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Electricity: measuring and testing December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 58 patent applications in 50 patent subcategories.

20110316522 - Sensing device: To provide a sensing device that holds a piezoelectric sensor and a channel forming member placed on the sensor in a closely contacted state while maintaining a shape of space of a passage space formed inside the device. In a sensing device 1100 that senses a substance to be sensed... Agent: Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20110316523 - Avometer: An avometer includes a measurement main body. The measurement main body includes a rotary knob for selecting a measurement item, a display, and a navigator. The rotary knob is used for an operator to select one of a current measurement mode, a voltage measurement mode, a resistance measurement mode, and... Agent:

20110316524 - Apparatus for diagnosing dc-dc converter and method thereof: A diagnosis device and method of a voltage transformer can include a current transformer disposed at one side of an output port for generating a current variation according to an on/off operation of a power switch element; a first current detector configured to detect a forward direction current from the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20110316525 - Power transmission monitoring and maintenance systems and methods: Power transmission monitoring systems includes rotation speed sensors mounted to hubs of a power transmission pulley. A sensor comprises a rotation sensing device, and a controller receiving rotation data therefrom and determining rotation speed of the pulley. A transmitter transmits rotational speed of the pulley to a receiver, which may... Agent:

20110316526 - Arrangement and method for measuring a magnetic material in a region of action: The present invention relates to an arrangement (10) for measuring small amounts of a first medium (202) in a third medium (206) and/or of a substance in the first medium (202), said third medium (206) comprising said first medium (202) and a second medium (204), said second medium (204) comprising... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110316527 - Encoder readhead: A readhead is provided for reading an absolute scale, optionally a passive magnetic scale, that encodes a series of data bits. The readhead includes a plurality of sensors, such as an array of Hall sensors, for producing a plurality of sensor signals. A plurality of signal combiners are also provided... Agent: Rls Merilna Tehnika D.o.o.

20110316528 - Position detection device, two-dimensional position measuring apparatus, optical apparatus and position detection method: A position detection device includes a magnet and a magnetic detector. The magnet includes a first pole, a second pole, a third pole and a fourth pole. The first pole and the second pole are arranged spaced apart from each other and have a same magnetic polarity. The third pole... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20110316529 - Systems and methods for position tracking using magnetoquasistatic fields: Embodiments of the invention broadly contemplate systems, methods, apparatuses and program products that provide position tracking using a simple, low frequency oscillator that is attached to an object to be tracked, and one or more receiving stations that are placed around the area in which the object moves. Embodiments of... Agent:

20110316530 - Rotation angle detection apparatus: In a rotation angle detection apparatus, a signal detected by a magnetoresistive element is digitalized before being subjected to subtraction of the optimum correction parameter therefrom in a subtractor, the optimum correction parameter being stored in advance in a memory. Note that during the initial transmission at the time of... Agent: Okuma Corporation

20110316531 - Device for measuring the direction and/or strength of a magnetic field: A device for measuring the direction and/or strength of a magnetic field is described which includes a first sensor for detecting a first component of the magnetic field in a first spatial direction, a second sensor for detecting a second component of the magnetic field in a second spatial direction,... Agent:

20110316532 - Screw and method to identify the screw: A screw has a head whose underside has impressions or embossings and faces towards the tip. The underside is divided into at least five sectors of the same size. Three-fifths of the sectors exhibit an identical pattern of impressions or embossings and at least one sector is provided with a... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20110316533 - Gmr sensors having reduced amr effects: Embodiments related to giant magneto resistance (GMR) angle sensor layouts having reduced anisotropic magneto resistance (AMR) effects. Embodiments provide GMR angle sensor layouts that reduce or eliminate distortion related to AMR effects, can be more easily scaled up or down, and are more compact to use available surface area more... Agent:

20110316535 - Shim coils and shimming miniaturized nuclear magnetic resonance magnets: A capillary cartridge assembly for positioning a sample fluid at a geometric center between juxtaposed pole pieces of a NMR magnet assembly for NMR analysis comprises a capillary captured in a channel in a printed circuit board assembly that is sized to fit between the pole pieces. The assembly includes... Agent:

20110316534 - Simultaneous determination of bitumen and water content in oil sand and oil sand extraction process samples using low-field time-domain nmr: A method for quantifying bitumen and/or water in a sample comprising bitumen, water and solids using a time-domain nuclear magnetic resonance pulse spectrometer is provided comprising the steps of: initially saturating the magnetization of the sample so that essentially no magnetization remains in the +Z axis; subjecting the sample to... Agent: Bruker Corporation

20110316536 - Rapid sample exchange for miniaturized nmr spectrometer: A method is provided for acquiring multiple NMR response signal data in rapid succession for averaging NMR spectral data from a sample. The fluid sample is placed in a capillary that extends through the magnetic field of the NMR spectrometer, including through the center of the magnetic field to place... Agent:

20110316537 - Mri apparatus and mri method: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes a spectrum acquisition unit and a determining unit. The spectrum acquisition unit acquires a frequency spectrum of magnetic resonance signals from a metabolic product in a target region in an object. The determining unit determines the number of (a) integrations and/or (b) phase encodes... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110316539 - Antenna array comprising at least one dipole antenna for magnetic resonance imaging: An antenna array adapted for magnetic resonance imaging, wherein the antenna array comprises at least one antenna element, wherein each antenna element comprises:-a substrate with a first side and a second side, wherein the substrate comprises a dielectric material,-at least one dipole antenna, wherein the dipole antenna is attached to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110316538 - Opening and closing module, control method for the same, imaging apparatus using the same: An imaging apparatus includes: a rotator having a shape of a perforated circular plate and rotating around a rotating axis of a center of the perforated circular plate; and a supporter having a perforated circular plate and one side of which is connected to one side of the rotator such... Agent: Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

20110316540 - Transmit/receive switch for a miniaturized nmr device: A single-pole, double-throw, transmit/receive switch for switching a NMR coil between a transmit mode and a receive mode comprises two diode bridge switches on opposites sides of a node the is common with the two diode bridges and the NMR coil. One of the two diode bridges is positioned between... Agent:

20110316541 - Hybrid induction balance/pulse induction metal detector: A new hybrid metal detector combines induction balance and pulse induction technologies. Target signals are generated from a transmitted wave that has both induction balance and pulse current inducing characteristics and uses pertinent sampling of the receive data. Combining the two data sources provides eddy current target identification while excluding... Agent:

20110316542 - Slotted shield for logging-while-drilling tool: An LWD tool with a tubular having a longitudinal axis and a set of co-located antennas carried in a recess on the tubular is disclosed. The tool carries a shield having an open slot configuration and circumferentially surrounds the set of co-located antennas, a first end of the shield being... Agent:

20110316543 - Method and circuits for short-circuit protection of led systems: An embodiment of the present invention relates to a method for detection of short circuit conditions in an LED array having one or more LED strings, each of which includes one or more LED devices. The method includes determining a minimum voltage that is the lowest of voltages associated with... Agent: Bcd Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited

20110316544 - Relay test system and method: A method of testing a relay set which includes mapping a relay set to an undirected graph indicative of a topology of the relay set and includes vertices indicative of channels of the relay set and edges extending between corresponding vertices indicative of relays. Values based on a characteristic of... Agent:

20110316545 - Electronic detection of signatures: A method is described for retrieving, by a test system, a formation profile associated with the storage cell, the formation profile comprising one or more formation segments, with a formation segment comprising an action to be performed upon a detection of a signature value; measuring, by the test system, a... Agent:

20110316546 - Zero insertion force scrubbing contact: A contact assembly is described for testing a storage cell with a probe configured to flex in an outward direction, in response to a vertical application of force, to scrub a tab on the storage cell at a zero insertion force. The contact assembly comprises a contact structure configured to... Agent:

20110316547 - Determining the state of-charge of batteries via selective sampling of extrapolated open circuit voltage: A method for estimating the state-of-charge of a battery. The method includes collecting a plurality of voltage measurements during operation of the system containing the battery and determining a time-constant of relaxation and an open-circuit voltage corresponding to the battery based, at least in part, on the voltage measurements. The... Agent:

20110316548 - Method and circuitry to calculate the state of charge of a battery/cell: The present inventions, in one aspect, are directed to techniques and/or circuitry to determine the state of charge of a battery/cell using data which is representative of a partial relaxation time of the battery/cell. In another aspect the present inventions are directed to techniques and/or circuitry to determine the state... Agent:

20110316549 - A power cell system with means for detecting a discontinuity: A power cell system such as a fuel cell system, with apparatus for detecting a discontinuity. A power cell system, e.g. a fuel cell system, includes a plurality of power cells, e.g. fuel cells and plurality of first resistances, the plurality of power cells and first resistances being connected in... Agent:

20110316550 - Ion analyzing apparatus and ion analyzing method: An ion analyzing apparatus includes a sensor; a counter electrode having openings, the counter electrode being positioned so as to substantially surround the sensor; and a bias generating circuit coupled to the sensor, wherein the sensor includes quartz crystal and a pair of electrodes positioned on surface of the quartz... Agent:

20110316551 - Discharge ionization current detector: A technique for reducing an electromagnetic noise entering an electrode or a drift of a signal due to a fluctuation in the ambient temperature is provided to improve the S/N ratio of a signal originating from a component of interest. A dummy electrode 11 having the same structure as an... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20110316552 - Discharge ionization current detector: A discharge ionization current detector using a low-frequency barrier discharge is provided to improve the linearity of detection sensitivity with respect to a sample introduction amount. From a lower end of a lower gas passage 10 connected to a lower end of an upper gas passage 4, a dilution gas... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20110316553 - Abnormality detection system: The abnormality detection system is provided for detecting an abnormality of an object. The abnormality detection system includes a high-frequency power source, a primary coil, a secondary coil and a controller. The high-frequency power source supplies power. The primary coil receives the power supplied from the high-frequency power source. The... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20110316554 - Switching apparatus and test apparatus: To perform a forcible disconnection when voltage outside a reference range is applied to a terminal, provided is a switching apparatus comprising a main switch provided between a first terminal and a second terminal; a voltage detection section that detects whether voltage of the second terminal is within a reference... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110316555 - Signal integrity test system and method: A signal integrity test system and method uses an oscilloscope to test a signal on each test point of a transmission line, obtains test parameter values of the signal on each test point, and compares the test parameter values with preset standard values. If any test parameter value does not... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110316556 - Calibrating a channel of a test system: Circuitry includes a circuit path that corresponds to a channel of system for testing a device, an element in the circuit path, a first device to measure an electrical parameter associated with the element, a second device to obtain an error signal associated with the channel, and a feedback path... Agent:

20110316557 - Test apparatus and test method: A test apparatus that tests a device under test, comprising a signal output section that outputs a test signal for testing the device under test; a signal acquiring section that acquires a device signal output by the device under test; and an adjusting section that adjusts a signal output timing... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110316558 - Circuit system and method for evaluating a sensor: A circuit system for evaluating a sensor, wherein the circuit system comprises two complex impedances (2, 3, 13, 14), wherein the complex impedances (2, 3, 13, 14) are each part of a resonant circuit in which the complex impedances (2, 3, 13, 14) can be excited to perform oscillations, and... Agent:

20110316559 - Method for testing a power distribution system and a power distribution system analyzer device: A method and analyzer device are provided for testing a power distribution system of a power supply network. A first electrical signal is transmitted into the power distribution system to be tested, the first electrical signal is propagated along the power distribution system to be tested, and a second electrical... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20110316560 - Remote sensor device: A self-oscillating remote sensor device includes a delay-line sensor system having at least one delay-line and at least one sensor element. The device also includes an oscillator control circuitry, and a frequency selection impedance connecting the delay-line sensor system and the oscillator control circuitry and presenting an impedance to the... Agent:

20110316561 - Systems, methods, apparatus and computer readable mediums for use association with systems having interference: In some embodiments, a method includes characterizing a plurality of channels, each of the plurality of channels being a channel between a location and a respective one of the plurality of communication interfaces; for each of the plurality of communication interfaces, supplying signals to the communication interface and detecting interference... Agent:

20110316562 - Displacement sensor: A linear capacitance displacement transducer (1) comprising first (2) and second (3) fixed capacitor plate and a dielectric structure (5) moveable longitudinally within a space (4) between the first (2) and second (3) capacitor plates, the dielectric structure (5) being operatively coupled to a moveable element (8). The capacitor plates... Agent: Cellnovo Limited

20110316563 - Capacitance measurement validation for biomass measurement instruments: A system for validating capacitance measurement characteristics for a biomass measurement device (probe), is disclosed in which a test chamber for contains a test liquid medium, and a docking arrangement enables the measurement device to be disposed in the test medium in the chamber to measure the capacitance of the... Agent:

20110316564 - Salinity measuring apparatus: A salinity measuring apparatus to determine salinity of food includes a salinity sensing unit including a pair of measuring electrodes and a capacitor, a switching unit to switch a voltage of the capacitor of the salinity sensing unit, and a control unit to provide a pulse signal with a constant... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110316565 - Schottky junction si nanowire field-effect bio-sensor/molecule detector: A Schottky junction silicon nanowire field-effect biosensor/molecule detector with a nanowire thickness of 10 nanometer or less and an aligned source/drain workfunction for increased sensitivity. The nanowire channel is coated with a surface treatment to which a molecule of interest absorbs, which modulates the conductivity of the channel between the... Agent: International Business Machines Corp.

20110316566 - Apparatus and method for digitising impedance: An apparatus for digitising an impedance is provided that comprises a first impedance element having a first impedance that varies with a property to be measured and a second impedance element having a second impedance. The apparatus also includes a drive signal generator for applying a first alternating drive signal... Agent: Renishaw PLC

20110316567 - Lattice structure for capacitance sensing electrodes: One embodiment of a capacitive sensor array may comprise a first plurality of sensor elements and a second sensor element comprising a main trace, where the main trace intersects each of the first plurality of sensor elements to form a plurality of intersections. A unit cell may be associated with... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20110316568 - Detector state monitoring system and a portable detector including same: A portable imaging detector and a method for operating the portable imaging detector are provided. The portable imaging detector includes a docking connector having a plurality of docking connector contacts. The method includes measuring a voltage at a first docking connector contact, and determining whether the portable detector is (i)... Agent: General Electric Company

20110316570 - Manipulator of robot: An exemplary manipulator of a robot includes a detecting bar including two detecting pins and a regulating mechanism for regulating the distance between the two detecting pins, a fastening seat supporting the detecting bar, a fixing device fixed to the fastening seat, a driving mechanism disposed on the fastening seat,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110316571 - Semiconductor wafer test apparatus: An apparatus includes a plurality of test heads to which probe cards are electrically connected; a wafer tray which is able to hold a semiconductor wafer; and an alignment apparatus which positions the semiconductor wafer held on the wafer tray relatively with respect to the probe card so as to... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110316569 - Digital interface for fast, inline, statistical characterization of process, mos device and circuit variations: A Circuit architecture and a method for rapid and accurate statistical characterization of the variations in the electrical characteristics of CMOS process structures, MOS devices and Circuit parameters is provided. The proposed circuit architecture and method enables a statistical characterization throughput of <1 ms/DC sweep at <2 mV or <1... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110316572 - Testing die-to-die bonding and rework: A method of testing a multi-die integrated circuit (IC) can include testing an inter-die connection of the multi-die IC. The inter-die connection can include a micro-bump coupling a first die to a second die. The method can include detecting whether a fault occurs during testing of the inter-die connection. Responsive... Agent: Xilinx, Inc.

20110316573 - Loading card: A loading card includes a printed circuit board, first and second connection portions. The first connection portion includes first and second voltage pins, and a first ground pin. The second connection portion includes third and fourth voltage pins, and a second ground pin. The loading card also includes a first... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110316574 - Prober for testing devices in a repeat structure on a substrate: A prober for testing devices in a repeat structure on a substrate is provided with a probe holder plate, probe holders mounted on the plate, and a test probe associated with each holder. Each test probe is displaceable via a manipulator connected to a probe holder, and a substrate carrier... Agent:

20110316575 - Pin electronics circuit: An I/O pin is connected to a DUT via a transmission line. A driver generates a test signal to be supplied to the DUT. A driver-side switch and an output resistor are arranged in series between the driver and the I/O pin. A comparator is arranged such that the input... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110316576 - Probe card: Disclosed is a probe card including: a circuit board; a supporting plate installed below the circuit board and supporting a plurality of contact members contacting a subject to be inspected during inspection; an elastic member installed below the circuit board and above the supporting plate and having flexibility with gas... Agent:

20110316577 - System for testing an integrated circuit of a device and its method of use: A method of testing an integrated circuit of a device is described. Air is allowed through a fluid line to modify a size of a volume defined between the first and second components of an actuator to move a contactor support structure relative to the apparatus and urge terminals on... Agent: Aehr Test Systems

20110316578 - Characteristic measuring device for solar cell: A solar cell characteristic measuring device measures the output characteristics of a solar cell while avoiding junction capacitance. The device provides a solar cell load circuit by connecting the solar cell with an electronic load device setting a load current or voltage variably, and a measurement circuit connecting voltage and... Agent: Tahara Electric Co., Ltd.

20110316579 - Led chip testing device: The LED chip testing device includes: a rotation member that supports the LED chip and rotates the LED chip to a testing position where the characteristics of the LED chip are tested; and a tester installed next to the rotation member and serving to measure the characteristics of the LED... Agent: Qmc Co., Ltd.

