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Electricity: measuring and testing August inventions list 08/11

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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110204871 - Core recognition system and core recognition method: An object of the invention is to prevent a human error, greatly reducing man-hours and to securely identify a core. To achieve the object, a request for a serial number is first made via a conductor of a core from a recognition unit that functions as a master to a... Agent: Hitachi-ge Nuclear Energy, Ltd.

20110204874 - Particle populations and assays having varying amounts of magnetic material and particle concentrations among different subsets of particles and methods for processing assays having such particle populations: Particle populations and assays are provided which have varying amounts of magnetic material and varying particle concentrations among different subsets of particles. In particular, the particle populations and assays include at least two particle sets with distinct sums of particles which are inversely related to the magnetic material concentration comprising... Agent:

20110204872 - Pn junction chemical sensor (originally published as a sensor device and method of detecting particles): A sensor device (100, 2800) for detecting particles, the sensor device (100, 2800) comprising a substrate (102), a first doped region (104) formed in the substrate (102) by a first dopant of a first type of conductivity, a second doped region (106, 150) formed in the substrate (102) by a... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110204873 - Temperature sensor: A temperature sensor generates a variable voltage whose level decreases linearly as a temperature increases, and compares the variable voltage with first and second reference voltages to generate first and second temperature codes to measure the temperature.... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110204875 - Adaptive filters for fiber optic sensors: Systems and methods according to these exemplary embodiments provide for methods and systems related to optical current and voltage sensors and, more particularly, to filters for use in such sensors.... Agent:

20110204876 - Modular measuring device with distributed data and algorithms: A sensor module includes a sensor element with a transducer for emitting an electric analog primary signal, which depends on a measured value; and a circuit assembly for conditioning the primary signal and for unidirectional data communication of a digital signal, which depends on the primary signal, to a superordinated... Agent: Endress Hauser Conduora

20110204877 - Output circuit of charge mode sensor: An output circuit of a charge mode sensor includes a second resistor and an operational amplifier. The second resistor connects an output portion of the charge mode sensor and a ground. The operational amplifier is configured to output a detection signal that varies in accordance with an amount of charge... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110204878 - Method for determining the type of connection of at least two electrical devices and system comprising several electric devices: The invention relates to a method for determining the type of connection of at least two electric devices (5) whereby each device comprises a similar connector arrangement. The aim of the invention is to increase the reliability during the starting up process and during the operation of a system which... Agent: Powerlynx A/s

20110204879 - Construction system for an electrical current and/or voltage sensor: A construction system for a current and/or voltage sensor (100), intended for use in combination with a busbar (B), extends along a longitudinal axis (Y), thus forming a proximal portion and a distal portion with respect to said busbar (B), and said sensor (100) comprises a solid body (110) of... Agent:

20110204880 - Scanner system for garage equipment for motor vehicle garages: The present invention concerns a scanner system for scanning the surface of an object, especially a vehicle wheel, the system comprises a mobile scanner including at least one sensor adapted to sense at least one position on the surface of the object and a reference system to which the sensor... Agent:

20110204881 - Zero positioning for sensor: An arrangement to establish a zero position for a sensor that serves to detect movement between parts of a technical system that are connected by a ball joint. The arrangement comprising a joint housing of the ball joint rigidly connected to a first part of the system, a ball pin... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20110204882 - Aircraft vehicular propulsion system monitoring device and method: Methods/systems for monitoring an aircraft propulsion system is described. The measurement system/method provides for accurate and precise monitoring of rotating members in an aircraft vehicle propulsion system. The measuring system/method provides for a high reliability aircraft in which the propulsion dynamically rotating drive shaft system and couplings are monitored in... Agent:

20110204883 - Swing type input apparatus: A swing type input apparatus includes a housing, an operation knob rotatably supported by the housing, and a detecting unit detecting an angle of rotation of the knob. The detecting unit includes a circuit substrate intersecting the rotation center line of the knob, a magnetic sensor on an extension of... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20110204885 - Detection of the state of electrical equipment of a vehicle: A method for detecting an on or off state of electrical equipment of a vehicle, wherein the amplitudes of the magnetic field measured in at least two directions are analyzed to isolate the respective contributions of the different pieces of electrical equipment and deduce their state.... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20110204886 - Magnetic sensor, magnetic detector, and magnetic head: A magnetic sensor comprises a first ferromagnetic body, a second ferromagnetic body, a channel extending from the first ferromagnetic body to the second ferromagnetic body, a magnetic shield covering the channel, and an insulating film disposed between the channel and the magnetic shield, while the magnetic shield has a through-hole... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110204884 - Magnetometer: A magnetometer which includes an elongate reactor in which a sample can be secured in a sample support zone and which is located within a magnetic field space of a magnetic field generator and one or more signal pickup coils. Movement generating means is provided for generating relative movement in... Agent: University Of Cape Town

20110204887 - Current sensors and methods: Embodiments relate to current sensors and methods. In an embodiment, a current sensor comprises a conductor portion having a first portion and a second portion; at least three slots formed in the conductor portion between the first and second portions, each of the at least three slots having a length... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110204888 - Hall integrated circuit with adjustable hysteresis: A Hall integrated circuit with adjustable hysteresis is disclosed. The circuit in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes a magnetic field-pulse convertor, which outputs a pulse-shaped voltage difference pulse by converting a change in two voltages as a pulse and in which the change occurs in accordance... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110204889 - Current sensor: A current sensor includes a magnetic equilibrium sensor including a magnetic sensor element with characteristics changed by an inductive magnetic field from a measurement target current and a feedback coil provided in the vicinity of the magnetic sensor element and generating a canceling magnetic field canceling the inductive magnetic field,... Agent: Alps Green Devices Co., Ltd.

20110204890 - Antenna device and magnetic resonance imaging device: Manufacture cost and maintenance cost of RF coils of MRI devices are reduced without any limitation concerning size of the coils. By constituting an antenna device for magnetic resonance imaging devices with a cylindrical outer conductor, a looped ribbon-shaped conductor disposed inside the cylindrical outer conductor along the cylindrical surface,... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20110204891 - Direct magnetic imaging apparatus and method: Methods and apparatuses of the present invention perform imaging using a metamaterial lens structure. The apparatus according to one embodiment comprises: a field source capable of generating an electromagnetic field directed to an area in an object or target; a field detector arranged downstream from the field source, the field... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20110204892 - Spin echo spi methods for quantitative analysis of fluids in porous media: A method of measuring a parameter in a sample by imaging at least a portion of the sample using a spin-echo single-point imaging (SE-SPI) pulse sequence. This method involves applying a pure phase encoding to the SE-SPI pulse sequence, acquiring a multiplicity of echoes, and determining the spatially resolved T2... Agent: University Of New Brunswick

20110204893 - Displacement measurement method and apparatus, strain measurement method and apparatus, elasticity and visco-elasticity constants measurement apparatus, and the elasticity and visco-elasticity constants measurement apparatus-based treatment apparatus: The present invention provides elastic constant and visco elastic constant measurement apparatus etc. for measuring in the ROI in living tissues elastic constants such as shear modulus, Poisson's ratio, Lame constants, etc., visco elastic constants such as visco shear modulus, visco Poisson's ratio, visco Lame constants, etc. and density even... Agent:

20110204894 - Analysis system with gpc and nmr spectroscopy coupling, in particular for the analysis of samples having polymers: An analysis system (1) for the analysis of a sample, comprises a gel permeation chromatograph (14) that is coupled with a nuclear magnetic resonance(=NMR) spectrometer. The chromatograph (14) has a gel permeation chromatography(=GPC) separating column system (6a) that is filled with porous particles (21). The GPC separating column system (6a)... Agent:

20110204895 - Tracking positions of personnel, vehicles, and inanimate objects: A device rotates at least one static magnetic field about an axis, producing a rotating magnetic dipole field, and is movable in relation to the surface of the ground. The field is periodically sensed using a receiver to produce a receiver output responsive to the field. A positional relationship between... Agent:

20110204896 - Detecting a structure in a well: A tool for detecting a structure in a well includes a receiver coil having a first winding and a second winding, a first circuit to apply an input signal to the second winding, and a detection circuit to detect a response of the first winding to the input signal applied... Agent:

20110204897 - Method and apparatus with high resolution electrode configuration for imaging in oil-based muds: Various disclosed resistivity imaging tools and methods provide a high-resolution electrode configuration for imaging in oil-based imaging in oil-based muds. Some tool embodiments have a sensing surface that comprises: a measurement electrode, a focus electrode surrounding the measurement electrode, and a return electrode surrounding the focus electrode. The sensing surface... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20110204898 - Apparatus and method for measuring current and voltage of secondary battery pack in synchronization manner: Provided is an apparatus for measuring current and voltage of a secondary battery pack in synchronization manner, comprising a voltage measurement circuit for periodically measuring and outputting the level of a charging voltage of each of a plurality of battery cells contained in a battery pack; a current measurement circuit... Agent:

20110204899 - Method of calibrating a partial discharge measuring device: This invention concerns a method and devices for calibrating a partial discharge measuring device and for locating faults on cables. In the method, calibration signals, which can include a band-limited white noise, are used with a periodically repeated signal course. By averaging over a predetermined period duration (T) of the... Agent: Omicron Electronics Gmbh

20110204900 - Method and device for detecting underperforming pv modules in a pv system by using disconnect switches: A measuring method for determining an output drop of a PV unit is provided. The PV unit is arranged within a photovoltaic system comprising a plurality of electrically parallel-connected PV units. Each PV unit can be removed from the parallel circuit by a switching device. Further, a total current measuring... Agent:

20110204901 - Apparatus and method for reactive power compensation of a test transformer: An apparatus and a method for reactive power compensation of a test transformer with an inductor and a stepped capacitor bank and a generator. The generator is used for generating a generator current and a generator voltage with a predeterminable test frequency. The inductance of the inductor can be set... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110204902 - Device for measuring a fluid meniscus: The invention relates to a device (102) arranged for measuring a geometry of a fluid meniscus (132). The device comprises a fluid chamber (104) storing a first electrically conductive fluid (128) and a second electrically insulating fluid (324). The fluids are mutually immiscible and define a fluid meniscus (132) in... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110204903 - System and method for augmented impedance sensing: An impedance monitoring circuit for an electrosurgical generator is disclosed. The monitoring circuit includes an isolation transformer coupled to at least one of an active terminal and a return terminal of an electrosurgical generator, wherein the isolation transformer includes a primary winding coupled to a reference resistor and a secondary... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110204904 - Corrosion testing method: The present invention discloses a process for determining which material within a vicinity of an electrically conducting material is causing corrosion of the electrically conducting material. The process includes providing a piece of electrically conducting material, a piece of potentially corrosive material that is present in the vicinity of the... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20110204905 - Occupant detection system and control method of occupant detection system: An occupant detection system includes an electrode provided in a vehicle seat for detecting the capacitance derived from a human body, an oscillator circuit that supplies a sinusoidal signal S0 to the electrode via a resistive element, a first comparator circuit that digitizes the signal S0 using a threshold corresponding... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20110204907 - Method and system for low-power three-phase detection: A method and a system for three-phase detection of a three-phase electric device are provided. The system includes a testing circuit and a comparison module. The testing circuit generates two reference voltages by using the three phase voltages of the three-phase electric device. The two reference voltages are the first... Agent:

20110204906 - Wideband i-v probe and method: Low loss current and voltage probes are integrated in parallel plate airlines (slablines) to be used either as separate modules inserted between tuner and DUT in load pull test setups, or integrated in the impedance tuners themselves. The probes are inserted orthogonally at exactly the same reference plane relative to... Agent:

20110204909 - Solar module test control: A method for conditioning a photovoltaic module for testing includes setting an effective irradiance of a continuous light source at a target plane, configuring a test photovoltaic module to operate at a substantially maximum power point configuration, positioning the test photovoltaic module adjacent to the target plane, and configuring the... Agent: First Solar, Inc.

20110204908 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device is designed to facilitate analyzing a position and a cause of the failure of an integrated circuit adopting a polyphase clock. To this end, the semiconductor device is provided with an error detecting unit that detects that a problem of the operation occurs in the integrated circuit,... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110204910 - Method and apparatus for testing electrical connections on a printed circuit board: A test system and method for identifying open and shorted connections on a printed circuit board (PCB). An integrated circuit (IC) unit on the PCB is configured to generate a test signal on an output pin connected to a test pin on a second device, connector, or socket on the... Agent: Teradyne, Inc.

20110204911 - Prober unit: To facilitate connection between a narrow-pitched probe assembly and a coarse-pitched printed circuit board. A prober unit in which probes are brought into contact with to-be-tested semiconductor chips to establish electrical connection between the semiconductor chips and a test unit via the probes, in which: a probe assembly and a... Agent:

20110204912 - Test apparatus having a probe core with a twist lock mechanism: A probe core includes a frame, a wire guide connected to the frame, a probe tile, and a plurality of probe wires supported by the wire guide and probe tile. Each probe wire includes an end configured to probe a device, such as a semiconductor wafer. Each probe wire includes... Agent: Celadon Systems, Inc.

20110204913 - Test section unit and test head: A test section unit 7 comprising a handle 6 which is detachable without using any tool: wherein the handle 6 comprises a base plate 61, two brackets 62 provided to both end portions of the base plate 61, a handle bar 63 bridging over between the both brackets 62, and... Agent:

20110204914 - Muxing interface platform for multiplexed handlers to reduce index time system and method: A system for connecting a test pin of automatic test equipment (ATE) to devices for testing includes a first handler for manipulating a first portion and a second handler for manipulating a second portion of devices. A first wire connected to first socket(s) and a second wire connected to second... Agent:

20110204915 - Die testing using top surface test pads: Timely testing of die on wafer reduces the cost to manufacture ICs. This disclosure describes a die test structure and process to reduce test time by adding test pads on the top surface of the die. The added test pads allow a tester to probe and test more circuits within... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110204916 - Method and device for identifying low-output pv modules in a pv system: A method and a device for carrying out the method are disclosed in order to aid in the search for faulty photovoltaic modules. In a photovoltaic system comprising multiple PV units electrically connected in parallel, each PV unit is assigned its own fixed current sensor. Furthermore, each PV unit can... Agent:

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110199072 - Power control system and method: A system and method for controlling an electrical device is provided. The method comprises receiving three phase power from a source, decomposing signals representative of power in each phase of the three phase power to provide a positive-sequence component of each phase and tracking the positive-sequence component of each phase... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20110199073 - Inverted magnetic isolator: A current determiner comprising a first input conductor and a first current sensor, formed of a plurality of magnetoresistive, anisotropic, ferromagnetic thin-film layers at least two of which are separated from one another by a nonmagnetic layer positioned therebetween, and both supported on a substrate adjacent to but electrically isolated... Agent: Nve Corporation

