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Electricity: measuring and testing November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/12

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11/29/2012 > 42 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20120299574 - Calibration apparatus for probes: An apparatus includes a connector and a connecting apparatus. The connector includes a first pin and a shell surrounding the first pin. The shell is insulated from the first pin. The connecting apparatus includes a main body, a second pin, and a third pin. The main body is connected to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120299575 - Load regulation circuit and load regulation device employing the same: A load regulation circuit used for calibrating a voltage drop tester includes a voltage control switch, a first resistor group, a power control switch and a second resistor group electrically connected to the first resistor group through the power control switch. When the voltage control switch is switched on to... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120299577 - Component detection device and component detection method: Provided is a component detection device, which is installable on component processing means which performs a predetermined operation to a conductive component interposed between one conductive member and another conductive member, the component detection device comprising a detection circuit (41) for distinguishing between the conductive component and a conductive foreign... Agent:

20120299576 - Photovoltaic power generating system: The embodiments comprise a plural solar cell strings 8 each including solar cell modules connected in series, each of solar cell modules configured to generate DC power by radiation of light and a junction box 2 for receiving DC power from plural solar cell strings, wherein junction box includes plural... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120299578 - Safety switching device for setting a safety-related device to a safe state: A safety switching device, with which a safety-related device, can be set into a safe state. The safety switching device has a microprocessor or microcontroller, which can set an electric drive to be protected into a safe state both if an emergency circuit breaker, protective door switch, and/or two-hand switch... Agent: Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120299579 - Test and measurement instrument including asynchronous time-interleaved digitizer using harmonic mixing: A test and measurement instrument including a splitter configured to split an input signal having a particular bandwidth into a plurality of split signals, each split signal including substantially the entire bandwidth of the input signal; a plurality of harmonic mixers, each harmonic mixer configured to mix an associated split... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20120299580 - Transient recovery circuit for switching devices: A transient recovery circuit for switching devices. The transient recovery circuit includes a detecting circuit for detecting a rapid transient in an output voltage of a switching device by detecting a rate of the output voltage transient; an auxiliary controlling circuit in a feedback loop of the switching device for... Agent: Cosmic Circuits Private Limited

20120299581 - Digital multimeter: A digital multimeter includes a single chip processor, a sound chip connected to the single chip processor, a signal amplifying circuit, a speaker connected to the signal amplifying circuit, and a power source for providing electrical energy for the digital multimeter. The single chip processor collects high and low level... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120299582 - Input power measuring device: An input power measuring device includes a board with an edge connector, a first dual inline memory modules (DIMM) socket, a resistor, a differential amplifier circuit, a voltage dividing circuit, a display screen, and a controller. When the edge connector is inserted into a second DIMM socket of a motherboard... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120299583 - Speed sensor authority for and method of measuring speed of rotation: Sensor arrangement for measuring a rotation speed of a salient member of a rotatable body comprising a first electrode arrangement providing a first input, a second electrode arrangement providing a second input different from the first input, the first and second electrode arrangements configured so noise in the first and... Agent:

20120299584 - Measurement system of ferromagnetic particles: A system by which the proportion of ferromagnetic particles in a dielectric medium is measured. A magnetic field is generated by two signals in the medium: a low frequency feed and a relatively high frequency excitation. The feed magnetizes the ferromagnetic particles in the medium to the nonlinear range of... Agent: Hemeltron

20120299585 - Sensor and method for producing the sensor: An inductively operating sensor, particularly for measuring distances and positions of a metallic object, comprising at least a coil, a ferromagnetic or ferritic core and perhaps a housing comprising a sensor element, with the core being embedded in a single or multi-layered ceramic and jointly with the ceramic forming a... Agent: Micro-epsilon Messtechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120299586 - Magnetic position sensor assembly for measurement of rotational angular position of a rotating structure: A magnetic rotational position sensor assembly for measurement of a rotational angular position of a rotating structure. The sensor assembly includes a shaft member extending along a primary rotational axis for primary rotational movement in response to rotation of the rotating structure, a motion conversion member structured and configured to... Agent:

20120299587 - Three-axis magnetic sensors: Systems and methods for three-axis magnetic sensors are provided. In one embodiment, a three-axis magnetic sensor formed on a single substrate comprises: an in-plane two-axis magnetic sensor comprising at least one of either a magnetic-resistance (MR) sensor or a magnetic-inductive (MI) sensor formed on the single substrate; and an out-of-plane... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120299588 - Circuits and methods for processing a signal generated by a plurality of measuring devices: Circuits and methods use a feedback arrangement to select one or more measuring devices from a plurality of measuring devices in order to rapidly identify a direction of a sensed parameter. In some embodiments, the plurality of measuring devices corresponds to a plurality of magnetic field sensing elements and the... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20120299589 - Electric current detector and core component used therefor: In an electric current detector according to the present invention, an annular core 2 having a magnetic gap G and a Hall element 41 which is located in the magnetic gap of the core 2 and detects a magnitude of an electric current passing through the core 2 are arranged... Agent: Sht Corporation Limited

20120299592 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method for magnetic resonance imaging: An embodiment of a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus is configured to carry out plural series of imaging while changing plural imaging conditions for a patient on a series basis, and has a storage unit configured to group plural parameter types related to some of the plural imaging conditions for carrying... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120299591 - Margin assessment of ex-vivo sample: A system (10) for margin assessment of an ex-vivo tissue (18), including an imaging scanner (12) controlled by an imaging control unit (14), and an ex-vivo sample holder (16) for holding a sample of an excised tissue (18), the sample holder (16) being sized such that excised lump edges (24)... Agent:

20120299590 - Method for self-calibrated parallel magnetic resonance image reconstruction: A method for producing a time-series of images of a subject with a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system is provided. The MRI system is used to acquire a time-series undersampled k-space data set, in which a selected number of k-space data subsets in the time-series data set includes both image... Agent:

20120299594 - Antenna device: There is provided a technique for securing a comfortable examination space in a tunnel type MRI apparatus without increasing the manufacturing cost of the MRI apparatus and sacrificing performance thereof. In an RF coil provided with a hollow-shaped outer conductive element and a strip-shaped conductive element disposed along the outer... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120299593 - Local coil for a magnetic resonance device: A local coil for a magnetic resonance device includes a double resonance conductor loop arrangement having at least one conductor loop, and a converter apparatus configured for converting operating energy received at a first resonance frequency into an operating voltage. The local coil also includes an electronics arrangement operated with... Agent:

20120299595 - High resolution resistivity earth imager: An imaging tool made includes a pad whose curvature is chosen based on the expected range of borehole radius and the pad size so as to maintain the maximum standoff below a desired value. The curvature may be adjusted using fasteners.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120299596 - Method and apparatus for measuring borehole mud resistivity: Apparatuses, methods for manufacturing an apparatus and methods for measuring a fluid resistivity are provided. An apparatus for measuring a fluid resistivity includes a fluid column defining structure, two current injecting electrodes, voltage measurement electrodes, and two additional electrodes. The fluid column defining structure is configured to allow a fluid,... Agent: Sondex Limited

20120299597 - Battery system: In a battery system of the invention, a BMS calculates a maximum charge rate representing a maximum value from present charge rates of plurality of secondary batteries constituting an assembled battery and a minimum charge rate. Then, the BMS generates a normal waveform signal in which the maximum charge rate... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20120299599 - Electric leakage sensing apparatus: An electric leakage sensing apparatus includes a pulse generator that supplies a pulse to a coupling capacitor, a voltage detector that detects a voltage at the coupling capacitor, an electric leakage determination unit that compares the voltage detected by the voltage detector to a threshold and determines existence or non-existence... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120299598 - Systems and methods for determining electrical ground faults: Certain embodiments of the invention may include systems and methods for determining electrical ground faults. According to an example embodiment of the invention, a method is provided determining ground leakage electrical faults. The method includes providing a voltage source having a positive lead in communication with a first contact conductor... Agent: General Electric Company

20120299601 - Method of testing a spur short circuit protection system and diagnostic device for performing the method: A method of testing a short circuit protection system applied to a spur of an electric circuit, in which the short circuit protection system comprises a current limiting means which applies a current limit to said spur if the current thereon exceeds a spur current trip level, in which the... Agent: Pepperl + Fuchs Gmbh

20120299600 - Test apparatus and test method: A test apparatus that tests a device under test outputting a data signal and a clock signal indicating a timing at which the data signal is to be sampled, the test apparatus comprising a data acquiring section that acquires the data signal output by the device under test, at a... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120299602 - Electronic device, and open circuit detecting system, detecting method thereof: An open circuit detecting system configured to connect to an object circuit for getting an electrical signal through a virtual ground induced by characteristic impedance of a parasitic capacitor and determining whether the object circuit is open according to the electrical signal.... Agent:

20120299603 - On-line monitoring system of insulation losses for underground power cables: A monitoring system adapted to assess insulation losses of an underground power cable includes a cable circuit having first and second, spaced-apart terminals. The cable circuit is disposed along a section of the underground power cable. The system further includes a communications device adapted to transmit data gathered at the... Agent: Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.

