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Electricity: measuring and testing December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/10

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12/30/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100327847 - High-resolution molecular sensor: A solid state molecular sensor having an aperture extending through a thickness of a sensing region is configured with a sensing region thickness that corresponds to the characteristic extent of at least a component of a molecular species to be translocated through the aperture. A change in an electrical characteristic... Agent: Theresa A Lober T.a. Lober Patent Services

20100327848 - Pulsed echo propagation device and method for measuring a parameter: At least one embodiment is directed to a sensor for measuring a parameter. A signal path of the system comprises an amplifier (612), a sensor element, and an amplifier (620). The sensor element comprises a transducer (4) at a first location of a waveguide (5), and a reflective surface (30)... Agent: Orthosensor, Inc.

20100327849 - Sensor apparatus systems, devices and methods: A sensor apparatus and sensor apparatus system for use in conjunction with a cassette, including a disposable or replaceable cassette. In some embodiments, the cassette includes a thermal well for permitting the sensing of various properties of a subject media. The thermal well includes a hollow housing of a thermally... Agent: Deka Research And Development Corporation C/o Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20100327850 - Methods and apparatus for acquiring measurements and performing an auto-zero process using a multi-range measurement apparatus: In one embodiment, a measurement apparatus has an input stage, an output stage and a multiplexer. The input stage has a signal input, a plurality of measurement range outputs, and a plurality of selectable gain stages, with each of the selectable gain stages being coupled between the signal input and... Agent: Agilent Technologies, Inc. In Care Of: Cpa Global

20100327851 - Contact mechanism, card detecting apparatus, and card detecting method: A contact mechanism includes a movable contact unit to be positionally changed in accordance with insertion of a detachable member; and a fixed contact pair to include a first fixed contact unit and a second fixed contact unit, the positionally changed movable contact unit coming into slidable contact with the... Agent: Arent Fox LLP

20100327852 - Test apparatus: The present invention relates to a test apparatus for a broadband telecommunication network. The apparatus comprises an electrical DC power source having a first and a second electrical connection. The test apparatus further comprises a first electrical circuit comprising a first and a second electrical circuit input and a first... Agent: Ericsson Inc.

20100327853 - Phase locked loop for controlling motor and spindle motor using the same: A PLL for controlling a motor includes first and second feedback loops. The first feedback loop includes an oscillator for generating a signal having a frequency corresponding to an input voltage, a first phase comparator for outputting a first phase difference signal corresponding to a phase difference between the signal... Agent: Mark D. Saralino (general) Renner, Otto, Boisselle & Sklar, LLP

20100327855 - Ptfe graphite coating composition, method and apparatus: A non-stick coating application for high heat welding environments comprised of a fluorinated polymer combined with acidified graphite to which a hardening agent, such as alumina, may be added in some embodiments.... Agent: Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, LLC Glenn H. Lenzen

20100327856 - Security device: A security device for protecting stored sensitive data includes a closed housing including an array of conductor paths and tamper detecting means adapted to detect a change in impedance of the array of conductor paths above a predetermined threshold value.... Agent: Waddey & Patterson, P.C.

20100327854 - Device for determining the position of an object with an enlarged measurement range: The invention concerns a device (1) for determining a position of an object that is provided with a Hall probe (2) as well as with a switching magnet (3) that works together with the Hall probe (2), whereby, in accordance with the invention the Hall probe (2) that has Hall... Agent: Kf Ross PC

20100327857 - Angle sensor, angle sensor manufacturing method, and angle detection device using the angle sensor: There is provided an angle sensor and angle detection device of high output and high accuracy with a wide operating temperature range. First through eighth sensor units 511, 522, 523, 514, 531, 542, 543 and 534 are produced from spin valve magnetoresistive films that use a self-pinned type ferromagnetic pinned... Agent: Mattingly & Malur, P.C.

20100327858 - Pipeline inspection tool with double spiral emat sensor array: A pipeline inspection tool includes two pole magnets oriented at an oblique angle relative to the central longitudinal axis of the tool body. An array of sensor coil sets is located between opposing edges of the two pole magnets and oriented perpendicular to the central longitudinal axis. Each sensor coil... Agent: Gable & Gotwals

20100327860 - method and apparatus for phase sensitive detection of eddy current measurements: adding or subtracting the generated integer values to or from each of two accumulators, or taking no action, so that one accumulator produces a value proportional to one component of the detected signal and the other produces a value proportional to another component of the detected signal and using these... Agent: General Electric Company Ge Global Patent Operation

20100327859 - Pipeline inspection tool with oblique magnetizer: A pipeline inspection tool has an even number “n” of spiraled pole magnets spaced equidistant apart and spanning the length of the tool. Each pole magnet, which preferably has a conformable upper surface, is rotated or spiraled about the tool body so that a second end of each pole magnet... Agent: Gable & Gotwals

20100327861 - Magnetic sensor: A magnetic sensor is provided that measures a magnetic field. The sensor includes a first gas, a probe light source which causes first circular polarized light to be incident on the first gas, a second gas arranged on an optical path of a second circular polarized light, an AC magnetic... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100327862 - Magnetic sensor: A magnetic sensor that measures a magnetic field by using an optical pumping method, the magnetic sensor including: a cell that encloses therewithin atoms or ions each having a single electron in the outermost shell thereof and that is arranged inside the magnetic field; a light source that causes pulsed... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100327863 - Device for transporting magnetic head, device for inspecting magnetic head, and method for manufacturing magnetic head: A device for transporting a magnetic head, a device for inspecting a magnetic head, and a method for manufacturing a magnetic head are provided. The device for transporting a magnetic head is capable of freely changing a posture of a thin film magnetic head when transporting a row bar-shaped thin... Agent: J C Patents

20100327864 - Magnetoresistive sensor and manufacturing method thereof: A magnetoresistive element formed by a strip of magnetoresistive material which extends on a substrate of semiconductor material having an upper surface. The strip comprises at least one planar portion which extends parallel to the upper surface, and at least one transverse portion which extends in a direction transverse to... Agent: Seed Intellectual Property Law Group PLLC

20100327865 - Magnetic sensor: A magnetic sensor for measuring a magnetic field using an optical pumping method includes a first gas in which a valence electron is composed of an odd number of atoms or ions, a probe light incidence device which causes first probe light including straight polarized light to be incident on... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100327866 - Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy using light with orbital angular momemtum: The present invention relates to a device capable of producing a high resolution chemical analysis of a sample, such as fluid, based upon nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, where the nuclear magnetic polarizations of the sample are generated by sequentially illuminating the sample with a focused beam of light carrying... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20100327867 - Method to determine parameters to control the gradient coils and radio-frequency coils of a magnetic resonance device: In a method for examination subject-specific determination of parameters for activating gradient coils and radio-frequency of a coil array of a magnetic resonance device to generate a radio-frequency pulse with which nuclear spins in an examination region of an examination subject are moved out of a rest state by an... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20100327868 - Sar calculation for multichannel mr transmission systems: In a device and a method to determine SAR for a magnetic resonance tomography transmission system with multiple antenna elements, a single-column cross-correlation matrix of an antenna element matrix of antenna element values of multiple antenna elements of the magnetic resonance tomography transmission system is determined for each of multiple... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20100327871 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method: A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus sequentially transmits a plurality of radio frequency (RF) pulses for refocusing transverse magnetization of spins, and brings the transverse magnetization of the spins to longitudinal magnetization after the refocusing of the transverse magnetization of the spins.... Agent: Patrick W. Rasche (20459) Armstrong Teasdale LLP

20100327870 - Movable table for magnetic resonance imaging: In MR imaging, the patient is placed on the table in a configuration convenient for a surgical procedure and while in the configuration the patient is moved into the field of view by moving the magnet longitudinally and the table is moved in the bore relative to the magnet so... Agent: Mr. Adrian D. Battison Ade & Company Inc.

20100327869 - Ultra-sensitive susceptibility detection apparatus of anharmonic resonance measurement type using atomic magnetometer, and method of using same: The ultra-sensitive susceptibility detection apparatus of anharmonic resonance measurement type using an atomic magnetometer detects a change in susceptibility by a specimen containing an object to be measured. The apparatus includes an atomic magnetometer. The atomic magnetometer includes a cell containing an alkaline metallic atom, a light source for magnetically... Agent: Allen, Dyer, Doppelt, Milbrath & Gilchrist P.A.

20100327872 - Devices and methods for led life test: A life test device comprises an oven, a current source, a voltage meter, a control module, and a process module. A light-emitting diode (LED) is disposed in the oven. The temperature of the oven is gradually changed in a first period and remains at a set temperature in a second... Agent: Wang Law Firm, Inc.

20100327874 - Electro-diffusion enhanced bio-molecule charge detection using electrostatic interaction: According to one aspect, the disclosure is directed to an example embodiment in which a circuit-based arrangement includes a circuit-based substrate securing a channel, with an effective width that is not limited by the Debye screening length, along a surface of the substrate. A pair of reservoirs are included in... Agent: Crawford Maunu PLLC

20100327873 - Multi-diagnostic apparatus for substrate-level measurements: Described herein is a method and apparatus for diagnosing processing equipment with a multi-diagnostic device. In one embodiment, a multi-diagnostic device is located in a plasma processing environment and includes an electronic circuitry. The device includes a first array of sensors and a second array of sensors. The circuitry is... Agent: Applied Materials/bstz Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20100327875 - Integrated circuit thermally induced noise analysis: A system and method are provided for testing an integrated circuit (IC) using thermally induced noise analysis. The method provides an IC die and supplies electrical power to the IC die. The IC die surface is scanned with a laser, and the laser beam irradiated locations on the IC die... Agent: Law Office Of Gerald Maliszewski

20100327879 - Circuit test jig and circuit testing method: A circuit test jig used for a printed board that includes a circuit board on which a circuit is formed, the circuit test jig includes a holding plate disposed between the circuit board and the print board and holds a plurality of conductive members that transmit signals between a group... Agent: Fujitsu Patent Center Fujitsu Management Services Of America, Inc.

20100327878 - Disconnection detecting device: A switch element is configured to decrease an impedance of a voltage-detection integrated circuit that detect voltage between both ends of unit cells of a higher-ordered battery block, for adjacently-connected pair of the higher-ordered battery block and a lower-ordered battery block. The voltage-detection integrated circuit is configured to detect disconnection... Agent: Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP

20100327876 - Layout structure of electronic elements and method for addressing to detect electronic elements: A layout structure of electronic elements includes M*N electronic elements in a form of a matrix, a first test pad group disposed on a first side of the matrix and all electronic elements in the same linear section in the matrix electrically connect to a corresponding test pad in the... Agent: North America Intellectual Property Corporation

20100327877 - Radio frequency identification (rfid) device and method for testing the same: A radio frequency identification (RFID) device and a test method thereof are disclosed. In this test method, the RFID device receives different kinds of tag selection addresses and memory addresses according to a time sharing scheme, so that one or more RFID tags are tested. The RFID device includes a... Agent: Ampacc Law Group, PLLC Loading...

20100327880 - Pulsed waveguide sensing device and method for measuring a parameter: At least one embodiment is directed to a sensor for measuring a parameter. A signal path of the system comprises an amplifier (612), a sensor element, and an amplifier (620). The sensor element comprises a transducer (4), a waveguide (5), and a transducer (30). A parameter such as force or... Agent: Orthosensor, Inc.

20100327881 - Control unit, sensing device for a capacitive touch panel and method therefor: A noise reducing device for a capacitive touch panel and a method of reducing noise for a capacitive touch panel are disclosed to solve problems related to noise generated by a conventional filter circuit and an integrating circuit or external noise. In the invention, at least one switch circuit is... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20100327882 - Capacitive sensor interference determination: In a method of determining interference in a capacitance sensor, a signal is transmitted on a transmitter sensor channel of the capacitive sensor. The signal is received on a receiver sensor channel of the capacitive sensor, the receiver sensor channel being coupled with an amplifier. Behavior of the amplifier is... Agent: Synaptics C/o Wagner Blecher LLP

20100327883 - Inductive delta c evaluation for pressure sensors: A measuring device has a sensor unit and an evaluation unit which is electrically isolated from the sensor unit by a partition wall. The sensor unit includes a first capacitive sensor which is electrically connected to a first coil to form a first oscillating circuit, and a reference capacitor which... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100327884 - Liquid level and quality sensing apparatus, systems and methods using emf wave propagation: A liquid level, composition and contamination sensor generates an RF signal across a resonant circuit that includes a variable inductor and capacitor. The resulting electromagnetic radiation is propagated into the liquid and changes in impedance and resonance of the resonant circuit that result from changes in the conductivity and dielectric... Agent: Jerry L. Mahurin The Gates Corporation

20100327885 - Method for estimating and removing air wave response in marine electromagnetic surveying: A method for determining resistivity distribution of formations below a bottom of a body of water from transient electromagnetic signals acquired by imparting a transient electromagnetic field into the water and detecting an electromagnetic response thereto at a plurality of spaced apart positions from a place of the imparting includes... Agent: Petroleum Geo-services, Inc.

