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Electricity: measuring and testing November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/11

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11/24/2011 > 41 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20110285379 - Method and apparatus for detecting the phase wiring of any arbitrary unknown phase voltage relative to a reference phase voltage: The technology relates to detecting the wiring phase of an unknown phase voltage relative to a reference phase voltage in an electric power distribution system having a polyphase power line. In order to reliably detect the wiring phase at the remote location relative to a reference wiring phase even if... Agent: Enel Distribuzione S.p.a.

20110285380 - Grid monitoring system and related method: The present invention relates to a grid monitoring system, in particular a grid monitoring system enabling real-time monitoring of grid variables, e.g. voltage and current, in electrical power systems, such as single or three-phase networks. The grid monitoring system comprises a harmonic detection unit being adapted to subtract harmonics of... Agent:

20110285381 - Phase transient response measurements using automatic frequency estimation: A method of measuring the phase transient response of a device under test automatically provides a flattened phase transient response without any user intervention. The method comprises the steps of calculating an instantaneous phase waveform based on an instantaneous voltage waveform that represents an output signal of the device under... Agent: Tektronix, Inc

20110285382 - Power meter phase identification: Methods and systems are described for determining a phase of transmitted voltage. In one embodiment, a power distribution system may operate to transmit voltage and an injected signal. The system may also include a power meter that may receive the voltage and injected signal. The power meter may determine a... Agent: General Electric Company

20110285383 - Method of measuring terahertz wave and apparatus therefor: In a measurement of a time-domain waveform of a terahertz wave based on time-domain spectroscopy, a current signal including a component originating from the terahertz wave is detected using a photoconductive device, and a voltage signal corresponding to the detected current signal is detected. At a pre-processing stage before the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110285384 - Current sensor: A current sensor for detecting a first electric current flowing through a current path includes a sensor chip, a coil, a current control circuit, and an output circuit. The sensor chip includes a magnetoresistive element and is adopted to be located near the current path. The coil applies a bias... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110285385 - Television apparatus and electronic device: According to one embodiment, a television apparatus includes a first component and a second component, a cylindrical or columnar magnet, a magnetic sensor, and an engagement mechanism. The first component and the second component are connected to be relatively rotatable. The magnet is provided to the first component, and a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110285386 - Angle detection system and method of manufacturing the same: An angle detection system of the present invention includes: a stator 200 which includes a plurality of salient pole portions which are formed on a flat sheet made of a magnetic material and are raised by bending, each salient pole portion constituting a winding magnetic core on which a winding... Agent: Tamagawa Seiki Co., Ltd.

20110285387 - Rotor with a compensating mass for a reluctance resolver, and reluctance resolver: The invention relates to a rotor (1) with a signal transmitter mass (3), which is distributed non-uniformly in the circumferential direction (U), for a reluctance resolver (16) and also to a reluctance resolver (16) for converting a rotational value into an electrical signal based on a change of a magnetic... Agent: Tyco Electronics Amp Gmbh

20110285388 - Power transmission belt formed with encoder and method of manufacturing same: A power transmission belt formed with an encoder on its surface, method of manufacturing the power transmission belt, and a load detection system using the power transmission belt. The power transmission belt comprises a band-like magnetic rubber layer provided in a part of a belt layer structure of the power... Agent:

20110285391 - Ball having magnetic field sensor and measuring method: A ball (100) having a magnetic field sensor (110) substantially in the centre of gravity (130) for measuring a magnetic field, the sensor being held in the centre of gravity by means of foam, springs or by a balloon, a ball with two magnetic field sensors in opposing locations on... Agent:

20110285390 - Method and apparatus for operating an arrangement of gradiometers: A magnetic screening system uses directional gradiometers with high resolution and accuracy to measure magnetic field signatures of target objects (e.g., gun, knife, cell phone, keys) in a volume of interest. The measured signatures can be compared to signatures of known objects stored in a local database. Various mathematical processes... Agent: Assurance Technology Corporation

20110285389 - Method and apparatus for sensing a magnetic field: A magnetic screening system uses directional gradiometers with high resolution and accuracy to measure magnetic field signatures of target objects (e.g., gun, knife, cell phone, keys) in a volume of interest. The measured signatures can be compared to signatures of known objects stored in a local database. Various mathematical processes... Agent: Assurance Technology Corporation

20110285392 - Method and apparatus for operating gradiometers in multiple modes: A magnetic screening system uses directional gradiometers with high resolution and accuracy to measure magnetic field signatures of target objects (e.g., gun, knife, cell phone, keys) in a volume of interest. The measured signatures can be compared to signatures of known objects stored in a local database. Various mathematical processes... Agent: Assurance Technology Corporation

20110285393 - Squid-system having increased flux voltage transfer function: The invention relates to a SQUID system having an increased flux voltage transfer function. The object of disclosing a circuit configuration providing an increased flux voltage transfer function of a SQUID, wherein the measurement sensitivity of the system is noticeably increased and the required readout electronics are simplified, is achieved... Agent: Institut Fuer Photonische Technologien E. V

20110285395 - Magnetic field sensor: An AMR sensor, comprises at least first and second AMR sensor elements to which opposite bias fields are applied. The first and second AMR sensor element outputs are combined to derive a sensor response which is substantially anti-symmetric in the region close to zero external magnetic field. This arrangement shifts... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110285394 - Systems and methods to test and/or recover magnetic sensors with esd or other damage: A system according to one embodiment includes a power supply for charging a lead of a magnetic sensor to a voltage; an interface for operatively coupling the power supply to the lead of the magnetic sensor; a relay for selectively coupling the lead of the magnetic sensor to ground for... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110285396 - Nmr measurement apparatus with flow-through probehead: The invention relates to a device (1, 21, 31, 41, 64) for the preparation and measurement of a nuclear spin reso nance (NMR) measurement sample (10), including—a flow-through NMR probehead (2), with a first tube (3) and a second tube (14) each for the supply and removal of a liquid... Agent:

20110285397 - Baluns, a fine balance and impedance adjustment module, a multi-layer transmission line, and transmission line nmr probes using same: A pseudo-Marchand balun, compound balun and tunable multi-resonant coaxial balun, and NMR probes employing each such balun, and a fine balance and impedance adjustment module and a multi-layer transmission line for use in such NMR probes.... Agent:

20110285398 - Detection of tool in pipe: Methods and systems for determining whether a tool has been deployed below a drill pipe are provided. A downhole tool can measure various characteristics, which then can be analyzed to determine the likelihood of a tool having been deployed below the drill pipe. For example, density and porosity measurements can... Agent:

20110285399 - Device, system and method for monitoring lines of grounding electrodes: Device, system and method for monitoring lines of grounding electrodes, this invention deals with a system and a device for monitoring lines of grounding electrodes in transmission systems of electric power in direct current.... Agent:

20110285400 - Methods for determining the location of a defect in a wired transmission line and systems according to such methods: In one embodiment, the method for locating a defect in a wired transmission line, which extends between a first end and a second end, includes measuring a first modified noise signal at the first end by a first measuring unit, and making a first representation of the first modified noise... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20110285401 - Method for determining the lifetime of interconnects: A method for characterizing the lifetime, extrapolated to working conditions, of an interconnect structure representative of a technology in a given product uses modeling of an electromigration phenomenon by Black's equation, but applied separately to groups of test samples of the structure which are determined on the basis of the... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20110285402 - Method and system for non-destructive detection of coating errors: The present invention relates to a method and a measuring arrangement for the non-destructive detection of coating errors in an electrically conductive substrate layer, which is coated with at least one electrically insulating cover layer. An input signal is inductively or capacitively input into the electrically conductive substrate layer by... Agent:

20110285403 - Sensor circuit: A method of measuring signals related to a photodiode based sensor and calculating a corrected data value thereof is disclosed. A nominal reset voltage value of the photodiode may be measured. A knee point voltage may be applied to the photodiode and resets a voltage on the photodiode to the... Agent:

20110285404 - Proximity sensor with health monitoring: A proximity sensor includes a relatively simple health monitoring circuit. The proximity sensor includes a variable gain oscillator, a feedback circuit, and a proximity determination circuit. The variable gain oscillator has a gain that varies with the proximity of a target to a sensor coil, generates an oscillating electrical signal... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110285405 - Radio wave absorber, electromagnetic field measurement system and radiated immunity system: A radio wave absorber for use in an electromagnetic field probe that measures an electromagnetic field by means of an antenna section provided therewith, the radio wave absorber including: a first end section; a second end section that is located at a position opposite the first end section; and an... Agent:

20110285406 - Inductive sensor and method of assembly: A sensor includes a coil arranged in a housing. The coil is electrically connected to a printed circuit board, which is likewise arranged in the housing. Sensor terminals are arranged at the printed circuit board on a side of the housing opposite the coil. The coil has at least two... Agent:

20110285407 - Impedance detection circuit and adjustment method of impedance detection circuit: According to the present invention, a small impedance detection circuit capable of accurately detecting the impedance of an object to be measured and an adjustment method of an impedance detection circuit can be provided. In the impedance detection circuit according to the present invention, an AC signal generator outputs an... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110285409 - Nanofluidic channel with embedded transverse nanoelectrodes and method of fabricating for same: A method for forming a nanofluidic channel measuring system is disclosed. The method includes forming a first trench in a substrate, forming a second trench in the substrate, the first trench and the second trench are separated by a first width, providing a first conductor pad at a first location,... Agent:

20110285408 - Occupant detection apparatus: An occupant detection apparatus includes a capacitive sensor, a signal applying circuit, a signal detector, and a voltage applying circuit. The capacitive sensor has an electrode. The signal applying circuit applies a voltage amplitude signal to the electrode during a first time period, but does not apply the voltage amplitude... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110285412 - Current detection printed board, voltage detection printed board, and current/voltage detector using same, and current detector and voltage detector: A current detection printed board includes: a board having a penetration hole that penetrates the board; and at least one wire that is formed in a coiled shape having both ends by penetrating the board along the periphery of the penetration hole and alternately connecting a front surface layer and... Agent: Daihen Corporation

20110285411 - Impedance detecting circuit and impedance detection method: An impedance detection circuit includes a detection circuit, a correction circuit, a subtraction circuit, and an AC signal generator. The detection circuit has a first operational amplifier having an inverting input terminal coupled with one end of a signal line to whose other end a measured capacitor Cs is coupled,... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110285410 - Particulate matter detection device: A particulate matter detection device that detects the diameter and the amount of particulates in exhaust gas while reducing detection error caused by deterioration such as the deterioration of electrodes is provided. In the particulate matter detection device, which measures particulates in a gaseous body, AC voltages having different frequencies... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110285413 - High voltage liquid dielectric test vessel: A test vessel assembly (10) comprises a central test vessel 12 defining a chamber 18 in which a sample to be tested may be stored. A pair of side adjustable electrodes 30, 30a is received in the chamber and immersed in the sample under test. A gap between the electrodes... Agent: Megger Instruments Limited

20110285414 - Systems and methods for an open circuit current limiter: A resistance measuring circuit includes a current generating component, a current control component, and a voltage measurement component. The magnitude of a target resistance can be measured by connecting the target resistance between first and second measurement terminals of the resistance measuring circuit, applying a current generated by the current... Agent: Fluke Corporation

20110285415 - Connector and semiconductor testing device using the same: A ground terminal has a cylindrical main body. A signal terminal has a terminal main body that is disposed on the inside of the cylindrical main body, and a connecting plate portion that extends from an end portion of the terminal main body. Additionally, a ground terminal has at least... Agent: Molex Japan Co., Ltd.

20110285416 - Multi-point probe for testing electrical properties and a method of producing a multi-point probe: A multi-point probe for testing electrical properties of a number of specific locations of a test sample comprises a supporting body defining a first surface, a first multitude of conductive probe arms (101-101′″), each of the probe arms defining a proximal end and a distal end. The probe arms are... Agent:

20110285417 - Probe: Provided is a probe which secures large overdrive and makes strict control of a scrubbing amount. A probe includes a first deforming portion which includes a linkage mechanism formed by a vertically extending vertical probe and a plurality of horizontal beams which extend in a direction perpendicular to the vertical... Agent:

20110285418 - Semiconductor device: A first power-cutoff switch is disposed between a power line and an internal power line dedicated for a circuit block, and has a current supply capacity having the level at which ON-current can protect an external examination environment. A second power-cutoff switch is disposed between a power line and an... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110285419 - Semiconductor integrated circuit for generating clock signals: A voltage measuring apparatus for a semiconductor integrated circuit includes a first delay unit configured to delay a reference clock in a first region, a second delay unit configured to delay the reference dock in a second region and an analysis unit configured to analyze a difference in voltage level... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor, Inc.

11/17/2011 > 39 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20110279107 - Safety interlock: A safety interlock for use in a medical device having a control system for controlling operation of the medical device includes a central tubular portion defining a fluid passage for passing fluid through the safety interlock. An outer ring portion is adapted for mounting the safety interlock in the medical... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110279108 - Ac voltage measurement circuit: A voltage measurement circuit is operative to measure a high voltage AC signal and includes a capacitive divider circuit and a compensator circuit. The capacitive divider circuit includes first and second inputs, across which, in use, is received a high voltage AC signal and also includes second and third capacitors.... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110279109 - Test apparatus and test method: There is provided a test apparatus for testing a device under test, including a test signal generator that generates a test signal to test the device under test, an electric-photo converter that converts the test signal into an optical test signal, an optical interface that (i) transmits the optical test... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110279111 - Electronic probe housing and electronic governor for steam turbine: An electronic housing having two speed pickup devices automatically sends electric signals to an electronic governor which causes the RPM of the steam turbine to increase, decrease or remain constant, in conjunction with software and electronic circuitry for controlling the management of a plurality of power sources for the electronics... Agent:

20110279110 - Electronic probe housing for steam turbine: An inner chamber in a housing surrounding a first end of a drive shaft upon which the turbine blades are mounted, a gear ring within the inner chamber fixedly attached to the first end of the drive shaft, the gear ring having a plurality of spaced, ferrite extensions, two magnetic... Agent:

20110279112 - Variable reluctance resolver and method of producing the variable reluctance resolver: A variable reluctance resolver includes a rotor that rotates about a rotational axis, a plurality of detection coils that detect rotation of the rotor, and a magnetic member that magnetically connects adjacent ones of the detection coils to each other. The magnetic member includes a pair of body portions around... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110279113 - Apparatus and method for in-field magnetic measurements: A magnetic field verifier apparatus includes a magnetic field detection element configured to produce a voltage signal in response to an applied magnetic field wherein the voltage signal corresponds to the strength of the applied magnetic field. Substantially identical circuit boards or units are connected to a central unit or... Agent: Data Security, Inc.

