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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110121814 - Test apparatus: A first timing comparator TCP1 latches a data signal at a timing that corresponds to each edge of a first strobe signal. A first delay element delays a first strobe signal so as to output a first delayed strobe signal. A first clock recovery unit makes a comparison between the... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110121815 - Measuring apparatus, parallel measuring apparatus, testing apparatus and electronic device: Provided is a measurement apparatus that measures a signal under measurement, comprising a first oscillation circuit that receives one pulse of the signal under measurement and begins oscillating according to the pulse of the signal under measurement to output a first oscillated signal; a second oscillation circuit that receives one... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110121816 - Surge current detection device: A protection element (e.g., an arrester) protects a piece of equipment to be protected, from surge currents line terminals and an earth terminal. Surge current detection devices are provided on respective conductors connected to the arrester. Each of the surge current detection devices is to detect the surge current penetrated... Agent: Sankosha Corporation

20110121817 - Method for increasing the availability of displacement/position measuring systems on the basis of potentiometers with a slider tap (iii): A method for increasing the availability of displacement/position measuring systems using a potentiometer with a slider tap in a closed control loop. The controller of the potentiometer is formed by a microcontroller which is supplied with the position of the slider via an analog/digital converter. The operating range is shifted... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110121818 - Integrated circuit die, an integrated circuit package and a method for connecting an integrated circuit die to an external device: An integrated circuit die comprises an electronic circuit and one or more output ports for outputting signals from the die via an external impedance, to a load, external from the die. The output port is connected to the electronic circuit. The die is further provided with an on-die sampling oscilloscope... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110121819 - Amplifier and array for measuring small current: An array of electrochemical detectors includes an array of electrodes that provide current responsive to oxidation events. Each electrode is coupled to a transistor, an amplifier coupled to an input of the transistor and having a feedback loop coupled to the electrode and providing a bias voltage to the electrode,... Agent: Cornell Research Foundation, Inc.

20110121820 - High voltage sensing capacitor and indicator device: A high-voltage sensing capacitor as an interface apparatus that may be used to attach an indicator unit to a high-voltage AC electrical bus and to provide safety to maintenance personnel. The high-impedance nature of the sensing capacitor effectively isolates the indicator unit from the high-voltage source to which it is... Agent: Smc Electrical Products, Inc.

20110121821 - Magnetic core for electric current sensors: Provided is a magnetic core having an appropriate range of permeability and a high magnetic flux density, thereby being configured to have a small phase difference and a small size. The magnetic core can be use for electric current sensors. The magnetic core is made of an amorphous alloy having... Agent: Amogreentech Co., Ltd.

20110121822 - Planar communications antenna having an epicyclic structure and isotropic radiation, and associated methods: The antenna device includes an electrical conductor extending on a substrate and having at least one gap therein, and with an outer ring portion to define a radiating antenna element, and at least one inner ring portion to define a feed coupler and connected in series with the outer ring... Agent: Harris Corporation

20110121823 - Meshing encoder gear and sensor assembly: A sensor assembly for a transmission includes a meshing encoder gear and an unbiased sensor. The gear teeth of the encoder gear have target surfaces that generate a magnetic field. The sensor targets the magnetized target surfaces to detect the magnetic field or the change in the magnetic field and... Agent: Gm Global Encoder Gear And Sensor Assembly

20110121824 - Angle measurement system: Some aspects of the present disclosure relate to techniques for measuring an angular position of a rotating shaft. As will be described in greater detail below, some angle measurement systems of the present disclosure include at least two magnets that cooperatively rotate at different rates according to a predetermined relationship... Agent: Infineon Technologies North America Corp.

20110121825 - Methods and apparatus for an analog rotational sensor having magnetic sensor elements: A sensor includes a magnetic position sensing element to generate angular position information, a first signal generator, a second signal generator, a first inverter to invert the first waveform for providing a first inverted waveform and a second inverter to invert the second waveform for providing a second inverted waveform,... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20110121826 - Two-axis magnetic field sensor with multiple pinning directions: A fabrication process and apparatus provide a high-performance magnetic field sensor (200) from two differential sensor configurations (201, 211) which require only two distinct pinning axes (206, 216) which are formed from a single reference layer (60) that is etched into high aspect ratio shapes (62, 63) with their long... Agent: Everspin Technologies, Inc.

20110121827 - Slotted current transducer using magnetic field point sensors: A current transducer is disclosed that is capable of measuring DC or AC currents in a conductor. The transducer housing has one or more slots into which a conductor is located. The current transducer maintains accuracy independent of the conductor position.... Agent:

20110121828 - Magnetoresistive sensor arrangement for current measurement: A sensor unit for the measurement of a current in a conductor (1) comprising at least one magnetoresistive sensor (5, 6) located at a radial distance from the outer surface of the conductor (1) is disclosed, wherein the conductor (1) has a circular cross-section, and wherein it comprises at least... Agent:

20110121829 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to an embodiment includes an imaging unit configured to carry out magnetic resonance imaging of a patient using a transmitting QD coil which allows at least one of phase and amplitude of a radio-frequency transmit pulse on at least one input channel of the... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110121833 - Focus coil array and interface devices therefor: A coil for use with a magnetic resonance (MR) system includes an outer loop having a first end and a second end formed from a conductive material for detecting MR signals oriented vertical to a plane of the coil. The outer loop has a plurality of capacitors therein including: (i)... Agent:

20110121834 - High-frequency coil and magnetic resonance imaging device: There is provided a high-frequency coil of an MRI device, which can easily and highly reproducibly reduce electromagnetic coupling between adjacent surface coils among a plurality of surface coils disposed with intervals. An electromagnetic decoupling coil that can generate a magnetic flux for canceling a magnetic flux generated by one... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20110121831 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus executes a calibration scan for acquiring calibration data used to correct image data of a subject and an imaging scan for acquiring the image data of the subject and receives magnetic resonance signals using combinations of coil elements selected out of a plurality of coil... Agent:

20110121832 - Self-shielded gradient coil: Gradient coil assemblies for horizontal magnetic resonance imaging systems (MRIs) and methods of their manufacture. Some embodiments may be used with open MRIs and can be used with an instrument placed in the gap of the MRI. In general, concentrations of conductors or radially oriented conductors may be moved away... Agent: Viewray Incorporated

20110121830 - Superconductor rf coil array: A superconducting RF coil array which may be used in whole body MRI scanners and/or in dedicated MRI systems. Some embodiments provide a superconducting RF coil array for at least one of receiving signals from and transmitting signals to a sample during magnetic resonance analysis of the sample, the superconducting... Agent:

20110121835 - Locating technique and apparatus using an approximated dipole signal: Location determination is performed using a transmitter including an elongated generally planar loop antenna defining an elongation axis. The elongation axis is positioned along at least a portion of a path. A magnetic field is then generated which approximates a dipole field. Certain characteristics of the magnetic field are then... Agent:

20110121836 - Method of controlling secondary battery: A method of controlling a secondary battery is disclosed. The method includes repeatedly disconnecting and connecting the secondary battery and a load as a result of a sensed current being greater than a maximum load current value, and maintaining the connected or the disconnected state according to a comparison of... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20110121837 - Battery pack and method of sensing voltage of battery pack: A battery pack and a method of sensing a voltage of the battery pack are disclosed. The battery pack has more battery cells than an individual cell voltage sensing unit can sense the voltages of. The additional battery cells are sensed using a multi-cell voltage sensing unit and digital processing.... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20110121838 - Method and apparatus for increased effectiveness of delay and transistion fault testing: The invention disclosed herein provides increased effectiveness of delay and transition fault testing. The method of delay fault testing integrated circuits comprises the steps of creating a plurality of test clock gating groups. The plurality of test clock gating groups comprising elements defining inter-element signal paths within the integrated circuit.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110121839 - Improvements in the determination of at least one value associated with the electromagnetic radiation of an object under test: The invention relates to a device (300) for the relative positioning of an electromagnetic probe network (100) and of an object being tested (200), wherein said device includes at least a means (301) or the relative sliding of the object being tested (200) and of the electromagnetic probe network (100),... Agent:

20110121840 - Lipid bilayer sensor system: A sensor system (1) for measuring an electrical signal across a lipid bilayer is formed by a cell (2) and an electrical reader unit (3) which are connectable together. The cell (2) is capable of supporting a lipid bilayer across an aperture (11) in a membrane (10) and has a... Agent:

20110121841 - Apparatus and method for predetermined component placement to a target platform: The present invention relates generally to assembly techniques. According to the present invention, the alignment and probing techniques to improve the accuracy of component placement in assembly are described. More particularly, the invention includes methods and structures to detect and improve the component placement accuracy on a target platform by... Agent:

20110121842 - Capacitive sensor to sense an electric field generated by a conductor: A capacitive sensor for detecting an electrical field generated by a live conductor comprises a source electrode (10), a screen element (20) and an electrical field sensor (30). Said source electrode (10) has a proximal portion (11) connected to the conductor (A) and a distal portion (12) placed inside the... Agent:

20110121843 - Sensor: A sensor including a carrier, a plurality of conductive bumps, a capacitive sensing element connected to the carrier through the conductive bumps, and a cover is provided. The capacitive sensing element has a membrane, and a channel is formed among the capacitive sensing element, the conductive bumps, and the carrier.... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110121844 - Method of measuring earth ground resistance of a pylon: The present invention relates generally to a facilitated method for accurately measuring the earth ground resistance of a ground rod, in particular a footing of a pylon acting as a ground rod or a ground rod attached to the footings of a pylon, and obtaining an overall value for the... Agent: Fluke Corporation

20110121845 - Earth ground tester with remote control: A testing device which may be used to conduct ground resistance and soil resistivity measurements. The testing device comprises both a main unit and a remote unit adapted to communicate with one another via a communication link. After setting the testing device up according to the desired measurement technique, the... Agent:

20110121846 - Contact structure for inspection: A contact structure for inspection that is installed on a bottom surface of a circuit board includes a ground conductor that is grounded; an elastic contact member that is brought into contact with an inspection target object; and a conductive line that electrically connects the circuit board and the elastic... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110121847 - Probe, electronic device test apparatus, and method of producing the same: A probe comprises: a membrane having a bump which contacts an input/output terminal of an IC device built into a semiconductor wafer under test; a pitch conversion board having a bottom surface on which a first terminal is provided and a top surface on which a second terminal connected to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110121848 - Probe wafer, probe device, and testing system: There is provided a testing system for testing a plurality of semiconductor chips formed on a single semiconductor wafer. The testing system includes a wafer substrate, a plurality of wafer connector terminals that are provided on the wafer substrate in such a manner that one or more wafer connector terminals... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110121849 - Probe with printed tip: The probe with printed tip consists of a substrate having a plurality of probe tips connected to its end edge, a plurality of test paths, each connected to one of the probe tips and extending along the substrate, and at least one of the test paths including an electrical component... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20110121850 - Spring structure and test socket using thereof: Spring assemblies and a test socket using the spring assemblies. The spring assemblies are used in a test socket electrically connecting lead terminals of a semiconductor chip to test terminals of a test device by contacting the lead terminals and the test terminals, and include: first springs in which a... Agent:

20110121851 - Probe card: A probe card of a semiconductor test apparatus having a plurality of space transformers supporting probe units of the probe card is provided. A probe card of the present invention includes a plurality of probe units, each comprising a guide member and at least one probe secured by the guide... Agent: Gigalane Co. Ltd.

20110121852 - Probe card and test apparatus including the same: A probe card and a test apparatus including the probe card for improving test reliability. The probe card may include a first input terminal Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) switch that connects a first input terminal and a first input probe pin, wherein the first input terminal MEMS switch comprises a control... Agent:

20110121853 - Test arrangement for ac voltage testing of electrical high voltage components: A test arrangement is provided for AC voltage testing of high voltage components including at least one inverter, at least one test transformer, at least one high-voltage inductor and at least one further high voltage component arranged as test components in a common cuboid container. The at least one high-voltage... Agent: Abb Technology Ag.

20110121854 - Physical property measuring method for tft liquid crystal panel and physical property measuring apparatus for tft liquid crystal panel: There is provided a physical property measuring method for a TFT liquid crystal panel, includes an impedance setting step of setting the impedance between the source and drain of a TFT of the TFT liquid crystal panel to be less than or equal to a predetermined value, a voltage application... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110121855 - System for testing power supply performance: A system for testing a DC power supply performance includes a test apparatus for testing the DC power supply, and a control circuit electrically coupled to the DC power supply and test apparatus. The control circuit includes a microcontroller, a switch control circuit, and a switch circuit controlled by the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110115464 - Chemical-selective device: A smartcard or other media that detects the presence of chemical and/or biological compounds or other items of interest on individuals handling by using chemical-selective devices. These chemical-selective devices can include non-linear (e.g., diode and/or transistor) and/or time non-linear (e.g., controlled resistor) electrical components and can indicate exposure to an... Agent: Cubic Corporation

20110115463 - Differential fet structures for electrical monitoring of overlay: A method and apparatus for determining overlay includes an array of electronic devices having structures formed in a plurality of layers and such that a device on a first end of the array includes an offset from a position of a device on a second end of the array. A... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110115466 - Current detection printed board, voltage detection printed board, current/voltage detection printed board, current/voltage detector, current detector and voltage detector: A current detection printed board includes: a board having a penetration hole that penetrates the board; and at least one wire that is formed in a coiled shape having both ends by penetrating the board along the periphery of the penetration hole and alternately connecting a front surface layer and... Agent: Daihen Corporation

20110115465 - High voltage test terminal having a shock-absorbing insulator: A high voltage test terminal for an electrical power distribution/transmission system includes a shock-absorbing insulator disposed between first and second conductors. A blade is movably connected to the second conductor. The blade is electrically and mechanically connected to the first conductor in a first position and electrically isolated and mechanically... Agent: Hubbell Incorporated

20110115467 - Film-thickness measuring device using pll circuit: As for a filter-thickness measuring device using the PLL circuit as a frequency measurement circuit, a crystal oscillator (11) which is made of quartz etc. and connected to the first oscillating circuit is accommodated in a vacuum chamber (C). It is arranged that the frequency measurement circuit which constitutes the... Agent: Tohoku Pioneer Corporation

20110115468 - Receiving apparatus, test apparatus, receiving method, and test method: Provided is a receiving method and a receiving apparatus comprising a multi-strobe generating section that generates a multi-strobe including a plurality of strobes having different phases with respect to a reception signal; an acquiring section that acquires the reception signal using each of the strobes; a detecting section that detects... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110115469 - Optical fiber electric current sensor, electric current measurement method, and fault zone detection apparatus: An optical fiber electric current sensor includes a polarization-splitter (13) that splits light outputted from a sensor fiber (11) into two polarization planes of which polarization directions are perpendicular to each other, a depolarizer (17) that depolarizes each of the polarization components from the polarization-splitter (13), light receiving element that... Agent: Takaoka Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20110115470 - Rotatable display for test and measurement apparatus: A physically rotatable display for a test and measurement apparatus is provided. The display of instrument information and data is automatically reconfigured based on the user selected orientation to provide optimal data display... Agent: Lecroy Corporation

20110115472 - Control circuit for current detection: A control circuit for current detection is disclosed. The control circuit outputting an output current to a power device comprises at least one first Field Effect Transistor (FET) coupled to the positive input terminal of an operational amplifier. The first FET is coupled to the power device through two voltage... Agent:

20110115471 - Current sensing and measuring method and apparatus: A method can include obtaining a voltage across a first transistor as an obtained voltage. The method can also include multiplying the obtained voltage by a predetermined multiple M to yield a multiplied voltage. The method can further include applying the multiplied voltage to a second transistor, wherein the second... Agent: Renesas Technology America, Inc.

