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20150145500 - A.c. power measuring apparatus and a.c. power measuring method: An A.C. power measuring apparatus includes a voltage detecting unit that detects voltage waveforms of each of phases of a set of insulated cables for supplying a three-phase A.C. power to a load, by performing a contactless measurement by electrostatic capacitance coupling, and a current detecting unit that detects current... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150145501 - Systems and methods for current and voltage monitoring: A cable for monitoring current and voltage includes a plug, a socket, first and second conductors extending from the plug to the socket, a current and voltage monitoring module, a transceiver, and a housing. The current and voltage monitoring module is coupled to the first and second conductors, and is... Agent:

20150145502 - Voltage measurement device with an insulating body: A voltage measurement device includes an insulating body, for the use in medium- or high-voltage equipment or switchgears The insulating body includes an impedance divider having at least one high voltage impedance and at least one low voltage impedance in series, and with shielding electrodes. In order to optimize the... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150145503 - Grilling appliance with automated platen leveling and gap calibration system: A method of calibrating a grill is provided including performing a first calibration run. A first calibration run includes monitoring a current of a leveling mechanism as the first grilling surface moves into contact with a second opposite grilling surface to determine a first location of the grilling surface. The... Agent:

20150145505 - Detection device: A magnet generates a magnetic field around a position where a detected object passes. The detected object is formed of a nonmagnetic and conductive material. A first core is a magnetic object equipped to the magnet on a detected object side. A coil is wound around a radially outside of... Agent:

20150145506 - Magnetic sensor: A magnetic sensor includes a bias magnetic field generator and a magnetic detection element disposed on one side of the bias magnetic field generator, in a magnetic pole direction. The magnetic sensor identifies a medium, that is a magnetic powder adhered medium or a magnetic film adhered medium, passing across... Agent:

20150145504 - Magnetoresistive gear tooth sensor: The present invention discloses a magnetoresistive gear tooth sensor, which includes a magnetoresistive sensor chip and a permanent magnet. The magnetic sensor chip is comprised of at least one magnetoresistive sensor bridge, and each arm of the sensor bridge has at least one MTJ element group. The magnetoresistive gear tooth... Agent:

20150145507 - Transformer position sensor with shorted coil: A transformer position sensor includes a primary coil, a secondary coil, and an electrically shorted coil. The primary coil is adapted to receive an excitation signal and is configured, upon receipt of the excitation signal, to generate a primary magnetic flux. The secondary coil is inductively coupled to the primary... Agent:

20150145509 - Conductive foreign material detecting apparatus: A conductive foreign material detecting apparatus includes an exciting coil configured to apply an AC magnetic field to a base substance through which the AC magnetic field passes, a magnetic sensor configured to detect a change of the AC magnetic field caused by a conductive foreign material on a surface... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20150145508 - Xmr angle sensors: Embodiments relate to xMR sensors, sensor elements and structures, and methods. In an embodiment, a sensor element comprises a non-elongated xMR structure; and a plurality of contact regions formed on the xMR structure spaced apart from one another such that a non-homogeneous current direction and current density distribution are induced... Agent:

20150145510 - Durability enhanced and redundant embedded sensors: A substantially planar eddy-current sensor having durability enhancing pillars in an active region is provided. The pillars are distributed and sized so as to have limited effect on the sensor's performance. When the sensor is mounted on a component such that the sensor experiences forces on a top and bottom... Agent:

20150145511 - Magnetic sensor: In a magnetic sensor, a pinned layer covers a wiring layer on a side opposite to a substrate with respect to the wiring layer and includes a bent portion having a bent shape in cross section. Free layers are arranged on a side opposite to the substrate with respect to... Agent:

20150145512 - Downhole differentiation of light oil and oil-based filtrates by nmr with oleophilic nanoparticles: Downhole nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) methods that utilize oleophilic nanoparticle may allow for differentiation of light oil and oil-based filtrates. For example, a method may involve drilling a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation using an oil-based drilling fluid that comprises an oil base fluid and a plurality of oleophilic nanoparticles;... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150145513 - Hybrid saturation recovery-inversion recovery pulse sequence for improved nmr logging of boreholes: A nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) logging method includes providing a hybrid pulse sequence having a saturation pulse, an inversion pulse, and a detection sequence. The method also includes measuring echo signals in response to the hybrid pulse sequence. The method also includes deriving a spin-lattice time constant (T1) distribution from... Agent:

20150145515 - Differential approach to quantitative susceptibility mapping without background field removal: An example method for mapping tissue magnetic susceptibility includes acquiring magnetic resonance (MR) data, where the MR data correspond to a subject, determining a magnetic field based on the MR data, determining a relationship between the magnetic field at a given location to the magnetic susceptibility at that location, and... Agent:

20150145514 - System and method for object-based initialization of magnetic field inhomogeneity in magnetic resonance imaging: An object-based approach is used to initialize the magnetic field inhomogeneity estimation for chemical species separation, such as water-fat separation, and other imaging applications. For example, a susceptibility distribution in the subject being imaged is estimated from images reconstructed from single-echo or multi-echo k-space data and used to initialize the... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20150145516 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes: a magnetostatic field magnet formed in the shape of a substantially circular cylinder; a gradient coil formed in the shape of a substantially circular cylinder on the inside of the magnetostatic field magnet; a cylindrical part that is formed in the shape of a... Agent:

20150145518 - Device and method for detecting an object in a subsurface: A device for detecting an object in a subsurface, including a transmitting unit having a transmitting element which is designed to emit a transmission signal into the subsurface, a receiving unit having two or more receiving elements which are designed to receive a reception signal which is a function of... Agent:

20150145517 - Metal detector: A method for detecting an electrically conductive target in soil using a metal detector, including the steps of: processing a receive signal using at least two different functions for producing at least two processed signals, each of the processed signals is at least partly insensitive to at least one unwanted... Agent:

20150145519 - Induction type broadband 3-component borehole magnetic measuring sensor and borehole electromagnetic tomography method using the same: Borehole electromagnetic exploration or tomography (EM tomography). An induction type broadband 3-component borehole magnetic measuring sensor can accurately and precisely measure a broadband magnetic field about x, y and z axes using a three-dimensional (3D) model within a borehole by monitoring natural variations in the earth's magnetic field or based... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resource

20150145520 - Circuit and method for evaluating cells in a battery: Further, in various embodiments, a circuit is provided, including a balancing circuit configured to inductively transfer charges between cells in a battery using current pulses, and a control unit configured to control the balancing circuit to provide the current pulses, wherein an average value of the current pulses oscillates over... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150145521 - Method of selecting used secondary battery and method of manufacturing battery pack: A method of selecting a used secondary battery includes an internal resistance measurement step of measuring a specific internal resistance (second internal resistance) at a specific battery temperature (second battery temperature) of each of used secondary batteries, and a selection step of selecting a used secondary battery or batteries having... Agent:

20150145522 - Analog signal input circuit with a number of analog signal detection channels: The invention relates to an analog signal input circuit with a first number of analog signal detection channels (100) and at least one diagnostics circuit (130), with each analog signal detection channel respectively including a third number of analog signal detection circuits (110, 120) and at least one first connection... Agent: Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co., Kg

20150145524 - Dut continuity test with only digital io structures apparatus and methods associated thereof: A method and system for determining short, open, and good connections using digital input and output (IO) structures in a device under test (DUT) continuity test, through the combined methods of using resistance-capacitance (RC) delay, time domain reflectometry (TDR), and forcing voltage on to a single IO pin of the... Agent:

20150145523 - Power conversion device including abnormality detection function of lc filter: The power conversion device includes an AC power source, a power conversion unit, and an LC filter unit arranged between the AC power source and the power conversion unit, and the LC filter unit has a temperature detection element provided in one part or in a plurality of parts configuring... Agent:

20150145525 - Overcurrent simulation method when nail penetrates secondary battery and recording medium storing the program: Disclosed is an overcurrent simulation method when a nail penetrates a secondary battery and a recording medium storing the program. The overcurrent simulation method according to the present disclosure constructs a safety device and a secondary battery equivalent circuit, and produces a nail penetration effect by changing a resistance value.... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150145526 - Apparatus for calibrating a power measuring system for power transformers: The present invention relates to an apparatus for calibrating a power measuring system for power transformers. The general inventive concept involves the two reference measuring systems that are known from the prior art for the calibration of a current transformer, a voltage transformer and an evaluation device being integrated in... Agent: Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen Gmbh

20150145527 - Capacitive sensor circuit: A capacitive sensor circuit includes a sensor for providing a sensing voltage, a pre-processing circuit electrically connected to the sensor via an input connection line, and an impedance transformation circuit electrically connected between the input connection line and a bias point. The impedance transformation circuit includes a first impedance unit... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

20150145528 - Passive intermodulation measurement device and relay unit including the same: A passive intermodulation (PIM) measurement device for measuring a PIM in at least one of installation equipments and a distribution network within a distributed antenna system (DAS), the PIM measurement device included in a relay unit of the DAS, the PIM measurement device includes a pulse generation unit, a PIM... Agent:

20150145529 - Coil unit and apparatus for detecting foreign matter: A power feeding coil unit (a coil unit) is provided with a power feeding coil (a coil for power transmission) and an apparatus for detecting foreign matter. The apparatus for detecting foreign matter is provided with a plurality of resonators having a resonator coil and capacitor and also an excitation... Agent:

20150145530 - Coil unit and apparatus for detecting foreign matter: The present invention aims to provide a coil unit for improving an accuracy in detecting foreign matter and an apparatus for detecting foreign matter which improves the accuracy in detecting foreign matter when a power is transmitted in a contactless manner. A power feeding coil unit L100 (a coil unit)... Agent:

20150145531 - Method, system and apparatus for capacitive sensing: A system for obtaining incremental and absolute displacement measurements using systems of electrodes that interact to form variable capacitors and systems that facilitate implementation of the method along with exemplary embodiments of these systems. The capacitors created by the disclosed method have known physical properties and corresponding known mathematical relationships.... Agent:

20150145533 - Method and system for health monitoring of composite elastomeric flexible elements: A composite elastomeric flexible element has an elastomer layer between rigid members. When subjected to loads, and as time goes by, the elastomer layer will undergo damage in the form of micro-voids and polymer chain scission. The time it takes the damage to reach a predetermined, but safe state is... Agent:

20150145532 - Tomographic determination of scale build-up in pipes and other tanks, cells, vessels or containers: Apparatus is provided featuring a signal processor or processing module configured at least to: receive signaling containing information about the conductivity of a fluid contained, processed or flowing in a pipe, tank, cell or vessel having electrodes around the circumference of the pipe, tank, cell or vessel in an irregular... Agent:

20150145534 - Capacitive sensing circuit for sensing capacitance variation with charge clone: The present invention provides a capacitive sensing circuit, comprising at least one capacitor to be measured, an integral capacitor, a first current mirror having a first current path and a second current path. A first current is generated in the first current path so as to charge the capacitor to... Agent:

20150145535 - Capacitive sensing interface for proximity detection: A measuring circuit for a proximity sensor, comprising a charge amplifier in a floating voltage domain that is driven by a square waveform. The output signal is sampled synchronously with the voltage of the floating domain, and demodulated by measuring the voltage steps amplitude. This approach is compatible with a... Agent:

20150145536 - Methods and systems for production testing of capacitors: Systems and methods provide for testing a capacitor. The method includes: selecting a capacitor to be tested; generating an frequency signal from a source voltage which passes through a resistor, while connecting and disconnecting the capacitor, which results in an output signal; and measuring a relative level of a sideband... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20150145537 - Capacitive sensor with differential shield: The present disclosure describes a differential shield capacitive sensor design. The sensor design uses a differential measurement to measure capacitance and a pair of traces are used to differentially reject the response of the sensor traces and balance any parasitic capacitances. In some embodiments, the sensor design includes a differential... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20150145538 - Circuits and methods for measuring a current: A circuit is provided, including a first resistor, a second resistor and a control unit. The second resistor may have an adjustable resistance. The control unit may be configured to adjust the second resistor to have a first resistance at which a voltage due to a first current flowing through... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150145539 - Readout device, dual-function readout device, and detecting circuit thereof: A readout device includes a plurality of detecting circuits arranged in rows and columns to form a detecting array, and an output module. Each of the detecting circuits includes two transistors for generating a detection signal associated with impedance at a target site. Through selection of the rows and the... Agent: National Chi Nan University

20150145540 - Semiconductor inspection system and method for preventing condenation at interface part: Provided are a semiconductor inspection system and a method for preventing condensation at an interface part. The inspection system is characterized by being equipped with: a probe apparatus configured to bring a probe into contact with a target object whose temperature is controlled so that the probe is electrically connected... Agent:

20150145541 - Inspection apparatus and inspection method: An inspection apparatus and an inspection method capable of reducing the effect of noises are provided. An inspection apparatus according to the present invention includes a work table 26 on which an inspection panel 12 is placed, a probe unit 31 including a probe 38 that comes into contact with... Agent:

20150145542 - Inspection apparatus: An inspection apparatus includes a first tester and a second tester each of which tests a substrate loaded therein, a first stage on which the first tester is mounted, the first stage being movable to a first loading and unloading position and a first test position, the first test position... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150145543 - Mems device positioning apparatus, test system, and test method: A positioning apparatus includes a support structure, a positioning structure, and a fixture for retaining MEMS devices. A shaft spans between the support structure and the positioning structure, and is configured to rotate about a first axis relative to the support structure in order to rotate the positioning structure and... Agent:

20150145544 - Pressure sensing and control for semiconductor wafer probing: A wafer probing system includes a probe card assembly having a plurality of individual probe structures configured make contact with a semiconductor wafer mounted on a motor driven wafer chuck, with each probe structure configured with a pressure sensing unit integrated therewith; and a controller configured to drive the probe... Agent:

20150145545 - High performance liga spring interconnect system for probing application: A zero insertion force (ZIF) connector can include a connector housing defining an opening and an interior space for receiving a mating member, multiple LIGA springs positioned within the interior space and configured to apply pressure to the mating member while in a first position, and a locking component to... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20150145546 - Coated probe and method of fabricating the same: A coated probe is provided. The probe includes a probe body and a cladding layer. The probe body has a terminal. The cladding layer covers the surface of the terminal of the probe body, wherein the cladding layer includes a carbon nano-material layer, and the carbon nano-material layer includes a... Agent:

20150145547 - Probe apparatus and wafer mounting table for probe apparatus: A probe apparatus includes a card clamp unit detachably supporting a probe card; and a wafer mounting table adsorbing the semiconductor wafer and bringing electrodes on the semiconductor wafer into contact with the probes. In order to mount the semiconductor wafer including an annular portion protruding from a rear surface... Agent:

20150145548 - Compact electronics test system having user programmable device interfaces and on-board functions adapted for use with multiple devices under test and in various environments including ones in proximity to a radiation field: Various apparatus and methods associated with a compact electronics test system having user programmable device interfaces and on-board functions adapted for use in various environments are provided. Exemplary embodiments can include a variety of apparatuses and methods to realize an advanced field programmable gate array adapted to perform functional tests... Agent:

20150145549 - Testing device and testing method: The present invention provides a testing device and a testing method. The testing method comprises: providing a testing device; bonding at least one connecting terminal of the testing device to signal lines of the display panel; and inputting test signals to the signal lines of the display panel through at... Agent:

20150145550 - Solar array condition monitoring through controlled inverter voltage sweeping: A PV system includes an irradiance meter to measure solar irradiance received by a PV array in the system. A PV inverter is electrically connected to the PV array via a DC link to regulate the voltage of the PV array. A controller receives an input from the irradiance meter... Agent:

20150145551 - Semiconductor substrate evaluating method, semiconductor substrate for evaluation, and semiconductor device: On an EP substrate 1, an EP layer 2 having a conductivity type different from that of the EP substrate 1 is grown. With ion implantation, a well 5 having the same conductivity type as the EP layer 2 is formed, and a channel stop layer 10 is also formed.... Agent: Shin-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd

20150145552 - Printed circuit arrangement: The invention relates to a printed circuit arrangement comprising a printed circuit board having a corrosion test circuit comprising at least two conductive pads which are located proximate to each other in a measuring area, the arrangement further comprising a measuring device, characterized in that one pad is an excitation... Agent: Kone Corporation

20150145553 - Detection of a short-circuit in a switching structure: A device for supplying power to an inductive load includes a switching structure designed to control a current in the load, and elements for detecting anomalies designed to generate information on detection or information on non-detection of an anomaly of the short-circuit type able to occur in the cabling toward... Agent: Continental Automotive France

20150145554 - Method for inspecting wye ring: A method for inspecting a wye ring in a generator includes the steps of dismantling the generator to gain access to the wye ring and at least a portion of a rotor, applying a test signal to the rotor and measuring an inductive voltage at two or more locations near... Agent: General Electric Company

05/21/2015 > 61 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20150137790 - Method for calibrating an actuating device: (b2) activating a calculation unit to automatically calibrate the actuator or actuators of the actuating device, with the calculation unit able to determine, for the actuator or actuators, the minimum and maximum end stops that define its or their authorised range of movement using the predetermined reference position of the... Agent: Pga Electronic

20150137791 - Devices and methods for facilitating usb charger detection: Electronic devices are adapted to facilitate detection of a type of USB charger to which an electronic device is connected. According to one example, an electronic device can apply a current source to a data line of a USB plug coupled to a USB port. A determination can be made... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150137792 - Power consumption monitoring apparatus: The invention relates to a power consumption monitoring apparatus (11) for monitoring the power consumed in a network (1) of electrical devices (3, 4, 5; 6, 7, 8). An electrical parameter measuring unit measures an overall electrical parameter of the network over time,a group signature providing unit provides group signatures,... Agent:

20150137793 - Systems and methods for precision optical imaging of electrical currents and temperature in integrated circuits: Systems and methods for precision optical imaging of electrical currents and temperature in integrated circuits are disclosed herein. In one aspect of the disclosed subject matter, a method for detecting a characteristic of an integrated circuit can include depositing at least one diamond structure, having at least one color center... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20150137794 - Nanoscale sensors for intracellular and other applications: The present invention generally relates to nanoscale wires for use in sensors and other applications. In various embodiments, a probe comprising a nanotube (or other nanoscale wire) is provided that can be directly inserted into a cell to determine a property of the cell, e.g., an electrical property. In some... Agent:

20150137795 - Systems and methods for measuring current with shielded conductors: Systems and methods for measuring current with shielded conductors are provided. One system includes a first wire within shielding, wherein the first wire is connected between a high voltage source and a filament of an x-ray system. The system also includes a second wire within shielding, wherein the second wire... Agent: General Electric Company

20150137799 - Powerless vehicle movement detector: An apparatus that determines that a vehicle has moved comprises a shaft member, a pin configured to attach the shaft member to a backing plate via an opening in the shaft member that enables the shaft member to move in a direction along the length of the shaft member, to... Agent: Thales Canada Inc

20150137800 - Rotation sensing method and system: A sensing system and method. A coded wheel is configured to generate a signal that varies with rotation of the coded wheel. A sensor is configured to sense the varying signal and output a corresponding signal. A correction module is configured to receive the signal output by the sensor and... Agent:

20150137801 - Method and apparatus for aligning a vehicle with an inductive charging system: A method and apparatus for aligning a vehicle with an inductive charging system is characterized by the addition of alignment coils to a secondary coil on the vehicle. For efficient inductive charging, it is necessary that the vehicle mounted secondary coil be aligned with a stationary primary coil of a... Agent:

20150137802 - Specimen and current measuring method: Composite material sheets containing conductive fibers are laminated, and release films are interposed between the sheets so as to extend from one end to the center of the sheets. The sheets are heated under pressure to shape a composite material. Discrete conductive wires through which a measurement current is passed... Agent:

20150137797 - Off-axis magnetic field angle sensors: Embodiments relate to magnetic field angle sensing systems and methods. In an embodiment, a magnetic field angle sensing system configured to determine a rotational position of a magnetic field source around an axis, comprises N sensor devices arranged in a circle concentric to an axis, wherein N>1 and the sensor... Agent:

20150137796 - On-axis magnetic field angle sensors, systems and methods: Embodiments relate to magnetic field sensors, such as magnetic field angle sensors with generally on-axis arrangements of sensor elements relative to a rotation axis of a magnet or shaft. The shaft comprises or is coupled to an end portion that comprises a soft magnetic material, in embodiments, with the end... Agent:

20150137798 - Relative rotational angular displacement detection device, torque detection device, torque control device, and vehicle: A permanent magnet includes magnetic poles that are arranged so as to alternate in polarity in the circumferential direction of the axis of rotation. The magnet is attached to one of a pair of rotatable members. The rotatable members are relatively rotatable about an axis of rotation. A magnetic flux... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150137803 - Integrated wheel speed measuring device: An integrated wheel speed measuring device according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes: a hub which is installed inside a wheel bearing; a magnetic encoder which is installed by being inserted into a recessed portion that is provided in one surface of the hub; and a wheel... Agent:

20150137804 - Magnetic field sensing module, measurement method, and manufacturing method of a magnetic field sensing module: A magnetic field sensing module including a plurality of magnetic flux concentrators and a plurality of sensing elements is provided. Each of the magnetic flux concentrators extends along a first extension direction, and the magnetic flux concentrators are arranged along a second direction. The sensing elements are respectively disposed at... Agent: Isentek, Inc.

20150137805 - Vertical hall sensor with series-connected hall effect regions: A vertical Hall sensor includes first and second vertical Hall effect regions formed in a semiconductor substrate and of the same doping type, with first and second pluralities of contacts arranged at one side of the first or second vertical Hall effect regions, respectively. The second vertical Hall effect region... Agent:

20150137806 - Three axis magnetic sensor device and method using flex cables: A method and structure for a three-axis magnetic field sensing device. An IC layer having first bond pads and second bond pads can be formed overlying a substrate/SOI member with a first, second, and third magnetic sensing element coupled the IC layer. One or more conductive cables can be formed... Agent:

20150137807 - Miniaturized magnetic resonance probe: Described herein are a magnetic resonance probe and a NMR, MRI, or EPR apparatus including the same. The magnetic resonance probe includes a conductor electrically coupled to the resonator and configured to transmit and receive electromagnetic radiation to and from a sample, wherein the conductor includes one or more cascaded... Agent:

20150137809 - Apparatus and method for mapping and measurement of spatially and temporally distributed induced small phase deviations in magnetic resonance utilizing deconvolution: Phase variations of the transverse magnetization in magnetic resonance induced by superimposed physical phenomenae or by intrinsic deviations of the main magnetic B0 field are separated from Feature Space set by demodulation and deconvolution, either by electrical circuits or by equivalent computational methods, permitting mapping and measurement of these induced... Agent: Wollin Ventures, Inc.

