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Electricity: measuring and testing December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/12

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12/27/2012 > 47 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20120326698 - Joint connector and method for identifying bus bar pattern in joint connector: A joint connector includes a bus bar and a housing. The bus bar juxtaposes plural tab pieces to be connected to mating terminals. The housing has a bus bar accommodating part accommodating the bus bar, and includes plural terminal receiving chambers for receiving the mating terminals. The housing is formed... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20120326700 - Apparatus and methods for time domain measurement of oscillation perturbations: An oscillatory apparatus and methods of utilizing the same. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a force sensor having a proof mass, with one or more sensing electron tunneling electrodes disposed thereon, and a frame comprising one or more reference electron tunneling electrodes. Conductive plates disposed on the sensor base... Agent:

20120326699 - Galvanic isolation device and method: Various exemplary embodiments relate to an isolation device including a semiconductor layer and an insulation layer. The insulation layer insulates a central portion of the semiconductor layer. A high voltage terminal connects to the insulation layer, a first low voltage terminal connects to a first non-insulated portion of the semiconductor... Agent: Nxp B.v

20120326701 - Configurable process variation monitoring circuit of die and monitoring method thereof: The present invention discloses a configurable process variation monitoring circuit of a die and monitoring method thereof. The monitoring method includes a ring oscillator, a frequency divider and a frequency detector. The ring oscillator includes a plurality of first standard cells, a plurality of second standard cells and a plurality... Agent: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

20120326702 - Electromagnetic wave resonator and its fabrication process as well as electromagnetic wave generator: The contact structure of negative dielectric/positive dielectric/negative dielectric necessary for this type of electromagnetic wave resonator is provided on the surface of the negative dielectric material 1 just as the coaxial structure of the positive dielectric thin film 3 extending in the Y-axis direction and the negative dielectric material 2... Agent: National Institute For Materials Science

20120326703 - Current measurement apparatus: A current measurement apparatus includes multiple GMR elements and a calculation unit. The multiple GMR elements each include a pinned magnetic layer having a pinned magnetization direction, and a free magnetic layer having a magnetization direction to be changed by an external magnetic field. The calculation unit obtains the magnitude... Agent: Alps Green Devices Co., Ltd.

20120326704 - Method and apparatus for measuring speed of a brush motor: A system for determining motor speed of a brush DC motor, including a first filter for receiving a substantially low frequency portion of a sensed current of the motor and parameters corresponding thereto, for calculating a speed estimate of the motor; an adaptive bandpass filter having a center frequency corresponding... Agent:

20120326705 - Method and apparatus for measuring speed of a brush motor: A system for determining motor speed of a brush DC motor in an apparatus, including a first filter for receiving a substantially DC component of the motor current and parameters corresponding to the brush DC motor, for calculating a speed estimate thereof; an adaptive bandpass filter having a center frequency... Agent:

20120326707 - Environmental noise reduction for magnetometry: A magnetic signal noise reduction and detection system has inputs configured to receive data from a first total field scalar magnetometer, data from a vector magnetometer, and data from a position, velocity and heading sensor, a signal processor configured with a pre-processor system, an adaptive noise cancellation system and a... Agent: Raytheon Applied Signal Technology, Inc.

20120326706 - Method for determining the set position of an adjustment part: An adjustment system and method is provided for determining a set position of a motor-driven adjustment part of a motor vehicle by a Hall sensor, which is arranged in a rotated magnetic field. The drive of the adjustment part is activated for a specified number of approaches of the adjustment... Agent:

20120326708 - Magnetic encoder: To provide a magnetic encoder that is stable relative to an outside force and has only small variation of a gap between a magnetic sensor and a magnetic medium. The magnetic encoder includes a magnetic medium placed on a first member and a magnetic sensor placed on the second member,... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20120326709 - Method for a measuring instrument: A method for a measuring instrument is disclosed, for separating the angular deviation of a rotational axis of an instrument body from a corresponding true rotational axis due to imperfections in at least one rolling-element bearing effectuating the rotational mounting of the instrument body into different parts corresponding to type... Agent: Trimble Ab

20120326710 - Method for detecting the mechanical stress to which a part made of a magnetostrictive material is subjected: The invention relates to a method for detecting the stress to which a part of a magnetic material having a detectable magnetostriction, such as a ferromagnetic material, is submitted, comprising the steps of: a) applying a variable stress to the part b) measuring the magnetic field (B) in the vicinity... Agent: Institut Polytechnique De Grenoble

20120326715 - Magnetic sensor and magnetic balance type current sensor utilizing same: A magnetism sensor comprises a magnetoresistive element, the resistance of which changes due to the application of an induced magnetic field from the current being measured, and a fixed-resistance element. The fixed-resistance element has a self-pinned ferromagnetic fixed layer comprising a first ferromagnetic film and a second ferromagnetic film coupled... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20120326712 - Method and apparatus for measuring magnetic parameters of magnetic thin film structures: High-frequency resonance method is used to measure magnetic parameters of magnetic thin film stacks that show magnetoresistance including MTJs and giant magnetoresistance spin valves. The thin film sample can be unpatterned. Probe tips are electrically connected to the surface of the film (or alternatively one probe tip can be punched... Agent:

20120326714 - Method for the production of printed magnetic functional elements for resistive sensors and printed magnetic functional elements: A method for producing printed magnetic functional elements for resistance sensors and printed magnetic functional elements. The invention refers to the field of electronics and relates to a method for producing resistance sensors, such as can be used, for example, in magnetic data storage for read sensors or in the... Agent: Leibniz-institut Fuer Festkoerper Und Werkstoffforschung Dresden E.v.

20120326711 - Toroidal conductivity probe with integrated circuitry: An apparatus and process for making noncontact measurements of liquid conductivity are disclosed. This apparatus forms a conductivity cell and uses two toroids, one to generate a magnetic field and another to sense the magnetic field, placed in an enclosure which allows liquid to pass through it for measurement. Ground... Agent: Sgs Instruments LLC

20120326713 - Xmr angle sensors: Embodiments relate to xMR sensors, in particular AMR and/or TMR angle sensors with an angle range of 360 degrees. In embodiments, AMR angle sensors with a range of 360 degrees combine conventional, highly accurate AMR angle structures with structures in which an AMR layer is continuously magnetically biased by an... Agent:

20120326716 - Method of detecting magnetic field generated from current and estimating current amount: When a through hole is formed in a primary conductor, a measurement target current partially becomes a bypass current that flows around the through hole. Only a magnetic field component in the X-axis direction is generated from the current that flows through a portion without the influence of the through... Agent: Canon Denshi Kabushiki Kaisha

20120326717 - Partial polarization transfer for single-scan magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging: A method of measuring precessing magnetization includes providing a first site characterized by a first spin order and providing a second site. The method also includes transferring a portion of the first spin order from the first site to the second site. The second site is characterized by a second... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20120326720 - Modular array of fixed-coupling quantum systems for quantum information processing: A quantum information processing system includes a first composite quantum system, a second composite quantum system, a plurality of electromagnetic field sources coupled to the system and an adjustable electromagnetic coupling between the first composite quantum system and the second composite quantum system.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120326719 - Mr slide coil: The present embodiments relate to a method and a local coil for a magnetic resonance tomography system. The local coil has an upper part and a lower part. The upper part and the lower part each have an inclined guide. When the upper part is positioned on the lower part,... Agent:

20120326718 - Pressure vessel for non-destructive or non-contact material characterization: A method and apparatus for measuring a parameter of an object is disclosed. The object is placed within a vessel configured to contain the object via an opening in the vessel. A cover is placed over the opening. A securing device is used to secure the cover to the vessel.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120326721 - Simultaneous and dynamic determination of longitudinal and transversal relaxation times of a nuclear spin system: The invention relates to a magnetic resonance imaging method for simultaneous and dynamic determination of a longitudinal relaxation time T1 and a transversal relaxation time T2 of the nuclear spin system of an object, in the context of DCE or DSE MRI. In this respect, the invention makes use of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120326722 - Ultra-fast magnetic field for electron paramagnetic resonance imaging used in monitoring dose from proton or hadron therapy: Instrumentation and methodologies are provided that enable the direct measurement of free radicals generated in patients as a result of radiation therapy through the use of proton beams and other forms of ionizing radiation. As a result, in accordance with at least one disclosed embodiment, the instrumentation and methodologies may... Agent: Weinberg Medical Physics LLC

20120326723 - Apparatus and method for actively balancing impedance of a resistivity measuring tool: An apparatus for making a resistivity measurement of an underground formation surrounding a borehole is provided. The apparatus includes a conductive tool body, at least one current injector electrode positioned between the tool body and a wall of the bore hole, at least one current return electrode positioned between the... Agent:

20120326724 - Apparatus and method for estimating available time of battery: Disclosed are an apparatus and method for estimating an available time of a battery relatively accurately in consideration of a driving pattern of a user. The apparatus for estimating an available time of a battery includes a current measuring unit for measuring an output current of the battery, a SOC... Agent:

20120326725 - Monitoring apparatus, monitoring control apparatus, power supply apparatus, monitoring method, monitoring control method, power storage system, electronic apparatus, motor-driven vehicle, and electric power system: A monitoring apparatus includes a first converter that converts first analog data indicating a voltage value of each of batteries into first digital data; and a second converter that converts second analog data indicating an electric current value flowing through the plurality of batteries into second digital data. The first... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120326726 - State-of-charge estimation apparatus: A state-of-charge estimation apparatus connected to a power storage device having cell batteries, and estimating a state of charge of the power storage device, the apparatus including a first SOC computation unit computing a current integration value based on a total current from a current detector detecting the total current... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120326727 - Compound test method of high voltage direct current transmission converter valve: The present provided a compound test method of high voltage direct current transmission converter valve. The invention method adopted two independent high voltage sources to supply forward and reverse high voltage in blocking interval. It causes that the test voltage of the test valve is more close to that of... Agent:

20120326728 - On-chip measurement of ac variability in individual transistor devices: An apparatus for determining alternating current (AC) delay variation of a transistor device under test includes a ring oscillator, the ring oscillator having the transistor device under test configured within a feedback path of the ring oscillator; and circuitry configured to measure a difference between a first signal delay path... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120326729 - Lower power localized distributed radio frequency transmitter: Methods and systems are disclosed for wireless communication, and in particular using a coaxial antenna for distributed wireless transmission. In one example, a wireless transmitter is disclosed that includes a radio frequency signal source and a coaxial cable including a near end and a far end. The near end is... Agent:

20120326730 - Sensor assembly and microwave emitter for use in a sensor assembly: A microwave probe for use in a microwave sensor assembly includes an emitter body and an emitter coupled to the emitter body. The emitter includes a first portion, a second portion, and a connecting portion coupling the first portion to the second portion. The first portion and the second portion... Agent:

20120326731 - Sensor assemblies used to detect the proximity of a material to a microwave element: Sensor assemblies used to detect the proximity of a material to a microwave element are disclosed. One example sensor assembly includes a signal generator configured to generate at least one microwave signal, a coupler connected to the signal generator, a microwave element coupled to the coupler, and a processing module... Agent:

20120326732 - Nanosensor and method of detecting target molecule by using the same: The present disclosure includes a sensor and method for detecting a target molecule. In one instance, a sensor comprises a substrate including a hole, a first insulating layer located on the substrate and including a first nanopore corresponding to the hole, a first electrode, a second electrode, wherein the first... Agent: Samsung Electronic Co., Ltd.

20120326733 - Liquid sensor: A liquid sensor may comprise an electrode unit and a calculating unit. The electrode unit may be capable of respectively connecting with a first oscillating unit and a second oscillating unit. The first oscillating unit may output a first frequency signal having an amplitude of Vin1 and an angular velocity... Agent:

20120326734 - Capacitance sensor with improved noise filtering characteristics, method for noise filtering of capacitance sensor and computer-readable recording medium: Disclosed is a capacitance sensor including: a capacitance-voltage/current converter which converts a capacitance value of a sense capacitor into a voltage signal or a current signal by using an input signal; a multiplier which applies a weight to an output signal of the capacitance-voltage/current converter and outputs the weighted output... Agent:

20120326736 - Detecting accessories on an audio or video jack: A detection circuit can be configured to receive a digital value from an identification register and to determine a resistance at a conducting terminal of an audio or video jack plug using the digital value. The detection circuit can include a current source that outputs a current according to the... Agent: Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

20120326735 - Sensor system for steering wheel for vehicle: A sensor system for a steering wheel of a vehicle includes a first sensor disposed within a first portion of the steering wheel to detect contact with a front left surface of the steering wheel. The sensor system includes a second sensor disposed within a second portion of the steering... Agent: Tk Holdings Inc.

20120326737 - Method of measuring scattering parameters of device under test: A method of measuring scattering parameters (S-parameters) of a device under test (DUT) is provided in the present disclosure. The S-parameters of the DUT with two connectors of different standards may be obtained without performing a full two-port calibration using an adapter kit. Two one-port calibrations are performed in the... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20120326738 - Pattern synthesis apparatus and semiconductor test system having the same: A semiconductor test system includes a user device configured to operate a reference device in accordance with an interface signal based on a timing signal having a variable operating frequency, a pattern synthesis apparatus configured to measure an interval between adjacent edges of the timing signal transmitted from the user... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120326740 - Burn-in testing apparatus: A testing apparatus includes a thermal control chamber including a test room, which temperature is controlled within a testing temperature range; a carrier frame including a direction guiding unit installed securely within the test room and formed with one guiding groove and a carrier rod extending through the guiding groove... Agent: Chroma Ate Inc.

20120326741 - Apparatus for transmission testing of a telecommunications jack: Apparatus (10) for transmission testing of a telecommunications jack (100) having a plurality of insulation displacement contacts (IDCs) (103), the apparatus (10) including: a base (30); a plurality of transmission test probes (31) associated with the base (30); and a jack holder (20) for removably coupling the jack (100) to... Agent: Adc Communications (australia) Pty Limited

20120326739 - Self-isolating mixed design-rule integrated yield monitor: Assessing open circuit and short circuit defect levels in circuits implemented in state of the art ICs is difficult when using conventional test circuits, which are designed to assess continuity and isolation performance of simple structures based on individual design rules. Including circuit blocks from ICs in test circuits provides... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120326742 - Electrically modulatable extended light source and a measurement device for characterizing a semiconductor including one such source: A light source for injecting excess carriers into a semiconductor wafer, fully illuminating a surface of the wafer. The source includes at least one set of point sources which are spaced apart at regular intervals along the X and Y axes, such that the source emits a monochromatic beam of... Agent: Universite Paul Cezanne Aix-marseille

20120326743 - Semiconductor device and method of testing the same: A semiconductor device includes a unit region including a circuit test region and a probe test region. The circuit test region includes a test circuit and a plurality of circuit test pads operatively coupled to the test circuit. The probe test region includes first and second probe test pads insulated... Agent:

20120326744 - Active-matrix substrate, active-matrix testing method, display panel, and display panel manufacturing method: An active-matrix substrate includes: a substrate; gate lines disposed on the substrate; source lines disposed on the substrate in a direction that crosses the gate lines; a first terminal provided for each of data line blocks obtained by grouping every m-lines (m being an integer greater than or equal to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

