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05/31/2012 > 36 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20120133354 - Lipid bilayer sensor array: An apparatus for sensing of an interaction of a molecular entity with a membrane protein in a lipid bilayer comprises an array of sensor elements (21) arranged to output an electrical signal that is dependant on occurrences of the interaction. A detection circuit (3) comprised detection channels (30) capable of... Agent: Oxford Nanopore Technologies Limited

20120133355 - Voltage measurement apparatus: A resistor element that is coupled between each of voltage measurement points of a measurement object and a voltage measurement circuit is further coupled to a path of a constant current between a power supply side constant current circuit and a ground side constant current circuit. By controlling the operation... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120133356 - Auto-calibrating a magnetic field sensor: In one embodiment a method to compensate for the sensitivity drift of a magnetic field sensor for sensing a magnetic field comprises forming a reference magnetic field having first magnetic field parameters, e.g. a first amplitude and/or direction, in a first step and second magnetic field parameters, a second amplitude... Agent:

20120133357 - Hybrid sensor arrangement: A position-sensor and/or speed-sensor arrangement comprising a sensor with at least a first sensitive main plane and an encoder with at least one encoder track face. The sensor senses a magnetic field generated and/or modulated by the encoder, and the sensor has at least a first magnetic field sensor element... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20120133359 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus configured to divide a data acquisition region defined in a ky-kz plane into a plurality of regions and repeatedly execute a data acquisition sequence for acquiring echoes disposed in the regions is provided. The apparatus includes a divide unit configured to divide the data acquisition... Agent:

20120133358 - Nuclear magnetic resonance scanning of metal containers using medium-field technology: A method and apparatus are provided for medium-field NMR scanning of liquids that is capable of discriminating benign liquids such as lotions, drinks, and pharmaceutical liquids from threat liquids such as components of home-made explosives.... Agent:

20120133363 - Magnetic resonance compatible and susceptibility-matched apparatus and method for mr imaging & spectroscopy: Electrodes, infusion cannula, and interventional MRI instrumentation, are constructed with multiple layers or mixtures of metals or alloys that allow the diamagnetic behavior of some metals to combine with the paramagnetic behavior of others, wherein the devices have a magnetic susceptibility which is close to that of the material, for... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20120133360 - Magnetic resonance diagnosis apparatus and data acquisition method of magnetic resonance spectroscopy: In one embodiment, a magnetic resonance diagnosis apparatus includes an application region calculation unit and a data generation unit. The application region calculation unit automatically calculates an application region of a prepulse based on “image data including a region of interest of an object generated by magnetic resonance imaging before... Agent:

20120133362 - Magnetic resonance method and system for phase correction of magnetic resonance signals originating in mixed tissue: In a magnetic resonance (MR) system and method to separate an MR system-dependent phase influence from a subject-dependent phase influence in phase values of an MR phase image data set of an examination subject acquired, to which two different tissue types with different resonance frequencies make a signal contribution, the... Agent:

20120133361 - Supplementation of acquired, undersampled mr data: In a computerized method and magnetic resonance (MR) system for the supplementation of acquired MR data, at least one supplemented MR data set is determined from multiple acquired, reduced MR data sets that can be acquired with an accelerated acquisition method (such as partially parallel acquisition method, ppa) in which... Agent:

20120133364 - Method of and apparatus for in-situ measurement of degradation of automotive fluids and the like by micro-electron spin resonance (esr) spectrometry: A method of and miniaturized apparatus adapted for in-situ measurement of degradation of automotive fluids and the like by micro-electron spin resonance (ESR) spectrometry, wherein the use of a modulated constant magnetic field in an RF resonating variable frequency microwave cavity resonator through which a fluid sample is passed, enables... Agent:

20120133365 - System of receive coils and pads for use with magnetic resonance imaging: There is described embodiments of a coil and pad system for use with an MRI machine. The coil and pad system includes a plurality of coils sized to accommodate a plurality of patient ranges of various heights and body weights. There is also a plurality of pads designed to work... Agent: Mentis, LLC

20120133366 - System of receive coils and pads for use with magnetic resonance imaging: There is described embodiments of a coil and pad system for use with an MRI machine. The coil and pad system includes a plurality of coils sized to accommodate a plurality of patient ranges of various heights and body weights. There is also a plurality of pads designed to work... Agent: Mentis, LLC

20120133367 - Fracture characterization using directional electromagnetic resistivity measurements: A disclosed fracture characterization method includes: collecting three-dimensional resistivity measurements of a volume surrounding an open borehole; analyzing the measurements to determine parameters describing fractures in the volume; and providing a report to a user based at least in part on said parameters. A fluid with a contrasting resistivity is... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20120133368 - Reservoir navigation using magnetic field of dc currents: A method and apparatus for steering a drilling assembly within a reservoir of an earth formation is disclosed. The drilling assembly is positioned within the reservoir between a conductive upper layer having a DC magnetic field and a conductive lower layer having a DC magnetic field. A sensor of the... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120133369 - Algorithm for determining the capacity of a battery while in service: A method for estimating the capacity of a vehicle battery while in service. The method includes providing a previous battery state-of-charge, battery temperature and integrated battery current amp-hours, and determining that battery contactors have been closed after they have been opened and disconnected from a load. The method determines if... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120133370 - Battery system for vehicle, on-vehicle battery module, and cell controller: A battery system for vehicle comprises a battery unit that is constituted with a plurality of serially connected cell groups each include a plurality of serially connected battery cells, integrated circuits that are each disposed in correspondence to one of the cell groups of the battery unit and each measure... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120133371 - Method and system for assembling a battery module: A test fixture for testing a plurality of longitudinal battery cells includes: a base plate; a plurality of holding structures for holding the battery cells, the holding structures being mounted on the base plate and configured to hold the battery cells with their longitudinal axes being perpendicular with respect to... Agent:

20120133372 - Solar photovoltaic panel test platform: A solar photovoltaic panel test platform includes a test section and a signal processing section. The test section has a frame, a light-emitting unit disposed on the frame, a first angle adjustment unit and a second angle adjustment unit arranged on the frame, an air-cooling unit mounted on the first... Agent: Tungnan University

20120133373 - Non-intrusive cable fault detection and methods: In accordance with certain embodiments of the present disclosure, a cable fault detection device is described. The device includes a conformal monopole structure and a ground plane structure. The ground plane structure is configured to be generally parallel to the cable longitudinal axis.... Agent:

20120133374 - Method for detecting capacitor loss: A method for detecting a capacitor loss is applicable to detecting a plurality of by-pass capacitors connected in parallel to each other. The detection method includes the following steps, an alternating current (AC) signal is input into the by-pass capacitors, in which the AC signal has a plurality of test... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20120133375 - Liquid-discharging device, inspection method of liquid-discharging device, and program: To reduce erroneous inspection caused by particular noise occurring when plate-shaped electrodes are used, the invention is related to a liquid-discharging device in which a discharge judgment for judging whether or not a liquid has been discharged from a nozzle is performed on the basis of a change in electric... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120133376 - Sensing device and method: A sensing device includes an oscillator, a driver, a switch, a counter and a timer. The oscillator includes an input coupled to a reference capacitor. The driver alternately sources and sinks current in accordance with an oscillation signal outputted by the oscillator. The switch connects or disconnects the reference capacitor... Agent: Nuvoton Technology Corporation

20120133377 - Transmission line based electric fence with intrusion location ability: An electric security fence. An electric signal generator generates an initial electric signal. The generated initial electric signal is transmitted through a transmission line. The transmission line will generate a reflected electric signal when the transmission line is disturbed by the presence of a human or animal at a disturbance... Agent:

20120133378 - Transmission line based electric fence with intrusion location ability: An electric security fence. An electric signal generator generates an initial electric signal. The generated initial electric signal is transmitted through a transmission line. The transmission line will generate a reflected electric signal when the transmission line is disturbed by the presence of a human or animal at a disturbance... Agent:

20120133379 - Mechanisms for resistivity measurement of bump structures: The embodiments described above provide mechanisms for bump resistivity measurement. By using designated bumps on one or more corners of dies, the resistivity of bumps may be measured without damaging devices and without a customized probing card. In addition, bump resistivity may be collected across the entire wafer. The collected... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120133380 - Test apparatus and test method: Provided is a test apparatus comprising a plurality of testing sections and a synchronizing section that synchronizes operation of at least two testing sections among the plurality of testing sections. Each testing section transmits a synchronization standby command to the synchronizing section when a predetermined condition is fulfilled during execution... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120133381 - Stackable semiconductor chip with edge features and methods of fabricating and processing same: A method of performing a function on a three-dimensional semiconductor chip package as well as on individual chips in the package is disclosed. That method involves the creation of an operative relationship between a function performer and an edge feature on the chip or chips wherein the edge feature consists... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20120133383 - Probe, probe card and electronic device testing apparatus: A probe includes: a single base portion; a plurality of beam portions whose rear end sides are supported by the base portion and whose front end sides protrude from the base portion; and a plurality of conductive patterns formed on surfaces of the beam portions. At least a part of... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120133382 - Test apparatus: A test apparatus that test a device under test, comprising a test head that is arranged facing the device under test and that includes a test module for testing the device under test, and a probe assembly that transmits a signal and that is arranged between the test head and... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120133384 - Electrically modulatable extended light source and a measurement device for characterizing a semiconductor including one such source: A light source for injecting excess carriers into a semiconductor wafer, fully illuminating a surface of the wafer. According to the disclosed embodiments, the source includes at least one set of point sources which are spaced apart at regular intervals along the X and Y axes, such that the source... Agent: Universite Paul Cezanne

20120133385 - Test apparatus, circuit module and manufacturing method: An apparatus comprising a test circuit that is provided on a test substrate and tests the device under test; a sealing section that covers a region of the test substrate on which the test circuit is formed, and seals the test circuit to form a sealed space that is filled... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120133386 - Magnetic field simulator for testing singulated or multi-site strip semiconductor device and method therefor: A system for testing a magnetic sensor has a plurality of coils, wherein the coils are positioned along perpendicular planes. A magnetic field is generated along each of the perpendicular planes when a current is sent to each of the plurality of coils.... Agent:

20120133387 - Reconfigurable connections for stacked semiconductor devices: Some embodiments include apparatus, systems, and methods comprising semiconductor dice arranged in a stack, a number of connections configured to provide communication among the dice, at least a portion of the connections going through at least one of the dice, and a module configured to check for defects in the... Agent:

20120133388 - Transistor power switch device and method of measuring its characteristics: A transistor power switch device comprising an array of vertical transistor elements for carrying current between first and second faces of a semiconductor body. The device also comprises a semiconductor monitor element comprising first and second semiconductor monitor regions in the semiconductor body and a monitor conductive layer distinct from... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20120133389 - Methods and apparatus for testing electric power devices: A method of assembling a testing apparatus for a full-power converter assembly includes coupling an electric power supply apparatus to an electric power grid. The method also includes coupling a direct current (DC) generation apparatus to the electric power supply apparatus. The method further includes coupling an electric power grid... Agent:

05/24/2012 > 68 patent applications in 53 patent subcategories.

