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Electricity: measuring and testing September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 58 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20110234199 - Distributed safety monitoring system provided with a safety loop and method of testing such a system: A distributed safety monitoring system is provided with a first safety loop for connecting safety relays in series to a common power supply. The opening of any one of the safety relays can be detected by a current detector located in the safety loop. Each safety relay is part of... Agent: Bombardier Transportation Gmbh

20110234200 - Adaptive slip double buffer: A method includes monitoring a fill in an adaptive slip buffer of a digital to analog convertor; adjusting a number of samples that are read from the adaptive slip buffer per page as a function of the fill; and reading the number of samples from the adaptive slip buffer. An... Agent:

20110234201 - High-frequency measuring device and high-frequency measuring device calibration method: A method is provided for calibrating a high-frequency, measuring device so as to accurately measure high-frequency parameters within a chamber. A calibration parameter is calculated from impedance of a first set of three reference loads measured by a high-frequency measuring device and the true values of those impedances. A calibration... Agent: Daihen Corporation

20110234202 - Optical voltage sensor: A polarizing optical system (15, 16) is disposed perpendicular to an optical axis of incoming light from a light source (12), having the optical axis (12) as a center axis, and configured for polarization of incoming light to a prescribed reference state, an electro-optical device (17) is disposed perpendicular to... Agent:

20110234203 - Voltage detection circuit and method thereof: A voltage detection circuit comprises a plurality of even-number voltage detection nodes, at least one odd-number voltage detection node, a voltage differential generation circuit, a selection circuit and a computing circuit. The selection circuit is for controlling the coupling relationship between the voltage differential generation circuit and the even and... Agent:

20110234205 - Circuit for measuring the effective current of a signal to be monitored: The present invention relates to a circuit (22) for measuring an efficient current (ieff(t)) of a signal to be monitored (i(t)), characterised in that the circuit includes means for making a continuous reference signal (iDC(t)) depend on the signal to be monitored (i(t) so that the efficient current (iDCeff(t)) of... Agent: Valeo Systemes De Controle Moteur

20110234204 - Radio-frequency power amplifier: A power amplifier includes: an input matching circuit including an inductor, the input matching circuit receiving an input signal and matching input impedances with each other; an amplifier amplifying the input signal that is passed through the input matching circuit; and a test circuit, wherein the test circuit includes: a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110234206 - Acceleration sensor: The present embodiments provide an acceleration sensor, which enables highly accurate detection and has an extremely compact size. The acceleration sensor of the present embodiments is provided with a substrate, a anchor portion formed on the substrate, a support beam, which has one end connected to the anchor portion and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110234210 - Apparatus for detecting displacement of electromagnetic actuator: A displacement detecting apparatus of an electromagnetic actuator, including: an electromagnetic actuator including: a movable core; a drive coil which causes a displacement of the movable core; and a detection coil disposed at a position where a mutual coupling coefficient with the drive coil changes with the displacement, the actuator... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20110234209 - Electromagnetic motion sensor: An electromagnetic motion sensor includes a base, an electromagnetic induction layer, a block, and an emitting coil. The electromagnetic induction layer with a plurality of induction coils is arranged on the bottom of the base. The block is movably connected to the base by a plurality of elastic members. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110234208 - Configurable non-contact position sensor: Embodiments herein relate to the general art of motor vehicles, and to the particular field motor vehicle components, especially sensors for electronic throttle controls. Particular embodiments include configurable Hall-effect sensors for use in vehicle controls. In various embodiments, the configurable sensors may include a flexible over molding that may allow... Agent: Williams Controls, Inc.

20110234207 - Magnetic transducer configuration for magnet-based position sensors having improved geometry for more precise position detection: A magnetic transducer configuration is described having at least one permanent magnet element, which is magnetized in its longitudinal direction and has a pole transition of the longitudinal section having a pole transition. The permanent magnet element has a cross section in the pole transition of the longitudinal section, which... Agent:

20110234211 - Angle position sensor: The present invention discloses an angular position sensor, which includes a rotor core as well as a stator core coaxially around this rotor core. Between the rotor core and the stator core is a first air gap, and inside the rotor core a second air gap, which is provided inside... Agent:

20110234212 - Magnetic flux leakage inspection device: Disclosed are a method and an improvement to the existing conventional magnetic flux leakage inspection device that employ some fixed magnets that are fixed inside the magnet yoke and some movably adjustable magnets, allowing their dipole orientation to be adjusted between 0° and 180° relative to that of the fixed... Agent:

20110234213 - Test method and test apparatus for testing elongated objects using coil: A test method for testing elongated objects comprising moving an elongated object in a feed-through direction through a feed-through coil arrangement having at least one feed-through coil, wherein the feed-through coil arrangement is secured to be transversely movable with respect to the feed-through direction of the object and is guided... Agent: Institut Dr. Foerster Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110234214 - Metal detector sensor head: A metal detector includes means for reducing the induction of eddy currents in conductive elements of a sensor head. The aim of this invention is to remove the effect of small pieces of conductive material, located within or close to the sensor head, being seen as sought targets as the... Agent: Minelab Electronics Pty Limited

20110234217 - Arrangement with variable selection field orientation for magnetic particle imaging: The present invention relates to an arrangement (10) for influencing and/or detecting magnetic particles (100) in a region of action (300), which comprises selection means (210) for generating a magnetic selection field (211) having a pattern in space of its magnetic field strength such that a first sub-zone (301) having... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110234215 - Sensor package and method for producing a sensor package: Some embodiments herein relate to a sensor package. The sensor package includes a printed circuit board with a laminar current conductor arranged on a first main surface of the printed circuit board. The sensor package also includes a sensor chip adapted to measure a current flowing through the laminar current... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110234216 - Spin wave element: A spin wave element includes a substrate, a multilayer, a detecting portion, and two or more input portions. The multilayer having a lamination direction thereof is formed on the substrate and includes a first ferromagnetic layer. The first ferromagnetic layer has magnetization whose direction is in the lamination direction. The... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110234218 - Integrated multi-axis hybrid magnetic field sensor: A multi-axis magnetic field sensing device combines two magnetoresistive sensors to measure the two orthogonal components X, Y of a magnetic field parallel to a system's plane and a Hall sensor to measure the Z component of the magnetic field substantially perpendicular to the system's plane. The two magnetoresistive sensors... Agent:

20110234219 - Method and device for sensing microwave magnetic field polarization components: A method for sensing a microwave magnetic field polarization component of a microwave field generated by a microwave device, comprises the steps of generating a static magnetic field having a predetermined amplitude and a predetermined direction relative to the microwave magnetic field polarization component to be sensed, preparing an atom... Agent: Ludwig-maximilians-universitat Munchen

20110234220 - System and method for emulating nuclear magnetic resonance well logging tool diffusion editing measurements on a bench-top nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer for laboratory-scale rock core analysis: A laboratory NMR methodology (and corresponding laboratory apparatus) defines a sample volume. The method stores downhole tool data corresponding to a hydrocarbon-bearing sample collected from a given subsurface formation. The downhole tool data includes parameters pertaining to magnetic fields used by a downhole tool during a suite of NMR measurements... Agent:

20110234221 - Magnetic resonance method and apparatus to determine phase correction parameters: In a magnetic resonance system and operating method to determine phase correction parameters for a phase correction in MR image data, first and second phase correction data sets are thereby acquired and correlations are calculated between data of the second phase correction data set and data of the first phase... Agent:

20110234227 - Designing a time dependency for a k-space trajectory, in particular a spiral: A method for designing the time dependence function km(t) for a given k-space trajectory km, where m stands for one or multiple of the spatial dimension indices x, y, or z, of a magnetic resonance imaging (=MRI) experiment carried out on an MRI system, wherein the trajectory km is generated... Agent: Bruker Biospin Mri Gmbh

20110234226 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: According to one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus is provided. A first imaging unit captures a plurality of first image data including first and second reference frames. The frames include a reference position and a target region in an object. A movement amount calculation unit calculates a movement amount... Agent:

20110234225 - Magnetic resonance method for quantification of transverse relaxation times: Apparatus and methods for quantification of transverse relaxation times (T2) using steady-state free precession sequences (generally known as fast imaging sequences) and their sensitivity to a quadratic increase of the RF pulse phase, also known as RF spoiling. Using at least two image acquisitions with different partial RF spoiling increments,... Agent: University Hospital Of Basel

20110234223 - Method and apparatus for improving the quality of mr images sensitized to molecular diffusion: In a method and apparatus for magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of an object, and in particular MR imaging that yields images sensitive to molecular diffusion, undesired image artifacts induced by the rhythmic motion of the apparatus are reduced by manipulating the amplitude, phase, and timing of the diffusion encoding gradient... Agent:

20110234222 - Method and device for reconstructing a sequence of magnetic resonance images: A method for reconstructing a sequence of magnetic resonance (MR) images of an object under investigation, includes the steps of (a) providing a series of sets of image raw data including an image content of the MR images to be reconstructed, the image raw data being collected with the use... Agent: Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Wissenschaften E.v.

