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Electricity: measuring and testing July category listing 07/12

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07/26/2012 > 41 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20120187937 - Master-slave fiber optic current sensors for differential protection schemes: A master-slave current sensor system for measuring, for example, differential current on a transmission line is described. The slave current sensor can be periodically recalibrated (or have a compensation value re-calculated) based on the master sensor's average output, and the slave sensor can be unpowered and remote from an electronics... Agent: Alstom Grid Inc.

20120187938 - Flow chamber having a cell-guiding device: A flow cytometer has a flow chamber in which labeled cells are highly likely to be detected by a corresponding sensor as a medium carrying the magnetically labeled cells flows through the flow chamber. The flow chamber has at least one sensor positioned on an inner surface thereof to detect... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120187940 - Device for detecting the position of a shift and/or selector lever for a transmission and shift device for the transmission of a motor vehicle: A device (100) for detecting the position of a gearshift lever and/or selector lever (1) for a transmission has a signal-generating element (2.1; 2.2) that can be moved together with the gearshift lever and/or selector lever (1). The detection device (100) also has, as the measuring transducer, at least one... Agent: Ecs Engineered Control Systems Ag

20120187941 - Targeting operation sites: A system for targeting an operation site includes an identifier having an electromagnetic field generator configured to produce electromagnetic fields. The system includes an implement that includes a handle, a blade portion, and an electromagnetic field sensor coupled to the blade portion. The electromagnetic field sensor is configured to produce... Agent: Smith & Nephew, Inc.

20120187939 - Angle detection apparatus: According to an embodiment of the invention, an angle detection apparatus detects the angle of a rotation axis of a rotating device to generate a first signal and a second signal perpendicular to the first signal using the angle detection unit. The first AD conversion unit receives the first signal... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120187942 - Encoder module with an alignment system: An encoder module with an alignment system with an encoder device, a housing and a movable hub is presented. The encoder module may be integrated with an alignment system to facilitate a built-alignment feature for aligning an encoder device disposed within the encoder module. The encoder module may include a... Agent: Avago Technologies EcbuIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd

20120187943 - Current difference sensors, systems and methods: Embodiments relate to current difference sensors, systems and methods. In an embodiment, a current difference sensor includes first and second conductors arranged relative to one another such that when a first current flows through the first conductor and a second current, equal to the first current, flows through the second... Agent:

20120187945 - Non-contact current sensor: A non-contact current censor includes a spin valve structure (2), an electrical unit (4) that applies a varying current to the spin valve structure (2), and a resistance reading unit that electrically reads out a resistance value of the spin valve structure (2). When a current-induced magnetic field is detected,... Agent: Fuji Electric Co. Ltd

20120187944 - Planar magnetic field probe: A planar magnetic field probe is provided. The planar magnetic field probe increases the sensitivity of magnetic field intensity detection by using a left multi-sensor loop and a right multi-sensor loop formed by a first patterned metal layer and a second patterned metal layer, and decreases the electric field noise... Agent: Tatung Company

20120187946 - Method and mri device to detect a direction of at least one fiber in a body: The invention is characterized in that for a predetermined positive number m of diffusion direction(s) μj, the signals Si are linked to the probability density function of the random vector X of water molecules displacements represented as a mixture of m probability density functions pXj of random vectors Xj characterizing... Agent:

20120187947 - Slice selective mri excitation with reduced power deposition using multiple transmit channels: Described are embodiments for slice-selective excitation for MRI that utilize multiple RF transmit coils, each of which are driven with a separate independent current waveform. These embodiments allow slice-selective excitation with slice profile and excitation time similar to other single-channel excitation, but with reduction in SAR caused by the transverse... Agent: University Of Utah Research Foundation

20120187948 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to an embodiment includes a first acquiring unit, a second acquiring unit, and a combining unit. The first acquiring unit is configured to acquire data by executing a pulse sequence based on a first radio-frequency pulse transmission condition. The second acquiring unit is configured... Agent:

20120187949 - Magnetic resonance apparatus: A magnetic resonance apparatus includes a receiving system with at least one receiver configured to process at least one receive signal of a receive channel. The magnetic resonance apparatus further includes at least one switching device configured to variably assign a first number of receive channels to a first number... Agent:

20120187951 - Power amplifier for a magnetic resonance device: A power amplifier unit for a magnetic resonance device includes at least two power amplifier modules. Symmetrical output signals from the at least two power amplifier modules are fed to a shared balun. The shared balun is provided on a printed circuit board (PCB) and is realized in a unit... Agent:

20120187950 - Printed circuit board with integrated shielding: A printed circuit board (PCB) is flat, providing a top side and a bottom side. A plurality of terminations is disposed on the top side in proximity to one end face of the PCB. Each termination has at least one contact that is connected to a respective conductor track of... Agent:

20120187952 - Capacitive page opening detector: An array of capacitor plates is disclosed wherein each plate is the foundation on which a page of printed material is built. Capacitance is sequentially detected between nearby pages to determine where capacitive interaction fails, thus determining the page opening. Any number of pages can be scanned in this manner... Agent:

20120187955 - Adaptor failure tolerance test device: An adaptor failure tolerance test device includes a first connection module, a second connection module, a teaming control module, and a connection control module. The first connection module includes eight first interfaces configured for connecting to a plurality of respective adaptors of a network server. The second connection module includes... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120187953 - Circuit for detecting structural defects in an integrated circuit chip, methods of use and manufacture and design structures: Detection circuits, methods of use and manufacture and design structures are provided herein. The structure includes at least one signal line traversing one or more metal layers of an integrated circuit. Circuitry is coupled to the at least one signal line, which is structured to receive a signal with a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120187954 - Method and device for inspecting strips of touch panel: A method for inspecting the strips of a touch panel is disclosed. The method includes providing a first signal to a first driven first strip of a plurality of first strips and generating a plurality of continuous first differences according to signals on a plurality of second strips; providing the... Agent: Egalax_empia Technology Inc.

