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Electricity: measuring and testing March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110074381 - Sensors using high electron mobility transistors: Embodiments of the invention include sensors comprising high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) with capture reagents on a gate region of the HEMTs. Example sensors include HEMTs with a thin gold layer on the gate region and bound antibodies; a thin gold layer on the gate region and chelating agents; a... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20110074383 - Assemblies and methods for sensing current through semiconductor device leads: Assemblies and methods for sensing current through semiconductor device leads are disclosed. One example method includes mounting a current sense assembly about a lead of a semiconductor device. The current sense assembly may include a carrier adapted to hold a current sensor in close proximity to a semiconductor device lead... Agent: Astec International Limited

20110074384 - Method and apparatus to measure current in power switchers: A method and apparatus to measure current in power switching supplies is disclosed for simplification of in-circuit measurement. The method and apparatus to measure current includes a sensing capacitor which in series with a resistor is placed across the output inductor of the power supply in order to utilize the... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Canada Inc.

20110074385 - Semiconductor integrated circuit: There is provided a semiconductor integrated circuit in which a ring oscillator is formed by a variable delay circuit to cause the ring oscillator to oscillate (S2) at the test operation of the variable delay circuit and it is determined whether the variable delay circuit is normal or abnormal depending... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110074386 - Voltage indicator signal generation system and method: The present invention provides for a system comprising a peripheral component interface (PCI) host bridge. The PCI host bridge is configured to be coupled to a PCI bus, and to receive a system reset signal, to generate a PCI bus reset signal based on the received system reset signal, to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110074382 - Whole structure contactless power consumption sensing: A contactless current and power consumption sensor can be safely mounted on a circuit breaker box of a structure, so as to sense the current flow and/or power consumed in the structure. Because the sensor can be mounted on a surface of the circuit breaker box without the need to... Agent: University Of Washington

20110074387 - Method and apparatus for spectrum detection: A spectrum detection method, system and base station are provided, which relate to the field of communications technology, and improve the spectrum utilization in a cellular multi-hop network. The spectrum detection method includes: receiving an intermediate spectrum detection result sent by each node; and integrating the intermediate spectrum detection results... Agent:

20110074388 - Embedded coupler device and method of use thereoff: A structure is provided, the structure includes a metallic coupler circuit formed within a disk located within a coaxial cable connector. The metallic coupler circuit is located in a position that is external to a signal path of a radio frequency (RF) signal flowing through the connector. The metallic coupler... Agent: Rochester Institute Of Technology

20110074389 - Signal acquisition system having probe cable termination in a signal processing instrument: A signal acquisition system has a signal acquisition probe having probe tip circuitry coupled to a resistive center conductor signal cable with the signal cable coupled to a signal processing instrument via an input node. The input node is coupled to an input current amplifier via input circuitry. The input... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20110074390 - Signal acquisition system having reduced probe loading of a device under test: A signal acquisition system has a signal acquisition probe having probe tip circuitry coupled to a resistive center conductor signal cable. The resistive center conductor signal cable of the signal acquisition probe is coupled to a compensation system in a signal processing instrument via an input node and input circuitry... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20110074391 - Signal acquisition system having a compensation digital filter: A signal acquisition system has a signal acquisition probe having probe tip circuitry coupled to a resistive center conductor signal cable. The resistive center conductor signal cable is coupled to a compensation system in a signal processing instrument via an input node and input circuitry in the signal processing instrument.... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20110074392 - Signal acquisition system having reduced probe loading of a device under test: A signal acquisition system has a signal acquisition probe having probe tip circuitry coupled to a resistive center conductor signal cable. The resistive center conductor signal cable of the signal acquisition probe is coupled to a compensation system in a signal processing instrument via an input node and input circuitry... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20110074393 - Temperature compensated fiber optic current or magnetic field sensor with insensitivity to variations in sensor parameters: A fiber optic current or magnetic field sensor uses a sensing fiber in a coil for measuring a current or a magnetic field and has a retarder for converting between linearly polarized light and elliptically polarized light. The retardation of the retarder; its temperature dependence as well as its azimuth... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20110074394 - Test circuit for bias temperature instability recovery measurements: A method, test circuit and test system provide measurements to accurately characterize threshold voltage changes due to negative bias temperature instability (NBTI) and positive bias temperature instability (PBTI). Both the bias temperature instability recovery profile and/or the bias temperature shifts due to rapid repetitions of stress application can be studied.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110074395 - Digital multimeters including a remote display: A digital multimeter includes a body having a function selector and a first coupler and includes a head having a display and a second coupler. The function selector selects a parameter to be measured, and the display displays a measurement corresponding to the parameter to be measured. The first and... Agent: Fluke Corporation

20110074396 - Biosensor and electrode structure thereof: An electrode structure of a biosensor includes a flexible conductive substrate and a plurality of conductive probes protruding from the conductive substrate and configured for contacting a subject and receiving a physiological electric wave signal therefrom. The present invention improves disadvantages of wet electrodes and microstructure electrodes and provides more... Agent:

20110074397 - Monitoring system and current transformers for partial discharge detection: A high frequency current transformer (HFCT) sensor for detecting partial discharges produced by a component is disclosed. The HFCT sensor includes at least one electrically conductive pattern formed on a substrate, where the substrate comprises multiple segmented regions connected by intermediate regions for folding along multiple fold lines between the... Agent: General Electric Company

20110074398 - Methods and sytems to detect voltage changes within integrated circuits: Methods and systems to detect droop events on-chip, which may include a sensor circuit located adjacent to a voltage node to convert a corresponding voltage to a digital count or value indicative of the voltage. The sensor circuit may include an n-stage ring oscillator and an asynchronous counter. The sensor... Agent:

20110074399 - Magnetoresistive sensor for determining an angle or a position: A magneto-resistive resistor for use in sensors for determining alignment of the sensor relative to a homogeneous magnetic field include an anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) strip having a longitudinal extent and a first and second edge along the longitudinal extent. The first and second edge have a shape along the longitudinal... Agent: Meas Deutschland Gmbh

20110074400 - Rotation angle detecting device: Provided is a rotation angle detecting device with high detection accuracy, which can be structured with a small number of teeth even if a shaft angle multiplier increases, thus enhancing winding workability and becoming suitable for mass production. The rotation angle detecting device includes: a stator formed of an iron... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110074401 - Apparatus and method for automatic product effect compensation in radio frequency metal detectors: A metal detector (40) used for identifying contaminants in packages (49, 50, 51) introduced into the metal detector by a conveyor. The detector (40) includes coils (1), a search head (2) and an analog to digital converter (3) that generates a reactive signal (13) and a resistive signal (14) in... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific

20110074402 - Magnetic sensor module: In a magnetic sensor module, using die-bond resin as a joining material, a Z-axis magnetic sensor is mounted onto a substrate having a wire formed on its principal surface. The Z-axis magnetic sensor having electrode pads formed on its bottom surface is tilted by 90 degrees and mounted onto the... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20110074403 - High-sensitivity, in-vivo, and dynamic detection of magnetic particles within living organism using a probe-type squid system: The present invention provides a probe-type SQUID system to detect magnetic particles stored in the living organisms or magnetic-labeling indicators for immunoassays and tumor or other applications. The probe-type SQUID system comprises a probe union, a SQUID union and a connecting electrically conducting wires such as copper wires, wherein the... Agent:

20110074405 - Magnetic field sensor with automatic sensitivity adjustment: Magnetic field sensors have a magnetic field sensing element and also a feedback circuit to provide a gain-adjustment signal to affect a sensitivity associated with the magnetic field sensing element. In some arrangements, the feedback circuit can include piezoresistors to sense a strain of a substrate over which the magnetic... Agent: Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

20110074404 - Magnetic sensor circuit: Provided is a magnetic sensor circuit of low power consumption, in which a magnetic detection level less depends on a resistance value of an internal resistor of a power source. A comparator circuit compares a voltage which is based on a magnetic field and generated after sampling under a state... Agent:

20110074406 - Three axis magnetic field sensor: Three bridge circuits (101, 111, 121), each include magnetoresistive sensors coupled as a Wheatstone bridge (100) to sense a magnetic field (160) in three orthogonal directions (110, 120, 130) that are set with a single pinning material deposition and bulk wafer setting procedure. One of the three bridge circuits (121)... Agent: Everspin Technologies, Inc.

20110074407 - Patient positioning couch and combined medical examination device with a patient positioning couch: A patient positioning couch for a combined medical examination device is disclosed. In at least one embodiment, at least one opening is provided in a support plate of the patient positioning couch and the patient positioning couch includes at least one conveyor belt in order to move a patient on... Agent:

20110074408 - Proton precession magnetometer sensor measurable in all direction: A “proton precession magnetometer sensor capable of all-direction measurement” according to the present invention, in which frequency of current induced in a coil by flowing and then breaking current in the coil is measured to calculate strength of an external magnetic field, is characterized in that the coil is a... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience & Mineral Resources

20110074410 - Calibration of an emission tomography subsystem: A method and a system are disclosed for calibrating an emission tomography subsystem in a combined MR (magnetic resonance) and emission tomography imaging system. In at least one embodiment, the method includes providing a phantom that is configured such that the phantom is visible on a MR image, providing an... Agent:

20110074411 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus for acquiring k-space data from a deformable imaging region of a subject and generating image data of the imaging region at the time of being deformed to a predetermined state, based on the acquired k-space data, includes a gradient coil for applying a gradient magnetic... Agent:

20110074412 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes z segments which divide a ky-kz plane. The z segments includes data located therein. The ky-kz plane is divided into z center-in regions and z center-out regions by a plurality of lines extending radially from a center of the ky-kz plane. The z center-in... Agent:

20110074409 - Systems and methods for gating an imaging device: A method and system for automatically gating an imaging device is disclosed. Physiological process information of a patient may be derived from a plethysmographic signal, for example, by analyzing the plethysmographic signal transformed by a continuous wavelet transform. Other techniques for deriving physiological process information of a patient include, for... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett Ireland

20110074415 - Apparatus for tuning magnetic resonance coil elements and method of making same: A method, system, and apparatus including a radio-frequency (RF) phased coil array for a magnetic resonance (MR) imaging apparatus that includes a first RF coil element tuned to a first frequency and configured to receive MR signals and a second RF coil element tuned to a second frequency different than... Agent:

20110074414 - Implantable or insertable nuclear magnetic resonant imaging system: Nuclear Magnetic Resonant Imaging (also called Magnetic Resonant Imaging or “MRI”) devices which are implantable, internal or insertable are provided. The disclosure describes ways to miniaturize, simplify, calibrate, cool, and increase the utility of MRI systems for structural investigative purposes, and for biological investigation and potential treatment. It teaches use... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110074417 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and control method thereof: To provide a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus capable of acquiring a non-contrast MRA image in which a background signal is sufficiently suppressed in a shorter time. A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus has: a data acquiring unit that acquires a plurality of pieces of magnetic resonance data associated with a plurality... Agent:

20110074416 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method:

20110074418 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method of assisting setting of imaging parameter: An object is to enhance usability of parameter check when an imaging parameter is changed in multistation imaging, and easily obtain a desired image with high quality. In the multistation imaging, it is determined in a lump before imaging whether an image having desired quality is obtained by using the... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20110074413 - System and method for controlling current in gradient coil of magnetic resonance imaging system: In one embodiment, a multilevel inverter for generating an AC output voltage, having at least seven potential levels, from a DC voltage source such that the generated AC voltage produces a current in a gradient coil of a magnetic resonance imaging system is provided. The multilevel inverter comprises an input... Agent: General Electric Company

20110074423 - Anisotropic diffusion phantom for calibration of diffusion tensor imaging pulse sequences used in mri: The subject matter of the invention concerns the anisotropic diffusion phantom for the calibration of any diffusion MR-DTI imaging sequence and a method for the calibration of all the MRI scanners by using anisotropic diffusion models based on the “b” matrix, which is a quantity specific for every magnetic resonance... Agent:

20110074419 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: An Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) apparatus includes a static magnetic-field magnet that generates a static magnetic field in an imaging area in which a subject is to be placed; a main coil that is provided on the inner side of the static magnetic-field magnet, and applies a gradient magnetic field... Agent:

20110074421 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus according to an embodiment includes a gradient coil and a coil cooling pipe. The gradient coil applies a gradient magnetic field onto a subject placed in a static magnetic field. The coil cooling pipe is provided to the gradient coil, and cools the gradient coil... Agent:

20110074420 - Magnetic resonance system: A magnetic resonance system is disclosed, with a tunnel for accommodating an object under investigation and at least one local coil array. In at least one embodiment, the local coil array is arranged in a fixed position within the tunnel and in the longitudinal direction of the magnetic resonance system,... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110074422 - Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy using multiple-mode coils: A RF coil for use with a resonance imaging device, the RF coil comprises a conductor comprising a first conductive region, a second conductive region substantially isolated from the first portion along its length, and at least one coupling portion adjacent to ends of the first and second portions and... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California The Office Of The President

20110074424 - Cushion for a patient bed in a medical imaging apparatus: An MRT acquisition can be simplified by a method, an MRT apparatus and a support, for example a cushion, for a magnetic resonance tomography examination, that has at least one positioning aid for a heel of the patient and that has at least one positioning aid for the head.... Agent:

20110074425 - Apparatus for feeding a magnetic resonance coil element and method of making same: A method, system, and apparatus including a magnetic resonance (MR) coil system that includes an MR coil element, a high input Pre-amplifier having a high input impedance field-effect-transistor (FET) with an impedance of one of substantially equal to 500 ohms and greater than 500 ohms, and a conductive path. The... Agent:

20110074426 - Detector module for an emission tomography scanner: An emission tomography detector module and an emission tomography scanner are disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the emission tomography detector modules includes a scintillator to capture an photon, the scintillator emitting a scintillating light on capturing the photon; a first type of solid-state photodetector to detect the scintillating light;... Agent:

20110074428 - Apparatus and method for downhole electromagnetic measurement while drilling: A directional resistivity tool includes a pair of transmitters deployed between at least one pair of receivers. Each of the transmitters and receivers preferably includes collocated z-mode and x-mode antennae. Exemplary embodiments may further include additional receivers, for example, additional pairs of receivers deployed axially about the transmitters or one... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20110074427 - Directional resistivity antenna shield: A logging while drilling tool includes a directional resistivity antenna and an antenna shield having. The shield has at least one slot having at least one electrically open end formed therein. The antenna shield may include a base portion and a plurality of spaced apart fingers extending away from the... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20110074429 - Defective emitter detection for electroluminescent display: Inoperative or defective electroluminescent (EL) emitters in an EL display having a plurality of subpixels are detected. Current flow through a drive transistor in a subpixel is turned off, a selected test current is provided through the EL emitter in the subpixel using a current source, and the voltage at... Agent:

20110074431 - Circuits and methods for measuring cell voltages in battery packs: A circuit used to measure cell voltages in a battery pack can include a cell voltage level shifter, a sense block, and a compensation current generator. The cell voltage level shifter selects a cell and shifts the terminal voltages of the selected cell from a first voltage level to a... Agent:

20110074430 - Method for evaluating secondary battery: A method for evaluating a secondary battery includes repeatedly performing: an open circuit voltage measurement step of measuring the open circuit voltage of the secondary battery to be evaluated at each of a plurality of temperatures; a potential change measurement step of measuring, after the open circuit voltage measurement step,... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110074432 - Methods and apparatus for battery testing: Methods and apparatus for testing electrical storage batteries monitor magnetic susceptibility of components of the storage batteries. In some embodiments, magnetic susceptibility of a plate in a lead-acid battery is determined to provide an indication of the state of charge of the battery.... Agent: Cadex Electronics Inc.

20110074433 - Battery capacity detection for multi battery cells: A battery gas gauge includes a voltage detection unit and a processor. The voltage detection unit is coupled to a battery pack and can measure a plurality of open circuit voltages of a plurality of cells in the battery pack respectively. The processor is coupled to the voltage detection unit... Agent:

20110074434 - End of life detection for a battery: One particular implementation conforming to aspects of the present invention takes the form of a method for detecting the end of life of a battery for an electronic device. The method may include calculating the voltage of the battery in an unloaded state, holding the sampled unloaded battery voltage, measuring... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110074435 - Voltage monitor with self diagnostic function: In a voltage monitor, an abnormality detecting unit receives first information outputted from a first obtaining unit and second information outputted from a second obtaining unit, and determines that an abnormality that affects on at least one of first and second diagnostic thresholds arises in the voltage monitor when the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110074436 - Identification of false positives in high impedance fault detection: A method, system and computer program product are disclosed for identifying false positive indications of high impedance faults in an AC electric power transmission and distribution network. In one embodiment, the method comprises using a procedure to monitor a phase conductor of the network for faults, said procedure generating a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110074437 - System and method for detecting a location of fault in a cable: The present invention is related to a system and a method for detecting a location of fault in a cable. The system for detecting a location of fault in a cable in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes: a cable, transmitting a fault current; a current transforming... Agent: Korea Electric Power Corporation

20110074438 - Stacked semiconductor device and method of connection test in the same: A stacked semiconductor device includes a first semiconductor device equipped with a first semiconductor chip 14 having a transistor circuit and protection diodes, and a second semiconductor device equipped with a second semiconductor chip 24 having a transistor circuit and protection diodes, and stacked on the first semiconductor device via... Agent: Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

20110074439 - Eyeglass lens processing apparatus and calibration sensor unit: An eyeglass lens processing apparatus includes lens chuck shafts, processing tools for processing a lens and processing tool rotating shafts to which the processing tools are attached. A calibration sensor unit for calibrating the eyeglass lens processing apparatus includes: an attachment portion attached to the lens chuck shafts; a contact... Agent: Nidek Co., Ltd.

20110074441 - Low capacitance signal acquisition system: A low capacitance signal acquisition system has a signal acquisition probe having a low capacitance input circuit coupled to a compensation amplifier in a signal processing instrument via a signal cable. The low capacitance input circuit, the signal cable and the signal processing instrument input have mismatched time constants with... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20110074440 - Method and system for compensating for variation in attenuation measurements caused by changes in ambient temperature: A method and apparatus for determining the attenuation of an RF signal caused by a DPF at an unknown or different ambient temperature than the temperature used for DPF sensor calibration is disclosed. The method and apparatus determine the sensor attenuation just prior to determining the DPF attenuation by disconnecting... Agent:

20110074442 - Method and device using shortened square wave waveforms in synchronous signal processing: A method for impedance measurements, using synchronous detecting and modified rectangular signals. The method comprises introducing a first modified rectangular signal into a bioobject, receiving a response signal from said bioobject, introducing said response signal and a second modified rectangular signal into a synchronous detector, whereas either one or both... Agent: Ou Eliko Tehnoloogia Arenduskeskus

20110074443 - Live finger detection by four-point measurement of complex impedance: A method and sensor assembly for determining the condition of a structure, especially for confirming if a measured fingerprint is on a live finger, measures characteristics of close to the structure surface. The sensor includes a first pair of current supply electrodes coupled to a current source, providing an electrical... Agent: Idex Asa

20110074444 - Sensor for detection of conductive bodies: A sensor (100) for capacitively detecting presence of conductive objects (BOD1) comprises a first signal electrode (10a), a second signal electrode (10b), and a base electrode structure (20), wherein the distance (s3) between said first signal electrode (10a) and said second signal electrode (10b) is smaller than or equal to... Agent: Marimils Oy

20110074445 - Capacitance sensing with mismatch compensation: Systems and methods are provided for determining the value of a capacitance. A system for sensing capacitance comprises an oscillator arrangement comprising a plurality of oscillators and a mismatch compensation arrangement coupled between the oscillator arrangement and a first capacitive element having a first capacitance. The mismatch compensation arrangement is... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20110074446 - Capacitance measurement circuit and method therefor: A capacitance measurement circuit includes an operation amplifier; a reference capacitor having a first terminal coupled to a first input terminal of the operation amplifier and a second terminal selectively coupled to a first or second reference voltage; a sensor capacitor having a first terminal coupled to a second input... Agent: Raydium Semiconductor Corporation

20110074447 - Capacitive occupant sensor and capacitive occupant detection apparatus: A capacitive occupant sensor for detecting an occupant sitting on a seat cushion of a seat of a vehicle includes a capacitive sensor mat, a cushion member, and a floating electrode. The capacitive sensor mat is disposed in the seat cushion and has a surface. The cushion member is disposed... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110074448 - Potentiometer: Fill level sensors designed as potentiometers are known, having two resistor strips on an electrically insulating carrier, on each of which a plurality of conductor segments are disposed at a distance from each other and act together with a pickup shoe that can move relative to the carrier, wherein the... Agent:

20110074449 - Apparatus and method for recording electrical activity in cells: Apparatus for recording electrical activity produced by cells in-vitro, which comprises a device having a polymeric structure (12) comprising a well (14) for housing and culturing cells, a duct (15) disposed at right angles to said well and connected to its bottom region, and two electrodes (13,13′) for recording a... Agent: Aleria Biodevices, S.l.

20110074450 - Method for measuring target component in erythrocyte-containing specimen: [Solution to Problem] In the measurement method of the present invention, first, prior to measurement, a relationship between amounts of the target component and a plurality of signals corresponding thereto is provided. Then, a plurality of signals derived from the target component in the erythrocyte-containing specimen are acquired with a... Agent: Arkray, Inc.