20110234224 - Modification of frequency response profiles of steady state free precession for magnetic resonance imaging (mri): Apparatus and methods for modification of the frequency response profile of steady-state free precession (SSFP) type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sequences. Using alternating dephasing moments within succeeding radiofrequency (RF) excitation pulses, the frequency response function of SSFP sequences can be modified to different shapes such as near triangular or... Agent: University Hospital Of Basel

20110234228 - Magnetic resonance system and method to create a magnetic resonance image data set by radial scanning of a magnetic resonance system: In a magnetic resonance apparatus and method to generate an image data set by means of a radial scanning of a raw data set, at least one calibration measurement is implemented for at least one predetermined spoke of the radial scan, and a gradient moment difference between an assumed gradient... Agent:

20110234229 - Magnetic resonance system: A magnetic resonance system includes at least one coil and at least one coaxial line connecting the at least one coil to an electronic receive system. The at least one coil includes a preprocessing device that converts the received signals to at least one transmission frequency that is different from... Agent:

20110234230 - Azimuthal at-bit resistivity and geosteering methods and systems: Logging tools and methods employing an at-bit loop antenna to acquire azimuthal resistivity measurements proximate to the bit enable low-latency geosteering signals to be generated. In some embodiments, the at-bit antenna is part of a bottom hole assembly that includes a drill bit, a mud motor, and a resistivity tool.... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20110234231 - Detecting device and detecting method for monitoring battery module: A detecting device and a detecting method for monitoring a battery module are provided. The battery module is electrically connected to a load and includes a first battery unit, a second battery unit and a connecting device. The connecting device connects the positive electrode of the first battery unit to... Agent:

20110234232 - Sorting machine of battery cell and sorting method thereof: A battery cell sorting machine includes an inserting unit into which a battery cell is inserted, a measuring unit on which the inserted battery cell is placed, an open circuit voltage (OCV) measuring unit configured to measure an OCV of the battery cell placed on the measuring unit, a loading... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20110234233 - Ionization gauge having electron multiplier cold emission source: An ionization gauge includes an electron generator array that includes a microchannel plate that includes an electron generating portion of the microchannel plate comprising a source for generating seed electrons and an electron multiplier portion of the microchannel plate, responsive to the seed electrons generated by the electron generating portion,... Agent:

20110234234 - Substance detection method and substance detection device: A detection method of detecting a target substance, the method includes exciting the target substance by irradiating an atmosphere of a detection space with light having a first wavelength that excites the target substance from a ground state to an excited state on the basis of the energy level structure... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110234235 - Surface ionization detector: The present invention refers to a surface ionization detector comprises an emitter, a heating rod, a collecting electrode, a reducing liner and a housing. The emitter is made of molybdenum, platinum or alloy, and in the form of cylinder or a wire spiral. The heating rod heats and supports the... Agent:

20110234236 - Method and a device for detecting an electrical failure affecting an electric control system of a hydraulic actuator of variable geometries of an aeroengine: e

20110234237 - Aircraft slat disconnect sensor: A slat disconnect sensor includes a base. First and second arms are spaced apart from one another and are operatively supported by the base. At least one of the first and second arms have an end mounted to the base and is rotatable relative thereto at a pivot between connect... Agent:

20110234238 - Simulation of printed circuit board impedance variations and crosstalk effects: A method for altering an impedance of a conductive pathway on a microelectronic package includes applying a magnetic field to the conductive pathway. The microelectronic package may be, for example, a printed circuit board. The method also includes controlling a magnitude of the magnetic field at the conductive pathway for... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110234239 - Two-port de-embedding using time domain substitution: A method is provided for de-embedding the S-parameter response of an electrical DUT embedded in an electrical network. The method comprises making first and second sets of S-parameter measurements in the frequency domain at a port or measurement reference plane to the network containing the DUT. For the second measurement,... Agent: Constant Wave, Inc.

20110234240 - Monitoring dehydration using rf dielectric resonator oscillator: Technologies are generally described for monitoring dehydration levels of a subject using Radio Frequency (RF) dielectric resonant oscillators (DROs) that may be affixed to the skin of the subject. According to some example aspects, a sensor comprising a microstrip ring resonator may be affixed to the skin and used to... Agent: Empire Technology Development, LLC

20110234241 - Method and system for protecting products and technology from integrated circuits which have been subject to tampering, stressing and replacement as well as detecting integrated circuits that have been subject to tampering: A system employs physical unclonable functions of an integrated circuit for detecting integrated circuits and protecting products and technology from integrated circuits which have been subject to tampering, stressing and replacement, and counterfeit components. The system includes a sensor detecting a characteristic impedance generated as a result of controlled access... Agent:

20110234242 - Forklift truck with a device for detecting a weight load: A forklift includes a chassis component having an opening in the form of one of a recess and a cutout; and a measuring element disposed in the opening and configured to record and translate changes in at least one of the geometric shape and size of the opening into electrical... Agent: Soehnle Professional Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110234243 - Introduced in monitoring system of dielectric state of high voltage equipments with capacitive insulation, such as condensive bushings, current transformers, potential transformers and similar: “Improvements Introduced in Monitoring System of Dielectric State of High Voltage Equipments with Capacitive Insulation, Such as Condensive Bushings, Current Transformers, Potential Transformers and Similar” allow to detect quick evolution insulation deteriorations and to emit correspondent alarms, being also able to verify their consistency in order to avoid false alarms... Agent:

20110234244 - Device for the capacitive measurement of the quality and/or deterioration of a fluid: The invention concerns a device for the capacitive measurement of the quality and/or deterioration of a fluid, comprising a sensor encapsulated in a perforated case fixed in the vat of a cooking apparatus that has a bottom, wherein the sensor is connected to an electronic processing circuit, wherein the sensor... Agent: Alpsens Technologies Inc.

20110234245 - Power circuit: Various embodiments provide systems and methods for controlling sub-system components during power disturbance events. More particularly, various embodiments provide systems and methods for preventing a controller (215) within a sub-system from turning OFF a switching device (220) during power disturbance events related to other sub-systems.... Agent:

20110234246 - Structural determination apparatus and method: According to a first aspect of the present invention there is provided apparatus arranged to determine an interface between two components, comprising: a reference electrode arranged to be connected to a constant voltage supply or ground; a measurement electrode, and a field generating device arranged to establish an electric field... Agent: Industrial Tomography Systems PLC

20110234247 - Wafer chuck inclination correcting method and probe apparatus: A method for correcting inclination of a wafer chuck includes obtaining in advance a correction amount for each of the semiconductor chips which corrects the inclination of the wafer chuck in the case of applying a contact load to at least each one of the semiconductor chips and storing each... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110234248 - Circuit board testing device with self aligning plates: A circuit board tester and method that precisely aligns the probe plate and circuit board is disclosed. With a circuit board and probe plate mounting within a housing having a top and bottom, hinged together, at closure there may be slight misalignments of the two. By making one of the... Agent: Circuit Check

20110234249 - Test method and interposer used therefor: An interposer to be mounted with an integrated circuit to be a test object is provided with a switch and a probe to detect an electric current corresponding to individual terminals of the integrated circuit. A test pattern signal is then inputted to the integrated circuit through a test substrate... Agent: Elpida Memory, Inc.

20110234250 - Probe: A probe for testing electronic properties of a circuit board by contacting with a weld bead on the circuit board is provided. The probe includes a main body. The main body includes an end surface, a receiving portion defined on the center of the end surface, and four positioning slots... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110234251 - Probe card: A probe card installed in a probe device includes a supporting plate capable of supporting a contact body and a circuit board installed above a top surface of the supporting plate. A connection member is installed at a top surface of the circuit board and the supporting plate and the... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110234252 - Wafer unit for testing and test system: Provided is a test wafer unit for testing a plurality of semiconductor chips formed on a semiconductor wafer, the test wafer unit including: a test wafer having a shape corresponding to a shape of the semiconductor wafer; and a plurality of test circuits formed on the test wafer, each test... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110234253 - Integrated circuit die testing apparatus and methods: A wafer is disclosed that includes a plurality of pipeline interconnected integrated circuit dies that form a plurality of pipelines. A plurality of dies in each pipeline is connected to receive scanned output test data from a neighboring die in a pipeline. A wafer level test access mechanism (TAM) transceiver... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20110234254 - Terminal discriminating apparatus and terminal discriminating method using the same: A terminal discriminating apparatus and a terminal discriminating method using the same are provided. The terminal discriminating apparatus includes: a measurement unit for measuring a pull-up voltage and a pull-down voltage of each of candidate terminals to be discriminated; a discriminating unit for comparing the pull-up voltages, pull-down voltages, and... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110234255 - Fault detection circuits for switched mode power supplies and related methods of operation: A circuit for detecting fault conditions in a supply circuit includes a monitoring circuit and a comparator circuit. The monitoring circuit is operable to output a detection signal related to a control signal for the switched mode power supply. The control signal may be configured to operate at least one... Agent: Cree Led Lighting Solutions, Inc.