20120187956 - Touchscreen testing: Touchscreen testing techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a conductor is placed proximal to a touchscreen device and the touchscreen device is tested by simulating a touch of a user by placing the conductor in a grounded state and lack of a touch by the user by placing... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120187957 - Wire breakage detecting method for high voltage generating device: A method of detecting a wire break in a high voltage generating device that is configured to detect a wire breakage in a low-voltage cable is disclosed. The method of a wire break includes: detecting whether a wire break has occurred in each of the lines in accordance with a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120187958 - Electric leakage detection protective circuit with magnetic lock mechanism: An electric leakage detection protective circuit comprises two normally closed switches. The live wire at the power output terminal is connected to the live wire output plug bush at the power output plug jack via a normally closed switch and constitutes a group of live wire conductors at the power... Agent:

20120187959 - Position detecting device: A position detecting device includes: a position indicator operable to resonate at a first frequency, upon receipt of an excitation signal, to oscillate at a second frequency different from the first frequency so as to generate an oscillation signal, and to transmit the oscillation signal thus generated; and a position... Agent: Sunrex Technology Corp.

20120187960 - Sensor probe and methods of assembling same: A method of assembling a sensor probe for use in a sensor assembly is provided. The method includes providing an emitter configured to generate at least one forward propagating electromagnetic field from at least one microwave signal and to generate at least one backward propagating electromagnetic field. A data conduit... Agent:

20120187961 - Plug insertion detection circuits and related methods and communications connectors: Methods of detecting a plug insertion into a plug aperture of a communications connector are provided in which a control signal is transmitted to a control signal input circuit of the connector that includes a reactive coupling element. The control signal is electromagnetically coupled through the control signal input circuit.... Agent: Commscope Inc. Of North Carolina

20120187962 - Control device and method for triggering person protecting device: In method and a control device for triggering person protection device, a signal of a planarly measuring environment sensor system and a second signal of a contact sensor system are evaluated separately in order to produce a respective trigger signal. These two trigger signals are then gated in order to... Agent:

20120187963 - System for detecting electrical properties of a molecular complex: A system for detecting electrical properties of a molecular complex is disclosed. The system includes an electrode electrically coupled to a molecular complex that outputs an electrical signal affected by an electrical property of the molecular complex, wherein the effect of the electrical property of the molecular complex on the... Agent: Genia Technologies, Inc.

20120187964 - Plug insertion detection circuits that sense a change in capacitance and related methods and communications connectors: Methods of detecting a plug insertion into a plug aperture of a communications connector are provided in which a control signal is received that is electromagnetically coupled across a plug aperture of the communications connector using a reactive coupling element. A determination may be made that a mating plug (e.g.,... Agent: Commscope Inc. Of North Carolina

20120187965 - Capacitive detection having function integration: A capacitive measurement device includes: at least one measurement electrode having an active surface; at least one guard made from an electrically conductive material placed adjacent to the measurement electrode(s), the guard being excited up to an alternating electric potential substantially identical to that of the measurement electrodes; and a... Agent:

20120187966 - High current precision resistance measurement system: A resistance testing apparatus makes use of a modular design for cascaded, parallel, bipolar current sources to obviate the need for electromechanical or pneumatic switching systems.... Agent: Guildline Instruments Limited

20120187968 - Test appratus: Provided is a test apparatus that tests a device under test, comprising a power supply section that supplies the device under test with power; a comparing section that detects a characteristic value indicating a state of the device under test and compares the characteristic value to a predetermined threshold value;... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120187967 - Voltage limiting test system and assistant test device: A voltage limiting test system used to test limit voltage values of a memory includes a voltage limiting test device and an assistant test device connected to the voltage limiting test device. The voltage limiting test device includes a button to adjust a voltage of the memory. The assistant test... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120187969 - Built-in test for an overvoltage protection circuit: An overvoltage protection circuit connected to protect electrical components from overvoltage conditions includes a blocking diode connected in series with a transient voltage suppression device (TVS) via a first node and includes a reference voltage for biasing the first node at a voltage sufficient to reverse bias the blocking diode... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120187971 - High-frequency vertical spring probe card structure: The invention provides a high-frequency vertical spring probe card structure including a plurality of probes. Each of the probes includes at least one conducting layer and at least one insulating layer. The conducting layer includes a first contact end and a second contact end used for electrically contacting an external... Agent: Pleader-yamaichi Co., Ltd

20120187970 - Methods for making contact device for making connection to an electronic circuit device and methods of using the same: A method for manufacturing an electronic device is disclosed. A design description of the electronic device is generated using one or more computer aided design tools. Physical device data are generated that represent a physical description of the electronic device, which includes data determining connection points for connecting the electronic... Agent:

20120187972 - Wafer level testing structure: A wafer level testing structure, disposed between a wafer and a prober, for transmitting the electrical signal of the wafer to the prober, the wafer level testing structure includes: a socket and a probe interface board disposed between the socket and the prober, wherein the probe interface board is electrically... Agent: Chunghwa Precision Test Tech. Co., Ltd.

20120187973 - Test apparatus: An existing test head is made best use of and a capital investment is reduced. A test apparatus for testing a plurality of devices under test includes: a plurality of test heads for retaining therein at least one test board to test devices under test; a connecting section mounted on... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120187974 - Dual stage voltage ramp stress test for gate dielectrics: A testing system for testing the integrity of a gate dielectric includes a testing apparatus, the testing apparatus including a test probe configured to contact and provide a voltage across the gate dielectric and to measure a current passing through the gate dielectric. The testing system also includes a computing... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120187976 - Method for testing trap density of gate dielectric layer in semiconductor device having no substrate contact: A method for testing trap density in a gate dielectric layer of a semiconductor device having no substrate contact is provided in the invention. A source and a drain of the device are bilateral symmetric, and probes and cables of a test instrument connecting to the source and the drain... Agent: Peking University

20120187975 - Semiconductor device evaluation apparatus and semiconductor device evaluation method: A semiconductor device evaluation apparatus includes a current measurement portion that measures a current value at multiple times included in a period from the beginning of application of a voltage to a semiconductor device to a steady state of the current value flowing through the semiconductor device; a period division... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120187977 - Semiconductor device capable of being tested after packaging: Provided is a semiconductor device capable of effectively testing whether memory cells and a memory cell array are defective. The semiconductor device may include a memory cell array having a plurality of memory cells and an external test pad connected to an internal test pad. A test voltage may be... Agent:

07/19/2012 > 35 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20120182006 - Advanced metering infrastructure (ami) cartridge for an energy meter: An advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) cartridge includes an AMI cartridge housing having an interior zone, and an AMI module system supported within the interior zone of the AMI cartridge module housing. The AMI module system includes an AMI module and an energy meter interface configured and disposed to detachably connect... Agent: General Electric Company

20120182007 - Flow chamber having a gmr sensor and a cell guiding device: Magnetically labeled cells in a flow chamber cytometer are detected by a GMR sensor. The flow chamber includes a cell guiding device having at least one first and one second magnetic or magnetizable flow strip. The flow strips, which serve to guide the flowing cells across the sensor in a... Agent:

20120182008 - Rotation angle detecting device: Three magnetic sensors are arranged around a rotor at predetermined angular intervals about the rotation axis of the rotor. Sinusoidal signals that have a phase difference of a predetermined degree of 45° are output from the respective magnetic sensors. A rotation angle computing device detects a magnetic pole transition in... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20120182009 - Rotation angle detecting device: Three magnetic sensors are arranged around a rotor at predetermined angular intervals about the rotation axis of the rotor. Sinusoidal signals having a phase difference of 120° are output from the magnetic sensors. A rotation angle computing device detects a magnetic pole transition in a first output signal as follows.... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20120182010 - Magnetic field sensor: A magnetic field sensor for measuring a magnetic field at a sensor location has a printed circuit board, including electrically insulating material; a magnetic field sensor element situated on the printed circuit board and connected via electrical contacts to first printed conductors provided on the printed circuit board; and at... Agent:

20120182011 - Phase detection in an atomic sensing system: One embodiment of the invention includes an atomic sensing system. The system includes an atomic sensing device configured to generate an output signal along an output axis in response to a plurality of control parameters. The system also includes a signal generator configured to apply a reference signal to a... Agent:

20120182013 - Antenna arrangement for magnetic resonance applications: An antenna arrangement for magnetic resonance applications includes antenna elements substantially parallel to a common central axis, distributed around the central axis at a distance from the central axis, and enclosing an essentially cylindrical volume. The antenna arrangement includes intermediate connections that connect to immediately adjacent antenna elements at connection... Agent:

20120182012 - Apparatus and method for protecting a magnetic resonance imaging magnet during quench: A superconducting magnet assembly comprising a plurality of superconducting magnet coil portions forming a coil series circuit to provide a magnetic field, a power supply to supply power to the plurality of superconducting magnet coil portions during a magnet ramp mode of operation, and a ramp switch coupled to the... Agent:

20120182014 - Magnetic resonance microcoil and method of use: A magnetic resonance imaging device includes an elongate flexible member having a proximal end, a distal end, and a lumen extending between the proximal end and the distal end and a solenoid coil affixed to the distal end of the elongate flexible member, the solenoid coil having a plurality of... Agent:

20120182015 - Drum-type standing wave trap: A standing wave trap for a magnetic resonance tomography system includes a local coil connecting lead and at least one flexible printed circuit board in the local coil connecting lead. The local coil connecting lead is wound.... Agent:

20120182016 - Sensor device and method for the geoelectrical prospecting of raw mineral deposits: A sensor device and a method for the geoelectrical prospecting of the location, the (stratographic) arrangement, and the course of raw mineral deposits and of the adjoining rock delimiting these deposits, particularly in the continuous working of the mineral deposits, having a sensor head whose front surface forms the sensor... Agent: Bucyrus Europe Gmbh

20120182017 - Subsurface electromagnetic survey technique using expendable conductivity, temperature, and depth measurement devices: A method for modeling conductivity distribution in a formation below a body of water includes measuring electromagnetic response of the formation with an electromagnetic survey system; measuring at least one of water conductivity, water dielectric constant, and water temperature with respect to depth in the water; generating an initial model... Agent:

20120182018 - Apparatus and method for sensing failure: Provided is an apparatus for sensing a failure that may apply, using a current control unit, a current to at least one first light emitting diode (LED) string and at least one second LED string that may be connected in parallel with each other, and as a result of sensing... Agent:

20120182019 - Battery monitoring circuit and battery monitoring system: A battery monitoring circuit monitors voltages of a plurality of secondary cells connected in series. The battery monitoring circuit comprises a first switch element, a second switch element, a third switch element, and a first capacitor. The battery monitoring circuit comprises an operational amplifier of which an inverting input terminal... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120182020 - Secondary battery tester, secondary battery testing method, and manufacturing method of secondary battery: There is provided a secondary battery tester for testing a state of a secondary battery based on an impedance characteristic of the secondary battery. The tester includes: an impedance acquiring section configured to acquire an impedance value of the secondary battery; and a determining section configured to determine a state... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20120182021 - Differential current monitoring for parallel-connected batteries: A system for determining battery characteristics based on differential current monitoring includes a first battery; a second battery, the second battery being connected in parallel with the first battery; and a differential current measurement module comprising at least one current measuring device, the differential current measurement module being configured to... Agent: Tiax LLC

20120182022 - Method of indicating voltage, voltage indicating apparatus, and battery pack: One terminal of a switch 53 is connected to a resistor 51 having its other terminal connected to a rechargeable battery, and the other terminals connected through a resistor 54 to a capacitor 55. Another capacitor 52 is connected to the node between the switch 53 and the resistor 51.... Agent:

20120182023 - Method for locating fault of submarine cable, repeater, and communication system: A method for locating a fault of a submarine cable, a device, and a communication system are provided. A light pulse output by a Repeater (RPT) is incident to a location of a fault as a probe light pulse. The RPT obtains a time difference between the probe light pulse... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20120182024 - Ground fault detection circuit and ground fault detection apparatus: A ground fault detection circuit includes: a first switch circuit that connects/disconnects a first path between a positive bus bar and a ground potential section, the positive bus bar being connected to positive electrodes of secondary battery units through a field-effect transistor including a parasitic diode; a second switch circuit... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120182025 - Optically stimulated differential impedance spectroscopy: Methods and apparatuses for evaluating a material are described. Embodiments typically involve use of an impedance measurement sensor to measure the impedance of a sample of the material under at least two different states of illumination. The states of illumination may include (a) substantially no optical stimulation, (b) substantial optical... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20120182026 - Clock generating apparatus, test apparatus and clock generating method: There is provided a clock generating apparatus for generating a recovered clock by recovering a clock from an edge of a received signal, including a recovered clock generating section that generates the recovered clock, a multi-strobe generating section that generates a plurality of strobes with different phases, in accordance with... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120182027 - Measuring arrangement for determining electrical conductivity of a measured liquid: A measuring arrangement for determining electrical conductivity of a measured liquid, comprising: a container, in which the measured liquid is accommodated, a gradiometer arrangement, comprising an exciter coil, a first receiving coil and a second receiving coil, wherein the first and the second receiving coils are arranged symmetrically relative to... Agent: Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft Fur Mess-und Regeltechnik Mbh + Co. Kg

20120182028 - Capacitance detecting device: In a capacitance detecting device including an offset adjustment circuit for removing offset from charge transmitted to an integrator from a charge reading mechanism, the offset adjustment circuit includes a variable capacitance element switching the number of capacitative elements connected in parallel to a charge transmission line made up of... Agent:

20120182029 - Apparatus and method for monitoring a tool machine: The invention refers to an apparatus for monitoring the operation of an electrically conductive tool (120) of a machine tool (100, 400) having at least one electrically conductive spindle (110) for holding the tool (120) and a detector (140, 545, 645) which determines an electrical resistance (190, 290, 390) between... Agent:

20120182030 - Device for the measurement of electrical properties of fluids and method for measuring said electrical properties: Device (2) for measuring electric parameters of a fluid (F), comprising: two measurement circuits (8, 10) for measuring, respectively, the dielectric permittivity and the electrical conductivity of the fluid (F); two electrodes (5, 5′) facing each other from opposite sides of the fluid (F); a selector system (11) for alternatively... Agent: Pietro Fiorentini S.p.a.

20120182031 - Test apparatus and test method: Provided is a test apparatus that tests a device under test, comprising an inductance load section that is provided in a path through which test current flows to the device under test and that has an inductance component; a switching section that switches whether the test current is supplied to... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120182034 - Contact assembly: A contact assembly for receiving a spring probe unit includes an elongate contact element adapted to electrically contact the spring probe unit. The contact element includes a stop for restraining movement of the spring probe unit towards the stop in the direction of an axis along the length of the... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120182033 - Die testing using top surface test pads: Timely testing of die on wafer reduces the cost to manufacture ICs. This disclosure describes a die test structure and process to reduce test time by adding test pads on the top surface of the die. The added test pads allow a tester to probe and test more circuits within... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120182032 - Test mode controller and electronic apparatus with self-testing thereof: A test mode controller comprises an enable signal generator, a control signal generator, and a latch. The enable signal generator receives a power signal and a second control signal, and generates a first enable signal and a second enable signal respectively to the latch and the control signal generator. The... Agent: Fortune Semiconductor Corporation

20120182035 - Bumped semiconductor wafer or die level electrical interconnect: A probe assembly that acts as a temporary interconnect between terminals on an IC device and a test station. The probe assembly includes a plurality of stud bumps arranged on a first surface of a substrate in a configuration corresponding to the terminal on the IC device. The stud bumps... Agent: Hsio Technologies, LLC

20120182036 - Contact probe and socket: A contact probe includes: a first and second plungers, one of the first and second plungers being connected to an object to be inspected, the other being connected to an inspecting board; and a spring urging the first and second plungers so as to be separated from each other. The... Agent:

20120182037 - Ic device testing socket: To provide an IC device testing socket, capable of improving signal transmission efficiency during testing an IC device, without deteriorating the replacement workability of contact pins. A substrate 2 has dielectric layers 22-25 embedded in a base material 21 constituted by dielectric material such as glass epoxy. Each dielectric layer... Agent:

20120182038 - Characterization of electrical power distribution systems using characterization matrices: Embodiments of methods and apparatuses for characterizing an electrical power distribution system are disclosed. One method includes applying a plurality of test signals to a first plurality of test points of the electrical power distribution system, measuring a plurality of response signals at a second plurality of test points of... Agent:

20120182039 - Systems and methods for testing power supplies: A system and method for testing a power supply. A selection of one or more power supplies to test is received. A tester is automatically configured to test the one or more power supplies utilizing test parameters associated with the selection. A power-end of each of the one or more... Agent: Atc Logistics & Electronics

20120182040 - Method of testing partial discharge of rotating electrical machine driven by inverter: In a rotating electrical machine, a conductive foil or conductive rubber is applied to the surface of insulation layer of a conductor series connection area or to the surface of insulation layer of a turn conductor of coils of rotating electrical machine winding, waveforms of grounding voltages of the individual... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

07/12/2012 > 33 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20120176119 - Phase line identification system and method: A phase line identification system including, at least one computer hardware device including: a first receiver that receives a plurality of times of a primary phase zero crossing for a plurality of primary phase lines at a feeder; a second receiver that receives a time of a secondary phase zero... Agent: General Electric Company

20120176120 - System and method for monitoring current drawn by a protected load in a self-powered electronic protection device: A circuit for measuring current drawn by a self-powered electronic protection device. The circuit monitors current in a polyphase alternating current (AC) power source by measuring current in a rectified secondary winding of a current transformer coupled to a phase current of the power source. The measurement circuit includes a... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20120176121 - Current passage indicator: A fault current passage indicator (100) is fitted around the earth conductor (11) of a pole (10) supporting a section of an overhead electricity distribution network. This is achieved by means of a clip (110) adapted to provide a loop of ferromagnetic material enclosing the earth conductor (11). The indicator... Agent: Ea Technology Limited

20120176122 - Contact probe, linked body of contact probes, and manufacturing methods thereof: A contact probe, a method of manufacturing a linked body of contact probes, and a method of manufacturing a contact probe, which allow for stable use are provided. Contact probe includes a contact portion to be brought into contact with an object to be measured, a main body portion connected... Agent:

20120176123 - Position sensor: A position sensor is configured such that a rotor pattern formed on a rotor in a position facing a stator includes non-magnetic conductive parts cyclically formed, a stator coil includes an excitation coil and a detection coil, which are wound in the same direction, and the width of each coil... Agent: Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120176124 - Method and apparatus for a half-bridge variable differential transformer position sensing system: A half-bridge variable differential transformer position sensing system that includes a transducer having a stator with an inductive coil having a center tap configured to provide an output signal. The transducer also has an armature with a magnetically permeable core configured to move within the inductive coil, such that movement... Agent: Woodward Mpc, Inc.

