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Electricity: measuring and testing June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110156692 - Power injector detection: In one embodiment, a signal detector is coupled to an external power source. The signal detector is configured to ascertain whether a predetermined signal was received from the external power source. Control logic is coupled to the signal detector and to the external power source. The control logic is responsive... Agent:

20110156693 - Operating an integrated circuit at a minimum supply voltage: In one embodiment, an integrated circuit comprises at least one measurement unit configured to generate an output indicative of a supply voltage at which the integrated circuit is operable for a given operating frequency and a control unit coupled to receive the output. The control unit is configured to generate... Agent:

20110156694 - Apparatus for feeding antenna elements and method therefor: An apparatus (100) for feeding antenna elements of a phased array antenna, comprises: at least two transmission lines (101, 101) disposed in parallel and operated at a certain frequency as resonators, each of the transmission lines (101, 101) having a predetermined length dimensioned to be at least approximately an electrical... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110156695 - Magneto optical current transducer with improved outage performance: A MOCT metering system includes a cutoff module that ensures zero output when values from an optical module fall below a threshold value. The cutoff module includes an RMS to DC converter that drives a comparator. The comparator drives a switch that causes the cutoff module to pass through the... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110156696 - Multimeter: A multimeter has a plurality of control panels, a display screen that can change display orientation, and/or a magnetic portion to releasably support the multimeter.... Agent: Fluke Corporation

20110156697 - Compact, two stage, zero flux electronically compensated current or voltage transducer employing dual magnetic cores having substantially dissimilar magnetic characteristics: A device for sensing electrical current or voltage in an electrical distribution system using an actively compensated current ratio transformer that includes a first magnetic core having a first permeability and a second magnetic core having a second permeability higher than the first permeability. A primary winding having P turns... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20110156698 - Phase canceling current transducer: A phase canceling current transducer for a power meter includes an error correction unit including a memory for storing error correction factors. A data processing device of the error correction unit adjusts the output of the transducer to correct for phase and ratio errors produced by the transducer current transformer... Agent: Veris Industries, LLC

20110156699 - Multi-turn angle sensor: A multi-turn angle sensor includes rotors 60, 62, 64, each of which rotates in a different manner with respect to an input shaft 19, and a common stator portion 66. The rotors and pole teeth disposed around the rotors form each of resolvers 600, 620, 640. At least two of... Agent: Okuma Corporation

20110156701 - Rotating magnetic field for improved detection in cluster assays: In a method of performing a cluster assay, a suspension (14) of superparamagnetic particles in a fluid to be analyzed is provided, wherein the superparamagnetic particles are coated with a bioactive agent. The particles are then allowed to form clusters due to an analyte present within the fluid. Subsequently, clusters... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics Electronics N.v

20110156700 - System and method for assessing interference to a signal caused by a magnetic field: The present invention is directed to a system and method for assessing interference to a signal caused by magnetic field. The system includes a magnetic field generator configured to generate a magnetic field. The system further includes a first magnetic field sensor configured to detect a magnetic field and to... Agent:

20110156702 - Stray field collector pad, and bio-molecule sensing module or biochip using the same: The provided is related to qualitative as well as quantitative detection of magnetic labels, and the SFC pad which can increase an effective surface area sensitive to the magnetic labels by probe-detection molecular bond in a magnetic biosensor and collect the resultant stray field can enhance sensitivity, accuracy and resolution... Agent: The Industry & Academic Cooperation In Chungnam National University (iac)

20110156703 - System for combining magnetic resonance imaging with particle-based radiation systems for image guided radiation therapy: A hybrid MRI-particle-based therapy system can include as components both a particle radiation therapy system configured to apply a charged particle beam to a region of application in a predetermined direction and also a MRI system including a magnetic field generator for generating a magnetic field in an imaging volume... Agent:

20110156704 - B1-mapping and b1l-shimming for mri: The invention relates to a method of acquiring MRI image data comprising the following steps: performing a 3-dimensional B1 mapping of a first volume using a first voxel size, selecting an MRI protocol, performing the B1-shim in accordance with the MRI protocol, performing the MRI protocol to acquire MRI imaging... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110156705 - Quadrature and linear rf coil array for mri of human spine and torso: A radio frequency (RF) coil array includes a plurality of RF coil sections arranged in a superior-inferior direction. Each RF coil section includes a first linear coil element, a loop-saddle coil quadrature pair and a second linear coil element configured in an overlapping arrangement in a left-right direction. The position... Agent: General Electric Company

20110156706 - Sensing during magnetic resonance imaging: Physiologic information can be received from a subject during a portion of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) session using a sensing circuit of an implantable medical device (IMD). An indication of an active MRI scan can be received, and a time period to inhibit use of physiological information from the... Agent:

20110156707 - Method of studying rock mass properties and apparatus for the implementation thereof: The rock mass thermal excitation is performed by means of pumping the flush fluid through the wellbore using a tubing string, the flush fluid temperature differs from the rock mass temperature. Before the thermal excitation, during the thermal excitation and after the termination thereof differential electrical signals proportional to the... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110156708 - Concentric buttons of different sizes for imaging and standoff correction: Disclosed is a method of estimating a property of an earth formation penetrated by a borehole. The method includes: disposing into the borehole a sensor having a plurality of return electrodes and at least one transmitter electrode disposed in a concentric arrangement; injecting a first current of a first frequency... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110156710 - Calibration method for a microresistivity logging tool: Methods for making calibrated microresistivity logging measurements in nonconductive drilling fluid are disclosed. A calibrated measurement parameter (e.g., a calibrated electrical impedance or a calibrated potential difference) is obtained and further utilized to compute a formation resistivity. The methods tend to be particularly well suited for drilling applications in which... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20110156709 - Microresistivity anisotropy logging tool employing a monopole current injection electrode: A microresistivity logging tool includes a monopole current injection electrode and at least first and second pairs of potential electrodes. The tool may further include a controller configured for making microresistivity anisotropy measurements using a single firing of the monopole current injection electrode. The controller may be configured to compute... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20110156711 - logging tool employing a monopole current injection electrode for microresistivity imaging: A microresistivity logging tool includes a monopole current injection electrode and first and second potential electrodes deployed on a downhole tool body. A controller is configured to apply a high frequency alternating current between the monopole current injection electrode and a return and measure a corresponding AC potential difference between... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20110156712 - Device and method for testing magnetic switches at wafer-level stage of manufacture: A testing mechanism for testing magnetically operated microelectromechanical system (MEMS) switches at a wafer level stage of manufacture includes an electromagnetic fixture configured to be received in a standard probe ring. The electromagnetic fixture is rotatable, relative to the probe ring, to permit adjustment of orientation of a generated magnetic... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

20110156713 - Apparatus for calculating polarization voltage of secondary battery and apparatus for estimating state of charge of the same: There is provided an apparatus that calculates a polarization voltage of a secondary battery. A temperature sensor detects a temperature of the secondary batter; a voltage sensor detects a voltage of the secondary battery; and a current sensor detect an electric current of the secondary battery. A battery ECU calculates... Agent: Primearth Ev Energy Co., Ltd.

20110156714 - Battery fault detection apparatus: The battery fault determination apparatus includes battery monitor sections connected in a daisy chain, each of which is provided for a corresponding one of unit batteries each including battery cells connected in series to monitor the battery cells and output an output signal indicative of a monitoring result, and a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110156715 - Environmental monitoring system and method with a prefilter: Various environmental systems are disclosed. In accordance with one of the systems, a first and second valve are provided. The valves provide a first air flow path from an air pump to a photo-ionization detector is provided through a pre-filter. The valves also provide a second air flow path from... Agent: Emilcott

20110156716 - System and method for localizing and passivating defects in a photovoltaic element: The present invention relates to a system and method for localizing defects causing leakage currents in a photovoltaic element (100), a system and method for passivating defects causing leakage currents in a photovoltaic element and a system and method for passivating a shunt in a roll-to-roll photovoltaic element comprising the... Agent: Odersun Ag

20110156718 - Electrical connection defect detection device: An electrical connection defect detection device to detect whether an electrical connection between an under-test pin of an under-test device and a signal line of a circuit board is normal is provided. The electrical connection defect detection device comprises a signal provider providing a test signal to the under-test pin... Agent:

20110156717 - Electrical connection defect detection system and method: An electrical connection defect detection system to detect whether an electrical connection between an under-test pin of an under-test device and a signal line of a circuit board is normal is provided. The electrical connection defect detection system comprises a signal provider providing a test signal to the under-test pin... Agent:

20110156719 - Electrical insulation test apparatus: An electrical insulation test apparatus includes a cap having an indentation, and a conductive cushion arranged in the indentation. The conductive cushion has a receiving space sized to meet a tested photovoltaic panel. Since the conductive cushion is deformable, the conductive cushion will deform upon the size of the tested... Agent: Du Pont Apollo Limited

20110156721 - Passive microwave fire and intrusion detection system: A passive microwave receiver array, operating in the one meter to sub-millimeter wavelengths range and including an internationally protected range of frequencies of varying bandwidth, may be used for fire and intrusion detection. One or more receiver array can be used to provide a plurality of frequency ranges that can... Agent: Icove And Associates, LLC

20110156720 - Portable partial discharge detection device: A partial discharge detection device for detecting and measuring partial discharges in electric systems or components, which delivers signals having a form much resembling that of the radiated pulse, for improved identification and analysis. The device is of small size, totally insulated and self-powered, and allows measurements to be performed... Agent:

20110156722 - Method for detecting chemical or biological species and electrode arrangement therefor: The present invention pertains to a process for detecting one or more chemical or biological species, which can either react in a redox reaction or directly or indirectly generate a molecule, which can react in a redox reaction, wherein current generated by said redox reaction is detected at at least... Agent:

20110156723 - Non-contacting method and apparatus for determining contact voltage sources and providing a warning for same: This invention relates to non-contact measurement methods and an apparatus for the identification of hazardous contact voltages on energized objects and surfaces. The apparatus includes an electric field sensor structured to sense an electric field and a gain amplifier electrically connected to the electric field sensor to amplify electric signals... Agent: Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.

