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Electricity: measuring and testing September class, title,number 09/12

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09/27/2012 > 49 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20120242318 - Rfid tag including a coating: A RFID device which can include a substrate, an antenna having a gap defined therein, a wireless communications device coupled to the antenna and a coating disposed over a portion of the antenna and within a portion of the gap. The coating may be an insulator or an environmentally-responsive material.... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20120242319 - Sensor device: A sensor device includes a first electrode, a second electrode and a functional element. The first electrode includes a first metallic material in which either a first passivation film is formed on a surface thereof or the first passivation film present on the surface thereof is lost, in association with... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120242320 - Automatic generation and analysis of solar cell iv curves: A photovoltaic system includes multiple strings of solar panels and a device presenting a DC load to the strings of solar panels. Output currents of the strings of solar panels may be sensed and provided to a computer that generates current-voltage (IV) curves of the strings of solar panels. Output... Agent:

20120242321 - Photovoltaic power generation system: According to an embodiment, a solar cell string 8 including solar cell modules 1 connected in series and each configured to generate DC power by being irradiated with light; and a junction box 2 configured to receive the DC power from the solar cell string are included. The junction box... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120242323 - Method and system for a digital voltage detector with digital voltage display: A digital voltage detector system that is compatible with existing Armament Circuits Preload Test Sets is described. Adjustment of under and over voltage trip points is accommodated in accordance with conventional means. The digital voltage detector is compatible with all conventional Voltage Detector interface cables and adapters. Unlike the conventional... Agent: Williams-pyro, Inc.

20120242322 - Supply voltage auto-sensing: Processes, machines, and articles of manufacture that may serve to enable the detection or determination of alternating line voltages from an alternating power source, such as the power grid, are provided. This automatic sensing may be useful when connections are made to the power grid, such that when connections are... Agent: Solarbridge Technologies, Inc.

20120242324 - Frequency error detection apparatus: Embodiments are provided: a known signal extraction circuit a distributing arrangement circuit which distributes a known signal in a fixed section; a frequency conversion circuit which causes the distributed output to be a frequency-domain signal; a delay detection circuit which determines an amount of phase variation between adjacent frequency components... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120242325 - Gel probe photocurrent measurement device and methods of use thereof: Apparatus and methods of use thereof for the measurement of photocurrents are provided.... Agent:

20120242326 - Probe and method for operating a probe: A probe is configured such that an output current pulse is able to be delivered by the charge storage at defined intervals to a load. A mean power to be fed to the charge storage is ascertainable for a subsequent time interval, and the level of the mean input power,... Agent:

20120242327 - Fully differential signal peak detection architecture: A signal detector includes a summation unit connected to offset first and second input signals representing a differential input signal into two offset pairs of first and second signals. The signal detector also includes a detection unit connected to select the first signal from one of the offset pairs of... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20120242328 - Method for detecting concentration of particles and device therefor: A magnetic particle producing part including magnetic and counterpart members in a path of a particle-includable liquid, at least one of the members being moved to press the other member in the liquid, the magnetic member being worn by particles in the liquid to produce magnetic particles; a magnetic particle... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20120242329 - Detection module of rotation spindle: A rotation spindle detection module includes a magnet retainer that retains at least one precision magnet and is mounted to a rotation spindle; at least one Hall device that detects the precision magnet and is arranged at a fixed position adjacent to the magnet retainer; a circuit board that is... Agent:

20120242330 - Fail detecting device for rotation angle sensor: A fail detecting device for a rotation angle sensor, for detecting a fail of the rotation angle sensor even if the number of rotation angle sensors is one. A cam is configured to be driven to rotate in one direction by an electric motor to reciprocate a push rod. An... Agent:

20120242331 - Hall-based rotational angle measuring system, in particular for hand-operated throttles: The invention relates to a sensor assembly (1), wherein according to the invention the magnet (3) is subdivided into at least three magnetic segments, wherein each magnetic segment has an individual north and south pole (N, S) and the sensor (4) is arranged outside the magnet (3) and, when the... Agent:

20120242332 - Measurement method and magnetic sensor for the contactless detection of movements: A measuring method of contactless magnetic detection of relative movement along a trajectory between a main creation system and a measuring system sensitive to the direction of the magnetic field, the creation system creating a main magnetic field of direction that varies in a plane detected by the measuring system... Agent: Electricfil Automotive

20120242333 - Magnetic steering application for singulated (x) mr sensors: A controller for a test head module (106) of a test cell (100) includes a control signal generator, an electronic memory device, and a signal evaluation module. The control signal generator to provide control signals to a plurality of magnetic stimulator heads, which provide magnetic stimulus signals to singulated devices... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120242334 - Magnetic resonance method for quantification of molecular diffusion using double echo steady state sequences: Disclosed is a magnetic resonance method for the quantification of molecular diffusion. The method uses a diffusion-weighted (dw) double echo steady state sequence (DESS). In particular, the method allows direct quantification of molecular diffusion from two steady state scans with differing diffusion weighting such as one with diffusion-weighting and preferably... Agent: University Hospital Of Basel

20120242335 - Cryogenic probehead cooler in a nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus: An NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) apparatus has a magnet system disposed in a cryostat (1), the cryostat having at least one nitrogen tank (3b) for receiving liquid nitrogen (5b) and a room temperature bore (7) for receiving an NMR probehead (8), wherein part(s) of the probehead or the overall probehead... Agent:

20120242336 - Compact cryogenic nmr sensor with integrated active cooling device: An NMR measuring system with an NMR probehead has at least one cooling device (5a, b) generating a vibration spectrum of individual selective frequencies. The cooling device is mechanically connected to a vibration absorber (9a, 9b) having an oscillating mass element (27), whose resonance frequency is adjusted to the vibration... Agent:

20120242340 - Apparatus for detecting signals: An apparatus for detecting magnetic resonance signals from a target, comprises a magnetic resonance sensor for responding to magnetic resonance signals from a target, and a shield member electrically isolated from the magnetic resonance sensor, the shield member being positioned relative to the magnetic resonance sensor such that when the... Agent: Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation

20120242338 - Doubly tuned rf resonator: An RF resonator has a birdcage resonator with two electrically conducting ring elements (12, 33, 47) and N electrically conducting bars (11). At least one pair of electrically conducting ring segments (32a, 32b, 40, 43) forms an additional electrical connection between precisely two bars (11). The pair of ring segments... Agent:

