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Electricity: measuring and testing July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110181268 - System and method for detecting the presence of an unsafe line condition in a disconnected power meter: A method of detecting the presence of an unsafe line condition at a power metering device is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of determining if a disconnect switch is in the open position, and measuring a first voltage at a first load contact. The method measures a second voltage... Agent: Elster Electricity, LLC

20110181267 - Test analyzer: m

20110181269 - Apparatus and method for identifying the phase and terminal for power system devices: An apparatus and method for identifying the current and voltage phase and terminal for power system devices is described. In one aspect of the present invention, the respective current phase and terminal of two current terminals is identified based on a known phase and known phase angle associated with a... Agent:

20110181270 - Power supply controlling apparatus, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium: A power supply controlling apparatus including: a measurement portion that measures electric power information concerning electric power supplied to another apparatus, a storing control portion that stores the electric power information measured by the measurement portion and measurement time when the electric power information is measured, into a volatile storage,... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20110181271 - Peaking circuit, peaking circuit control method, waveform measurement apparatus, and information processing apparatus: A peaking circuit according to the present invention includes amplifiers connected in multiple stages and feedback circuits for feedback to an input from two or more output points with different gains as seen from the input. The peaking circuit is configured to be able to change an amount of feedback... Agent:

20110181273 - Position detecting system and position detecting method: To provide a position detecting system including a detected object disposed in a detection space and an external device disposed outside the detection space. The detected object includes a resonant circuit that generates a resonant magnetic field according to a driving magnetic field formed in the detection space, and the... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20110181274 - Method for analyzing dc superposition characteristics of inductance device, and electromagnetic field simulator: A method for analyzing the DC superposition characteristics of an inductance device using a magnetic field analysis simulator, comprising a first step of determining an initial magnetization curve from initial magnetization to saturation magnetization, and pluralities of minor loops at different operating points, on a toroidal core made of the... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20110181272 - Metering apparatus for liquids and method for metering liquids: A metering apparatus for liquids and a method for metering liquids which facilitate the operation of a further metering after detaching the pipette point or syringe... Agent: Eppendorf Ag

20110181275 - Spiral magnetic field apparatus and method for pipeline inspection: A system and method are disclosed for inspecting the wall of a pipeline while traveling therethrough. The system may comprise a portion of pipe comprising a pipe wall forming a cylindrical tube defining a circumferential direction and an axial direction. The system may further include an in-line inspection tool positioned... Agent:

20110181276 - Metal detector utilizing combined effects of modified flux linkage and oscillator excitation current: A first coil configuration (106) for use with a radio frequency metal detector includes a parallel wound oscillator coil (42) having two planar loops (43, 44). An oscillator excitation voltage (46) is applied simultaneously across both planar loops 43. The amount of induced voltage in two adjacent receiving loops (48,... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific

20110181277 - Method of determining formation parameter: A nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation dispersion method to determine the wettability and other parameters of a fluid in a porous medium such as in an earth formation is provided. The method includes the steps of measuring the spin-lattice relaxation time T1 of the fluid in the porous medium at varying... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110181278 - Nmr contrast logging: An apparatus for estimating a property of an earth formation penetrated by a borehole, the apparatus includes: a carrier configured to be conveyed through the borehole; a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) instrument disposed at the carrier and configured to perform an NMR measurement on a volume sensitive to the NMR... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110181281 - Equipment for inspecting explosives and/or illicit drugs, antenna coil and method for inspecting explosives and/or illicit drugs: Equipment for inspecting explosives and/or illicit drugs comprises a means for generating high-frequency pulses, an antenna coil which irradiates an object of inspection with the generated high-frequency pulses working as a radio wave and receives a nuclear quadrupole signal which is generated from the object of inspection when the object... Agent: Osaka University

20110181279 - Method and apparatus for detection of a liquid under a surface: Methods for detecting a liquid under a surface and characterizing Ice are provided The liquid may be a liquid hydrocarbon such as crude oil or fuel oil or mineral oil The surface may be ice, snow, or water, and the method may be practiced in an arctic region to detect... Agent:

20110181280 - Method and system for echo planar imaging: In a method and system for echo planar imaging, after having applied a radiofrequency pulse and a slice selection gradient, continuous readout gradients alternating between positive and negative are applied and a phase encoding gradient is applied before starting each readout gradient. A slice selection gradient is applied at the... Agent:

20110181284 - Magnetic field gradient monitor apparatus and method: A method based on pure phase encode FIDs that permits high strength gradient measurement is disclosed. A small doped water phantom (1˜3 mm droplet, T1, T2, T2*<100 μs) within a microprobe is excited by a series of closely spaced broad-band RF pulses each followed by single FID point acquisition. Two... Agent: University Of New Brunswick

20110181286 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, and breath-holding imaging method: In order to make it possible to set the optimal breath-holding imaging conditions according to the subject without extension of an imaging time or the sacrifice of image quality, one scan is divided into one or more breath-holding measurements and free-breathing measurements on the basis of the imaging conditions of... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20110181282 - Method and apparatus for designing and/or implementing variable flip angle mri spin echo train: A variable flip angle (VFA) MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) spin echo train is designed and/or implemented. For example, a target train of detectable spin-locked NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) echo signal amplitudes may be defined and a corresponding designed sequence of variable amplitude (i.e., variable NMR nutation angle) RF refocusing pulses... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110181285 - Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging to create t1 maps: At least one first acquisition sequence is implemented to acquire MR data from a first slice of the examination subject and at least one second acquisition sequence is implemented to acquire MR data from a second slice of the examination subject. The acquisition sequences each include an inversion pulse and... Agent:

20110181283 - System for concurrent acquisition of mr anatomical brain images and mr angiograms without contrast-injection: An MR imaging system without the use of a contrast agent, in a first repetition time interval, generates a non-selective magnetization preparation pulse for magnetizing an anatomical volume encompassing blood flowing into a selected slab within the volume for blood signal suppression, generates RF excitation pulses and acquires a first... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20110181287 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus:

20110181289 - Locator assembly for detecting, locating and identifying buried objects and method of use: A locator assembly for the detection, location and identification of a buried object is provided comprising a sensor portion adapted to detect and measure the magnetic field strength of a buried object. A control assembly is connected to the sensor portion, wherein the control assembly is adapted to receive and... Agent: Berntsen International, Inc.

20110181288 - Trace explosives personnel screening system: A detector system with a portal including a plurality of output ports that direct a plurality of output airstreams in an essentially horizontal direction, and a plurality of intake ports that pull in air. The system also includes at least one concentrator coupled to at least one of the intake... Agent:

20110181290 - Receiver coil assembly for airborne geophysical surveying with noise mitigation: An airborne geophysical surveying system comprising a receiver coil assembly for towing by an aircraft, the receiver assembly including a receiver coil for sensing changes in a magnetic field component of a magnetic field, and a receiver coil orientation sensing system for sensing orientation changes of the receiver coil. A... Agent: Geo Equipment Manufacturing Ltd.