12/22/2011 > 36 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20110309820 - Method and system for indicating faults in an electricity meter: A method and system for determining a health of a metering system are provided. The metering system includes a meter base including a meter bus couplable between an electrical source and an electrical load, a plurality of sensors configured to determine electrical characteristics of electrical power in the meter bus,... Agent:

20110309821 - Frequency measuring device and odor sensor and electronic equipment which are provided with the frequency measuring device: A frequency measuring device according to an embodiment of the invention includes a first resonator provided with a first adsorption film, a second resonator provided with a second adsorption film, a first oscillation circuit which is connected to the first resonator and is provided with a first frequency regulator that... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110309822 - Sensitivity sensor system: A sensor system for receiving an input signal and applying a digital control signal to adjust an output sensitivity of a triggering signal within the sensor system. The input signal includes a bias DC and a fluctuation bias voltage. The sensor system includes a first voltage contact, a normalized voltage... Agent: Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd.

20110309823 - Replaceable probe head having an operational amplifier: A detachable, replaceable, and/or disposable probe head connectable to a probe body containing electronics, a probe that includes the probe head and the probe body, and the combination of a sonde and the probe are described herein. The probe head includes a housing that has a coupling member for detachably... Agent: Ysi Incorporated

20110309824 - Rotation detecting device and bearing having rotation detecting device: Provided are a rotation detecting device that highly precisely detects absolute angle with low noise, as well as a bearing assembly with such a rotation detecting device. Such a rotation detecting device includes magnetic encoders arranged coaxially with different number of magnetic poles as well as magnetic sensors that detect... Agent:

20110309825 - Simplified micro-magnetic sensor for acceleration, position, tilt, and vibration: A simplified micro-magnetic based sensor and a system built with it for detecting or measuring acceleration, speed, position, placement, tilt, and vibration are disclosed for a reduced product size, simplified manufacturing process, and reduced product cost. Both simplified micro-magnetic sensor and simplified micro-magnetic sensor system include a primary micro inductor... Agent:

20110309827 - Angle sensor: An assembly for sensing the angular position of a rotatable shaft includes a bearing ring, a driving gear, and a measuring gear. The bearing ring is connectable to the shaft and has two recesses. The driving gear is rotatable about a rotational axis and has two entraining elements. The entraining... Agent: Leopold Kostal Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110309826 - Device for detecting a rotational angle of a rotatable part: An apparatus for sensing a rotation angle of a rotatable part, preferably a steering wheel or steering column of a vehicle includes at least one magnet, at least one sensor that senses the magnetic field of the magnet, at least one housing in which the sensor and/or magnet are disposed... Agent:

20110309828 - Method for measuring slow roll characteristics of partially machined shaft of an electrodynamic machine: An electrodynamic machine shaft slow roll measurement testing and remediation method that can be performed on a partially machined shaft. Upon completion of slow roll tests on a partially machined shaft the manufacturer may complete machining of shafts that successfully meet the test specification. If a partially machined shaft fails... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20110309829 - Assembly for measuring at least one component of a magnetic field: The assembly for measuring at least one component (x, y, z) of an applied magnetic field (H) including a surface area made of soft-magnetic material that is applied in the chip plane and separated into two partial regions (5) by a gap (6). The gap (6) is composed of gap... Agent:

20110309830 - Current detecting and indicating device: A current detecting and indicating device includes a detection unit and a display unit. The detection unit has a power module, a current detecting module, a multiplexer module and a transmission module. The power module includes positive and negative electrodes. The current detecting module includes a plurality of upper-limit switching... Agent:

20110309831 - Side chain deuterated amino acids and methods of use: Protein structural determination using NMR techniques is improved through use of proteins in which one or more amino acids in the peptidic sequence are isotopically enriched in the sidechain with 2H and are isotopically enriched on the backbone with 13C, 15N, 2H or any combination thereof. This invention provides amino... Agent: Prospect Pharma

20110309832 - System and method for parallel transmission in mr imaging: A system and method for selectively operating an array of RF receive coils in a transmit mode is disclosed. The system includes an RF transmit coil configured to generate an RF field that excites nuclei of a subject to generate RF resonance signals, an array of RF receive coils to... Agent:

20110309833 - Determining resistivity anistotropy and formation structure for vertical wellbore sections: Formation properties in a vertical section of a wellbore are determined by considering the vertical section as consisting of one or more segments. Measurements are obtained with a directional resistivity tool at two or more measurement stations within each segment for which the complex 0th harmonic coefficients for the obtained... Agent:

20110309834 - Determination of conductive formation orientation by making wellbore sonde error correction: A method for determining orientation of an electrically conductive formation proximate an electrically substantially non-conductive formation includes measuring multiaxial electromagnetic induction response within the substantially non-conductive formation using an instrument disposed in a wellbore drilled through the formations. A difference from zero conductivity is determined for each component measurement of... Agent:

20110309836 - Method and apparatus for detecting deep conductive pipe: Downhole tools and techniques acquire information regarding nearby conductors such as pipes, well casing, and conductive formations. At least some method embodiments provide a current flow along a drill string in a borehole. The current flow disperses into the surrounding formation and causes a secondary current flow in the nearby... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20110309835 - Method for determining spatial distribution of fluid injected into subsurface rock formations: A method for determining spatial distribution of fluid injected into a subsurface rock formation includes injecting the fluid into the rock formation. The fluid includes therein electrically conductive solid particles dispersed in an electrolyte. An electromagnetic response of the formation is measured. The measured electromagnetic response is used to determine... Agent:

20110309837 - Chuck mechanism of charge/discharge testing device for flat-rechargeable batteries: The present invention relates to a chuck mechanism of a charge/discharge testing device for flat-rechargeable batteries and has a proposition to provide a chuck mechanism that makes it possible to lighten conventionally needed troublesome works, that is, for example, works of storing and fixing a large number of flat-rechargeable batteries... Agent:

20110309838 - Adaptive battery parameter extraction and soc estimation for lithium-ion battery: A system and method for estimating internal parameters of a lithium-ion battery to provide a reliable battery state-of-charge estimate. The method uses a two RC-pair equivalent battery circuit model to estimate the battery parameters, including a battery open circuit voltage, an ohmic resistance, a double layer capacitance, a charge transfer... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110309839 - Device calibration for battery type identification: Some embodiments provide a system that facilitates use of an electronic device. The electronic device may be a keyboard, a mouse, a trackpad, a remote control, a wireless phone, a toy, a battery charger, and/or a camera. During operation, the system measures a loaded voltage of a calibrated voltage source... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110309840 - Battery anomaly determination apparatus and battery anomaly warning apparatus: A memory stores information that stipulates a standard variable value of a battery residual quantity of a battery during an electric power supply in association with a consumed electric current. A battery anomaly determination apparatus specifies a standard variable value of the battery residual quantity corresponding to a total consumed... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110309841 - Sensor system: A modular sensor system for continuous measurement of analytes in continuous flow has a fluidic module, a sensor module, an optional reference module, and a cover part which are stacked on top of each other and firmly connected with each other so as to be releasable. The fluidic module includes... Agent: Burkert Werke Gmbh

20110309842 - Identifying defective semiconductor components on a wafer using thermal imaging: Methods and apparatus are disclosed to simultaneously, wirelessly test semiconductor components formed on a semiconductor wafer. The semiconductor components transmit respective outcomes of a self-contained testing operation to wireless automatic test equipment via a common communication channel. Multiple receiving antennas observe the outcomes from multiple directions in three dimensional space.... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110309843 - Discontinuous type layer-id detector for 3d-ic and method of the same: A 3D-IC detector for each layer of a stacked device with N layer, includes a dividing-two circuit coupled to a (N−1) signal; a first comparator is coupled to the dividing-two circuit, wherein an input A is coupled to an initial layer number signal, an input B of the first comparator... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20110309844 - System for measurement with pearls: A system is provided for measurement with one or more sensors including at least one signal conductor and at least one pearl, wherein the pearl a device configured to change an impedance mismatch with an external environmental effect.... Agent:

20110309845 - Elastomeric conductor and shield fault detection: The systems and methods described herein provide for the early detection of wire/cable faults. For example, a system may detect electrical/electronic faults with power lines, data lines, communication lines, coaxial cables, and the like (generally referred to herein as “lines”, “wires”, and “cables”) by providing sacrificial materials including a conductive... Agent:

20110309846 - Capacitance detection in electrochemical assay with improved response: Methods and systems are provided to determine capacitance of the electrochemical test cell.... Agent: Lifescan Scotland Limited

20110309847 - High current kelvin connections and contact resistance verification method: A method and circuit is provided for implementing high current capability Kelvin connections and measuring the resistance of the contacts and connections to verify that the conducting path is capable of carrying the high current without damage or degraded performance. Included as well is the means and circuit for efficiently... Agent:

20110309848 - Conductive conductivity sensor: In a conductive conductivity sensor having a probe, which is immersible in a measured medium and which comprises at least two electrodes made of a first, electrically conductive material and at least one probe body made of a second, electrically non-conductive material, the electrodes are at least partially embedded in... Agent: Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft Fur Mess- Und Regeltechnik Mbh + Co. Kg