20110234256 - Power generation system and sensing system: A power generation system includes a support unit configured to support a power transmission line disposed on a transmission line tower, and a power generation unit. The support unit includes a support line having an end part connected to the power transmission line and a rotary body configured to rotate... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

09/22/2011 > 45 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20110227558 - Nanofluidic channels with integrated charge sensors and methods based thereon: An electrical detector is provided that comprises a nanofluidic channel with an integrated nanoscale charge sensor. The charge sensor can be an unfunctionalized nanowire, nanotube, transistor or capacitor and can be of carbon, silicon, carbon/silicon or other semiconducting material. The nanofluidic channel depth is on the order of the Debye... Agent:

20110227559 - Electric field measuring device: The electric field measuring device measures an electric field intensity of an electromagnetic wave generated from equipment under test 8 in an area for detecting an electromagnetic wave. An antenna 1 and an optical intensity modulator having a Mach-Zehnder type optical waveguide are inside the area and an output signal... Agent: Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd

20110227560 - Current sensor: A current sensor includes first to fourth magneto-resistive elements each having a resistance value; and a compensation current line applying a compensation magnetic field to the magneto-resistive elements. A bridge circuit is formed by the magneto-resistive elements. Resistance values of the first and third magneto-resistive elements change together in one... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110227561 - Sensor arrangement and method for determining the position and/or change in position of a measurement object: A sensor arrangement for determining the position and/or change in position of a measurement object relative to a sensor, wherein a magnet (7) is assigned to the measurement object, is configured, with respect to the design of an operationally reliable sensor with low production costs, such that the sensor (1)... Agent:

20110227563 - Magnetic type rotation detection device and its manufacturing method: A magnetic type rotation detection device may include a magnet body formed with a magnetic pole pair comprised of an “S”-pole and an “N”-pole and provided on a rotation body, a magnetic sensing element facing the magnet body in a rotation center axial line direction of the rotation body, a... Agent: Nidec Sankyo Corporation

20110227562 - Rotary encoder: A guide detection type rotary encoder has first through fourth transmission windings, first through fourth reception windings, and first through fourth flux coupling bodies. The first and second transmission windings, the first and second reception windings, and first and second flux coupling bodies each form first and second angle detection... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20110227564 - Probe for analysis of a string of rods or tubes in a well: Various embodiments comprise a probe for analysis of a collection of rods or tubes, including an elongated casing which bears, at a first end, at least one first magnetometer and, at a position sufficiently remote from the magnetometer, a permanent magnet, the north-south axis of which may be perpendicular to... Agent:

20110227565 - Magnetic sensor for determining wear: An apparatus and method for detecting wear of a surface of an object or part, and directing the measured amount of wear to an interface such that an operator may be apprised of this value are described. One end of the sacrificial wear sensor hereof is disposed such that it... Agent: University Of Wyoming

20110227566 - Methods for detecting and imaging magnetic metalloproteins: The invention provides a method for detecting and imaging magnetic metalloproteins. A substrate is provided. A plurality of magnetic metalloproteins are formed on the substrate. The magnetic metalloproteins are detected and imaged by magnetic force microscopy (MFM) to obtain topographic images, phase images and MFM images of the magnetic metalloproteins.... Agent: National Sun Yat-sen University

20110227567 - Sensor arrangement and method for operating a sensor arrangement: A sensor arrangement comprises a first, a second and a third magnetic field sensor that are arranged along a curved principal direction. A first combination means is connected to the first and second magnetic field sensors and a first channel signal can be derived from the signals of the first... Agent: Austriamicrosystems Ag

20110227568 - Hall effect measuring device: s

20110227569 - Magnetometer: A magnetometer with only a SET operation for initiating a magnetic orientation within a magnetic field sensor based on anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) technology. Within the magnetometer, the relative orientations of the respective X, Y and Z axes detectors are maintained by a package in which all detectors are mounted on... Agent:

20110227570 - Determining the larmor frequency for nmr tools: The Larmor frequency for an in situ nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) tool is determined and used to acquire NMR data. An NMR tool is provided and placed in situ, for example, in a wellbore. An initial estimate of the Larmor frequency for the in situ NMR tool is made and... Agent:

20110227571 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: According to one embodiment, a apparatus includes a coil, a clock generator, an echo transmitter, a carrier generator, a clock transmitter, a regenerator, an receiver, a reconstructor, a detector, and a controller. The echo transmitter generates and transmits an echo transmission signal synchronously with a clock signal generated by the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110227572 - System for fat suppression in mr image acquisition: A system for fat signal suppression in MR imaging comprises an RF signal generator for generating RF pulses in an MR pulse sequence using one or more RF pulses for echo signal formation including, an RF excitation pulse and an RF refocusing pulse subsequent to said RF excitation pulse. A... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20110227573 - Magnetic resonance imaging system with satellite gradient coils: The present invention relates to a magnetic resonance imaging system comprising a main magnet (102), the main magnet (102) comprising a magnet bore, the bore having a longitudinal axis (118) parallel to the main magnetic field of the main magnet (102), the magnet bore comprising a gradient coil system, wherein... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110227574 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: In one embodiment, an MRI apparatus includes first and second clock generators, a pulse generator, transmission and reception coils, pulse and phase detectors, and a corrector. The pulse generator generates an excitation pulse signal based on a clock signal generated by the first clock generator. The reception coil outputs a... Agent:

20110227575 - Receiver system for determining the location of a magnetic field source: A method and receiver system for identifying a location of a magnetic field source using two horizontally displaced tri-axial antennas. In a preferred embodiment two tri-axial antennas are positioned at opposite ends of a receiver frame. Each antenna detects in three dimensions a magnetic field from a source or transmitter.... Agent: The Charles Machine Works, Inc.

20110227576 - Method of monitoring behavior of carbon dioxide in porous aquifer by using marine controlled-sources electromagnetic survey: A method of monitoring a behavior of carbon dioxide in a stratum by using a marine Controlled-Sources Electromagnetic survey, includes: (S10) collecting a sample of sandstone at a stratum for charging carbon dioxide; (S20) calculating an effective porosity of the collected sample; (S30) measuring an electrical resistivity by saturating the... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resource (kigam)

20110227577 - Single well reservoir imaging apparatus and methods: An apparatus and related methods are described for detecting features of a reservoir surrounding a borehole, the apparatus being capable of emitting an electromagnetic wave signal and receiving a signal representing a response of the reservoir to the electromagnetic wave signal, wherein the emitted signal is a broadband signal selected... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110227578 - Induction resistivity tool that generates directed induced fields: In one aspect of the present invention, an induction resistivity tool includes an induction transmitter and an induction receiver located along the length of the tool. The transmitter is located adjacent at least one induction bucking coils of the tool. When activated the bucking coils are configured to direct a... Agent:

20110227579 - Surveying a subterranean structure using a vertically oriented electromagnetic source: To perform a marine survey of a subterranean structure, a vertically oriented electromagnetic (EM) source is positioned in a body of water, where the EM source is coincident with an EM receiver. The EM source is activated to cause transmission of EM energy into the subterranean structure. After deactivation of... Agent:

20110227580 - Method for mitigating leakage currents: An apparatus and method for reducing an electric current leakage in a logging tool, particularly relating to reducing electric current leakage by altering a phase difference between a biasing element and an electric current produced by a first power source. The apparatus may include one or more measure electrodes for... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110227581 - Traveling wave based relay protection: An apparatus includes at least one Rogowski coil and a processor. The at least one Rogowski coil is positioned within an electrical power distribution network to detect a first traveling wave current caused by a fault on an electrical power transmission line of the network, generate a first signal indicative... Agent: Cooper Technologies Company

20110227582 - Methods for detecting a hidden peak in wire fault location applications - improving the distance range resolution: Hidden or overlapped peaks may occur when using SSTDR technology to determine ware faults. These hidden/overlapped peaks may cause false negative determinations (no fault) when testing a wire for faults. In one method of the present invention, the symmetrical property of the SSTDR wave envelope is used to resolve hidden/overlapped... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110227583 - Test system: A test system includes a serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) test apparatus, a number of test cables, and an oscillograph. Each test cable includes a soft sub-miniature-a wire and a sub-miniature-a connector. A first terminal of each sub-miniature-a wire is electrically fixed to an output of the SATA test apparatus.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110227584 - Insulation test method for large-scale photovoltaic systems: In large-scale photovoltaic systems, it is not appropriate to use a conventional insulation monitor, since its test pulse is damped too much by the number and length of the feed lines. According to an embodiment of the invention, a remedy is provided here in that the photovoltaic system is subdivided... Agent:

20110227585 - Systems and methods for online phase calibration: A system for online relative phase calibration is provided. The system includes at least one excitation source configured to generate multiple excitation signals. The system also includes at least two sensors coupled to respective ones of the at least one excitation source via a transmission line, wherein the two sensors... Agent: General Electric Company

