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10/25/2012 > 59 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20120268103 - Display for hand-held electronics: The invention disclosed here is a display system for managing power and security for a plurality of hand-held electronic devices sold to consumers in a retail location. The display includes features that allow power to be supplied to individual devices and security sensors without continuous hard wiring or multi-conductor retractor... Agent: Merchandising Technologies, Inc.

20120268101 - Oscilloscope with integrated generator and internal trigger: An apparatus, includes an oscilloscope and a waveform generator. The waveform generator is integrated in a common housing with the oscilloscope, and configured to provide a stimulus signal as an output of the apparatus and to provide a trigger signal that is connected internally to the oscilloscope for triggering the... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc.

20120268102 - Switching apparatus and test apparatus: To restrict a bowing amount of a piezoelectric actuator, provided is a switching apparatus comprising a contact point section including a first contact point; and an actuator that moves a second contact point to contact or move away from the first contact point. The actuator includes a first piezoelectric film... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120268104 - Signal detection apparatus for sas devices: A signal detection apparatus for a serial attached SCSI (SAS) device includes an SAS female connector to be connected to a SAS device, an SAS male connector to be connected to a system, and first to fourth pairs of subminiature version A (SMA) connectors. When the first pair of SMA... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120268105 - Apparatus for analog-to-digital conversion with a high effective-sample-rate on the leading edge of a signal pulse: A method and electronic device for outputting time values and energy of an analog input signal by dynamically determining a plurality of threshold values, comparing, using a plurality of comparator circuits, the plurality of threshold values against the analog input signal, outputting, using at least one time to digital conversion... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120268106 - Smart current transformers: According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a current monitoring device comprising a current transformer configured to be removeably coupled to a power line and to generate a reference signal having a level related to a current level of the power line, a sensor circuit connected to the... Agent:

20120268107 - Safety circuit arrangement and method for the fail-safe monitoring of a movement variable: A safety circuit arrangement for the failsafe monitoring of a movement variable of a moving machine part has a signal input for supplying an encoder signal, with the encoder signal being representative of the movement variable to be monitored. The arrangement also has a reference signal path for supplying a... Agent:

20120268108 - Current sensor operating in accordance with the principle of compensation: An exemplary current sensor operating in accordance with the principle of compensation includes a primary winding creating a magnetic field based on a current to be measured, a secondary winding generating a magnetic field compensating the primary winding based on a compensation current. The current sensor also includes a magnetic... Agent: Abb Ag

20120268110 - Inductive proximity or distance sensor: The invention relates, in particular, to an inductive proximity or distance sensor. The invention proposes that a core 9 of an inductive sensor unit 5 of the proximity sensor 1, which projects into a coil carrier 7, have a rectangular cross-sectional profile.... Agent: Diehl Aerospace Gmbh

20120268109 - Method and arrangement for synchronizing a segment counter with a fine position sensor: A method and an arrangement for performing the method for the error-free conversion of the counting values of a segment counter including Wiegand sensors and the position values of a fine position sensor into a total position value using the last magnetization direction of the Wiegand wire of a segment... Agent:

20120268111 - Rotation angle sensor: A rotation angle sensor includes a housing, a detected object, a magnetism generation section, a housing cover, a circuit substrate, a sensing IC, and a resin body. The sensing IC includes a magnetism detection element, a molded body, and leads. The magnetism detection element outputs a signal in accordance with... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120268112 - Magnetic sensor and a method and device for mapping the magnetic field or magnetic field sensitivity of a recording head: The invention provides a method and apparatus for scanning a read/write head of a hard disk drive during manufacture. The method comprises: providing a magnetic sensor; moving the magnetic sensor relative to and in close proximity to the read/write head under test; obtaining measurements from the head under test or... Agent: Xyratex Technology Limited

20120268113 - Three-axis magnetic sensor and method for manufacturing the same: In a three-axis magnetic sensor, a plurality of magnetoresistive effect element bars are connected in series by means of bias magnets formed on a flat surface parallel to the flat surface of the substrate to constitute magnetoresistive effect elements. The sensitivity direction of magnetization is a direction perpendicular to the... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120268114 - Current sensor with a magnetic core: A current sensor is disclosed, with a ring-shaped magnetic core, the core enclosing the primary conductor with the current to be measured, the core having an air-gap containing a sensor element for measuring the magnetic core induction, whereby the cross-sectional area of the air-gap is larger than the cross-sectional area... Agent: Abb Ag

20120268115 - Method for analyzing a multi-phase fluid: A magnetic resonance based apparatus capable of measuring, without using time-of-flight measurements, flow regimes of multi-phase fluids in a pipe, comprises a magnetic resonance module through which the fluid phases flow, wherein the magnetic resonance module includes a radiofrequency coil for transmitting and detecting a signal and means for generating... Agent: Shell Oil Company

20120268117 - Apparatus and method for detecting the presence of a particle of a ferromagnetic metal in a packaging of a paramagnetic material: It is disclosed a method for checking a packaged product in order to know if it is free of particles of a ferromagnetic metal or contains a particle of a ferromagnetic metal. The packaged product comprises a packaging comprising a paramagnetic and/or diamagnetic metal. The method comprises: providing a static... Agent: E-pharma Trento S.p.a.

20120268119 - Magnetic field adjustment method for mri device: An eigen-mode to be corrected is selected in accordance with an attainable magnetic field accuracy (homogeneity) and appropriateness of arranged volume of the iron pieces. Because the adjustment can be made with the attainable magnetic field accuracy (homogeneity) being grasped, an erroneous adjustment can be grasped, and the adjustment is... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120268116 - Magnetic resonance signal detection using remotely positioned receive coils: The receive coil arrangement includes an inner coil adjacent the part to be imaged so as to maximize the received MR signal and an outer coil, which may be the built in body coil of the magnet, connected by cable to the signal processing system. Both the coils are individually... Agent:

20120268118 - Method for capturing mr image data and corresponding combined mr/et facility: MR image data relating to a volume section of an examination object is determined. Image data relating to this volume section is also captured by way of a true-to-original tomographic method. The MR image data is compared with the image data. Depending on the results of this comparison, either the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120268125 - Dynamic adaptation of a dephasing gradient pair: In a method for optimization of a flow coding with switching of an additional bipolar dephasing gradient pair, used in a magnetic resonance (MR) phase contrast angiography, the strength of the flow coding is selected depending on the flow velocity in the vessels that should be depicted. MR signals of... Agent:

20120268126 - Increasing the perfusion signal to noise ratio (snr) in velocity selective arterial spin labeling (vsasl) in magnetic resonance imaging: Techniques, systems computer program products are disclosed increasing tagging efficiency in velocity selective arterial spin labeling using multiple velocity selective saturation modules. In one aspect, a magnetic resonance imaging method for tagging arterial blood includes using two or more velocity selective saturation (VSS) modules to tag arterial blood. The tagged... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120268120 - Method for error compensated chemical species signal separation with magnetic resonance imaging: A method for producing an image of a subject with a magnetic resonance imaging (“MRI”) system, in which relative signal contributions from a plurality of different chemical species are separated, is provided. A plurality of different echo signals occurring at a respective plurality of different echo times are acquired with... Agent:

20120268128 - Method for principal frequency magnetic resonance elastography inversion: A method for calculating a mechanical property of a material using a magnetic resonance imaging (“MRI”) system is provided. The method is particularly robust to image data having low signal-to-noise ratio (“SNR”). An MRI system is used to acquire magnetic resonance elastography (“MRE”) data from a subject containing the material.... Agent:

20120268124 - Method for quasi-continous dynamic motion correciton in magnetic resonance measurements: A method of MR imaging and spectroscopy reduces artifacts occurring due to the motion of an object to be represented, wherein the object position is determined quasi-continuously during the runtime of the MR acquisition, which includes one or more partial acquisitions (TA), and wherein motion correction is performed, which comprises... Agent:

20120268121 - Method for r*2 quantification with magnetic resonance imaging: A method for measuring transverse relaxation rate, R2*, corrected for the presence of macroscopic magnetic field inhomogeneities with a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system is provided. The method accounts for additional signal decay that occurs as a result of macroscopic variations in the main magnetic field, B0, of the MRI... Agent:

20120268123 - Relaxometry quantification self-justification fitting: Apparatus, methods, and other embodiments associated with self-justification fitting for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) relaxation parameter quantification are described. One example nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) apparatus includes a self-justification fitting logic configured to selectively include and exclude data points from a set of data points associated with NMR signals based,... Agent:

20120268122 - System and method for quantifying mr data acquired during a ute sequence: A system and method for quantifying MR data acquired during a UTE sequence include a computer programmed to execute an MR scan comprising an application of an RF pulse, an echo time (TE) period, and an application of a data acquisition gradient pulse, wherein the TE period begins after the... Agent:

20120268127 - System and method for spatially encoding nuclear magnetic resonance signals using magnetic susceptibility effects: A device for spatially encoding nuclear magnetic resonance signals is provided. The device includes a plurality of spatial-encoding elements configured to produce a spatial-encoding magnetic field in the presence of an external magnetic field, such as the main magnetic field of a magnetic resonance imaging (“MRI”) system. The spatial-encoding elements... Agent:

20120268129 - Transmitting device for driving a high-frequency antenna of a magnetic-resonance device: A transmitting device for driving a high-frequency antenna of a magnetic-resonance device using a target signal capable of being amplitude-modulated is provided. A number N of similarly embodied amplifier modules, where N is at least two, a signal-conditioning device, and a combining device for combining output signals of the amplifier... Agent:

20120268130 - Method and device for determining a magnetic resonance system activation sequence: A method and control a sequence determination device for determining a magnetic resonance system-activation sequence are provided. The magnetic resonance system-activation sequence includes a multichannel pulse having a plurality of individual HF pulses to be emitted in a parallel manner by the magnetic resonance system by way of different independent... Agent:

20120268131 - Measuring apparatus, charging apparatus and a magnetic resonance apparatus having a measuring apparatus and a charging method herefor: A measuring apparatus for a magnetic resonance apparatus is proposed. The measuring apparatus has a charging apparatus and a mobile sensor unit for detecting a physiological signal of a patient. The mobile sensor unit includes a sensor element and an energy storage element which supplies electrical energy to the sensor... Agent:

20120268132 - Magnetic resonance signal detection using remotely positioned receive coils: The receive coil arrangement includes an inner local volume coil adjacent the part to be imaged so as to maximize the received MR signal and an outer coil, which may be the built in body coil of the magnet, connected by cable to the signal processing system. Both the coils... Agent:

20120268133 - Modular multi-channel coil array for an mri having decoupling of next but one neighbors: A multi-channel coil array for use as a transceiver in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has a plurality of radio frequency (RF) coils disposed next to one another, devices for electromagnetically decoupling the RF coils and coil elements which are applied onto a planar carrier element (5). The carrier elements (5)... Agent:

20120268134 - Electro-chemical sensor: An electrochemical sensor for the presence or concentration of an analyte has at least one electrode and at least one electrochemically active species able to undergo electrochemical reaction in response to electrical potential applied to the electrode, where the said reaction is modified by the presence of the analyte. This... Agent:

20120268135 - Borehole to surface electromagnetic transmitter: An electromagnetic energy transmitter is provided for borehole to surface electromagnetic (BSEM) surveying. The transmitter is lowered into a well borehole to a desired location in a well borehole to emit electromagnetic energy for the surveys. The transmitter affords more accurate measurements of its position in the well borehole. The... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20120268136 - Electrical test apparatus: Broadly, the present invention is an electrical test apparatus that is adapted to be removably engaged and in electrical communication with an electrical power terminal, the electrical test apparatus includes analytical circuitry that is operative in each of a plurality of modes to monitor the electrical power terminal and produce... Agent:

20120268137 - Connector connection terminal and connector using the same: The present invention is to provide a connector connection terminal capable of reducing manufacturing cost of a connector and a probe, and preventing erroneous contact between the connection terminal and a continuity check pin at the time of a continuity check, and a connector using the same. Therefore, a connector... Agent:

20120268138 - Test apparatus: To detect whether energy accumulated in an inductive load section has been discharged. Provided is a test apparatus that tests a device under test, comprising a power supply section that generates a power supply voltage to be supplied to the device under test; an inductive load section that is provided... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120268139 - Device for detecting a level: In order to provide a device (1) for detecting a level (3) of media (4), preferably in a tank (2, 200), comprising an elongate electrical probe conductor (6) projecting substantially vertically into the tank (2, 200), which can be attached in a manner electrically insulated from said tank, a electrical... Agent:

20120268140 - Signal acquisition system having a compensation digital filter: A signal acquisition system has a signal acquisition probe having probe tip circuitry coupled to a resistive center conductor signal cable. The resistive center conductor signal cable is coupled to a compensation system in a signal processing instrument via an input node and input circuitry in the signal processing instrument.... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20120268141 - Method and arrangement for measuring the signal delay between a transmitter and a receiver: A method for determining a delay τ of a signal between a UWB transmit unit and a FSCW receiver unit includes: generating a pulsed transmit signal Str by the transmit unit and emitting the pulsed transmit signal Str, the transmit signal Str comprising a broadband spectrum SPEKtr having a plurality... Agent:

20120268142 - Capacitive panel scanning with reduced number of sensing circuits: Embodiments described herein provide capacitive sensor devices and methods for operating capacitive sensor devices. A first number of electrodes on the capacitive sensor array is activated. A signal is received from each of the first number of electrodes with a second number of receiver circuits on a controller associated with... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20120268143 - Capacitive sensing pattern: A capacitive input device includes a plurality of receiver sensor electrodes oriented substantially parallel to a first axis proximate to a sensing region of the capacitive input device. The capacitive sensing device also includes a plurality of transmitter sensor electrodes oriented substantially parallel to a second axis proximate to the... Agent:

20120268144 - Touch sensing circuit: A touch sensing circuit detects a difference in variation of coupling capacitances between mutually adjacent driving electrodes through the use of a differential amplifier, and senses whether or not a touch is made on a touch screen panel, thereby being capable of removing display noise.... Agent: Silicon Works Co., Ltd

20120268145 - Current sensing apparatus and method for a capacitance-sensing device: A capacitance-sensing device including a current-to-voltage converter and an analog-to-digital converter is described. A sense element is coupled to an input of the current-to-voltage converter. The current-to-voltage converter is configured to convert current changes in the coupled sense element to an output voltage and to maintain a constant voltage at... Agent:

20120268146 - Voltage detector: A voltage detector includes a radiator plate which is connected to the collector of an IGBT, a detection lead frame which forms a capacitor along with the radiator plate, and a collector voltage detection circuit which detects the collector voltage of the IGBT on the basis of the amount of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120268147 - Structure for measuring bump resistance and package substrate comprising the same: A structure for measuring bump resistance and a package substrate comprising the same are disclosed, the structure for measuring bump resistance of the present invention comprises: plural connecting bumps arranged in a row; at least one first connecting element; and at least one second connecting element; wherein the nth connecting... Agent:

20120268148 - Automated loading/unloading of devices for burn-in testing: The automatic loading and unloading of devices for burn-in testing is facilitated by loading burn-in boards in a magazine with the stacked boards in the magazine moved into and out of a burn-in oven by means of a trolley. The trolley can include an elevator whereby a plurality of magazines... Agent:

20120268149 - Electrical test apparatus for a photovoltaic component: The present invention relates to electrical test apparatuses for photovoltaic modules and methods of testing photovoltaic modules.... Agent:

20120268150 - Capacitor test fixture and test system employing the same: A capacitor test fixture for positioning capacitors under test includes a main body, a clamping section, an operating section, and a cover. The main body defines an opening, a plurality of receiving slots at the bottom of the opening to receive the capacitors, some positioning slots located at opposite sides... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120268151 - Stackable probe system: A probe system includes a plurality of spaced apart height-variable legs, each of which is composed of a stack of blocks magnetically attached to each other, a platen bridging and magnetically secured to the legs, and a probe positioner magnetically attached to the platen. The probe positioner includes an xyz-axes... Agent:

20120268152 - Connection device for quality testing of charge-coupled device modules: A connection device for connecting charge-coupled device (CCD) modules to test apparatuses to test the CCD modules includes a connection unit and a test unit. The connection unit includes a plurality of connection pins. The unit under test is electrically connected to the connection unit and the test apparatuses. When... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20120268153 - Non-contact test system: Electronic device structures such as structures containing antennas, connectors, welds, electronic device components, conductive housing structures, and other structures can be tested for faults using a non-contact test system. The test system may include a vector network analyzer or other test unit that generates radio-frequency tests signals in a range... Agent:

20120268154 - Testing jig for pogo pin connector: A testing jig of a pogo pin connector for testing a connection between at least one pogo pin and an electrical plug is disclosed. The testing jig includes a first support element, a second support element, and a platform. The first support element has a first groove and at least... Agent: Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120268155 - Compliant printed circuit socket diagnostic tool: Diagnostic tools for testing integrated circuit (IC) devices, and a method of making the same. The first diagnostic tool includes a first compliant printed circuit with a plurality of contact pads configured to form an electrical interconnect at a first interface between proximal ends of contact members in the socket... Agent: Hsio Technologies, LLC

20120268156 - Test carrier: A test carrier 10 comprises: a film-shaped base film 40 which has first bumps 42 which contact test pads 91 of a die 90; and a cover film 70 which is superposed over the base film 40, and the test carrier 10 holds the die 90 between the base film... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120268157 - Test carrier and board assembly: A test carrier 10A comprises: a base board 21A which holds a die 90; and a cover board 31A which is laid over the base board 21A so as to cover the die 90. The test carrier 10A comprises a seal member 24 which is interposed between the base board... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120268158 - Failure detecting method for a solar power generation system: The present invention discloses a failure detecting method for a solar power generation system having plural solar cell strings in each of which plural solar cell modules are connected to each other in series. In this method, made is a measurement of the current value of each of the solar... Agent: Onamba Co., Ltd.

20120268159 - Method of detecting defects in a semiconductor device and semiconductor device using the same: A method of detecting a defect of a semiconductor device includes forming test patterns and unit cell patterns in a test region a cell array region of a substrate, respectively, obtaining reference data with respect to the test patterns by irradiating an electron beam into the test region, obtaining cell... Agent:

10/18/2012 > 53 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20120262147 - Method for compensating timing offset in calibration of ac voltage level switching in relay and computer program product thereof: A method for compensating a timing offset in calibration of AC (alternating current) voltage level switching in a relay and a computer program product thereof are introduced. The method involves performing timing detection of electrical connection/disconnection of the relay at a zero-voltage crossing point by a controlling unit and detecting... Agent: Good Way Technology Co., Ltd

20120262148 - Voltage measurement apparatus: A voltage measurement apparatus includes a power interface, first and second voltage detecting modules, first and second driving modules, and first and second indication modules. The first voltage detecting module compares an output voltage with a first reference voltage, to determine whether the output voltage is greater than the first... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry(shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120262149 - Loop parameter sensor using repetitive phase errors: A method and system are disclosed for measuring a specified parameter in a phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer (PLL). In one embodiment, the method comprises introducing multiple phase errors in the PLL, measuring a specified aspect of the introduced phase errors, and determining a value for the specified parameter using the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120262150 - Single-phase optical current transformer: An installation base is secured to part of outer peripheral surface of cylindrical container 1 which has electric conductor 2 arranged thereinside, and a case which stores a Faraday-effect element is detachably secured to the installation base. Faraday-effect element 10 having two optical fibers 24A, 24B of prescribed dimensions, to... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120262151 - Sensor assembly, sensor controller and current-measuring circuit: A sensor assembly for measuring an intensity of a current includes a first sensor apparatus configured to record an intensity of the electrical current with contact, a second sensor apparatus configured to record an intensity of the electrical current, the second sensor apparatus having a common measurement range with the... Agent: Magna E-car Systems Gmbh & Co Og

20120262152 - Current sensors, systems and methods: Embodiments relate to magnetic current sensors. In various embodiments, a current sensor can include a simple conductor having a constant cross-sectional profile, such as round, square or rectangular, and being generally free of any notches or slots to divert current and thereby having a simpler manufacturing process, lower resistance and... Agent:

20120262153 - Apparatus and method for measuring electrical parameters of circuit: An apparatus for measuring an electrical parameter of a circuit includes a measuring unit, a plurality of connection terminals and a selection switch. The measuring unit measures the electrical parameter. The selection switch selectively causes a conduction between the selection switch and at least one of the plurality of connection... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20120262154 - Arrangement with a rotatable x-ray detector: The present embodiments provide an arrangement with an X-ray detector that is driven by a rotation device. The arrangement includes a first rotational speed sensor and a second rotational speed sensor that determine a rotation of the X-ray detector. The first rotational speed sensor and the second rotational speed sensor... Agent:

20120262158 - Angle detecting device: An angle detecting device has a combined structure of plural resolvers, but is simple and is easily produced, and has redundancy reducing the risk of failure. The angle detecting device has two resolvers which are combined in the axial direction and has a stator core 100. The stator core 100... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20120262156 - Machine with relative rotatable members: The invention relates to a machine (R) comprising a first member (1c), a rotatable second member (1c) rotatable relative to the first member (1c) relative to an axis (A), a control device (S), a drive connected with the control device (S) for moving the two members (1c, 1d) relative to... Agent: Kuka Roboter Gmbh

20120262155 - Magnetic field sensor that provides an output signal representative of an angle of rotation and a speed of rotation of a target object: A magnetic field sensor and a method used therein provide an output signal in angle units representative of an angle of rotation of a target of and also an output signal in speed units representative of a speed of rotation of the target object. A power control circuit can cycle... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20120262157 - Magnetic sensor for determining the position and orientation of a target: The invention relates to a magnetic sensor for determining the position of a part (2) movable firstly in rotation over a limited angular stroke by virtue of a rotary movement (R), and secondly in translation along a translation axis (X) and over a limited linear stroke, this sensor including both... Agent: Electricfil Automotive

20120262159 - Pump line linear position sensing assembly: A two-piece collar (10) is rigidly clamped onto the hydraulic driver shaft (12) via two shoulder bolts (14). The collar halves (16) engage a tightly toleranced groove feature (18) on the spool (20) that is assembled onto the linear sensor shaft (22). The spool (20) houses a magnet (24) that... Agent: Graco Minnesota Inc.

20120262160 - Asymmetric variable reluctance (vr) target for multi-dimensional monitoring: A system is provided for dynamically determining an axial position of a rotating member. The system includes a target component on a circumferential periphery of the rotating member, the target component having a longitudinally asymmetric shape. The system further includes a sensor assembly fixedly positioned relative to the target component.... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20120262162 - Bidirectional magnetic position sensor having field rotation: The disclosure relates to a magnetic position sensor in at least two directions, the sensor including at least one magnetized element and a probe including at least two magneto-sensitive elements located substantially on the same point and each measuring one of the components of the magnetic field generated by the... Agent: Moving Magnet Technologies (mmt)

20120262161 - Variable reluctance resolver: A VR resolver comprises a resolver stator and a resolver rotor. Teeth whose number is equal to the product of an integer P of 2 or more and 4 are arranged in an annular shape from the inner circumferential side to the inner side in the diameter direction of the... Agent:

20120262163 - Hall sensor for canceling offset: There is provided a Hall sensor for canceling an offset, including: a Hall element unit including at least one pair of Hall elements, each having a preset detection direction, and connecting detection terminals of the pair of Hall elements to different paths according to a preset calibration mode and a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120262164 - Magneto-resistive sensor for measuring magnetic fields: Magneto-resistive sensors based on the AMR or GMR effect exhibit substantially enlarged linear characteristic curve regions as a result of the fact that their resistances are composed of magneto-resistive layer strips of differing anisotropic forms. Differing anisotropic forms can be achieved by different strip widths, strip thicknesses, strip intervals or... Agent: Meas Deutschland Gmbh

20120262167 - Accelerated multispectral data magnetic resonance imaging system and method: A method for processing magnetic resonance imaging data includes accessing the magnetic resonance imaging data, the data including a plurality of magnetic resonance data sets each collected at different excitation frequencies and defining reconstructable images representative of sections of a single image of a subject. Each magnetic resonance data set... Agent: General Electric Company