12/20/2012 > 50 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20120319674 - Calibration of non-contact current sensors: Calibration of a non-contact current sensor provides improved accuracy for measuring current conducted through a conductor such as an AC branch circuit wire. In a calibration mode, a predetermined current is injected through a voltage sensing conductor integrated in the non-contact current sensor. The magnitude of the magnetic field is... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120319675 - Calibration of non-contact voltage sensors: Calibration of a non-contact voltage sensor provides improved accuracy for measuring voltage on a conductor such as an AC branch circuit wire. In a calibration mode, a predetermined voltage is imposed on a first voltage sensing conductor integrated in the non-contact voltage sensor, while a voltage on a second voltage... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120319678 - Bearing current sensor device having an energy converter: A sensor device includes an exchangeable module shaped as a substantially annular disk and concentrically mounted at or on a shaft of an electric machine. The exchangeable module includes a detection device for detecting a bearing current of the electric machine and an energy converter device configured to convert mechanical... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120319677 - Dc decoupled current measurement: A circuit arrangement for measuring a load current provided to a load via a first load terminal of a load transistor is disclosed. In accordance with one example of the invention, the circuit arrangement includes a sense transistor coupled to the load transistor to provide a sense current representing the... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120319676 - Multi-conductor cable current and voltage sensors: A detachable current sensor provides an isolated and convenient device to measure current passing through a cable such as an AC power cable or non-metallic (NM) sheathed cable. Information about the magnitude and or phases of the currents passing through and/or voltages on the conductors is obtained by measuring the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120319679 - Magnetic force microscope and magnetic field observation method using same: A magnetic force microscope capable of measuring the absolute value of a magnetic field with high resolution without causing a change in magnetization state of the probe. The magnetic force microscope includes a cantilever, a probe, a displacement detector that detects a displacement of the probe, a specimen carrier, and... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120319680 - Rotation angle detection device: Upon detecting a peak value from output signals of one of either a first or a second magnetic sensor, an rotation angle computation device identifies, on basis of an amplitude compensation table corresponding to the one magnetic sensor for which the peak value was detected, a pole number of a... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20120319681 - Device for detection of defects in a recess: The invention relates to a device for the detection of defects in a recess, comprising a longitudinal hollow body (107), a movement conversion means (109) housed in said body (107) and installed free to move along the longitudinal direction, and at least one sensor (11) coupled to said body (107)... Agent: Airbus Operations (societe Par Actions Simplifiee)

20120319682 - Integrated circuit including sensor having injection molded magnetic material: An integrated circuit includes a magnetic field sensor and an injection molded magnetic material enclosing at least a portion of the magnetic field sensor.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120319683 - Radio wave absorber, electromagnetic field measurement system and radiated immunity system: A radio wave absorber for use in an electromagnetic field probe that measures an electromagnetic field by means of an antenna section provided therewith, the radio wave absorber including: a first end section; a second end section that is located at a position opposite the first end section; and an... Agent:

20120319684 - Modular array of fixed-coupling quantum systems for quantum information processing: A quantum information processing system includes a first composite quantum system, a second composite quantum system, a plurality of electromagnetic field sources coupled to the system and an adjustable electromagnetic coupling between the first composite quantum system and the second composite quantum system.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120319685 - Method for compensating for respiratory motion in magnetic resonance imaging: A method for compensating for respiratory motion of a structure imaged by a magnetic resonance (MR) scanner, such as heart, is disclosed. The method comprises obtaining a sequence of navigator samples (22) representative of the progressive displacement of the structure during a first time interval (20), and adjusting a waveform... Agent:

20120319686 - Method for simultaneous multi-slice magnetic resonance imaging using single and multiple channel receiver coils: A method for reconstructing a plurality of images depicting a subject from image data that is simultaneously acquired from a corresponding plurality of slice locations with a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI] system is provided. Image data is acquired following the application of radio frequency (RF] energy to the plurality of... Agent:

20120319687 - System and method for receiving magnetic resonance (mr) signals: A preamplifier is provided for a radio frequency (RF) receiver coil in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. The preamplifier includes an amplifier configured to receive at least one magnetic resonance (MR) signal from the RF receiver coil and configured to generate an amplified MR signal. An input circuit is... Agent: General Electric Company

20120319688 - Balanced mixer for mri system and method of making same: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus includes an RF coil, a preamplifier module, and a hub coupled to the preamplifier module via a transmission line. The preamplifier module includes an amplifier configured to amplify a magnitude of a first signal from the RF coil, the first signal having a first... Agent:

20120319689 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: In a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to an embodiment, an array coil is structured by arranging a plurality of coil elements each of which receives a magnetic resonance signal generated from a subject. An acquisition controlling unit acquires the magnetic resonance signals while changing a position to be selected... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120319690 - Superconductor magnetic resonance imaging system and method (super-mri): Methods and apparatuses for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and/or magnetic resonance spectroscopy comprising a superconducting main magnet operable to generate a uniform magnetic field in an examination region, at least one superconducting gradient field coil operable to apply a respective at least one magnetic field gradient within the examination region,... Agent:

20120319691 - Locating technique and apparatus using an approximated dipole signal: Location determination is performed using a transmitter including an elongated generally planar loop antenna defining an elongation axis. The elongation axis is positioned along at least a portion of a path. A magnetic field is then generated which approximates a dipole field. Certain characteristics of the magnetic field are then... Agent:

20120319692 - Mobile system for measuring abnormality detection parameters of a switch in a high voltage electrical substation: There is provided a method for measuring abnormality detection parameters of a disconnect switch, comprising: releasably connecting a first sensor to the disconnect switch, the first sensor adapted to measure a first parameter related to a position of an arm of the disconnect switch, the disconnect switch comprising a rotating... Agent:

20120319693 - Electric power storage system: When a continuous short circuit occurs between both terminals of a battery pack, fault, destruction and rupture of the battery can occur. Further, when a momentary short circuit occurs, a user may continue to use, without knowing thermal and electrical damage to the batteries, and reliability for the batteries is... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120319695 - Car battery system: The car battery system of the present invention is provided with a battery block 2 that retains a plurality of battery cells 1 in a stacked configuration and has a terminal plane 2A, which is coincident with terminal surfaces 1A established by positive and negative battery cell 1 electrode terminals... Agent:

20120319694 - Circuit system and method of controlling power management: A circuit system is disclosed. The system comprises a master circuitry, at least one slave circuitry which has a battery sensor for checking battery status of a power supply battery and a shut down mechanism for controlled shut down upon detection of low battery by the battery sensor, and a... Agent:

20120319696 - Device having capacitive loads and abnormality detecting method thereof: In a device having capacitive loads in which a plurality of capacitive loads are connected in parallel, power is supplied from an AC power source to a load group comprising the plurality of capacitive loads, the load group is divided into a plurality of small load groups, and a current... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120319697 - Methods for providing proper impedance matching during radio-frequency testing: Wireless electronic devices may include a transceiver, an antenna resonating element coupled to the transceiver via a transmission line path, transceiver and antenna impedance matching circuits, and other circuitry. The transceiver and the impedance matching circuits may be formed on a first substrate. The antenna resonating element may be formed... Agent:

20120319698 - Ripple spring and diagnostic method therefor: A ripple spring is provided having one or more conductive layers, and one or more non-conductive layers. The conductive layers and the non-conductive layers are laminated together to form a symmetrical stack of layers. A method is also provided for monitoring the ripple spring. The method includes the steps of... Agent: General Electric Company

20120319699 - Insulation deterioration diagnosis apparatus: The invention is related to an insulation deterioration diagnostic apparatus for an electric path connected between an inverter device and an inverter-driven load device, including: a zero-phase current transformer having an annular magnetic core, a magnetizing coil wound around the magnetic core, and a detecting coil wound around the magnetic... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120319700 - Solenoid-operated valve and method of monitoring same: A method for monitoring operation of a solenoid valve having an armature and a poppet coupled to the armature includes the steps of energizing a coil in the valve to generate a current signature reflecting current vs. time, detecting a first inflection point in the current signature, wherein the first... Agent:

20120319701 - System and method of occupant detection with a resonant frequency: An occupant detection system that includes an electrode arranged proximate to an expected location of an occupant for generating an electric field between the electrode and the occupant proximate thereto. An electrical network coupled to the electrode forms a resonant circuit that includes the occupant as part of the resonant... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20120319702 - Guided wave cutoff spectroscopy using a cylindrical measurement cell: A cylindrical waveguide (1) for analyzing a flowing material (18) using guided microwave spectroscopy (GMS). Spaced apart plates (2, 5) each define a plane within the waveguide housing (3) that is parallel to the direction (47) of material flow through the waveguide. Two opposed frames (7, 19) each surround an... Agent: Thermofisher Scientific

20120319703 - Instrument and method for detecting partial electrical discharges: An instrument (1) and a method for detecting partial electric discharges involve acquiring a discharge signal (10), for example picked up by a direct-measuring impedance device (7) through a broadband HF acquisition channel (18), and acquiring the discharge signal (10) in a narrowband LF acquisition channel (180) complying with regulations,... Agent: Techimp Technologies S.r.l.