20120299604 - Electric field sensor and implements comprising same: A system has a battery serving as a DC voltage source for electrical equipment of the system, a sensor for sensing an electric field (e-field) generated by the DC voltage source, sensor signal processing circuitry connected to the sensor for receiving a sensor output signal therefrom, and an e-field indicating... Agent: Innovagio Corp.

20120299605 - Occupant detection sensor and manufacturing method of the same: An occupant detection sensor for detecting an occupant seating state on a seat comprises: a contact pressure sensor section including a pair of opposed electrodes arranged parallel to a seating face part of the seat; an electrostatic sensor section including a main electrode arranged parallel to the seating face part... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120299606 - Test apparatus and test method: Provided is a test apparatus that tests a device under test outputting a data signal and a clock signal indicating a timing at which the data signal is to be sampled, the test apparatus comprising a data acquiring section that acquires the data signal output by the device under test,... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120299607 - Testing of defibrillator electrodes: Systems and methods for testing defibrillator electrode conductivity. Connection for electrically connecting electrodes and defibrillation signal generator connected to the electrodes. Patient impedance measurement system comprising patient signal generator and patient signal receiver. A defibrillator controller connected to defibrillation signal generator and patient impedance measurement system. An electrode test system... Agent:

20120299608 - Method of testing reliability of semiconductor device: The invention provides a method of testing reliability of a semiconductor device, wherein the semiconductor device has negative bias temperature instability NBTI. The method comprises steps of: measuring a NBTI curve of a first set of semiconductor devices; measuring 1/f noise power spectrum density and drain current at a predetermined... Agent: Peking University

20120299609 - Positioning and socketing for semiconductor dice: Devices and methods useful for testing bare and packaged semiconductor dice are provided. As integrated circuit chips become smaller and increasingly complex, the interface presented by a chip for connectivity with power supplies and other components of the system into which it is integrated similarly becomes smaller and more complex.... Agent:

20120299610 - Method and apparatus for testing a semiconductor wafer: A method for testing a semiconductor wafer comprises providing a semiconductor wafer. The semiconductor wafer comprises a protruding annular rim, a first redistribution structure disposed on the front side of the semiconductor wafer, a second redistribution structure disposed on the rear side of the semiconductor wafer within the protruding annular... Agent: Doublecheck Semiconductors Pte. Ltd.

20120299611 - Probe assembly: A probe assembly includes a probe and an assistant measuring device. The probe includes a main body, a metal tip, a first cable, and a second cable. The assistant measuring device includes a base, a first pole, a second pole, an annular wall, a first input line, and a second... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120299612 - Elastic micro high frequency probe: An elastic micro high frequency probe includes a conductor, which includes a stationary body and a movable body. The stationary body has a conductive terminal, a contacting end, and a guider. The movable body has a conductive terminal, a spring mechanism, and a guider. The spring mechanism is connected to... Agent:

20120299613 - Jig for semiconductor test: A jig for use in a semiconductor test includes: a base on which a probe pin and an insulating material are placed, the insulating material surrounding the probe pin in plan view; and a stage arranged to face a surface of the base on which the probe pin and the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120299614 - Test socket with a rapidly detachable electrical connection module: A test socket includes a test base and at least one electrical connection module. The at least one electrical connection module is detachably mounted in the test base and each one of the at least one electrical connection module has a frame and an electrically conducting element. The frame has... Agent: Tek Crown Technology Co., Ltd.

20120299615 - Circuit board assembly and assistant test circuit board: An assistant test circuit board for assisting a tester to test a number of signal welds and a number of ground welds on a printed circuit board includes a ground pin, a same number of ground pads as ground welds, test pads, and a same number of test pins as... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

11/22/2012 > 41 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20120293157 - Method for determining the sharpness of cutting edges of chopper blades: A method for determining the sharpness of cutting edges (16) of chopper blades (1) at a rotationally driven chopper drum (14) of a forage harvester includes scanning a blade surface of at least one of the chopper blades located behind the cutting edge by at least one electrode operating as... Agent:

20120293158 - Methods and apparatus for high-speed operation of a chemically-sensitive sensor array: Methods and apparatus relating to very large scale FET arrays for analyte measurements. ChemFET (e.g., ISFET) arrays may be fabricated using conventional CMOS processing techniques based on improved FET pixel and array designs that increase measurement sensitivity and accuracy, and at the same time facilitate significantly small pixel sizes and... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20120293160 - Field-effect transistor including movable gate electrode and sensor device including field-effect transistor: A field-effect transistor includes a semiconductor layer, at least two active regions disposed in the semiconductor layer, a source electrode in contact with one of the two active regions, a drain electrode in contact with the other active region; an insulating layer which is located between the source electrode and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120293159 - Voltage testing circuit: A voltage testing circuit includes a voltage input terminal, an LED, a first reference resistor, a transistor, a current-limiting resistor, a second reference resistor, and a 3-terminal adjustable regulator. The transistor includes an emitter, a base connected to the voltage input terminal through the first reference resistor, and a collector... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120293161 - Alternating current voltage detection circuit: An AC voltage detection circuit includes a conversion module, a comparison module, and a prompt module. The conversion module connects to an AC power source and converts the AC voltage provided by the AC power source to an AC current, and then converts the AC current to a direct current... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120293162 - Method for testing multiple coupons: A method for testing multiple coupons is described. The x, y, and theta offset coordinates of a reference structure for each coupon are determined. Additionally, the x and y offset coordinates between the reference structure and the first test device are determined. After the reference data from all of the... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20120293163 - On-chip millimeter-wave power detection circuit: An on-chip millimeter wave power detection circuit comprises a high resistive probe for voltage sensing of millimeter wave signals, the probe comprises a metal line perpendicularly connected to a transmission line, at one end, and further connected to a power root mean square (RMS) detector at the other end; and... Agent: Wilocity, Ltd.

20120293164 - Magnetoresistance sensor with built-in self-test and device configuring ability and method for manufacturing same: A magnetoresistance sensor includes a multifunctional circuit structure having the functionality of built-in self-testing and/or device configuration. The magnetoresistance sensor further includes a substrate having a first dielectric layer formed thereon and a magnetoresistance structure. The multifunctional circuit structure is disposed on the dielectric layer and includes a winding structure... Agent: Voltafield Technology Corporation

20120293165 - Magnetic proximity sensor: Magnetic proximity sensor, comprising a magnetic sensor element, and a magnet assembly having a first pole surface and a second pole surface, wherein the first pole surface of the magnet assembly is positioned adjacent to a sensor target surface of the magnetic proximity sensor, and the sensor element is positioned... Agent: Sensata Technologies, Inc.

20120293166 - Rotary position sensor: A rotary position sensor having a transmitter coil excited by a high frequency signal source. A first and second receiver coil, each having at least two oppositely wound loops, are rotatably positioned electrically 90 degrees relative to each other. The receiver coils are positioned so as to be inductively coupled... Agent: Ksr Technologies Co.