20110279114 - Mixed actuation protocol for a magnetic biosensor device: The present invention provides a magnetic biosensor device comprising a sensor cartridge for receiving an assay to be tested, an electromagnetic unit for producing a magnetic field at a sensor surface of the sensor cartridge, and detection means for detecting the presence of magnetic particles close to the sensor surface.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110279115 - Method and apparatus for implementing eit magnetometry: A magnetometer is provided comprising an atomic vapor in an enclosure, a source of light for preparing the vapor into a state exhibiting electromagnetically induced transparency, a first laser beam passing through the atomic vapor, a phase detector for detecting changes in phase of the first laser beam, and a... Agent: Entanglement Technologies, LLC

20110279116 - Magnetic resonance diagnostic apparatus: A magnetic resonance diagnostic apparatus is configured in such a manner that: a high-frequency transmission coil transmits a high-frequency electromagnetic wave at a magnetic resonance frequency to an examined subject; a heating coil performs a heating process by radiating a high-frequency electromagnetic wave onto the examined subject at a frequency... Agent:

20110279117 - System and method for magnetic resonance imaging: A method for contrast agent enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of a target sample, comprising generating a magnetic field shift in a polarizing magnetic field during a relaxation portion of an MRI pulse sequence and thereafter acquiring an MR image.... Agent:

20110279118 - Controlling multi-channel transmitter effects on specific absorption rate: Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with controlling the specific absorption rate (SAR) in a patient associated with a conductor are described. The conductor may be, for example, a wire associated with a pacemaker, a wire associated with a neurostimulator, an orthopaedic device, and so on. One example method includes... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20110279119 - Combinable multipart surface coil for magnetic resonance tomography: The present embodiments relate to a local coil system for use in a magnetic resonance tomography system. The local coil system includes a local coil lower part and a plurality of mutually different local coil upper parts. Each local coil upper part of the plurality is connectable to the local... Agent:

20110279120 - Electromagnetic survey systems and methods with rotation-corrected motion compensation: A disclosed electromagnetic survey system includes one or more streamer(s) having multiple electromagnetic sensors and motion sensing units. Each motion sensing unit has one or more accelerometer(s) to measure motion perpendicular to an axis of the streamer, and a rotation sensor to measure rotation about the axis. The measurements of... Agent:

20110279121 - Method of detecting arc discharge in a plasma process: An arc discharge detection device is used for detecting arc discharges in a plasma process. The arc discharge detection device includes a comparator configured to emit an arc discharge detection signal and receive an instantaneous value of the signal or a signal proportional thereto, a minimum or maximum value detection... Agent: Huettinger Elektronik Gmbh + Co. Kg

20110279122 - Method, electric circuit arrangement and electric memory unit for determining a characteristic status parameter of the memory unit: The invention relates to a method for determining a characteristic status parameter of a memory unit via an electric circuit arrangement. In the circuit arrangement at least one inductive component and at least one capacitive component are arranged, forming a tuned circuit with the memory unit. The method has the... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110279123 - Ambulatory infusion device with variable energy storage testing and method for testing an energy storage: Included are embodiments of an ambulatory infusion device. Some embodiments include an energy storage for storing electrical energy utilized for powering the ambulatory infusion device. The energy storage may serve as a primary power source of the ambulatory infusion device. Also included is a dosing unit with an electrically powered... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.

20110279124 - Float current monitor: A battery monitor device is provided for determining float current in a battery system. The battery monitor device is comprised of: a voltage sense circuit electrically coupled to opposing sides of a connector coupling two battery cells and operable to measure a voltage drop across the connector; a test load... Agent: Liebert Corporation

20110279125 - Fet nanopore sensor: A method of using a sensor comprising a field effect transistor (FET) embedded in a nanopore includes placing the sensor in an electrolyte comprising at least one of biomolecules and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA); placing an electrode in the electrolyte; applying a gate voltage in the sub-threshold regime to the electrode;... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110279126 - Electrostatic occupant detection system: An electrostatic occupant detection system includes an electrostatic sensor and an electronic control unit. The electronic control unit is switchable between an occupant determination state in which the electronic control unit outputs a sine wave having a constant amplitude and a diagnosis state in which the electronic control unit maintains... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110279127 - Cold cathode ionization vacuum gauge, vacuum processing apparatus having the same, discharge starting auxiliary electrode used for the same, and method of measuring pressure using the same: The present invention provides a cold cathode ionization vacuum gauge that can trigger discharge in a short time even after a long period of operation. The cold cathode ionization vacuum gauge of an embodiment of the present invention includes an anode, a cathode disposed so as to form a discharge... Agent: Canon Anelva Corporation

20110279128 - Driver chip based oled module connectivity test: An anode driver chip and a cathode driver chip attached to an OLED device by means of anisotropic glue. The fine structure of the attachment means requires inspection to determine any resulting open and short conditions. The anode driver circuits comprise an output current detection that allows open circuit testing... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20110279129 - Detection device for detecting impedance of sensor element in gas sensor and sensor unit equipped with detection device: In a sensor control circuit, an impedance signal output unit has a HPF, a P/H circuit, a LPF, etc., and detects an element impedance of a sensor element on the basis of an impedance response signal which is alternately changed in response to an alternating current signal supplied to the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110279130 - Fingered electrodes for microfluidic single particle analysis: The electrical properties of particle solutions can be investigated on a single particle basis by using micro fluidic channels. The impedance can be measured across the channel using at least one pair of conductive electrodes, at least one electrode of a pair being a fingered electrode having a plurality of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110279131 - Circuit and method for measuring capacitance value of touch screen: A circuit for measuring a capacitance value of a touch screen includes: a target capacitor unit having a target capacitor charged with a target charging voltage; a target voltage control unit to charge the target capacitor; a reference capacitor unit having a reference capacitor charged with a charging reference voltage;... Agent: Silicon Works Co., Ltd

20110279132 - Method for detecting pattern offset amount of exposed regions and detecting mark: A method for detecting a patter offset amount of exposed regions comprises forming at least one pair of conductive detecting marks with a predetermined position relationship by a patterning process including two exposing processes; detecting an electrical characteristic of the at least one pair conductive detecting marks, if the detected... Agent: Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20110279133 - Electric current measurement: A method for measuring electric current applied to a load includes: with a sensor element having an inaccuracy, measuring an electric current supplied to a load to produce a measurement of the electric current; with the sensor element, measuring the electric current with an added perturbation current; and using measurements... Agent: Siflare, Inc

20110279134 - Wire core diameter testing system and method: A wire processing machine includes a signal applicator that applies a sensing signal to a section of wire. When the signal applicator is applying the sensing signal to the wire core of a section of wire, the wire processing machine is actuated to move a pair of wire processing blades... Agent: Artos Engineering Company

20110279135 - Memristor adjustment using stored charge: Methods and apparatus pertaining to memory resistors are provided. Electronic circuitry determines energy for changing a non-volatile resistance of a memristor from a present value to a target value. An electric charge corresponding to the energy is stored. An electric pulse is applied to the memristor using the stored charge.... Agent:

20110279136 - Electronic component testing device and electronic component transport method: An electronic component testing device includes a first imaging device for imaging an upper-surface electrode of an electronic component before the electronic component is held by a holding part, a second imaging device for imaging a contact terminal provided to a testing head, a third imaging device for imaging a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110279137 - Probes for testing integrated electronic circuits and corresponding production method: An embodiment of a method is proposed for producing cantilever probes for use in a test apparatus of integrated electronic circuits; the probes are configured to contact during the test corresponding terminals of the electronic circuits to be tested. An embodiment comprises forming probe bodies of electrically conductive materials. In... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20110279138 - Identifying a signal on a printed circuit board under test: Identifying a signal on a printed circuit board (‘PCB’) under test, including a test probe with a radio transmitter and transmitter antenna, the test probe positioned with the transmitter antenna at a test point on the PCB, the test probe transmitting a radio signal; at least two radio receivers, each... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110279139 - Probe card for testing high-frequency signals: A probe card includes a circuit board, a flexible substrate, and a plurality of probes. The flexible substrate includes a plurality of arrayed conductive strips. The plurality of conductive strips is electrically connected to the printed circuit board. The plurality of probes is fixed to the printed circuit board, and... Agent: Star Technologies Inc.