20150137808 - Magnetic resonance imaging device and method for generating image using same: The magnetic resonance imaging device in accordance with the example embodiments, the magnetic resonance imaging device has an advantage that it is capable of generating an image quickly having a high resolution while minimizing generation of artifacts by comprising a data processing unit configured to relocate, in a K-space, gradient... Agent:

20150137810 - Switching-frequency-controlled switch-mode power supply unit for powering magnetic resonance system gradient coils: A power supply unit (130) for powering at least one gradient coil (128) of a magnetic resonance (MR) examination system (110) with a main magnet (114) having, in at least one state of operation, a substantially static magnetic field strength, and with an MR measurement signal bandwidth, the power supply... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150137811 - System and method for magnetic resonance imaging using highly accelerated projection imaging: A method for highly accelerated projection imaging (“HAPI”) is provided. In this method, conventional linear gradients are used to obtain coil sensitivity-weighted projections of the object being imaged. Only a relatively small number of projections, such as sixteen or less, of the object are required to reconstruct a two-dimensional image... Agent:

20150137812 - Shutting assembly for closing an entrance of an mri device: A shutting assembly for a magnetic resonance imaging device (MRD) bore aperture, comprising at least one first movable portion and at least one second portion affixed to the MRD, wherein the shutting assembly further comprising a normally closed or normally open sliding mechanism. The sliding mechanism couples at least one... Agent:

20150137815 - Circular dipole and surface coil loop structures and methods for using the same: A circular dipole antenna (e.g., for a magnetic imaging system) according to exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure can comprise a circular conductor with a feed point on one side and a gap on the other. A surface coil loop antenna (e.g., for magnetic imaging system) is provided with a... Agent:

20150137813 - Error analysis and correction of mri adc measurements for gradient nonlinearity: Techniques for correcting gradient non-linearity bias in mean diffusivity measurements by MRI systems are shown and include minimal number of spatial correction terms to achieve sufficient error control using three orthogonal diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) gradients. The correction is based on rotation of system gradient nonlinearity tensor into a DWI... Agent:

20150137814 - Gradient magnetic field coil device and magnetic resonance imaging device: A gradient magnetic field coil device is provided in which an eddy current magnetic field of an even-ordered component can be reduced. The gradient magnetic field coil device includes a forward coil and a reverse coil which faces the forward coil so as to sandwich a middle surface and through... Agent:

20150137816 - Monopole array arrangement, computer-accessible medium and method for using the same: An array arrangement according to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure can be provided. For example, the array arrangement can include a monopole array having a first end and a second end. The monopole array can be configured to be driven from the first end and from the second... Agent:

20150137817 - Casing mounted em transducers having a soft magnetic layer: Illustrative permanent electromagnetic (EM) monitoring systems and methods have a casing string positioned inside a borehole and equipped with one or more EM transducer modules having a layer of soft magnetic material that substantially encircles the casing string to amplify a signal response of a magnetic field transmitting and/or sensing... Agent:

20150137818 - Methods of transient em data compression: A system and method to compress transient signals are described. The system includes a transmitter disposed in a borehole to change a transmitted current and induce a current in an earth formation, and a receiver disposed in the borehole to receive the transient signals resulting from the transmitted current. The... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150137819 - System and method for monitoring relay contacts: A system and method are disclosed for monitoring at least one relay contact. The system may include an emitter adapted for communication with a relay contact and configured to emit a signal, and a receiver adapted for communication with the relay contact and configured to detect a signal emitted by... Agent:

20150137822 - Apparatus and method for estimating soc of secondary battery including blended cathode material: Disclosed is an apparatus and method for estimating a SOC of a secondary battery containing a blended cathode material. The SOC estimating apparatus estimates a SOC of a secondary battery including a cathode having a blended cathode material containing a first cathode material and a second cathode material with different... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150137821 - Assembled-battery voltage detection device: An assembled-battery voltage detection device for detecting a voltage at an assembled-battery including a plurality of single batteries connected in series includes: single-battery voltage detection circuits detecting voltages at the respective single batteries; single-battery voltage detection terminals connected to ends of the single batteries; connectors connecting the single-battery voltage detection... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150137820 - Battery fuel gauges using fet segment control to increase low current measurement accuracy: A circuit comprises a battery field-effect transistor (FET) coupled between a battery and an electronic system so that current from the battery flows through the battery FET to the electronic system. A replica FET couples the battery to a current sensing circuit. One of the battery FET and the replica... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150137823 - Power storage member monitoring device, power storage apparatus, and power storage member monitoring method: A power storage member monitoring device of the present disclosure includes a circuit that designates a monitor target power storage member based on results of voltage measurement carried out more than once on each of series-connected power storage blocks, each of the power storage blocks including at least one power... Agent:

20150137824 - Battery system, and electric vehicle and electricity storage device both having said battery system: A battery system comprises plural battery cells, a voltage detecting circuit detecting voltage of each of the battery cells, and plural voltage detecting lines connecting an electrode terminal of each of the battery cells to input side of the voltage detecting circuit, and the voltage detecting circuit detects the voltage... Agent:

20150137825 - Ephemeral electric potential and electric field sensor: Systems, methods, and devices of the various embodiments provide for the minimization of the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic leakage electrical currents enabling true measurements of electric. potentials and electric fields. In an embodiment, an ephemeral electric potential and electric field sensor system may have at least one electric field... Agent: Usa As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

20150137826 - Apparatus and method for detecting fault in digitizer: Disclosed herein is an apparatus and method for detecting a fault in a digitizer. The apparatus includes a function generator for generating test signals, a transmitting switch for transmitting the test signals generated by the function generator to a selective part or all of X- and Y-channels of a transmitting... Agent: Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

20150137827 - Systems and methods for detecting partial discharge in electrical components: A system for detecting partial discharge in electrical components may include a control system that may operate a drive in an industrial automation system. The industrial automation system may include the electrical components being analyzed for partial discharge. The system may also include one or more acoustic sensors that may... Agent:

20150137828 - Device for diagnosing a circuit arrangement: An apparatus for diagnosing a circuit arrangement for a short circuit and/or a line interruption. The circuit arrangement has at least two load circuits which are connected in parallel. A current measuring device for providing a current signal, which represents the current in the common supply line, is connected in... Agent:

20150137829 - Electromagnetic anechoic chamber: An electromagnetic anechoic chamber includes a chamber, a test bench located in the chamber for supporting an electronic device, a horizontal high frequency antenna, a perpendicular high frequency antenna, a horizontal low frequency antenna, a perpendicular low frequency antenna, four directional filters, four relays, a mixer, and a receiver. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150137830 - Method and apparatus for detection and identification of counterfeit and substandard electronics: An apparatus for detecting a condition or authenticity of one or more electronic devices includes an enclosure having an antenna integrated therewithin, a fixture mounted within a hollow interior of the enclosure, the fixture being configured to receive the one or more electronic devices and connect one or more signals... Agent:

20150137831 - Selective characterization of material under test (mut) with electromagnetic impedance tomography and spectroscopy: A method of extracting complex impedance from selected volumes of the material under test (MUT) combined with various embodiments of electrode sensor arrays. Configurations of linear and planar electrode arrays provide measured data of complex impedance of selected volumes, or voxels, of the MUT, which then can be used to... Agent:

20150137832 - Method and system for adjusting electric field intensity: The present application provides a method for adjusting an electric field intensity, comprising: when detecting that a probe capacitance threshold generated by a capacitor plate group reaches a preset critical value, changing relative positions of or a connection relationship between capacitor plates in the capacitor plate group, and adjusting an... Agent: Beijing Lenovo Software Ltd

20150137833 - Occupancy detection for automated recliner furniture: A system and method for incorporating occupancy-detecting technology into furniture is provided. More particularly, the invention relates to detecting occupancy in a recliner using a sinuous wire detection array incorporated into a seat. Further embodiments of the invention are directed to a system and method for incorporating capacitance detection technology... Agent:

20150137835 - Capacitive sensing for automated recliner furniture: A system and method for incorporating occupancy-detecting technology into furniture is provided. More particularly, the invention relates to detecting occupancy in a recliner using a sinuous wire detection array incorporated into a seat. Further embodiments of the invention are directed to a system and method for incorporating capacitance detection technology... Agent:

20150137834 - Sensor arrangement and method for generating an amplified sensor signal: A sensor arrangement (10) comprises an amplifier (11) having a signal input (12) to receive an input signal (SIN) and a signal output (13) to provide an amplified sensor signal (SOUT) that is an inverted signal with respect to the input signal (SIN). Furthermore, the sensor arrangement (10) comprises a... Agent:

20150137836 - Metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor having nanostructure and method for manufacturing same: Disclosed is a metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor having a nanostructure, the metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor including: a substrate; a first electrode formed on the substrate; a gas sensing layer provided on the first electrode, made of a metal oxide semiconductor which has a nanostructure and of which electrical... Agent: Postech Academy-industry Foundation

20150137837 - Transparency having moisture sensors: A transparency, e.g. an aircraft laminated windshield, includes one or more moisture sensors to monitor moisture penetration to monitor performance of the moisture barrier. The moisture sensor includes a moisture corrodible article or sensor element, e.g. a strip or wire, which changes resistance as a function of corrosion. The sensor... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20150137838 - Automated test system with edge steering: A semiconductor device-under-test (DUT) may be tested by an automated test system that processes test programs specifying a number of edges per tester cycle that may be greater than the number of edges the tester is capable of generating. The test system may include circuitry that reduces the number of... Agent: Teradyne, Inc.

20150137839 - Flexible test site synchronization: A method for performing test site synchronization within automated test equipment (ATE) is presented. The method comprises controlling a plurality of test program controllers (TPCs) using a plurality of bridge controllers (BCs), wherein each TPC can initiate multiple asynchronous events. For an asynchronous event initiated by a TPC, raising a... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20150137840 - Solid state wideband high impedance voltage converter: A front-end converter circuit may allow devices, e.g. oscilloscopes and digitizers, to receive input signals having a wide range of possible amplitudes while maintaining a high standardized input impedance. The converter may selectively couple, using low-voltage switches, a selected input network of two or more input networks to a virtual... Agent: National Instruments Corporation

20150137844 - Handler apparatus and test method: Provided is a handler apparatus which can connect devices under test to sockets of a test apparatus quickly and with low power consumption. The handler apparatus for conveying and connecting a plurality of devices under test to a plurality of sockets provided on a test head of a test apparatus,... Agent:

20150137842 - Prober: A prober includes: a wafer chuck having a conductive support surface; a movement rotation mechanism which moves and rotates the wafer chuck; a head stage which holds a probe holding portion; a stage member which has a conductive stage surface that is formed in parallel to the support surface and... Agent:

20150137841 - Built-in self test system, system on a chip and method for controlling built-in self tests: A built-in self test system comprises an integrated circuit device comprising a plurality of functional units coupled to built-in self test circuitry; a low power control unit operable to switch the integrated circuit device into a low power mode and to generate a BIST wake-up signal during or before entering... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150137843 - Signal transmission circuit device, semiconductor device, method and apparatus for inspecting semiconductor device, signal transmission device, and motor drive apparatus using signal transmission device: Disclosed is a signal transmission circuit device (200) including a feedback signal transmission unit (210) that feeds back a control output signal (Sout) as a feedback signal (Sf) to an input side circuit (200A). A logical comparison circuit (212) detects “mismatch” between input and output by performing logical comparison between... Agent:

20150137845 - Methods and devices for testing segmented electronic assemblies: Methods and devices are disclosed for testing an electronic assembly comprising a number of segments. In one embodiment, a scalable periphery amplifier may comprise a number of amplifier segments. In one embodiment a method of testing the amplifier segments in a scalable periphery architecture is described. One or more of... Agent: Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

20150137846 - Electrical test platform with organized electrical wiring: A test platform for devices requiring electromagnetic interference testing includes a base, a supporting pole perpendicularly mounted on the base, a supporting member rotatably supported on the supporting pole, and a number of conductive apparatus mounted to the supporting pole. The supporting member includes a power socket. Each conductive apparatus... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20150137847 - Test platform: A test platform includes a base, a supporting member rotatably supported on the base, a laser emitter mounted on the base, and a laser receiver mounted to the supporting member and aligning with the laser emitter. The supporting member includes a network socket electrically connected to the laser receiver. The... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150137848 - Interconnect for transmitting signals between a device and a tester: A system includes: a circuit board including electrical elements arranged at a first pitch; a wafer including contacts arranged at a second pitch, where the second pitch is less than the first pitch; and an interconnect including additively-manufactured electrical conduits that are part of an electrical pathway between the electrical... Agent:

20150137849 - Probe card and method for manufacturing probe card: A probe card includes a first insulation layer, a contact terminal arranged on the first insulation layer, and a wiring pattern arranged on an upper surface of the first insulation layer. The wiring pattern includes a rewire connected to the contact terminal and a first pad connected to the rewire.... Agent: Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

20150137850 - Distributed detection of leakage current and fault current, and detection of string faults: For monitoring an inverter that includes separate input-side connectors for multiple direct-current generators with regard to the occurrence of a critical fault current, differential currents in at last two pairs of input lines are measured separately in the inverter. The at last two pairs of input lines conduct the currents... Agent:

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