20110156724 - Capacitance measurement systems and methods: A first capacitor and a second capacitor are charged until voltage at the second capacitor settles to a settling voltage. While charging, the first capacitor is alternately switched between a current source and ground. When the settling voltage is reached, charging of the first capacitor is halted. The second capacitor... Agent: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

20110156725 - Calculating a parasitic capacitance of an oscillator circuit: Described herein are techniques for determining a board parasitic capacitance of a crystal oscillator circuit. A crystal's frequency is measured under load condition off-circuit. After coupling the crystal to the oscillator circuit, external capacitors may be adjusted to produce frequencies approximating the off-circuit measurement with upper and lower margins. Calculation... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20110156726 - Measuring sensor, fuel feed line and method for manufacturing a measuring sensor: A measuring sensor has a hollow body through which a fluid is able to flow. Two sections of a wall of the hollow body form electrodes for a capacitive and/or a resistive measurement and the electrodes are made of a conductive plastic. The measuring sensor may be used in a... Agent:

20110156727 - Soot sensor: A soot sensor for the detection of soot particles in an exhaust gas flow, having interdigitally engaged measurement electrodes applied on a substrate. An electrical resistance between the measurement electrodes is a measure of soot load of the exhaust gas flow. The measurement electrodes are divided into two regions, a... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

20110156728 - Rotation angle sensing assembly including attaching structure, variable valve mechanism for internal combustion engine using the attaching structure, and vehicle incorporating the same: In a rotation angle sensor attaching structure for detecting rotation of a rotational angle detection object shaft through a reduction gear, an outer race of a bearing is force fitted in and secured to a central portion of the reduction gear, and an inner race of the bearing is secured... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110156729 - Test apparatus and test method: A test apparatus and a test method with which a circuit size can be decreased are provided. A recovered clock generating circuit generates a recovered clock of which phase is approximately the same as a phase of output data output by a device under test (DUT). The recovered clock generating... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110156730 - Chip-based prober for high frequency measurements and methods of measuring: A chip-based prober for measuring a device-under-test is provided. The prober includes a probe tip, a voltage and control connector, a chip carrier, and a programmable termination chip. The probe tip is configured to contact the device-under-test. The voltage and control connector is in electrical communication with the probe tip.... Agent:

20110156732 - Process for controlling the correct positioning of test probes on terminations of electronic devices integrated on a semiconductor and corresponding electronic device: An embodiment for making a check of the electric type executed on wafer for testing the correct positioning or alignment of the probes of a probe card on the pads or bumps of the electronic devices integrated on semiconductor wafer. An embodiment consists in making a current circulate in at... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.i

20110156733 - Test head moving apparatus and electronic component testing apparatus: A test head moving apparatus includes elevating arms that move a test head up and down, a frame that horizontally moves the test head, and an interlock mechanism that prohibits the horizontal movement of the frame on the basis of a height of the test head. The interlock mechanism has... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110156734 - Test systems and methods for testing electronic devices: Devices under test (DUTs) can be tested in a test system that includes an aligner and test cells. A DUT can be moved into and clamped in an aligned position on a carrier in the aligner. In the align position, electrically conductive terminals of the DUT can be in a... Agent: Formfactor, Inc.

20110156735 - Wafer test cassette system: Wafer cassette systems and methods of using wafer cassette systems. A wafer cassette system can include a base and a probe card assembly. The base and the probe card assembly can each include complementary interlocking alignment elements. The alignment elements can constrain relative movement of the base and probe card... Agent: Formfactor, Inc.

20110156731 - Semiconductor integrated circuit: A semiconductor integrated circuit includes a first bump pad and a second bump pad configured to perform at least one of a data input operation and a data output operation in a normal mode; a probe pad configured to perform at least one of a data input operation and a... Agent:

20110156736 - Semiconductor apparatus and probe test method thereof: Various embodiments of a semiconductor apparatus and related methods are disclosed. In one exemplary embodiment, a semiconductor apparatus may include a chip, scribe lanes disposed around the chip, and a probe test logic circuit for conducting a probe test on the chip. The probe test logic circuit is disposed on... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110156737 - Contactor: A contactor 20 includes an FPC 30 on which a contact 31 brought into contact with/separated from an electrode 12 formed on a test target 10 and a board wire 32 having flexibility and conductivity are formed, an elastic member 40 that overlaps with the FPC 30 at the contact... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110156738 - Semiconductor integrated circuit: A semiconductor integrated circuit includes a bump pad through which data is outputted, a probe test pad having a larger size than the bump pad, a first output drive unit configured to drive the bump pad at a first drivability in response to output data, a second output drive unit... Agent:

20110156739 - Test kit for testing a chip subassembly and a testing method by using the same: A test kit for testing a chip subassembly and a testing method by using the same is provided. The chip subassembly includes at least two stacked chips each having a number of electric contacts is provided. The test kit includes a test socket and a test plate. The test socket... Agent:

20110156740 - Probe card: There is provided a probe card. A probe card according to an aspect of the invention may include: a printed circuit board; a horizontal regulator passing through the printed circuit board and having an insertion portion having a horizontal regulation bolt and an insertion portion having a curved portion provided... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110156741 - Test of electronic devices with boards without sockets based on magnetic locking: An embodiment is proposed for testing electronic devices; each electronic device has a plurality of terminals for electrically contacting the electronic device. A corresponding test system includes a set of test boards; each test board is equipped with a plurality of banks of electrically conductive receptacles each one for resting... Agent: Eles Semiconductor Equipment S.p.a.

20110156742 - Chip testing circuit: A chip testing circuit is disclosed. The chip testing circuit uses a judging circuit to switch the connection of the data compressing circuit between data compressing base units which compresses 4 XIOs, so as to obtain testing data by one single interface circuit and to increase the testing throughput.... Agent:

20110156745 - Electronics tester with a signal distribution board and a wafer chuck having different coefficients of thermal expansion: The invention relates to a tester apparatus of the kind including a portable supporting structure for removably holding and testing a substrate carrying a microelectronic circuit. An interface on the stationary structure is connected to the first interface when the portable structure is held by the stationary structure and is... Agent: Aehr Test Systems

20110156744 - Linear voltage generating device for testing performance of power supplies: A linear voltage generating device for testing performance of a power supply includes a filter circuit, an analog to digital (A/D) conversion circuit, and an amplifier circuit. The filter circuit is configured for receiving a pulse width modulation (PWM) signal, and comparing the PWM signal with a reference voltage to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110156743 - System for testing power supply performance: A system for testing a DC power supply performance includes a load module electrically coupled to the DC power supply, a switch module electrically coupled to the DC power supply, a control module electrically coupled to the load module and the switch module respectively, and an indication module electrically coupled... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110148392 - Mechanical support device and a measuring device with a mechanical support device: The invention relates to a mechanical support device (10) for at least one sensor plate, for example an antenna element (18) in a device for transmitting and/or receiving electromagnetic high-frequency signals. According to the invention, the support device (10) is configured as a coil form (24, 26) of at least... Agent:

20110148393 - System and device for measuring voltage in a conductor: A system and device for measuring voltage in a conductor having a voltage provides a first electrode surrounding and spaced from the conductor, and a second electrode surrounding and spaced from both the conductor and the first electrode such that there is no contact between the conductor and the electrodes... Agent: Kinects Solutions Inc.

20110148394 - Fluid conductivity sensor for actuating and testing an electroexploding device: Disclosed is an apparatus for sensing the electrical conductivity of fluid wherein when electrodes of the apparatus are exposed to fluid. When the electrodes are exposed to a fluid with a predetermined salinity, a voltage is developed on a capacitor which in turn fires a load, such as a resistive... Agent: Conax Florida Corporation

20110148395 - Over-voltage and over-temperature detecting circuit: An over-voltage and over-temperature detecting circuit includes a voltage-limiting circuit, a temperature sensing circuit, a current source, a first comparing circuit and a second comparing circuit. The equivalent resistance of the temperature sensing circuit varies with the temperature. The current source provides a first current to a detecting terminal, so... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20110148396 - Systems and methods for comprehensive tire pressure monitoring and wheel speed detection: Systems and methods facilitate the monitoring of tire pressure, the detection/determination of wheel speed, or a combination thereof. A system is provided comprising a hub cap, a target coupled to the hub cap, and at least two displacement sensors configured to measure a displacement between each displacement sensor and the... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20110148397 - Length measurement apparatus: A length measurement apparatus (10) is set forth which has a bistable magnetic element (102), an elongated physical scale (200) having a plurality of measurement graduation elements (202) spaced apart from one another as well as a reading head (100) which is movable relative to the physical scale (200) in... Agent: Sick Stegmann Gmbh

20110148401 - Device for locating whether a wheel-tire assembly is positioned on the right or the left of a vehicle: A self-contained device intended to be carried by a wheel-tire assembly in order to locate whether the assembly is positioned on the right side or on the left side of a vehicle is described. The device includes two magnetic sensors with axes of maximum sensitivity, the sensors providing two periodic... Agent: Trw Automotive Us, LLC

20110148399 - Encoder using magnet drop out feature for theft detection: An encoder to be mounted to a shaft extending from a piston meter configured to compute a volume of distributed fluid includes a magnet affixed to the shaft via a floating magnet holder, a magnetic sensor configured to sense the flux density and direction of a magnetic field created by... Agent: Measurement Specialties, Inc.

20110148398 - Gear position detection device: The present invention discloses a gear position detection device, comprising: a gear lever capable of being shifted into different gear positions; a shaft connected to and driven by the gear lever; a first detector and a second detector symmetrically arranged at both sides of the shaft, the first detector for... Agent: Tyco Electronics (shanghai) Co. Ltd.

