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Electricity: measuring and testing

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05/21/2015 > 61 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20150137790 - Method for calibrating an actuating device: (b2) activating a calculation unit to automatically calibrate the actuator or actuators of the actuating device, with the calculation unit able to determine, for the actuator or actuators, the minimum and maximum end stops that define its or their authorised range of movement using the predetermined reference position of the... Agent: Pga Electronic

20150137791 - Devices and methods for facilitating usb charger detection: Electronic devices are adapted to facilitate detection of a type of USB charger to which an electronic device is connected. According to one example, an electronic device can apply a current source to a data line of a USB plug coupled to a USB port. A determination can be made... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150137792 - Power consumption monitoring apparatus: The invention relates to a power consumption monitoring apparatus (11) for monitoring the power consumed in a network (1) of electrical devices (3, 4, 5; 6, 7, 8). An electrical parameter measuring unit measures an overall electrical parameter of the network over time,a group signature providing unit provides group signatures,... Agent:

20150137793 - Systems and methods for precision optical imaging of electrical currents and temperature in integrated circuits: Systems and methods for precision optical imaging of electrical currents and temperature in integrated circuits are disclosed herein. In one aspect of the disclosed subject matter, a method for detecting a characteristic of an integrated circuit can include depositing at least one diamond structure, having at least one color center... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20150137794 - Nanoscale sensors for intracellular and other applications: The present invention generally relates to nanoscale wires for use in sensors and other applications. In various embodiments, a probe comprising a nanotube (or other nanoscale wire) is provided that can be directly inserted into a cell to determine a property of the cell, e.g., an electrical property. In some... Agent:

20150137795 - Systems and methods for measuring current with shielded conductors: Systems and methods for measuring current with shielded conductors are provided. One system includes a first wire within shielding, wherein the first wire is connected between a high voltage source and a filament of an x-ray system. The system also includes a second wire within shielding, wherein the second wire... Agent: General Electric Company

20150137799 - Powerless vehicle movement detector: An apparatus that determines that a vehicle has moved comprises a shaft member, a pin configured to attach the shaft member to a backing plate via an opening in the shaft member that enables the shaft member to move in a direction along the length of the shaft member, to... Agent: Thales Canada Inc

20150137800 - Rotation sensing method and system: A sensing system and method. A coded wheel is configured to generate a signal that varies with rotation of the coded wheel. A sensor is configured to sense the varying signal and output a corresponding signal. A correction module is configured to receive the signal output by the sensor and... Agent:

20150137801 - Method and apparatus for aligning a vehicle with an inductive charging system: A method and apparatus for aligning a vehicle with an inductive charging system is characterized by the addition of alignment coils to a secondary coil on the vehicle. For efficient inductive charging, it is necessary that the vehicle mounted secondary coil be aligned with a stationary primary coil of a... Agent:

20150137802 - Specimen and current measuring method: Composite material sheets containing conductive fibers are laminated, and release films are interposed between the sheets so as to extend from one end to the center of the sheets. The sheets are heated under pressure to shape a composite material. Discrete conductive wires through which a measurement current is passed... Agent:

20150137797 - Off-axis magnetic field angle sensors: Embodiments relate to magnetic field angle sensing systems and methods. In an embodiment, a magnetic field angle sensing system configured to determine a rotational position of a magnetic field source around an axis, comprises N sensor devices arranged in a circle concentric to an axis, wherein N>1 and the sensor... Agent:

20150137796 - On-axis magnetic field angle sensors, systems and methods: Embodiments relate to magnetic field sensors, such as magnetic field angle sensors with generally on-axis arrangements of sensor elements relative to a rotation axis of a magnet or shaft. The shaft comprises or is coupled to an end portion that comprises a soft magnetic material, in embodiments, with the end... Agent:

20150137798 - Relative rotational angular displacement detection device, torque detection device, torque control device, and vehicle: A permanent magnet includes magnetic poles that are arranged so as to alternate in polarity in the circumferential direction of the axis of rotation. The magnet is attached to one of a pair of rotatable members. The rotatable members are relatively rotatable about an axis of rotation. A magnetic flux... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150137803 - Integrated wheel speed measuring device: An integrated wheel speed measuring device according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes: a hub which is installed inside a wheel bearing; a magnetic encoder which is installed by being inserted into a recessed portion that is provided in one surface of the hub; and a wheel... Agent:

20150137804 - Magnetic field sensing module, measurement method, and manufacturing method of a magnetic field sensing module: A magnetic field sensing module including a plurality of magnetic flux concentrators and a plurality of sensing elements is provided. Each of the magnetic flux concentrators extends along a first extension direction, and the magnetic flux concentrators are arranged along a second direction. The sensing elements are respectively disposed at... Agent: Isentek, Inc.

20150137805 - Vertical hall sensor with series-connected hall effect regions: A vertical Hall sensor includes first and second vertical Hall effect regions formed in a semiconductor substrate and of the same doping type, with first and second pluralities of contacts arranged at one side of the first or second vertical Hall effect regions, respectively. The second vertical Hall effect region... Agent:

20150137806 - Three axis magnetic sensor device and method using flex cables: A method and structure for a three-axis magnetic field sensing device. An IC layer having first bond pads and second bond pads can be formed overlying a substrate/SOI member with a first, second, and third magnetic sensing element coupled the IC layer. One or more conductive cables can be formed... Agent:

20150137807 - Miniaturized magnetic resonance probe: Described herein are a magnetic resonance probe and a NMR, MRI, or EPR apparatus including the same. The magnetic resonance probe includes a conductor electrically coupled to the resonator and configured to transmit and receive electromagnetic radiation to and from a sample, wherein the conductor includes one or more cascaded... Agent:

20150137809 - Apparatus and method for mapping and measurement of spatially and temporally distributed induced small phase deviations in magnetic resonance utilizing deconvolution: Phase variations of the transverse magnetization in magnetic resonance induced by superimposed physical phenomenae or by intrinsic deviations of the main magnetic B0 field are separated from Feature Space set by demodulation and deconvolution, either by electrical circuits or by equivalent computational methods, permitting mapping and measurement of these induced... Agent: Wollin Ventures, Inc.

20150137808 - Magnetic resonance imaging device and method for generating image using same: The magnetic resonance imaging device in accordance with the example embodiments, the magnetic resonance imaging device has an advantage that it is capable of generating an image quickly having a high resolution while minimizing generation of artifacts by comprising a data processing unit configured to relocate, in a K-space, gradient... Agent:

20150137810 - Switching-frequency-controlled switch-mode power supply unit for powering magnetic resonance system gradient coils: A power supply unit (130) for powering at least one gradient coil (128) of a magnetic resonance (MR) examination system (110) with a main magnet (114) having, in at least one state of operation, a substantially static magnetic field strength, and with an MR measurement signal bandwidth, the power supply... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150137811 - System and method for magnetic resonance imaging using highly accelerated projection imaging: A method for highly accelerated projection imaging (“HAPI”) is provided. In this method, conventional linear gradients are used to obtain coil sensitivity-weighted projections of the object being imaged. Only a relatively small number of projections, such as sixteen or less, of the object are required to reconstruct a two-dimensional image... Agent:

20150137812 - Shutting assembly for closing an entrance of an mri device: A shutting assembly for a magnetic resonance imaging device (MRD) bore aperture, comprising at least one first movable portion and at least one second portion affixed to the MRD, wherein the shutting assembly further comprising a normally closed or normally open sliding mechanism. The sliding mechanism couples at least one... Agent:

20150137815 - Circular dipole and surface coil loop structures and methods for using the same: A circular dipole antenna (e.g., for a magnetic imaging system) according to exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure can comprise a circular conductor with a feed point on one side and a gap on the other. A surface coil loop antenna (e.g., for magnetic imaging system) is provided with a... Agent:

20150137813 - Error analysis and correction of mri adc measurements for gradient nonlinearity: Techniques for correcting gradient non-linearity bias in mean diffusivity measurements by MRI systems are shown and include minimal number of spatial correction terms to achieve sufficient error control using three orthogonal diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) gradients. The correction is based on rotation of system gradient nonlinearity tensor into a DWI... Agent:

20150137814 - Gradient magnetic field coil device and magnetic resonance imaging device: A gradient magnetic field coil device is provided in which an eddy current magnetic field of an even-ordered component can be reduced. The gradient magnetic field coil device includes a forward coil and a reverse coil which faces the forward coil so as to sandwich a middle surface and through... Agent:

20150137816 - Monopole array arrangement, computer-accessible medium and method for using the same: An array arrangement according to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure can be provided. For example, the array arrangement can include a monopole array having a first end and a second end. The monopole array can be configured to be driven from the first end and from the second... Agent:

20150137817 - Casing mounted em transducers having a soft magnetic layer: Illustrative permanent electromagnetic (EM) monitoring systems and methods have a casing string positioned inside a borehole and equipped with one or more EM transducer modules having a layer of soft magnetic material that substantially encircles the casing string to amplify a signal response of a magnetic field transmitting and/or sensing... Agent:

20150137818 - Methods of transient em data compression: A system and method to compress transient signals are described. The system includes a transmitter disposed in a borehole to change a transmitted current and induce a current in an earth formation, and a receiver disposed in the borehole to receive the transient signals resulting from the transmitted current. The... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150137819 - System and method for monitoring relay contacts: A system and method are disclosed for monitoring at least one relay contact. The system may include an emitter adapted for communication with a relay contact and configured to emit a signal, and a receiver adapted for communication with the relay contact and configured to detect a signal emitted by... Agent:

20150137822 - Apparatus and method for estimating soc of secondary battery including blended cathode material: Disclosed is an apparatus and method for estimating a SOC of a secondary battery containing a blended cathode material. The SOC estimating apparatus estimates a SOC of a secondary battery including a cathode having a blended cathode material containing a first cathode material and a second cathode material with different... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150137821 - Assembled-battery voltage detection device: An assembled-battery voltage detection device for detecting a voltage at an assembled-battery including a plurality of single batteries connected in series includes: single-battery voltage detection circuits detecting voltages at the respective single batteries; single-battery voltage detection terminals connected to ends of the single batteries; connectors connecting the single-battery voltage detection... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150137820 - Battery fuel gauges using fet segment control to increase low current measurement accuracy: A circuit comprises a battery field-effect transistor (FET) coupled between a battery and an electronic system so that current from the battery flows through the battery FET to the electronic system. A replica FET couples the battery to a current sensing circuit. One of the battery FET and the replica... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150137823 - Power storage member monitoring device, power storage apparatus, and power storage member monitoring method: A power storage member monitoring device of the present disclosure includes a circuit that designates a monitor target power storage member based on results of voltage measurement carried out more than once on each of series-connected power storage blocks, each of the power storage blocks including at least one power... Agent:

20150137824 - Battery system, and electric vehicle and electricity storage device both having said battery system: A battery system comprises plural battery cells, a voltage detecting circuit detecting voltage of each of the battery cells, and plural voltage detecting lines connecting an electrode terminal of each of the battery cells to input side of the voltage detecting circuit, and the voltage detecting circuit detects the voltage... Agent:

20150137825 - Ephemeral electric potential and electric field sensor: Systems, methods, and devices of the various embodiments provide for the minimization of the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic leakage electrical currents enabling true measurements of electric. potentials and electric fields. In an embodiment, an ephemeral electric potential and electric field sensor system may have at least one electric field... Agent: Usa As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

20150137826 - Apparatus and method for detecting fault in digitizer: Disclosed herein is an apparatus and method for detecting a fault in a digitizer. The apparatus includes a function generator for generating test signals, a transmitting switch for transmitting the test signals generated by the function generator to a selective part or all of X- and Y-channels of a transmitting... Agent: Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

20150137827 - Systems and methods for detecting partial discharge in electrical components: A system for detecting partial discharge in electrical components may include a control system that may operate a drive in an industrial automation system. The industrial automation system may include the electrical components being analyzed for partial discharge. The system may also include one or more acoustic sensors that may... Agent:

20150137828 - Device for diagnosing a circuit arrangement: An apparatus for diagnosing a circuit arrangement for a short circuit and/or a line interruption. The circuit arrangement has at least two load circuits which are connected in parallel. A current measuring device for providing a current signal, which represents the current in the common supply line, is connected in... Agent:

20150137829 - Electromagnetic anechoic chamber: An electromagnetic anechoic chamber includes a chamber, a test bench located in the chamber for supporting an electronic device, a horizontal high frequency antenna, a perpendicular high frequency antenna, a horizontal low frequency antenna, a perpendicular low frequency antenna, four directional filters, four relays, a mixer, and a receiver. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150137830 - Method and apparatus for detection and identification of counterfeit and substandard electronics: An apparatus for detecting a condition or authenticity of one or more electronic devices includes an enclosure having an antenna integrated therewithin, a fixture mounted within a hollow interior of the enclosure, the fixture being configured to receive the one or more electronic devices and connect one or more signals... Agent:

20150137831 - Selective characterization of material under test (mut) with electromagnetic impedance tomography and spectroscopy: A method of extracting complex impedance from selected volumes of the material under test (MUT) combined with various embodiments of electrode sensor arrays. Configurations of linear and planar electrode arrays provide measured data of complex impedance of selected volumes, or voxels, of the MUT, which then can be used to... Agent:

20150137832 - Method and system for adjusting electric field intensity: The present application provides a method for adjusting an electric field intensity, comprising: when detecting that a probe capacitance threshold generated by a capacitor plate group reaches a preset critical value, changing relative positions of or a connection relationship between capacitor plates in the capacitor plate group, and adjusting an... Agent: Beijing Lenovo Software Ltd

20150137833 - Occupancy detection for automated recliner furniture: A system and method for incorporating occupancy-detecting technology into furniture is provided. More particularly, the invention relates to detecting occupancy in a recliner using a sinuous wire detection array incorporated into a seat. Further embodiments of the invention are directed to a system and method for incorporating capacitance detection technology... Agent:

20150137835 - Capacitive sensing for automated recliner furniture: A system and method for incorporating occupancy-detecting technology into furniture is provided. More particularly, the invention relates to detecting occupancy in a recliner using a sinuous wire detection array incorporated into a seat. Further embodiments of the invention are directed to a system and method for incorporating capacitance detection technology... Agent:

20150137834 - Sensor arrangement and method for generating an amplified sensor signal: A sensor arrangement (10) comprises an amplifier (11) having a signal input (12) to receive an input signal (SIN) and a signal output (13) to provide an amplified sensor signal (SOUT) that is an inverted signal with respect to the input signal (SIN). Furthermore, the sensor arrangement (10) comprises a... Agent:

20150137836 - Metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor having nanostructure and method for manufacturing same: Disclosed is a metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor having a nanostructure, the metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor including: a substrate; a first electrode formed on the substrate; a gas sensing layer provided on the first electrode, made of a metal oxide semiconductor which has a nanostructure and of which electrical... Agent: Postech Academy-industry Foundation

20150137837 - Transparency having moisture sensors: A transparency, e.g. an aircraft laminated windshield, includes one or more moisture sensors to monitor moisture penetration to monitor performance of the moisture barrier. The moisture sensor includes a moisture corrodible article or sensor element, e.g. a strip or wire, which changes resistance as a function of corrosion. The sensor... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20150137838 - Automated test system with edge steering: A semiconductor device-under-test (DUT) may be tested by an automated test system that processes test programs specifying a number of edges per tester cycle that may be greater than the number of edges the tester is capable of generating. The test system may include circuitry that reduces the number of... Agent: Teradyne, Inc.

20150137839 - Flexible test site synchronization: A method for performing test site synchronization within automated test equipment (ATE) is presented. The method comprises controlling a plurality of test program controllers (TPCs) using a plurality of bridge controllers (BCs), wherein each TPC can initiate multiple asynchronous events. For an asynchronous event initiated by a TPC, raising a... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20150137840 - Solid state wideband high impedance voltage converter: A front-end converter circuit may allow devices, e.g. oscilloscopes and digitizers, to receive input signals having a wide range of possible amplitudes while maintaining a high standardized input impedance. The converter may selectively couple, using low-voltage switches, a selected input network of two or more input networks to a virtual... Agent: National Instruments Corporation

20150137844 - Handler apparatus and test method: Provided is a handler apparatus which can connect devices under test to sockets of a test apparatus quickly and with low power consumption. The handler apparatus for conveying and connecting a plurality of devices under test to a plurality of sockets provided on a test head of a test apparatus,... Agent:

20150137842 - Prober: A prober includes: a wafer chuck having a conductive support surface; a movement rotation mechanism which moves and rotates the wafer chuck; a head stage which holds a probe holding portion; a stage member which has a conductive stage surface that is formed in parallel to the support surface and... Agent:

20150137841 - Built-in self test system, system on a chip and method for controlling built-in self tests: A built-in self test system comprises an integrated circuit device comprising a plurality of functional units coupled to built-in self test circuitry; a low power control unit operable to switch the integrated circuit device into a low power mode and to generate a BIST wake-up signal during or before entering... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150137843 - Signal transmission circuit device, semiconductor device, method and apparatus for inspecting semiconductor device, signal transmission device, and motor drive apparatus using signal transmission device: Disclosed is a signal transmission circuit device (200) including a feedback signal transmission unit (210) that feeds back a control output signal (Sout) as a feedback signal (Sf) to an input side circuit (200A). A logical comparison circuit (212) detects “mismatch” between input and output by performing logical comparison between... Agent:

20150137845 - Methods and devices for testing segmented electronic assemblies: Methods and devices are disclosed for testing an electronic assembly comprising a number of segments. In one embodiment, a scalable periphery amplifier may comprise a number of amplifier segments. In one embodiment a method of testing the amplifier segments in a scalable periphery architecture is described. One or more of... Agent: Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

20150137846 - Electrical test platform with organized electrical wiring: A test platform for devices requiring electromagnetic interference testing includes a base, a supporting pole perpendicularly mounted on the base, a supporting member rotatably supported on the supporting pole, and a number of conductive apparatus mounted to the supporting pole. The supporting member includes a power socket. Each conductive apparatus... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20150137847 - Test platform: A test platform includes a base, a supporting member rotatably supported on the base, a laser emitter mounted on the base, and a laser receiver mounted to the supporting member and aligning with the laser emitter. The supporting member includes a network socket electrically connected to the laser receiver. The... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150137848 - Interconnect for transmitting signals between a device and a tester: A system includes: a circuit board including electrical elements arranged at a first pitch; a wafer including contacts arranged at a second pitch, where the second pitch is less than the first pitch; and an interconnect including additively-manufactured electrical conduits that are part of an electrical pathway between the electrical... Agent:

20150137849 - Probe card and method for manufacturing probe card: A probe card includes a first insulation layer, a contact terminal arranged on the first insulation layer, and a wiring pattern arranged on an upper surface of the first insulation layer. The wiring pattern includes a rewire connected to the contact terminal and a first pad connected to the rewire.... Agent: Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

20150137850 - Distributed detection of leakage current and fault current, and detection of string faults: For monitoring an inverter that includes separate input-side connectors for multiple direct-current generators with regard to the occurrence of a critical fault current, differential currents in at last two pairs of input lines are measured separately in the inverter. The at last two pairs of input lines conduct the currents... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 64 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20150130441 - Detection device and method for electronic device: A detection method for an electronic device having a chip is disclosed. The method includes: obtaining, at a detection device, a voltage of at least one signal pin of a chip coupled to the detection device; converting, at the detection device, the obtained voltage to one or more digital voltage... Agent:

20150130442 - Dc reverse polarity detection: For inspecting polarities of poles of DC voltage sources, each pole being individually connected to one of separate input terminals of a combiner circuit, an inspection apparatus includes electric contacts each provided for one of the input terminals such that one of the poles of each DC voltage sources is... Agent:

20150130443 - Magnetometer test arrangement and method: Manufacturing of magnetometer units employs a test socket having a substantially rigid body with a cavity therein holding an untested unit in a predetermined position proximate electrical connection thereto, wherein one or more magnetic field sources fixed in the body provide known magnetic fields at the position so that the... Agent:

20150130444 - Position detection device: In a position detection device of a type that omits a secondary coil, various inconveniences arising from the use of a voltage-dividing resistance (fixed resistor) are eliminated. At least two pairs of coils are provided. A magnetism-responsive member are placed so as to effect relative displacement in relation to the... Agent:

20150130445 - Remote sensing system: Remote sensors and methods of remote sensing are disclosed. A remote sensor includes a first circuit and a second circuit. The first circuit includes a first coil, a magnetic field generator for driving a current through the first coil to generate a magnetic field, and circuitry for determining loading of... Agent:

20150130446 - Magnetic out-of-axis angle sensing principle: The present disclosure relates to a magnetic angle sensor module having first magnetic polewheel comprising a first number of poles and a second magnetic polewheel comprising a second number of poles greater than the first number. First and second magneto-resistive sensors are located around the first polewheel at a first... Agent:

20150130447 - Actuator and linear position sensor assembly: An actuator and sensor assembly with a housing defining a pocket and an access opening. A substrate with a sensor is located in the pocket through the access opening. A nozzle extends from the housing. A sleeve surrounds the nozzle and retains a hose on the nozzle. A connector assembly... Agent: Cts Corporation

20150130450 - Energy-self-sufficient multiturn rotary encoder and method for determining a unique position of an encoder shaft by means of the multiturn rotary encoder: The present invention relates einen energy-self-sufficient multiturn rotary encoder for detecting a number of complete 360° revolutions of an encoder shaft, rotating about a rotational axis and to which an excitation magnet is mounted in a rotationally fixed manner for generating an external magnetic field, as well as for determining... Agent:

20150130452 - Magnetic angle detector: A magnetic angle detector (10) includes a detected object (20a) including a plurality of concave and convex parts (21a) formed at a predetermined pitch on an outer peripheral surface, and a detection body (30a) disposed to face an outer peripheral surface of the detected object. The detection body is a... Agent:

20150130448 - Magnetic encoder structure: A magnetic encoder structure according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes: a back plate; and a magnet rubber which has a ring shape, and is vulcanized and attached to a rear surface of the back plate, in which the magnet rubber has a plurality of protruding portions... Agent:

20150130449 - Rotational angle sensor: A rotational angle sensor for determining an angular position of a reference component with respect to an axial direction includes a magnet retaining component having a magnet. The magnet retaining component is connectable to the reference component via an interference-fit connection so as to rotate with the reference component while... Agent:

20150130451 - Sensor circuit and method therefor: In one embodiment, a sensor circuit may include a first receiver circuit that may be configured to receive a first signal that is representative oil a first mutual inductance and form a first detection signal that is representative of the first mutual inductance, wherein the first variable mutual inductance varies... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

20150130453 - Magnetic detection device: A magnetic field component in a Z direction is guided by a magnetic field guide layer and applied to a magnetic sensor in an X direction that is the same as a sensitivity axis direction thereof, and a detection output is obtained. A bridge circuit is formed with a plurality... Agent:

20150130454 - Damage detecting apparatus: A damage detecting apparatus comprises a magnetic-flux generating unit, a first magnetic-flux detecting element, a second magnetic-flux detecting element and a supporting unit. The magnetic-flux generating unit generates a magnetic flux in an object to be inspected. The first magnetic-flux detecting element is detects a magnetic flux leaking from a... Agent: Tokyo Rope Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20150130455 - Magnetoresistive magnetic field gradient sensor: Disclosed is a magnetoresistive magnetic field gradient sensor, comprising a substrate, a magnetoresistive bridge and a permanent magnet respectively disposed on the substrate; the magnetoresistive bridge comprises two or more magnetoresistive arms; each magnetoresistive arm consists of one or more magnetoresistive elements; each magnetoresistive element is provided with a magnetic... Agent: Jiangsu Multidimension Technology Co., Ltd.

20150130456 - Optical magnetometers: An optical magnetometer is disclosed. The device includes a cell filled with a substance that has a magnetic moment, such as an alkali metal. First and second light sources, typically diode lasers, illuminate the cell, one optically pumping the cell and one probing the cell. The two diode lasers are... Agent:

20150130457 - Magnetic field measurement apparatus, magnetic field measurement system and magnetic field measurement method: A magnetic field measurement apparatus includes a first gas cell disposed in a +z direction when seen from an object to be measured, a second gas cell disposed in the +z direction when seen from the first gas cell, a first measurement unit which measures a component of a magnetic... Agent:

20150130458 - Analysis for quantifying microscopic diffusion anisotropy: The present invention describes a method for quantifying microscopic diffusion anisotropy and/or mean diffusivity in a material by analysis of echo attenuation curves acquired with two different gradient modulations schemes, wherein one gradient modulation scheme is based on isotropic diffusion weighting and the other gradient modulation scheme is based on... Agent:

20150130461 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and operating method for the same: Provided is a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus. The MRI apparatus includes: a storage configured to store a plurality of MR signal data sets generated by applying a plurality of values of a first MR parameter and a plurality of values of a second MR parameter to an MR signal... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20150130462 - Method and magnetic resonance system to acquire mr data of a slice of a volume segment within an examination subject: In a method and a magnetic resonance system to acquire MR data of a slice of a volume segment within an examination subject, a slice selection gradient is activated along a first direction that is orthogonal to the slice. An RF excitation pulse is radiated for selective excitation of the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150130460 - Methods for separating oil and water on multidimensional nuclear magnetic resonance maps: Methods are provided for separating oil and water signals in multidimensional nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) maps. In one embodiment, separate multidimensional NMR maps are provided for oil and water content. In another embodiment, an oil-water boundary and a water-gas boundary are generated on a D-T2 map. The boundaries may be... Agent:

20150130459 - Systems and methods for assessing pulmonary gas transfer using hyperpolarized 129xe mri: Methods and systems for assessing pulmonary gas exchange and/or alveolar-capillary barrier status include obtaining at least one MRI image and/or image data of hyperpolarized 129Xe dissolved in the red blood cells (RBC) in the gas exchange region of the lungs of a patient. The image is sufficiently sensitive to allow... Agent:

20150130463 - Portable device for nmr based analysis of rheological changes in liquid samples: The invention features a portable device for monitoring changes in the rheological state of multiple samples by NMR based measurement. The rheological changes can be, for example, gelation occurring during limulus amoebocyte lysate (LAL) testing for endotoxins or blood coagulation. The inventive method entails organization of individual NMR tubes in... Agent: T2 Biosystems, Inc.

20150130465 - Dipole array arrangement: An apparatus can be provided that can include a plurality of electric dipole antenna arrangements, and a processing arrangement configured to receive a signal(s) from the electric dipole antenna arrangements, and generate a magnetic resonance image based on the signal(s). Each of the electric dipole antenna arrangements can have at... Agent:

20150130464 - Power converter for powering an mri gradient coil and method of operating a power converter: A power converter for powering a gradient coil (22) of a magnetic resonance examination system, comprising: a plurality of essentially identical switching cells (14, 16, 18), each switching cell (14, 16, 18) having a plurality of switching members (52) that are provided to switch between a conducting state configuration and... Agent:

20150130466 - Tem resonator system especially for use in an mri system: A TEM resonator system is disclosed comprising at least two TEM resonators (21,31; 22, 32), especially in the form of TEM volume coils, and especially for use in an MR imaging system or apparatus for transmitting RF excitation signals and/or for receiving MR signals into/from an examination object or a... Agent: Koninklike Philips N.v.