20100327887 - Chopper-stabilized instrumentation amplifier for impedance measurement: In general, this disclosure is directed to a mixer amplifier that can be utilized within a chopper stabilized instrumentation amplifier. The chopper stabilized instrumentation amplifier may be used for physiological signal sensing, impedance sensing, telemetry or other test and measurement applications. In some examples, the mixer amplifier may include a... Agent: Shumaker & Sieffert , P.a

20100327886 - Measurement device, measurement system, and concentration measurement method: A first measurement device is a measurement device for measuring the concentration of a target substance in a sample deposited on a biosensor, and more particularly is constituted such that at least two kinds of voltage of mutually different levels are applied at mutually different timings to the electrode system... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack L.L.P.

20100327888 - Method for determining the size and shape measure of a solid material in an arc furnace, an arc furnace, a signal processing device and program code and a memory medium: In a method for determining the size and shape value (M) for a solid material (S), in particular scrap metal, in an arc furnace (1), an electrode flow fed to an electrode (3a, 3b, 3c) for forming an arc furnace (L) between the electrode (3a, 3b, 3c) and the solid... Agent: King & Spalding LLP

20100327889 - Position detecting device: A selector switch is provided which always connects a receiving side electrode to one of a positive electrode input terminal and a negative electrode input terminal of a differential amplifier section. This selector switch is controlled so as to form a positive electrode region in which a plurality of electrode... Agent: Seed Intellectual Property Law Group PLLC

20100327890 - Quality control process for umg-si feedstock: A quality control process for determining the concentrations of boron and phosphorous in a UMG-Si feedstock batch is provided. A silicon test ingot is formed by the directional solidification of molten UMG-Si from a UMG-Si feedstock batch. The resistivity of the silicon test ingot is measured from top to bottom.... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A.

20100327891 - Method and apparatus for thermally conditioning probe cards: Embodiments of probe cards and methods for fabricating and using same are provided herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus for testing a device (DUT) may include a probe card configured for testing a DUT; a thermal management apparatus disposed on the probe card to heat and/or cool the probe card;... Agent: N. Kenneth Burraston Kirton & Mcconkie

20100327892 - Parallel array architecture for constant current electro-migration stress testing: A parallel array architecture for constant current electro-migration stress testing is provided. The parallel array architecture comprises a device under test (DUT) array having a plurality of DUTs coupled in parallel and a plurality of localized heating elements associated with respective ones of the DUTs in the DUT array. The... Agent: Ibm Corp. (wip) C/o Walder Intellectual Property Law, P.C.

20100327893 - Probing structure for evaluation of slow slew-rate square wave signals in low power circuits: An integrated circuit probing structure (40) is provided for evaluating functional circuitry (42), such as a slow slew-rate square wave signal from a low power circuit, where the probing structure includes two or more probe pads (48, 49) for testing the functional circuitry which are formed to be electrically separate... Agent: Hamilton & Terrile, LLP - Freescale

20100327894 - Dual tip test probe assembly: A dual tip test probe assembly for use in both cantilever and vertical probe applications includes first and second elongated test probes, each having a body portion and a tip portion with a tip configured to make contact with a device under test. An electrically-insulating material is disposed between but... Agent: Hickman Palermo Truong & Becker, LLP

20100327895 - Module for a parallel tester for the testing of circuit boards: d

20100327896 - Probe assembly and manufacturing method thereof: A probe assembly has insertion holes formed in a base layer provided on a circuit board. Probe pins are inserted into the insertion holes and fixed by a conductive adhesive filled in the insertion holes. The probe pins can be arranged with small pitch without mechanically electrically interfering with neighboring... Agent: Ipla P.A.

20100327898 - Probe card and inspection apparatus: An automatic switching mechanism is controlled by a probe card independent from a tester without limitation of the number of control signals from the tester. A probe card and an inspection apparatus include probes to be brought into contact with electrodes of inspection targets and a power supply channel electrically... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20100327897 - Wiring substrate and probe card: A wiring substrate that allows wiring at a fine pitch and has a coefficient of thermal expansion close to the coefficient of thermal expansion of silicone, and a probe card that includes the wiring substrate are provided. To this end, there are provided a wiring substrate that includes a ceramic... Agent: Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP

20100327899 - Design support apparatus and design support method: According to one embodiment, a design support apparatus includes a first detector configured to detect a cable connected to the printed circuit board, a second detector configured to detect a conducting component from components of a housing, a third detector configured to detect an electromagnetic wave radiating component from electronic... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20100327900 - Polishing head testing with movable pedestal: A polishing head is tested in a test station having a pedestal for supporting a test wafer and a controllable pedestal actuator to move a pedestal central wafer support surface and a test wafer toward the polishing head. In another aspect of the present description, the test wafer may be... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20100327901 - Power supply testing system: A testing system for testing a conversion efficiency of a power supply unit (PSU) includes a power meter, a plurality of switches, a multimeter, a microcontroller unit, and a data processing device. The power meter is utilized to measure an input power supplied to the power supply unit. The multimeter... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

12/23/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100320995 - Atom chip device: Ultra-cold (nano-Kelvin) neutral atoms can be trapped, manipulated, and measured, using integrated current carrying micro-structures on a nearby surface (Atom Chips). This can be utilized for the realization of ultra-sensitive sensors and quantum computation devices based on the quantum mechanical properties of the trapped atoms. However, harmful processes arise from... Agent: Dr. D. Graeser Ltd.

20100320996 - Device and method for determining at least one value associated with the electromagnetic radiation of an object being tested: The invention relates to a device (10) for determining at least one characteristic of the electromagnetic radiation of an object being tested, and to a probe network (100), characterised in that it comprises a means (200) for sliding said probe network (100) on itself with a relative offset between the... Agent: Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz & Mentlik

20100321000 - Ac detection circuit for power supply: There is provided an alternating current (AC) detection circuit for a power supply, the circuit including: a rectifying part rectifying an AC voltage; a voltage division part dividing the voltage rectified by the rectifying part according to a preset division ratio; a voltage stabilization circuit part stabilizing the voltage divided... Agent: Lowe Hauptman Ham & Berner, LLP

20100320997 - Method and circuit for measuring quiescent current: A measurement circuit and method for measuring a quiescent current of a circuit under test are provided. The measurement circuit comprises: a comparator having a first input terminal for receiving a reference voltage, a second input terminal coupled to the circuit under test, and an output terminal; a current source... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Law Department

20100320998 - System for testing power supply performance: A system for testing power supply performance includes a DC power supply, a test apparatus for testing the DC power supply, and a control circuit electrically coupled to the DC power supply and the test apparatus. The control circuit includes an A/D conversion circuit, and a voltage level conversion circuit.... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20100320999 - Testing apparatus: A testing apparatus is provided to test whether a distance between a first and a second portions of an object is eligible. The testing apparatus includes a worktable, a positioning mechanism to support the object, a pressing mechanism to secure the object, and an actuating mechanism. The actuating mechanism outputs... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20100321001 - Phase detecting apparatus, test apparatus and adjusting method: Provided is a phase detecting apparatus that detects a phase difference between signals, comprising a phase comparing section that sequentially delays a second input signal relative to a first input signal, according to a set value, and that compares a phase of the second input signal to a phase of... Agent: Masao Yoshimura

20100321002 - Integrated sensor with capacitive coupling rejection to the mechanical ground: An integrated sensor includes: i) a voltage regulator coupled with a mechanical ground and delivering a regulated voltage based on a primary power supply voltage referencing an electrical ground; ii) a high-impedance sensitive element powered by the primary power supply, electrically coupled to the mechanical ground and delivering an electrical... Agent: Young & Thompson

20100321003 - Meter-mounted extender: A method of designing a meter-mounted extender with a transformer is disclosed, wherein losses from primary and secondary windings are equalized for a given secondary load.... Agent: Tantalus Systems Corp.

20100321004 - Diagnostic devices incorporating fluidics and methods of manufacture: The present invention relates to diagnostic devices incorporating electrode modules and fluidics for performing chemical analyses. The invented devices consist of a sensor array formed on an electrode module, the sensor array being contained within a fluidic housing. The electrode module is a laminate of a perforated epoxy foil and... Agent: Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Anne Kinsman

20100321005 - Personal media device docking station having an accessory device detector: Systems and methods include a circuit for detecting the insertion of a component into a docking station, e.g., an audio plug. When the component is inserted into the docking station, an electronic switch can be opened. When the switch is opened, a detector (e.g., monostable multivibrator) for detecting a change... Agent: Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP

20100321008 - Rotation-angle-detecting apparatus, rotating machine and rotation-angle-detecting method: An apparatus for detecting a rotation angle using a magnet rotor comprising a magnet having 2N poles, wherein N is a natural number, and a sensor device for detecting the direction of a magnetic flux from the magnet rotor, at least one of two output voltages obtained in radial and... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100321006 - Rotational angle-measurement apparatus and rotational speed-measurement apparatus: A rotational angle-measurement apparatus with high accuracy is provided through the electric correction of the rotational angle-measurement apparatus by rotating the rotation shaft at a constant speed.... Agent: Crowell & Moring LLP Intellectual Property Group

20100321007 - Sheet coil type resolver: A sheet coil type is provided in which a detection coil of two phases is disposed at a stator section and structured such that a coil of sine phase a coil of cosine phase are circumferentially arranged alternately on the same plane, wherein the distance between an excitation coil at... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20100321009 - Magnetostrictive transducer and apparatus and method for monitoring structural health using the same: A magnetostrictive transducer that generates a large shear horizontal (SH) wave useful for non-destructive testing of a plate member, and method and apparatus for structural health monitoring by using the magnetostrictive transducer. The magnetostrictive transducer includes: a magnetostrictive patch array comprising a plurality of magnetostrictive patches that have different radii... Agent: Jae Y. Park

20100321010 - Magnetic field sensor: A magnetic field sensor assembly (401a, 401b) for measuring an angular direction (φ) of a sensed magnetic field (Happl) relative to the assembly, the sensor assembly comprising: a sensor (404a, 404b) of a first type configured to sense an orientation of the sensed magnetic field; a sensor (402, 406) of... Agent: Nxp, B.v. Nxp Intellectual Property & Licensing

20100321012 - Drive coil, measurement probe comprising the drive coil and methods utilizing the measurement probe: The invention provides a drive coil and measurement probe comprising the drive coil. The measurement probes can be used, for example, in in-situ, non-destructive testing methods, also provided herein.... Agent: General Electric Company Global Research

20100321011 - Method and system for inflight refueling of unmanned aerial vehicles: A system and method for refueling unmanned aerial vehicles. The system is adapted to refuel a first unmanned aerial vehicle from a second unmanned aerial vehicle and includes an arrangement for flying the first and second vehicles to proximity within a predetermined range and for connecting an umbilical from the... Agent: Benman, Brown & Williams

20100321013 - Magnetic-field analyzing apparatus and magnetic-field analyzing program: A first equation is created, using the physical property data of a user-specified target to be analyzed, to calculate a first magnetic field due to a current vector in the target to be analyzed in such a manner that a finite element method and a boundary integral method are applicable... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100321014 - External magnetic field angle determination: Magnetoresistive sensors are commonly used for angular detection in many automotive applications. According to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, a sensor is provided in which a first half-bridge has magnetoresistive resistors with barber-pole stripes and in which a second half-bridge has magnetoresistive resistors without barber-pole stripes. One of... Agent: Nxp, B.v. Nxp Intellectual Property & Licensing

20100321015 - Miniature coils on core with printed circuit: A method for producing a coil assembly includes overlaying printed circuit traces on a core. The traces include terminals for coupling to conductive connections on a base on which the coil assembly is to be mounted. Two or more wires are wrapped around the core so as to define two... Agent: Philip S. Johnson Johnson & Johnson

20100321016 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and scanning-condition creating method: A storage unit stores a parameter list that defines a method of creating scanning conditions for a preparation scan from scanning conditions set for a main scan, with respect to each type of scanning. A scanning-condition edit/scan positioning unit receives an operation of selecting a type of a preparation scan,... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100321017 - Ultrahigh time resolution magnetic resonance: Ultrahigh time resolution magnetic resonance is achieved in a flow-through device such as a microfluidic chip by imaging along the flow dimension. Position within the one-dimensional image may be related to time by the flow velocity. Thus, a time resolution corresponding to the one-dimensional image resolution is obtainable.... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20100321019 - Gradient magnetic field coil device and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: When the gradient magnetic field 9 is generated, a low magnetic field region 22 and a high magnetic field region 21 are generated where a magnetic field crossing at least one of the first forward coil 11a, a second forward coil 11b, first revere coil 11e, and a second reverse... Agent: Mattingly & Malur, P.C.