20110309849 - Inspection method for inspecting electric characteristics of devices formed on target object: An inspection method for inspecting electric characteristics of devices formed on a target object using an apparatus including a vertical drive mechanism for lifting and lowering a movable mounting table and a control unit for controlling the vertical drive mechanism. The vertical drive mechanism includes an elevation shaft connected to... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110309850 - Testing device and testing method: A testing device includes a pressure vessel, a mounting stand disposed in an internal space of the pressure vessel, on which a device to be tested is mounted, test electrodes, disposed in the internal space of the pressure vessel, that supply a test voltage to the device to be tested... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20110309852 - Simultaneously tagging of semiconductor components on a wafer: Methods and apparatus are disclosed to simultaneously, wirelessly test semiconductor components formed on a semiconductor wafer. The semiconductor components transmit respective outcomes of a self-contained testing operation to wireless automatic test equipment via a common communication channel. Multiple receiving antennas observe the outcomes from multiple directions in three dimensional space.... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110309851 - Tagging of functional blocks of a semiconductor component on a wafer: Methods and apparatus are disclosed to simultaneously, wirelessly test semiconductor components formed on a semiconductor wafer. The semiconductor components transmit respective outcomes of a self-contained testing operation to wireless automatic test equipment via a common communication channel. Multiple receiving antennas observe the outcomes from multiple directions in three dimensional space.... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110309853 - Sectional test probe assembly for electric meter: The test probe assembly of the invention is used for an electric meter such as a multimeter or the like. The electric meter has a main body. The test probe assembly includes a pair of insulated rods, a pair of probe tips and a pair of leads. The insulated rods... Agent: Brymen Technology Corporation

20110309854 - Probe card for simultaneously testing multiple dies: In accordance with an embodiment, a probe card comprises a contact pad interface comprising front side contacts and back side contacts electrically coupled together. The front side contacts are arranged to simultaneously electrically couple respective bumps of a plurality of dies on a wafer, and the back side contacts are... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20110309855 - Method and apparatus for bypassing silicon bugs: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for bypassing silicon bugs. One exemplary embodiment of the method includes using a logic element formed on a substrate to detect a predefined trigger condition indicating onset of a functional bug during operation of a semiconductor device formed on the substrate. The... Agent:

12/15/2011 > 39 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20110304313 - Method and system for patch panel port identification and verification: Aspects of a method and system for patch panel port identification and verification are provided. In this regard, a patch panel may transmit, over a cable that is coupled to the patch panel, a signal that identifies the port of the patch panel to which the cable is coupled. The... Agent:

20110304314 - Position-finding apparatus: A position-finding apparatus, particularly a handheld position-finding appliance, having a position-finding unit, is provided for the purpose of using a measurement signal to detect the presence of an article arranged in an examination object and which has a sensor unit, a computation unit, and a display unit. The computation unit... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110304315 - Method and apparatus for automating the counting of sharps using rfid tags: In accordance with the teachings described herein, systems and methods are provided for counting sharps returned to a container. An example method of counting sharps returned to a container having at least two layers of penetrable conductive material includes periodically checking a plurality of circuits formed by the first and... Agent:

20110304316 - Feed device for the automatic shifting of objects and method for detecting a movement of a feed unit in a feed device: A feed device for the automatic shifting of objects is provided. The feed device comprises a storage area or a holding element and a driven feed unit by means of which an object arranged on the storage area or at the holding element of the feed device can be shifted... Agent: Inventory Systems Gmbh

20110304317 - Virtual semiconductor nanowire, and methods of using same: A multiple-gate field-effect transistor includes a fluid in a top gate, two lateral gates, and a bottom gate. The multiple-gate field-effect transistor also includes a patterned depletion zone and a virtual depletion zone that has a lesser width than the patterned depletion zone. The virtual depletion zone width creates a... Agent:

20110304318 - Frequency-scalable shockline-based signal-source extensions: A system is provided using one or more shocklines or non-linear transmission lines (NLTLs) to extend the bandwidth of an RF signal source. Extension of the RF bandwidth is achieved by means of multiplexing as well as frequency scaling. Frequency scaling tailors the performance of each NLTL for operation in... Agent: Anritsu Company

20110304319 - Multimeter with flexible current sensor: The multimeter of the invention includes main body, a current sensor and a flexible tube. The main body is provided with a display. The current sensor is electrically connected to the main body via a wire. The flexible tube is connected between the main body and current sensor. And the... Agent: Brymen Technology Corporation

20110304320 - Oscilloscope probe assembly: An oscilloscope includes a number of probe assemblies. Each probe assembly includes a probe and a connecting member. The connecting member includes a first connecting portion that may be coiled around the probe and a second connecting portion. The probes are connected together by the connecting members, and can be... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110304321 - Electric power metering device and method: The electric power metering device comprises a pulse meter to provide an electric pulse or a closing of an electric circuit at each predefined quantity of electric power. A communication module is connected to said pulse meter to send electric power and/or consumed electric power information. Two inputs of the... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

20110304322 - Compact paramagnetic oxygen sensor: An apparatus for the measurement of the magnetic susceptibility of a gas mixture comprises: a gas sample chamber (8) adapted to receive the gas mixture, and a test body (1) rotatably suspended within the gas sample chamber; means (10) for creating an inhomogeneous magnetic field within the gas sample chamber;... Agent: Servomex Group Limited

20110304323 - Position sensor: The position sensor includes a moving member configured to be displaced in response to displacement of a measurement target, a resonant unit, an oscillation unit, a signal processing unit, an output unit, a signal absence detection unit, and a low-pass filter. The resonant unit includes a detection coil arranged to... Agent:

20110304324 - Magnetic encoder: A magnetic encoder having at least one encoder track including one or more pole pairs, wherein the magnetization directions of subregions within at least one of the poles are embodied so as to change substantially continuously and/or monotonically along the encoder track.... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20110304325 - Magnetic field sensor with suspended stress gauge: A magnetic field sensor including a body including a magnetic mechanism capable of forming a torque applied on the body by action of an external magnetic field to be detected; a connector, separated from the body, mechanically connecting the body to an inlay portion of the sensor by at least... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20110304326 - Magnetic field sensor including magnetic particles: A magnetic field sensor which has a simple configuration and is capable of detecting a magnetic field with high sensitivity, including a vessel containing a dispersion in which magnetic particles are dispersed, a light source which irradiates the vessel with light, and light intensity measurement means arranged on an opposite... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20110304327 - Magnetic field current sensors: Magnetic field current sensing devices, systems and methods are disclosed. In an embodiment, a current sensor includes a semiconductor die; an isolation layer disposed on the semiconductor die; at least one anchor pad disposed on the isolation layer; a current input and a current output galvanically isolated from the semiconductor... Agent:

20110304328 - Eddy current sensor and inspection method using the same: An eddy current sensor includes: an excitation coil that applies a predetermined alternating-current excitation signal to a measurement target component; and a detection coil that detects a detection signal, generated by eddy current, from the measurement target component to which the alternating-current excitation signal is applied. The excitation coil has... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110304332 - Intelligent cartilage system: The exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure are described and illustrated below to encompass methods and devices for designing patient specific prosthetic cutting jigs and, more specifically, to devices and methods for segmenting bone of the knee and the resulting cutting guides themselves. Moreover, the present disclosure relates to systems... Agent:

20110304329 - Labeled peptides and methods of use thereof for improved oxidation and mapping of disulfide bridges: Described herein are labeled proteins and methods of use thereof for identifying the position of multiple disulfide bridges present in the peptide. The methods combine the use of diselenide bridges and NMR-based mapping of the disulfide bridges. Also described herein are labeled proteins described above that contain fluorous bridges and... Agent: University Of Utah Foundation

20110304331 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: According to one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes an image generating unit, a judging unit and a correction unit. The image generating unit receives, from an object, a magnetic resonance signal caused by transmission of an RF pulse to cause a nuclear magnetic resonance, and generates image data... Agent:

20110304330 - Phase difference enhanced imaging method (padre), functional image creating method, phase difference enhanced imaging program, phase difference enhanced imaging apparatus, functional image creating apparatus, and magnetic resonance imaging (mri) apparatus: A functional image creating method and a functional image creating apparatus, each enabling rendering of an activated region, are provided. A phase difference image PDr(x) is created using a complex image σr(x) created from an MR signal in an inactive state and a complex image σ′r(x) obtained by filtering the... Agent: National University Corporation Kumamoto University

20110304334 - Magnetic resonance method and apparatus to correct image distortions in diffusion-weighted imaging: f

20110304333 - Means and methods for providing high resolution mri: Means and methods for improving the MRI “image quality in an MRI imaging” apparatus comprising a non-super-conducting electromagnet and a plurality of pole pieces are provided. Said means for improving the image quality chosen from the group consisting of (a) means for reducing degradation of MRI image quality due to... Agent: Aspect Magnet Technologies Ltd.