20120319705 - Hybrid three-dimensional sensor array, in particular for measuring electrogenic cell assemblies, and the measuring assembly: The invention relates to a hybrid three-dimensional sensor array, in particular for measuring biological cell assemblies. The sensor array has a plurality of microstructured sensor plates, each having one carrier section on which a plurality of sensor needles are arranged in a comb-like manner, which carry a plurality of electrode... Agent: Technische Universitat Ilmenau

20120319704 - Stacked sensor for testing a porous medium: A sensor is provided for testing a porous medium. The sensor includes a plurality of porous elements, a number of electrically conductive interface plates which is one greater than the quantity of elements, and the same number of conductors. Each element operates as a discrete variable capacitor, exhibits a different... Agent: Soilmoisture Equipment Corp.

20120319706 - Capacitance-based system health monitoring system, apparatus and method for layered structure: The present disclosure endeavors to provide an SHM system and method using a conductive material (e.g., CNT) to measure changes in a layered structure. Change in capacitance of a layered structure may be measured over time thereby indicating a change in the structural integrity of the material. The SHM system... Agent: Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation

20120319707 - Self-monitoring power supply cord and operating equipment: The invention relates to a power supply cord with at least two conductors N, L for transferring a supply voltage with two protective earths insulated from one another, which at the first end are conductively connected with each other and at the second end there is a measurement device provided... Agent: Pruftech Gmbh

20120319708 - Transmission gear position sensor using printed circuit element: A gear position sensor employs a sliding electrical connection between arcuate conductors and flexible wiper arms held on opposite surfaces that rotate relative to each other with the movement of a gear selector shaft. The traces may have multiple segments joined by resistors to provide flexible change in resistance value... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120319709 - High speed controllable load: A high speed controllable load uses a voltage waveform synthesizer and a driver circuit to dynamically control an electronically variable load to generate a current though an arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) device under test. Sensors may be used to monitor a source voltage and the output current to generate... Agent: Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

20120319710 - Method and apparatus for implementing probes for electronic circuit testing: Disclosed is an improved probe having a spring portion which allows effective contact with a device under test without requiring a lower die portion. The probe includes a slot retention and placement portion, which provides for an improved approach for manufacturing arrangements of probes, where the slot retention and placement... Agent: Probelogic, Inc.

20120319711 - Probe head formation methods employing guide plate raising assembly mechanism: An assembly includes a lower guide plate having a first plurality of through-holes therein, and an upper guide plate over the lower guide plate. The upper guide plate includes a second plurality of through-holes therein. The assembly further includes a plurality of probe pins. Each of the probe pins is... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120319712 - Probe module with interleaved serpentine test contacts for electronic device testing: A probe module for testing an electronic device comprises at least two contacts, each contact including a first end portion extending in a first direction along a first line, a second end portion extending linearly in a second direction opposite from the first direction and along a second line, and... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20120319713 - Automatic probe configuration station and method therefor: A probe system for facilitating the inspection of a device under test. System incorporates a storage rack; a probe bar gantry assembly; a probe assembly configured to electrically mate the device under test; and a robot system for picking the probe assembly from the storage rack and deliver the probe... Agent: Photon Dynamics, Inc.

20120319714 - Probe-able voltage contrast test structures: Test structures and method for detecting defects using the same. A probe-able voltage contrast (VC) comb test structure that includes first, second and third probe pads, a comb-like structure including grounded tines, floating tines between the grounded tines, switching devices coupled with an end portion of each floating tine, and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120319716 - Probe-able voltage contrast test structures: Test structures and method for detecting defects using the same. A probe-able voltage contrast (VC) comb test structure that includes first, second and third probe pads, a comb-like structure including grounded tines, floating tines between the grounded tines, switching devices coupled with an end portion of each floating tine, and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120319715 - Probe-able voltage contrast test structures: Test structures and method for detecting defects using the same. A probe-able voltage contrast (VC) comb test structure that includes first, second and third probe pads, a comb-like structure including grounded tines, floating tines between the grounded tines, switching devices coupled with an end portion of each floating tine, and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120319717 - Method and apparatus for 3d ic test: An apparatus comprises a die comprising a plurality of switch/router circuits; and a plurality of additional dies. Each respective one of the plurality of additional dies comprises: a respective network interface, which is electrically coupled to a respective one of the plurality of switch/router circuits; and a respective interconnection test... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120319719 - Semiconductor device and test method for semiconductor device: A semiconductor device has a first driving circuit inputting first data; a first gate circuit for the first data to pass therethrough; a first holding circuit holding the first data from the first gate circuit; a logic circuit carrying out a logic operation on the first data from the first... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120319718 - Signal transmission apparatus and semiconductor test apparatus using the same: The semiconductor test apparatus includes a pin electronics unit. The pin electronics unit includes a driver configured to generate a test signal to be applied to a semiconductor device and a comparator configured to receive a response signal output from the semiconductor device and to convert the response signal into... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120319720 - Test circuit for bipolar junction transistor: A test circuit includes a first test circuit. The first test circuit includes a first light-emitting diode (LED) and a first resistor. An anode of the first LED is connected to a power supply. A cathode of the first LED is connected to a collector of a bipolar junction transistor... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precsion Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120319721 - Closed loop feedback control of integrated circuits: Systems and methods for closed loop feedback control of integrated circuits. In one embodiment, a plurality of controllable inputs to an integrated circuit is adjusted to achieve a predetermined value of a dynamic operating indicator of the integrated circuit. An operating condition of an integrated circuit is controlled via closed... Agent:

20120319723 - Electric machine for which the grounding function is monitored and method: The grounding quality of an electric machine should be better monitored. Therefore, an electric machine is proposed, comprising a stator (1), a rotor (2), a shaft (3), to which the rotor (2) is fastened, and a grounding device (5) for grounding the shaft. The electric machine also has a measuring... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120319722 - Method and apparatus for alternator stator turn-to-turn short detection: A method for detecting whether the stator in a vehicle alternator has a turn-to-turn short circuit. The method includes determining an output current or voltage signal of the alternator, where the output current or voltage signal includes a ripple current frequency as a result of an AC-to-DC conversion. The method... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

12/13/2012 > 46 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20120313617 - Geocomposite enabling leak detection by electrical scan, and method for use: A geocomposite for positioning under a geomembrane comprising at least one first geotextile covered by at least one second geotextile at least one electrically conductive textile being positioned between the second geotextile and the first geotextile. The conductive textile having a module for connecting to a phase of an electric... Agent: Afitex International

20120313618 - Test equipment calibration: Calibrating test equipment may include: aligning timing of a first group of channels in the test equipment; aligning timing of a second group of channels in the test equipment, with the second group of channels being different from the first group of channels; determining a misalignment in timing between a... Agent: Teradyne, Inc.

