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Electricity: measuring and testing March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 57 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20120074925 - Assay methods using nicking endonucleases: Assay methods and apparatus for the analysis of biopolymers are disclosed. The assays employ nicking endonucleases to enable the generation of flaps on target biomolecules which are detected in nanopore or fluidic channel devices. Identification of flap locations enables a map of the target biomolecule to be derived.... Agent: Nabsys, Inc.

20120074926 - Integrated circuit with power state determination circuit: An integrated circuit in which a power terminal, a ground terminal, an input terminal and an internal circuit are formed, has a unidirectional circuit of a direction from the input terminal to the power terminal, the unidirectional circuit being provided between the input terminal and the power terminal; and a... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20120074927 - Electronic tamper detection in a utility meter using magnetics: An arrangement for use in a utility meter includes a switch, a processing circuit, and a magnetic element. The switch is supported on a first meter structure. The switch has at least a first and second state. The switch is configured to transition from a first state to a second... Agent: Landis+gyr, Inc.

20120074928 - System and method for improving accuracy of high voltage phasing voltmeters: A high voltage phasing voltmeter comprises first and second probes. Each probe comprises an insulated handheld shield supporting an electrode for contacting a high voltage electrical conductor. The electrode is connected in series with a resistor and a capacitor. A meter comprises a housing enclosing an electrical circuit for measuring... Agent: Honeywell International, Inc.

20120074929 - Inductive current sensor: A power meter is disclosed. The power meter may be used to determine the electric power being delivered by a conductor. In one such power meter there is a substrate, an inductive pickup coil attached to the substrate, a conductor, and a detector. The pickup coil may be printed on... Agent:

20120074930 - Moving magnetic field generating apparatus: A moving magnetic field generating apparatus includes a magnet array including magnets disposed at a first pitch such that N and S poles of adjacent magnets in the magnet array are alternated, and first and second magnetic pole piece arrays extending along the magnet array to interpose the magnet array... Agent: Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.

20120074931 - Flow tracking in block caving mining: The invention provides a method and system for monitoring the flow of ore in block cave mining operations by inserting an active magnetic beacon 1 into the ore body 12 and generating an alternating magnetic signal with the beacon 1. The ore is monitored with a magnetometer (14, 15, 16,... Agent: Cmte Development Limited

20120074932 - Nondestructive inspection of a structure in an aircraft: The invention relates to a non-destructive inspection method using eddy currents for detecting flaws in a metal structure (3) by means of an array (5) of coils attached to a surface (31) of said structure (3) comprising activation of the coils, measurement of the electrical signals representative of the eddy... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)

20120074933 - Magnetoelastic torque sensor with ambient field rejection: The present invention involves a method and apparatus for canceling the effects of magnetic field noise in a torque sensor by placing three sets of magnetic field sensors around a shaft, the first set of field sensors being placed in the central region of the shaft and the second and... Agent:

20120074936 - Magnetic resonance measuring apparatus: According to one embodiment, a magnetic resonance measuring apparatus includes a signal source, a transmitter, a receiver, a bandpass filter, a receiving circuit and a magnetic field generator. The signal generator is configured to generate a microwave signal. The transmitter is configured to transmit the signal from the signal source... Agent:

20120074935 - Mri coil design: A coil for a magnetic resonance imaging device consists of multiple coil elements arranged about an imaging space. Each coil element comprise radiating structures oriented at an angle to a tangent of the imaging space. Angling the radiating structures reduces mutual coupling between coil elements and enhances the penetration of... Agent:

20120074934 - Nmr measurements and methods of analyzing nmr data: NMR measurements and methods of analyzing those measurements are disclosed. A single NMR measurement is performed then that data is analyzed. Additional NMR measurements are performed and analyzed sequentially then the array of NMR analyzed data is analyzed again to get information about the system under study.... Agent:

20120074937 - Increasing spoil efficiency: A method for operating a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging device, wherein a continuous sequence of radio-frequency (=RF) pulses are radiated onto a sample, Ψ being the constant phase value for all magnetization vectors, and all magnetization vectors undergo a phase progression Fn=nΨ during the n-th sequence interval, wherein P is... Agent: Universitaetsklinikum Freiburg

20120074938 - Magnetic resonance method and system to generate an image data set: In a magnetic resonance system and method the imaging area is readout by: (a) switching at least two phase coding gradients in respective spatial directions, (b) at the full strength of the phase coding gradients, radiating a non-slice-selective RF excitation pulse, (c) after a time t1 after the last radiated... Agent:

20120074939 - Magnetic resonance method and system to generate an optimized mr image of an examination subject: A magnetic resonance method and system for generation of an optimized MR image of an examination subject operate as follows. A pulse sequence including a series of at least two RF pulses is radiated into the examination subject to generate at least one optimized signal, wherein the second and possibly... Agent:

20120074940 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: According to one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes an imaging unit and data processing condition setting unit. The imaging unit is configured to acquire magnetic resonance data corresponding to a sampling region asymmetric in a wave number direction in k-space from an object to generate image data based... Agent:

20120074941 - Method for suppressing and/or eliminating noise signals in magnetic resonance imaging and a magnetic resonance apparatus therefor: A method is disclosed for suppressing and/or eliminating noise signals during magnetic resonance imaging by way of a magnetic resonance sequence including an ultra-short echo time. In at least one embodiment, the method includes a recording step for recording magnetic resonance signals of an object to be examined, especially a... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120074943 - Apparatus and method for ferromagnetic object detector: An apparatus is provided for compensating for the effect of a moving door on a nearby ferromagnetic object detector. The ferromagnetic object detector is of a type to produce a main sensor signal indicative of the presence of a ferromagnetic object in the vicinity of the ferromagnetic object detector. Furthermore,... Agent: Qinetiq Limited

20120074942 - Multi-field-of-view gradient coil: A coil assembly for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system includes a primary gradient coil, and a corrector coil, at least a portion of the corrector coil being interwoven with a portion of the primary gradient coil such that the portion of the primary gradient coil is concentric with the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120074944 - Devices and cabling for use in a multi-resonant magnetic resonance system: An apparatus for use in a magnetic resonance system, the apparatus comprising: an operative component (22, 26) configured to perform a useful operation in a magnetic resonance system; an electrical cable (24, 28) connected with the operative component to provide electrical communication with the operative component; and a resonant circuit... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120074945 - Proximity detection method and system: The invention concerns a proximity detection of buried conductive structures before or while digging in areas being excavated. By means of the enclosed methods, devices, and setups, the ability and accuracy of the detection of underground structures, such as conduits, pipes, etc. is improved by conductively applying a current into... Agent: Leica Geosystems Ag

20120074946 - Active standoff compensation in measurements with oil-based mud resistivity imaging devices: Disclosed is an apparatus for estimating a property of an earth formation penetrated by a borehole having a substantially non-conducting liquid. The apparatus includes: a downhole tool having a transmitter electrode configured to convey an electric current into the earth formation. A measurement electrode is configured to receive the electric... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120074947 - Failure detection for series of electrical loads: A device can be used for detecting failures in an illumination device having a plurality of light emitting diodes connected in series. A first circuit node, a second circuit node, and a third circuit node interface the illumination device such that a voltage supplying the plurality of light emitting diodes... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120074948 - Method for testing the functionality of the electromagnetic tripping of a switch, in particular of a circuitbreaker for low voltages: A method is disclosed for testing the functionality of the electromagnetic tripping of a switch, in particular of a circuit breaker for low voltages, which has switching contacts which are opened with the aid of a tripping shaft, which is held prestressed by a switching mechanism and is unlatched by... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120074949 - Bi-directional dc/dc converter: A bi-directional DC/DC converter includes at least one module having a module input for providing a bi-directional module input current, and a module output with an output inductor for providing a bi-directional module output current. A transformer has a primary winding wound around a transformer core and connected to the... Agent:

20120074950 - Method of estimating temperature of battery: The present invention relates to a temperature estimating method of a battery. A predetermined module of a battery is equipped with a temperature sensor and a current/voltage sensor(s). Whether the battery deteriorates can be determined by using the measured temperature, current, and voltage.... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120074951 - System and method for current-based plasma excursion detection: A system and method for the detection of plasma excursions, such as arcs, micro-arcs, or other plasma instability, during plasma processing by directly monitoring RF current just prior to reaching an RF power electrode of a plasma processing chamber is provided. The monitored RF current may be converted to an... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20120074952 - Home network characterization method and system: A method of characterizing a wiring network is implemented in a system which includes a test controller and at least two probes. On commands from the test controller, at least one of the probes changes its impedance between the nominal impedance of the wiring network and a mismatch impedance. Reflectometry... Agent:

20120074953 - Wiring testing device: A wiring testing device configured to test the wiring correctness of an inverter is disclosed. The inverter is configured to be connected to a low-voltage three-phase system with a neutral conductor serving as a reference point for grid-side conductor voltages. The wiring testing device includes a test circuit configured to... Agent: Sma Solar Technology Ag

20120074954 - Electrical connector with corrosion prevention: The present invention relates to an electrical connector with at least one electrical contact for electrically contacting a corresponding mating connector. In particular, the present invention deals with connectors having a plug detecting unit for detecting a mated state of the connector and the mating connector. The present invention further... Agent: Tyco Electronics Nederland Bv

20120074955 - Methods and systems for quantifying degradation of wiring insulation: A system for the measurement of degradation of electrical wire insulation quality is described. The system includes a clamping device for engaging the electrical wire to be tested for insulation degradation, the clamping device comprising a channel formed therein for placement of the electrical wire, a plurality of plates placed... Agent:

20120074956 - Method and system for delta double sampling: An array of sensors arranged in matched pairs of transistors with an output formed on a first transistor and a sensor formed on the second transistor of the matched pair. The matched pairs are arranged such that the second transistor in the matched pair is read through the output of... Agent: Life Technologies Corporation

20120074957 - Device and method for processing and measuring properties of a moving rod of material: Device and method for processing and measuring properties of a moving rod of tobacco processing industry. Device includes a microwave measurement device in which endless rod is conveyable through microwave resonator from input side to output side. Microwave generator is included to generate a measurement signal having output frequency f0... Agent: Hauni Maschinenbau Ag

20120074958 - Device and method for processing and measuring properties of a moving rod of material: Device for processing and measuring properties of a moving rod of material of the tobacco processing industry includes a microwave resonator structured and arranged so that the rod of material is conveyable through the microwave resonator. Includes microwave generator with output frequency f0, and frequency stabilized oscillator to generate intermediate... Agent: Hauni Maschinenbau Ag

20120074959 - Coin detector: A coin detector includes an oscillator circuit using an oscillator for generating a magnetizing signal of a predetermined oscillation frequency and an eddy current sensor for producing an AC magnetic field for sensing the variation of the inductance of an eddy current produced upon passing of a coin, a FM... Agent:

20120074961 - Capacitive sensor with active shield electrode: A capacitive sensor having an active shield electrode driven by a unity gain amplifier. Various arrangements using multiplexors or switch arrays may allow single shield with multiple sense electrodes.... Agent: Kopin Corporation

20120074960 - Energy storage system energy capacity and capability monitor: A method and device for reporting the characteristics of an energy storage system. The method comprises acquiring the open circuit voltage. The method also comprises providing a coulomb capability and a coulomb capacity of the energy storage system based on the open circuit voltage, and determining at least one of... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120074962 - Variable capacitor, position indicator, and input device: A variable capacitor is provided for use with an electronic circuit board including a first terminal portion and a second terminal portion, to be built in a position indicator. The variable capacitor includes a dielectric having a first surface portion and a second surface portion opposite to the first surface... Agent: Wacom Co., Ltd.

20120074963 - Capacitance detection apparatus: Provided is a capacitance detection apparatus capable of effectively discriminating between an external factor due to e.g. water drops and a human-induced operation and allowing detection of occurrence of the human-induced operation with a simple arrangement. The apparatus alternately executes a first switching control process and a second switching control... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120074965 - Area-varying capacitive sensor, and self compensation and signal linearization method thereof: An area varying capacitive sensor for substantially reducing a drift and an offset without performing a complicated process by linearizing a signal while automatically compensating the offset and the drift by additionally disposing an electrode and performing a simple signal process without applying complicated signal processing to an area varying... Agent: Postech Academy-industry Foundation

20120074964 - Differential sand compaction sensor: A device for monitoring the effectiveness of sand compaction on a production line comprising one or more sensors. The sensor's response measures the changes in sand compaction, which is affected by the mechanics of the vibration system, changes in the sand properties, and environmental changes. A sensor comprises multiple chambers... Agent:

20120074966 - Detector responsive to interactions of varying intensity: A detector comprising control circuitry and a sensor, responsive to interactions of varying intensities, comprising three layers. The first layer includes a first set of mutually connected electrically conducting elements and a second set of mutually connected electrically conducting elements. The third layer comprises an electrically conducting plane, and the... Agent: Peratech Limited

20120074967 - Moisture detection sensors for building structures: A moisture detection sensor is used in a building structure to detect moisture penetration is a flat self-adhesive tape. It includes a substrate of dielectric, hydrophobic material. Two elongate, parallel, conductors are secured to the top surface and a protective layer of non-hygroscopic, water pervious material secured over the conductors.... Agent:

20120074969 - Coupon holder for corrosion measurement: A non-metallic coupon holder assembly comprising a non-metallic support structure and a plurality of coupon holders. The pluralities of coupon holders are disposed throughout the non-metallic support structure wherein the pluralities of coupon holders are designed to secure a metal coupon on at least two edges.... Agent: Conocophillips Company

20120074968 - Method for sulfur-based corrosion testing: A method for performing corrosion testing is provided. The method includes applying a thin film of silicone to an electrical device to be tested, positioning the device in a chamber, connecting the device to electrical testing equipment for determining any change in electrical resistance of the device, and disposing a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120074970 - Resistance changing sensor: m

20120074974 - Test unit and test system: A test unit to be used with a tester that tests an electrical characteristic of a circuit formed in a wafer includes a tester a board electrically connected to the tester; a first wireless port mounted on a lower surface of the tester board and electrically connected to the tester;... Agent:

20120074975 - Micro positioning test socket and methods for active precision alignment and co-planarity feedback: Methods and structures for testing a microelectronic packaging structure/device are described. Those methods may include placing a device in a floating carrier, wherein the floating carrier is coupled to a socket housing by pin dowels disposed in four corners of the socket housing, and wherein at least two actuating motors... Agent:

20120074971 - Measuring device for electrically measuring a flat measurement structure that can be contacted on one side: A measuring device for electrically measuring a measurement structure that can be electrically contacted at one measuring side, in particular an optoelectronic element, such as a solar cell, including at least two contacting units for electrically contacting the measurement structure and at least one support element for supporting the measurement... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20120074973 - On-die parametric test modules for in-line monitoring of context dependent effects: An integrated circuit (IC) die has an on-die parametric test module. A semiconductor substrate has die area, and a functional IC formed on an IC portion of the die area including a plurality of circuit elements configured for performing a circuit function. The on-die parametric test module is formed on... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120074972 - Sensor self-diagnostics using multiple signal paths: Embodiments relate to systems and methods for sensor self-diagnostics using multiple signal paths. In an embodiment, the sensors are magnetic field sensors, and the systems and/or methods are configured to meet or exceed relevant safety or other industry standards, such as SIL standards. For example, a monolithic integrated circuit sensor... Agent:

20120074977 - Wafer probe station capable of actively controlling tilt of chuck and controlling method thereof: The wafer probe station includes: a plurality of the pressure sensors; a tilt correction unit which is constructed with a plurality of actuators, a plurality of displacement sensors which are disposed at positions adjacent to the corresponding actuators and a microcomputer; and a control unit which allows the wafer to... Agent: Semics Inc.

20120074976 - Wafer testing systems and associated methods of use and manufacture: A wafer testing system and associated methods of use and manufacture are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the wafer testing system includes an assembly for releaseably attaching a wafer to a wafer translator and the wafer translator to an interposer by means of separately operable vacuums, or pressure differentials. The... Agent: Advanced Inquiry Systems, Inc.

20120074978 - Methods and systems for detecting esd events in cabled devices: An audit device according to one embodiment includes a substrate; at least one test element coupled to the substrate; a connector adapted for coupling the at least one test element to leads of a cable; and a probe for detecting at least one of: voltage across and current through the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120074979 - Probe block: There is provided a probe block comprising a probe including first contact portions, second contact portions, and beams connecting the first contact portion to the second contact portion and a guide where the probe is inserted and supported, wherein the probe block is installed in a probe card for inspecting... Agent:

20120074980 - Scribe line test modules for in-line monitoring of context dependent effects for ics including mos devices: An apparatus includes a plurality of die areas having integrated circuit (IC) die each having circuit elements for performing a circuit function, and scribe line areas between the die areas. At least one test module is formed in the scribe line areas. The test module includes a reference layout that... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120074981 - Method and apparatus for device parameter measurement: A method of measuring a parameter of a device in a circuit includes providing a device under test (DUT). The DUT includes a metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistor having a gate, a source, and a drain coupled to a first voltage supply node. The method further includes coupling a constant... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

03/22/2012 > 44 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20120068687 - Method for determining a spatial arrangement of photovoltaic module groups in a photovoltaic installation: A method for determining a spatial arrangement of photovoltaic module groups in a photovoltaic installation includes measuring a sequence of values of an illumination-dependent electrical characteristic variable of different photovoltaic module groups while the photovoltaic installation is subject to light incidence with an incidence intensity which varies over time and... Agent: Sma Solar Technology Ag

20120068688 - Wireless soil moisture sensor: The present invention includes a wireless soil sensor having a curved surface and at least two groups of sensor-pin electrodes. A tine-catching block is disposed within the sensor body, near a top of the sensor to protect against aeration tools damaging components of the sensor. The electrical circuitry and the... Agent: The Toro Company

20120068689 - Eeprom cell with charge loss: An EEPROM memory cell that includes a dual-gate MOS transistor in which the two gates are separated by an insulation layer, wherein the insulation layer includes a first portion and a second portion having lower insulation properties than the first one, the second portion being located at least partially above... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (rousset) Sas

20120068690 - Bulk acoustic wave resonator sensor: A bulk acoustic wave resonator (BAWR) sensor is provided. The BAWR sensor includes a signal BAWR that measures a resonance frequency that is modified due to a reaction with a target material, a reference BAWR that measures a reference resonance frequency without reaction with an external environment, and a sensing... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120068691 - Di/dt current sensing: A circuit includes a power circuit and a current sensing circuit. The power circuit has a main current loop. The current sensing circuit is spaced apart from and electrically decoupled from the power circuit. The current sensing circuit is operable to generate a voltage proportional to an electromagnetic field generated... Agent: Infineon Technologies North America Corp.

20120068692 - Systems and methods for measuring electrical power usage in a structure and systems and methods of calibrating the same: Some embodiments can concern a method of using a power consumption measurement device. The power consumption measurement device can be mechanically coupled to a surface of a circuit breaker box overlying at least part of one or more main electrical supply conductors for an electrical power infrastructure of a structure.... Agent: Belkin International, Inc.

