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Electricity: measuring and testing April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110095746 - Closing of an hf cut-off member: An electronic meter for electric power having a controlled reclosing of the cut-off member by a circuit breaker of a subscriber. The meter comprises, on at least one phase, a circuit generating HF to the wiring of a subscriber via the cut-off member in open position and the circuit breaker,... Agent: Electricite De France

20110095748 - Differential target antenna coupling (dtac): Sub-surface detection systems include a transmitter antenna and a receiver antenna that is coupled to a receiver circuit. The receiver antenna is rotated to three different orientations, and a reference null field direction is determined. Based on variations in the null field direction at other frequencies or variations in a... Agent: University Of Arizona

20110095747 - Method and device for fast measurement of frequency response with scalable short chirp signals: A method and device are provided for fast impedance measurement of a biological object having dynamically varying in time parameters, wherein a titlet shaped pulse is introduced into the object and a voltage response signal is measured and analyzed by a processing unit for estimating the impedance of the object.... Agent: O&#xdc Eliko Tehnoloogia Arenduskeskus

20110095750 - Method for measuring current in an electric power distribution system: A method of measuring a current of a current carrying cable teaches the first step of providing an optical sensor assembly comprising a base unit, and an optical current sensor mounted on the base unit for transmitting a beam of polarized electromagnetic radiation to an optical fiber. A light detector... Agent:

20110095749 - Optical sensor assembly for installation on a current carrying cable: An optical sensor assembly has a base unit, an optical current sensor, and a magnetic concentrator. The optical current sensor is mounted on the base unit and includes a polarized light input, a reflective prism, and a light output. The magnetic concentrator defines an airgap and is mounted on a... Agent:

20110095751 - Detection of magnetic beads using a magnetoresistive device together with ferromagnetic resonance: A method and apparatus for detecting the presence of magnetic beads is disclosed. By providing both a static magnetic field and a magnetic field that alternates in the MHz range, or beyond, the bead can be excited into FMR (ferromagnetic resonance). The appearance of the latter is then detected by... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20110095752 - Pipeline monitoring apparatus and method: A pipeline inspection vehicle comprises a main body (10) driven through a pipeline by fluid flow against resilient cups (12). Resilient fingers (20) carry a circumferential array of magnetic proximity sensors for sensing the spacing between each sensor and the metal of the pipeline wall. Wheels (18) biased into engagement... Agent:

20110095753 - Vibration and condition monitoring system and the parts thereof: A vibration and condition monitoring system and the parts thereof with a true digital signal processing based design, with very limited analog based general signal conditioning. Specifically a method of driving and a driver of eddy current probes that have a simple highly accurate analog part and a unit and... Agent:

20110095754 - Method for making a magnetic field sensor and magnetic field sensor thus obtained: A method for manufacturing a field sensor including a series of n probes, in which n>=3, each formed of a core of magnetic alloys associated with a coil. According to the invention, the method includes the steps of ensuring the deposit of cores of magnetic alloys onto a non-magnetic substrate,... Agent: Arcelormittal- Stainless & Nickel Alloys

20110095755 - Fiber cell, magnetic sensor, and magnetic field measuring apparatus: A fiber cell includes: an optical fiber including a cladding that totally reflects light, a core through which the totally reflected light propagates, and an internal cavity formed in the core; and an alkali metal atom sealed in the internal cavity.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110095756 - Magnetochemical sensor: The application is directed to a sensor element for use in a magnetochemical sensor, which comprises a first gel-like material (10), especially a swellable hydrogel such as polyacrylamide, and a magnetic second material (20) in the form of particles, especially magnetite (Fe304) nanoparticles, embedded in the first material along with... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110095757 - Non-destructive determination of the pore size distribution and the distribution of fluid flow velocities: A method is disclosed for the non-destructive determination of the pore size distribution and the distribution of fluid flow velocities using NMR spin echo signal measurements. In one embodiment, the invention involves simultaneously injecting acoustic energy (208), generating a magnetic field having a gradient, and injecting radio-frequency electromagnetic energy (206)... Agent:

20110095759 - Methods and apparatus for pasadena hyperpolarization: The present subject matter relates to methods and apparatus for using hyperpolarization to improve imaging. Am exemplary embodiment, a PASADENA polarizer, is capable of delivering 2.5-5 ml of highly hyperpolarized biological 13C and 15N imaging reagents in less than one minute, and capable of repeated delivery every 5-8 minutes. Exemplary... Agent: Huntington Medical Research Institutes

20110095758 - Multicoil low-field nuclear magnetic resonance detection and imaging apparatus and method: A multicoil NMR detection and imaging apparatus allows multicoil NMR detection and imaging to be performed efficiently at low operating frequencies. The apparatus comprises an AC voltage generator, a transmit switching circuit, a coil switching network, an array of two or more detection coils, a set of receive switching circuits... Agent: Vista Clara, Inc.

20110095761 - Detection of magnetic fields using nano-magnets: Magnetic field detection techniques and devices are provided. In one embodiment, a device configured to detect a magnetic field includes a first set of nano-magnets and a second set of nano-magnets. The first set of nano-magnets is operable to induce a RF magnetic field, and the second set of nano-magnets... Agent: University Of Seoul Industry Cooperation Foundation

20110095760 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus has a storage unit and a processing unit. The storage unit stores correction data of a position coordinate, in which the position coordinate in the reconstruction FOV is caused to correspond to a position coordinate in a display FOV included in the reconstruction FOV based... Agent:

20110095762 - Method and device for radial data acquisition in three-dimensional k-space in an mr measurement for a magnetic resonance system: For radial data acquisition in three-dimensional k-space in an MR measurement for a magnetic resonance system, data in k-space are acquired along straight-line spokes. Each of the spokes is thereby defined by a point on a sphere and the center point of this sphere, wherein the center point corresponding to... Agent:

20110095763 - Geologic mapping using lightning: A method and apparatus includes detecting lightning induced electromagnetic pulses and determining a physical property of an underground structure based on the lightning induced electromagnetic pulses. In some embodiments, an apparatus includes an antenna, a low noise amplifier, a processor, cable, and a transmitter. The antenna includes three substantively perpendicular... Agent: Stanford University

20110095764 - Method of calculating a used time of a light source, method of displaying lifetime of a light source using the method and display apparatus for performing the method: A display apparatus includes a display panel, a light source part, a light source driving part and a used time calculation part. The light source part includes a light source providing the display panel with lights. The light source driving part includes a boost part outputting a light source driving... Agent:

20110095765 - Battery management system and driving method for the system: A BMS and driving method, the BMS including a sensing unit sensing voltages and currents of battery cells and an MCU determining an SOC of the battery cells and controlling charging and discharging based on cell voltages and currents of the battery cells, wherein the MCU includes an SOC measurer... Agent:

20110095766 - Testing flex and apfa assemblies for hard disk drives: A tester for a testing a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) flex circuit prior to electrical installation of a Head Gimbal Assembly (HGA) includes a shorting block that makes electrical contact to the bondpads on the sample. The shorting block includes one or more electrical contacts that are electrically grounded and... Agent: Infinitum Solutions, Inc.

20110095767 - Ethernet test-set cable: An Ethernet cable for use with an Ethernet test-set which allows a single connection to an Ethernet port of a network element while maintaining individual connections to two separate ports on the test-set, thereby allowing a successful test of a signal path in an Ethernet network to be conducted when... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20110095768 - Method of measuring delay in an integrated circuit: A method of measuring signal delay in a integrated circuit comprising applying a common clock signal at a circuit input and output, applying a test signal at the circuit input, detecting a corresponding output signal at the circuit output and detecting whether the test signal and output signal occur in... Agent:

20110095769 - Detection of a distance variation with respect to a rotation axis: A method of detection of a distance variation with respect to an axis of at least one point of an object rotating around this axis by a terminal at a fixed position with respect to the axis and capable of emitting a radiofrequency field for at least one resonant circuit... Agent: St Microelectronic S.a.

20110095770 - Electrostatic capacitance-type input device, method of manufacturing electrostatic capacitance-type input device, and electro-optical apparatus provided with input function: An electrostatic capacitance-type input device includes: a translucent input device substrate that has a translucent position detecting electrode and a position detecting mount terminal electrically connected to the position detecting electrode on a first face side; a flexible wiring substrate that includes an overlapping portion overlapping with the first face... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110095771 - Method and device for accurate capacitive measured value acquisition: A device and a method for the capacitive detection of an object which is preferably arranged behind a flat article that is transparent to electromagnetic radiation or a wall, including a sensor incorporating sensor electrodes for the detection of the object, preferably for the detection of relative movements between the... Agent:

20110095772 - Damage sensors and processing arrangements therefor: A damage sensor, for example a crack gauge, a method of providing the same, and a method of sensing damage using the same, are described. The damage sensor comprises at least one direct write resistive element applied to an area of a substrate by a direct write process. Conductive tracks... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20110095773 - cooling structure for a test device, and a method for testing a device: An exemplary embodiment of the present invention aims at providing a cooling structure for a test device which has sufficient cooling performance and can reduce the size of the heat sink. The cooling structure for a test device has first and second plates, a cover with a hole on the... Agent: Nec Corporation

20110095774 - Testing a nonvolatile circuit element having multiple intermediate states: A test circuit tests a nonvolatile circuit element having multiple intermediate states. The test circuit includes a waveform generator configured to apply a waveform to the circuit element connected to the test circuit. The waveform includes stress pulses applied to the circuit element over time. A detector detects a parameter... Agent:

20110095776 - Electronic component and inspection system: A CPU 14 built in to a device 1 starts inspection processing in response to an I/F 17 having received an inspection start command from an external terminal 3, switches an inspection terminal 13, which is a redundant terminal 11, over to be an input terminal with a pull-up resistor,... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20110095775 - Fork assembly for protection circuit of test system: A fork assembly includes a fixed board, a ground portion, a trigger portion, a switch and a resilient element. The ground portion includes a first arm and a second arm located opposite to the first arm, one end of each of the first arm and the second arm is connected... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110095777 - Test wafer unit and test system: A wafer unit for testing is electrically connected to a plurality of chips to be tested formed on a wafer to be tested, the wafer unit for testing including: a connecting wafer provided to face the wafer to be tested, and to be electrically connected to each of the plurality... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110095778 - Probe card: A probe card is provided. The probe card detaches or separates a probe assembly and a test signal generator which generates test signals from the tester and the printed circuit board, so as to form a probe system module. The probe system module is secured into a probe card module... Agent:

20110095779 - Electrical connecting apparatus and testing system using the same: An embodiment of an electrical connecting apparatus includes a chip unit having a plurality of electronic components arranged on the upper side of a chip supporting body, a probe unit having a plurality of contacts arranged on the lower side of a probe supporting body, and a connecting unit arranged... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Nihon Micronics

20110095780 - Wafer inspection device and semiconductor wafer inspection method using the same: A wafer inspection device, which inspects the electrical properties of a semiconductor wafer on which a semiconductor integrated circuit is formed, and the wafer inspection device has: a holding mechanism for holding a probe card; a wafer stage that holds the semiconductor wafer on the upper surface and is movably... Agent:

20110095781 - Method of inspecting printed circuit board, method of manufacturing printed circuit board and inspection device of printed circuit board: A plurality of assembly sheets are placed on an upper surface of a substrate adsorption platform, and a pressing plate is placed on the plurality of assembly sheets placed on the substrate adsorption platform such that the plurality of assembly sheets are pressed by the pressing plate. In this state,... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110089929 - Electromagnetic field detection systems and methods: A method and apparatus configured to detect electromagnetic field events are disclosed. One apparatus includes an antenna and a circuit electrically connected to the antenna. The circuit includes electronics communicatively connected to the antenna via a direct current isolation circuit and an equalizer compensating for the differentiating frequency response of... Agent: Emprimus, Inc.