20110115474 - Detection system, semiconductor device, and data processing device: To provide an LSI having a low power mode that can prevent an apparatus on which the LSI is mounted from resulting in performance degradation, etc. even when its electric power is not reduced in the low power mode. Devised is a circuit that instructs an operation mode and detects... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110115475 - Electronic device and apparatus for identifying electronic product: An apparatus for identifying an electronic product and an electronic device are disclosed. The apparatus includes: a detection voltage outputting unit, configured to receive a reference voltage and output a detection voltage; a detection voltage obtaining unit, connected to the detection voltage outputting unit and configured to obtain the value... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20110115473 - Multi-electrode measuring system: The invention provides a multi-electrode measuring system including a front end device which is a sensing device including a multi-electrode sensing device having a plurality of electrodes; a multi-channel fixture coupled to the multi-electrode sensing device; and a reference electrode. A back-end device as a virtual instrumentation is an electronic... Agent: National Yunlin University Of Science And Technology

20110115476 - Sensor system including multiple comparators: A system including a sensor circuit and comparison circuitry. The sensor circuit is configured to provide a sensed signal. The comparison circuitry is configured to receive an input signal that corresponds to the sensed signal. The comparison circuitry provides output signals that switch state at different levels of the input... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110115477 - Rotational angle measurement apparatus: The rotational angle measurement apparatus includes a magnetic sensor 301 and a signal processing unit 303M. The magnetic sensor includes two bridges comprising magneto-resistance elements each having a pinned magnetic layer. A ratio-calculation unit 381 of the signal processing unit 303M calculates a ratio Vy/Vx of output signals Vx and... Agent:

20110115478 - Digital quantity gauge for an agricultural aircraft payload hopper using a magnetostrictive linear displacement transducer (mldt): A system for determining the quantity of a liquid agricultural product available for spraying on a field from a tank in an airplane comprising a payload storage tank for holding the agricultural product, an elongated magnetostrictive linear displacement transducer tube located vertically in the aircraft payload storage tank, a probe... Agent:

20110115481 - Magnetic absolute encoder: A magnetic absolute encoder with enhanced resolution is provided. A first cycle determining section 27 utilizes data stored in a fourth angle data storing section 23 to determine in which cycle of m cycles of the fourth angle data, fifth angle data, which has been newly computed in response to... Agent: Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.

20110115480 - Non-contacting sensor assembly: A non-contacting sensor assembly including a connector assembly and a magnet assembly. The connector assembly includes a sensor coupled directly to the end of the terminals of the connector assembly. A sleeve is overmolded around and seals the sensor and the terminals. A capacitor is soldered in a recess in... Agent:

20110115479 - Through shaft rotary position sensor: A rotary position sensor assembly includes a ring magnet extending around the outer surface of a rotatable through shaft. A sensor which measures changes in the direction of the magnetic flux generated by the magnet in response to rotation of the shaft and a pair of magnet pole pieces are... Agent:

20110115482 - Ultrasensitive detection platform for sensing magnetic and/or electrical energy change: A scalable and ultrasensitive frequency-shift magnetic array scheme. The theoretical limit of the sensor noise floor is shown to be dominated by the phase noise of the sensing oscillators. To increase the sensitivity, a noise suppression technique, Correlated Double Counting (CDC), is described with no power overhead. As an implementation... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20110115483 - Transmit/receive coil for ultra-high field mri: A magnetic resonance coil comprises a first set of coil elements (54, 56, 80) operatively connectable with a transmit channel (66, 74) to couple with a transmit region of sensitivity for a selected load at a magnetic field strength greater than 3 Tesla, and a second set of coil elements... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110115485 - Field image tomography for magnetic resonance imaging: Field Image Tomography (FIT) is a fundamental new theory for determining the three-dimensional (3D) spatial density distribution of field emitting sources. The field can be the intensity of any type of field including (i) Radio Frequency (RF) waves in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), (ii) Gamma radiation in SPECT/PET, and (iii)... Agent:

20110115487 - Method and magnetic resonance system for imaging particles: A method and magnetic resonance system for imaging a particle that is located in an examination subject with an imaging magnetic resonance measurement execute a gradient echo sequence in which at least two gradient echoes are acquired following a single excitation pulse, wherein the particle in an applied basic magnetic... Agent:

20110115486 - Travelling-wave nuclear magnetic resonance method: m

20110115484 - Ultra fast magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus for non-contrast agent mr angiography using electrocardiograph or pulse triggered half fourier turbo spin echo-based acquisition with variable flip angle evolution and high resolution: In a magnetic resonance imaging method for non-contrast imaging of blood at a region in the subject's body, a first 3D MR image is acquired represented by a first 3D volume data set of the region at a first trigger delay time. The first 3D image is acquired using a... Agent:

20110115488 - Casting compound suitable for casting an electronic module, in particular a large-volume coil such as a gradient coil: Casting compound suitable for casting an electronic module, in particular a large-volume coil such as a gradient coil, which is composed of a support material forming a matrix, one or more fillers made of inorganic microparticles, and at least one filler made of polymer nanoparticles.... Agent:

20110115489 - Tow assembly for fixed wing aircraft for geophysical surveying: A airborne geophysical electromagnetic (EM) survey tow assembly system for use with a fixed wing aircraft, including receiver coil assembly comprising a substantially rigid tubular receiver coil frame forming a continuous internal passageway that extends around a central open area, and a receiver coil housed within the internal passageway; a... Agent: Geo Equipment Manufacturing Ltd.

20110115490 - Battery insulation resistance measurement methods, insulation resistance measurement methods, insulation resistance determination apparatuses, and articles of manufacture: Battery insulation resistance measurement methods, insulation resistance measurement methods, insulation resistance determination apparatuses, and articles of manufacture are described. According to one aspect, a battery insulation resistance measurement method includes determining a voltage of a battery, determining a voltage of a first terminal of the battery with respect to a... Agent: Valence Technology, Inc.

20110115491 - Method for detecting ice blocking of fuel cell stack and controlling fuel cell vehicle using the same: In preferred aspects, the present invention provides a method for detecting ice blocking of a fuel cell stack, the method including: (a) periodically calculating a minimum cell voltage of a fuel cell stack from cell voltages measured by a cell voltage monitoring system while reactant gases are supplied to the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20110115492 - Methods and apparatus for detecting the confinement state of plasma in a plasma processing system: Methods and systems for detecting a change in the state of plasma confinement within a capacitively coupled RF driven plasma processing chamber are disclosed. In one or more embodiments, the plasma unconfinement detection methods employ an analog or digital circuit that can actively poll the RF voltage at the powered... Agent:

20110115493 - Method and system of performing detection on an imaging device: In a method and system of detecting abnormality in an imaging device, multiple digital data are received in sequence from the imaging device via at least one data output pin. The multiple digital data correspond respectively to multiple pixel data. Subsequently, the multiple digital data for a specific pin are... Agent: Ability Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20110115494 - Managed electrical connectivity systems: A connector arrangement includes a plug nose body; a printed circuit board positioned within a cavity of the plug nose body; and a plug cover that mounts to the plug nose body to enclose the printed circuit board within the cavity. The printed circuit board includes a storage device configured... Agent: Adc Telecommunications

20110115495 - Communication apparatus and withstand voltage test method: A communication apparatus including: a frame; a transmission line connectable to a public line network; a print circuit board including a frame ground terminal portion and configured such that a dielectric strength between the transmission line and the frame ground terminal portion takes a specific value in a state in... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110115496 - Method for selecting protective resistor value for a capacitor charging circuit which enables maximum energy transfer with minimal heat: Electronic devices operate in an analog world and their circuitry is subject to non-linear environmental effects that can cause operational problems. Selecting components for a design for a capacitor-charging circuit that incorporates a current-limiting resistor and uses non-linear power supplies, either means having to test every possible combination of elements,... Agent:

20110115497 - Selectively actuating wireless, passive implantable sensor: A wireless sensor having a primary passive electrical resonant circuit that has an intrinsic electrical property that is variable in response to a characteristic of a patient and a secondary passive electrical resonant circuit. In one aspect, the primary passive resonant circuit can be positioned into a tuned position in... Agent:

20110115498 - Detection and mitigation of particle contaminants in mems devices: Detecting and/or mitigating the presence of particle contaminants in a MEMS device involves including MEMS structures that in normal operation are robust against the presence of particles but which can be made sensitive to that presence during a test mode prior to use, e.g., by switching the impedance of sensitive... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20110115499 - Self calibrating high throughput integrated impedance spectrometer for biological applications: Advances in a variety of fields such as micromachined silicon in conjunction with MEMS and other devices and attaching biosensors to electrode structures have allowed discrete or continuous monitoring devices to be implemented for biological systems, chemical processes, environmental monitoring etc. However, such devices are typically analysed within controlled laboratory... Agent: Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learning / Mcgill University

20110115501 - Measuring device with a micro-electromechanical capacitive sensor: A measuring device has a micro-electromechanical capacitive sensor which has electrodes which move toward and away from each other for measurement of a mechanical deflection of a test mass. The measuring device has a charge integrator which has an operating amplifier which has at least one amplifier input connected to... Agent: Albert-ludwigs-universit&#xc4 T Freiburg

20110115500 - Occupant detection and classification system: An occupant detection system includes a controller, a sensing electrode, and a shield electrode, the electrodes disposed in a vehicle seat. The controller is electrically coupled to the sensing electrode and shield electrode by a sensing circuit. The controller is configured to send an input signal to the sensing electrode,... Agent: Tk Holdings Inc.

20110115502 - Capacitance difference detecting circuit and capacitance difference detecting method: A capacitance difference detecting circuit, which comprises: a control circuit, for generating a control signal according to a first voltage and a second voltage; a first capacitor to be detected; a second capacitor to be detected; a first constant capacitor, having a terminal coupled to the first terminal of the... Agent:

20110115503 - Capacitance measurement circuit and method therefor: A capacitance measurement circuit includes: a reference capacitor selectively coupled to a first reference voltage or a second reference voltage; a sensor capacitor selectively coupled to the first reference voltage or the second reference voltage; an operation amplifier coupled to the reference capacitor, the sensor capacitor and a third reference... Agent: Raydium Semiconductor Corporation

20110115504 - Biosensor methods having enhanced stability and hematocrit performance: The present invention relates to electrochemical sensor strips and methods of determining the concentration of an analyte in a sample or improving the performance of a concentration determination. The electrochemical sensor strips may include at most 8 μg/mm2 of a mediator. The strips, the strip reagent layer, or the methods... Agent: Bayer Healthcare LLC

20110115505 - Method of detecting molecules: Method of detecting molecules, using a sensor having a membrane layer having parallel pores extending through the membrane layer and incorporating therein probe molecules that bind with corresponding target molecules when present in the pores, electrodes, and an ionic solution in contact with the electrodes and the pores, wherein the... Agent:

20110115506 - Test body, test arrangement, method for manufacturing of a test body, and method for determining a moisture content of the insulation of a power transformer during drying thereof: A test body for use in determining moisture content in a laminated insulation of a power transformer by measuring a dielectric frequency response of the test body. The test body has a laminated structure of the same material as the laminated insulation, and has a shape and a size to... Agent:

20110115507 - Power delivery circuit monitoring: A power delivery circuit comprising power delivery components and a load (ZT) terminal, detectors for measuring voltages at two or more measuring nodes (V1, V3) of the power delivery circuit, and an estimation circuit for using the measurements to estimate current, voltage, or power delivered to a load by the... Agent:

20110115508 - Determining critical current density for interconnect: Solutions for determining a critical current density of a line are disclosed. In one embodiment a method of determining a critical current density in a line includes: applying a temperature condition to each of a plurality of samples including the line; calculating a cross-sectional area of the line for each... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110115510 - System and method for gradient thermal analysis by induced stimulus: A thermal gradient is induced in a device-under-test (DUT) and used to determine the location of a defect. In one embodiment, a laser creates a moving thermal gradient from a test site on the DUT and a respective time of flight for the thermal gradient to trigger a condition associated... Agent:

20110115511 - Electrical device with miswire protection and automated testing: The present invention is directed to an electrical wiring device that includes an actuator assembly that is responsive to the fault detection signal. The actuator assembly includes a breaker coil configured to generate an actuation force in response to being energized. A circuit interrupter includes four sets of movable contacts... Agent: Pass & Seymour, Inc.

20110115509 - Semiconductor devices including design for test capabilities and semiconductor modules and test systems including such devices: A semiconductor device includes a resistor terminal, a reference voltage generator and a detector. The resistor terminal is connected to an external resistor. The reference voltage generator generates at least one reference voltage. The detector generates a detection signal based at least in part on a resistor terminal voltage and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110115512 - Integrated circuit tester with high bandwidth probe assembly: Described herein is a probe card assembly providing signal paths for conveying high frequency signals between bond pads of an integrated circuit (IC) and an IC tester. The frequency response of the probe card assembly is optimized by appropriately distributing, adjusting and impedance matching resistive, capacitive and inductive impedance values... Agent: Formfactor, Inc.

20110115513 - Wafer prober and failure analysis method using the same: According to one embodiment, a wafer prober for conducting a backside analysis on a wafer is provided. The wafer prober includes a wafer stage and a movable plate. The wafer stage includes surface and back opposed in a thickness direction, a concave portion provided at the surface which supports the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110115514 - Probe: A probe includes a contact member brought into contact with an object to be tested. Contact particles having conductivity are uniformly distributed in the contact member. A part of the contact particles protrude from a surface of the contact member on the side of the object to be tested. A... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110115515 - Probe for electrical test, electrical connecting apparatus using the same, and method for manufacturing probe: The embodiment of the subject matter provides a probe that is good both in mechanical characteristics and electrical characteristics. A probe for an electrical test comprises a probe main body portion made of a nickel-boron alloy, and a probe tip portion projecting downward from the probe main body portion and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Nihon Micronics

20110115516 - Apparatus and method for inspecting defects in circuit pattern of substrate: Disclosed herein is an apparatus and method for inspecting defects in the circuit pattern of a substrate. The apparatus for inspecting defects in a circuit pattern of a substrate includes a pin probe configured to input a voltage while coming into contact with an inspection target circuit pattern of a... Agent:

20110115517 - Built-off test device and test system including the same: A built-off test (BOT) device includes a signal processing block, an output selection block and a signal control block. The signal processing block duplicates a test signal to apply a plurality of duplicated test signals to each of a plurality of devices under test (DUTs) through each of corresponding channels,... Agent:

20110115518 - System and method for use in functional failure analysis by induced stimulus: A scanning/imaging system wherein an external stimulus is used for exciting a device under test (DUT). A stimulus source is included for providing a stationary stimulus with a controllable spot size to a device under test (DUT), the controllable spot size covering a portion of the DUT for excitation by... Agent:

20110115519 - Test system and write wafer: A test system for testing a plurality of semiconductor chips formed on a semiconductor wafer includes: a test wafer on which a plurality of test circuits corresponding to the plurality of semiconductor chips are formed, each test circuit testing a corresponding one of the plurality of semiconductor chips based on... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110115520 - Capacitor test method and circuit therefor: In one embodiment, a closed loop control system is caused to operate in an open loop configuration. At some time while operating in the open loop configuration the system detected the presence or absence of a.c. signals in an output signal of the system in order to detect the presence... Agent:

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110109299 - Stable fast programming scheme for displays: A technique for improving the spatial and/or temporal uniformity of a light-emitting display by providing a faster calibration of reference current sources and reducing the noise effect by improving the dynamic range, despite instability and non-uniformity of the transistor devices. A calibration circuit for a display panel having an active... Agent: Ignis Innovation Inc.