20120293167 - Rotation sensor: A magnetism detection elements are arranged in an arrangement direction substantially perpendicular to a tooth trace of a gear when viewed from a magnetism generation unit and send a signal according to a magnetic flux flowing between the gear and the magnetism generation unit. A detection unit detects rotation of... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120293168 - Multi directional electromagnetic yoke for inspection of bores: A non-destructive inspection system that has particular application for inspecting a bore in a valve for defects. The system includes an inspection yoke having a ferromagnetic core, where a first coil is wound around the core in one direction and a second coil is wound around the core in an... Agent:

20120293169 - Magnetic detection apparatus: A magnetic detection apparatus comprises: a magnetic detection section which is obtained by pressing a base including a magnetic detection device, and magnetic field generation means fixed to the base, into a cap so as to integrate the base, the magnetic field generation means, and the cap; and a secondary... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120293170 - Magnetic field detection device and current sensor: A magnetic field detection device 1 includes a conductor 3 that generates a magnetic field; a C core 2 provided so as to surround the conductor 3; and a magnetic field detection element 4 that detects a magnetic field. The C core 2 has a gap G1, and the magnetic... Agent:

20120293171 - Pulsed asl using tagging pulse pattern encoding/decoding of flowing nuclei cohorts: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) produces an image representative of flowing nuclei within a subject. For each of plural MRI data acquisition sequences, a non-contrast pulsed ASL (arterial spin labeling) pre-sequence is applied to flowing nuclei in a tagging region during a tagging period (that occurs prior to MRI data acquisition... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120293172 - Spatially shaped pre-saturation profile for enhanced non-contrast mra: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system is used to produce an image representative of the vasculature of a subject by applying a non-contrast MRI pulse sequence to acquire MRI k-space data from non-stationary nuclei flowing in a selected spatial region of a subject after nuclei within the region have been... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120293174 - Method and apparatus for imaging a subject using local surface coils: A Radio Frequency (RF) coil apparatus for generating a Magnetic Resonance (MR) image includes a body adapted to be worn by a subject being scanned, the body comprising an anterior portion, a posterior portion, and a transition portion coupled between the anterior and posterior portions, a first RF receive-only saddle... Agent: General Electric Company

20120293173 - Rf body coil for reduced acoustic noise in an mr system: An RF body coil having enhanced acoustic deadening properties for an MR scanning apparatus is disclosed. The RF body coil includes an RF support form and RF electronics affixed to the RF support form, with the RF electronics comprising a plurality of RF legs. The RF support form further includes... Agent:

20120293175 - Liquid nitrogen cooled mri coils and coil arrays: New method of cooling of MRI coil and resonators is disclosed and described. MRI coil designs showed in the disclosure are based solely on the use of copper tube elements filled with liquid nitrogen. Inside the conducting tubes at rf frequency there is no rf electric field, thus the liquid... Agent: The University Of Houston System

20120293176 - Variable rotatable mr coil: A local coil for a magnetic resonance tomography system includes a plurality of coil elements. Each coil element of the plurality of coil elements has a point of application for another coil element of the plurality of coil elements. The coil element is connected to the other coil element at... Agent:

20120293177 - Receiver coil assembly with air and ferromagnetic cored sensors for geophysical surveying: A receiver coil assembly for performing geophysical surveys, including a hollow outer shell defining a continuous internal passage that forms a loop; a multiturn receiver air coil extending around the continuous internal passage; and a first cored coil comprising multiturn solenoid windings about a ferromagnetic core, the first cored coil... Agent: Geotech Airborne Limited

20120293178 - Automatic anisotropy, azimuth and dip determination from upscaled image log data: A method of determining anisotropy in a borehole is disclosed. An array of measurements along the borehole is obtained and a first depth in the borehole is selected. An arbitrary plane oriented with respect to the borehole at the first depth is designated and an anisotropy for the first depth... Agent:

20120293179 - Apparatus and method for multi-component wellbore electric field measurements using capacitive sensors: A method and apparatus is provided for collecting reservoir data. The method includes providing one or more electromagnetic sources for generating an electromagnetic field in a reservoir and providing one or more electromagnetic sensors equipped with capacitive electrodes. The electromagnetic source is located separately from the electromagnetic sensor. The electromagnetic... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20120293180 - Apparatus for measuring permittivity of rocks and fault clays using permittivity sensor: An apparatus for measuring permittivity of a sample. The apparatus includes: a sample chamber including a sealed space portion in which a sample to be measured is put; a pressure adjusting unit for varying pressure by applying water pressure to the space portion of the sample chamber; a permittivity sensor... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources (kigam)

20120293181 - Biochemical measuring device: The invention provides a biochemical measuring device including: a measuring unit configured to measure a base current and a peak current; a time counting unit configured to count an elapsed time from the contact of a sensor electrode to a reference solution until the start of measurement of the base... Agent: Tanita Corporation

20120293182 - Electrical test apparatus for a photovoltaic component: The present invention relates to electrical test apparatuses for photovoltaic components and methods of testing photovoltaic components.... Agent:

20120293183 - Method and control unit for monitoring cable faults on a broadband lambda probe: A method for identifying cable faults at the terminals of a broadband lambda probe comprising a Nernst cell and a pump cell in the exhaust gas duct of an internal combustion engine. The broadband lambda probe has a reference electrode terminal RE, an internal pump electrode terminal IPE and an... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120293184 - High frequency characteristic measuring device: A high frequency characteristic measuring device for measuring high frequency characteristics of a high frequency device to be measured by contacting probe needles with the high frequency device to be measured, before mounting of the high frequency device to be measured. The high frequency characteristic measuring device includes an input... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120293185 - Determining the current return path integrity in an electric device connected or connectable to a further device: A method for determining current return path integrity in an electric device with a plurality of signal lines and supply lines. A library with at least one reference signal pattern of a near end crosstalk signal on a defined signal line arising from an input signal on another defined signal... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120293186 - Method, solvent formulation and apparatus for the measurement of the salt content in petroleum fluids: A method and apparatus for determining the salt concentration of crude oil using a single solvent that allows for improved safety and accuracy. The apparatus can include a pair of electrodes, a solvent storage container, a power source, a temperature sensor, a computer, and a display device. The method includes... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20120293187 - Simple and minimally invasive methods and systems for sensing and computing load impedance: Systems and methods for direct load impedance computation for a two-port network are disclosed. For a two-port network connected between a first port and a second port, a method can include defining an equivalent PI network including a first equivalent network element in communication with the first port, a second... Agent:

20120293188 - Apparatus and method of using impedance resonance sensor for thickness measurement: An apparatus for, and methods of use for, measuring film thickness on an underlying body are provided. The apparatus may include at least one Impedance Resonance (IR) sensor, which may include at least one sensing head. The at least one sensing head may include an inductor having at least one... Agent: Neovision, LLC

20120293189 - Novel method and device for whole-cell bacterial bio-capacitor chip for detecting cellular stress induced by toxic chemicals: The present invention is directed to methods and a bio-capacitor sensing device for the detection of toxic chemicals using bacteria. The sensing platform comprises gold interdigitated capacitor with a defined geometry, a layer of carboxy-CNTs immobilized with viable E. coli cells as sensing elements. Also included are methods of making... Agent: Sabanci Universitesi

20120293190 - Capacitive sensor interference determination: A processing system for a capacitive input device is described. The capacitive input device includes a plurality of sensor electrodes configured to detect input objects in a sensing region. The processing system configured to transmit a signal on a transmitter sensor channel of the capacitive input device. The processing system... Agent: Synaptics Incorporated

20120293192 - Charge read-out structure for a photon / particle detector: A charge read-out structure for photon and particle detectors, which is capable of spatially-resolving a position of the charge. The structure comprises a resistive element defining a detection surface which is capacitively coupled to an array of electrically insulated electrodes. Each electrode in the array is capacitively coupled to an... Agent:

20120293191 - Hvmos reliability evaluation using bulk resistances as indices: A method of determining the reliability of a high-voltage PMOS (HVPMOS) device includes determining a bulk resistance of the HVPMOS device, and evaluating the reliability of the HVPMOS device based on the bulk resistance.... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120293193 - Water detecting apparatus: A water detecting apparatus, which comprises: at least one close loop circuit; and a water detecting circuit, for detecting if a resistance value for the close loop circuit is a predetermined value, to determine if any water exists on the close loop circuit.... Agent:

20120293194 - Sensor: Disclosed is a sensor that can accurately detect displacement and prevents the phenomenon of a contact section between a shaft member and a sliding element receiver being shifted. The sensor comprising: a case having a through hole; a resistance substrate fixed at an inside of said case; a shaft member... Agent: Eagle Industry Co.,

20120293195 - Method and apparatus for testing integrated circuits: Aspects of the disclosure provide a testing method. The method includes supplying a power supply from a voltage regulator to a device under test (DUT). The DUT includes an adaptive voltage scaling module configured to generate a feedback signal in response to the power supply. Further, the method includes receiving... Agent:

20120293196 - Test key structure for monitoring gate conductor to deep trench misalignment and testing method thereof: The disclosure provides a test key structure for monitoring gate conductor to deep trench misalignment and a testing method thereof. The test key structure for monitoring gate conductor to deep trench misalignment includes: a deep trench capacitor structure comprising a plurality of parallel deep trench capacitor lines and a deep... Agent: Nanya Technology Corporation

20120293197 - On-chip leakage current modeling and measurement circuit: At least one N-type transistor and at least one P-type transistor separate from the digital circuit are sized to represent the total area of the corresponding type transistors in the digital circuit. The gates of the N-type transistor and P-type transistors are set to voltages according to the corresponding off-state... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

11/15/2012 > 61 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20120286760 - Fuel dispenser input device tamper detection arrangement: A multi-layer tamper detection arrangement for use with an input device comprising tamper-response electronics and memory. The multi-layer sensor arrangement comprises a flexible circuit assembly configured for connection to the input device. The flexible circuit assembly comprises an outer layer comprising a first tamper-responsive conductor circuit and a first inner... Agent: Gilbarco Inc.

