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Electricity: measuring and testing February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

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02/23/2012 > 34 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20120043957 - Analog input module for a programmable logic controller: An analog input module for a programmable logic controller, wherein the analog input module has a ground potential, and includes a channel output configured at a first electrical potential, a first channel input configured at a second electrical potential where the absolute value of the second electrical potential is less... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120043958 - Electronic protection module: An electronic protection module adapted for an electronic device to protection information read and stored in a signal reading element. The electronic protection module includes a circuit board, a first loop, a cover, a first flexible circuit board with a second loop, a second flexible circuit board with a third... Agent:

20120043959 - Received signal strength indicator and method thereof: An apparatus includes a PMOS (p-channel metal-oxide semiconductor) transistor, a NMOS (n-channel metal-oxide semiconductor) transistor, a first capacitor, and a second capacitor, wherein: a first terminal of the PMOS transistor is coupled to a first signal; a second terminal of the PMOS transistor is coupled to a second signal; a... Agent:

20120043960 - Non-intrusive detection of live electrical lines: A method for determining a presence of live 3-phase electrical lines inside a buried pipe or conduit from outside the pipe or conduit and preferably from an above ground location. A sensor suitable for detecting vibratory signals is placed on the ground proximate the location of the buried pipe. The... Agent: Operations Technology Development, Nfp

20120043961 - Measuring device: Measuring device, in particular for in-process measurement of test pieces during a machining operation on a machine tool, in particular a grinding machine, has a measuring head which is movable relative to a base body of the measuring device between a neutral position and a measuring position in which the... Agent: Hommel-etamic Gmbh

20120043962 - Method and apparatus for eddy current inspection of case-hardended metal components: A method for determining a case depth of a hardened layer in a surface of a metal object includes: (a) placing an eddy current probe at a location adjacent the surface; (b) using the eddy current probe, generating a time-varying eddy current in the object; (c) using the eddy current... Agent:

20120043963 - Imaging device for three dimensional anatomical and functional imaging and methods thereof: The present invention discloses an imaging device within an MRI. In a magnetic resonance imaging system, a spatially fixed coupled imaging device (SFCID) for producing combined anatomical and real time functional light images, the SFCID functionally incorporates a maneuverable imaging system MIS with a coupled imaging system CIS.... Agent: Aspect Magnet Technologies Ltd.

20120043964 - Method and system for simulating magnetic resonance imaging signals: A method for simulating magnetic resonance signals is proposed. A lattice array where each point in the array has several magnetic resonance sensitive particles is provided. Statistic property of each point is set. A raw magnetic resonance imaging data is calculated based on statistic property of each point and a... Agent:

20120043965 - Magnetic resonance imaging system and method embodying a magnetic resonance marking system and method: In a magnetic resonance marking system marking a flowing medium in a marking region, as well as in a magnetic resonance system with such a magnetic resonance marking system, a method to control a magnetic resonance marking system, and a method to generate magnetic resonance exposures, a radio-frequency transmission device... Agent:

20120043966 - Method and apparatus for determining formation water saturation during drilling: A method for determining water saturation in a subsurface formation include determining an invasion depth in the formation from a plurality of measurements made within a wellbore drilled through the formation. The measurements have different lateral depths of investigation into the formation. Carbon and oxygen in the formation are measured... Agent:

20120043967 - Ground fault detection circuit, and power supply device: A ground fault detection circuit according to the present invention is a ground fault detection circuit that detects the occurrence of a ground fault of a battery that is insulated, and that includes: an AC signal generation section that generates an AC signal; a first capacitive element that couples the... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120043968 - Variable equalizer circuit: A variable equalizer circuit equalizes a signal received via a transmission line from a device which is a communication partner device. A first resistor is arranged between an output terminal and a fixed voltage terminal, and is configured to have a variable resistance. A first capacitor is arranged between an... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120043969 - Impedance tomography apparatus: An impedance tomography apparatus is disclosed for the measuring of the electrical activity of excitable tissue. The apparatus comprises a plurality of signal transfer devices adapted for transferring an input signal to a body and receiving an output signal from a body. An input signal generator is adapted to generate... Agent:

20120043970 - Automatic tuning of a capacitive sensing device: An apparatus, system and method for automatically tuning a capacitance sensor based on comparisons of measured capacitance values to expected values and ranges of values is described. Measured capacitance is converted to a digital value with a capacitance to digital converter. The digital value is use to adjust the range,... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20120043973 - Capacitance to code converter with sigma-delta modulator: An apparatus and method of converting a capacitance measured on a sensor element to a digital value. The apparatus may include a switching capacitor as a sensor element, a modulation circuit coupled to the sensor element, and a switching circuit having a plurality of switches controlled by a variable-period clock.... Agent:

20120043974 - Circuit and method for monitoring a capacitive signal source: A circuit for monitoring capacitive signal sources, and particularly detecting changes in capacitance of a variable capacitor, comprises the capacitive signal source and a differential analogue to digital converter. A voltage source provides a DC voltage to a first terminal of the differential analogue to digital converter, and the capacitive... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120043972 - Method and circuit for reducing noise in a capacitive sensing device: A capacitive sensing circuit is provided. The capacitive sensing circuit includes a first capacitor and a charge-to-voltage converter circuit coupled to the first capacitor. The charge-to-voltage converter circuit includes a first current source that provides a first current to the first capacitor to charge the first capacitor and generate a... Agent:

20120043971 - Methods and circuits for measuring mutual and self capacitance: A capacitance measurement circuit for measuring self and mutual capacitances may include a first electrode capacitively coupled with a second electrode, a first plurality of switches coupled with the first electrode, and a second plurality of switches coupled with the second electrode, wherein, during a first operation stage, the first... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20120043975 - Sensor device for determining the deviation of a head support position from a target position: A sensor device for determining the deviation of the position of a head support of a motor vehicle seat from a target position is provided that includes a capacitative proximity sensor that can be integrated in a head support, having two transmitting electrodes disposed at a vertical distance from each... Agent:

20120043976 - Touch detection techniques for capacitive touch sense systems: A technique for recognizing and rejecting false activation events related to a capacitance sense interface includes measuring a capacitance value of a capacitance sense element. The measured capacitance value is analyzed to determine a baseline capacitance value for the capacitance sensor. The capacitance sense interface monitors a rate of change... Agent:

20120043977 - Mutual capacitance sensing circuits, methods and systems: A capacitance sensing system may include a first selection circuit that couples N electrodes of a first electrode set to a capacitance sense circuit; and a second selection circuit that couples M electrodes of a second electrode set, substantially simultaneously, to a signal generator circuit as a group to induce... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20120043978 - Capacitive sensors for monitoring load bearing on pins: A sensor for monitoring external loads acting on a pin assembly includes a pin having an axial interior bore defined therein and having a length defined from a first end to an opposed second end thereof. A core pin is mounted axially within the interior bore of the pin spaced... Agent: Rosemount Aerospace Inc.