20110148400 - Position sensor for mrt detection: Allows the specificity of an automatic MRT detection to be increased in a simple manner. This is achieved using an automatically calibrating position sensor, so that the user does not have to perform additional calibration of this sensor. Incorrect sensor calibrations are thus eliminated as well.... Agent: Biotronik Crm Patent Ag

20110148402 - Inspection mode switching circuit: An eddy current probe testing apparatus structured to operate concurrently in a driver pick-up mode and said impedance mode is provided. The eddy current probe has two coils. The eddy current probe testing apparatus also includes a signal producing device, an output device, and a switch assembly. The switch assembly... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

20110148405 - Magnetism measuring method and device: A magnetism measuring method includes magnetizing a magnetic material with a direct current to a rotational magnetization region, performing an alternate current excitation in a direction having a component orthogonal to a direction of the direct current magnetization, and measuring a component of an alternate current magnetic field generated by... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20110148403 - Magneto-electric sensor with injected up-conversion or down-conversion: A method includes generating an electrical signal representing a magnetic field using a magnetic field sensor having alternating layers of magneto-strictive material and piezo-electric material. The method also includes performing up-conversion or down-conversion so that the electrical signal representing the magnetic field has a higher or lower frequency than a... Agent: National Semiconductor Corporation

20110148404 - Method and apparatus for evaluating length of defect in eddy current testing: The surface length of a metal subject to be inspected is evaluated by detecting an eddy current without using a combination of a scale and visual or liquid penetrant inspection. An exciting coil and a detecting coil are scanned above the subject in a length direction. An eddy current detector... Agent:

20110148406 - Device for detecting damage of a test specimen made of ferromagnetic material: The device comprises a magnetization unit, which generates a constant magnetic field, to which the test specimen (12) is exposed so as to magnetize it. The magnetization unit and test specimen (12) carry out a relative motion to each other, thereby inducing eddy currents in the test specimen (12). The... Agent:

20110148407 - Assembly structure of current detection device: An assembling structure is provided which is capable of greatly reducing the material cost, is easy-to-assemble, and can be made smaller. The sensor body is provided on a lower face with a protrusion, which comes into contact with an upper face of the busbar when the sensor body is mounted... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20110148408 - Measuring apparatus for measuring magnetic properties, and method for producing such a measuring apparatus: Measuring apparatus for measuring magnetic properties of the area surrounding the measuring apparatus with a sensor row comprising at least two magnetoresistive sensor elements, which are arranged in a row that extends in a row direction, and a supporting field apparatus with generates a magnetic supporting field having a magnetic... Agent: Meas Deutschland Gmbh

20110148409 - System and method for measuring the shape of an object using a magnetic induction radio sensor: A system and method for measuring the shape of an object using a magnetic induction radio sensor involves at least partially enclosing the object with a magnetic loop antenna of the magnetic induction radio sensor, where the inductance of the magnetic loop antenna depends on the shape of the object,... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110148413 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to an embodiment includes a data gathering unit and an image generating unit, the data gathering unit gathers magnetic resonance data in a non-contrast manner by applying a first readout gradient pulse having a zero-order moment of 0 and a second readout gradient pulse... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110148412 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: According to one embodiment, an MRI apparatus includes a calculation unit and an imaging unit. The calculation unit calculates “a value of a parameter having an upper limit” for “a plurality of patterns of scan orders for a plurality of scan operations for an object” respectively. The imaging unit generates... Agent: Toshiba Medical Sysyems Corporation

20110148410 - Method for data acquisition acceleration in magnetic resonance imaging (mri) using receiver coil arrays and non-linear phase distributions: A method for accelerating data acquisition in MRI with N-dimensional spatial encoding has a first method step in which a transverse magnetization within an imaged object volume is prepared having a non-linear phase distribution. Primary spatial encoding is thereby effected through application of switched magnetic fields. Two or more RF... Agent: Universitaetsklinikum Freiburg

20110148411 - Sar dosimeter for rf power deposition in mri and methods and systems related thereto: Featured is a dosimeter device that measures SAR deposited by RF power deposition during MRI of a specimen. Such a dosimeter device includes a transducer that is configured to present a load to the MRI scanner in which the transducer is located and to provide an output representative of signals... Agent: Johns Hopkins University

20110148414 - Magnetic resonance imaging of single domain nanoparticles: A method and system are disclosed for gathering information about an object including single domain particles which have a diameter in the range of about 5 to 80 nm. In one aspect, a method includes generating a static magnetic field of less than about 0.1 Tesla on the object and... Agent: Imec

20110148415 - Apparatus and method for decoupling mr coils: An apparatus includes a first RF coil integrated into a first printed circuit board (PCB) and a second RF coil integrated into the first PCB. The apparatus also includes a tuning member positioned adjacently to the first PCB and inductively coupled to the first and second RF coils, the tuning... Agent:

20110148416 - Apparatus and method to improve magnet stability in an mri system: An MRI apparatus and method comprises an MRI system having a plurality of gradient coils positioned about a bore of a magnet, and an RF transceiver system and an RF switch controlled by a pulse module to transmit RF signals to an RF coil assembly to acquire MR images. The... Agent:

20110148418 - Rf power splitter for magnetic resonance system: A radio frequency transmission system for a magnetic resonance system includes a radio frequency power amplifier (40) generating an input radio frequency signal that excites magnetic resonance in target nuclei and is designed for feeding an impedance Zo, a multi-channel radio frequency coil (18) having N radio frequency channels where... Agent: Koninklijke Philps Electronics N.v.

20110148417 - Superconducting magnet coil interface and method providing coil stability: A superconducting magnet coil interface and method providing coil stability are provided. A superconducting coil arrangement includes a superconducting coil and a thermal interface coupled to the superconducting coil. The thermal interface is configured to intercept frictional heat before reaching the superconducting coil. The superconducting coil arrangement further includes a... Agent:

20110148419 - Apparatus and method for detecting underground objects: A wearable apparatus for detecting an underground object includes: a signal transmitter configured to transmit a predetermined signal in a predetermined direction; a reception detection sensor configured to receive a reflected wave corresponding to the transmitted signal; a wireless reception unit configured to restore the received reflected wave to a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110148420 - Service tee marker fixture: A service tee marker fixture comprises a disk marker and a cylindrical attachment sleeve fastened concentrically to the disk marker and constructed of a flexible material which provides a releasable friction fit with a service tee cap. For certain sleeve materials a stiffener plate is used to secure an end... Agent:

20110148421 - Bucking coil and b-field measurement system and apparatus for time domain electromagnetic measurements: According to one example embodiment is a time domain electromagnetic (TDEM) geophysical survey system for producing a B-field measurement, comprising: a transmitter coil; a bucking coil positioned in a substantially concentric and coplanar orientation relative to the transmitter coil; a receiver coil positioned in a substantially concentric and coplanar orientation... Agent: Geotech Airborne Limited

20110148422 - Lamp with metering device: A generator generates electricity by non-combustion means. A battery stores the generated electricity. An electrical appliance is powered by the stored electricity. A metering device tallies an operating parameter indicative of the amount of electrical energy consumed by the appliance. A housing supports the generator, the battery, the appliance and... Agent:

20110148423 - Protective device with automated self-test: The present invention is directed to an electrical wiring device that includes at least one sensor that provides a sensor output signal corresponding to electrical perturbations propagating on the plurality of line terminals or the plurality of load terminals. A protective circuit assembly configured to detect a fault condition when... Agent: Pass & Seymour, Inc.

20110148424 - Apparatus for estimating battery state of health: An apparatus for estimating state-of-health (SOH) of a battery is disclosed, which comprises: a measurement unit, for measuring a working current, a working voltage and a working temperature of the battery; an observer unit, for observing voltages at an output end and RC parallel circuits of the battery; an adaptive... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110148425 - Systems and methods for detecting an open cell tap in a battery pack: A method is provided for detecting an open cell tap condition in a battery pack. The method includes: applying a detection voltage across an electrical impedance that is coupled to a measurement node, where the detection voltage exceeds voltage measures at a node disposed between serially coupled battery cells of... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

20110148426 - Battery system and method for detecting internal short circuit in battery system: A battery system includes a battery pack, a detecting portion, a storage portion, and a determining portion. The battery pack 10 includes serially-connected parallel battery units 1 each of which includes battery cells 2 connected in parallel. The detecting portion 5 detects voltage and current of the units 1, and... Agent:

20110148427 - Tribocharge test fixture: A fixture can include a test fixture that holds an object whose electrostatic charge characteristics are to be measured, means for moving a piece of rubbing material into contact with the object, and means for rubbing a surface of the object. A method for measuring the electrostatic charge characteristics of... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20110148428 - Method for monitoring insulation faults in an electric network and vehicle comprising an insulation fault monitor: A method for monitoring an insulation fault in an electric network with at least one electric power system supplying electric power to one or more electric loads, and at least one insulation resistance monitor is provided, wherein the at least one electric power system includes at least one electrical power... Agent: Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

20110148429 - Dc testing integrated circuits: In accordance with some embodiments, voltage testing, including input and output voltage levels, may be tested in an integrated circuit without using an external tester in some embodiments. In some cases, active loads may be provided on chip for DC testing. In addition, a comparator may be used to compare... Agent:

20110148430 - Method and apparatus for fault identification in a power tansmission line: A method and apparatus for fault identification in a transmission line are provided. The method may include measuring at an end of the transmission line when the transmission line has a fault to obtain a measured signal g(t), comparing the measured signal g(t) with a predefined standard signal f(t), the... Agent: Abb Research Ltd.