20120242339 - Magnetic resonance-compatible electrical device with radio frequency shielding or an enclosure: An apparatus comprises an electrical device or component (40) and a radio frequency shield arranged to shield the electrical device or component. The apparatus is disposed in a radio frequency (Bi) field generated by a magnetic resonance scanner and in time varying magnetic field gradients generated by the magnetic resonance... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120242337 - Mri imaging probe: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) probe apparatus is described. The MRI imaging probe includes a coil section having an imaging coil, and a handle section connected to the coil section. The handle section having a phase shifter circuit with inductors, capacitors, and coax line electrically connected and configured to provide... Agent:

20120242341 - Buried locators systems and methods: Portable self-standing electromagnetic (EM) field sensing locator systems with attachments for finding and mapping buried objects such as utilities and with intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) displays are described. Accessories may include a ground penetrating radar (GPR) system with a rotating Tx/Rx antenna assembly, a leak detection system, a multi-probe... Agent:

20120242342 - Correction of deep azimuthal resistivity measurements for bending: A method and apparatus for estimating at least one parameter of interest in an earth formation using a signal from a receiver where a quadrature component of a signal at a plurality of frequencies is used to estimate a misalignment angle between the receiver and a transmitter. The apparatus may... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120242343 - Carbon aerogel based electrode for electric field measurements in water: The present disclosure relates to methods and systems for detecting electric potential difference in water. A first electrode comprising a first electrode body is configured to be in electrical contact with the water when the device is disposed in the water. A second electrode comprising a second electrode body is... Agent:

20120242344 - Abnormality detecting system for battery assembly: An abnormality detecting system sequentially compares the output voltages of n-piece battery cells that are connected in series, with a criteria voltage, at respective points in time Tv1-Tvn, and produces a determination signal indicative of the presence or absence of any battery cell whose voltage becomes lower than the criteria... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120242345 - Controlled electrochemical activation of carbon-based electrodes: Certain embodiments of the present application describe a process to perform activation of carbon based electrodes in a controlled manner, where the degree of activation is monitored and calculated simultaneously with the ongoing activation process. Such an approach is intended to improve the reproducibility of electrodes that may include, but... Agent: Proxim Diagnostics

20120242346 - Power compensation in 3dic testing: A device, such as a 3DIC stacked device includes a first device under test (DUT) connected to a first force pad by a first through substrate via (TSV) stack and connected to a first sense pad by a second TSV stack. The device further includes a second DUT stacked above... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120242347 - Checking circuit for serial port connectors: A checking circuit for a serial port connector includes a first inverter, a second inverter, a third inverter, and a first light emitting diode (LED) and a second LED with different colors. An input of the first inverter is connected to a transmitted data pin of the serial port connector.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120242348 - Device for detecting partial discharge in an insulation system of rotary electric machines: A device for determining partial discharge in an insulation system of a rotating electrical machine with low capacitance decoupling has a coupler as a high pass and an adapter device connected or connectable to the coupler. The adapter device has a frequency separating filter for dividing a decoupled signal provided... Agent: Doble Lemke Gmbh

20120242349 - Capacitance detecting device: A capacitance detecting device includes a detecting electrode to form a capacitance, an electrical current supply part to supply electrical current to the detecting electrode, and a control part to set different conditions of the electrical current supplied from the electrical current supply part to the detecting electrode, and judge... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20120242350 - System and method for soft-field tomography data acquisition: A system and method for soft-field tomography data acquisition are provided. One system includes a plurality of transducers that correspond to a plurality of channels, and an excitation driver coupled to generate excitation signals for the plurality of transducers. The system also includes a single reference excitation source from which... Agent:

20120242351 - Measurement of bladed rotors: Measurement of bladed rotors and, more particularly, speed measurement of bladed rotors in a turbine engine using microwave probes is described. In one embodiment, an apparatus for measuring bladed includes a microwave sensor that radiates a microwave signal toward a bladed rotor and receives a reflected microwave signal from the... Agent: Meggitt Sa

20120242352 - Inductive proximity sensor: Present techniques provide an inductive proximity sensor having a multi-receiver coil assembly and an evaluator circuit configured to receive a differential signal from the multi-receiver coil assembly to determine the presence of a target. The multi-receiver coil assembly includes two receiver coils in a differential coil arrangement and a transmitter... Agent: Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific Business Center Pte. Ltd.

20120242353 - Physical property measuring method for tft liquid crystal panel and physical property measuring apparatus for tft liquid crystal panel: There is provided a physical property measuring method for a TFT liquid crystal panel, includes an impedance setting step of setting the impedance between the source and drain of a TFT of the TFT liquid crystal panel to be less than or equal to a predetermined value, a voltage application... Agent: Toyo Corporation

20120242354 - Method and apparatus for detecting phase boundaries and correspondingly equipped laboratory device: A device for detecting a phase boundary in a liquid tank a sensor that can be advanced in the direction of the phase boundary in the liquid tank. A circuit processes an output signal of the sensor to detect a change in capacitance and has a first channel with a... Agent:

20120242355 - Sensor device and measurement method: A sensor device includes first and second electrodes, a coating film and a functional element. The first electrode includes a first metallic material in which either a first passivation film forms on a surface thereof or the first passivation film present on the surface thereof is lost, in association with... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120242356 - Specific contact resistivity measurement method, semiconductor device for specific contact resistivity measurement, and method for manufacturing the same: A test structure, a method of employing the test structure, and a method of manufacturing the test structure are provided for measuring a contact resistance between a silicide and a semiconductor. The test structure includes a set of silicide layers separated from one another and upon which electrodes from a... Agent: Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.

20120242357 - Automatic fault insertion, calibration and test system: An automatic fault insertion and test (FIT) system provides an interface between a unit under test and test equipment that can be configured to allow for automatic fault insertion, testing and calibration of the test equipment. The FIT system includes an input connection terminal for connection to the UUT, an... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120242358 - Method and device for performing diagnostics of an actuator, and actuator comprising one such device:

20120242359 - Probe card detecting apparatus, wafer position alignment apparatus and wafer position alignment method: A probe card detecting apparatus includes a probe detecting chamber having a supporting body, a probe card positioned and mounted detachably via a first holder on the predetermined position of the supporting body, a first imaging device movably provided in the probe detecting chamber to detect needle tips of at... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120242360 - High-frequency coupling testing device by coupling effect: Method for transmitting a high-frequency signal by a coupling effect includes receiving a high-frequency signal by a high-frequency circuit and coupling the high-frequency signal to a coupling circuit by the coupling effect to output a high-frequency coupled signal, and adjusting a filter between the coupling circuit and the high-frequency circuit... Agent:

20120242361 - Scr module dynamic counter tester: An SCR module tester facilitates rapid testing of SCR modules by a series of tests that are tailored to detect faults without applying full power to the modules. The SCR tester includes a quick clamp connector that is able to securely and easily clamp SCR modules for both the F/A-18... Agent: United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20120242362 - Test apparatus: A test apparatus includes a circuit board and an expansion slot. A number of golden fingers are arranged on a first side of the circuit board. A second side of the circuit board is connected to a bottom of the expansion slot. The golden fingers are electrically connected to the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120242363 - Non-linear vertical leaf spring: An electrically conductive contact element can include a first base and a second base with elongate, spaced apart leaves between the bases. A first end of each leaf can be coupled to the first base and an opposite second end of the leaf can be coupled to the second base.... Agent: Formfactor, Inc.