20120313619 - Current measuring apparatus: What is disclosed is a current measuring apparatus comprising: a mains connector, such as a plug, for connecting to a wire of a mains supply; an apparatus connector, such as a socket, to provide for electrical conduction to an electrical apparatus; a coil in series between the mains connector and... Agent: Broadcom Europe Limited

20120313620 - Local transformer level grid management systems and methods: At least one exemplary aspect comprises an apparatus for multi-channel metering of electricity, comprising: (a) a meter head that comprises one or more metering points, the meter head operable to connect and disconnect service on each one of a plurality of electricity consumer lines, and the meter head operable to... Agent:

20120313621 - Probe bonding method having improved control of bonding material: In assembly of probe arrays for electrical test, a problem can arise where a bonding agent undesirably wicks between probes. According to embodiments of the invention, this wicking problem is alleviated by disposing an anti-wicking agent on a surface of the probe assembly such that wicking of the bonding agent... Agent: Microprobe, Inc.

20120313622 - Electric meter equipped with a removable cover that can be positioned in two positions: An electricity meter comprising a box defining a terminal block for connection to cables and a removable cover covering the terminal block at least in part, wherein the meter includes fastener means arranged to hold said cover on a front face of the box while uncovering the terminal block and... Agent:

20120313624 - Linear position measuring system and method for determining the absolute position of a carriage along a slide rail: A linear position measuring system and a method for determining an absolute position of a carriage along a slide rail are disclosed. An analog signal progression (S) based at on at least one reference point is here discretely scanned in response to a first threshold (SW1) and second threshold (SW2).... Agent: Schneeberger Holding Ag

20120313626 - Method and device for identifying a subset of measurements, method and system for locating an object, recording medium for these methods: Identifying measurement subset comprising a disturbed measurement disturbed by a magnetic disturber includes emitting and measuring magnetic fields using mono-axial source/mono-axial transducer pairs to obtain real measurements distinguished by position of a source used to emit the field, position of transducer used to measure the field, and field frequency, a... Agent: Commissariat &#xe0 L'&#xe9 Nergie Atomique Et Aux &#xe9 Nergies Alternatives

20120313625 - Visual indicator device for proximity sensor: A device for visually indicating a change in the operational state of a proximity sensor. The device includes a transparent housing having a cavity and a magnet device for generating a magnetic field. In addition, a sleeve is attached to the housing. The magnet device is concealed within the sleeve... Agent: Westlock Controls Corporation

20120313628 - Coil form for mounting on a magnet core, magnet core for reluctance resolvers, and method of manufacture: The present invention relates to a coil form (100) for mounting on a magnet core (118) for a rotating electrical machine or a resolver and to a corresponding magnet core. The present invention further relates to a magneto-electric angle sensor, in particular a reluctance resolver, the stator of which is... Agent: Tyco Electronics Belgium Ec Bvba

20120313627 - Operation input apparatus and operating apparatus: An operation input apparatus includes an operating unit that is displaced by the action of an operation input; an actuator output shaft that is displaced in the same direction as the operating unit by the action of the operation input; an actuator that moves the operating unit via the actuator... Agent: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

20120313629 - Method, device and system for monitoring the determination of a rotor angle of a rotating shaft by means of a resolver: In a method for monitoring the determination of a rotor angle of a rotating shaft by use of a resolver monitoring the determination of the rotor angle is carried out by: a first test AC voltage at a test frequency which is not the same as an exciter frequency of... Agent:

20120313623 - System that obtains a switching point with the encoder in a static position: A system including an encoder, multiple sensing elements and control logic. The encoder has a pole pitch and is configured to rotate in a direction of rotation. The multiple sensing elements are situated along the direction of rotation and span at least half the length of the pole pitch. The... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120313630 - Linear position measuring system and method for determining the position of a carriage in relation to a slide rail: A linear position measuring system (10) and a method for determining a position of a carriage in relation to a slide rail (12), with an incremental scale (14) placed along the slide rail (12) and a scanner secured to the slide scale. The scanner is designed to scan a plurality... Agent: Schneeberger Holding Ag

20120313631 - Angle measurement system including magnet with substantially square face for through-shaft applications: To make the magnetic field lines straighter and more parallel to one another, the present disclosure makes use of substantially square magnets with through-holes therein. It will be appreciated that “substantially square” magnets include magnets that are precisely square as well as magnets that are approximately square (e.g., have rounded... Agent:

20120313632 - Method and device for determining the existence and location of stress-inducing forces on a rod: In various embodiments, apparatus and methods of operating the apparatus are provided to determine existence and location of parasitic stress threes on a rod portion, the rod portion made of a magnetostrictive material and having a hollow tube. The apparatus may include a device comprising an envelope made of a... Agent:

20120313633 - Performance-optimized activation of a fluxgate sensor: A measuring device for measuring a magnetic field having a field coil which is situated around a soft magnetic core and connected to an excitation signal generator, and a detector coil which is situated around the soft magnetic core and connected to an evaluation unit, the excitation signal generator being... Agent:

20120313634 - Magnetic field detection using faraday effect: m

20120313635 - Arrangements for self-testing a circular vertical hall (cvh) sensing element and/or for self-testing a magnetic field sensor that uses a circular vertical hall (cvh) sensing element: A switching arrangement around a circular vertical Hall (CVH) sensing element can provide a normal mode configuration responsive to magnetic fields at some times, and at least one of a first and a second self-test mode configuration not responsive to a magnetic field but simulating a magnetic field at other... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20120313636 - Hysteresis offset cancellation for magnetic sensors: Presented is a sensor that includes a magnetoresistive (MR) sensing device to sense a magnetic field and to produce an AC signal voltage proportional to the sensed magnetic field. The sensor also includes circuitry, coupled to the MR sensing device, to remove DC offset from the AC signal voltage. The... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20120313637 - Current detecting apparatus: The size of a current detecting apparatus is reduced by employing a small magnetic core, and problems caused by excessive heat generation and vibrations of a bass bar are prevented. In a current detecting apparatus, a current detecting bass bar includes a through portion penetrating through a hollow portion of... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20120313638 - Magnetic field sensor: A magnetic field sensor includes a magnetizable core having a curved surface at least sectionally, a magnetization device for magnetizing the core, and a determination device for determining a magnetic field in the core.... Agent:

20120313639 - Nmr device for detection of analytes: This invention relates generally to detection devices having one or more small wells each surrounded by, or in close proximity to, an NMR micro coil, each well containing a liquid sample with magnetic nanoparticles that self-assemble or disperse in the presence of a target analyte, thereby altering the measured NMR... Agent: T2 Biosystems, Inc.

20120313641 - Method and device for magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging: A method of magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging of an object (O) including at least one chemical species to be imaged, comprising sampling of the k-space such that a plurality of Nω first sampling trajectories through at least one k-space segment of the k-space is formed along a phase-encoding direction, each... Agent:

20120313640 - Method and magnetic resonance system for distortion correction in magnetic resonance imaging: In a method for distortion correction in spiral magnetic resonance imaging, a first MR data set is acquired by scanning raw data space along a spiral trajectory beginning at a first point. A first complex MR image is determined from the first MR data set, which includes first phase information... Agent:

20120313643 - Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) device noise dampening system: Disclosed herein is a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device noise dampening system, including an adjustable vibration dampening suspension system arranged between a gradient winding assembly of the MRI device and a support structure supported by a primary magnet assembly of an MRI device, wherein the adjustable vibration dampening suspension system... Agent:

20120313642 - System and method for insulating a cryogen vessel: Systems and methods for insulating superconducting magnets, such as a cryogen vessel of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system having therein one or more superconducting magnets are provided. One system includes a thermal insulator having a first plurality of reflector layers and a non-deformed spacer layer between adjacent layers in... Agent: General Electric Company

20120313644 - Reference material for nmr, sample tube for nmr, capillary for nmr, and method for measuring nmr for a sample: Disclosed is a reference material for NMR, including a nitrogen-containing compound or oxygen-containing compound and a reagent for shifting a chemical shift for the nitrogen-containing compound or oxygen-containing compound. Disclosed is a sample tube for NMR, being obtainable by providing a reference material for NMR to a first tube closed... Agent: Shiseido Company, Ltd.