20120262166 - Combined correlation parameter analysis: Apparatus, methods, and other embodiments associated with combined correlation parameter estimation are described. One example method includes accessing data associated with a magnetic resonance (MR) signal produced by relaxation of nuclei in an item that has experienced nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) excitation. The MR signal is a function of two... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20120262173 - High-frequency coil unit and magnetic resonance imaging device: There is provided a technique for securing a large examination space in a tunnel type MRI device without inviting increase of manufacturing cost and without significantly reducing irradiation efficiency or uniformity of the irradiation intensity distribution in an imaging region. Between rungs of a partially cylindrical RF coil, which coil... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120262168 - Magnetic resonance system and a method for emitting high-frequency signals: A magnetic resonance system having a transmitting system with a high-frequency antenna unit and a high-frequency transmit array. The high-frequency antenna unit is configured to emit high-frequency signals and receive magnetic resonance signals. The high-frequency transmit array has two high-frequency transmit units that allow parallel transmission of high-frequency signals. Each... Agent:

20120262170 - Method and device for determining a magnetic resonance system control sequence: A method and a control sequence determination device for determining a magnetic resonance system control sequence is disclosed. The magnetic resonance system control sequence includes a multi-channel pulse with a plurality of individual high-frequency (HF) pulses to be transmitted in parallel by the magnetic resonance system via different independent high-frequency... Agent:

20120262174 - Method for calculating local specific energy absorption rate (sar) in nuclear magnetic resonance: A method for calculating a local specific energy absorption rate (SAR) on basis of an electric parameter and the mass density of a segmented geometry of an object and a magnetic field vector distribution of a radio frequency (RF) antenna. The values of the electric parameter and the mass density... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120262171 - Method of magnetic resonance imaging for the selection and recording of curved slices: A method of MR imaging applies a magnetic field Bgrad1 having a spatially non-linear dependence to select a volume of at least one curved slice. The slice is described by its midsurface AM, a volume of the selected slice being made up of nν partial volumes in each of which... Agent:

20120262172 - Motion correction in accelerated t1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging: A method includes the acts of acquiring a blade of k-space calibration data; acquiring a set of T1-weighted k-space imaging data, the set of T1-weighted k-space imaging data having blades of undersampled k-space data rotated about a section of k-space. Each blade of undersampled k-space data includes first data points... Agent: General Electric Company

20120262165 - Relaxometry: Apparatus, methods, and other embodiments associated with multi-scale orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP) for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) relaxometry are described. One example method includes controlling a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) apparatus to cause selected nuclei in an item to resonate by applying radio frequency (RF) energy to the item and... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20120262169 - System and method for double inversion recovery for reduction of t1 contribution to fluid-attenuated inversion recovery imaging: A system and method for double inversion recovery for reduction of T1 contribution to fluid-attenuated inversion recovery imaging include a computer programmed to prepare a double inversion recovery (DIR) sequence comprising a pair of inversion pulses and an excitation pulse, execute the DIR sequence to acquire MR data from an... Agent:

20120262175 - System and method of high signal-to-noise ratio magnetic resonance imaging screening: An MRI apparatus is disclosed, the MRI apparatus comprising a computer programmed to apply a fluid suppression technique prior to an imaging pulse-gradient sequence, wherein the fluid suppression technique is configured to suppress signals from fluids having long longitudinal relaxation times, and apply a fat suppression technique after the fluid... Agent:

20120262176 - Method to determine electron relaxation times, t1, in epr tomography: A method for determination of the images of electron relaxation times, T1, in EPR tomography consists in the resultant relaxation time, T1, established from the ratio of amplitudes of signals recorded for various scanning directions is found, whereupon a variability function of the resultant relaxation time, T1, is found for... Agent: Politechnika Poznanska

20120262177 - Balanced-to-unbalanced transformer for converting a symmetrical high-frequency signal into an asymmetrical high-frequency signal: The present embodiments relate to a balanced-to-unbalanced transformer for converting a symmetrical high-frequency signal into an asymmetrical high-frequency signal. The balanced-to-unbalanced transformer includes two coil windings made of wire. The two coil windings are electrically insulated from each other and are wound on a winding form. Each of the two... Agent:

20120262178 - Apparatus and method for coupled lc-nmr analysis: A device for performing chromatographic separations and nuclear magnetic resonance analysis has trapping means for holding a separated sample and to form a held separated sample and placing said held separated sample in said nuclear magnetic resonance assembly. One preferred trapping means forms a held separated sample and a passed... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20120262179 - Electromagnetic and its combined surveying apparatus and method: An electromagnetic and its combined surveying apparatus and method, utilizing small-sized one or three-dimensional magnetic field sensors with high dynamic range and high sensitivity, which can be used together with highly populated receivers for the electromagnetic exploration. The electrical field could be derived from the vertical component of the magnetic... Agent:

20120262180 - Battery pack failure detection device: Each detection unit is configured to compare a voltage output from a battery cell associated therewith a predetermined criterion voltage. A plurality of detection units operate sequentially in response to a start trigger and also sequentially transmit a signal that reflects a result of comparing the voltages to detect whether... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120262181 - Electrostatic probes for mapping conductive web bagginess: A method for testing a conductive web includes moving a conductive web past at least one electrostatic probe, providing an alternating current or voltage which generates an alternating current to the at least one electrostatic probe, measuring a current or voltage in the at least one electrostatic probe induced by... Agent: Miasole

20120262182 - Fine particle detection system: There is provided a fine particle detection system with a fine particle sensor, a cable and a sensor drive control device. The fine particle sensor has an ion source unit with first and second electrodes, a particle charging unit and inner and outer sensor casings. The cable has a power... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20120262183 - Insulating state detection unit having failure detector: An insulating state detection unit is configured to perform failure detection for switches, which connect a flying capacitor to a sample hold circuit for acquiring a charge voltage and a ground potential, by using a failure determination threshold value according to a variable value. That is to say, the insulating... Agent:

20120262184 - Display panel and testing method thereof: A display panel and a testing method of the display panel are provided. The display panel has a display region and a non-display region and includes a first substrate, a second substrate, and a display medium. The display panel further includes scan lines, data lines, pixel units, at least one... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20120262185 - Wire harness continuity inspection device, wire harness continuity inspection program, and wire harness continuity inspection method: A wire harness continuity inspection method according to the invention includes: a referring step of referring to auxiliary device-based wiring information to specify a first terminal of a first electrical component and a second terminal of a second electrical component connected by a circuit line, which are described in the... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20120262186 - Method, system and computer-readable media for measuring impedance of an energy storage device: Real-time battery impedance spectrum is acquired using a one-time record. Fast Summation Transformation (FST) is a parallel method of acquiring a real-time battery impedance spectrum using a one-time record that enables battery diagnostics. An excitation current to a battery is a sum of equal amplitude sine waves of frequencies that... Agent: Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC

20120262187 - Test circuit for bias temperature instability recovery measurements: A method and test circuit provide measurements to accurately characterize threshold voltage changes due to negative bias temperature instability (NBTI) and positive bias temperature instability (PBTI). Both the bias temperature instability recovery profile and/or the bias temperature shifts due to rapid repetitions of stress application can be studied. In order... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120262188 - Radio-frequency test probes with integrated matching circuitry: Wireless electronic devices include wireless communications circuitry such as transceiver circuitry coupled to an antenna resonating element. The transceiver circuitry and the antenna element may be formed on first and second substrates, respectively. In compact wireless devices, transceiver and antenna matching circuits may be formed on the first substrate. During... Agent:

20120262189 - Laminate variables measured electrically: Embodiments of methods of non-destructively testing whether a laminated substrate satisfies structural requirements are disclosed herein. Additionally, laminated substrates that can be non-destructively tested are also disclosed along with methods of manufacturing the same. To non-destructively test whether the laminated substrates satisfies the structural requirement, an electrical characteristic of the... Agent: Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

20120262190 - Method and apparatus for measuring characteristics of object: A measuring method for measuring characteristics of an object to be measured, the measuring method including holding the object on a void-arranged structure having at least two void portions that pass therethrough in a direction perpendicular to a principal surface thereof, and applying electromagnetic waves to the void-arranged structure on... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120262191 - Extension sensor and method for measuring an extension of a textile: The invention relates to an extension sensor, in particular for measuring an extension of a textile, comprising at least one yarn, which has an extensibility and wherein the yarn comprises at least two electrically conductive layers that extend along a longitudinal direction of the yarn, wherein the electrically conductive layers... Agent: Sefar Ag