20110089930 - Method for determining at least one first internal parameter of a sensor: A sensor and method for determining at least one internal parameter for an active sensor in a special mode of operation. The sensor has at least one sensor element, an evaluation circuit, at least two connecting lines, and a changeover module. The sensor is changed over between a normal mode... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20110089932 - Systems and methods for monitoring voltage: Methods and systems for monitoring voltage are disclosed, including: a plurality of circuit points, a first bus configured to electrically couple to a voltage measurement device, a first set of switches configured to selectively electrically couple a first subset of the circuit points to the first bus, at least one... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20110089931 - Temperature-compensated shunt current measurement: A current sensor includes a shunt and at least one resistant element. The shunt conveys an electric current, and has a resistance which varies with the shunt's temperature. A resistant element, which has a resistance that varies with its own temperature, is electrically connected between the shunt and an output... Agent: Nemic-lambda Ltd.

20110089933 - Combined electrical measurement device: A combined measurement device for measuring current and/or voltage of an electrical conductor, comprising a supporting body, a current sensor housed inside the supporting body, and a voltage sensor located at least partially inside the supporting body. A shielding is positioned around the current sensor. The current sensor and the... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110089934 - Selectable delta or wye voltage configuration for power measurement: Apparatus and methods for providing a voltage signal indicative of the voltage being supplied by each phase of a multiphase voltage being supplied to a load. For each phase, a phase to neutral voltage is produced by providing a virtual ground. For each phase, a phase to phase voltage is... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20110089935 - Magnetic encoder with offset adjustment function: A center voltage of an analog signal from a magnetic sensor is measured to match a reference voltage with the center voltage. Then, a combination of portions to be disconnected of adjustment patterns 1 and 2 of adjustment circuits 1 and 2 is determined so that the reference voltage is... Agent: Fanuc Ltd

20110089936 - Multi-turn sensor: A multi-turn angular position sensor a main gear configured to couple to and rotate, in response to rotation of a rotation member, over a main gear rotation range, a first sensor gear engaged with the main gear and configured to experience more angular rotation than the main gear in response... Agent: Bei Duncan Electronics

20110089937 - Eddy current inspection probe: An eddy current probe for inspecting steam generator tubing, that has radially outwardly biased rollers that function to center the probe and reduce friction as the probe moves along the interior of the steam generator heat exchanger tube walls. The rollers may include a braking system which controls the drag... Agent: Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC

20110089938 - Device and method for the detection of electrically conducting objects: The invention relates to a device for the detection of electrically conducting objects with: a first and a second coil, which can produce simultaneously magnetic fields with opposite polarity and a third coil which is arranged in the region of the opposing magnetic fields, and an electronic means, which during... Agent: Icontrols, K.s.

20110089939 - Medium discrimination apparatus and discrimination method thereof: Disclosed are a medium discrimination apparatus and a discrimination method thereof. If a paper money is introduced through a paper money inlet, first and second magnetic sensors 110a and 110b sense a magnetic component printed on a specific position of the paper money, and delivers analog signals for the magnetic... Agent: Lg N-sys Inc.

20110089941 - Magnetic sensor and magnetic sensor module: An element connection body includes an element portion, an intermediate permanent magnet layer, and an outer permanent magnet layer. The element portion has recessed portions formed in an upper surface or a lower surface of a non-magnetic layer or formed midway in the thickness direction of the non-magnetic layer from... Agent:

20110089940 - Magnetoresistive sensor employing nitrogenated cu/ag under-layers with (100) textured growth as templates for cofe, cofex, and co2(mnfe)x alloys: A magnetoresistive sensor that has a free layer with a face centered cubic, 100 crystal orientation formed on an underlayer structure that has been deposited in the presence of nitrogen. The free layer can be constructed of CoFe, Co2(Mn(1-y)Fey)X (where 0≦y≦1 and X is Si, Ge, Sn, Al, Ga, or... Agent:

20110089942 - Improved techniques for magnetic particle imaging: A magnetic particle imaging apparatus includes magnets [106,107] that produce a gradient magnetic field having a field free region (FFR), excitation field electromagnets [102,114] that produce a radiofrequency magnetic field within the field free region, high-Q receiving coils [112] that detect a response of magnetic particles in the field free... Agent:

20110089943 - Magnetic field adjustment for mri apparatus: A measured error magnetic field distribution is divided into eigen-mode components obtained by a singular decomposition and iron piece arrangements corresponding to respective modes are combined and arranged on a shim-tray. An eigen-mode to be corrected is selected in accordance with an attainable magnetic field accuracy (homogeneity) and appropriateness of... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20110089944 - Nucleic acid nanotube liquid crystals and use for nmr structure determination of membrane proteins: Compositions and methods for preparing nucleic acid nanotubes using DNA origami techniques are described, which provide for nanotubes of predictable and uniform length. The nucleic acid nanotubes thus formed are suitable as liquid crystal preparations enabling liquid-crystal NMR spectroscopy of proteins solubilized in detergent.... Agent:

20110089947 - Apparatus and method for decreasing bio-effects of magnetic gradient field gradients: A magnetic field generator includes a power source and a segmented or un-segmented coil connected to the power source to generate a time-varying magnetic field. Energy is applied to the coil so that the coil generates a time-varying magnetic field gradient with a magnitude of at least 1 milliTesla per... Agent: Weinberg Medical Physics LLC