20110181291 - Measuring device for purity measurements in a media circuit of a power station and method for operating said measuing device: A measuring device for carrying out purity measurements in a media circuit of a power station with an ion exchanger device and a measuring means for measuring a parameter of a media current flowing through the ion exchanger device is described. In order to obtain measurements in a rapid and... Agent:

20110181293 - Method for diagnosing an electrical connection, and output assembly: A output assembly and method for diagnosing an electrical connection for reliably identifying a possible wire break to a load in redundantly connected output assemblies in which a control device for operating a switching device is configured such that the control device subjects the measured value to a test criterion,... Agent: Siemens Ag

20110181292 - System for diagnosing sensors to find out abnormality therein: In an abnormality diagnosing system for first and second current sensors for measuring a current, an obtaining unit obtains at least one pair of measured values of the first and second current sensors. The at least one pair of measured values is measured by the first and second current sensors... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110181294 - Electrical connection quality detection: According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a method of monitoring an electrical connection, the method comprising monitoring a temperature of the electrical connection, monitoring a level of current passing through the electrical connection, and determining, in response to monitoring temperature and current, whether the temperature of the... Agent:

20110181295 - Fault detection using combined reflectometry and electronic parameter measurement: Systems and methods for detecting a fault in an electronic conductor are provided. Electronic parameter measurements are combined with reflectometry profiles to determine when faults are present on the electronic conductor.... Agent: Livewire Test Labs, Inc.

20110181296 - Arc fault detector with circuit interrupter: There is here disclosed a method and apparatus for detecting the occurrence of arcing of a conductor by monitoring the current on an AC power line. The signal detected is split and directed along four separate paths to generate four signals having separate characteristics which represent the current in the... Agent: Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

20110181297 - Communicating with an implanted wireless sensor: The present invention determines the resonant frequency of a sensor by adjusting the phase and frequency of an energizing signal until the frequency of the energizing signal matches the resonant frequency of the sensor. The system energizes the sensor with a low duty cycle, gated burst of RF energy having... Agent: Cardiomems, Inc.

20110181298 - Measurement apparatus and test apparatus: Provided is a measurement apparatus that measures a signal under measurement input thereto, comprising a plurality of signal measurement circuits that measure a level of a signal input thereto, according to a sampling clock provided thereto; a noise measuring section that measures a noise component propagated from a first signal... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110181299 - Electric field whistle: In one embodiment, an electric field sensor is provided including an elongated conductor; a circuit including an input and an output connected across the elongated conductor wherein said circuit includes a DC to AC signal converter; wherein said elongated conductor is operative to impose a DC signal on said circuit... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110181300 - Remote detection and measurement of objects: Provided are methods of using electromagnetic waves for detecting metal and/or dielectric objects. Methods include directing microwave and/or mm wave radiation in a predetermined direction using a transmission apparatus, including a transmission element; receiving radiation from an entity resulting from the transmitted radiation using a detection apparatus; and generating one... Agent:

20110181301 - Absolute position determination of movably mounted member in medication delivery device: The present invention relates to a medication delivery device for expelling set doses of medicament, the medication delivery device comprising a position determining arrangement for detecting absolute positions of a movably mounted member, such as a dose indicator barrel, relative to a housing of the medication delivery device. The position... Agent:

20110181302 - Inductive position sensor: A rotary position sensor having a transmitter coil energized by a high frequency current source. A first receiver coil includes an even number N of loops wherein adjacent loops of the first receiver coil are oppositely wound. A second receiver coil also includes N loops where adjacent loops are oppositely... Agent: Ksr Technologies Co.

20110181303 - Electromagnetic wave detection systems and methods: Systems and methods for detecting electromagnetic waves are disclosed. A system for use in detecting an electromagnetic wave includes an inductive device and a spintronic device. The inductive device generates an induced electromagnetic field when the inductive device receives the electromagnetic wave. The spintronic device has an impedance that changes... Agent: University Of Delaware

20110181304 - Determining a dielectric property of a capacitor: An apparatus for determining a dielectric property of a capacitor arrangement, having an alternating signal generator for applying an electric alternating signal to the capacitor arrangement. It further contains an evaluation circuit for evaluating at least one electric measuring quantity of an electric signal tapped from the capacitor arrangement. It... Agent: Uster Technologies Ag

20110181305 - Position detecting device and method: A position detecting device includes: a transmitting conductor group formed of a plurality of conductors arranged in a first direction; a receiving conductor group formed of a plurality of conductors arranged in a second direction intersecting the first direction; a signal detecting circuit configured to detect a signal occurring in... Agent: Wacom Co., Ltd.

20110181306 - Isolation monitoring system and method utilizing a variable emulated inductance: A system for measuring leakage resistance between a high voltage (HV) system of a vehicle and a vehicle chassis includes an emulated inductance that is connected between the HV system and the vehicle chassis and that has an inductive reactance that substantially cancels a capacitive reactance between the HV system... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

20110181307 - Nanoscale multiplexer: In one embodiment of the present invention, a microscale or sub-microscale signal line, interconnected with one set of parallel nanowires of a nanowire crossbar, serves as a multiplexer. The multiplexer is used to detect the conductivity state of a nanowire junction within the nanowire crossbar. In one method embodiment of... Agent:

20110181308 - Test apparatus and testing method: A main power supply supplies a power supply voltage to a power supply terminal of a DUT. A control pattern generator generates a control pattern including a pulse sequence. A compensation circuit intermittently injects a compensation current to the power supply terminal of the DUT via a path different from... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110181313 - Evaluation device and evaluation method for substrate mounting apparatus and evaluation substrate used for the same: There are provided an evaluation device and an evaluation method for a substrate mounting apparatus capable of simply evaluating a temperature control function of the substrate mounting apparatus depending on evaluation conditions or circumstances and an evaluation substrate used for the same. The substrate mounting apparatus holds a target substrate... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110181312 - Mixed signal integrated circuit, with built in self test and method: A mixed signal integrated circuit includes a signal source to inject a test signal into the signal path of the mixed signal integrated circuit, a feedback loop and a signal comparator for determining characteristics of a resulting signal. Conveniently, the test signal may be a digital signal injected upstream of... Agent:

20110181310 - Test apparatus and test method: Provided is a test apparatus for testing a device under test, including: a plurality of test modules that exchange signals with the device under test; a bus to which the plurality of test modules are connected; and a test control section that controls the plurality of test modules via the... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110181311 - Test apparatus and test method: Provided is a test apparatus and a test method related to the test apparatus for testing a device under test, including: a plurality of test modules that exchange a signal with the device under test; a test control section that outputs a group read instruction for collectively reading data stored... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110181309 - Test apparatus and test module: Provided is a test apparatus for testing at least one device under test, including: a test module that includes a plurality of test sections, the plurality of test sections testing the device under test by exchanging signals with the device under test; and a plurality of test control sections that... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110181314 - Member for adjusting horizontality, and probe card with the same: Disclosed herein are a member for adjusting horizontality and a probe card with the same. The member for adjusting horizontality according to the present invention horizontally couples a micro probe head to a probe substrate with an adhesive layer therebetween, and the member for adjusting horizontality which is coupled to... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110181315 - Adaptive device aging monitoring and compensation: Improved device aging monitoring and compensation schemes are presented herein. In particular, embodiments enable quantitative measurement of actual aging experienced by a device up to the instant of measurement, rather than rely on static a priori estimation of aging effects under worst case conditions. As such, embodiments provide adaptive device... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110175594 - Apparatus for measuring the magnitude of an electric field: An apparatus for measuring the magnitude of an electric field having an antenna open to the field. The antenna is connected to a data converter which generates an output signal proportional to the magnitude or power of the electric field detected by the antenna. The data converter provides an output... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110175595 - Sensor and measurement method: The present invention relates to a sensor comprising a substrate (10) carrying a field effect transistor (30) having a gate electrode (32), the sensor further comprising a measurement electrode (36) spatially separated from the gate electrode; and a reference electrode (40), said measurement electrode being in configurable conductive contact with... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110175596 - Current measuring apparatus for power supply: A current measuring apparatus includes a shunt circuit, a current detecting circuit, and a signal amplifying circuit. The current measuring apparatus applies the shunt circuit to receive a current to be measured. The current measuring apparatus applies the current detecting circuit to measure the voltage between two terminals of the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110175597 - Signal testing apparatus for load control system: A system for testing power line carrier signal integrity or strength in a building electrical system includes a transmitter module electrically coupled to a first electrical outlet and configured to transmit a power line carrier signal over the building electrical system. The system also includes a receiver module electrically coupled... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Corporation

20110175598 - Method for producing a speed sensor element: A method for producing a sensor element, wherein at least parts of the sensor element are subjected to at least one plasma treatment process during production. The plasma treatment process may be either a plasma cleaning process and/or a plasma activation process. During the plasma treatment process, a base element... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20110175599 - Input device with dual induction coils and rotation motion output method thereof: An input device with dual induction coils and a rotation motion output method thereof are described, in which the input device moves on a trace capture device, such that the trace capture device outputs a trace signal to an electronic device. When the input device is rotated on the trace... Agent: Kye Systems Corp.

20110175601 - High resolution non-contacting multi-turn position sensor: Disclosed are systems and methods for effectively sensing rotational position of an object. In certain embodiments, a rotational position sensor can include a shaft configured to couple with the rotating object. The shaft can be configured to couple with a magnet carrier such that rotation of the shaft yields translational... Agent: Bourns, Inc.

20110175600 - Magnetic angular position sensor for a course up to 360 degrees: The invention relates to an angular position sensor comprising a moving element consisting of at least one essentially cylindrical permanent magnet (1) turning about it axis, at least two magnetosensitive elements (2, 3) and at least one processing circuit (4) furnishing a signal dependent on the absolute position of the... Agent: Moving Magnet Technologies

20110175602 - Inductors with uniform magnetic field strength in the near-field: An integrated inductor includes a plurality of coils. Each of the plurality of coils is electromagnetically coupled together to form an inductor between a first inductor terminal and a second inductor terminal. At least one of the plurality of coils is disposed in a layer on an integrated structure and... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20110175603 - Method and apparatus for measuring magnetic fields: A new ultra-sensitive magnetometer is disclosed and described. The ultra-sensitive magnetometer relies on non-tunneling magneto-transport (MT) and control of MT in organic solid state devices. These organic devices can have different active components as magnetic and non-magnetic polymers and self-assembled monolayers (SAMs). Magnetic field sensors can include a pair of... Agent:

20110175604 - Stabilization system for sensors on moving platforms: A stabilized field sensor apparatus collects field data, in particular magnetic field data, with reduced motion noise. The apparatus includes a tear drop shaped housing, a tow frame in the housing, a plurality of vibration isolating dampers spaced around the frame, a base assembly mounted to the dampers, a support... Agent: Vale S.a.

20110175605 - Magnetic sensor: Provided is a magnetic sensor for detecting a magnetic field. The magnetic sensor includes a magnetic layer of a closed loop shape; a pair of current terminals which face each other contacting with the closed loop and through which current is input/output; and a pair of voltage terminals which face... Agent: The Industry & Academic Cooperation In Chungnam National University (iac)

20110175606 - Thin-film magnetic sensor and method for manufacturing the same: o

20110175607 - Nmr logging of miscible displacement: NMR logging in a wellbore is used to monitor an oil reservoir during oil recovery by miscible displacement. Diffusivity distributions found by NMR logging indicate whether one or two phases are present and composition of residual oil. Operation of the oil recovery procedure may be maintained or modified in response... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110175608 - System for blood flow velocity determination using mr imaging: A system improves accuracy of blood flow peak velocity measurements as well as the speed and precision of an MR data acquisition workflow. A system for blood flow velocity determination in MR imaging comprises an MR imaging system. The MR imaging system acquires a three dimensional (3D) MR imaging dataset... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20110175612 - Magnetic resonance imaging with independent excitation and acquisition volumes: A method of magnetic resonance that uses non-aligned slab excitation and encoding. By separating the directions of slab excitation and slab phase encoding, the method may allow voxel orientation that is independent of the excitation direction. Accordingly, volume excitation may be chosen based on anatomical landmarks which are not aligned... Agent:

20110175609 - Method for motion correction in magnetic resonance imaging using radio frequency coil arrays: A method for motion correction using coil arrays, termed “MOCCA,” is provided, in which coil-dependent motion-related signal variations are employed to determine information related to motion in two and three directions. With such a method, navigator echoes are not required, nor is the acquisition of additional data required to resolve... Agent:

20110175611 - Method for nmr spectroscopy or mri measurements using dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization (dnp) with scavenging of free radicals: A method for sample preparation for magnetic resonance measurements using Hyperpolarization by Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization, involves preparation of frozen beads of a first kind containing paramagnetic substances in addition to the solute under investigation; insertion of the frozen beads into a polarizing magnet; creation of enhanced polarization of nuclei... Agent: Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)

20110175614 - Methods of in-vitro analysis using time-domain nmr spectroscopy: An in vitro method of determining an analyte concentration of a sample includes placing the sample into a low-field, bench-top time-domain nuclear magnetic resonance (TD-NMR) spectrometer. The NMR spectrometer is tuned to measure a selected type of atom. A magnetic field is applied to the sample using a fixed, permanent... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20110175610 - Non-cartesian under-sampled multi-echo mri: Example apparatuses and methods control a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus to perform a non-Cartesian, under-sampled, multi-echo MRI process. One example process includes controlling the MRI apparatus to excite an object to be imaged using a multi-echo Gradient Recalled Echo (GRE) pulse sequence. The example process also includes controlling the... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20110175613 - Propeller/blade mri with non-linear mapping to k-space: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method acquires NMR signal data for a periodically rotated data acquisition region in k-space wherein the acquisition region is caused to have non-linear acquisition loci. As an example, the width of the data acquisition region at a point distant from the origin of k-space... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110175615 - Hybrid referenceless and multibaseline prf-shift magnetic resonance thermometry: Proton resonance frequency shift thermometry may be improved by combining multibaseline and referenceless thermometry.... Agent:

20110175616 - Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging system and coil unit: The coil unit comprises a gradient coil which is disposed along a static magnetic field generating source, and a radio frequency coil which is disposed along the gradient coil in a test region at a position closer to the center of the test region compared with the gradient coil, and... Agent:

20110175617 - Electric machine fast transient condition detection: During a transient operating condition in an electric machine, a diagnostic routine associated with the electric machine may erroneously indicate a fault. According to the disclosure, a flag is set when a transient condition is detected. The flag is communicated to the diagnostic routine. The output of the diagnostic routine... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110175618 - Inspection apparatus for photovoltaic devices and transportation apparatus for inspection apparatus: The inspection apparatus for a photovoltaic devices includes: a darkroom 110 having an opening (or a transparent plate) 112 in an upper surface thereof; supporting means provided on an upper surface 111 of the darkroom for disposing an inspection-object; a camera 120 provided inside the darkroom 110; and a shading... Agent: Nisshinbo Industries, Inc.