20120043979 - Measuring system for a down conductor of a wind turbine blade: A measuring system for a down conductor of a wind turbine blade includes a measuring cable connected in series with its first end to the down conductor. A second end of the measuring cable is accessible for measurement of the electrical resistance in a lower base part of the blade.... Agent:

20120043980 - Wear sensor: A wear sensor comprises an electric circuit supported on a substrate. The circuit comprises a plurality of discrete elements which are coupled in parallel with each other across conductive rails. The circuit is electrically connected with a measuring device. The measuring device measures an electrical characteristic of the circuit such... Agent: Brian Investments Pty Ltd

20120043981 - Corrosion monitoring of concrete reinforcement bars (or other buried corrodable structures) using distributed node electrodes: Systems and methods for real time detection of corrosion of rebars embedded in a concrete structure. Test bars are selected for corrosion testing purposes, and may or may not also be part of the concrete reinforcement structure. These test bars are coated, and exposed sections of these test bars form... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

20120043983 - Inspection device of semiconductor integrated circuit, inspection method of semiconductor integrated circuit, and control program of inspection device of semiconductor integrated circuit: An inspection device of a semiconductor integrated circuit includes a drive unit that moves a probe card back and forth and from side to side, a storage unit that stores arrangement of the semiconductor integrated circuit and a shape of the pads, and a control unit that controls the drive... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120043982 - Critical path monitor having selectable operating modes and single edge detection: A critical path monitor having selectable data output modes provides additional information about critical path delay variation. A pulse is propagated through a synthesized path representing a critical path in a functional logic circuit and a synthesized path delay is measured by a monitoring circuit that detects the arrival of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120043985 - Electrical probe and associated method: An electrical probe and associated method are provided to establish electrical contact with a wire. The electrical probe includes an elongate member extending between opposed first and second ends, and first and second needles connected to the elongate member and extending beyond the first end of the elongate member. The... Agent: The Boeing Company

20120043984 - Test adapter and method for achieving optical alignment and thermal coupling thereof with a device under test: Independent assemblies are compliantly mounted to a force transfer mechanism to optically align and thermally couple a device under test (DUT) to a test apparatus. A first assembly includes an optical connector. The first assembly has an alignment feature and a first compliant interface. A second assembly includes a thermal... Agent: Avago Technologies FiberIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20120043986 - Junction box with test contact: A junction box for a solar module, including a base that is parallel to a mounting surface for the solar module; an inner cavity formed by a housing and closed by a cover; a connecting conductor for putting out electricity generated by the solar module and connected in the inner... Agent:

20120043987 - Probe card for testing semiconductor devices and vertical probe thereof: A vertical probe for testing semiconductor devices includes a bottom contact and a top contact stacked on the bottom contact in a substantially linear manner. In one embodiment of the present invention, the bottom contact includes a plurality of first wave springs stacked one on top of another in a... Agent: Star Technologies Inc.

20120043989 - Inspection method and inspection apparatus: An inspection method, including: measuring an impedance of a cell structure of an inspection object that includes one or a plurality of serially-connected cell structures each including a transparent electrode layer formed on a substrate, a porous semiconductor layer formed on the transparent electrode layer, a porous insulator layer formed... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120043988 - Solar combiner with integrated string current monitoring: A combiner that calculates energy produced by each panel feed during the daytime, and calculates a resistance value needed to calculate the energy by injecting a known current into each panel feed at nighttime and measuring the resulting voltage across a resistive element in each panel feed. A voltage tap... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20120043990 - Zener diode detecting circuit: A circuit includes a power supply circuit and a measuring circuit. The measuring circuit includes a voltage meter, a current meter, and a connector connected to a zener diode under test. The voltage meter is connected to the connector in parallel. The current meter is configured to measure a current... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

02/16/2012 > 40 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20120038346 - Powder flow monitoring using grounded hoses: Apparatus and methods for detecting flow of powder coating material in an electrically nonconductive powder hose include providing an electrically conductive material that extends along at least a portion of the length of the hose to collect tribo-charge transfer that is produced by frictional contact between the powder coating material... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20120038347 - Automatic determination of the position of an object: The disclosure relates to a method for analysis of magnetic fields or signals used for the determination of the position of an object, wherein two temporally to each other shifted magnetic signals or fields are generated by two conductors arranged at least in part or completely separated from each other.... Agent:

20120038348 - Angle detection apparatus and position detection apparatus: An angle detection apparatus comprising a magnet rotor having a multi-pole segment magnet, and a magnetic sensor for detecting the direction of a magnetic flux generated from the multi-pole segment magnet; the multi-pole segment magnet having pluralities of magnetic poles along the rotation direction of the magnet rotor, the magnetic... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20120038350 - Position sensor: A position sensor, preferably an angle sensor for detecting the rotational angle of a shaft. The position sensor has a lead frame on which the electronic components of the position sensor are arranged and to which they are electrically connected A plastic encapsulation enclosing at least the electronic components, thereby... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

20120038351 - Rotating field sensor: A field generation unit generates a rotating magnetic field including a first partial magnetic field in a first position and a second partial magnetic field in a second position. The first and second partial magnetic fields differ in direction by 180° and rotate in the same direction of rotation. A... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120038349 - Triple hall effect sensor absolute angular encoder: The present invention is an array of three Hall Effect sensors placed at specific positions around a permanent magnet attached to a rotor or a magnetic rotor. The purpose of an absolute encoder is to provide the precise angular position of the rotor at any time. A magnetic absolute encoder... Agent:

20120038353 - Device and method for measuring surface temperature of cast piece: A cast piece surface temperature measuring device includes: a magnetic field exciting device which applies an AC magnetic field substantially perpendicular to a surface of a cast piece; a magnetic field detecting device which detects the AC magnetic field to detect a magnetic flux varied in response to a surface... Agent:

20120038352 - Sensor package and method of manufacturing thereof: A sensor package and a method for manufacturing a sensor package are disclosed. An embodiment comprises a sensor and a conductive line, wherein the sensor is arranged proximate to the conductive line. The sensor and the conductive line are isolated and at least partially encapsulated. A soft magnet is arranged... Agent:

20120038354 - Linear structure inspection apparatus and method: An apparatus is provided for sensing anomalies in a long electrically conductive object to be inspected. The object may be a pipeline, or other hollow tube. The apparatus may have a magnetic field generator, and an array of sensors spaced about the field generator. As relative motion in the longitudinal... Agent:

20120038355 - Magnetic sensor and magnetic detection apparatus: A magnetic sensor is provided with a channel of a semiconductor, a first insulating film and a metal body arranged opposite to each other with the channel in between, a ferromagnet provided on the first insulating film, a first reference electrode connected to the metal body, a second reference electrode... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120038356 - Methods and apparatuses for low-noise magnetic sensors: Magnetic sensors are disclosed, as well as methods for fabricating and using the same. In some embodiments, an EMR effect sensor includes a semiconductor layer. In some embodiments, the EMR effect sensor may include a conductive layer substantially coupled to the semiconductor layer. In some embodiments, the EMR effect sensor... Agent:

20120038357 - Tire metallic cable anomaly detection method and apparatus: Disclosed is an apparatus and methodology for detecting anomalies in cables within a tire structure. A plurality of magnetic field sensitive sensors are aligned within a magnetic field provided by a magnet. The alignment of sensors and magnet is such that flux lines from the magnet are generally parallel to... Agent: Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

20120038359 - Rotating field sensor: A field generation unit generates a rotating magnetic field including a first partial magnetic field in a first position and a second partial magnetic field in a second position. The first and second partial magnetic fields differ in direction by 180° and rotate in the same direction of rotation. A... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120038358 - Ultra-sensitive magnetoimpedance sensor: Provided is a magnetoimpedance (MI) sensor having a high magnetic sensor sensitivity and a wide measurement range. The MI sensor comprises an MI element, an electric current supply unit and a signal processing circuit. The MI element comprises a magnetosensitive wire formed of an amorphous soft magnetic alloy having zero... Agent: Aichi Steel Corporation

20120038360 - Current and magnetic field sensors, control method and magnetic core for said sensors: The invention relates to a magnetic field sensor including at least one magnetic core (10) in which the magnetic cycle of the magnetic core is characterised in that the absolute value of the third derivative of the magnetic flux density in relation to the magnetic field is maximum for a... Agent: Neelogy

20120038361 - Receiver coil to measure x-nuclei signals and magnetic resonance apparatus with such a receiver coil: A reception coil, in particular local coil, to measure X-nuclei signals in magnetic resonance spectroscopy, has at least one filter connected in a first signal path to filter out radio-frequency pulses radiated by a transmission coil during a measurement, and a second signal path bypassing the filter. At least one... Agent:

20120038362 - Method and apparatus for offshore hydrocarbon electromagnetic prospecting based on circulation of magnetic field derivative measurements: A system for offshore hydrocarbon electromagnetic prospecting is described. The system includes a transmitter generating electromagnetic energy and injecting an electrical current into a flooded vertical cable. The circulated induced vertical current time derivative's response generated by this current in the medium is measured by a circular chain of magnetometers.... Agent:

20120038363 - System and method of quantifying color and intensity of light sources: A system and method of quantifying color and intensity of light sources including LEDs, HBLEDs (High Brightness LEDs), and other Solid State Lights (SSLs) using C-parameters to model a Spectral Power Distribution (SPD) to improve precision, accuracy, repeatability and usefulness of measurement of optical properties of wavelength and radiant flux... Agent: Sof-tek Integrators, Inc. Dba Op-test

20120038364 - Circuit for monitoring of accumulator cells connected in series: In one embodiment, a circuit includes a measuring circuit coupled to an accumulator cell. A first output of the measuring circuit outputs a current signal based on a cell voltage of the accumulator cell. The circuit includes an interface circuit coupled to the first output of the measuring circuit and... Agent: Atmel Automotive Gmbh

20120038365 - Liquid leakage propagation restraining structure for electricity storage device and bus bar module: In a liquid leakage propagation restraining structure, a voltage detection terminal that detects the voltage of an electricity storage device is connected to an electrode of the electricity storage device so that a crimp contact surface side of the voltage detection terminal to which an electric cable is crimped faces... Agent:

20120038366 - System and method for detecting sensor leakage: A test system for testing a sensor system includes a high-impedance resistor for forming a voltage divider with any corrosion or foreign substance that might be present between a signal conductor and a ground conductor. While a voltage is applied across the voltage divider, the voltage can be measured across... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20120038367 - Connection quality verification for integrated circuit test: An integrated circuit device comprising a semiconductor die contained in a package. The integrated circuit device includes one or more internal connection verification modules for asserting a poor connection signal for the test apparatus in response to a voltage difference between a voltage at a corresponding internal power supply node... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20120038368 - System and method for performing electrical impedance tomography: An electrode array, a system and a method for reconstructing the distribution of electrical properties within a multi-material object. One embodiment includes electrodes arranged along a three-dimensional helical path to provide one or more helical arrays and circuitry to measure signals for calculating a conductivity or admittivity distribution representative of... Agent:

20120038369 - Time-domain measurements in a test and measurement instrument: A test and measurement instrument and method for receiving a radio frequency (RF) signal, digitizing the RF signal using an analog-to-digital converter, downconverting the digitized signal to produce I (in-phase) and Q (quadrature) baseband component information, generating one or more IQ-based time-domain traces using the I and Q baseband component... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20120038370 - Method for frequency detection and detecting variation of frequency: Method for frequency detection and detecting variation of frequency is disclosed. The method comprises the following steps. First of all, a pointer is provided over an electromagnetic position detection apparatus, wherein the pointer emits an electromagnetic signal with a frequency f1. Next a base integration signal is generated according to... Agent: Waltop International Corporation

20120038371 - system and method for a nondestructive on-line testing of samples: A non-destructive on-line system for detecting a presence of a material in a sample of a substance, including: an MRI device; a flow conduit encompassed by the tunable RF coil of the MRI device and having an input duct and an output duct; a flow of the sample through the... Agent:

20120038372 - Micromechanical component and manufacturing method for a micromechanical component: A micromechanical component is described having a substrate which has a movable mass which is connected via at least one spring to the substrate so that the movable mass is displaceable with respect to the substrate, and at least one fixedly mounted stator electrode. The movable mass and the at... Agent:

20120038373 - Apparatus for estimating fuel-cell hydrogen concentration and fuel cell system: A fuel cell system includes a fuel cell, an impedance measuring instrument, and a control device. The control device is connected to the impedance measuring instrument. The impedance measuring instrument measures the impedance of the fuel cell according to the AC impedance method. The control device stores in advance a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120038375 - Electrode arrangement for monitoring a bed: Equipment for indicating a bed-wetting in a bed comprising a bed-wetter sheet and a measuring- and control system. A measuring circuit is furnished to test whether the electrode in the bed-wetter sheet are intact, and afterwards to measure the conductivity in the normal state between the two from each other... Agent:

20120038374 - Mechanisms for detecting exposure to water in an electronic device: A component carrier has formed therein a water sensor, having a first patterned conductor piece formed in a metal layer of the component carrier and a bridge being an amount of water-soluble conductive glue filling an electrically insulating gap between the patterned conductor piece and another conductor in the carrier.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120038377 - Corrosion sensors: Corrosion sensor apparatus are disclosed for detection of contamination affecting metal based components and devices. For example, an apparatus comprises: a set of corrosion sensor elements comprising a first corrosion sensor element and at least a second corrosion element, each corrosion sensor element being coupled between a source and a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120038376 - Local electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (leis) for detecting coating defects in buried pipelines: A system and associated methods for acquiring and analyzing LEIS data from a buried structure, such as a pipeline. A special probe having adjustable electrodes is placed in the soil above the structure. A voltage is applied to the structure, causing more current to emanate from a coating defect than... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

20120038378 - Method and device for supplying clock: A clock supplying device for supplying a clock signal to be used in an operation of a communication apparatus, includes an oscillator for generating the clock signal; a measurement unit for acquiring a reference clock signal extracted from a transmission line connected to the communication apparatus, and measuring a frequency... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120038379 - Probes formed from semiconductor region vias: Embodiments of the invention describe forming a set of probes using semiconductor regions each including a plurality of vias. A first set of probe segments may be formed from a first set of vias on a first semiconductor region. A second set of probe segments may be formed from a... Agent:

20120038380 - Electrical testing apparatus: A test apparatus is described that can be useful as test equipment in various applications, including for example testing a semiconductor device. The test apparatus has a circuit board, a probe card, and a card holder. The circuit board includes a contact layout that electrically connects with a probe card... Agent: Celadon Systems, Inc.

20120038381 - Test prod for high-frequency measurement: A test prod for high-frequency measurement having a contact-side end for electrically contacting planar structures and a cable-side end, for connecting to a cable, wherein between the contact-side end and the cable-side end a coplanar conductor structure having at least two conductors is arranged, wherein on the coplanar conductor structure... Agent: Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik Gmbh & Co Kg

20120038382 - Probe and method of manufacturing same: A probe includes a plurality of boards each of which has a plurality of magnets, a plurality of the boards include a first board and a second board laid on the first board, a plurality of the magnets include a plurality of first magnets provided with the first board and... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120038383 - Direct-docking probing device: A direct-docking probing device is provided. The probing device includes a probe interface board, a space transformer, a conductive elastic member, a fixing frame, and at least one vertical probe assembly. The space transformer includes a space transforming plate and a reinforcing plate, and the mechanical strength of the reinforcing... Agent:

20120038384 - Probe board and method of manufacturing the same: There are provided a probe board and a method of manufacturing the same. The probe board includes a ceramic substrate having an uneven portion in one surface thereof, one or more electrode pads placed on the uneven portion, and a buffer portion placed along an outer circumferential surface of each... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120038385 - In-process measurement apparatus: An in-process measurement apparatus can be used to determine characteristics of a photovoltaic module. Capacitance measurements of the photovoltaic module are conducted before, during, or after execution of a high-potential leakage test, a performance test, or other tests of the module. The capacitance measurements are used to determine the characteristics... Agent: First Solar, Inc

02/09/2012 > 35 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20120032666 - Method and system of measuring current in an electric meter: A method and system for measuring the current flowing through an electric meter. The electric meter includes a reactive sensor positioned in series with a bus bar contained in the meter. The reactive sensor includes an inductor and the voltage across the inductance is measured. A control unit contained in... Agent: Sensus Spectrum LLC

20120032667 - Current sensor structure: A current sensor structure includes a substantially ring-shaped magnetic core comprising layers of magnetic plates to be accommodated in an insulating case and secured to the case via a molding compound. Projections protruding in the magnetic plate's thickness direction are provided either on a front-side wall portion of the case... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20120032668 - Transportation vehicle system and charging method for the transportation vehicle system: A magnetic sensor array including a plurality of magnetic sensors detects a phase regarding a magnetic pole of a magnetic pole array including magnetic poles of N and S arranged alternately. A pitch identification unit detects a pitch number of the magnetic pole currently being detected by the magnetic sensor... Agent: Murata Machinery, Ltd.

20120032669 - Magnetic device for determination of angular position in a multiphase rotary electrical machine: Disclosed is the selecting of the optimum characteristics of a magnetic device producing a sinusoidal signal for determination of angular position in a rotary machine. The device includes a multi-polar magnetic ring which is mobile in rotation around an axis, and creates a variable magnetic field according to an angle... Agent:

20120032671 - Method to determine presence of rotator and method to adjust optimal gain: A rotation driving system and a method to determine the presence of a rotator on a turntable are provided. The rotation driving system includes an encoder to detect rotation information of a motor, and a controller to determine whether or not a rotator is present on a turntable and also,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120032670 - Rotational angle sensor and method manufacturing same, and throttle control device with rotational angle sensor: A rotational angle sensor and a method for manufacturing the same, and a throttle control device with a rotational angle sensor, which may lower the cost, are provided. The rotational angle sensor includes each sensor IC for detecting a rotational angle of a rotor based on a magnetic field generated... Agent:

20120032672 - Carburization sensing method: A carburization sensing method according to the present invention includes: a first procedure of attaching a magnetic material to a reference material which has equivalent electromagnetic properties to those of a test material and is not carburized, a second procedure of measuring magnetic strength of each magnetic material and to... Agent: Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.

20120032673 - Magnetic sensor: First magnetoresistive effect elements and second magnetoresistive effect elements and are formed on the same substrate. A pinned magnetic layer of each of the first magnetoresistive effect elements has a three-layer laminated ferrimagnetic structure including magnetic layers. A pinned magnetic layer of each of the second magnetoresistive effect elements has... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20120032674 - Current sensor: This disclosure is directed to current sensing techniques for use within a magnetic current sensor. According to one aspect of the disclosure, a current sensing device includes a magnetic core, and a magnetic field sensor positioned substantially within a cavity formed by an air gap interface of the magnetic core... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120032675 - Apparatus and method for ferromagnetic object detector: An apparatus is provided for compensating for the effect of a stray ferromagnetic object moving past but not through a sensing region of a ferromagnetic object detector. The ferromagnetic object detector is of a type to produce a plurality of sensor signals, each sensor signal being influenced by the presence... Agent: Qinetiq Limited

