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Electricity: measuring and testing

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10/02/2014 > 63 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20140292304 - Method, sensor and system for analyzing appliances in a power line network: A method for analyzing appliances in a power line network comprises obtaining an electrical characteristic of the power line network, using a sensor that is connected to the power line network, extracting a line-neglecting feature from the electrical characteristic of the power line network, and detecting an appliance connected to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140292305 - Millimeter-wave band spectrum analysis device and analysis method: An input signal Sx in a first millimeter-wave frequency band higher than 100 GHz is input to a millimeter-wave band filter 20 in which a pair of radio wave half mirrors 30A and 30B so as to opposite to each other and which performs a resonance operation. A signal component... Agent: Anritsu Corporation

20140292306 - Target position, movement and tracking system: The invention provides a target object detection system, comprising a plurality of sensing nodes (10) for positioning at respective detection locations with respect to a detection area (12) that is situated within a field generated by an ambient AC source of excitation. Each sensing node has at least one electric... Agent:

20140292307 - Dc decoupled current measurement: A circuit arrangement for measuring a load current provided to a load via a first load terminal of a load transistor is disclosed. In accordance with one example of the invention, the circuit arrangement includes a sense transistor coupled to the load transistor to provide a sense current representing the... Agent:

20140292308 - Detection circuit and detection method: A detection circuit (1) comprises a first and a second contact terminal (P1, P2) for connecting a microphone (HM) with a defined polarity. Furthermore, a first and a second switch (S1, S2) are provided and respectively connect the first and the second contact terminal (P1, P2) to a reference potential... Agent: Ams Ag

20140292309 - Current sensor: A current sensor includes semi-annular first and second magnetic cores, first and second sensors, and a differential output part. The first magnetic core is provided around a wire in which an electric current flows and includes a pair of first magnetic core parts each having a quarter annular shape. The... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20140292310 - Inductive sensor device with at least one coil: An inductive sensor device for a motor vehicle includes a coil, wherein the coil is arranged on a carrier element and the coil is connected electrically to an electronics unit and wherein an induced voltage can be registered by the coil (10). The carrier element has a first side and... Agent:

20140292311 - Position detector: A position detector detecting a position of a movable member relative to a fixed member, including: a signal detector detecting periodic signals each indicating a predetermined value for the position of the movable member; a signal processor generating displacement signals based on the detected periodic signals and switching the generated... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140292312 - 3-axis magnetic field sensor, method for fabricating magnetic field sensing structure and magnetic field sensing circuit: A 3-axis magnetic field sensor on a substrate and including, a first tunneling magneto-resistor (TMR) having a first easy-axis for sensing a X-axis magnetic field, a second TMR having a second easy-axis for sensing a Y-axis magnetic field, an out-of-plane magnetic sensor for sensing a Z-axis magnetic field, and a... Agent:

20140292313 - Magnetic sensor system including three detection circuits: A magnetic sensor system includes a scale and a magnetic sensor arranged in a relative positional relationship variable in a first direction, and a computing unit. The magnetic sensor includes a first detection circuit, a second detection circuit and a third detection circuit that are disposed at a first position,... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140292314 - Magnetic sensor system including two detection circuits: A magnetic sensor system includes a scale and a magnetic sensor arranged in a relative positional relationship variable in a first direction, and a computing unit. The magnetic sensor includes a first detection circuit disposed at a first position and a second detection circuit disposed at a second position. Each... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140292315 - Combined steering torque-steering angle sensor: A steering torque-steering angle sensor comprising a steering torque sensor module and a steering angle sensor module, wherein the steering torque sensor module operates with a magnetic effective principle and has in this respect a first magnetic encoder and at least one first magnetic field sensor element, wherein the steering... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20140292316 - Apparatus and method for detecting defects in a metallic surface: An apparatus and method for detecting defects in a metal surface is disclosed. The apparatus is configured to move an eddy coil relative to an underlying metallic surface along a plurality of generally parallel and adjacent scan paths, and to receive from the eddy coil an oscillating signal induced at... Agent: Sarclad Limited

20140292317 - Durable miniature gas composition detector having fast response time: A miniature oxygen sensor makes use of paramagnetic properties of oxygen gas to provide a fast response time, low power consumption, improved accuracy and sensitivity, and superior durability. The miniature oxygen sensor disclosed maintains a sample of ambient air within a micro-channel formed in a semiconductor substrate. O2 molecules segregate... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Pte Ltd.

20140292318 - Magnetic biomedical sensors and sensing system for high-throughput biomolecule testing: A magnetic biosensor can include a magnetic stack comprising a free layer, a fixed layer, and a nonmagnetic layer between the free layer and the fixed layer. At least one of the free layer or the fixed layer may have a magnetic moment oriented out of a major plane of... Agent:

20140292319 - Devices, methods, and systems for sensing current: Devices, methods, and systems for sensing current are described herein. One device includes a first electrode, a second electrode, and a tunneling magnetoresistance material between the first and second electrodes.... Agent:

20140292320 - Electronic device having an electronic compass adapted to detect when the device is in a holster: According to one aspect, a portable electronic device sized and shaped to be received within a holster having a magnetic element. The portable electronic device includes an electronic compass adapted to measure a magnetic field of the magnetic element in at least two axes. When the measured pattern corresponds to... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20140292321 - Magnetic sensor with reduced effect of interlayer coupling magnetic field: A magnetic sensor includes an MR element and a pair of magnets. The MR element includes a magnetization pinned layer having a magnetization pinned in a direction parallel to an X direction, a free layer having a magnetization that varies depending on an X-direction component of an external magnetic field,... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140292322 - Magnetic sensor with reduced effect of interlayer coupling magnetic field: A magnetic sensor includes an MR element and a bias field generation unit. The MR element includes a magnetization pinned layer having a magnetization pinned in a direction parallel to an X direction, a free layer having a magnetization that varies depending on an X-direction component of an external magnetic... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140292323 - Two axes mems resonant magnetometer: A two-axes MEMS magnetometer includes, in one plane, a freestanding rectangular frame having inner walls and four torsion springs, wherein opposing inner walls of the frame are contacted by one end of only two torsion springs, each torsion spring being anchored by its other end, towards the centre of the... Agent: Imec

20140292324 - Fiber optic telemetry for switched-mode current-source amplifier in magnetic resonance imaging (mri): Example systems, apparatus, circuits, and other embodiments described herein concern acquiring telemetry data from an MR system and providing the telemetry data via fiber optic cable. One example apparatus includes a telemetry signal acquisition element (e.g., circuit, circuit component) that is configured to acquire a telemetry signal from a component... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20140292329 - Determining positions of a magnetic field probe in a magnetic resonance measurement: A method of determining the position of at least one magnetic field probe located within a pre-defined volume of interest within a magnetic resonance (MR) imaging or spectroscopy arrangement comprises applying a spatially and temporally variable magnetic reference field having a unique time-course at every point in said volume of... Agent:

20140292332 - Device, method and system for controlling imaging methods and systems: In a computer-implemented method, device and system for controlling an imaging system, a specific absorption rate is calculated with a computation unit and an RF transmission signal of the imaging system is controlled with a control device. The process of controlling of the RF transmission signal includes disconnecting the RF... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140292333 - Establishing a magnetic resonance system actuation sequence: A method for establishing a magnetic resonance system actuation sequence is described. A first number of field distribution maps are acquired for slices of the measurement region, and a radiofrequency pulse train is established on the basis thereof for the magnetic resonance system actuation sequence. This acquisition of the first... Agent:

20140292328 - Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) with dual agent characterization: Example apparatus and methods concern determining whether a target material appears in a region experiencing nuclear magnetic resonance. One method acquires a baseline value for a magnetic resonance parameter (MRP) while the region is not exposed to a molecular imaging agent that affects the MRP, acquiring a non-specific uptake value... Agent:

20140292335 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to an embodiment includes: an obtaining unit, a correction coefficient deriving unit, an amplification degree deriving unit, and a filtering processing unit. The obtaining unit obtains a distribution of a radio frequency magnetic field. The correction coefficient deriving unit derives, on a basis of... Agent:

20140292334 - Magnetic resonance imaging equipment, high frequency magnetic field irradiation method and program: With minimizing extension of imaging time, the B1 non-uniformity reducing effect of RF shimming is maximized for an imaging section of an arbitrary axis direction and an arbitrary position. B1 distributions are measured for only several sections of one predetermined direction, and a radio frequency magnetic field condition that maximizes... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20140292325 - Magnetic resonance imaging method for the quantification of the t1 and/or t2 relaxation times in a sample: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) method for the quantification of the longitudinal (T1) and/or transverse (T2) relaxation times in a sample is provided. According to this MRI method a sample is subjected to an unbalanced steady state free precession (SSFP) sequence comprising a series of consecutive radiofrequency (RF) pulses. By... Agent:

20140292327 - Magnetic resonance imaging with switched-mode current-source amplifier having gallium nitride field effect transistors for parallel transmission in mri: Example systems, apparatus, circuits, and other embodiments described herein concern parallel transmission in MRI. One example apparatus includes at least two enhanced mode gallium nitride (eGaN) based field effect transistors (FETs) that are connected by a coil that includes an LC (inductance-capacitance) leg. The apparatus includes a controller that inputs... Agent:

20140292326 - Method and apparatus for 3d magnetic resonance imaging: The present invention discloses a 3-dimension magnetic resonance imaging method which comprises: applying a slab selection gradient to a subject; transmitting a radiofrequency pulse to the subject, and exciting a slab of the subject to produce magnetic resonance signals with a continuous frequency bandwidth; performing a spatial encoding gradient across... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140292331 - Method for the adjustment of at least one magnetic resonance image data set of a movable examination object and correspondingly designed magnetic resonance device: A method for the adjustment of at least one magnetic resonance image data set of a movable examination object and correspondingly designed magnetic resonance device is provided. Moreover, a method, a computer program product and a computer-readable storage medium for the adjustment by a magnetic resonance device of at least... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140292330 - Quantifying magnetic resonance parameters: Example apparatus and methods provide improved spatial and temporal resolution over conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for a large (e.g., 500 cm3) three dimensional (3D) volume. Example apparatus and methods reconstruct under-sampled 3D data associated with nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) signals acquired from the volume using a 3D through-time non-Cartesian... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20140292336 - Apparatus and method for measuring free radicals: A double solenoid coil operates in accordance with input first and second signals to generate an electromagnetic field and to provide the generated electromagnetic field as a sample. Then, a signal corresponding to the generated electromagnetic field is received, amplified, and output by a double lock-in amplifier. Free radicals generated... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140292337 - Decoupling of parallel transmission arrays in magnetic resonance imaging: A method of determining a decoupling matrix of a decoupling system for an array of coils of a parallel transmission magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system includes obtaining impedance matrix data for the array of coils without the decoupling system, determining, based on the impedance matrix data for the array of... Agent:

20140292339 - Local coil system including an energy reception antenna for inductively receiving energy for the local coil system: A local coil system for detecting magnetic resonance (MR) signals in a magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) device includes an energy reception antenna for inductively receiving energy for the local coil system from a magnetic field changing over time with an energy transmission frequency. The energy reception antenna includes a conductor... Agent:

20140292338 - Radio frequency resonator, radio frequency coil and magnetic resonance imaging appratus: Disclosed herein are a RF resonator, a RF coil, and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus. The RF resonator includes a dielectric substance which is provided, on one surface thereof, with an electric conductor, and at least one conductor line which is installed on another surface of the dielectric substance... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140292340 - Antenna, tool, and methods for directional electromagnetic well logging: The present disclosure describes various antenna assemblies, each antenna coil being disposed about a tool body section in an antenna pathway. The antenna pathway passes through alternating grooves and lands. In each embodiment, at least one of the grooves is disposed in the tool body section at a non-axial direction... Agent: Oliden Technology L.L.C.