20110199074 - Rotary encoder and control method thereof: The control method includes obtaining an assumed angle and an actual angle of each of the plurality of rotation angle detecting members, determining a first rotation angle detecting member, the assumed angle and the actual angle of which differ from each other, determining a second rotation angle detecting member having... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110199075 - Rotation angle detection device, and rotation angle detection method: A rotation angle detection device includes: a detection portion that detects detection angle that univocally corresponds to rotation angle of a rotating body which is within a predetermined range, wherein the detection angle linearly increases from a minimum value to a maximum value as the rotation angle increases within a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110199076 - State detection device and method in portable device: A device and method are provided that can detect a state when the relative positions of two cases of a portable device are changed by a form of motion other than simple rotation or shift. In a portable device including a joint mechanism that joins first and second cases in... Agent:

20110199077 - Ferrous object detector: A three-dimensional magnetic field sensor is used as part of a vehicle detector to monitor plural parking spaces. The detector includes a controller which periodically samples the magnetic field and compares the present field to a prior field. When the difference exceeds a threshold, the change in the field is... Agent:

20110199079 - Current sensor and battery with current sensor: A current sensor includes a magnetic detection element having a resistance value changed by applying inductive magnetic field from measurement target current, a magnetic core provided in the vicinity of the magnetic detection element, and a coil generating magnetic field attenuating the inductive magnetic field. A constant level current in... Agent: Alps Green Devices Co., Ltd.

20110199078 - Linear-with-magnetic field magnetoresistance device: A magnetic field measuring system is disclosed. The magnetic field measuring system includes a substrate, a conductive well formed in the substrate, the well having a first side with a first length, a first contact electrically coupled to the conductive well at a first location of the first side, a... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110199080 - Biosensor with quadrupole magnetic actuation system: The present invention provides a biosensor comprising means (5) for accommodating a fluid sample having a sensor surface at its bottom and means for detecting particles accumulated at and/or proximate the sensor surface. The biosensor further comprises a quadrupole magnetic unit (1, 2, 3, 4) adapted to provide a magnetic... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110199081 - Barkhausen noise inspection apparatus and inspection method: A Barkhausen noise inspection device of the present invention includes a detecting head (1), made up of an exciting coil (2) for magnetizing an object (30) to be inspected, a detecting coil (3) for detecting Barkhausen noises generated from the object (30) having been magnetized, and an electric power source... Agent: Ntn Corporation

20110199082 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: Provided is an MRI apparatus. In the MRI apparatus, a data collection unit repetitively performs a tag mode of applying an RF wave to at least an upstream portion of an imaging area to perform fluid labeling of a fluid flown into the imaging area and, after a lapse of... Agent:

20110199083 - Interference compensation in mr measurements on moving objects through adjustment of the measurement conditions: A method for generating magnetic resonance (MR) images or MR spectra of at least one partial area (2a) of a moving object (2) with at least one motion sequence that is repeated during consecutive motion states (BZ) is proposed. In a learning measurement, a monitor signal of the repeating motion... Agent: Bruker Biospin Mri Gmbh

20110199084 - Method and system for diffusion tensor imaging: Methods and systems for displaying microstructural integrity and/or connectivity of a region of interest (ROI) in a patient are disclosed. Methods and systems for tissue segmentation and atlas-based tissue segmentation in ROI of a patient using diffusion MRI data are also described. A method for studying microstructural integrity and/or connectivity... Agent: Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

20110199085 - Radiotherapy and imaging apparatus: A radiotherapy system comprises a patient support, moveable along a translation axis, an imaging apparatus, comprising a first magnetic coil and a second magnetic coil, the first and second magnetic coils having a common central axis parallel to the translation axis, and being displaced from one another along the central... Agent: Elekta Ab (publ)

20110199086 - Open-type mri apparatus, and open-type superconducting mri apparatus: The open-type MRI apparatus is characterized in that the individual tabular gradient magnetic coil structures are fixed on their individually facing static magnetic field generating means at a plurality of positions for suppressing the deformations, which occur in the gradient magnetic coil structures, by the Lorentz forces which act, when... Agent:

20110199087 - Flux plane locating in an underground drilling system: A portable locator and method for establishing the location of the cable line in a region which includes at least one generally straight electrically conductive cable line extending across the region from which cable line a locating signal includes a first arrangement for measuring a local flux intensity of the... Agent:

20110199088 - Electromagnetic wave resistivity tool having a tilted antenna for determining the horizontal and vertical resistivities and relative dip angle in anisotropic earth formations: This invention is directed to a downhole method and apparatus for simultaneously determining the horizontal resistivity, vertical resistivity, and relative dip angle for anisotropic earth formations. The present invention accomplishes this objective by using an antenna configuration in which a transmitter antenna and a receiver antenna are oriented in non-parallel... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20110199089 - tool for imaging a downhole environment: The invention is concerned with a tool for imaging a formation, the tool comprising: a pad capable of alignment adjacent a wall of the formation. The pad has located thereon an imaging electrode for injecting current into the formation. There is a first return electrode separated from the imaging electrode... Agent:

20110199090 - Tool for imaging a downhole environment: The invention is concerned with a tool and method for determining standoff from a formation though mud. The tool comprising a first electrode located at a distance from the formation for measuring a first impedance. A second electrode is located at a second distance from the formation for measuring a... Agent:

20110199091 - Current sensor: A current sensor, which senses current passing through a harness via a terminal of a battery, includes a fixed part to which the harness is fixed, a resistor which is inserted between the terminal and the fixed part, a circuit board which measures current passing through the resistor based on... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110199092 - Ac charging contact mechanism: AC charging contact mechanisms are provided to charge facilitate testing of mobile devices that have charging contacts on sides of the device. A pin and spring based mechanism is provided to bias a probe against one of the charging contact. A lever based mechanism is also provided which biases a... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110199093 - Method for inspecting electrostatic chuck, and electrostatic chuck apparatus: Provided are a method and an apparatus capable of determining which attracting electrode in an electrostatic chuck of bipolar type has a capacitance abnormality occurring in its vicinity. In this inspection method, a positive auxiliary electrode (12) and a negative auxiliary electrode (14) are provided in a dielectric body (6)... Agent:

20110199094 - Gas sensor age compensation and failure detection: A method, system (100), and computer program product for age compensation for a gas sensor (101) are provided. The method includes determining an impedance spectrum for the gas sensor (101) by an impedance analyzer (103); determining a set of principle parameters based on the impedance spectrum by a principle parameter... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20110199095 - Multilevel connector system: The invention relates to a connector system comprising a first connector having a plurality of first contact terminals (E, F, G, J); a second connector having a plurality of second contact terminals, wherein the second contact terminals (A, B, C, D) and the electrical device are arranged such that, while... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Iprm Ag

20110199096 - Correction of non-linearities in adcs: Techniques for calibrating non-linearities of ADCs are described, which can be applied whether or not the non-linearities change with frequency. When the non-linearities do not change (are static), the frequency of a calibrating signal is first estimated coarsely in a calibration mode, then a fine estimate is determined using the... Agent:

20110199097 - Sensor system with reduced sensitivity to sample placement: The present invention relates to the non-invasive analysis of materials in both in-vivo and ex-vivo configurations that show reduced sensitivity to sample placement within the sample measurement location. Embodiments of the apparatus make use of paired magnetic configurations and/or paired electrode configurations. Methods are described that compensate for the variation... Agent:

20110199098 - Device for the contact-less detection of the degree of dryness of a coat of varnish, and method for the same: A device and method for the contactless and therefore non-destructive measurement of a degree of dryness of a coat of paint applied to a substrate. The device comprises at least one transmitter for electromagnetic radiation, at least one receiver for determining the absorption of the electromagnetic radiation radiated into the... Agent:

20110199099 - Container position measuring method and container position measuring apparatus: A container position measuring method using a microwave sensor 31 which emits microwave 35 and receives reflected wave of the microwave 35, wherein a position of a corner portion of a transportation container is measured by reflected wave from the corner portion. The microwave 35 is not influenced by weather... Agent: Nihon Engineering Co., Ltd.

