data in a test setup including an impedance tuner. In an exemplary embodiment, the data is data for measuring noise parameters. The data is measured versus a sweep parameter for one tuner state at a time.... Agent:

20150097579 - Sensor apparatus for measurement of material properties: A material constituent sensor includes one or more metamaterial assisted antennas located to probe a material that may be a multiphase composition. A signal source excites at least one metamaterial assisted antenna in a desired range of radio frequency (RF) signals, a desired range of microwave signals, or a combination... Agent:

20150097580 - Tip clearance measurement system: A tip clearance measurement system (TCMS) includes a probe and sensing circuitry. The probe directs microwave signals toward a turbine blade and receives microwave signals reflected by the turbine blade. The sensing circuitry includes a switch having a first state in which a main frequency is provided at an output... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150097581 - Sensing: t

20150097582 - Sensor for measuring blade tip clearance in gas turbines: Determining a distance between stationary and moving portions of a turbo machine including generating, by a fixed gap capacitive probe, a first output signal based on a characteristic of a gas in a gas flow path of the turbo machine, wherein the fixed gap capacitive probe is located in the... Agent:

20150097584 - Multi-functional capacitance sensing circuit: An apparatus for and a method of sensing capacitance of one or more sensor elements in multiple capacitance sensing modes, including a self-capacitance sensing mode and a mutual capacitance sensing mode.... Agent:

20150097583 - Multiple channel capacitive voltage divider scanning method and apparatus: Relative capacitance of a plurality of capacitive sensors may be monitored by using only one ADC conversion. A plurality of capacitive sensors individually charges a sample and hold capacitor. After all of the plurality of capacitive sensors have charged the sample and hold capacitor, a digital conversion of the resulting... Agent:

20150097585 - Sensor system and method for reducing a settling time of a sensor system: A sensor system has a first sensor device and a second capacitive sensor device for detecting a movement of the object relative to a detection surface, wherein the sensor system may be operated in a first mode of operation and in a second mode of operation, wherein the sensor system... Agent:

20150097587 - Integrated passive circuit elements for sensing devices: Capacitive sensing devices are provided that include a sensing pattern of conductive traces disposed upon the surface of a substrate and a first passive circuit element that includes a metallic conductor disposed upon the same surface of the substrate. In some embodiments, the first passive circuit element is a component... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150097586 - Micro-electro-mechanical system device and micro-electro- mechanical system compensation structure: This invention provides a MEMS device, including: a mass structure having at least one anchor; at least one flexible structure connected with the mass structure at the at least one anchor; a plurality of top electrodes located above the mass structure and forming a top capacitor circuit with the mass... Agent: Pixart Imaging Incorporation

20150097588 - Apparatus for measuring electrical conductivity in liquid: An apparatus for measuring electrical conductivity of liquid is disclosed. The present invention as disclosed accurately and consistently measures infinitesimal conductivity of liquid by applying a stable reference signal to a conductivity sensor controlled with a constant temperature, and by low-noise processing on an output signal from the conductivity sensor.... Agent:

20150097589 - Corrosion detection in structural tendons: Various examples are provided for corrosion detection in structural tendons. In one example, among others, a method includes injecting current through a portion of a tendon assembly including a tendon at least partially encased in grout, where the current is injected through the portion of the tendon assembly via contact... Agent:

20150097590 - Electrical connection via fastener hole: The systems, apparatus, and methods disclosed herein provide access to systems located within a closed structure, such that the systems are traditionally difficult for humans to access. Exemplary structures include an engine compartment, airplane wing, or fuselage. This access allows a system located within the structure to be electrically coupled... Agent:

20150097591 - Device for measuring electronic components: A device for measuring electronic components having a plurality of conductors applied to a dielectric cable carrier, which conductors are each connected both to a contact finger and to a connection contact, such that a switch is integrated in at least one of the conductors, via which the conductor can... Agent:

20150097592 - Direct testing for peripheral circuits in flat panel devices: A method of testing a flat panel display including an array of pixels and a peripheral circuit configured to provide signals to the pixels is disclosed. The method includes applying at least one test signal to the peripheral circuit, acquiring one or more voltage images of the peripheral circuit, and... Agent:

20150097593 - Parallel scan distributors and collectors and process of testing integrated circuits: An integrated circuit (70) having parallel scan paths (824-842, 924-942) includes a pair or pairs of scan distributor (800,900) and scan collector (844,944) circuits. The scan paths apply stimulus test data to functional circuits (702) on the integrated circuit and receive response test data from the functional circuits. A scan... Agent:

20150097594 - Two wire combined power and data network system segment with fault protection device: A segment of a two wire combined power and data network system for automation comprising a trunk, a spur mounted thereon and a fault protection device, in which said fault protection device comprises a control means adapted to monitor the current of said spur, and isolation means adapted to fully... Agent: Pepperl + Fuchs Gmbh

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