20120068693 - Magnetoelectronic angle sensor, in particular a reluctance resolver: The present invention relates to a reluctance resolver (100) with an at least partially soft magnetic stator (104) and an at least partially soft magnetic rotor (102) which oppose each other by forming an air gap. The magnetic resistance in the air gap changes periodically on account of a configuration... Agent: Tyco Electronics Belgium Ec Bvba

20120068694 - Method of detecting absolute rotational position: Before detecting a mechanical angular absolute position θabs of a rotating shaft (4) within one turn using a two-pole absolute value encoder (2) and a multi-pole absolute value encoder (3) having Pp (Pp: an integer of 3 or more) pole pairs, the rotating shaft (4) is rotated to measure a... Agent: Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.

20120068695 - Support member, rotation device comprising such a support and rolling bearing assembly including a detection device: This support member (60) holds at least two sensors (80) with respect to a rotating encoder washer (20) of a rolling bearing assembly (2). It includes an annular ring (62) centered on a central axis (X60) and provided with an inner radial surface (64) which forms an abutment and centering... Agent:

20120068696 - Apparatus for evaluating hardening quality and method thereof: A hardening quality evaluating apparatus and a hardening quality evaluating method, both of which are effective to accurately evaluate, on a non-destructive basis, the hardening quality of an object to be inspected, is provided. The apparatus includes an electric power supply electrode held in contact with an object to be... Agent:

20120068697 - Apparatus and method for detecting defect using multiple phase selectable pulsed eddy current: There is provided a apparatus and method for detecting defect using multiple phase selectable pulsed eddy current (PEC), comprising: an object to be determined as to presence of a defect; a PEC irradiation unit positioned close to a surface of the object, that irradiates a PEC signal to the object... Agent:

20120068698 - Structure of tmr and fabrication method of integrated 3-axis magnetic field sensor and sensing circuit: A structure of TMR includes two magnetic tunneling junction (MTJ) devices with the same pattern and same magnetic film stack on a same conducting bottom electrode and a parallel connection of conducting top electrode. Each MTJ device includes a pinned layer on the bottom electrode, having a pinned magnetization; a... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120068699 - Phantom for diffusion mri imaging: A phantom calibration body (12) for calibrating diffusion MRI device (16) that mimics a material such as a mammalian tissue is disclosed. The phantom calibration body (12) includes a homogeneous aqueous solution (30) that contains a mixture of low molecular-weight and high molecular-weight polymers housed in a container (14) that... Agent: The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Serv

20120068700 - Formation evaluation capability from near-wellbore logging using relative permeability modifiers: Nano-particles that possess either selective fluid phase blocks or modify the relative permeability of an earth formation to different fluids are used to inhibit the invasion of borehole mud into the formation. This makes it possible to make formation evaluation measurements using sensors with a shallow depth of investigation.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120068706 - Dual-resonance structure and method for examining samples using a plurality of conductive strips: A double-resonance structure 10 for DNP-NMR and/or ENDOR experiments is described. The double-resonance structure 10 comprises a microwave resonator 30 for generating electromagnetic fields suitable for EPR, and an HF resonator 12 for generating electromagnetic fields suitable for NMR. The HF resonator 12 comprises a plurality of electrically conductive strips... Agent: Johann Wolfgang Goethe - Universitat Frankfurt Am Main

20120068704 - Magnetic resonance method and system to generate mr image data with parallel slice excitation: In a method and a magnetic resonance (MR) system and method to generate MR image data of a predetermined volume segment within an examination subject, multiple slices of the volume segment are simultaneously excited by at least one RF excitation pulse, and during the excitation a slice selection gradient is... Agent:

20120068705 - Measurement device and measurement method: A measuring instrument and a measurement method which measures, using magnetic resonance, images such as a functional image, a morphologic image of an object to be measured eliminate the influences of the moving speed of the object to be measured during moving, thereby obtaining a precise measured image. The instrument... Agent:

20120068702 - Method and magnetic resonance system to generate a series of magnetic resonance exposures: In a magnetic resonance method and apparatus, a series of magnetic resonance exposures of an examination subject is generated by implementing multiple first measurements (data acquisitions) with variation of a measurement parameter from acquisition-to-acquisition, which strongly influences a contrast of the first material type excited in the first measurements, implementing... Agent:

20120068703 - Method for spatially resolved determination of an mr parameter: In a magnetic resonance (MR) method and apparatus for spatially resolved determination of at least one MR parameter that influences an MR signal detected in an MR measurement of a region of an examination subject, first complex image data and second complex image data, respectively acquired with different acquisition coils... Agent:

20120068701 - System and method for improving the analysis of chemical substances using nqr: The present application discloses systems and methods for analyzing a chemical substance containing quadrupolar nuclei to determine a measurable characteristic of the substance. The systems and methods include irradiating the substance with RF energy to stimulate NQR of certain quadrupolar nuclei within the substance, receiving and processing a signal emitted... Agent:

20120068709 - Coil arrangement: A coil arrangement for use in a magnetic resonance imaging system, the imaging system being for generating a magnetic imaging field in an imaging region, the coil arrangement including at least three coils for at least one of transmitting, receiving or transceiving an electromagnetic field, each coil being provided on... Agent:

20120068707 - Gradient coil assemblies: An MRIS gradient coil assembly 2A comprising a first coil layer comprising a first conductive coil portion 3X and a second coil layer comprising a second conductive coil portion 3Y. A first screening layer 6X is disposed between the first 3X and second 3Y coil layers and comprises at least... Agent: Tesla Engineering Limited

20120068708 - Gradient coil sub-assemblies: An MRIS gradient coil sub-assembly comprising a first coil layer comprising a first conducting coil portion, a second coil layer comprising a second conductive coil portion electrically connected with the first conductive coil portion so that the first and second conductive coil portions act together as one winding, and a... Agent: Tesla Engineering Limited

20120068710 - Magnetic resonance device, reflector array and high-frequency shield system for a magnetic resonance device: A magnetic resonance device with a measurement chamber, an antenna arrangement that has a plurality of antenna elements arranged at least in certain areas around the measurement chamber, a gradient coil system arranged outside the antenna arrangement as seen from the measurement chamber, and a high-frequency shield system arranged between... Agent:

20120068711 - Pad device for resistivity imaging in the wells with oil based drilling fluid: An apparatus and method for reducing coupling between at least one measure electrode and at least one return electrode in a logging tool in a borehole with non-conductive drilling fluid using a conductive shield disposed between the at least one measure electrode and the at least one return electrode. The... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120068712 - System and method for using a resistivity tool with wired drill pipe and one or more wells: A resistivity tool is used with wired drill pipe and one or more wells. The resistivity tool has a transmitter, receiver modules located adjacent to the drill bit, and high sensitivity receiver modules located at greater distances from the drill bit relative to the receiver modules. The receiver modules and/or... Agent:

20120068713 - Resistivity imaging using phase sensitive detection with a floating reference signal: A device, method and system for measuring characteristics of a geologic formation using a floating reference signal having a mud chamber, an electrode disposed within the mud chamber, and an electrically conductive plate disposed within the mud chamber, the plate separated from the electrode. An alternating current source is provided... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120068714 - Short detection circuit, light-emitting diode chip, light-emitting diode device and short detection method: A short detection circuit includes a voltage divider circuit, for generating, according to a bottom voltage of one or more light-emitting diode strings, a divided voltage less than the bottom voltage. Additionally, the short detection circuit includes a voltage clamp circuit, coupled to the voltage divider circuit, for clamping the... Agent:

20120068715 - Modular energy storage system for driving electric motor: A battery module is provided for a battery system including at least two battery modules, where each battery module is provided with a module monitoring unit arranged to monitor at least one performance related parameter for each secondary cell in the battery module. Parameters relating to the performance for each... Agent: Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

20120068716 - System and method for detecting defects: A system including a charge source and at least one voltage measurement device is disclosed. The charge source is for generating a charging environment to produce at least one of a voltage profile and a current on an area of dielectric material disposed over a conductive substrate. The area of... Agent:

20120068717 - Fault location in a non-homogeneous electric power line: Fault location on a non-homogeneous electric power line that includes a plurality of sections by determining a section in which negative-sequence voltage magnitude profiles calculated from each terminal of the power line intersect. The fault location may determine the faulted section and determine the location of the fault within the... Agent:

20120068718 - Noninvasive characterization of electrical power distribution systems: Embodiments of methods and apparatuses for characterizing an electrical power distribution system are disclosed. One method includes applying at least one test signal to at least one test point of the system, measuring a plurality of response signals at a plurality of test points, wherein the plurality of response signals... Agent:

20120068719 - Measured device and test system utilizing the same: A measured device coupled to test equipment providing at least two test factors and receiving a test result is disclosed. The measured device includes a combinatorial logic circuit and a main circuit. The combinatorial logic circuit includes a first storage module and a second storage module. The first storage module... Agent: Nanya Technology Corporation

20120068720 - Mxm interface test system and connection apparatus thereof: A connection apparatus for connecting a mobile peripheral component interconnect express module (MXM) interface to a test apparatus includes a circuit board, a golden finger connector, and a group of signal test contacts. The test contacts are connected to the golden finger connector and configured for connection to the testing... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120068721 - Power cable breaking detection method of motor: A power cable breaking detection method for a vehicle includes detecting currents of respective phases supplied to a three-phase motor from an inverter through at least a power cable, and a driving speed of the motor, determining whether the respective currents and the driving speed of the motor satisfy power... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120068722 - Measuring floating body voltage in silicon-on-insulator (soi) metal-oxide-semiconductor-field-effect-transistor (mosfet): In one embodiment, a body region of a body-contacted silicon-on-insulator (SOI) metal-oxide-semiconductor-field-effect-transistor (MOSFET) is connected to a gate of another MOSFET in a sensing circuit to form a floating body node. The voltage at the floating body node is accurately obtained at the output of the sensing circuit and used... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120068723 - Conductivity detector for fluids: A conductivity detector detects the electrical conductivity of a fluid under analysis for determining chemical or physical properties of the fluid that are related its electrical properties. Such conductivity detectors may find use in, for example, hemodialysis systems for analyzing the effectiveness of the hemodialysis treatment. In an aspect, to... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20120068724 - Capacitance evaluation circuit and electronic device using the same: A capacitance evaluation circuit includes a capacitive voltage divider, an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and a processing module. The capacitive voltage divider includes a switch circuit, a known capacitor and a capacitor under test. The switch circuit is controlled by first and second clock signals. A voltage variation at a first... Agent: Raydium Semiconductor Corporation