20110089948 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: An MRI apparatus includes an imaging means being provided with a means for generating magnetic fields respectively of a static magnetic field, a gradient magnetic field, and an RF magnetic field, and a means for receiving an echo signal generated from a subject, the imaging means being for measuring echo... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20110089945 - Targeted acquisition using holistic ordering (tacho) approach for high signal to noise imaging: An MRI includes imaging coils. The MRI includes receiving coils. The MRI includes a controller in communication with the imaging coils and the receiving coils which controls the imaging coils and the receiving coils to sample k space associated with a patient in a pattern based on prior knowledge of... Agent: Allegheny-singer Research Institute

20110089946 - Through-time non-cartesian grappa calibration: Example systems and methods control a parallel magnetic resonance imaging (pMRI) apparatus to acquire non-Cartesian (e.g., spiral) calibration data sets throughout time. Example systems and methods also control the pMRI apparatus to acquire an under-sampled non-Cartesian data set from the object to be imaged. Example systems and methods then control... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20110089949 - Parallel imaging apparatus and method: A parallel MRI method and apparatus are provided. In some aspects the individual coils of the imaging array are designed to have optimized shapes and/or sizes to suit an imaging purpose. For example, varying coil sizes depending on an imaging effectiveness into a region or interest, including by combining more... Agent:

20110089950 - Microresistivity imaging at multiple depths of investigation: A microresistivity logging tool includes a dual function electrode deployed between a guard electrode and a return electrode. A drive circuit enables the electrical potential of the dual function electrode to be independently controlled so as to control a depth of investigation of a microresistivity measurement. The depth of investigation... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20110089951 - Microresistivity imaging in conductive and nonconductive drilling fluid: A microresistivity logging tool includes a shield electrode deployed between a guard electrode and a return electrode. A measuring electrode is deployed in and electrically isolated from the guard electrode and first and second potential electrodes are deployed in and electrically isolated from the shield electrode. The tool further includes... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20110089952 - Push-button testing system: A system for testing a push-button switch is provided. The system for testing a push-button switch includes a switch test device. The switch test device has a flexible tab attached to a pushing member at an end of the flexible tab. A sensor is attached to the flexible tab. The... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20110089953 - Sensor arrangement and method of using the same: A sensor arrangement and method that may be used with a variety of different energy storage devices, including battery packs found in hybrid vehicles, battery electric vehicles, and other types of vehicles. An exemplary sensor arrangement includes a number of sensor units, a controller, and several connections, wherein two or... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110089954 - Station for detecting winding products and method for detecting inter-turn short circuit: A detecting station of a winding product and a method for detecting an inter-turn short circuit are provided. The method includes following steps. First, a high voltage pulse is input to two ends of a winding of a winding product. Next, a voltage value of an electrifying process of the... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110089955 - Element substrate, inspecting method, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device: A substrate including a semiconductor layer, where characteristics of an element can be evaluated with high reliability, and an evaluating method thereof are provided. A substrate including a semiconductor layer of the invention has a closed-loop circuit in which an antenna coil and a semiconductor element are connected in series,... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20110089956 - Fast response capacitive gauging system featuring steep slope filter discrimination circuit: The high speed, high accuracy capacitive gauging system employs an oscillator fed through steep slope filter that is discriminates between very small changes in capacitance even in the presence of electrical noise. During intervals when the probe tip is retracted, the oscillator frequency is calibrated to match the sweet spot... Agent: Laser Mechanisms, Inc.

20110089957 - Multi-channel potentiostat for biosensor arrays: Arrays of biosensors are provided along with methods for operating the arrays of biosensors. The array of biosensors may include a first reference electrode that is connected to an input of a first control amplifier; a first working electrode and a second working electrode in proximity with the first reference... Agent: Microchips, Inc.

20110089958 - Damage-sensing composite structures: A composite includes a matrix material and a unidirectional array of carbon nanotube-infused fibers disposed in a portion of the matrix material. An article includes this composite and a network of electrodes disposed about the periphery of the composite. The electrodes send and receive an electrical charge. Such an article... Agent: Applied Nanostructured Solutions, LLC

20110089959 - Method and device for determining ionizing radiation: A method and device for determining ionizing radiation. The method for determining ionizing radiation comprises the steps of applying a constant voltage across an organic semiconducting material sensor prior to and after exposure of the sensor to the ionizing radiation; measuring and converting the current passing through the sensor proportional... Agent:

20110089960 - Measurement system: The invention discloses a contacting device for a thin film solar cell, comprising a positioning plane for positioning the solar cell thereon, a contact element for electrically contacting the solar cell and a suction element, wherein the solar cell is arrangeable on the top side of the positioning plane, the... Agent: Oerlikon Solar Ag, Trubbach

20110089961 - Interface test device and method: A monitored test block for use in medium and high voltage electrical monitoring circuits such as found in substation facilities that signals via a communication protocol the operational status of potential, current and signal secondary circuits when connected to protection and monitoring devices (or test devices) such as protective relays,... Agent:

20110089964 - Method for testing semiconductor memory device using probe and semiconductor memory device using the same: Example embodiments relate to a semiconductor memory device including a first pad having a probe region and a sensing region, the first pad may be adapted to come in contact with a primary probe, a sensing unit adapted to sense a weak contact of the first pad and the primary... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110089963 - Test contact arrangement: The invention relates to a test contact arrangement (15) for testing semiconductor components, comprising at least one test contact (10) which is arranged in a test contact frame (13) and is designed in the type of a cantilever arm and which has a fastening base (12) and a contact arm... Agent:

20110089962 - Testing of electronic devices through capacitive interface: An embodiment of a test apparatus for executing a test of a set of electronic devices having a plurality of electrically conductive terminals, the test apparatus including a plurality of electrically conductive test probes for exchanging electrical signals with the terminals, and coupling means for mechanically coupling the test probes... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20110089965 - Probe card analysis system and method: A system and method for evaluating wafer test probe cards under real-world wafer test cell condition integrates wafer test cell components into the probe card inspection and analysis process. Disclosed embodiments may utilize existing and/or modified wafer test cell components such as, a head plate, a test head, a signal... Agent: Rudolph Technologies, Inc.