20110199100 - Evaluation of a charge impedance at the output of a directional coupler: A method and circuit for evaluating a charge impedance at the output of a directional coupling having a first line adapted to convey a wanted signal between a first terminal and a second terminal adapted to be connected to an antenna, and having a second line coupled to the first... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (tours) Sas

20110199101 - Angle measurement device and method: The present invention relates to a sensor device for determining an absolute angle of a prosthetic joint, and which is resistant to environmental elements and has a reduced power draw. The sensor device includes an inductive sensor and a rotatable member including a metal material. The metal material can include... Agent:

20110199102 - Chemical sensors and methods for making and using the same: A van der Pauw (VDP) sensor comprising an electronic circuit electrically coupled to a surface, the surface comprising a type III-V material, and the electronic circuit measuring a sheet resistivity of the surface using a VDP technique. The VDP sensor may further comprise a macromolecule, such as a porphyrin, an... Agent:

20110199103 - Fill level measuring device: A fill level measuring device for capacitive fill level measurement and/or travel time fill level measurement of a fill substance in a container. The measuring device has a coaxial measuring probe, whose inner conductor is galvanically isolated from its shield conductor, and whose shield conductor lies electrically at a reference... Agent: Endress + Hauser Gmbh + Co. Kg

20110199104 - Capacitive detector for use in extrusion-based digital manufacturing systems: A detector for use in an extrusion-based digital manufacturing system, the detector comprising a sense conductive component and an excitation conductive component to define a first gap that is configured to receive a consumable material used in the extrusion-based digital manufacturing system, where the excitation conductive component is configured to... Agent: Stratasys, Inc.

20110199105 - Electrostatic capacity type touch sensor: This invention offers an electrostatic capacity type touch sensor that can be calibrated in a short period of time at a moment when a finger of operator or the like does not touch a touch pad. An absolute value of a difference (AD0−AD2) between a first output voltage AD0 and... Agent: On Semiconductor Trading, Ltd.

20110199106 - Compact low noise signal readout circuit and method for operating thereof: The present invention discloses a solid-state electric charge sensor (200, 600) comprising at least one signal-readout circuit (205, 605) that comprises a current source (140, 640) and a column line (120, 620). The sensor also comprises at least one charge detector circuit (210, 610) that is operatively coupled with the... Agent:

20110199107 - Method and apparatus for calibrating a test system for measuring a device under test: Methods and apparatus for calibrating a vector network analyzer (VNA) and characterizing a device under test. In one example, a device fixture including a pair of embedded device adapters provides an interface between a device under test (DUT) with non-coaxial connectors and the coaxial connectors of the VNA, and moves... Agent: Ate Systems, Inc.

20110199108 - Silicon chicklet pedestal: A silicon chicklet pedestal for use in a wafer-level test probe of a wafer is provided and includes a main body, first and second opposing faces, and an array of vias formed through the main body to extend between the first and second faces, through which pairs of leads, respectively... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110199109 - Silicon chicklet pedestal: A silicon chicklet pedestal for use in a wafer-level test probe of a wafer is provided and includes a main body, first and second opposing faces, and an array of vias formed through the main body to extend between the first and second faces, through which pairs of leads, respectively... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110199110 - System and method for modulation mapping: An apparatus for providing modulation mapping is disclosed. The apparatus includes a laser source, a motion mechanism providing relative motion between the laser beam and the DUT, signal collection mechanism, which include a photodetector and appropriate electronics for collecting modulated laser light reflected from the DUT, and a display mechanism... Agent: Dcg Systems, Inc.

20110199111 - Contacting component, method of producing the same, and test tool having the contacting component: A contacting component has a probe contact formed by plating and adapted to be contacted with a target portion. The contacting component includes an insulating substrate, a conductive circuit formed on one surface of the insulating substrate, and the probe contact is made of a conductive material and formed on... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110199112 - Determination of properties of an electrical device: c

20110199113 - Insert containing apparatus for semiconductor package: An insert containing apparatus for a semiconductor package. The insert containing apparatus for a semiconductor package includes: a tray; an insert that is disposed in the tray, wherein at least one semiconductor package is seated on the insert and a through hole is formed around the semiconductor package; and an... Agent:

20110199114 - Bit failure signature identification: A method, system, and program product for identifying at least one bit failure among a plurality of semiconductor chips are provided. A first aspect of the invention provides a method of identifying at least one bit failure signature among a plurality of semiconductor chips, the method comprising: counting failures of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110199115 - Failure diagnosis circuit, power supply device, and failure diagnosis method: A failure diagnosis circuit is provided with: a voltage detection unit that detects a terminal voltage of an electricity storage unit; a current detection unit that detects a current flowing in the electricity storage unit; a SOC calculation unit that calculates a SOC of the electricity storage unit on the... Agent:

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110193546 - Current sensor and current sensing method: A current sensor, comprises an input conductor (IN) which is supplied with the current to be sensed and an output conductor (OUT) from which the current to be sensed is output. A conductor path is provided between the input conductor and the output conductor, wherein the path is provided on... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110193547 - Method and apparatus for identifying and reducing spurious frequency components: A method for identifying and reducing spurious frequency components is provided. A method in accordance with at least one embodiment of the present disclosure may include generating a digital sinusoidal waveform at a direct digital synthesizer (DDS) and receiving the digital sinusoidal waveform at an audio digital-to-analog converter. The method... Agent: Ltx-credence Corporation

20110193548 - Separation-type avometer: A separation-type avometer includes a manipulation device and a measurement main body. The manipulation device includes a selection module, a first wireless module, and a window module. The measurement main body includes a measurement module, a second wireless module, and an automatic determining and switching module. The first wireless module... Agent: Appa Technology Corp.