20140292341 - Method and tool for directional electromagnetic well logging: A directional antenna, system and method are provided. The methods include acquiring a plurality of data pairs, each data pair comprising an induced signal at a receiver and a corresponding toolface angle using a tool including at least one antenna assembly, as described herein. It further discloses a method to... Agent: Oliden Technology L.L.C.

20140292342 - System and method for extracting correlation curves for an organic light emitting device: A system for determining the efficiency degradation of an organic light emitting device (OLED) in an array-based semiconductor device having an array of pixels that include OLEDs. The system determines the relationship between changes in an electrical operating parameter of the OLEDs and the efficiency degradation of said OLEDs, for... Agent: Ignis Innovation Inc.

20140292343 - Electromagnetic relay: An electromagnetic relay, includes: a housing; a contact member housed in the housing; a wiring that is housed in the housing, and is connected to the contact member; a measurement unit that is housed in the housing and inserted in the middle of the wiring, and measures a current which... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20140292344 - Accumulated power consumption sensor: application in smart batteries systems: A device is provided for monitoring the total current discharged from a battery. The device includes a bridge circuit of resistors in which one of the resistors has a resistance which varies according to the current which has passed through it. Whenever the battery passes a current to a load,... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Pte Ltd.

20140292345 - Voltage detection apparatus: A voltage detection apparatus comprises discharge circuits constituted by switch elements and resistors connected in series, and respectively connected in parallel to each of a plurality of battery cells constituting a storage battery, filter circuits provided for the respective battery cells and removing noise contained in voltage inputted by the... Agent: Keihin Corporation

20140292346 - Method and device for monitoring a high-voltage arrangement: Devices and methods for monitoring a high-voltage arrangement wherein a current loop runs through elements of the high-voltage arrangement that are monitored. Voltages are sensed on at least three points of the current loop. On the basis of the sensed voltages, an interruption of the current loop is detected and,... Agent:

20140292347 - Low cost circuit to detect faults of isc outputs and/or hv bus shorted to chassis: A low cost fault detection and protection method and embodiment circuit can detect short circuit faults between an inverter system control (ISC) circuit outputs and a chassis, an electrical machine winding and a chassis, and a DC bus and a chassis. A fault protection unit (FPU) can monitor chassis voltage... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140292348 - Electronic testing device: Systems and methods for cabling verification may include one or more operations including, but not limited to: receiving floor plan data representing a floor plan of a premises; receiving at least one user input specifying a location of at least one cabling endpoint relative to the floor plan; receiving at... Agent: Wow Insites LLC

20140292349 - Electronic identification slave connector: The present document describes a connector for use with a harness under test by an automated test equipment (ATE). The harness is electrically connected to a reference. The connector comprises connection points having a layout, namely a connector layout, electronic identifiers and a switch. Each one of the electronic identifiers... Agent:

20140292350 - Failure detection apparatus for an electrically heated catalyst: The present invention is intended to detect insulation failure of an EHC. In the invention, a heat generation element of the EHC is electrically insulated by an insulating member. Then, a determination as to whether insulation failure has occurred is made based on an insulation resistance value of the insulating... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140292351 - Capacitive sensor device and method for calibrating a capacitive sensor device: A capacitive sensor device for approach and/or contact detection has at least one generator electrode, at least one measurement electrode and at least one calibration electrode, wherein the at least one calibration electrode is arranged in a predefined distance adjacent to the at least one measurement electrode, wherein the at... Agent:

20140292352 - Image forming apparatus and abnormality detection apparatus and method for humidity sensor device: An image forming apparatus includes a humidity sensor element, a resistor, a clock supply section, a detection section and a determination section. The detection section detects a humidity on the basis of a divided voltage value obtained by the humidity sensor element and the resistor. The determination section acquires the... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140292353 - Line impedance stabilization network: A line impedance stabilization network (LISN) able to withstand high currents includes a power port for connecting to a power supply, an equipment under test (EUT) connection port for connecting to an EUT, and a first inductor connected between the power port and the EUT connection port. The coil includes... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140292354 - Capacitive sensor: A capacitive sensor has at least first and second conductive areas so that a first capacitance is formed between the first conductive area and a surface, and a second capacitance is formed between the second conductive area and the surface, and the ratio of the first capacitance to the second... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140292355 - Thermally activated magnetic and resistive aging: Examples of the present invention include apparatus and methods for monitoring aging of an item. A solid-state structure is located within, adjacent to, or otherwise proximate the item, the solid-state structure including nanostructures. The electrical resistance and/or magnetization of the solid-state structure is determined to determine the degree of aging... Agent: Indiana University Of Pennsylvania

20140292356 - Method and system for determining proximity of an object: A first sensor detects whether an object is within a first region that surrounds the first sensor. A second sensor detects whether the object is within a second region that surrounds the second sensor. The first and second sensors are omnidirectional capacitive electrodes. In response to the first sensor detecting... Agent: Texas Instruments Deutschland, Gmbh

20140292358 - Gem tester: A gem tester for testing a gem under test and a kit including a horizontal recharging stand are disclosed. In one embodiment of the gem tester, an elongated body has a line-of-sight contour tapering from a bulbous end to a radially deviating frontal nose having a probe extending therefrom. Internal... Agent:

20140292357 - Smart multi-layer composites: A smart multi-layer composite is disclosed. The smart multi-layer composite includes a plurality of layers stacked in sequence; and a graphene layer interposed between the plurality of layers.... Agent:

20140292359 - Communication device and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing program for controlling the communication device: A communication device, including: a touch sensor configured to detect a touch or an approach of an input object by detecting a change in capacitance; and a near field communicator configured to perform near field communication with an information processing terminal present in a communication area in which near field... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140292360 - Broadband directional coupler: A broadband directional coupler for measuring a power of a forward or returning high-frequency signal on a coaxial line provides a voltage splitter comprising a first resistor, a second resistor and a third resistor. The first connection of the first resistor is connected to an inner conductor of the coaxial... Agent:

20140292361 - Testing integrated circuit packaging for output short circuit current: An electronic package having multiple pins may be tested in parallel for output short circuit current by simulating a direct short to ground by simultaneously connecting multiple output pins directly to ground in order to active a current limiter associated with each of the output pins. The pins are then... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140292362 - Dual stage vacuum chamber with full circuit board support: A dual-stage fixture for a circuit tester includes a slide plate that can be slid between at least a first position and a second position. In the first position, an upper stripper plate is spring-loaded, and a full set of test probes, including both long-stroke and short-stroke probes, can contact... Agent:

20140292363 - Systems and method for laser voltage imaging state mapping: An apparatus and method for laser probing of a DUT is disclosed. The system enables laser voltage imaging state mapping of devices within the DUT. A selected area of the DUT is illuminating a while the DUT is receiving test signals causing certain of the active devices to modulate. Light... Agent:

20140292364 - Semiconductor chip probe and the conducted eme measurement apparatus with the semiconductor chip probe: The present invention discloses a semiconductor chip probe for measuring conducted electromagnetic emission (EME) of a bare die and a conducted EME measurement apparatus with the semiconductor chip probe. The semiconductor chip probe comprises a substrate, a dielectric layer, an impedance unit, a measuring unit and a connection unit. The... Agent: National Applied Research Laboratories

20140292365 - Electrical circuit testing: An electronics system module includes a primary electrical circuit including input connectors and output connectors and a filter circuit connected between the primary electrical circuit and ground. The module also includes a switch element connected between the primary electrical circuit and ground. The switch element is configured to be engaged... Agent:

20140292366 - Lighting jig for inspection of a liquid crystal panel: A lighting jig for inspection of a liquid crystal panel, which includes: a base plate; a first supporting plate and a second supporting plate, which are respectively located on and orthogonal to the base plate; and an adsorption platform disposed between the first supporting plate and the second supporting plate... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 54 patent applications in 38 patent subcategories.

20140285177 - Mobile current measurement equipment, current measurement terminal and current measurement method: A mobile current measurement apparatus, a current measurement terminal, and a current measurement method are provided. More particularly, the present disclosure provides a mobile current measurement apparatus, a current measurement terminal, and a current measurement method capable of measuring a current of a Device-Under-Test (DUT) by using a wireless short... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140285178 - System and method of sensing current in a power semiconductor device: A current sensor to be connected in series with a power semiconductor device between a voltage supply terminal and ground. The current sensor includes a first terminal to be coupled to the power semiconductor device, a second terminal to be coupled to one of the voltage supply terminal and ground,... Agent: Advanced Analogic Technologies Incorporated

20140285179 - Control system for multi-phase rotary machines: A method and a control system for a multiphase-phase inverter system, the control system comprising an electric current detection circuit and a processor, wherein each phase of an electrical cycle is separated into a plurality of sections, inputs from the electric current detection circuit are received, each input indicating a... Agent: Control Techniques Limited

20140285180 - Circuit to compensate for inaccuracies in current transformers: An improved measurement circuit includes a current transformer and an active feedback circuit operated as a negative resistance that matches the value of the winding resistance of the current transformer. An amplifier in the feedback circuit provides power to drive a secondary current through a sense resistor and the transformer... Agent: National Instruments Corporation

20140285181 - Digital voltmeter topology: A system may include two input terminals, e.g., HI and LO, and a floating circuit that is physically separate from the input terminals and includes a gain amplifier. The floating circuit can be surrounded by a conductive enclosure that is electrically connected to the second input terminal. The floating circuit... Agent: Keithley Instruments, Inc.