20110109300 - Multi-range electrical current measurement: An electrical current measurement system. A first low-range current gauge receives a current to be measured and provides a first intermediate value indicative of the amplitude of the current up to a first maximum current. A second low-range current gauge receives any portion of the current having a magnitude that... Agent:

20110109301 - Device and method for measuring current and power in a plug or receptacle: An aspect of the present disclosure relates to an electrical receptacle configured to receive a plug having two or more prongs and capable of being connected to an associated load. The electrical receptacle may include a housing and a housing cover mounted on the housing including apertures for receiving at... Agent: Outsmart Power Systems, LLC

20110109302 - Presettable transducer for electrical quantities: A presettable voltage sensor includes an electrode faced by an electric field probe and connected to a voltage source; a screening conductive shell wrapping the probe and connected to a reference potential; a dielectric material housed within the shell and interposed between the probe and the electrode; a conditioning circuit... Agent:

20110109303 - Processing circuitry: A position encoder is described that generates a signal whose phase varies with a position to be determined. A phase detector determines a first phase measurement of the sensor signal during a first mode and a second phase measurement of said sensor signal during a second mode. The phase detector... Agent: Sagentia Sensors Limited

20110109305 - Method and system for determining the angular position of a turbojet engine rotor: p

20110109304 - Rotation angle sensor: A rotation angle sensor comprises: a resolver stator including an excitation coil for receiving an excitation signal and a detection coil (a sine wave coil and a cosine wave coil) for outputting a detection signal; and a resolver rotor rotatably placed to face the stator. The resolver stator is formed... Agent: Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110109306 - Non-intrusive monitoring of power and other parameters: Methods and apparatus for non-intrusive power monitoring and current measurement in a circuit breaker without modification of the breaker panel or the circuit breaker itself. In one example, an inductive pickup sensor senses current from the breaker face, an inductive link transmits power through a steel breaker panel door, and... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110109307 - Digitally operating device for detecting metallically conductive parts: A facility for generating a detection signal upon the presence of metallic-conducting parts in a conveyed flow that is at least largely nonconductive, in which an alternating electromagnetic field is established in a section of the conveyed flow to be monitored by means of an alternating current generator via a... Agent:

20110109308 - Magnetic resonance based apparatus and method to analyze and to measure the bi-directional flow regime in a transport or a production conduit of complex fluids, in real time and real flow-rate: A method for determining individual component flow-rates in a multi-phase fluid flowing in a pipe comprises the steps of: a) flowing the fluid through a magnetic resonance based apparatus comprising a magnetic resonance module and at least one pre-polarization module through which the fluid phases flow before entering the magnetic... Agent:

20110109310 - Digital nmr signal processing systems and methods: In some embodiments, a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) receiver using digital downconversion and subsampling tracks transmit and/or receive signal phases according to time(s) elapsed since reference times (e.g. reset times) corresponding to known phases. Carrier-frequency (fc) NMR signals are digitized directly, using a sampling frequency (fs) lower than fc. Digital... Agent:

20110109312 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: According to one embodiment, an MRI apparatus includes an image generating unit and an SAR calculating unit. The image generating unit receives a magnetic resonance signal generated as a result of transmission of an RF pulse from an object, and generates image data of the object based on the magnetic... Agent:

20110109311 - Noise canceling in-situ nmr detection: Technologies applicable to noise canceling in-situ NMR detection and imaging are disclosed. An example noise canceling in-situ NMR detection apparatus may comprise one or more of a static magnetic field generator, an alternating magnetic field generator, an in-situ NMR detection device, an auxiliary noise detection device, and a computer.... Agent: Vista Clara, Inc.

20110109309 - Techniques for correcting measurement artifacts in magnetic resonance thermometry: Techniques for correcting measurement artifacts in MR thermometry predict or anticipate movements of objects in or near an MR imaging region that may potentially affect a phase background and then acquire a library of reference phase images corresponding to different phase backgrounds that result from the predicted movements. For each... Agent: Insightec Ltd.

20110109313 - Fast electron paramagnetic resonance imaging (epri) in the cw epr mode using rapid-scan in the presence of rotating gradients and direct detection with transmit/receive & data processing in a digital signal processing platform: An electron paramagnetic resonance imaging system that includes means for continuously irradiating a sample with RF irradiation; means for imposing on the sample a sinusoidally varying magnetic field along with rotating gradients for spatial encoding; means for directly detecting signal data from the sample, without using field modulation, while irradiating... Agent: Government Of The Us, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Services

20110109314 - Method and apparatus for improving 2d acceleration in mri using a new coil array design: The present invention is a coil array for an MRI system that is designed to improve 2D accelerated imaging of an object having significantly different fields of view in two phase-encoding directions. This is achieved by having a first set of coil elements whose sizes are tuned to optimize acceleration... Agent:

20110109315 - Mr signal transmission in a local coil arrangement: In a magnetic resonance tomography local coil arrangement and a method for processing signals received thereby at least one local coil is fashioned to receive at least one reception signal and at least one amplifier is provided that amplifies the at least one reception signal. A frequency converter generates at... Agent:

20110109316 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, phase comparator, control unit and coil unit: According to one embodiment, an apparatus includes a control unit and a coil unit. The control unit generates a first clock signal, generates a data signal to indicate an operating condition, modulates the first clock signal by the data signal to obtain a modulated signal, generates a clock transmission signal... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110109317 - Method and apparatus for displaying state of current consumption of battery in portable terminal: A method and apparatus for displaying a state of current consumption of a battery in a portable terminal are provided. The method includes measuring a value of consumed current at a preset period, supplying the measured current value to an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) through an ADC port, confirming battery compensation... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110109318 - Signal capture system and test apparatus including the same: A signal capture system for capturing a signal and storing the captured signal in a storage apparatus in real time, and a test apparatus including the signal capture system. The signal capture system includes a printed circuit board; a socket that is connected to the printed circuit board and on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110109319 - Test configuration for the impulse voltage test of electric high-voltage components: The embodiments relate to a test configuration for an impulse voltage test of electric high-voltage components with a lightning generator. The lightning generator can be moved between a first horizontal position within a cuboid container, and a vertical position relative to the container. A movement between the two positions includes... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110109320 - System, method, and apparatus for a safe powerline communications instrumentation front-end: A safe powerline communications instrumentation front end device including a voltage input for receiving a line voltage from a powerline, a voltage reducer for reducing the voltage of the line voltage, a filtering system for extracting a Power Line Communications (PLC) signal from the line voltage, and an analog output... Agent: Power Monitors, Inc.

20110109321 - Test apparatus and electrical device: Provided is a test apparatus that tests a device under test, comprising a digital signal generator that outputs in parallel one or more n-bit digital test signals, where n is an integer greater than or equal to 1; a plurality of driver circuits that are connected respectively to a plurality... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110109322 - Testing system and adapter thereof utilizing a common power supply and display device to test different main board circuits: A testing system utilizing a common power supply and a display device to test different types of a main board circuit is disclosed. The testing system includes a power supply device for outputting a predetermined power; a liquid crystal display for receiving a control signal from the main board circuit... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20110109323 - Calibration structure for flex fuel sensor: A calibration structure (10) for calibrating a flex fuel sensor (12) for a vehicle is provided. The flex fuel sensor has a first sensor electrode (14) and a second sensor electrode (16). The calibration structure includes a first electrode (30), a second electrode (36) spaced from and electrically insulated from... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems Us, Inc.

20110109324 - Microwave system for detecting bubbles: The microwave embolus detector is a device that employs microwaves to detect the presence of air emboli in a flow of paste, which is passed through a Teflon tube or hose, as these microwaves are absorbed to a greater or lesser degree by the paste itself but are not absorbed... Agent:

20110109325 - Inductive coagulation sensors and devices: This invention provides methods and devices for detecting the viscosity and conductivity of a conductive fluid sample. A sample fluid can be received into a sample chamber between a field inductor and sensor inductor. Electromagnetic fields generated by the field inductor can be modulated due to the counter-emf induced in... Agent: Micropoint Bioscience Inc.