20150130467 - Transmission antenna apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging device: The transmission antenna apparatus is configured for emitting transmission magnetic fields in magnetic resonance imaging devices and includes one or more flat antennas. A magnetic resonance imaging device includes such a transmission antenna apparatus.... Agent:

20150130468 - Apparatus and method for monitoring a fluid: A fluid monitoring apparatus includes a housing and a tracer sensor attached to an exterior of the housing. The housing has at least one flow passage for a fluid sample and a port for the tracer sensor to monitor the fluid sample in the housing. In one example, the monitoring... Agent:

20150130469 - Electric vehicle battery contactor switch monitoring: Contactor switches between a multi-cell battery pack and an electric vehicle load are monitored. A main microcontroller having a chassis ground is digitally isolated from positive and negative busses of the battery pack. A battery monitoring IC having a plurality of auxiliary/thermistor A/D inputs measures respective voltages of battery cells.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150130470 - Method for determining a maximum voltage value of a load signal by sampling: A method for determining, by sampling at a given frequency, a maximum voltage value of a load signal of at least one motor vehicle battery cell, the load signal to be sampled being rectified and sinusoidal and having a frequency that is higher than the sampling frequency, the method including:... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20150130471 - Electric vehicle battery pack voltage monitoring: Total voltage output by a multi-cell battery pack in an electric vehicle is monitored. A main microcontroller having a chassis ground is digitally isolated from positive and negative busses of the battery pack. A battery monitoring IC having a plurality of auxiliary/thermistor A/D inputs measures respective voltages of the battery... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150130472 - Thermoelectric conductivity measurement instrument of thermoelectric device and measuring method of the same: Provided are a thermoelectric conductivity measurement instrument of a thermoelectric device and a measuring method of the same. The thermoelectric conductivity measurement instrument of the thermoelectric device includes a sample piece fixing module configured to provide an environment for measuring physical properties of the thermoelectric device as a sample piece... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150130473 - Miniaturized helium photoionization detector: The present invention provides an ionization detector having a base having an enclosed chamber. The enclosed chamber has a first end and a second end. The detector also includes a first outlet which is a source of an excitable medium. A second outlet is provided which functions a source of... Agent:

20150130474 - Apparatus for frequency analyzing a measurement target and method of frequency analyzing a measurement target: A semiconductor device testing apparatus 1A includes a tester unit 16 that generates an operational pulse signal, an optical sensor 10 that outputs a detection signal as a response to the operational pulse signal, a pulse generator 17 that generates a reference signal containing a plurality of harmonics for the... Agent:

20150130475 - Street light cable anti-theft system: A street light cable anti-theft system includes a front-end control device, a signal control device and an information processing terminal. The front-end control device is disposed within a street light control box for applying a voltage signal to a street light cable when a street light is switched off. The... Agent:

20150130476 - Direct-current regulator, dc-dc converter, and method for monitoring anomaly of direct-current regulator: A direct-current regulator includes: a fuse, a high-side switch, and a low-side switch connected in series between a high potential side input voltage terminal and a low potential side input voltage terminal; and a control unit configured to control the high-side switch and the low-side switch, wherein the fuse is... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150130477 - Reliable arc fault circuit interrupter tester utilizing a dynamic fault voltage: An arc fault circuit interrupter test circuit is disclosed. The test circuit incorporates a controller along with at least one power transistor, a current sense circuit and a voltage sense circuit. When the power transistor is operated, the current flowing through the transistor is sensed, and if the current is... Agent:

20150130478 - Method for adapting the sensitivity of a sensor system:

20150130479 - Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and cable: An information processing system includes a cable and a first information processing apparatus. The cable connects information processing apparatuses to each other. The cable includes one or more first core wires through which information is transmitted, and one or more second core wires having a shape or component associated with... Agent:

20150130480 - System and method for monitoring characteristics of an electrical device: A remote monitoring system is presented. The system includes a sensor unit disposed in the electrical device, and configured to obtain measurement characteristics in response to a measurand of the electrical device, obtain reference characteristics insensitive to the measurand of the electrical device, and communicate the measurement characteristics and the... Agent: General Electric Company

20150130481 - Electromagnetic wave sensor and/or emitter: Provided is a device for performing at least one of detection and emission of electromagnetic waves, including a plurality of antennas, in which a first antenna includes a first radiating element and a first electronic element electrically connected to the first radiating element, and is sensitive to a first frequency... Agent:

20150130482 - Capacitive sensing system and method: The invention provides a capacitive sensor circuit in which a capacitance to be sensed is selectively coupled into a ring oscillator circuit. The ring oscillator frequency is measured with the capacitance coupled and not coupled, and a capacitance is derived from the change in ring oscillator frequency.... Agent:

20150130483 - Differential amplifier design as the preamp of dmm: An amplifying circuit comprises a differential input stage having a first input terminal, a second input terminal, and an intermediate node, wherein the differential input stage is configured to generate a differential current flowing through the intermediate node in response to an input voltage difference between the first and second... Agent:

20150130484 - Active current measurement circuit and measurement device: The current sensing circuit comprises a first input terminal and a second input terminal for introducing a subject current that flows in a current path; a shunt resistor coupled in the current path for converting the subject current into an output voltage difference across the shunt resistor; an amplifier having... Agent:

20150130485 - Modulated test messaging from dedicated test circuitry to power terminal: The present disclosure describes a novel method and apparatus for using a device's power and ground terminals as a test and/or debug interface for the device. According to the present disclosure, messages are modulated over DC voltages applied to the power terminals of a device to input test/debug messages to... Agent:

20150130486 - Electrical connector pin cover: One embodiment includes a method for protecting from the accidental application of an electrical potential to an incorrect pin of a multipin electrical connector during testing. A sleeve is fitted around a pin that is not to have potential applied to it such that the pin is protected from accidental... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150130487 - Integrated circuit (ic) test socket with faraday cage: An integrated circuit test socket includes a highly conductive compliant material that is cut and installed into the test socket. The conductive material draws electrical charge away from the test socket, leading to more accurate testing. The test socket base is grounded, and a ground current runs through the base... Agent: Titan Semiconductor Tool, LLC

20150130488 - Inspection apparatus: An inspection apparatus capable of reducing the effect of noises is provided. An inspection apparatus according to the present invention includes a work table 26 on which an object, a fixed body 28 disposed above the work table 26, a probe assembly that holds a probe stylus 38a, a support... Agent:

20150130489 - Substrate inspection apparatus: A probe apparatus 10 that maintains a contact state between each of probes 15 of a probe card 17 and each of corresponding electrodes of semiconductor devices formed on a wafer W by maintaining a decompressed state of a sealed space S between the wafer W and the probe card... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20150130490 - Probe apparatus for testing chips: The present invention relates to a probe apparatus for testing the quality of semiconductor chips, wherein the probe apparatus for testing chips has superior reliability and durability. The probe apparatus of the present invention comprises: a printed circuit board having a center with a through-hole; a pin holder which is... Agent:

20150130491 - Cable interface for coaxial cables: The invention relates to a cable interface (1) for operatively connecting a plurality of coaxial cables (11). A main body (2) has a first side face and an opposing second side face (3, 4) with a plurality of blind holes (5) arranged in a pattern in the first side face... Agent:

20150130492 - Test carrier: A test carrier includes a base member that holds a die and a cover member. The base member includes a board having a wiring line that is electrically connected to the die. The wiring line includes a wiring line and a resistive portion having a resistance value that is higher... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20150130495 - Assembly for testing semiconductor devices: A testing assembly for testing a plurality of semiconductor devices comprising a carrier assembly adapted to hold the plurality of semiconductor devices at predetermined locations therein that is operably connectable with a plurality of different socket assemblies. A universal socket assembly is also described.... Agent:

20150130497 - Electrical test socket: Provided is an electrical test socket that is arranged between a terminal of a test target device and a pad of test equipment in order to electrically connect the terminal and the pad, the electrical test socket including: a socket body including a central hole at a center thereof in... Agent:

20150130493 - Electronic device testing apparatus, electronic device housing apparatus, electronic device retrieving apparatus, and electronic device testing method: An electronic device testing apparatus includes a housing unit which disassembles an empty test carrier and assembles the test carrier while housing an untested die in the test carrier, a test unit which tests the die housed in the test carrier, and a retrieving unit which disassembles the test carrier,... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20150130496 - Method for testing semiconductor devices: A method of testing semiconductor devices includes placing a plurality of semiconductor devices in a carrier assembly and performing at least one testing operation on the plurality of semiconductor devices while they remain inside the carrier assembly.... Agent:

20150130494 - Test carrier: A test carrier includes a base member and a cover member. The base member includes a multi-layer board including a wiring line that is electrically connected to a die and a base film that supports the multi-layer board. The cover member includes a frame-shaped cover frame having an opening formed... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20150130498 - Systems for probing semiconductor wafers: A wafer probing system includes a plurality of contacting pins connected to a test head. The system further includes a probe card electrically connectable with the test head, where the probe card includes a circuit board having a plurality of contact pads on opposite sides of the circuit board.... Agent:

20150130499 - Resistance component extraction for back contact back junction solar cells: Methods and structures for extracting at least one electric parametric value from a back contact solar cell having dual level metallization are provided.... Agent:

20150130500 - Configurable vertical integration: The Configurable Vertical Integration [CVI] invention pertains to methods and apparatus for the enhancement of yields of 3D or stacked integrated circuits and herein referred to as a CVI Integrated Circuit [CVI IC]. The CVI methods require no testing of circuit layer components prior to their fabrication as part of... Agent:

20150130501 - Adjustable resistor device: An adjustable resistor device includes a first pin, a second pin, a resistance-adjusting branch circuit, and a resistance display circuit. The first and second pins are configured to connect to an external circuit. The resistance-adjusting branch circuit is connected between the first pin and the second pin, and provides resistors... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150130502 - Circuit and method for detecting a fault attack: A device for detecting a fault attack, including: a circuit for detecting an interruption of a power supply; a circuit for comparing the duration of said interruption with a first threshold; and a counter of the number of successive interruptions of the power supply having a duration which does not... Agent:

20150130504 - Method and apparatus for off-line testing of multi-phase aternating current machines: A method and apparatus are provided for off-line testing of a multi-phase alternating current machine. A method includes determining, at a first rotor position, a physical stator quantity of each stator winding by applying a test signal to each stator winding, and determining a first joint physical stator quantity by... Agent: Subsee Raa Ab

20150130503 - Method of processing recurrent surge oscillograph data to enable more precise location of generator rotor inter-turn shorts and ground faults: A system and method for locating inter-turn short circuits or ground faults in a rotor winding of an electrical generator. The method analyzes data from a Recurrent Surge Oscillograph (RSO) test, identifies a spike or anomaly in a reflected RSO signal, determines an elapsed time between a transmitted signal and... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 55 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20150123646 - Beam detector with control circuit: A circuit having a first, second, and third capacitor. Capacitor plates of the capacitors are connected to a first circuit node. The circuit supplies a first time-dependent voltage to the first capacitor, a second time-dependent voltage to the second capacitor, and a third time-dependent voltage to the third capacitor. The... Agent:

20150123648 - Devices and methods for detecting usb devices attached to a usb charging port: Methods and devices for detecting USB devices attached to a USB charging port including a USB port having a first data line D+, a second data line D−, and a power line are disclosed. A USB device is attached to the USB port; applying power to the USB device by... Agent:

20150123647 - Self-sensing dielectric elastomer device: The invention provides circuits, systems and methods for dielectric elastomer device (DED) self-sensing. The circuit comprises a first DED coupled or adapted for coupling to a first voltage source (for providing an actuating or priming signal, for example); a current sensor provided in series with the first DED; and an... Agent:

20150123649 - Sampling control for maximum power point tracking: Apparatus and techniques for controlling measurement of an electrical parameter of an energy source can be used to obtain information for use in enhancing a power transfer efficiency between the energy source and a load. For example, during a first measurement cycle, information indicative of the electrical parameter of the... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20150123650 - Current sensor: A current sensor includes a first current path including a first flat-shaped portion, and a first magnetoelectric conversion element arranged on the first current path and configured to detect magnetism generated when a current to be measured flows through the first current path, wherein the current sensor measures the current... Agent:

20150123652 - Magnet device and position sensing system: The present disclosure provides a magnet device for providing the magnetic density changes/magnetic field changes in relation to a detecting position. The magnet device comprises a magnet member adapted to be mounted on a rotatable shaft and be rotated for producing the magnetic density changes/magnetic field changes in relation to... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20150123651 - Position-indicating module with illuminated axis: The present disclosure relates to a position-indicating module including a position sensor consisting of a mobile element, able to be driven directly by an operator or by a mechanical or electromechanical drive element, and of a detection assembly delivering electrical information dependent on the position of the mobile assembly, as... Agent: Moving Magnet Technologies

20150123653 - Light divider and magnetism measurement apparatus: A light divider includes a light guide having a first surface and a second surface that reflect light incident on the light guide, the light guide causing the light to propagate through a portion between the first surface and the second surface, light dividing films that are provided in the... Agent:

20150123654 - Wireless sensor network for measurement of electrical energy consumption: There is described a system to measure the electrical consumption of a household. This system consists of a network of measuring devices that are attached to wires between electrical appliances and circuit breakers and of a communication and processing unit that receives measurement data from the measuring devices. Low precision... Agent:

20150123655 - Electrostatic discharge protection for a magnetoresistive sensor: A method of designing, for a magneto-resistive (MR) sensor, a protection circuit having a first and a second N-channel field-effect transistor (NFET) and at least one positive-negative (PN) diode is disclosed. The method may include determining a safe operating voltage range for the MR sensor and determining, within the safe... Agent:

20150123656 - Sensor for magnetic fields with laplace force: A magnetic field sensor comprises a substrate and a moving part which is displaced when subjected to a Laplace force. There is a gauge for measuring the displacement of the moving part. There is a suspended lever that is rotationally displaced about an axis of rotation at right angles to... Agent:

20150123657 - Method for manipulating the mri's protocol of pulse-sequences: A method of operating a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device for habituating a patient and/or user to acoustic-noise of the device's operation. The method includes: listing a required set of the pulse-sequences (RSPS) for the patient, modifying the RSPS to a new set of sequences (NSPS) further comprising at least... Agent: Aspect Imaging Ltd.

20150123658 - Signal component identification using medical imaging: Disclosed herein is a framework for identifying signal components in image data. In accordance with one aspect, the framework receives multiple measured signal values corresponding to respective quantified signal components in image data. The framework determines at least one first measure of fit map of a signal model based on... Agent:

20150123659 - System and method for free-breathing volumetric imaging of cardiac tissue: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system and methods are provided for producing images of a subject. In some aspects, a method includes identifying a point in the cardiac cycle, performing an inversion recovery (IR) pulse at a selected time point from the pre-determined point, and sampling a k-space segment at... Agent:

20150123660 - Auto-tune-and-match coils for human whole-body imaging and method: A progressive series of five new coils is described. The first coil solves problems of transmit-field inefficiency and inhomogeneity for heart and body imaging, with a close-fitting, 16-channel TEM conformal array design with efficient shield-capacitance decoupling. The second coil progresses directly from the first with automatic tuning and matching, an... Agent:

20150123661 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and imaging control method thereof: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to an embodiment includes a predicting unit and an imaging control unit. The predicting unit predicts a temperature change in a gradient coil at the time a pulse sequence is executed, based on temperature of the gradient coil and current waveform information on a... Agent:

20150123662 - Rf pulses for magnetic resonance: The present invention provides a method and system to reduce the problem of signal dropout in data acquired using gradient-echo and asymmetric spin-echo magnetic resonance techniques, caused by linear susceptibility gradients in the direction of slice-selection. Specifically an algorithm is used to determine the optimal parameters of a tailored radiofrequency... Agent:

20150123663 - Integrated electronics module with cooling structure: An integrated electronics module comprising a substrate with electronics components mounted on a mount-surface of the substrate. A heat-conducting layer is disposed on a cooling-surface of the substrate. The cooling-surface and the mount-surface are on opposite sides of the substrate. A fluid-cooling structure of non-magnetic material and a fluid conduit... Agent:

20150123664 - Electronic marker devices and systems: Integrated buried utility locator systems, including a locator including a marker device excitation transmitter a buried utility locator along with one or more marker devices, are disclosed. In operation a marker device excitation signal is sent from the locator at least partially simultaneously to receiving and processing a buried utility... Agent: Seescan, Inc.

20150123665 - Method and system for direct slowness determination of dispersive waves in a wellbore environment: A system and method for effective estimation of properties of a formation using acoustic array processing is disclosed. An acoustic tool is directed to a zone of interest in the formation and generates a first signal. Real data corresponding to the first signal is then received. One or more basic... Agent:

20150123666 - Ore analysis system: Ore analysis system including first and second sensing annular coils (12, 14; 212, 214), and an exciting annular coil (16, 216). Rock cutting samples (56) fall through the coils and create a signal depending on their magnetic properties. Data obtained from the magnetic properties measurement are used to control a... Agent:

20150123667 - High throughput hot testing method and system for high-brightness light-emitting diodes: A method of performing a hot test of a packaged phosphor converted light-emitting diode (pc-LED) includes selectively heating portions of the phosphor layer using a laser to provide a predetermined temperature gradient in the phosphor layer. The selective heating can directly heat the silicone in a silicone-based phosphor layer, or... Agent:

20150123668 - Detection circuit and electronic terminal: Disclosed are a detection circuit and an electronic terminal The detection circuit is applied in the electronic terminal and configured to detect a real-time working current of the electronic terminal The circuit comprises: a resistor (101), configured to comprise a first end and a second end, wherein the resistance value... Agent:

20150123669 - Battery identification system and method for electronic device, and electronic device: A battery identification system and method for an electronic device, and an electronic device are disclosed. A Hall sensor is set in the electronic device, and a magnetic induction component is set in a first-capacity battery, wherein, when the first-capacity battery is in an installation position, the magnetic induction component... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150123670 - In situ sensing of compounds: The disclosure features systems and methods for detecting organic compounds that include: (a) a transfer line; (b) a probe connected to a first end of the transfer line, the probe including an inlet port and a membrane positioned across an opening in the inlet port; (c) an analysis unit connected... Agent: Tufts University

20150123671 - Systems and methods for monitoring leakage current of an industrial machine: A system includes a plurality of sensors configured to detect an electrical voltage and an electrical leakage current associated with an operation of an industrial machine, and a controller including a processor and a selection device. The selection device is configured to receive from the plurality of sensors a first... Agent: General Electric Company

20150123672 - Radio frequency and microwave imaging with a two-dimensional sensor array: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method, computer program product, and system for imaging radio and microwave electromagnetic radiation using a two-dimensional sensor array. A computing system receives a readout signal from one or more of a plurality of frequency sensors, arranged in a two-dimensional array, that have the... Agent:

20150123673 - Blood testing meter with a fool-proofing function: A blood testing meter with a fool-proofing function has a measuring display unit, a connector and a blocking structure. The connector is mounted in the measuring display unit and has at least one guiding groove, and the at least one guiding groove is formed through an outer side of the... Agent:

20150123674 - Apparatus and method for determining the status and phase of an electric power cable: A probe uses a small diameter insulated needle to accurately penetrate the jacket and thin outer semiconductor sheath of URD cable so as to capacitive couple to the high voltage center conductor and determine its energized status (live or dead) and phase attribute. A precision needle depth gauge, mechanical hard... Agent:

20150123675 - Device for monitoring an operation of an inductive element: A device for monitoring an operation of an inductive element, includes a current-measuring device is switched in series with the inductive element. The device is configured to ascertain a first time-discrete and value-discrete signal, which characterizes a current flowing through the current-measuring device; to ascertain a second time-discrete and value-discrete... Agent:

20150123676 - Temperature compensation of insulation monitoring for rotating machines: A system includes a monitoring and/or protection system that includes an insulation derivation circuit. The insulation derivation circuit is configured to derive a first temperature compensation curve based on a first temperature and a first current, and the monitoring and/or protection system is configured to communicatively couple to a first... Agent: General Electric Company

20150123677 - Handling of electromagnetic interference in an electronic apparatus: The present invention provides a control module and a method operable in a touch-sensitive apparatus for measuring noise, wherein the touch-sensitive apparatus comprises a touch-sensitive module having a plurality of first electrodes and a plurality of second electrodes that intersect in multiple regions of the touch sensitive module, said method... Agent:

20150123678 - Passive wireless self-resonant sensor: A sensor for detecting one or more materials includes a substrate, a passivation layer formed on the substrate, a self-resonant structure and a high surface area material disposed on the passivation layer. The self-resonant structure includes a planar spiral inductor and a plurality of planar interdigitated capacitor electrodes disposed within... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20150123679 - System and method for measuring variable impedance elements in a wireless sensor: A wireless remote sensor (110) that is powered by an inductive transmitter (112) and is configured to produce an oscillating wave that varies based on one or more sensed parameters. The oscillating wave is communicated to the inductive transmitter (112) by reflected impedance, where it can be detected to determine... Agent:

20150123680 - Inductive sensor and method of manufacturing an inductive sensor: An inductive sensor and to a method for manufacturing an inductive sensor is provided. The inductive sensor comprises a winding body, an induction coil made of a high-temperature resistant metal alloy and wound onto the winding body, and a metal casing at least partially surrounding the induction coil. Here, the... Agent:

20150123681 - Wheel circuit using electromagnetic induction and electronic pen including the same: A wheel circuit using electromagnetic induction and an electronic pen are provided. The wheel circuit includes a rotary encoder configured to be rotated according to a user operation and includes at least one port, a resonant unit configured to be coupled with a port of the at least one port,... Agent:

20150123682 - Electrode configuration for position detection and method for position detection: Provided is a method for detecting a position of an object relative to an electrode configuration with at least three electrodes, wherein a first electrode substantially is arranged parallel or concentrically to a second electrode, a third electrode is arranged in an acute angle or excentric relative to the first... Agent:

20150123683 - Corrosion detection sensor device: A sensor device includes first and second electrodes, a coating film and a functional element. The first electrode includes a first metallic material in which either a first passivation film forms on a surface thereof or the first passivation film present on the surface thereof is lost, in association with... Agent:

20150123685 - Module for exchanging an interface unit in a testing system for testing semiconductor components and testing system comprising such a module: The invention relates to a module for exchanging an approximately planar interface unit in a testing system for testing semiconductor elements. The module includes a base element, a holder, and guide elements. The guide elements are embodied so that the interface unit can be moved by means of a linear,... Agent:

20150123686 - Semiconductor transporting and testing fixture: The semiconductor transporting and testing fixture according to the present invention comprises: a frame portion (21) adapted to receive therein an IC (5) having an external connection terminal, the frame portion having an inner peripheral wall; a bottom surface sheet (25) pasted on a bottom surface of the frame portion,... Agent:

20150123684 - Semiconductor device: Provided is a semiconductor device which can generate a new test pattern even after design and have a reduced footprint of a circuit not used in normal operation. The semiconductor device includes a first integrated circuit and a second integrated circuit. The first integrated circuit includes a memory circuit that... Agent:

20150123687 - Test probe and machining method thereof: Disclosed are a test probe and a machining method of a test probe, the test probe including a plunger end part contacting a tested contact point, the plunger end part including a plurality of tips protruding toward the tested contact point, and at least one of the plurality of tips... Agent:

20150123688 - Advanced radio frequency sensing probe: A radio-frequency probe system with a transmitting or receiving element integrated into a cable assembly is disclosed. In some embodiments a preferred configuration may contain one or more sensing elements integrated into the transmitting or receiving element. In another embodiment, the radio frequency probe comprises an antenna body fixed to... Agent:

20150123689 - Electrically conductive pins for microcircuit tester: The terminals of a device under test are temporarily electrically connected to corresponding contact pads on a load board by a series of electrically conductive pin pairs. The pin pairs are held in place by an interposer membrane that includes a top contact plate facing the device under test, a... Agent:

20150123691 - Method for manufacturing probe card, probe card, method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and method for forming probe: Provided is a method for manufacturing a probe card which inspects electrical characteristics of a plurality of semiconductor devices in batch. The method includes: a step of forming a plurality of probes, which are to be brought into contact with external terminals of the semiconductor devices, on one side of... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20150123690 - Probe card: A probe card including a circuit board, a transformer, a probe head, and a reinforcement structure is provided. The transformer including a body, a plurality of solder balls, and a plurality of first contact points are disposed on the substrate. The body has a first surface and a second surface,... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20150123692 - Apparatus and method of testing an electronic device: An apparatus for testing an electronic device may include a field programmable gate array (FPGA), a test board, a test channel and a loop channel. The electronic device may be electrically connected to the test board. The test channel may be electrically connected between the electronic device and the FPGA... Agent:

20150123693 - Inspection jig: An inspection jig may include a frame, an electrode body provided with electrodes, conductive contactors having a wire shape, a support block having a facing surface opposite to which an inspection circuit board is disposed, guiding one ends of the contactors to the inspection points of the circuit board mounted... Agent:

20150123695 - Edge-emitting etched-facet lasers: A laser chip having a substrate, an epitaxial structure on the substrate, the epitaxial structure including an active region and the active region generating light, a waveguide formed in the epitaxial structure extending in a first direction, the waveguide having a front etched facet and a back etched facet that... Agent: Binoptics Corporation

20150123694 - Inspection apparatus, inspection system, inspection method of semiconductor devices, and manufacturing method of inspected semiconductor devices: An inspection apparatus for inspecting output signal of a semiconductor device is provided with a monitor device configured to sense a signal on the monitor line and a plurality of inspection circuits connected to the monitor line. Each inspection circuit is provided with a semiconductor device support allowing a semiconductor... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150123696 - Methodology for testing integrated circuits: An integrated circuit is disclosed. The integrated circuit includes input and output pads, a first integrated circuit portion having first circuitry, and a second integrated circuit portion having second circuitry different from the first circuitry. The first integrated circuit portion is configured to provide an input test signal from the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150123697 - Methods and apparatuses for ac/dc characterization: Aspects of an apparatus for characterizing an integrated circuit device are provided. The apparatus includes a first connection circuit configured to selectively couple at least one terminal of the integrated circuit device to a termination circuit for AC loopback and a second connection circuit configured to selectively couple the at... Agent:

20150123699 - System and method for functional verification of multi-die 3d ics: A system and method is disclosed for functional verification of multi-die 3D ICs. The system and method include a reusable verification environment for testing each die in a stack of dies individually without having to simultaneously operate all of the dies in the stack. The system and method includes converting... Agent:

20150123698 - Test circuit and method of semiconductor integrated circuit: A test circuit of a semiconductor integrated circuit includes a through via, a voltage driving unit, and a determination unit. The through via is charged by receiving an input voltage. The voltage driving unit generates a test voltage by charging or discharging the through via in response to a test... Agent:

20150123700 - Industrial system phase sag detection: Described herein are methods, systems, and apparatuses for determining sag in a signal. In one example, a method of tracking sag in a signal includes, when in an initial state, monitoring for when the signal transitions to a sag state based at least on an output of a tracking filter.... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

04/30/2015 > 66 patent applications in 50 patent subcategories.

20150115932 - Circuit, method and sensor for obtaining information on a physical quantity: A circuit for obtaining information on a physical quantity according to an embodiment includes a sensor arrangement sensitive to the physical quantity, at least one further sensor element sensitive to the physical quantity and a supply circuit configured to provide the sensor arrangement with a supply signal comprising a supply... Agent:

20150115933 - Offset compensation for zero-crossing detection: There is described a device for removing an offset from a signal, the device comprising (a) a frequency estimation unit (260) for estimating a frequency of the signal, (b) an offset estimation unit (222) for estimating the offset in the signal by applying an adaptive low pass filter to the... Agent:

20150115934 - Temperature compensated fiber-optic current sensor: In a fiber-optic current sensor, a 22.5° Faraday rotator, which is part of the sensing fiber coil, determines the working point of the sensor. The coil is operated with substantially linearly polarized light or incoherent substantially left and right circularly polarized light waves. In one arrangement, a polarization beam splitter... Agent:

20150115935 - Shunt resistance type current sensor: A shunt type current sensor (1) using an infrared ray temperature detection unit as a temperature sensor (60) can detect the temperature of a shunt resistance portion (SR) directly through the detection of infrared rays radiated from the shunt resistance portion (SR). Such a detection method is not so much... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150115936 - Signal error compensation for a magnetometer in a sensor package: A device (50) includes a magnetometer (54) adapted to produce an output signal (30) indicative of a sensed magnetic field (38), a second sensor (24), and a processing unit (56) connected to each of the magnetometer and the second sensor. The processing unit is configured to perform operations that include... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20150115937 - Hall electromotive force compensation device and hall electromotive force compensation method: A Hall resistance measurement unit measures a Hall resistance value in two or more current directions between a plurality of terminals of the Hall element. A Hall electromotive force measurement unit measures the Hall electromotive force of the Hall element. A temperature measurement unit measures an operating temperature of the... Agent: Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation

20150115938 - Magnetic field detection device: A magnetic field detection device includes: a first magnetic field generating part, including a first magnetic field generating conductor; a first magnetic field detection part, including a first magnetic field detection element and a first differential operation part, wherein a first output of the first magnetic field detection element corresponding... Agent:

20150115939 - Magnetic medium for magnetic encoder, magnetic encoder and method for manufacturing magnetic medium: the bias magnetization region is formed under the first magnetization region and the second magnetization region near an interface between the first magnetization region and the second magnetization region, and no bias magnetization regions are formed under the first magnetization region near a center of the first magnetization region and... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20150115940 - Position measuring device: A position measuring device includes a measuring standard that has a first magnetization in a first section for generating a first signal level. The first magnetization is oriented in a first direction, has a first clearance between two adjacent unlike poles, and generates a first maximum of the field strength... Agent:

20150115941 - Magnetic detection device and on-vehicle rotation detection device equipped with the same: Rotation of a magnetized rotor is detected in a highly accurate manner without depending on a magnetic pole pitch of N and S poles of the magnetized rotor. To that end, a magnetic detection device includes a magnetoresistive element that is formed of a fixed layer made of a ferromagnetic... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150115942 - Magnetic sensor circuit: To provide a magnetic sensor circuit that outputs a desired detection pulse while preventing an erroneous detection/erroneous release pulse output when a fluctuation in a power supply voltage occurs within an operating power supply voltage range. A magnetic sensor circuit is configured to include a detection circuit that detects a... Agent:

20150115943 - Apparatus using hall sensor: An apparatus and a method of determining a status of a cover of a display terminal are provided. The apparatus includes a terminal comprising a display screen, and a Hall sensor comprising a magnetic field sensing surface and a plurality of Hall elements disposed substantially parallel with the magnetic field... Agent: Magnachip Semiconductor, Ltd.

20150115944 - Magnetic sensors: Among other things, the disclosure features a system comprising a sensor, a DC magnetic field source, an AC magnetic field source, and a receiver. The sensor has an aspect ratio of 10:1 or higher and comprises a ferromagnetic material. The ferromagnetic material has a non-linear magnetization response, and the response... Agent: Ascension Technology Corporation

20150115945 - Eddy current sensor with linear drive conductor: A multi-layer eddy current sensor includes a sense coil for detecting an eddy current, and a drive conductor for inducing the eddy current. The drive conductor comprises a substantially straight conducting portion that traverses the entire width of the sense coil.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150115947 - Paper sheet magnetic detection apparatus: The object is to avoid degradation of magnetic detection precision arising due to magnetization of transport rollers used for transporting a paper sheet. A paper sheet magnetic detection apparatus that detects a magnetic material in the paper sheet by using a magnetic sensor includes a transport path that transports paper... Agent: Glory Ltd.

20150115946 - Systems and methods having omnipolar comparators for magnetic switches: An omnipolar magnetic sensor system includes an input stage and a behavior component. The input stage is configured to receive a source signal and to selectively chop the source signal. Further, the input stage is configured to balance the source signal using behavior parameters and generate a balanced source signal.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150115948 - Magnetic field measuring apparatus: A beam that passes through a plurality of gas cells a number of times is led to a deflection meter from a light ejecting section, detection of a deflected surface angle is performed and a strength of a magnetic field is measured by a structure in which the plurality of... Agent:

20150115949 - Bridge circuit and magnetic sensor including the circuit: A magnetic sensor having a large magnetic-field detection angle range and a bridge circuit used in the magnetic sensor, in each of multiple MR elements in the bridge circuit, multiple strips, on the whole, along a direction substantially orthogonal to a magnetic-field detection direction are arranged in parallel at certain... Agent:

20150115950 - Hall effect sensor device: A hall effect sensor device implemented on a semiconductor body, having a first Hall effect sensor and a second Hall effect sensor, each of the two Hall effect sensors has at least four individual Hall effect elements and the four Hall effect elements are connected in series, and each Hall... Agent:

20150115951 - Power measuring apparatus: A power measurement apparatus configured to measure power consumed at a load, the apparatus includes a magnetic film module, an adjuster, a measurement resistance, and a voltage detector. The magnetic film module is arranged so that a longitudinal direction of the magnetic film module is parallel to current flowing in... Agent:

20150115952 - Device with magnetic sensors with permanent magnets: A device with a magnetic sensor is disclosed. The device includes a substrate with a device layer. A magnetic sensor is formed on the device layer and includes a first permanent magnet. The first permanent magnet has at least one alternating ferromagnetic (FM) layer and antiferromagnetic (AFM) layer, with a... Agent:

20150115953 - Method and apparatus for determining mud contamination of formation fluid: A formation fluid sample is analyzed using NMR spectroscopy to obtain a NMR spectrum. The NMR spectrum is then analyzed to find evidence of the amount of olefins present in the sample. The amount of olefins present in the sample can then be correlated to the level of contamination of... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150115954 - Non-resonant magnetic resonance transmitter with power factor correction: A non-resonant transmitter for a magnetic resonance (MR) system, such as a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) system, is described herein. The transmitter includes a coil for applying NMR pulse sequences to a substance. The coil is coupled to a circuit that includes a capacitor, a number of switches, and a... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150115960 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to acquire magnetic resonance data with a diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance sequence: In a method and magnetic resonance apparatus to acquire magnetic resonance data with a diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance sequence wherein the magnetic resonance apparatus as a gradient coil arrangement with three gradient coils designed to generate a gradient in gradient directions orthogonal to one another, the readout gradient is flipped relative... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150115959 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus to determine a magnetic resonance image from magnetic resonance data: In a method and apparatus to determine a magnetic resonance image from magnetic resonance data entered into k-space that are acquired with the magnetic resonance apparatus, in the acquisition of the data a deviation from ideal homogeneity, described by an interference field, is present in the imaging region that is... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150115961 - Method and magnetic resonance system to acquire spectroscopy data in a predetermined volume segment of an examination subject: In a method and a magnetic resonance system for acquisition of spectroscopy data in a predetermined volume segment of an examination subject, spectroscopy data in the volume segment are acquired in multiple measurement steps, and spatially resolved MR data of the examination subject also are acquired in multiple measurement steps.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150115958 - Multiband slice accelerated imaging with balanced slice-selective gradients: A computer-implemented method for performing multi-band slice accelerated imaging includes performing a low-resolution fast multi-dimensional reference scan to obtain a coil sensitivity map. A multiband imaging scan is performed to acquire a plurality of k-space lines representative of an anatomical area of interest. A multi-band signal corresponding to the plurality... Agent:

20150115957 - Pulse sequence method for mri: The present invention describes a method for magnetic resonance (MR) and/or MR imaging, comprising acquisition of signals and MR images originating from a RF and gradient sequence causing isotropic diffusion weighting of signal attenuation, wherein the isotropic diffusion weighting is achieved by one time-dependent dephasing vector q(t) having an orientation,... Agent:

20150115956 - System and method for quiet magnetic resonance imaging: A system and method for performing quiet magnetic resonance imaging (“MRI”) are provided. An MRI system is directed to perform a pulse sequence that includes a magnetic field gradient s tapped through a plurality of different gradient component amplitude values in a manner that controls the difference between successive gradient... Agent:

20150115955 - Systems and methods for accelerating magnetic resonance imaging: Magnetic resonance imaging systems and methods are provided. A method includes applying a slice selection gradient perpendicular to a desired slice plane and applying, substantially simultaneously with the slice selection gradient, a radiofrequency nuclear magnetic resonance excitation pulse having a bandwidth corresponding to the desired slice plane and a frequency... Agent: General Electric Company

20150115963 - Channel by channel artifact reduction in parallel mri: An imaging system (5) includes a plurality of coil channel receivers (26) and one or more processors or modules (38). The plurality of coil channel receivers (26) demodulate magnetic resonance data from a multi-channel coil (10) which includes a plurality of coil elements (16) spatially separated, each element transmitting magnetic... Agent:

20150115962 - Expanded foam former apparatus and method for making the same: An MR coil former apparatus includes a body, a coil array, and a coil cover. The body defines a patient-facing positive surface opposite a non-patient-facing negative surface. The positive surface of the body includes an anatomic contour, and the coil array is disposed adjacent and conformed to the anatomic contour.... Agent: General Electric Company

20150115964 - Dipole locator using multiple measurement points: A receiver and tracking system for identifying a location of a magnetic field source. In a preferred embodiment a plurality of tri-axial antennas are positioned at three distinct points on a receiver frame. Each antenna detects a magnetic field from a source and a processor is used to determine a... Agent:

20150115965 - Induction logging sensor: Apparatuses and methods are provided herein that may improve sensitivity to transient signals. For example, an electromagnetic sensor for downhole measurements that includes a plurality of sectors (e.g., four quadrants) is provided herein. Each quadrant may include a magnetic core formed of a material with a high initial magnetic permeability... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150115967 - Electric switch: The invention relates to an electric switch, in particular a rocker switch, comprising a contact system and comprising a movable actuating element for switching over the contact system between two switch positions, in particular an on position and an off position. The switch has a drivable actuator, which is operatively... Agent:

20150115966 - Evse welded contactor detector: In at least one embodiment, provided is an electric vehicle supply equipment having a line power contactor including a first line power input and a second line power input and a first line power output and a second line power output. It further has a welded contactor detector with a... Agent: Aerovironment, Inc.