20140285182 - Accu volt meter: The invention provides a handheld digital voltmeter approximately the size and shape of a ballpoint pen. When its tip is placed on a live electrical wire, the Accu Volt Meter digitally displays a voltage reading on a small LCD screen and audibly states the voltage reading through an incorporated data... Agent:

20140285183 - Self-calibrating magnetic field monitor: A self-calibrating magnetic field monitor is disclosed. In one embodiment, a magnetic field sensor repeatedly generates an electronic signal related to the magnetic field. In addition, a calibration module generates a relative baseline signal based on an average value of the electronic signals for a given time period. A comparator... Agent: Broadband Discovery Systems, Inc.

20140285185 - Method for detecting changes of position of shaftless spinning rotor of open-end spinning machine in cavity of active magnetic bearing and spinning unit of open-end spinning machine with active magnetic bearing for bearing shaftless spinning rotor: The invention relates to a method for detecting changes of position of a shaftless spinning rotor (1) of an open-end spinning machine in a cavity of an active magnetic bearing, in which the position of the spinning rotor (1) is detected by a system of sensors (A, B) and on... Agent:

20140285186 - Device for decting position of rotating working means in active magnetic bearing: A device for detecting position of a rotating working means in an active magnetic bearing which comprises sensors (A, B) of the position of a rotating working means, detectors (D) of an output signal of the sensors (A, B) and evaluation circuits connected to control system of the active magnetic... Agent:

20140285184 - Apparatus for measuring displacement: An apparatus for measuring displacement is disclosed. The disclosed displacement measurement apparatus may include a magnet unit having magnet sub-units arranged repeatedly in a particular pitch (p) to generate a sine-wave magnetic flux density; a sensor unit including a sensor array for measuring the sine-wave magnetic flux density; and a... Agent: Foundation Of Soongsil University-industry Cooperation

20140285187 - Angle measurement system including magnet with substantially square face for through-shaft applications: To make the magnetic field lines straighter and more parallel to one another, the present disclosure makes use of substantially square magnets with through-holes therein. It will be appreciated that “substantially square” magnets include magnets that are precisely square as well as magnets that are approximately square (e.g., have rounded... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140285188 - Detection circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit device, magnetic field rotation angle detection device, and electronic device: Detection of the rotation angle of a magnetic field using a magnetic sensor in which two sensor units are arranged at a predetermined angle with respect to each other is performed with a resolution of an angle smaller than 45° with a simple circuit configuration. A detection circuit is connectable... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140285189 - Fluxgate magnetic-to-digital converter with oversampling closed loop: A fluxgate sensor including a magnetic-to-digital converter (MDC) can be adapted to measure an external magnetic field BEXT with a bandwidth fB. The MDC forward path can include: (a) converting an analog sense signal from the fluxgate sense coil to corresponding oversampled digital data using an oversampling data converter with... Agent:

20140285190 - Petrophysically regularized time domain nmr inversion: A petrophysically regularized time domain nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) inversion includes using an NMR tool to acquire NMR data and inverting the acquired NMR data in a time domain using petrophysical constraints. The inverted NMR data is analyzed. The petrophysical constraints may be identified by: determining a number of porobodons... Agent:

20140285195 - Method and magnetic resonance system to generate multiple magnetic resonance images: In a method and magnetic resonance system to determine multiple magnetic resonance images for respective different echo points in time, k-space is scanned on a segment-by-segment basis with at least two rectangular k-space segments, these being scanned line by line with respective k-space lines oriented parallel to one another. A... Agent:

20140285196 - Nuclear magnetic resonance rock sample analysis method and instrument with constant gradient field: The present invention relates to a constant gradient field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) rock sample analysis method and instrument. The method includes: in a constant gradient magnetic field, performing NMR measurement to acquire data; converting the measured NMR data into a two-dimensional NMR spectrum D-T2; performing measurement and inversion on... Agent: Petrochina Company Limited

20140285193 - Radio frequency excitation method and device for magnetic resonance imaging system: In an RF excitation method and device for a magnetic resonance imaging system, the RF pulses are emitted in a STEAM sequence, the STEAM sequence including, in time order, a first 90-degree excitation pulse, a second 90-degree excitation pulse and a third 90-degree excitation pulse. Gradient pulses are activated that... Agent:

20140285191 - Techniques, systems and machine readable programs for magnetic resonance: The present disclosure provides various methods and systems for performing magnetic resonance studies. In accordance with many embodiments, image or other information of interest is derived from super radiant pulses.... Agent: Millikelvin Technologies LLC

20140285192 - Techniques, systems and machine readable programs for magnetic resonance: The present disclosure provides various methods and systems for performing magnetic resonance studies. In accordance with many embodiments, image or other information of interest is derived from super radiant pulses.... Agent: Millikelvin Technologies LLC

20140285194 - Time-resolved phase-contrast mr imaging with speed encoding: In a method and apparatus for time-resolved phase-contrast magnetic resonance (MR) imaging with speed encoding, MR signals are detected with multiple receivers in each of numerous time segments in order to acquire raw data in each of the time segments, in each case for numerous MR images with different speed... Agent:

20140285197 - Method and magnetic resonance system for magnetic resonance thermometry: In magnetic resonance (MR) thermometry, first and second magnetic resonance data that are acquired sequentially, from which a phase shift is determined between a measurement phase and a reference phase. In a first region of an examined person, the measurement phase is determined from the second magnetic resonance data and... Agent:

20140285198 - High-isolation transmit/receive surface coils and method for epri: The present invention provides an apparatus and a corresponding method useful for electron paramagnetic resonance imaging, in situ and in vivo, using high-isolation transmit/receive (TX/RX) coils, which, in some embodiments, provide microenvironmental images that are representative of particular internal structures in the human body and spatially resolved images of tissue/cell... Agent:

20140285200 - Auto recovering protection of electromechanical components in a high magnetic field: An apparatus (100) protects a device (80) which has a ferrous electromechanical component which saturates in a high magnetic field (40) and draws a dangerously high electric current. A current sensor (110) senses current in excess of safe operating conditions of the protected device (80) in or near the magnetic... Agent:

20140285199 - Signal analyzer for nuclear magnetic flowmeters: A signal analyzer for nuclear magnetic flowmeters is provided. The signal analyzer can be placed in a power signal path between a signal generator that generates an electric excitation signal and an electrical load. The signal analyzer includes a power signal line in the power signal path for the transmission... Agent: Krohne Ag

20140285201 - Actively shielded, cylindrical gradient coil system with passive rf shielding for nmr devices: A gradient coil system has a cylindrical section in a central region, which contains no conductor elements and has a maximum outer radius that is larger than a minimum inner radius of conductor elements of a main gradient coil. An outer radius of this cylindrical section is only insubstantially smaller... Agent:

20140285202 - Shielding for a magnetic resonance tomography device and magnetic resonance tomography device equipped therewith: A shielding for a magnetic resonance tomography device, in the form of a shell of a cylinder, for arrangement radially between a radially outer gradient coil system for generating a magnetic field gradient in an examination space of the MRT device and a radially inner RF coil system for sending... Agent:

20140285203 - Ground-tracking systems and apparatus: A ground tracking system including a ground follower assembly for use with a locator or other device for determining position, motion, and/or orientation information is disclosed. The ground follower assembly may include a wheel assembly coupled to a locator and configured to swivel and/or pivot relative to an antenna node... Agent: Seescan, Inc.

20140285206 - Bucking circuit for annulling a magnetic field: A method and apparatus is provided for bucking a magnetic field of known geometry and time variation by means of a plurality of bucking loops. It utilizes multiple loops, each of which is energized by an electric current that creates a magnetic field of the known time variation. The multi-loop... Agent: Vale S.a.

20140285204 - Restorable antennae apparatus and system for well logging: An apparatus includes a sub with recesses along an exterior wall to receive inserts, an antennae case including a coil surrounded by a sacrificial wear portion of a material through which signals between the coil and a formation of interest may pass. An eroded outer wall of the sacrificial wear... Agent: China National Petroleum Corporation

20140285205 - Well logging apparatus and system: A system and apparatus for configuring a well logging assembly having an elongate sub with a bore therethrough, a leading end connection and a trailing end connection, a plurality of sets of recesses in an exterior wall of the sub to receive a plurality of sets of inserts, each having... Agent: China National Petroleum Corporation

20140285207 - Control circuit for determining a charge current of a battery: This application relates a method and a control circuit for determining a charge current of a battery connected to a modulated load, wherein a current limited power source is connected in parallel to the modulated load and the battery for supplying a load dependent current up to a predetermined current... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20140285208 - Method for inspecting battery: A method for inspecting a battery, comprising: a first withstanding voltage determination step of housing an electrode laminate within a package and applying a first voltage between a positive electrode terminal and a negative electrode terminal to perform a first withstanding voltage determination in a state in which an electrolyte... Agent: Automotive Energy Supply Corporation

20140285210 - Automotive vehicle: After turning on a switching element by receiving a discharge command from a motor ECU via a control circuit, a drive circuit of a discharge device causes, upon receipt of an overheat protection command from an overheat protection circuit, the switching element to turn off and keeps the resulting state... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140285209 - Method and apparatus for testing a control pilot line: A method for checking a control pilot, referred to below as CP, line of a charging socket of an electrically drivable transportation means. The method includes closing the charging socket, as a result of which an electrical, in particular galvanic, connection is closed between the CP line and a line... Agent: Volkswagen Ag

20140285212 - Method for the preventative detection of failure in an apparatus, computer program, system and module for the preventative detection of failure in an apparatus: A method of preventive detection of a fault in at least one device under surveillance of a group comprising at least two devices, the device under surveillance having at least one first parameter correlated with at least one second parameter of at least one second device in the group, said... Agent:

20140285211 - Self-test solution for delay locked loops: A built-in self test (BIST) circuit and method is provided to test a first and a second DLL. The first DLL has a first delay input, a first clock input disposed to receive a clock input signal, and a first clock output that provides a first clock output signal delayed... Agent:

20140285213 - Component-embedded circuit substrate and method of inspecting the same: In a component-embedded circuit substrate having a plurality of capacitors embedded therein, the capacitors are connected in parallel, inspection electrodes are formed, and the inspection electrodes connect to respective terminal electrodes of the capacitor through via conductors. At the terminal electrodes of the capacitor, the connection position of the via... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20140285214 - Electrical insulating property tester, electrical insulating property testing method and electrically insulated wire producing method: An electrical insulating property tester includes a guaranteed voltage applying unit for applying a guaranteed voltage to a running line provided with an electrical insulating layer around an electrical conducting wire, a grounding unit arranged downstream of the guaranteed voltage applying unit, for grounding the running line to thereby remove... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140285215 - Cell-impedance sensors: Systems, apparatus and methods for designing and operating a cell-electrode impedance sensor to detect chemical and biological samples, including biological cells. In one implementation, a method of designing a cell-electrode impedance sensor includes determining a cell free cell-electrode impedance and a cell covered cell-electrode impedance based on a design model... Agent: Capitalbio Corporation

20140285219 - Capacitive detection type electro-mechanical transducer: A capacitive detection type electro-mechanical transducer comprises; a cell formed by a first electrode arranged on a substrate and a second electrode arranged on a vibration film, and a detection circuit for detecting a displacement of the vibration film, based on a capacity change between the first and second electrodes,... Agent:

20140285217 - Capacitive sensor array and method for detecting actuation gestures at a motor vehicle: A sensor array for detecting the approach and movement gestures of a user at a motor vehicle includes a capacitive sensor array and at least one control device that is coupled to the sensor array and detects a change in the capacitance of the sensor array. The sensor array includes... Agent: Huf Hulsbeck & Furst Gmbh & Co.