20110109326 - Method for the operative monitoring of track brakes: Operative monitoring of track brakes involves passing an electric current through a winding of a brake magnet, measuring the electric current and comparing the temporal progression of the measured current with a saved temporal progression of a reference current. Comparison is achieved by calculating the difference between the measured current... Agent: Knorr-bremse System Fur Schienenfahrzeuge Gmbh

20110109327 - Sensor for capacitive detection of a mechanical deflection: A sensor for capacitive detection of a mechanical deflection includes a substrate having a first substrate electrode and a second substrate electrode; and a mass movable relative to the substrate. The mass is divided into: a first electrically separate region having a first ground electrode; and a second electrically separate... Agent:

20110109328 - Flush-mounted capacitive sensor mount: In some embodiments, a method of monitoring particulates may include one or more of the following steps: (a) receiving the particulates in a particulate flow restrictor, (b) collecting a particulate sample in a body section of the flow restrictor, (c) sensing moisture content of the particulate with a flush mounted... Agent: Agrichem, Inc.

20110109329 - Physiological measurement instrument: A physiological measurement instrument is disclosed, having a detector, implemented as one or more sensors, for measuring values of one or more physiological measured parameters associated with a body of a human or animal subject, and for detecting values of a physical parameter that indicates an operating position of the... Agent: Biotronik Crm Patent Ag

20110109330 - Dynamic quantity detection device: A dynamic quantity detection device includes a detection portion, a signal process portion, and an operation mode switch portion. The detection portion detects a dynamic quantity applied from an outside and generates a sensor signal in accordance with the dynamic quantity. The signal process portion processes the sensor signal from... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110109332 - Electrical characteristic measuring substrate: An electrical characteristic measuring substrate includes a plurality of laminated dielectric layers, front-surface coplanar lines disposed at a front surface of the substrate, back-surface coplanar electrodes disposed at a back surface thereof, and interlayer ground electrodes disposed between dielectric layers. First ends of the front-surface coplanar lines define a front-surface... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110109331 - Method and system for heater signature detection diagnostics of a particulate matter sensor: A diagnostic method and system is described for diagnosing an operating condition of a conductive particulate matter sensor. The sensor has a substrate with electrical resistance that varies with temperature and two electrodes on the substrate adapted to collect particulate matter between the electrodes, thereby establishing an electrically conductive path... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110109333 - Detection of water ingress to an apparatus by resistance measurements between two electrodes: An apparatus including a first electrical arrangement that has a resistance between a first electrode and a second electrode in the absence of water and has a different resistance between the first electrode and the second electrode in the presence of water; a mechanical arrangement configured to maintain the presence... Agent:

20110109334 - Method for detecting component defects of an analog signal processing circuit, especially for a measurement transmitter: A method for detecting component defects of an analog signal processing circuit, especially for a measurement transmitter. A test signal TS is generated at a first test point TP1 and an associated response signal RS tapped at a second test point TP2 and evaluated in a digital unit. In the... Agent: Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft Fur Mess- Und Regeltechnik Mbh + Co.

20110109335 - Direct liquid-contact micro-channel heat transfer devices, methods of temperature control for semiconductive devices, and processes of forming same: An apparatus to test a semiconductive device includes a base plane that holds at least one heat-transfer fluid unit cell. The at least one heat-transfer fluid unit cell includes a fluid supply structure including a supply-orifice cross section as well as a fluid return structure including a return-orifice cross section.... Agent:

20110109336 - Positioning method and apparatus for inspecting solar battery panel: In a positioning method and apparatus capable of preventing a solar battery panel from suffer damage during inspection, the method includes steps of providing a transport platen, a set of positioning device, a first probe row and a second probe row; transporting the solar battery panel to an inspecting region... Agent:

20110109337 - Probe wafer, probe device, and testing system: A probe wafer electrically connected to a semiconductor wafer on which a plurality of semiconductor chips are formed includes: a wafer substrate for pitch conversion including a wafer connection surface and an apparatus connection surface opposing the wafer connection surface; a plurality of wafer connection terminals formed on the wafer... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110109338 - Interposer, probe card and method for manufacturing the interposer: An interposer is disclosed. The interposer includes a substrate capable of being processed by dry etching. The substrate includes a plurality of conductive holes penetrating from one side to the other side of said substrate. Each of said plurality of conductive holes has one end provided with a contact element... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20110109339 - Apparatus and method for inspecting circuit of substrate: Disclosed herein is an apparatus and method for inspecting a circuit of a substrate. The apparatus includes a pin probe coming into contact with a first end of an electrode formed on a first side of a substrate, a voltage source for applying a voltage to the pin probe, a... Agent:

20110109340 - Interface adapter for connecting with a test probe: A interface adapter comprising a connecting board having the first ports and the second ports, the first ports being electrically connected with the second ports; a pin header having the first pins and the second pins, the first pins passing through the first ports, the second pins being connected with... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

20110109341 - Apparatus for contacting a t/r module with a test device: An apparatus for making contact between a T/R module and a test device, the apparatus including a mechanically guided contact-making unit having a plurality of contact elements for contacting the T/R module. A triplate line substrate is arranged is electrically connected to the T/R module, via which the RF signals... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20110109342 - Crosstalk suppression in wireless testing of semiconductor devices: An integrated circuit integrated on a semiconductor material die and adapted to be at least partly tested wirelessly, wherein circuitry for setting a selected radio communication frequencies to be used for the wireless test of the integrated circuit are integrated on the semiconductor material die.... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.i

20110109343 - Semiconductor wafer device and method for testing the same: In an embodiment, a plurality of semiconductor chip portions is provided with respect to each reticle unit in a semiconductor wafer. Each of the semiconductor chip portions is provided with a first identification code generation circuit to generate a first identification code, and a switching circuit. The switching circuit controls... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110101955 - System and method for implementing low-cost electronic gyroscopes and accelerometer: Accelerometers have a number of wide-ranging uses, and it is desirable to both increase their accuracy while decreasing size. Here, millimeter or sub-millimeter wavelength accelerometers are provided which has the advantage of having the high accuracy of an optical accelerometer, while being compact. Additionally, because millimeter or sub-millimeter wavelength signals... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110101956 - Electricity usage monitor system: A system for monitoring electricity usage comprising a plurality of sender units having sender identification tags wherein the plurality of sender units are capable of being connected to AC power distribution wiring that carries AC waveforms, and wherein the plurality of sender units are capable of being in electrical communication... Agent:

20110101957 - Method for reconstructing sparse signals from distorted measurements: A signal x is reconstructed by measuring the signal x as a vector y of measurements yi, wherein the measurements yi are distorted, and each measurement yi has an associated value. The measurements yi in the vector y are ordered according to the associated values, wherein each sorted measurement has... Agent:

20110101958 - Current sensor: A current sensor 1 is provided with: a core 3 for collecting magnetic flux generated by a target current; a Hall element 2 for outputting an electric signal corresponding to the amount of the magnetic flux collected by the core 3; a circuit board 4; and a cabinet 5 for... Agent:

20110101959 - Current-controlled semiconductor device and control unit using the same: The current-controlled semiconductor device 100 is provided on the same semiconductor chip with a MOSFET 110H, two constant current sources, and a current detection circuit 120 which detects a current of the MOSFET and currents of the constant current sources. Further, the constant current sources are equipped with an external... Agent:

20110101960 - Clamp jaw assembly: A clamp jaw assembly for a clamp meter is provided. The clamp jaw assembly comprises a housing containing a clamp jaw core disposed within a shield. The housing, shield, and core of the clamp jaw assembly are configured to provide an extended creepage and clearance path from an exterior of... Agent: Fluke Corporation