20110304335 - Method for determining the radiation attenuation of a local coil: A method is disclosed for determining radiation attenuation by a local coil in a tomography scanner of a magnetic resonance-positron emission tomography system. In at least one embodiment of the method, arrangement-dependent radiation attenuation, which depends on a coil-arrangement parameter record, is set for the local coil. Raw radiation data... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110304336 - Device and method for locating a conduit: A system and method of locating a conduit, such as an underground conduit is provided. The system includes a tracing device that is adapted to be coupled to a valve. The tracing device includes a bypass member that is movable between a first position and a second position, wherein the... Agent: Consolidated Edison Company Of New York, Inc.

20110304337 - Deep look electromagnetic detection and imaging transceiver (edit) system for detecting underground passageways: An underground tunnel detection system does not employ radar. Instead, an automatic frequency control is used to keep a continuous wave (CW) transmission tuned to the resonant frequency of a resonant microwave patch antenna (RMPA). Changes in loading and the bulk dielectric constant of the mixed media in front of... Agent:

20110304338 - Underground electromagnetic exploration method: An underground electromagnetic exploration method that uses an induced current generating transmitter 2 that cyclically generates an induced current includes repeating magnetic field observation at a plurality of measurement points on the earth's surface, the magnetic field observation including an observation step that observes a magnetic field based on a... Agent: Japan Oil, Gas And Metals National Corporation

20110304339 - Electrical isolation detection with enhanced dynamic range: A bus terminal is isolated from ground potential during normal operation of the vehicle. A first current is applied to the bus terminal. A current level detector is arranged to detect a first level of the first current, or a corresponding observed voltage level, that exists or flows from the... Agent:

20110304340 - Systems and methods employing time domain reflectometry: Methods of testing at least a transmission line of interest within a group of transmission lines for anomalies using Time Domain Reflectometry are provided. The testing methods set forth herein aim to improve, for example, the quality and accuracy of information collected when propagating signals along a length of transmission... Agent: Utilx Corporation

20110304342 - Device for a system components of a high-voltage impulse test system: The present invention relates to a device for system components of a high-voltage impulse test system, preferably for quality assurance of power transformers. According to the invention, a common base frame having only one main electrode common to the system components is proposed for the spatial collection of the system... Agent: Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen Gmbh

20110304341 - Method of testing integrated circuits: A method of testing integrated circuits includes providing an integrated circuit test system that has a voltage supply and a plurality of control channels. A first switching element is connected between the voltage supply and a first integrated circuit, and a second switching element is connected between the voltage supply... Agent: Macronix International Co., Ltd.

20110304343 - Termination and checking hand tool: A hand tool for terminating and checking comprising a body which defines a means of storage of a connector to be terminated; an electrical checking module may be housed in the body, and is configured to electrically check the terminated connector when a connector pusher element is inserted in the... Agent: Tyco Electronics Amp Espana Sa

20110304344 - Support structure for installation of a component assembly housed in a rotating, translating carriage chassis: A support structure for installation of a component assembly housed in a rotating, translating carriage chassis, the support structure including: a stationary rail that includes a shaft extruding perpendicular to the stationary rail; a rotating rail adapted to receive a carriage chassis rail, the rotating rail parallel to the stationary... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110304345 - Position sensor: A position sensor comprising two coils, the first coil (transmitting coil 1) being fed a certain frequency such that it emits a constant electromagnetic field, and said field being received and/or detected by way of the second coil (receiving coil 3), is characterized in that the axis of the second... Agent:

20110304346 - Method for treating and sealing piezoelectric tuning forks: Disclosed is an apparatus for estimating a property of a fluid. The apparatus includes: a piezoelectric resonator configured to be disposed in the fluid; an electrode embedded in the piezoelectric resonator and included in a resonator circuit configured to output an electrical signal related to the property; a discontinuity defined... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110304347 - Rf non-contact thin film measurement using two port waveguide: The system disclosed herein for non-destructively testing a resistive film includes first and second waveguides that are gapped apart from each other. The resistive film is disposed between the first and second waveguides and tested. The film is then advanced and re-tested by the first and second waveguides. The waveguides... Agent:

20110304348 - Apparatus for driving placing table: Disclosed is an apparatus for driving a placing table that contributes to saving a space and reducing the weight of an inspecting apparatus. The apparatus for driving a placing table according to an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure includes a horizontal driving mechanism that horizontally moves a placing table... Agent:

20110304349 - Lateral coupling enabled topside only dual-side testing of tsv die attached to package substrate: A method of topside only dual-side testing of an electronic assembly includes providing a singulated through substrate via (TSV) die flip chip attached to a die support including a package substrate. The TSVs on the TSV die extend from its frontside to contactable TSV tips on its bottomside. The TSVs... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110304350 - Mask alignment, rotation and bias monitor utilizing threshold voltage dependence: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for measuring alignment, rotation and bias of mask layers in semiconductor manufacturing by examining threshold voltage variation.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110304351 - Method and apparatus for off-line testing of multi-phase aternating current machines: A method and apparatus are provided for off-line testing of a multi-phase alternating current machine. The method comprises determining, at a first rotor position, a physical stator quantity of each stator winding by applying a test signal to each stator winding, and determining a first joint physical stator quantity by... Agent: Subsee Ab

12/08/2011 > 45 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20110298444 - Apparatus and method for diffusion sensing: Apparatuses and methods for diffusion sensing are disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a complimentary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) switch and a switch sense block. The switch includes a gate, a drain, a source, and a well. The source and drain are formed in the well. The gate is... Agent: Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

20110298445 - Multipoint sensor: The invention relates to a multipoint sensor (1), including: an upper layer (3) made of conducting tracks arranged in lines; a lower layer (6) made of conducting tracks arranged in columns; spacers (4) provided between the upper layer and the lower layer so as to insulate the upper layer (3)... Agent: Stantum

20110298446 - Current sensor, inverter circuit, and semiconductor device having the same: A semiconductor device having a lateral semiconductor element includes a semiconductor substrate, a first electrode on the substrate, a second electrode on the substrate, and an isolation structure located in the substrate to divide the substrate into a first island and a second island electrically insulated from the first island.... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110298448 - Motion sensor, method, and computer-readable storage medium providing a motion sensor that can rapidly calibrate gains: A motion sensor has a channel amplitude difference processor configured to adjust gains of two channels to bring a gain of a one channel toward a gain of the other channel when a gain mismatch is detected.... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20110298449 - Motion sensor, method, and computer-readable storage medium providing a motion sensor with a validated output signal from the motion sensor: A motion sensor has an output protocol processor configured to provide a validated output signal after a determined time period, wherein the determined time period is extended if a vibration is detected.... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20110298450 - Circuits and methods for generating a threshold signal used in a motion detector: A circuit to detect a movement of an object provides a threshold selection module that uses one or more threshold signals identified prior to a present cycle of magnetic field signal in order to establish a threshold signal used for a present cycle of the magnetic field signal. A method... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20110298447 - Motion sensor, method, and computer-readable storage medium providing a motion sensor with a state processor having a reduced amount of state chatter: A motion sensor has a state processor to identify states associated with a magnetic field signal provided by a magnetic field sensing element. The state processor includes a state peak logic module configured to generate states that have a reduced amount of state chatter.... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20110298451 - Through bias pole for igmr speed sensing: One embodiment relates to a sensing system that includes a magnetic encoder wheel having alternating pole magnetic domains along a circumference thereof. The magnetic encoder wheel is configured to rotate about a first axis. The sensing system further includes a magnetic field sensing element in spatial relationship with the magnetic... Agent: Infineon Technologies North America Corp.

20110298453 - Hall element control circuit: A first terminal supplies the bias voltage to a high-potential-side input terminal of a hall element. A second terminal supplies the ground potential to a low-potential-side input terminal of the hall element. A P-channel type transistor is configured such that the source terminal is connected to the power supply potential... Agent: On Semiconductor Trading , Ltd.

20110298452 - Magnetic input for computer device: A magnetic input apparatus and method for a computer device are disclosed. A grid pattern of magnetic sensors can include a plurality of Hall elements. Each Hall element is selectively coupled to a Hall voltage sensor. A source of magnetic field can be placed in proximity to the grid pattern... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20110298454 - Current sensor: A current sensor includes a conductive element, at least two magnetic field sensors arranged on the conductive element and adapted to sense a magnetic field generated by a current through the conductor element. The at least two magnetic field sensors are arranged on opposite sides of a line perpendicular to... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110298455 - Integrated microfluidic sensor system with magnetostrictive resonators: The present embodiments describe a method that integrates a magnetostrictive sensor with driving and detecting elements into a microfluidic chip to detect a chemical, biochemical or biomedical species. These embodiments may also measure the properties of a fluid such as viscosity, pH values. The whole system can be referred to... Agent: King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology

20110298456 - Tunneling magneto-resistive sensors with buffer layers: e

20110298457 - Downhole orientation sensing with nuclear spin gyroscope: Downhole orientation sensing with a nuclear spin gyroscope. A downhole orientation sensing system for use in conjunction with a subterranean well can include a downhole instrument assembly positioned in the well, the instrument assembly including an atomic comagnetometer, and at least one optical waveguide which transmits light between the atomic... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20110298458 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to an embodiment includes a sequence control unit that controls a gradient magnetic field power supply, thereby performing a pulse sequence including the application of a continuous readout gradient magnetic field pulse. The sequence control unit controls the gradient magnetic field power supply such... Agent:

20110298459 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes an imaging condition acquisition unit and an imaging unit. The imaging condition acquisition unit acquires at least one of optimum amplitude and optimum phase of a radio frequency transmission signal so as to reduce a deviation of data in at least one region of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110298460 - Method for detection of signal source using estimation of noise statistics: A method for noise signal analysis and communication with an underground transmitter. The method comprises the steps of measuring a noise floor when no signal is transmitted from a transmitter, detecting a signal when the transmitter is transmitting, and estimating the noise free component of the signal by removing the... Agent: The Charles Machine Works, Inc.