20110148431 - Property monitoring apparatus for current transformer or electric transformer: The invention provides a property monitoring apparatus comprising a test current output circuit capable of varying an output current, a test current value computing means for computing a current value of a test current output from the test current output circuit, a test current control means for performing feedback control... Agent:

20110148432 - Method and device for checking the electrical insulation as well as a method and system for producing photovoltaic modules: An electrical insulation test as well as the production of photovoltaic modules, especially of thin-film photovoltaic modules, provides a current-conducting component disposed on a panel-shaped substrate, which are insulated electrically in the area of the module edge. In order to simplify testing of the insulation of such photovoltaic modules, it... Agent: Harrexco Ag

20110148433 - High-voltage transformer: A high-voltage transformer for providing an alternating voltage in the kV range, comprising at least one secondary winding wound on a coil carrying body surrounding a transformer core, and an insulation housing encapsulating the secondary winding is provided to electrically insulate the secondary winding. Said insulation housing is walled by... Agent: B2 Electronic Gmbh

20110148434 - System and method for distortion analysis: A method, circuit and system for determining at least one of an amplitude and a relative phase of a signal under test. A reference signal is generated based, at least in part, upon the at least one of the amplitude and the relative phase of the signal under test. The... Agent:

20110148435 - Transcapacitive sensor devices with ohmic seams: A transcapacitive sensing device has and ohmic seam which sections a plurality of transmitter electrodes and also sections a plurality of receiver electrodes. A processing system is communicatively coupled with the transmitter electrodes and the receiver electrodes and configured to: transmit a first transmitter signal with a first transmitter electrode... Agent:

20110148437 - Nailer with integrated stud finder: A nailer incorporates an integrated stud finder for sensing when a stud is present. The nailer has a work contact element and a magazine for storing nails. The stud finder includes a sensor plate coupled to the work contact element of a nailer and a stud sensing circuit coupled to... Agent:

20110148436 - System and method for determining a number of objects in a capacitive sensing region using signal grouping: An input device and method are provided that facilitate improved usability. The input device comprises an array of capacitive sensing electrodes and a processing system. The processing system is configured to receive sensing signals from the capacitive sensing electrodes and generate a plurality of sensing values, each of the plurality... Agent: Synaptics Incorporated

20110148438 - System and method for determining a number of objects in a capacitive sensing region using a shape factor: An input device and method are provided that facilitate improved usability. The input device comprises an array of capacitive sensing electrodes and a processing system. The processing system is configured to receive sensing signals from the capacitive sensing electrodes and generate a plurality of sensing values. The processing system is... Agent: Synaptics Incorporated

20110148439 - Capacitance discrimination circuit and touch switch equipped with the same: In some embodiments, a capacitance discrimination circuit includes first and second capacitors, a comparator configured to compare a first voltage of the first capacitor and a second voltage of the second capacitor, a counter circuit configured to perform a count operation based on a comparison result of the comparator, a... Agent: Sanyo Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20110148440 - Parasitic capacitance cancellation in capacitive measurement applications: An integrated circuit for compensating for parasitic capacitance in a capacitive measuring apparatus wherein a capacitance measurement is done by repeatedly transferring charge from a capacitor to be measured to a reference capacitor.... Agent:

20110148441 - Quantum computing device and using method thereof: With a simple circuit configuration which does not conduct high frequency signal processing, a quantum computing device, a quantum bit readout processing unit of the quantum computing device, and a quantum bit readout processing method are provided. By controlling a quantum bit structure, which is formed with a counter electrode... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110148442 - Monitoring a suspension and traction means of an elevator system: A monitoring device for a suspension-and-traction apparatus of an elevator system that includes at least one electrically conductive cord contains a measurement apparatus for determining a resulting resistance. The measurement apparatus is connected to the cord with contacting elements contacting opposite ends of cord. Damage to the suspension-and-traction apparatus is... Agent:

20110148443 - Method and equipment for monitoring the current drained by the grounding electrode in electric impedance tomography: There are disclosed a method and an equipment for monitoring the current drained by the grounding electrode in an electric impedance tomography system, the said grounding electrode (16) and the set of electrodes (11) being simultaneously applied to a patient (12) in an electric impedance tomography apparatus (14, 15), comprising... Agent: Timpel S.a.

20110148444 - Circuit for testing internal voltage of semiconductor memory apparatus: An internal voltage test circuit of a semiconductor memory apparatus includes a comparing unit for comparing a level of internal voltage with a level of external voltage to output a comparison result as an output signal during a test mode, and an output selecting unit for outputting the output signal... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor, Inc.

20110148446 - Capacitive opens testing in low signal environments: An improved system for capacitive testing electrical connections in a low signal environment. The system includes features that increase sensitivity of a capacitive probe. One feature is a spacer positioned to allow the probe to be partially inserted into the component without contacting the pins. The spacer may be a... Agent:

20110148445 - Testing circuit and method: A test interface circuit operates with different types of core circuits. As consistent with various embodiments, the test interface circuit includes a test input register (TIR) configured to select an operating mode and a plurality of test point registers (TPRs). Each TPR is configured to control signals passed from the... Agent:

20110148448 - Loaded printed circuit board test fixture and method for manufacturing the same: A test fixture for testing loaded printed circuit boards having a plurality of test points having a probe plate including an array of widely spaced high force spring test probes in compliant contact with solid translator pins located in a translator fixture removably positioned over the probe plate. The test... Agent:

20110148447 - Multilayer ceramic substrate and probe board using pillar-type conductor and fabricating methods of the same: There are provided a multilayer ceramic substrate and a probe board formed using a pillar-type conductor formed by including preparing a ceramic sheet having at least one through hole; filling the inside of the through hole with a conductive material; firing the ceramic sheet so that the conductive material is... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110148449 - Cantilever probe structure for a probe card assembly: A probe for a probe card assembly includes a beam and a fulcrum element. The fulcrum element is positioned between a base end portion of the beam and a tip end portion of the beam and is adapted for contact with the beam such that the beam is cantilevered by... Agent:

20110148450 - Low capacitance probe for testing circuit assembly: p

20110148451 - Wiring board for testing loaded printed circuit board: A wiring board for transmission of test signals between test point locations on a circuit board under test and an external analyzer having compliant contacts making electrical contact with a pad positioned on a conductive surface circuit layer having a trace extending to a second pad having a hole for... Agent:

20110148453 - Inspcting apparatus for photovoltaic devices: The inspecting apparatus of the present invention includes a darkroom (110) provided with an upper surface (111) having an opening portion (112), a support means provided at the upper surface of the darkroom (110) to support the photovoltaic devices as an inspecting object (200) on the opening portion (112), a... Agent: Hisshinbo Holdings Inc.

20110148452 - Systems, circuits, and methods for monitoring solar cells of an adaptive solar power system: A back sheet comprises an interconnect circuit coupling a plurality of solar cell tiles. A tiled solar cell, comprising a solar cell and encapsulating and glass layers, is inserted into the solar cell tiles. Each solar cell is individually addressable through the use of the interconnect circuit. As such, each... Agent:

20110148455 - Method for measuring current, method for inspecting semiconductor device, semiconductor device, and test element group: An object is to provide a current measurement method which enables a minute current to be measured. To achieve this, the value of a current flowing through an electrical element is not directly measured, but is calculated from a change in potential observed in a predetermined period. The detection of... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20110148454 - Semiconductor wafer, semiconductor circuit, substrate for testing and test system: A test system includes a test substrate that transmits/receives signals to/from a semiconductor wafer, and a control apparatus to control the test substrate. The semiconductor wafer includes an external terminal coupled to an external measurement circuit, a plurality of selecting wiring lines provided to receive/transmit signals to/from the corresponding the... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110148456 - Method and device for measuring inter-chip signals: A method and device for measuring a signal of a die to be placed within a package is disclosed. At least one die as a Device Under Test (DUT) is mounted on a substrate and a chip-type measurement instrument is mounted on the substrate, or embedded into the substrate, wherein... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110140685 - Method for diagnosing a load drop: A method for diagnosing a load drop in a piezo actuator in an injection device, a voltage being measured and being compared to a threshold voltage (24) for the diagnosis, the load drop being present if the measured voltage is greater than the threshold voltage (24). The present invention also... Agent:

20110140686 - Thermal extension structures for monitoring bus bar terminations: An electrical system comprising an equipment enclosure configured to hold one or more DC power bus bars therein. The system also comprises one or more thermal extension structures. Each thermal extension structure is connected to one or more of the bus bars. Each thermal extension structure has a projection element... Agent: Lineage Power Corporation

20110140687 - Digital multimeter having case panel structure: A multimeter includes a case defining an interior cavity in which components of the multimeter are located. The case has a top portion defining a plurality of first button apertures. A rotary selector knob is also provided for selecting a multimeter function. The multimeter further includes a separate front panel... Agent: Fluke Corporation

20110140688 - Device for measuring alternating current magnetic susceptibility and method of measuring the same: A device for measuring alternating current (AC) magnetic susceptibility and the method for measuring the same are provided. The device comprises an AC magnetic susceptibility coil set, a signal capturing unit, and a signal processing unit. The device detects AC magnetic susceptibility signals from under testing particles in the magnetic... Agent: Magqu Co., Ltd.

20110140690 - Device for piloting an aircraft having off-axis magnetic-field-sensitive elements for detecting angular position: a supply and measuring circuitry which is configured for selecting, for each detecting cell supplied with power, a predetermined value of a compensation coefficient Gk depending on the position in relation to the axis of rotation of this powered detecting cell, and for applying this compensation coefficient value Gk by... Agent: Ratier Figeac

20110140689 - Signal amplitude adjustment to improve resolver-to-digital converter performance: An interface system between an RDC and a connected resolver dynamically matches an input range of the RDC to the output range of the resolver's output signals. The interface system may include methods and/or apparatuses to determine the amplitude of sinusoidal input signals presented to the RDC by the resolver... Agent:

20110140691 - Non-destructive determination of magnetic permeability tensor in materials of arbitrary shape: A method of non-destructive determination of a local magnetic permeability tensor of a material comprises testing by X-ray diffraction on a first surface to identify and measure any surface stress in the material; performing a calibration test using magnetostriction to identify any effect of any determined stress; subjecting the material... Agent: Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of Canada As Represented By The Minister Of Natural Resources

20110140693 - Integrated triaxial magnetometer of semiconductor material manufactured in mems technology: Two suspended masses are configured so as to be flowed by respective currents flowing in the magnetometer plane in mutually transversal directions and are capacitively coupled to lower electrodes. Mobile sensing electrodes are carried by the first suspended mass and are capacitively coupled to respective fixed sensing electrodes. The first... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20110140692 - Method for determining the sensitivity of an acceleration sensor or magnetic field sensor: A method for determining the sensitivity of a sensor provides the following steps: a) first and second deflection voltages are applied to first and second electrode systems of the sensor, respectively, and first and second electrostatic forces are exerted on an elastically suspended seismic mass of the sensor by the... Agent:

20110140694 - Permanent or variable alternating magnetic field circulation sensor, and current sensor implementing such a sensor: A permanent or variable magnetic field circulation sensor including apparatus for magnetic excitation further including at least one elongated excitation coil extending around an elongated supple magnetic core and including a supple magnetic material with low relative magnetic permeability having a supple or flexible matrix in which magnetic particles are... Agent:

20110140695 - Flattened gradient coil for mri systems: A gradient coil and an insert gradient coil for a magnetic resonance imaging system include a primary coil. The primary coil includes an upper primary coil portion and a lower primary coil portion, the lower primary coil portion being less curved in cross-section than the upper primary coil portion. The... Agent: General Electric Company

20110140697 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: According to one embodiment, an MRI apparatus includes an imaging unit and an application region calculating unit. The application region calculating unit automatically calculates an application region of a prepulse according to a region of interest of magnetic resonance imaging based on image data including the region of interest that... Agent:

20110140698 - Method and device for phase-sensitive flow measurement by magnetic resonance: In a method and a device for phase-sensitive flow measurement of a volume segment of an examination subject using a magnetic resonance (MR) system, the volume segment is coded for imaging of this volume segment and a phase coding of the volume segment to code flow information of the volume... Agent:

20110140696 - System and method for quantitative species signal separation using mr imaging: A system and method for quantitative species signal separation in MR imaging is disclosed. An MR imaging apparatus includes an MRI system and a computer programmed to cause the MRI system to apply a pulse sequence and acquire multi-echo source data for the pulse sequence that includes a phase component... Agent:

20110140700 - Multiple-frequency rf trap and mri system: A multiple-frequency RF trap and an MRI system including a multiple-frequency RF trap. The multiple-frequency RF trap being tuned to block RF energy at two frequencies.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110140699 - System and method for coil disabling in magnetic resonance imaging: A system and method for coil disabling in magnetic resonance imaging are provided. One magnetic resonance coil includes a radio-frequency (RF) coil having end rings with a plurality of conductors connected therebetween and at least one loop coil positioned at one of the end rings. The one loop coil is... Agent:

20110140701 - Determining properties of earth formations using the electromagnetic coupling tensor: A system and method to determine earth formation properties by positioning a logging tool within a wellbore in the earth formation, the logging tool having a tool rotation axis and a first, a second, and a third tilted transmitter coil, and a tilted receiver coil; rotating the logging tool about... Agent:

20110140702 - Apparatus and method for balancing impedance of a resistivity measuring tool: s

20110140703 - Amorphous irox film ph sensor: The present invention provides a pH sensing apparatus that includes a flexible polymer substrate, one or more amorphous iridium oxide film sensor electrodes disposed on the flexible polymer substrate, and a reference electrode corresponding to each amorphous iridium oxide film sensor electrode. Each reference electrode is disposed on the flexible... Agent: Board Of Regents, University Of Texas System

20110140704 - Electronic salt meter: An electronic salt meter including a sensor rod, salt meter body and receiving components to measure a temperature and salinity. The electronic salt meter includes a first and sensor electrode and a temperature sensor to detect a temperature of the measurement object. A measurement monitoring unit detects whether the first... Agent:

20110140705 - Electrostatic sensor device and matrix: An electrostatic sensor device including a first sensor element and a second sensor element; a dielectric substrate material formed in two layers, and a sensing hole which penetrates the dielectric substrate material from its upper surface to its lower surface. The first sensor element is receivable in the sensing hole;... Agent: Amfit, Inc.

20110140706 - Particle-based electrostatic sensing and detection: An apparatus and methods for electrostatic-based sensing and detection of charges and charged materials displayed on a surface. In a general embodiment, a method for electrostatically sensing charges or charged materials by comparing the electrostatic interaction between a capture surface and a reference surface. Assays to detect binding or interactions... Agent:

20110140707 - Method for operating a power tool with a diagnostic device: In a method for operating a power tool with a diagnostic device, wherein the power tool has an internal combustion engine, a generator as an energy supply, and an electronic control unit, wherein a diagnostic device is connectable to the electronic control unit, and wherein the electronic control unit has... Agent: Andreas Stihl Ag & Co. Kg

20110140708 - System, method, and apparatus for providing redundant power control using a digital output module: A method for providing redundant power control to a load using a digital output module includes coupling at least one sourcing driver to a voltage supply and to a first output terminal, coupling at least one sinking driver to a voltage return and to a second output terminal, and coupling... Agent:

20110140709 - Locating short circuits in printed circuit boards: One embodiment provides a method of locating a short circuit in a printed circuit board. Test signals may be injected at different test points on the circuit board. The distance between each test point and the short circuit may be determined according to how long it takes for a signal... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110140710 - Continuous critical current measurement apparatus and method of measuring continuous critical current using the same: e

20110140711 - Measurement circuit and electronic device: Provided is a measurement circuit that is provided in the same electronic device as a circuit under measurement, comprises a difference generating section and an integrating section, and performs a sigma-delta AD conversion on a signal under measurement output by the circuit under measurement, the measurement circuit further comprising a... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110140712 - Method of determining application limit of electrostatic chuck: There is provided a method of determining an application limit of an electrostatic chuck, in which method a determination can be accurately made as to whether the electrostatic chuck has reached the application limit or not. The electrostatic chuck has a first electrode and a second electrode, and a coating... Agent:

20110140713 - Fuse driver circuits: Fuse driver circuits, fuse driver testing circuitry, and methods for testing the fuse driver circuits using the testing circuitry are described. In some embodiments, the fuse driver circuit can be made using a fuse, a NMOS transistor, and a PMOS transistor. The drain of the NMOS transistor can be connected... Agent: Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

20110140714 - Determination of insulation resistance of an electric dc circuit: A method for determining an insulation resistance of an electric DC circuit having at least a first and a second terminal includes performing a measurement cycle, verifying whether the change of a measured current exceeds a predetermined change rate, calculating a total insulation resistance, and calculating a first insulation resistance... Agent: Johnson Controls-saft Advanced Power Solutions LLC

20110140715 - Methods for measuring dielectric properties of parts: A method is disclosed for calibrating a capacitance of an apparatus for measuring dielectric properties of a part. The apparatus includes an electrically grounded chamber, a lower electrode disposed within the chamber and connected to a radiofrequency (RF) transmission rod, an electrically grounded upper electrode disposed within the chamber above... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20110140718 - Inductive conductivity sensor: A conductivity sensor for measuring conductivity of a medium surrounding the conductivity sensor, including: a first toroidal coil, which surrounds a first traversing opening for accommodating the medium and which serves for inducing an electrical current in the medium, a second toroidal coil, which surrounds a second traversing opening for... Agent: Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft Fur Mess - Und Regeltechnik Mbh + Co. Kg

20110140716 - Input circuit for inductive measurements of the conductivity of a fluid medium: Exemplary embodiments of the invention include an input circuit for electromagnetic (inductive) measurements of the conductivity of liquids. The input circuit and the induction coil are directly coupled, and the arrangement includes a current-voltage converting circuit which accomplishes the transformation from current to voltage in the induction coil, and ensures... Agent: Mettler-toledo Ag

20110140717 - Method and device for inductive conductivity measurements of a fluid medium: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention include methods and devices for the electromagnetic (inductive) measurement of the conductivity of liquids by immersing a sensor into the liquid, wherein the sensor includes at least 2 toroidal cores, one of said cores carrying an excitation coil and the other core carrying an... Agent: Mettler-toledo Ag

20110140719 - Method of monitoring semiconductor process: A method of monitoring a semiconductor process is provided. The method includes preparing a process chamber including first and second electrodes spaced apart from and facing each other, and connecting the first electrode to a ground and connecting the second electrode to a radio frequency power source. An impedance in... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110140720 - Electrostatic capacitance-type input device, method of testing electrostatic capacitance-type input device, and driving device for electrostatic capacitance-type input device: An electrostatic capacitance-type input device includes: a plurality of first electrodes, which detect an input position, extending in a first direction in an input area on a substrate; a plurality of second electrodes, which detect an input POSITION, extending in a second direction intersecting with the first direction in the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110140721 - Contactless conductivity detector: The contactless conductivity detector in one embodiment includes a microfluidic chip having a channel (102) thereon and four detection electrodes: first and second emitting electrodes (100a, 101a), and first and second receiving electrodes (100b, 101b). The channel (102) is defined by channel walls. The first emitting electrode (100a) and the... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20110140722 - Object-sensing device: Proposed is an object-sensing device including: a carrier base; at least one first conductive element disposed on a carrying surface of the carrier base; a cover capable of resting seamlessly on the carrying surface and provided therein with a receiving space; a resilient element received in the receiving space; at... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110140723 - Seating sensing device and method of the same: A seating sensing device embedded in a seat includes: a variable resistance unit generating resistance values corresponding to the circumference of the seat through a plurality of conductive threads installed in the seat; and a signal analysis unit analyzing variable quantities of the resistance values to acquire activity information on... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110140724 - System and method for performing a continuity test on a lightning conduction system of a wind turbine: A system and method for performing a continuity test on a lightning conduction system of a wind turbine are disclosed. The system generally includes a testing device having a blade ring configured to be positioned around at least a portion of an outer perimeter of a rotor blade of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20110140725 - Over current protection test system: A system includes a switching power supply, an electric load connected to the switching power supply, a voltage regulation circuit, and a detect device. The voltage regulation circuit is connected to the electric load and configured to output a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signal to regulate a voltage supplied to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110140726 - Apparatus and methods for measuring solar cell module performance: Methods and apparatus for moving and evaluating the performance of solar cell modules are described. Specifically, embodiments of the invention are directed to apparatus and methods including a transparent plate having a plurality of fluid conduits therethrough, where the fluid conduits are configured to direct a fluid with sufficient force... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110140729 - Inspection device: In the invention, absorbed current detectors are mounted in a vacuum specimen chamber and capacitance of a signal wire from each probe to corresponding one of the absorbed current detectors is reduced to the order of pF so that even an absorbed current signal with a high frequency of tens... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20110140728 - Method and apparatus for monitoring via's in a semiconductor fab: A method for monitoring a semiconductor fabrication process creates a wafer of semiconductor chips. Each chip has a one or more diodes. Each diode is addressable as part of an array, corresponds to a physical location of the chip, and is connected in series to a stack. The stack is... Agent:

20110140727 - Switching device failure detection system and method for multilevel converters: A multilevel converter includes a plurality of phase legs each having at least two inner switching devices, at least two outer switching devices, at least two clamping diodes, a split DC link and a switching device failure detection circuit. The switching device failure detection circuit includes a logic module for... Agent: General Electric Company

20110140730 - Detection circuitry for detecting bonding conditions on bond pads: The present invention relates to a detection circuitry for detecting bonding conditions on segmented bond pads of a semiconductor device, the bonding conditions representing good or bad contacts on the bond pads. The detection circuitry comprises a segmented bond pad (1, 11) having at least two parts (2, 3, 12,... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110140731 - Electronic device and method for testing a circuit board: An electronic device, and associated method, provided with a circuit board (10) with a set of input contacts (IN/COM), a set of output contacts (OUT/COM) and an electrical circuit (18) connected between the input contacts (IN/COM) and the output contacts (OUT/COM), and a controller. The controller carries out a real-time... Agent: Sartorius Ag

20110140732 - Circuit for testing inrush current: A circuit is configured for testing an inrush current of a power supply. The circuit includes a capacitor module, a voltage meter, a semiconductor switch, and a current meter. The capacitor module is connected to an power source for storing electric charge. The voltage meter is connected to the capacitor... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110133721 - Method of diagnosing a malfunction in an abnormal voltage detecting apparatus, secondary battery system, and hybrid vehicle: The invention provides a method of diagnosing a malfunction in an abnormal voltage detecting apparatus, which includes breaking an electrical connection between a secondary battery (100) and an abnormal voltage detecting apparatus (40, 31) and connecting the abnormal voltage detecting apparatus to a direct current voltage generating portion (20) that... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110133722 - Load current detection in electrical power converters: An electrical power converter has a transformer (4) and detecting circuitry for deriving a reconstructed output or load current. In a first aspect of the invention the load current is computed by subtracting a scaled version of the time integral of the primary voltage (Vcap) from a scaled version of... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110133726 - Precision alignment system: The present invention provides a precision alignment system operable to provide alignment of a first and second apparatus. The precision alignment system makes use of inductive coupling between loop antennas in the first and second apparatus. The mechanism for alignment is the detection of a null in the signal induced... Agent:

20110133727 - Inductive position sensor: An inductive position sensor uses three inductors. First and second inductors are separated by a fixed distance with the first inductor's axial core and second inductor's axial core maintained parallel to one another. A third inductor is disposed between the first and second inductors with the third inductor's axial core... Agent: Adm.

20110133725 - Hall-type linear-travel sensor for intermediate travel: A sensor assembly for detecting the position of a linearly movable element has a magnet and a sensor for detecting the position of the magnet. A stationary support is provided that is configured for carrying the sensor and for guiding the element that carries the magnet and is linearly movable... Agent:

20110133724 - Magnetic position detector: Magnetic members are arranged along a straight line and can be placed face-to-face with spin-valve magnetoresistive elements. The magnetic pole faces of the magnetic members which can be face-to-face with the spin-valve magnetoresistive elements have different magnetic polarities from the magnetic pole faces of neighboring magnetic members. The magnetic members... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110133723 - Sensor arrangement and method for operating a sensor arrangement: A sensor arrangement has a plurality of Hall sensor devices, each configured to provide a sensor voltage in response to a magnetic field intensity. A selection unit is configured to forward either of the sensor voltages in response to a selection signal. A transconductance amplifier is configured to generate a... Agent: Austriamicrosystems Ag

20110133728 - Angle sensor: An angle sensor includes: a magnet mounted in a rotatable rotation body so as to be rotatable with the rotation body; a circular yoke extending in a circular shape so as to surround an outer circumferential surface of the magnet around a rotation shaft of the magnet and having a... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20110133729 - Method and monitoring device for performing an rf-safe mit scan: A method and a monitoring device for performing an RF-safe MIT scan is disclosed in which it is prevented that an RF exposure, especially a specific absorption rate (SAR), imposed on an examination object, especially a patient, exceeds certain limit values during a magnetic induction tomography (MIT) scan. This is... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110133730 - Magnetic probe apparatus: A system and method for locating magnetic material. In one embodiment the system includes a magnetic probe; a power module in electrical communication with the magnetic probe to supply current to the magnetic probe; a sense module in electrical communication with the magnetic probe to receive signals from the magnetic... Agent:

20110133731 - Method and device for magnetic induction tomography: This invention relates to a method and device for magnetic induction tomography. The device comprises a transmitting coil arrangement for generating a primary magnetic field, the primary magnetic field inducing an eddy current in an object of interest, and a measurement coil arrangement for measuring a secondary magnetic field generated... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110133732 - Methods and apparatus for enhanced frequency response of magnetic sensors: Methods and apparatus for providing an integrated circuit package device, comprising a conductive leadframe, a magnetic sensor element disposed on the leadframe, wherein the leadframe includes a slot configuration to reduce eddy current flow about the magnetic sensor, the slot configuration including a first slot generally perpendicular to a second... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20110133733 - Magnetic field sensor device: A magnetic field sensor device 1 includes a sensor section 100 that includes a magneto-impedance device 110 having a magnetic amorphous structure, and rod-shaped core sections 130 and 131 that guide a magnetic field to the magnetic amorphous structure in a longitudinal direction with respect to the magnetic amorphous structure.... Agent: Kyoto University

20110133734 - Method for regulating rf signals in an nmr system and probe head for carrying out the method: A method for regulating radio frequency (RF) signals in a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) system, comprising a spectrometer, a control loop, and an NMR probe head with RF components (BE, LE, BK), wherein the spectrometer comprises a transmitter that transmits RF signals at measuring frequencies with a transmission power (PS),... Agent: Bruker Biospin Ag

20110133735 - Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: The present invention controls a flip angle as to each measurement set 409 that is obtained by division according to the size of phase encoding and a body motion cycle of a subject in the GrE-type pulse sequence. In a set 501 which measures echoes with phase encoding having a... Agent:

20110133736 - Coherent signal acquisition system for mr imaging and spectroscopy: A system processes an MR dataset to provide an MR signal generated by a group of protons having substantially the same proton spin precession angle. The system includes a computation processor for determining phase angles of RF pulses for use in acquiring MR signal data of a desired coherence pathway... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20110133737 - Adjustable emi suppression core for common mode/normal mode balance: An adjustable EMI suppression core has an outer core having a first reluctance. The outer core has three apertures aligned horizontally. A first aperture and a third aperture are each suitable for a wire to be placed therein. A second aperture is located between the first and third apertures. An... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110133739 - Arrangement of coils for mri apparatus: A method of determining a magnet arrangement for use in magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, the method including, determining a function representing current densities required within a magnet region to generate a field, determining a current density distribution required to generate a desired field, using the function and determining the magnet... Agent: The University Of Queensland

20110133738 - Systems and methods for obstructing magnetic flux: An aspect of the present invention relates to system and method for substantially obstructing magnetic flux. One aspect of the present invention provides an apparatus for substantially obstructing at least one magnetic flux path between an ambient space and a protected volume. The apparatus includes an inner shield, substantially enclosing... Agent:

20110133740 - Look ahead logging system: A technique utilizes the acquisition of data from desired subterranean regions via a logging system. The logging system is constructed for use in a wellbore and comprises a transmitter module having a transmitter antenna. Additionally, the logging system utilizes a receiver module spaced from the transmitter module and having a... Agent:

20110133741 - System and method for employing alternating regions of magnetic and non-magnetic casing in magnetic ranging applications: A system and methods for facilitating drilling and/or drilling a well in an orientation with respect to an existing well are provided. Specifically, one method in accordance with present embodiments is directed to producing a magnetic field with a magnetic field source positioned in a non-magnetic region of casing within... Agent:

20110133742 - Lamp failure detector: An apparatus and method for detecting lamp failure is described for an array of lamps used in a rapid thermal processing system. The lamp failure detection system enables identification of a failed lamp among a plurality of lamps, and also provides identification of the failure type. The apparatus applies a... Agent:

20110133743 - Fault detection device and method for detecting an electrical fault: A fault detection device adapted for detecting an electrical fault at a medium voltage switchgear having at least one power module is provided. The fault detection device includes at least one input current sensor adapted for measuring at least one input current of the at least one power module of... Agent:

20110133744 - Internal resistance estimation apparatus for power storage device, degradation determination apparatus for power storage device, power supply system, and internal resistance estimation method for power storage device: A converter control unit responds to a command from a start determining unit to control a converter such that a ripple current is generated at a secondary battery. A storage unit stores a map defining a correlative relationship between the temperature and current of the secondary battery and internal resistance.... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110133745 - Method and apparatus for battery power pre-check at system power-on: A system including at least one electronic component and a battery check circuit. When a power consumption level of the at least one electronic component is increased, the battery check circuit determines whether to provide power from a battery to the at least one electronic component by comparing a power... Agent:

20110133746 - Discharge ionization current detector: Means for Solution: Light from light source unit 20 located externally to cylindrical tube 2 through which a plasma gas (He) flows is irradiated through the wall surface of the cylindrical tube 2 onto a plasma generation region (the region between plasma generation electrodes 6 and 7) located in gas... Agent: Osaka University

20110133747 - Integrated electrical circuit and test to determine the integrity of a silicon die: A detection circuit and one or more wires or circuit traces are included in a die. The combination is used to detect mechanical failure of the substrate, e.g. silicon after singulation of the dice from the wafer. Failures may be detected at different regions or planes within the die, and... Agent: Volterra Semiconductor Corporation