20120286761 - Waterproof ph meter: A waterproof pH meter includes a main unit, a probe, which includes a probe electrode and a signal processing circuit, and a waterproof signal transmission line electrically coupled between a main circuit in the main unit and the signal processing circuit of the probe. When measuring a solution, a potential... Agent: Az Instrument Corp.

20120286762 - Cellular potential measurement container and production method therefor: A container for measuring cellular electric potential after being mounted on an electric potential measuring device is provided comprising a container and an electrode substrate, the electrode substrate being attached to a lower end of the container so as to form a plurality of wells, wherein the container comprises a... Agent: Nipro Corporation

20120286763 - Method of use of a field-effect transistor, single-electron transistor and sensor: A method of detecting a detection target using a sensor requires a sensor having a transistor selected from the group of field-effect transistors or single electron transistors. The transistor includes a substrate, a source electrode disposed on the substrate and a drain electrode disposed on the substrate, and a channel... Agent: Japan Science And Technology Agency

20120286764 - Apparatus for detecting partial discharge for electric power devices: The present invention relates to an apparatus for detecting partial discharge for electric power devices, comprising: an insulator having a predetermined shape; a receiving unit arranged inside or outside the insulator to receive signals of a plurality of sub-bands; and a connection electrode which transmits signals of a receiving electrode... Agent: Hyosung Corporation

20120286765 - Identifying hearing prosthesis actuator resonance peak(s): An auditory prosthesis comprising an actuator for providing mechanical stimulation to a recipient. The auditory prosthesis comprises a measurement circuit for use in determining the resonance peak(s) of the actuator. In an embodiment, the measurement circuit measures the voltage drop across the actuator and/or current through the actuator during a... Agent:

20120286766 - Apparatus for detecting input phase missing and method thereof: Provided is an apparatus for detecting input phase missing and a method thereof, wherein the apparatus includes: a power input unit applying a 3-phase AC voltage; a rectifying unit rectifying the AC voltage applied from the power input unit; a filter unit bandpass-filtering the rectified voltage and calculating magnitude of... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20120286767 - Fiber optic current sensor: A Fiber-optic current sensor for sensing electric current carried in an electric conductor (18). Its optical section comprises: a light source (1); a directional coupler (2) with two ports (2A, 2B) of two arms each; a radiation polarizer (3); a polarization modulator (4); a fiber line (17) coupled to a... Agent: Closed Joint Stock Company "profotech" (cjsc "profotech")

20120286768 - Method for manufacturing optoelectronic memory device: The present invention provides an optoelectronic memory device, the method for manufacturing and evaluating the same. The optoelectronic memory device according to the present invention includes a substrate, an insulation layer, an active layer, source electrode and drain electrode. The substrate includes a gate, and the insulation layer is formed... Agent:

20120286769 - Current sensing device for a multi-phase switched voltage regulator: A current sensor includes input modules each including an amplifier having a first input coupled to a respective winding of a regulator; a transistor having a control input coupled to the amplifier output, a first terminal coupled to a second input of the operational amplifier, and a second terminal configured... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20120286770 - Lighting systems: A lighting system is disclosed having a plurality of luminaires in which the energy usage of each luminaire can individually be metered using a luminaire controller having a metering circuit.... Agent: Schreder

20120286771 - Methods for calibrating an array of chemically-sensitive sensors: Methods and apparatus relating to very large scale FET arrays for analyte measurements. ChemFET (e.g., ISFET) arrays may be fabricated using conventional CMOS processing techniques based on improved FET pixel and array designs that increase measurement sensitivity and accuracy, and at the same time facilitate significantly small pixel sizes and... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20120286772 - Metallic pipeline current reader and third party strike damage detector: t

20120286773 - Hall-effect-based angular orientation sensor and corresponding method: d2) applying, during a second time period of a duration 0.5 Tf, subsequent to said first time period of a duration 0.5 Tf, and in the same specific sequence of said N Hall effect devices, to each of said N Hall effect devices a respective wiring scheme Wi−, during respective... Agent: Sensima Technology Sa

20120286774 - Apparatus and method for determining steering angle: A steering angle sensor having a first part engaged to and rotatable with a steering system and a second part providing a code. The second part immovably engages the steering system and the first part rotates about the second part to scan the code. An electrical connection between the steering... Agent:

20120286775 - System and method for fiber magneto-optic detection: A system and method for fiber magneto-optic detection are provided, which belongs to the optical application field. The system comprises: a reference device (300) for generating a reference magnetic field signal with known amplitude and shape at a measurement point; a magneto-optic probe (100) for detecting a magnetic field signal... Agent: 3s Hi-technologies Co., Ltd.

20120286776 - Low offset vertical hall device and current spinning method: One embodiment of the present invention relates to a vertical Hall-effect device. The device includes at least two supply terminals arranged to supply electrical energy to the first Hall-effect region; and at least one Hall signal terminal arranged to provide a first Hall signal from the first Hall-effect region. The... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120286777 - Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging using 3d mosaic segmentation and 3d navigator phase correction: In a magnetic resonance apparatus and operating method therefore, 3D navigator data are acquired and are used to correct spatially varying phase errors in contemporaneously acquired imaging data in each shot of a multi-shot data acquisition sequence. A mosaic sampling scheme is used to enter the diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance data... Agent:

20120286778 - Method and device for determining a magnetic resonance system control sequence: A method for determining a magnetic resonance system control sequence that includes a multichannel pulse with a plurality of individual RF pulses to be transmitted in parallel by a magnetic resonance system via different independent RF transmit channels is provided. Using a predefined target magnetization, a multichannel pulse is determined... Agent:

20120286783 - Accelerated mri with nonlinear spatial encoding gradients: In a method of magnetic resonance imaging, a set of nonlinear, mutually orthogonal magnetic gradient encoding fields are sequentially and separately generated in an imaging region [100]. Using multiple receiver coils having nonuniform sensitivity profiles, echo data representing signal intensities in the imaging region is sequentially acquired as the magnetic... Agent:

20120286781 - Magnetic resonance methodology for imaging of exchange-relayed intramolecular nuclear overhauser enhancement effects in mobile solutes: An embodiment in accordance with the present invention provides a method for imaging exchange-relayed intramolecular Nuclear Overhauser Enhancement (NOE) effects with Magnetic Resonance (MR) in mobile solutes. In the method, non-exchangeable protons or other magnetic nuclei with resonances of a finite linewidth in the NMR proton spectrum within a species... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20120286780 - Magnetic resonance relaxation along a fictitious field: A system includes a driving module, a processor, and a readout module. The driving module is configured to apply a perturbation to a sample. The processor is configured to define a plurality of different rotating frames relative to the perturbation, wherein each frame has a corresponding fictitious field. The readout... Agent: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

20120286782 - Method for nmr spectroscopy with sustained induction decays of long-lived coherences: A method for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy of a sample involves excitation of long lived coherences (LLC) between the singlet state S0 and the central triplet state T0 of nuclei of the sample by initiating irradiation of the sample with an rf-field with carrier frequency ωrf; sustaining of the... Agent:

20120286779 - Snmr pulse sequence phase cycling: Technologies applicable to SNMR pulse sequence phase cycling are disclosed, including SNMR acquisition apparatus and methods, SNMR processing apparatus and methods, and combinations thereof. SNMR acquisition may include transmitting two or more SNMR pulse sequences and applying a phase shift to a pulse in at least one of the pulse... Agent: Vista Clara, Inc.

20120286785 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus with means for correcting magnetic field homogeneity: A Magnetic Resonance apparatus includes a 3D structure having a cavity for receiving a body under examination, a mechanism for generating a static magnetic field in the patient receiving cavity, a mechanism for generating variable magnetic fields in the cavity, an antenna for transmitting electromagnetic nuclear spin excitation pulses, an... Agent: Esaote S.p.a.