20110175619 - Method and apparatus for monitoring electrical ground isolation in a powertrain system: A method for monitoring operation of a vehicle including a high voltage electrical system including an electrical energy storage device electrically connected to switching circuits of an inverter device via a high voltage bus, the inverter device configured to transfer electric power to an electric machine via activation of a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110175620 - Wind energy plant testing device: A wind energy installation test device for defined production of grid system faults, and a method thereof. The test device can include an output configured to connect to a wind energy installation, an input configured to connect to a grid system, and a switching device for connection of an electrical... Agent: Repower Systems Ag

20110175623 - online incipient fault sensor device for detection of incipient fault in oil-filled electrical apparatus such as a transformer: A sensor detecting incipient fault in oil-filled electrical apparatuses (transformer) includes a sensor head (1) directly mounted on an air vent port of a Buchholz relay (3) and a display/control unit (2) operably connected to the sensor head (1). The sensor head (1) senses hydrogen gas and transmits to the... Agent: Electrical Research & Development Association

20110175621 - Test apparatus and pallet for parallel rf testing of printed circuit boards: A test apparatus features an upper RF impermeable hood and lower RF impermeable hood, wherein each of the hoods have internal dividers. When in a closed position, the hoods and dividers create two or more RF impermeable chambers. The hoods are configured to enclose or sandwich a pallet supporting two... Agent:

20110175622 - Testing device for printed circuit boards: A testing device for testing functions of a printed circuit board (PCB) includes a transfer board electrically coupled to the PCB, and a controller board electrically coupled to the transfer board and the PCB. The transfer board includes a signal bus and a controller bus. The PCB is capable of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110175624 - Integrated circuit and method of testing the integrity of electrical connection of the circuit to external equipment: An integrated circuit and method of testing the integrity of the electrical connection of the integrated circuit to external equipment are provided. The integrated circuit comprises an output port including output contacts for coupling the integrated circuit to external equipment, via external connectors. The output port receives internal operational signals... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110175625 - Electromagnetic body scanning system, a method and a computer program product: The invention relates to an electromagnetic body scanning system that comprises a measuring system for measuring data of radio waves scattered by a body in two distinct subbands; and a computer system. The computer system is arranged for constructing a first image of the body using the measured data, generating... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20110175626 - Portable device with proximity sensors: A portable device with a proximity sensor is provided. The portable device with a proximity sensor of the present invention includes a shielding plate for shielding impedance applied in a direction opposite to the direction that the proximity sensor detects the proximity such that the proximity sensor is not affected... Agent: Atlab Inc.

20110175627 - Evanescent microwave microscopy probe and methodology: The present disclosure generally relates to an evanescent microwave microscopy probe and methods for making and using the same. Some embodiments relate to a probe which is constructed of silver. Other embodiments relate to a method of measuring an unknown property a target material, comprising moving the probe away from... Agent: Wright State University

20110175628 - Triple-gate or multi-gate component based on the tunneling effect: Disclosed is a triple-gate or multi-gate component based on the quantum mechanical tunnel effect. The component comprises at least two tunneling electrodes on a substrate that are separated by a gap through which electrons can tunnel. The component comprises an arrangement for applying an electric field to the gap, which... Agent:

20110175629 - Capacitance displacement and rotation sensor: A position measuring sensor formed from opposing sets of capacitor plates measures both rotational displacement and lateral displacement from the changes in capacitances as overlapping areas of capacitors change. Capacitances are measured by a measuring circuit. The measured capacitances are provided to a calculating circuit that performs calculations to obtain... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110175630 - Electronic textile and method for determining a functional area of an electronic textile: p

20110175631 - Method and arrangement for monitoring the bearing currents in an electrical machine: The invention inter alia relates to a method for monitoring the bearing current of an electrical machine (10). An electrode (100) arranged at a distance (d) to a shaft and the shaft—due to the gap (S) between the electrode and the shaft—produce a measurement capacitance (C) and an electric shift... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110175632 - Method for reducing degree of activation of cells, and apparatus for the method: The activity of cells is reduced without administering drugs or performing surgical removals. Electromagnetic waves having a frequency of 30 GHz to 3 THz are emitted to cells to reduce activity of the cells.... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20110175633 - Outdoor structure and method of estimating deterioration of constituent member of outdoor structure: A corrosion sensor 11A is installed on a tower 102, which is a structure such as a wind power generator, a substrate 12 of the corrosion sensor 11A is made of a material 13A, 13B, . . . identical to a material of each constituent member (such as a generator)... Agent:

20110175634 - Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device: To permit electrical testing of a semiconductor integrated circuit device having test pads disposed at narrow pitches probes in a pyramid or trapezoidal pyramid form are formed from metal films formed by stacking a rhodium film and a nickel film successively. Via through-holes are formed in a polyimide film between... Agent:

20110175635 - Probe for electrical test and method for manufacturing the same, and electrical connecting apparatus and method for manufacturing the same: A probe for an electrical test has a foot portion coupled with a board, an arm portion extending laterally from a lower end portion of the foot portion, and a needle tip portion projecting downward from a tip end portion of the arm portion. At least one selected from a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Nihon Micronics

20110175636 - Terminal for flat test probe: A terminal end for a flat test probe having tapered cam surfaces providing a lead-in angle on the tail of the terminal end which extend to a sharp rear angle to engage detents or projections within a receptacle. The tapered cam surfaces and shape rear angles allow the probe to... Agent:

20110175637 - Method for manufacturing probe card, probe card, method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and method for forming probe: Provided is a method for manufacturing a probe card which inspects electrical characteristics of a plurality of semiconductor devices in batch. The method includes: a step of forming a plurality of probes, which are to be brought into contact with external terminals of the semiconductor devices, on one side of... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20110175638 - Semiconductor integrated circuit and core test circuit: A semiconductor circuit inhibiting the increase in the number of elements required to enable core circuit testing and a core test circuit enabling consecutive-pattern testing of a core circuit without increasing the number of terminals are provided. The semiconductor circuit includes a core circuit, a combinational circuit, a scan path... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110175639 - Semiconductor device semiconductor device testing method, and data processing system: To provide a semiconductor device including an interface chip and a core chip and a measurement-target signal line and a reference signal line each including a through silicon via provided in the core chip and electrically connecting the interface chip and the core chip. The interface chip outputs a test... Agent: Elpida Memory, Inc.