20110279140 - Connector and semiconductor testing device having the same: To provide a connector wherein ground terminals can be designed easily, which not only suppresses the occurrence of impedance mismatch and crosstalk, but which does not lead to interferences between contacting portions. A ground terminal for a connector has a cylindrical main body. A plurality of contacting portions, for contacting... Agent: Molex Japan Co., Ltd.

20110279141 - High throughput current-voltage combinatorial characterization tool and method for combinatorial solar test substrates: Measuring current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of a solar cell using a lamp that emits light, a substrate that includes a plurality of solar cells, a positive electrode attached to the solar cells, and a negative electrode peripherally deposited around each of the solar cells and connected to a common ground, an... Agent:

20110279142 - Time dependent dielectric breakdown (tddb) test structure of semiconductor device and method of performing tddb test using the same: A time dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB) test structure of a semiconductor device includes: a first test cell having a first test pattern in which a dielectric layer is formed between two electrodes; a second test cell spaced apart from the first test cell and having a second test pattern in... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110279143 - Semiconductor wafer testing apparatus: Disclosed is a semiconductor wafer testing apparatus that resolves the following problems which arise when semiconductor wafers become larger: (1) complexity of stage acceleration/deceleration control; (2) throughput reduction; and (3) increased vibration of the stage support platform during the stage inversion operation (deterioration in resolution). In the semiconductor wafer testing... Agent:

20110279144 - Method for evaluating semiconductor device: To provide a simple method for evaluating reliability of a transistor, a simple test which correlates with a bias-temperature stress test (BT test) is performed instead of the BT test. Specifically, a gate current value is measured in the state where a voltage lower than the threshold voltage of an... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20110279145 - Testing device and method thereof: A testing device for testing a board managing controller (BMC) of a computer motherboard including a power supply, a BMC, and a warning unit, includes a storing module, a voltage adjusting module, and a voltage displaying module. The storing module stores a preset warning voltage and an upper limit voltage... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

11/10/2011 > 43 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20110273161 - Arrangement for lightning detection: An arrangement to detect a lightning strike in a wind turbine is provided. According to the arrangement, the wind turbines contains an ozone sensor. The ozone sensor is located close to a component of the wind turbine. The component is constructed and arranged in a way that a lightning current,... Agent:

20110273162 - Power detector: A power detector circuit for measuring output power of an amplifier circuit includes a mirror amplification stage having mirror circuit components substantially similar and corresponding to original circuit components of an amplification stage of the amplifier circuit, and a power sensor circuit coupled to an output node of the mirror... Agent: Richwave Technology Corp.

20110273163 - Solar monitor for solar device: A solar monitor measures electrical characteristics of a designated solar device within an array of solar devices that are coupled in series. The solar monitor includes a charge storage element and a charger coupled to the charge storage element to establish a positive voltage and/or a negative voltage on the... Agent:

20110273164 - Delivered power detection for power amplifiers and related systems and methods: Delivered power detection for power amplifiers (PAs) and related systems and methods are disclosed. The disclosed embodiments and techniques provide a delivered power indication for systems using PAs, including such systems for cellular telephone applications, allow power detection circuitry to be integrated on the same integrated circuit die as the... Agent:

20110273165 - Replaceable probe head: A probe head is disclosed that is detachable from a probe body containing electronics. The probe head including a housing enclosing a sensor and at least part of an electrical connector electrically coupled to the sensor. The housing has a coupling member positioned to detachably connect the housing to the... Agent: Ysi Incorporated

20110273166 - Magnetic encoder scale: An encoder scale is a piston rod for use in a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder. The method includes the steps of providing a mask defining a required groove pattern on an encoder scale member that is formed from a first material (e.g. steel) and etching material from the encoder scale... Agent: Renishaw PLC

20110273169 - Magnetic sensor with high and low resolution tracks: A sensing apparatus includes high and low-resolution tracks, and a compensation track. The low-resolution track includes a first magnet that has a first magnetic field. The high-resolution track is spaced apart from the low-resolution track by a first gap and includes a second magnet and a third magnet. The second... Agent: Timken US Corporation

20110273167 - Paper position sensor for printer: A paper position sensor for a ticket printer is disclosed. The ticket printer includes a blank ticket tray and a paper guide consisting of an upper and lower guide, which lower guide contains a position sensor wheel that rotates as a result of the frictional contact with the blank ticket,... Agent: Nanoptix Inc.

20110273168 - Position determination of an electric drive having two stators and two rotors: Disclosed is an electric drive, particularly for a pivoting arm, such as a robotic arm, comprising a rotor, a plurality of magnetic periods and a device for determining the rotational position of the rotor based on at least one measurement signal, which is indicative of the inductance of a pole... Agent:

20110273170 - Method and apparatus for a non contact metal sensing device: A method for detecting metal in an inner region of a caster mould during a casting process using a plurality of eddy current probe assemblies, wherein each of the plurality of eddy current probe assemblies is configured to generate a primary magnetic field passing through nonconductive mould material of the... Agent: Nemak Dillingen Gmbh

20110273171 - Method and device for determining whether there is a change in a substrate beneath a layer covering the substrate: The invention relates to a method for determining whether there is a change in a substrate (2) beneath a layer (1) covering the substrate (2). To this end, a combined magnetic and/or electrical measurement is taken at one location on the substrate (2) on or at a distance from the... Agent:

20110273172 - Sensor arrangement and method for operating a sensor arrangement: A sensor arrangement comprises at least a first magnetic-field sensor (SM1) and a second magnetic-field sensor (SM2). A signal-processing unit (PROC) is set up to determine a minimum signal (MIN) and a maximum signal (MAX) of the first or second magnetic-field sensor (SM1, SM2) in the full scale range (FSR)... Agent: Austriamicrosystems Ag

20110273173 - Sensor arrangement and method for operating a sensor arrangement: A sensor arrangement comprises at least one magnetic-field sensor (SM1). A signal-processing unit (PROC) is set up to determine a minimum signal (MIN) and a maximum signal (MAX) of the magnetic-field sensor (SM1) over the full scale range (FSR) of the sensor arrangement. An adjustment circuit (DSPL) is set up... Agent: Austriamicrosystems Ag

20110273174 - Magnetic field detection element and signal transmission element: A magnetic detection element includes a magnetoresistance effect portion composed of a magnetoresistance effect material and a pair of yoke portions. The pair of yoke portions is composed of a soft magnetic material and are respectively arranged so as to be electrically connected to both sides of the magnetoresistance effect... Agent: Omron Corporation