20120286784 - Size-adjustable head/neck mr surface coil with hinged upper section: A local coil for a magnetic resonance tomography system includes an upper section and a lower section. The upper section is hingeable in relation to the lower section.... Agent:

20120286787 - Direct digital receiver with local free running clock: The invention relates to direct digital receiver for an RF coil (11, 12, 13, 200), in particular of a magnetic resonance imaging system (1), for providing a digital sample output signal at a digital operating frequency in a time base of a system clock (222), the receiver comprising:—an analogue-to-digital converter... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120286786 - Phased array mr rf coil which is not visible in x-ray image: An phased array RF coil used for MR imaging is designed so that it remains in place in the field of view of an X-Ray imaging system and comprises a support board on which copper or aluminum conductive traces are carried. The attenuation of the X-Rays caused by the traces... Agent:

20120286788 - Rf transmit and/or receive antenna for a hybrid mri/hifu system: An RF/MR transmit and/or receive antenna is disclosed for use in a hybrid magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system (or MR scanner), which comprises an MRI system and another imaging system for example in the form of a high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) system. The RF transmit and/or receive antenna (40,... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120286789 - Tracking the positional relationship between a boring tool and one or more buried lines using a composite magnetic signal: An apparatus monitors a positional relationship between a boring tool and an inground line and includes a transmitter to generate a magnetic locating field from one of either the boring tool or at least an underground length of the line. A receiver can be carried by the boring tool if... Agent:

20120286790 - Determining formation parameters using electromagnetic coupling components: A method and a downhole tool determine one or more parameters of a formation traversed by a borehole where at least a portion of the formation has substantially parallel boundaries. A tool is disposed in the borehole that includes a transmitter having a dipole moment at an angle θT with... Agent:

20120286791 - Ion current detector: In order not to deteriorate the detection properties of an ion current that monitors a combustion state even when a smolder leak is present in an ignition plug of an internal combustion engine, an ion current detector includes an ignition plug of an internal combustion engine, an ignition coil which... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120286792 - Channel verification of multiple channels on one chip: A battery monitoring system and method are disclosed. A battery monitor compares data in parallel register files. If voltage deviation above a certain threshold is detected in one register file, the system generates an alert that a fault exists upstream in the system. In order to better detect errors, the... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20120286793 - Vehicle system and method for detecting hydrogen sulfide: A sulfide-based solid electrolyte cell which can efficiently detect its deterioration, a cell pack equipped with the cell, a vehicle system equipped with the cell pack, and a method for detecting hydrogen sulfide. A sulfide-based solid electrolyte cell including at least one or more power generation units each including a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120286794 - System and method for monitoring and balancing voltage of individual battery cells within a battery pack: Systems and methods for a scalable battery controller are disclosed. In one example, a circuit board coupled to a battery cell stack is designed to be configurable to monitor and balance battery cells of battery cell stacks that may vary depending on battery pack requirements. Further, the battery pack control... Agent: A123 Systems, Inc.

20120286795 - Methods, systems, and apparatus for detecting light and acoustic waves: A sensor includes a sensor head including an acoustic detector configured to receive light from a first light source and to reflect the light upon incidence of acoustic waves. The sensor also includes at least one optical fiber and at least one fluorescent material within at least one of the... Agent:

20120286796 - Active 2-dimensional array structure for parallel testing: A structure and method is provided for testing a 2-dimensional array of electrical devices, such as a 2-dimensional array in the first metal level (M1) of an electronic structure. The method for testing the 2-dimensional array provides a parallel test approach. The test structure provides a plurality of test pad... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120286797 - Electromagnetic wave measurement device, measurement method, and recording medium: According to the present invention, an electromagnetic wave measurement device includes an electromagnetic wave output device, an electromagnetic wave detector and a measurement unit. The electromagnetic wave output device outputs an electromagnetic wave having a frequency equal to or more than 0.01 [THz] and equal to or less than 100... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120286798 - Methods of testing a connection between speakers and a power amplifier and devices therefor: The present disclosure provides methods and devices for testing a connection between speakers and a power amplifier. The disclosed methods and devices solve a problem that, upon a connection test for a power amplifier which has a booster power source, when a midpoint potential of the power amplifier and the... Agent:

20120286799 - Test fixture for rf testing: A test fixture for performing RF testing. The test fixture includes a base plate configured to support an electronic device. The base plate defines a grid of grooves. The base plate further defines a cut-out configured to receiving an antenna in one or more positions. The test fixture further includes... Agent: Atc Logistics & Electronics, Inc.

20120286800 - Capacitance sensor with sensor capacitance compensation: A capacitance sensing circuit may include a switching circuit configured to generate a sensor current by charging and discharging a capacitive sensor electrode, and a current mirror that generates a mirror current based on the sensor current. Based on the mirror current, a measurement circuit generates an output signal representative... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20120286801 - Manufacturing method, switching apparatus, transmission line switching apparatus, and test apparatus: An actuator is manufactured that includes piezoelectric film that does not suffer physical damage. Provided is a manufacturing method comprising first insulating layer deposition of depositing a first insulating layer on a substrate using an insulating material; first annealing of annealing the first insulating layer; first electrode layer deposition of... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120286802 - Sensor electronics for a plurality of sensor elements and method for determining a position of an object at the sensor elements: An electronic circuit with a plurality of connections for a plurality of sensor elements is provided, wherein the electronic circuit is configured to detect, with at least one multiplexing method, the presence of an object in at least one observation area of the sensor elements and to distinguish between the... Agent:

20120286805 - Loading state determiner, load assembly, power supply circuit and method for determining a loading state of an electric power source: A loading state determiner for determining a loading state of an electric power source including a source impedance includes a voltage drop determination circuit which is implemented to provide, based on a detection of an instantaneous current provided under load by the power source to a load, an electric quantity... Agent:

20120286803 - Sensor: The invention relates to an electrochemical sensor integrated on a substrate, the electrochemical sensor comprising: a field effect transistor integrated on the substrate and having a source, gate and drain connections, said gate of the field effect transistor comprising: a sensing gate conductively coupled to a sensing electrode; and a... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120286804 - Sensor device: A sensor device includes a first electrode, a second electrode and a functional element. The first electrode includes a porous body having a connecting hole where adjacent holes communicate with each other with the porous body being in at least the vicinity of a surface of the first electrode. The... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120286807 - Electronic circuit and method for determining an impedance: An electronic circuit is arranged in an external programming device and is used for contactless programming of a circuit to be programmed. The electronic circuit has a series resonant circuit that includes a transmitter coil and a capacitor. The transmitter coil of the series resonant circuit is used for inductive... Agent: Junghans Microtec Gmbh

20120286806 - Measuring bulk lifetime: A substrate is electromagnetically coupled into an inductance-capacitance resonant circuit formed from (i) a member comprising a ferromagnetic material, (ii) an inductor and (iii) the substrate. The substrate is illuminated for a first time period X to cause photoconduction in the substrate. Decay in conductivity of the substrate is monitored... Agent:

20120286809 - Circuit arrangement for determining a capacitance of a number of capacitive sensor elements: A circuit arrangement for determining a capacitance of a number n of capacitive sensor elements (SE1˜SEn) comprises at least one collecting capacitor (CS1˜CSm), a reference voltage source (RQ), an evaluation device (AE) connected to the at least one collecting capacitor to evaluate a voltage present at the at least one... Agent:

20120286808 - System for locating and identifying at least two separate items: A system for locating and identifying at least two separate items, for example packaging, includes a capacitive first sensor detecting a first measuring region at a first position of a sensor device, for example a sensor film on a shelf bottom for packaging, a capacitive second sensor detecting a second... Agent: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Ag

20120286810 - Fluid quality sensor: An object of the present invention is to accurately detect concentrations of mixtures in a fluid. An internal electrode 23 is disposed on the inner side of an external electrode 22 coaxially with the external electrode 22, and a plurality of points in the length direction of the internal electrode... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120286812 - Capacitance difference detecting circuit: A capacitance difference detecting circuit, which comprises: a control circuit, for generating a control signal according to a first voltage and a second voltage; a first capacitor to be detected; a second capacitor to be detected; a voltage control unit, for cooperating with the first capacitor to be detected and... Agent:

20120286811 - Capacitance difference detecting method: A capacitance difference detecting method, comprising: (a) utilizing a voltage control unit to cooperate with a first capacitor to be detected and a second capacitor to be detected to generate a first voltage and a second voltage; and (b) computing a capacitance difference between the first capacitor to be detected... Agent:

20120286813 - Windshield moisture detector: A system, controller, and method for detecting moisture on a windshield that uses an isolated electrode coupled to a windshield. The isolated electrode is configured to exhibit an electrical impedance indicative of moisture present on a surface the windshield. The controller is configured to determine an electrode impedance value corresponding... Agent:

20120286814 - 3d ic testing apparatus: A three dimensional (3D) integrated circuit (IC) testing apparatus comprises a plurality of connection devices. When a device under test (DUT) such as an interposer or a 3D IC formed by a plurality of 3D dies operates in a testing mode, the 3D IC testing apparatus is coupled to the... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120286815 - Inspection device applying probe contact for signal transmission: An inspection device applying probe contact for signal transmission includes an inspection panel board; a probe base disposed on the inspection panel board and having a plurality of probes; a receiving moldboard disposed on the inspection panel board and including a fillister for receiving inspected portable electronic apparatus, and an... Agent: Askey Computer Corporation

20120286817 - Probe head assemblies, components thereof, test systems including the same, and methods of operating the same: Probe head assemblies, components of probe head assemblies, test systems including the probe head assemblies and/or components thereof, and methods of operating the same. The probe head assemblies are configured to convey a plurality of test signals to and/or from a device under test and include a space transformer, a... Agent: Cascade Microtech, Inc.