20120176125 - Device for sensing positions of a rotating wheel: A device for sensing positions of a rotating wheel comprises a rotating wheel with a symmetrical weight distribution, with the rotating wheel being rigidly attached to an axle; a stationary plate coaxial with the rotating wheel, the stationary plate being free to rotate about the axle and having an asymmetrical... Agent:

20120176126 - Rotation angle sensor: A rotation angle sensor includes a magnet that rotates about a rotation axis. The magnet has an end face perpendicular to the rotation axis and has a magnetization in a direction perpendicular to the rotation axis. The rotation angle sensor further includes a magnetic sensor that faces the end face... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120176127 - Apparatus for pipeline inspection: A sensor assembly for pipeline inspection is provided. The sensor assembly comprises a sensor arm configured to mount the sensor assembly to a pipeline inspection tool and a sensor carrier configured to support a magnetic flux leakage sensor, the sensor carrier being pivotably coupled to the sensor arm by a... Agent:

20120176128 - Micromachined resonant magnetic field sensors: A micromachined magnetic field sensor comprising is disclosed. The micromachined magnetic field comprises a substrate; a drive subsystem, the drive subsystem comprises a plurality of beams, and at least one anchor connected to the substrate; a mechanism for providing an electrical current through the drive subsystem along a first axis;... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20120176129 - Micromachined resonant magnetic field sensors: A micromachined magnetic field sensor is disclosed. The micromachined magnetic field sensor comprises a substrate; and a drive subsystem partially supported by the substrate with a plurality of beams, and at least one anchor; a mechanism for providing an electrical current through the drive subsystem along a first axis; and... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20120176130 - Detection of j-coupling using atomic magnetometer: An embodiment of a method of detecting a J-coupling includes providing a polarized analyte adjacent to a vapor cell of an atomic magnetometer; and measuring one or more J-coupling parameters using the atomic magnetometer. According to an embodiment, measuring the one or more J-coupling parameters includes detecting a magnetic field... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120176131 - System and method for fat suppression in chemical shift based water-fat separated mr imaging: An apparatus and method for separating the NMR signal contributions from a plurality of different species having different chemical shifts is disclosed. The apparatus acquires MR image data sets including a first species signal and a second species signal, generates a first species image from the acquired MR image data,... Agent:

20120176132 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and irradiation frequency adjusting method: A high-quality image is obtained using a two-dimensional selective excitation method even if the static magnetic field is not uniform. Therefore, non-uniformity of a static magnetic field of a region to be focused in particular in a selective excitation region excited by 2DRF is measured, and a result of the... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120176133 - Integrated high-frequency generator system utilizing the magnetic field of the target application: An integrated high-frequency generator system utilizing the magnetic field of the target application including a magnetic resonance magnet having an application zone and a high-frequency (microwave/terahertz) generator zone in the magnetic field of the magnetic resonance magnet; and a high-frequency (microwave/terahertz) generator disposed in the high-frequency (microwave/terahertz) generator zone and... Agent:

20120176134 - Magnetic resonance imaging system with thermal reservoir and method for cooling: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system with a thermal reservoir and method for cooling are provided. A cooling vessel for a magnet system of the MRI system includes a first portion containing a helium cryogen in contact with a plurality of magnet coils of an MRI system. The cooling vessel... Agent:

20120176135 - Optically controlled mems switch and method of using the same: The present embodiments are directed towards the optical control of switching an electrical assembly. For example, in an embodiment, an electrical package is provided. The electrical package generally includes a micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) device configured to interface with an electrical assembly, the MEMS device being operable to vary the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120176137 - Gradient magnetic field coil and magnetic resonance imaging device: In the magnetic resonance imaging device, the distance between the first and second coils is different in the circumferential direction and has a first region (A1) (θ=0, π) and a second region (A2) (θ=π/2) narrower than the first region (A1). In the first coil, wiring patterns (17a, 17b) on the... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120176136 - Shimming device for superconducting magnet: This shimming device sequentially records a history of conducted shim setting, momentarily dynamically calculates compensation values corresponding to the record by the aid of a characteristic function, and dynamically controls the shim coil by the aid of the compensation values thus obtained, to thereby compensate the magnetic field fluctuation of... Agent:

20120176138 - Reliable wired-pipe data transmission system: A high-frequency data and/or power transmission system suitable for down-hole use including signal/power couplers, transmission line segments and signal repeaters. Signals and power are/is transmitted between couplers and/or between couplers and repeaters by means of electromagnetic resonance coupling. In at least a portion of the system, the transmission line segments... Agent:

20120176139 - System and method for sensing multiple user input switch devices: A system and method for sensing multiple user input switch devices uses a generated sense current that corresponds to an electrical current through a node to which the user input switch devices are connected to sense current states of the user input switch devices. The sense current is used to... Agent: Avago Technologies EcbuIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20120176140 - Method for producing secondary battery: Disclosed is method for producing a secondary battery, which enables the selection of a secondary battery having a defect caused by a micro short-circuit with high accuracy. Specifically disclosed is a step (S1) for producing a secondary battery, which includes an inspection step (S70) for selecting a secondary battery (1)... Agent:

20120176141 - Signal input circuit and integrated circuit: A signal input circuit includes: a signal input device having a signal input terminal; an inspection capacitor connected between the signal input terminal and a reference potential; a connection unit connecting/disconnecting an inspection path between the inspection capacitor and the signal input terminal; a charge and discharge unit charging/discharging the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120176143 - Sampling apparatus and test apparatus: A sampling apparatus that converts an analog target signal in which the same waveform repeats into a digital value by sampling the target signal at each of a plurality of phases, and outputs the digital value. The sampling apparatus comprises a designating section that sequentially designates bits in the digital... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120176142 - Test circuit for resistor capacitor circuits: An RC test circuit includes an RC circuit, a digital rheostat, a control chip, and an oscillograph. The RC circuit includes a plurality of positive terminals and a plurality of negative terminals. The digital rheostat includes a plurality of rheostats each including a sliding terminal and a fixed terminal. The... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120176144 - At-speed scan enable switching circuit: A circuit for providing a local scan enable signal includes a first transistor having a first gate coupled to a general scan enable signal, a first source and a first drain and a second transistor having a second gate coupled to a scan clock, a second source coupled to the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120176145 - Impedance tuner systems and probes: An impedance tuner may include a shunt stub located at a fixed location along the transmission media, and a phase shifter to control the reflection phase. Another embodiment includes an adjustable length shunt stub connected on the transmission media, a variable phase shifter connected between the DUT port and the... Agent:

20120176146 - Noncontact determination of interface trap density for semiconductor-dielectric interface structures: Embodiments of the subject method and apparatus relate to a sequence of noncontact Corona-Kelvin Metrology that allows the determination and monitoring of interface properties in dielectric/wide band gap semiconductor structures. The technique involves the incremental application of precise and measured quantities of corona charge, QC, onto the dielectric surface followed... Agent: University Of South Florida

20120176147 - Corrosion sensor and method for manufacturing a corrosion sensor: A corrosion sensor includes a plurality of conductive portions and at least one non-conductive portion between adjacent conductive portions, wherein the at least one non-conductive portion has a dimension less than approximately 500 microns. A method for manufacturing a corrosion sensor includes applying a non-conductive material to a substrate and... Agent: General Electric Company

20120176148 - Methods and apparatus for detection of gaseous corrosive contaminants: A corrosion sensor includes a plurality of metal strips having different thicknesses. A first metal strip with the least thickness is first employed to provide sensitive corrosion detection. After an exposed portion of the first metal strip is consumed, a second metal strip having a second least thickness can be... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120176149 - Substrate and method for mounting semiconductor package: A substrate includes a join-structure including a semiconductor package, first electrode pad, bump, second electrode pad, and circuit substrate joined in the order named. The substrate also includes a first wire and a second wire formed in a region bellow a corner of the semiconductor package. The first and second... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120176150 - Measuring equipment for probe-effect cancellation and method thereof: A measuring equipment, such as a vector network analyzer, is provided. The measuring equipment includes a first port and a second port, a probe connected to the first port, an antenna connected to the second port, and a test board corresponding to a type of a device-under-test. A probe-effect is... Agent:

20120176151 - Test contact system for testing integrated circuits with packages having an array of signal and power contacts: A test fixture (120) is disclosed for electrically testing a device under test (130) by forming a plurality of temporary mechanical and electrical connections between terminals (131) on the device under test (130) and contact pads (161) on the load board (160). The test fixture (120) has a replaceable membrane... Agent: Johnstech International Corporation

07/05/2012 > 50 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20120169320 - Planar patch clamp devices and methods for fabrication and use: A planar patch clamp device includes a substrate comprising a first planar surface, a second planar surface opposing the first planar surface, and an inside surface defining an aperture extending from the first planar surface to the second planar surface; and an adhesion layer conformally disposed on the substrate including... Agent: Molecular Devices, LLC

20120169321 - Measuring device for hard disk drive: A measuring device for a hard disk drive includes a first input node, a hard disk drive having a first input terminal, the first input terminal being coupled to the first input node to provide power to the hard disk drive. A first input current sampling unit is coupled between... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120169322 - Phase identification system and method: A phase identification system includes a power distribution station comprising a phase distortion device to generate distortions at cross over points of at least two pairs of three phase voltages and a phase detection device to receive one of the three phase voltages and to identify a phase of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120169323 - Congruent power and timing signals for device: Congruent power and timing signals in a single electronic device. In an embodiment, a circuit may include just one isolation transformer operable to generate a power signal and a timing signal. On the secondary side, two branches may extract both a power signal and a clock signal for use in... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (shenzhen) R&d Co. Ltd.

20120169324 - Simplified jaw assembly for a clamp meter: A current clamp meter includes a current meter body and a jaw assembly. The jaw assembly is configured so that the current clamp meter may be used to reach and readily single-out a desired wire from amongst adjacent wires.... Agent: Fluke Corporation

20120169325 - Rotation angle detecting device: Disclosed is a rotation angle detecting device wherein a filling member applied in a second housing section which houses an electromagnetic conversion element is prevented from entering a first housing section which houses a magnet. The rotation angle detecting device (1) is provided with: a rotating member (2); the magnet... Agent: Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.

20120169326 - Methods, systems and apparatus for detecting material defects in combustors of combustion turbine engines: A system for detecting defects in a combustion duct of a combustion system of a combustion turbine engine while the combustion turbine engine operates, wherein the combustion duct comprises a hot side, which is exposed to combustion gases and, opposing the hot side, a cold side. The system may include:... Agent: General Electric Company

20120169327 - System and method for using magnetometer readings to control electronic devices: A method and system are provided for controlling an electronic device, such as a mobile device. The method comprises using a magnetometer of the electronic device to obtain a reading; determining whether one or more properties of the reading matches at least one magnetic signature from a set of magnetic... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120169328 - Current measuring systems and methods of assembling the same: A current measuring system for measuring a current through a conductor is described. The system includes a first sensor configured to measure a first magnetic flux and to generate a first signal proportional to the first magnetic flux. The system also includes a second sensor configured to measure a second... Agent: General Electric Company

20120169329 - Hall sensor element and method for measuring a magnetic field: The invention provides a Hall sensor element having a substrate, which has a main surface, having an electrically conductive active region, which extends from the main surface into the substrate, and having a first electrically conductive, buried layer in the substrate, which contacts the active region at a first lower... Agent:

20120169332 - Gmr biosensor with enhanced sensitivity: A sensor array comprising a series connection of parallel GMR sensor stripes provides a sensitive mechanism for detecting the presence of magnetized particles bonded to biological molecules that are affixed to a substrate. The adverse effect of hysteresis on the maintenance of a stable bias point for the magnetic moment... Agent: Magic Technologies, Inc.