20110074451 - Particle measuring apparatus: A particle measuring apparatus comprising: a detection device with an aperture through which pass particles contained in a particle suspension liquid, for detecting a signal generated when a particle passes through the aperture; and a detection device supporting part comprising an elastic body, for supporting the detection device through the... Agent: Sysmex Corporation

20110074452 - Device for evaluating degree of degradation of lubricating oil: Provided are a device for evaluating a degree of degradation of a lubricating oil, a method of evaluating a degree of degradation of a lubricating oil, and an on-line lubricating oil management device, which are capable of measuring the degree of degradation of the lubricating oil in a simple and... Agent: Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

20110074453 - Semiconductor chip having a crack test circuit and method of testing a crack of a semiconductor chip using the same: A semiconductor chip includes a line structure arranged along a peripheral region of the semiconductor chip region in order to inspect a crack, a first pad and second pad arranged on different end portions of the line structure, a second pad arranged on another end portion of the line structure,... Agent:

20110074456 - Probe apparatus and test apparatus: A probe apparatus exchanging signals with a target device, includes: a contact section electrically connected to the target device by contacting a terminal of the target device; a non-contact section that exchanges signals with the target device in a state not contacting the terminal of the target device; and a... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110074455 - Probe card and semiconductor wafer inspection method using the same: A probe card has a thin film substrate having projection electrodes on a first surface facing the semiconductor wafer and at a position facing the pad electrodes, a non-contact electrode, and first electrodes provided a second surface opposite to the first surface; and a wiring substrate having second electrodes disposed... Agent:

20110074454 - Test device and inspection apparatus using the same: A testing device suitable for a testing apparatus with light inspection of a display panel is provided, in which the testing device includes a main part and two contact parts. The testing device is fixed to the testing apparatus with light inspection by the main part. Two contact parts are... Agent: Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.

20110074457 - System for testing electronic components: An improved efficiency system for testing electronic components in a motherboard/daughterboard assembly in which the daughterboard is mounted in spaced parallel relationship the to motherboard includes one or more device-under-test socket sub-assemblies having a test socket thereon for receiving a device-under-test and a connector component for disengagable connection to a... Agent:

20110074458 - Transport apparatus for moving carriers of test parts: One embodiment is a transport apparatus for moving carriers of microelectronic devices along a track, the transport apparatus including: (a) a track with two rails adapted to support the carriers; (b) a trolley adapted to be transported in a direction along the track by a linear actuator; and (c) a... Agent: Centipede Systems, Inc.

20110074459 - Structure and method for semiconductor testing: An embodiment of a test structure in accordance with the present invention comprises a pair of interdigitated comb portions of a metallization layer present in a recess of an inter-layer dielectric (ILD) formed over a polysilicon heater element. A third portion of the metallization layer comprises a serpentine metal line... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110068770 - Method for determining the offset of a periodic signal: A method for determining the offset of a periodic signal is provided, wherein an offset value that is caused by a level change of the periodic signal is suppressed.... Agent:

20110068771 - Current sensor: A current sensor for outputting a detection signal corresponding to a current flowing through a bus bar. The current sensor includes a magnetic core that concentrates and amplifies a magnetic field generated by the current near a detection portion of the bus bar. A magnetic detection element detects the magnetic... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20110068772 - Apparatus and method for detecting mode change in an electronic device: An apparatus and method for detecting a mode change in an electronic device are provided. The apparatus includes a rotary switch including a common port and a plurality of contact points corresponding to a plurality of modes, a comparator for comparing a voltage of the common port with a reference... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110068773 - Manipulation assembly for online electrical system test probe installation: An apparatus for online partial discharge testing includes a split-core radio-frequency current transformer sensor, an actuation subassembly, and a biasing member. The current transformer sensor has a first portion, a second portion, and a sensor hinge operably engaged between the first portion and the second portion. The actuation subassembly includes... Agent: Electrical Reliability Services, Inc.

20110068774 - Kilowatt-hour meter with remote environment detect and control: A kilowatt-hour meter with remote environment detect and control is provided. Besides calculating and display a quantity of used electricity through the kilowatt-hour meter, the kilowatt-hour meter with remote environment detect and control can also perform remote data collection and environment detect and control through an Ethernet. A plurality of... Agent: Digipower Manufacturing Inc.

20110068776 - Position detecting device: A position detecting device is disclosed, which detects a position indicated by a human body. The position detecting device includes: a sensor substrate including a detection area, in which a plurality of detection electrodes are formed, and a wiring area, in which wiring led out from the detection electrodes is... Agent: Wacom Co., Ltd.

20110068777 - Inductive angle-of-rotation sensor and method for operating an inductive angle-of-rotation sensor: An inductive angle-of-rotation sensor includes a printed circuit board, on which one excitation conductor path, and a first, second as well as third receiving conductor path are applied. The angle-of-rotation sensor further includes a graduation element having a first and second graduation track. The first and second graduation tracks, and... Agent:

20110068775 - Clutch position sensor for vehicle transmission: A transmission clutch position sensor includes two Hall sensors located at opposite ends of a flux concentrator outside the casing of the transmission to sense a magnetic field generated by a magnet attached to the clutch piston. To reduce sensitivity to magnet-to-sensor gap tolerances, a ratio of the voltage of... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20110068779 - Bias field generation for a magneto sensor: Embodiments related to the generation of magnetic bias fields for a magneto sensor are described and depicted.... Agent:

20110068778 - Electronic measuring wheel: An electronic measuring wheel has a casing, a distance wheel and an operating shaft. The casing has a power supply, a seven-segment display and a sensor. The seven-segment display is mounted in the casing and is electrically connected to the power supply. The sensor is mounted on the seven-segment display... Agent:

20110068780 - Rotational angle sensor, motor, rotational angle detector, and electric power steering system: A rotational angle sensor includes: a magnet rotor in which multiple magnetic poles are formed along the circumferential direction of the magnet rotor; and three sensor devices that are arranged on a circle concentric with the magnet rotor at regular angle intervals. Each of the sensor devices includes three half-bridge... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20110068781 - Rubber composition for magnetic encoder and magnetic encoder using the same: The invention provides a rubber composition for a magnetic encoder being excellent in durability such as heat resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance, having high magnetic characteristics and being excellent in processability and a magnetic encoder using the rubber composition. The magnetic rubber composition for the magnetic encoder includes a... Agent:

20110068782 - Computer-implemented method to screen for longitudinal-seam anomalies: Embodiments of the present invention provide computer-implemented methods to detect crack-like features in pipeline welds using magnetic flux leakage data and pattern recognition. A screening process, for example, does not affect or change how survey data is recorded in survey tools; only how it is analyzed after the survey data... Agent: Knight, Inc.

20110068783 - Eddy-current flaw detection method and apparatus: In detecting a flaw by generating an eddy current in a conductor, it is enabled to easily detect a flaw in the vicinity of a back surface of the conductor. An exciting device and a receiving device are held in the vicinity of a conductor, and an eddy current is... Agent:

20110068784 - Eddy current inspection system and method: A multi-frequency eddy current (MFEC) inspection system is provided for inspection of case hardening depth on a part. The MFEC inspection system comprises a generator configured to generate one or more multi-frequency excitation signals and an eddy current probe configured to be disposed at one side of the part. The... Agent: General Electric Company

20110068785 - Hall sensor with temperature drift control: Disclosed are apparatus and methodology for providing approaches to remove or reduce thermal drift of the magnetic sensitivity of Hall sensor devices, to improve the stability of resulting signals of interest. Samples of a particular signal or signals of interest having improved stability make for advantageous use in conjunction with... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20110068786 - Magnetic sensor and manufacturing method thereof: A magnetic sensor includes: a first and a second magnetoresistive elements each including: a magnetization free layer; a nonmagnetic spacing layer; a magnetization pinned layer having one or more first layers of a first group of ferromagnetic layers and one or more second layers of a second group of ferromagnetic... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110068788 - Estimating porosity and fluid volume: The present disclosure relates to a method to estimate a subsurface formation property. A downhole logging tool is provided and disposed in a wellbore. Multiple measurements of various measurement types are obtained at various depths of investigation using the downhole logging tool. The multiple measurements may include natural gamma ray... Agent:

20110068787 - Measurements in non-invaded formations: The present invention relates to making one or more measurements in a virgin formation using a downhole tool that includes a miniature logging tool. The downhole tool is disposed in a wellbore penetrating the formation, adjacent to the formation, and a sidetrack borehole is made into the formation. All or... Agent:

20110068789 - Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus: A nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus includes a dewar containing a low-temperature liquid refrigerant, a prepolarization coil disposed inside the dewar and including a superconducting wire, a prepolarization coil driving unit for intermittent application of current to the prepolarization coil in a capacitor charge/discharge method to generate a prepolarization magnetic field,... Agent:

20110068790 - Method for magnetic resonance imaging: A method of magnetic resonance imaging based on rapid acquisition by sequential excitation and refocusing is provided. The method comprises turning on a first time-encoding gradient and applying an excitation pulse in the presence of the first time-encoding gradient. The excitation pulse excites magnetization sequentially along one spatial axis. Thereafter,... Agent: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

20110068791 - Ultra-fast pre-polarizing magnetic resonance imaging method and system: A method and apparatus generate a pre-polarizing magnetic field having a rise-time of less than about 10 microseconds and/or a fall-time of less than about 10 microseconds for immersing a tissue sample in the pre-polarized magnetic field to polarize an animal tissue sample whereby magnetic gradient and/or radio-frequency pulses may... Agent:

20110068793 - Solvated hyperpolarized xenmr and mri signal amplification by gas extraction: The present invention provides a method and apparatus of amplifying the signal of at least one NMR spectrum and of at least one MRI of hyperpolarized xenon. In an embodiment, the invention includes dissolving the hyperpolarized xenon in a liquid via an input membrane, thereby resulting in xenon in liquid... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110068792 - System and method for magnetic resonance coil actuation: An apparatus includes a plurality of magnetic resonance (MR) coil elements and a plurality of voltage-actuated switches coupled to the plurality of MR coil elements, each voltage-actuated switch configured to selectively activate a respective MR coil element. The apparatus also includes a voltage source configured to supply a voltage to... Agent:

20110068794 - Temperature and pressure transducer: Methods for making and systems employing pressure and temperature sensors are described. Embodiments include a capacitive element including a first conductor plate and a second conductor plate. Each plate includes a conductor layer formed on a substrate. In a pressure sensor embodiment, seal is positioned at or near the edges... Agent: Chevron U.s.a., Inc.

20110068795 - Continuous wave metal detector: A training set including a target object set and a clutter object set is accessed. It is determined that the training set includes multiple types of targets or multiple types of clutter. The target feature value of a type of target is compared with the clutter feature value. The type... Agent: L-3 Communications Cyterra Corporation

20110068796 - Frequency filtering and adjustment of electromagnetically received signals from antennas: An apparatus for estimating a property of an earth formation penetrated by a borehole, the apparatus having: a carrier configured to be conveyed through the borehole; a transmitter disposed at the carrier and configured to transmit electromagnetic energy at a first frequency into the formation; a first antenna disposed at... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110068797 - Logging tool with independently energizable transmitters: A downhole induction resistivity assembly that comprises a downhole tool string component. The tool string component comprises an induction transmitter. The transmitter is adapted to induce an induction field in the surrounding formation. A first induction receiver is spaced apart from the transmitter and is adapted to measure the induction... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110068798 - Imaging using directional resistivity measurements: The present disclosure relates to a method to produce an image of a subsurface formation using directional measurements. A downhole logging tool having one or more transmitters and one or more receivers, and being capable of making directional measurements, is used to measure the voltage in a particular receiver due... Agent:

20110068799 - Activating batteries based on environmental conditions: A system measures a temperature condition of a component of a mobile communication device, determines a battery of the mobile communication device based on the measured temperature condition, activates the determined battery, activates a temperature management device connected to the battery, and manages the measured temperature condition of the component... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab

20110068800 - Internal short circuit evaluation apparatus for battery: The present invention relates to an apparatus for evaluating an internal short circuit of a battery. An object of the invention is to provide an apparatus capable of evaluating whether or not an internal short circuit has occurred in an electrode group in consideration of pressure applied to the electrode... Agent:

20110068801 - Apparatus, system and methods for ground current detection: Various systems, methods and apparatus are described for detecting an excessive or faulty ground current in a conductive wire or electronic device. A ground current detector is coupled to a known earth ground to determine whether other ground lines are carrying excessive, faulty and/or leaking currents. If these types of... Agent: Echostar Technologies, L.L.C.