20120126780 - Resistance welding method, resistance welder, and method and device for evaluating resistance welding: This invention aims to provide a resistance welding method capable of stabilizing quality or improving efficiency of resistance welding such as spot welding. This resistance welding method comprises a calculating step of calculating resistance ratio X of a second electric resistance value R2 of workpieces to be joined in residual... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho

20120126782 - Low voltage electronic module interface: A low voltage electronic module interface, with a low voltage interface for an electronic module receiving a constant current from a body control module, the interface including a reverse current protection circuit 152; and a switch 154 operably connected in series with the reverse current protection circuit 152, the switch... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120126781 - On-chip ir drop detectors for functional and test mode scenarios, circuits, processes and systems: An integrated circuit includes a functional circuit (10) having a power grid (20) with a set of power grid points (30.i) for monitoring; and an electronic monitoring circuit (100) that has a variably operable reference circuit (150) responsive to an input register (155) and having an output, comparison circuitry (110)... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120126783 - Self timed current integrating scheme employing level and slope detection: Some embodiments of the invention relate to a sense amplifier configured to determine the slope of a bitline charging voltage and to utilize the determined slope in combination with a voltage level sensing scheme to aid in reading data from a memory cell associated with the bitline. In particular, a... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120126784 - Device for measuring current: A device for measuring current is connected to a data processing apparatus loaded with a current value comparison program for performing a quality test on a portable electronic apparatus with a battery. The portable electronic apparatus has a battery compartment for receiving the battery. The device for measuring current includes:... Agent: Askey Computer Corporation

20120126785 - System and method for circuit overcurrent protection: In one aspect, the invention provides a method for overcurrent sensing including; generating an analog output signal representative of a sensed AC current, generating a digital representation of the analog output signal using a plurality of discrete samples, determining those of the plurality of discrete samples having a substantially identical... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20120126786 - Thermoelectric power measurement cell and corresponding measurement method: A power measurement cell comprises at least one thermoelement (30) and at least two heating elements (20, 21, 25). A first heating element (20, 21) can be heated by a measurement signal. A temperature can be measured by means of the thermoelement (30). The two heating elements (20, 21, 25)... Agent: Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120126788 - Energy meter: The energy meter for measuring the amount of electrical energy consumed includes an electrical display (11) for displaying energy information corresponding to the electrical energy consumed. The display (11) is configured to change the energy information displayed by means of energy supplied by an energy source. It is configured such... Agent:

20120126787 - Magnetic shield for current transformer in electronic watt-hour meter: An electronic watt-hour meter; a current transformer operatively coupled to the electronic watt-hour meter; a first shield on a first side of the current transformer; and a second shield on a second side of the current transformer, wherein the second side is substantially parallel to the first side, wherein the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120126789 - Rogowski current sensor: The invention relates to a Rogowski-loop current sensor comprising a winding (4) extending between two ends (14, 16) configured to be provided about a primary conductor in which flows a current to be measured by moving said ends away from or towards each other. The sensor further includes a closing... Agent: Liaisons Electroniques-mecaniques Lem S.a.

20120126790 - System and method for providing power to a power meter connected to a power line: The disclosure relates to a meter for monitoring usage of power provided by a power transmission system to a site. The meter comprises: a meter module connected to a power feed associated with the power transmission system to provide readings relating to the power; a messaging module to provide messages... Agent: Corinex Communications Corp.

20120126791 - Semiconductor device: An output of a current sensing cell is connected to an inverting input terminal of an operational amplifier, and a non-inverting input terminal of the operational amplifier is connected to the source, of the main cell, to which a source-bias voltage is applied; a current/voltage conversion circuit configured with the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120126792 - Structures and methods for rf de-embedding: Electrical structures, methods, and computer program products for radio frequency (RF) de-embedding are provided. A structure includes a first test device, a first through structure corresponding to the first test device, and a first open structure corresponding to the first test device. The structure also includes a second test device... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120126793 - Polyphase meter with full service disconnect switch: A switch sensor apparatus, an electrical meter, and a method of manufacturing an electrical meter are disclosed herein. A polyphase electrical meter incorporates a number of switch sensor apparatuses that each have a current sensor and a relay arranged relatively perpendicularly to each other and electrically connected via an electrical... Agent: Elster Solutions, LLC

20120126794 - Sensor assembly and methods of assembling a sensor probe: A method of assembling a sensor probe includes positioning an emitter within a probe cap, wherein the emitter is configured to generate an electromagnetic field from at least one microwave signal. An inner sleeve is coupled to the probe cap and an outer sleeve is coupled to the inner sleeve.... Agent:

20120126796 - Position sensor and linear actuator: A linear magnetic position sensor may include a magnetic field generating unit having two permanent magnets for generating a magnetic field. A Hall sensor may be disposed in a region of the magnetic field forming a linear measuring section, wherein the Hall sensor and the magnetic field generating unit are... Agent:

20120126795 - Pump with rotor position measurement system: A pump comprising an electrical motor drive (2) and a pump engine (3), the pump engine having a stator portion (32) and an axially and rotatably movable rotor portion (30) mounted in the stator portion. The electrical motor drive comprises a rotor (6) with a permanent magnet (20), a stator... Agent: Sensile Pat Ag

20120126797 - Magnetic position detection apparatus: A magnetic position detection apparatus includes a substrate, a magnet, a bridge circuit including first through fourth magneto-electric converting elements formed on the substrate, and a detection circuit. A substrate surface is substantially perpendicular to a magnet magnetization direction. The second and third magneto-electric converting elements are, when viewed along... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120126798 - Method and apparatus for magnetic response imaging: An apparatus and method for identifying, measuring, and monitoring metal loss through corrosion or other deleterious factors in ferromagnetic piping and ferromagnetic objects. Drive coils secured to the object are driven to emit a magnetic field which is transmitted through the object by magnetic domains in the object. Response coils... Agent:

20120126800 - Apparatus and method for determining at least one electromagnetic quantity: The present invention relates to an apparatus (100) for determining at least one electromagnetic quantity characterizing an electromagnetic property of an object, in particular a human body, wherein said object contains magnetic particles. The apparatus (100) applying the known principle of Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) comprises selection means for generating... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120126799 - Magnetic field sensor and method for producing a magnetic field sensor: A magnetometer is described, having a substrate and a magnetic core, the substrate having an excitation coil for generating a magnetic flux in the magnetic core; and the excitation coil having a coil cross section, which is aligned generally perpendicular to a main plane of extension of the substrate. The... Agent:

20120126801 - Device for detection of at least one defect in a concave or convex structure: The invention relates to a device for the detection of at least one defect in a concave or convex structure comprising an emitting part and a receiving part, in which the emitting part comprises at least one current layer (20, 21) that makes it possible to create currents oriented approximately... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20120126802 - Frequency selection method and hardening depth measurement method of eddy current measurement: Disclosed is a method of appropriately and easily selecting a combination of two different frequencies of an AC exciting signal used for eddy current measurement while decreasing or removing the dependence of the measurement accuracy on temperature. Three or more AC exciting signals of different frequencies are applied to an... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120126803 - Method and apparatus for non-destructive evaluation of materials: Methods and apparatus for characterizing composite materials for manufacturing quality assurance (QA), periodic inspection during the useful life, or for forensic analysis/material testing. System are provided that relate eddy-current sensor responses to the fiber layup of a composite structure, the presence of impact damage on a composite structure with or... Agent: Jentek Sensors, Inc.

20120126804 - Apparatus and method for detecting faulty concentric neutrals in a live power distribution cable: An apparatus for detecting a faulty concentric neutral wire in a live power distribution cable may include, in one embodiment, a housing for sliding along a surface of a power distribution cable, a magnetic sensor, and a motion device. The magnetic sensor may be coupled to the housing and configured... Agent: University Of California

20120126805 - Current sensor: Embodiments of the invention provide a current sensor including a conductive element and at least two magnetic field sensors. The conductive element includes at least three terminal areas and a common conductive area, wherein each of the at least three terminal areas is connected to the common conductive area to... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120126807 - Transport and detection of superparamagnetic particles by nanowire: An apparatus, method and computer-readable medium configured to transport a constituent of fluid sample that binds to a functionalized magnetic particle. The apparatus includes a substrate connected to an input port, a magnetic nanowire, and either a temporally changing magnetic field generator or a spin-polarized current source. The magnetic nanowire... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120126806 - Xmr angle sensors: Embodiments relate to xMR sensors, sensor elements and structures, and methods. In an embodiment, a sensor element comprises a non-elongated xMR structure; and a plurality of contact regions formed on the xMR structure spaced apart from one another such that a non-homogeneous current direction and current density distribution are induced... Agent:

20120126808 - Apparatus and method for generating and moving a magnetic field having a field free line: The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for generating and changing a magnetic field in a field of view (28), said magnetic field having a, in particular ball-shaped or line-shaped, first sub-zone (62) having a low magnetic field strength and a second sub-zone (64) having a higher... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120126809 - Nuclear magnetic resonance tool with movable magnets: Methods and systems are provided that enable logging while drilling NMR measurements to be made with a tool having magnets with positions adjustable or movable relative to each other. Such movement can affect the depth of investigation of the NMR tool. A variety of moving assemblies can be used to... Agent:

20120126810 - Magnetic resonance ph measurements using light endowed with orbital angular momentum: In a pH measurement system, a magnet defines a BO magnetic field with which selected dipoles preferentially align in an examination region. A orbital angular momentum system endows electromagnetic (EM) radiation with orbital angular momentum (OAM) and transmits the OAM endowed EM radiation to the examination region to at least... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120126812 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: First magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) three-dimensional heart image data includes a plurality of two-dimensional heart image data superimposed and having a resolution in at least one direction that is different from that in two other directions. A first axis is detected in the three-dimensional heart image data. A first vector... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120126813 - Method and magnetic resonance system to acquire mr data in a predefined three-dimensional volume segment: In a method and magnetic resonance (MR) apparatus to acquire MR data in a predetermined three-dimensional volume segment of an examination subject, the three-dimensional volume segment is selectively excited with an RF excitation pulse, wherein a magnetic field gradient at the same time is switched. Two phase coding gradients and... Agent:

20120126811 - Methods and apparatuses for 3d magnetic density imaging and magnetic resonance imaging: Methods and apparatuses for 3D tomographic imaging of objects such as soft-tissues in humans are disclosed. They are similar to the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) methods and apparatuses but they are based on the new Field Paradigm founded on the principle that the field intensity distribution in a 3D volume... Agent:

20120126814 - Pediatric coil assembly: In order to increase the signal to noise ratio, and thus increase the quality of images produced during pediatric MRI, a pediatric RF coil assembly includes a head coil and a flexible body coil in a single dedicated device shaped and sized for a child. The flexible body coil may... Agent:

20120126815 - Spine coil unit: In order to increase the speed at which a user of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system may electrically or optically connect and physically attach a spine coil unit to the MRI system, the spine coil unit includes a connector extending away from a side of a spine coil housing.... Agent:

20120126816 - Method of monitoring a hydrocarbon reservoir: A method of monitoring an extent of a hydrocarbon reservoir (2) below the earth's surface (4), includes the steps of applying a current between a bottom current electrode (6) and a top current electrode (8) that is part of a plurality of electrodes that are spaced apart from one another... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek

20120126817 - Downhole surveying utilizing multiple measurements: Certain embodiments described herein provide a measure of the misalignment of multiple acceleration sensors mounted in the downhole portion of a drill string. In certain embodiments, the measure of the misalignment corresponds to a measure of sag which can be used to provide an improved estimate of the inclination of... Agent: Gyrodata Incorporated

20120126818 - Battery status detection sensor: A battery condition detection sensor (1) for measuring characteristics of a battery (101) includes an electrically conductive battery post terminal (12) and a shunt resistor (13). The battery post terminal (12) is mounted to a battery post (102) provided in the battery (101). The shunt resistor (13) is electrically connected... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20120126819 - Detecting device and method for detecting battery storage capacity: A detecting device used to detect storage capacity of a battery is connected to a load by a first output terminal and a second output terminal. The detecting device includes a switch unit, a detecting unit, and a control unit. The switch unit is connected between the first and second... Agent: Foxconn Communication Technology Corp.

20120126820 - Battery pack burn-in test system and method: A battery pack burn-in test system comprising first and second interconnection circuits for electrically interconnecting a first and a second battery pack respectively to the system; a data communication bus for coupling to respective battery management integrated circuits (ICs) of the first and second battery packs; and a system management... Agent: Stl Energy Technology (s) Pte Ltd

20120126821 - System and method for testing a radio frequency integrated circuit: In an embodiment, a method of testing a radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) includes generating high frequency test signals using the on-chip test circuit, measuring signal levels using on-chip power detectors, and controlling and monitoring the on-chip test circuit using low frequency signals. The RFIC circuit is configured to operate... Agent:

20120126822 - System and method for evaluating a wire conductor: A method of evaluating an electrically conductive wire segment having an insulated intermediate portion and non-insulated ends includes passing the insulated portion of the wire segment through an electrically conductive brush. According to the method, an electrical potential is established on the brush by a power source. The method also... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120126823 - Universal mate-in cable interface system: The present document describes an assembly for connecting a test unit to a wiring harness or equipment to be tested, and a method for testing using the assembly. The assembly may comprise a test box unit, a generic mate-in interface, and at least one specific mate-in interface. The generic mate-in... Agent: Ziota Technology Inc.

20120126824 - Analog circuit test device: The invention relates to a test device (20) for an analog circuit (12) to be mounted on a mixed circuit (10) including said analog circuit and a synchronous digital circuit. The test device includes a disturbance emulator (22) connected to a first supply source (UrefD) capable of disturbing a second... Agent:

20120126828 - Electromagnetic sensor for use in measurements on a subject: A sensor unit for use in measurements on a subject is presented. The sensor unit includes a near field electromagnetic sensor and a flexible signal transmission structure, which are integral with one another by means of at least one common continuous surface. The flexible signal transmission structure is constructed from... Agent: Dune Medical Devices Ltd.

20120126826 - Sensor assembly and method of measuring the proximity of a machine component to a sensor: A microwave sensor assembly includes a signal processing device for generating at least one microwave signal that includes a pattern of frequencies and at least one probe coupled to the signal processing device. The probe includes an emitter configured to generate an electromagnetic field from the at least one microwave... Agent:

20120126827 - Sensor assembly and methods of adjusting the operation of a sensor: A microwave sensor probe includes a probe housing, an emitter body coupled to the probe housing, and an emitter coupled to the emitter body. The emitter is configured to generate an electromagnetic field from at least one microwave signal. At least one electromagnetic absorbent member is configured to absorb at... Agent:

20120126825 - Sensor assembly and methods of measuring the proximity of a component to an emitter: A method for measuring a proximity of a component with respect to an emitter is provided. The method includes transmitting at least one microwave signal having a plurality of frequency components within a predefined frequency range to the emitter. At least one electromagnetic field is generated by the emitter from... Agent:

20120126829 - Methods and systems for monitoring components using a microwave emitter: A method for measuring a proximity of a component with respect to a microwave emitter is provided. The method comprises transmitting at least one microwave signal to the microwave emitter. At least one electromagnetic field is generated by the microwave emitter from the microwave signal. Moreover, the method comprises inducing... Agent:

20120126830 - Sensor assembly and methods of measuring a proximity of a machine component to a sensor: A microwave sensor assembly includes a signal generator for generating at least one microwave signal and an emitter coupled to the signal generator. The emitter is configured to generate an electromagnetic field from the at least one microwave signal, wherein the emitter is detuned when an object is positioned within... Agent:

20120126831 - Sensor assembly and microwave emitter for use in a sensor assembly: A microwave emitter for use in a microwave sensor assembly that includes an emitter body includes a first arm that extends radially outward from the emitter body. The first arm is at least partially non-linear and includes at least one peak and at least one trough. The microwave emitter also... Agent:

20120126832 - Sensor assembly and methods of measuring a proximity of a machine component to a sensor: A sensor assembly for use in monitoring a machine component includes a signal processing device and at least one probe. The at least one probe includes an emitter configured to generate an electromagnetic field from at least one microwave signal, wherein the emitter is detuned when a machine component is... Agent:

20120126833 - Non-contact stress measuring device: Apparatuses and methods for measuring stress or strain in a conductive material without physical contact with the material are provided. The device comprises an inductor circuit configured to induce an alternating current into the material along a first path; and a detector configured to detect a signal representative of the... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20120126834 - Sensor element device and method for producing a molded body of a sensor element device: A sensor element device for a capacitive contact switch for an operator control device with an operator panel has a molded body of an electrically nonconducting material. The molded body has an upper side that lies against an underside of the control panel in the assembled state. The molded body... Agent: E.g.o. Elektro-geratebau Gmbh

20120126835 - Fuel sensor: An outer electrode projects from an opening, which is formed in an upper inner wall of a fuel passage, into the fuel passage. The fuel passage is adapted to conduct fuel generally in a horizontal direction. The outer electrode includes a fuel chamber in an inside of the outer electrode.... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120126836 - Microelectromechanical structure (mems) monitoring: A MEMS component is monitored to determine its status. Sensors are deployed to sense the MEMS component and produce detection signals that are analyzed to determine the MEMS component state. An indicator device alerts a user of the status, particularly if the MEMS component has failed. Additionally, the MEMS component... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120126837 - Bumper structure of cleaning robot: A bumper structure of a cleaning robot which detects whether or not an obstacle contacts a bumper and a position of the obstacle, allows the bumper to be simply process and reduces the number of components of the cleaning robot to lower the production costs of the cleaning robot. The... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120126838 - Electrical device for detecting moisture: An electrical device for detecting moisture has a detection cable (10a, 10b, 10c) made up of a first element (1) and of a second element (2a, 2b, 2c) which elements are elongate and electrically conducting and separated by a polymer-based material (3), and an electrical resistance measurement appliance intended to... Agent:

20120126839 - Method and device for monitoring the insulation of ungrounded dc and ac voltage networks: The invention relates to a method and a device for monitoring the insulation of an ungrounded DC and/or AC voltage network. The method comprises the following steps: (a) generating a measurement DC voltage Umess= that is connected to a ground on one side for a predeterminable measuring time frame tvar;... Agent: Dipl.-ing Walther Bender Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120126841 - Probe apparatus and method for correcting contact position: A probe apparatus includes a movable mounting table for supporting an object to be tested; a probe card disposed above the mounting table and having a plurality of probes to come into contact with electrodes of the object; a support body for supporting the probe card; and a control unit... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120126840 - Semiconductor device with cross-shaped bumps and test pads alignment: A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate; bumps disposed in a plurality of rows along a first axis direction of the semiconductor substrate; and test pads disposed in one or more columns along a second axis direction perpendicular to the first axis direction. The bumps and the test pads form... Agent:

20120126842 - Test probe: A test probe for testing an object electrically includes a main body, a first probe pin mounted to and protruding out of the main body, and at least one second probe pin coupled to the main body. The at least one second probe pin is changeable from a first state... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120126843 - Probe card holding apparatus and prober: A probe card holding apparatus which is provided at a prober and holds a probe card includes: a clamp mechanism which clamps a clamp head which is formed at the probe card; a clamp bar which is laid over an opening of the prober in which the probe card is... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120126844 - Chip stack device testing method, chip stack device rearranging unit, and chip stack device testing apparatus: A plurality of chip stack devices having different external sizes can be tested accurately and efficiently with low cost. The present invention provides a chip stack device testing method testing a chip stack device configured by stacking a plurality of chips separated by dicing a substrate under test tested in... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Nihon Micronics

20120126845 - Connector and semiconductor testing device including the connector: A connector includes a first terminal. The first terminal includes a movable portion, and the movable portion has, on its tip side, a contact portion located on a course C of a case assembly. Further, the first terminal includes a fixed portion restricted from moving and located on a base... Agent: Molex Japan Co., Ltd.