20140285218 - Socket capable of dectecing approaching object: A socket capable of detecting an approaching object, which is used to be electrically connected to a mains supply and comprises a relay (200), a socket base (300), a capacitance sensing circuit (400), and a detection electrode (500). The relay (200) is electrically connected to the mains supply. The socket... Agent:

20140285216 - System for enhancing signal quality from capacitive biometric sensor in a vehicle for continuous biometric monitoring: A system may include at least one sensor configured to detect at least one vital signal, wherein the sensor is positioned proximate to a driver within a vehicle seat. At least one contact element may be configured to detect at least one reference signal, wherein the contact element surrounds a... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140285220 - Parasitic capacitance cancellation in capacitive measurement: An integrated circuit compensates for parasitic capacitance in a capacitive measuring apparatus wherein a capacitance measurement is done by repeatedly transferring charge from a capacitor to be measured to a reference capacitor.... Agent: Azoteq (pty) Ltd

20140285221 - Cell and method for electrical measurements of highly reactive powder and liquid samples: The invention refers to a chamber for measurements of electrical properties of reactive powder or liquid samples, allowing the measurement of various electrical parameters to be carried out. The present invention provides the chamber in two variants of embodiment: the multiple use chamber and the single use chamber. The construction... Agent: Uniwersytet Warszawski

20140285222 - Devices for measuring voltage of a power supply, detection devices, and temperature controllers: Disclosed are exemplary embodiments of devices for measuring voltage of a power supply. Also disclosed are exemplary embodiments of detection devices and temperature controllers comprising such devices for measuring voltage of a power supply. In exemplary embodiments, a device for measuring the voltage of a power supply generally includes a... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20140285223 - Capacitance type occupant detection sensor: A capacitance type occupant detection sensor includes a capacitive sensor, a reference electrode, a voltage application part, a current detector, a capacitance calculator, and a determination part. The capacitive sensor has a main electrode and is placed to a vehicle seat. The reference electrode is applied with reference voltage. The... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140285224 - Method for producing and aligning nanowires and applications of such a method: In a method for producing a sensor element, a silicon nanowire having a diameter less than 50 nm is contacted via at least two points by electrodes. The nanowire and the electrodes are arranged on one plane on a substrate. Catalytically active metal nanoparticles having a diameter in the range... Agent:

20140285225 - Apparatus for determining type of analog sensor: Provided is an apparatus for determining the type of an analog sensor. The apparatus for determining the type of an analog sensor includes a determination module configured to receive an output signal output from the sensor and output a determination reference signal for determining the type of the sensor, and... Agent: Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

20140285226 - Methods and circuit arrangements for determining resistances: A method may include applying a first current through the memory element and a first selection component. The memory element and the first selection component may be located along a memory line. The method may also include measuring a first potential difference across the memory line. The method may further... Agent:

20140285227 - Synchronized pulsed lada for the simultaneous acquisition of timing diagrams and laser-induced upsets: Method to extract timing diagrams from synchronized single- or two-photon pulsed LADA by spatially positioning the incident laser beam on circuit feature of interest, temporally scanning the arrival time of the laser pulse with respect to the tester clock or the loop length trigger signal, then recording the magnitude and... Agent: Dcg Systems, Inc.

20140285228 - Testing apparatus for providing per pin level setting: A testing apparatus for providing per pin level setting is disclosed, and the testing apparatus includes a control unit and a filter circuit, where the control unit is electrically connected to the filter circuit. The control unit includes a field programmable gate array (FPGA) for providing a PWM signal. The... Agent:

20140285229 - Testing integrated circuit packaging for shorts: An electronic package that has an array of pins may be tested for shorts and continuity in a parallel manner. The array of pins are allocated to four or more groups of pins such that each pin in each group is not adjacent to a pin from its own group... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140285230 - Parameter estimation system and method for an induction motor: A method of estimating stator resistance of an induction motor is provided. The method includes applying voltage pulses through two phase paths of the motor for a plurality of electrical cycles to inject current in the motor, wherein the voltage pulses are applied until rotor flux of the motor is... Agent:

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20140266148 - Coin-level determination system for coin box: A system for detecting the level of coins in a coin box of a vending machine includes a voltage output circuit, a coin detecting circuit, and an indication circuit. The voltage output circuit receives a DC voltage, and provides a stable reference voltage. The coin detecting circuit receives the stable... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140266149 - Cover-testing fixture for radio frequency sensitive devices: A method for determining variations in the metallic content of a cover of a mobile communications device at different locations simultaneously includes configuring a radio frequency signal generator to generate a standing wave along a transmission line including a first conductor formed from a thin conductive film on a first... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140266150 - Methods of and apparatus for measuring metal cleanliness: Methods and apparatus for measuring the cleanliness of molten metals. Direct current is passed between electrodes through molten metal advancing through a passage in an electrically resistive wall. A voltage signal is analyzed for the presence of solid generally non-metallic inclusions in the metal. Direct current is supplied by one... Agent: Novelis Inc.

20140266147 - System and apparatus for nanopore sequencing: A piezoelectric substrate having a nanopore opening that separates two reservoirs of conductive fluid may provide for sensitive biological measurements by allowing control of the size of the nanopore according to piezoelectric stimulation of the substrate. Multiple embodiments are provided of monolithic piezoelectric substrates and nanopores for this purpose as... Agent: Wisconsin Alumini Research Foundation

20140266151 - High voltage interrogator plug with external grounding: An interrogator plug for interfacing with the output socket of a pulsed power system to provide external leads engagable by a volt measurement device. The interrogator plug is sized to replicate a conventional plug such that the interrogator plug can be inserted into the output plug. The interrogator plug has... Agent:

20140266152 - On-chip eye diagram capture: An eye diagram capture device includes a delay line arranged to receive a digital signal and output time delayed version of the digital signal. An edge detection circuit is arranged to receive the digital signal and the time delayed version of the digital signal, the edge detection circuit operating to... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140266153 - Arbitration device, arbitration method, and computer program product: An arbitration device comprises a determining unit that determines priority of each of a plurality of electrical devices according to at least either a position or an action status of a person present in a target area for control; and a calculating unit that calculates electrical power to be allotted... Agent:

20140266154 - Systems and methods for storing energy usage data based on temperature: A system includes a utility meter. The utility meter includes a sensor configured to detect a utility usage, a processor configured to determine an ambient temperature of the utility meter, and a memory configured to store a data collection system. The data collection system is configured to be utilized by... Agent:

20140266155 - Digital multi-meter: A multi-meter including a current input, a common input, a display, a first current measurement circuit, a second current measurement circuit, and a controller. The controller includes a first input and a second input. The controller operable to receive a first voltage from the first current measurement circuit at the... Agent: Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation

20140266156 - Aircraft wheel speed sensor: In some aspects of what is described herein, an aircraft wheel speed sensor system includes a pair of conductors coupled between an electro-mechanical system and a control system. The control system is configured to apply a carrier voltage signal to the pair of conductors and to detect a modulated current... Agent: Woodward, Inc.

20140266160 - Methods of determining performance information for individuals and sports objects: Methods for determining performance information for an object located within an area include obtaining magnetic field information for the area, measuring first magnetic field data when the object is located at a first position within the area, and determining performance information for the object within the area based on the... Agent:

20140266162 - Position sensor with improved signal to noise ratio: A magnetostrictive position sensor achieves an improved signal to noise ratio by implementing several electronic control features, including: enclosing a waveguide within an approximately tubular return conductor, adjusting the energy of an interrogation pulse and then clamping the waveguide, tracking the peak voltage of a sensed signal, cutting off the... Agent:

20140266161 - Systems and methods for magnetostrictive sensing: Magnetostrictive sensing systems and methods are disclosed. One such system comprises a magnetostrictive wire having first and second ends. A magnet is movable along a length of the magnetostrictive wire. An excitation device is operable to apply an electrical excitation signal to the magnetostrictive wire. A torsional motion sensor is... Agent: Ametek

20140266163 - Systems and methods for rapid detection of rotation direction: Embodiments relate to sensor systems and methods for rapidly detecting a direction of rotation. In one embodiment, a sensor system is configured to identify positive and negative peaks of both speed and direction signals and to evaluate a sequential order of the peaks. A direction of rotation can be identified... Agent:

20140266164 - Systems and methods for position tracking using magnetoquasistatic fields: Embodiments of the invention broadly contemplate systems, methods, apparatuses and program products that provide position tracking using a simple, low frequency oscillator that is attached to an object to be tracked, and one or more receiving stations that are placed around the area in which the object moves. Embodiments of... Agent: Carnegie Mellon Univeristy

20140266165 - Tooth sensing: A rotational position sensing device includes at least one sensor positioned adjacent a rotating component configured to rotate about an axis of rotation. At least one magnet is positioned at the rotating component such that a magnetic field of the at least one magnet affects the sensor and magnetizes a... Agent: Tiax LLC

20140266166 - Two-dimensional inductive position sensing system: A two-dimensional inductive position sensing system uses four drive inductors arranged at the vertices of a parallelogram and a sensing inductor positioned within the parallelogram. The sensing inductor is movable within the parallelogram and relative to the drive inductors. A first oscillating current at a first frequency is supplied to... Agent: Usa As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

20140266159 - High temperature hall sensor for magnetic position sensing: A position sensor comprises a group III-nitride Hall effect sensor arranged to measure magnetic field from a magnet wherein the group III-nitride Hall effect sensor and the magnet are arranged to move relative to one another in response to movement of an element whose motion is to be monitored. The... Agent:

20140266158 - Magnetic angle position sensor: In an embodiment, a method may be used to measure a plurality of positions associated with a plurality of magnets based on, for example, a magnetic angle of the magnets. The method may include various acts that may involve, for example, measuring magnetic field components associated with the plurality of... Agent:

20140266157 - Position measurement using angled collectors: A magnetically-based position sensor. The sensor includes a magnet, a first collector, a second collector, and a magnetic sensing element. The magnet has at least two poles, and moves along a path. The first collector has a first end and a second end and is configured to collect a magnetic... Agent: Bourns, Inc.