20110101961 - Method for measuring hearing aid compatibility: A method for measuring hearing aid compatibility (HAC) includes providing a probe and scanning testing points of a testing region obtained by the probe. The probe includes a circuit board, an electric field detecting probe, and a magnetic field detecting probe. The electric field detecting probe and the magnetic field... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110101962 - Probe: A probe includes a circuit board, an electric field detecting probe, and a magnetic field detecting probe. The electric field detecting probe and the magnetic field detecting probe are located on the circuit board. An anti-jamming distance between the two detecting probes is a multiple of 5 millimeters and is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110101963 - Current sensor: To produce an insulated current sensor for slaving power devices in the field of avionics, use is made of a magnetic core through which there passes an element traversed by a current to be measured. The magnetic core comprises a secondary winding across the terminals of which are connected an... Agent: Airbus Operations (societe Par Actions Simplifiee)

20110101965 - Magnetic detection device: A magnetic detection device includes a signal processing circuit that detects a moving position and a moving direction of a magnetic mobile object using an output of a comparing circuit configured to output a signal by comparing an output signal of a magneto-electric transducer element with a threshold. A duration... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110101964 - Magnetic encoder element for position measurement: A magnetic encoder element for use in a position measurement system including a magnetic field sensor for measuring position along a first direction is disclosed. The encoder element includes at least one first track that includes a material providing a magnetic pattern along the first direction, the magnetic pattern being... Agent:

20110101966 - Magnetic position sensor comprising a tapping layer consisting of an amorphous metal: The invention relates to a magnetic position sensor (1) consisting of an electrically non-conductive, non-magnetic carrier (2), on which a resistive layer (3) and a tapping layer (4), which lies at a distance from and at least partially overlaps said resistive layer, are arranged. The distance is selected in such... Agent:

20110101967 - Enhanced performance proximity sensor: An industrial control sensor is provided. The sensor includes a sensor circuit to detect changes in an electromagnetic field induced from an object or material passing in proximity of the electromagnetic field. This includes a housing that employs the sensor circuit as part of an inductive proximity sensor. A sensor... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20110101968 - Inductive position sensor: In an inductive position sensor for determining the position, particularly the rotation angle, of a movable element, at least two subsystems are provided, which each have second transmitting units with an actuating unit, an oscillating circuit on the movable element, and a receiving unit with an evaluating unit. According to... Agent: Elmos Semiconductor Ag

20110101970 - Position signaling device: A position signaling device is disclosed for detecting a position of two metallic or metal-coated components that can move relative to one another. the device can include a magnetic field-sensitive sensor and at least one bias magnet that are spatially separated from one another and are arranged in a stationary... Agent: Polycontact Ag

20110101969 - Self-powered magnetic tachometer: A tachometer for supplying a signal representative of the rotational rate of a rotatable device includes a plurality of detection magnets, an index feature, and one or more non-rotationally mounted magnetic circuits. The detection magnets are coupled to, and spaced around, the device, to thereby rotate with the device when... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110101971 - Method and apparatus for estimating the condition of a coating on an underground pipeline: Methods are provided for reducing interference from stray currents in buried pipelines/metal structures during MEIS testing or other current-sensing applications in the pipeline. Methods are also provided for measuring bulk complex electrical impedance between a buried pipe and the soil, thereby rendering an indication of the quality of the anti-corrosive... Agent:

20110101972 - Gradient magnetometer atom interferometer: Measuring a magnetic gradient according to the present invention includes generating a beam of like atoms with magnetic sublevels, applying a first pulse of electro-magnetic radiation to the beam of atoms to create a coherent superposition of the magnetic sublevels in the atoms in which the superposition results in a... Agent:

20110101973 - Sensor system and method: A sensing system includes a conductor with a current flow path therethrough configured such that a current flowing through the conductor establishes an inhomogeneous magnetic field. A first pair of sensors is situated a first location having a first sensitivity, a second pair of sensors is situated at a second... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110101974 - Magnetic field measuring apparatus: A beam that passes through a plurality of gas cells a number of times is led to a deflection meter from a light ejecting section, detection of a deflected surface angle is performed and a strength of a magnetic field is measured by a structure in which the plurality of... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110101976 - Device for detecting metallically conductive parts: A facility for generating a detection signal upon the presence of metallic-conductive parts in a conveyed flow that is at least largely non-conductive, in which, for example, an alternating electromagnetic field is established in a section of the conveyed flow to be monitored by means of an alternating current generator... Agent:

20110101975 - Magnetic field sensor measuring a direction of a magnetic field in a plane and current sensor: A magnetic field sensor for measuring a direction of a magnetic field in a plane comprises two sensing structures (1A; 1B) that can be operated as a rotating Hall element. The two Hall elements are rotated in discrete steps in opposite directions. Such a magnetic field sensor can be used... Agent:

20110101977 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: According to one embodiment, an MRI apparatus includes a probe unit and a control/imaging unit. The probe unit includes an probe, an converter, an compressor and a transmitter. The control/imaging unit includes a receiver, an expander and an reconstructor. The probe detects an RF echo signal generated in a subject... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110101979 - Amplified radiation damping for mr imaging and spectroscopy: An imaging system including an imaging apparatus having a plurality of coils, wherein an imaging target is at least partially disposed proximate the coils with at least one excitation source providing pulse sequences. A switch switchably connects the pulse sequences from the excitation source to the coils and switchably connecting... Agent: General Electric Company

20110101980 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: According to one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes; an imaging area setting unit configured to set an imaging area for a patient according to an imaging condition; an excitation angle determination unit configured to collect magnetic resonance signals from the imaging area by a pre-scan and to determine,... Agent:

20110101978 - Motion information capture and automatic motion correction for imaging systems: Systems, methods and articles of manufacture are disclosed for compensating for motion of a subject during an MRI scan of the subject. k-space data may be received from the MRI scan of the subject. Motion information may be received for the subject. Based on the received motion information, a translational... Agent: Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

20110101982 - Cryogenic system and method for superconducting magnets: A cryogenic system for a superconducting magnet comprises a closed-loop cooling path. The closed-loop cooling path comprises a magnet cooling tube thermally coupled to the superconducting magnet. The magnet cooling tube comprises a cryogen flow passage. The closed-loop cooling tube further comprises a re-condenser is fluidly coupled to the magnet... Agent:

20110101981 - Nmr mas rotor assembly with porous ceramic bearings: Each NMR rotor bearing in an NMR magic angle spinning assembly is constructed of a porous ceramic material and has no inlet channels or nozzles. Instead, pressurized gas is forced through pores in the bearing ceramic material from an annular groove at the bearing periphery to the central aperture. Since... Agent: Bruker Biospin Corporation

20110101983 - Logging tool: The invention relates to a logging tool (1) for determining properties of a fluid (2) surrounding the tool arranged downhole in a casing (3) comprising a wall (4) and having a longitudinal extension. The logging tool has a substantially longitudinal cylindrical shape with a longitudinal axis and, when seen in... Agent: Welltec A/s

20110101984 - Distinguishing false signals in cable locating: Discriminating between a cable locating signal and a false cable locating signal is described. A reference signal, which contains a locating signal frequency impressed on it, is transmitted in a way which provides for detection of a phase shift between the locating signal and the false locating signal. Based on... Agent:

20110101985 - Tracking the positional relationship between a boring tool and one or more buried lines using a composite magnetic signal: A boring tool is moved through the ground in a region which includes at least one electrically conductive in-ground line and which is subject to static magnetic fields including the magnetic field of the earth. Tracking a positional relationship between the boring tool and the line, as well as a... Agent:

20110101986 - Device and method of testing an internal resistance of a battery pack: An internal resistance testing device includes an excitation source and a battery pack, an adjustable resistance R, a sampling unit, and a control unit. The excitation source and the battery pack form a loop circuit. The adjustable resistance R may be located at the loop circuit formed by the excitation... Agent: Byd Company Limited