20110133750 - Inline inspection of photovoltaics for electrical defects: A method of inline inspection of photovoltaic material for electrical anomalies. A first electrical connection is formed to a first surface of the photovoltaic material, and a second electrical connection is formed to an opposing second surface of the photovoltaic material. A localized current is induced in the photovoltaic material... Agent: Kla-tencor Corporation

20110133748 - Signal output circuit, timing generate circuit, test apparatus and receiver circuit: Provided is a signal output circuit that outputs a signal, comprising an output circuit that changes a characteristic of a signal output therefrom according to a change in power supply voltage supplied thereto and a control signal supplied thereto; and a control section that changes the control signal to compensate... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110133749 - Test arrangement for ac testing of electrical high voltage components: A test arrangement is provided for AC testing of electrical high voltage components including at least one inverter, at least one test transformer and at least one high-voltage inductor arranged as test components in a common cuboid container. The at least one high-voltage inductor is at least partly removable from... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110133752 - Electronic device and method for testing a circuit board: An electronic device, and associated method, provided with a circuit board (10), with a set of input contacts (IN/COM), a set of output contacts (OUT/COM) and an electrical circuit (18) connected between the input contacts (IN/COM) and the output contacts (OUT/COM) and a controller. The controller carries out a real-time... Agent: Sartorius Ag

20110133753 - Electronic device and method for testing a circuit board: An electronic device, and associated method, provided with a circuit board (10), with a set of input contacts (IN/COM), a set of output contacts (OUT/COM) and an electrical circuit (18) connected between the input contacts (IN/COM) and the output contacts (OUT/COM) and a controller. The controller carries out a real-time... Agent: Sartorius Ag

20110133751 - Signal generating apparatus and test apparatus: Provided is a signal generating apparatus comprising a DA converter that outputs an output signal corresponding to input data supplied thereto; a sample/hold unit that is provided between the DA converter and an output end of the signal generating apparatus, and that samples an output voltage of the DA converter... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110133754 - Test arrangement for impulse voltage testing of electrical high-voltage components: Exemplary embodiments are directed to a test arrangement for testing surge voltage in electrical high voltage components with a surge voltage generator and a voltage distributor. The surge voltage generator and voltage distributor have a tower-like structure with a first and a second structure end. A rectangular container is connected... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110133755 - System and method of occupant detection with a resonant frequency: An occupant detection system that includes an electrode, an electrical network, and a controller. The electrode is arranged to be proximate to an expected location of an occupant for sensing an occupant presence proximate the location. The electrode is configured to provide an electrode impedance indicative of the occupant presence.... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110133756 - Apparatus for capacitively measuring changes: An apparatus for capacitively measuring changes has a sensor (S) with a sensor-active region. The sensor has at least one transmitting electrode, which generates an electric field, and a further electrode (13) which is capacitively coupled to the transmitting electrode (15), wherein the transmitting electrode (15) is arranged between the... Agent:

20110133757 - Apparatus and method for evaluating capacitor: There is provided an apparatus for evaluating a capacitor, including: a charge/discharge control unit 100 that controls charge and discharge, a charge/discharge switch 200 that selects a connection between a capacitor CSP to be measured and a power supply unit 50 or a connection between the capacitor CSP and a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110133758 - High resolution circuit for converting capacitance-to-time deviation: There is provided a high resolution circuit for converting a capacitance-to-time deviation including a capacitance deviation detecting unit generating two detection signals having a phase difference corresponding to variations of capacitance of an micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) sensor; a capacitance deviation amplifying unit dividing frequencies of the two detection... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110133759 - Quick connect sensor apparatus: An electronic sensor for determining if a metal hose connector is fully snapped into its mating plastic connector. This sensor detects the metal hose in position by having a coil in position over the plastic connector and at the end of the metal hose when it is in correct position.... Agent:

20110133760 - Systems and methods for minimizing stray current in capacitive sensor data: A method for minimizing stray current in capacitive sensor data includes receiving a first input from a first wire of a wire harness, the wire harness comprising a plurality of twisted wires, the first input comprising a first signal comprising first sensor data and stray current; receiving a second input... Agent: Hamilton Sunstrand Corporation

20110133761 - Qualifying circuit board materials: A test structure for testing electrical properties of a material comprises a first loop and a second loop, which are connected to form a closed test loop. A signal generator, for generating a test signal, is coupled to the first loop and the second loop. A signal propagation switching logic... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110133762 - Cartridge device for blood analysis: A cartridge device having a receiving portion for receiving a blood sample and a jack portion for receiving a plug; a stirring device for circulating the blood sample within the receiving portion; and an electrode holder having at least one incorporated electrode wire pair; wherein the electrode holder is attachable... Agent:

20110133763 - Circuit for simulating an electrical load: A circuit for simulating an electrical load at a terminal of a test circuit having at least one first switch and at least one second switch includes a third switch connected to the first switch of the test circuit via a first external connection point. A fourth switch is connected... Agent: Dspace Digital Signal Processing And Control Engineering Gmbh

20110133764 - Apparatus and method for detecting abnormality in solar cell power generation system: The present invention provides an abnormality detecting apparatus for a solar cell power generation system including a plurality of solar cell strings each having a plurality of solar cell modules connected to each other in series and a backflow preventing diode connected to a power output terminal of each of... Agent: Onamba Co., Ltd.

20110133765 - Method and apparatus for probe contacting: There is provided a method and a device for accurately detecting the contact of a mechanical probe with a contact object. The contact detecting device comprises a mechanical probe movable for being in contact with a contacted object, a charged particle beam source which generates a charged particle beam applied... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20110133766 - Transformer within wafer test probe: A wafer test probe for testing integrated circuitry on a die is disclosed. The wafer test probe includes a membrane core. The wafer test probe also includes circuitry within the membrane core. The circuitry within the membrane core includes at least one portion of an inductor. The wafer test probe... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110133767 - Silver alloy having excellent contact resistance and antifouling property and suitable for use in prove pin: The present invention is a silver alloy suitable for use in a probe pin made of an Ag—Cu alloy, wherein the silver alloy comprises 30 to 50% by weight of Cu and Ag as balance. This silver alloy further comprises 2 to 10% by weight of Ni to further improve... Agent:

20110133768 - Test wafer unit and test system: Provided is a test wafer unit that tests a plurality of devices under test formed on a wafer under test, the test wafer unit comprising a plurality of test circuits that are formed on the same semiconductor wafer, where a plurality of types of the test circuits having different functions... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110133769 - Inspection apparatus and method for led package interface: An LED package interface inspection apparatus for an LED device comprises a current source, a voltage measuring unit, and a testing control unit. The testing control unit provides at least one control signal to command the current source to output at least one current for the LED device. The testing... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

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20110127990 - Frequency responsive bus coding: A data system 102 permits bus encoding based on frequency of the bus; an encoding scheme may be implemented to avoid undesirable frequency conditions such as a resonant condition that may lead to degradation in system performance. The device or integrated circuit will typically include an encoder; in one embodiment,... Agent: Rambus Inc.

20110127991 - Sensor device, method of driving sensor element, display device with input function and electronic unit: A sensor device includes sensor elements arranged in a matrix form, and a sensor driving section driving the sensor elements. Each of the sensor elements includes a photoelectric conversion element generating electric charge, a storage node storing electric charge, to show a voltage which fluctuates according to the stored electric... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110127992 - Solar simulator and a measuring method of a multi-junction photovoltaic devices: The measurement method of the multi junction photovoltaic devices of the present invention includes the following processes: the process that the halogen lamp 13 emits a flash light and a top of a light pulse wave shape is controlled to be flat; the process that the xenon lamp 14 once... Agent: Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.

20110128034 - Self-balancing frequency determining bridge: A self-balancing Wheatstone bridge that provides frequency and power information. The frequency information obtained can be applied to correct the power measurement to provide excellent match, excellent frequency insensitivity, good dynamic range, good frequency range, and adequate frequency accuracy. The system is highly responsive, simple, and cost effective.... Agent: Ladybug Technologies, Inc.

20110127994 - Magnetic sensor modules that couple together for extended distance position sensing: A magnetoresistive (MR) sensor module includes a MR sensor array including a plurality of MR sensors/bridge circuits. A first group of bridge circuits has an output coupled to a first signal conditioning circuit and a second group of bridge circuits has an output coupled to a second signal conditioning circuit.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110127995 - Rotation sensor: A rotation sensor fixed to a sensor fixing member with simplified fixing system and excellent in water proofing property and vibration proofing property is provided. The rotation sensor includes a sensor unit having a magnetic sensor element for detecting rotation of a to-be-detected element provided in a rotating ring, a... Agent:

20110127993 - Position monitoring device, system and method: A position monitoring system includes, two Hall-effect sensors in operable communication with one another such that they produce a single output, the two Hall-effect sensors having opposing polarities functionally directed toward one another.... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110127996 - Apparatus and method for determining the roll angle of a device with a housing: The invention relates to an apparatus for determining the roll angle of a device having a housing, wherein a coil, which is arranged on or in the housing so as to be rigid in relation to the housing of the device, and an actuation electronic system, which generates voltage profiles... Agent: Rayonex Schwingungstechnik Gmbh

20110127997 - Rotation sensor unit: A lid 2 is pressed against the housing 2 to push the outer race 11 of the rolling bearing 1, thereby applying a preload to the bearing 1 and increasing the rigidity of the bearing 1, so as to prevent run-out of the shaft 3. An encoder 42 is supported... Agent:

20110127998 - Gmr sensor within molded magnetic material employing non-magnetic spacer: An integrated circuit includes a leadframe, and a die having a top surface, a bottom surface, and a plurality of perimeter sides and including at least one magnetic field sensor element disposed proximate to the top surface, wherein the bottom surface is bonded to the leadframe. A molded magnetic material... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110127999 - Pipeline inspection apparatus and method: Apparatuses and methods for inspecting a section of piping are disclosed. In one example embodiment, an apparatus includes first and second excitation coils, a plurality of magnetometers, and a data acquisition system. The first excitation coils are disposed at a first axial location and are energized and the second excitation... Agent:

20110128000 - Multi-channel magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy: A magnetic resonance (MR) system comprising multiple radio-frequency (RP) coils (303) configured to apply an MR pulse sequence (100) including at least a preparation segment (PRP) and an acquisition segment (ACQ), wherein the preparation segment (PRP) and the acquisition segment (ACQ) each comprise one or more excitation pulses, is disclosed... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N. V.