20110175640 - System for testing power supply performance: A system for testing a DC power supply performance includes a comparison module, a judge module, and an alarm module. The comparison module receives DC voltage signals from the DC power supply, compares the DC voltage signals with a reference voltage respectively, and outputs a voltage level signal when the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industiry Co., Ltd.

20110175641 - Inspection vehicle for inspecting an air gap between the rotor and the stator of a generator: An inspection vehicle (24) for inspecting an air gap (14) between the rotor (11) and the stator (12) of a generator (10) includes drive elements (25, 27) for the independent progressive movement in the air gap (14). A particularly compact construction and flexible application is achieved by the drive elements... Agent:

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110169477 - Multi-scanner device having a detachable outlet tester: A multi-scanner device having a detection unit and an outlet tester that can be selectively connected together for convenient use and easy storage. Preferably, a plug on the outlet tester is inserted into a non-functional socket located on the detection unit to form a multi-scanner device with a detachable outlet... Agent:

20110169478 - Laser optical path detection: A method is provided for detecting laser optical paths in integrated circuit (IC) packages. The method provides an IC die encapsulated as a package in a compound of glass spheres and epoxy. Power is supplied to the IC. The IC is scanned with a laser. Typically, a laser wavelength is... Agent:

20110169479 - Method and apparatus for measuring ac voltages: A method and apparatus for measuring an AC voltage. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises an AC voltage monitor, comprising a solid state electrical isolation device, enabled to (i) generate at least a first voltage measurement of an AC power source, (ii) generate a serial data stream frame based on... Agent: Enphase Energy, Inc.

20110169480 - Low voltage differential signaling test system and method: In a low voltage differential-mode signaling (LVDS) test system and method, a positive signal waveform and a negative signal waveform of an LVDS signal pair are obtained. A differential-mode high voltage, a differential-mode low voltage, and a common-mode noise are measured according to the positive signal waveform and the negative... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110169481 - Test and measurement device with a pistol-grip handle: In another embodiment, the invention provides a clamp meter configured to receive a removable and rechargeable battery pack. The clamp meter includes a main body having a first axis, a handle, a clamp, a trigger, and a display. The handle has a second axis and includes a first recess configured... Agent:

20110169482 - Inductive position sensor, measuring system equipped therewith and method for operating a position sensor: An inductive position sensor includes an electronic circuit, which is configured such that initially three digital signals are able to be generated from the signals detected by three receiver printed conductors. At least two position values are ascertainable by combining the three digital signals, and the position values are able... Agent: Dr. Johannes Heidenhain Gmbh

20110169483 - Rotation angle detection device: A rotation angle detection device comprises angle detection means including detection circuits including detection element members consisting of coils and resistances, and inductance changing means for changing inductance of said coils corresponding to rotation of a rotation body to be measured, reference pulse voltage generating means for making said detection... Agent: The Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd

20110169484 - Magnetic-label sensor and cartridge: A cartridge (1,3) for a magnetic-label sensor, in particular for a magnetic-label biosensor, comprises a sensor area (4) a fluid channel (2) in contact with said sensor area and first (A) and second (B1, B2) reservoirs in fluid communication with said fluid channel. The first reservoir comprises a first type... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110169485 - Magnetic particle inspection apparatus and method: A magnetic particle inspection (MPI) apparatus is disclosed that includes a chordal field coil pair and a radial field coil pair. The chordal field coil pair includes first and second chordal field coils configured to produce a chordally oriented magnetic flux about a test article.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110169486 - Magnetostrictive sensor for tank floor inspection: A method of testing for defects in the bottom of an above ground storage tank, the tank bottom having a lip extending outwardly from the tank wall around the circumference of the tank. A special magnetostrictive sensor is designed to be placed on this lip. The sensor is placed over... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

20110169487 - Optical fiber type magnetic field sensor: An optical fiber type magnetic field sensor having a light source, an incident side optical fiber guiding light from the light source, a polarizer linearly polarizing the light outgoing from the incident side optical fiber, a first Faraday rotator rotating polarization of the linearly polarized light by an intensity of... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20110169488 - Method and structure for testing and calibrating magnetic field sensing device: A method of sensing a magnetic field including at least one magnetoresistive sensing element (100) in a circuit (101) includes supplying (702) a first plurality of currents to a stabilization line (116) disposed adjacent the magnetoresistive sensing element (100), applying (704) a second plurality of currents to a self test... Agent: Everspin Technologies, Inc.

20110169489 - Rf coil docking station for magnetic resonance systems: An RF coil docking station (30) comprises: an RF coil receptacle (32, 34, 36, 38) configured to receive and store an RF coil (20, 22, 24) and to convey data between the RF coil docking station and the stored RF coil (22, 24); and a processor (46, 54) configured to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110169490 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) apparatus according to an embodiment can execute a plurality of kinds of protocols varying in image contrast, and includes a storage unit and an output unit. The storage unit stores imaging conditions about the plurality of kinds of protocols. The output unit outputs onto a... Agent:

20110169491 - Spine coil array: The present embodiments relate to a spine coil array for an imaging system that includes a number of coil elements. The density of the coil elements changes at least once from a first region to a second region in at least one direction within the spine coil array.... Agent:

20110169492 - Neutron generator: A neutron generator includes an ion source disposed in a pressurized environment containing an ionizable gas. The ion source includes a substrate with a bundle of carbon nanotubes extending therefrom. The ends of the nanotubes are spaced from a grid. Ion source voltage supply circuitry supplies a positive voltage potential... Agent:

20110169493 - Identification of a defective filament in a fluorescent lamp: Control of delivery of current through one or more discharge lamps. Methods include alternately switching on and off switching elements that control a fluorescent lamp, in response to receiving input, until the brightness of the lamp decreases to a threshold. Further, methods include providing control signals at complementary duty cycles... Agent:

20110169494 - Method for the operation of illuminants: The invention relates to the operation of illuminants, in particular OLEDs. The invention relates to a method and a measuring instrument for determining the electrical properties of an OLED, the equivalent circuit diagram of which is composed of the parallel connection of an equivalent diode DE and an equivalent capacitance... Agent: Tridonic Gmbh & Co. Kg.

20110169495 - Monitoring module including e-field-induced esd-sensitive pattern and photomask including the module: Provided are a monitoring module of an electrostatic discharge (ESD)-sensitive photomask, in which when an external electric field (E-field) exists, monitoring patterns are formed in the same direction as or a vertical direction to the external E-field, and a photomask including the module. The monitoring module includes a plurality of... Agent:

20110169496 - Fault detection of electric consumers in motor vehicles: Fault detection of electric consumers in motor vehicles including at least one electric consumer switchably arranged between a first electric potential and a second electric potential. The electric consumer is switchably connected both to the first and to the second potential. A first switch is arranged between the first potential... Agent: Smr Patents S.a.r.i.