20110273175 - Permanent magnetic assembly for: The present invention relates to an arrangement (10) for influencing and/or detecting magnetic particles in a region of action (300). The arrangement (10) comprises selection means (210) for generating a magnetic selection field (211) having a pattern in space of its magnetic field strength such that a first sub-zone (301)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110273176 - System and method for use of nanoparticles in imaging and temperature measurement: This invention provides a system and method that improves the sensitivity and localization capabilities of Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) by using combinations of time-varying and static magnetic fields. Combinations of magnetic fields can be used to distribute the signals coming from the magnetic particles among the harmonics and other frequencies... Agent: Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital

20110273177 - Electromagnet assembly: An electromagnet assembly comprises a first pair of substantially co-planar coils wound in opposite senses to each other. It further comprises a second pair of co-planar coils also wound in opposite senses to each other. The coil pairs are arranged substantially parallel to, and spaced apart from, each other. In... Agent: Emscan Limited

20110273178 - Device for marking out buried objects: A method and apparatus for marking the location of a buried object in which the location of the buried object is determined and a barhole driver or plunger bar having a detachable plug element and a marking material for marking the location of the buried object is driven into the... Agent: Gas Technology Institute

20110273179 - Multiple component electromagnetic survey signal acquisition method: A method for marine electromagnetic surveying includes transmitting a first electromagnetic field oriented in a first direction into a body of water. A second electromagnetic field oriented in a second direction is transmitted into the body of water, wherein the second direction is substantially transverse to the first direction. A... Agent:

20110273180 - Battery testing method: The present invention allows batteries to be tested in conjunction with being re-charged, and identifies failed or failing batteries before they are put to further use. The present invention can simultaneously test and charge multiple batteries, and can simultaneously test and charge different types of batteries. A method according to... Agent:

20110273181 - Battery testing system: The present invention allows batteries to be tested in conjunction with being re-charged, and identifies failed or failing batteries before they are put to further use. The present invention can simultaneously test and charge multiple batteries, and can simultaneously test and charge different types of batteries. A system according to... Agent:

20110273182 - Detecting the voltage in battery cells: The invention relates to an evaluation circuit for detecting the voltage in battery cells of a battery system which are preferably connected in series. The evaluation circuit includes serially connected resistors, the number of which is equal to the number of battery cells for which the voltage is to be... Agent:

20110273183 - Apparatus and method to detect a series arc fault of an electrical circuit: An apparatus is for a power circuit providing an alternating current to a load. The apparatus includes a high frequency current sensor structured to cooperate with the power circuit to provide a high frequency current signal. A voltage zero crossing detector is structured to cooperate with the power circuit to... Agent:

20110273184 - System and method for improved testing of electronic devices: An improved method of testing and sorting electronic devices uses two or more test stations and two or more sorting stations applied to a single track to improve system throughput. Applying two or more test stations and two or more sorting stations to a single track accomplishes improved system throughput... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20110273185 - Methods for defect testing of externally accessible integrated circuit interconnects: Apparatus and methods provide built-in testing enhancements in integrated circuits. These testing enhancements permit, for example, continuity testing to pads and/or leakage current testing for more than one pad. The disclosed techniques may permit more thorough testing of integrated circuits at the die level, thereby reducing the number of defective... Agent: Micron Technology, Inc.

20110273186 - Circuit for controlling temperature and enabling testing of a semiconductor chip: A circuit for controlling temperature of a semiconductor chip includes a first heating element that is built into the semiconductor chip. The first heating element generates heat to increase the temperature of the semiconductor chip. The chip also includes a temperature controller that is coupled to the first heating element... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110273187 - Passive source and load-pull architecture for high reflection factor synthesis: An enhanced loop in a passive tuner consists of an extremely low loss coupler and a high directivity circulator. In the case of source reflection factor synthesis, a passive loop generates an additional incident traveling wave. This wave, added to the primary incident traveling wave, augments the traveling wave and... Agent:

20110273188 - Sensor device for detecting an object in a detection area: A sensor device is provided. The sensor device includes a sensor pad for detecting an object in a detection area by measuring the impedance variation of the sensor pad, the sensor device further including a back focus plate disposed behind the sensor pad relative to the detection area and a... Agent: Faurecia Bloc Avant

20110273190 - Sensing apparatus and associated methods: An apparatus includes an integrated circuit (IC) configured to sense capacitance, and two or more capacitive elements coupled to the IC. The capacitive elements each have a first section, and one capacitive element has a second section. The first sections of the capacitive elements have the same or substantially the... Agent: Silicon Laboratories Inc.

20110273189 - Sensing apparatus for and associated methods: An apparatus includes an integrated circuit (IC) configured to sense capacitance, and two or more capacitive elements coupled to the IC. The capacitive elements each have a first section, and one capacitive element has a second section. The first sections of the capacitive elements have the same or substantially the... Agent:

20110273191 - Device for determining a thickness or thickness variation of a flat object: A device for determining a thickness or thickness variation of a flat object (5), in particular of a voucher, is proposed, having at least one first guide element (1), and having a plurality of second guide elements (2) arranged next to each other in a row and opposite the first... Agent: Beb Industrie-elektronik Ag

20110273192 - Capacitance measurement device for a touch control device: A capacitance measurement device includes a charging control unit for charging a measured capacitor, a discharging control unit for discharging the measured capacitor, a first switch coupled to the measured capacitor and the charging control unit for controlling a connection between the measured capacitor and the charging control unit according... Agent:

20110273193 - Touch detection method and related touch control device: A touch detection method for a touch control device including a touch panel includes examining whether a charging capacity for charging a measured capacitor of the touch panel and a discharging capacity for discharging the measured capacitor are determined; charging and discharging the measured capacitor by using the charging capacity... Agent:

20110273194 - Object detection device for an automotive vehicle: A detection device for detecting an object by measuring the capacitance variation of the detection device includes at least a pair of sensor pads, each sensor pad being able to transmit or to receive an electric field. Each sensor pad can be used to measure the impedance variation of the... Agent: Faurecia Bloc Avant

20110273195 - Touch-sensitive sensor arrangement: A touch-sensitive sensor arrangement comprising a planar-shaped element having a surface provided with a conductive layer, and a plurality of connecting points that are each arranged in an edge area of the element and contacting the conductive layer, wherein a respective decoupling device is arranged for decoupling a current, which... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110273196 - Long range, battery powered, wireless environmental sensor interface devices: Long range, battery powered, wireless environmental sensor interface devices that can be connected to a plurality of sensors and wirelessly communicate the sensor readings back to a central collection device or Internet terminal. Instead or additionally, sensors can be integrated with the device for added efficiency. The devices incorporate a... Agent:

20110273197 - Signal generator for a built-in self test: An integrated circuit with Built-in Self Test (BiST) is described. The integrated circuit includes a signal generator used to perform a BiST on the integrated circuit. The integrated circuit also includes a local oscillator used by the signal generator to generate one or more test signals used to perform the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110273198 - Low profile probe having improved mechanical scrub and reduced contact inductance: A vertically folded probe is provided that can provide improved scrub performance in cases where the probe height is limited. More specifically, such a probe includes a base and a tip, and an arm extending from the base to the tip as a single continuous member. The probe arm is... Agent: Microprobe, Inc.

20110273199 - Vertical probe array arranged to provide space transformation: Improved probing of closely spaced contact pads is provided by an array of vertical probes having all of the probe tips aligned along a single contact line, while the probe bases are arranged in an array having two or more rows parallel to the contact line. With this arrangement of... Agent: Microprobe, Inc.