20120126846 - Method for testing a partially assembled multi-die device, integrated circuit die and multi-die device: The present invention discloses a method of testing a partially assembled multi-die device (1) by providing a carrier (300) comprising a device-level test data input (12) and a device-level test data output (18); placing a first die on the carrier, the first die having a test access port (100c) comprising... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120126847 - Power supply monitor: Power supply variations and jitter are measured by monitoring the performance of a ring oscillator on a cycle-by-cycle basis. Performance is measured by counting the number of stages of the ring oscillator that are traversed during the clock cycle and mapping the number of stages traversed to a particular voltage... Agent:

05/17/2012 > 55 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20120119725 - Device and method for surface: The invention relates to a device for treating surfaces of objects with rounded cross sections and at least one partially electrically conductive outer wall, comprising a plurality of treating stations; and a feed device including support devices for supporting objects to be treated, wherein the feed device is configured to... Agent: Ball Packaging Europe Gmbh

20120119726 - Measuring machine and measuring method for measuring differential signals: A measuring device for the measurement of differential signals including a real-time portion, which contains two probes, a signal adder and a triggering device. The probes each record a partial signal of a differential signal. The signal adder adds the partial signals to form a differential signal. The triggering device... Agent: Rohde & Scharz Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120119727 - Sensor with high frequency ac magnetic field: A sensor device for detecting one or more magnetic particles (102) in a sample fluid is described. The sensor device (100) uses at least one rotating magnetic field generator (108) for applying a rotating magnetic field to the sample and more particularly the one or more magnetic particles (102) incorporated... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120119728 - Inductive distance sensor: Inductive adjustment of the core-fitted coil (16) of an eddy-current distance sensor (11) can be avoided if the coil (16) fills a physically predetermined annular space between the winding support (17) of the plastic coil former (15) and its flanges (18-19) as well as the wall (21) of a pot... Agent: Diehl Aerospace Gmbh

20120119729 - Rotating field sensor: A rotating field sensor includes a first detection circuit that outputs a first signal indicating the intensity of a component of a rotating magnetic field in a first direction, a second detection circuit that outputs a second signal indicating the intensity of a component of the rotating magnetic field in... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120119731 - Angle sensor: A system for detecting the absolute rotational angle of a shaft rotatable more than one revolution includes a drive wheel connected to the shaft to rotate therewith. The drive wheel includes measurement sectors adjacent to one another in a circumferential direction. First and second driven wheels are engaged to the... Agent: Leopold Kostal Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120119730 - Axis axial position measurement system: Axis axial position measurement system uses the electric signal generated by one or more sensors at the passage of teeth of a cogwheel fixed on the axis. The cogwheel is cut with at least one group of teeth, including at least three types of teeth of different height: a first... Agent: Industria De Turbo Propulsores, S.a.

20120119733 - Inspection device: An inspection device that is capable of inspecting all heat-transfer-tube sealing portions in a steam generator and that is also capable of analyzing a defect shape is provided. An inspection device that employs the eddy-current flaw detection method to inspect the presence/absence of a defect in a welded portion (103)... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20120119732 - Magnetostrictive sensor array for active or synthetic phased-array focusing of guided waves: A system includes at least one strip of ferromagnetic material and a plurality of pulsing/receiving coil circuits. The at least one strip of ferromagnetic material is induced with a bias magnetic field and is coupled to a surface of a structure under test. The plurality of pulsing/receiving coil circuits are... Agent: Fbs, Inc.

20120119734 - Hall integrated circuit using rectifier circuit: There is provided a hall integrated circuit using a rectifier circuit including: a hall device receiving a power supply voltage for excitation and outputting a hall voltage which is in proportion to the intensity of an applied magnetic field; an amplifier amplifying the hall voltage; and a rectifying unit rectifying... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120119736 - Automated teller machine and medium detecting device: A medium detecting device is provided. The medium detecting device includes a sensor adapted to detect magnetism of a medium being transferred; and a pressing unit adapted to press the medium toward the sensor, and the pressing unit includes at least one supporting part including a plurality of supporters to... Agent: Lg N-sys Inc.

20120119735 - Xmr sensors with high shape anisotropy: Embodiments relate to xMR sensors having very high shape anisotropy. Embodiments also relate to novel structuring processes of xMR stacks to achieve very high shape anisotropies without chemically affecting the performance relevant magnetic field sensitive layer system while also providing comparatively uniform structure widths over a wafer, down to about... Agent:

20120119739 - Arrangement and method for influencing and/or detecting magnetic particles and for magnetic resonance imaging: Magnetic particle imaging allows the imaging of fast tracer dynamics, but there is no native tissue contrast. A combination with MRI solves this issue. However, coil geometries in MPI and MRI differ significantly, making direct use impractical. According to one aspect of the present invention it is proposed to use... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120119740 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: According to one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes a spectrum acquisition unit, a resonance frequency acquisition unit and an imaging unit. The spectrum acquisition unit is configured to acquire frequency spectra of magnetic resonance signals from an object with changing a suppression effect or an enhancing effect of... Agent:

20120119738 - Methods and apparatus for sample temperature control in nmr spectrometers: Described are methods and apparatus, referred to as “temperature-lock,” which can control and stabilize the sample temperature in an NMR spectrometer, in some instances with a precision and an accuracy of below about 0.1 K. In conventional setups, sample heating caused by experiments with high-power radio frequency pulses is not... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20120119737 - Phase-dependent magnetic-resonance imaging with multiple coils: In a method and magnetic resonance system to determine a magnetic resonance (MR) image of an examination subject, wherein multiple coil-specific MR data sets that are acquired by multiple coils are used for the MR image. Each pixel of the MR image is determined from at least two coil-specific MR... Agent:

20120119742 - Cage in an mrd with a fastening/attenuating system: A cage with a fastening system (1) in a magnetic resonance device (MRD) is disclosed, said cage in an MRD comprising (a) M pole pieces (45) (M≧2); (b) N side magnets (20) (N≧2), said side magnets substantially enclosing said pole pieces and thereby defining a magnetic envelope and enclosed volume... Agent: Aspect Magnet Technologies Ltd.

20120119741 - Gradient coil arrangement and production method: The present embodiments optimize a gradient coil structure with a gradient coil arrangement for a magnetic resonance tomography device. The gradient coil arrangement includes a carrier plate with holes. Inserts are located in the holes. The inserts are made of an electrically isolating, thermally conductive material.... Agent:

20120119743 - Multi-mode electromagnetic surveying: A method for providing information about a region below the earth's surface, comprises a) providing data from a system comprising an inductive source providing inductive signals in the region and a plurality of galvanic receivers for receiving galvanic signals resulting from the inductive signals, wherein the galvanic signals are the... Agent:

20120119744 - System and method for imaging properties of subterranean formations: A system and method for imaging properties of subterranean formations in a wellbore is provided. The system comprises a formation sensor for collecting currents injected into the subterranean formations, the formation sensor positionable on a downhole tool deployable into the wellbore. The system comprises a controller for controlling the formation... Agent:

20120119745 - Battery monitor with correction for internal ohmic measurements of battery cells in parallel connected battery strings: A battery monitor determines an internal resistance of a battery cell of a battery having parallel connected battery strings which accounts for errors introduced by the parallel connected battery strings. When determining the internal resistance of a battery cell, the battery monitor determines a baseline intercell resistance of an intercell... Agent: Liebert Corporation

20120119746 - Systems and methods for intelligent, adaptive management of energy storage packs: Systems and methods for intelligent, adaptive management of energy storage packs are disclosed. A method comprises receiving a first current measurement of a first energy storage cell electrically connected to a first converter circuit. The first converter circuit controls the charge and discharge of the first energy storage cell. A... Agent: Element Energy, Inc.