20140266167 - Position sensor attachment band: A position sensor attachment band configured to secure a position sensor on an outer periphery of the cylinder tube includes a thin plate band, the thin plate band has one or more projections that project from the inner peripheral surface of the thin plate band which are disposed at least... Agent: Smc Corporation

20140266168 - Rotary connector with sensor assembled thereto: A steering angle sensor (3) includes: a sensor housing (40) that is fixable to a stator (11); idler gears (47) configured to be meshed with a drive gear (30) and rotated by the drive gear (30); a rotatable member (43) configured to be engaged with a sleeve (20) and rotated... Agent: Furukawa Automotive Systems Inc.

20140266169 - Synthetic rope, fiber optic cable and method for non-destructive testing thereof: A non-destructive test method for evaluating a synthetic rope made of strength member elements includes: treating at least one strength member element to be detectable by a magnetic NDT device, incorporating the at least one treated strength member element into the rope, scanning the synthetic rope with the magnetic NDT... Agent: Whitehill Manufacturing Corporation

20140266170 - Magnetometer using magnetic materials on accelerometer: A MEMS device including a first proof mass, a first magnetized magnetic material disposed partially on a surface of the first proof mass, a first spring anchored to a substrate to support the first proof mass, and a first sensing element coupled to the first proof mass and operable to... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20140266172 - Apparatus for magnetic particle imaging: An apparatus for magnetic particle imaging, the apparatus comprising: a sensing unit configured to detect linear sample signals, which represent the mixed electromagnetic fields, generated from magnetic particles in a sample; a driving unit configured to move the sensing unit in a direction of X-axis, Y-axis, or Z-axis; and a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140266171 - Electricity meter having multiple hall devices: Disclosed is a metrology assembly that utilizes a multi-Hall effect device configuration which eliminates the necessity of a magnetic concentrator. In some embodiments, the metrology assembly includes a substrate or support platform configured to support at least two Hall effect devices per phase of an electricity meter. The metrology assembly... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20140266173 - Inspection device and method for inspecting physical properties of a steel ball by using eddy current: An inspection device and method are capable of inspecting physical properties of a steel ball quickly and precisely by using eddy current. The inspection device includes an inspection passage and an inspector has a plurality of probes located in the inspection passage. Each of the probes can produce a specific... Agent:

20140266174 - Magnetic detector: A probe for detecting magnetic particles. In one embodiment, the probe includes: a cylindrical probe core having a first end and a second end, the cylindrical probe core defining two channels for containing coils of wire, one of the channels being adjacent the first end of the cylindrical probe core;... Agent:

20140266175 - Magnetic detector: A probe and method for detecting magnetic particles. In one embodiment, the probe includes a probe core having a first end and a second end, the probe core defining two regions for containing coils of wire, one of the regions being adjacent the first end of the cylindrical probe core;... Agent:

20140266178 - Current sensor: A current sensor includes a conductive element, and at least two magnetic field sensors arranged on the conductive element and configured to sense a magnetic field generated by a current through the conductive element, wherein the at least two magnetic field sensors are arranged on opposite sides of a line... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140266176 - Magnetic field sensor and associated method that can store a measured threshold value in a memory device during a time when the magnetic field sensor is powered off: A magnetic field sensor includes a comparator detector for which a measured threshold value is stored prior to power down and recalled upon power up for use by the comparator detector. A corresponding method is associated with the magnetic field sensor.... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, LLC

20140266179 - Magnetic-field sensor: An embodiment of a magnetic-field sensor includes a magnetic-field sensor arrangement and a magnetic body which has, for example, a non-convex cross-sectional area with regard to a cross-sectional plane running through the magnetic body, the magnetic body having an inhomogeneous magnetization.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140266177 - Magnetometer sampling to determine an electric power parameter: A method of analyzing an alternating electrical current includes polling a magnetometer at a constant sampling frequency to generate a plurality of magnetic field strength readings. The polling occurs over a plurality of cycles of the alternating electrical current. A time stamp is then assigned to each of the plurality... Agent: Vectorform, LLC

20140266183 - Magnetic sensor: A magnetic sensor of the present invention includes a Hall-effect sensor configured to detect magnetism and an IC being configured to drive the Hall-effect sensor and perform signal processing therefor and having two or more metal interconnection layers. The Hall-effect sensor and the IC are electrically connected to each other... Agent: Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation

20140266181 - Methods and apparatus for magnetic sensor having an externally accessible coil: Methods and apparatus for magnetic field sensor having a sensing element, an analog circuit path coupled to the sensing element for generating an output voltage in response to a magnetic field applied to the sensing element, and a coil in proximity to the sensing element, the coil having a first... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20140266180 - Sensors, systems and methods for residual current detection: Embodiments relate to sensor systems and methods for detecting residual currents. In embodiments, a sensor comprises a magnetic core and a plurality of conductors passing through an aperture of the core. The magnetic core comprises a gap in the core itself, and a magnetic field sensor is arranged proximate to... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140266182 - Vertical hall effect sensor with offset reduction: A vertical Hall Effect sensor assembly in one embodiment includes a first sensor with a first doped substrate, a first doped well, the first doped well having a doping opposite to the first doped substrate, a first endmost inner contact accessible at a first surface of the first sensor and... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140266185 - Magnetic field sensing apparatus and methods: Magnetic field sensor designs that provide both increased directionality and proximate coupling desirable for improved directionality and sensitivity and methods for fabricating them.... Agent:

20140266187 - Magnetic sensor utilizing magnetization reset for sense axis selection: This document discusses, among other things, a first magnetic sensor configured to sense first and second components of a magnetic field in respective, orthogonal directions, using first, second, third, and fourth sense elements, each on an angled surface sloped with respect to a surface, each including respective first, second, third,... Agent:

20140266186 - Magnetic tunnel junction sensors and methods for using the same: Provided are magnetic sensors, which include a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) magnetoresistive element, a first electrode contacting at least a portion of a surface of the MTJ magnetoresistive element and extending beyond an edge of the surface of the MTJ magnetoresistive element, and a second electrode contacting at least a... Agent:

20140266184 - Planarized three-dimensional (3d) magnetic sensor chip: A planarized 3-dimensional magnetic sensor chip includes a first magnetic sensing device, a second magnetic sensing device, a third magnetic sensing device and a magnetic flux bending concentrating structure on a circuit chip substrate, wherein the first magnetic sensing device and the second magnetic sensing device are used to measure... Agent:

20140266188 - Nuclear magnetic flowmeter: A nuclear magnetic flowmeter is disclosed. The nuclear magnetic flowmeter includes a magnetization device located around a straight measuring tube for producing a magnetic field in a medium. The flowmeter also includes a gradient coil that produces a gradient in the field. The flowmeter further includes a signal coil that... Agent: Krohne Ag

20140266189 - Rf shield for use in a magnetic resonance system: An RF active device, immersed in liquid medium, for use in a magnetic resonance system is provided with an RF shield formed of electrically conductive material and having an interior cavity configured to receive the RF active device therein. The RF shield substantially precludes coupling between the active device, and... Agent:

20140266190 - System and methods for providing magnetic resonance imaging data for an image reconstruction: The embodiments relate to an image reconstruction to be carried out on a base unit of a MRI system, where data is formed by reception signals obtained by a local coil unit. Provisions are made for an alternating magnetic field, modulated in accordance with a reference clock, the alternating magnetic... Agent:

20140266191 - Distortion-free magnetic resonance imaging near metallic implants: A method for 3D magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with slice-direction distortion correction is provided. One or more selective cross-sections with a thickness along a first axis are excited using a RF pulse with a bandwidth, wherein a selective cross-section is either a selective slice or selective slab. A refocusing pulse... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20140266196 - High-throughput sorting of small objects via oil and/or moisture content using low-field nuclear magnetic resonance: The current disclosure describes an automated high-throughput small object sorting system for separating small object via oil and/or moisture content using novel nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) systems and methods. The disclosed systems and methods for measuring the oil and/or moisture content of a single small object in a low-field time... Agent: Monsanto Technology LLC

20140266200 - Localised one-dimensional magnetic resonance spatial-frequency spectroscopy: A method of assessing a spatial frequency distribution within a sample comprising subjecting the sample to magnetic resonance excitation, receiving an echo signal from the sample while the sample is subjected to a magnetic field gradient, applying an invertible linear transform to the echo signal, identifying a region of interest... Agent: Acuitas Medical Limited

20140266201 - Magnetic field probe for mri with a fluoroelastomer or a solution of a fluorine-containing compound: A method of measuring a magnetic field within a magnetic resonance imaging system (300) comprising a magnet (304) with an imaging zone (308) and a radio-frequency transceiver (316). The magnetic resonance imaging system further comprises a magnetic field probe (322) located within the imaging zone. The magnetic field probe comprises... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140266195 - Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging: The method and system for correcting motion-induced phase errors in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) use a phase shift of the non-phase encoded reference echo-signal accumulated during the diffusion-weighting in order to characterize bulk motion and tissue deformation and to compensate their effect for correcting the diffusion/perfusion-weighted image. The sequences unbalanced... Agent:

20140266194 - Method and apparatus for measuring physico-chemical properties using a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer: Methods for measuring physico-chemical properties using a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer are disclosed, including methods to determine an initial amount of a substance, usually a liquid, contained inside a porous material and an initial amount of the substance, usually a liquid, present outside the porous material, methods to measure the... Agent:

20140266198 - Method and apparatus for the measurement, characterization and correction of geometric distortions in magnetic resonance imaging: Various embodiments are described herein for an apparatus and a method for measuring and characterizing geometric distortions for a region of interest in images obtained using magnetic resonance. The method comprises deriving a computed set of 3D distortion vectors for a set of points within a region of interest covered... Agent:

20140266199 - Nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) fingerprinting: Apparatus, methods, and other embodiments associated with NMR fingerprinting are described. One example NMR apparatus includes an NMR logic configured to repetitively and variably sample a (k, t, E) space associated with an object to acquire a set of NMR signals. Members of the set of NMR signals are associated... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20140266192 - System and method for combined chemical species separation and high resolution r2* mapping with magnetic resonance imaging: Described here is a system and method for estimating apparent transverse relaxation rate, R2*, while simultaneously performing chemical species separation (e.g., water-fat separation) using magnetic resonance imaging (“MRI”). A homodyne reconstruction of k-space datasets acquired using a partial k-space acquisition is used and the chemical species separation of the resultant... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140266193 - System and method for vastly undersampled isotropic projection reconstruction with inversion recovery: Described here are a system and method for obtaining a time series of images that depict a subject using an inversion recovery (“IR”) pulse sequence with a unique data acquisition scheme that allows for the retrospective identification of an image having an optimal tissue contrast. Data acquisition is performed using... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140266197 - Techniques, systems and machine readable programs for magnetic resonance: The present disclosure provides various methods and systems for performing magnetic resonance studies. In accordance with many embodiments, image or other information of interest is derived from super radiant pulses.... Agent: Millikelvin Technologies LLC

20140266202 - Magnetic resonance apparatus for fast and reliable detection and recognition of minute quantities of specific substances: Detection and recognition of taggant substances having predefined zero external field magnetic resonance signatures. An object comprising taggant substance(s) is irradiated with a sequence of specific excitation pulses of electromagnetic radiation within a predetermined time and frequency scanning pattern, responsive nuclear spin echo signals are received from the object with... Agent:

20140266204 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and medical image diagnosis apparatus: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to the present embodiments comprises a gantry device, a front light source and an exterior casing of the gantry device. The gantry device has a bore serving as a space where a magnetic resonance image is captured, with the gantry device being configured to... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20140266203 - Mri safety device means and methods thereof: A magnetic shielding mechanism for preventing penetration of metallic objects through an aperture, towards the open bore of an magnetic resonance imaging device, where the magnetic field is maximized. The magnetic resonance imaging device produces a fringing magnetic field that decreases with increasing distance (L) from the aperture. The mechanism... Agent:

20140266209 - Detection processing for nqr system: A system that uses the nuclear quadrupole resonant effect to detect the presence of materials of interest, such as may be excited by radio frequency fields generated within a portal. Transmitted chirp signals may be processed using matching filtering and other signal processing to accurately detect the presence of such... Agent: Ami Research & Development, LLC

20140266207 - Electrical lead assemblies for mri-compatible medical devices and mri-compatible medical devices incorporating same: An elongate electrical lead assembly that reduces localized heating due to MR scanner-induced currents includes a first elongate electrical lead having a series of alternating single layer coil sections and multi-layer coil sections, a second elongate electrical lead having a series of alternating single layer coil sections and multi-layer coil... Agent: Mri Interventions, Inc.

20140266205 - Intra-body medical devices for use in mri environments: An MRI-compatible intrabody device includes an elongated flexible shaft having a distal end portion, an opposite proximal end portion, an electrical connector interface configured to be in electrical communication with an MRI scanner, and a tracking coil assembly adjacent the shaft distal end portion. The tracking coil assembly includes a... Agent: Mri Interventions, Inc.

20140266206 - Radio frequency transmit coil for magnetic resonance imaging system: A radio frequency coil is disclosed that is suitable for use with a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus. The radio frequency coil comprises first and second conductive loops connected electrically to each other by a plurality of conductive rungs. The conductive rungs each include a section that is relatively thin that... Agent: Viewray, Incorporated

20140266208 - Systems and methods for linear accelerator radiotherapy with magnetic resonance imaging: Systems and methods for the delivery of linear accelerator radiotherapy in conjunction with magnetic resonance imaging in which components of a linear accelerator may be placed in shielding containers around a gantry, may be connected with RF waveguides, and may employ various systems and methods for magnetic and radio frequency... Agent: Viewray, Incorporated

20140266210 - Apparatus and methods of communication with wellbore equipment: Apparatus and methods for acquiring data in a wellbore containing three or more casing or tubing strings through the use of inductive couplers to transmit power and signal through one or more fluid filled annular spaces and one or more casing or tubular elements.... Agent: Sensor Developments As

20140266211 - Method and apparatus for passive detection of near-surface human-scale underground anomalies using earth field measurements: Methods and apparatus are provided for passively detecting the presence of near-surface human-scale underground anomalies using earth field measurements. A sensor is used to measure at least one electric or magnetic component of the Earth's electromagnetic field at a frequency of 5 kHz or greater in proximity to the Earth's... Agent:

20140266212 - Multi-frequency boring tool locating system and method: Arrangements, apparatus and associated methods are described for use in a multi-frequency boring tool locating system. The boring tool includes a transmitter for transmitting a locating signal at two or more selectable frequencies. One set of above ground procedures may be applied to the transmitter in order to change the... Agent: Merlin Technology Inc.

20140266213 - Omni-inducer transmitting devices and methods: Omnidirectional electromagnetic signal inducer (omni-inducer) devices are disclosed. The omni-inducer device may include a housing, which may include a conductive base for coupling signals to ground, and an omnidirectional antenna node including a plurality of antenna coil assemblies, where the node may be disposed on or within the housing. The... Agent: Seescan, Inc.

20140266214 - Method and system for monitoring subsurface injection processes using a borehole electromagnetic source: A method and a system for providing electromagnetic measurement in a rock formation are provided. The system includes a borehole casing having a plurality of casing segments. At least two casing segments of the plurality of casing segments are electrically isolated from each other. The system further includes an electromagnetic... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140266216 - Method and system for suppressing swell-induced electromagnetic noise: Disclosed are methods and systems for suppression of noise in electromagnetic surveying that includes stacking two or more frames of electromagnetic data. An example embodiment discloses a method for suppressing swell-induced noise in an electromagnetic survey, comprising: measuring an electromagnetic field parameter at one or more positions to provide an... Agent:

20140266215 - Systems and methods for measuring water properties in electromagnetic marine surveys: Systems and methods for measuring water properties during a marine survey are disclosed. While electromagnetic-field (“EM-field”) receivers located along streamers towed by a survey vessel measure surrounding EM fields, horizontal conductivity profiles of a body of water located above a subterranean formation are also measured. By inputting a substantially continuous,... Agent: Pgs Geophysical As

20140266218 - Circuit arrangement for short-circuit detection in diodes, lighting arrangement and method therefor: In one embodiment, a circuit arrangement for short-circuit detection in diodes comprises a first terminal (1a,b) for connection to a voltage source (PS), a second terminal (2a, 2b) for connection to a first current sink (CS1) and a third terminal (3) for supplying a potential signal (S1), wherein a first... Agent: Ams Ag

20140266217 - Method and system for detecting led short circuit in led strings or detecting matching among led strings: This specification relates to a method and a system for detecting light emitting diode (LED) short circuit in a plurality of LED strings or detecting matching among the plurality of LED strings, wherein one end of each of the plurality of LED strings is connected to a same output end... Agent: Iwatt Integrated Circuits Technology (tianjin) Limited

20140266219 - Detecting electrolyte meniscus in electroplating processors: A detection fixture is provided with a processor for electroplating a substrate such as a semiconductor wafer, to detect the level of electrolyte in a bowl of the processor. The detected electrolyte level is used in controlling entry of the substrate into the electrolyte, to achieve desired electrolyte wetting characteristics.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20140266220 - Detection of electroplating bath contamination: A method for detecting contamination of a bath of electrolyte in an electroplating processor is performed by preparing a baseline plot using chronopotentiometry of a baseline sample of electrolyte having substantially the same chemical composition as the initial clean bath of the processor. A sample of the presently existing plating... Agent:

20140266225 - Current clamp with jaw closure detection: A current clamp has a pair of jaws that are placed around an electrical conductor to measure a parameter (a measurable quantity or distinguishing or notable characteristic) corresponding to the electrical conductor.... Agent:

20140266223 - Estimating coolant conductivity in a multi-voltage fuel cell system: A coolant conductivity method and apparatus used to determine when a coolant, circulating through a vehicle's coolant system, starts to conduct electrical current and loses its electrical isolation properties. The system includes a battery monitor controller senses one or more isolation resistances placed throughout a fuel cell system and is... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140266221 - Method and system for determining a battery element voltage: A method for estimating the voltage of a battery element of a vehicle battery system is provided. The method comprises providing a balancing/sensing circuit having a series combination of a balancing switch and a balancing resistive element electrically connected in parallel with the battery element, and measuring the voltage across... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140266222 - Method and system for estimating voltage of a battery element: A method for estimating the voltage of a battery element of a battery system is provided. In one embodiment, the method comprises providing a balancing/sensing circuit having a series combination of a balancing switch and a balancing resistive element electrically connected in parallel with the battery element, and measuring the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140266224 - System and method for improved accuracy in battery resistance measurement systems: A method is disclosed for reducing an influence of voltage ripple on battery test measurements of battery cells coupled in series that form a direct current (DC) bus. A calibration operation is used to obtain a ratiometric difference between first and second series connected battery cells of the DC bus,... Agent:

20140266227 - Fractional depletion estimation for battery condition metrics: Evaluation of a battery state comprises transforming a time based history of the load on the battery into a spectral representation of that history in a load domain, e.g., the current domain. The method also comprises comparing the spectral representation to an expected battery capability for the load represented by... Agent: Crown Equipment Corporation

20140266226 - Methods and systems for warning users of a degraded backup capacity in battery plants: A method of warning a user when a reserve time of a battery plant in a system is substantially degraded is disclosed. The method includes determining a baseline capacity for the battery plant by estimating the reserve time of the battery plant while the battery plant is installed in the... Agent: Emerson Network Power, Energy Systems, North America, Inc.