20120262192 - High-impedance mems switch: A MEMS switch. The MEMS switch has a high-impedance state and a low-impedance state for biasing a capacitive sensor, and includes an actuation bias terminal, a sense bias terminal, a switch control terminal, a sense node terminal, and a spring. The actuation bias terminal and the sense bias terminal reside... Agent:

20120262193 - Waveform dividing method for a capacitive touch control device: A waveform dividing method for a capacitive touch control device saves a first waveform in a direction, and then saves a multi-touch waveform in the direction when another object further touches the capacitive touch control device. If the multi-touch waveform is identified as having waveform overlapping, a second waveform is... Agent: Elan Microelectronics Corporation

20120262194 - Thermally activated magnetic and resistive aging: Examples of the present invention include apparatus and methods for monitoring aging of an item. A solid-state structure is located within, adjacent to, or otherwise proximate the item, the solid-state structure including nanostructures. The electrical resistance and/or magnetization of the solid-state structure is determined to determine the degree of aging... Agent: Indiana University Of Pennsylvania

20120262195 - Resistance determining system and method: A resistance determining system is used to determine an offsetting resistance of a mainboard to establish a predetermined offset voltage. The system includes an input equipment, a single-chip, and a resistor. The input equipment sets a predetermined standard voltage of the mainboard. The resistor supplies the mainboard with various resistances,... Agent: Hon Fu Jin Precision Industry(shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120262198 - Semiconductor device: A method of testing a semiconductor device includes providing a first wafer that includes a first surface, a second surface that is allocated at an opposite side of the first surface, a first electrode penetrating the first wafer from the first surface to the second surface, and a pad formed... Agent: Elpida Memory, Inc.

20120262196 - Semiconductor device including plural core chips and interface chip that controls the core chips and control method thereof: Disclosed herein is a device includes first and second core chips and a test circuit. The first core chip outputs an internal signal to a second node thereof in response to a core-chip test signal supplied to a first node thereof. The second core chip outputs an internal signal to... Agent: Elpida Memory, Inc.

20120262197 - Test structure and methodology for three-dimensional semiconductor structures: A plurality of peripheral test structure substrate (PTSS) through vias is formed within a peripheral test structure substrate. A peripheral test structure layer and at least one functional layer are formed on one side of the plurality of the PTSS through vias. The other side of the plurality of the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120262199 - Compact high intensity solar simulator: A solar simulator for testing photovoltaic cells is disclosed herein. The solar simulator includes a housing having an opening through which light is emitted. The solar simulator employs a plurality of concave cylindrical mirrors and a plurality of flat mirrors that reflect and redirect images of an illuminated light source... Agent: The Boeing Company

10/11/2012 > 38 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20120256615 - Measurement and apparatus for electrical measurement of electrical drive parameters for a mems based display: Methods and devices to measure voltage margins of electromechanical devices are disclosed. The voltage margins are determined based on responses to test voltages which cause the devices to change states. State changes of the devices are detected by monitoring integrated current or charge used to drive the devices with the... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20120256616 - Hand-held microwave spectrum analyzer with operation range from 9 khz to over 20 ghz: A spectrum analyzer that provides from below 9 kHz to above 20 GHz operation range while remaining hand-held. The spectrum analyzer includes an integrated precision stand-alone step attenuator that does not rely on printed circuit board (PCB) mounted circuit elements within the signal path. Further, a PIN diplexing switch separates... Agent: Anritsu Company

20120256617 - Device and assembly for measuring an electric current: The device for measuring an electric current is provided to measure currents flowing in a cable. It comprises means for securing a flexible Rogowski coil able to occupy an open position enabling engagement around the cable and a closed position designed to surround the cable. The device comprises actuating means... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

20120256618 - Surge current detection device: A surge current detection device 30 is detachably attached to a conductor 11 and detects a surge current entering the conductor 11. The surge current detection device 30 includes: a holder 40 releasably holding the conductor 11 via first and second holder bodies 40-1 and 40-2 facing each other; a... Agent: Sankosha Corporation

20120256619 - Relative angle detection device, rotation angle detection device, relative angle detection method, and rotation angle detection method: Disclosed is a relative angle detection device for detecting a relative angle between a first rotary shaft and a second rotary shaft, the relative angle detection device being provided with a first magnetic field sensing unit which outputs a value according to a magnetic field of a magnet, a second... Agent: Showa Corporation

20120256620 - Systems and methods of detecting a change in object presence in a magnetic field: The systems and methods of detecting a change in object presence in a magnetic field disclosed herein inject a low amplitude signal near the resonant frequency into the coil until the system comes to equilibrium. At this point the feedback is measured. The feedback signal can be measured as at... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120256622 - Hall sensor having offset removal function and offset removing method thereof: There are provided a hall sensor having an offset removal function removing an offset included in a hall voltage, and an offset removing method thereof. The hall sensor includes: a converting unit converting first and second detection voltages detected for each of a plurality of preset detection directions by a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co.,ltd.

20120256621 - Method and apparatus for preventing contamination from affecting magnetic field sensors: A magnetic field sensor is employed to determine a rotational velocity of an element by sensing frequency variations in a magnetic flux during rotation of the element. The magnetic field sensor includes a sensor face provided with obstacles, such as a series of spaced, substantially parallel grooves arranged perpendicular to... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120256623 - Non-contact magnetic particle inspection apparatus: A non-contact magnetic particle inspection apparatus includes a test article support and manipulation system having a first rail that extends along a first axis, a second rail that extends along the first axis, and a third rail that extends a second axis. The third rail includes a first end that... Agent: General Electric Company

20120256624 - Oil compound and defoamer composition: An oil compound used for defoaming includes (A) a substantially hydrophobic organopolysiloxane having a viscosity of 10 to 100,000 mm2/second at 25° C., and (B) finely divided silica that has undergone surface hydrophobization treatment, wherein when an insoluble matter is collected from the oil compound by using hexane and the... Agent:

20120256627 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance method: According to one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes an imaging condition setting unit, a verification image generating unit and an imaging unit. The imaging condition setting unit is configured to set an imaging condition for applying radio frequency pre-pulses to adjust a contrast. The radio frequency pre-pulses includes... Agent:

20120256628 - Magnetic resonance imaging using randomized radio frequency pulses: Methods, systems and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging that facilitate applying a gradient waveform to generate a k-space trajectory in a subject, applying radio frequency (RF) pulses having a pseudorandom phase distribution, such that the RF pulses are applied to the subject at a plurality of non-uniform locations near a... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120256625 - Method for accelerated high resolution chemical species separation for magnetic resonance imaging: A method for producing an image of a subject with a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system is provided. Image data is acquired at a sequence of multiple echo times occurring within two or more repetition times (TRs). Odd-numbered echoes are sampled during odd-numbered TRs, and even-numbered echoes are sampled during... Agent:

20120256626 - Parallel transmission rf pulse design with local sar constraints: A method of designing a parallel transmission radio frequency (RF) pulse for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system includes compressing a model for a subject to be scanned by the MRI system into a plurality of voxel clusters, each voxel cluster defining a virtual observation point with a peak sensitivity... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120256629 - Nuclear-spin polarization detection device and nuclear-spin polarization detection method: Provided is a total electrical nuclear-spin polarization device that is applicable to many narrow-gap semiconductor two-dimensional quantum structures such as InSb with a large g-factor and with a mobility having a normal value. A nuclear-spin polarization device 1 creates a state where the Landau-level separation and the Zeeman-level separation in... Agent: Japan Science And Technology Agency

20120256630 - Dynamic nuclear polarization apparatus with sample transport system: The invention relates to a dynamic nuclear polarization apparatus (116) for continuous provision of hyperpolarized samples (114) comprising dynamically nuclear polarized nuclear spins, the apparatus (116) comprising a polarization region (106) for polarization of said nuclear spins resulting in said hyperpolarized samples, wherein the apparatus (116) further comprises: a cryostat... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120256631 - Apparatus and method for determining the homogeneity of a fluid flow: An apparatus for determining the homogeneity of a fluid flow in a pipe, such as a reducing-agent flow in an exhaust-gas pipe of an internal combustion engine, including a transmitter arranged on a light-transmissive region of the pipe and a diametrically opposite detector. The transmitter and detector being coupled such... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120256632 - Nmr measuring configuration with optimized sample container geometry and method for calculating the shape of the sample container: A sample container (2) for NMR measurements defines a volume (V) of sample substance. The sample container (2) has a first interface (G1) towards an environment (1) and a second interface (G2) towards the sample substance (3). A susceptibility jump at the second interface G2 is sufficiently large that the... Agent:

20120256633 - Receiving coil and local coil for magnetic resonance applications: A local coil for magnetic resonance applications includes a rigid housing that radially surrounds a substantially cylindrical examination volume. Arranged in the rigid housing is a transmitting coil, by which an excitation signal may be applied to the examination volume. An object to be examined arranged in the examination volume... Agent:

20120256634 - Electrode system and sensor for an electrically enhanced underground process: An electrically stimulated electrode system comprises injection and return electrodes and a power supply for causing electrical current to flow through a subterranean formation. An electronic system for the injection electrode includes: a power harvester extracting electrical power from current flowing in the injection electrode, a control for the injection... Agent:

20120256635 - Position sensor for well tools: A position sensor for well tools. A position sensor includes an indicator portion including a carrier supporting a resistive element and at least one contact, and a support device for supporting the carrier. Another position sensor includes an indicator portion including a slider for displacing at least one contact relative... Agent: Welldynamics, Inc.