20120068725 - Sensing structure of alignment of a probe for testing integrated circuits: A sensing structure for use in testing integrated circuits on a substrate. The sensing structure includes at least two sensing regions connectable to a probe and at least one first sensing element. Each of the at least one first sensing elements is directly connected to two sensing regions such that... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20120068727 - Compliant wafer level probe assembly: A probe assembly that acts as a temporary interconnect between terminals on a circuit member and a test station. The probe assembly can include a base layer of a dielectric material printed onto a surface of a fixture. The surface of the fixture can have a plurality of cavities. A... Agent: Hsio Technologies, LLC

20120068726 - Electrical test probe and probe assembly: An embodiment disperses a force acting on a border portion between an extending portion and a pedestal portion or a reinforcing member to prevent breakage of a probe tip portion of a probe. An electrical test probe includes a probe main body, a recess provided at an end of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Nihon Micronics

20120068728 - Probe card: A probe card to be used with a tester that tests an electrical characteristic of an electronic circuit formed in in a wafer is disclosed. The probe card includes a first transmitter/receiver component that is mounted on a lower surface of a tester board and electrically connected to the tester;... Agent:

20120068729 - Method for determining the parameters of a photovoltaic device: A method for determining the parameters of a photovoltaic device having at least one multi-junction solar cell is provided. The solar cell includes at least two subcells layered on top of one another and connected electrically and optically in series, each having a p-conductive layer, an intrinsic layer, and an... Agent:

20120068730 - System and method for evaluating the electromagnetic compatibility of integrated circuits in an in-situ environment: A device is configured to evaluate electromagnetic characteristics of an integrated circuit. The device includes a fluid chamber, a first impeller, a second impeller, and a radio frequency measurement antenna. The fluid chamber is configured to receive the integrated circuit and to cool the integrated circuit. The first impeller is... Agent: Dell Products, Lp

03/15/2012 > 66 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20120062208 - Conductive member evaluator and conductive member evaluation method: A conductive member evaluator includes a first electrode which has contact with an outer circumferential face of a conductive member, a second electrode which is connected to the shaft center of the conductive member, a voltage applier configured to apply evaluation voltage including at least an AD component between the... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20120062209 - Closed-loop fluxgate current sensor: Electrical current sensor comprising a measuring circuit (6) and an inductor (4) for measuring a primary current IP flowing in a primary conductor (2), the inductor comprising a saturable magnetic core (10) made of a highly permeable magnetic material and a secondary coil (12) for carrying an alternating excitation i... Agent: Liaisons Electroniques-mecaniques Lem Sa

20120062210 - Process for detecting energy theft: The present invention relates generally to detecting energy theft within an energy distribution system and more particularly to systems and methods for detecting energy discrepancies in voltages and/or currents reported by electric meters present in a distribution circuit, without requiring installation of additional hardware at the transformer. Typically, the location... Agent: Trilliant Networks, Inc.

20120062211 - Compact electrical power meter: An electrical power meter for monitoring electrical power supplied to a load comprises a meter case, a plurality of current transformers within the meter case for sensing the electrical current in a plurality of line conductors of a power distribution system, and a plurality of pairs of terminals on the... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20120062212 - Zero bias power detector: A zero bias power detector comprising a zero bias diode and an output boost circuit is provided. The output boost circuit comprises a zero bias transistor. The zero bias diode is not biased but outputs a rectifying signal according to a wireless signal. The zero bias transistor, not biased but... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120062213 - Microprobe, recording apparatus, and method of manufacturing microprobe: According to one embodiment, a microprobe includes a supporting base, an insulating layer, and an electrode layer arrayed in a first direction in this order. A principal surface of the microprobe is formed in a second direction different from the first direction. A step is formed on at least the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120062214 - Contactless electrical connector for an induction sensor, and sensor including such a connector: An electrical connector between an induction sensor and a cable for transmitting a signal provided by the sensor, including a current transformer with a primary coil and a mechanism for electrically coupling to the sensor, and a secondary coil with a mechanism for electrically coupling to the cable, the primary... Agent: Snecma

20120062215 - Magnetic-balance-system current sensor: A magnetic-balance-system current sensor includes: a magnetoresistive element, a resistance value of the magnetoresistive element being changed by applying an induction magnetic field generated by a measurement target current; magnetic cores disposed near the magnetoresistive element; a feedback coil disposed near the magnetoresistive element and configured to generate a cancelling... Agent: Alps Green Devices Co., Ltd.

20120062217 - Resolver: In a resolver for determining the relative angular position between two subassemblies, each subassembly includes a winding, the winding being situated inside a housing made up of two housing shells. The housing shells have tabs which are oriented with an axial directional component and joined in interlocking manner with axial... Agent:

20120062216 - Torque index sensor: The present disclosure relates to a torque index sensor configured to enhance productivity with excellent economic feasibility by simplifying a magnet structure of an index sensor unit, the torque index sensor connected to an input axis and an output axis, the torque index sensor comprising: a housing; an index magnet... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20120062218 - Rotation angle detecting unit: A rotation angle detecting unit includes an IC package having a magnetism detecting element, a sealing body, and leads; and a covering member having a fixing part and a supporting part, which are integrally formed from resin. The element outputs a signal according to change of a magnetic field generated... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120062219 - Sensor device for magnetic particles with a high dynamic range: The invention relates to a method and a sensor device (100) for the detection of magnetic particles (M) in a sample. The magnetic particles (M) can bind to binding sites (Z) at a binding surface (12), where they can be detected by a detection unit (13, 14). A controller (15)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120062220 - Aggregated spin-torque nano-oscillators: A nano-oscillator magnetic wave propagation system has a group of aggregated spin-torque nano-oscillators (ASTNOs), which share a magnetic propagation material. Each of the group of ASTNOs is disposed about an emanating point in the magnetic propagation material. During a non-wave propagation state of the nano-oscillator magnetic wave propagation system, the... Agent: New York University

20120062221 - Method of calibrating an atomic-functioning apparatus: This method makes it possible to carry out the auto-calibration of the electromagnetic coils (6, 7, 8) of an apparatus such as an atomic clock, a magnetometer or a gyroscope by injecting successive currents into the coils and measuring the magnetic fields induced in order to calculate the transfer coefficients... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20120062222 - Magnetic detection device: An aspect of the present disclosure, there is provided a magnetic detection device including a magnetic detection unit including a magnetic sensor unit and a comparison unit, the magnetic sensor unit detecting a magnetic flux density, amplifying the detection signal and outputting an output signal to the comparison unit as... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120062223 - Economical magnetic locator apparatus and method: Magnetic locators for detection of buried objects, such as ferromagnetic objects, are disclosed. Inputs provided from one or more magnetic sensors, such as three three-axis magnetic sensors, as well as from other sensors, such as accelerometers and gyroscopic sensors, may be used to determine magnetic field distortion indicative of ferromagnetic... Agent: Seektech, Inc.

20120062224 - Magnetic balance type current sensor: A magnetic balance type current sensor includes a magnetoresistance effect element whose resistance value changes owing to the application of an induction magnetic field from a current to be measured; a feedback coil disposed in the vicinity of the magnetoresistance effect element and generating a cancelling magnetic field cancelling out... Agent: Alps Green Devices Co., Ltd.

20120062225 - Image display apparatus, image display method and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: An image display apparatus which displays a form image indicative of a form about an imaging area of a subject and a quantitative value image indicative of quantitative values measured with respect to characteristics of the imaging area, said image display apparatus includes a display unit which displays the form... Agent:

20120062226 - Device for particulate nmr samples in a fluid and related methods: Devices and related methods for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) analysis of particulate materials are provided including a detector chamber configured for insertion into an NMR spectrometer and configured to receive particulate materials in a fluid. A circulation chamber is attached to and in fluid communication with a first end of... Agent:

20120062229 - Method and system for magnetic resonance imaging, and use thereof: The present invention refers to a method for magnetic resonance imaging or nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy comprising emitting a radio frequency and gradient pulse sequence towards an object being subjected to a magnetic field, wherein said object comprises a molecule having an atom with a nuclear spin differing from 0,... Agent: Cr Development Ab

20120062227 - Method for magnetic resonance imaging using inversion recovery with on-resonant water suppression including mri systems and software embodying same: Featured are methods for magnetic resonance imaging of a volume, such a volume having susceptibility-generating objects or interfaces having susceptibility mismatches therein. Such a method includes selectively visualizing one of susceptibility-generating objects or interfaces having susceptibility mismatches as hyperintense signals, where such visualizing includes controlling variable imaging parameters so as... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20120062228 - Preparation of polyamide block copolymers: This invention relates to the preparation of polyamide block copolymers by sequential monomer addition. More particularly, it relates to catalysts capable of copolymerizing not only cyclic amides, but other monomers such as cyclic esters and epoxides as well, using sequential addition so as to produce useful and novel block copolymers.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120062230 - Active transmit elements for mri coils and other antenna devices: Apparatus and method that includes amplifiers for transceiver antenna elements, and more specifically to power amplifying an RF (radio frequency) signal using a distributed power amplifier having electronic devices (such as field-effect transistors) that are thermally and/or mechanically connected to each one of a plurality of antenna elements (also called... Agent:

20120062231 - Radio frequency (rf) coil for mri having high thermal conductivity: An MRI apparatus and method is disclosed comprising a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system having a plurality of gradient coils positioned about a bore of a magnet, and an RF transceiver system and an RF switch controlled by a pulse module to transmit RF signals to an RF coil assembly... Agent:

20120062232 - Transmit coil arrangement for a magnetic resonance device and magnetic resonance device: A transmit coil arrangement for a magnetic resonance device includes a plurality of individually actuatable conductor loops following one after another in a peripheral direction and a longitudinal direction on a cylinder surface. At least two groups, at a distance from one another in the peripheral direction, of at least... Agent:

20120062233 - Input impedance of low noise preamplifiers used for mri: A preamplifier (46) comprises a field effect transistor (64) in common source configuration. While the gate of the field effect transistor is coupled to an amplifier input circuit (e.g. MRI coil), the drain of the field effect transistor (64) is coupled to an amplifier output. The preamplifier comprises furthermore a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120062234 - Distinguishing false signals in cable locating: Discriminating between a cable locating signal and a false cable locating signal is described. A reference signal, which contains a locating signal frequency impressed on it, is transmitted in a way which provides for detection of a phase shift between the locating signal and the false locating signal. Based on... Agent:

20120062235 - Downhole sensor assembly and method of using same: A sensor assembly for sensing downhole parameters is provided. The sensor assembly is positionable in a downhole tool deployable into a subterranean formation to form a wellbore. The sensor assembly includes a carrier positionable in the downhole tool, at least one set of three accelerometers, and at least one set... Agent: National Oilwell Dht, L.p.

20120062236 - Organic el panel inspection method, organic el panel inspection device, and organic el panel: In an organic EL panel inspection method, to determine whether an organic EL panel is good or bad, a plurality of voltages having different values are sequentially applied to the organic EL panel, thereby measuring the respective currents. According to the currents, the following three criteria are checked: criterion (1),... Agent: Konica Minolta Ta Holdings Inc.

20120062238 - Battery controller and voltage abnormality detection method: A battery controller for controlling an assembled battery configured by connecting battery groups each including battery cells, includes: voltage measuring units that are provided respectively for the battery groups each to measure a voltage of each of the battery cells included in a corresponding battery group; a minimum value detecting... Agent: Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd.

20120062237 - Method and apparatus for charging a battery: A method of testing a battery is provided the method may include: (a) applying a heavy load to the battery, (b) measuring the voltage V1 between the positive and negative terminals of the battery after a first time period under which the battery is subjected to the heavy load; (c)... Agent: Spx Corporation

20120062239 - Directional fault sectionalizing system: A directional fault sectionalizing system that utilizes one phase voltage measurement and three phase current measurements to determine the directionality of high impedance faults on a three phase electric power circuit. This eliminates the need for two of the three voltage measuring devices at each monitoring station conventionally required to... Agent:

20120062240 - Current detection circuit: An object is to widen detection range of current. A current detection circuit includes a first resistor, which is connected to a first connection terminal and a second connection terminal; a second resistor, which is connected to the first resistor; a third resistor, which is connected to the first resistor;... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120062241 - Device for protecting a connector and a communications wire of a memory card reader: A device is provided for protecting an electronic payment terminal that includes an electronic printed circuit board and a casing. The device includes at least one capacitive detector in a volume formed by a first ground plane of the printed circuit and a second ground plane positioned on an internal... Agent: Compagnie Industrielle Et Financiere D'ingenierie "ingenico"

20120062242 - Inductive proximity switch: An inductive proximity switch for detecting the presence of an object in a monitored area includes a coil (2), a pulse source (4) for supplying the coil (2) with transmitting current pulses (S1, S2, S3) at a period (T) larger than the duration (Ts) of the transmitting current pulses, and... Agent:

20120062243 - Conductivity measurement device, its manufacture and use:

20120062244 - Readout system for mems-based capacitive accelerometers and strain sensors, and method for reading: A method and an electronic readout circuit for measuring a capacitance of a MEMS sensor are disclosed. In one aspect, the readout circuit includes: an input stage for receiving a first signal from the sensor and for presenting a second signal; a charge amplifier stage for amplifying and integrating the... Agent: Stichting Imec Nederland

20120062245 - Pressure sensing apparatuses and methods: Sensors, sensing arrangements and devices, and related methods are provided. In accordance with an example embodiment, an impedance-based sensor includes a flexible dielectric material and generates an output based on pressure applied to the dielectric material and a resulting compression thereof. In certain embodiments, the dielectric material includes a plurality... Agent:

20120062246 - Ultraprecision non-contact three-dimensional probing system based on spherical capacitive plate: An ultraprecision non-contact three-dimensional probing system based on a spherical capacitive plate has a probe (12) which comprises a spherical probing head (5), a stylus pipe (6), an active shielding pipe (8), a signal conducting rod (7), an insulating element (9), a stylus holder (10) and a probe body (11).... Agent: Harbin Institute Of Technology

20120062249 - Distributed electricity metering system: Apparatus and methods are provided for the measurement of a power factor at points of interest, such as circuit breakers, machines, and the like. Accordingly, means are provided for measurement of a power factor for each electrical sub-network that is controlled by a circuit breaker. Each apparatus is enabled to... Agent: Panoramic Power Ltd.

20120062247 - Test system and method: A test system for testing a capacitive touch sensor is provided. The test system includes a resistor, a signal generator and a micro controller. A first end of the resistor is electrically connected to a sensing port of the capacitive touch sensor. The signal generator provides a test voltage to... Agent: Himax Technologies Limited

20120062248 - Touch sensing apparatus and method for detecting approach: A touch sensing apparatus includes an approach sensing electrode unit including a plurality of first approach sensing electrode arrays disposed on a substrate and a plurality of second approach sensing arrays disposed adjacent to the first approach sensing electrode arrays, a voltage supply unit to supply a voltage to any... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120062253 - Capacitive sensing system: The invention relates to capacitive sensing system (1) for sensing an object. The capacitive sensing system (1) comprises an electrical charge providing unit (4) like an electret foil for providing a permanent electrical charge at a sensing site (6) of the object (3) and a capacitive sensor (2) comprising a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120062250 - Capacitive touch sensor and capacitive touch apparatus: An exemplary capacitive touch sensor includes a first wire-like electrode and a second wire-like electrode. The first wire-like electrode includes at least a first main wire and multiple first sub-wires, the first main wire continuously extends along a first direction, and the first sub-wires are electrically connected with the first... Agent: Au Optronics Corp.

20120062251 - Methods and devices for acquiring an oil sample and monitoring the quality thereof: Methods and devices are disclosed which can provide an indication of oil quality by measuring a capacitive property of the oil. The methods and/or devices may use a sample acquisition probe comprising a microvolume oil acquisition basin with a capacitive sensing element that is located on the floor of the... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120062252 - Protection device, corresponding method and computer software product: A device is provided for protecting an electronic payment terminal, which includes at least one printed circuit and one casing. The device includes at least one capacitive detector having a first part electrically connected to the printed circuit and a second part mounted within the casing of the electronic payment... Agent: Compagnie Industrielle Et Financiere D'ingenierie "ingenico"

20120062254 - Photolithographic structured thick layer sensor: A sensor, particularly an impedance sensor, for example a soot sensor, is provided which has two mutually electrically insulated electrodes, wherein at least one external electrode is formed from a composite of metal and inorganic oxide as a film pattern having a film thickness of 0.5 to 20 μm. The... Agent: Heraeus Sensor Technology Gmbh

20120062255 - Test circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit having the same: A test circuit is capable of easily testing the standby function of an interface block. The test circuit is used for the interface block disposed on a semiconductor integrated circuit which is switched between a standby mode and a non-standby mode and conducting interfacing between the semiconductor integrated circuit and... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120062257 - Semiconductor device with a test circuit and a reference circuit: Implementations are presented herein that include a test circuit and a reference circuit.... Agent:

20120062256 - Test apparatus, calibration method and recording medium: A test apparatus that tests a device under test, comprising first and second terminal groups including a plurality of drivers that output signals to the device under test; a first common setting section that sets a common delay amount for the signals output from one driver in the first terminal... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120062258 - Wafer inspection interface and wafer inspection apparatus: A wafer inspection interface IF comprises a probe card, an adsorption unit configured to adsorb a wafer to the probe card, a wafer adsorption sealing member to which the probe card is adsorbed, and a fixing ring configured to fix the wafer adsorption sealing member to a card holder. The... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120062259 - Wafer inspection apparatus and method for pre-heating probe card: A wafer inspection apparatus includes a first and second wafer transfer mechanisms, an alignment chamber, a second wafer transfer mechanism and a plurality of inspection chambers. The first wafer transfer mechanism is installed at a first transfer area to transfer wafers individually from a housing. The alignment chamber has an... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20120062260 - Cantilever microprobes for contacting electronic components and methods for making such probes: Embodiments disclosed herein are directed to compliant probe structures for making temporary or permanent contact with electronic circuits and the like. In particular, embodiments are directed to various designs of cantilever-like probe structures. Some embodiments are directed to methods for fabricating such cantilever structures. In some embodiments, for example, cantilever... Agent: Microfabrica Inc.