20140266228 - Active measurement of battery equivalent series resistance: A circuit for measuring the equivalent series resistance (ESR) of a battery includes taking measurements of battery current and battery voltage. A controller may control the taking of the measurements. A load generator may be activated to produce a current pulse to the battery to provide an explicit current transient... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140266230 - Battery electrolyte level monitor: Improvements to industrial battery monitoring devices include improved circuitry to make the device polarity insensitive and to allow it to operate over a wide range of battery voltages.... Agent: Philadelphia Scientific LLC

20140266229 - System and methods for detection of internal shorts in batteries: A method for short detection in a battery pack, the battery pack including a plurality of cells, the method including: connecting a short detection module to the battery pack; determining by the short detection module that the battery pack is at rest; and selecting a first cell in the battery... Agent: Tiax LLC

20140266231 - Ionized gas detector and ionized gas detecting method: An ionized gas detector includes at least a pair of ion detecting electrodes that detect ions of the ionized measuring-subject gas, an electrode-voltage applying unit that applies a given voltage to the ion detecting electrodes, the electrode-voltage applying unit being configured to be capable of reversing its voltage polarity, a... Agent: Tokyo Metropolitan Industries Technology Research Institute

20140266233 - Dc high potential insulation breakdown test system and method: Test system and method comprise a controller, which can be microprocessor derived and include operating system for programmability, to control low voltage signals and feedback for managing the test system. High potential test system can include an amplifier comprising solid-state and/or passive components amplifying lower voltage signal to produce higher... Agent: Hubbell Incorporated

20140266236 - Earthed connection detection: A mechanism is described for determining whether or not a ground connection is properly earthed by determining whether or not a potential difference exists between a voltage measuring point and a ground connection. A first capacitor is connected between the ground connection and a first power line and a first... Agent:

20140266234 - Grounding detection device and method: There is provided a grounding detection device and method. The grounding detection device may include an insulation tester and a grounding resistance providing unit. The insulation tester may be mounted in a first cabinet, electrically connected to a positive busbar and a negative busbar to detect an equivalent busbar-to-ground resistance,... Agent: Emerson Network Power Co., Ltd.

20140266235 - Medical devices and methods for treatment of hypertension that utilize impedance compensation: Medical devices and methods for making and using the same are disclosed. An example medical device may include a control unit for determining an electrical leakage between a first electrode pad and a second electrode pad of an in vivo medical device. The first electrode pad may be spaced from... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20140266232 - Method and apparatus for monitoring ion lens connections: This technology is directed to a method and apparatus for monitoring or testing defects associated with an ion lens connected within a mass spectrometer. In some implementations, the testing mechanism monitors a connection of one or more ion lenses configured in the mass spectrometer to determine if voltage is effectively... Agent:

20140266237 - Dynamic real time transmission line monitor and method of monitoring a transmission line using the same: A dynamic real time transmission line monitor, a dynamic real time transmission line monitoring system, and a method of dynamic real time transmission line monitoring. A dynamic real time transmission line monitor includes a housing installable on a transmission line, the housing including a base portion, and a cover portion... Agent: Lindsey Manufacturing Company

20140266238 - Systems and methods for implementing s/sstdr measurements: Systems and methods which utilize spread spectrum sensing on live circuits to obtain information regarding a circuit under test are provided. In some embodiments S/SSTDR testing may be utilized to obtain R, L, C and Z measurements from circuit components. In yet further embodiments, these measurements may be utilized to... Agent: The University Of Utah Research Foundation

20140266241 - Apparatus to verify an electrically safe work condition: An apparatus for electrical safety is disclosed. A system and an alternate apparatus also perform the functions of the apparatus. The apparatus includes a test point accessible from an exterior of an enclosure while the enclosure is in a closed state. The enclosure houses one or more electrical components and... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140266239 - Diagnosable slide switch: A seatbelt restraint system includes a seatbelt buckle housing having a printed circuit board, a slider, and an ejector. The printed circuit board includes a circuit where the output signal can be altered in response to translation of the ejector and the slider. A predetermined voltage can be applied to... Agent: Autoliv Asp, Inc.

20140266243 - Power leveling of a system under test: Power leveling a system under test (SUT). An input signal is provided at an initial power level to the SUT. Multiple iterations are performed, each including measuring, over a specified measuring interval, power of a signal produced by the SUT in response to the input signal, and dynamically adjusting the... Agent: National Instruments Corporation

20140266242 - Screening methodology to eliminate wire sweep in bond and assembly module packaging: Quality control testing for a batch of electronic modules. A series of tests are performed on manufactured electronic modules, including tests sensitive to the failure rate of previously tested modules. Specifically, a first test comprised of two phases is performed on the module batch. Further screening is then performed responsive... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140266240 - Systems and methods for energy harvesting and current and voltage measurements: A harvesting and measurement device is operable in at least a normal operation mode, a demand measurement mode, and a fault measurement mode. In the normal operation mode, the device is able to harvest energy from an associated power line and monitor current and voltage conditions through a lower power... Agent: Cooper Technologies Company

20140266244 - Systems and methods for real-time monitoring of displays during inspection: Described are techniques for maintaining reliable and reproducible conditions for panel inspection, i.e. pixel and line defect detection, while at the same time preventing large-scale panel damage. One implementation involves an apparatus for identifying a defect in an electronic circuit incorporating a circuit driving module configured to apply an electrical... Agent: Photon Dynamics Inc.

20140266245 - Apparatus and method for insulation testing of an electrical supply network: An apparatus embodiment comprises a voltage source, a measuring device, a controller, and at least two connecting elements. The connecting elements connect to an electrical supply network comprising at least a phase conductor and a neutral conductor. The voltage source applies at least a first voltage and a second voltage... Agent: Fluke Duetschland Gmbh

20140266246 - Mcu-based compensation and calibration for mems devices: A sensor system includes a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensor, a processor, measurement circuitry, stimulus circuitry and memory. The MEMS sensor is configured to provide an output responsive to physical displacement within the MEMS sensor to the measurement circuitry. The stimulus circuitry is configured to provide a stimulus signal to the... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140266247 - Test pattern membrane and method for testing capacitive sensors: A test pattern membrane test method uses a test pattern membrane to test the capacitive sensors of a device. The device is placed in the test fixture. The capacitive sensors are read without the test pattern membrane, storing as a set of baseline measurements. The test pattern membrane is placed... Agent:

20140266248 - Non-contact conductivity measurement: A system for measuring the conductivity of a material-under-test includes a support structure, an upper magnet mounted to the support structure and a free-floating magnet below the fixed magnet. The system includes a diamagnet positioned between the fixed magnet and the free-floating magnet such that the free-floating magnet floats in... Agent:

20140266249 - Ground potential rise sensors: Ground Potential Rise (GPR) sensors measure the GPR between the ground grid and the remote earth. A GPR sensor may provide a GPR measurement to an existing distance protection, which may operate based on this measurement automatically. A GPR sensor may comprise a potential transformer configured such that one wire... Agent:

20140266250 - Sensor extensions for capacitive sensors: Sensor extensions are a way of connecting capacitive sensors to a system using capacitive coupling rather than a conductive connection. Sensor extensions enable many unique applications. For example, a sensing system can be designed to support interchangeable sensor modules without exposed metal contacts. In another application, multi-layer sensor assemblies can... Agent:

20140266252 - Electrostatic sensor and slide operation apparatus: An electrostatic sensor includes a fixed electrode, a movable electrode, an analyzing unit, a sliding member, and a crimping member. The fixed electrode is arranged along a predetermined direction. The movable electrode faces the fixed electrode. The analyzing unit is configured to detect a position of the movable electrode based... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20140266251 - Semiconductor device and method of direct measurement and acquisition of mems employing sigma-delta loop: A semiconductor device measures a state of a MEMS as a first voltage variation at a sensing node. The state of the MEMS includes a capacitance. A first capacitor is coupled between the sensing node and an input of an integrator for transferring the first voltage variation to a second... Agent: Semtech Corporation

20140266253 - Remote moisture sensor and methods for the same: A system for measuring crop moisture content in a harvester elevator includes a receiver and processing node and one or more moisture sensing instruments coupled to one or more paddles of the harvested elevator, respectively. The moisture sensing instruments each include a moisture sensor and a transmitter in communication with... Agent: Raven Industries, Inc.

20140266254 - Techniques for quantifying fin-thickness variation in finfet technology: Techniques for quantifying ΔDfin in FINFET technology are provided. In one aspect, a method for quantifying ΔDfin between a pair of long channel FINFET devices includes the steps of: (a) obtaining Vth values for each of the long channel FINFET devices in the pair; (b) determining a ΔVth for the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140266255 - Automated profiling of the dielectric behavior of wood: A device for evaluating the internal dielectric behavior of a structure with a capacitive sensor and a method of using such a device. The device allows a user to measure the internal dielectric behavior of a wooden structure and to derive a density profile for that structure from the determined... Agent: Osmose Utilitites Services, Inc.

20140266258 - Circuit and method for sensing a differential capacitance: A circuit for sensing a differential capacitance includes a charge-storing circuit to generate a first output voltage and a second output voltage related to capacitances at two terminals of the differential capacitance, respectively, an operational amplifier to amplify the difference between the first and second output voltages to generate a... Agent: Elan Microelectronics Corporation

20140266256 - Linear capacitive displacement sensor: A method and system for measuring displacement of a structure is disclosed. The method and system comprise providing a first capacitance and providing a second capacitance. The first and second capacitances share a common terminal. The method and system further include determining a difference of the inverses of the value... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20140266257 - Methods and circuits for measuring mutual and self capacitance: In an example embodiment, an apparatus includes a sensing device. The sensing device includes circuitry configured to sense self-capacitance and circuitry configured to sense mutual-capacitance, each configured to detect capacitance values corresponding to whether an object is proximate to a touch screen. The sensing device is configured to measure a... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20140266260 - Apparatus and a method for generating a sensor signal indicating information on a capacitance of a variable capacitor comprising a variable capacitance: An apparatus for generating a sensor signal indicating information on a capacitance of a variable capacitor including a variable capacitance includes a sensor unit and a compensation unit. The sensor unit is configured to generate a sensor signal indicating information on a varying current flowing through a connection between the... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140266259 - Process measurement system with variable amplitude sensor excitation: A process measurement system includes a sensor for producing a sensor signal as a function of a process parameter and a measurement circuit that converts the sensor signal to measurement data. A control circuit controls the amplitude of the sensor excitation to maximize signal strength over the entire operating ratio... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20140266263 - Apparatus and method for determining the sensitivity of a capacitive sensing device: Embodiments relate to an apparatus for determining a sensitivity of a capacitive sensing device having a sensor capacitor with a variable capacitance. The apparatus includes a measurement module and a processor. The measurement module is configured to determine, in response to a first electrical input signal to the sensor capacitor,... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140266261 - Capacitive sensor electrode: A capacitive electrode has a flat electrode with a geometric shape, wherein at least one central portion of the electrode is removed to provide for a frame-like form of the electrode.... Agent: Microchip Technology Incorporated

20140266262 - High resolution fingerprint imaging device: A fingerprint sensor pixel and fingerprint imaging device are disclosed. A fingerprint sensor pixel includes a capacitive sensor and a readout circuit. The capacitance of the capacitive sensor changes in response to contact with a fingerprint. The readout circuit includes a first thin film transistor (TFT) used to convert the... Agent: Perkinelmer Holdings, Inc.