20100321018 - High-resolution nmr probe: A high-resolution NMR probe is offered which is simple in structure and can be fabricated at low cost. The inside of the probe is maintained in a vacuum to adiabatically isolate the inside from the outside. Liquid helium is sent into a first heat exchanger located immediately close to a... Agent: The Webb Law Firm, P.C.

20100321020 - Bandwidth expansion in magnetic resonance: An apparatus for use in a magnetic resonance examination includes a radio frequency receive coil (50) and adjustable tuning circuitry (51) for adjusting the resonant frequency of the receive coil. The apparatus also includes a preamplifier (29) which amplifies signals generated by the receive coil. An adjustable feedback circuit (31)... Agent: Driggs, Hogg, Daugherty & Del Zoppo Co., L.p.a.

20100321021 - Metal detection excavation apparatus and method: An excavation apparatus for locating and separating an object from a medium comprising a handle, an excavation tool, a metal detector circuit, at least one coil connected to the metal detector circuit, and at least one output signal device connected to the metal detector circuit. The handle and the excavation... Agent: Jack Alexander Siegel

20100321022 - Apparatus and system for well placement and reservoir characterization: A resistivity array having a modular design includes a transmitter module with at least one antenna, wherein the transmitter module has connectors on both ends adapted to connect with other downhole tools; and a receiver module with at least one antenna, wherein the transmitter module has connectors on both ends... Agent: Schlumberger Oilfield Services

20100321023 - Attenuation of electromagnetic signals passing through conductive material: The present disclosure relates to determining the attenuation of an electromagnetic signal passing through a conductive material. An antenna is provided and placed in relatively close proximity to the conductive material. An alternating current is passed through the antenna and the impedance of the antenna is measured. The attenuation is... Agent: Schlumberger Oilfield Services

20100321024 - Deriving an electromagnetic field in one direction based on measurement data of one or more sensing elements for measuring an electromagnetic field in another direction: A survey module includes at least one sensing element to measure a first electromagnetic (EM) field along a first direction, and circuitry to derive a second EM field along a second, different direction based on the first EM field.... Agent: Jeffrey E. Griffin,IPDept. Westerngeco L.L.C.

20100321025 - Method for use with a vehicle battery pack having a number of individual battery cells: A system and method for use with a vehicle battery pack having a number of individual battery cells, such as a lithium-ion battery commonly used in hybrid electric vehicles. In one embodiment, the method evaluates individual battery cells within a vehicle battery pack in order to obtain accurate estimates regarding... Agent: General Motors Corporation C/o Reising Ethington P.C.

20100321026 - Voltage measuring apparatus for assembled battery: There is provided a voltage measuring apparatus for measuring a voltage of an assembled battery in which a plurality of unit cells are connected in series. The voltage measuring apparatus comprises: block voltage detection sections, each section measuring a voltage of each block of a plurality of blocks into which... Agent: Sughrue-265550

20100321027 - Methods and systems for detection using threshold-type electrostatic sensors: Methods, apparatus and systems are described as relating to electrostatic sensors for detection in micro or nano electromechanical systems. In exemplary embodiments, a sensor for detecting a threshold value of is provided. The sensor includes a deformable member with a mass detection area, an electrostatic actuator having first and second... Agent: Dowell & Dowell P.C.

20100321028 - System and method for determining the performance of a wearable electrode: A system (100) for determining the performance of a wearable electrode, the system (100) comprising: a container (37) of liquid to simulate a static or dynamic environment for the electrode; a measurement module (2) to analyse and record predetermined properties of the electrode in response to passing an electrical current... Agent: Kauth , Pomeroy , Peck & Bailey ,llp

20100321029 - Plasma measuring method, plasma measuring device and storage medium: Provided is a technique capable of ascertaining the process condition of the boundary between electrically positive and negative plasma regions. In a vacuum chamber, one of the parameters of process conditions is stepwisely changed to generate a plasma under at least three process conditions. The parameters include a flow rate... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100321031 - Optical component identifier: A circuit board including a plurality of components; a plurality of light sources aligned along at least one axis; and a controller configured to activate the light sources to identify at least one of the components. The components on the circuit board can be identified by the light sources in... Agent: Marger Johnson & Mccollom, P.C. - Xerox

20100321030 - System and method to provide lubrication for a plug-in hybrid: In hybrid electric vehicles having increased battery storage capacity and plug-in capability, electric-only operation of significant duration is available. To supplement lubrication for the electric and mechanical components provided in a fluid circuit by an engine-driven mechanical pump, an electric pump is provided in parallel to the mechanical pump. When... Agent: Brooks Kushman P.C./fgtl

20100321033 - Method and system for optimal source impedance matching at the input of electronic components, particularly transistors: A method for determining optimal source impedance at the input of a device under testing (DUT) in a measurement bench, includes the steps of calibrating a source pull type bench as a measurement bench, adjusting a load impedance and continuous bias of the DUT, generating an electric power signal by... Agent: Bachman & Lapointe, P.C.

20100321032 - Pre-settable current sensing apparatus, system, and/or method: The present invention relates to electromechanical device status monitoring and equipment protection applications for industrial automation, HVAC, and other implementations; and, more particularly, to the use of current sensing devices to detect loss-of-flow conditions. Presently described embodiments can comprise simplified, compact current sensing devices that can be economical to build,... Agent: NorthwestIPLaw Group

20100321034 - System and method for detecting interfernce in a sensor device using phase shifting: A capacitive sensor device and method is configured to respond a stimulus provided in a sensing region with an output signal. A signal generator is configured to apply a carrier signal to the capacitive sensor device. The carrier signal is switched between a plurality of phases at a switching rate,... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (syna)

20100321035 - Loop element and noise analyzer: There is provided a shield-structured loop element which can suppress noise via a silicon substrate and can be manufactured by a semiconductor process. The loop element includes: a first well of a first polarity that is formed on a substrate; a deep well of a second polarity that is formed... Agent: Mcginn Intellectual Property Law Group, PLLC

20100321037 - Configurable voltage regulator: A configurable semiconductor includes N terminals adapted to be connected to at least one of T external impedances. N is an integer greater than zero and T is an integer greater than one. The T external impedances have impedance values within predetermined tolerances. A measurement circuit measures an impedance value... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce P.L.C

20100321036 - Dual tone measurement of conductivity and dielectric properties: The invention relates to a method of simultaneously determining both the conductivity and dielectric properties of a sample such as lubricating oil or a fuel. First and second signals are applied to a test cell through a combiner. Output of the cell is measured by a pair of frequency selective... Agent: Vern Maine & Associates

20100321039 - Method and apparatus to select a parameter/mode based on a time measurement: An example integrated control circuit includes a regulator, a first comparator, a second comparator, and a counter. The regulator is to charge, during a time period, a capacitor. The first comparator is to provide an output indicating when a voltage on the capacitor reaches a first threshold voltage. The second... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20100321038 - Monitoring of the aging of the capacitors in a converter by means of capacitance measurement: A method and a device for converting an electrical current include at least one phase module having an AC voltage connection and at least one DC voltage connection. A phase module branch is disposed between each DC voltage connection and the AC voltage connection. Each phase module branch includes a... Agent: Lerner Greenberg Stemer LLP

20100321040 - Capacitor capacitance diagnosis device and electric power apparatus equipped with capacitor capacitance diagnosis device: A capacitor capacitance diagnosis device includes a power supply which is for charging a capacitor, a discharge circuit which is connected to the capacitor in parallel to discharge energy of the capacitor, a resistance dividing circuit which is for measuring voltage drop value during discharging, a measurement circuit which measures... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20100321041 - Determining the dead time in driving a half-bridge: Disclosed is a circuit arrangement for determining a temporal change of an output voltage of a half-bridge circuit during a dead time. In one embodiment, the circuit arrangement includes a first input for applying the output voltage. A capacitive network is provided having a first and a second circuit node... Agent: Dicke, Billig & Czaja

20100321042 - Configurable psro structure for measuring frequency dependent capacitive loads: A configurable PSRO measurement circuit is used to measure the frequency dependent capacitance of a target through silicon via (TSV) or other conductive structure. Measurements of the target structure are aided by using adjustable resistors and a de-embedding structure to measure the effects of parasitic capacitance, CPAR. Current is measured... Agent: Ibm Corporation Intellectual Property Law

20100321043 - Two-dimensional position sensor: A two-dimensional position sensor is formed by drive electrodes (52) and sense electrodes (62, 64, 66) both extending in the x-direction and interleaved in the y-direction. The sense electrodes comprise several groups, two of which co-extend in the x-direction over each different portions of extent in the x-direction. The drive... Agent: Mcdermott Will & Emery LLP

20100321044 - Sensing element integrating silicon nanowire gated-diodes, manufacturing method and detecting system thereof: The invention disclosed a sensing element integrating silicon nanowire gated-diodes with microfluidic channel, a manufacturing method and a detecting system thereof. The sensing element integrating silicon nanowire gated-diodes with a microfluidic channel comprises a silicon nanowire gated-diode, a plurality of reference electrodes, a passivation layer and a microfluidic channel. The... Agent: Hudak, Shunk & Farine, Co., L.p.a.

20100321045 - Device and system for measuring properties of cells and method of measuring properties of cells using the same: According to a device and system for measuring the properties of cells, there is an advantage in that, since a cell accommodation unit having a volume is provided, the properties of three-dimensional cells can be measured. Further, the present invention is advantageous in that it enables passive measurement of multiple... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20100321046 - Wipeable conductivity probe and method of making same: A conductivity sensor is disclosed that comprises a forked electrode support that includes a first opposing arm and a second opposing arm spaced apart by a slot. Both the first arm and the second arm include a plurality of electrodes embedded in each arm. The first and second arms and... Agent: Thompson Hine L.L.P. Intellectual Property Group

20100321047 - Method and device for detecting electric potential and electric charges in a printer or copier: In a system or method to detect an electrical potential and layer thickness of a layer of toner particles in a printer or copier, a measurement arrangement is provided having a first electrode and at least one second electrode situated opposite the first electrode. An intermediate image carrier is provided... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20100321048 - Systems for inspection of shrouds: A system to measure thickness of a shroud is provided. The system includes at least one resistive element embedded within the shroud. The system also includes an impedance measurement device that measures a total resistance associated with the at least one resistive element.... Agent: General Electric Company Global Research

20100321049 - Integrated circuit chip identification element: A element for identifying an integrated circuit chip having identical diffused resistors connected as a Wheatstone bridge.... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Inc. C/o Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20100321052 - Pre-alignment method of semiconductor wafer and computer-readable recording medium having pre-alignment program recorded thereon: Disclosed is a pre-alignment method and a computer-readable medium storing a pre-alignment program capable of reducing pre-alignment time and transfer time of a semiconductor wafer. The pre-alignment method includes steps of rotating the semiconductor wafer transferred from a receiving unit onto a rotating body of a pre-alignment mechanism by a... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP

20100321053 - Semiconductor inspection apparatus, semiconductor wafer positioning method, and semiconductor wafer inspection method: A semiconductor inspection apparatus comprising: a plurality of wafer stages provided independently for each of a plurality of laminated semiconductor wafers, that directly or indirectly secure the corresponding semiconductor wafers and that possess a mechanism for positioning the corresponding semiconductor wafers; and a probe card, arranged outside or in between... Agent: Mr. Jackson Chen

20100321050 - On-chip measurement of signals: A method, system, and computer usable program product for on-chip measurement of signals in an integrated circuit are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A signal to be measured is identified in the IC. The signal is provided as a first control voltage input to a first VCO in the IC.... Agent: Ibm Corp. (gig)