20120169331 - Gmr sensor stripe for a biosensor with enhanced sensitivity: A GMR sensor stripe provides a sensitive mechanism for detecting the presence of magnetized particles bonded to biological molecules that are affixed to a substrate. The adverse effect of hysteresis on the maintenance of a stable bias point for the magnetic moment of the sensor stripe free layer is eliminated... Agent: Magic Technologies, Inc.

20120169330 - Magnetoresistance sensor and fabricating method thereof: An apparatus of a magnetoresistance sensor consisting of a substrate, a conductive unit on the substrate, and a magnetoresistance structure on the conductive unit is provided. The conductive unit includes a first surface and a second surface opposite to each other, and the first surface faces the substrate. The magnetoresistance... Agent: Voltafield Technology Corporation

20120169333 - Motion monitoring system for monitoring motion within a region of interest: The invention relates to a motion monitoring system (1) for monitoring motion within a region of interest (2). The motion monitoring system (1) comprises a magnetic induction tomography detection data acquisition unit (3) for acquiring MIT detection data of the region of interest (2), and a motion determining unit (4)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120169334 - Microcoil nmr for downhole microfluidics platform: Methods and related apparatuses of a downhole micro nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) device having a resonant tuning (LC) circuit for use in a formation for collecting NMR signals from a fluid in the formation while under downhole pressures and temperatures. The downhole micro NMR device includes: a micro tube for... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20120169335 - Multi-element transmit rf chain with local automatic tune and match device: An automatic tune and match device (3) and method comprises a reflected power sensor (32) which detects power reflected from a load (18,18′) and an LC matching circuit, in series with the load, being programmable to minimize the reflected power. The LC matching circuit includes an inductor matrix (34) in... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120169339 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and gradient magnetic field application method: In order to obtain the rephasing effect based on a GMN method while reducing the load on the hardware of an MRI apparatus and an object according to the imaging parameter setting value that an operator wants, when it is difficult to apply a rephasing gradient magnetic field of a... Agent:

20120169337 - Method and apparatus for making distinction in a magnetic resonance imaging water-fat image: In a method and an apparatus for making a distinction in a magnetic resonance imaging water-fat image, three echoes are acquired without phase encoding as a reference scan, a reference water-fat image projection is calculated in the phase encoding direction using the reference scan, a complete water-fat image projection is... Agent:

20120169340 - Mr imaging system with freely accessible examination volume: The invention relates to a magnetic resonance imaging system (1) comprising: a main magnet for generating a uniform, steady magnetic field within an examination volume (21), an RF waveguide (19) for guiding travelling RF waves along an axis of the examination volume (21) in at least one travelling mode of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120169336 - Mri image distortion reduction for mri images of a recipient having an implantable medical device: A method for generating a new set of MRI images of a region of a recipient in which an implanted medical device having magnetic properties is located. The method includes scanning a plurality of scan slices of the recipient with an MRI machine set at a first fat shift direction... Agent:

20120169338 - System and method for generating a magnetic resonance image using compressed sensing and parallel imaging: A method for generating a magnetic resonance image includes acquiring a first k-space data set from each of a plurality of RF coils. The first k-space data set includes calibration data and randomly undersampled data. For each RF coil, a fully randomly sampled k-space data set is generated by removing... Agent: General Electric Company

20120169341 - Integrated gamma ray detector ring and rf body coil: An integrated gamma ray detector ring and RF coil assembly includes a first RF coil section and a gamma ray detector ring with a first end and a second end. The first end of the gamma ray detector ring is electrically coupled to the first RF coil section. The assembly... Agent: General Electric Company

20120169342 - Nuclear quadrupole resonance system and method for interfacing with a subject material: An improved system for interfacing with a subject material is provided where an interface material having target atoms with a known nuclear quadrupole resonance frequency is purposely associated with a subject material. An excitation signal is used to cause a nuclear quadrupole resonance of the target atoms and a receiving... Agent: Pnqr LLC.

20120169343 - Fracture detection via self-potential methods with an electrically reactive proppant: This invention relates to a method for evaluating and measuring the geometry of a fracture.... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20120169344 - Use of electrodes and multi-frequency focusing to correct eccentricity and misalignment effects on transversal induction measurements: A multicomponent induction logging tool uses a nonconducting mandrel. A central conducting member including wires that electrically connect at least one of the antennas to another of the antennas. Electrodes disposed about the transmitter antenna form a conductive path through a borehole fluid to the central conducting member.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120169345 - Inspection method: An inspection system is provided, which applies a forward or reverse voltage on a light-emitting device and measures a current thereof respectively before and after temperature rise, and determines whether the device fails according to the fact whether a current difference before and after the temperature rise is larger than... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120169346 - Test device for liquid crystal display device and test method thereof: A test device for a liquid crystal display device includes a first shorting bar, a first, a second and a third control line, transmission lines and thin film transistor switch elements; in which the gate electrodes of thin film transistor switch element are respectively arranged on the first, the second... Agent:

20120169347 - Vacuum ionization gauge: A vacuum ionization gauge includes a cold cathode, a shield electrode, an anode ring, and a collector. The shield electrode includes a receiving space. The anode ring is located in the receiving space of the shield electrode. The cold cathode includes a field emission unit and a grid electrode corresponding... Agent: Tsinghua University