20110273200 - Fault current test equipment of direct current thyristor valve: The present invention relates to a test equipment of direct current thyristor valve, and particularly relates to a fault current test equipment of direct current thyristor valve. This present invention equipment includes high voltage low current circuit and low voltage high current circuit, said test equipment includes fault current circuit,... Agent: China Electric Power Research Institute

20110273201 - High voltage thyristor valve multi-injection test method: This invention provides a high voltage thyristor valve multi-injection test method, it can meet one way valve and double valve operation test and over current test requirements. It has high equivalence and good flexibility. It includes FACTS double way thyristor valve and normal direct current thyristor valve operation tests and... Agent: China Electric Power Research Institute

20110273202 - Circut board and mehtod for testing component built in the circuit board: Disclosed herein are a circuit board and a method for testing devices embedded inside the circuit board. The circuit board according to an embodiment of the present invention includes an active device that is embedded inside the circuit board and includes at least one connection terminal; a passive device of... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110273203 - Method for the testing of circuit boards: s

11/03/2011 > 68 patent applications in 52 patent subcategories.

20110267027 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for detecting lightning strikes: Certain embodiments of the invention may include systems, methods, and apparatus for providing detecting lightning strikes. According to an example embodiment of the invention, a method for determining a lightning strike event, classification, and location is provided. The method includes receiving lightning electrical current in least one down conductor, generating... Agent: General Electric Company

20110267029 - Fibre monitoring apparatus and method: An electric field sensor comprises an insulating substrate, a plurality of non-contacting electrodes disposed on the substrate, and a plurality of conductors coupled to the electrodes, and extending transversely through the substrate. The electrodes comprise a first electrode portion, and a second electrode portion interlaced with the first electrode portion.... Agent: Instrumar Limited

20110267028 - Measuring device and methods for use therewith: The ability to switch at will between amperometric measurements and potentiometric measurements provides great flexibility in performing analyses of unknowns. Apparatus and methods can provide such switching to collect data from an electrochemical cell. The cell may contain a reagent disposed to measure glucose in human blood.... Agent: Agamatrix, Inc.

20110267030 - Driving an electronic instrument: Circuitry includes a pre-amplifier having a differential output, where the differential output corresponds to a common mode voltage; a multiplexer including sets of transistors, each of which has a control input; a comparator including input terminals, a first terminal of the input terminals to receive a signal that is based... Agent:

20110267031 - Method and apparatus for determining a vapor signature based upon frequency: An apparatus for sensing analyte is provided. The apparatus may include a plurality of sensor array columns, each sensor array column including a plurality of sensors, each sensor being adapted for sensing one or more parameters in reaction to the presence of one or more analytes and output a current... Agent: Sensorbit Systems, Inc.

20110267032 - Three-phase electric energy measurement apparatus: This disclosure relates to a three-phase electric energy measurement apparatus, comprising: a voltage detection unit for detecting voltage of each phase in power transmitting lines where the voltage detection unit is; a current detection unit for detecting current of each phase in the power transmitting lines where the current detection... Agent:

20110267033 - Low noise reading architecture for active sensor arrays: A sensor apparatus includes an array of active sensor elements arranged in columns and rows. Each sensor element is associated with a thin film access device disposed in a first current path through which an activation current is provided to activate the sensor element. Each sensor element is read through... Agent: Next Biometrics As

20110267034 - Relay, in particular for the high-current range: A relay, in particular for high-current operation, having at least one coil and a movable armature which by the magnetic flux generated in the at least one coil permits or interrupts a current flow via two main contact terminals and having a current-measuring instrument for measuring at least one current... Agent:

20110267035 - Current detector and method of manufacturing same: The invention relates to a current detector using a magnetic balance system and method of manufacturing same. A plurality of taps N, N−1, N−2, N+1, and N+2 are connected to the output side of the secondary coil, and provided on the winding side of a secondary coil in winding device... Agent:

20110267036 - Connecting digital storage oscilloscopes: An apparatus includes a first oscilloscope having multiple channels, and a second oscilloscope having multiple channels. The first oscilloscope is configured to operate as a master or as a slave. The first oscilloscope operates as the master by using a first trigger signal and a first clock signal that are... Agent:

20110267037 - Multi-level triggering circuit: Circuitry includes a comparator to compare an input analog signal to a threshold and to output a signal that is based on the comparison; a first circuit path to receive the signal and to detect a characteristic of the signal, where the first circuit path is configured to support triggering... Agent:

20110267038 - Shunt sensor and shunt sensor assembly: The present disclosure describes configurations for current shunt sensors and current shunt sensor assemblies having improved electromagnetic cross-talk rejection that can be used in single-phase/split-phase and poly-phase power metering applications. Some embodiments of the current shunt sensors and current shunt sensor assemblies reduce the need for a shielding material around... Agent: Teridian Semiconductor Corp.

20110267039 - Magnet and holder assembly having improved rotational and axial stability: A magnet held in a magnet holder is constrained against radial or axial instability, or against both, by a shape on either component in contact with complementary shape on the other component, the shaped components generally defining a tab-and-slot arrangement. The magnet component may be a bonded magnet and in... Agent:

20110267043 - Magnetic encoder apparatus: A magnetic scale includes a scale member having a plurality of grooves. The scale member defines a passive magnetic scale track. The plurality of grooves include grooves of at least a first groove type and a second groove type, the magnetic properties of the scale member in the locality of... Agent: Renishaw PLC

20110267042 - Motor function analyzing apparatus: It is an object of the present invention to provide a motor function analyzing apparatus which simplifies a calibration measurement necessary before measuring a finger tapping motion, and which is capable of evaluating a motor function highly precisely. The present invention provides a motor function analyzing apparatus which simplifies a... Agent: Hitachi Computer Peripherals Co., Ltd.

20110267044 - Position detection device: A position detection device includes an electromagnetic conversion element and a magnetic field generator. The electromagnetic conversion element is arranged on a given plane. The magnetic field generator is arranged facing one side of the electromagnetic conversion element in a direction vertical to the given plane and generates a magnetic... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20110267041 - Hall rotary transformer and hall rotation angle encoder made of it: A hall rotary transformer comprises a rotary transformer stator (1), linear Hall components (3), a PCB (4) and a permanent magnet magnetic ring (5). A ring shape soft iron core (2) is installed on the PCB (4). Plural grooves (8) are uniformly distributed inside the peripheral surface of the ring... Agent: Shenzhen Academy Of Aerospace Technology

20110267040 - Linear or rotary position sensor with a permanent magnet for detecting a ferromagnetic target: The disclosure relates to a contactless magnetic sensor for measuring the angular or linear movement of a ferromagnetic target. The purpose of the disclosure is to make a position sensor having reduced dimensions and capable of detecting a piece of position information as soon as the sensor is powered without... Agent: Moving Magnet Technologies (mmt)

20110267045 - Method and apparatus for sectional magnetic encoding of a shaft and for measuring rotational angle, rotational speed and torque: Magnetically encoded shafts for use in detecting forces exerted on the shaft during operation. Magnetically encoded regions arranged in tracks or bands, encircle the shaft and are formed within or affixed to the shaft. The magnetically encoded regions define force-sensitive regions therebetween. Magnetic fields surround the force-sensitive regions and are... Agent:

20110267046 - Method and device for compensation in a measurement of a magnetic field, object-localizing method and system, recording medium for these methods: g