20100321051 - Semiconductor integrated circuit, debug/trace circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit operation observing method: A main functional structure executes continuous predetermined operations to continuously generate events associated with the operations. A debug/trace circuit compares an event occurring at the main functional structure with detection condition indicating information of one entry in a control information list, and executes the operation designated by operation indicating information... Agent: Mr. Jackson Chen

20100321054 - Semiconductor inspecting device and semiconductor inspecting method: A semiconductor inspecting device comprises a probe card for transmitting a signal or power supply to semiconductor wafers having one or more subject chips formed therein, and is constituted such that the first semiconductor wafer faces the first face of the probe card and such that the second semiconductor wafer... Agent: Mr. Jackson Chen

20100321055 - Ic test vector generator for synchronized physical probing: Systems, methods, and computer readable media storing instructions for such methods relate to generating test vectors that can be used for exercising a particular area of interest in an integrated circuit. The test vectors generally include a non-overlapping repeating and/or predictable sequence of care bits (a care bit pattern) that... Agent: Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner/ Cadence

20100321057 - Probe pin and method of manufacturing the same: A probe pin having a bent portion at its tip end portion is used for a probe card, the probe pin is configured such that an angle constituted by a direction of work groove generated at a time of machine-working of a tip end portion of the probe pin and... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100321056 - System and method of measuring probe float: A system and method allow accurate calculation of probe float through optical free-hanging and electrical planarity measurement techniques. In accordance with an examplary embodiment, probe float may be determined by acquiring a free-hanging planarity measurement, obtaining a first electrical contact planarity measurement, and calculating probe float using results of the... Agent: Dicke Billig & Czaja, PLLC Attn: Christopher Mclaughlin

12/16/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100315061 - Measurement apparatus and recording medium: Provided is a measurement apparatus that measures power of a modulated signal that is modulated with a carrier signal having a prescribed frequency, comprising an AD converting section that outputs a digital modulated signal obtained by AD converting the modulated signal; a frequency converting section that converts the digital modulated... Agent: Masao Yoshimura

20100315062 - Quasi-resonant valley voltage detecting method and apparatus: The present invention discloses a quasi-resonant valley voltage detecting method, comprising the steps of: generating a valley detection signal by detecting a valley of a first quasi-resonant signal; generating a count value by counting the valley detection signal; and determining a level transition instance of a gating signal according to... Agent: Apex Juris, PLLC

20100315063 - Meter device and method of testing a cut neutral conductor: A meter device for checking the measurements of an electrical meter, such as that used by electrical utilities is provided. The meter device has a base with electrical phase conductors arranged to couple with a meter socket. A housing is attached to the base. Electrical connectors are arranged on the... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP

20100315064 - Methods of and apparatus for measuring and controlling wafer potential in pulsed rf bias processing: Apparatus and methods are provided to detect and control a voltage potential applied in a plasma chamber for processing a semiconductor wafer. The plasma chamber includes circuitry for monitoring and adjusting a pulsed RF bias voltage signal to be applied to a chuck in the plasma chamber, where the chuck... Agent: Martine Penilla & Gencarella, LLP

20100315065 - Wideband high impendance bridging module: A bridge module provides connection between first and second conductors of a line under test and a test instrument adapted for use with the bridge module. The bridge module provides monitoring and measurement of DSL communication signals between the telephone company DSL terminal (DSLAM) and the subscriber home DSL equipment... Agent: Clark Hill PLC

20100315066 - Current sensor: A current sensor for measuring a current supplied to a conductor includes a case which accommodates an electrical parts therein, and a cover attached to the case. A groove part is provided on an outer surface of at least one of the case and the cover to allow the conductor... Agent: Sughrue-265550

20100315068 - Apparatus and method for calibrating a tramp metal detector: An apparatus for calibrating a metal detecting device of a materials processing line. A placement arm is provided to control the path of a calibrating sample in order to simulate movement of tramp metal moving on a processing line along with materials being processed. Upper and lower arms of the... Agent: Kratz, Quintos & Hanson, LLP

20100315067 - Power network sensor devices and related methods: An operation detection device for an overcurrent protection component that detects a transition event between a closed state and an open state of the protection component includes an event sensor positioned at a location selected to allow the event sensor to detect the transition event and a current sensor positioned... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation- Intellectual Propery Law Department

20100315070 - Inclinometer: An inclinometer includes a base, a weight, and a magnetic field-detecting unit. The weight is provided with a magnet and is pivotally suspended from the base in such a manner that the base and the weight are rotatable relative to each other. The magnetic field-detecting unit is secured to the... Agent: Christie, Parker & Hale, LLP

20100315069 - Method for checking the operational capability of a final control device: A control device with a valve adjusted by a control element is provided. A position sensor detects an actual position of the control element and an electro-pneumatic position controller generates a pneumatic control variable as a function of the actual and desired positions. The pneumatic control variable is supplied to... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20100315071 - Read head: A read head with a sensor unit, whereby the sensor unit has a first RFID transponder reader unit and an induction detector unit. With the combination of two types of reader units, read heads of this type can be used for determining the position of rail vehicles.... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100315072 - Linear sensor: The invention relates to a linear sensor, comprising a sleeve (5), a pin (7) which comprises a permanent magnet (1) and is linearly displaceably supported in the sleeve (5), and a magnetic field sensor (3) which is fastened to the sleeve (5) and used to detect a displacement of the... Agent: Walter A. Hackler

20100315073 - Magnetic encoder apparatus and manufacturing method therefor: Conductive pads (32) are formed, using an insulating material as a base, on the four side faces of a fixed member (3) having a shape that is substantially a right square prism. Magnetic field detection elements (4) are mounted on these pads (32). A cylindrical space (28) is formed in... Agent: Sughrue-265550

20100315075 - Resolver of phase difference type: A phase difference type resolver is adapted such that a calculator calculates an angle from a phase difference at a detection-signal zero cross point, determines a velocity at the angle based on an angle calculated from a phase difference at a previous detection-signal zero cross point, calculates an estimated angle... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100315074 - Rotation angle detector: A rotation angle detector, comprises a magnet having at least a top surface, a bottom surface and a peripheral surface, that is fixed at a detectable rotation body and the same is rotated as integral therewith, a magnetic detecting unit for detecting a strength of a magnetism for the magnet,... Agent: Turocy & Watson, LLP

20100315076 - Tension measurement apparatus: A tension measurement apparatus that can carry out tension measurement of superior reproducibility with high sensitivity even for a target object of a stranded wire structure is provided. A cylindrical magnetizer arranged to surround a portion of a long magnetic element that becomes the target object of measurement direct-current magnetizes... Agent: Venable LLP

20100315077 - Method of non-destructively testing, a system and a computer program product: The invention relates to a method of non-destructively testing a magnetisable conducting object surrounded by a magnetisable layer. The method comprises the step of abruptly changing a field strength of a primary magnetic field that is applied exterior to the magnetisable layer. Further, the method comprises the step of receiving... Agent: Jacobson Holman PLLC

20100315078 - Method for evaluating electrode material, method for producing electrode, and apparatus for producing electrode: A method for evaluating an electrode material for a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery including the steps of: (A) vibrating an electrode material for a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery at a prescribed frequency successively in two or more levels of magnetic fields that have different magnetic flux densities; (B) detecting induced... Agent: Mcdermott Will & Emery LLP

20100315079 - Electronic spin based enhancement of magnetometer sensitivity: A method is disclosed for increasing the sensitivity of a solid state electronic spin based magnetometer that makes use of individual electronic spins or ensembles of electronic spins in a solid-state lattice, for example NV centers in a diamond lattice. The electronic spins may be configured to undergo a Zeeman... Agent: Elizabeth Eunjoo Kim Rauschenbach Patent Law Group, LLP

20100315080 - metal detector: A metal detector is disclosed which comprises a transmitter arranged to generate a primary magnetic field, and at least one sensor arranged so as to sense a secondary magnetic field vector present after the transmitter has been turned off by measuring 3 substantially mutually orthogonal components of the secondary magnetic... Agent: Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP/seattle

20100315081 - Method for determining formation particle size distribution using well logging measurements: A method for determining particle size distribution of a subsurface rock formation using measurements of at least one nuclear magnetic resonance property made from within a wellbore penetrating the rock formation includes determining a distribution of nuclear magnetic relaxation times from the measurements of the at least one nuclear magnetic... Agent: Schlumberger Reservoir Completions

20100315082 - Frequency swept excitation for magnetic resonance: A method of magnetic resonance is provided that uses a frequency swept excitation wherein the acquired signal is a time domain signal is provided. In one embodiment, the method comprises, applying a sweeping frequency excitation and acquiring a time domain signal. The sweeping frequency excitation has a duration and is... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A.

20100315085 - Modular apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging: The present invention discloses a modular MRI imaging system. The imaging system includes MRI radio-frequency antenna arrays separate from the patient support structure. The antenna arrays are affixed to a thin, flexible film such that they may be located next to the anatomical region of interest. In addition, multiple antenna... Agent: Boyle Fredrickson S.c.

20100315083 - Nuclear magnetic resonance method for quantitative and qualitative measurement of natural products: Provided herein are various methods and systems for analyzing natural products by quantitative proton nuclear magnetic resonance (qHNMR). A method is provided for quantitative and qualitative determination of a natural product by 1HNMR and decoupling 13C nuclei from the protons in the sample containing the natural product. The resultant spectrum... Agent: Greenlee Sullivan P.C.

20100315084 - System, method, and apparatus for magnetic resonance rf-field measurement: An apparatus, system, and method including a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) apparatus includes a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system having a plurality of gradient coils positioned about a bore of a magnet, and an RF transceiver system and an RF switch controlled by a pulse module to transmit RF signals... Agent: General Electric Company Global Research

20100315087 - Apparatus and method of magnetic resonance imaging: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a Magnetic Resonance Imaging system comprising a Magnetic Resonance (MR) scanner to selectively couple to one among a plurality of antennas without compromising spatial alignment with an anatomical sample during signal acquisition by the MR scanner. According... Agent: Uic Docket

20100315086 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and chiller: By using a temperature monitor, a coil-dedicated chiller measures an amount of change in temperature of cooling water flowing out from a cooling pipe of a gradient magnetic field, determines an amount of change in temperature of cooling water to be flowed into the cooling pipe in accordance with the... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100315088 - Multi-transient dc resistivity measurements: A method for measuring resistivity variations in the earth comprising passing a transient current between two source electrodes; measuring the transient current at the source electrodes; measuring the resultant transient voltage between at least one pair of receiver electrodes; estimating one or more processing functions for applying to the measured... Agent: Petroleum Geo-services, Inc.

20100315089 - System and method for battery charger self test and diagnostic means: A self diagnostic battery charging system may include a battery charger and a diagnostic module having a power supply separate from the battery charger. Additionally, a method may include executing a diagnostic program and indicating a result from the diagnostic program.... Agent: Suiter Swantz PC Llo

20100315090 - Electrostatic sensor and occupant detecting device having the same: An electrostatic sensor for a vehicle includes a loop-shaped electrode arranged in a seat bottom of the vehicle, and a sensor portion to detect a weak electric field generated between the electrode and a chassis of the vehicle when a predetermined voltage is applied to the electrode. The electrode has... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100315091 - Detecting a short circuit in an inductive load current path: A method detects a short circuit in a load current path that includes an inductive load.... Agent: Slater & Matsil, L.L.P.

20100315092 - Fault prediction in electronic transmission networks: A system and a method for measuring leakage current in an electrical transmission network. The system contains a plurality of electric current measurement devices distributed along the electrical transmission network and at least one central controller. The current measurement devices measure the electric current substantially continuously or repeatedly and report... Agent: Daniel J Swirsky

20100315093 - power measurement with a signal generator: A measuring system contains a signal generator and at least one power meter. A device under test is supplied with a signal from the signal generator. A signal output by the device under test can be measured by the first power meter. In this context, the signal generator and the... Agent: Ditthavong Mori & Steiner, P.C.