20120313645 - Local coil system, transmitting device, magnetic resonance system and method for the wireless transfer of energy to a local coil system: A local coil system for a magnetic resonance system including at least one local coil for capturing magnetic resonance (MR) signals and at least one energy receiving antenna for inductively receiving energy for the local coil system from a temporally varying magnetic field is provided. The at least one energy... Agent:

20120313646 - Current estimation circuit: To provide a current estimation circuit that can achieve a reduction in cost, a miniaturization, and a suppression of switching loss, and estimate an inductor current with a high degree of accuracy, despite a variation in the inductance value of the inductor. A current flowing through a switching element (5)... Agent:

20120313647 - Infrastructure for performance based chip-to-chip stacking: A method and system for an infrastructure for performance-based chip-to-chip stacking are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A critical path monitor circuit (infrastructure) is configured to launch a signal from a launch point in a first layer, the first layer being a first circuit. The infrastructure is further configured to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120313648 - Proximity switch having sensitivity control and method therefor: A vehicle proximity switch and method are provided having sensitivity control based on a user selected sensitivity input. The switch includes a proximity sensor such, as a capacitive sensor, installed in a vehicle and providing a sense activation field. The proximity switch also includes control circuitry for processing the sense... Agent:

20120313649 - Physical property sensor with active electronic circuit and wireless power and data transmission: Wireless sensors configured to record and transmit data as well as sense and, optionally, actuate to monitor physical properties of an environment and, optionally, effect changes within that environment. In one aspect, the wireless sensor can have a power harvesting unit; a voltage regulation unit, a transducing oscillator unit, and... Agent:

20120313650 - Inspection device and inspection method: An inspection device for detecting small foreign bodies is provided with a first electrode and a second electrode disposed on either side of the inspection target, a power source connected to the aforementioned first electrode, a conveyance speed control unit for controlling the conveyance speed of the aforementioned inspection target,... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20120313651 - Circuit for detecting the positions of contactors in a turbine engine: A circuit for detecting individual positions of a plurality of electrical contactors, including a plurality of modules each including a contactor having k separate contact positions each connected in series to a resistor associated with an integer status value between 1 and k and separate from other status values of... Agent: Snecma

20120313652 - Method and apparatus for differential voltage grid-based moisture monitoring of structures: A method and apparatus for differential voltage grid-based moisture monitoring of structures is provided. The method involves detecting a defect in a structural component, the structural component comprising a membrane for fluid impermeability, a deck for supporting the membrane, and a plurality of electrically conductive elements adjacent the membrane and... Agent: Smt Research Ltd.

20120313653 - Switch identification system for vehicle: A switch identification system for a vehicle is provided, which is configured to identify each switch mounted in a slot regardless of which slot the switch is mounted in, such that a plurality of switches can be freely arranged in desired positions, thus more effectively managing the respective switches. In... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120313654 - Voltage detection method and voltage detector circuit: A voltage detection method for detecting a voltage source includes generating a first voltage with a first negative temperature coefficient, wherein the first voltage is related to the voltage source, generating a second voltage with a second negative temperature coefficient, wherein the second voltage is related to the voltage source,... Agent:

20120313655 - Electrical test equipment having switchable intermediate-voltage line- leakage and run test power source: An electrical test instrument includes a built-in, switchable intermediate-voltage power source that enables line-leakage and run testing to be carried-out under higher-than-normal DUT operating voltages.... Agent: Associated Research, Inc.

20120313657 - Temperature control unit for electronic component and handler apparatus: A temperature control unit for an electronic component and a handler apparatus, which are excellent in responsibility during cooling and heating, is obtained. The temperature control unit for an electronic component includes a cooling cycle device having a refrigerant passage circulating through a compressor, a condenser, an expander, and an... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120313656 - Electronic circuit module and method of making the same: An electronic circuit module and a method of manufacturing the electronic circuit module are disclosed. In one embodiment, the electronic circuit module includes i) a substrate on which a circuit is formed, ii) a plurality of electrical devices electrically connected to the circuit and iii) a first molding unit coated... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20120313658 - Dual probing tip system: A dual probing tip system uses a slot and rail system to provide variable spacing and lateral and axial compliance of the probing tips mounted on first and second support members. A movable base member is secured on a frame with the base member having a rack of linear teeth... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20120313659 - Probe card for probing integrated circuits: An apparatus includes a metal housing, and a pogo pin penetrating through the metal housing. The pogo pin has a first end extending out of a first surface of the metal housing, and a second end extending out of a second surface of the metal housing, with the first and... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120313660 - Probes with offset arm and suspension structure: A probe having a conductive body and a contacting tip that is terminated by one or more blunt skates for engaging a conductive pad of a device under test (DUT) for performing electrical testing. The contacting tip has a certain width and the blunt skate is narrower than the tip... Agent: Microprobe, Inc.

20120313661 - Solar cell testing apparatus and method: A solar cell testing apparatus may include an illuminator for directing light energy on a solar cell under test. The solar cell testing apparatus may also include a device for selectively positioning different filters of a multiplicity of filters in an optical path between the illuminator and the solar cell... Agent:

20120313662 - Test board and method for testing rotation speed of fan: A method for testing rotation speed of a fan receives a duty cycle ratio related to the fan sent from a dial switch on a test board connected to the fan. The method transmits a pulse width modulation (PWM) signal based on the duty cycle to the fan to power... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

12/06/2012 > 56 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20120306474 - Battery connector: A battery connector includes: a plurality of terminals, each of which is to be connected to each electrode of a plurality of batteries; a plurality of voltage detection terminals, each of which is connected to respective one of the terminals, and includes a wire connection part to be connected to... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20120306475 - System and method for implementing low-cost electronic gyroscopes and accelerometer: Accelerometers have a number of wide-ranging uses, and it is desirable to both increase their accuracy while decreasing size. Here, millimeter or sub-millimeter wavelength accelerometers are provided which has the advantage of having the high accuracy of an optical accelerometer, while being compact. Additionally, because millimeter or sub-millimeter wavelength signals... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120306476 - Phase detection apparatus for alternator and method thereof: A phase detection apparatus for an alternator is disclosed according to an embodiment of the present invention. The phase detection apparatus comprises a waveform detector, a threshold voltage generator, and a comparator. The waveform detector is used for detecting a wave peak of a phase signal, and generating a waveform... Agent: Actron Technology Corporation

20120306477 - Rail to rail comparator with wide hysteresis and memory: An apparatus comprises an input to receive a voltage, a threshold voltage circuit, a comparison circuit, and an output. The threshold voltage circuit provides an adjustable first threshold voltage at a first output and an adjustable second threshold voltage at a second output. The comparison circuit determines when the input... Agent:

20120306478 - Bearing check fixture: A hand-held check fixture to indicate excessive play in a pitch change link ball joint is provided. The check fixture can include a first member for attachment to a first portion of the pitch change link, a second member for attachment to a second portion of the pitch change link,... Agent: Armick, Inc.