20110267047 - Nondestructive robotic inspection method and system therefor: A method and system for inspecting components, such as a rotating component of a turbomachines having one or more slots along a perimeter thereof. The method entails mounting to a robotic apparatus a probe assembly that includes a holder assembly to which a probe tip is mounted, an eddy current... Agent: General Electric Company

20110267048 - Magnetically sensitive devices: Methods and apparatus pertaining to magnetically sensitive devices are provided. A device includes a graphite containing-material (GCM) supported in contact with respective pairs of electrodes. The GCM is subject to a magnetic field. Various levels of electric current are driven through the GCM, while corresponding voltage measurements are taken. Resulting... Agent:

20110267049 - Optical fiber magneto-optical detecting device: An optical fiber magneto-optical detecting device comprises: a light-guiding input part (10) used for importing polarized light; a Faraday magneto-optical rotator (2), which is a magneto-optical crystal and used for affecting the intensity of the polarized light depending on a change of a magnetic field; a light-guiding output part (30)... Agent:

20110267050 - Magnetic stud finder: A magnetic apparatus for locating hidden ferrous fasteners includes a holder of a preselected non-ferromagnetic material having a base member and at least one wall member of a first predetermined height. The wall member being fixed substantially normal to the base member and has a perimeter about 30 to 70%... Agent:

20110267052 - Broadband decoupling pulse train with interleaved pauses for magnetic resonance spectroscopy: A magnetic resonance apparatus (10) includes a magnet (18) that generates a static magnetic field, e.g., 7T, a resonance excitation system (26, 30, 32) induces resonance in an observed nuclear species such as 13C or 31P. A decoupling delay generator (48) introduces pauses between adjacent pulses of a decoupling pulse... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110267051 - Standing wave trap: The present embodiments relate to a standing wave trap for a magnetic resonance tomography device. The standing wave trap includes a conductor region extending in one plane and at least one capacitor that is conductively connected to two sections of the conductor region.... Agent:

20110267055 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: According to a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to an embodiment, a Radio Frequency (RF) pulse applying unit applies to a subject a flip pulse for exciting spin of nuclei inside a subject body, and a flop pulse for refocusing the phase of the spin. A gradient magnetic-field applying unit... Agent:

20110267054 - Magnetic resonance imaging water-fat separation method: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) water-fat separation method includes acquiring in-phase image raw measurement data and out-of-phase image raw measurement data with an MRI device, reconstructing an in-phase image and an out-of-phase image according to a system matrix and the raw measurement data using the penalty function regularized iterative reconstruction... Agent:

20110267053 - Method for three-dimensional turbo spin echo imaging: A three-dimensional turbo spin echo imaging method of applying, within a repetition time TR, N groups of pulses to respectively scan N slabs in succession, with each group including one excitation pulse and more than one refocusing pulse, wherein N is a positive integer greater than 1, is improved by... Agent:

20110267056 - Digital waveform synthesizer for nmr phase control: In an RF source, a digital waveform synthesizer comprises a computational module to synchronously determine a desired periodic function, f(θ), within a first bandwidth portion, to which computational result there is combined an injected digital noise increment in an adjustable range of bounded amplitude, specifically selected to average over discontinuities... Agent:

20110267057 - Dynamic frequency drift correction method in magnetic resonance imaging: For magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a dynamic frequency drift correction method for binomial water excitation method includes collecting the reference one-dimensional navigation signal by an MRI device; acquiring one current one-dimensional navigation signal after scanning N images, wherein N is a positive integer; calculating the frequency drift according to the... Agent:

20110267058 - Directed energy imaging system: An imaging system that uses a directed-energy device can include a directed-energy device configured to generate an excitation signal to impinge a region of interest of a target and excite elements therein and receive resonance signals emitted from the region of interest of the target after the excitation signal is... Agent:

20110267060 - Magnetic resonance imaging device: A magnetic resonance imaging device includes magnetic field generating means and control means for controlling receiving means according to a predetermined pulse sequence, the predetermined pulse sequence including an unnecessary material suppressing sequence unit for canceling a signal from an unnecessary material which is not a measurement target and a... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20110267059 - Rf coil assembly for use in magnetic resonance imaging: An apparatus for intra-operative MRI includes a patient table with a movable magnet and an RF coil having an upper portion and a lower portion. The upper portion is formed of a foam material flexible to different shapes with a pair of stiffeners formed of connected pivotal elements extending from... Agent:

20110267062 - Balun and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: The present invention provides a technique for maintaining a function for effectively blocking common mode noise with a simple configuration, even in the case where unbalance occurs in characteristic impedance of a coaxial cable in an MRI apparatus, and improving the performance of an RF coil. In a circuit where... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110267061 - Quarter wave balun for magnetic resonance imaging systems: A balun assembly includes a body portion having an opening extending therethrough, the opening sized to receive at least one radio-frequency (RF) cable therethrough, the RF cable transmitting a signal therethrough a signal having a wavelength, and a balun disposed within the body portion, the balun being folded to form... Agent:

20110267063 - Locating arrangement and method using boring tool and cable locating signals: An arrangement and an associated method are described in which a boring tool is moved through the ground within a given region along a path in which region a cable is buried. The boring tool and the cable transmit a boring tool locating signal and a cable locating signal, respectively.... Agent:

20110267064 - Multi-frequency boring tool locating system and method: Arrangements, apparatus and associated methods are described for use in a multi-frequency boring tool locating system. The boring tool includes a transmitter for transmitting a locating signal at two or more selectable frequencies. One set of above ground procedures may be applied to the transmitter in order to change the... Agent:

20110267065 - Packer fluid and system and method for remote sensing: A system, method and device for interrogating a downhole environment in a borehole beneath a surface includes a source of electromagnetic energy operable to transmit an electromagnetic signal in the borehole, a sensor module, including a passive resonating circuit including a crystal oscillator having a resonant frequency that varies with... Agent: Chevron U.s.a., Inc.

20110267066 - Method and apparatus for gradient electromagnetic induction well logging: The method and apparatus for determining the conductivity of anisotropic formations surrounding a borehole. The method comprises measuring the gradient of the magnetic field by an electromagnet logging tool in a borehole in the subsurface formation. The instrument comprises one or several closely positioned parallel receiver coils and one or... Agent:

20110267067 - Electronic battery tester: An electronic battery tester for testing a storage battery including electrical connectors configured to couple to the storage battery. Measurement circuitry is coupled to the electrical connectors and a display is configured to display information to an operator. A manual input is configured to receive an input from a user.... Agent:

20110267068 - Energy storage level indication circuit: An energy storage level indication circuit includes an energy storage device and a radio control module operable to transmit a wireless heartbeat signal at a rate indicating an amount of energy stored in the energy storage device.... Agent:

20110267069 - Method for determining battery capacity: An electrical device is powered by a battery. The device includes transition phase determining circuitry operatively connected to the battery to determine that the battery has entered a transition phase based on the occurrence of a change in direction of current flowing through the battery. Battery capacity determining circuitry is... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110267070 - Ground fault detection for an electrical subsea control system: A ground fault detection circuit for detecting ground faults in electrical subsea conductor lines including a first electrical conductor line, a second electrical conductor line, a first ground fault detection line, and a second ground fault detection line. The ground fault detection circuit further includes a first resistor operatively connected... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110267071 - Hybrid self-test circuit structure: A hybrid self-test circuit structure comprises a plurality of input terminals and a plurality of output terminals for testing a plurality of memory units. The circuit structure comprises a first level functional unit for driving a plurality of first output terminals electrically coupled to the first level functional unit to... Agent: Hoy Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110267072 - detector of transformer interturn short circuit using voltage differential: An improved internturn short circuit detection device of transformer via differential voltage comprises a single-phase transformer (TM). The single-phase transformer (TM) comprises a high-voltage coil (K) and a low-voltage coil (N). A voltage transformer (PT) is positioned at the high voltage side of the single-phase transformer (TM). Two branches of... Agent:

20110267073 - Validating high speed link performance margin for switch fabric with any-to-any connection across a midplane: A system for testing link performance margin in a network device includes one or more daughter cards having a driver to transmit a signal and a receiver to receive the signal, and a midplane including a channel to transmit the signal from the driver to the receiver. The system includes... Agent: Juniper Networks, Inc.