20120062261 - Electrically conductive pins for microcircuit tester: The terminals of a device under test are temporarily electrically connected to corresponding contact pads on a load board by a series of electrically conductive pin pairs. The pin pairs are held in place by an interposer membrane that includes a top contact plate facing the device under test, a... Agent: Johnstech International Corporation

20120062262 - Test handlers for semiconductor packages and test methods using the same: A test handler for a semiconductor package includes a loader unit that is configured to transfer the semiconductor package to a test tray. A test chamber is configured to test the semiconductor package loaded in the test tray. An unloader unit is configured to remove the tested semiconductor package from... Agent:

20120062264 - Test device: A testing device suitable for a testing apparatus with light inspection of a display panel is provided, in which the testing device includes a main part and two contact parts. The testing device is fixed to the testing apparatus with light inspection by the main part. Two contact parts are... Agent: Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

20120062263 - Test method of liquid crystal display panel: A test method of a liquid crystal display panel is provided. The liquid crystal display panel includes a plurality of pixels and a testing pad. The pixels are disposed at intersections between a first, a second, and a third data lines and a plurality of scan lines. In the test... Agent: Himax Display, Inc.

20120062265 - Method of diagnosing the failure of a photovoltaic generator: Method of diagnosis for a photovoltaic generator characterized in that it implements a step of observing the evolution of its voltage when it passes from a short-circuit mode of operation to an open-circuit mode or vice versa.... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Altenatives

20120062268 - Method and device for measuring the reliability of an integrated circuit: Electromigration may cause a fault to appear in an integrated circuit located on a semiconductor chip. To detect such a fault, at least one resistive test structure is provided separated from the integrated circuit and located on at least one metallization level of the integrated circuit. During operation of the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (crolles 2) Sas

20120062266 - Scan or jtag controllable capture clock generation: A capture clock generation control mechanism is provided. The capture clock generation control mechanism controls the number of at-speed clocks generated and supplied to one or more scan chains during scan testing of a microcircuit based on control data stored in a JTAG or scan test register. The scan test... Agent:

20120062267 - Semiconductor memory device and method for inspecting the same: A potential of a gate of the transistor of the memory cell is held at a predetermined potential VGM which is between a potential VGL used in normal holding and a threshold of the transistor Vth. When the potential is held for a predetermined period, the memory cell becomes in... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120062270 - Compliant printed circuit wafer probe diagnostic tool: Diagnostic tools for testing wafer-level IC devices, and a method of making the same. The first diagnostic tool can include a first compliant printed circuit with a plurality of contact pads configured to form an electrical interconnect at a first interface between distal ends of probe members in the wafer... Agent: Hsio Technologies, LLC

20120062269 - Inspection tool and methodology for three dimensional voltage contrast inspection: A system and method for improved voltage contrast inspection is disclosed. In one embodiment the temporal response to voltage contrast is considered to find an optimal acquisition time. In another embodiment, multiple optimal acquisition times are identified. The identified acquisition times are used in voltage contrast inspection of semiconductor fabrication,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120062271 - Methods and system for electrostatic discharge protection of thin-film transistor backplane arrays: The present invention provides devices and methods for testing the electrical performance of thin-film transistor backplane arrays and protecting thin-films during testing and handling.... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents, A Body Corporate Acting For And On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20120062272 - Methods and apparatus to detect voltage conditions of power supplies: Methods and apparatus to detect voltage conditions of power supplies are disclosed. An example power supply monitor to detect fault conditions in a power supply includes a capacitive element communicatively coupled to the power supply, the capacitive element being configured to change state between a collapsed state and an open... Agent:

20120062273 - Pdu testing apparatus: A power distribution unit (PDU) testing apparatus includes a main power plug, a number of branch power plugs, a main switch, a number of branch switches, and a number of loads. The main switch and the branch switches are single-pole double-throw switches. A first terminal of the main power plug... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

03/08/2012 > 30 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20120056611 - Connection detection circuit: A connection detection circuit includes a first detection circuit and a second detection circuit. The first detection circuit includes a first comparator and a first detection pin connected to the first comparator. The first comparator is adapted to compare a first voltage level on the first detection pin with a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120056612 - Systems and methods for phase compensated harmonic sensing in fly height control: Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for phase compensated harmonic sensing. For example, a circuit for harmonics calculation is disclosed that includes a phase difference estimation circuit and a phase offset compensation circuit. The harmonic calculation circuit is operable to calculate a first harmonic based on... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20120056613 - Method and device for the detection of current asymmetries in three-phase circuits: A device (10) for the detection of current asymmetries in three-phase circuits (L1, L2, L3) is provided. This device (10) has a first current measuring mechanism (S1) for the measurement of a first phase (L1) and a second current measuring mechanism (S3) for the measurement of a second phase (L3).... Agent: Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120056614 - Multi-state indicator: A multi-state indicator comprises a voltage generator, for generating M voltages, with M being an integer larger than 3; and a multi-state detector, coupled to the voltage generator, for receiving M voltages, having a voltage input end for receiving an input voltage to generate an indication signal whereby the indication... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20120056615 - Method and apparatus for defined magnetizing of permanently magnetizable elements and magnetoresistive sensor structures: An apparatus includes a sensor arrangement with a sensor chip. A magnetic field generator is configured to generate a secondary magnetic field opposing an external primary magnetic field at the sensor chip. The magnetic field generator protects the sensor arrangement against the external primary magnetic field.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120056616 - Distance sensor: A sensor device for height measurement, air spring comprising a sensor device for height measuring and a corresponding method allowing determining the height also under rough conditions like noisy, dusty or vibrating environments.... Agent:

20120056617 - Rotation angle detecting device: A rotation angle detecting device includes a rotating body rotating according to rotation of a vehicle pedal; a magnet attached to the rotating body; a magnetism detection element disposed facing the magnet at a predetermined interval from the magnet; and a first control circuit connected to the magnetism detection element.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120056618 - Write head tester using inductance: A write head is tested by measuring the effect that magnetic fields have on the inductance of the write head. For example, a perpendicular write head may be placed in a magnetic field with a first angle, e.g., non-parallel and non-perpendicular, to the air bearing surface and the inductance is... Agent: Infinitum Solutions, Inc.

20120056619 - Write head tester using inductance: A write head is tested by measuring the effect that magnetic fields have on the inductance of the write head. For example, a perpendicular write head may be placed in a magnetic field with a first angle, e.g., non-parallel and non-perpendicular, to the air bearing surface and the inductance is... Agent: Infinitum Solutions, Inc.

20120056621 - Method for imaging a portion of an examination object in a magnetic resonance scanner: A method is disclosed for imaging a portion of an examination object in a magnetic resonance scanner. The portion is arranged at the edge of a field of view of the magnetic resonance scanner. During at least one embodiment of the method, a gradient field is produced such that a... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120056622 - Method to control a magnetic resonance device for image acquisition, and corresponding magnetic resonance device: In a method to control a magnetic resonance device for image acquisition in at least one slice, the magnetic resonance device has a radio-frequency antenna with multiple transmission channels. At least one slice deviates from a cuboid shape and/or that is roughly adapted to a target volume of interest that... Agent:

20120056620 - Multiplicative increase in mri data acquisition with multi-band rf excitation pulses in a simultaneous image refocusing pulse sequence: Disclosed are methods and systems for carrying out super-multiplexed magnetic resonance imaging that entwines techniques previously used individually and independently of each other in Simultaneous Echo (of Imaging) Refocusing (SER or SIR) and Multi-Band (MB) excitation, in a single pulse sequence that provides a multiplication rather than summation of desirable... Agent:

20120056623 - Electromagnetic surface-to-borehole look around systems and methods of monitoring in horizontal wells: A method for water monitoring about a deviated well is disclosed. The method includes positioning a series of electromagnetic (EM) receivers in a completed deviated wellbore, said receivers being spaced along substantially the length of the well located in a region of a reservoir to be monitored. The method also... Agent:

20120056624 - Voltage monitoring using bitstream signal processing: Systems and methods are provided for monitoring a voltage. A level shifter is configured to generate a current proportional to the voltage of the battery cell. A delta-sigma modulator is configured to convert the current into a first density modulated bitstream representing the voltage of the battery cell. A first... Agent:

20120056625 - Method and system to measure series-connected cell voltages using a flying capacitor: A method and system for measuring voltage of individual cells connected in series includes a pair of busses connectable to the cells and a flying capacitor connectable to the busses. The capacitor stores the charge of one of the cells such that an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) connected to the capacitor... Agent: Enerdel, Inc.

20120056626 - Laser assisted device alteration using two-photon absorption: A Two-Photon Laser Assisted Device Alteration technique is presented. Fault localization is investigated by exploiting the non-linear two-photon absorption mechanism to induce LADA effects. Femtosecond laser pulses of wavelength having photon energy lower than the silicon bandgap are directed at the area of interest, while the DUT is stimulated with... Agent: Dcg Systems, Inc.