20110128001 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes a plurality of coil elements for receiving magnetic resonance signals of a subject in a plurality of selectable combinations. The magnetic resonance imaging apparatus also includes a sensitive region storage device for storing respective sensitive regions for the combinations of the coil elements, a... Agent:

20110128002 - Polarized xenon gas concentration method, polarized xenon gas manufacturing supply device, and mri system: The present invention relates to a polarized xenon gas manufacturing supply device that is provided with a polarization cell 6 that produces a polarized xenon gas by polarizing a mixture of xenon gas and a diluent gas that consists primarily of a high-boiling-point gas that has a boiling point higher... Agent:

20110128003 - System and method for measurement incorporating a crystal oscillator: A system, method and device for interrogating a downhole environment in a borehole beneath a surface includes a source of electromagnetic energy, operable to transmit an electromagnetic signal in the borehole, a sensor module, including a passive resonating circuit including a crystal oscillator having a resonant frequency that varies with... Agent: Los Alamos National Security

20110128004 - Apparatus for inspecting light emitting diode package and inspecting method using the same: An apparatus for inspecting a light emitting diode (LED) package is provided to inspect an LED to determine whether or not it is defective, and discard the LED when the LED is defective. The apparatus for inspecting an LED package includes: an inspection unit inspecting an LED through a visual... Agent:

20110128005 - Sluggish circuit breaker detection system and method: A circuit breaker electronic trip unit includes a controller, and a memory that stores a threshold tripping duration. The memory is readable by the controller. The trip unit includes a trip signal output, and an input section that receives at least one of a phase current level signal, a phase... Agent: Utility Relay Company, Ltd.

20110128006 - Method and apparatus for detecting battery life: A system and method for determining life of a rechargeable battery. Data representing relationship between lasting time of the battery and equivalent number of life cycles of the battery is provided; lasting time of the battery in charging is obtained; and the life of the battery is determined utilizing the... Agent: Helix Micro

20110128007 - Portable device for displaying charge information and charge information display system: A portable device for displaying charge information has a transmission unit for wirelessly transmitting a signal, requesting charge information on a battery, to a controller provided with a unit for detecting a remaining amount of a battery, a reception unit for wirelessly receiving the charge information from the controller, a... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110128008 - Method and apparatus for indicating battery cell status on a battery pack assembly used during mechanical ventilation: This disclosure describes methods and apparatus for indicating battery cell status on a battery pack assembly used during mechanical ventilation. Embodiments described herein seek to provide methods for indicating battery cell status on the exposed exterior of a battery assembly pack both when the battery is in use and when... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110128009 - Apparatus and method for sensing battery cell voltage using isolation capacitor: An apparatus for measuring a battery cell voltage includes a battery having a cell group; a first switching unit for selectively connecting both terminals of each battery cell of the cell group to conductive lines; a first voltage charging unit connected between the conductive lines to primarily charge a cell... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20110128010 - Microdischarge-based pressure sensor and method: A microdischarge-based pressure sensor that includes an anode, two cathodes, a drive circuit connected to the electrodes, and a measurement circuit that permits sensing of transient current pulses flowing through at least one of the electrodes. One of the cathodes is interposed between the anode and other cathode, and it... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110128011 - Apparatus and method for inspecting defects in circuit pattern: m

20110128012 - Operation status diagnosing device for external control means: Provided is an operation status diagnosing device for an external control means, which is enabled by a simple constitution to perform the transmission of the drive status of an external control means constituted of either a relay contact to be activated by an ON/OFF signal or an ON/OFF means made... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110128013 - Test arrangement for ac testing of electrical high voltage components: A test arrangement is provided for AC testing of electrical high voltage components including at least one inverter, at least one test transformer and at least one high voltage inductor arranged as test components in a common cuboid container. The at least one high voltage inductor runs along an imaginary... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110128014 - Position sensor: Position sensor (10′) and method for measuring the position of an object comprising, a sensing element and an oscillator (30) coupled to the sensing element such that an electromagnetic field is emitted from the sensing element. An output, arranged to provide a signal, varies in dependence upon a change in... Agent:

20110128015 - Foreign object detection in inductive coupled devices: A primary device for inductive power transfer to a secondary device is disclosed. The primary device includes a primary coil, the primary device being configured to (i) operate in a first mode during which the primary coil transfers power through inductive coupling to the secondary device, and (ii) operate in... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110128016 - Radio wave intensity measuring device and radio wave measuring system: A radio wave intensity measuring device includes a radio wave absorber (100) configured to include a plane having a plurality of cells (CL11, CL12, . . . ) and to absorb a radio wave entering the plane, and a measurer (200) configured to measure radio wave intensities in a plurality... Agent:

20110128017 - Plasma unconfinement sensor and methods thereof: An arrangement within a plasma reactor for detecting a plasma unconfinement event is provided. The arrangement includes a sensor, which is a capacitive-based sensor implemented within the plasma reactor. The sensor is implemented outside of a plasma confinement region and is configured to produce a transient current when the sensor... Agent:

20110128018 - Switching strip for detection of obstructions, and apparatus for the detection of obstructions: A switching strip profile for a switching strip for the detection of obstructions, and an apparatus for the detection of obstructions. The switching strip profile has a profiled body composed of electrically non-conductive material, a first conductor which is arranged in a rear area of the profiled body, and a... Agent:

20110128019 - Method and circuitry for identifying plug type: This method is applied to a dual-use jack of an electronic device. Either a headphone plug or a line output plug is inserted into the dual-use jack. The method determines the type of a plug connected to the dual-use jack when the plug is inserted into the dual-use jack. The... Agent: Oki Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20110128020 - Test apparatus and power supply apparatus: Provided is a test apparatus that tests a device under test, comprising a plurality of capacitors that are each charged to a predetermined voltage; a switching section that switches which of the capacitors charged to a predetermined voltage supplies power to the device under test; and a judging section that... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110128023 - Probe inspecting method and curable resin composition: Disclosed are a probe inspecting method for confirming the state of a probe for inspecting electric characteristics of an object to be inspected; and a curable resin composition for use in the method. The method is applied to repeat inspections and comprises the steps of bringing a cured resin of... Agent: Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110128024 - Test apparatus, test method and computer readable medium: A test apparatus comprising a position information acquiring section that acquires position information concerning first terminals on a surface of a device under test and position information concerning second terminals on a surface of a probe card used for testing the device under test; a control section that calculates a... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110128021 - Pin connector and chip test fixture having the same: A chip test fixture for assisting in examining a test chip on a printed circuit board includes a switching module, a pin cord and a magnetic unit. The switching module includes a standard chip and a switch element configured to turn on either the standard chip or the test chip.... Agent:

20110128022 - Testing apparatus and method: A testing apparatus includes a test controller configured to output a plurality of chip selection signals for selecting chips to be tested from among a plurality of chips, a plurality of first control signals for controlling supply of a power supply voltage to the chips selected by the chip selection... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110128025 - Electrical contact member and contact probe: An electrical contact member and a contact probe that are durable and economical are provided. For this purpose, an outer peripheral portion, which has a symmetrical shape with respect to a central axis in a longitudinal direction and has a hollow portion, and a core portion, which has an approximate... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20110128026 - Helical sensor for testing a composite medium: A sensor is provided for testing a composite medium. The sensor includes a tube and three or more conductors which are wound in a continuously parallel helix around the tube such that the conductors are interleaved. The tube is non-porous and electrically insulative. Both the proximal end and the distal... Agent: Soilmoisture Equipment Corp.

20110128027 - Wafer unit for testing and test system: Provided is a test wafer unit that tests a plurality of circuits under test formed on a wafer under test. The test wafer unit comprises a test wafer that is formed of a semiconductor material and exchanges signals with each of the circuits under test, and a plurality of loop-back... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110128028 - Probe card, maintenance apparatus and method for the same: A maintenance apparatus and a maintenance method for a probe card are provided. The maintenance apparatus includes a first supporting member, a second supporting member, a first clamping member, a second clamping member, and a plurality of locking units. In the maintenance method, the first supporting member and the second... Agent:

20110128029 - Stiffener assembly for use with testing devices: A stiffener assembly for use with testing devices is provided herein. In some embodiments, a stiffener assembly for use with testing devices can be part of a probe card assembly that can include a stiffener assembly comprising an upper stiffener coupled to a plurality of lower stiffeners; and a substrate... Agent: Formfactor, Inc.

20110128030 - Monitoring of the activity of an electronic circuit: A method and a device for monitoring a digital signal, wherein a first P-channel MOS transistor is placed in degradation conditions of negative bias temperature instability type during periods when the signal to be monitored is in a first state; a first quantity representative of the saturation current of the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (rousset) Sas

20110128031 - Test system and substrate unit for testing: A test system that tests a plurality of chips under test formed on a wafer under test, the test system comprising a plurality of test substrates that are arranged in overlapping layers and that each have a plurality of test circuits, whose function is determined for each wafer, formed thereon;... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110128032 - Wafer for testing, test system, and semiconductor wafer: Provided is a test wafer that tests a plurality of semiconductor chips that are formed on a semiconductor wafer and that each include an operation circuit and an internal memory. The test wafer comprises a plurality of test circuits that correspond to the plurality of semiconductor chips, supply the operation... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110128033 - Connection structure of electronic component and wired circuit board, wired circuit board assembly, and method for testing electronic component: In a connection structure of an electronic component and a wired circuit board, the electronic component includes a plurality of external terminals. The wired circuit board includes a metal supporting board, an insulating base layer formed on the metal supporting board, and a conductive pattern formed on the insulating base... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

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