20120286816 - Probes with high current carrying capability and laser machining methods: The present invention is a probe having a distal end made of one material, a tip and a portion disposed between the distal end and the tip that is a different second material. The probe is laser machined manufactured using a nanosecond or picosecond laser.... Agent: Microprobe, Inc.

20120286818 - Assembly for optical backside failure analysis of wire-bonded device during electrical testing: Systems, methods, devices, and computer program products are described for allowing optical backside failure analysis of a wire-bonded semiconductor device concurrent with electrical testing of the device. For example, a semiconductor device is prepared and mounted in the optical testing subsystem, such that a circuit region of the device is... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120286819 - Mos test structure, method for forming mos test structure and method for performing wafer acceptance test: A MOS test structure is disclosed. A scribe line region is disposed on a substrate which has a first side and a second side opposite to the first side. An epitaxial layer is disposed on the first side, the doping well is disposed on the epitaxial layer and the doping... Agent:

20120286820 - Methods to detect a single point of failure: A method of detecting a single point of failure includes: placing a portion of a machine being monitored by a plurality of monitoring devices in a first position; causing the portion to cycle to a second position during a first cycle; measuring a component of electrical power provided by a... Agent: General Electric Company

11/08/2012 > 35 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20120280675 - Calibration assembly for aide in detection of analytes with electromagnetic read-write heads: Described are embodiments to ensure that the equipment utilized to detect antigens is reliable and accurate. Accordingly, one embodiment of the invention includes a calibration assembly having nanoparticles, with known magnetic properties, spaced apart at known y-axis locations along the calibration assembly. In one embodiment, the calibration assembly may be... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120280677 - Magnetic position detecting device: A magnetic position detecting device (10) includes a magnet (4); first to fourth magnetoelectric conversion elements (1A to 1D) formed on a virtual plane along a substrate (3); and a flux guide (5) made of a magnetic material. The flux guide (5) includes first and second protrusions (9B, 9A) provided... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120280676 - Position detecting device: A position detecting device affixed to a handle bar, wherein the positional displacement between a section to be detected and a detecting section is minimized to reduce the degradation of the detection accuracy. A position detecting device 1 comprising: a section 4 to be detected which is rotated on the... Agent: Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.

20120280679 - Shaft angle measurement: A magnetic angle sensor system for determining a shaft angle for one or more pivoting or rotating shaft means. The or each of said shaft means is provided with means adapted to generate a magnetic field, such that means can be energised in turn to induce a magnetic field in... Agent: Autonnic Research ,ltd.

20120280678 - Stator and resolver: Coils are formed into a coil group for a single phase by serially connecting a plurality of coils so that the resulting magnetic flux distribution is a sine wave distribution. The coil group for a single phase is constituted by a plurality of coil sets, formed from two coils that... Agent: Okuma Corporation

20120280680 - Hall integrated circuit package: A Hall integrated circuit package includes a Hall integrated circuit and a field line guiding module. The Hall integrated circuit and the field line guiding module are assembled together with a connecting pin of the Hall integrated circuit exposed to outside. Magnetic field causing by carrying current of a cable... Agent:

20120280681 - Magnetic field sensor having a control node to receive a control signal to adjust a threshold: An integrated magnetic field sensor includes a magnetic field sensing element configured to generate a magnetic field sensing element output signal in response to a magnetic field. The integrated magnetic field sensor also includes a threshold control node configured to receive a control signal from outside of the integrated magnetic... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20120280682 - Systems for characterizing resonance behavior of magnetostrictive resonators: Illustrative embodiments of systems for characterizing resonance behavior of magnetostrictive resonators are disclosed. In one illustrative embodiment, an apparatus may comprise a first channel including one or more driving coils and one or more magnetostrictive resonators, the first channel having a first impedance; a second channel having a second impedance,... Agent:

20120280684 - Apparatus and method for reconstructing 3d image by using magnetic resonance imaging: An apparatus for reconstructing 3D images by using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) includes an image acquiring unit configured to acquire a plurality of MR images about a region of interest of an object at different angles, respectively; and an image reconstructing unit configured to reconstruct the 3D image by using... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20120280685 - Linear phase microstrip radio frequency transmit coils: Systems, devices and methods provide an RF coil which produces a field having linear phase variation across an imaging volume. In one embodiment, a coil comprises multiple microstrip elements configured to have an increased effective electrical length. This increase in electrical length allows for a larger linear phase shifts over... Agent: University Of Utah Research Foundation

20120280686 - Measuring biological tissue parameters using diffusion magnetic resonance imaging: Methods, devices and systems are disclosed for measuring biological tissue parameters using restriction spectrum magnetic resonance imaging. In one aspect, a method of characterizing a biological structure includes determining individual diffusion signals from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data in a set of MRI images that include diffusion weighting conditions (e.g.,... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120280683 - System and method for magnetic resonance radio-frequency field mapping: A system and method for radio-frequency (RF) field mapping are provided. One method includes encoding a B1 phase in at least one magnetic resonance (MR) excitation pulse as an encoded B1 phase MR excitation pulse for at least a subset of a plurality of transmit channels within a magnetic resonance... Agent:

20120280687 - Magnetic resonance device: A magnetic resonance device includes a measuring chamber, a high-frequency shield at least partially enclosing the measuring chamber and an antenna arrangement that includes a plurality of antenna elements disposed around the measuring chamber. The antenna elements have at least one component that is active in the manner of an... Agent:

20120280688 - Magnetic resonance (mr) radio frequency (rf) coil and/or high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance: An MR coil including an MR RF receive coil comprising graphene.... Agent: M2m Imaging Corp.

20120280689 - Retaining clip for pluggable electronics components: A local coil for a magnetic resonance tomography system includes a mainboard, at least one plug-in module that is connectable to the mainboard, and a clip engaging with the plug-in module and the mainboard. The clip is arranged at least partially at a side of the mainboard.... Agent:

20120280690 - Method for subsurface electromagnetic surveying using two or more simultaneously actuated electromagnetic sources: A method for electromagnetic exploration includes imparting a first electromagnetic signal into subsurface formations and imparting a second electromagnetic signal into the formations substantially contemporaneously with imparting the first electromagnetic signal. The first and second electromagnetic signals are substantially uncorrelated with each other. A combined electromagnetic response of the formations... Agent:

20120280691 - Detecting an abnormality of a switch in a high voltage electrical substation: There is provided a method for determining an abnormality during operation of a high voltage disconnect switch, the method comprising: determining a current position of an arm of the high voltage disconnect switch operatively connected to a motor, the motor being operated for driving the arm of the high voltage... Agent:

20120280692 - Apparatus and method for managing battery pack: The present invention discloses an apparatus and method for managing a battery pack, which can rapidly and accurately diagnose the coupling state of a bus bar to battery modules in the battery pack. In accordance with the present invention, provided is an apparatus for managing a battery pack having a... Agent:

20120280693 - Battery cell impedance measurement method and apparatus: A circuit arrangement for determining impedance of a battery cell is provided. A first circuit is configured to generate sine and cosine waveforms having N sample values per period. A second circuit is coupled to an output of the first circuit and is configured to input a current into the... Agent:

20120280694 - Battery system: A battery system is disclosed. In one embodiment, the system includes i) a plurality of battery modules each of which is configured to store power, wherein each battery module is electrically connected to at least one other battery module and ii) a plurality of management units configured to monitor states... Agent: Samsung Sdi, Co., Ltd.