20110068802 - Ground fault detection device: A device and method to determine the presence of a ground fault that distinguishes between the capacitive portion of the currents to ground, and the resistive portion of the currents to ground by ascertaining aspects of the voltage and residual current waveforms.... Agent:

20110068803 - Electrical power system phase and ground protection using an adaptive quadrilateral characteristics: A quadrilateral distance module may be used to detect faults in an electrical power system. A resistive coverage of the quadrilateral distance module may be defined by an adaptive resistance blinder. The adaptive resistance blinder may be adapted to certain power system conditions, such as forward load flow and/or reverse... Agent:

20110068804 - Device test and debug using power and ground terminals: The present disclosure describes a novel method and apparatus for using a device's power and ground terminals as a test and/or debug interface for the device. According to the present disclosure, messages are modulated over DC voltages applied to the power terminals of a device to input test/debug messages to... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110068805 - Sensing circuit for sensing electric fuse and sensing method thereof: A sensing circuit for sensing an electric fuse and a sensing method thereof are provided. The sensing circuit includes a capacitor, a detection circuit, and an output circuit. The capacitor is coupled to the electric fuse. The detection circuit is coupled to the capacitor and the electric fuse. The detection... Agent: Nanya Technology Corporation

20110068806 - Vlf test generator: Disclosed is a very low frequency test generator for generating a high voltage having a low frequency in order to test the insulation of capacitive loads, in particular power cables. Said VLF test generator comprises an oscillator part which generates a high voltage that has a high frequency and is... Agent: Mohaupt High Voltage Gmbh

20110068807 - Impedance sensing systems and methods for use in measuring constituents in solid and fluid objects: Devices and methods of the invention can be used in many industries, including: utilities, agriculture, food, textile, pharmaceutical, photovoltaic and semiconductor, medical devices, chemical and petro-chemical, material science, and defense, where monitoring and/or analysis of various properties of materials are desired.... Agent: Adem

20110068808 - Adaptor component for a measuring system: The circuit arrangement according to the invention comprises a measuring apparatus that measures an electrical connection, and also one or more conductor patterns. The conductor pattern is connected to the measuring apparatus using an adaptor component, which fits the impedance produced by the conductor pattern to be suitable for the... Agent: Marimils Oy

20110068809 - System and method for determining moisture content in a bale of hay: A system for measuring the moisture content in a bale of hay is provided. An embodiment of the system includes a first pair of electrodes configured to mount in a first position in a bale chamber and at least one additional electrode configured to mount in a second position in... Agent: Rainmaker Holding Company

20110068810 - Sensing method and driving circuit of capacitive touch screen: In a sensing method of a capacitive touch screen, which includes a plurality of sensing capacitors, at least one of the plurality of sensing capacitors is selected into a reference capacitor unit. The capacitance differences between the reference capacitor unit and the sensing capacitors are calculated. A touched position on... Agent: Tpo Displays Corp.

20110068811 - Capacitance meter, method, computer program and computer program product for improved capacitance measurement: A capacitance meter including an AC source providing a measurement voltage with a measurement frequency to a capacitor. A current sensor is arranged to measure a current going to or from the capacitance meter. A voltage sensor is arranged to measure a voltage over the capacitor. A capacitance calculation unit... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110068812 - Method and device for measuring the purity of ultrapure water: This is a method for analyzing the purity of water at the outlet from a purification device. It comprises the following steps: a) sending the liquid at the outlet from the filter means (1) to a resistivity measuring cell (4) to determine its resistivity PUPW; b) establishing a reference mode... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110068813 - In-line characterization: An apparatus is provided and includes a thermally isolated device under test to which first and second voltages are sequentially applied, a local heating element to impart first and second temperatures to the device under test substantially simultaneously while the first and second voltages are sequentially applied, respectively and a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110068814 - Parallel scan distributors and collectors and process of testing integrated circuits: An integrated circuit (70) having parallel scan paths (824-842, 924-942) includes a pair or pairs of scan distributor (800,900) and scan collector (844,944) circuits. The scan paths apply stimulus test data to functional circuits (702) on the integrated circuit and receive response test data from the functional circuits. A scan... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110068815 - Methods and apparatus for implementing electrical connectivity for electronic circuit testing: Various embodiments are directed at an apparatus for implementing electrical connectivity for testing of a semiconductor device. The apparatus comprises a probe head which comprises an upper guide plate and a lower guide plate, wherein the upper guide plate defines a plurality of first apertures, and the lower guide plate... Agent:

20110068816 - Testing apparatus and testing method for lcd: The present technology discloses a testing apparatus and a testing method for liquid crystal display (LCD). The apparatus comprises a testing chamber, at least one support device in the testing chamber and an adjusting device. The support device comprises a support stage located at the bottom of the testing chamber... Agent: Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20110068817 - Solar cell output characteristic evaluation apparatus and solar cell output characteristic evaluation method: [Organization] A solar cell output characteristic evaluation apparatus measuring output characteristic of a solar cell, including: a solar cell; a voltmeter measuring a voltage of the solar cell; an ammeter measuring a current value flowing in the solar cell; a variable resistor part connected to the solar cell; a forward... Agent: Npc Incorporated

20110068818 - Semiconductor apparatus and method of detecting characteristic degradation of semiconductor apparatus: A semiconductor apparatus (IPD) includes a set value storage unit that stores a set value determined based on an initial characteristic value of the IPD, and a detector that detects characteristic degradation of the IPD based on a characteristic value of the IPD at given timing and the set value... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110068819 - Multirange load detection circuitry: Load detection circuitry is provided that may be used to monitor an output line. The load detection circuitry may include one or more current sensing resistors. A monitor circuit can measure voltages across the current sensing resistors to determine whether current is flowing through a load connected to the output... Agent:

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110062941 - Detector, physical quantity measuring device, and electronic apparatus: A detector is provided that detects a detection signal corresponding to a driving vibration, which excites a vibrator in an oscillation loop, and a physical quantity to be measured. The detector includes an amplifying circuit, a synchronous detection circuit, an impedance conversion circuit, a first low pass filter, and a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110062942 - Measuring device with a measuring- and operating electronics for monitoring a measurement signal: Measuring device with a measuring- and operating electronics (1), wherein the measuring- and operating electronics (1) has at least one control unit (IC) and an electrical current controller (ECC), wherein the measuring- and operating electronics (1) is connected to a current loop, wherein a measurement signal current in the current... Agent: Endress + Hauser Flowtec Ag

20110062943 - Timing detection device: A timing detection device includes a draw back amount acquiring unit and a detecting unit. The draw back amount acquiring unit is configured to acquire a draw back amount of a received signal with respect to a peak value of the signal. The detecting unit is configured to detect the... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20110062944 - Faraday optical current sensor arrangement: A Faraday optical current sensor arrangement for measuring the current through a power line comprises a Faraday optical current sensor (38) having an elongated and substantially cylindrical shape defining a first end and a second end opposite the first end. The Faraday optical current sensor has a first optical conduit... Agent:

20110062945 - Device for measuring a current flowing in a cable: An exemplary embodiment relates to a measuring device for measuring a current flowing in a first cable. The measuring device includes a measuring shunt in the form of a plate connected in series with the first cable and associated with a measuring electronic card connected to a data transmission cable.... Agent: Kromberg & Schubert Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110062946 - Eddy current probes having magnetic gap: An eddy current probe uses magnetic gap The probe has a small size; and coil number in the probe is reduced. Hence, the probe can move easily inside and outside a tube and detect an end of the tube as close as possible.... Agent: Atomic Energy Council-institute Of Nuclear Energy Research

20110062947 - Method and system for locating a person, recording medium for this method:

20110062948 - System and method for measuring movement of a component from rings magnetized in a magnetically hard layer: A position-sensing system includes a first component (e.g., a cylinder) and a second component (e.g., a piston rod) movably coupled to the first component for movement with respect thereto. A magnetically hard layer on the second component provides a recording medium. Regions of the magnetically hard layer are magnetized as... Agent: Sri International

20110062949 - Shielded position sensor for translationally moving parts: A sensor is disclosed for monitoring a part which can move translationally relative to a sensor with reference to its position on the axis of motion. This part is for example a piston in a cylinder which is equipped with a sensor. The sensor can be actuated by means of... Agent: Pilz Auslandsbeteiligungen Gmbh

20110062950 - Measuring method, sensor arrangement and method for mounting a measuring system: In a measurement method, a plurality of magnetic field sensors (MS0-MS15) that are arranged along a circular periphery (CIR) and are each configured to emit a sensor signal (H0-H15) as a function of a magnetic field intensity is provided. A diametrically magnetized magnetic source (MAG) seated rotatably on the circular... Agent: Austriamicrosystems Ag

20110062951 - System to screen for longitudinal-seam anomalies: Embodiments of the present invention provide systems to detect crack-like features in pipeline welds using magnetic flux leakage data and pattern recognition. A screening process, for example, does not affect or change how survey data is recorded in survey tools; only how it is analyzed after the survey data is... Agent:

20110062952 - Method for estimating the weight of the contents of a household appliance: A method for estimating the value of the weight of the contents of the oscillating assembly of an electronically controlled household appliance is provided. The oscillating assembly is connected to a frame by a suspension system having a damper. The damper includes at least two mechanical elements adapted to move... Agent: Indesit Company S.p.a.