20110089966 - Apparatus and systems for processing signals between a tester and a plurality of devices under test: Apparatus is for processing signals between a tester and devices under test. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes at least one multichip module. Each multichip module has a plurality of micro-electromechanical switches between a set of connectors to the tester and a set of connectors to devices under test. At... Agent: Verigy (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110089967 - Mems probe card and manufacturing method thereof: Provided are a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) probe card and a method for manufacturing the same. The method includes preparing first to nth low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) substrates each having a via hole, filling each via hole with a via filler conductor or a resistor, stacking the first to nth LTCC... Agent:

20110089968 - Electronic device mounting apparatus and method of mounting electronic device: The electronic device mounting apparatus 1 comprises: a first camera 123 for imaging a flexible board 74 of a base member 70 of a test carrier 60 to generate a first image information; an image processing apparatus 40 for detecting a position of an alignment mark 79 of the flexible... Agent:

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110084685 - Power saving for hot plug detect: Power saving for hot plug detect (HPD) is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, a method includes detecting, at a source device that is connectable to a sink device, a connection of the source device to the sink device via a connector. The source device includes a DC voltage source and... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110084686 - Nature tone recognizing method and apparatus: w

20110084687 - Signal generation circuit, frequency measurement device including the signal generation circuit, and signal generation method: A signal generation circuit includes: a first signal source that generates a first signal; and a variable rate frequency divider section that generates a variable rate frequency-divided signal in which a first frequency-divided signal obtained by frequency-dividing the first signal by a first frequency dividing ratio and a second frequency-divided... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110084688 - 3-phase faraday optical current sensor assembly: The object of the invention is to provide a method and a system for fixating a Faraday optical current sensor (12a, 12b, 12c) in a suitable measurement position for measuring the current in a 3-phase cable (14). The 3-phase cable (14) comprises 3 individual section-shaped phase conductors (16a, 16b, 16c)... Agent:

20110084690 - Apparatus for measuring rf voltage from a quadrupole in a mass spectrometer: An apparatus for measuring RF voltage from a quadrupole in a mass spectrometer are provided. The apparatus comprises at least one rectifying diode circuit for rectifying the RF voltage of the quadrupole to produce a rectified RF voltage. The apparatus further comprises at least one operational amplifier configured as a... Agent: Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

20110084689 - Circuit, system and/or method for detecting an electrical connection between an electrical device and a power supply: A circuit, a system and/or a method detect a passive electrical connection and/or an active electrical connection between an electrical device and a power supply. An integrity of the electrical connection between the electrical device and the power supply is monitored to determine if the electrical device may have access... Agent: Sennco Solutions, Inc.

20110084691 - Rotation detector: A rotation detector includes a first distance sensor disposed to face a rotating body with a gear portion formed non-parallel to a rotation axis for continuously measuring a distance from the gear portion during rotation of the rotating body, a second distance sensor disposed at a position different from the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20110084692 - Magnetic-disturber detection method and detector, object-localizing method and system, recording medium for these methods: r

20110084693 - Systems and methods for image reconstruction of sensitivity encoded mri data: Methods and systems in a parallel magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system utilize sensitivity-encoded MRI data acquired from multiple receiver coils together with spatially dependent receiver coil sensitivities to generate MRI images. The acquired MRI data forms a reduced MRI data set that is undersampled in at least a phase-encoding direction... Agent: University Of Utah Research Foundation

20110084694 - Inductively powered electric component of an mri apparatus: The invention relates to a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus comprising: a main magnet (122) adapted for generating a main magnetic field; at least one radio frequency receiver coil unit (144) for acquiring magnetic resonance signals in a receiver coil radio frequency band (202) from an examined object (124); means... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110084695 - Method for making a permanent magnet particularly for mri scanners and a permanent magnet, particularly for mri scanners made by said method: determining the modulus and direction of the magnetization of elements necessary for generating a predetermined magnetic field in said cavity in a theoretical two-dimensional magnet model, extruding the two-dimensional model to a three-dimensional model and at least partially compensating aberrations, distortions or inhomogeneites of the magnetic field generated in the... Agent: Esaote S.p.a

20110084696 - Fiber optic system for electromagnetic surveying: An electromagnetic survey sensing device includes at least two electrodes disposed at spaced apart locations. An electrical to optical converter is electrically coupled to the at least two electrodes. The converter is configured to change a property of light from a source in response to voltage imparted across the at... Agent:

20110084697 - Steerable magnetic dipole antenna for measurement while drilling applications: A steerable, magnetic dipole antenna for Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) or Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) applications. The antenna elements use a hole arrangement in addition to grooves in a steel tool body, which is typically a drill collar. This antenna embodiment is extremely robust, meaning that does not significantly reduce the structural integrity of... Agent: Precision Energy Services, Inc.

20110084698 - Steerable magnetic dipole antenna for measurement while drilling applications: A steerable, magnetic dipole antenna for Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) or Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) applications. The antenna elements use a hole arrangement in addition to grooves in a steel tool body, which is typically a drill collar. This antenna embodiment is extremely robust, meaning that does not significantly reduce the structural integrity of... Agent: Precision Energy Services, Inc.