20100315094 - Overlay key, method of forming the overlay key and method of measuring overlay accuracy using the overlay key: In an overlay key used for measuring overlay accuracy between first and second layers on a substrate, a first mark may be formed in the first layer, and a second mark may be formed on the second layer. The first mark may include first patterns having a first pitch and... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100315095 - Current transformer and electrical monitoring system: A current transformer comprises a magnetic core having a closed central opening, at least two conductors extending through the central opening and positioned symmetrically within the magnetic core, and at least one set of winding turns wound around the core in a balanced configuration with respect to the at least... Agent: General Electric Company Global Research

20100315096 - Insulation resistance detecting apparatus: An insulation resistance detecting apparatus is provided to detecting an insulation resistance of a load circuit. The insulation resistance detecting apparatus comprises: a coupling capacitor of which a first end is connected to the load circuit; a periodic waveform output section which is connected to a second end of the... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20100315097 - Amplifier circuit: An amplifier circuit comprises an amplifier for amplifying an input signal and outputting the amplified signal to an external device. A power supply provides a supply voltage to the amplifier. The nature or type of external device (for example line-load or headphones) is determined by measuring a parameter related to... Agent: Dickstein Shapiro LLP

20100315098 - Method for determining at least one state variable of an electric arc furnace, and electric arc furnace: In a method for determining a state variable of an electric arc furnace, especially for determining the level of the foamed slag (15) in a furnace, the energy supplied to the furnace is determined with the aid of at least one electric sensor while solid-borne noise is measured in the... Agent: King & Spalding LLP

20100315099 - Capacitive occupant detection apparatus: A capacitive occupant detecting apparatus includes a voltage applying portion, a capacitance sensor, a capacitor, a storing portion, a measuring portion, and a calculating portion. The voltage applying portion applies an alternating-current voltage signal to the capacitance sensor and the capacitor. The storing portion stores a reference voltage. The measuring... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100315100 - Capacitive occupant sensor: A capacitive occupant sensor includes a sensor mat having U-parts arranged in a first direction and, a second direction perpendicular to each other. The U-parts located adjacent to each other are connected in the second direction so as to define S-parts, in a manner that openings of the U-parts alternately... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100315101 - Capacitive occupant sensor: A capacitive occupant sensor includes a sensor mat having a base member and a main electrode arranged on the base member. The main electrode has a first electrode, and a second electrode to cover the first electrode. The second electrode is cheaper than the first electrode. The base member is... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100315102 - Device for quantifying an electric unbalance and touch detection system incorporating it: A device for detecting and quantifying an unbalance between first and second electric paths (R, S; S, VPS), particularly for a touch detection system, comprises: (a) comparison means (CC; CD) receiving at respective inputs the first and second paths; (b) variable transfer capacitance means (CPB; CPC) connected to at least... Agent: Nixon Peabody LLP

20100315104 - Conductivity measurement device: A conductivity measurement device comprises a first body, a second body, a baseplate, a extension rod and a contact pad. The extension rod is positioned inside the first body, the baseplate is positioned on one end of the extension rod, and the contact pad is positioned on the other end... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20100315103 - Method for evaluation of the ground reinforcement effect using 4-d electrical resistivity monitoring: Disclosed is a method of evaluating a ground reinforcement effect using 4-D electrical resistivity monitoring, wherein the ground reinforcement is made up on an underground cavity through cement mortar grouting, the method including: (a) installing a survey line for measuring electrical resistivity in a ground reinforcement zone; (b) measuring the... Agent: Patterson Thuente Christensen Pedersen, P.A.

20100315107 - Electrode for electrochemical measurement apparatus and electrode for biosensors: An object of this invention is to provide an inexpensive and highly durable electrode which is capable of causing hydrogen peroxide to generate a current output in the same manner as those of platinum or iridium. A working electrode (9) (electrode for electrochemical measurement apparatus (1)) for use in an... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100315105 - Method for shielding a substrate from electromagnetic interference: A method for shielding a substrate from electromagnetic interference is provided including providing an electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding composition to the substrate. The EMI shielding composition comprises a reactive organic compound and a conductive filler that, during the cure of the organic compound, is capable of self-assembling into a heterogeneous... Agent: Lord Corporation Patent & Legal Services

20100315106 - Strip connectors for measurement devices: Devices including strip connectors in measurement devices are provided. Also provided are systems, kits and methods.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. Bozicevic, Field & Francis LLP

20100315108 - Device for detecting the thinning down of the substrate of an integrated circuit chip: A device for detecting the thinning down of the substrate of an integrated circuit chip, including, in the active area of the substrate, bar-shaped diffused resistors connected as a Wheatstone bridge, wherein: first opposite resistors of the bridge are oriented along a first direction; the second opposite resistors of the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Inc. C/o Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20100315109 - Burn-in system for electronic devices: A burn-in system (10) includes an enclosure (12) defining a burn-in chamber (14). The enclosure (12) is configured to be mounted on a burn-in board (34) over a burn-in socket (36). A heating element (16) is configured to generate heat within the burn-in chamber (14) and a temperature sensor (18)... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Law Department

20100315110 - Hermeticity testing: Electrical circuit apparatus and methods including hermeticity testing structures for testing the hermeticity of the electrical circuit apparatus.... Agent: Mueting, Raasch & Gebhardt, P.A.

20100315111 - Single support structure probe group with staggered mounting pattern: A probe group can include multiple probes for testing devices having contact pads. The probes can comprise beams, contact tip structures, and mounting portions. The beams can provide for controlled deflection of the probes. The contact tip structures can be connected to the beams and can include contact portions for... Agent: N. Kenneth Burraston Kirton & Mcconkie

20100315112 - Socket adapter for testing singulated ics with wafer level probe card: An integrated probe card and socket adapter includes probe needles for probing a wafer including a plurality of CSP IC each having a plurality of bumps. A socket adapter includes a socket body having an elevated portion and a recessed base portion. The recessed base portion has a base portion... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20100315113 - Handler for electronic components, in particular ic's, comprising circulating units, the temperature of which can be controlled: A handler for electronic components, in particular IC's, for controlling the temperature of the components and supplying and removing said components to and from a test device has circulating units that can be moved along a circulating track. Each unit has at least one retaining unit for retaining a component.... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100315115 - Method of characterizing a semiconductor device and semiconductor device: A method of characterizing semiconductor device includes providing a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrate with at least a body-tied (BT) SOI device and a BT dummy device for measurement, respectively measuring tunneling currents (Igb) and scattering parameters (S-parameters) of the BT SOI device and the BT dummy device, subtracting Igb of BT... Agent: North America Intellectual Property Corporation

20100315114 - Semiconductor device with test structure and semiconductor device test method: The invention relates to a semiconductor device comprising a test structure (100) for detecting variations in the structure of the semiconductor device, the test structure (100) comprising a first supply rail (110), a second supply rail (120), a ring oscillator (130) coupled between the first supply rail (110) and second... Agent: Nxp, B.v. Nxp Intellectual Property & Licensing

20100315116 - Testing method for a semiconductor integrated circuit device, semiconductor integrated circuit device and testing system: A method that divides semiconductor integrated circuit devices (corresponding to S1 and S2) into a plurality of groups and tests them simultaneously has the semiconductor integrated circuit devices operate with a clock signal (corresponding to CLK1 and CLK2) having a frequency different from that in other groups in at least... Agent: Mcginn Intellectual Property Law Group, PLLC

12/09/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100308790 - Apparatus and method for testing driver writeability strength on an integrated circuit: An apparatus and method for testing driver write-ability strength on an integrated circuit includes one or more drive detection units each including a number of drivers. At least some of the drivers may have a different drive strength and each may drive a voltage onto a respective driver output line.... Agent: Meyertons, Hood, Kivlin, Kowert & Goetzel, P.C.

20100308791 - Single element three terminal piezoresistive pressure sensor: Embodiments of the invention provide for three-terminal pressure sensors (“3-TPS”), a method of measuring a pressure with a 3-TPS, and a method of manufacturing a 3-TPS. In some embodiments, the 3-TPS includes a semiconducting layer with cavity and a 3-TPS element having at least one piezoresistive layer overlapping at least... Agent: Wood, Herron & Evans, LLP

20100308792 - Branch current monitor with configuration: A tool for configuring a branch current monitor facilitates mapping the connections of branch circuits to voltage sources in a power distribution panel.... Agent: Chernoff, Vilhauer, Mcclung & Stenzel, LLP

20100308793 - Phase locked loop device and method thereof: A phase locked loop device includes a phase detector that measures a difference in phase between a reference clock signal and an output clock signal of the phase locked loop. The phase detector provides a pulse having a width indicative of the phase difference. A phase measurement module determines a... Agent: Larson Newman & Abel, LLP

20100308794 - Scheme for low power strain measurement: A method of determining a parameter includes providing a sensor that provides a sensor analog voltage. The method also includes providing a peak detecting circuit for detecting a peak voltage in the sensor analog voltage. The method also includes providing the sensor analog voltage to the peak detecting circuit and... Agent: James Marc Leas Law Office Of James Marc Leas

20100308795 - Sensor apparatus: The present invention relates to a sensor apparatus having a structure capable of obtaining digital values of signal components with a high accuracy using an A/D conversing circuit with the outputted digital value thereof having a small number of expressive bits. In the sensor apparatus, a voltage value corresponding to... Agent: Drinker Biddle & Reath (dc)

20100308796 - Signal readout circuit of amperometric sensor: A signal readout circuit comprises a first amplifier, a second amplifier and first to fourth transistors. The signal readout circuit has a first electrode, a second electrode, and a third electrode. The signal readout circuit applied in a wide current-sensing range of amperometric chemical sensing. The readout circuit may be... Agent: Morris Manning Martin LLP

20100308797 - Power sensor: A power sensor is disclosed for a current carrying conductor. In at least one embodiment, the sensor includes at least one ferromagnetic core, a secondary winding, and at least one of connecting elements for a load or a load. The secondary winding is designed as an injection molded part on... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100308798 - System for operating differential probe: A system for operating a differential probe which includes a first metal extension and a second metal extension having the same structures is disclosed. Each of the metal extensions includes a rotatable arm, a rotatable base, and a contact end. The rotatable base and contact end of each of the... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20100308799 - Systems and methods for measuring rotational speed and position of a rotating device: A system includes a transceiver module and a rotating device. The transceiver module generates an electromagnetic (EM) field using an antenna. The rotating device includes N transponders arranged such that each of the N transponders passes through the EM field during one revolution of the rotating device. Each of the... Agent: Harness Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100308800 - Measuring alternating current flowing through an electricity supply distribution unit: An apparatus (100) adapted to measure Alternating Current flowing through an electricity supply distribution unit (204) having a plurality of distribution cables (202). The apparatus (100) includes a plurality of current measuring devices (102), each of the current measuring devices (102), in use, measuring current flowing through one of the... Agent: Winstead PC

20100308802 - Gearbox position sensor and corresponding gearbox:

20100308803 - Inductive displacement transducer, coding device, and method for detecting a position of a first object in relation to a second object: The invention relates to an inductive displacement sensor for determining a position of a first object relative to a second object having a coding device to be attached to the first object, having a sensor unit to be attached to the second object, said sensor unit comprising a plurality of... Agent: Hoffman Warnick LLC

20100308801 - Offset cancelling circuit: In an offset cancelling circuit of a Hall element, a voltage is applied from four directions and from outside such that a current flowing in the Hall element is switched by 90°, to set a first state through a fourth state, and output voltages of the Hall element in the... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP

20100308804 - Method and apparatus for magnetic contactless measurement of angular and linear positions: Contactless measurement of angular or linear positions is obtained by means of magnetic circuit configurations, biased by a permanent magnet, characterised by two airgaps whose relative geometry is designed to result in magnetic field values whose ratio is a function of the position to be measured. The magnetic field in... Agent: Luca Ghislanzoni C-sigma Srl

20100308807 - Linear sensor: A linear sensor is described with a casing (5), with a pin (7) which contains a permanent magnet (1) and which is mounted in the casing (5) in a linearly displaceable manner against the force of a spring (6), and with a magnetic field sensor (3) attached to said casing... Agent: Walter A. Hackler

20100308806 - Sensing apparatus for detecting linear displacements: A sensing apparatus according to the present invention includes a movable part rotatably supported by a base, a first input unit that is part or all of a first member formed integrally with or secured to the movable part, a second input unit that is part or all of a... Agent: Intellectual Property Law Office Of David Lathrop

20100308805 - Temperature tolerant magnetic linear displacement sensor: A linear motion sensor has two pairs of opposed spaced apart stacks of two simple two-pole bar magnets. Each stack has one shorter outer magnet and one longer inner magnet, with the outer magnets centered on the inner magnets. The poles of the magnets are oriented the same in each... Agent: Key Safety Systems, Inc. Markell Seltzman, Patent Dept.