20120306479 - Position sensor: A position sensor has at least one guide rail for a guide housing having a magnetic component. On the guide housing, an encapsulation is accommodated which electrically insulates and/or fixes a lead frame assembly and/or a circuit trace assembly. It forms a retainer for the magnetic component.... Agent:

20120306480 - Rotational angle sensor system and method for the production thereof: Using integrated multi-component assembly injection moulding, a two-part magnetic rotational angle sensor system having high sensing accuracy is very efficiently integrally produced in a tool as a functional unit that can be directly applied, comprising a polymer-bonded permanent magnet as a passive transmitter part in the first section, which can... Agent: Oechsler Aktiengesellschaft

20120306481 - Conveyor belt wear detection apparatus: A rubber magnet (3) includes a plate-like diagonal portion (21) and a plate-like parallel portion (22) which are both magnetized in a thickness direction, the diagonal portion (21) extending in a conveyor belt width direction while linearly extending, in section in a conveyor belt length direction, from an outer side... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20120306482 - Aircraft fuselage inspection system: A method and apparatus for inspecting a metallic structure. A first signal is sent into a first location in the metallic structure and a second signal into a second location in the metallic structure at substantially a same time. A first response to the first signal is received. A second... Agent: The Boeing Company

20120306483 - Electromagnet inspection apparatus and method: A method and apparatus for the inspection of electrically conductive components is described. The described apparatus comprises a sensor module having a magnetiser unit suitable for generating a variable DC magnetic field within the test component and an eddy current probe. The variable DC magnetic field and eddy current probe... Agent: Innospection Group Limited

20120306484 - Magnetic detection apparatus: A magnetic detection apparatus includes an IC device, a casing defining a housing space of the IC device, and a resin mold portion arranged on a first part of an outside surface of the casing. The IC device includes an IC package having a built-in magnetoelectric transducer, and lead wires.... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120306486 - Device for measuring a current flowing through an electric cable: A device for measuring a current flowing through an electric cable comprises a printed circuit board, a magnetic field sensor and a ferromagnetic component. The ferromagnetic component comprises two tongues whose front faces are disposed opposite of each other and are separated by an air gap and further comprises at... Agent: Melexis Technologies Nv

20120306485 - Magnetic field sensor: A magnetic field sensor is provided, having a first Hall sensor with a first terminal contact and with a second terminal contact and with a third terminal contact and with a fourth terminal contact and with a fifth terminal contact, and a second Hall sensor with a sixth terminal contact... Agent:

20120306487 - Electrical current sensing circuit, printed circuit board assembly and electrical current sensor device with the same: An electrical current sensing circuit of the present invention comprises a Wheatstone bridge circuit having at least four magnetoresistive elements connecting and a pair of output terminals, the magnetoresistive elements adapted for sensing an external magnetic field with a first direction generated by a carrying-current electrical conductor, and outputting a... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

20120306491 - Magnetic balance type current sensor: A magnetic balance type current sensor of the present invention includes a magnetic field detection bridge circuit including four magnetoresistance effect elements whose resistance values change owing to application of an induction magnetic field from a current to be measured. Each of the four magnetoresistance effect elements includes a ferromagnetic... Agent: Alps Green Devices Co., Ltd.

20120306490 - Magnetic sensor and manufacturing method of the same: A manufacturing method of a magnetic sensor, detecting a physical amount based on a resistance change in each MRE while applying an external magnetic field to MREs, includes: preparing a substrate; forming MREs, including a free magnetic layer having a changeable magnetization direction and a pin magnetic layer having a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120306489 - Magnetic sensor and pattern for magnetic sensor: A magnetic sensor includes a substrate, and a pattern forming region on the substrate, the pattern forming region having a substantially quadrangle shape. The pattern forming region includes a magnetic detection element pattern that includes a plurality of linear parts arranged parallel to each other at a predetermined inclination angle... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20120306488 - Spin-valve magnetoresistance structure and spin-valve magnetoresistance sensor: A spin-valve magnetoresistance structure includes a first magnetoresistance layer having a fixed first magnetization direction, a second magnetoresistance layer disposed on a side of the first magnetoresistance layer and having a variable second magnetization direction, and a spacer disposed between the first magnetoresistance layer and the second magnetoresistance layer. The... Agent: Voltafield Technology Corporation

20120306493 - Electric properties tomography imaging method and system: The invention relates to a magnetic resonance method of electric properties tomography imaging of an object, the method comprising: applying an excitation RF field to the object via a coil at a first spatial coil position (402), acquiring resulting magnetic resonance signals via a receiving channel from the object, determining... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120306492 - Penetration tube assemblies for reducing cryostat heat load: A penetration assembly for a cryostat is presented. The penetration assembly includes an outer wall member having a first end and a second end and configured to alter an effective thermal length of the wall member, wherein a first end of the tube is communicatively coupled to a high temperature... Agent: General Electric Company

20120306494 - Magnetic resonance system and method thereof: A system including a plurality of coil elements is provided. Each coil element is arranged with a first switch and a second switch. In a first mode, the first switch and the second switch are turned off to split each coil element into a first coil portion and a second... Agent: General Electric Company

20120306495 - System and apparatus for providing interconnections in a gradient coil assembly: A gradient coil apparatus for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system includes an inner gradient coil assembly comprising at least one inner gradient coil and an outer gradient coil assembly comprising at least one outer gradient coil. At least one gradient coil interconnect is coupled to the inner gradient coil... Agent: General Electric Company

20120306499 - Failsafe protection from induced rf current for mri rf coil assembly having transmit functionality: An electrically-controlled failsafe switch is included in an MRI transmit-and-receive RF coil assembly so as to protect it from induced RF currents in the event it is disconnected from an MRI system, but inadvertently left linked to strong MRI RF fields during imaging procedures using other RF coils.... Agent: Quality Electrodynamics, LLC

20120306496 - High-frequency antenna: A high-frequency antenna unit for a magnetic resonance apparatus includes a high-frequency antenna and a shield unit. The shield unit, the high-frequency antenna, or a combination thereof is formed at least partially from a composite material. The composite material includes at least one electrically conducting material and at least one... Agent:

20120306498 - Multichannel rf signal switching device and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus having multichannel rf signal switching device: A multichannel RF switching device of an embodiment has a connector in which all or some of a plurality of terminals a configured to be connected to a plurality of coil elements, a matrix switch having a plurality of input ports arranged in a line and a plurality of output... Agent:

20120306497 - Rf reception coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus using same: There is provided a technique for improving quality of images obtained with an MRI apparatus by using the geometric structures of the conventional RF transmission coil and RF reception coil and without increasing burden on patients or MRI technicians. A conductor loop of an RF reception coil disposed between a... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120306500 - Antenna coupling component measurement tool having a rotating antenna configuration: Disclosed herein are electromagnetic resistivity logging systems and methods that employ an antenna configuration having at most two transmitter or receiver antenna orientations that rotate relative to the borehole. The measurements made by this reduced-complexity antenna configuration enable the determination of at least seven components of a coupling matrix, which... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20120306501 - Methods for magnetic imaging of geological structures: Methods for imaging geological structures include injecting magnetic materials into the geological structures, placing at least one magnetic probe in a proximity to the geological structures, generating a magnetic field in the geological structures and detecting a magnetic signal. The at least one magnetic probe may be on the surface... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20120306502 - Circuit for controlling current to light-emitting diode (led): The present invention discloses a current controlling circuit wherein the circuit (200) comprises a DC power source (202), an inductor (204), a N-channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor (NMOS) (206), one or more LEDs (208) connected in series, a first resistor (Rsense) and a switching arrangement (210). The positive terminal of the... Agent: St-ericsson Sa

20120306503 - System and method for assessing voltage threshold detecting circuitry within a battery pack: Systems and methods for assessing voltage threshold detection circuitry of individual battery cells within a battery pack supplying power to a vehicle are disclosed. One example system comprises, a plurality of battery cells within a battery pack, a plurality of voltage threshold detecting circuits detecting voltage of the plurality of... Agent: A123 Systems, Inc.