20120056627 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for determining a property of construction material: Methods, systems, and computer program products for determining a property of construction material. According to one aspect, a material property gauge operable to determine a property of construction material is disclosed. The gauge may include an electromagnetic sensor operable to measure a response of construction material to an electromagnetic field.... Agent:

20120056628 - Propagation time measuring method for determining a distance: An apparatus for ascertaining and monitoring a fill level and includes a transmitting/receiving unit and a delay circuit. The delay circuit includes at least a sampling clocking oscillator, which produces a sampling signal having a sampling frequency, a transmission clocking oscillator, which produces a pulse repetition signal having a pulse... Agent: Endress + Hauser Gmbh + Co. Kg

20120056629 - Semiconductor integrated circuit device: A semiconductor integrated circuit device comprises: a circuit block formed on a semiconductor substrate; an electrically conductive pattern formed over a portion to be protected of the block; a resetting unit configured to reset a potential of a portion of the pattern to a reference potential; a connecting unit configured... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120056630 - Capacitive physical quantity detector: A capacitive physical quantity detector includes: a capacitor having an electrostatic capacitance changeable with physical quantity; a converter converting a capacitance change to a voltage; and a selector having a comparator and a switching element. The converter includes a C-V converting circuit having an operational amplifier for amplifying a first... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120056631 - Capacitive sensing apparatus: The invention relates to a capacitive sensing apparatus for sensing an object, wherein the capacitive sensing apparatus comprises a capacitive sensor (2) for capacitively sensing the object (3) and an enclosure (4) for enclosing the capacitive sensor (2). The enclosure (4) comprises a contact side (6) for contacting the object... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120056632 - Conductance detection system and method: A detection system and method for detecting one or a plurality of species from a mixture of species in a phase. The detection system and method detect changes in conductance induced by the species. The conductance includes a cell structure having a rigid architecture having a top surface a portion... Agent:

20120056633 - Moisture sensor: A novel and useful sensor and sensing system employs a transmission electrode which provides a length of transmission electrode that is greater than the physical length of the sensor, allowing for the effective and accurate determination of the moisture content of a volume of material using high-frequency measurement methods. The... Agent:

20120056634 - Methods and devices for sensing corrosion under insulation (cui): A method of sensing corrosion of a pipe covered by a layer of insulation comprises positioning a CUI sensor radially adjacent an outer surface of the pipe. The CUI sensor comprises a non-conductive base having a first end and a second end opposite the first end. In addition, the CUI... Agent: Bp Corporation North America Inc.

20120056635 - Semiconductor integrated circuit device: A semiconductor integrated circuit device including a semiconductor substrate having a first surface on which a circuit block is formed, and a second surface opposite to the first surface; a mounting board on which the semiconductor substrate is mounted; an electrically conductive pattern formed over a region of the mounting... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120056636 - Test handler and method for operating the same for testing semiconductor devices: A test handler is provided, which comprises a test tray, at least one opening unit, and a position changing apparatus. The test tray aligns a plurality of inserts on its side. Each insert loads at least one semiconductor device thereon. The opening unit opens inserts at one part of the... Agent: Techwing Co., Ltd.

20120056637 - Apparatus and method for quickly determining fault in electric power system: An apparatus for quickly determining a fault in an electric power system includes a current transformer, a current determination unit and a fault determination unit. The current transformer detects current supplied to the electric power system and outputs a current detection voltage. The current determination unit respectively compares the current... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20120056638 - Systems and methods for monitoring and diagnostics of photovoltaic solar modules in photovoltaic systems: A method and system for monitoring a photovoltaic module. The method includes initiating a monitoring process for a photovoltaic module at a predetermined time. The photovoltaic module is connected to at least another module in a photovoltaic string as a part of a photovoltaic array. Additionally, the method includes measuring... Agent: Alion, Inc.

20120056640 - Compliant printed circuit semiconductor tester interface: A compliant printed circuit semiconductor tester interface that provides a temporary interconnect between terminals on integrated circuit (IC) devices being tested. The compliant printed circuit semiconductor tester interface includes at least one dielectric layer printed with recesses corresponding to a target circuit geometry. A conductive material is deposited in at... Agent: Hsio Technologies, LLC

20120056639 - Semiconductor integrated circuit device: A semiconductor integrated circuit device comprising: a circuit block formed on a semiconductor substrate; an electrically conductive pattern formed in an upper layer of a portion to be protected of the circuit block; an oscillation circuit connected to the electrically conductive pattern, and configured to oscillate at an oscillation frequency... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

03/01/2012 > 51 patent applications in 41 patent subcategories.

20120049836 - Gem tester: A gem tester for testing a gem under test and a kit including a horizontal recharging stand are disclosed. In one embodiment of the gem tester, an elongated body has a line-of-sight contour tapering from a bulbous end to a radially deviating frontal nose having a probe extending therefrom. Internal... Agent:

20120049837 - Method and arrangement to determine the cell capacitor voltage of a cell of a multi-cell power converter: An arrangement to determine a cell capacitor voltage value of a cell of a multi-cell power converter includes the cell and a control unit. The cell itself includes four power electronic valves interconnected as a full-bridge converter having a first and a second phase leg, where each phase leg includes... Agent:

20120049838 - Water quality indicator using light emitting diodes, rheostat and plug: A novel electronic device is described herein that can be manufactured for a cost of less than $10.00, and that can be used by an inexperienced person to measure the TDS in an aqueous solution such as tap water and the conductivity/resistivity of a variety of other substances, materials, and... Agent:

20120049839 - Circuit-breaker with rogowski current transformers for measuring the current in the conductors of the circuit-breaker: A circuit-breaker is disclosed, in particular a low-voltage circuit breaker. In at least one embodiment, the circuit breaker includes a Rogowski current transformer for measuring a current in a conductor of the circuit-breaker, the Rogowski current transformer including at least three coil sections electrically connected in series and arranged to... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120049840 - Measuring apparatus: A measuring apparatus includes: a measuring circuit configured to carry out predetermined processing for the measurement result of an object to be measured; a communication control circuit configured to generate output data to be output externally depending on the processing result of the measuring circuit; a power source circuit having... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20120049841 - Position monitoring system and method: A position monitoring system includes a tubular with a cavity formed therein, a magnet movable relative to the tubular, and a sensor sensible of a magnetic field of the magnet. A housing positioned within the cavity sealably isolates the sensor from environmental properties while permitting the sensor to sense the... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20120049842 - Apparatus, system, and method for maintaining normalcy of a sensor with respect to a structure: An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for scanning metallic surfaces. The apparatus, in one embodiment, comprises a shaft and a rotating member. The rotating member may comprise a sensing end and a featuring engaging element. The shaft further comprises a first coupling element and the rotating member further comprises... Agent:

20120049843 - Two-axis magnetic field sensor having reduced compensation angle for zero offset: A sensor and fabrication process are provided for forming reference layers with substantially orthogonal magnetization directions having zero offset with a small compensation angle. An exemplary embodiment includes a sensor layer stack of a magnetoresistive thin-film based magnetic field sensor, the sensor layer stack comprising a pinning layer; a pinned... Agent: Everspin Technologies, Inc.

20120049844 - Methods and systems for measuring nmr characteristics in production logging: Methods and systems for measuring nuclear magnetic resonance characteristics of formation fluid utilizing micro-NMR sensors are provided. The micro-NMR sensors can be used to analyze fluid flowing through the wellbore on a periodic, continuous, and/or batch-mode basis. More efficient sampling and analysis can be conducted using the micro-NMR sensors. In... Agent:

20120049845 - Magnetic resonance device: In the diffusion spectroscopic imaging, in which intensity of molecular diffusion is imaged with separating chemical substances, with suppressing artifacts resulting from object motion of an object, spatial resolution, spectral band and SNR are maintained, and measurement accuracy is enhanced. A measurement for acquiring diffusion SI data is repeated a... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120049846 - Method and system for phase-sensitive magnetic resonance imaging: In a method and system for phase-sensitive magnetic resonance imaging, a respective, complex image data set provided to a processor for each of at least two different echo times, the complex image data sets for the different echo times having been reconstructed from magnetic resonance data that acquired for the... Agent:

20120049847 - Pulsed epr detection: A method and system for performing pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance is disclosed. In one aspect, the method includes generating an excitation pulse train for applying to an object having probes and detecting from the probes an echo response induced by the excitation pulse train.... Agent: Imec

20120049848 - Permanent magnet arrangement with solid facing plate and scanning magnet head: The present invention provides a permanent magnet arrangement, comprising: a. a mobile permanent magnet grouping; b. a facing plate constructed from ferromagnetic material; c. a an air gap defined by the spacing between said permanent magnet grouping and said facing plate; d. a yoke of predetermined shape formed from magnetically... Agent: Aspect Magnet Technologies Ltd.

20120049849 - Magnetic field generator suitable for unilateral nuclear magnetic resonance and method for making same: A unilateral NMR sensor comprising a ferromagnetic yoke; a permanent magnet arranged on the yoke; a pole piece on the magnet; the pole piece including an air-pole piece interface surface whose shape corresponds to an equipotential contour of magnetic scalar potential. An approach for designing single-sided magnets suitable for unilateral... Agent: University Of New Brunswick

20120049850 - Metal detector: A sensor for the location of metallic objects and also an associated method comprise a plurality of transmitting coils (2.1, 2.2) and at least one receiving coil (1.9) which are arranged such as to be inductively coupled to one another and overlap to a partial extent for the purposes of... Agent:

20120049851 - Semi-permeable terrain geophysical data acquisition: A method, a system and an apparatus of semi-permeable terrain geophysical data acquisition is disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a front extension with a set of front stability margins. In addition, the apparatus also includes a rear extension with a set of rear stability margins. The method also... Agent: King Abdulaziz City Science And Technology

20120049852 - Method and storage container for determining a stored amount of ammonia for catalytic exhaust gas purification: A method is provided for determining the amount of ammonia which is stored in a storage container by a chemical bond to a solid storage medium, in particular a salt of an earth alkaline metal or the like, and which can be released by supplying heat in order to be... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktienesellschaft

20120049853 - Battery capacity test apparatus: A battery capacity test apparatus for indicating capacity of a battery includes a voltage regulator module, a comparator module, and an indication module. The voltage regulator module is configured to receive a voltage signal from the battery, and output a plurality of decreased sub-voltages. The comparator module is configured to... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co.,ltd.