20110227586 - Microwave tomography systems and methods: Methods and/or systems are disclosed herein for use in imaging an object with microwave tomography using a plurality of different boundary conditions.... Agent: University Of Manitoba

20110227587 - Ac impedance measuring device: An AC impedance measuring device includes: a signal generator configured to provide a first signal on which a period signal is superimposed to a DUT; a Fourier transform unit configured to perform Fourier transform on current data and voltage data output from the DUT using a transformation window while sequentially... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20110227588 - Layout for antenna loops having both functions of capacitance induction and electromagnetic induction: The present invention relates to a layout for antenna loops having both functions of capacitance induction and electromagnetic induction, and particularly relates to the layout for antenna loops having both functions of capacitance induction and electromagnetic induction, wherein the capacitance detection elements are integrated with the antenna loops. In this... Agent: Waltop International Corporation

20110227589 - Capacitive position sensor: In one embodiment, a method includes receiving one or more first signals indicating one or more first capacitive couplings of an object with a sensing element that comprises a sensing path that comprises a length. The first capacitive couplings correspond to the object coming into proximity with the sensing element... Agent: Atmel Corporation

20110227590 - Corrosion-resistant position measurement system and method of forming same: A method of forming a position measurement system includes melting a surface of a substrate formed from a first material, wherein the surface defines at least one groove therein and wherein the surface is melted within the at least one groove. The method also includes, concurrent to melting, depositing a... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20110227591 - Current sensing circuitry and integrated circuit and method for sensing a current: Current sensing circuitry for sensing a current through a load comprises an adaptive-resistance sensor component arranged to be operably coupled in series with the load, and control logic for controlling a resistance of the adaptive-resistance sensor component. The control logic is arranged to receive a signal representative of a voltage... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110227592 - Method and arrangement for through-line mismatch rf testing: The present invention relates to a method and an arrangement of facilitating through-line mismatch RF testing using an air-isolated coaxial line (1) having an inner conductor (2) surrounded by a coaxial shielding (3). At least one opening (4) is provided through the shielding (3). A radially adjustable piston (5) is... Agent:

20110227593 - Semiconductor device and test apparatus including the same: A semiconductor device and a test apparatus including the same, the semiconductor device including a command distributor receiving a serial command that is synchronized with a first clock signal and converting the serial command into a parallel command, a command decoder receiving the parallel command and generating a pattern sequence... Agent:

20110227594 - Electronic component contactor, apparatus for testing electronic component, and method for testing electronic component: An electronic component contactor includes a plurality of contact pins, a housing that encases and determines positions of the plurality of contact pins, and a buffer member that buffers against the behavior of the contact pins. The contact pins each includes a base portion, a stretch portion that stretches from... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110227595 - Interface member, test section unit and electronic device handling apparatus: An interface member 52, being provided between a body part of a test head 5 to be used in an electronic device testing apparatus 10 and a socket board 51 having a socket 512 to be mounted with an electronic device 2 to be tested and a plurality of socket... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110227596 - Probe-unit base member and probe unit: A probe-unit base member having high rigidity and requiring no troublesome operations for its manufacture and a probe unit are provided. To achieve the purpose, the probe-unit base member includes a conductive substrate 41 that has a first opening 41a capable of fitting therein a probe holder 3 and a... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20110227597 - Test adapter configuration: The invention provides a base plate for a test adapter for use in testing devices in a production line. The base plate comprises a first interface configured to connect to a product-specific part configured to receive and test a specific type of device under test, and a second interface configured... Agent: Jot Automation Oy

20110227598 - Apparatus and method for inspecting homogeneity of solar cell quantum efficiency using imaging device: The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for inspecting quantum efficiency homogeneity of a solar cell using a spatial light modulating device. The apparatus includes a light emitting device configured to radiate predetermined light; a spatial light modulating device configured to change a light path of rays... Agent:

20110227600 - Method of testing semiconductor device: A method of testing a semiconductor device is provided. In order to provide the same conditions and application of electrical power as a test process in which characteristic functions of a semiconductor device are tested, the number of removal power pins is set. The final number of power pins that... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang

20110227599 - Semiconductor device test method and semiconductor device: A transition delay test is conducted such that an internal circuit that is a test object circuit in a semiconductor device is divided into a plurality of circuit blocks and a determination test is conducted while changing concurrently operating circuit blocks, a power supply noise generated during conduction of the... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20110227601 - Test method of semiconductor integrated circuit and test system, and semiconductor integrated circuit: A test system tests a semiconductor integrated circuit. The semiconductor integrated circuit including a signal terminal to and from a signal is input and output, an RF circuit which processes an RF signal, and a capacitor which is connected between the signal terminal and the RF circuit. The test system... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110227602 - Probe station for on-wafer-measurement under emi-shielding: An arrangement is provided for testing DUTs with a chuck that has a support surface for supporting of a DUT as well as for supplying the support surface with a defined potential, or for connecting the DUT. The arrangement further includes a positioning device for positioning the chuck as well... Agent: Cascade Microtech Dresden Gmbh

09/15/2011 > 47 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20110221422 - Method and measurement device for determining a condition of an electric igniter of a gas turbine burner and an ignition device for a gas turbine burner: A method for determining a condition of an electric igniter of a gas turbine burner and a measurement device for a gas turbine burner are provided. By means of the method and the measurement device it is possible to prevent false starts of gas turbines as a result of a... Agent:

20110221421 - Method of sensing magnitude of current through semiconductor power device: A cascode current sensor includes a main MOSFET and a sense MOSFET. The drain terminal of the main MOSFET is connected to a power device whose current is to be monitored, and the source and gate terminals of the main MOSFET are connected to the source and gate terminals, respectively,... Agent:

20110221423 - Multimeter having communications via measurement terminals and communication system for same: A multimeter having measurement terminals and configured to receive measurement signals applied to the measurement terminals and a measurement value and also configured to receive communication signals applied to the measurement terminals and extract encoded information from the communication signals. The multimeter can be included in a multimeter communication system... Agent: Fluke Corporation

20110221424 - Wide range current sensing: m

20110221425 - Apparatus and associated methods: the corresponding fluid medium comprising a receptor species and an activatable species, the receptor species for interacting with an analyte to activate the activatable species, activation of the activated species causing increased porosity of the membrane of an in-contact analyte sensor apparatus to correspondingly increase exposure of the sensing element... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20110221426 - Medium process apparatus and financial device: A medium process apparatus is provided. The medium process apparatus comprises a state detection unit configured to detect a state of a transferring medium and a support unit configured to support the transferring medium. The support unit comprises a plurality of support parts successively disposed in a transfer direction of... Agent: Lg N-sys Inc.

20110221427 - Biosensor system for actuating magnetic particles: The application discloses a biosensor system (1) comprising: a biosensor cartridge (30), a first biosensor magnet assembly (10) for generating a magnetic field in the biosensor cartridge comprising two magnetic subunits (20a, 20b) each having a core (22a, 22b) with a top surface (24) separated by a gap (25), and... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110221428 - Magnetostrictive sensors for surface wave testing of thick walled structures: An ultrasonic probe that uses the magnetostrictive effect to generate and detect a surface-coupled guided wave for the purpose of inspecting a thick-walled structure for surface defects. A transmitter probe and a receiver probe are especially designed to generate and detect short wavelengths that will couple to only one surface... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

20110221430 - Current detection device: A current detection device that detects a current flowing through a target bus bar based on a magnetic flux in the periphery of the target bus bar, the target bus bar being at least one of a plurality of bus bars arranged in parallel. An adjacent bus bar is configured... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20110221429 - Current sensor: Disclosed is a current sensor including magnetic sensors disposed on a conductor having at least two separated current-carrying areas with different current magnitudes and detecting a magnetic field generated according to currents flowing through the conductor and a controller controlling outputs of the magnetic sensors, wherein the magnetic sensors are... Agent: Alps Green Devices Co., Ltd.

20110221431 - Fabricating method of magnetic axis controlled structure: Provided is a method of fabricating a magnetic axis-controlled structure. The method of fabricating a magnetic axis-controlled structure includes providing a composition including magnetic nanoparticles dispersed in a liquid medium, applying a magnetic field to the composition to align the magnetic nanoparticles along the magnetic field and form a magnetic... Agent:

20110221432 - Sensor unit and magnetic flux concentrating module: A sensor unit includes a printed circuit board, a Hall IC, a terminal member, and a capacitor. The printed circuit board has a conductive pattern. The Hall IC is disposed on the printed circuit board. The Hall IC includes an element part that detects magnetic flux. The element part is... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110221436 - Current sensor: A current sensor including a magnetic detecting bridge circuit which is constituted of four magneto-resistance effect elements with a resistance value varied by application of an induced magnetic field from a current to be measured, and which has an output between two magneto-resistance effect elements. The four magneto-resistance effect elements... Agent: Alps Green Devices Co., Ltd.