20110267074 - Method of measuring a multiphase flow: A method of measuring the permittivity and/or conductivity of a multiphase fluid flowing through a conduit is provided. The method includes the steps of measuring the signal from a first electromagnetic transmitter to a first electromagnetic receiver separated by a first distance, measuring the signal from the first electromagnetic transmitter... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110267075 - Method of measuring specific absorption rate of electromagnetic waves: Disclosed is an SAR measurement method that is capable of securing sufficient power within a short period of time and always maintaining the intensity of measurement signals irrespective of the measurement frequency. With the SAR measurement method, a plurality of measurement modules each with a control unit for processing location... Agent:

20110267076 - Method for energy-saving operation of a magneto-inductive flow measuring device: A method for operating a magneto-inductive flow measuring device having a measuring tube, wherein an at least partially electrically-conductive measured material flows through the measuring tube. For determining flow, there is produced by means of at least one coil arrangement a clocked magnetic field, which at least partially passes through... Agent: Endress + Hauser Flowtec Ag

20110267077 - Method of sensor cell timing: A method for measuring values from a sensor cell having the basic structure of an MOS silicone transistor having and including a polymer material therein. The method includes the steps of expelling an analyte from the polymer material, determining a silicon current signature before analyte accumulation in a sensitive response... Agent: Sensorbit Systems, Inc.

20110267079 - Capacitance sensing circuit and method of capacitance sensing: A capacitance sensing circuit comprises a capacitive device having a capacitance, the device initially being at a first voltage level. The capacitance sensing circuit is capable of applying one or more pull-up currents to the device during one or more corresponding pull-up periods of time, for changing the first voltage... Agent:

20110267078 - Current sensor capacity measuring system: A capacitance measuring circuit comprising an oscillator circuit, where a sensor capacitance forms a link of a plurality of series connected impedances and where a square wave voltage is impressed on the series connected impedances from a separate high speed, a low impedance source and the measurement of the charging... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110267080 - Remote oil monitoring system: The remote monitoring of oil samples is disclosed. Monitoring may be achieved through the use of a computer, phone, mobile device, or any other networked computing device in contact with a sensing element at the remote location. Such remote monitoring may be beneficial when equipment such as pumps, generators, engines,... Agent:

20110267081 - Method and system to verify the reliability of electronic devices: To verify robustness with respect to electrical overstresses of an electronic circuit under test, the latter is exposed to electrical overstresses, and the behavior thereof is monitored. In particular, both the testing of the electronic circuit in dynamic conditions is performed by causing it to be traversed by the currents... Agent:

20110267083 - Method for measuring transistor: An object is to provide a measuring method with high reproducibility in a bias-temperature stress test of a transistor in which an oxide semiconductor is used for a semiconductor layer. Provided is a measuring method of a transistor, which includes the steps of disposing a transistor in which an oxide... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20110267082 - Methodologies and test configurations for testing thermal interface materials: Methodologies and test configurations are provided for testing thermal interface materials and, in particular, methodologies and test configurations are provided for testing thermal interface materials used for testing integrated circuits. A test methodology includes applying a thermal interface material on a device under test. The test methodology further includes monitoring... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110267084 - Thermal interface material, test structure and method of use: Non-corrosive thermal interface materials for use in a test structure and method of use. The test structure includes a heat sink for dissipating heat away from a device under test. The test structure further includes a non-corrosive thermal interface material disposed between the heat sink and the device under test.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110267085 - Method and apparatus for testing devices using serially controlled intelligent switches: Methods and apparatus for testing devices using serially controlled intelligent switches have been described. In some embodiments, a probe card assembly can be provided that includes a plurality of integrated circuits (ICs) serially coupled to form a chain, the chain coupled to at least one serial control line, the plurality... Agent: Formfactor, Inc.

20110267086 - Test circuit of an integrated circuit on a wafer: A test circuit is described of a circuit integrated on wafer of the type comprising at least one antenna of the embedded type comprising at least one test antenna associated with said at least one embedded antenna that realizes its connection of the wireless loopback type creating a wireless channel... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20110267087 - Apparatus and method for wafer level classification of light emitting device: The present disclosure provides a semiconductor test system. The semiconductor test system includes a wafer stage to hold a wafer having a plurality of light emitting devices (LEDs); a probe test card operable to test each test field of the wafer; and a light detector integrated with the probe test... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20110267088 - Contactless loop probe: The invention relates to a contactless loop probe for the contactless decoupling of an HF signal for a contactless measuring system, comprising at least one coupling structure (10) and at least one first signal conductor (12) electrically connected to the coupling structure (10) by a first transition (20), said signal... Agent: Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110267089 - Testing board: The testing board is used to carry electrical device for electric testing. The testing board is constructed by a main testing board and a supporting board assembled on the lower surface of the main testing board. The main testing board and the supporting board respectively have a first thickness and... Agent:

20110267090 - Method of testing solar cells: A method of measuring the efficiency with which a solar cell converts incident photons into charge carriers, including the following steps: (a) illuminating the solar cell with a broadband light source; (b) illuminating the solar cell with the broadband light source of which the intensity of a selected range of... Agent: Technical University Of Denmark

20110267092 - Apparatus and methods for through substrate via test: A stack of vertically-connected, horizontally-oriented integrated circuits (ICs) may have electrical connections from the front side of one IC to the back side of another IC. Electrical signals may be transferred from the back side of one IC to the front side of the same IC by means of through... Agent:

20110267091 - Semiconductor device and method for operating the same: A semiconductor device includes an internal operation signal generation circuit configured to generate an internal operation signal in response to a signal applied through a reset signal input pad during a test period.... Agent:

20110267093 - Testable integrated circuit, system in package and test instruction set: a output, and a test arrangement for testing the integrated circuit die. The test arrangement includes a further multiplexer coupled to the test data output, a multiplexer coupled to the first test data input and the second test data input, a plurality of shift registers including an instruction register, each... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110267094 - Circuit and method for detecting a fault attack: A device for detecting a fault attack, including: a circuit for detecting an interruption of a power supply; a circuit for comparing the duration of said interruption with a first threshold; and a counter of the number of successive interruptions of the power supply having a duration which does not... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (rousset) Sas

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Thank you for viewing Electricity: measuring and testing patents on the FreshPatents.com website. These are patent applications which have been filed in the United States. There are a variety ways to browse Electricity: measuring and testing patent applications on our website including browsing by date, agent, inventor, and industry. If you are interested in receiving occasional emails regarding Electricity: measuring and testing patents we recommend signing up for free keyword monitoring by email.

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