20100308808 - Rotation angle detecting sensor: The rotation angle detecting sensor includes a rotating body; an encoder structure 3 having n (n represents a positive integer) cycles of phases each ranging from phase 0° to phase 360°, each phase being formed by periodically changing the width of the conductor pattern; and a sensor body having a... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP

20100308810 - In-line pipe inspection tool: An in-line pipe inspection tool has one or more inspection platforms (28, 30) which are connected to an elongate wheeled trolley by link arms (20 to 26). The trolley unit (10, 12) has drive means for driving the point of connection of the first link arm (20, 22) to the... Agent: Potomac Patent Group PLLC

20100308809 - Pipeline geometry sensor: A sensor module (100) for a pipeline vehicle (110) is disclosed. The sensor module (100) includes an outwardly biased sensor arm (120) pivotally connected at a hinge (129) mounted on the vehicle (110), whereby the angle between the sensor arm (120) and pipeline vehicle (110) is representative of a pipeline... Agent: General Electric Company Ge Global Patent Operation

20100308811 - Magnetic field compensation: A device for compensating magnetic fields, comprising a single magneto resistive sensor to which at least two parallel measuring amplifier loops are connected in series, one being an analogue broadband controller loop and the other being a digital broadband controller loop.... Agent: Demont & Breyer, LLC

20100308812 - Test systems and methods for semiconductor devices: Test structures, systems, and methods for semiconductor devices are disclosed. In one embodiment, a test structure for a semiconductor device includes a winding disposed in at least one conductive material layer of the semiconductor device. At least a portion of the winding extends proximate a perimeter of the semiconductor device.... Agent: Slater & Matsil, L.L.P.

20100308813 - High sensitivity solid state magnetometer: A magnetometer for sensing a magnetic field may include a solid state electronic spin system, and a detector. The solid state electronic spin system may contain one or more electronic spins that are disposed within a solid state lattice, for example NV centers in diamond. The electronic spins may be... Agent: Elizabeth Eunjoo Kim Rauschenbach Patent Law Group, LLP

20100308814 - System for high-resolution measurement of a magnetic field/gradient and its application to a magnetometer or gradiometer: The present invention relates to a method and system for high spatial resolution measurement of a magnetic field or gradient. The method determines Zeeman polarization at a submicron distance from cell surfaces of an optical pumping cell using two laser beams. A strong pump beam produces Zeeman polarization in the... Agent: Fox Rothschild LLP Princeton Pike Corporate Center

20100308815 - Magnetic sensor device: Provided is a magnetic sensor device including: a switching circuit that controls switching of a terminal pair of the magnetoelectric conversion element to which a supply voltage is applied and a terminal pair to which detection voltage of a magnetic intensity is output; a differential amplifier that differentially amplifies the... Agent: Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione/seiko Instruments Inc.

20100308816 - Physical quantity detection device: Provided is a highly sensitive sensor system that can improve the S/N ratio by use of an electronic circuit without complicating the sensor body or degrading temporal resolution. A broad spectrum sensor element outputs an electric signal corresponding to a detected physical quantity, the sensor driven by multiplying a carrier... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100308817 - Adapting acquisition time in nuclear imaging: Methods of determining an acquisition time adapted to a region of interest for a nuclear imaging process of a patient include detecting radiation from at least a first viewing angle during a first test amount of time, generating first test data from the detected radiation, reconstructing a nuclear event distribution... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20100308819 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: According to one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes an acquiring unit and a generating unit. The acquiring unit performs compensation of a control waveform of a radio-frequency wave based on “an output waveform of a radio-frequency wave from an amplifier before the compensation” so that an intended output... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100308818 - System and method for detecting corrosion pitting in gas turbines: Methods and apparatuses for detecting corrosion in one or more blades of a gas turbine system includes a detection head having a shape that conforms to a surface geometry of a filet section of a gas turbine blade, whereby the detection head is operable to move along the axial length... Agent: Frommer Lawrence & Haug

20100308820 - Ex-situ nmr spectroscopy: A device for ex situ magnetic resonance analysis is disclosed. The device comprises a static magnetic field unit (12) for generating a generally cylindrically symmetric static magnetic field outside the static magnetic field unit, and a radiofrequency unit (14) for generating a generally cylindrically symmetric radiofrequency field outside the radiofrequency... Agent: Martin D. Moynihan D/b/a Prtsi, Inc.

20100308823 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: According to one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes an electrocardio information acquisition unit and an image data generation unit. The electrocardio information acquisition unit acquires a magnetic resonance signal for estimating an electrocardiogram signal of an object in sync with a biomedical signal other than an electrocardiogram signal.... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100308825 - Method and device for selecting body model positions for sar monitoring of a magnetic resonance transmit array: In a method and a device for specific absorption rate monitoring in a magnetic resonance system wherein multiple transmit coils are independently charged with respective currents, a primary model point voxel and at least one auxiliary model point voxel are automatically selected from among multiple voxels that model a modeled... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20100308824 - Method for reconstructing images of an imaged subject from a parallel mri acquisition: A parallel MR imaging method that uses a reconstruction algorithm that combines the GRAPPA image reconstruction method and the compressed sensing (CS) image reconstruction method in an iterative approach (200) or joint energy optimization approach (300).... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20100308821 - Real-time magnetic resonance diffusion imaging: A method for performing magnetic resonance diffusion imaging, comprising: (a) acquiring a sequence of magnetic resonance images of a target body (BS) using diffusion-encoding gradient pulses applied along a set of non-collinear orientations ( ) sampling a three-dimensional orientation space (AR); (b) estimating, from said sequence of images, a set... Agent: Alston & Bird LLP

20100308822 - Small magnet and rf coil for magnetic resonance relaxometry: Small and inexpensive probeheads for use in nuclear magnetic resonance systems, in particular, magnetic resonance relaxometry systems are provided. The design of the magnet-radiofrequency coil configurations within the probeheads is guided by an excitation bandwidth associated with radiofrequency pulses to be applied to a sample.... Agent: Clark & Elbing LLP

20100308827 - System and method for multi-spectral mr imaging near metal: A system and method for multi-spectral MR imaging near metal include a computer programmed to calculate an MR pulse sequence comprising a plurality of RF pulses configured to excite spins in an imaging object and comprising a plurality of volume selection gradients and determine a plurality of distinct offset frequency... Agent: Ziolkowski Patent Solutions Group, Sc (gems)

20100308826 - Wireless transmit and receive mri coils: A magnetic resonance system (10) includes a wireless local coil (22) which functions as a transmit only or a transmit and receive coil. The local coil includes an RF coil (50) with a plurality of coil elements (501, 50a). A corresponding number of transmit amplifiers (581, 58a) apply RF signals... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20100308828 - System and method for reconstructing multi-spectral 3d mr images: An apparatus and method for reconstructing multi-spectral 3D MR images includes a magnetic resonance (MRI) apparatus that includes an MRI system having a plurality of gradient coils positioned about a bore of a magnet, and an RF transceiver system and an RF switch controlled by a pulse module to transmit... Agent: Ziolkowski Patent Solutions Group, Sc (gems)

20100308829 - Method and system for modifying pulse sequences: Methods and systems are provided for modifying a pulse sequence. In one embodiment, a determination is made whether an estimated peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) associated with a pulse sequence exceeds a PNS limit. If the estimated PNS exceeds the PNS limit, a slew rate associated with one or more axes... Agent: Ge Healthcare C/o Fletcher Yoder, PC

20100308830 - Magnetic field detection device: A magnetic field sensor device suitable for use in an implantable medical device (such as a pacemaker, cardioverter/defibrillator, or cardiac resynchronization therapy device) is able to detect magnetic fields, such as the fields generated by a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) device, over a wide measurement range and to discriminate between... Agent: Intellectual Property Dept. Dewitt Ross & Stevens Sc

20100308831 - Optimized flat/saddle coil cooling system: An optimization of a magnetic resonance apparatus is achieved by a device and a method to generate a gradient field in a magnetic resonance apparatus, wherein a field directed in a first direction is generated by a first flat/saddle coil cooling system, a field directed in an additional direction is... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20100308832 - Determining correction factors representing effects of different portions of a lining structure: To determine effect on a magnetic field caused by a lining structure in a wellbore, an array may be deployed into the wellbore lined with the lining structure. The array comprises a plurality of sensors including sensor A configured to operate as a transmitter, sensor B configured to operate as... Agent: Schlumberger Oilfield Services

20100308833 - Lighting unit with compensation for output frequency, and method for determining output frequency: A method of determining the dominant output wavelength of an LED, comprises determining an electrical characteristic of the LED which is dependent on the voltage-capacitance characteristics, and analysing the characteristic to determine the dominant output wavelength.... Agent: Nxp, B.v. Nxp Intellectual Property & Licensing

20100308834 - Apparatus for detecting a state of secondary battery: A lithium-ion secondary battery includes an aluminum case, an electrolytic solution, a positive plate, a negative plate, a positive terminal, a negative terminal, and voltage sensors. The positive terminal and the negative terminal project to the outside of the case while being insulated from the case. The voltage sensor is... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100308836 - Monitoring circuit for an energy store and method for monitoring an energy store: A monitoring circuit is provided for an energy storage device. The energy storage device has a plurality of cells which each provide a voltage between their first and second connections and are switched in series. At least two voltage measuring circuits are provided, wherein the voltage measuring circuits each measure... Agent: Lerner Greenberg Stemer LLP

20100308835 - Voltage monitoring device for assembled battery: There is provided a voltage monitoring apparatus for monitoring an output voltage of an assembled battery. The voltage monitoring apparatus comprises: voltage monitoring sections, each section monitoring a voltage of each block of the plurality of blocks into which the plurality of unit cells are divided, wherein the voltage monitoring... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20100308837 - Test strip coding and quality measurement: A test strip and analytical apparatus have pin connections permitting the definition of geographic regions or of particular customers. A test strip made for use in a particular region or for a particular customer will have pin connections matching features of the apparatus made for use in that region or... Agent: Larson & Anderson, LLC

20100308838 - Electronic apparatus transmitting and receiving signal through single wire: There is provided an electronic apparatus transmitting and receiving a signal through a single wire that that has a main electronic apparatus and a sub-electronic apparatus connected through a single wire, transmits status information and performs control and communication through the single wire. The electronic apparatus transmitting and receiving a... Agent: Lowe Hauptman Ham & Berner, LLP

20100308839 - Electronic device identifying method: An electronic device that includes an actual operation circuit that operates during an actual operation of the electronic device, a second test circuit and a third test circuit that operate during a test of the electronic device, and a power supply section. The power supply section, during the actual operation... Agent: Osha Liang L.L.P.

20100308840 - Method and device to detect failure of a magnetic resonance gradient coil by monitoring a supply cable thereof: Efficient gradient cable monitoring is enabled by a device and a method to determine a failure in at least one gradient coil of a magnetic resonance tomography system with gradient cables supplying current thereto, wherein the difference of at least one electrical current flowing through a gradient cable to a... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20100308841 - Circuit arrangement for monitoring an electrical insulation: A circuit configuration monitors the electrical insulation of an electrically conductive part in relation to a first pole and a second pole of an electrical power network for example, an electrical drive network in a hybrid vehicle. The circuit configuration is characterized in that between the electrically conductive part and... Agent: Lerner Greenberg Stemer LLP

20100308842 - In situ membrane monitoring: A method for in situ monitoring of a membrane of a membrane separation system comprises measuring a complex impedance of the membrane at a plurality of frequencies to provide an indication of the electrical conduction and electrical polarization properties of the membrane. The membrane based separation system for removing or... Agent: Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, LLP

20100308844 - Input device and method with pressure-sensitive layer: Devices and methods are provided that facilitate improved input device performance. Specifically, the devices and methods facilitate input using a pressure-sensitive layer whose electrical admittivity changes in response to pressure applied to a touch surface. An input device is provided that comprises a plurality of sensor electrodes including a set... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (syna)

20100308843 - Method and apparatus for measuring the concentration of an analyte in a sample fluid: An analyte concentration, in a sample fluid, is determined by differential measurement. Two or more capacitive field effect sensors have an identical basic structure and are arranged in a shared measuring cell. One of the sensors forms a measuring sensor with an active transductor layer. Another sensor forms a reference... Agent: Carlson, Gaskey & Olds, P.C.