20110101987 - Abnormality determination system for secondary battery: An abnormality determination system may include a secondary battery that includes a battery case including a positive terminal and a negative terminal, a switch unit that connects electrically the positive terminal to the battery case based on a first control signal, the switch unit breaking electrically a connection between the... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110101988 - Ionisation vacuum gauges and gauge heads: A gauge head (10) for an ionisation vacuum gauge includes an electrical device (12, 28, 54) operable to provide an electrical discharge in a gas whose pressure is to be measured to initiate ion discharge in the gas.... Agent:

20110101989 - Systems and methods for testing the standoff capability of an overhead power transmission line: An overhead power transmission line system includes detector circuitry to detect a flashover event on a power line conductor in response to test over voltage excitations applied to the power line conductor applied. Processing circuitry establishes an operational voltage level for the power line conductor taking into account the lowest... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110101990 - Compensating for aging in integrated circuits: An age compensation method and apparatus for an integrated circuit (IC). An IC may be configured to operate at an initial operating voltage at the beginning of its operational life. Various circuits may be used to detect aging of the IC, and indications of aging may be stored to determine... Agent:

20110101992 - Method and device for monitoring a piezo actuator: The invention describes a device and a method for monitoring a piezoelectric actuator. It is checked whether a discharge time assumes an inadmissible value, whether the voltage at the piezoelectric actuator assumes an inadmissible value and whether a fault signal is present. A short circuit of a battery switch is... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110101991 - Techniques employing light-emitting circuits: A light-emitting circuit includes a light-emitting transistor and a voltage supply in communication with the light-emitting transistor to bias the light-emitting transistor in a reasonably bright state. A reasonably bright state is a state in which light emission approaches the greatest for a given drain-source current in the light-emitting transistor.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110101993 - System for testing electronic devices: A system for testing an electronic device comprises a first output, a second output, and a third output connected to a positive input, an identification input, and a negative input of the electronic device, respectively. The system further comprises a switch comprising at least two dynamic contacts, each of which... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20110101994 - Calibration apparatus and method for capacitive sensing devices: A calibration apparatus and method for a capacitive sensing device, in which a calibration capacitor device connects to the capacitive sensing device which is connected to an integration circuit that generates a voltage output and a latch output, a transforming circuit transforms a sensitivity calibration parameter into a pair of... Agent:

20110101995 - Method of and system for stabilization of sensors: A blood glucose sensing system includes a sensor and a sensor electronics device. The sensor includes a plurality of electrodes. The sensor electronics device includes stabilization circuitry. The stabilization circuitry causes a first voltage to be applied to one of the electrodes for a first timeframe and causes a second... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110101996 - Method and system for performance enhancement of resonant sensors: The present invention related to methods and systems for simultaneously sensing two or more environmental parameters of a sample. Included is an inductor-capacitor-resistor (LCR) resonator sensor and a pick up coil in operative association with the LCR resonator sensor wherein viscoelastic changes in the sensing film cause displacement of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20110101997 - Flush-mounted capacitive sensor mount: In some embodiments, a method of monitoring particulates may include one or more of the following steps: (a) receiving the particulates in a particulate flow channel mounted within a chute or conduit, (b) collecting a particulate sample in a body section of the flow channel, (c) sensing moisture content of... Agent: Agrichem, Inc.

20110101998 - Operating parameter monitoring circuit and method: A monitoring circuit 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 for monitoring an operating parameter of an integrated circuit 2 comprises a ring oscillator circuit 80 comprising a plurality of serially connected inverting stages 82-1, 82-2, 82-3.At least one of the inverting stages 82-1, 82-2 comprises at least one leakage transistor 64-1,... Agent: Arm Limited

20110101999 - Method, capacitance meter, computer program and computer program product for improved capacitance measurement: A method for measuring a capacitance using a capacitance meter. The capacitance meter includes an AC power source with a controllable frequency which is fed to a capacitor to measure its capacitance. A first measurement of the capacitance is performed by the capacitance meter using a first frequency. When the... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110102000 - Capacitive measuring probe and method for producing a capacitive measuring probe: The capacitive measuring probe has the following: two electrodes, a plastic casing which encapsulates the two electrodes, the plastic casing having at least one section made of a conductive plastic, which is electrically connected to one of the two electrodes.... Agent:

20110102001 - Ac loss measurement device of high-temperature superconductor: A measuring device for measuring the alternating current (AC) loss of a high-temperature superconductor is disclosed. In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, the device includes a pulse power supply unit, which outputs pulse power in a cycle, a lead wire, which is formed on both sides of... Agent: Korea Electric Power Corporation

20110102002 - Electrode and sensor having carbon nanostructures: An active electrode structure is disclosed that includes fullerenes produced by a carbo-thermal carbide conversion of a conductive carbide without a metal catalyst. Also disclosed is an electrode that includes a fullerene covalently bonded to a conductive carbide, the fullerene being an aligned or non-aligned array. The carbide substrate having... Agent:

20110102003 - Method for measuring conductivity of ink: Methods and devices for measuring conductivity of ink in a printing system are disclosed. An embodiment of the method is used with a printing system comprising a developer roller, wherein the ink is formed on the developer roller using electrostatic forces. The method comprises printing on a substrate using the... Agent:

20110102004 - Method for testing a laboratory device and correspondingly equipped laboratory device: The invention relates to devices for liquid level detection (LLD). It relates to a laboratory device having an electronic circuit for detecting a liquid level in a liquid container, a feeler, which can be advanced, and which is connected to an input side of the electronic circuit, and having a... Agent:

20110102006 - Circuit and method for testing semiconductor apparatus: A circuit for testing a semiconductor apparatus includes a test voltage applying unit configured to apply a test voltage to a first end of a through-silicon via (TSV) in response to a test mode signal and a detecting unit configured to be connected to a second end of the TSV... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110102005 - On-chip accelerated failure indicator: An accelerated failure indicator embedded on a semiconductor chip includes an insulating region; a circuit located inside the insulating region; a heating element located inside the insulating region, the heating element configured to heat the circuit to a temperature higher than an operating temperature of the semiconductor chip; and a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110102007 - Calibrated wideband high frequency passive impedance probe: A calibrated passive impedance probe has a wide bandwidth operating range for impedance and performance measurements of RF and microwave components, devices, and circuits in 50Ω and 75Ω environments. The probe is calibrated at the probe tip, thus allowing accurate impedance and performance measurements of in-circuit functions and on-board components.... Agent:

20110102008 - Socket for testing semiconductor chip: A socket for testing a semiconductor chip includes a base cover, a conductive sheet, upper plungers, a housing, lower plungers and a support plate. The base cover has a coupling opening in the central portion thereof, and the conductive sheet is fitted into the coupling opening of the base cover... Agent: Leeno Industrial Inc.

20110102009 - Test socket electrical connector, and method for manufacturing the test socket: A test socket, an electrical connector, and a method for manufacturing the test socket. In detail, the test socket for electrically connecting terminals of a semiconductor device to pads of a test apparatus includes: a housing having through-holes vertically extending to correspond in position to the terminals of the semiconductor... Agent:

20110102010 - Method and apparatus for reconfigurable at-speed test clock generator: A reconfigurable number of at-speed pulses and reconfigurable dead cycles between pulses is utilized to enhance test coverage of an Integrated Circuit. A reconfigurable number of programmable at-speed phase-locked loop clock pulses without a dead cycle is emitted through an integrated circuit. Further, a plurality of programmable at-speed phase-locked loop... Agent:

20110102011 - Method and device for testing tsvs in a 3d chip stack: A method and device for testing through-substrate vias (TSVs) in a 3D chip stack are disclosed. In one aspect, the 3D chip stack includes at least a first die having a first electrical circuit and a second die having a second electrical circuit. The first die further includes at least... Agent: Imec

20110102012 - Parameter estimation system and method for an induction motor: A method of estimating stator resistance of an induction motor is provided. The method includes applying voltage pulses through two phase paths of the motor for a plurality of electrical cycles to inject current in the motor, wherein the voltage pulses are applied until rotor flux of the motor is... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

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