20120280695 - Voltage detection apparatus: A voltage detection apparatus includes first to third circuit boards are provided on first to third battery packs of a battery system respectively. The first circuit board includes a first voltage detection portion detecting a voltage of the first battery pack, a control portion controlling the first voltage detection portion,... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20120280696 - Test chip and chip test system using the same: A chip test system including a chip under test, a test chip, and a test equipment is provided. The chip under test receives a test input data and provides a test output data according to the test input data. The test chip performs at least one of a skew test,... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20120280697 - Vehicular insulation resistance detection apparatus: The vehicular insulation resistance detection apparatus includes a cyclic signal generating unit that generates a cyclic signal, a first resistor that has one end to which the cyclic signal is applied, a first capacitor that has one end connected to the other end of the first resistor and the other... Agent:

20120280698 - Capacitance-type proximity sensor device and electronic apparatus using the same: A capacitance-type proximity sensor device includes internal electrodes that are arranged such that capacitance is formed therebetween, external electrodes that are arranged in the outer circumference of the internal electrodes, a driving circuit that outputs a driving voltage, a detecting circuit that detects an output signal, a multiplexer that connects... Agent:

20120280699 - Partial discharge analysis coupling device: A partial discharge analysis (PDA) coupling device is provided. In one embodiment, a device includes: a connector electrically connecting a first coupling capacitor and a second coupling capacitor; a first conductive rod for electrically connecting the first coupling capacitor to a high voltage input; a second conductive rod for electrically... Agent: General Electric Company

20120280700 - Circuit and method for sensing a differential capacitance: A circuit for sensing a differential capacitance includes a charge-storing circuit to generate a first output voltage and a second output voltage related to capacitances at two terminals of the differential capacitance, respectively, an operational amplifier to amplify the difference between the first and second output voltages to generate a... Agent: Elan Microelectronics Corporation

20120280701 - Microorganism number measurement device: A microorganism number-measuring apparatus includes: measurement container including measurement liquid; rotary driver; bacteria-collection signal generator; measurement signal generator; output amplifier for amplifying outputs of signal generators and; I/V amplifier; impedance measuring unit for measuring impedance of liquid; microorganism number-computing unit for computing the number of microorganisms present in liquid; solution... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120280702 - Testing head for a test equipment of electronic devices: A testing head for a test equipment of electronic devices of the type includes a plurality of contact probes inserted into guide holes which are realized in at least an upper guide and a lower guide separated one another by an air zone. Each of such contact probes include at... Agent: Technoprobe S.p.a,

20120280703 - Testing head for a test equipment of electronic devices: A testing head for a test equipment of electronic devices comprises a plurality of contact probes inserted into guiding holes made in at least one upper guide and in a lower guide, separate from one another by an air zone, the contact probes comprising at least one enlarged portion suitable... Agent: Technoprobe S.p.a.

20120280704 - System for testing an integrated circuit of a device and its method of use: A cartridge, including a cartridge frame, formations on the cartridge frame for mounting the cartridge frame in a fixed position to an apparatus frame, a contactor support structure, a contactor interface on the contactor support structure, a plurality of terminals, held by the contactor support structure, for contacting contacts on... Agent: Aehr Test Systems

20120280705 - Test head, test board and test apparatus: A test board can be inserted to a test head and removed from the test head while the connecting section for mounting thereon devices under test is mounted on the upper portion of the test head. A test head for retaining therein at least one test board for testing devices... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120280706 - Cleaning sheet, cleaning member, cleaning method, and continuity test apparatus: Provided is a cleaning unit for removing foreign matter adhering to a probe needle of a probe card for a continuity test, the cleaning unit being capable of effectively removing the foreign matter adhering to the probe needle without abrading the probe needle. A cleaning sheet of the present invention... Agent: C/o Nitto Denko Corporation

20120280707 - Board mounting apparatus, test head, and electronic device test apparatus: A board mounting apparatus includes: a guide mechanism which guides a pin electronic card along a horizontal direction to an inside of a test head; and an insert mechanism which moves a pin electronic card guided into the test head along a vertical direction so that the pin electronic card... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120280708 - Integrated circuit chip and testing method thereof: An integrated circuit chip is provided. The integrated circuit chip includes a pad, a first resistor, a second resistor, a first switch, a second switch and a controller. The first resistor and the first switch are serially connected between the pad and a first reference voltage terminal. The second resistor... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20120280709 - Compressor protection and grid fault detection device: A compressor monitoring system includes current and voltage monitors, current and voltage averaging modules, a control module, and a switch. The current monitor measures a current drawn by a motor of a compressor. The current averaging module generates first and second average current values based on the current measured by... Agent:

11/01/2012 > 42 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20120274308 - Voltage detection circuit: A voltage detection circuit is used for determining whether a voltage of a power supply is less than a preset voltage. The circuit includes a Zener diode, a first electronic switch, a second electronic switch, and a controller. When the controller receives a high level signal, the controller warns the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120274309 - Method for automatically setting frequency span in a spectrum analyzer: Embodiments of this invention include a test and measurement instrument and associated methods for automatically setting frequency span in a spectrum analyzer. For example, starting with a high reference level, the power level can be automatically measured for each band. If a suitable minimum power is not found in one... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20120274310 - Element measurement circuit and method thereof: An element measurement circuit is provided, comprising a oscillator for generating a first oscillation clock and second oscillation clock, a frequency divider for dividing the first oscillation clock to generate a third oscillation clock and for dividing the second oscillation clock to generate a fourth oscillation clock, a frequency detector... Agent:

20120274311 - System and method for detecting a fundamental frequency of an electric power system: A system and method to detect the fundamental frequency of an electric input signal using a feedback control loop including a phase error detector, a loop controller, and a digitally controlled oscillator. The frequency detector may detect the fundamental frequency of an electric input signal and produce an output signal... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20120274312 - Voltage measuring circuit: A voltage measuring circuit includes a voltage measuring port, a voltage reference unit, a first voltage comparing unit and a light emitting diode. The voltage measuring port is for receiving an external voltage to be measured. The voltage reference unit includes a port providing a reference voltage. The first voltage... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120274313 - Oscilloscope with internally generated mixed signal oscilloscope demo mode stimulus, and integrated demonstration and training signals: An oscilloscope includes at least one demonstration signal generator integrated as part of the oscilloscope. The demonstration signal generator generates stimulus signals that consist of digital samples of various different stored waveforms without the need of a separate demonstration board or signal source. The demonstration signal generator may loop through... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20120274314 - Circuits and methods for self-calibrating or self-testing a magnetic field sensor: A magnetic field sensor includes a reference-field-sensing circuit channel that allows a calibration or a self-test of the circuitry of the magnetic field sensor. The magnetic field sensor can generate a reference magnetic field to which the magnetic field sensor is responsive.... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20120274315 - Rotation angle measurement assembly: An assembly is provided comprising a member having a graduated edge that varies in radius with respect to an axis, and a sensor adjacent to the graduated edge, the member and the sensor are capable of rotating relative to one another. The sensor provides a signal level proportional to a... Agent:

20120274316 - Variable reluctance resolver and angle detecting system therewith: A VR resolver with a shaft angle multiplier of 3× has a rotor core 104 that is provided with magnetic poles 104a and 104b, which project in a radial direction, and a magnetic pole 104c, which does not project in a radial direction. The VR resolver also has a stator... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20120274317 - Method of testing anti-high temperature performance of a magnetic head and apparatus thereof: A method of testing anti-high temperature performance of a magnetic head comprises applying a second magnetic field with different intensities in a second direction and the changing first magnetic fields in a first direction, and measuring a plurality of second output parameter curves; and judging whether a variation that is... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

20120274319 - Eddy current probe for surface and sub-surface inspection: An eddy current probe includes an excitation coil for coupling to a low-frequency alternating current (AC) source. A magnetoresistive sensor is centrally disposed within and at one end of the excitation coil to thereby define a sensing end of the probe. A tubular flux-focusing lens is disposed between the excitation... Agent: U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

20120274320 - Magnetic force sensor: There is provided a magnetic force sensor including: an action unit elastically supported by a supporting member; a magnetic-flux generating source including two or more magnets which are disposed so that a polarity of each of the magnetic-pole faces of the magnets is opposite to a polarity of a corresponding... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120274318 - Methods and apparatus to determine parameters in metal-containing films: A method and apparatus to determine a parameter of a metal-containing film are provided herein. In some embodiments, a method of determining a parameter of a metal-containing film may include generating a first magnetic field by flowing an alternating current through a coil disposed adjacent to and spaced apart from... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120274321 - System for fiber dc magneto-optic detection and method thereof: A system for fiber DC magneto-optic detection and method thereof are provided. The system comprises a power supply and signal processing module (400), an optical fiber device (200), a magneto-optic probe (100) and a reference device (300). The reference device (300) is mounted in the system, and the measured signal... Agent:

20120274325 - Imaging by magnetic resonance adsorption, elastography and tomography: A microwave imaging system provides superior breast imaging resolution by combining MR microwave absorption and MR-compatible microwave tomography calculations. These techniques may also be supplemented with magnetic resonance elastography calculations, for example, to facilitate quick multispectral imaging.... Agent: The Trustees Of Dartmouth College

20120274324 - Improved nmr measurement based on antiphase signals: A method of measuring magnetic resonance properties of an object, which includes a thermally polarized substance and a contrast agent exhibiting a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) antiphase signal (A), comprises the steps of subjecting the object in a stationary magnetic field to an excitation sequence including excitation radio frequency pulses,... Agent: Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Wissenschaften, E.v.