20100308845 - Current measurement circuit and measuring method thereof: A current measurement circuit for measuring a current is provided. The current measurement circuit includes a current integrating unit with a capacitor array, a comparator coupled to the current integrating unit, and a control unit coupled to the comparator and the current integrating unit. The current integrating unit integrates the... Agent: Liu & Liu

20100308846 - Pressure sensor comprising a capacitive cell and support device comprising said sensor: A sensor for detecting and measuring a load pressure applied to a support device comprises at least one capacitive cell including a flat condenser comprising at least one layer of a compressible insulating dielectric material interposed between two layers of conductive material. A support device capable of supporting the body... Agent: Barnes & Thornburg, LLP

20100308847 - Methods and systems for guarding a charge transfer capacitance sensor for proximity detection: Methods, systems and devices are described for determining a measurable capacitance for proximity detection in a sensor having a plurality of sensing electrodes and at least one guarding electrode. A charge transfer process is executed for at least two executions. The charge transfer process includes applying a pre-determined voltage to... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (syna)

20100308848 - Methods for gas sensing with single-walled carbon nanotubes: Methods for gas sensing with single-walled carbon nanotubes are described. The methods comprise biasing at least one carbon nanotube and exposing to a gas environment to detect variation in temperature as an electrical response.... Agent: Steinfl & Bruno

20100308849 - Device for detecting radial cracks in a particulate filter: The invention relates to an assembly consisting of a device for detecting radial cracks in a particulate filter of the honeycomb type, of which the filtering part is made up of a porous inorganic material, said particulate filter comprising a single monolithic element or being obtained by combining a plurality... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100308850 - Method for testing a container warning device of a compensation container, and testing apparatus for testing a container warning device: A method for testing a reservoir warning apparatus of a fluid reservoir for a hydraulic motor vehicle brake system, with the reservoir warning apparatus comprising a switching unit with at least one reed contact as the switching element. In order to find all possible faults in the reed contact, a... Agent: Ratnerprestia

20100308851 - Testing device and method for determining a common mode signal of an electrical telecommunication: A testing device including: a first terminal configured to be connected to an equipment under test; a common-mode detector configured to detect a common-mode part of a signal emitted from the equipment under test; and a first impedance unit connected in series between the first terminal and the common-mode detector.... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100308853 - Method and apparatus for the prevention of untested or improperly tested printed circuit boards from being used in a fire pump control system: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for preventing untested or improperly tested printed circuit boards from being used in a fire pump control system by interrogating each printed circuit board to ensure post-assembly fitness. Exemplary embodiments of the present invention comprise retrieving test status information stored on... Agent: Roylance, Abrams, Berdo & Goodman, L.L.P.

20100308852 - Shielded antenna for system test of a non-contact voltage detector: A system and method of conducting a full system test on a non-contact voltage detector while simultaneously shielding the voltage detector's antenna from stray electric fields is disclosed. When a user runs the self-test, an alternating current generator capacitively couples to the antenna through an antenna shielding to detect any... Agent: Perkins Coie LLP Patent-sea

20100308855 - Probe card for testing integrated circuits: An embodiment of a probe card adapted for testing at least one integrated circuit integrated on a corresponding at least one die of a semiconductor material wafer, the probe card including a board adapted for the coupling to a tester apparatus, and a plurality of probes coupled to the said... Agent: Graybeal Jackson LLP

20100308854 - Probe card substrate with bonded via: The present invention is directed to a probe head having a probe contactor substrate with at least one slot that passes through the probe contactor substrate, at least one probe contactor adapted to test a device under test, with the probe contactor being coupled to the a top side of... Agent: Gregory W. Osterloth Holland & Hart, LLP

20100308856 - Test apparatus and test method: Provided is a test apparatus for testing a device under test, including: a level comparing section that receives a signal under test output from the device under test and outputs a logical value, the logical value indicating a comparison result obtained by comparing a signal level of the signal under... Agent: Masao Yoshimura

20100308857 - Method and electric circuit for testing a power producer or a power consumer that can be connected to an electric power grid: Described is an electric circuit which is intended, in particular, for the testing of a power producer in a wind power plant. The power producer is connected to a terminal point and is provided with a converter circuit which can be used to influence a voltage that is present at... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

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20100301834 - Low-cost power measurement circuit: In embodiments of the present invention, a method and system is provided for designing improved intelligent, LED-based lighting systems. The LED based lighting systems may include fixtures with one or more of rotatable LED light bars, integrated sensors, onboard intelligence to receive signals from the LED light bars and control... Agent: The Webb Law Firm, P.C.

20100301835 - Current sensor: A current sensor includes, a current-measured wiring including parallel wiring sections in which portions of the same wiring are arranged in parallel such that electric current to be measured flows therein in opposite directions each other; a magnetism detection unit which is arranged between parallel wirings located in the parallel... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100301836 - Device for measuring the intensity of an electric current and electric appliance including such device: A device for measuring the intensity of an electric current which has a simple and economical design and offers a high measurement dynamic compatible with combined measurement, protection and energy metering applications. The device (1) is insensitive to parasitic fields and to the position of the electric conductor to be... Agent: Davis & Bujold, P.l.l.c.

20100301837 - Power measuring system, measuring apparatus, load terminal, and device control system: A power measuring system, a measuring apparatus, a load terminal, and a device control system are provided, which need no special installation work to be made by any skillful professionals such as persons qualified for electrical work. A voltage sensor detects a voltage waveform of a power line in a... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20100301838 - Method for monitoring the output of an electromechanical actuator of the rotary-linear type: The invention relates to a method for monitoring the output of an electromechanical actuator of the rotary-linear type in order to detect a gradual seizing thereof, wherein said method comprises: measuring the intensity, representative of the motor torque, of the electrical current powering an induction winding of the actuator and... Agent: Miller, Matthias & Hull

20100301839 - Magnetic anchorage equipment with a self-test unit: The present invention relates to magnetic anchorage equipment comprising a frame able to contain a plurality of polar units, each of the plurality of polar units having a ferromagnetic polar element which identifies an anchorage surface and a self-testing unit for checking the magnetic equipment. The magnetic anchorage equipment is... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100301840 - Measuring the position of an object: Noncontact measuring of positions of objects is achieved through measurements of parameters characterized by the distribution of an AC magnetic flux in the air gap between stationary and moveable portions defining a sensor magnetic circuit.... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20100301841 - Electromagnetic tracking method and system: Provided is an electromagnetic coil arrangement comprising a set of electromagnetic sensors at fixed locations with respect to each other, each of the electromagnetic sensors comprising a planar coil coupled to a conductive layer, the planar coil comprising non-concentric rings. Further, provided is an electromagnetic tracking system, comprising an electromagnetic... Agent: Ge Healthcare C/o Fletcher Yoder, PC

20100301845 - Absolute measurement steering angle sensor arrangement: An angle sensor arrangement for measuring the rotational angle of a shaft comprising a first gearwheel and a first magnetic encoder with at least one encoder track. The first gearwheel and the first magnetic encoder rotate with shaft. The angle sensor arrangement also comprises a second gearwheel and a second... Agent: Ratnerprestia

20100301842 - Magnetic revolution counter: A magnetic revolution counter for the unambiguous determination of a definable number of revolutions of a rotating element to be determined. The aim of creating such a revolution counter allowing a determination of any arbitrarily definable number of revolutions, for example up to values of N>4000 or more as defined,... Agent: Jordan And Hamburg LLP

20100301846 - Magnetic speed sensor and method of making the same: An speed sensor for a rotating shaft includes a plurality of magnetic portions on the shaft that output a magnetic field from each of the magnetic portions, wherein the magnetic portions are integrally formed in the shaft by magnetically polarizing the shaft material itself. At least one magnetic field sensor... Agent: Blank Rome LLP

20100301843 - Position encoder comprising a plastic element: Disclosed is a position sensor, in particular a rotor position sensor, comprising a base. A track that is provided with a conducting coating is formed within the surface of the base relevant for evaluating signals. Since the track is formed within the base, the desired position-dependent modulation of the eddy... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100301844 - Rotary encoder: A rotary encoder comprising a magnet, AMR or GMR sensors and an evaluation means. The AMR or GMR sensors are arranged to generate two signals that unambiguously encode the rotary position of the magnet within a predetermined range of rotary positions and a direction of rotation of the magnet. The... Agent: Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP

20100301847 - Wheel bearing device with rotation detector: A wheel support bearing assembly for supporting a wheel, which assembly includes an outer member having rolling surfaces and serving as a stationary member; an inner member having rolling surfaces; a plurality of rows of rolling elements interposed between the respective rolling surfaces; a magnetic encoder fitted to the outer... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20100301848 - Method for continuously determining the tensile force f in a cable of a parking brake: Presented is a method for continuously determining the tensile force F in a cable of a parking brake that includes transmitting the tensile force F to a cable grommet coupled to a first end of an expandable intermediate part that includes a magnet and/or a magnetic sensor. The first end... Agent: Cohen, Pontani, Lieberman & Pavane LLP

20100301849 - Novel scanning magnetic imaging method with high resolution and long detection range: A method of magnetic imaging at long detection ranges. In one embodiment the method comprises introducing a magnetic sample having magnetic particles into a detection field; detecting weak magnetic field signals of the magnetic particles; forming an image from the detected signals; and determining the location and quantity amount of... Agent: Conley Rose, P.C. David A. Rose

20100301850 - Method and device for analysing a magnetic material, and analyser including the device: Disclosed is a method of analysing a magnetic material which includes the construction of a signature S(H) of the magnetic material formed from at least two points S(H)P, this construction including obtaining the value of each point S(H)P by measuring, over each period fraction, the amplitude and possibly the phase... Agent: Adorno & Yoss, LLC

20100301851 - Apparatus and method for searching eddy current of electric heat tube using measuring magnetic permeability in steam generator: A detection apparatus for an eddy current in a heat generating tube using a permeability measurement method, and a method using the apparatus are provided. In the detection apparatus, a bobbin type probe acquires detection information with respect to a magnetic flux change by a magnetic phase occurring in the... Agent: Pearne & Gordon LLP

20100301852 - Electrical current sensor: Closed-loop current sensor comprising a magnetic circuit, a magnetic field sensor, and a compensation circuit configured to generate a magnetic field opposing a magnetic field created by an electrical current to be measured flowing in one or more primary conductors (10) extending through a central opening (38) of the magnetic... Agent: Baker & Daniels LLP

20100301853 - Polarizing nuclei in solids via spin transfer from an optically-pumped alkali vapor: The present invention relates to a method and system for polarizing a solid compound of interest via spin transfer from an optically-pumped alkali vapor. In one embodiment, the method provides a cell which contains a solid compound as well as pure alkali metal and some amount of buffer gas. The... Agent: Mathews, Shepherd, Mckay, & Bruneau, P.A.

20100301854 - Magnetic resonance force detection apparatus and associated methods: A magnetic resonance force detection apparatus, comprising a sample carrier for carrying a sample to be tested, a magnetic field source and a support for supporting either the sample carrier or the magnetic field source. The magnetic field source is configured to expose the sample to a magnetic field by... Agent: Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds, P.C.

20100301859 - Method and apparatus for correcting b1-inhomogeneities in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging: A method of performing nuclear magnetic resonance imaging of a body (B), comprising: immerging said body in a static magnetic field B0 for aligning nuclear spins along a magnetization axis; exposing it to a transverse radio-frequency pulsed field Bi for flipping said nuclear spins by a predetermined angle; and detecting... Agent: Alston & Bird LLP

20100301861 - Mri apparatus: An MRI apparatus including a magnetic structure defining a cavity for receiving a body under examination or a part thereof, a mechanism for generating a magnetic field inside the cavity, a mechanism for causing the body under examination or a part thereof to emit nuclear magnetic resonance signals, and a... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20100301857 - Multiplex imaging systems, devices, methods, and compositions including ferromagnetic structures: Multiplex imaging systems, devices, methods, and compositions are provided. A nuclear magnetic resonance imaging composition includes, but is not limited to, a plurality of ferromagnetic microstructures configured to generate a time-invariant magnetic field within at least a portion of one or more internal surface-defined voids.... Agent: The Invention Science Fund Clarence T. Tegreene

20100301858 - Nmr diagnostics by means of a plastic sample container: Sample containers and methods for employing the same in in-vitro nuclear magnetic resonance measurements are provided. The sample containers are made of a material that comprises one or more polymeric materials.... Agent: Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox P.l.l.c.