20120242364 - Flexible connecting cable for electrically connecting a transducer and a transmitter of a measurement module: The invention relates to a connection cable for an electric connection of a measuring sensor and an evaluation electronics package of a measuring module. More specifically, the present invention relates to a module for fill level measuring technology, with the connection cable being designed as a flexible circuit board with... Agent: Vega Grieshaber Kg

20120242365 - System for detecting a failure associated with an inverter or associated machine: An inverter comprises a first pair of semiconductor devices with switched terminals that are coupled in series between a positive terminal and a negative terminal of a direct current bus. An analog interface adjusts a voltage levels at measurement nodes associated with control terminals of the semiconductor devices. An analog-to-digital... Agent:

20120242366 - Diagnostic apparatus for erroneous installation of power storage stacks and vehicle: A diagnostic apparatus for erroneous installation of power storage stacks includes a first connector portion included in a first power storage stack, a second connector portion included in a second power storage stack capable of connection to the first power storage stack, and a third connector portion included in a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

09/20/2012 > 38 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20120235666 - Voltage detecting apparatus and line voltage detecting apparatus: A voltage detector detects a detected AC voltage generated in a detected object, and includes a detection electrode that is disposed facing the detected object, and an integrating circuit including an operational amplifier that has a first input terminal set at a reference voltage and a second input terminal connected... Agent: Hioki Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120235667 - Three-phase selectable energy meter: A three-phase selection energy meter is disclosed. In one embodiment, an energy meter includes a base; a phase A terminal barrel, a phase B terminal barrel and a phase C terminal barrel; and a phase selection member movably engaged with the base, the phase selection member permitting individual selection of... Agent: General Electric Company

20120235668 - Adjustable hall effect sensor system: A adjustable Hall effect sensor system having a sensor positioning component is described. In one embodiment, the Hall effect sensor system is an independently adjustable sensor system, having a plurality of Hall effect sensor, wherein one Hall effect sensor may be displaced and adjusted without effecting the location of another... Agent: Motor Excellence LLC

20120235669 - Ultra-slim sensor device and manufacturing method thereof: An ultra-slim sensor device, comprising: a sensor element; lead wires (or lead frames) connected to the sensor element; a support for protecting the sensor element and the lead wires disposed therein; and upper and lower films disposed on upper and lower sides of the sensor element, the lead wires and... Agent: Lattron Co. Ltd.

20120235670 - Drive system for micromachined magnetic field sensors: Described herein are systems, devices, and methods that provide a stable magnetometer. The magnetometer includes a drive element that facilitates flow of a drive current through a node and a sense element operable to detect a magnetic field operating on the drive current. To reduce offset in the detection of... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20120235671 - Optical sensor: A sensor that includes an actuator having a plurality of actuator magnets. A detector proximate to and mechanically isolated from the actuator defines a bore. A detector magnet inside the bore may move in the bore from a first position to a second position. An optical signal passes through the... Agent: Transtech Of South Carolina

20120235672 - Device for measuring the angle of rotation of two objects rotating in relation to each other: Device for measuring the rotating angle of two objects rotating in relation to each other, with a transmitter which is assigned to one of the objects and which emits light that is either polarized or becomes polarized by means of a polarization filter, and with a polarization-sensitive analyzer such that... Agent: Sick Stegmann Gmbh

20120235673 - Stroke amount detecting device: A stroke amount detecting device includes a magnetism detecting unit, a first magnetic field generating unit and a second magnetic field generating unit. A magnetic pole of the first generating unit and a magnetic pole of the second generating unit, which are opposed to each other, have different polarities. A... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120235674 - Detecting angular position of a rotating device: An angular position of a rotating device is detected by sensing and counting high-resolution transitions of high-resolution digital sensors in response to the rotating device rotating; sensing low-resolution transitions of a low-resolution digital sensor in response to the rotating device rotating, the low-resolutions transitions being unevenly spaced apart; determining an... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20120235675 - Inspection mode switching circuit: An eddy current probe testing apparatus structured to operate concurrently in a driver pick-up mode and said impedance mode is provided. The eddy current probe has two coils. The eddy current probe testing apparatus also includes a signal producing device, an output device, and a switch assembly. The switch assembly... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

20120235676 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: According to one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes a data acquisition unit, an eddy magnetic field measuring unit and an imaging unit. The data acquisition unit is configured to acquire magnetic resonance signals at mutually different timings with applying a gradient magnetic field for generating an eddy magnetic... Agent:

20120235677 - Correction for gain variation due to fast changing nmr sensor gain: An apparatus for performing nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) measurements of a material of interest includes an NMR tool and a processor. The NMR tool includes a transmitter antenna; a transmitter coupled to the transmitter antenna; and a receiver antenna configured to receive NMR signals in response to transmitted pulses of... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120235681 - Magnetic resonance system and method to adjust at least one shim current and an associated rf center frequency during an interleaved multislice mr measurement of a moving examination subject: In a method and system to adjust at least one shim current in a shim channel of a magnetic resonance apparatus and an associated RF center frequency for the radio-frequency system of the magnetic resonance apparatus during an interleaved multislice MR measurement of a moving examination subject, in which MR... Agent:

20120235680 - Method for determining magnetic resonance data: According to an embodiment of a method, a first readout gradient field is determined in such a way that a distortion caused by a non-linearity of the first readout gradient field and a distortion caused by a B0 field inhomogeneity are essentially cancelled at a first location of a field... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120235679 - Motion compensated magnetic resonance reconstruction in real-time imaging: Magnetic resonance reconstruction includes motion compensation. Inverse-consistent non-rigid registration is used to determine motion between shots. The motion is incorporated into reconstruction. The incorporation compensates for the motion resulting from the period over which the MR data is acquired.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120235678 - Nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) fingerprinting: Apparatus, methods, and other embodiments associated with NMR fingerprinting are described. One example NMR apparatus includes an NMR logic configured to repetitively and variably sample a (k, t, E) space associated with an object to acquire a set of NMR signals. Members of the set of NMR signals are associated... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20120235683 - Magnetic resonance method and system to detect interference signals in magnetic resonance spectroscopy signals: In a method and device to detect interference signals in magnetic resonance spectroscopy signals a comparison signal is computationally reconstructed that optimally approximates a measured, detected magnetic resonance spectroscopy signal. The comparison signal forms spectral components of resonance lines of the measured magnetic resonance spectroscopy signal. A residual is calculated... Agent:

20120235682 - Method and apparatus for acquiring magnetic resonance imaging signals: A method for acquiring MRI signals includes: applying one or more than one RF pulse, which carries at least two frequency components, and a slice/slab selection gradient to a subject, so that at least two slices/slabs of the subject respectively corresponding to the at least two frequency components are excited... Agent: National Taiwan University

20120235684 - Method to determine the actual flip angle and method to adjust the transmitter voltage in a magnetic resonance apparatus: In a method to determine the actual flip angle in magnetic resonance tomography with continuous table feed, at least one echo signal is generated by a pulse sequence from which an actual flip angle is produced with at least one RF pulse of the sequence, and a gradient scheme is... Agent:

20120235685 - Gradient coil, magnetic resonance imaging device, and method for designing coil pattern: A method for designing a coil pattern, whereby the production of an error magnetic field and further an eddy current can be suppressed to improve the quality of a cross-sectional image irrespective of cylindrical cross-sectional shape of the main coil and the shield coil. The difference between the initial values... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120235686 - Non-magnetic transmitter housing: A sonde assembly of the invention includes a sonde housing in the form of a nonmagnetic tube having windows therein for permitting a radio signal to be transmitted out the tube from the inside, means such as a device enclosing a front end of the tube, a sonde disposed inside... Agent: Earth Tool Company LLC

20120235687 - Self-diagnostic apparatus for electrical storage system: A startup self-diagnostic apparatus for an electrical storage system including an electrical storage device, a charge and discharge switch device disposed to be connected to the electrical storage device, an electrical storage device breaker disposed between the electrical storage device and the charge and discharge switch device, and a load... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120235688 - Apparatus for detecting partial discharge signal and method thereof: An apparatus for detecting a partial discharge (PD) signal capable of detecting a PD signal of a power device includes: a partial discharge (PD) coupler connected to a ground side of a power device and configured to cancel a low frequency noise component including a commercial frequency from an AC... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20120235689 - Non-contact motion detection apparatus: A non-contact motion detection apparatus includes at least one reception antenna, at least one transmission antenna, a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) and a phase lock loop (PLL). The at least one reception antenna receives a first wireless radio frequency (RF) signal. The at least one transmission antenna transmits a second wireless... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120235690 - Methods for analyte detection: A method is provided for selectively detecting the presence and concentration of at least four analytes in a mixture. In certain embodiments, the method comprises contacting a single sensor with the mixture of analytes, wherein the sensor comprises at least one resonant sensor circuit comprising a sensing material that comprises... Agent: General Electric Company

20120235691 - Touch sensing device: A touch sensing device is provided. A shielding plate is provided for covering and shielding wires that route sensing electrodes to a flexible circuit board. Alternatively, a conductive layer of the circuit board is applied for shielding a plurality of contacts of the electrodes and wires. Wires that couple two... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20120235692 - Method and device for rapid non-destructive quality control of powdered materials: A method of non-destructive testing for quality control of powdered materials having dielectric properties based on the use of electromagnetic capacitance techniques.... Agent: Enerize, Inc.

20120235693 - Ceramic crack inspection: A method and apparatus for non-destructive inspection including detection, quantification, and location of a surface or subsurface crack in a body made of advanced technical ceramics. The method and apparatus can detect all cracks in a ceramic body, including microscopic cracks, with a high sensitivity, accuracy and reliability, by measuring... Agent:

20120235694 - Dynamic quantity sensor and manufacturing method thereof: A dynamic quantity sensor includes a first substrate, a fixed part arranged in the first substrate, a spiral shaped movable electrode arranged separated from the first substrate, one end of the spiral shaped movable electrode being supported by the fixed part, a fixed electrode positioned on the periphery of the... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20120235695 - Socket, and test apparatus and method using the socket: An apparatus for testing electric characteristics of a test object including first connection terminals on a bottom surface and second connection terminals on a top surface, the apparatus comprises a test board comprising first pads on a predetermined surface; a socket configured to electrically connect the test object to the... Agent:

20120235696 - High frequency analysis of a device under test: Analyzing a device under test (“DUT”) at higher frequencies. A phase shifter varies the phase of a standing wave on a transmission line coupled to the DUT. The standing wave magnitude is sampled at each of the phase shifts and one or more DUT characteristics are determined as a function... Agent: The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

20120235697 - Systems and methods of testing semiconductor devices: Systems and methods of testing semiconductor devices, the system including a tester configured to evaluate electrical characteristics of a semiconductor device provided on a wafer, and a probe unit configured to transfer electrical signals used to test the semiconductor device between the tester and the semiconductor device. The probe unit... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20120235698 - Test probe with ceramic coating and test instrument: The present invention discloses a test probe including a conductive member having a first end defined by an electrically conductive tip, and an insulative member surrounding a first portion of the conductive member. The second portion of the conductive member between the first end and the first portion is coated... Agent:

20120235699 - Test carrier: A test carrier includes a base member and a cover member between which a die is interposed. The base film of the base member has: first interconnect patterns which are formed in advance; and a printing region where second interconnect patterns which electrically connect to the first interconnect patterns are... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120235700 - Device retention for test socket: Structures and techniques for restraining devices for testing. Test sockets may retain devices under test using one or more retention members protruding from sidewalls of the test sockets. Retained devices may be oriented such that contact arms may traverse horizontally to access the devices to, for example, provide desired testing... Agent:

20120235701 - Method for accelerated lifetesting of large area oled lighting panels: A method for accelerated life testing of organic devices, and in particular large area organic emissive devices, is provided. The first method comprises obtaining one or more individual organic emissive devices, each having a first organic stack comprising one or more organic layers. The lifetime of each of the one... Agent: Universal Display Corporation

20120235702 - Split gate structure and method of using same: A method comprises providing first and second semiconductor devices. Each device comprises a transistor having a split gate electrode including first and second gate portions. Each device has a respective ratio between an area of its first gate portion and a sum of areas of its first and second gate... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120235703 - Circuit board, image forming apparatus, and method of managing reuse information of circuit board: A circuit board includes a main part on which a processor is mounted, a cut part to be cut off from the main part at a cut section before the board is reused, and a conductor pattern wired through the cut part via the cut section and to be cut... Agent: Ricoh Company., Ltd.