20110221434 - Current sensor including magnetic detecting element: A current sensor includes a magnetic detecting element, a bridge circuit including a plurality of resistance elements, and a feedback coil placed adjacent to the magnetic detecting element and generating a cancelling magnetic field for cancelling the induced magnetic field based on the output from the bridge circuit. The wiring... Agent: Alps Green Devices Co., Ltd.

20110221433 - Magnetic sensor: A magnetic sensor includes a spin valve-type magneto-resistive element, a voltage detection part, a coil, and a current control part, the coil being configured to apply a measuring magnetic field to the spin valve-type magneto-resistive element upon application of a current, the voltage detection part being configured to output a... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110221435 - Magnetic sensor and magnetic balance type current sensor including the same: A magnetic sensor includes a magnetoresistance effect element and a hard bias layer. The magnetoresistance effect element is configured to have a striped form which has a sensitivity axis in a predetermined direction, and configured to have a structure in which a free magnetic layer, in which magnetization varies with... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20110221437 - Wideband transducer for measuring a broad range of currents in high voltage conductors: A system and method for measuring electrical current by measuring magnetic flux density is presented. A magnetic flux density measuring device for measuring a magnetic field strength generated by a current in a conductor includes a ring, a pair of metal strips with high magnetic permeability and a magnetic field... Agent:

20110221438 - Magnetic particle imaging devices and methods: A magnetic particle imaging device is provided. The device includes a magnetic field source configured to produce a magnetic field having a non-saturating magnetic field region, an excitation signal source configured to produce an excitation signal in the non-saturating magnetic field region that produces a detectable signal from magnetic particles... Agent:

20110221439 - Magnetic resonance spectroscopy with real-time correction of motion and frequency drift, and real-time shimming: Disclosed are MR Spectroscopy and MR Spectroscopic Imaging (MRSI) methods comprising the sequential steps of water suppression, spatial prelocalization and spatial-spectral encoding, wherein the water suppression is modified to additionally measure and correct the frequency drift, the change in magnetic field inhomogeneity in the volume of interest, and the object... Agent:

20110221440 - Positive magnetic resonance imaging contrast methods and apparatus using chemical exchange saturation transfer: In one aspect, an apparatus for performing chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) magnetic resonance imaging on a region of an object being imaged is provided. The method comprises at least one coil capable of being operated to emit radio frequency (RF) signals, at least one detector capable of detecting nuclear... Agent: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Inc.

20110221441 - Local coil for a magnetic resonance device: A local coil for a magnetic resonance device includes a connector apparatus for establishing a connection to a plug-in station on a patient couch and at least one storage facility. The storage facility may be used to read out by way of the connection and may store at least one... Agent:

20110221442 - Toroid galvanic azimuthal lwd tool: An apparatus and method for estimating a parameter of interest of an earth formation, particularly relating to borehole logging methods and apparatuses for estimating electrical resistivity properties using at least one transverse toroid. The apparatus may include one or more transmitters for introducing electrical current to the earth formation. The... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110221443 - High frequency dielectric measurement tool: Disclosed dielectric logging tools and methods employ three or more receive horn antennas positioned between at least two transmit antennas, which can also be horn antennas. The logging tools can operate in the range between 100 MHz and 10 GHz to provide logs of formation permittivity, formation conductivity, standoff distance,... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20110221444 - Determining earth properties: A method of determining ground properties comprises the steps of transmitting magnetic waves through the ground from a first location (A) to a second location (B), comparing the magnetic waves received at the second location with the magnetic waves transmitted at the first location so as to determine the attenuation... Agent:

20110221445 - Method for control of stabilizer additives in electroless metal and metal alloy plating electrolytes: The present invention describes a method for the measurement of the stabilizer additive concentration in electroless metal and metal alloy plating electrolytes comprising a voltammetric measurement. Said method comprises the steps a. conditioning of the working electrode, b. interaction of intermediates on the working electrode, c. measurement of the Faradaic... Agent:

20110221446 - Method and system for safe operation of large lithium-ion batteries: Modeling and testing are used to characterize consequences of a first lithium-ion cell having an internal short. The vulnerability of a second lithium-ion cell being induced into thermal runaway by the energy released by the first cell undergoing an internal short is quantified. Characteristics of the packaging of Li-ion cells... Agent:

20110221447 - Sensor system for detecting analytes in low concentration: The invention relates to a sensor system (2) designed for detecting analytes in low concentration in water. The system (2) comprises at least one sensor element (4) with at least one detection region (6) which is designed for the detection of at least one analyte on its surface, and a... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20110221448 - Apparatuses and methods for testing welding apparatuses: A testing apparatus for testing a welding apparatus is disclosed. The testing apparatus comprises a receptacle, a fault indicator, and a power supply, wherein: the receptacle comprises a grounding socket and a plurality of power sockets; the power supply is electrically coupled to the grounding socket, the fault indicator, and... Agent: Toyota Motor Engeneering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20110221449 - Method and apparatus for detecting a short circuit: This invention provides a method and an apparatus for detecting a short-circuit occurring between a signal line and a ground line of a lead wire. The apparatus comprises a circuit and a resistive element. The circuit has an output terminal, an input terminal and ground. One end of the ground... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110221450 - Measurement process for determination of the optimum contact pressure among components of a solid oxide fuel cell stack in the packaging process and its measurement apparatus: The present invention provides a measurement process for determination of the optimum contact pressure among components of a solid oxide fuel cell stack in the packaging process in order that the reduction in performance caused by the packaging process can be reduced. The present invention also provides a measurement apparatus... Agent: Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan

20110221451 - Method for detecting the position of an armature of an electromagnetic actuator: A method of detecting the position of the armature (3) of an electromagnetic actuator arranged and able to move between first and second coils (1, 2), in which a voltage jump (UB) is applied to the first and the second coils (1, 2) of the actuator connected in series. The... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20110221452 - Capacitive sensor and sensing method: A capacitive sensing method is provided. The capacitive sensing method includes the step of alternately charging/discharging a capacitive sensing electrode of a capacitive sensor for predetermined times under an active mode and charging/discharging the capacitive sensing electrode during a fixed period under a standby mode while an object is not... Agent: Nuvoton Technology Corporation

20110221454 - Anti-capture method and apparatus for micromachined devices: A MEMS device has a movable beam, a differential capacitor with a movable electrode that moves in response to the displacement of the movable beam and that is disposed between two stationary electrodes, and a voltage circuit for applying a first voltage to the first stationary electrode, second voltage to... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20110221455 - Micromechanical component and method for its production: A method for producing a micromechanical component, includes providing a first substrate, developing a micropattern on the first substrate, the micropattern having a movable functional element, providing a second substrate, and developing an electrode in the second substrate for the capacitive recording of a deflection of the functional element. The... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110221453 - Occupant classifying device for an automobile: Provided is an occupant classifying device which can detect an occupant sitting on a seat by a change in an electric field between first and second electrodes that is caused by the occupant sitting on the seat. The occupant classifying device includes: a seat for an occupant to sit on;... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20110221456 - Sensor system and methods for environmental sensing: A sensor system, and an associated method for detecting harsh environmental conditions, is provided. The sensor system includes at least one sensor having an electrical sensing element. The electrical sensing element is based on certain classes of composite materials: (a) silicon carbide (SiC); (Mo,W)5Si3C; (Mo,W)Si2; or (b) (Mo,W)5Si3C; (Mo,W)Si2; (Mo,W)5Si3.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110221457 - Capacitive dynamic quantity sensor element and dynamic quantity sensor: In order to make it possible to have a simple structure and a small size, to deform flexibly, and to be used for various applications without restricting usage, a capacitive dynamic quantity sensor element includes a base material 2 that has an electric insulating property and dynamic elasticity and has... Agent:

20110221458 - Signal processing algorithms for impedance biosensor: A method for determining impedance includes receiving a time varying voltage signal from a biosensor and receiving a time varying current signal from the biosensor. The time varying voltage signal and the time varying current signal are transformed to a domain that represents complex values. The impedance representative of the... Agent: Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.