20120032676 - Spatial intensity correction for rf shading non-uniformities in mri: An MRI MAP prescan data from a predetermined imaged patient volume is decomposed to produce a transmit RF field inhomogeneity map and a receive RF field inhomogeneity map for the imaged patient volume based on a three-dimensional geometrical model of the inhomogeneity maps. At least one of the transmit RF... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120032677 - Spatial intensity correction for rf shading non-uniformities in mri: An MRI MAP prescan data from a predetermined imaged patient volume is decomposed to produce a transmit RF field inhomogeneity map and a receive RF field inhomogeneity map for the imaged patient volume based on a three-dimensional geometrical model of the inhomogeneity maps. At least one of the transmit RF... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120032678 - Method and coils for human whole-body imaging at 7 t: A progressive series of five new coils is described. The first coil solves problems of transmit-field inefficiency and inhomogeneity for heart and body imaging, with a close-fitting, 16-channel TEM conformal array design with efficient shield-capacitance decoupling. The second coil progresses directly from the first with automatic tuning and matching, an... Agent:

20120032679 - Gradient coil arrangement: A gradient coil arrangement for use in a magnetic imaging system, the imaging system being for generating a magnetic imaging field in an imaging region provided in a bore. The coil arrangement includes a first portion having a substantially cylindrical shape for positioning in the bore, a second portion extending... Agent: The University Of Queensland

20120032680 - Low magnetic field resonance system: The invention provides a low-field nuclear magnetic resonance system for measuring a magnetic resonance signal of an object. The low-field nuclear magnetic resonance system includes a pre-magnetization module, a uniform magnetic field coil module, a pulse and receiving coil module, a filter amplifier module, a signal acquisition module and a... Agent: Magqu Co. Ltd.

20120032681 - Determination of the internal resistance of a battery cell of a traction battery while using resistive cell balancing: The invention relates to a method and a device for determining the internal resistance of a battery cell of a battery, in particular a traction battery, in which the method can be used either during charging processes or discharging processes and in phases in which the battery including the battery... Agent:

20120032682 - Battery optimization and protection in a low power energy environment: A method and apparatus for providing battery optimization and protection in a low power energy environment is presented. A current configuration of a battery module including a plurality of a particular type of battery is determined. A voltage level of the battery module is detected. A determination is made whether... Agent:

20120032683 - Method for diagnosing current sensors in an induction machine during operation thereof: A method diagnoses current sensors of an n-phase induction machine which has n−1 current sensors. The n phases of the induction machine are short-circuited for a brief period of time during normal operation of the induction machine, and the time progressions of the n−1 currents are measured by the n−1... Agent: Conti Temic Microelectronic Gmbh

20120032684 - Active pin connection monitoring system and method: A system for monitoring a connection to an active pin of an integrated circuit (IC) die, includes an input/output (I/O) cell of an IC die, where the I/O cell is bonded to a bonding pad on a ball grid array (BGA) substrate. The system includes a test point on a... Agent:

20120032685 - Ieee 1394 interface test apparatus: An Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) test apparatus includes an IEEE 1394 chip, an IEEE 1394 plug, an IEEE 1394 outlet, a test header, and a switch module. The IEEE 1394 chip, plug and outlet each include a ground pin, two pairs of differential signal pins, and a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120032686 - Voltage source for calibrating a fast transient voltage measurement system and calibration method: The present disclosure discloses a voltage source for calibrating a fast transient voltage measurement system, comprising a DC high voltage power supply, a discharging gap, a high voltage conductor and an earthing conductor, wherein the high voltage conductor and the earthing conductor are high voltage insulated from each other and... Agent: State Grid Corporation Of China

20120032688 - Crosstalk compensation in analysis of energy storage devices: Estimating impedance of energy storage devices includes generating input signals at various frequencies with a frequency step factor therebetween. An excitation time record (ETR) is generated to include a summation of the input signals and a deviation matrix of coefficients is generated relative to the excitation time record to determine... Agent: Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC

20120032687 - Detection apparatus for detecting electric field distribution or carrier distribution based on the intensity of high-order harmonics: A detection apparatus having means for evaluating generation and disappearance of a carrier is provided. A detection apparatus detects, on the basis of high-order harmonics, an electric field distribution or a carrier distribution between electrodes arranged on an object to be observed. The detection apparatus includes an emission unit for... Agent:

20120032689 - Blade tip clearance measurement sensor for gas turbine engines: An electromagnetic field sensor assembly for blade tip clearance measurement in a gas turbine engine is disclosed that includes a ceramic sensor body, a multi-layered wire coil wound about a distal end portion of the sensor body for producing an electromagnetic field, a ceramic well enclosing the sensor body and... Agent:

20120032690 - Proximity switch: Disclosed is a proximity switch provided with an actuator unit and a sensor unit. The sensor unit is provided with an antenna coil, a transmitting circuit which transmits electromagnetic waves at a constant frequency to the antenna coil, a receiving circuit which detects external signals received by means of the... Agent: Omron Corporation

20120032691 - Device for measuring distance between headrest and head, method for measuring distance between headrest and head, headrest position adjusting device, and headrest position adjusting method: A headrest position adjusting device 100 includes a distance measuring device 10 and a drive motor unit 30. The distance measuring device 10 includes a plurality of sensing electrodes 11 to 15 and a detecting circuit 20. The detecting circuit 20 includes a plurality of capacitance sensing circuits 21 to... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20120032692 - Mems gas sensor: Systems and methods for sensing a chemical or gas species of interest are provided. In one aspect, a method of sensing a chemical includes determining a capacitance change between at least two layers in a MEMS device, the capacitance between the at least two layers indicative of a presence of... Agent: Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.

20120032693 - Crack detection in a semiconductor die and package: A method is provided in which an impedance is measured between a first of a plurality of seal ring contact pads and a ground contact pad coupled to a semiconductor substrate of a semiconductor device. The first impedance value is obtained from the measured impedance, and the first impedance value... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20120032694 - In-process electrical connector: Characteristics of partially assembled photovoltaic modules can be determined using electrical connection apparatuses and methods.... Agent:

20120032695 - Method of and circuit for brown-out detection: A circuit and method for detecting a brown-out condition and providing a feed-forward transfer function in a power supply circuit. A comparison circuit is coupled to a delay element through a latch. A second delay element is connected between the first delay element and an input of the latch. The... Agent:

20120032696 - Device and method for testing semiconductor device: A testing method for testing a semiconductor device includes heating the semiconductor device until the temperature of the semiconductor device reaches a predetermined temperature; conducting other functional tests other than testing of the overheat protection function in a second step after the temperature of the semiconductor device has reached the... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20120032697 - Probe for testing semiconductor devices: A novel hybrid probe design is presented that comprises a torsion element and a bending element. These elements allow the probe to store the displacement energy as torsion or as bending. The novel hybrid probe comprises a probe base, a torsion element, a bending element, and a probe tip. The... Agent: Touchdown Technologies, Inc.

20120032698 - Test device and test method for multimedia data card and mobile-phone multimedia data card: The present invention discloses a test device and test method for a multimedia data card and the multimedia data card of a mobile phone, wherein, the test device includes a printed circuit board (PCB) and the PCB is equipped with a detachable connection slot module which is used for connecting... Agent: Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.