20110193549 - Method and apparatus for amplifying a signal and test device using same: An amplifier circuit is used in a multimeter to amplify signals applied between a pair of test terminals. A voltage applied to one of the test terminals is amplified by a first operational amplifier configured as a voltage follower. An output of the first operational amplifier is applied to an... Agent: Fluke Corporation

20110193550 - Logarithmic mean-square power detector: A mean square power detector in accordance with one or more embodiments includes a gain or attenuation circuit comprising a plurality of gain or attenuation elements arranged for generating a plurality of amplified or attenuated versions of a radio frequency (RF) input signal. The mean square power detector also includes... Agent: Hittite Microwave Corporation

20110193552 - Displacement measurement system and method using magnetic encodings: A measurement system includes a rotating member configured to transfer mechanical energy to a point of use. The member has at a surface thereof one or more circumferentially oriented bands of magnetizable material. Each band has a magnetic pattern comprised of a plurality of transitions magnetically recorded in the magnetizable... Agent: Sri International

20110193553 - Magnetic array sensor circuit to process an output from a magnetic sensor array: A magnetic array sensor circuit to process an output from a magnetic sensor array including a plurality of magnetic sensor elements arranged in an array. The circuit includes a regulating circuit to reduce an offset variation of the output from the magnetic sensor elements arranged in the array.... Agent: Hamamatsu Foundation For Science And Technology Promotion

20110193554 - Method for determining orientation of elecromagnetic receivers: Method for determining receiver orientation angles in a controlled source electromagnetic survey, by analyzing the survey data. For a given survey receiver, two data subsets are selected. (43, 44). The two subsets may be from two offset ranges that are geometrically symmetrical relative to the receiver location. Alternatively, the second... Agent:

20110193551 - Rotor for rotation sensor: A rotor for a rotation sensor may be mounted on a bearing that supports a wheel on an automotive vehicle so that it can detect the number of revolutions for the wheel. The rotor for a rotation sensor 1 includes a reinforcing ring 2 formed like an L-shape in cross... Agent:

20110193555 - Atomic magnetometer and magnetic sensing method: An atomic magnetometer includes a light source for a probe beam and a medium in which the probe beam is to be propagated. The medium is a substance which changes a polarization rotation angle of the probe beam depending on a magnetic field intensity at a first measurement position and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110193556 - Integrated magnetic sensor for detecting vertical magnetic fields and manufacturing process thereof: An integrated magnetic sensor formed in a body including a substrate of semiconductor material, which integrates a Hall cell. A trench is formed in the body, for example, on the back of the substrate, and is delimited by lateral surface portions that extend in a direction transverse to the main... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.i.

20110193557 - Current sensor including a sintered metal layer: An integrated circuit includes a semiconductor die including a first magnetic field sensor. The integrated circuit includes an isolation material layer over the first magnetic field sensor and a sintered metal layer over the isolation material layer. The first magnetic field sensor is configured to sense a magnetic field generated... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110193558 - Passenger scanning systems for detecting contraband: A passenger scanning system includes a passenger screening area configured for a person to enter and a shield surrounding at least a portion of the passenger screening area. The shield is configured to reduce a radio frequency interference within the passenger screening area. The passenger scanning system also includes one... Agent: Morpho Detection, Inc.

20110193559 - Electron spin measurement device and measurement method: An electron spin measuring device of the organic thin film element is provided with: at least one sample tube into which a sample for measurement is inserted and which is sealed together with specific gas or with vacuum; a cavity into which the at least one sample tube is inserted;... Agent:

20110193560 - Boring technique using locate point measurements for boring tool depth prediction: A method is disclosed as part of an overall process in which a boring tool is moved through the ground within a given region along a particular path in an orientation which includes pitch. A locating signal is transmitted from the boring tool which signal exhibits a field defined forward... Agent:

20110193561 - Chucks for supporting solar cell in hot spot testing: In an embodiment, a chuck to support a solar cell in hot spot testing is provided. This embodiment of the chuck comprises a base portion and a support portion disposed above the base portion. The support portion is configured to support the solar cell above the base portion and to... Agent: Sunpower Corporation

20110193562 - Semiconductor test system and relay driving test method therefor: It is aimed to provide a semiconductor test system and a relay driving test method therefor which can automatically and continuously perform tests without bringing needle tips into contact with a number of relays mounted on a probe card and by using a device. In a semiconductor test system with... Agent: Japan Electronic Materials Corp.

20110193563 - Partial discharge monitor: This invention relates to high voltage electrical or power systems and in particular to a method and device for monitoring partial discharges in high voltage electrical or power systems. The method comprises defining a low trigger level and a high trigger level electrical pulse amplitude levels, monitoring at least one... Agent: Eskom Holdings Limited

20110193564 - Cement expansion measurement apparatus and method: An apparatus for measuring cement expansion comprises an expansion cell that comprises two nodes separated by a slit. The nodes are separated by a distance such that a change of the distance between the nodes may be correlated to a linear expansion of cement contained in the expansion cell. An... Agent:

20110193565 - Dielectricity measurement device: A dielectricity measurement device and method for determining dielectric properties of portioned material of a capsule end package with the aid of an electrical field is described, where the device receives an electrically conductive package wall of the capsule end package as a component of the measurement arrangement and where... Agent:

20110193566 - Multichannel absorberless near field measurement system: A near field microwave scanning system includes a switched array of antenna elements forming an array surface, a scan surface substantially parallel to the array surface and separated by a distance less than about 1 wavelength of the measured frequency, and a processing engine for obtaining and processing near field... Agent: Emscan Corporation

20110193567 - Fill level measuring device working with microwaves: A fill level measuring device working with microwaves according to the travel time principle for fill level measurement of fill substances located in containers. On a plurality of different signal paths, microwave signals can be transmitted into the container, and their associated echo signals recorded. The measurement results gained on... Agent:

20110193568 - Impedance correction device and method thereof: An impedance correction device and a method thereof are provided. A step generator is used to generate a step signal and send to a circuit under test. A reflected signal returned back from the circuit under test is used as a measurement signal; and the measurement signal can be measured... Agent:

20110193569 - Oscillator circuit with rf suppression: An oscillator circuit includes a phase-locked loop, a crystal resonator, first and second capacitors, and first and second impedance elements. The phase-locked loop is coupled between a first node and a second node. The crystal resonator is also coupled between the first node and the second node. The first capacitor... Agent: Landis+gyr, Inc.

20110193570 - Systems and methods for characterizing a molecule: Techniques for characterizing a molecule are described herein. In one example, a portion of the molecule is trapped in a nanopore, a variable voltage is applied across the nanopore until the trapped portion of molecule is moved within the nanopore, and the molecule is characterized based on the electrical stimulus... Agent: Genia Technologies, Inc.

20110193571 - Touch sensing system, capacitance sensing circuit and capacitance sensing method thereof: A touch sensing system which includes a touch input interface and a capacitance sensing circuit is provided. The touch input interface includes a plurality of sensing capacitors which output at least one waveform under test and at least one reference waveform. The capacitance sensing circuit includes a difference comparing unit.... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20110193572 - Determining a dielectric property of a capacitor: An apparatus for determining at least one dielectric property of a capacitor arrangement, and especially for capacitive examination of a moving elongated test subject such as yarn. It contains an alternating signal generator for applying an electric alternating signal to the capacitor arrangement. The capacitor arrangement is uncoupled from the... Agent: Uster Technologies Ag

20110193573 - Integrated sensor system: An integrated sensor system for a lithography machine, the system comprising a projection lens system (132) for focusing one or more exposure beams onto a target, a moveable table (134) for carrying the target (9), a capacitive sensing system (300) for making a measurement related to a distance between a... Agent: Mapper LithographyIPB.v.

20110193574 - Capacitive sensing system: A capacitive sensing system, comprising a sensor having thin film structure, the thin film structure comprising a sensor having a first insulating layer and a first conductive film comprising a sensing electrode formed on a first surface of the first insulating layer and a second conductive film comprising a back... Agent: Mapper LithographyIPB.v.