20110221459 - Hybrid occupant detection system: An occupant detection system includes a detection electrode provided in a vehicle seat, a phase difference measuring unit, a direct current measuring unit, and a detecting unit that detects an occupant. The phase difference measuring unit supplies a reference signal comprising a sinusoidal wave to the detection electrode via a... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20110221461 - Method for testing electronic components of a repetitive pattern under defined thermal conditions: The invention relates to a method for testing several electronic components (1) of a repetitive pattern under defined thermal conditions in a prober, which comprises a chuck (10) for holding the components (1) and special holding devices (15) for holding individual probes (12). For testing, the components (1) are adjusted... Agent:

20110221462 - Probe card having configurable structure for exchanging or swapping electronic components for impedance matching and impedance matching method therefore: A probe card having a configurable structure for exchanging/swapping electronic components for impedance matching and an impedance method therefore are provided. In the probe card, an applied force is exerted on the electronic component so as to make the electronic component electrically connected with at least one conductive contact pad... Agent:

20110221460 - Integrated circuit arrangement having a defect sensor: The present disclosure relates to an integrated circuit arrangement. The circuit arrangement includes a semiconductor body having a first surface and defining a vertical direction running perpendicular to the first surface. At least one sensor line is at least partially arranged above the first surface, and includes a first and... Agent:

20110221463 - Scanning cannula: A scanning cannula for scanning an electrosurgical instrument for electrical insulation defects includes an elongated sleeve having a receiving end, an opposite exit end, and a passageway extending from the receiving end to the exit end. At least one sweeping contact is disposed in the passageway. A circuit in the... Agent: Bovie Medical Corporation

20110221464 - Contact probe and socket, and manufacturing method of tube plunger and contact probe: A contact probe has a tubular plunger which is not made by press working and rounding so that quality control of gold plating or the like is not necessary or not difficult. The tubular plunger is made of a metal tube with a tip that has a reduced outside diameter... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110221465 - Probe card and manufacturing method thereof: A probe card and a manufacturing method thereof are provided. To manufacture the probe card, via holes for receiving probe pins are formed in a plate-shaped or block-shaped probe substrate, and the probe pins are simultaneously inserted into the via holes. Then the probe substrate is bonded onto a supportable... Agent:

20110221466 - Semiconductor device and method of testing semiconductor device: According to the following disclosure, disclosed is a semiconductor device including: an internal circuit configured to receive and output a signal current; a current mirror unit outputting a copied current corresponding to the signal current; and a test pad from which the copied current is taken out.... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20110221467 - Ac power supply measuring circuit with voltage protecting function: An alternating current (AC) power supply measuring circuit includes a voltage dividing circuit, a measuring integrated circuit (IC), a control board, and a first power rectifying circuit. The voltage dividing circuit receives an AC voltage signal and divides the AC voltage signal to a first voltage dividing signal and a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

09/08/2011 > 37 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20110215792 - Probe and testing apparatus including the same: A probe includes a tip and a body. The tip includes three input terminals and three output terminals. A first output terminal is connected to a first input terminal via a first resistor. A second output terminal is connected to the second input terminal via a second resistor, and connected... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110215794 - Apparatus and method for monitoring output within a power strip: The present disclosure describes a PDU configured to reduce the risk of an abrupt interruption in the flow of electricity caused by a malfunctioning load or overloading of a PDU output connection. In some embodiments, a PDU is configured to enable the monitoring and control of electricity provided to one... Agent: Teridian Semiconductor Corp

20110215793 - Method and device for diagnosing signal status in measurement, drive, or control, and transformer used in the device: A device and method for diagnosing a signal status relating to measurement, drive, and control by a measuring means, a drive means, and a controlling means. The device and method enables prevention of an increase of manufacturing cost due to an increase of the number of parts or due to... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110215795 - Detector and detection method: A detector obtains an output signal from an input signal containing a target signal and outputs the output signal. The detector includes an amplifier configured to receive the input signal and the output signal, compare the input signal to the output signal to output a comparison result; an envelope generator... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110215796 - Measurement of a cyclic motion of a ferromagnetic part: d

20110215797 - Magnet assembly: In order to amplify a use field of a position giving magnet of a magnetic field sensitive sensor and in order to reduce the scatter field, a magnetic interconnection made from plural magnets preferably arranged in longitudinal direction behind one another is being used, wherein the pole orientations of the... Agent: Asm Automation Sensorik Messteehnik Gmbh

20110215798 - Signal enhancement using a switchable magnetic trap: A system for analyzing a sample including providing a microchannel flow channel; associating the sample with magnetic nanoparticles or magnetic polystyrene-coated beads; moving the sample with said magnetic nanoparticles or magnetic polystyrene-coated beads in the microchannel flow channel; holding the sample with the magnetic nanoparticles or magnetic polystyrene-coated beads in... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC.

20110215799 - Magnetic inspection systems for inspection of target objects: Inspection systems provided herein may include a drive coil capable of being excited to generate a substantially uniform magnetic field about an object. The object includes a ferromagnetic adhesive adhered thereto. The inspection systems may also include an array of sensor coils adapted to detect the magnetic field from the... Agent: General Electric Company

20110215801 - Low noise magnetic field sensor using a lateral spin transfer: The present invention relates to a magnetoresistive sensor comprising a first pinned-magnetization magnetic layer (410), called pinned layer, and a free-magnetization magnetic layer (430), called sensitive layer, of which the magnetization, in the absence of an external field, is substantially orthogonal to the magnetization of the pinned layer, said pinned... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique

20110215800 - Mr sensor with flux guide enhanced hard bias structure: A CPP MR sensor interposes a tapered soft magnetic flux guide (FG) layer between a hard magnetic biasing layer (HB) and the free layer of the sensor stack. The flux guide channels the flux of the hard magnetic biasing layer to effectively bias the free layer, while eliminating instability problems... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20110215802 - Modified pulse sequence to estimate properties: Methods and related systems are described for estimating fluid or rock properties from NMR measurements. A modified pulse sequence is provided that can directly provide moments of relaxation-time or diffusion distributions. This pulse sequence can be adapted to the desired moment of relaxation-time or diffusion coefficient. The data from this... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110215803 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, evaluation device, and method: An image is generated from data acquired with a magnetic resonance tomography, wherein nuclear spins in an excitation region are excited with different transmission modes and a common image is generated from the response signals.... Agent:

20110215804 - Magnetic resonance method and system to create an image data set: In a method to create an image data set by operating a magnetic resonance system, at least two phase coding gradients are switched in respective spatial directions, an RF excitation pulse is radiated and a raw data point in a k-space data set belonging to the image data set is... Agent:

20110215806 - Liquid compositions and uses thereof for generating diffusion ordered nmr spectra of mixtures: Provided are homogeneous liquid systems substantially 1H-NMR inactive and/or devoid of protons and are capable of enhancing the diffusion separation of a mixture, the system is substantially devoid of at least one NMR active nucleus present in the mixture. Further provided are methods of using the homogeneous liquid systems for... Agent:

20110215805 - Mri and method using multi-slice imaging: An MRI for a patient includes an imaging coil for sparsely sampling multiple slices of k-space data across a spatial dimension and a temporal dimension to produce associated signals. The MRI includes a receiving coil which receives the associated signals of the multiple slices. The MRI includes a memory in... Agent: Allegheny-singer Research Institute

20110215807 - Quadrature endorectal coils and interface devices therefor: An intracavity probe for use with an MR system allows images and spectra of internal anatomical structures to be obtained. The intracavity probe houses within its balloon-type enclosure a single-element quadrature coil sensitive to both the vertical and horizontal components of the MR signal. The quadrature coil by means of... Agent:

20110215808 - Passive underground electronic marker for use in any orientation: A passive electronic marker comprising a single tuned LC circuit, having an inductance and one capacitance element, that respond substantially uniformly to a marker locating instrument irrespective of the orientation the marker was installed in. The inductance is split among more than one electrically contiguous coils; each of the coils... Agent:

20110215809 - Detection of formation structures using electromagnetic coupling measurements: The present disclosure relates to a method to determine a characteristic of a subsurface formation using electromagnetic coupling components. A downhole logging tool having one or more transmitters and one or more receivers, and being capable of measuring the electromagnetic coupling components is provided. The electromagnetic coupling components are measured... Agent:

20110215810 - Voltage monitoring system, voltage monitoring device, and method of setting information: A voltage monitoring system includes a plurality of voltage monitoring devices connected to each other in series for monitoring a voltage of each of battery units obtained by dividing per specific number a plurality of batteries connected in series. Each of the voltage monitoring devices includes a reception unit for... Agent:

20110215811 - Apparatus, system and methods for ground current detection: Various systems, methods and apparatus are described for detecting an excessive or faulty ground current in a conductive wire or electronic device. A ground current detector is coupled to a known earth ground to determine whether other ground lines are carrying excessive, faulty and/or leaking currents. If these types of... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20110215813 - Fuel property sensor abnormality determining device: A plurality of capacitance values at different obtained fuel temperatures are obtained. Ethanol concentrations of fuel to be measured are obtained from these capacitance values after correcting for an amount of change in the capacitance values due to a temperature characteristic. The correction according to the temperature characteristic is realized... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110215812 - Method and apparatus for inspecting electronic component: In one embodiment, a method for inspecting an electronic component includes preparing a current detector which is electrically connected to a current detection terminal via a gating device, and electrically connecting the current detection terminal to an interconnect which is in the electronic component and on which a failure portion... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110215814 - Advanced obscured feature detector: A surface-conforming obscured feature detector includes a plurality of sensor plates, each having a capacitance that varies based on the dielectric constant of the materials that compose the surrounding objects and the proximity of those objects. A sensing circuit is coupled to the sensor plates 32 to measure the capacitances... Agent: Franklin Sensors Inc.

20110215816 - Obscured feature detector housing: A surface-conforming obscured feature detector includes a plurality of sensor plates, each having a capacitance that varies based on the dielectric constant of the materials that compose the surrounding objects and the proximity of those objects. A sensing circuit is coupled to the sensor plates 32 to measure the capacitances... Agent: Franklin Sensors Inc.