20110084699 - Steerable magnetic dipole antenna for measurement-while-drilling applications: A steerable or non-steerable, magnetic dipole antenna for Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) or Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) applications. The antenna elements use a hole arrangement in addition to grooves in a steel tool body, which is typically a drill collar. This antenna embodiment is extremely robust, meaning that does not significantly reduce the structural... Agent: Precision Energy Services, Inc.

20110084700 - One-sheet test device and test method thereof: A one-sheet test device for testing panels on a one-sheet substrate and a test method thereof, wherein the test device and method are capable of performing a one-sheet test regardless of the number of panels formed on the one-sheet substrate. The one-sheet test device includes a signal supplier and a... Agent:

20110084701 - Testing of leds: o

20110084702 - Battery pack and method for detecting degradation of battery: A buttery pack includes: one or two or more secondary batteries; a charge control switch that turns on/off a charging current to the secondary battery; a discharge control switch that turns on/off a discharging current from the secondary battery; a current-detecting element for detecting the charging current and the discharging... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110084703 - Frequency extension methods and apparatus for low-frequency electronic instrumentation: An electronic measuring system for extending the effective measurement input frequency range of an electronic measuring instrument includes an electronic measuring instrument and a frequency downconverting subsystem, separate from the electronic measuring instrument, having one or more cascaded (i.e., series-connected) downconverting frequency extending units (FEU-Ds). Each FEU-D of the frequency... Agent:

20110084704 - Power supply device and method for making decision as to contactor weld of power supply device: A power supply device includes: a power supply; a first contactor and a second contactor that are connected between the power supply and a load; a voltage detection circuit that detects a voltage between a load side of the first contactor and a power supply side of the second contactor;... Agent:

20110084705 - Insulation measuring apparatus: An insulation measuring apparatus, comprises: a measuring circuit including a first capacitor; a control unit that reads a voltage set on the first capacitor to decide an insulation state of a power supply, and control a path configuration of the measuring circuit; a switching section provided in a path located... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20110084706 - Eliminating inline positional errors for four-point resistance measurement: Calculating resistance correction factors includes contacting the arms of a four-arm probe with a test sample; selecting a first set of first and second arms and a second set of third and fourth arms; applying a first current from the first arm to the second arm of the first set;... Agent:

20110084707 - Operator identifying apparatus, operator identifying method and vehicle-mounted apparatus: An operator identifying apparatus, operator identifying method, and a vehicle-mounted apparatus.... Agent:

20110084708 - Apparatus, devices, systems, kits, and methods of monitoring food treating media: An apparatus, system, and method regarding the monitoring of a fluid parameter are disclosed. More particularly, it relates to apparatus, systems, and methods of efficiently and economically monitoring the quality of a fluid, such as food treating media. An improved portable testing device may be in the form of a... Agent:

20110084709 - Capacitive proximity device and electronic device comprising the capacitive proximity device: The invention relates to a capacitive proximity device (30, 40, 50, 60) for sensing a presence and/or absence of an object (32) in the proximity of an electronic device (34). The capacitive proximity device (30, 40, 50, 60) comprises: an emission electrode (TA) capacitively coupled to a receiver electrode (... Agent: Koninkllijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110084710 - Envelope moistening detector: A mailing system includes a mailing machine having an envelope feed path, a sealing system configured to apply a liquid to an envelope in the envelope feed path, a capacitive sensor located in the envelope feed path downstream from the sealing system, and a controller connected to the capacitive sensor.... Agent: Pitney Bowes Inc.

20110084711 - Capacitance sensing circuit with anti-electromagnetic interference capability: The present invention relates to a capacitance sensing circuit with anti-EMI capability. A filter is coupled to a capacitor under test; receives a plurality of reference signals; and produces a first filter signal and a second filter signal. A difference circuit receives the first and second filter signals; eliminates the... Agent: Sitronix Technology Corp.

20110084712 - Current divider resistance imaging of an electrical device using an atomic force probe: A method of analyzing an electronic device includes grounding a first end of an electrical structure, grounding a second end of the electrical structure, contacting an atomic force probe (AFP) to the electrical structure between the first and second ends, shifting the AFP across the electrical structure between the first... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110084713 - Chloride detection: A high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) capable of performing as a chlorine sensor is disclosed. In one implementation, a silver chloride layer can be provided on a gate region of the HEMT. In one application, the HEMTs can be used for the measurement and detection of chloride in bio-sensing applications.... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20110084714 - Induced current measurement systems and methods: In an embodiment, the invention includes a measurement system for measuring induced currents within an implantable medical device undergoing magnetic resonance imaging. The measurement system can include a resistor connected in series with a conductive loop and electronic circuitry configured to generate a signal representative of a voltage differential across... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20110084715 - Resistance measurement in high power apparatus environments: A measuring device for measuring the resistance of high power apparatuses comprises a current source connect-able to a test object, and means for measuring, wherein the current source is a capacitor. By providing the current source as a capacitor, a light weight device is obtained which can be used essentially... Agent: Megger Sweden Ab

20110084716 - Diagnostic method for oil-filled electrical device, diagnostic device for implementing the diagnostic method, and oil-filled electrical device provided with the diagnostic device: An object of the invention is to provide a diagnostic method for an oil-filled electrical device that considers a temperature distribution in the oil-filled electrical device and enables accurate diagnosis to be conducted even when the method is applied to diagnosis of an actually operating device, and further provide a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110084717 - Corrected optical spectral responses for photoelectric devices: A system for measuring an optical spectral response of a photoelectric device under test (DUT) includes a spectrally programmable light source including in optically coupled sequence a broadband light source for emitting light, a dispersive element for dispersing light, and a spatial light modulator for controlling an intensity and a... Agent: Gooch And Housego PLC