20110169497 - Shunt calibration for electronic pressure switches: Disclosed herein is an electronic switch that comprises a pressure sensitive bridge array adapted to monitor pressure and activate an indicator when the monitored pressure exceeds a predetermined value indicative of a dangerous condition. The electronic switch further comprises a monitoring circuit adapted to test the overall operability of the... Agent: Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

20110169498 - Arc fault location detection for aircraft wiring: A system for detecting the location of arc faults in an aircraft electrical wiring arrangement is provided. The system comprises a controller, operable to generate a test signal and a directional coupler for coupling the test signal into electrical wiring and for coupling reflected test signals from the electrical wiring... Agent:

20110169499 - High speed measurement of random variation/yield in integrated circuit device testing: A test structure is provided that utilizes a time division sampling technique along with a statistical modeling technique that uses metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) saturation and linear characteristics to measure the mean (average) and sigma (statistical characterization of the variation) of a large population of electrical characteristics of electrical... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110169500 - Test apparatus, additional circuit and test board: Provided is a test apparatus that tests a device under test, comprising a power supply that generates power supplied to the device under test; a transmission path that transmits the power generated by the power supply to the device under test; an intermediate capacitor that is provided between the transmission... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110169501 - Delay circuit: A sub-delay element has the same configuration as that of a main delay element, and applies a delay τ that corresponds to a bias voltage to a selected clock signal output from a first selector. A phase detectorgenerates a phase detection signal that corresponds to the phase difference between a... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110169502 - Power calibration system: A calibration system for calibrating power sensors comprises a signal generator, a first signal splitter, a second signal splitter, a third signal splitter, a first measuring point, a second measuring point, a test port and a first power sensor. In this context, the signal generator is connected to the input... Agent: Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110169503 - Chassis shielding effectiveness evaluation system: A chassis shielding effectiveness evaluation system includes a chassis having a chassis ground. A board is located in the chassis and includes a board ground layer. A signal generator includes at least one ground member coupled to the chassis ground and a signal member coupled to the board ground layer.... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20110169504 - Method and apparatus for measuring bearing currents in an electrical machine: The present disclosure relates to a measuring bearing currents in an electrical machine. According to exemplary embodiments, radio frequency signals that are generated by electric discharges are detected by an antenna near the bearing. A synchronizing signal is combined with the origin of the bearing current and signal triggered by... Agent: Abb Oy

20110169505 - Systems for transverse electromagnetic mode in-situ soil testing: A slotted TEM transmission line and an in-situ TEM transmission line are utilized to determine both complex permittivity and permeability of soil. The permittivity and permeability information may be used by underground sensing techniques such as GPR and EMI to enhance information from these techniques. The in-situ probe provides that... Agent: University Of Hawaii

20110169506 - Device and process for touch and proximity detection: The invention relates to a device for touch/proximity detection, especially a capacitive switch device, which is designed to set switching states by approaching the switch device or by touching the switch device, in order to perform, for example, switching actions on an instrument. The invention also relates to a switch... Agent: Ident Technology Ag

20110169507 - Methods and apparatus for the determination of moisture content: Methods and apparatus for determining water content in a bulk heterogeneous material using electromagnetic radiation. A radiation source and a radiation receiver are positioned such that the material to be measured is located between them. As the radiation signal is transmitted from the source to the receiver, the signal experiences... Agent: Whlk, LLC D/b/a Voltree Power

20110169508 - Inductive sensor: The invention relates to an inductive sensor in which static damping of the sensor is suppressed.... Agent: Rechner Industrie-elektronik Gmbh

20110169510 - Capacitive detection type electro-mechanical transducer: A capacitive detection type electro-mechanical transducer comprises; a cell formed by a first electrode arranged on a substrate and a second electrode arranged on a vibration film, and a detection circuit for detecting a displacement of the vibration film, based on a capacity change between the first and second electrodes,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110169509 - Electrostatic mems driver with on-chip capacitance measurement for autofocus applications: A driver and capacitance measuring circuit includes a voltage source that selectively generates an output voltage at a first node during a driver mode to alter a capacitance of a device that is connected to the first node and that has a variable capacitance. A current source selectively provides one... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

20110169511 - Novel mems biosensor with integrated impedance and mass-sensing capabilities: A biosensor device (1) providing an analysis platform for detecting cell growth, comprising of an aluminium nitride (AlN) base (2), a shear horizontal-surface acoustic wave (SH-SAW) resonator including an input transducer (4) and an output transducer (5) symmetrically positioned on the aluminum nitride (AlN) base (2), a counter electrode (6)... Agent:

20110169512 - Detection of fuel contamination in lubricating oil: A method for measuring fuel contamination in oil that uses a material in contact with oil whereby fuel intrusion into the oil will change the electrical, mechanical, and/or chemical properties of the material as compared to the same electrical, mechanical, and/or chemical properties of the material when in contact only... Agent:

20110169513 - Wide activation angle pinch sensor section and sensor hook-on attachment principle: A resistive pinch sensor utilizing electrically conductive wires encapsulated in a resiliently deformable casing. A pinch is detected when one of the wires, which is normally separated by an air gap within the casing, contacts another wire lowering the electrical resistance therebetween. The described pinch sensors have wide activation ranges... Agent: Magna Closures Inc.

20110169514 - Equipment burn-in method and system: An equipment burn-in method, which includes the equipment undergoing treatment in an oven, the oven undergoing cycles including at least one temperature-rise and/or temperature-fall transition, for which ventilation of the equipment is cut off during at least part of a temperature transition of the oven.... Agent: Airbus Operations (inc. As A Soc. Par Act. Simpl.)

20110169515 - Method for providing alignment of a probe: A method for aligning a probe relative to a supporting substrate defining a first planar surface, an edge, and a first crystal plane includes the steps of masking the surface of the substrate to define an exposed area on the first surface at the edge; and etching, using an etch... Agent:

20110169516 - Probe element having a substantially zero stiffness and applications thereof: A microelectronic probe element can include a base, a tip, and a spring assembly coupled between the tip and the base. The spring assembly can include a first spring and a second spring, wherein the first spring has a negative stiffness over a predefined displacement range and the second spring... Agent: Formfactor, Inc.

20110169519 - Conductive film structure, fabrication method thereof, and conductive film type probe device for ic: A method for forming a conductive film structure is provided, which includes providing a flexible insulating substrate, forming a conductive film overlying the flexible insulating substrate, patterning the conductive film to form a plurality of micro-wires overlying the flexible insulating substrate, wherein the micro-wires are extended substantially parallel to each... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110169517 - Mems probe card and method of manufacturing same: m

20110169518 - Probe card, semiconductor inspecting apparatus, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device: A frame bonded and fixed to a back face of a probe sheet so as to surround a group of pyramid-shaped or truncated pyramid-shaped contact terminals collectively formed at a central region portion of the probe sheet on a probing side thereof is protruded from a multi-layered wiring board, and... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110169520 - Apparatus for measuring minority carrier lifetime and method for using the same: An apparatus for measuring minority carrier lifetime is provided. The apparatus includes a resonant circuit having an inductor and a capacitor and configured to resonate at a measurement frequency. The apparatus also includes a ferromagnetic core having a first portion and a second portion. The first portion defines a gap... Agent: Mks Instruments, Inc.