20120274322 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus that carries out a pulse sequence for making a signal of a first substance within an object smaller than a signal of a second substance within the object. The pulse sequence includes an α°-pulse for exciting the object, a refocus pulse for refocusing a phase... Agent:

20120274323 - Msc-selmqc method for simultaneous mapping of polyunsaturated fatty acids, lactate and choline in high fat tissues: Systems and methods employing spin editing techniques to improve magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) and magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) are discussed. Using these spin editing techniques, magnetic resonance signals of one or more unwanted chemicals (that is, chemicals whose signals are to be filtered out or suppressed) chemicals can be... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20120274327 - Magnetic shielding material for superconducting magnet: A magnetic shielding material which can decrease the thickness by having excellent conductivity even at low temperatures of, for example, 77 K or lower, in a strong magnetic field of a magnetic flux density of 1 T or more is provide. A magnetic shielding material to be used at low... Agent: Inter-university Research Institute Corporation High Energy Acceleration Research Organization

20120274326 - Method and apparatus for imaging a patient using local shim coils: A method of generating a magnetic resonance (MR) image includes applying a localized magnetic field to a portion of a patient, determining a difference between a local field strength around a first region of interest and a local field strength around a different second region of interest, adjusting the local... Agent: General Electric Company

20120274328 - Axial high voltage transformer with signal pass-through ability: A high voltage power supply particularly for use in small diameter spaces such as in oil well logging devices. An axial linear high voltage step-up transformer has an integral through hole in the internal ferrite, low voltage sensing signals may be passed through from the output section of the power... Agent:

20120274329 - Imaging in oil-based mud by synchronizing phases of currents injected into a formation: Disclosed is an apparatus for estimating a property of an earth formation penetrated by a borehole. The apparatus includes a carrier configured to be conveyed through the borehole. A first transmitter electrode and a second transmitter electrode are disposed at the carrier and configured to inject an electrical current into... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120274330 - Underground cavity detection by electromagnetic shock waves: A method for detection of underground anomalies including in a system of distributed antennas (10), which are leaky transmission lines, disposed in 16 boreholes (12) formed in a ground, a transmitter (14) being connected to one of the antennas (10), and a receiver (16) being connected to another of the... Agent:

20120274331 - Method and apparatus for determining the state-of-charge of a battery: A method and apparatus for determining the state-of-charge of a battery. In response to detecting that the battery is in a rest state, a pre-conditioning current is drawn from the battery to affect a correlation between the state-of-charge of the battery and an open-circuit voltage of the battery. Thereafter, the... Agent:

20120274332 - Algorithm for in-situ quantification of pemfc membrane health over its life: A method for determining the health of the membranes in a fuel cell stack. The total parasitic current of the fuel cells in the stack is determined. From the total parasitic current, the shorting resistance and the cross-over parasitic current are determined. The health of the membranes is then determined... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120274334 - Method and apparatus for characterizing process control equipment coupling integrity: In a process plant, a first series of measurements from a coupling interface are received. The first series of measurements are stored. A second series of measurements from a coupling interface are received. The second series of measurements. The first series and second series of measurements are compared. An indication... Agent: Fisher Controls International LLC

20120274333 - Method and apparatus for characterizing process control equipment integrity: In a process plant, a first series of impedance measurements from a valve body are received. The first series of impedance measurements are stored. A second series of impedance measurements from the valve body are received. The second series of impedance measurements from the valve body are stored. The first... Agent: Fisher Controls International LLC

20120274335 - Battery pack, method of determining malfunction, and a malfunction decision circuit: Application of rechargeable battery 1 charging voltage is determined by a signal applied to a battery-connect terminal 94 from external electrical equipment. In the case of charging voltage application, the current detection section is judged as malfunctioning when the maximum battery cell 1a, 1b, 1c voltage detected as a time... Agent:

20120274336 - Architecture and method to determine leakage impedance and leakage voltage node: A circuit, system, machine-readable storage medium and method for detecting the presence of a leakage path in a multi-cell voltage source is described. The system includes a detection circuit, the detection circuit having a first, second and third amplifiers, a first input of the first amplifier connected to a first... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20120274337 - Method and apparatus for diagnosing electrochemical sensor: A method and apparatus for diagnosing an electrochemical sensor that detects the concentration of a gas are operative for diagnosing whether or not the sensor is in an error state due to a rise in a resistance in the electrolyte of the sensor. Such detection is made on the basis... Agent: Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

20120274338 - High performance time domain reflectometry: Methods and systems for high-bandwidth time domain reflectometry include a printed circuit board (PCB) and a probe. The PCB includes at least one signal terminal connected to at least one signal via at least three guide terminals arranged around the at least one high-frequency signal terminal. At least one of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120274339 - Electromagnetic sensor system and antenna loop layout method thereof: An antenna loop layout method for an electromagnetic sensor board is provided. The electromagnetic sensor board has a plurality of inductive antennas which are arranged abreast of each other. One end of the inductive antennas is coupled to each other, and the other end of the inductive antennas have a... Agent: Waltop International Corporation

20120274340 - Circuit and method for sensing a differential capacitance: A circuit and a method for sensing differential capacitance involve using plural storing capacitors to repeatedly sample charges of the differential capacitance in an over-sampling manner, and storing the charges sampled in different transfer rounds into different storing capacitors instead of repeatedly transferring charges for a single storing capacitor, so... Agent:

20120274341 - Resistance measurement circuit and measuring method employing the same: A resistance measurement circuit used in a power circuit includes an analog to digital converter (ADC), a signal control module, and a potentiometer. The ADC can receive an output voltage from the power circuit and convert the output voltage from the power circuit to digital signals. The signal control module... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120274342 - Trauma detection system: A trauma detecting body wear apparatus that may be configured with an outer conductive layer, and a medium layer proximate to the outer conductive layer. The medium layer may include an insulating material configured to prevent current flow to the outer layer. There may be an inner conductive layer configured... Agent:

20120274343 - Method for measuring the electrical resistance of a glow plug: The invention relates to a method for measuring the electrical resistance of a glow plug, wherein a test current is set by closed-loop control to a constant value using a constant-current source, and is directed through the plug. A value of the electrical resistance of the glow plug is determined... Agent:

20120274344 - Testing system for printed circuit board: A test system includes a testing power supply unit which includes a rectifier and filter circuit and a voltage output circuit, a dropping voltage circuit which includes a primary coil and a secondary coil, a PWM regulator, and a control circuit. The rectifier and filter circuit receives an AC voltage... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20120274345 - Radio frequency testing apparatus: A radio frequency (RF) testing apparatus, for testing device under test (DUT) comprising a receiving antenna, includes a pair of transmitting antennas transmitting wireless communication signals to the receiving antenna, a shielding box, a first filter and a second filter. The shielding box includes a transmitting box, a receiving box... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120274346 - Testing system with capacitively coupled probe for evaluating electronic device structures: Conductive electronic device structures such as a conductive housing member that forms part of an antenna may be tested during manufacturing. A test system may be provided that has a capacitive coupling probe. The probe may have electrodes. The electrodes may be formed from patterned metal structures in a dielectric... Agent:

20120274347 - Integrated high-speed probe system: An integrated high-speed probe system is provided. The integrated high-speed probe system includes a circuit substrate for transmitting low-frequency testing signals from a tester through a first probe of the probe assembly to a DUT, and a high-speed substrate for transmitting high-frequency testing signals from the tester to the DUT.... Agent:

20120274348 - Test circuit and method of semiconductor integrated circuit: A test circuit of a semiconductor integrated circuit includes a through via, a voltage driving unit, and a determination unit. The through via receives an input voltage. The voltage driving unit is connected to the through via to receive the input voltage, changes a level of the input voltage in... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20120274349 - Debug card for motherboard: A debug card includes a connector, a driving circuit, a switching circuit, and a testing circuit. The connector is connected to an expansion slot of a motherboard. The switching circuit is connected between the connector and the testing circuit to select data channels between the connector and the testing circuit... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

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