20110193575 - Volumetric induction phase shift detection system for determining tissue water content properties: A method of determining the condition of a bulk tissue sample, by: positioning a bulk tissue sample between a pair of induction coils (or antennae); passing a spectrum of alternating current (or voltage) through a first of the induction coils (or antennae); measuring spectrum of alternating current (or voltage) produced... Agent:

20110193576 - Electron radiation monitoring system to prevent gold spitting and resist cross-linking during evaporation: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for in-situ measurement of impurities on metal slugs utilized in electron-beam metal evaporation/deposition systems, and for increasing the production yield of a semiconductor manufacturing processes utilizing electron-beam metal evaporation/deposition systems. A voltage and/or a current level on an electrode disposed in a deposition chamber... Agent:

20110193577 - Remote monitor for corrosion protection of pipelines and structures: Several remote monitoring stations along a corrosion protected pipeline or structure are served by a single long range radio transceiver link to a central data collection station. Individual monitoring stations are in cost-free, short range communication with each other, while a single central module has an additional longer range, paid... Agent:

20110193579 - Determination of physical connectivity status of devices based on electrical measurement: Embodiments of the invention are generally directed to determination of physical connectivity status of devices based on electrical measurement. An embodiment of a method includes discovering a connection of a first device with a second device, and performing an electrical measurement of the second device by the first device via... Agent: Silicon Image, Inc.

20110193578 - System and method for sensing an amplifier load current: A system and method for sensing a load current that flows from an amplifier into a load of the amplifier involves obtaining a voltage drop across internal impedance of the amplifier and computing the load current using the internal impedance and the voltage drop across the internal impedance.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110193580 - Fatal failure diagnostics circuit and methodology: A fault diagnostic circuit (100) and associated method of operation are described for testing an FET device (114) for a gate-drain short failure (113) by floating the FET gate during a predetermined test period and then comparing (118) the FET output voltage (115) at the source to a predetermined threshold... Agent:

20110193582 - Socket, and test apparatus and method using the socket: An apparatus for testing electric characteristics of a test object including first connection terminals on a bottom surface and second connection terminals on a top surface, the apparatus comprises a test board comprising first pads on a predetermined surface; a socket configured to electrically connect the test object to the... Agent:

20110193581 - Systems and methods to test integrated circuits: Open and short systems and methods for testing integrated circuits are disclosed. An example implementation includes engaging an integrated circuit testing module with an integrated circuit testing apparatus, the integrated circuit testing module for receiving an integrated circuit, a first set of contact points, and a second set of contact... Agent:

20110193583 - Methods for planarizing a semiconductor contactor: A planarizer for a probe card assembly. A planarizer includes a first control member extending from a substrate in a probe card assembly. The first control member extends through at least one substrate in the probe card assembly and is accessible from an exposed side of an exterior substrate in... Agent: Formfactor, Inc.

20110193585 - Conveyor-based memory-module tester with elevators distributing moving test motherboards among parallel conveyors for testing: A conveyor-stack test system has motherboards that test memory modules. The motherboards are not stationary but are placed inside movable trays that move along conveyors. A loader-unloader removes tested memory modules from test sockets on the motherboards and inserts untested memory modules into the motherboards using a robotic arm. A... Agent: Kingston Technology Corp.

20110193584 - Universal multiplexing interface system and method: A system for communicatively connecting devices for testing to respective test pins of a test head of an automatic test equipment (ATE). The system includes a tester interface device for communicative connection to the test pins of the ATE. The tester interface device includes a first connector and a second... Agent:

20110193586 - Alternating current (ac) stress test circuit, method for evaluating ac stress induced hot carrier injection (hci) degradation, and test structure for hci degradation evaluation: An AC stress test circuit for HCI degradation evaluation in semiconductor devices includes a ring oscillator circuit, first and second pads, and first and second isolating switches. The ring oscillator circuit has a plurality of stages connected in series to form a loop. Each of the stages comprises a first... Agent: United Microelectronics Corporation

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20110187345 - Automatic calibration circuit: Embodiments of circuits, devices, and methods related to calibration circuits are disclosed. In various embodiments, a calibration circuit may be used for calibrating a power detector circuit. In various other embodiments, a calibration circuit may be used for calibrating a resistor module. Other embodiments may also be described and claimed.... Agent: Triquint Semiconductor, Inc.

20110187346 - Current detecting device: A current detecting device includes a second fixed part to which the harness is fixed and electrically connected, a bus bar as a resistor inserted between a first fixed part and the second fixed part, a circuit board in which a current detection circuit is mounted, the current detection circuit... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110187347 - Electromechanical transducer and a method of providing an electromechanical transducer: The invention relates to an electromechanical transducer (100). The electromechanical transducer (100) comprises a cantilever beam (101) and an excitation unit (102) that is adapted for exciting a motion of the cantilever beam (101). A detection unit (103) is adapted for detecting an electrical signal (iout) in response to the... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110187348 - Power strip and electric power measurement system: The following disclosure provides a power strip including: a busbar electrically connected to a power source; multiple electrical outlets allowing multiple power plugs to be inserted thereinto, respectively; distribution bars which are branched out from the busbar and respectively supply the electrical outlets with electric currents of the power source;... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20110187349 - Detector circuit and semiconductor device using same: A detector circuit for detecting degradation in the distortion characteristics of a power amplifier based on signals from both ends of a coupled line of a directional coupler. The detector circuit includes a phase shifter/attenuator for phase shifting and attenuating a signal from a coupled terminal of the coupled line,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110187350 - Magnetic-field sensor and method of calibrating a magnetic-field sensor: An embodiment of a magnetic-field sensor has a plurality of sensor elements connected to form measurement arrangements, each measurement arrangement having a measurement tap, and a control circuit formed to perform an embodiment of a method of calibrating the magnetic-field sensor.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110187352 - Method and machine for multidimensional testing of an electronic device on the basis of a monodirectional probe: In a method and a machine for testing an electronic device, in which the magnetic field emitted is measured by a monodirectional measurement probe, a first value of the component Bz of the magnetic field along axis ZZ′ is measured by the probe and recorded. The probe and the electronic... Agent: Centre National D'etudes Spatiales (c.n.e.s.)

20110187353 - Proximity sensor: A proximity sensor includes a circuit board provided with a processing circuit, a light emitting device mounted on the surface of the circuit board, and a light-transmitting cylindrical light guide surrounding the portion of the circuit board having the light emitting device mounted thereon and guiding the outgoing light from... Agent: Omron Corporation

20110187351 - Angle sensor and method for determining an angle between a sensor system and a magnetic field: An angle sensor for determining an angle between a sensor system and a magnetic field has a magnet which generates the magnetic field and is adjustable in different rotational positions relative to the sensor system with regard to a rotation axis. The sensor system has a first magnetic field sensor... Agent:

20110187354 - Magnetic field angular sensor and sensing method: A magnetoresistive angular sensor and sensing method, in which an external magnetic field generator is used to provide a first mode in which a dc external magnetic field is provided in a predetermined direction and which dominates over the magnetic field generated by the input device being sensed. In a... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110187359 - Bias field generation for a magneto sensor: Embodiments related to the generation of magnetic bias fields for a magneto sensor are described and depicted.... Agent:

20110187357 - Magnetic position encoder: Magnetic position encoders for magnetic angle sensors generally comprise two encoder magnets, which are symmetrically arranged on a base plate. According to the invention, these encoder magnets including the base plate are encased through injection molding. For this purpose, the base plate is configured as a sheet metal stamped part... Agent: Asm Automation Sensorik Messtechnik Gmbh