20120032699 - Method of measuring electrical characteristics of semiconductor wafer: There is provided a method of measuring a leakage current or a dielectric breakdown voltage of a semiconductor wafer that has a base wafer and a buffer layer formed on the base wafer. The method includes providing, on the buffer layer, a plurality of electrodes including a hole injection electrode... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20120032700 - Multilayer wiring board and method for evaluating multilayer wiring board: A method for evaluating a multilayer wiring board is provided. The multilayer wiring board includes an inner-layer on which a test pattern is disposed. The method includes arranging a plurality of first patterns and a second pattern of the test pattern such that the first patterns have a comb-like shape... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

02/02/2012 > 62 patent applications in 45 patent subcategories.

20120025803 - Geometry sensor and information input device: A geometry sensor includes: a detection surface including a plurality of polymer sensor elements and configured to detect an external object, the polymer sensor elements being arranged side-by-side along one or more directions and each generating a voltage according to a deformation; and a detecting section detecting a surface geometry... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120025804 - System for detecting lightning strikes on wind turbine rotor blades: A system and method for detecting lightning strikes on a wind turbine includes detecting and measuring a parameter that is indicative of a lightning strike, which may be current induced in a conductor as a result of the lightning strike. A current receptor may be located on a component of... Agent: General Electric Company

20120025807 - Intelligent electronic device with broad-range high accuracy: A method and apparatus provides high-accuracy measurements of an electrical parameter across a broad range of parameter input values. In one embodiment, an intelligent electronic device (IED), e.g., a digital electrical power and energy meter, with a plurality of independently-adjustable gain factors measures a parameter, and calculates and stores calibration... Agent: Electro Industries/gauge Tech.

20120025806 - Method and apparatus for wave detection: Aspects of the disclosure provide method and apparatus for detecting attributes of an input power supply. The method includes receiving a first signal generated based on a second signal that is predictive. The first signal includes a portion that substantially corresponds to the second signal. Further, the method includes detecting... Agent:

20120025805 - Voltage detection circuit and method for controlling the same: A voltage detection circuit including a voltage selection circuit that outputs a voltage commensurate with a power supply voltage as a first voltage; a detection voltage selection circuit that selects either an external input voltage inputted from an external terminal or the first voltage according to a first control signal,... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120025808 - Off-center angle measurement system: A method for measuring an angular position of a rotating shaft, the method including providing a magnetic field which rotates with the shaft about an axis of rotation, positioning an integrated circuit having first and second magnetic sensing bridges within the magnetic field at a radially off-center position from the... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120025809 - Control device: A control device is provided configured to provide user control signals. The control device comprises a magnetic flux sensing unit configured to provide two-dimensional angular orientation information with respect to a magnetic field acting on the magnetic flux sensing unit, and the user control signals are dependent on the two-dimensional... Agent: Pg Drives Technology Ltd.

20120025810 - Device for detecting the position of a gear step selector lever and motor vehicle equipped with same: A device for detecting the position of a gear step selector lever (2′) for selecting a gear setting of a motor vehicle has a signal transmitter (14) arranged at the gear step selector lever (2′) and a signal receiver (16) arranged spaced apart from the signal transmitter (14). The relative... Agent: Ecs Engineered Control Systems Ag

20120025811 - Rotation angle detector: d

20120025812 - Position encoder apparatus: A scanning device for a position encoder is provided that comprises a plurality of sensor elements for generating a plurality of sensor signals. A summation unit is also provided for generating at least a first summation signal and a second summation signal that provide information on the relative alignment of... Agent: Rls Merilna Tehnika D.o.o.

20120025813 - Detecting inductive objects using inputs of integrated circuit device: An system for detecting inductive objects includes an inductive sensor circuit for detecting changes in an electromagnetic field (“EMF”) environment and an integrated circuit (“IC”) device. The inductive sensor circuit generates an oscillating analog waveform with an envelope that indicates changes in the EMF environment. The oscillating waveform is coupled... Agent: Atmel Corporation

20120025814 - Eddy current probe for surface inspection and eddy current inspection device including the same: The present invention discloses an eddy current probe and an eddy current inspection device including the eddy current probe for inspection of surface defect of a rotor wheel including a dovetail coupling part in which a hook is formed. The eddy current probe in accordance with an embodiment of the... Agent: Korea Electric Power Corporation

20120025815 - Real-time rectangular-wave transmitting metal detector platform with user selectable transmission and reception properties: A highly flexible real-time metal detector platform which has a detection capability for different targets and applications, where the operator is able to alter synchronous demodulation multiplication functions to select different types or mixtures of different types to be applied to different synchronous demodulators, and also different waveforms of the... Agent: Minelab Electronics Pty Ltd

20120025816 - Orthogonal eddy current probe for multi-directional inspection: Disclosed is an improved orthogonal eddy current probe with at least three coils, each of the coils is wound across the two facing sides of an at least six-sided right polygonal prism, such as a hexagonal core. At each time interval, two of the three coils are used as driver... Agent: Olympus Ndt Inc.

20120025817 - Magnetic field sensor with improved differentiation between a sensed magnetic field signal and a noise signal: A magnetic field sensor includes a Hall element configured to generate a Hall element output signal in response to a magnetic field, the Hall element output signal comprising a magnetic field signal component and an offset signal component. The magnetic field sensor also includes a Hall element modulation circuit coupled... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20120025818 - Non-contacting position sensor using a rotating magnetic vector: A sensor for sensing the position of an object includes a magnet and a magnetic flux sensor. The magnet has dimensions that include a length, a width and a height. The magnet is adapted to generate a flux field. The flux field has a magnitude of flux and a flux... Agent:

20120025819 - Magnetoresistive sensor: A magnetoresistive sensor comprising first and second magnetoresistive elements is disclosed. Each magnetoresistive element is coupled at a respective first end to a common ground terminal and comprises one or more magnetoresistive segments, each overlying a corresponding segment of an excitation coil. The resistance of the magnetoresistive segments in each... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120025820 - Methods and systems for applying speed correction to nmr echo data: A method and system for performing speed correction on nuclear magnetic resonance logging data is provided. The speed correction performed can be done on a representation of echo data received by a logging tool, and then additively applied to the echo data. Such a process can reduce or remove the... Agent:

20120025821 - High field nmr apparatus with excess cooling power and integrated helium re-liquification: A nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) apparatus (10) comprises a superconducting main field magnet coil system (14) which generates a homogeneous magnetic field of at least 3T, and a gradient coil system (15) which generates a gradient strength of at least 10 mTm−1, with a slew rate of at least 100... Agent: Bruker Biospin Gmbh