20110298461 - Deep evaluation of resistive anomalies in borehole environments: A drill string can include at least one transmit antenna and at least one receive antenna. The transmit antenna transmits at least one electromagnetic signal into a region of an earth formation. The receive antenna receives the signal from the region of the earth formation. The transmit antenna comprises one... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20110298462 - Method and apparatus for calibrating and correcting for coherent noise in casing detection: Systems and methods for improved acquisition of magnetic field data for magnetic ranging while drilling are provided. In one embodiment, such a system may include a borehole assembly and data processing circuitry. The borehole assembly may include an electric current driving tool configured to cause a current to flow across... Agent:

20110298463 - Battery state monitoring circuit and battery device: Provided are a battery state monitoring circuit and a battery device, in which, even when one secondary battery becomes an overcharged state or an overdischarged state and then a voltage detection circuit operates, power is not consumed in only the one secondary battery. The battery state monitoring circuit includes: a... Agent:

20110298464 - Dual voltage battery tester: A dual voltage battery tester for testing both 1.5 volt and 9 volt batteries is printed on a thin substrate with a reversible thermo-chromatic material in thermal contact with carbon heating elements. The heating elements use the same carbon resistive ink for bolt voltage ranges and is printed as a... Agent:

20110298465 - Process monitor and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus: A sensor on a semiconductor wafer is used as a process monitor and a capacitor is employed as a power supply for the sensor. The capacitor can be formed by stacking a poly-silicon layer and a silicon nitride layer on the wafer. A timer can be used to specify an... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110298466 - Ground monitor: A ground monitor is disclosed. The ground monitor may be configured to conduct a ground continuity test based on a determined ground resistance. The ground monitor may be operable to determine the ground resistance as a function of a voltage differential detected during application of a test current.... Agent: Lear Corporation

20110298469 - Arrangement and method for monitoring galvanic isolation of fuel cell device: A method is disclosed for monitoring galvanic isolation of a fuel cell device. At least one stack of fuel cells and at least one load circuit for fuel cells are arranged to an electrically freely floating configuration towards at least one structure near fuel cells. A controlled switching is performed... Agent: Wartsila Finland Oy

20110298468 - Method and apparatus for detecting a phase-to-earth fault: A method and an apparatus for detecting a phase-to-earth fault on a three-phase electric line of an electric network, the apparatus determining a neutral admittance based on a ratio of a difference between zero sequence currents on the three-phase electric line and a difference between zero sequence voltages in the... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110298467 - Subsea line monitoring device: A subsea line monitoring device comprising a diagnostic unit adapted to be deployed, in use, in a subsea location and having a first connector, the diagnostic unit being operable, in use, to output a signal indicative of the integrity of a line or device connected to the first connector.... Agent: Viper Subsea Limited

20110298470 - Detection of welded switch contacts in a line converter system: A system for the detection of welded contacts in a circuit of a line converter system has a plurality of inverter switches, a plurality of utility switches in which a pair of utility switches is connected in series through a line to a utility, a voltage detector, an electronic controller,... Agent: Abb Inc.

20110298471 - Circuit configuration for detecting an error in a converter: A circuit configuration for detecting an error occurring in a converter, that is designed for integrating an analog useful signal and a digital useful signal of the converter and checking in each instance, when the integrated analog useful signal reaches a specific threshold value, and when the integrated digital useful... Agent:

20110298472 - Battery connection failure detection system: A system and method of detecting battery connection failures relies upon measuring battery cell body temperature and battery connector temperature at a measured current. The difference between these two temperatures is calculated using a software driven comparator. The comparator compares the difference as measured against a predetermined safe difference for... Agent:

20110298473 - Dynamic compensation of aging drift in current sense resistor: A current sense resistor circuit may include a primary current sense resistor that drifts with age. A secondary current sense resistor may drift with age in substantial unison with the primary current sense resistor. A calibration resistor may not drift with age in substantial unison with the primary current sense... Agent: Linear Technology Corporation

20110298474 - Implementing integral dynamic voltage sensing and trigger: A method and circuit for implementing dynamic voltage sensing and a trigger circuit, and a design structure on which the subject circuits resides are provided. The voltage sensing circuit includes a first quiet oscillator generating a reference clock, and a second noisy oscillator generating a noisy clock. A digital control... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110298476 - Application of open and/or short structures to bisect de-embedding: Application of open and short structures may result in improved accuracy in determination of ABCD parameters of a substantially symmetric THRU for purposes of bisect de-embedding. Either one or both of the open and/or short techniques may be used to improve results of an ABCD optimization algorithm. Bisect de-embedding may... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20110298475 - Method and device for monitoring a sheath voltage arrester of a cable system: Method and device for monitoring the status of a sheath voltage arrester of a cable system, a verification signal being supplied to a measuring loop which comprises the sheath voltage arrester and a measurement signal which is subsequently produced in accordance with the frequency-dependent impedance of the sheath voltage arrester... Agent: Omicron Electronics Gmbh

20110298477 - Systems and methods for detecting anomalies on internal surfaces of hollow elongate structures using time domain or frequency domain reflectometry: Systems and methods for detecting an anomaly on an internal surface of a hollow, elongate, metallic pipe structure. An anomaly detection system employs an access port, an antenna, a signal source, and a signal analyzer. The access port allows physical access to an interior of the pipe structure. The antenna... Agent: Profile Technologies, Inc.

20110298478 - Method for determining residual coupling of an inductive conductivity sensor: A method for determining residual coupling of an inductive, conductivity sensor, in which the conductivity sensor is surrounded by a measured medium and an equivalent impedance of the medium is calibrated with a variable compensation impedance. The variable compensation impedance and the equivalent impedance of the medium act on a... Agent: Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft F&#xfc R Mess- Und Regeltechnik Mbh + Co. Kg

20110298479 - Capacitive coordinate input device, capacitive coordinate input method, and information device: Provided are a capacitive coordinate input device and a capacitive coordinate input method for detecting at high speed the position of an object, such as a human finger or a pen, by detecting a change in capacitance at each intersection of a plurality of electrodes arranged corresponding to two-dimensional coordinates.... Agent:

20110298480 - Compensation of parasitic capacitances of capacitive sensors: Circuits and methods for compensating the impact of parasitic capacitances on capacitive sensors have been achieved. The charge of a compensation capacitor assigned to each capacitive sensor is used to neutralize the charge of the parasitic capacitor.... Agent: Digital Imaging Systems Gmbh

20110298481 - Capacitance electrode and sensor-system capable of sensing contaminants and method therefor: Disclosed are an electrode and a sensor-system for capacitively and/or photovoltaic sensing contaminants in a fluid. A micro-reactor including such sensor-system and methods for measuring and producing are also disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the capacitance electrode includes a transducing element; an affinity layer that in use is in... Agent: Smart Frequencies B.v.

20110298482 - Touch sensor: It is provided a touch sensor stable against environmental variation comprising an oscillator 3 which outputs a periodical operation signal, an antenna electrode 2 which has a electrostatic capacitance straining the operation signal to form an output signal, a detection circuit 3,4,5 which generate a detection value corresponding to a... Agent:

20110298483 - Tester having device under test power supply: DPS has a second output stage coupled to the amplifier and configured to source and sink current to the output of the DPS between a second voltage rail and the third voltage rail. A selection device is configured to enable the first and second output stages based on a selection... Agent: Intersil Americas Inc.

20110298484 - Electronic circuit and electronic device: An electronic circuit of at least one embodiment of the present invention includes: a plurality of electronic parts, of the plurality of electronic parts, at least one electronic part being at least one main part and the other electronic parts being auxiliary parts, the at least one main part being... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110298485 - Semiconductor device test method and apparatus, and semiconductor device: A method of testing a semiconductor device includes a conductive foreign matter test step of measuring the resistance value between the first and second conductive patterns to determine whether conductive foreign matter is present between the first and second conductive patterns, a first open circuit test step of measuring the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110298486 - Parking structure memory-module tester that moves test motherboards along a highway for remote loading/unloading: A parking-structure test system has motherboards that test memory modules. The motherboards are not stationary but are placed inside movable trays that move along conveyors. An unloader removes tested memory modules from test sockets on the motherboards, and a loader inserts untested memory modules into the motherboards using a robotic... Agent: Kingston Technology Corp.