20120119747 - Battery confirmation system and method for confirming state of charge in vehicle battery: A battery confirmation system and method for confirming a state of charge in a vehicle battery installed in a vehicle includes a vehicle having a controller, a battery powering the controller, and an onboard diagnostics connector operatively connected to the controller. A tester is connectable to the onboard diagnostics connector.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120119748 - Battery voltage measurement system and battery voltage measurement method: The present invention provides a battery voltage measurement system and battery voltage measurement method that may reduce the size of the battery voltage measurement system. A regulator generates a constant voltage based on a battery voltage, and inputs the constant voltage to an analog input terminal of an AID converter.... Agent: Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20120119749 - Charge state detection circuit, battery power supply device, and battery information monitoring device: A charge state detection circuit, which detects a state of charge of a battery block in which are parallel-connected a plurality of series circuits of a secondary battery and a cutoff element which assumes a cutoff state of cutting off the charge/discharge path of the secondary battery and a conducting... Agent:

20120119750 - Container for measuring cell potential: A cellular electric potential measuring container includes a container body and an electrode substrate, the electrode substrate being attached to a lower end of the container body so as to form a plurality of wells. The container body is made from resin and comprises a plurality of tubular portions whose... Agent: Nipro Corporation

20120119751 - Multi-pole arcing fault circuit breaker including a neutral current sensor: A fault detection system is provided for a power distribution system having at least first and second line conductors carrying AC currents that are out of phase with each other from a source to a load, and a common neutral conductor. The system includes an arcing fault current sensor comprising... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20120119753 - System and method of detecting and locating intermittent electrical faults in electrical systems: Signals are transmitted from at least one transmitter that is positioned in an electrical network. The signals that have been transmitted are received a single receiver positioned within the electrical network. At the single receiver, the received signals are analyzed and a determination from the analyzing the received signals is... Agent:

20120119752 - Test apparatus and circuit module: Provided are a first test substrate and a second test substrate opposing each other, a first test circuit testing a device under test and being disposed on a face of the first test substrate that faces the second test substrate, a second test circuit testing the device under test and... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120119755 - Insulation resistance measurement device and insulation resistance measurement method: An object is to detect an insulation failure of a DC circuit with high sensitivity and in safety by means of a simple detection circuit. An insulation resistance measurement device of this invention is a device for measuring an insulation resistance to ground of a DC source circuit and is... Agent: Yoshidomi Electric

20120119754 - Method and device for insulation monitoring of non-grounded electrical dc and ac grids: Exemplary methods are directed to insulation monitoring of non-grounded electrical DC power supply systems and AC power supply systems which have a resistive (Rf) and capacitive (Cf) insulation impedance between the power supply system and ground. The method includes applying a pulsed AC voltage (U0) having alternately different pulsed voltage... Agent: Abb Ag

20120119756 - Detection method of low frequency handshaking signal: A detection method of low frequency handshaking signal is described. The method includes the following steps of: (a) performing first impedance calibration when host device is activated for sending a first low frequency signal based on the first impedance calibration and performing a second impedance calibration when a controlled device... Agent: Genesys Logic, Inc.

20120119757 - Electronic device and noise current measuring method: A noise current passing through a substrate on which an electronic component is mounted is suppressed in a housing, to provide a malfunction of an electronic device. A substrate (103) on which an electronic component is mounted is secured to a housing (102) by a metal spacer (108) and a... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120119758 - Method for determining and/or monitoring at least one physical, process variable of a medium: A method for determining and/or monitoring at least one physical, process variable of a medium with an oscillatable unit, wherein the oscillatable unit is excited by means of a frequency search sweep within a predetermined frequency band in the working range of the oscillatable unit in the form of transmitted... Agent: Endress + Hauser Gmbh + Co. Kg

20120119761 - Method of electrically characterizing a composite material for manufacturing an aircraft: In the method of electrically characterizing a composite material for manufacturing an aircraft, the following steps are performed: compressing two spacers against at least one test piece made of a composite material; determining an electrical resistance value for the assembly formed by the spacers and the test piece; and deducing... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)

20120119760 - Perforated contact electrode on vertical nanowire array: Disclosed herein is a structure having: a support, a plurality of nanowires perpendicular to the support, and an electrode in contact with a first end of each nanowire. Each nanowire has a second end in contact with the support. The electrode contains a plurality of perforations. The electrode contains a... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20120119759 - Self diagnostics of a particulate matter sensor: A particulate matter sensor includes first and second electrodes spaced from each other with a bias resistor connected between the first and second electrodes. The particulate matter sensor allows an open circuit fault condition in the sensor or in the connectors or wiring to the sensor to be detected. A... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20120119762 - Container for measuring cell potential and method for producing same: A cellular electric potential measuring container includes a container body and an electrode substrate, the electrode substrate being attached to a lower end of the container body so as to form a plurality of wells, the cellular electric potential measuring container being for measuring cellular electric potential after being mounted... Agent: Nipro Corporation

20120119763 - Circuits and methods for sensing resistance: Embodiments of the present invention include circuits and methods for sensing resistance. In one embodiment, a current is generated into a node. The node is coupled to a first terminal of a resistor. A second terminal of the resistor is coupled in series with a capacitance and a reference voltage.... Agent: Summit Microelectronics, Inc.

20120119765 - Battery simulation system having fault simulation: A battery emulation device for simulating a battery cell voltage at a terminal of a battery control unit in accordance with a setpoint value includes a control unit configured to determine the setpoint value and provide the determined setpoint value via a galvanically isolated interface; and at least one emulation... Agent: Dspace Digital Signal Processing And Control Engineering Gmbh

20120119764 - Test mode control circuit of semiconductor apparatus and control method thereof: Various embodiments of a test mode control circuit of a semiconductor apparatus and related methods are disclosed. In one exemplary embodiment, the test mode control circuit may include: a test mode control block configured to generate a plurality of control signal sets in response to a first address signal set... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20120119766 - Probe apparatus and method for correcting contact position: A probe apparatus includes a movable mounting table for supporting an object to be tested; a probe card disposed above the mounting table and having a plurality of probes to come into contact with electrodes of the object; a support body for supporting the probe card; and a control unit... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120119769 - Apparatus for thermal testing of a printed circuit board: An apparatus for thermal testing of a printed circuit board being electrically energized and being unpopulated or populated with electrical or electronic components is disclosed. The apparatus includes a device for pyrometrical scanning of surface temperatures, wherein the scanning device comprises a pyrometric sensor being movable for the purpose of... Agent: Acculogic Corporation

20120119767 - Power cycling test arrangement: A device instructs a power supply to provide a current to a power cycling test structure that includes a heat source interconnected with a package, via a first level interconnect mechanism, and a printed circuit board (PCB) interconnected with the package, via a second level interconnect mechanism. The device also... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20120119770 - Automated multi-point probe manipulation: A multi-point probe particularly suitable for automated handling is disclosed. An automated multi-point measuring system including the multi-point probe and a probe manipulator head is also disclosed In addition, an automated multi-point probe gripping system including a probe holder and the probe manipulator head is revealed. Further, a loaded probe... Agent:

20120119768 - Method and system of improved reliability testing: A method and system of improved reliability testing includes providing a first substrate and a second substrate, each substrate comprising only a first metallization layer; processing regions on a first substrate by combinatorially varying at least one of materials, unit processes, and process sequences; performing a first reliability test on... Agent:

20120119771 - Method and apparatus for indexing an adjustable test probe tip: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to adjustable test probe tips that are indexable. In one embodiment a mechanism is coupled to a probe tip so that the mechanism may be used to index the probe tip to a plurality of particular positions. A label portion may be provided... Agent: Fluke Corporation

20120119772 - Inspecting jig: Inspecting jig operable to bring a probe into contact with a connector on a board includes a probe holding body; a guide guiding the probe to be in contact with the connector on the board, the guide being engaged with the connector to be positioned with respect to the connector;... Agent:

20120119773 - Testing auxiliary apparatus: A testing auxiliary apparatus for assisting a testing apparatus to test signals of testing points of a circuit board, includes: a testing base having a testing platform with probes vertically disposed thereon and corresponding to the testing points, and extension testing points exposed from the testing platform and electrically connected... Agent: Askey Computer Corporation

20120119774 - Electrical testing apparatus for testing an electrical test sample and electrical testing method: An electrical testing apparatus for testing an electrical test sample. The apparatus includes a conductor substrate which is electrically connected via a contact spacing converter to a test head. The conductor substrate is mechanically connected to a first stiffening device and is thereby stiffened. At least one spacer which penetrates... Agent: Feinmetall Gmbh

20120119775 - Circuitry for hot-swappable circuit boards: Electronic circuits and methods are provided for use in hot-swappable circuit board applications. Circuitry detects an electrical ground connection and signals operation of a hot-swap controller. Detection of stable operating power causes a hierarchical startup of plural voltage regulators. Sensing stable output power from the last of the voltage regulators... Agent:

20120119776 - Test circuit and test method for detecting electrical defect in tft-lcd: The present disclosure discloses a test circuit and a test method for detecting a TFT-LCD electrical defect, which relates to the field of liquid crystal display and is able to distinguish effectively between a capacitive defect and a TFT defect. The test circuit for detecting a TFT-LCD electrical defect includes:... Agent: Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20120119777 - Dynamic voltage and frequency management: In one embodiment, an integrated circuit includes a self calibration unit configured to iterate a test on a logic circuit in the integrated circuit at respectively lower supply voltage magnitudes until the test fails. A lowest supply voltage magnitude at which the test passes is used to generate a requested... Agent:

20120119778 - Post silicide testing for replacement high-k metal gate technologies: A test structure for testing transistor gate structures in an IC device includes one or more probe pads formed at an active area of the IC device; one or more first conductive lines formed at the active area of the IC device, in electrical contact with the one or more... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120119779 - Signal sensing device and circuit boards: Apparatus are provided for use in testing circuit boards. A signal sensing device includes one or more probes. Each probe includes a length of rigid coaxial conductor configured to define a sensing pin at one end. A circuit board defines a number of through vias lined in metal and configured... Agent:

05/10/2012 > 52 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20120112734 - Network switch connected to a sensor: A system comprises a rack and a network switch contained in the rack. The switch comprises a plurality of ports. The system further comprises a movable access mechanism in the rack and a sensor. The sensor is provided on the rack and electrically connects to a port on the network... Agent:

20120112735 - Electronic apparatus and method of calculating input power value of power supply unit in electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a power supply unit, a current value calculator, and an input power value calculator. The current value calculator is configured to calculate a current value on a power supply cable led out from the power supply unit based on a voltage between... Agent:

20120112736 - Apparatus and method for testing driver writeability strength on an integrated circuit: An apparatus and method for testing driver write-ability strength on an integrated circuit includes one or more drive detection units each including a number of drivers. At least some of the drivers may have a different drive strength and each may drive a voltage onto a respective driver output line.... Agent:

20120112737 - Ic current measuring apparatus and ic current measuring adapter: Provided is an IC current measuring apparatus provided between an IC and a substrate. The IC current measuring apparatus electrically connects each of a plurality of IC-facing terminals and a different one of a plurality of substrate-facing terminals. Especially, resistances are each inserted into a path between an IC terminal... Agent:

20120112738 - Sensors for integrated monitoring and mitigation of scour: Systems and methods for detecting scour. Some embodiments provide systems which include a sensor and a signal generator with a combined density equal to or greater than that of water. Optionally, the sensor can be a magnet, magnetic resonator, or accelerometer. In some embodiments, the sensor is adapted to be... Agent: The Curators Of The University Of Mo