20110187358 - Method and device for monitoring a rotational angle sensor: The invention relates to a monitoring method in which two variables of angle-dependent, amplitude-modulated carrier frequency signals are emitted on orthogonal windings (12a, 12b) of the rotational angle sensor and an evaluation is carried out by an input amplifier (V2, 11) which emits an output signal that is essentially zero... Agent: Lenze Automation Gmbh

20110187355 - Method of processing encoder signals: identifying a usable pair of transitions in the first and second signals comprising a transition of the first signal from the first state to the second state followed by a transition in the second signal from the first state to the second state without in the intervening period having changed... Agent:

20110187356 - Resolver unit: A resolver unit including a first resolver and a second resolver. The first resolver includes a first rotor. A certain number of first rotor magnetic poles are annularly disposed on the first rotor at equal intervals. The second resolver includes a second rotor coaxial with the first rotor. A certain... Agent:

20110187360 - Mri sensor based on the hall effect for crm imd applications: A method and device can include a Hall effect sensor, which can be formed as a portion of an integrated circuit of an implantable device and which can produce a non-linear current path such as to permit detecting a magnetic field parallel with the orientation of the Hall effect sensor... Agent:

20110187361 - Magnetic field sensor: An MR sensor arrangement is integrated with an IC. A metal layer of the IC structure (e.g. CMOS) is patterned to define at least first and second contact regions. Metal connecting plugs are provided below the first and second contact regions of the metal layer for making contact to terminals... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110187362 - Detection using magnetic field: A device to detect a magnetic field is disclosed. The device includes a first set of nano-magnets and a second set of nano-magnets. The first set of nano-magnets may be operable to transmit a radio frequency (RF) signal to a target, and a second set of nano-magnets may be operable... Agent: University Of Seoul Industry Cooperation Foundation

20110187363 - Method and apparatus for sensing the presence of explosives, contraband and other molecules using nuclear quadrupole resonance: Stimulated emissions due to nuclear quadropole resonance are detected utilizing a terminated balanced transmission line and a directional coupler for the detection of explosives, contraband, narcotics and the like that exist between the transmission lines, with either a stepped frequency generator utilized to scan between 100 KHz and 10 MHz,... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20110187364 - Determining a position of a subarea of an object under examination and the structure thereof in a magnetic resonance system: A method is disclosed for determining a location of a subarea of an area under examination in a magnetic resonance system. The subarea is arranged at the edge of a field-of-view of the magnetic resonance system. In at least one embodiment of the method, at least one slice position is... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110187365 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: In one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes an input unit and a direction setting unit. The input unit receives a setting operation to set a plurality of image taking regions within a position determining image, from an operator of the apparatus. The direction setting unit sets phase encoding... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110187368 - Magnetic resonance method and system to create an image data set: In a magnetic resonance method and system to create a difference image, essentially only one k-space point in a k-space data set belonging to the difference image is acquired at least twice in the form of k-space measurement values after a radiation of an RF excitation pulse. The difference image... Agent:

20110187366 - Method and magnetic resonance device for imaging of particles: In a magnetic resonance method and apparatus for imaging a particle that is located in an examination subject, a pulse sequence is emitted that includes an excitation pulse that generates a transverse magnetization of the examination subject from a magnetization appearing in a basic magnetic field, so the particle causes... Agent:

20110187367 - Method and magnetic resonance system to reduce distortions in diffusion imaging: In a method and magnetic resonance apparatus to reduce distortions in magnetic resonance diffusion imaging, a magnetic resonance data acquisition system is operated to acquire magnetic resonance data in a first measurement with a first diffusion weighting, and to acquire magnetic resonance data in a second measurement with a second,... Agent:

20110187370 - Gradient field power supply and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: According to one embodiment, there is provided a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus in which a gradient field power supply apparatus supplies currents to gradient field coils corresponding to spatial coordinate axis directions to form gradient fields in a static field space which change along the respective spatial coordinate axis directions,... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110187369 - Magnetic resonant imaging gradient driver architecture: Embodiments of the present disclosure include a magnetic resonant imaging (MRI) system including a gradient driver configured to deliver a pulse sequence to gradient coils in the MRI system. The gradient driver may be interleaved, and may include two or more interleaved drivers, such that a high amplitude pulse may... Agent: General Electric Company

20110187371 - Transmit-receive switching circuit for nmr spectrometer and nmr spectrometer incorporating same: A transmit-receive switching circuit is offered which is for use in an NMR spectrometer that employs a solid-state NMR probe using a cooled detection coil. The switching circuit is cryogenically cooled to reduce thermal noise in use. The switching circuit has a first terminal for applying high-power RF pulses sent... Agent: Kyoto University

20110187372 - Acoustic excitation with nmr pulse: NMR measurements are made along with acoustic measurements using one tool. The antenna of the NMR sensor is used to create acoustic signals. Interference between the acoustic and NMR measurements is avoided due to the frequency difference, and by having the acoustic excitation during a wait time of the NMR... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110187373 - Steerable magnetic dipole antenna for measurement-while-drilling applications: A steerable or non-steerable, magnetic dipole antenna for Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) or Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) applications. The antenna elements use a hole arrangement in addition to grooves in a steel tool body, which is typically a drill collar. This antenna embodiment is extremely robust, meaning that does not significantly reduce the structural... Agent: Precision Energy Services, Inc.

20110187374 - Microresistivity imaging with differentially raised electrodes: A microresistivity logging tool includes a measuring electrode deployed in and electrically isolated from a guard electrode. The measuring electrode is radially recessed with respect to at least a portion of the guard electrode. The raised portion of the guard electrode preferably extends radially outward from the tool body such... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20110187375 - Measuring device of the electric properties of solid or liquid geological samples: The present invention relates to a measuring device (10) of the electric properties of solid or liquid geological samples, such as, for example, rocks, preferably from oil or gas reservoirs, and saturation fluids of the same, comprising a hollow body (11, 12) consisting of a first upper half-shell (11) and... Agent: Eni S.p.a.

20110187376 - System and method for testing a circuit: In one embodiment, a sensor for circuit testing has a first terminal and a second terminal. The first terminal is configured to be coupled to a first node of a first circuit via a first capacitor, and the second terminal is configured to be coupled to a second node of... Agent:

20110187377 - Battery charger tester with individual cell temperature measurement: A method and apparatus for sensing the temperature of each individual cell of a battery during the testing and charging. The method and apparatus can monitor the temperature of the cells of the battery, the charger or both. Additionally, a user can be notified when the temperature is at or... Agent:

20110187378 - State of charge determination for an electrical accumulator: In a method for determining the state of charge of an electrical accumulator, individual cell voltages are recorded, and the highest and/or the lowest individual cell voltage is ascertained. A present maximum charge and/or a present minimum charge of the appertaining accumulator cell is determined using a characteristic curve and... Agent:

20110187379 - Discharge ionization current detector: A discharge ionization current detector capable of supplying plasma gas in large quantity to stabilize plasma simultaneously with lowering the sample dilution ratio to improve detection sensitivity is provided. A gas supply pipe 7 for supplying a plasma gas, which also functions as a dilution gas, is connected to a... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20110187380 - System for locating a partial break in a wire loop antenna: Described is a system for locating a partial break in a wire loop antenna. More specifically, the system generates two test signals, each test signal having a signal pattern distinguishable from the other. The system transmits the test signals by way of the antenna such that each test signal radiates... Agent:

20110187381 - Time domain reflectometry in a coherent interleaved sampling timebase: A system and method for performing a time domain reflectometry measurement. The system includes a coherent interleaved sampling timebase, a sampling strobe generator for generating one or more sampling strobes in accordance with the coherent interleaved sampling timebase, a time domain reflectometry sampling strobe generator for generating one or more... Agent: Lecroy Corporation

20110187382 - Dielectric film and layer testing: A system for testing and a method for making a semiconductor device is disclosed. A preferred embodiment includes a conductor overlying a dielectric layer. The conductor is coupled to a first test pad via a first conducting line and to a second test pad via a second conducting line.... Agent:

20110187384 - Electrical interconnection integrated device with fault detecting module and electronic apparatus comprising the device: An electrical interconnection integrated device is described, comprising: a plurality of electrical terminals connectable to an integrated electronic circuit on a chip common to said interconnection device; at least an inside electrical device provided with a respective input connected to a first terminal of said plurality and a respective output;... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20110187383 - Status detecting device and storage medium storing program: A status detecting device that includes a first contact member, a second contact member, an applying component, a grounding component, a detecting component, and an executing component is provided. The applying component applies a predetermined voltage to the first contact member. The grounding component grounds the second contact member. The... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110187385 - Cable test method: A cable testing method includes a tester that includes at least one connector electrically coupled, such as by conductive traces, to a computer. Both ends of the cable are connected to the at least one connector. The computer then sends a signal to one of the conductive traces of the... Agent:

20110187386 - Method of detecting mem device faults with single current pulse: A method of detecting a fault within a micro electro-mechanical device is provided. The micro electro-mechanical device has a support structure and an actuating arm that is movable relative to the support structure because of thermal expansion of at least part of the actuating arm caused by heat inducing current... Agent: Silverbrook Research Pty Ltd

20110187387 - Method of generating a scenario of electromagnetic noise: Method of generating a scenario of electromagnetic noise for monitoring the reliability of a sensitive apparatus, characterized in that it includes the steps consisting in: defining environmental electromagnetic conditions relating to the environment of the sensitive apparatus, determining a positioning of the sensitive apparatus in the environment, and generating, on... Agent: Ifsttar

20110187388 - Single-use biomass sensing device, method for producing this device and single-use bioreactor incorporating this sensor: A single use bioreactor or container including an enclosure provided for containing a biological medium, and at least one device for making at least one impedance measurement in a physical, physico-chemical and/or biological process in this medium. The sensing device is fixed through a wall of the enclosure in such... Agent:

20110187389 - Capacitance measuring circuit for touch sensor: Disclosed herein is a capacitance measuring circuit for a touch sensor. The capacitance measuring circuit includes a reference voltage generation unit for generating a first reference voltage and a second reference voltage, a MUX unit for selecting one from among electrode voltages, a voltage comparator for comparing a voltage generated... Agent: Pointchips Co., Ltd.

20110187391 - Method for detecting detachment of a reinforcing component: A method for detecting detachment of a reinforcing component that is attached to a body skin component of a vehicle body of a vehicle, the body skin component and the reinforcing component forming an electric capacitor together with an intermediate adhesive layer, said capacitor having a capacitance that changes if... Agent:

20110187390 - Touch sensing system, capacitance sensing circuit, and capacitance sensing method: A touch sensing system including a touch input interface and a capacitance sensing circuit is provided. The touch input interface includes a plurality of sensing capacitors for outputting a capacitance under test and a reference capacitance. The capacitance sensing circuit includes a first sensing channel, a second sensing channel, and... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20110187392 - Flow meter: A flow meter includes a main body having a first end and a second end, a flexible electrical resistor coupled to the main body and extending outwardly from the second end thereof, wherein an electrical resistance of the flexible electrical resistor varies in response to a flexure thereof, and an... Agent:

20110187393 - Moisture detection sensors for building structures: A moisture detection sensor self-adhesive tape is used in a building structure to detect moisture penetration and includes a substrate of dielectric, hydrophobic material. Two elongate, parallel, conductors are secured to the top surface of the substrate and a protective layer of non-hygroscopic, water pervious material secured to the to... Agent:

20110187394 - Method and device for checking the seal of structural seals: A method for determining damaged faulty and/or weak points in a structural seal. The seal is provided with an electrically conductive layer arranged inside or outside the structural seal and extends over substantially the entire surface of the structural seal and to which layer an electrical test voltage is applied.... Agent: Progeo Monitoring Gmbh

20110187395 - Corrosion sensors: A corrosion sensor includes an insulating substrate, a thin film of a first metallic material formed on the substrate; and an array of areas what includes a second metallic material provided at the surface of the thin film. A method for manufacturing such a sensor is also disclosed. An exemplary... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20110187396 - Quiescent current (iddq) indication and testing apparatus and methods: An embodiment of an electronic device includes a logic circuit, a switching element, and a quiescent current (IDDQ) evaluation circuit. The logic circuit is coupled to a first ground node. The switching element is coupled between the first ground node and a second ground node. The switching element is configurable... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110187398 - Cantilever microprobes for contacting electronic components and methods for making such probes: Embodiments disclosed herein are directed to compliant probe structures for making temporary or permanent contact with electronic circuits and the like. In particular, embodiments are directed to various designs of cantilever-like probe structures. Some embodiments are directed to methods for fabricating such cantilever structures. In some embodiments, for example, cantilever... Agent: Microfabrica Inc.

20110187397 - Cantilever microprobes for contacting electronic components and methods for making such probes: Embodiments disclosed herein are directed to compliant probe structures for making temporary or permanent contact with electronic circuits and the like. In particular, embodiments are directed to various designs of cantilever-like probe structures. Some embodiments are directed to methods for fabricating such cantilever structures. In some embodiments, for example, cantilever... Agent: Microfabrica Inc.

20110187399 - Signal distribution structure and method for distributing a signal: A signal distribution structure for distributing a signal to a plurality of devices includes a first signal guiding structure including a first characteristic impedance. The signal distribution structure also includes a node, wherein the first signal guiding structure is coupled to the node. The signal distribution structure includes a second... Agent: Verigy (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110187400 - Semiconductor test apparatus and test method: In a semiconductor test apparatus, a first device is tested as a device under test in a state where the first device provided with a transmitter transmitting a signal and a second device provided with a receiver receiving the signal transmitted by the transmitter, are connected together. The transmitter includes... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110187401 - Test couplet with strip conductor technology: A test coupler for supplying a device under test with test signals contains a first coaxial connector, a waveguide port, and a first strip conductor. Test signals of a lower frequency range are supplied to the first coaxial connector. Test signals of an upper frequency range are supplied to the... Agent: Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110187404 - Method of detecting failure and monitoring apparatus: A method of detecting a failure in an information processing apparatus is provided. The method includes detecting at least one of a power supply failure and a unit failure, monitoring the detected unit failures, and determining a detected unit failure for a first unit is erroneous if the monitoring indicates... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110187402 - Power supply testing system: A system includes a plurality of power supply units to be tested, an electric load, a power meter, a multimeter, and a computer. Each of the plurality of power supply units has an input terminal connected to an AC power source via a switch module and an output terminal capable... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110187403 - System for testing power supply performance: A system for testing DC power supply performance includes a control circuit electrically connected to the DC power supply, a test device, and a control device electrically connected to the test device. The control circuit includes a micro controller capable of outputting control signals, a switch control module, and a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

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