20110062953 - Nondestructive testing system for steel workpiece: A nondestructive testing system for testing the strength of a gear (15) that has been subjected to vacuum carburization is disclosed. A detection coil (33) embedded in a resin member (32) having a wedge-shaped cross section is placed in proximity to a bottom land (44) of the gear, and the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110062954 - A probe for inspecting the surface of a circumferential slot in a turbojet disk by means of eddy currents: A probe for eddy current monitoring of the surface of a circumferential slot formed in a turbojet disk. The probe includes a stem fastened to a support and a first multi-element sensor constrained to move with the stem and configured to be inserted into the circumferential slot to perform the... Agent: Snecma

20110062955 - Multiferroic antenna/sensor: A multiferroic antenna and sensor where the sensor includes a multiferroic stack of multiple connected multiferroic layer-pairs, each multiferroic layer-pair comprising an alternating layer of a magnetostrictive material and a piezoelectric material bonded together enabling a high signal sensitivity, a magnetic field of an incident signal causing mechanical strain in... Agent:

20110062956 - Mems device with supplemental flux concentrator: A microelectromechanical modulating magnetic device comprising: a base; a magnetic transducer that provides an output in response to a magnetic field associated with the base; at least one movable flux concentrator positioned to move relative to the magnetic transducer; at least one flux collector positioned to collect flux for transfer... Agent: U.s. Government As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army

20110062957 - Optically integrated biosensor based on optically detected magnetic resonance: An optically integrated magnetic biosensor includes an optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) center and a fluidics layer configured to contain a solution comprising analytes, the fluidics layer being disposed over the ODMR center. A light source which generates incident light excites electrons within the ODMR center from a ground state... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20110062958 - Combined imaging system, including a magnetic resonance system and a uwb radar: In a combined imaging system, including a magnetic resonance system and a UWB radar, interference signals in the received signal of the one imaging system can be caused by the respective other imaging system. Therefore filters which contain in particular adaptive filters are used in order to filter out the... Agent:

20110062959 - Tracking positions of personnel, vehicles, and inanimate objects: A device rotates at least one static magnetic field about an axis, producing a rotating magnetic dipole field, and is movable in relation to the surface of the ground. The field is periodically sensed using a receiver to produce a receiver output responsive to the field. A positional relationship between... Agent:

20110062960 - Device and method to monitor electrical contact status: A method and apparatus for generating a status of an electrical contact pair in an electromagnetic switch by triggering an armature movement at a substantially consistent electrical phase angle, determining a magnetic lag angle between the electromagnetic switch closing and the electrical contact pair change of state, and generating a... Agent:

20110062961 - Ionization gauge with operational parameters and geometry designed for high pressure operation: An ionization gauge to measure pressure and to reduce sputtering yields includes at least one electron source that generates electrons. The ionization gauge also includes a collector electrode that collects ions formed by the collisions between the electrons and gas molecules. The ionization gauge also includes an anode. An anode... Agent: Brooks Automation, Inc..

20110062962 - Topology surveying a series of capacitors: A topology for surveying the integrity of a plurality of capacitors connected in series between a pair of bus lines arranged to be connected to a DC-power source comprises a plurality of resistors connected in series between the pair of bus lines, the plurality of resistors being connected in parallel... Agent: Sma Solar Technology Ag

20110062963 - Process and circuit for the detection of an approach to an electrode device: A circuit for generating an indicative signal regarding the approach of an object to an observation area has a send electrode device, a generator circuit for supplying alternating voltage to the send electrode device, a receive electrode device which extends in or along the observation area, and an output circuit... Agent:

20110062964 - Method and apparatus for measuring surface properties: A method for measuring surface properties according to the present invention includes the steps of: with distance control feedback applied so that a desired physical quantity to be measured that is attributed to an interaction between a probe and a sample is actually measured while changing a measured distance between... Agent:

20110062965 - Device for the measurement of coating thicknesses by means of microwaves: A device for measurement of a thickness of a coating applied to a substrate includes a transmitter/receiver module configured to transmit and receive microwave radiation; a computing unit; and a probe having a flange and an inner and an outer conductor, wherein the outer conductor coaxially surrounds the inner conductor,... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20110062966 - Instrument port seal for rf measurement: An apparatus includes a blade clearance detection system. A probe is configured to communication detection frequencies from and gather reflected signals for the blade tip detection system. The probe has an end supported relative to the casing. A material provides a reference point. The blade tip clearance detection system is... Agent:

20110062967 - Vlf test generator: Disclosed is a very low frequency test generator for generating a high voltage having a low frequency in order to test the insulation of capacitive loads, in particular power cables. Said VLF test generator comprises two oscillators, the frequencies of which differ from one another by twice said low frequency,... Agent: Mohaupt High Voltage Gmbh

20110062968 - Rotating electric-field sensor: A compact instrument package consisting of a rotating sensor and supporting signal-processing electronics is capable of measuring two-dimensional electric-field vectors, ranging from DC to an arbitrary upper AC frequency not limited by the rotation rate, with highly improved accuracy and sensitivity when compared with previous art. In addition, contrary to... Agent:

20110062970 - Rotating angle detection device used capacitive change and method thereof: This invention can increase the resolving power of the rotating angle using the rate of capacity change between two objects. The objective is to provide a rotating angle detecting device using capacitive change that is small in size and costs low to manufacture. The method to reach the above objective... Agent:

20110062969 - Single layer capacitive image sensing: A capacitive imaging sensor device includes a sensor substrate. A first set of sensor electrodes is disposed on a first surface of the sensor substrate, substantially in parallel with a first axis, and with at least two of its sensor electrodes extending for different lengths along the first axis. A... Agent:

20110062971 - Single layer transcapacitive sensing: First, second, and third sets of sensor electrodes are disposed in a single layer on a first surface of a substrate of a transcapacitive sensor device. Sensor electrodes of the first set are substantially parallel to a first axis and are substantially identical to one another. The second set comprises... Agent:

20110062972 - Method of determining a sensitivity of a biosensor arrangement, and biosensor sensitivity determining system: According to an embodiment of the present invention, a method of determining or adjusting the sensitivity of a biosensor arrangement comprising at least one field effect biosensor is provided, each of the at least one field effect biosensor comprising: a semiconductor substrate comprising a source region, a drain region and... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20110062973 - Surface gap soot sensor for exhaust: A method and apparatus for sensing particulates within an exhaust flow are provided. The methods and apparatus utilize a soot sensor that includes opposed electrodes separated by an insulator. Preferably, a gap is formed between the electrodes and the insulator to prevent electrical current from flowing therebetween. The soot sensor,... Agent: Woodward Governor Company

20110062974 - Input device based on voltage gradients: An input device is disclosed, including a first drive electrode comprising a resistive material and a first sense electrode disposed proximate to the first drive electrode. The input device further includes a processing system which is coupled with the first drive electrode and the first sense electrode. In one embodiment,... Agent:

20110062975 - Electrical terminal test point and methods of use: Described herein are embodiments of an electrical terminal test point that can be temporarily attached to an electrical terminal (e.g., terminal block) in order to provide an interface between the test leads/jumpers of a test device and the electrical contact points of the electrical terminal. In one aspect, embodiments of... Agent:

20110062976 - Pad structure and test method: The present invention discloses a pad structure and a method for testing a integrated circuit. The structure includes the first pads and the second pads, where the first pads are distributed over a peripheral portion of the integrated circuit and connected with lead-out wires of the integrated circuit, and the... Agent: Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

20110062977 - Probe circuit, multi-probe circuit, test apparatus, and electric device: A probe circuit is provided in an electronic device that includes a circuit which is under test and outputs a response signal corresponding to an input signal in synchronization with an operation clock. The probe circuit includes a sampling clock supplying section that outputs a sampling clock having a predetermined... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110062978 - Multiple contact probes: The present invention is a probe array for testing an electrical device under test comprising one or more ground/power probes and one or more signal probes and optionally a gas flow apparatus.... Agent: Microprobe, Inc.

20110062979 - Test system and probe apparatus: A probe apparatus includes a wire substrate with terminals; a wafer tray forming a hermetically sealed space with the wire substrate and for mounting a semiconductor wafer; a probe wafer provided between the wire substrate and the wafer tray, having an apparatus connection terminal electrically connected to a terminal of... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110062980 - Probe device having first and second probe pins: A probe device includes a probe body having a plurality of first holes extending through a first face thereof and a plurality of second holes aligned with the first holes and extending through an opposite second face thereof, a plurality of spaced-apart first probe pins inserted fittingly and removably into... Agent:

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110057641 - Method and apparatus for current measurement in phase lines: In a method for current measurement in a multiphase current network, a conductive connection is produced between a plurality of the phases of the multiphase current network such that the plurality of the phases is short-circuited with one another. At a detection time, a current value flowing between the conductive... Agent:

20110057642 - Test apparatus for digital modulated signal: An amplitude expected value data generator generates amplitude expected value data that represents, in increments of sampling points, which of multiple amplitude segments the amplitude of a modulated signal waveform that corresponds to the expected value of data to be output from a device under test belongs to. A demodulator... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110057643 - Oscillograph and signal integrity test method using the oscillograph: A oscillograph and a signal integrity test method are provided. The oscillograph measures a serial data bus to obtain captured signals transmitted by each communication channel of the oscillograph. By identifying a time sequence for the captured signals transmitted by each communication channel, a test signal is determined. The oscillograph... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110057644 - Electronic motor vehicle control system with current measuring circuit: The invention relates to an electronic motor vehicle control system having at least one valve actuating circuit which controls a load current by means of pulse width modulation. The actuating circuit has at least one electronic current measuring circuit which has at least one measurement path with at least one... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20110057645 - Method and pulse-width-modulated current control circuit for driving inductive loads in motor vehicles: Method in which the current is measured inside an integrated PWM control circuit using at least one A/D converter which is likewise integrated in the circuit is described. The PWM controller is provided for the purpose of driving inductive loads and is arranged, in particular, in an electronic circuit of... Agent:

20110057646 - Apparatus and method for sensing position of non-orbital movable truck: There is provided a position sensing apparatus when a non-orbital movable truck moves over a spherical surface, a cylindrical surface, or a flat surface, which is capable of position sensing even when, e.g., the non-orbital movable truck circumferentially moves over the spherical surface or the cylindrical surface to be hidden... Agent: Hitachi-ge Nuclear Energy, Ltd.

20110057647 - Apparatus detecting relative body movement: The invention relates to a measuring device for detecting a body moving in relation to an, in particular, tubular container. Said device comprises at least one magnet unit which generates a magnetic field, measures this magnetic field and which is assigned to the container and/or to the magnetic body. The... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20110057648 - Magnetic resolver: A magnetic resolver includes a stator core made of magnetic material, coils, and a rotor. The stator core has a base plate and protrusions formed integrally with the base plate so as to protrude from a surface of the base plate in the thickness direction. The coils are provided around... Agent: Matsuo Industries, Inc.