20110298487 - Semiconductor testing apparatus and testing method: An apparatus for testing electric characteristics of a semiconductor device having a plurality of hemispherical electrode terminals on one surface thereof, including: a support plate vertically movably supported by an elastic member, supporting a side of the one surface of the semiconductor device, and having through holes for accommodating the... Agent:

20110298488 - Through carrier dual side loop-back testing of tsv die after die attach to substrate: A method of testing electronic assemblies including singulated TSV die attached to a ML package substrate, on a substrate carrier. The substrate carrier includes through-holes for allowing probe contact to the BGA substrate pads on a bottomside of the package substrate that are coupled to the frontside of the TSVs.... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

12/01/2011 > 56 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20110291640 - Remaining sheet quantity detection device and image forming apparatus: The remaining sheet quantity detection device of the present invention is provided with a storage unit for storing first information which associates a distance between a distance measuring sensor and a tray with a level value in a distance range less than a peak distance, and second information which associates... Agent: Kyocera Mita Corporation

20110291643 - Modular nano and microscale sensors: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention disclose a modular testing assay. According to various embodiments of the present invention, the sensor arrays, or microplates, are removably attached to a substrate. In some embodiments, the electrical connection between the sensors of the sensor array and the substrate provide for the removal... Agent: Georgia Tech Researh Corporation

20110291642 - Power measurement circuit: A system for power measurement in an electronic device includes a sensing unit, an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and a controller. The sensing unit senses voltage across a power source and modulates a carrier signal based on the sensed voltage. The ADC converts a combination of the modulated carrier signal and... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Pvt. Ltd.

20110291641 - Voltage detection and measurement circuit: A voltage detection and measurement circuit is provided. The circuit includes a first Zener diode operatively coupled to an AC power input line and a second Zener diode operatively coupled to a reference voltage line. The first and second Zener diodes are configured to pass portions of input AC voltage... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20110291644 - Physical quantity sensor and electronic apparatus: A physical quantity sensor includes a first rocking body and a second rocking body. Each of the rocking bodies is supported on a substrate by a first supporting portion and a second supporting portion. The first rocking body is partitioned into a first region and a second region by a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110291646 - Origin position signal detector: An origin position signal detector comprising: a rotary or linear scale (1) which includes an incremental track (3) magnetized at equal intervals and an origin position detection track (4) for detecting an origin position, and a magnetic sensor (5) which detects magnetic fields from the scale. The origin position detection... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110291645 - Measuring apparatus for the detection of a relative movement: A measuring apparatus for detecting a relative movement between at least one magnetic field sensor array integrated into a semiconductor chip and a transmitter for the sensor array is provided. The transmitter and the sensor array are exposed to the magnetic flux of a magnet. The transmitter has teeth that... Agent:

20110291648 - Device and method for determining the speed of a wheeled terrestrial vehicle from measurements of a magnetic field: m

20110291647 - External-coupled electronic angle measurement apparatus: The present invention proposes an external-coupled electronic angle measurement apparatus including a housing, a display element, an angle detection system and a coupling portion. The housing is movable through the coupling portion to fasten the external-coupled electronic angle measurement apparatus to a desired location of different hand tools to accurately... Agent:

20110291649 - Magneto-impedance sensor element and method for manufacturing the same: A magneto-impedance sensor element is formed in a planar type structure in which an amorphous wire is incorporated in a substrate. The magneto-impedance sensor element includes a nonmagnetic substrate, an amorphous wire arranged in an aligning direction of a planar pattern that forms a detecting coil, a spiral detecting coil... Agent: Aichi Steel Corporation

20110291650 - Semiconductor chip and method for generating pulse edges, assigned synchronously to the movement of a mechanical part: In a method for generating pulse edges, assigned synchronously to the movement of a mechanical part, a magnetic field is generated. At least two measuring signals phase-shifted to one another for the magnetic field are detected. The magnetic field is changed as a function of the movement of the mechanical... Agent:

20110291651 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to an embodiment includes an executing unit, a calculating unit, and a correcting unit. The executing unit executes a pre-scan while using a pulse sequence by which a plurality of echo signals are collected. The calculating unit calculates a phase difference between at least... Agent:

20110291652 - Membrane proteins, mechanisms of action and uses thereof: The invention relates to the atomistic functional understanding of the M2 protein from the influenza A virus. This acid-activated selective proton channel has been the subject of numerous conductance, structural, and computational studies. Previously, little was known at the atomic level about the heart of the functional mechanism of this... Agent: Florida State University Research Foundation

20110291653 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to an embodiment includes an executing unit, a calculating unit, and a correcting unit. The executing unit executes a first pre-scan in which a readout gradient magnetic field and a phase encoding gradient magnetic field are not applied and sampling gradient magnetic fields is... Agent:

20110291654 - Method for reducing magnetic resonance temperature measurement errors: A method for reducing magnetic resonance temperature measurement errors, which is used for the high-intensity focused ultrasound device for monitoring magnetic resonance imaging includes obtaining a magnetic resonance phase diagram as a reference image before the high-intensity focused ultrasound device heats the heating area; obtaining another magnetic resonance phase diagram... Agent:

20110291655 - Failsafe protection from induced rf current for mri rf coil assembly having transmit functionality: An electrically-controlled failsafe switch is included in an MRI transmit-and-receive RF coil assembly so as to protect it from induced RF currents in the event it is disconnected from an MRI system, but inadvertently left linked to strong MRI RF fields during imaging procedures using other RF coils.... Agent: Quality Electrodynamics, LLC

20110291656 - Magnetic resonance apparatus comprising a fastening element for attaching a noise-insulating element and a method for attaching a noise-insulating element: A magnetic resonance apparatus is provided. The magnetic resonance apparatus comprises a gradient coil unit, a housing cover and a noise protection unit which has at least one noise-insulating element which is arranged between the gradient coil unit and the housing cover for deadening an operating noise of the gradient... Agent:

20110291657 - Magnetic resonance imaging compatible switched mode power supply: A switched mode power supply (SMPS) employs only energy storage components that are devoid of ferromagnetic materials. The SMPS operates only at switching frequencies such that any potential electromagnetic interference of interest is generated at frequencies appearing only outside the imaging bandwidth of a corresponding magnetic resonance imaging system powered... Agent: General Electric Company

20110291658 - High resolution three dimensional electromagnetic survey method: A method for electromagnetic surveying below the bottom of a body of water includes deploying a plurality of nodal recording devices in a selected pattern on the water bottom. An electromagnetic transmitter is towed in the water. At least one electromagnetic sensor streamer is concurrently towed in the water. The... Agent:

20110291659 - Method and apparatus for measuring resistivity of formations: m

20110291660 - System and method for low battery detection: Systems and methods for monitoring a voltage pump to determine the status of a battery connected to the voltage pump are provided. The operation of the voltage pump is monitored during at least one monitoring period which corresponds to a period of relatively heavy consistent load. The operation of the... Agent: Cellnet Innovations, Inc.

20110291661 - Electrical fault location determination: A method of determining the location of a fault in a cable at an underwater fluid extraction facility is provided. The method comprises: providing a time domain reflectometry unit at the facility, the unit being connected to at least one wire within the cable; causing the unit to transmit a... Agent:

20110291662 - Method and apparatus to monitor electric isolation of a high-voltage direct current electrical circuit: An electrically isolated high-voltage direct-current electric circuit is monitored. Electrical signals are periodically sampled, and ground isolation indexes are calculated. A trend corresponding to trend elements is characterized. The characterized trend is compared with an expected trend with deviations indicative of potential faults.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110291663 - Printing apparatus and liquid detection sensor inspection method: The printing apparatus applies a first waveform to the liquid detection sensor, and measures a second waveform output from the liquid detection sensor in response to the application of the first waveform. Based on a measurement result of the second waveform, the printing apparatus inspects whether the liquid detection sensor... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110291664 - Device for testing surface mounted connectors: This invention describes a device for testing a surface mounted connector using a test probe assembly that utilizes a vacuum to force the test wires and the test probe's wire array into intimate contact with the connector to be tested. The wires are directed through a wire module assembly and... Agent:

20110291665 - Timer circuit: A timer circuit is provided with a comparator CMP1, a control unit and a comparator CMP2. The comparator CMP1 compares a potential of the capacitance element with the potential of a reference voltage VREF_H, and if the potential of the capacitance element reaches the potential of the reference voltage VREF_H,... Agent: Oki Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20110291666 - Device and method for determining partial discharges at an electrical component: The present invention relates to a method for determining partial discharges at an electrical component (10). In the case of the method, an electrical signal that comprises partial discharge pulses due to the partial discharges at the electrical component (10) is detected. Through filtering of the electrical signal by means... Agent: Omicron Electronics Gmbh