20110169521 - Testing system for power supply unit: A testing system for a PSU includes a test chamber and a control device. The test chamber includes a first partition with the PSU accommodated therein and a second partition with an electric load accommodated therein. The PSU is electrically connected to the electric load. The control device includes a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110163733 - Method for locating sub-surface natural resources: A method for locating sub-surface natural resources. The method utilizes lightning data to discern relatively likely locations for finding the sub-surface natural resources.... Agent:

20110163734 - Arrangement for measuring at least one value of a voltage applied to an electronic component: An arrangement for measuring values of a voltage applied to an electronic component. The arrangement comprises a first signal transmitter which can emit a first switching signal, a first switch coupled to the first signal transmitter and can be controlled by the first switching signal. The electronic component is connected... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20110163735 - System for measuring high-frequency signals with standardized power-supply and data interface: In a system for measuring at least one high-frequency signal, comprising at least one broadband probe and at least one measuring apparatus, each broadband probe and each measuring apparatus comprise a high-frequency connection for transmitting a high-frequency signal, and each measuring apparatus, or instead of a measuring apparatus each signal... Agent: Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co.

20110163736 - Method to detect clock tampering: This invention relates to a method of receiving a first potentially unreliable clock signal having a first frequency; receiving a second reliable clock signal having a second frequency; wherein the first frequency and the second frequency have an expected relationship; determining whether the first potentially unreliable clock signal has changed... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (research & Development) Limited

20110163737 - Tire pressure measurement system with reduced current consumption: A tire pressure measurement system (TPMS) includes a capacitor and an integrated circuit configured to receive a supply voltage. The integrated circuit includes a voltage regulator and a measurement unit. The voltage regulator is configured to be turned on and off for predetermined periods of time such that the capacitor... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110163738 - Current detection circuit and transformer current measuring system: [Means for solving] A current detector CT (current transformer) is in series connected to a primary winding 111 of a transformer 11, and an inductor La is in parallel connected to to a series connection of the current detector CT and the primary winding 111. And, secondary current I2 of... Agent: Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110163739 - Self-pinned spin valve magnetoresistance effect film and magnetic sensor using the same, and rotation angle detection device: Provided are a self-pinned spin valve magnetoresistance effect film, a magnetic sensor using the same, and a rotation angle detection device. The self-pinned spin valve magnetoresistance effect film has a strong coupling magnetic field in a pinned layer, a small reduction in the change in resistance, and superior resistance to... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20110163740 - Blanket probe: A blanket probe for detecting the thickness of a wall having a non-planar surface has a probe portion comprising a planar substrate that is flexible in one or two dimensions, an array of detectors mounted on the substrate and at least one interface for communicating signals to and from each... Agent: Russell Nde Systems Inc.

20110163741 - Magnetic testing method and magnetic testing apparatus: A magnetic testing apparatus has a magnetizing device applying a rotating magnetic field to a material to be tested, a testing signal detecting device, and a signal processing device applying signal processing to the testing signal. The signal processing device has a first synchronous detecting device detecting a testing signal... Agent: Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.

20110163742 - Magnetic field characterization of stresses and properties in materials: Described are methods for monitoring of stresses and other material properties. These methods use measurements of effective electrical properties, such as magnetic permeability and electrical conductivity, to infer the state of the test material, such as the stress, temperature, or overload condition. The sensors, which can be single element sensors... Agent: Jentek Sensors, Inc.

20110163743 - Three-layer magnetic element, method for the production thereof, magnetic field sensor, magnetic memory, and magnetic logic gate using such an element: There is, for a range of temperature equal to or greater than ambient temperature, interfacial magnetic anisotropy perpendicular to the layer plane on interfaces O/M and M/O′ that is capable of decreasing the effective demagnetising field of layer M or orienting the magnetisation of layer M in a manner substantially... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20110163744 - Cellular tissue magnetic signal detecting apparatus: A cellular tissue magnetic signal detecting device for detecting a magnetic signal locally generated in a cellular tissue including an excitable cell generating an electrical excitation, the cellular tissue magnetic signal detecting device includes: a magnetic sensor head operative to approach the cellular tissue within 1000 μm; and a magnetic... Agent: National University Corporation Nagoya University

20110163745 - Construction element made of a ferromagnetic shape memory material and use thereof: The invention relates to the field of materials science and relates to a component, which can be used, for example, for microcomponents, microsensors and microactuators. The object of the present invention is to disclose a component in which a clearly greater relative length change occurs. The object is attained through... Agent:

20110163746 - Integrated lateral short circuit for a beneficial modification of current distribution structure for xmr magnetoresistive sensors: The invention relates to a magnetoresistive device formed to sense an externally applied magnetic field, and a related method. The magnetoresistive device includes a magnetoresistive stripe formed over an underlying, metallic layer that is patterned to produce electrically isolated conductive regions over a substrate, such as a silicon substrate. An... Agent:

20110163747 - Housing for a magnetometer, a combination including a magnetometer within a waterproof housing, and a system and method for location and removal of unexploded ordinance underwater: A waterproof housing that encloses a hand-held magnetometer for underwater use and includes a first portion open at one end and connected to a second portion with one end open and accessible through the first portion and terminating at a closed end. The magnetometer has first and second housings and... Agent:

20110163748 - Method, system and computer-accessible medium for providing multiple-quantum-filtered imaging: The present disclosure describes exemplary embodiments of process, system, computer-accessible medium and processing arrangement which can be used to provide multiple-quantum-filtered imaging. For example, provided herein is an exemplary system that can include an arrangement which can be configured to extract and/or determine at least one Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)... Agent: New York University

20110163749 - Rf shimming with rf power regularization using a multi-channel rf transmit system for mri: A magnetic resonance system comprises: a magnetic resonance scanner (12) including a multi-channel RF transmit system (32, 34); an RF shimming processor (50) configured to compute complex amplitude values for operative channels of the multi-channel RF transmit system based on a figure-of-merit (70) comprising a weighted combination of a B1... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110163750 - Method and apparatus for correcting the uniformity of a magnetic field: In a method and apparatus for correcting the uniformity of a magnetic field, an active shim shell is placed in the magnetic field, a magnetic resonance image of the active shim shell obtained, and the placement position of the active shim shell is determined by analyzing the magnetic resonance image.... Agent:

20110163751 - Transceive surface coil array for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy: A surface coil array comprises a surface coil support and an arrangement of non-overlapping magnetically decoupled surface coils mounted on the support. The surface coils encompass a volume into which a target to be imaged is placed. Magnetic decoupling circuits act between adjacent surface coils. Impedance matching circuitry couples the... Agent: Robarts Research Institute

20110163752 - Apparatuses and methods for determining potential energy stored in an electrochemical cell: A battery includes a first terminal, a second terminal, an outer layer, and a power indicator apparatus. The power indicator apparatus comprises an electrical conductor and a mechanical switch. The electrical conductor is configured to be in continuous electrical communication with the first terminal. The mechanical switch is configured to... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110163753 - Sensor system and method for detection of fluids with a certain material composition: A method for detecting fluids having a certain material composition is disclosed. The method comprises at least the following steps: ionizing the fluid using at least one high-voltage electrode coupled to a high-voltage source, such that the high voltage electrode generates charge carriers and emits these charge carriers which are... Agent:

20110163754 - Ionization gauge with emission current and bias potential control: An ionization gauge that measures pressure has an electron source that emits electrons, and an anode that defines an ionization space. The gauge also includes a collector electrode to collect ions formed by an impact between the electrons and a gas and to measure pressure based on the collected ions.... Agent: Brooks Automation, Inc.