20120256636 - Method for detecting a breakdown in a switching current source and corresponding power source: A method of detecting a fault of a switching electricity source having a control stage responsive to a setpoint signal to deliver a control signal that is modulated with a predetermined duty ratio (α) to a power stage that is to deliver electricity to a load. The method includes the... Agent:

20120256637 - Line fault detector: The present invention relates to a fault detection system for detection of line faults on an electrode line in an HVDC system wherein the electrode line comprises a first and second branch connected in parallel. The fault detection system comprises a first and second pulse generation circuit arranged to generate... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20120256639 - Apparatus comprising a recursive delayer and method for measuring a phase noise: Embodiments of the invention provide an apparatus for measuring a phase noise of a test signal. The apparatus comprises a recursive delayer, a combiner and a phase noise determinator. The recursive delayer is configured to provide a delayed signal on the basis of the test signal. The combiner is configured... Agent:

20120256638 - Noise detection for a capacitance sensing panel: An embodiment of a method for detecting noise for a capacitance sensing panel may comprise generating an input signal based on a noise signal, performing a series of measurements for measuring capacitances from a capacitive sensor sensitive to the noise signal, and controlling timing for at least one of the... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20120256640 - Apparatus and methods for use in determining the presence of materials entrained within a medium: A method for determining a presence of at least one material entrained within a medium is provided. The method includes transmitting at least one microwave signal to a microwave emitter. At least one electromagnetic field is generated by the microwave emitter from the microwave signal. A change in the dielectric... Agent:

20120256641 - Conductivity sensor assembly: A flow-through conductivity sensor assembly comprises a housing (4) having a flow passage with an inlet end and an outlet end. The cross section of at least a section of the flow passage extension between the inlet and outlet ends is divided into a conductivity measuring channel (2) and a... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20120256642 - Single layer touch sensor: Embodiments described herein provide capacitance sensing devices and methods for forming such devices. The capacitance sensing devices include a substrate having a central and an outer portion. A plurality of substantially co-planar electrodes are on the central portion substrate. A first plurality of conductors are on the substrate. Each of... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20120256643 - Internal pipe coating inspection robot: There is provided herein a robot-based electrical system for locating holidays within coated pipe that does not utilize a grounding wire. In a preferred arrangement, the robot will carry a metal rotating brush/capacitive pad combination and changes in the capacitance in the brush/pad circuit will be used to identify imperfections... Agent: Crts, Inc.

20120256645 - Capacitive sensor, integrated circuit, electronic device and method: A sensor for sensing an analyte includes capacitive elements, each having a pair of electrodes separated by a dielectric wherein the dielectric constant of the dielectric of at least one of the capacitive elements is sensitive to the analyte, the sensor further including a comparator adapted to compare a selected... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120256644 - Coordinate detecting device: A coordinate detecting device includes a plurality of first electrodes, a plurality of second electrodes, a capacitance detecting circuit, a first electrode switch, and a second electrode switch. All of the second electrodes are connected to a power supply by the second electrode switch and the first electrodes are selectively... Agent:

20120256646 - Apparatus and methods for testing of acoustic devices and systems: Methods and devices are disclosed for testing an acoustic probe having transducing elements for converting between acoustic and electrical signals. An electrical signal is generated at a frequency with a testing device capable of generating electrical signals over a range of frequencies. The electrical signal is transmitted to at least... Agent: Unisyn Medical Technologies, Inc.

20120256647 - Capacitance sensor structure: A capacitance sensor structure includes a first sensor in a first direction and a second sensor in a second direction for sensing a variation in the mutual capacitance between the first sensor and the second sensor by applying an excitation signal to the first sensor and detecting a response signal... Agent: Elan Microelectronics Corporation

20120256648 - Method and apparatus for in-situ health monitoring of solar cells in space: Embodiments of the present invention describe an apparatus including an oscillator, a ramp generator, and an inverter. The oscillator is configured to generate a waveform comprising a low time and a high time. The inverter is configured to receive the waveform generated by the oscillator, and invert the waveform. The... Agent:

20120256649 - Dynamic testing based on thermal and stress conditions: A plurality of sets of test conditions of a die in a stacked system is established, wherein the plurality of test conditions are functions of temperatures of the die, and wherein the stacked system comprises a plurality of stacked dies. A temperature of the die is measured. A respective set... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120256650 - Test apparatus: A test apparatus includes a circuit board. The circuit board includes a number of first golden fingers arranged on a first side of the circuit board, and a first test circuit. The first test circuit includes a first capacitor. A first terminal of the first capacitor is grounded. A second... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120256651 - Test structure for parallel test implemented with one metal layer: An integrated test circuit includes pads of a padset for testing multiple device under test units (MDUTs). The MDUTs each include devices under test (DUTs). A first integrated test circuit metal layer is patterned to connect the pads to N MDUTs such that a first set of pads are employed... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120256652 - System and method for modulating a power supply in a relay test system: A system and method are provided for using a class H amplifier in a tester for testing protective relaying equipment, particularly useful in conducting end to end testing. The class H amplifier is configured to provide separation between the amplifier and the power supply of the tester using a DSP... Agent: Manta Test Systems Inc.

10/04/2012 > 61 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20120249118 - Cable identification device: Presented is a device and method for identifying a cable in a group of cables, where a transmitting inductive coupler is placed on one end of the cable and a receiving inductive coupler is used to identify the cable from among several cables. The inductive couplers are of a novel... Agent:

20120249119 - Input-output circuit: A power supply detecting circuit detects feeding of power to a power supply terminal from the outside. A control unit identifies an accessory device connected to the connector based on a detection result acquired by the identification terminal voltage detecting circuit and a detection result acquired by the power supply... Agent:

20120249120 - Current loop detection system and current loop detection method thereof: A current loop detection system and a current loop detection method thereof are provided. The current loop detection system includes a characteristic load, a current measuring apparatus and a user apparatus. The characteristic load connects to a current loop electrically, and generates a current characteristic waveform while operating. The current... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20120249121 - Method, system and device of phase identification using a smart meter: Described herein are embodiments of methods, devices and systems of phase identification for a meter. One aspect comprises a method of phase identification for a smart meter. One embodiment of the method comprises connecting a device to at least a first phase of a poly-phase electrical system; metering at least... Agent: General Electric Company

20120249122 - Measurement and apparatus for electrical measurement of electrical drive parameters for a mems based display: Methods and devices to measure voltage margins of electromechanical devices are disclosed. The voltage margins are determined based on responses to test voltages which cause the devices to change states. State changes of the devices are detected by monitoring integrated current or charge used to drive the devices with the... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20120249123 - Measurement device: A measurement device includes a first connector unit, a measurement wire, and a second connector unit. The first connector unit includes a first dummy connector and a wire part. The wire part includes an inserting portion. A number of insert holes is defined in the first connector. The inserting portion... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120249126 - Circuits and methods for motion detection: A circuit for detecting object movement includes one or more predetermined threshold detectors, one or more tracking threshold detectors, and an output selector to generate an output signal related to at least one of an output of a predetermined threshold detector or an output of a tracking threshold detector based... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20120249125 - Measuring transducer displacement: Displacement of a moving diaphragm in an electroacoustic transducer is measured by modulating an electrical signal based on changes in capacitance between the voice coil assembly and the magnetic structure resulting from relative motion between the voice coil and the magnetic structure. The modulated electrical signal is demodulated to produce... Agent:

20120249124 - Omnipolar magnetic switches: Embodiments relate to omnipolar magnetic field switches. In one embodiment, omnipolar behavior is generated in a Hall effect switch by extracting the modulus of the electric signal generated by the Hall transducer and feeding it to a single high-precision comparator, without any sampling or additional processing steps. The modulus extraction... Agent:

20120249127 - Angle detecting device: A VR resolver 120 and an MR sensor 114 are mounted to a shaft 103. The VR resolver 120 and the MR sensor 114 are formed so as to have a shaft angle multiplier of not less than 2. The difference of the shaft angle multiplier between the VR resolver... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20120249128 - Magnetic sensor system: A linear sensor system includes a first field sensor displaced linearly from a second field sensor. A member having high magnetic permeability is disposed between the first field sensor and the second field sensor. The member is optimized in shape and material to completely remove any redirection or interference of... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120249129 - Device for determining the angular position of a pivotable compressor guide vane: A device for determining the angular position of a compressor guide vane pivotable about the longitudinal axis thereof disposed in a compressor, associated with a synchronously rotating, flat measuring surface is provided. In order to allow particularly reliable, simple, and nearly error-free detection of the angular positions by means of... Agent: Seimens Aktiengesellschaft

20120249130 - Method for measuring longitudinal bias magnetic field in a tunnel magnetoresistive sensor: A method for measuring longitudinal bias magnetic field in a tunnel magnetoresistive sensor of a magnetic head, the method includes the steps of: applying an external longitudinal time-changing magnetic field onto the tunnel magnetoresistive sensor; determining a shield saturation value of the tunnel magnetoresistive sensor under the application of the... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

20120249132 - Magnetic field measurement apparatus, magnetic field measurement system and magnetic field measurement method: A magnetic field measurement apparatus includes a first gas cell disposed in a +z direction when seen from an object to be measured, a second gas cell disposed in the +z direction when seen from the first gas cell, a first measurement unit which measures a component of a magnetic... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120249131 - Sheet identifying apparatus, image reading system, sheet shredding system, non-transitory computer-readable medium, and sheet identifying method: A sheet identifying apparatus includes: an excitation coil disposed upstream in a passage through which a sheet inserted into an input port passes and wound on an outer periphery of the passage; a first output unit that detects a magnetization variation of a magnetic element due to the excited excitation... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20120249133 - Differential magnetic field sensor structure for orientation independent measurement: A differential magnetic field sensor that enables operation that is independent of sensor-to-target orientation is presented. The differential magnetic field sensor is provided with at least two differential channels. Each differential channel includes a pair of magnetic field sensing elements and has a respective sensing axis defined by those magnetic... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20120249135 - Local coil system: The present embodiments relate to a local coil system for a magnetic resonance system. The local coil system includes at least one local coil for detecting MR response signals and at least one transmitting device for the wireless transmission of signals to a receiver of the magnetic resonance system. The... Agent:

20120249134 - Means and method for thermoregulating magnets within magnetic resonance devices: The present invention discloses to a magnetic resonance device consisting of magnets housed within a cage, a thermal regulating system (TRS) adapted to thermoregulate the magnets to room temperature T±ΔT. TRS comprising a (i) preset array of one or more opened-bore channels provided within the cage and/or within the magnets;... Agent: Aspect Magnet Technologies Ltd

20120249142 - Local coil: A local coil for a magnetic resonance tomography system includes a housing with a recess for an object under examination. The local coil also includes a radio-frequency receive antenna system and one or more shim elements for homogenization of a static basic magnetic field of the magnetic resonance tomography system.... Agent:

20120249140 - Local coil system, magnetic resonance system and method for transmitting signals from a local coil: A local coil system for a magnetic resonance system has a local coil for detecting MR response signals and a transmitter for wirelessly transmitting signals to the magnetic resonance system. At least one pseudo random device is operable to change signals in a pseudo random fashion in order to avoid... Agent:

20120249143 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: In a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to one embodiment, an executing unit executes a first pre-scan and a second pre-scan, each being a pre-scan in which readout gradient magnetic fields and slice direction gradient magnetic fields are applied in an identical manner to a pulse sequence for main-scanning and... Agent:

20120249138 - Magnetic resonance method and system to correct phase information in mr images: In a magnetic resonance (MR) method and system for correction of phase information in MR images of a predetermined volume segment of an examination subject, a basic magnetic field is applied and MR data of the predetermined volume segment are acquired and evaluated such that phase information is calculated for... Agent:

20120249136 - Method and apparatus for performing diffusion spectrum imaging: A method of generating a magnetic resonance (MR) image of a tissue includes acquiring MR signals at undersampled q-space encoding locations for a plurality of q-space locations that is less than an entirety of the q-space locations sampled at the Nyquist rate, wherein the acquired signal at the q-space locations... Agent: General Electric Company

20120249139 - Method and apparatus for reduction of specific absorption rate (sar) in magnetic resonance data acquisition: In the acquisition of magnetic resonance data from an examination subject according to a pulse sequence that causes radiation into the examination subject of a radiated radio frequency (RF) pulse having a frequency spectrum and a slice profile with a relationship therebetween, the examination subject is substantially simultaneously, with the... Agent:

20120249144 - Method and device to generate spatially resolved quasi-t2-weighted magnetic resonance signals: In a magnetic resonance method and device to generate spatially resolved, quasi-T2-weighted magnetic resonance signals from an examination region, an initial magnetization is flipped in a first direction with a first gradient-balanced SSFP sequence. Spatially coded first magnetic resonance signals from the first gradient-balanced SSFP sequence are detected during the... Agent:

20120249141 - Method for correcting a distortion in a magnetic resonance recording: A method is disclosed for correcting a distortion in a magnetic resonance recording. A distortion indicates a mismatch between a distorted position of an image point in the magnetic resonance recording and an actual position of the image point. According to at least one embodiment of the method, a B0... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120249137 - Method of dynamically compensating for magnetic field heterogeneity in magnetic resonance imaging: A method to compensate for the magnetic field heterogeneity inside an object of investigation in a MR device obtains an uncorrected magnetic field distribution of the object and executes an MR sequence with a desired k-space coverage by applying RF pulses to generate a transverse magnetization within the object. MR... Agent:

20120249145 - Gradient amplifier system: A gradient amplifier system is presented. An embodiment of a gradient amplifier system that includes a power stage having a plurality of bridge amplifiers, where each of the plurality of bridge amplifiers operates at a first switching frequency. The gradient amplifier system further includes a gradient coil coupled to an... Agent: General Electric Company

20120249146 - Mrt gradient system with integrated main magnetic field generation: In one embodiment, a magnetic resonance tomography system that has a gradient field coil system for generating a gradient field is provided. The gradient field coil system is also a main magnetic field generation system for generating a main field.... Agent:

20120249147 - Rf antenna for mri with a removable conductor: An RF transmit and/or receive antenna is disclosed, especially in the form of a coil structure or coil or loop arrangement, having one or more removable conductors, especially for use in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system or a magnetic resonance (MR) scanner, for transmitting RF excitation signals (Bi field)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120249148 - Magnetic resonance local coil: The present embodiments relate to a magnetic resonance local coil with a receive antenna for receiving magnetic resonance signals. The magnetic resonance local coil also includes a transmission unit for transmitting magnetic resonance signal data generated on the basis of the magnetic resonance signals via a data transmit antenna of... Agent:

20120249149 - Modular geosteering tool assembly: A retrievable tool for steering through an earth formation includes a first tool assembly and a tilted antenna attached to the first tool assembly. The tool also includes a second tool assembly attached to the first tool assembly and a tilted antenna attached to the second tool assembly. The first... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20120249150 - Switch status detection circuit for multiple light level lighting systems: A switch status detection circuit is provided, including three input terminals and a ground terminal. Two input terminals connect to a power supply via respective switches, receiving a respective voltage signal. The third connects to the power supply, receiving a neutral signal. A neutral synchronization circuit, between the third and... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20120249151 - Residual-current circuit breaker: A compact residual-current circuit breaker constructed for functional testing without any interruption of the downstream electric network includes two separate tripping circuits, wherein a first tripping circuit is independent of the mains voltage and a second tripping circuit is dependent on the mains voltage. During functional testing one of the... Agent: Eaton Gmbh