20120112739 - Derailleur cable detecting assembly for an electric-auxiliary bicycle: A derailleur cable detecting assembly for an electric-auxiliary bicycle has a body and a detecting device. The body is mounted on a frame of the electric-auxiliary bicycle, is connected to a derailleur cable and has a casing and a cover. The casing has a chamber and a through hole. The... Agent: Techway Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120112740 - Hall device module equipped with interconnected double hall devices: There is provided a hall device module equipped with interconnected double hall devices. The hall device module includes: a first hall device having a first pair of terminals for excitation and a pair of output terminals; and a second hall device having a second pair of terminals for excitation and... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120112741 - Method for producing magnetoresistive effect element, magnetic sensor, rotation-angle detection device: To provide a method which can define the direction and orientation of magnetization of a pinned layer while reducing the number of steps of forming a GMR film. The magnetization direction of the pinned layer is defined in a plurality of directions by forming a plurality of patterns having directivities.... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20120112742 - Speed sensor: A speed sensor having a sensor housing for accommodating a magnetic field sensor element, an adapter for holding the sensor housing and a magnetic encoder. The invention provides for the speed sensor to have a device for length adaptation or air gap adjustment, and for the device to have a... Agent:

20120112745 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: In a non-Cartesian sampling method, a trajectory along which a measurement space is sampled is optimized. That is, data placed on one spiral trajectory heading outward from the center of the measurement space is sampled from a plurality of echo signals. The sampling is performed such that the data is... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20120112744 - Microcoil magnetic resonance detectors: The present invention provides microcoil magnetic resonance based modules, detection devices, and methods for their use.... Agent:

20120112743 - T2-weighted and diffusion-weighted imaging using fast acquisition with double echo (fade): A method of acquiring T2-weighted and diffusion-weighted images is provided. The method includes acquiring a first image and a second image in a single magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, where the first image and the second image have different echo times (TE). The single MRI scan includes a series of... Agent:

20120112746 - Coil system and method for post-exposure dosimetry using electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy: An apparatus and method for triaging patients according to radiation exposure operates by measuring electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of fingernails, toenails, and/or teeth. A coil structure allows in vivo measurement of tooth enamel or fingernail keratin with reduced coupling to underlying tissue.... Agent:

20120112749 - Apparatus and method for increasing spin relaxation times for alkali atoms in alkali vapor cells: An atomic vapor cell apparatus and method for obtaining spin polarized vapor of alkali atoms with relaxation times in excess of one minute is provided. The interior wall of the vapor cell is coated with an alkene-based material. The preferred coatings are alkenes ranging from C18 to C30 and C20-C24... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120112747 - Mri safety system: In a MRI system housed within a room there is provided a movable magnet and additional components for other procedures on the patient, a control system is provided for the relative movement of the magnet and components. This includes a plurality of magnetic field sensors mounted on the components for... Agent:

20120112748 - Transceiver apparatus, system and methodology for superior in-vivo imaging of human anatomy: The inventive subject matter as a whole is an improved transceiver apparatus and system for diagnostic evaluations of living subject, human or animal; and is particularly effective as a clinical tool for the spectroscopic scanning or magnetic resonance imaging of humans suspected of being afflicted with a particular disease, disorder,... Agent:

20120112750 - Apparatus with local coil arrangement and implantable device: The present embodiments relate to an apparatus that includes a local coil for a magnetic resonance tomography system and an implantable device.... Agent:

20120112751 - Method and magnetic resonance system for combining signals acquired from different acquisition coils: In a method and magnetic resonance (MR) apparatus for combining MR signals that were acquired with different acquisition coils from a region of an examination subject at least two MR signals that are based on MR signals acquired with at least two different acquisition coils are provided to a processor.... Agent:

20120112752 - Combining different electromagnetic data to characterize a subterranean structure: First electromagnetic data is acquired for a subterranean structure using a first survey technique, and second electromagnetic data is acquired for the subterranean structure using a second, different survey technique in which static positioning of at least one electromagnetic source is employed. The first and second electromagnetic data are combined... Agent: Westerngeco L. L. C.

20120112753 - Electrode: An electrode for enhancing electrical conductivity between an oil or gas field downhole and the surrounding formation. The electrode may serve as a cathode to cooperate with a remote anode to produce an electric field through the formation. The electrode has an electrically conductive, elongated body with a proximal end... Agent:

20120112754 - Apparatus quantifying state-of-charge of vehicle-mounted rechargeable battery: A rechargeable battery state-of-charge quantifying apparatus for use in a vehicle equipped with an electric motor and a rechargeable battery which supplies electric power to the motor to produce a driving torque. The apparatus quantifies a state-of-charge of the rechargeable battery and defines a minimum value of a state-of-charge of... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120112755 - Battery voltage monitoring circuit: A battery voltage monitoring circuit includes a first power supply terminal to be connected to the positive terminal of a battery pack having rechargeable cells connected in series; a first supply voltage sensing terminal to be connected to the positive terminal of the battery pack; a first resistor connected between... Agent: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

20120112756 - Optoelectronic memory device and method for manufacturing and measuring the same: The present invention provides an optoelectronic memory device, the method for manufacturing and evaluating the same. The optoelectronic memory device according to the present invention includes a substrate, an insulation layer, an active layer, source electrode and drain electrode. The substrate includes a gate, and the insulation layer is formed... Agent:

20120112758 - Apparatus and method for ground fault detection and location in ungrounded elecrical systems: The present invention is implemented by deploying an enhanced ground fault detection and location apparatus and by using the apparatus in conjunction with specific circuit analysis methods, using the information generated by the ground fault detection and location apparatus. The ground fault detection and location apparatus comprises the functionality of... Agent:

20120112757 - Ground fault detection and location system and method for motor drives: A motor drive system provides for analysis of current flow in the DC bus to identify ground faults and their locations. Low-frequency positive polarity and negative polarity current differences indicate ground faults from the positive DC bus and negative DC bus respectively. High-frequency signals indicate ground faults in the motor... Agent:

20120112759 - System and method for testing a secondary servo control circuit in a redundant control configuration: A system, apparatus and method are provided for testing a secondary servo control circuit in a redundant control configuration. A first circuit is configured to receive a control signal and to control an attribute of an actuator based on the control signal using a first control input of the actuator.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120112760 - Arc detection and prevention in a power generation system: A method for arc detection in a system including a photovoltaic panel and a load connectible to the photovoltaic panel with a DC power line. The method measures power delivered to the load thereby producing a first measurement result of the power delivered to the load. Power produced by the... Agent: Solaredge Technologies Ltd.

20120112761 - Automatic test equipment for testing an oscillating crystal and method for operating the same: Embodiments of the invention relate to automatic test equipment for testing a circuit having an oscillating crystal and to a method for operating such automatic test equipment. A generator generates a first signal comprising an oscillating part having at least one predetermined frequency. A first terminal couples the first signal... Agent: Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

20120112762 - Connector for a safety restraint system: The present invention relates to squib connectors for instance for airbag ignition systems, which allow the electrical or electronic monitoring of the correct coupling of a squib plug-connector with its corresponding counterpart. According to the invention, a squib connector has at least two terminals having corresponding signal lines. In order... Agent:

20120112763 - Method for detecting small delay defects: System and method for effectively detecting small delay defects is disclosed. The method first loads layout information of an integrated circuit. Then, the nets and paths of the integrated circuit are partitioned into two groups based upon their physical information. The physical information comprises the length of each path and... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120112764 - Method of making a finger sensor package and associated devices: A method of making finger sensor packages may include advancing a flexible circuit tape along a predetermined path of travel. The flexible circuit tape may include a flexible layer and conductive traces thereon defining individual flexible circuits. The method may include, as the flexible circuit tape is advanced along the... Agent: Authentec, Inc., State Of Incorporation: Delaware

20120112767 - Capacitive proximity sensor: m

20120112766 - Electromagnetic induction coordinate detecting system and method thereof: An electromagnetic induction coordinate detecting method for detecting the trace of at least one electromagnetic pointing device on an electromagnetic sensor board is disclosed. The method includes the following steps: first, a delayed period for each electromagnetic pointing device is pre-determined. Then, whether a board-trigger signal from the electromagnetic sensor... Agent: Waltop International Corporation

20120112765 - Mems in-plane resonators: MEMS in-plane resonators include a substrate wafer, at least one resonant mass supported by the substrate wafer and configured to resonate substantially in-plane, and at least one transducer coupled to the at least one resonant mass for at least one of driving and sensing in-plane movement of the at least... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20120112768 - Methods and systems for production testing of dco capacitors: Systems provide for a test system for capacitors in a digitally controllable oscillator (DCO). The system includes: capacitor toggling logic configured to switch on and off a selected one of the capacitors at a modulation frequency; a tone generator configured to generate a tone; a mixer configured to receive the... Agent: St-ericsson Sa

20120112769 - Method and system for inductive sensing of blades in a turbine engine: A method is provided for determining timing points indicative of the passage of a blade in a turbine engine. The method comprises the steps of: providing a s first sensing coil proximate to a path of the blade, providing a second sensing coil proximate to the path of the blade,... Agent: Weston Aerospace Limited

20120112770 - Signal processing: An iterative method may comprise obtaining a current input signal value for a current iteration, comparing the current input signal value with an output signal value determined in a previous iteration, updating a counter value determined in the previous iteration based on the comparison such that the updated counter value... Agent:

20120112771 - Apparatus and method for detection of solenoid current: An apparatus for detecting leakage current through a solenoid coil that includes a capacitor connected to one end of the solenoid coil and a feedback circuit that monitors the rate of decay of the capacitor voltage to determine if an excessive leakage current is present.... Agent:

20120112772 - Circuit for detecting capacitance attenuation of rectification/filter capacitor and method thereof: The present invention discloses a circuit for detecting capacitance attenuation of a rectification/filter capacitor and a method thereof. A rectification circuit provides a capacitor with a rectified ripple voltage having a maximum lower than output voltage of a back-up power supply device. An isolation device isolates the rectified ripple voltage... Agent:

20120112773 - Circuit for detecting capacitance attenuation of rectification/filter capacitor and method thereof: According to one disclosed embodiment, an on-chip resistor calibration circuit includes an RC oscillator having a test resistor and a precision capacitor as elements, a counter, and a reference clock. In one embodiment, an RC oscillator generates a waveform having a period dependent upon the resistance of the test resistor... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120112774 - Device and method for determining capacitance as a function of voltage: A device and method of determining a capacitance of a device is provided, which in one embodiment includes connecting a first terminal of a capacitor having a known capacitance to the first terminal of the device, applying an AC voltage to the first terminal of the device and the first... Agent:

20120112775 - Detection of the conduction state of an rc-igbt: A circuit arrangement includes: a reverse conducting IGBT configured to allow for conducting a load current in a forward direction and in a reverse direction, the IGBT having a load current path and a gate electrode; a gate control unit connected to the gate electrode and configured to activate or... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120112776 - Three-dimensional (3d) stacked integrated circuit testing: Testing of a three-dimensional (3D) integrated circuit includes defining a first group of parts by a region and/or layer on the 3D integrated circuit. The testing further includes applying a first intensity of stress test conditions to the first group of parts. The testing also includes defining a second group... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120112777 - Electronic device pushing apparatus, electronic device test apparatus, and interface device: An electronic device pushing apparatus includes a pushing unit which has: a plurality of pushers which contact DUTs; and base plate on which the plurality of pushers are provided. A rigidity of the base plate is set to a rigidity which is lower relative to the rigidity of a spacing... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120112778 - Methods and apparatus for multi-modal wafer testing: Access to integrated circuits of a wafer for concurrently performing two or more types of testing, is provided by bringing a wafer and an edge-extended wafer translator into an attached state. The edge-extended wafer translator having wafer-side contact terminals and inquiry-side contact terminals disposed thereon, a first set of wafer-side... Agent:

20120112779 - Resilient electrical interposers, systems that include the interposers, and methods for using and forming the same: Resilient electrical interposers that may be utilized to form a plurality of electrical connections between a first device and a second device, as well as systems that may utilize the resilient electrical interposers and methods of use and/or fabrication thereof. The resilient electrical interposers may include a resilient dielectric body... Agent: Cascade Microtech, Inc.

20120112780 - Open top burn in socket: A test socket for an integrated circuit device includes a base for receiving the circuit device and a frame movable linearly toward and away from the base. Springs bias the frame away from the base. Device holders are movable substantially linearly on the frame between a closed position where the... Agent: Aries Electronics, Inc.

20120112781 - Contactor, contact structure, probe card, and test apparatus: A contactor and an associated contact structure, probe card and test apparatus are provided. The contact may include a base part having three or more steps in a stairway state, a support part with a rear end side provided at the base part and a front end side sticking out... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120112782 - Method for predicting tolerable spacing between conductors in semiconductor process: A method for predicting tolerable contact-to-gate spacing is provided. At first, a wafer with a plurality of source/drain contacts are provided. Then, a plurality of testing gate lines are formed on the wafer by using a photomask. In one die, there are different contact-to-gate distances ranging from d+Δd to d−Δd... Agent: United Microelectronics Corp.

20120112783 - Test apparatus: A test apparatus tests a DUT formed on a wafer. A power supply compensation circuit includes source and a sink switches each controlled according to a control signal. When the source or sink switch is turned on, a compensation pulse current is generated, and the compensation pulse current is injected... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120112784 - Differential signal transmission line, ic package, and method for testing said differential signal transmission line and ic package: An IC package includes an integrated circuit for transmitting and receiving a pair of differential signals composed of a signal having positive polarity and a signal having negative polarity, a first signal terminal for transmitting the signal having positive polarity, a second signal terminal for transmitting the signal having negative... Agent:

20120112785 - Voltage detection device and system: A voltage detection device including a multiplexer provided with a plurality of input channels connected to respective battery cells and an output channel connected to an analog-to-digital (AD) converter. The multiplexer is further provided with an additional input channel that is connected to a voltage source that supplies a fault... Agent: Denso Corporation

05/03/2012 > 51 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20120105048 - System and method for space control and remote monitoring: A system and method for space control and remote monitoring is disclosed. According to one embodiment, a frequency modulated signal is emitted from a radioscopic device having an antenna. The frequency of the reflected signal from a target is compared with the emitted frequency modulated signal to obtain a low-frequency... Agent:

20120105049 - Synthesizer having adjustable, stable and reproducible phase and frequency: A measuring device provides a synthesizer device, at least two controlling devices and at least two controlled oscillators. The synthesizer device contains at least one direct digital synthesizer and generates at least two signals of known phase ratio. Signals generated by the synthesizer device form reference signals of at least... Agent: Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120105050 - Method and system for varying sampling frequency to avoid software harmonics when sampling digital power indicators: A method and system for varying sampling frequency to avoid software harmonics when sampling digital power indicators are described herein. A power monitor may repetitively sample, at a variable sampling rate based on a variable delay time, multiple signals of an IC device to obtain energy values. The variable delay... Agent:

20120105051 - Accessory presence detection: Disclosed is an electronic circuit with a first terminal for connecting an accessory thereto, and with a functionality for detecting the presence of an accessory connected to the first terminal.... Agent:

20120105052 - Method for measuring the current level of an alternating current: A method for measuring a current level of an alternating current uses a current transformer having a measurement winding and a test winding. The resistance of the test winding is measured, the temperature of the test winding and therefore of the measurement winding is determined therefrom, and a value for... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120105053 - Fan speed testing system: A fan speed testing system includes a voltage regulating module, a rotational frequency collecting module, and a rotational frequency converting module. The voltage regulating module receives an AC voltage signal and converts the AC voltage signal to a variable first DC voltage signal to adjust a rotational speed of a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120105054 - Dc responsive transducer with on-board user actuated auto-zero: An accelerometer is provided having a power circuit, a detection circuit, and a compensation circuit. The compensation circuit is operative to measure an offset voltage occurring between an output reference voltage from the power circuit and an output voltage from the detection circuit state, store the offset voltage during a... Agent: Measurement Specialties, Inc.

20120105055 - Rotation angle detector for automotive drive motor and bearing assembly equipped with the same: Provided is a rotation angle detection device for an automotive vehicle drive motor. The device includes a magnetic encoder including magnetic tracks with different numbers of magnetic poles. The magnetic tracks form coaxial rings. The device also includes magnetic sensors operable to sense the magnetic fields of the magnetic tracks.... Agent: Ntn Corporation

20120105056 - Apparatus for supporting a disk drive, disk drive test apparatus and method of testing a disk drive: There is disclosed apparatus for supporting a disk drive, disk drive test apparatus and a method of testing a disk drive. The apparatus for supporting a disk drive includes: a housing, a slot for receiving a disk drive, and a plurality of isolators. The slot is received in the housing... Agent: Xyratex Technology Limited

20120105057 - Hall-effect sensor arrangement: A sensor arrangement is operative to sense a relative kinematic state of a magnet (110) and a Hall-effect sensor (202) with respect to each other. The Hall-effect sensor has a Hall plate (204) and is accommodated in a surface-mount device. The magnet is configured for generating a magnetic field having... Agent: Skf B.v.

20120105058 - Magnetic field sensing: An apparatus for magnetic field sensing, the apparatus comprising a graphitic material to exhibit a change in magneto-resistance (MR) in response to a sensed magnetic field, and a circuit in communication with the graphitic material, the circuit to receive an input from the graphitic material, the input being indicative of... Agent:

20120105059 - Shielding apparatus and shielding structures for magnetic resonance imaging and method for operating a magnetic resonance imaging scanner: One or more embodiments of the invention relate to a shielding apparatus for shielding at least one at least partially metallic implant in the body of a patient during an examination by magnetic resonance imaging, which can be attached temporarily on or in the vicinity of the body of the... Agent:

20120105060 - Use of strongly modulating pulses in mri for providing chemical shift selective flip angles: A method of performing nuclear magnetic resonance imaging of a body comprising at least two populations of nuclei characterized by different spin resonance frequencies, the method comprising the steps of: (a) immerging said body (B) in a static magnetic field (B0) for aligning nuclear spins along a magnetization axis; (b)... Agent: Commissarial A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Flip Angles

20120105062 - Method of controlling static magnetic field in nmr spectrometer: A method of controlling the static magnetic field in an NMR spectrometer in such a way that the magnetic field can be homogenized even if there is a temperature gradient across a sample tube. A distribution of resonance frequencies and chemical shift differences within the sample tube is found by... Agent: Jeol Resonance Inc.