20100301860 - System, method and computer-accessible medium for providing breath-hold multi-echo fast spin-echo pulse sequence for accurate r2 measurement: Exemplary embodiments of system, method and computer-accessible medium can be provided in accordance with the present disclosure can be provided for generating a plurality of images associated with at least one anatomical structure using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data. For example, using such exemplary embodiments, it is possible to obtain... Agent: Dorsey & Whitney LLP Intellectual Property Department

20100301856 - Systems, devices, methods, and compositions including functionalized ferromagnetic structures: Magnetic resonance systems, devices, methods, and compositions are provided. A nuclear magnetic resonance imaging composition includes, but is not limited to, a plurality of functionalized ferromagnetic microstructures configured to generate a time-invariant magnetic field within at least a portion of one or more internal surface-defined voids.... Agent: The Invention Science Fund Clarence T. Tegreene

20100301855 - Systems, devices, methods, and compositions including targeted ferromagnetic structures: Magnetic resonance systems, devices, methods, and compositions are provided. A nuclear magnetic resonance imaging composition includes, but is not limited to, a plurality of target-selective ferromagnetic microstructures configured to generate a time-invariant magnetic field within at least a portion of one or more internal surface-defined voids.... Agent: The Invention Science Fund Clarence T. Tegreene

20100301862 - Dual-frequency coil array for a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system: A dual-frequency coil array for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system is provided. The coil array includes a first coil element having a pair of dual-frequency loop coils and a second coil element having a pair of dual-frequency loop coils. The coil array further includes at least one capacitive mesh... Agent: Dean D. Small The Small Patent Law Group LLP

20100301865 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: In one embodiment, a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes a gradient coil, a first cooling pipe, and a second cooling pipe. The gradient coil applies a gradient magnetic field onto a subject placed in a static magnetic field. The first cooling pipe is provided in the gradient coil, and circulates... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100301864 - Magnetic shield body and magnetic shielded room: A magnetic shield body comprises a cylindrical body unit configured by having a plurality of cylindrical bodies having permeability and mutually same longitudinal cross-sectional shapes arranged with a mutual interval such that central axes of the cylindrical bodies coincide with each other and side surfaces of the cylindrical bodies form... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100301863 - Mechanical pick-up with reduced impact force by using a potating intermediate part: When a subject is being positioned in a diagnostic imager for a diagnostic scan, a subject support (26) often picks up an accessory carriage (24) along the way without stopping or reducing velocity. To reduce stresses on the subject support (26), accessory carriage (24) and on the subject themselves, an... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20100301866 - Capacitive detection system: An apparatus for detecting and avoiding an underground object during a horizontal directional drilling operation. The apparatus comprises a boring tool with a capacitive detection system. The boring tool is operatively connected to a drill string and advanced through the earth to create a borehole. The capacitive detection system includes... Agent: Tomlinson & O'connell, P.C.

20100301867 - Regeneration capacity control method for a battery: A method for controlling regeneration of a battery includes determining a scaled value for a state of charge of the battery, a scaled value for a battery temperature and a scaled value for a maximum charging power of the battery. An actual battery temperature is then compared with a predetermined... Agent: Quinn Law Group, PLLC

20100301868 - Voltage monitoring apparatus: A voltage monitoring apparatus includes a plurality of voltage monitoring sections corresponding to a plurality of blocks of unit cells of a multiple-set battery respectively and a main control section. Each of the voltage monitoring section includes a voltage detection section which detects voltages of the unit cells of a... Agent: Sughrue-265550

20100301869 - Cold cathode ionization vacuum gauge, auxiliary discharge starting electrode, and vacuum processing apparatus: The present invention provides a cold cathode ionization vacuum gauge, an auxiliary discharge starting electrode plate, and a vacuum processing apparatus which have simple configurations and, even after long-term-use, which allow discharge to be initiated in a short-period of time and also to be performed stably after the start of... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20100301870 - Flame ionization detector: The flame ionization detector, which comprises a supply and an ignition device (7) for the combustible gas, a supply for the sample gas, a combustion chamber (4) in which the sample gas is ionized by the flame, and electrodes (8, 1) to which a voltage is applied in order to... Agent: Hildebrand, Christa Norris Mclaughlin & Marcus Pa

20100301871 - Gas sensor: An electrochemical gas sensor is provided. The gas sensor includes a first electrode and a second electrode wherein the two electrodes are connected via an ion-conducting material. The first electrode is covered, at least in part, by a first catalytically active material. This top layer permits the catalytic reaction of... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20100301872 - Method for determination of a setting value which indicates a ground impedance, and measurement device: A method for determining an adjustment value for an electrical protection device wherein, upon occurrence of a ground short circuit, first current indicator measured values and first voltage indicator measured values are captured by a first measurement device at a first end of a segment of an electrical power supply... Agent: Lerner Greenberg Stemer LLP

20100301873 - Circuit for detecting malfunction generation attack and integrated circuit using the same: An embodiment of the invention provides a circuit for detecting a malfunction generation attack, including: at least one sensor circuit adapted to detect a radiation of a light; and a detection circuit for detecting an intermediate voltage between a voltage corresponding to a High level and a voltage corresponding to... Agent: Frommer Lawrence & Haug LLP

20100301874 - Corrective device protection: A control system for an electrical power system includes an electrical corrective device, a voltage measuring device coupled to each phase of the electric power system, a current measuring device connected between each phase of the electric power system and the electrical corrective device, and a protective device connected to... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20100301875 - Tuner characterization methods and apparatus: Embodiments include methods and apparatus for characterizing a tuner. For a given tuner, a processing system is adapted to measure scattering parameters for a plurality of characterization points that are non-uniformly distributed across a Smith chart, and to store the scattering parameters in a tuner characterization file. Interpolation and extrapolation... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C. (fs)

20100301876 - Method for diagnosing an electronic disiplay device: A method of diagnosing an electronic display device (1) having a screen (3) and a graphics memory (2) in which image data (14), of an image displayed or to be displayed on the screen (3), are one of stored or changed. A measured value (15) characterizes a current consumption or... Agent: Davis & Bujold, P.l.l.c.

20100301877 - Flexible sheet sensor inserted in tube: A sensing unit (100) for sensing a parameter of a medium surrounding a tubular member (110) is disclosed. The sensing unit (100) includes an electronics module (102), a flexible sheet (104) and a shaped member (108). The flexible sheet (104) includes one or more sensing elements (106) that interface with... Agent: Arthur G. Schaier Carmody & Torrance LLP

20100301878 - Apparatus for ascertaining and/or monitoring at least one fill level of at least one medium in a container according to a travel-time measuring method and/or a capacitive measuring method: An apparatus for ascertaining and/or monitoring at least one fill-level of at least one medium in a container according to a travel-time measuring method and/or a capacitive measuring method by means of at least one measuring probe. The apparatus comprises a capacitive measurement circuit, a time-domain reflectometer measurement circuit, and... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20100301879 - Capacitive sensor with additional electrode: A capacitive touch sensor employing adjacent drive and sense electrodes, in which an additional sense electrode is provided as well as a conventional drive electrode and sense electrode. The drive and two sense electrodes are arranged on the bottom side of a dielectric panel, the top side providing a sensing... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner / Atmel

20100301880 - Occupant detection system: An occupant detection system comprises a weight sensor and an electric field sensor, each operatively coupled to a seat. The electric field sensor generates an electric field from at least one electrode in the seat bottom of the seat, provides for generating a response to an influence of the occupant... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20100301881 - Improvements relating to the testing of an earth connection: A device (10) is disclosed that is suitable for testing an earth connection (30) that is isolated from a mains electricity supply. The device (10) comprises means (14, 40) for electrically connecting the device (10) to the earth connection (30), and means (16, 32) for electrically connecting the device (10)... Agent: Nixon Peabody LLP - Patent Group

20100301882 - Method for operating a water softening system having two calibration characteristics and associated water softening system: In summary, the invention proposes to provide two different conversion modes for determining the water hardness on the basis of the conductivity of raw water in a water softening device (1) dividing influent raw water volume flow V(t)raw into two partial volume flows V(t)partial1soft V(t)partial2raw, subjecting a partial volume flow... Agent: Walter A. Hackler

20100301883 - Method and apparatus for detecting a fault in a neutral return line of an electrical network: Apparatus is disclosed for detecting a discontinuity or irregularity in a neutral return line of an electrical power distribution network including the neutral return line, an active line and an earth return. The apparatus includes means for measuring a voltage change associated with a deliberate switching of a known impedance... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20100301884 - Thin-film probe sheet and method of manufacturing the same, probe card, and semiconductor chip inspection apparatus: A semiconductor chip inspection apparatus largely reduces occurrence of damage due to foreign matter in an inspection process and improves durability at the same time of miniaturization is provided. As to a highly accurate thin-film probe sheet which performs: a contact to electrode pads arranged at a narrow pitch and... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

20100301885 - High impedance, high parallelism, high temperature memory test system architecture: An electronic device for use with a probe head in automated test equipment includes first and second pluralities of semiconductor devices. The first plurality of semiconductor devices is arranged to form at least one driver arranged to couple to a device under test. The at least one driver is configured... Agent: Gregory W. Osterloth Holland & Hart, LLP

20100301886 - Test board: A test board is provided. The test board includes a power connecting interface, diode modules, a power module a detecting module, and a processor. The power connecting interface includes power pins, wherein each of the power pins is electrically connected to a motherboard power socket to receive a power signal.... Agent: Brian M. Mcinnis

20100301887 - Probe card: A probe card according to the present invention includes a support plate for supporting probes that contact an object to be inspected, a circuit board, a holding member for holding a lower surface of an outer peripheral portion of the support plate, and an abutting member disposed between the lower... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP

20100301888 - Probe device: A reinforcing member is formed at a top surface side of a probe card including a support plate for supporting a contactor and a circuit board. A plurality of long guide holes are formed in an outer peripheral portion of the reinforcing member. Fixing members fixed to a holding member... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP

20100301889 - Circuit board unit and testing apparatus: Provided is a circuit board unit for connecting a connecting terminal of a testing apparatus to a connected terminal of a device under test, including: a circuit board having, on one surface, a contact corresponding to the connected terminal; and a connector guide provided on the one surface of the... Agent: Masao Yoshimura

20100301890 - Probing apparatus with multiaxial stages for testing semiconductor devices: A probing apparatus for testing semiconductor devices comprises a housing configured to define a testing chamber, a device carrier positioned in the housing and configured to receive the semiconductor device, a platen positioned on the housing, an alignment module positioned on the platen, a planarity-adjusting module positioned on the alignment... Agent: Wpat, PC Intellectual Property Attorneys

20100301891 - Liquid crystal display, testing method thereof and manufacturing method thereof: A test method of a liquid crystal display device includes driving pixel electrodes through a plurality of switching elements by applying a first test signal to a first pad and a second test signal to a second pad, and cutting a connection between a driving signal wire and a first... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP

20100301892 - Electrostatic discharge withstand voltage evaluating device and electrostatic discharge withstand voltage evaluating method: In one embodiment of the present invention, an electrostatic discharge withstand voltage evaluating device includes: an application device, including a first connecting section and a second connecting section, for supplying pulse electric charge, the first connecting section being connectable to one or whole terminal(s) of one of input terminals and... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100301893 - Semiconductor integrated circuit and circuit operation method: In a semiconductor integrated circuit wherein low-threshold-voltage and high-threshold-voltage transistors are disposed mixedly, the operating speed of each transistor can be properly controlled in speed control execution through regulation of a power supply voltage VDD. The semiconductor integrated circuit comprises an internal circuit and measuring circuits. The internal circuit comprises... Agent: Miles & Stockbridge PC

20100301894 - Semiconductor device capable of verifying reliability: A semiconductor device includes an integrated semiconductor circuit unit, a chip guard-ring disposed along an outer portion of the semiconductor device, and a reliability verifying unit disposed between the integrated semiconductor circuit unit and the chip guard-ring. The reliability verifying unit is configured to delay a reliability verifying signal to... Agent: F. Chau & Associates, LLC

20100301895 - Test system and test method of semiconductor integrated circuit: Provided is a test system of a semiconductor integrated circuit including an output device and an input device for conducting an input/output characteristics test of the output device and the input device inside the semiconductor integrated circuit. In the system, a transmission line provided in a test board where the... Agent: Mcginn Intellectual Property Law Group, PLLC

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