20120249152 - Charging/discharging determination apparatus and computer-readable non-transitory medium storing charging/discharging determination program: According to one exemplary embodiment, a charging/discharging determination apparatus includes: a receiving module which receives information of a rated capacity of a battery; and a determination module which determines that charging or a discharge of the battery is permitted if an absolute value of a difference between the rated capacity... Agent:

20120249153 - Electrical power source battery tester: An electrical charge detection device for measuring the electrical charge of a dry cell battery comprises electrically conductive arms joined with a rivet pin at their proximal ends with curved tips at their distal ends. The junction formed by the proximal ends has a light source mounted on the planar... Agent:

20120249154 - Ground fault detection system: The present application describes, among other things, a ground fault detection system. The system includes an optocoupler, a current sink, and a first voltage source connected in series. The first voltage source can connect to a negative terminal of a battery unit. Upon connection between a positive terminal of the... Agent: Elite Power Solutions, LLC

20120249155 - Method and apparatus for dealing with faults in an electrical drive system: A method for dealing with faults in an electrical drive system having an electrical machine and a pulse-controlled inverter which has a first and a second supply connection, the method comprising the steps of: detecting a first fault in the electrical drive system; selecting a first of a large number... Agent:

20120249158 - Method for detecting a malfunction of a sensor for measuring an analyte concentration in vivo: The invention relates to a method for detecting a malfunction of a sensor for measuring an analyte concentration in vivo, wherein a series of measurement signals is produced by means of the sensor, and a value of a noise parameter is continually determined from the measuring signals, the noise parameter... Agent: Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

20120249156 - Multi-track detection system for detecting the appearance of electronic elements: A multi-track detection system for detecting the appearance of electronic elements includes a rotary module, a feeding module, an unvibrated module, a detection module, and a classification module. The rotary module includes a hollow transparent rotary structure having at least two annular guiding areas on the top surface thereof, and... Agent: Youngtek Electronics Corporation

20120249157 - Test apparatus: Provided is a test apparatus that tests a memory under test including a plurality of repair regions for repairing fails in a memory region, the test apparatus comprising a testing section that sequentially tests each of a plurality of portions of the memory region of the memory under test; a... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120249159 - Stacked via structure for metal fuse applications: A back end of the line (BEOL) fuse structure having a stack of vias. The stacking of vias leads to high aspect ratios making liner and seed coverage inside the vias poorer. The weakness of the liner and seed layers leads to a higher probability of electromigration (EM) failure. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120249160 - Replacement-gate-compatible programmable electrical antifuse: After planarization of a gate level dielectric layer, a dummy structure is removed to form a recess. A first conductive material layer and an amorphous metal oxide are deposited into the recess area. A second conduct material layer fills the recess. After planarization, an electrical antifuse is formed within the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120249161 - Load simulator: A load simulator includes a passive element, two electrode plates that are connected to the passive element, and a bias applier. The bias applier is a coil spring, for example, and is provided between the two electrode plates. The bias applier biases at least one of the two electrode plates... Agent: Daihen Corporation

20120249162 - Simulation of printed circuit board impedance variations and crosstalk effects: A method for altering an impedance of a conductive pathway on a microelectronic package includes applying a magnetic field to the conductive pathway. The microelectronic package may be, for example, a printed circuit board. The method also includes controlling a magnitude of the magnetic field at the conductive pathway for... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120249163 - System and method for detecting arc formation in a corona discharge ignition system: A system and method for detecting arc formation in a corona discharge ignition system is provided. The system includes a driver circuit conveying energy oscillating at a resonant frequency; a corona igniter for receiving the energy and providing a corona discharge; and a frequency monitor for identifying a variation in... Agent:

20120249164 - Sensor assembly for detecting materials using a microwave emitter and method: A sensor assembly for use in a system is provided. The sensor assembly includes at least one probe for detecting the presence of a material within the system, wherein the probe includes a microwave emitter. The microwave emitter generates at least one electromagnetic field from at least one microwave signal,... Agent:

20120249165 - Microwave power monitoring: A microwave apparatus comprises a microwave source for providing a microwave signal, connectable to a load; control means configured in operation to vary over a frequency range a frequency of the microwave signal provided by the source; a microwave detector for performing microwave measurements, arranged to receive reflections from and/or... Agent: Emblation Limited

20120249166 - Method for monitoring the electrical properties of a load circuit controlled in a clocked manner and circuit system for performing the method: A method and a circuit system for monitoring the electrical properties of a load circuit controlled in a clocked manner, the load circuit having at least one ohmic component and at least one inductive component, having the following steps: establishing at least one first control signal and one second control... Agent:

20120249167 - Method for obtaining information enabling the determination of a characteristic of a power source: An apparatus for obtaining information enabling a characteristic like determination of maximum power point of a power source, the apparatus including at least an inductor and a capacitor, the information enabling the determination of the characteristic of the power source being obtained by monitoring the voltage charge of the capacitor,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120249168 - Liquid immersion sensor: Disclosed is a liquid immersion sensor comprising a substrate (10) carrying a conductive sensing element (20) and a corrosive agent (30) for corroding the conductive sensing element, said corrosive agent being immobilized in the vicinity of the conductive sensing element and being soluble in said liquid.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120249169 - Method and system for testing transponders: The invention relates to a method and system for testing remote transponders. In the method, a radio-frequency transponder is excited with the aid of a first electromagnetic field and the response of the radio-frequency transponder is measured with the aid of a second electromagnetic field. According to the invention, one... Agent: Voyantic Oy

20120249171 - Method and device for the quality control of superconducting bands: The invention relates to a method and a device for the quality control of superconducting bands with regard to the critical current carrying capacity of the band, wherein the method comprises the following steps: a) cooling a section of the superconducting band to a temperature at which said band section... Agent: Basf Se

20120249172 - Alignment system for electronic device testing: An alignment system for aligning one or more devices under test with respect to a test station includes a carrier that is configured to carry the one or more devices under test, a conveyor that is configured to move the carrier in unison with the conveyor, and an alignment structure.... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20120249170 - Circuit arrangement with a plurality of on-chip monitor circuits and a control circuit and corresponding methods: Implementations are presented herein that include a plurality of on-chip monitor circuits and a controller. Each of the plurality of on-chip monitor circuits is configured to measure a parameter of a semiconductor chip. The controller is coupled to the plurality of on-chip monitor circuits. The controller is configured to receive... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120249173 - Silicon carrier space transformer and temporary chip attach burn-in vehicle for high density connections: A silicon carrier space transformer assembly includes one or more silicon structures, which provide space transformer scaling to permit interconnection for fine pitch input/output interconnections with a semiconductor die or wafer, and fine pitch test probe tips connected to the one or more silicon structures.... Agent:

20120249174 - Contact probe and semiconductor device socket including contact probe: A contact probe having a plunger; a top contacting member which is provided at a tip end of the plunger and is brought into contact with an electrode of a semiconductor device; a bottom contacting member which is brought into contact with an electrode of a testing board; and an... Agent: Yamaichi Electronics., Co. Ltd.

20120249175 - Conveyor-mountable carrier for electronic device testing: A conveyor mountable carrier is adapted to test an electronic device that has electrical leads. The carrier includes a body having a clamping area defined by a base surface and at least one lateral stop surface. The body also defines a pneumatic channel for directing pressurized air toward the clamping... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20120249177 - Handler tray, system and method of testing an object including the same: A handler tray may include a tray body and a socket. The tray body may be configured to receive an object. The tray body with the object may be transferred to a test board. The tray body may be selectively interposed between the object and the test board to supply... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20120249176 - Test structure and measurement method thereof: The first conductive trace is disposed on the conductive plug and on the substrate in the first area. The second conductive trace is disposed on the substrate in the second area. It is noted that the first conductive trace and the second conductive trace have the same material and the... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120249178 - Monitoring method for three-dimensional intergrated circuit (3d ic) and apparatus using the same: A monitoring method of a three-dimensional integrated circuit (3D IC) is provided, wherein the method includes: providing a plurality of TSVs, providing a plurality of inverters; connecting the inverters with the plurality of TSVs as a circuit loop; enabling the circuit loop to oscillate; measuring an output signal on an... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

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