09/13/2012 > 44 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20120229119 - Device and method for the detection of the rotor position at low rotational speeds or at a standstill: The invention describes a circuit arrangement and a method for the detection of the rotor position at low rotational speeds of rotors or at a standstill. For this, an HF signal is fed into the neutral point (zero sequence) and the rotor position is detected via the distribution of the... Agent: Technische-universitat Darmstadt

20120229120 - Over-voltage tolerant level detection circuit: This document discusses, among other things, apparatus and methods for a detection circuit. In an example, the detection circuit can include a voltage divider configured to receive a first supply voltage from an external device coupled to the detection circuit, first and second transistors configured to receive a control voltage... Agent:

20120229121 - System and method for detecting surface perturbations: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for assessing a surface using a piezoelectric element. In one aspect, the method includes applying a device to the surface, wherein the device includes at least one piezoelectric element and at least one EMS device, wherein the EMS device includes a conductive first... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20120229122 - Current input converter: According to one embodiment, a current input converter includes a first metal plate having a solid shape, which has one end attached to the terminal table and one other end attached to one end of a primary-side coil of the transformer, and connects the terminal table and the one end... Agent:

20120229123 - Magnetic ring encoding device for composite signals: A magnetic ring encoding device for composite signals, which is disposed at an end of a rotary shaft of a rotary motor. The magnetic ring encoding device includes: a magnetic ring having a ring-shaped body section synchronously rotatable with the rotary shaft of the rotary motor, multiple magnetic poles being... Agent:

20120229124 - Fixing structure for signal wires of a resolver: A fixing structure for signal wires of a resolver is disposable on an end face of a stator of the resolver. The fixing structure includes a circuit board, a fixing section disposed on the circuit board for connecting the circuit board to the end face of the stator, a connection... Agent:

20120229125 - Iron core member of a resolver: An iron core member of a resolver, which is a one-piece member integrally formed of iron powder. The iron core member includes an annular core section and multiple pole sections annularly arranged on outer circumference of the core section at equal intervals and projecting from the outer circumference of the... Agent:

20120229127 - Magnetic absolute encoder and motor: A magnetic absolute encoder includes: a board-holding assembly mounted to a motor case assembly side; and a flexible printed wiring board which is held, by the board-holding assembly, in the shape of a loop surrounding multipolar and bipolar ring magnets. On the flexible printed wiring board, multipolar-side hall elements and... Agent: Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.

20120229126 - Rotation angle detection device: When the zero-crossing of one of the output signals of magnetic sensors has been detected, a rotation angle computing device identifies a magnetic pole sensed by the first magnetic sensor based on the other two output signals. Subsequently, the rotation angle computing device identifies the magnetic pole sensed by the... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20120229128 - Magnetic field sensor: Embodiments related to magnetic field sensors are described and depicted.... Agent:

20120229129 - Probe station with magnetic measurement capabilities: A system for probing with electrical test signals on an integrated circuit specimen in the external multidimensional magnetic field of controlled strength and orientation is provided by utilizing an assembly of cone-shaped electromagnets. In one form the system has an environmental enclosure and environmental control system for testing of an... Agent:

20120229130 - Apparatus and method for determining magnetic properties of materials: Apparatus for determining magnetic properties of materials comprises a portable probe, an equipment trolley holding cryogenics and electronics and connecting cables. The probe comprises a drive coil and a correction coil, the drive coil being disposed symmetrically with respect to an inner second-order gradiometer sensor coil. Electrical connectors in the... Agent: University Of Houston

20120229131 - Magnetic field sensor, as well as magnetic field measurement method, power measurement device, and power measurement method using the same: A magnetic field sensor includes: a magnetic thin film; a feeder comprising an input and output terminals configured to supply element current to the magnetic thin film; and a detector configured to detect a voltage between ends of the magnetic thin film in a direction perpendicular to a direction of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120229132 - Stacked type magnetic field detection sensor: Disclosed herein is a stacked type magnetic field sensor. The stacked type magnetic field detection sensor includes a vertical hall device including a first substrate of a thickness having a first gate length on which a first circuit pattern in a vertical direction is formed so as to sense magnetic... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120229133 - Integrated lateral short circuit for a beneficial modification of current distribution structure for xmr magnetoresistive sensors: The invention relates to a magnetoresistive device formed to sense an externally applied magnetic field, and a related method. The magnetoresistive device includes a magnetoresistive stripe formed over an underlying, metallic layer that is patterned to produce electrically isolated conductive regions over a substrate, such as a silicon substrate. An... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120229134 - Current detection device: A current detection device including a first sensor part and a second sensor part, arranged in a state where the magnetic flux detection directions are parallel to each other, detection centers of both the sensors and the detected part are on one reference straight line, and a mutual positional relation... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20120229135 - Continuous wettability logging based on nmr measurements: A method for utilizing received formation data to determine one or more fluid instance such as reservoir wettability while in one of a subterranean environment or a surface environment. The method comprising: (a) obtaining at least one set of formation data wherein the set of formation data includes magnetic resonance... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20120229136 - Method and magnetic resonance tomography system to generate magnetic resonance image data of an examination subject: A method and magnetic resonance tomography system to generate magnetic resonance image data of an examination subject, raw imaging data are acquired from multiple slices of a predetermined volume region of the examination subject using local coils during a table feed in the magnetic resonance scanner. Image data of the... Agent:

20120229137 - Method for nmr spectroscopy: A method for performing magnetic resonance spectroscopy on solid samples containing nuclei of interest with spin quantum number I subjects the sample to a static magnetic field. The sample is spun at the magic angle and broad-band excitation of transverse magnetization of the nuclei of interest is effected by applying... Agent:

20120229138 - Apparatus and method to reduce noise in magnetic resonance imaging systems: An apparatus and method to reduce noise in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems are provided. One MRI system includes a gantry having a bore therethrough and at least one radio frequency (RF) coil supported by the gantry for imaging an object within the bore. The MRI system also includes a... Agent:

20120229140 - Magnetic resonance electric power-transmitting apparatus and magnetic resonance electric power-receiving apparatus: A magnetic resonance electric power-transmitting apparatus in the magnetic resonance wireless electric power transmission system includes a resonance coil, an electric power-supplying unit which supplies electric power to the resonance coil to cause the resonance coil to generate a magnetic field, a magnetic material which varies a magnetic field generated... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120229139 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: The magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to the present embodiment includes a storage unit, an eddy current correcting unit, and a gradient magnetic field power supply. The storage unit stores therein eddy current correction parameters that each correspond to the imaging positions to correct the influence of an eddy current... Agent:

20120229141 - Optimized rf shield design: Radio frequency (RF) shields used with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus may experience gradient field induced eddy currents and RF field induced eddy currents. These eddy currents can cause the RF shield to heat up at an undesirable rate. RF shields are designed to have a desired degree of RF... Agent:

20120229142 - Apparatus for detecting leakage current of battery: An apparatus for detecting leakage current of a battery is disclosed. The apparatus includes a leakage current generating unit, a leakage current measuring unit, and a peak holding unit.... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd

20120229143 - Sensitivity correction method for dose monitoring device and particle beam therapy system: In a particle beam therapy system which scans a particle beam and irradiates the particle beam to an irradiation position of an irradiation subject and has a dose monitoring device for measuring a dose of the particle beam and an ionization chamber smaller than the dose monitoring device, the ionization... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120229144 - Electric rotating machine: This invention aims to provide an electric rotating machine which is free from the procedure of selecting different preset neutral current values for different types of machines, and which can detect a ground fault in a phase coil of the armature winding without suffering any erroneous operation. An electric rotating... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120229145 - Detection of pre-catastrophic, stress induced leakage current conditions for dielectric layers: Techniques disclosed herein stress a dielectric layer until a pre-catastrophic, stress induced leakage current (SILC) condition is detected. When the pre-catastrophic SILC condition is detected, the stress is removed to prevent catastrophic failure of the dielectric and its associated device. Because these techniques prevent catastrophic failure of the dielectric layer,... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120229146 - High speed test circuit and method: A high speed test circuit receives a tester clock from a tester and it conducts a test on a circuit under test. The high speed test circuit generates a high frequency clock according to the tester clock, so it is capable of operating in two frequencies. The high speed test... Agent: Piecemakers Technology, Incorporation

20120229147 - Method of inspection of sealed capsules with a process of determination of the quality of the seal and related equipment for in-line inspection: An exemplary embodiment of this invention relates to a method of inspection of a filled hard capsule sealed with a solvent sealing agent, including a process for determining the quality of the seal. The process may include: supplying a filled hard capsule sealed with a solvent sealing agent; supplying a... Agent:

20120229150 - Input apparatus and electronic equipment using capacitive sensing method in detecting operations: An input apparatus capable of improving detection sensitivity in detecting operations using a capacitive sensing method. An operation member is operated to change the positional relationship between a substrate and a conducive member. In the conductive member, a first part whose facing area facing an earth electrode of the substrate... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120229149 - Method for determining load capacitance of an oscillator circuit, oscillator circuit and electronic apparatus: It is an object of the present invention to provide a method for determining the load capacitance CL of an oscillator circuit having a low load capacitance. To attain the object, we provide a method for determining the load capacitance CL of an oscillator circuit, wherein, when a drive current... Agent:

20120229148 - Projected capacitive touch panel having a resistance fine-tuning structure: A projected capacitive touch panel having a resistance fine-tuning structure has an X-axis sensing layer and a Y-axis sensing layer. The X-axis sensing layer and the Y-axis sensing layer respectively have multiple X-axis electrode arrays and multiple Y-axis electrode arrays. Each X-axis electrode array or each Y-axis electrode array is... Agent: Derlead Investment Ltd.

20120229151 - Measurement method of degradation/alteration degree of lubricant oil and measurement device thereof: Provided is a method of measuring a degree of degradation/alteration of a lubricating oil, including obtaining dielectric constants or electrostatic capacitances at two or more different frequencies and determining a degradation/alteration state of the lubricating oil based on values of the dielectric constants or the electrostatic capacitances, in which one... Agent: Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

20120229152 - Measuring method for degree of degradation of lubricating oil, and measuring device therefor, as well as lubricating oil monitoring system in machine and device: Provided are a method of measuring a degree of degradation of a lubricating oil and a measuring device therefor, in which (a) acidity is measured through use of an ISFET of hydrogen ion sensitive type and (b) dielectric constants or electrostatic capacitances at two or more different frequencies are obtained,... Agent: Idemisu Kosan Co., Ltd

20120229153 - Systems and methods for detecting surface charge: Systems and methods are provided for detecting surface charge on a semiconductor substrate having a sensing arrangement formed thereon. An exemplary sensing system includes the semiconductor substrate having the sensing arrangement formed thereon, and a module coupled to the sensing arrangement. The module obtains a first voltage output from the... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20120229154 - Method for distinguishing, classifying and measuring soft and hard inclusions in liquid metal: The present invention is a method for distinguishing, classifying and measuring soft and hard inclusions in a liquid metal that includes obtaining a flow through cell disposed on a tube with a top to allow the liquid metal to flow through the flow through cell and into the tube. There... Agent:

20120229155 - Semiconductor integrated circuit, failure diagnosis system and failure diagnosis method: The BIST circuit includes a BIST control circuit that controls a BIST on the memory. The BIST circuit includes a failure information table storing: a failed bit-cell position that is an address of a bit cell identified in the first address direction as a failed bit cell by the BIST... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120229157 - Probe card and manufacturing method thereof: In one embodiment, a probe card is provided. The probe card includes: a substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface; a through hole formed through the substrate and extending between the first surface and the second surface; an elastic member formed in the... Agent: Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

20120229156 - Testing apparatus and relative method: Embodiments of the invention may provide a testing apparatus that is used to test solar cells or other electronic devices. The testing apparatus may comprise a substantially flat support that is configured to support a substrate or other device that is to be electrically tested and a plurality of testing... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120229158 - Apparatus for testing a semiconductor device and method of testing a semiconductor device: An apparatus for testing a semiconductor device includes a test socket, a test board, an ID reader, and an accumulator. The test socket comprises an ID information pattern and is configured to receive the semiconductor device. The test board is configured to detachably receive the test socket and electrically connect... Agent:

20120229159 - Test interface board and test system including the same: A test interface board includes a wiring group, a plurality of contact portions, and a control device. The wiring group includes a main wire operatively coupled to a channel of a tester, and a plurality of sub-wires operatively coupled to the main wire. The plurality of contact portions are operatively... Agent:

20120229160 - Wiring board for electronic parts inspecting device and its manufacturing method: A wiring board for an electronic parts inspecting device that can be designed and produced relatively quickly, inexpensively, and with few jigs is provided. In certain embodiments the wiring board includes a base board made of an insulating material having a front surface and a back surface, the base board... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20120229161 - Method for detecting underperforming solar wafers in a solar panel or underperforming solar panel in a solar array: A method in a solar panel including one or more bypass diodes coupled to one or more sections of solar wafers includes measuring a current flowing through each section of the solar panel; measuring a current flowing through each bypass diode; and assessing the measured current value of the one... Agent: E-lightric, Inc.