20110163756 - Method and device for detecting failures in inductive conductivity measurements of a fluid medium: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention are directed to methods and devices for detecting open-circuit and short-circuit failure in an electromagnetic (inductive) measurement of the conductivity of liquids and on the sensor and cable wiring. An electromagnetic measurement of the conductivity of a liquid is performed by immersing a sensor... Agent: Mettler-toledo Ag

20110163755 - Self-aligning test fixture for printed circuit board: A printed circuit board (“PCB”) test fixture is provided comprising a PCB support, an electrical tester, first and second enclosure portions, and an actuator. The PCB support is configured for supporting a PCB being tested in a PCB test position. The first enclosure portion includes a pressing device which is... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110163757 - Electronic load simulator device for testing rf coils: The invention relates to a magnetic resonance coil testing arrangement (150) comprising an electric circuit (152; 302) for emulating an electrical load to a magnetic resonance coil, wherein the electric circuit (152; 302) is adapted for emulating an electrical load corresponding to an electrical load induced by organic tissue at... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110163758 - Efuse macro: An eFuse with at least one fuse unit is provided. The fuse unit includes a common node, a sensing unit with a first input terminal and a second input terminal, at least one fuse coupled between the common node and the first input terminal of the sensing unit with a... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20110163759 - Circuit fault detecting device and method: To detect accurately an insulation fault in a load circuit, Power supply lines and an electric heater (a load circuit) are connected by a detecting portion to detect a detected voltage (detected value) in accordance with the magnitude of a leakage current Id that flows through a ground between the... Agent: Yamatake Corporation

20110163760 - Test circuit and system: A test circuit and system for testing one or more electrical properties of an electronic circuit or other device under test (DUT) by applying and monitoring test signals to the DUT is disclosed. The test circuit can utilize a plurality of universal interface channel circuits in a single automated test... Agent: General Electric Company

20110163761 - Particulate matter detection device and inspection method of the particulate matter detection device: The particulate matter detection device of the present invention is a particulate matter detection device 100 comprising an electrode portion 21 and detection means 23 for detecting an electrical characteristic of the electrode portion 21, whereby a particulate matter 36 contained in an exhaust gas 32 is detected on the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110163762 - Open loop load pull arrangement with determination of injections signals: Measurement arrangement and method for active load pull measurements of a device under test (1). A wideband analog-to-digital conversion block (3) is provided for obtaining measurement data. First and second injection signal generators (7, 8) are connected to a source side and a load side of the device under test... Agent: Anteverta-mw B.v.

20110163764 - Anti-entrapment system: An anti-entrapment system for preventing an object from being entrapped by a translating device such as a vehicle window includes a capacitance sensor and a controller. The sensor has a jacket with a cavity, a dielectric element within the cavity, and first and second electrical conductors. The conductors are within... Agent: Uusi, LLC

20110163763 - Electrical capacitance sensor: Disclosed is an electrical capacitance sensor comprising: a board 10 having a one main surface and an other main surface; a sensor electrode 26 formed on the one main surface of the board 10 and detecting an electrical capacitance between the sensor electrode 26 and an object; a first guard... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20110163765 - Capacitive occupant detection system having wet seat compensation and method: An occupant detection system and method are provided. The system includes a capacitive sensor having an electrode arranged in a seat proximate to an expected location of an occupant for sensing an occupant presence approximate thereto. The capacitive sensor is configured to provide an output indicative of the sensed occupant... Agent:

20110163766 - Capacitance measurement circuit with dynamic feedback: Methods, devices, and systems that measure capacitance are disclosed. Typically, an accumulator circuit couples to the capacitance and includes an accumulator and switch(es) that charge the accumulator over a series of switch-controlled charging or discharging cycles governed by a first control signal. The accumulator circuit provides an accumulator signal based... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110163767 - Occupant detection system and method: An occupant detection system and method are provided. The system includes a capacitive sensor having an electrode arranged in a seat proximate to an expected location of an occupant for sensing an occupant presence approximate thereto. The capacitive sensor is configured to provide an output indicative of the sensed occupant... Agent:

20110163768 - Touch screen device, capacitance measuring circuit thereof, and method of measuring capacitance: According to the present invention, a charging and discharging circuit is electrically connected to an operation signal line and a detection signal line, and repeats a charging and discharging operation of a node capacitor. The present invention also includes an integration capacitor electrically connected to the detection signal line and... Agent: Sain Infocom

20110163769 - Methods of determining mid-stroke positions of active material actuated loads: Systems for and methods of determining at least one mid-stroke position of an active material actuated load by causing a stress induced rapid change in electrical resistance within the active material element, or modifying an ancillary circuit, when the load is at the mid-stroke position(s).... Agent:

20110163770 - Electrical network representation of a distributed system: A method for determining characteristics of a multi-material object is provided. The method includes producing a rotating electric field by providing an applied electrical signal set of individual electrical signal patterns to electrodes surrounding the multi-material object. The method also includes obtaining a measured electrical signal of electrical signals from... Agent: General Electric Company

20110163771 - Test apparatus and driver circuit: A test apparatus includes: a driver circuit that supplies, to a device under test, a test signal corresponding to an input signal; and a judging section that judges pass/fail of the device under test, based on the load voltage or the load current supplied to the device under test when... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110163772 - Micro contact probe coated with nanostructure and method for manufacturing the same: t

20110163773 - Measuring probe: A measuring probe, particularly for a non-contacting vector network analysis system, having a housing and at least one coupling structure disposed on the housing and designed for coupling an HF signal from a signal line, such that at least one additional signal probe is disposed on the housing for coupling... Agent: Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110163774 - Probe card: In one embodiment, a probe card includes a substrate, a probe provided on the substrate, and a contact terminal. The contact terminal is provided at a position on the substrate where the contact terminal comes in contact with the probe when a shape anomaly is generated in the probe.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110163775 - Universal front/back post terminal block and test link: A terminal board is part of a terminal board assembly for terminating and testing of railroad wires. The board includes a first terminal block with a front post and a back post installed on a plane, along with a plurality of terminal blocks with front posts. A control test link,... Agent: Safetran Systems Corporation

20110163777 - Method for production of a fault signal, and an electrical protective device: A fault signal indicates a single-pole or a double-pole fault in a three-phase electrical power grid which occurred during a present electric oscillation in the electrical power grid. The method assures that single-pole or double-pole faults occurring during oscillation can be detected with high reliability in that a symmetry signal... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110163776 - Power supply testing system: A system for testing a conversion efficiency of a power supply unit includes a power meter, a plurality of switches, a multimeter, a microcontroller unit (MCU), a computer, and a signal conversion circuit for communicatively connecting the MCU to the computer. The power meter is capable of measuring an input... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

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