20120105061 - Portable bio-magnetic imager and method: Methods and apparatuses of the present invention perform imaging using a contrast agent and/or a metamaterials lens, together with a low magnetic field detector. The apparatus according to one embodiment comprises: a field source capable of generating a magnetic field directed to an area in a subject; a low magnetic... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120105064 - Radio frequency coil for magnetic resonance imaging system: In one embodiment a radio frequency receiver for a magnetic resonance imaging system is provided. The radio frequency receiver comprises a RF coil for receiving one or more radio frequency signals transmitted through an object to be imaged so as to enable a reconstruction processor to generate an image representation... Agent:

20120105063 - Superconductive magnetic coil comprising regions having differing heat transfer: A superconductive magnetic coil is located in a cryostat for cooling purposes which is filled only up to a certain fill level with liquid helium. A helium gas phase having a temperature stratification, in which, for example, temperatures are present that can lead to a collapse of the superconductivity, forms... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120105065 - Diagnosis of hev/ev battery disconnect system: A circuit that detects if contacts in an HV contactor have been welded or stuck closed. The circuit includes a controller that generates a short duration pulse signal that closes a driver switch and allows current flow through a coil in the HV contactor. The current flow is converted to... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120105066 - Self-correcting amplifier system: DC offsets introduced in battery testing equipment are automatically compensated for using complementary current-mode servo feedback. An op amp receives and amplifies a response signal, while also introducing internal errors manifested in the amplified response signal. A correction circuitry coupled to receive the amplified response signal and comprising a balanced... Agent:

20120105068 - Method and apparatus for assessing battery state of health: A method for monitoring a lithium-ion battery cell includes monitoring a battery cell voltage and a corresponding state of charge of the battery cell during an electric power event which may include either an electric power charge event or an electric power discharge event. A measured potential-derivative is determined by... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120105069 - Method and apparatus for assessing battery state of health: A method for monitoring a lithium-ion battery cell includes monitoring a battery cell voltage and a corresponding charge capacity of the battery cell during an electric power event which may include either an electric power charge event or an electric power discharge event. A measured charge-capacity-derivative is determined by differentiating... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120105067 - Vehicle battery testing: A method of estimating a state of charge of a battery in a vehicle undergoing a vehicle assembly process. The method may include the steps of: installing the battery in the vehicle; employing a sensor mounted in the vehicle to automatically sense battery net amp hours during at least a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120105070 - Spectroscopic battery-cell impedance measurement arrangement: A battery cell measurement system comprising a signal generator coupled to a pulse density modulation circuit generating a control signal which drives a switch connected between a first terminal of a battery cell and a first terminal of a bleeding impedance, a second terminal of the bleeding impedance being coupled... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120105071 - Battery testing dynamic delta voltage measurement: A method of evaluating battery packs is described. The method includes measuring a cell open voltage for each battery cell group in a section of battery cells; measuring a voltage under charge, or a voltage under load, or both, at a predetermined time interval for each battery cell group in... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120105072 - Methods and apparatus for motor emulation: Methods and apparatus provide for: a first DC bus operating to support a first DC voltage potential and for connecting to a DC input of a motor driver inverter circuit; a motor emulator circuit operating to emulate a polyphase motor and including polyphase output terminals for connecting to a polyphase... Agent: E&m Power Inc.

20120105073 - Arrangement for eliminating interference from acoustic signals in a ground-borne sound locating process: An apparatus including a portable receiver with an acoustic sensor and a magnetic field sensor is adapted for locating a fault in an underground electrical line by evaluating ground-borne acoustic signals and electromagnetic signals emitted from a succession of sparking arc-overs caused at the fault location by voltage pulses fed... Agent: Hagenuk Kmt Kabelmesstechnik Gmbh

20120105074 - Method and system for interoperability testing: A method and system for interoperability testing is provided. Various network communications messages are sent to a device under test (DUT) and a number of similar devices from different sources including different manufacturers. Responses to the test signals from the device under test and the similar devices are compared to... Agent: General Electric Company

20120105075 - Method for characterizing an electrical system by impedance spectroscopy: characterized in that the perturbations of said sequence are applied so as to scan, turn by turn, a plurality of sub-series (A1, . . . , An) of frequencies resulting from said primary series (A), each sub-series of said plurality being interlaced with at least one other sub-series of the... Agent: Institut National Polytechnique De Toulouse

20120105076 - Method of correcting resistivity measurements for toll bending effects: A method for correcting subterranean resistivity measurements to account for tool bending includes processing at least one coupling component and at least one cross-coupling component in combination with a tool bending angle. Such processing may, for example, remove one or more coupling components from a cross-coupling component. Removal of the... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20120105077 - Excitation circuit for dc sensors: A circuit for exciting at least one DC sensor is provided in which the circuit has a digital regulation controller connected to a main system and to a regulation loop. The main system has a DAC connected to the sensor via a non-inverted amplified path and via an inverted amplified... Agent:

20120105078 - Method and system for determining an operating characteristic associated with an inductor in a power converter system: A method and system is provided for determining at least one operating characteristic associated with an inductor in a power converter system. The operating characteristic may be current through the inductor. The power converter system may be of the type used in a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) to convert electric... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120105079 - Capacitance-to-voltage interface circuits: A capacitance-to-voltage interface circuit is utilized to obtain a voltage corresponding to a detected capacitance differential, which may be associated with the operation of a capacitive sensing cell. The interface circuit includes a capacitive sensing cell, an operational amplifier adapted for selective coupling to the capacitive sensing cell, a feedback... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20120105080 - Electrostatic capacitance type physical quantity sensor and angular velocity sensor: The present invention provides a high-accuracy electrostatic capacitance type physical quantity sensor and angular velocity sensor configured so as to be capable of suppressing noise derived from internal noise while maintaining resistance to externally-incoming noise. A detection element 10 has a movable mass 18 supported displaceably by a physical quantity... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20120105082 - Angle-measuring device with an absolute-type disk capacitive sensor: An absolute position measuring device suitable for wide-angle range measurement and providing the advantages of high precision, high resolution, and easy data processing. The measuring device includes a disk capacitive sensor, a measurement signal processing unit, a data processing unit, and a display unit. The disk capacitive sensor includes a... Agent:

20120105081 - Capacitive sensor, device and method: Exemplary capacitive sensors may be capable of determining presence and location of a touch and capable of determining a fingerprint pattern.... Agent: Atmel Corporation

20120105083 - Static/dynamic resistance measuring apparatus and method: A resistance measuring apparatus which includes a variable voltage source, a signal display circuit, a bridge consisting of a first standard resistor, a second standard resistor, an adjustable resistor and the unknown resistor, a bridge balance display circuit and a dynamic voltage display circuit alternatively connected within the bridge. The... Agent: Ningbo University

20120105085 - Display device and system for inspecting bonding resistance and inspecting method thereof: A system for inspecting bonding resistance of a display device includes a display panel, at least one circuit board, at least one driving chip and a testing board. The display panel includes at least one testing conductive line and connecting conductive lines. The circuit board is connected with the testing... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20120105084 - Hydrocarbon vapor detector apparatus and method: A hydrocarbon vapor detection instrument includes a hydrocarbon vapor detector, with conductivity proportional to contiguous airborne concentration of hydrocarbon vapor. The instrument further includes electronic circuitry providing an electrical signal proportional to the vapor detector conductivity and to a switch-selected sensitivity setting. The instrument further includes indicators to signal recharging... Agent: Spx Corporation

20120105086 - Methods and systems for automated measurement of electrical bonds: A structure is described that includes a first faying surface, a second faying surface for creating an electrical bond with the first faying surface, and a sensor operatively placed proximate the first faying surface and the second faying surface. The sensor includes a current port for injecting a fixed current... Agent:

20120105087 - Apparatus for testing circuit boards of computing devices and methods for same: Embodiments provide apparatus for testing a primary PCB of a native computing device, the apparatus including a plurality of fixture mounting posts selectively positionable in alignment with mounting holes for the fixture mounting posts to be received in the mounting holes to support the primary PCB on the apparatus, and... Agent:

20120105088 - Apparatus and method for testing back-contact solar cells: The present invention relates to an apparatus for testing of back-contact solar cells. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a support plate having vacuum holes with suction cups partially within the holes and probe pins within the suction cups. A solar cell is placed into contact with the suction cups... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120105090 - Probe device for testing: The present invention relates to a probe device for testing a semiconductor chip, and has the aim of providing a probe device for testing with higher test reliability through an improved structure that enables test current to flow safely, the probe device including a barrel open at the top and... Agent: Leeno Industrial Inc.

20120105089 - Semiconductor package having test pads on top and bottom substrate surfaces and method of testing same: A semiconductor package and testing method is disclosed. The package includes a substrate having top and bottom surfaces, a semiconductor chip mounted in a centrally located semiconductor chip mounting area of the substrate, and a plurality of test pads disposed on top and bottom surfaces of the substrate and comprising... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120105091 - Stacked fpga board for semiconductor verification: Disclosed herein is an FPGA board assembly for inspecting a semiconductor, the FPGA board assembly being a programmable logic device (PLD) board for inspecting a semiconductor product design, comprising: one or more FPGA boards, each including an FPGA chip provided with a logic circuit for inspecting a semiconductor and a... Agent:

20120105092 - Defect inspecting apparatus and defect inspecting method: An evaluation apparatus includes a lighting control section for lighting a liquid crystal display panel including switch-type touch sensors, a pressing section for pressing the liquid crystal display panel that is being lit, and a sensor data acquisition section for acquiring outputs from touch sensors disposed within a region of... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120105093 - Semiconductor apparatus and method of testing and manufacturing the same: A semiconductor apparatus includes: a semiconductor chip, wherein a conductive layer is formed at one side of the semiconductor chip and one or more of probe pads are formed at the other side thereof; a plurality of through-silicon vias (TSVs), wherein one side of each of the plurality of TSVs... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20120105094 - Method of manufacturing a sic bipolar junction transistor and sic bipolar junction transistor thereof: A method of manufacturing a silicon carbide (SiC) bipolar junction transistor (BJT) and a SiC BJT are provided. The SiC BJT comprises an emitter region, a base region and a collector region. The collector region is arranged on a substrate having an off-axis orientation of about 4 degrees or lower.... Agent:

20120105095 - Silicon-on-insulator (soi) body-contact pass gate structure: A circuit for testing a floating body field-effect transistor (FET), and a related method, are provided. Embodiments of this invention include a circuit including a contacted-body FET structure that can be operated in a floating body mode or a body-contacted mode, and a passgate FET. A body of the contacted-body... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120105096 - Assessing connection joint coverage between a device and a printed circuit board: The present disclosure relates to assessing coverage of a connection joint, such as a solder joint, between a device and a printed circuit board (PCB). In accordance with various embodiments, a PCB includes a conductive thermal pad adapted to be electrically and mechanically connected to an exposed pad of a... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120105097 - Automated emergency power supply system (epss) test reporting criticality of epss test failure: An automated emergency power supply system (EPSS) and testing solution that records generator load values and engine exhaust temperature values to evaluate whether an EPSS test satisfies legislated test criteria. The EPSS test is carried out under software control, which initiates a test by instructing an automatic transfer switch (ATS)... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20120105098 - Automated emergency power supply test using engine exhaust temperature: An automated emergency power supply system (EPSS) and testing solution that records generator load values and engine exhaust temperature values to evaluate whether an EPSS test satisfies legislated test criteria. The EPSS test is carried out under software control, which initiates a test by instructing an automatic transfer switch (ATS)... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

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