20150115969 - Storage battery analysis system, storage battery analysis method and storage battery analysis program: A storage battery analysis system includes a storage device storing data of time series variation of a voltage value and a current value during a charging period of a storage battery and data of time series variation of the voltage value and the current value during the charging period of... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd

20150115968 - Ultrasonic device detecting charging / discharging status of flow-cell pack: A device is provided for detecting a charging and discharging status of a flow-cell pack. During charging and discharging course of the flow-cell pack coordinated with electrolyte storage tanks and actuators, ultrasonic sensors of ultrasonic detection devices are used to sense sonic vibration generated by fluid flow in the flow-cell... Agent: Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan, R.o.c.

20150115970 - Method for determining an overall loss of capacitance of a secondary cell: A method for determining an overall loss of capacitance of a secondary cell, for example of an accumulator, which is brought about by ageing processes is provided. The overall loss of capacitance is determined additively from partial losses of capacitance which are determined by means of various parameters from various... Agent:

20150115971 - Electronic apparatus, input apparatus for display apparatus, and method of detecting remaining utility of battery of the same: An electronic apparatus, an input apparatus and a method of determining a remaining utility of a battery of the same, the electronic apparatus including: a battery configured to supply power to the electronic apparatus; a first detector configured to receive a voltage value of the battery, to convert the voltage... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150115972 - Apparatus and method for diagnosing malfunction of high voltage relay device: The apparatus for diagnosing malfunction of a high voltage relay includes: first and second relays configured to connect or disconnect a battery and a circuit using the battery as a power source in each electrode; a voltage measuring unit configured to measure a first voltage between a battery side terminal... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150115973 - Device for electrically testing the interconnections of a microelectronic device: A simultaneous electrical testing device for TSV interconnection elements passing through a substrate and including one end connected to an integrated testing circuit and another end to a removable connection mechanism assembled to the substrate through an anisotropic conductive glue.... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20150115974 - Method for determining maintenance time for contacts, and testing apparatus: A method for maintaining a contact of a connection jig for connecting between a target object to be subjected to an electrical test and a testing apparatus configured to conduct the electrical test on the target object includes: detecting a change in voltage upon supply of power for the electrical... Agent: Nidec-read Corporation

20150115975 - Systems and methods for determining electrical connectivity: A system (10) and method (200) are disclosed for detecting electrical connectivity. The system includes at least one power distribution conductor (18) and at least one electrical power pad (20) comprising a detection pad (28) that is electrically isolated from a remaining portion of the respective at least one electrical... Agent:

20150115976 - Continuous web inline testing apparatus, defect mapping system and related methods: In at least selected embodiments, an industrial size continuous Hipot testing system has defect mapping capability capable of finding pinholes, weak spots, and/or embedded conductive particles in non-conductive sheet materials. Continuous testing is made possible through a pair of uniquely designed rollers, such as conductive polymer rollers. Automatic defect mapping... Agent: Celgard, LLC

20150115978 - Calibration of an antenna array: An antenna system including at least one antenna connected to a captured signal processing receiver, an antenna protection radome; and a plurality of electro-optical probes distributed on or inside of the radome.... Agent:

20150115977 - Current-mode coarse-baseline-correction: The embodiments herein are generally directed to using a current-mode CBC circuit to maintain a voltage bias setting at a receiver when performing capacitive sensing. To do so, the CBC circuit may compensate for the change in voltage at a receiver by providing a current at the input of the... Agent: Synaptics Incorporated

20150115979 - Multiphase meter: A multiphase meter system including: transmitting and receiving antennas in the flow pipe, wherein the receiving antennas are at different distances from the transmitting antenna, and a control system configured to: apply an electromagnetic field to the transmitting antenna and receive signals from the receiving antenna induced in the fluid... Agent: Rexar Flow Measurement As

20150115980 - Systems and methods for inspecting reinforced concrete structures: An inspection system for a metal-reinforced concrete structure is described. The system includes a radio frequency (RF) system configured to be movable with respect to a surface of the concrete structure while transmitting radio signals into the interior of the structure, and receiving reflected radio signals. The system also includes... Agent: General Electric Company

20150115981 - Detection method and apparatus for reduced cross -talk and asic area of a fingerprint sensor: A method and apparatus for electrical detection of a finger print has a reduced number of interconnect signals between a sensor area and a substrate and an electronic circuit for excitation and detection of the finger print compared to a single—chip finger print sensor. The individual signals are connected internally... Agent: Idex Asa

20150115982 - Structures and methds for monitoring dielectric reliability with through-silicon vias: Embodiments of the present invention provide a variety of structures and method for detecting abnormalities in the back-end-of-line (BEOL) stack and BEOL structures located in close proximity to through-silicon vias (TSVs) in a 3D integrated chip. The detected abnormalities may include stress, strain, and damage that will affect metallization continuity,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150115983 - Sensing method and system: A system that includes a sensor for measuring a resonant impedance spectral response of an inductor-capacitor-resistor (LCR) resonator and correlating the measured response of one or more spectral parameters to one or more characteristics of the fluid. Such characteristics may be the age or health of the fluid and/or the... Agent:

20150115984 - Theft detection and prevention in a power generation system: A system for generation of electrical power including an inverter connected to a photovoltaic source including a theft prevention and detection feature. A first memory is permanently attached to the photovoltaic source. The first memory is configured to store a first code. A second memory is attached to the inverter.... Agent:

20150115985 - Temperature and supply voltage independent dc-dc current sensing: The present document relates to a current sensing circuit. In particular, the present document relates to a current sensing circuit which provides reliable indications of the current through a transistor. A current sensing circuit configured to provide an indication of a load current through a pass device is described. The... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20150115987 - Apparatus and method for testing portable devices: An apparatus is disclosed for testing portable devices. The apparatus includes a base upon which the portable device is mounted, and a top mold which fits over the base to immobilize the portable device. Templates can also be formed on the top mold or base. The templates contain test patterns... Agent: Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

20150115988 - Automation testing system for testing a motherboard: An automation testing system for testing a motherboard includes a frame, a first jig plate, a second jig plate, a platform, a first driving mechanism, a second driving mechanism and a console computer. The frame includes a track, a debug docking board is detachably disposed on the first jig plate... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150115986 - Alignment testing for tiered semiconductor structure: Among other things, one or more techniques or systems for evaluating a tiered semiconductor structure, such as a stacked CMOS structure, for misalignment are provided. In an embodiment, a connectivity test is performed on vias between a first layer and a second layer to determine a via diameter and a... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

20150115990 - Die stack test architecture and method: A test control port (TCP) includes a state machine SM, an instruction register IR, data registers DRs, a gating circuit and a TDO MX. The SM inputs TCI signals and outputs control signals to the IR and to the DR. During instruction or data scans, the IR or DRs are... Agent:

20150115989 - Semiconductor evaluation apparatus: A semiconductor evaluation apparatus includes a jig for evaluation and a probe substrate. The jig for evaluation is provided such that a plurality of semiconductor devices can be placed thereon. The probe substrate is provided so as to face the jig for evaluation, and includes a contact probe. The jig... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150115991 - Maintenance carriage for wafer inspection apparatus and maintenance method for wafer inspection apparatus: A maintenance carriage of a wafer inspection apparatus can easily unload a test head. A wafer inspection apparatus 10 includes a cell tower 12 in which cells 11 are arranged at four levels, and each of the cells 11 accommodates a test head 15. At an outside of the cell... Agent:

20150115992 - Glass substrate for electronic amplification and method for manufacturing the same: There is provided a glass substrate for electronic amplification having through holes formed on a plate-like glass member and used for causing an electron avalanche in the through holes, wherein a shape of the glass substrate for electronic amplification and a material of the glass member are determined so that... Agent:

20150115993 - Structure and method for testing stacked cmos structure: A test structure is provided for testing a semiconductor structure having a plurality of tiers. The test structure includes at least one conductive loop. Each respective conductive loop has ends defining at least one opening between the ends, and is embedded inside one or more of the plurality of tiers... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150115994 - Optimization of integrated circuit reliability: A per-chip equivalent oxide thickness (EOT) circuit sensor resides in an integrated circuit. The per-chip EOT circuit sensor determines electrical characteristics of the integrated circuit. The measured electrical characteristics include leakage current. The determined electrical characteristics are used to determine physical attributes of the integrated circuit. The physical attributes, including... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150115996 - Apparatus for simulating battery: An apparatus for simulating a battery is provided. The apparatus includes a power supplying unit, a state regulating unit and an impedance unit. The power supplying unit is coupled to a power terminal of a battery interface and determines whether to provide an operation voltage to the power terminal according... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20150115995 - Battery charger module for charging a vehicle battery and method for determining a state of an ac power supply at a battery charger module: A battery charger module to be mounted in a vehicle for charging a vehicle battery is disclosed. The battery charger module may include a capacitor, and a direct current (DC) voltage sensor configured to sense a DC voltage across the capacitor. The battery charger module may further include a controller... Agent:

20150115997 - Method of operating a generator connected to a power supply network: A method of operating a generator connected to a power supply network, in particular a synchronous generator, during a network fault in the power supply network, in particular during an electric short-circuit, wherein electric excitation of the generator is at least temporarily reduced in dependence on the value of at... Agent:

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