20120169349 - Current test system for hard disk drive and adapter board thereof: A current test system for a hard disk drive includes an adapter board, a test device, two cables and two current clamps. The hard disk drive is connected to the test device through the adapter board. The two cables are connected to two power routes of the adapter board, respectively.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120169348 - Methods and systems involving monitoring circuit connectivity: A circuit protection system includes a processor, a current sensing device having a first node and a second node, a current sensing circuit connected to the first node and the second node, the current sensing circuit operative to output a voltage indicative of a current sensed by the current sensing... Agent: General Electric Company

20120169350 - Test actuator for tap changer: The invention relates to a testing drive for examining a stepping switch or a tap changer as part of transformer tests, wherein the testing drive has a servomotor that acts on an adapter by means of a gear train, wherein the adapter can be connected to the upper gear stage... Agent:

20120169352 - Method of testing electric field recording of a marine electromagnetic sensor cable: A method of testing the electric field recording of a marine electromagnetic sensor cable including electrodes is provided. The method includes causing time varying current to flow between at least one pair of current electrodes disposed along the marine electromagnetic sensor cable. The flow of current generates a voltage in... Agent: Kjt Enterprises, Inc.

20120169351 - Signal measurement systems and methods: Signal measuring systems, and measurement methods are disclosed.... Agent:

20120169353 - Seed tube egress-mounted seed sensor: A seed sensor for an agricultural planter adapted to be disposed proximate an egress end of a seed tube through which seeds pass during planting operations. The seed sensor capable of generating an output signal corresponding to the passage of seed therethrough.... Agent: Precision Planting, Inc.

20120169354 - Food probe and a method for recognizing the type of a food and monitoring a cooking process of a food stuff: The present invention relates to a food probe (10) for invading into a food stuff (20). The food probe (10) comprises an elongated rod (12) made of a non-conductive material, a front portion of the elongated rod (12), which front portion is provided for invading into the food stuff (20),... Agent: Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

20120169356 - Proximity detection system: Proximity sensing arrangements utilize one or more sensing devices to detect and/or to discern objects that are or become proximate, or are expected to be proximate to a position of interest. For example, one or more capacitive sensors may be distributed to locations about a machine, e.g., attached to, incorporated... Agent: Process Equipment Co. Of Tipp City

20120169355 - Sensor strip for obstacle detection and connecting structure thereof: Provided is a sensor strip for detecting an obstacle using a change in electrostatic capacitor, comprising: a sensor body which is formed with a reference surface coupled to an object; and a plate type strip electrode of which a center portion is closer to the reference surface than a peripheral... Agent: Pulsetech Co., Ltd.

20120169357 - Internal node resistance testing for a tire: Methods for measuring the electrical resistance of a tire including establishing contact between a tread face portion of the omega section and a grounded conductive surface and establishing contact between a mounting portion of the omega section and a mounting rim. An embodiment further includes measuring electrical resistance between each... Agent:

20120169358 - Control method and a control apparatus in a hybrid type construction apparatus: A control method of measuring an internal resistance of an electric power accumulator 19 of a hybrid-type construction machine 100 comprises: a pattern generating step of generating an internal resistance measurement pattern in a non-operation status in which there is no operation for the hybrid-type construction machine from an operator;... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries ,ltd.

20120169359 - Method and system for testing an electric circuit: Embodiments include a method and system for testing an electric circuit. A carrier signal of a first frequency is modulated with a multi-tone signal to generate a test signal. The test signal is applied to an input of a circuit under test (CUT). A crest factor of an output signal... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Alabama For And On Behalf Of The University Of Alabama

20120169360 - System and methods for testing electrical power system components: A power system includes a prime mover drivingly connected to an electric generator. The power system may also include an electric power load, an electrical energy storage device, and power-system controls. The power-system controls may be configured to selectively operate the prime mover and the electric generator to power the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20120169363 - Production integrated circuit test handler using microcontroller reading a thermal diode of a device under test for temperature control: Production test of integrated circuit face thermal management challenges with higher power devices. Current production handlers do not have adequate thermal management characteristics. This invention employs thermal diodes on each device under test and a closed loop microprocessor controlled feedback system for thermal control during production test.... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120169364 - Computer testing system and method: A system for testing a computer includes a single chip microcontroller (SCM), an environmental test chamber, and a control device connected to the SCM and the environmental test chamber. The SCM repeatedly switches the computer on and off and monitors the computer's response. The environmental test chamber accommodates the computer.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20120169365 - Substrate inspecting apparatus and aligning method in substrate inspecting apparatus: A substrate inspecting apparatus includes an inspecting apparatus main body for electrically inspecting a substrate on which an electronic circuit and electrode pads are formed, and a contactor electrically connected to the inspecting apparatus main body. The contactor includes contact portions made of conductive material. In the substrate inspecting apparatus,... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120169361 - Built in self test for transceiver: An integrated circuit (IC), comprises a receiver on an IC substrate. The receiver is configured to receive a stressed input signal. A built in self test (BIST) circuit is provided on the IC substrate for testing the receiver. The BIST circuit comprises an encoder configured for receiving an input signal... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120169362 - Multi-layer distributed network: Apparatuses and processes for distributing signals in an integrated circuit are disclosed. An embodiment to use a custom layer together with a base layer on an integrated circuit for testing the integrated circuit includes having a structured network on the base layer. The custom layer connects the network to logic... Agent:

20120169366 - Socket contact for testing a semiconductor: A socket contact for testing a semiconductor. The socket contact includes a first contact portion, a second contact portion, and first and second body portions connecting the first contact portion and the second contact portion, wherein each of the first and second body portions has a first end, a second... Agent:

20120169367 - High frequency probing structure: s

20120169368 - Test circuit of source driver: A test circuit of a source driver is disclosed. The test circuit includes a voltage selector and at least one digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The voltage selector has a plurality of first output terminals. The voltage selector outputs a first voltage at one of the first output terminals in a sequential... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20120169369 - Apparatus and method for testing number of turns on coil: An apparatus for testing number of turns, used for testing the number of turns of a winding coil on an electrical machine stator with concentrated winding, comprising: a base (6); a rod-shaped rotor bracket (4) around one end of which an excitation coil (1) is wound and around the other... Agent:

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