20110215815 - Obscured feature detector with advanced trace properties: A surface-conforming obscured feature detector includes a plurality of sensor plates, each having a capacitance that varies based on the dielectric constant of the materials that compose the surrounding objects and the proximity of those objects. A sensing circuit is coupled to the sensor plates 32 to measure the capacitances... Agent: Franklin Sensors Inc.

20110215817 - Obscured feature detector with multiple modes of operation: A surface-conforming obscured feature detector includes a plurality of sensor plates, each having a capacitance that varies based on the dielectric constant of the materials that compose the surrounding objects and the proximity of those objects. A sensing circuit is coupled to the sensor plates 32 to measure the capacitances... Agent: Franklin Sensors Inc.

20110215818 - Surface-conforming obscured feature detector: A surface-conforming obscured feature detector includes a plurality of sensor plates flexibly connected together, each having a capacitance that varies based on the dielectric constant of the materials that compose the surrounding objects and the proximity of those objects. A sensing circuit is coupled to the sensor plates to measure... Agent:

20110215819 - Obscured feature detector with built-in correction module: A surface-conforming obscured feature detector includes a plurality of sensor plates, each having a capacitance that varies based on the dielectric constant of the materials that compose the surrounding objects and the proximity of those objects. A sensing circuit is coupled to the sensor plates 32 to measure the capacitances... Agent: Franklin Sensors Inc.

20110215820 - Delta detection method for detecting capacitance changes: A delta detection method for detecting capacitance changes caused by relative movement between a physical object and a capacitance sensor.... Agent: Dispensing Dynamics International

20110215821 - Emitter wheel assembly: This abstract refers to an invention patent related to an emitter wheel assembly, more particularly with the association of a special sensitizer ring set (1) and a special capacitive sensor (20), and an electrostatic device (80) for recharging the ring, the said ring being able to generate an electric field... Agent: Sabo Industria E Comercio De Autopecas Ltda

20110215822 - Stationary feature detector: An obscured feature detector operates from a stationary position on a surface being examined. The detector includes a plurality of sensor plates positioned in an array on the underside of the device, which sense the examined surface. The sensor plates are connected to a capacitance sensing circuit, which connects to... Agent:

20110215823 - Apparatus and method for monitoring current flow to integrated circuit in temperature-compensated manner: A circuit and method for monitoring current flow to an integrated circuit (IC), alone or mounted on a substrate, in a temperature-compensated manner. In accordance with a preferred embodiment, a plurality of resistances having substantially equal temperature coefficients establishes a ratio of an output voltage and an internally measured voltage,... Agent: Ati Technologies Ulc

20110215824 - Operation voltage supply apparatus: The voltage application probe and the voltage measurement probe are connected to the voltage application pad and the voltage measurement pad of the semiconductor device. The voltage application pad and the voltage measurement pad are connected by the conductor, measuring the voltage applied to the voltage application pad through the... Agent:

20110215825 - System and method for temperature cycling: A system and method for non-isothermal temperature cycling (also called Conduction Temperature Cycling) of a semiconductor device. The method includes inserting a semiconductor device into a testing chamber and thermally coupling the semiconductor device to a heating and cooling element via a vacuum holding component. The method further includes heating... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20110215826 - Semiconductor package test apparatus: A semiconductor package test apparatus having a test head and a test handler is provided. The semiconductor package test apparatus may include an insert in which a plurality of semiconductor packages are stacked and received in an offset fashion. Further, the semiconductor package test apparatus may include a plurality of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110215827 - Method and apparatus for testing a memory device: In a particular embodiment, a method includes receiving a testing activation signal at a controller coupled to a semiconductor device. The method further includes biasing a well of at least one transistor of the semiconductor device in response to the received testing activation signal. The bias is provided by a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110215828 - Test method for passive device embedded printed circuit board: A method of testing a passive device embedded printed circuit board is disclosed. The method in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes: applying an AC power to a printed circuit board in which a filter including at least two of a resistor, an inductor and a capacitor... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

09/01/2011 > 44 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20110210717 - Apparatus and methods for mapping a wired network: The present disclosure relates to a system and method for determining the electrical connections of a plurality of nodes. The nodes may include an electrical power distribution system including a plurality of nodes, connected to the power distribution system. At least two of the nodes include node electronics, at least... Agent:

20110210718 - Analytic device with photovoltaic power source: An analytical device including a sensor, an analytical circuit, and a power source. The power source includes an optical coupler formed of a light source and a photovoltaic cell for producing an electromotive force in response to light from the light source. The optical coupler is configured to provide the... Agent: Dionex Corporation

20110210719 - Wheel speed detecting device: A wheel speed detecting device includes a countermeasure against the entrance of muddy water. An annular recess groove is provided in an outer circumference of an end portion of a hub on a sensor side. A cup-shaped flange portion extends from the sensor supporting member with the flange portion covering... Agent:

20110210720 - Alignment system: A magnetic hole finder arrangement having a test field detector including a GMR sensor and may having a test field detector including a first and second magnetic field detectors (which may be GMRs) arranged with respect to a hole location position, the detectors having magnetic axes each arranged transversely to... Agent: Advanced Analysis And Integration Limited

20110210721 - Sensor inductors, sensors for monitoring movements and positioning, apparatus, systems and methods therefore: A generally planar shaped inductor is disclosed that is particularly adaptable for use in motion or position sensors. One inductor can function as a signal input unit and another as a pick up unit in an arrangement wherein both inductors are placed in a generally parallel juxtaposition for flux flow... Agent: Medility LLC

20110210722 - Integrated magnetic sensor for detecting horizontal magnetic fields and manufacturing process thereof: The integrated magnetic sensor for detecting an external magnetic field, is formed by a body of semiconductor material having a surface; an insulating layer covering the body of semiconductor material; a magnetically sensitive region, for example a Hall cell, extending inside the body; and a concentrator of ferromagnetic material, extending... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20110210723 - Method of performing electrostatic discharge testing on a payment card: Methods of performing electrostatic discharge testing on a transaction card are disclosed. A transaction card may be placed on an insulated surface. A grounding probe may be placed at a first location on the transaction card. A discharge probe may be charged to a known voltage level. The discharge probe... Agent: Visa U.s.a. Inc.

20110210724 - Durability enhanced and redundant embedded sensors: A substantially planar eddy-current sensor having durability enhancing pillars in an active region is provided. The pillars are distributed and sized so as to have limited effect on the sensor's performance. When the sensor is mounted on a component such that the sensor experiences forces on a top and bottom... Agent: Jentek Sensors, Inc.

20110210725 - Inspection device utilizing eddy currents: An example inspection probe device includes a sensor assembly configured to induce an eddy current in a component. A probe body houses at least a portion of the sensor assembly such that the portion of the sensor assembly is spaced from a target surface of the component when the probe... Agent:

20110210726 - Electrochemical biosensor measuring system: Disclosed are an electrochemical biosensor which comprises a production lot information identification portion, on which information is recorded in a magnetization mark, and a measuring device which can automatically identify the production lot information of the biosensor with the insertion of the electrochemical biosensor into the measuring device. The electrochemical... Agent: I-sens, Inc.

20110210727 - Integrated sensor and magnetic field concentrator devices: Embodiments relate to integrated sensor and magnetic concentrator devices and methods. In one embodiment, an integrated sensor and magnetic field concentrator device comprises a sensor device comprising at least two xMR sensor elements spaced apart from each other on a surface of a die to define a first gap of... Agent:

20110210728 - Enhancing signals: A method of testing a sample comprising the steps of: applying an excitation to the sample; detecting a response signal from the sample; processing a first part and a second part of the response signal; and determining from the second part of the response signal information with which to enhance... Agent: King's College London

20110210729 - Annular magnet system for magnetic resonance spectroscopy: A persistent-mode magnet, assembled from superconducting annuli, provides a micro coil NMR, in which compactness and manufacturability are provided for a variety of applications. An annular magnet for micro NMR can include a YBCO-annulus Helmholtz coil, for example, that can energized by a magnet system and then transported for use... Agent:

20110210730 - Molecular structure determination from nmr spectroscopy: Methods for the determination of the molecular structures of compounds are disclosed, the methods comprising obtaining NMR spectroscopic measurements of compounds, determining internuclear distances from the NMR measurements, and inputting the distances to an algorithm to determine probable structures. Optionally, constraints may be added and the algorithm repeated. Usually, the... Agent:

20110210731 - Multicoil low-field nuclear magnetic resonance detection and imaging apparatus and method: A multicoil NMR detection and imaging apparatus allows multicoil NMR detection and imaging to be performed efficiently at low operating frequencies. The apparatus comprises an AC voltage generator, a transmit switching circuit, a coil switching network, an array of two or more detection coils, a set of receive switching circuits... Agent: Vista Clara, Inc.