20120229162 - Non-contact testing devices for printed circuit boards transporting high-speed signals: Non-contact testing devices formed on a printed circuit board (PCB), to enable testing high-speed signals propagating along at least one signal track located on a signal layer of the PCB, and methods of testing high-speed signals using thereof are provided. A non-contact testing device includes a non-contact testing track formed... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

09/06/2012 > 39 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20120223697 - Sensor for measuring electrical characteristics: Provided is a sensor for measuring electrical characteristics. The sensor includes a printed circuit board defining a round through-hole into which a power transmission line is inserted; a voltage sensor including a ring-shaped electrode and a first terminal portion to measure a voltage formed in the power transmission line, the... Agent:

20120223696 - Systems and methods for current sensing over an extended area: Methods and systems for providing current sensing over an extended area, such as a substrate of an integrated circuit, are described. The described methods and systems particularly describe a circuit layout procedure and configuration that can be used to carry out current sensing at diverse locations in the extended area.... Agent:

20120223698 - Fan speed testing system: A fan speed testing system for testing the rotational speed of a first fan, includes a switch module, a comparison module and a load module. The switch module outputs control signals. The comparison module receives the control signals and provides a first voltage according to the control signals. The load... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120223701 - Linear position sensor: A device for measuring the position of a target includes a track, which includes a primary winding (513) supplied with an alternating current at high frequency, and a plurality of secondary windings (511, 512). The device measures the position of the leading edge (510) of the target (500) in a... Agent: Continental Automotive France

20120223700 - Steering position and torque sensor: A sensor circuit for use with a shaft assembly rotatably mounted in a housing and having an input shaft, an output shaft and a torsion bar which connects the input and output shafts together. A CR coil mounted to the housing around the shaft assembly is energized and generates an... Agent: Ksr Technologies Co.

20120223699 - 360-degree angle sensor: This disclosure is directed to techniques for magnetic field angular position sensing. A device designed in accordance with this disclosure may include a magnetoresistive sensor configured to generate a signal indicative of an angular position of a magnetic field, the signal having an angular range of 180 degrees, a first... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120223703 - Sensor arrangement: A sensor arrangement (2) for determining a rotational angle of a shaft (4) which has at least one locking ring (12) arranged on the shaft (4), wherein a radius of an outer face (40) of the at least one locking ring (12) changes with a period of n φ/360°, and... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120223702 - Spring loaded gear driven resolver: A resolver apparatus can include a resolver driven gear, a resolver stator, a resolver rotor coupled to the resolver stator and a resolver rotor drive shaft coupled to the resolver rotor, wherein the resolver rotor drive shaft is spring loaded to the resolver driven gear.... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120223704 - Magnetic sensor: A magnetic sensor includes a magneto-electric transducer, a switch circuit, an amplifier circuit, a subtractor circuit, and a selector circuit. The subtractor circuit performs a first subtraction process of generating a first subtraction voltage by subtracting an amplification voltage obtained under an immediately prior first bias state from an amplification... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20120223708 - Implantable or insertable nuclear magnetic resonant imaging system: Nuclear Magnetic Resonant Imaging (also called Magnetic Resonant Imaging or “MRI”) devices which are implantable, internal or insertable are provided. The disclosure describes ways to miniaturize, simplify, calibrate, cool, and increase the utility of MRI systems for structural investigative purposes, and for biological investigation and potential treatment. It teaches use... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120223705 - Magnetic resonance system with implantable components and methods of use thereof: Nuclear magnetic resonance systems and methods of use thereof are provided. The systems employ implantable radiofrequency coils (105) and optionally implantable magnets (101). The systems can employ weak permanent magnets and/or permanent magnets that provide magnetic fields that are much less homogeneous than in conventional systems. This allows, for example,... Agent: T2 Biosystems, Inc.

20120223706 - Method and apparatus for generating an effective equivalent of simultaneous transmission to a targeted tissue using a conventional transceiver array: The present invention is a method and apparatus for generating an effective equivalent of a simultaneous transmission of excitation signals to a targeted living tissue using an existing MRI system assembly or transceiver apparatus which structurally has a small number of independent transmit channels in operative communication with a large... Agent:

20120223707 - Method and device for establishing excitation parameters for mr imaging: A method and a device for establishing excitation parameters, in particular for establishing an excitation profile, for MR imaging, are proposed. Elements of a k-space covariance matrix are determined for signal noise in k-space data which is captured using a plurality of receive channels in the context of data captured... Agent:

20120223711 - Apparatus and method for decreasing bio-effects of magnetic gradient field gradients: An apparatus and a method for increasing the magnitude of the magnetic gradient for MRI without causing nerve stimulation. As an example, the short ramp time of magnetic gradients, for example less than 150 microseconds is contemplated. These short ramp-time magnetic gradients are used for the imaging of structures with... Agent: Weinberg Medical Physics LLC

20120223712 - Apparatus and method for magnetic resonance measurement and mapping of electrical impedance, complex permittivity and complex conductivity as applied to detection and evaluation of sample pathology: A method of measurement of or mapping the distribution of complex permittivity, complex conductivity, complex impedance, or electric loss angle during magnetic resonance imaging or analysis. The method includes applying a time-varying electric field of a Faraday shield to a sample and cross-correlating the line spectrum signal so produced with... Agent: Wollin Ventures, Inc.

20120223710 - Method of generating 2d or 3d maps of mri t1 and t2 relaxation times: A method of generating 2D or 3D maps of MRI T1 and T2 relaxation times by acquiring 2D or 3D MRI gradient-echo images and extracting the T1 and T2 values from the images, wherein MRI images are acquired using a combination of gradient-echo sequences, including a first MRI image acquired... Agent: Esaote S.p.a.