20110084718 - Burn-in testing system: The present invention discloses a burn-in testing system including a burn-in board and a burn-in testing apparatus, the burn-in board including: a first interface component, adapted to connect with the burn-in testing apparatus for signal input and/or output between the burn-in board and the burn-in testing apparatus; and a second... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

20110084719 - Test fixture for printed circuit board: There is provided a printed circuit board (“PCB”) test fixture comprising a support, an electrical tester, and a pusher. The support is for supporting a PCB being tested in a PCB test position, The electrical tester is positioned with respect to the PCB test position such that, when a PCB... Agent:

20110084721 - Manufacturing method and wafer unit for testing: A manufacturing method of manufacturing a wafer unit for testing includes forming a plurality of test circuits on a circuit wafer, forming a plurality of circuit pads on a predetermined surface of a connecting wafer, forming a plurality of wafer pads on a rear surface of the connection wafer opposing... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110084720 - Test apparatus for electronic device package and method for testing electronic device package: A test apparatus for an electronic device package is provided, which includes a test socket having a first portion with a recess for receiving an electronic device package having external terminals arranged in a terminal configuration and a second portion. An interchangeable insert board is disposed between the first portion... Agent: Nanya Technology Corporation

20110084722 - Semiconductor device and test method thereof: A semiconductor device includes a plurality of memory chips arranged in a layered manner, each including a substrate and a memory cell array, and a plurality of current paths provided while penetrating through the memory chips. Each of the memory chips includes a test circuit that reads test data from... Agent: Elpida Memory, Inc.

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20110080158 - Coaxial cable connector with internal floating ground circuitry and method of use thereof: A coaxial cable connector is provided, the connector includes: a connector body and a ground isolation circuit positioned within the connector body. The ground isolation circuit is configured to generate a voltage signal comprising a positive voltage and a negative voltage. The ground isolation circuit is electrically isolated from the... Agent: John Mezzalingua Associates, Inc.

20110080159 - Method for testing the operation of a heating element used for an activated carbon filter: A further method in accordance with the invention corresponds to the second-named method, but with the difference that in any event the heating element serves to heat an air flow provided for the regeneration of the activated carbon and the PTC-resistor is disposed in a spatial relationship with respect to... Agent: A. Kayser Automotive Systems Gmbh

20110080160 - Rotational angle detection device and electric power steering system: An ECU detects a steering angle that is an absolute angle based on a sine signal and a cosine signal that are output from a steering sensor. The ECU includes a three-phase pulse generator that generates, based on the sine signal and the cosine signal, three-phase pulse signals that have... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20110080161 - Partial discharge detector for gas-insulated electric apparatus: A partial discharge detector for gas-insulated electric apparatus of an embodiment detects an electromagnetic wave ascribable to partial discharge in a gas-insulated electric apparatus which is filled with insulating gas, and in which a conductor to which high voltage is applied is supported in conductor supporting holes provided at centers... Agent:

20110080162 - Assembly for detecting more than one rotation through a position encoder magnet: p

20110080163 - Rotational angle sensing device: First and second magnets are installed to an inner peripheral wall of a yoke, which is configured into a tubular form. The yoke is constructed from at least one plate material. At each contact portion, a corresponding circumferential end part of the at least one plate material and another corresponding... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110080164 - Magneto-sensitive wire, magneto-impedance element and magneto-impedance sensor: The magneto-sensitive wire of the invention has a vortex-spin structure and hence includes no magnetic domain walls, so that the magneto-sensitive wire of the invention has an excellent hysteresis characteristic exhibiting nearly zero hysteresis. Therefore, the linearity related to the output voltage characteristic for the applied magnetic field in the... Agent: Aichi Steel Corporation

20110080165 - Magnetic balance type current sensor: A magnetic balance type current sensor measures a measured current which flows in a feedback coil when electrical conduction is provided by a voltage difference according to an induction magnetic field from the measured current and an equilibrium state is reached in which the induction magnetic field and a cancel... Agent: Alps Green Devices Co., Ltd.

20110080168 - Correction of truncations in mr imaging: A method is disclosed for correction of truncations of an image of an object under examination in the reconstruction of image data from raw data which has been recorded with a magnetic resonance system from a field of view of the magnetic resonance system, with an object under examination which... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110080167 - Method for determining motion parameters of an object in a magnetic field: A method for determining motion parameters of an object by way of at least one coil within a magnetic field adapted for a magnetic resonance based imaging device. Induced pulses are emitted on the coil in order to provide navigator signals that are finally measured in order to provide a... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110080169 - Method for position dependent change in the magnetization in an object in a magnetic resonance experiment: A method for position dependent change in the magnetization in an object, according to a requirement in a magnetic resonance measurement, wherein radio-frequency pulses are irradiated in conjunction with supplementary magnetic fields that vary in space and over time and are superposed on the static and homogeneous basic field of... Agent:

20110080170 - Mri non-contrast time-slip angiography using variably positioned cine sub-sequence: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system using an MRI gantry and controlling computer system includes at least one programmed computer configured to effect a cardiac-triggered time-SLIP (spatial labeling inversion pulse) MRI data acquisition sequence for imaging blood perfusion in imaged patient tissue and employing therewithin an MRI cine sub-sequence. The... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110080166 - Parallel-accelerated complex subtraction mri: A method for producing background-suppressed MR images with improved resistance to subject motion and noise, particularly that associated with parallel imaging techniques. An MRI system is employed to acquire two sets of undersampled k-space data under different scan conditions. A differential k-space data set is then formed by complex, pairwise... Agent:

20110080171 - Method and apparatus for accurately adjusting magic angle in nmr: Method and apparatus for accurately adjusting the magic angle in NMR. The NMR probe has a uniform magnetic field coil assembly disposed to produce a uniform magnetic field H. The uniform magnetic field H is produced by controlling the currents flowing through the uniform magnetic field coil assembly. The vector... Agent: Jeol Ltd.