20120025823 - Method and device for magnetic resonance imaging: In a methods and devices for magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, an MR data acquisition is implemented repeatedly in which an examination subject is exposed to an alternating magnetic field with a frequency before the readout sequence. The signal values acquired after the preparation of the magnetization with alternating fields of... Agent:

20120025825 - Method and magnetic resonance apparatus for dynamic phase correction in a multi channel rf transmission: In a method and magnetic resonance (MR) apparatus to acquire spin echo-based MR signals of an examination subject with a multi-spin echo sequence with multiple refocusing pulses after a single excitation pulse in an MR system that has a multichannel RF transmission and reception module: detect a spatial, two-dimensional phase... Agent:

20120025824 - Method and magnetic resonance system to generate magnetic resonance images: In a method to create magnetic resonance (MR) images of a predetermined volume segment within an examination subject by operation of an MR system with continuous table displacement, at least one slice with a respective, predetermined thickness is defined, and for each slice, a partial region of the slice is... Agent:

20120025826 - Method for reducing artifacts in magnetic resonance imaging: Disclosed are methods for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that reduce the appearance of fast spin echo cups artifacts using a slice-titting gradient. In particular, the excited image slice is titted relative to the image slice selected by the refocusing RF pulse.... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20120025822 - Method of mr (=magnetic resonance) with spatial encoding to generate an image of spectroscopic data: A method of MR with spatial encoding to generate an image or spectroscopic data of an object of investigation inside an MR apparatus comprises the steps of (a) selecting a volume of interest within the object of investigation, (b) applying an RF pulse to generate a transverse magnetization within the... Agent:

20120025827 - Nuclear quadrupole resonance system and method for structural health monitoring: Structural health monitoring using nuclear quadrupole resonance is disclosed. For example, in one embodiment, a method of monitoring stress is provided. The method includes scanning a composite using an NQR spectrometer, the composite having a polymer matrix and a microcrystalline material disposed in the matrix. The microcrystalline material includes molecules... Agent: General Electric Company

20120025828 - Method and device of estimating a dose of ionizing radiation: A device of estimating a dose of ionizing radiation absorbed in an intra bone volume. The device comprises a static magnetic field source adapted to generate a substantially static magnetic field in a probing space having a volume of less than 2 cubic millimeter (mm3), the probing space being placed... Agent: Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd.

20120025829 - Acoustically damped gradient coil: A gradient coil assembly is provided. The gradient coil assembly includes a cylindrical element. The cylindrical element has an inner surface and an outer surface. At least one first isolation material is disposed over the outer surface of the cylindrical element. A conducting material is disposed over the isolation material.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120025831 - High-current cable connection for gradient cables of a magnetic resonance tomography system: The present embodiments relate to a method and gradient cable connection for a magnetic resonance tomography system. The gradient cable connection connects cable shoes of two gradient cables to one another. A first fastening device is provided with two nuts. Using the first fastening device, the cable shoes are pressed... Agent:

20120025830 - Magnetic resonance tomography local coil: The present embodiments relate to a local coil for a magnetic resonance tomography system. The local coil extends in a first direction and in a second direction orthogonal to the first direction. The local coil has a plurality of coil elements. At least some coil elements of the plurality overlap... Agent:

20120025833 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes a bore configured to accommodate a subject therein, an RF coil positioned about the bore, and an RF shield positioned about the RF coil. The RF coil includes a first portion positioned adjacent a lower surface side of the bore and spaced a distance... Agent:

20120025832 - Modular mri phased array antenna: An antenna configuration for use in a magnetic resonance apparatus, which is designed as phase-controlled array and comprises at least two individual antennas which each comprise at least one conductor loop, one tuning network and one matching network, wherein the tuning network contains at least one tuning capacitance and the... Agent: Bruker Biospin Ag

20120025834 - Determining anisotropic resistivity: The present disclosure relates to a method to determine the vertical resistivity of a subsurface formation. A downhole logging tool having a plurality of spaced antennas, at least one of which is a transverse antenna, at least two of which are tilted antennas, and at least two of which are... Agent:

20120025835 - Sensor arrangement for an energy storage device and a method of using the same: A sensor arrangement and method that may be used with a variety of different energy storage devices, including battery packs found in hybrid vehicles, battery electric vehicles, and other types of vehicles. Some battery monitoring systems, such as those designed to monitor and/or control lithium-ion battery packs, may require individual... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120025836 - Power supply device for detecting disconnection of voltage detection lines: A power supply device includes battery units 10. Each unit 10 includes a battery block 2, a voltage detector 4, a power supply circuit 5, and a disconnection detector 8. The block 2 includes serially-connected battery cells 3. The voltage detector 4 detects the cell 3 voltages through voltage detection... Agent:

20120025839 - Apparatus for measuring conductive pattern on substrate: An embodiment of the invention provides an apparatus for measuring a conductive pattern on a substrate, which includes: a first electro-optical modulator surrounding at least one first detecting roller; transmission rollers for transferring the substrate and allowing direct contact of the substrate and the first electro-optical modulator; a voltage supplier... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120025837 - Method to dice back-contact solar cells: A method of processing of solar cells includes determining that a back-contact solar cell is defective. The back-contact solar cell includes a first plurality of interconnect pads at a first edge thereof, and a second plurality of interconnect pads at a second, opposed thereof, the first and second pluralities of... Agent: Sunpower Corporation

20120025838 - Sunlight simulator: A sunlight simulator and solar cell measuring device consisting of detecting device is disclosed, in which the housing is a closed space consisting of an opening gate, the closed space is internally installed with a light source which is used to emit a light toward the opening gate, and a... Agent:

20120025840 - Appratus for measuring ground leakage current in an ungrounded direct current power system, and method for same: Provided a ground leakage current measurement apparatus in an ungrounded DC power system including main and auxiliary electric lines includes: a switching unit configured to perform switching to supply measurement power to a main ground resistor and an auxiliary ground resistor by using power of the electric lines; a measurement... Agent:

20120025841 - Capacitance measurement in microchips: A measurement system for determining the capacitance of a device-under-test in an integrated circuit is disclosed. In one aspect, the measurement system has a reference circuit and a test circuit. Each circuit has first and second diodes that are switched in accordance with a clock cycle to charge and discharge... Agent: Imec

20120025844 - Connection diagnostic apparatus for ground fault detector: A connection diagnostic apparatus for a ground fault detector including an oscillator connected via a coupling capacitor to an electric circuit with a first connection line and a second connection line, and a voltage detector for detecting a voltage value between the oscillator and the coupling capacitor is provided with... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd

20120025843 - Lens connector-testing device: Provided is a lens connector-testing device including a base, a circuit tester, a probe, and a positioning unit. The positioning unit includes a positioning housing, a lift block, an insulating plate, a press spring, a latch member and a supporting seat. The positioning housing has a lift-guiding groove. The insulating... Agent: Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120025842 - Method for monitoring a power coupler for a plug-in electric vehicle: A method for monitoring a power coupler for a plug-in electric vehicle during a charging process, where the method may perform one of several alerts in the event that the vehicle stops receiving power. In an exemplary embodiment, the method performs a theft alert when the power coupler is physically... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120025845 - Short circuit detection in an inkjet printhead: A short detection apparatus, system and method detect short circuits in an inkjet printhead using a comparison of measured current consumption and an estimate of current consumption based on print data. The apparatus includes a current sensor to measure current consumed by the printhead to eject a droplet of ink,... Agent:

20120025846 - On-chip testing using time-to-digital conversion: A method and system for testing the functionality of a through-silicon-via in an integrated circuit is disclosed. In one aspect, the functionality is tested by measuring its capacitance from one side only. The capacitance of the TSV can be determined by measuring a timing delay introduced in a measurement circuit... Agent: Imec

20120025847 - Method and sytem for measuring a time constant of an integrated circuit, and integrated circuit provided with such a system: A method and system for measuring a time constant RC of an integrated electronic circuit is provided. This integrated circuit may be made up of a first hardware component and of a second hardware component wherein one of the hardware components is a resistive element and the other is a... Agent: St-ericsson Sa

20120025848 - Device for transmitting and/or receiving electromagnetic rf signals, and measurement instrument and machine-tool monitoring device with such a device: A device for transmitting and/or receiving electromagnetic RF signals, in particular a UWB antenna, has a planar, ultra-wideband antenna structure made of a plurality of dipole elements. Each dipole element comprises two poles having substantially elliptical base shapes. A measuring machine, in particular a locating and/or material identifying device for... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120025849 - Intrusion detection and tracking system: In one aspect, a method to detect an object in an area includes forming a wireless network among a plurality of nodes, each of the nodes being configured to generate an electromagnetic field (EMF) in the area and determining changes in the EMF between two nodes based on: a first... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120025850 - Device for measuring distance between headrest and head, method for measuring distance between headrest and head, headrest position adjusting device, and headrest position adjusting method: A headrest position adjusting device 100 includes a distance measuring device 10 and a drive motor unit 30, and the distance measuring device 10 includes a plurality of sensing electrodes 11 to 15 and a detecting circuit 20. The detecting circuit 20 includes a plurality of capacitance sensing circuits 21... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20120025851 - Capacitive sensors: The present disclosure includes capacitive sensors and methods of forming capacitive sensors. One capacitive sensor includes a first substrate structure having a first dielectric material formed thereon and electrodes of a first electrode array formed on the first dielectric material. The sensor includes a second substrate structure facing the first... Agent:

20120025852 - Electronic circuit for the evaluation of information from variable electric resistance sensors: The solution concerns an electronic circuit for information evaluation from variable electric resistance sensors, where this sensor is formed by a matrix composed of columns and rows. At least one row and one column of the matrix is connected to a circuit which is formed by a parallel combination of... Agent: Ceske Vysoke Uceni Technicke V Praze

20120025853 - Solid state sensor for metal ion detection and trapping in solution: A device, apparatus and method for trapping metal ions and detecting metal ion contamination in a solution provide a semiconductor device formed on a semiconductor substrate and including an N-well formed over a P-type substrate and at least a contact portion of the N-well in electrical contact with the solution.... Agent: Wafertech, LLC

20120025854 - Current monitor for sensing the current in a current path and corresponding control device: A current monitor for sensing the current in a current path includes a resistive sensing element in a section of the current path and a current mirror circuit having a first semiconductor device and a second semiconductor device. Both semiconductor devices electrically interconnect with each other for copying the current... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20120025856 - Temperature control device and temperature control method: Pressing an electronic device (2) to be tested to contact terminals (132a and 132b) while bringing a heater (112) having equal or close temperature change characteristics to those of the electronic device to be tested by a test pattern, transmitting a test pattern to the electronic device to be tested... Agent:

20120025857 - Manipulator of robot: An exemplary manipulator of a robot includes a fastening seat defining two guiding grooves, a driving mechanism disposed on the fastening seat, two transmitting plates respectively received in the two guiding grooves and cooperating with the driving mechanism, and two detecting bars each fixedly connecting with a corresponding transmitting plate.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120025858 - Probe card holding apparatus: A probe card holding apparatus is provided and may be configured to hold a probe card in a test head. The probe card may include a clamp head formed at a center part of a back surface of the probe card, and a holding device provided at the test head... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120025855 - Display device having repair and detect structure: A display device having repair and detect structure includes a substrate, a pixel array, a first shorting bar and a first repair line. The pixel array disposed on the substrate includes a plurality of data lines and a plurality of gate lines. The first shorting bar disposed on the substrate... Agent:

20120025859 - Combined probe head for a vertical probe card and method for assembling and aligning the combined probe head thereof: A combined probe head being disposed in a space transformer of a vertical probe card is provided, in which the combined probe head is used for differentiating or segmenting a layout area of the probes in the vertical probe card. The combined probe head may include a locating plate and... Agent:

20120025860 - Burn-in socket and testing fixture using the same: A burn-in socket for carrying an electronic device to let the electronic device electrically connect to a circuit board via the burn-in socket is provided. The electronic device has a body and at least a lead. The burn-in socket comprises a frame and a carrier, the frame has an opening... Agent: Global Unichip Corporation

20120025861 - Test socket and test device having the same: A test device is provided. The test device includes a first via which transmits a supply voltage, a second via which transmits a ground voltage, a test board including a plurality of test signal vias for transmitting a plurality of test signals, a capacitor disposed on an upper part of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120025862 - Test structure for ild void testing and conduct resistance measurement in a semiconductor device: In complex semiconductor devices, the contact characteristics may be efficiently determined on the basis of a test structure which includes a combination of interconnect chain structures and a comb structure including gate electrode structures. Consequently, an increased amount of measurement information may be obtained on the basis of a reduced... Agent: Globalfoundries Inc.

20120025863 - Solder joint inspection: An integrated circuit includes an electronic circuit in a housing and a first contacting device for soldering the circuit to a corresponding second contacting device of a circuit board. The first and second contacting devices are each divided into a first section and a second section, the sections of one... Agent:

20120025864 - Circuit testing device and method for implementing same: The invention relates to a device for testing a circuit made up of a printed circuit board on which components, preferably dummy components, are assembled by means of solder connections. The testing device comprises an enclosure for subjecting the circuit under test to a schedule of thermo-mechanical and/or vibration constraints.... Agent: European Aeronautic Defence And Space Company Eads France

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