20140266264 - Non-contact conductivity measurement: A method for analyzing a material-under-test includes levitating a free-floating magnet between a material-under-test and a diamagnet and a mounted magnet, such that the diamagnet is positioned between the mounted magnet and the free-floating magnet, measuring a rotation rate of the free-floating magnet over time, and calculating at least one... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140266265 - Conductive fabric seal: Disclosed are several examples of a system and method for detecting if an article is being tampered with. Included is a covering made of a substrate that is coated with a layer of an electrically conductive material that forms an electrically conductive surface having an electrical resistance. The covering is... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20140266266 - Flow cell: The invention relates to a flow cell for absorption detection, in which a tube through which flow is to pass is held at its opposite ends in a supporting flange in each case and is suspended in a substantially cantilevered manner, the two supporting flanges being connected rigidly to each... Agent: Dionex Softron Gmbh

20140266267 - Conductivity measurement of fluids: A product is provided into a first end of a conduit so that the product flows toward a second end of the conduit. The conduit may include a first pair of probes attached at a first location and a second pair of probes at a second location. The product's conductivity... Agent: Aseptia, Inc.

20140266268 - System and circuit for self-adjusting impedance measurement: Various embodiments of the invention relate generally to the measurement of the impedance of materials, electronic devices, or components over a range of frequencies, with a system for self-adjusting an input transmit signal and/or a reference signal to produce a measured signal within a desired range of the electronic measuring... Agent: Transtech Systems, Inc.

20140266269 - Multiple current sensor device, a multiple current shunt device and a method for providing a sensor signal: A multiple current sensor device or a multiple current shunt device includes at least two resistive sections comprising a first resistive section and a second resistive section, at least two connecting sections comprising a first connecting section and a second connecting section and a common connecting section. The first resistive... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140266271 - Injection protocol: An injection protocol for a cable includes selecting a cable for testing, selecting a pre-injection electrical discharge test for determining if electrical discharge activity occurs at or about operating voltage of the cable, configuring the cable for the pre-injection electrical discharge test; running the pre-injection electrical discharge test on the... Agent: Utilx Corporation

20140266270 - Smooth vi mode crossover method at compliance limit threshold: Source measure units may operate as a voltage/current (V/I) source for a load, such as a device under test (DUT). Source measure units having a voltage controlled mode and a current controlled mode are described. The source measure units may have a suitable configuration to transition between the voltage controlled... Agent: Teradyne, Inc.

20140266273 - Test-yield improvement devices for high-density probing techniques and method of implementing the same: A testing apparatus with reduced warping of the probe card and a method of reducing warping of a probe card of a testing apparatus are disclosed. The testing apparatus can include a testing head and a platform opposite the testing head, where the testing head and platform move relative to... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140266276 - Cross-bar unit for a test apparatus for circuit boards, and test apparatus containing the former: A cross-bar unit for a test apparatus for circuit boards having at least one cross-bar spanning a test field in which a circuit board to be tested may be placed, and is configured to hold positioning units for test fingers in a linearly traversable manner so that the test fingers... Agent:

20140266275 - Guide plate for probe card: The invention provides a guide plate for a probe card including a silicon substrate including a surface and a through-hole, an edge part of the through-hole, and a curved-face part. The through-hole is configured to guide a probe and includes an inner wall face. The edge part of the through-hole... Agent: Japan Electronic Materials Corporation

20140266274 - Probe guide plate and method for manufacturing the same: There is provided a probe guide plate. The probe guide plate includes: a substrate having a through hole for guiding a probe, which is formed through the substrate, wherein the substrate includes a first main surface and a second main surface opposite to the first main surface; and a first... Agent: Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

20140266272 - Ground fault circuit interrupter and method: A ground fault interrupter circuit and a method for operating a ground fault interrupter that includes configuring the ground fault interrupter to perform a plurality of self tests. The ground fault interrupter may be configured to perform a ground fault self test, a grounded-neutral self test, and a trip circuit... Agent: Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC

20140266278 - Probe needle: A probe needle for connecting to a circuit board for inspection and to an inspection main board of a testing apparatus includes a conductive shaft having two ends of a connection end and an inspection end for contacting with the circuit board for inspection. An elastic conductive rod is axially... Agent: Cheng Yun Technology Co., Ltd.

20140266277 - Semiconductor testing probe needle: A semiconductor testing probe needle for connecting to a circuit board for inspection and to an inspection main board of a testing apparatus includes a conductive shaft having two ends of a connection end and an inspection end for contacting with the circuit board for inspection. A spring column includes... Agent: Cheng Yun Technology Co., Ltd.

20140266279 - Electrically conductive pins for microcircuit tester: The terminals of a device under test (DUT) are temporarily electrically connected to corresponding contact pads on a load board by a series of electrically conductive pin pairs. The pin pairs are held in place by an interposer membrane with a top facing the device under test, a bottom facing... Agent: Johnstech International Corporation

20140266280 - Probe card, probe structure and method for manufacturing the same: A probe structure is disclosed which includes a metal needle, a soft insulative tube and a metal layer. The metal needle has a first end-portion and a second end-portion opposite to each other. The first end-portion has a tip. The soft insulative tube has a through hole in which the... Agent: Win Semiconductors Corp.

20140266281 - Testing holders for chip unit and die package: A testing holder for a chip unit, a multi site holding frame for plural chip units and a method for testing a die thereof are provided. The proposed multi site holding frame for testing plural chip units simultaneously includes a first holder frame having a plurality of testing holders. Each... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140266283 - Chip-on-wafer process control monitoring for chip-on-wafer-on-substrate packages: An embodiment method includes providing a standardized testing structure design for a chip-on-wafer (CoW) structure, wherein the standardized testing structure design comprises placing a testing structure in a pre-selected area a top die in the CoW structure, and electrically testing a plurality of microbumps in the CoW structure by applying... Agent:

20140266282 - Test system for improving throughout or maintenance properties of semiconductor testing: A semiconductor test system includes test head pins; per-pin resources which are connectable to the test head pins on a one-to-one basis; shared resources, each of which is connectable to one of the test head pins; a tester controller for controlling the per-pin resources and the shared resources; and a... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20140266285 - Integrated circuit testing architecture: In accordance with one aspect of the present description, an interface between an integrated circuit device and a test controller for testing the integrated circuit device includes a plurality of boards coupled together. In one embodiment, the test interface includes a plurality of interchangeable auxiliary boards, each having test circuitry,... Agent:

20140266284 - Isolation testing of semiconductor devices: Methods and apparatus for isolation testing of semiconductor devices are disclosed. One example apparatus may include an interface portion for making electrical contact with packaged semiconductor devices under test. The interface portion may include an insulating support configured and dimensioned to support multiple semiconductor device packages, each semiconductor device package... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20140266287 - Testing device for electrical safety using wireless communication: Devices and methods for enhancing electrical safety are provided herein. Devices testing the safety of light fixtures are provided. Also provided are a variety of testing tools for improving electrical safety. The devices are generally capable of wirelessly communicating with a computer, particularly a hand-held device such as a smart-phone... Agent:

20140266286 - Through-substrate via with a fuse structure: A device includes a conductive via to provide an electrical path through a substrate. The device further includes a conductive element. The device further includes a fuse coupled to the conductive via and coupled to the conductive element to provide a conductive path between the conductive via and the conductive... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140266288 - Electrical fault detection: An apparatus for detecting an arc on a circuit having a solar panel assembly is arranged to determine that an output of the solar panel assembly is below a threshold value and is therefore indicative of an arc on the circuit.... Agent: Control Techniques Limited

20140266289 - Interface for renewable energy system: An improved interface for renewable energy systems is disclosed for interconnecting a plurality of power sources such as photovoltaic solar panels, windmills, standby generators and the like. The improved interface for renewable energy systems includes a multi-channel micro-inverter having novel heat dissipation, novel mountings, electronic redundancy and remote communication systems.... Agent: Technology Research Corporation

20140266291 - Method, device and system for automatic detection of defects in tsv vias: A method for automatic detection of defects in TSV vias formed in a layer of semiconductor material, this detection taking place before stacking this layer with a plurality of other layers of semiconductor material for the design of a multilayer chip integrated circuit, comprising: measurement on each of said TSV... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20140266290 - Process detection circuit: A process detection circuit can detect process information in both PMOS and NMOS devices without external components or trimming. The process detection circuit may be able to identify process information on a gate-source voltage (VGS) that represents process effects. Identified process information may be used to optimize system on a... Agent:

20140266292 - Semiconductor test wafer and methods for use thereof: A test wafer is disclosed with a first side configured to have integrated circuits formed thereon and a second side with a test structure formed thereon. The test wafer can include electrical test structures embedded in the second side of the wafer. An electrical test of the test wafer can... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140266293 - Novel approach for generation of power failure warning signal to maximize useable hold-up time with ac/dc rectifiers: A method of optimally generating a power failure warning (PFW) signal has been disclosed here in such a manner that adjusts timing of PFW signal generation according to load conditions in case of input AC voltage loss. A PFW voltage threshold value can be set at a lower value under... Agent: Flextronics Ap, LLC

20140266294 - Reverse energy flow in solar and other power generation systems for theft detection, panel identification and diagnostic purposes: System and method for applying a reverse energy flow for measuring one or more electrical characteristics of a DC power source, such as a solar panel. Applying reverse current and voltage to a DC power source and measuring selected resultant current and voltage enables monitoring of electrical characteristics of the... Agent: Hiq Solar, Inc.

20140266295 - Electrical power steering phase voltage output diagnosis: A motor control diagnostic apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes a control module in communication with a multiple phase electric power steering motor, the control module configured to generate multiple phase duty cycle outputs based on a voltage command generated from a motor torque command and motor position. The apparatus... Agent: Steering SolutionsIPHolding Corporation

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