20120223709 - Simultaneous tx-rx for mri systems and other antenna devices: Apparatus and method that are more efficient and flexible, and obtain and connect high-power RF transmit signals (TX) to RF-coil devices in an MR machine or other devices and simultaneously receive signals (RX) and separate net receive signals NRX) of interest by subtracting or filtering to remove the subtractable portion... Agent:

20120223713 - Method and magnetic resonance system to automatically determine parameters of a flow measurement: In a method and a magnetic resonance system to automatically determine parameters of a phase contrast flow measurement, a phase contrast pre-measurement with a flow coding sequence is implemented in a predetermined volume segment of an examination subject, and the flow coding sequence is varied in terms of its parameters... Agent:

20120223714 - Local coil: The present embodiments relate to a local coil for a magnetic resonance tomography system. The local coil includes a preamplifier for amplification of a signal received by the local coil from an examination object in a receive phase of the local coil. The local coil also includes a detuning device... Agent:

20120223715 - Pet-mri convergence system: A positron emission tomography (PET)-magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) convergence system. In one aspect, the invention may be a PET-MRI convergence system including: a cylindrical magnet bore which includes an outer wall and an inner wall; a gradient magnet which is disposed adjacent to the inner wall of the magnet bore;... Agent:

20120223716 - Sample holder for electricity-detection electron spin resonance device: A sample holder structure is provided with which it is possible to reduce current noise derived from electromagnetic induction, etc. in electricity-detection electron spin resonance spectroscopy. Also provided is a process for producing the structure. The material of the sample holder, which is used in an electricity-detection electron spin resonance... Agent:

20120223717 - Method and apparatus for measuring the electrical impedance properties of geological formations using multiple simultaneous current sources: A system for measuring geological data is disclosed. The system includes several transceivers distributed over a geographical area. Each of the transceivers has at least one transmitter and at least one receiver. The transceivers are in communication with each other. The receivers are adapted to measure at least one electrical... Agent:

20120223718 - High voltage dc power for electromagnetic survey source: A marine electromagnetic survey system includes a power cable configured to couple to a power supply at one axial end, and to a head unit at the other end. The power supply includes a source of direct current which is coupled to the power cable. The head unit includes equipment... Agent:

20120223719 - Fault detection device, electrical instrument and fault detection method: A fault detection device includes an interface electrically connected to an electrical instrument to transfer commercial power to the electrical instrument, transmit a command for driving one of a plurality of loads included in the electrical instrument to the electrical instrument, and detect current flowing in one of the plurality... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120223720 - Method and system for detecting and locating by reflectometry electrical faults in metal structures: f

20120223721 - System and method for bonded configuration pad continuity check: A continuity test circuit for a boundary pad includes a pull-up transistor electrically connected between the boundary pad and a first power supply, and a pull-down transistor electrically connected between the boundary pad and a first reference ground potential. A normal output conductor is electrically connected to have a same... Agent: Sandisk Corp.

20120223722 - Voltage measurement device and voltage measurement system: A voltage measurement device, includes: a multiplexer that includes a plurality of input terminals at which voltage signals are inputted; a control circuit that performs voltage measurement by acquiring the voltage signal at a selected input terminal from the multiplexer; and a decision circuit that makes a decision as to... Agent: Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd.

20120223723 - Sensor: The invention disclosed enables sensing of the electrical permittivity of an object. A sensor is provided that includes a dielectric layer that presents a surface defining the base of a volume in which a test object may be placed and an electrically active layer beneath the dielectric layer, comprising a... Agent: Hm Technology International Limited

20120223724 - Inductive measuring device for detecting lengths and angles: The invention relates to a measuring device for detecting absolution positions, comprising a sensor unit (N, M) as a planar coil structure and a scale having alternating areas of variable reluctance or conductivity along the measuring line. The invention is characterized in that the measuring device has at least two... Agent:

20120223726 - Mems sensor with movable z-axis sensing element: A MEMS sensor includes a substrate and a MEMS structure coupled to the substrate. The MEMS structure has a mass movable with respect to the substrate. The MEMS sensor also includes a reference structure electrically coupled to the mass of the MEMS sensor. The reference structure is used to provide... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20120223725 - Touch sensitive device and fabrication method thereof: The present invention relates to a touch sensitive device comprising a substrate, a mask layer, at least one touch sensing assembly partially masked by the mask layer, and an insulator formed between the mask layer and the touch sensing assembly for insulating the mask layer and the touch sensing assembly;... Agent:

20120223727 - Method of controlling active material actuation utilizing an operational envelope: A method of controlling and/or predicting the remaining useful life of an active material actuator, such as a shape memory alloy wire, includes obtaining historical actuation data of an inherent system variable, such as electrical resistance, over a secondary variable, such as time, determining a normal operating envelope having upper... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120223728 - Method and system that determines the value of a resistor in linear and non-linear resistor sets: The present subject matter refers to apparatus and methods for identifying a resistance level of a resistor. In an example, circuit configured to identify a resistor can include a plurality of current sources, each current source selectively coupled to the resistor to generate a resistor voltage, a comparator configured to... Agent: Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

20120223729 - Adhesively attached stand-offs on a portable pack for an electronics tester: The invention relates to a tester apparatus of the kind including a portable supporting structure for removably holding and testing a substrate carrying a microelectronic circuit. An interface on the stationary structure is connected to the first interface when the portable structure is held by the stationary structure and is... Agent: Aehr Test Systems

20120223730 - Probe card positioning mechanism and inspection apparatus: A probe card positioning mechanism in which, when a probe card used to inspect electrical characteristics of an object to be processed is detachably inserted in a head plate of an inspection apparatus or an insert ring fixed to the head plate, at least three positioning pins placed circumferentially with... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120223731 - Test bracket for circuit board: A test bracket for testing a circuit board includes a base, two connection pieces, and a supporting member for supporting the circuit board. The base includes a board and two posts extending up from the board. The supporting member includes two poles and a number of ribs slidably connected between... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120223732 - Transmission device and method of testing transmission characteristic of dut: There is provided a transmission device. The transmission device includes: an adapter device (11) including: a first surface having a plurality of first terminals (21) thereon; and a second surface opposite to the first surface and having a plurality of second terminals (22) thereon, wherein a pitch between the adjacent... Agent: Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

20120223734 - Measurement of insulation resistance of configurable photovoltaic panels in a photovoltaic array: Methods for measuring insulation resistance in a photovoltaic (PV) array may include partitioning the PV array into groups of PV panels, isolating a group of PV panels selected for an insulation resistance measurement from other groups of panels by setting bypass selectors on each PV panel in the PV array,... Agent:

20120223733 - Solar cell characterization system with an automated continuous neutral density filter: Techniques for solar cell electrical characterization are provided. In one aspect, a solar testing device is provided. The device includes a solar simulator; and a continuous neutral density filter in front of the solar simulator having regions of varying light attenuation levels ranging from transparent to opaque, the continuous neutral... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

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