20110080172 - Transmitter system, method of inducing a transient electromagnetic field in an earth formation, method of obtaining a transient electromagnetic response signal, and method of producing a hydrocarbon fluid: A transmitter system for inducing a transient electromagnetic field in an earth formation comprises an inductive element to generate an electromagnetic field in response to a flow of electric current through the inductive element. Furthermore, switching means arranged to interrupt the flow of electric current through the inductive element, which... Agent:

20110080173 - Mother substrate of organic light emitting displays capable of sheet unit testing and method of sheet unit testing: A mother substrate including a plurality of organic light emitting display panels that include pixel circuits having a simple structure, is designed so that a sheet unit test may be performed while preventing or reducing brightness variation during sheet unit test, and a sheet unit test method for the mother... Agent:

20110080175 - Electromigration compensation system: An integrated circuit is described. The integrated circuit, comprising: a central processor; a memory; and an electromigration compensation system associated with a plurality of leads within the integrated circuit, wherein the electromigration compensation system causes the plurality of leads to have interlocking, horizontally tapered ends that substantially reduces electromigration divergence... Agent:

20110080174 - Self charging ion sensing coil: A self charging ion current sensing circuit is provided. The self charging ion current sensing circuit is coupled to spark generation circuitry, and utilizes the spark plug electrodes as the ion current sensing electrodes. The self charging is achieved by utilizing the spark current during an ignition event to charge... Agent: Woodward Governor Company

20110080176 - Part of a vehicle and vehicle comprising such part: The electric cables further comprise a neutral cable (41), the detection device (5) comprising on the one hand the current measurement means (8), that are further adapted for cooperating with the said neutral cable (41), and on the other hand a control and calculations unit (9) connected to the said... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)

20110080177 - Ground fault circuit interrupter and method: A method and circuit for determining a circuit element parameter in a ground fault circuit interrupter circuit. An electrical signal provided to a first node is used to generate another electrical signal at a second node. The electrical signal at the second node is multiplexed with a modulation signal to... Agent:

20110080178 - Calibration method for inertial drive actuator, and inertial drive actuator device: A calibration method for an inertial drive actuator of detecting a position of a moving body based on an electrostatic capacitance is proposed. The calibration method includes driving the moving body; outputting a first signal for detecting the electrostatic capacitance of opposing parts of a moving body side electrode provided... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110080179 - Multidirectional switch member and electronic device having same: A multidirectional switch member and an electronic device includes an operation plate in which a pressing operation may be performed in a plurality of directions including four standard directions and a median direction extending between the four standard directions, a PCB that is located at the back side of the... Agent: Shin-etsu Polymer Co., Ltd.

20110080180 - Varying capacitance voltage contrast structures to determine defect resistance: A method for determining resistances of defects in a test structure, comprising: forming a first layer of the test structure having elements under test; generating a first e-beam image of the first layer, the first e-beam image graphically identifying defects detected at the first layer, each defect at the first... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110080181 - Biometric measurement apparatus: A biometric measurement apparatus has a measurement unit for measuring bioelectric impedance of different parts of a body and hematocrit. The measurement unit has impedance calculators (IPG1, IPG2) for measuring the impedance of tissues and blood of a living body with a first frequency to output as a first impedance... Agent: Tanita Corporation

20110080182 - Method and device for the detection and/or measurement of fouling in heat exchangers: The invention relates to a method for the detection and/or measurement of fouling in a heat exchanger, whereby the resistance value (R1, R2) of a resistor (R), placed on a wall (P) of this heat exchanger, is measured at two different instants and a value of the measurements (R2; R1)... Agent:

20110080183 - Apparatus and method for direct measurement of reciprocating compressor rider band wear: A method and apparatus for direct measurement of rider band wear in a valve assembly for a reciprocating compressor is provided. A distance transducer probe is inserted through a compressor valve assembly to measure a distance between a piston assembly and the transducer probe and the wear of a rider... Agent: General Electric Company

20110080184 - Method for testing through-silicon-via and the circuit thereof: The method and circuit for testing a TSV of the present invention exploit the electronic property of the TSV under test. The TSV under test is first reset to a first state, and is then sensed at only one end to determine whether the TSV under test follows the behavior... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20110080185 - Method for testing through-silicon-via and the circuit thereof: The method and circuit for testing a TSV of the present invention exploit the electronic property of the TSV under test. The TSV under test is first reset to a first state, and is then sensed at only one end to determine whether the TSV under test follows the behavior... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20110080186 - Contacting component, method of producing the same, and test tool having the contacting component: A contacting component has a probe contact formed by plating and adapted to be contacted with a target portion. The contacting component includes an insulating substrate, a conductive circuit formed on one surface of the insulating substrate, and the probe contact is made of a conductive material and formed on... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110080187 - Device interface board with cavity back for very high frequency applications: In one embodiment, a device interface board is provided which includes a printed circuit board with a DUT interface structure, such as socket, associated with a DUT side of the printed circuit board. A high frequency connector and electronic component are mounted in a cavity formed in a back side... Agent:

20110080188 - Universal test fixture for high-power packaged transistors and diodes: A universal test fixture for testing and characterization of high-power flange-packaged RF and microwave transistors and diodes includes a precision-machined heat sink having a built-in center cavity with a finger catch on either side of the cavity which uses a plurality of matching modules that are installed in the center... Agent:

20110080189 - Yield enhancement for stacked chips through rotationally-connecting-interposer: A set of first substrate and second substrate are manufactured with a built-in N-fold rotational symmetry around the center axis of each substrate, wherein N is an integer greater than 1. A set of N different interposers is provided such that an i-th interposer provides electrical connection between the first... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

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