20110291667 - Modular test plug for voltage, current and current transformer saturation testing: A modular test plug for voltage, current and saturation testing has a housing having a handle portion, a plurality of jaw connections for injecting upstream toward the equipment to be tested, a plurality of blade connections for injecting downstream toward a transformer, a first plurality of binding posts on a... Agent:

20110291668 - Protection of unsealed electrical connectors: A monitoring system for connector pins exposed to conductive/corrosive fluids and/or corrosive environments includes a first sensing portion having a pin monitoring section configured to measure a pin current flow of at least one conductor pin, and transfer a first signal. A second sensing portion produces a second signal indicating... Agent: Harris Corporation

20110291670 - Conductivity measurement cell: The application relates to a conductivity measurement cell for measuring the concentration of a preselected biomarker or analyte in a body fluid, such as urine. In order to reduce the effect of sample dilution on measured concentration, the measured concentration can be normalised by a dilution factor, which can be... Agent:

20110291669 - Method and device for automatically calibrating touch detection: A method and device for automatically calibrating touch detection is disclosed. The present invention includes providing a sensing layer including a plurality of sensors, and each sensor senses a sensing range, and the sensing ranges of the sensors intersecting each other to form a crossing array; continuously detecting signals of... Agent: Egalax_empia Technology Inc.

20110291671 - Bidirectional wireless electrical energy monitoring system: The present invention relates to the technical field of energy monitoring system, and particularly to a bidirectional wireless electrical energy monitoring system which comprises a bidirectional wireless electrical energy monitoring apparatus and a bidirectional wireless electrical energy monitoring switchgear; the bidirectional wireless electrical energy monitoring apparatus comprises a first wireless... Agent:

20110291673 - Chemical sensor: Provided is a chemical sensor requiring no ion-sensitive film. Specifically provided is a chemical sensor (1) for detecting a sample base material (19) to be detected in a sample, the chemical sensor (1) including: a sensor TFT (7) of sensor TFTs (7) each of which has a glass substrate (8)... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110291672 - Galvanically isolated functional test for components: A method and a circuit functionally test a semiconductor component. The functional test is performed with galvanic isolation by using a transformer. The test itself is based on determining the frequency-dependent impedance of a series circuit of capacitors and inductors using the semiconductor component itself. The impedance is strongly influenced... Agent:

20110291674 - Apparatus and method for analyzing the state of oil-filled electrical devices: Provided is an apparatus for analyzing the state of oil-filled electrical devices. The apparatus simulates the state of an oil-filled electrical device in which copper wire wrapped in insulating paper is immersed in insulating oil. The apparatus for analyzing the state of oil-filled electrical devices includes a first paper-covered copper... Agent:

20110291676 - sensor for measuring the concentration of a solvent or solute in a mixed solution system: The invention described relates to an apparatus and method for measuring the concentration of a low molecular weight alcohol, in an aqueous liquid feed solution, comprising a first sensor including a hydrophilic capillary tube having an inner diameter, being disposed between two electrodes to form a first capacitor, a second... Agent:

20110291675 - Bi-directional high side current sense measurement: A system for measuring a voltage drop between two nodes in an electrical circuit, comprising a switched capacitor integrator (SCI), a comparator and a counter. The SCI alternately (a) captures charge onto a set of sampling capacitors and (b) selectively accumulates/transfers the charge onto a pair of integration capacitors, where... Agent:

20110291677 - Method and apparatus for defect detection: A system for detecting a defect in a membranous article (20) comprising: an emitter probe (10) connected to an electrical supply (14), said probe (10) insertable into a cavity of said article (20); a sensor (15) for receiving an electrical discharge from said probe (10); a conveyor system for bringing... Agent: Tgt Enterprises Ltd.

20110291678 - Low power metering using pulse counting: A metering system can include a pull up circuit to be selectively coupled between a voltage node and a metering line that communicates a signal indicative of status of a flow line through which a metered substance flows. An impedance of the pull up circuit is set to reduce power... Agent:

20110291679 - Testing integrated circuits: A method of testing integrated circuits is provided. The method includes establishing at least one first physical communication channel between a test equipment and a respective group of integrated circuits under test by having probes of the test equipment contacting at least one corresponding physical contact terminal of each integrated... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20110291680 - Chuck for supporting and retaining a test substrate and a calibration substrate: A chuck for supporting and retaining a test substrate includes a device for supporting and retaining a calibration substrate. The chuck comprises a first support surface for supporting a test substrate and a second support surface, which is laterally offset to the first support surface, for supporting a calibration substrate.... Agent: Cascade Microtech, Inc.

20110291681 - Semiconductor apparatus: A semiconductor apparatus includes: a first power line coupled to a first power transfer pad; a second power line coupled to a second power transfer pad; and a test option unit coupled to the first and second power lines and configured to couple the first and second power lines.... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110291682 - Pin card and test apparatus using the same: A first switch is arranged such that a first terminal thereof is connected to an AC test unit and a second terminal thereof is connected to an I/O terminal and a DC test unit. A first switch is configured so as to be capable of switching states between a connection... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110291683 - Apparatus and method for electrostatic discharge (esd) reduction: A substrate support unit adapted for a system for testing or processing of a substrate is provided. The substrate support unit includes a support table having at least one substrate carrier structure adapted to support a substrate, wherein the substrate carrier structure is electrically floating with respect to ground.... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110291686 - Electric contact and socket for electrical part: A contact pin includes a base material composed of a material having a conductive property and an outermost surface layer made of a material into which Sn is dissolved and diffused by applying heat.... Agent: Enplas Corporation

20110291685 - Probe: A probe is composed of a mounting portion mounted on an electrode of a probe card, an arm portion extending from the mounting portion, and a leading end portion provided at a leading end of the arm portion and contacting with an electrode of an object to be tested, where... Agent: Japan Electronic Materials Corp.

20110291684 - Switch probe and device and system for substrate inspection: A switch probe for use in a substrate inspection device to inspect a substrate includes a first tubular element, a first rod element partially accommodated in the first tubular element, and pressed into the first tubular element when the certain part is mounted for substrate inspection, a second tubular element... Agent: Ricoh Company. Ltd

20110291687 - Probe card for testing semiconductor device and probe card built-in probe system: A probe card is includes a wafer and a plurality of needle patterns penetrating the wafer. The needle patterns are configured to supply an electrical signal for testing a separate wafer. The probe card may be mounted to a printed circuit board in a manner in which conductive patterns of... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110291688 - Identifying a signal on a printed circuit board under test: Apparatus and methods for identifying a signal on a printed circuit board (‘PCB’) under test, including an integrated circuit mounted on the PCB, the integrated circuit having a test signal generator that transmits a test signal to an output pin of the integrated circuit, with the output pin connected to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110291689 - Sas interface output signal detecting apparatus: A serial attached small computer system interface (SCSI) (SAS) interface output signal detecting apparatus includes an SAS female connector, an SAS male connector, and two subminiature version A (SMA) connectors. Each of the SAS female and male connectors includes first and second groups of data pins and a group of... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20110291690 - Apparatus and method for testing non-contact pads of a semiconductor device to be tested: The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for testing non-contact pads of a semiconductor device to be tested. The apparatus includes an insulating body, at least one testing module and a plurality of probes. The insulating body includes an accommodating cavity, a lower opening and at least... Agent:

20110291691 - Chip and chip test system: According to an example embodiment, a chip includes a plurality of circuit blocks, a power switch unit configured to supply power to the plurality of circuit blocks, and a power switch controller configured to control the power switch unit in response to an external control signal. The external control signal... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110291692 - Method and apparatus for inspecting semiconductor using absorbed current image: Provided is an apparatus for automatically detecting a failure position on a specified wiring line. The apparatus and a method for automatically detecting the failure position even on a long wiring line by applying a probe and an electron beam onto a sample and using an image of the current... Agent:

20110291693 - Testing fuse configurations in semiconductor devices: Methods, systems, and apparatus for testing semiconductor devices. A semiconductor device includes one or more external terminals configured to receive fuse configuration data from an external source. The semiconductor device also includes a soft-blow circuit to generate a soft-blow signal based on the fuse configuration data, and a fuse circuit... Agent: Rambus Inc.

20110291694 - Television apparatus, semiconductor package, and electronic device: According to one embodiment, a television apparatus includes a circuit board, a conductive portion, and an easily broken portion. The circuit board is mounted with an electronic component. The conductive portion is located on a surface or the inside of the circuit board. A breakage detection mechanism detects breakage of... Agent:

20110291695 - Monitoring device for an electric power system: A monitoring device for an electric power system includes a detection unit and a display unit. The detection unit has a power module, a current detecting module and a transmission module. The power module includes positive and negative electrodes and is coupled to the current detecting module. The current detecting... Agent:

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