20120049854 - Nanowire based gas ionization sensor: A gas ionization sensor is disclosed. In one aspect, the sensor includes at least one sensing element on a substrate. The sensing element includes: at least one nanowire and a counter electrode which surrounds the nanowire, the surrounding electrode being electrically isolated from the nanowire and being at a predetermined... Agent: Stichting Imec Nederland

20120049855 - Dark iv monitoring system for photovoltaic installations: A photovoltaic (PV) monitoring system performs dark current and dark IV testing of PV installations; computes the passive electrical characteristics of the installed array; determines the performance status and likely cause of underperformance; and communicates the collected data.... Agent:

20120049856 - Pin test assistant device and method for using the device: A pin test assistant device includes a shaft and a hook. The shaft is made of strong lightweight material that is easily formed into a shaft, and the hook is made of material that resists heat. If a pin on an integrated circuit (IC) chip needs to be tested, the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120049857 - Programmable gain trans-impedance amplifier overload recovery circuit: Embodiments of an apparatus for measuring the leakage current of capacitive components is taught. One embodiment includes a first stage amplifier configured to receive an input from a serially-connected capacitive component at an inverting input and a feedback resistor in a feedback path of the first stage amplifier. A resistance... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20120049858 - Device for detecting drive current of pwm load device, drive current detection method, fault detection device, and fault detection method: It is an object of the invention to, in fault detection of a PWM load device, provide a fault detection device and a fault detection method, which are capable of appropriately detecting fault of the load device in the case where such load device is connected the duty ratio of... Agent:

20120049859 - Noise handling in capacitive touch sensors: In a capacitive sensor of the type having X electrodes which are driven and Y electrodes that are used as sense channels connected to charge measurement capacitors, signal measurements may be made by driving the X electrodes to transfer successive packets of charge to the charge measurement capacitors. An additional... Agent:

20120049860 - Method for detecting icing at an angle-resolving radar sensor in a driver assistance system for motor vehicles: A method for detecting icing at an angle-resolving radar sensor in a driver assistance system for motor vehicles, in which signals of a plurality of antenna elements each having a specific angle characteristic are compared with the corresponding angle characteristics, and the azimuth angle of a located object is determined... Agent:

20120049861 - Method and apparatus of tracking of resonant impedance in resonance power transfer system: A resonance power transfer system and a method for tracking resonant impedance in the resonance power transfer system are provided. An apparatus for tracking resonant impedance in a resonance power transfer system may include: a load sensor configured to detect the impedance of a load connected to a target device... Agent:

20120049863 - Method for detecting a covered dielectric object: The invention relates to a method for detecting a covered dielectric object, where a microwave signal that can be modified in frequency is generated at a particular bandwidth and transmitted in the direction of the covered dielectric object. The microwave signal reflected by the object is then obtained from the... Agent: Rohde & Schwartz Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120049862 - Microwave diffraction system: A microwave diffraction system includes two plates, a lattice model, a transmitter and a detector. The two plates are electrically conductive and configured in a parallel manner so as to form a planar waveguide. The lattice model includes a plurality of cylinders arranged in regular order and is placed between... Agent:

20120049864 - Polymer nanofiber-based electronic nose: A chemical sensor and a system and method for sensing a chemical species. The chemical sensor includes a plurality of nanofibers whose electrical impedance varies upon exposure to the chemical species, a substrate supporting and electrically isolating the fibers, and a set of electrodes connected to the plurality of fibers... Agent: Research Triangle Institute

20120049865 - Stroke sensor: A stroke sensor includes conductor pieces 51 to 57 of a detected body 50 two-dimensionally arranged on a lower surface of a slider 41 in a specified pattern. The lower surface of the slider 41 is divided into four regions corresponding to respective detector units 61 to 64 along a... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20120049866 - Method and device for measuring pressure-based inductance of electromagnetic tablet: The invention relates to a method and a device for measuring pressure-based inductance of an electromagnetic tablet, which relates to the field of computer peripheral input device. The method comprises steps of: measuring a first parameter value when an electromagnetic pen is not operating; measuring a second parameter value when... Agent:

20120049868 - Capacitance sensing systems, circuits and methods that include current conveyor based oscillators: A capacitance sensing system may include a current conveyor circuit coupled to receive induced current from a capacitance sensing structure at a low impedance current input port; and a comparator having an input coupled to a high impedance output port of the current conveyor circuit, and an output coupled to... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20120049867 - Methods, systems, and devices for calculating temperature change of an electrocaloric effect material: Examples are generally described that include monitoring an electrocaloric effect device. A varying voltage may be applied across an electrocaloric effect material. A capacitance change of the electrocaloric effect material at least in part responsive to the varying voltage may be measured. A temperature change of the electrocaloric effect material... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120049869 - Noise suppression and/or reduction circuits and methods for capacitance sensing systems: A capacitance sensing system can include a noise detector coupled to a capacitance sensing network that generates a noise detect signal in response to noise; a delay circuit coupled to generate at least two different delayed sense signals in response to outputs from the capacitance sensing network; and a switch... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20120049870 - Proximity sensor with enhanced activation: A vehicle component is provided that includes a console surface, at least one circuit board proximate the console surface, and an array of proximity sensors electrically connected to the at least one circuit board. Each of the proximity sensors emit a field that combine to form an activation field, wherein... Agent:

20120049871 - Failure indicator seal for a rotary feedthrough: A failure indicator seal includes a nonmagnetic housing, a plurality of annular pole pieces having distal ends, the plurality of annular pole pieces disposed within the nonmagnetic housing, an annular, non-conducting magnet disposed between the pole pieces, a predefined quantity of magnetic fluid disposed between each of the distal ends... Agent: Ferrotec (usa) Corporation

20120049872 - High speed full duplex test interface: A full duplex, high speed test interface comprises a tester side circuit and a device under test side circuit, each comprising balancing circuits. The balancing circuit of the test side circuit is configured to cancel its own transmitted data at the test side circuit such that the transmitted data does... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120049873 - Method and apparatus for testing integrated circuits: Aspects of the disclosure provide a method for testing an electronic device. The method includes supplying a first voltage output from a voltage regulator to a first power connection terminal of the electronic device to provide power to the electronic device, providing to the voltage regulator a second voltage on... Agent:

20120049874 - Semiconductor test chip device to mimic field thermal mini-cycles to assess reliability: A semiconductor test device including a plurality of conductive layers, each of the layers comprising integrated circuit devices, a plurality of insulating layers between the conductive layers, a plurality of heat generating structures positioned between the insulating layers and the conductive layers, each of the heat generating structures being sized... Agent: International Business Corporationa

20120049875 - Schmitt trigger with test circuit and method for testing: A Schmitt trigger circuit having a test circuit and method for testing are provided. The Schmitt trigger test circuit includes switches for reconfiguring the Schmitt trigger for testing by shorting the input and output terminals of an inverter and by opening a feedback path to allow the application of test... Agent:

20120049876 - Test-use individual substrate, probe, and semiconductor wafer testing apparatus: S

20120049877 - Compliant printed circuit peripheral lead semiconductor test socket: A test socket that provides a temporary interconnect between terminals on an integrated circuit (IC) device and contact pads on a test printed circuit board (PCB). The test socket includes a compliant printed circuit and a socket housing. The compliant printed circuit includes at least one compliant layer, a plurality... Agent: Hsio Technologies, LLC

20120049878 - Probe card structure adaptable to different test apparatuses of different specifications: A probe card structure adaptable to different test apparatuses of different specifications includes a probe card adapted to a first specification, a reinforcement member adapted to a second specification and a specification conversion interface unit disposed between the probe card and the reinforcement member. The probe card without the specification... Agent: Hermes Testing Solutions, Inc.

20120049879 - Active and passive monitoring system for installed photovoltaic strings, substrings, and modules: A photovoltaic (PV) monitoring system measures the health of PV installations by measuring, calculating, and reporting the passive (dark) and active (illuminated) electrical characteristics of the PV strings, substrings, and modules that comprise the installation.... Agent:

20120049880 - Simultaneous qe scanning system and methods for photovoltaic devices: Methods for simultaneously making quantum efficiency measurements at multiple points in a photovoltaic cell are provided. A light beam (e.g,. monochromatic light) can be directed to a first beam splitter, where it is split into a first reflected portion and a first passthrough portion such that the first reflected portion... Agent: Primestar Solar, Inc.

20120049881 - Integrated cross-tester analysis and real-time adaptive test: Processing test results from a plurality of individual semiconductor testers by analyzing each test result at an adaptive test engine. A centralized system jointly analyzes all the test results from the plurality of individual semiconductor testers. The adaptive test engine or the centralized system identifies, based on the analysis of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120049882 - Semiconductor apparatus, inspection method thereof and electric device: A semiconductor apparatus according to the present invention with a semiconductor element implemented on an insulated substrate comprises: a substrate front surface electrode formed on a front surface side of the insulated substrate and connected with an element electrode of the semiconductor element; a substrate back surface electrode formed on... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120049883 - Semiconductor integrated circuit, circuit testing system, circuit testing unit, and circuit test method: This invention has an object of providing a semiconductor integrated circuit enabling further reduction of the number of test terminals without depending on a compression/expansion technique alone. The semiconductor integrated circuit of the invention is connected to a terminal group used to exchange test information of a circuit to be... Agent:

20120049884 - Crack sensors for semiconductor devices: Crack sensors for semiconductor devices, semiconductor devices, methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices, and methods of testing semiconductor devices are disclosed. In one embodiment, a crack sensor includes a conductive structure disposed proximate a perimeter of an integrated circuit. The conductive structure is formed in at least one conductive material layer... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120049885 - Electronic device: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a circuit board, an electronic component, a first pad formed on the circuit board, a second pad formed on the electronic component, a junction which connects the first pad and the second pad, and a detecting unit. The detecting unit detects an... Agent:

20120049886 - Generator tester: An example generator test assembly includes a testing module operative to test a generator according to a test procedure. At least one connector is configured to couple the generator to the testing module. The generator has a generator identifier. The test module is configured to select the test procedure from... Agent:

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