20110210733 - B1-robust and t1-robust species suppression in mri: An MRI multi-echo data acquisition sequence (REFUSAL=REFocusing Used to Selectively Attenuate Lipids) includes a spectrally-selective re-focusing RF pulse. The REFUSAL pulse can be non-spatially selective or spatially-selective. The REFUSAL pulse selectively refocuses water spins and avoids refocusing lipid spins. The REFUSAL pulse ideally maximizes refocusing for water and minimizes any... Agent:

20110210732 - Balanced steady-state free-precession transient imaging using variable flip angles for a predefined signal profile: A magnetic resonance imaging system or method is provided including a balanced steady-state free-precession transient imaging (transient bSSFP) device capable of increasing the overall signal during transient bSSFP acquisition by fully or better utilization of the magnetization through variable RF flip angles. The transient bSSFP device is capable of generating... Agent:

20110210736 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus for imaging a plurality of different slice planes having pre-pulse applying means configured to apply a pre-pulse for affecting in-plane magnetization of all slices of a measurement target, measuring means configured to make a measurement for applying one phase encode amount for one slice plane... Agent:

20110210735 - Mri apparatus and method with moving field component: Apparatus for use in a magnetic resonance imaging system, the imaging system generating a magnetic imaging field in an imaging region (5), the apparatus including at least one coil for at least one of transmitting, receiving or transceiving an electromagnetic field, a field component (4) (such as a coil or... Agent: The University Of Queensland

20110210734 - System and method for mr image scan and analysis: A system and method for MR image scan and analysis include an MRI apparatus that includes a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system and a computer programmed to automatically prescribe a first scanning protocol based on the selected examination, acquire a first set of MR data of an imaging object via... Agent:

20110210737 - Epr using frank sequence: Various systems and methods for detecting electron spins using electron paramagnetic resonance are described. An excitation signal generator configured to generate an excitation signal of varying amplitude and phase as compared to a reference signal may be present. A crossed loop resonator configured to isolate a detection signal produced by... Agent: Colorado Seminary, Wich Owns And Operates The University Of Denver

20110210738 - Low field squid mri devices, components and methods: Low field SQUID MRI devices, components and methods are disclosed. They include a portable low field (SQUID)-based MRI instrument and a portable low field SQUID-based MRI system to be operated under a bed where a subject is adapted to be located. Also disclosed is a method of distributing wires on... Agent:

20110210739 - Magnetic resonance imaging system comprising a power supply unit adapted for providing direct current electrical power: A MRI system for acquiring MRI image data comprising a data acquisition means comprising a plurality of subunits for acquiring MRI image data, a power distribution means for providing the means for acquiring MRI image data with electrical power, the power distribution means comprising: a power supply unit adapted for... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110210740 - Metal detector having constant reactive transmit voltage applied to a transmit coil: An electronic metal detector having, a transmit coil arranged and adapted to transmit an alternating magnetic field associated with a reactive transmit coil voltage, the transmit coil being connected to transmit electronics arranged and adapted to generate a transmit signal, the transmit electronics having at least two power sources, a... Agent: Minelab Electronics Pty Ltd

20110210741 - Structure for magnetic field sensor for marine geophysical sensor streamer: A marine electromagnetic sensor cable includes a first jacket covering an exterior of the cable. At least one wire loop is disposed on the exterior of the first jacket. The wire loop is shaped to have a magnetic dipole moment along a selected direction. A contact ring is disposed inside... Agent:

20110210742 - Subsea, vertical, electromagnetic signal receiver for a vertical field component and also a method of placing the signal receiver in uncompacted material: A vertical receiver antenna device includes first and second receiving electrode units interconnected by a receiver antenna cable and connected to means for the electromagnetic surveying of electrically resistive targets potentially containing hydrocarbons. The receiver antenna is arranged in a tubular, non-magnetic antenna housing arranged vertically in subsea uncompacted material,... Agent:

20110210743 - Providing measurements to enable determination of electrical resistivity anisotropy of a subterranean structure: To analyze content of a subterranean structure, electric field measurements at plural source-receiver azimuths in a predefined range are received. Total magnetic field measurements are also received at plural source-receiver azimuths in the predefined range. The electric field measurements and the total magnetic field measurements are provided to an analysis... Agent:

20110210744 - Automatic variable gain amplifier: An automatic variable gain amplifier is provided. The automatic variable gain amplifier automatically adjusts the amplification of a signal, and in one embodiment, an ion signal, based on the amplitude of the peaks of the signal. The automatic variable gain amplifier detects the peaks of the signal, compares them to... Agent: Woodward Governor Company

20110210745 - Self power for ignition coil with integrated ion sense circuitry: A self power circuit for ion sense circuitry is provided. The self power circuit is configured to supply the voltages required to generate and measure an ion current flow in a combustion chamber of an engine. The power circuit stores power from the current flow in the ignition coil secondary... Agent: Woodward Governor Company

20110210746 - Power supply device and method for detecting non-contact state of load connected to power supply device: A power supply device includes a battery 1, positive and negative-side contactors 3A and 3B, and a controller 10. The battery 1 supplies power to a load 20. The positive-side contactor 3A is serially connected to the positive side of the battery 1. The negative-side contactor 3B is serially connected... Agent:

20110210747 - Cell voltage measuring apparatus and method of battery pack: A cell voltage measuring apparatus of a battery pack comprises a plurality of multiplexers connected corresponding to each cell group of the battery pack and operated to output a voltage signal of each cell in each cell group based on a reference potential applied from a corresponding cell group; a... Agent:

20110210748 - Semiconductor integrated circuit and electronic information device: A semiconductor integrated circuit and an electronic information device each of which can detect a fault at one of control signals of tristate gates with a smaller area than conventional ones and without reducing the speed of normal operation, by providing a fault detector using tristate gates.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110210749 - In-situ wire damage detection system: An in-situ system for detecting damage in an electrically conductive wire. The system comprises a substrate at least partially covered by a layer of electrically conductive material forming a continuous on non-continuous electrically conductive layer connected to an electrical signal generator adapted to delivering electrical signals to the electrically conductive... Agent: Space Administration

20110210750 - Method of fault detection and rerouting: A system and method for detecting damage in an electrical wire, including delivering at least one test electrical signal to an outer electrically conductive material in a continuous or non-continuous layer covering an electrically insulative material layer that covers an electrically conductive wire core. Detecting the test electrical signals in... Agent: Space Administration

20110210751 - Chemical sensor using thin-film sensing member: Provided is a chemical sensor that may include a first electrode on a substrate, a sensing member covering the first electrode on the substrate, and a plurality of second electrodes on a surface of the sensing member exposing the surface of the sensing member. The chemical sensor may be configured... Agent:

20110210752 - Voltammetric device having sample degassing system: A system and method for voltammetric analysis of a liquid sample solution.... Agent: Tracedetect, Inc.

20110210753 - Device for measuring a variation in the capacitance of a variable capacitive structure: elements for detecting a threshold voltage across the terminals of the reference capacitance. The device is configured/programmed so that the measurement capacitive structure is discharged, in a variable number of discharges, into the reference capacitance after the variable capacitive structure has been discharged, in a fixed number of discharges, into... Agent: Continental Automotive France

20110210754 - Capacitance sensing module and electronic apparatus: A capacitance sensing module adapted to an electronic apparatus having a first body and a second body hinged to the first body is provided. The capacitance sensing module includes a capacitance sensor and a metal conductor. The capacitance sensor is adapted to be fixed in the first body. The metal... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20110210756 - Device for determining the length of a set of boring rods: A device for detecting the length of a drilling column that has a plurality of pipes (1) assembled on couplings (2) is characterized in that on the pipes (1), there is at least one electrical line (3, 4) that is galvanically connected to the couplings (2). On one end of... Agent: Advanced Drilling Solutions Gmbh

20110210755 - Object detection device with variable sensitivity electric field measurement circuit: d

20110210757 - Apparatus and method to measure properties of porous media: A method to determine properties of a porous material, in which: a porous sample is prepared and sealed; first the sample is evacuated to near vacuum; then a non-wetting and electrically conducting fluid is passed through the sample at a known pressure and the volume of the fluid taken up... Agent: Imperial Innovations Limited

20110210758 - Voltage detector circuit: A voltage detector circuit of the present invention includes a power supply voltage monitor that generates a monitored voltage resulting from dividing a power supply voltage, which is supplied from a first terminal, based on a resistance ratio between first and second resistors coupled between first and second terminals, a... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110210759 - Fast open circuit detection for open power and ground pins: A system and method for identifying opens among parallel connections on a circuit assembly such as a printed circuit board (PCB). In a learn phase performed on a known good circuit assembly, a group of parallel connected pins are excited with a first signal. A second signal, out-of-phase with the... Agent: Teradyne, Inc

20110210760 - Probe and method fabricating the same: A probe and a method fabricating the same are disclosed. The probe includes a wire and a bump, wherein the wire is formed on a substrate; and the bump is formed upon the wire. In addition, a probe block is disclosed. The probe block includes a plurality of probes disposed... Agent: Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

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