20110057649 - Method and its apparatus for detecting defects: In the present invention, to make corrective matching thereof, it is designed as follows; position effect of defects coordinates, which are output from an inspection apparatus, is allowed, coordinates of inspected data are mutually corrected, and a state of coincidence or non-coincidence among a plurality sets of inspected data is... Agent:

20110057650 - Current sensor, current measuring module and method for measuring current: A current sensor for measuring a current in a conductor includes two magnetic field sensors located adjacent to the conductor. The magnetic field sensors are at least two-dimensional magnetic field sensors having two measuring directions, thereby facilitating compensation for an inhomogeneous interference field.... Agent:

20110057651 - Oxygen concentration measurement with gmr: In an embodiment, an oxygen sensor comprises a giant magnetoresistance device (10), and a magnetic field generator (14, 14a, 14b) arranged to generate a magnetic field (12, 12a, 12b) overlapping the giant magnetoresistance device and an examination region (20). A component (Bx) of the magnetic field detected by the giant... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110057652 - Scalable multichannel transmitter system for an mr transmission array: A flexible design of a transmission system for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus has multiple radio-frequency control units, connectors that are connected to the radio-frequency control units, a unit to which at least one first connector is connected, which connector is also connected to a first radio-frequency control unit of... Agent:

20110057653 - New technique for performing dielectric property measurements at microwave frequencies: A method, system, apparatus, and computer readable medium has been provided with the ability to obtain a complex permittivity ∈ or a complex permeability μ of a sample in a cavity. One or more complex-valued resonance frequencies (fm) of the cavity, wherein each fm is a measurement, are obtained. Maxwell's... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20110057655 - Software for adjusting magnetic homogeneity, method for adjusting magnetic homogeneity, magnet device, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: On the basis of the magnetic field intensity distribution of a magnetic field space (3), in order to homogenize the distribution, the positions and the volumes of magnetic material shims (such as shim bolts (27)) which have to be arranged on shim trays (17, 18) are first computed on a... Agent: Hitachi Medical Corporation

20110057654 - Systems and methods for design and construction of nmr transceiver circuits: The Rabi frequency of oscillation of the nuclear magnetization vector of a sample in an NMR system may be controlled by modifying only the duty cycle of RF pulses delivered to the sample, without modifying the amplitude of the RF pulses, until the energy delivered at the Larmor frequency is... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20110057656 - Drilling system for making lwd measurements ahead of the bit: A drilling system includes integral drill bit body and logging while drilling tool body portions. There are no threads between the drill bit and the LWD tool. In one exemplary embodiment the drilling system includes a unitary tool body, i.e., a tool body formed from a single work piece. In... Agent: Smith International, Inc.

20110057657 - Push-button testing system: A push-button switch test device having a flexible tab fixedly attached to a pushing member. The flexible tab is made of a flexible material and includes a deformation sensitive resistor mounted on a surface. The push-button switch test device may be used to test a push-button by imposing a known... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20110057658 - Battery system with a current detection circuit: The battery system has a current detection circuit 2, an amplifier 6, and a detection circuit 7 that detects the current flowing through batteries 1 from amplifier 6 output. The current detection circuit 2 is provided with a voltage source circuit 8 that supplies a test voltage to the input-side... Agent:

20110057659 - Voltage measuring device: A voltage measuring device includes a current detecting section that detects a charging or discharging current of a multiple-set battery; block voltage detecting sections that detect voltages of a plurality blocks respectively; and a control section that outputs a request to the block voltage detecting sections via a first communication... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20110057660 - Current leakage detector of construction machine: In a construction machine in which a motor is driven by battery power through an inverter in accordance with operation of an operating lever, current-leakage detection signal output means applies a voltage signal, which is adapted for detection of a current leakage, between DC buses connected to the battery and... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20110057661 - Apparatus and method for identifying a faulted phase in a shunt capacitor bank: An apparatus and method is provided for identifying a faulted phase in at least one shunt capacitor bank. The apparatus generally includes a sampling circuit for sampling current or voltage signals associated with the shunt capacitor bank. A microcontroller is coupled to the sampling circuit and programmed to measure a... Agent:

20110057662 - Arc detector and associated method for detecting undesired arcs: An arc detector for detecting undesired arcs. The arc detector includes: an antenna for receiving an electromagnetic signal representing an arc; and a discriminator for analysing a signal from the antenna, the discriminator including a spectrum analyser arranged to detect whether the signal represents a normal arc or an undesired... Agent:

20110057664 - Device-dependent replaceable unit and manufacturing method: There is provided a device-dependent replaceable unit for use with a test apparatus, which can reduce signal deterioration. The device-dependent replaceable unit is selected depending on a type of a device under test, and to be mounted on the test apparatus to form a signal path between the device under... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110057665 - Test apparatus for digital modulated signal: A pattern generator generates test data to be transmitted. An encoding circuit generates amplitude data which represent a modulated signal waveform that corresponds to the test data. The amplitude data are generated in a parallel manner in the form of multiple amplitude data in increments of multiple sampling points set... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110057663 - Test apparatus synchronous module and synchronous method: Provided is a test apparatus that tests a device under test, comprising a plurality of test modules that test the device under test; a synchronization module that is connected to each of the plurality of test modules, and that synchronizes the plurality of test modules; and a test control section... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110057666 - Method and apparatus for identifying broken pins in a test socket: A method includes scanning a test socket after removal of a device under test to generate scan data. The scan data is compared to reference data. A presence of at least a portion of a pin in the test socket is identified based on the comparison. A test system includes... Agent: Globalfoundries Inc.

20110057667 - Method and apparatus for detecting deterioration of lightning arrester: An apparatus for detecting deterioration of a lightning arrester includes: a high-frequency power supply; a pair of detecting terminals 12 connected to the high-frequency power supply via a resistance for measurement and touched to the terminals of the arrester; a voltage detecting circuit for obtaining a terminal voltage of the... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110057668 - Inductive proximity sensor: The present invention relates to an inductive proximity sensor that includes an oscillator having first and second inductor-capacitor circuits arranged such that an inductance of one of the inductor-capacitor circuits has substantially greater sensitivity to an external target than an inductance of the other inductor-capacitor circuit. The sensor also includes... Agent:

20110057669 - Capacitive sensor: A capacitive sensor for a digital display device comprises: one or more proximity wires; a grounding wire; wherein the DDD having a system area and a frame area; wherein the frame area is positioned around the system area; wherein the grounding wire is disposed on the DDD and forms a... Agent: Amlogic Co., Ltd.

20110057670 - Sensing and defining an input object: A mutual capacitance sensor device comprises a plurality of receiver sensor electrodes, a plurality of transmitter sensor electrodes, and a processing system coupled with the plurality of receiver sensor electrodes and coupled with the plurality of transmitter sensor electrodes. The processing system is configured for acquiring a capacitive image from... Agent:

20110057671 - Methods, system and device to identify a type of test strip: Various methods, devices and systems are described in which certain analyte test strip are identified for use in an analyte test meter or identified as unsuitable for use in the meter.... Agent: Lifescan Scotland, Ltd.

20110057672 - Coaxial sensor for time-domain reflectometry: A sensor is provided for testing a porous medium using time-domain reflectometry. The sensor includes an inner conductor, an outer conductor and a ceramic material interposed there-between. The inner conductor runs along a longitudinal axis of the sensor. The outer conductor has a hollow axial interior and is oriented around... Agent: Soilmoisture Equipment Corp.

20110057674 - Test head manipulator: A test head manipulator system comprising a base structure, a main arm unit configured to support a test head and to be moved relative to the base structure, an actuator having a range of motion of L, and an enhancement mechanism positioned between the main arm unit and the actuator... Agent: Intest Corporation

20110057673 - Test apparatus and test method: There is provided a test apparatus for testing a device under test, including: a plurality of test sections; and a first synchronization section and a second synchronization section that, for each of a plurality of domains that respectively include one or more of the plurality of test sections, synchronize the... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110057675 - Perpendicular fine-contact probe having a variable-stiffness structure: An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a vertical micro contact probe that includes a column formed by longitudinally continuously stacking a plurality of basic units and a front end formed at the front end of the column and contacting an electrode pad of a semiconductor chip. The basic... Agent:

20110057676 - Universal spring contact pin and ic test socket therefor: A universal spring contact pin for use in an IC test Socket includes a depressible probe member at one end and a fixed probe member at the other end. The fixed probe member preferably has a projection length chosen to allow z-axis loading of different surface mount package types within... Agent:

20110057677 - Die stacking, testing and packaging for yield: A method to test and package dies so as to increase overall yield is provided. The method includes performing a wafer test on a first die and mounting the first die on a package substrate to form a partial package, if the wafer test of the first die is successful.... Agent: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

20110057678 - Ceramic substrate, functional ceramic substrate, probe card and method for manufacturing ceramic substrate: A ceramic substrate has a base material composed of an amorphous phase and particles composed of a crystalline phase and dispersed in the base material. Some of the particles are permitted to protrude from at least one surface of the base material.... Agent:

20110057680 - Active device array and testing method: An active device array includes a plurality of scan lines, a plurality of data lines, a plurality of pixel structures, a first testing circuit, a second testing circuit, a third testing circuit and a fourth testing circuit. Each of the pixel structures is connected to one of the scan lines... Agent: Wintek Corporation

20110057679 - Liquid crystal display device with data switching thin film transistor for inspection and inspection method thereof: A liquid crystal display device includes a pixel matrix where a plurality of gate lines and a plurality of data lines cross each other and a plurality of liquid crystal cells are arranged, first data switching thin film transistors respectively connected to data lines of a first group of the... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20110057681 - Semiconductor testing circuit, semiconductor testing jig, semiconductor testing apparatus, and semiconductor testing method: A signal processing section included in a semiconductor testing circuit supplies a test signal inputted from a tester via a signal line to a plurality of DUTs and generates a test result by synthesizing response signals transmitted from the plurality of DUTs on the basis of the test signal. A... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20110057682 - Electronic self-healing methods for radio-frequency receivers: Systems and methods for providing self-healing integrated circuits. The method is characterized in that the behavior of a circuit or a device in response to an input signal is observed. One or more operational parameters or characteristics of the circuit or the device are derived. A corrective action to bring... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

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20110050200 - Apparatus and method for counting and identifying particles of interest in a fluid: The invention relates to an apparatus for counting particles in a fluid comprising a substrate having a first surface; a lid having a second surface facing the first; at least one spacer element interposed between the substrate and the lid so as to maintain the first and second surface spaced... Agent:

20110050201 - Sub-threshold forced plate fet sensor for sensing inertial displacements, a method and system thereof: The present invention relates to a Sub-threshold Field Effect Transistor (SF-FET). The invention integrates a MEMS mechanical transducer along with the sensing mechanism in a single device. Forced mass is capacitively coupled onto the FET structure. Dielectric SiO2 forms good interface with underlying silicon substrate. Air dielectric forms second dielectric... Agent:

20110050202 - electric sensor web, system and a method for its manufacture: A sensor web for electric field sensing. A substrate has a longitudinal direction. At least one array of electrically conductive sensor areas follows each other in a successive manner along the longitudinal direction and is arranged on one side of the substrate. A group of conductors is on the same... Agent:

20110050204 - Secondary battery: A secondary battery capable of ensuring operator safety by checking whether a service plug is opened or closed. The secondary battery includes a battery pack having a plurality of battery cells, a service plug coupled between each of the plurality of battery cells through a pair of plug terminals for... Agent:

20110050203 - Voltage measuring circuit: A voltage measuring circuit includes an under-voltage measuring circuit and an over-voltage measuring circuit. The under-voltage measuring circuit includes a first voltage comparator, a first zener diode, and a first light emitting diode. An inverting input of the first voltage comparator is connected to a cathode of the first zener... Agent:

20110050205 - Oscillograph and signal identifying method of a serial data bus using the oscillograph: An oscillograph can identify signals of a serial data bus. The signal identifying method triggers communication channels of the oscillograph, measures a rise time and a fall time for each captured signal, and sets a sender terminal (ST) and a receiver terminal (RT) for each of the captured signals according... Agent:

20110050206 - Method for verifying the bandwidth and phase of a digital power control system: A method for verifying the bandwidth and phase of a digital power control system according to the present invention includes steps of: A. Disturbance Order Reading in which an A/D conversion unit receives an analog signal order and mix it with existing command components in a digital system unit; B.... Agent:

20110050207 - High voltage measurement device using poled fibers: Two transversely poled fibers are disclosed which can be wound around a holder with their poling directions being anti-parallel. A coupling exchanges the polarization directions of the modes of the fibers. Thermally and mechanically caused birefringence changes can thereby be substantially cancelled, while electrical field induced birefringence changes can be... Agent:

20110050278 - System for and method of virtual simultaneous sampling with a single adc core: Voltage balancing in multi-cell battery packs is improved by estimating instantaneous voltages on the cells. In accordance with one embodiment, an apparatus for reading voltages from multiple voltage sources includes a first multiplexer coupled to multiple voltage sources and a controller. The controller is programmed to output from the first... Agent:

20110050208 - configurable measuring device and a corresponding measurement method: The measuring machine according to the invention has a display device (2), a processing device, and at least one measurement channel. The processing device measures the measurement signal (54, 55) of the at least one measurement channel. The display device (2) displays the measurement signal (54, 55) of the at... Agent:

20110050209 - Method and apparatus for unambiguous determination of the rotor position of an electrical machine: e

20110050210 - Vertical hall sensor and method for manufacturing a vertical hall sensor: A well (2) doped for a conductivity type and provided as the sensor region is formed in a substrate (1) made of semiconductor material. Contact regions (4), arranged spaced apart from one another and doped for the same conductivity type as the well (2), are formed in a cover layer... Agent:

20110050211 - Trapezoidal reader for ultra high density magnetic recording: A magnetic sensor comprises a sensor stack and magnetic bias elements positioned adjacent each side of the sensor stack. The sensor stack and bias elements have substantially trapezoidal shapes.... Agent:

20110050212 - Actuator: In the case of an actuator having a rotation angle sensor with a magnet, no satisfying solution has yet been found for the attachment of the magnet. The invention relates to an actuator having a rotation angle sensor, the magnet of the rotation angle sensor being provided with a plastic... Agent:

20110050213 - Belt monitoring system: A belt monitoring system which can accurately monitor the condition of a conveyor belt by correcting it for the effect of belt deviation. Wear detecting magnets (11), which are rubber magnets spanning the entire belt width, are embedded at intervals along the circumferential direction of the conveyor belt (2). Also,... Agent:

20110050217 - Magnetic flux detection apparatus: A magnetic flux detection apparatus and a system with the magnetic flux detection apparatus are provided. The magnetic flux detection apparatus includes the magnetic material, at least one heated or cooled magneto caloric effect material (MCEM), a permanent magnetic element, at least one magnetic sensing element, and at least one... Agent:

20110050216 - Method and system for limiting interference in magnetometer fields: Magnetometer systems, and associated methods, are provided including a first magnetometer adapted to generate an external magnetic field having a characteristic that is varied over time, and a second magnetometer adapted to receive the magnetic field and generate at least one magnetometer signal representing a change in the magnetic field.... Agent:

20110050214 - System and method for measuring magnetic field strength using a mechanical resonator: Methods and apparatus for measuring magnetic field are provided. A resonator having a resonant frequency is that varies as a function of magnetic field is driven with a drive signal, and produces an output that is converted to electrical form. This output is then processed to isolate interference components due... Agent:

20110050215 - System for applying magnetic forces to a biosensor surface by mechanically moving at least one magnet: A magnetic system for biosensors or a biosystem, wherein magnetic particles that interact with molecules are brought into a magnetic field, in order to be influenced via magnetic attraction or repulsion forces. The external magnetic field is varied by mechanically moving the magnetic poles of at least one magnetic relative... Agent:

20110050218 - non-contact magnetic current sensing and distribution system for determining individual power readings from a plurality of power sources: A non-contact magnetic current sensing system (100) for measuring a plurality of power generation sources includes one or more fused electrical inputs (104, 105) that are arranged in parallel manner to form a comb feeding a center conductor member for receiving power from the power generation sources. A return connection... Agent:

20110050219 - Current measuring device by means of magnetically sensitive sensor for a power electronics system: A current measuring device in a power electronics system includes at least one circuit board and an electrical conductor which is guided through a frame surrounding the circuit board. The current measuring device includes a soft magnetic core surrounding the insulation of the electrical conductor, which core is arranged in... Agent:

20110050220 - Sensor arrangement: A sensor arrangement and a method for its use for detecting the proximity of a ferrous target, the sensor arrangement comprising a sensor body including a magnetic field source and a Hall effect device, wherein the magnetic field source is an electromagnetic solenoid. The invention has particularly utility, but is... Agent:

20110050221 - Coil design for miniaturized fluxgate sensors: A system for detecting a magnetic flux includes: a magnetic-flux-generating coil having a first and second excitation-track elements extending essentially parallel to a reference plane; a flux-conducting structure for guiding the produced magnetic flux; and a flux-detecting coil having a first detection-track element for measuring at least a portion of... Agent:

20110050222 - Current sensor and method for manufacturing sensor module for use in current sensor: A current sensor for outputting a detection signal corresponding to a current flowing through a bus bar. The current sensor includes a magnetic core that concentrates and amplifies magnetic flux generated by the current near a detection portion of the bus bar. A magnetic detection element detects the magnetic flux... Agent:

20110050225 - Double-resonance structure and method for investigating samples by dnp and/or endor: A double-resonance structure for DNP-NMR experiments and/or ENDOR experiments and methods using such a double-resonance structure. The double-resonance structure comprises a microwave resonator for generating electromagnetic fields suitable for EPR and an HF resonator for generating electromagnetic fields suitable for NMR. The HF resonator is formed by a strip resonator,... Agent:

20110050223 - Magnetic resonance apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for performing nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) on samples in metallic holders and vessels or in proximity to metallic objects is disclosed.... Agent:

20110050224 - Preallocatable transmission data memory element of an mr transmission unit in array applications: Optimized transmission system for an MRT is achieved by a device and a method to generate transmission signals (29) via multiple transmission units of a transmission system for a magnetic resonance tomography system, wherein transmission data are respectively received from the transmission units via a transmission data input, received transmission... Agent:

20110050226 - Rf coil for mr imaging which is not visible in x-ray image: An RF coil used for MR imaging is designed so that it remains in place in the field of view of an X-Ray imaging system and comprises a support board on which copper conductive traces and copper printed capacitors are carried. The attenuation of the X-Rays caused by the copper... Agent:

20110050228 - agent for transporting nuclear spin order and for magnetic resonance imaging: An agent for magnetic resonance studies, the agent comprising hyperpolarized 15N labelled N2O in solution or liquid 15N—N2O.... Agent:

20110050227 - System and methods for manipulating coherence of spins and pseudospins using the internal structure of strong control pulses: Systems and methods are provided for controlling coherence of a magnetic resonance signal of spin species. The small difference between hard π pulses and their delta-function approximation is exploited to provide new classes of spin echoes which have applications in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and... Agent:

20110050229 - Method and apparatus for compensating insufficient homogeneity of the basic magnetic field in a magnetic resonance apparatus: In a method and device for compensating the insufficient homogeneity of a magnetic field in a magnetic resonance system, the spatial position and size of a basic magnetic field region and at least one additional magnetic field region in a field to be homogenized and determined. An optimization calculation is... Agent:

20110050230 - Double-suspension receiver coil system and apparatus: A receiver coil apparatus for an electromagnetic survey system, comprising: a tubular outer frame defining an internal passage; a rigid inner member; a receiver coil; a plurality of first elastic suspension members suspending the receiver coil from the rigid inner member within the internal passage; and a plurality of second... Agent:

20110050231 - Method of determining electrical anisotropy in a subsurface formation: Method of determining electrical anisotropy in a subsurface formation, wherein electromagnetic field data from a multi-offset electromagnetic survey obtained by using an electromagnetic source and a plurality of electromagnetic receivers at varying offset distances from the source is provided. The electromagnetic field data comprises a first set of multi-offset response... Agent:

20110050232 - Removing effects of near surface geology from surface-to-borehole electromagnetic data: A method that involves developing an electromagnetic property model of a near surface area and using this electromagnetic property model and electromagnetic data acquired using one or more electromagnetic transmitters located above the near surface area and one or more electromagnetic receivers located within a wellbore to determine one or... Agent:

20110050233 - Vibrating helical spring sensors and methods to operate the same: Example vibrating helical spring sensors and methods to operate the same are disclosed. A disclosed example apparatus includes a housing, a helical spring held in tension, a flowline to expose the helical spring to a fluid, a magnet to expose the helical spring to a magnetic field, and a wire... Agent:

20110050234 - Resonance method for measuring water-oil ratio, conductivity, porosity, permeability and electrokinetic constant in porous formations: A shear wave is generated at a borehole wall. A static magnetic field is applied with a radial direction and an oscillating magnetic field is applied tangential to the borehole wall. The frequency of the oscillating field is varied until a resonance condition occurs. Motion of the formation under resonance... Agent:

20110050235 - Electrochemical cell: An electrochemical cell is provided. The electrochemical cell comprises a cathode compartment, wherein a metal in a solid form is disposed in the cathode compartment. The electrochemical cell further comprises a separator, an anode compartment, and at least one contact device disposed in the cathode compartment or in the anode... Agent:

20110050236 - State monitoring unit for assembled battery: A state monitoring unit monitors a state of an assembled battery in which unit cells are connected in series. The state monitoring unit includes a plurality of voltage monitoring devices and a controller. The controller transmits a common voltage measurement command to the voltage monitoring devices connected in a daisy-chain... Agent:

20110050237 - State monitoring unit for assembled battery: A state monitoring unit monitors a state of an assembled battery in which a plurality of unit cells are connected in series. The state monitoring unit includes: a plurality of voltage monitoring devices provided in a high voltage side and a controller provided in a low voltage side electrically isolated... Agent:

20110050239 - Apparatus and method for making battery value index: According to one embodiment, a method for making a battery value evaluation index, includes applying a predetermined charge/discharge pattern to a predetermined battery, detecting a largest SOC value and a smallest SOC value of the predetermined battery, and setting a width between the largest SOC value and the smallest SOC... Agent:

20110050238 - Battery charge indicator: The battery charge indicator provides a color-coded battery status indicator system adapted for attachment to or adjacent the battery compartment on a power tool body. The system includes a first member that is adapted for attachment to the surface of the power tool. The front face of the first member... Agent:

20110050240 - Battery measuring clamp: A battery measuring clamp, comprising a battery pole clamp 2, a measuring resistor 12 electrically connected to the battery pole clamp 2, and an evaluation circuit which evaluates at least the voltage across the measuring resistor 12, wherein the evaluation circuit is electrically connected to the measuring resistor 12 via... Agent:

20110050241 - Substance identification and location method and system: This invention relates to a method and system for remote detection of a targeted substance by the appropriate application of a probing signal that induces molecular resonance in the target substance to create an identifiable signature or response. In the preferred embodiment, signals transmitted are an Infrared laser beam, amplitude... Agent:

20110050242 - Ion gauge, a monitoring system and a method for determining a total integrated concentration of substances having specific molecular weight in a gas sample: The invention relates to anion gauge10 for determining a total integrated concentration of a substance having a molecular weight falling into a pre-determined range of molecular weights in a gas sample, comprising an ionization region in a vicinity of the ionization source 1; an accelerator 2, 3, 4 for generating... Agent:

20110050243 - Particle measurement process and apparatus: A process for measuring particle concentrations in a gas using an ejector for producing an essentially constant sample flow and for efficient mixing of the particle-containing sample and and essentially clean, ionized gas. The invention also relates to an apparatus implementing such process. The process and the apparatus can be... Agent:

20110050244 - Method and apparatus for testing aircraft electrical systems: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for testing an aircraft control system. The method comprises the steps of: coupling a test device (1) to a plurality of separate test points in an aircraft control system simultaneously; selecting each of the plurality of test points individually, such that the... Agent:

20110050245 - Radio device and fault position specifying method: A radio device includes a radio unit to perform modulation processing on a signal, an antenna to transmit and receive signals to and from an external unit, a cable to connect the radio unit to the antenna, a reflection time calculation unit to calculate a reflection time taken from after... Agent:

20110050246 - Method for screening olfactory sensibility inhibitor: To provide a method for objectively evaluating or screening to identify a substance which is capable of suppressing or regulating olfaction. A method of evaluating or screening to identify an agent for suppressing olfactory sensitivity, including adding a test substance to a substrate having a voltage-dependent cation channel and evaluating... Agent:

20110050247 - Test circuit allowing precision analysis of delta performance degradation between two logic chains: A test circuit for measuring a gate delay as a function of stress is disclosed. The test circuit includes an oscillator, a reference gate chain, a test gate chain, and a counter. The counter measures the difference in propagation delay between the test chain and the reference chain in calibrated... Agent:

20110050248 - Method and apparatus for nondestructive measuring of a coating thickness on a curved surface: An improved method and apparatus for non-destructive measurements of coating thicknesses on a curved surface by measuring components of the microwave energy reflected from the surface. Preferred embodiments of the present invention provide a portable microwave thickness detector with a rounded rocker-type base allowing the microwave beam to be moved... Agent:

20110050249 - Electric current measuring device with increased mechanical strength for installation: An electric current measuring device which measures current flowing from a storage battery, as installed, for example, in an engine compartment of automotive vehicles, to a harness. The current measuring device includes a bus bar with a first securement member and a second securement member, a current measuring circuit which... Agent:

20110050250 - Electronic device and method for inductor current measurement: An electronic device includes a circuit for measuring a current in an inductor, wherein the current in the inductor is controlled by alternately switching a first power transistor and a second power transistor each having a first electrode, a second electrode and a control gate. The measuring circuit includes a... Agent:

20110050252 - Automatic characterization of an actuator based on capacitance measurement: An apparatus and method for determining characterizing attributes of an actuator is provided. An actuator may be moved to a maximum capacitance position. At the maximum capacitance position, an initial measurement of the actuator capacitance is made. The actuator is moved a predetermined increment toward a first extreme position, and... Agent:

20110050251 - Capacitive sensor and actuator: A capacitive sensor and a capacitive actuator having at least one seismic mass deflectably mounted on a substrate. A comb electrode having comb fingers is mounted on the seismic mass, and a comb electrode having comb fingers is mounted on the substrate in such a way that the comb fingers... Agent:

20110050253 - Method and device for evaluating electric performances of an fdsoi transistor: determining the real values of Dit1, Dit2 at the corresponding interfaces of the FDSOI transistor by a comparison between the measured values of the capacitance and/or the conductance of the FDSOI transistor and the calculated theoretical values of the capacitance and/or the conductance of the modeled transistor.... Agent:

20110050254 - Motion sensor: A motion sensor includes a base, a first capacitance electrode, and a second capacitance electrode. The first capacitance electrode is received within the base and comprises first capacitance electrode sheets. The second capacitance electrode is received within the base and aligned with the first capacitance electrode to form a capacitance,... Agent:

20110050255 - System and method for measuring capacitance: A system and method for testing capacitance of a load circuit connected to an output pin of a driving circuit In one embodiment, the method may comprise driving a voltage at the output pin to a first voltage; a predetermined current to the output pin; comparing the voltage at the... Agent:

20110050256 - Sensor system for monitoring surroundings on a mechanical component and a method for activating and evaluating the sensor system: A sensor system and an evaluation method for monitoring surroundings on a mechanical component, having at least one capacitive sensor element that is attachable on the surface of machines or machine parts, in which at least one sensor element is made up of a layered structure of flexible, electrically conductive... Agent:

20110050257 - Moisture meter: A moisture meter (1) has an elongate probe (3) supporting at least one pair of electrodes (5, 6), and being configured for insertion into bulk material (C). There is a transmitter (50) for driving an electrode (5, 6) and a detector (51) for receiving current signals of an electrode. A... Agent:

20110050258 - Device for detecting space objects: The present invention has the object of simplifying apparatus configuration and avoiding a requirement for calibration. The present invention achieves the above object by forming a detection sheet element that retains in a predetermined array pitch a plurality of conductive detection lines that are lead lines formed by etching or... Agent:

20110050259 - Degradation sensor: A sensor for monitoring a structure or material, comprising: an elongate conducting member; and an insulating material within which is embedded the conducting material. The insulating material has one or more gaps located along the insulating material that expose the conducting member without allowing direct contact between the insulating material... Agent:

20110050260 - Electric current measuring device with improved installability: In a current measuring device for measuring an electric current flowing through between a terminal of a battery and a wire, a resistance member has a length and first and second ends in a direction of the length. The first end is to be secured electrically to the terminal of... Agent:

20110050261 - Test probe: A test probe includes a filtering unit and a contact unit. The filtering unit includes an inductive component, a capacitive component, and an insulation component insulates the inductive component from the capacitive component. The contact unit contacts a test point to get a test signal. The filtering unit filters noise... Agent:

20110050262 - Active non-contact probe card: Provided is an active non-contact probe card including a carrier, a support base, a piezoelectric material layer, an active sensor array chip and a control circuit. The support base is disposed on the carrier. The piezoelectric material layer is connected with the support base. The position of the active sensor... Agent:

20110050263 - Probe and method of manufacturing probe: A probe is made to contact an electrode terminal in an electric circuit or an electronic part for an electric measurement of the electric circuit or the electronic part. The probe includes a terminal portion which is brought in contact with the electrode terminal at one end of the probe,... Agent:

20110050264 - Substrate inspection apparatus: According to one embodiment, a substrate inspection apparatus includes a probe socket, a probe pin, and an adaptor. The probe socket is fixed to an inspection jig on which a substrate is provided, one end of the probe socket being connected to a processor. The probe pin is attached to... Agent:

20110050267 - Electromagnetic shield for testing integrated circuits: An embodiment of a probe card is proposed. The probe card comprises a plurality of probes. Each probe is adapted to contact a corresponding terminal of a circuit integrated in at least one die of a semiconductor material wafer during a test phase of the wafer. Said plurality of probes... Agent:

20110050265 - Method and apparatus for multilayer support substrate: Embodiments of the present invention can relate to probe card assemblies, multilayer support substrates for use therein, and methods of designing multilayer support substrates for use in probe card assemblies. In some embodiments, a probe card assembly may include a multilayer support substrate engineered to substantially match thermal expansion of... Agent:

20110050266 - Probe card: A probe card includes a plurality of probes that contacts a plurality of electrodes provided in the semiconductor wafer and that inputs or outputs an electrical signal in or from the electrodes, a probe head that holds the probes, a substrate having a wiring which is provided near the surface... Agent:

20110050268 - Parking structure memory-module tester that moves test motherboards along a highway for remote loading/unloading: A parking-structure test system has motherboards that test memory modules. The motherboards are not stationary but are placed inside movable trays that move along conveyors. An unloader removes tested memory modules from test sockets on the motherboards, and a loader inserts untested memory modules into the motherboards using a robotic... Agent:

20110050270 - Circuit, system, and method for degradation detection: The present invention aims to provide a circuit, system, and method for degradation detection that can accurately evaluate a degradation condition of a transistor without increasing the circuit size. The degradation detection circuit includes a MOS transistor disposed between a power supply (VDD) and a power supply (GND) which has... Agent:

20110050269 - Method for evaluating semiconductor device: A yield and productivity of a semiconductor module are improved. A sheet having electrical conductivity is fixed to a main surface of a semiconductor substrate on which a plurality of semiconductor devices having a surface structure and a rear surface electrode are arranged. The semiconductor substrate is divided into semiconductor... Agent:

20110050271 - Test apparatus of semiconductor integrated circuit and method using the same: A test apparatus includes a test fuse unit for generating a test fuse signal in response to a test mode signal during a test time and generating a test fuse signals according to a fuse cutting after a termination of the test time, a combination signal generating unit for storing... Agent:

20110050272 - Method and circuit for testing integrated circuit: A test controller switches the operation of output stages in an integrated circuit between a normal operation mode and a test mode. The output stages are respectively connected to switch elements. A level shifter generates a switch signal for controlling activation and deactivation of the switch elements in accordance with... Agent:

20110050273 - Fast testable wafer and wafer test method: A fast testable wafer includes a die group, testing points located on dies, a scribe line located between the dies, and a plurality of testing pads disposed in the scribe line area. The testing points comprise bonding pads or electrodes of internal circuits within the dies. The testing pads and... Agent:

20110050274 - Maintaining a wafer/wafer translator pair in an attached state free of a gasket disposed therebetween: A wafer translator and a wafer, removably attached to each other, provides the electrical connection to electrical contacts on integrated circuits on a wafer in such a manner that the electrical contacts are substantially undamaged in the process of making such electrical connections. Various embodiments of the present invention provide... Agent:

20110050276 - Method and program for operating test apparatus: Disclosed is a method for operating a test apparatus in which the testing efficiency is drastically increased. The test apparatus has a plurality of stages for testing wafers by using operation buttons displayed on the operating screens of each of a plurality of monitors. Exclusion condition buttons for excluding operation... Agent:

20110050275 - Semiconductor wafer having test modules including pin matrix selectable test devices: A semiconductor wafer includes a plurality of die areas including circuit elements, and at least one test module (TM) on the wafer outside the die areas. The TMs include a test circuit including plurality of test transistors arranged in a plurality of rows and columns. The plurality of test transistors... Agent:

20110050277 - System for controlling at least one actuator of the cowlings of a turbojet engine thrust reverser: The control system of the invention includes at least one actuator (6) for a cowling (2), driven by at least one electric motor (7), and control means (9) for the electric motor (7) and the actuator (6). The control system includes an electric circuit (C) that comprises: a plurality of... Agent:

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