20120306504 - Battery impedance detection system, apparatus and method: Various aspects of the present disclosure are directed to monitoring battery cells. In accordance with various embodiments, an energy storage cell apparatus includes a current injection circuit that separately inject current into individual ones of a plurality of battery cells that store energy, and an impedance-detection circuit detects an impedance... Agent:

20120306505 - Electrical apparatus and verification method for battery module thereof: An electrical apparatus including a battery module and a battery verification module is disclosed. The battery module has a verification circuit and an identification resistor. When the battery module is connected to the battery verification module, the battery verification module obtains a type information of the battery module according to... Agent: Htc Corporation

20120306507 - Cell monitoring device for electric storage module, non-transitory computer readable medium storing computer-readable instructions for detecting discontinuity of electric lines, and method of detecting discontinuity of electric lines: A cell monitoring device for monitoring cells connected in series in an electric storage module includes electric lines, switches connected in parallel to the cells, respectively, via the electric lines, and a controller. The controller configured to: close and reopen at least two of the switches; measure voltages between the... Agent: Gs Yuasa International Ltd.

20120306506 - Voltage monitoring system and voltage monitoring module: In a voltage monitoring system, a voltage monitoring module includes an adjusting current control circuit to generate an adjusting current so that the operating current consumed by the voltage monitoring modules reaches a specified value corresponding to a first operation current setting command, and stops generating the adjusting current according... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120306508 - In-situ flux measurement devices, methods, and systems: In-situ flux measurement methods, devices, and systems are provided. According to some embodiments, an in-situ molecular flux device generally comprises a electrically conductive container configured to hold a precursor material, a heat source proximate the electrically conductive container to heat the precursor material to release ions such that an ion... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20120306509 - Diagnostic circuit and method of testing a circuit: A diagnostic circuit for trouble shooting electronic control units of appliances includes a voltage sensing and signal generation device with an input/output and an input. The circuit includes first terminals for connecting to the load and second terminals for connecting to the two lines of the sinusoidal source. One of... Agent: Diehl Ako Stiftung & Co. Kg

20120306510 - Method and system for assessing insulation deterioration in live underground power cables: A method for assessing insulation deterioration in a live underground power cable may include, in one embodiment, attaching a coupling device to a live underground power cable and using the coupling device to couple a test signal onto the power cable. The power cable may carry a normal AC power... Agent: University Of California

20120306511 - Partial discharge experiment power supply system for extra-high voltage transformer and method thereof: A partial discharge test power supply system for an extra high voltage transformer comprises: an electric motor (1); an intermediate frequency generator (2) driven by the electric motor and outputting an intermediate frequency voltage; a middle transformer (9) receiving the intermediate frequency voltage and outputting a test voltage to be... Agent: China Electric Power Research Institute

20120306512 - Capacitive sensor assembly: A capacitive sensor assembly for a motor vehicle is provided. The capacitive sensor assembly includes a capacitive sensor element which has at least one first electrical conductor element, and a reference conductor element defining an electrical reference potential and being interspaced from the first electrical conductor element. The first electrical... Agent:

20120306513 - High temperature position sensor: A position sensor comprises first and second stationary poles with first and second electrodes, and a reference pole positioned therebetween. The reference pole is coupled to a shaft, and includes a semi-metal via that forms a conducting path between the first and second electrodes. The shaft positions the reference pole... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120306514 - Torsion angle and rotation angle measurement device: A torsion angle and rotation angle measurement device includes an input rotation disk, an output rotation disk, at least two torsion measuring modules and a rotation measuring module. The output rotation disk is coaxially and rotatably connected with the input rotation disk. At least two torsion measuring modules are disposed... Agent:

20120306515 - Method and apparatus for grid impedance detection: A method and apparatus for monitoring an AC line for impedance change. In one embodiment, the method, comprises superimposing a tone on an AC current coupled to the AC line, wherein the tone is a higher frequency than an AC voltage waveform on the AC line; applying a correlation over... Agent: Enphase Energy, Inc.

20120306516 - Voltage detection circuit, ecu, automobile with ecu: According to an embodiment, the threshold value generation unit generates a setting voltage and converts the setting voltage to a first current. One end of the first resistor is connected to a detection terminal. When a voltage applied to the detection terminal is greater than or equal to a predetermined... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120306517 - Compensation methods for digital source-measure-units (smus): A source-measure unit (SMU) may be implemented with respective digital control loops for output voltage and output current. The output voltage and output current may be measured with dedicated ADCs (analog-to-digital converters). The readings obtained by the ADCs may be compared to a setpoint, which may be set in a... Agent:

20120306518 - Fast current saturation recovery for a digital source measure unit (smu): A source-measure unit (SMU) may be implemented with respective digital control loops for output voltage and output current. The output voltage and output current may be measured with dedicated ADCs (analog-to-digital converters). The readings obtained by the ADCs may be compared to a setpoint, which may be set in a... Agent:

20120306519 - Method for the phase diagnosis of a multiphase converter: A method for the phase diagnosis of a multiphase converter for detecting potential errors in individual converter phases is provided, wherein a symmetrical load distribution for the individual converter phases is regulated. During the operation of the converter, the distribution of the load prescribed for each individual phase of the... Agent:

20120306520 - Method for panel reliability testing and device thereof: A device for panel reliability testing and method thereof are proposed. The device includes a connection module, for connecting the panel and an aging module; a reliability chamber control module for sending a voltage regulation command to a bias module and/or a switch control command to the aging module; the... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co.

20120306521 - Test system with temporary test structures: Electronic device structures such as a conductive housing member that forms part of an antenna may be tested during manufacturing. A test system may be provided that includes a test probe configured to energize the conductive housing member or other conductive structures under test and that includes temporary test structures... Agent:

20120306523 - Probe card: There is provided a probe card comprising a plurality of probe tips, each being ball-shaped or pillar-shaped and having a top end in contact with each of target chip pads to be tested; a first space converting unit; a second space converting unit; a frame configured to support the second... Agent:

20120306522 - Probing tip for a signal acquisition probe: A probing tip for a signal acquisition probe has a non-conductive substrate compatible with thin or thick film processing having opposing horizontal surfaces and side surfaces with two of the side surfaces converging to a point. A contoured probing tip contact is formed at the converging point on the non-conductive... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20120306524 - High temperature- low leakage probe apparatus and method of manufacturing same: In one embodiment, the present invention includes an apparatus for contacting a plurality of contact locations of a semiconductor device. The apparatus includes a housing, a support member, a plurality of probe members, and an adhesive substance. The housing has a plurality of apertures that provides a low leakage pathway... Agent: Spire Manufacturing, Inc.

20120306525 - Method and device for determining the quantum efficiency of a solar cell:

20120306526 - Shuttle plate having pockets for accomodating multiple semiconductor package sizes: An input/output shuttle plate includes a metal plate having a plurality of pockets. The plurality of pockets have a bottom, a sidewall portion and a pocket depth. A first seating surface at a first pocket depth (d3) is for supporting a first packaged semiconductor device having a first package size,... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120306527 - Testing led light sources: An apparatus for testing light emitting diodes (LEDs) comprising a chamber which is configured to heat or cool LEDs inside the chamber by ambient heating or cooling of the LEDs and an optical sensing unit configured to sense light emitted by the LEDs whilst the LEDs are inside the chamber.... Agent: Feasa Enterprises Limited

20120306528 - Circuit device having a semiconductor component: An electrical circuit device includes a semiconductor component which has power terminals and a control terminal electrically insulated from the power terminals, for applying a control voltage, and a control terminal contact surface for contacting the control terminal for measuring the electrical behavior of the semiconductor component. A connection device... Agent:

20120306529 - Electronic device and electronic system: There is provided with an electronic device including: a main board, a plurality of electronic substrates, a first chain, a measuring unit and a controller, in which the plurality of electronic substrates each are mounted on the main board via solder joints, the first chain connects the solder joints in... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

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