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Electricity: measuring and testing January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/09

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01/29/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090027037 - Method for detecting an isolated network: The subject matter of the invention is a method for detecting an isolated network for an inverter (2) carrying a converter voltage that is adapted for connection in parallel with a grid (5) having a mains frequency and electric loads and that is decoupled from the grid (5) by a... Agent: Pyle & Piontek Attn: Thomas R. Vigil

20090027036 - Sensing devices from molecular electronic devices utilizing hexabenzocoronenes: The present invention generally relates to the fabrication of molecular electronics devices from molecular wires and Single Wall Nanotubes (SWNT). In one embodiment, the cutting of a SWNT is achieved by opening a window of small width by lithography patterning of a protective layer on top of the SWNT, followed... Agent: Baker Botts L.L.P.

20090027038 - Systems and methods that detect changes in incident optical radiation: Systems, methods and sensors detect changes in incident optical radiation. Current is driven through one or more active areas of a detector while the incident optical radiation illuminates the active areas. Voltage is sensed across one or more of the active areas, a change in the voltage being indicative of... Agent: Lathrop & Gage Lc

20090027039 - Power supply: A power supply is for receiving an AC voltage and outputting a DC voltage and an output current to an electronic device. The power supply includes an input module, an output module, a measuring interface, a measuring interface, and a switch module. The input module is for receiving the AC... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Cheng-ju Chiang

20090027041 - Buffer circuit, amplifier circuit, and test apparatus: There is provided a buffer circuit that outputs a signal according to an input signal. The buffer circuit includes a first receiving transistor that receives the input signal through its base terminal, a first clamp transistor having polarity same as that of the first receiving transistor, of which an emitter... Agent: Jianq Chyun Intellectual Property Office

20090027042 - Method and apparatus for amplifying a signal and test device using same: An amplifier circuit is used in a multimeter to amplify signals applied between a pair of test terminals. A voltage applied to one of the test terminals is amplified by a first operational amplifier configured as a voltage follower. An output of the first operational amplifier is applied to an... Agent: Dorsey & Whitney LLP Intellectual Property Department

20090027040 - Open circuit delay devices, systems, and methods for analyte measurement: System, circuits, and methods to reduce or eliminate uncompensated voltage drop between an electrode of an electrochemical cell usable for analyte measurement. In one example, a system is provided that includes a test strip, a reference voltage circuit, an operational amplifier connected to the reference voltage circuit to provide a... Agent: Philip S. Johnson Johnson & Johnson

20090027045 - Apparatus for sensing position and/or torque: An apparatus for measuring relative displacement between a first shaft and a second shaft includes first and second rotor assemblies. The first rotor assembly is coupled to the first shaft and is centered on an axis. The second rotor assembly is coupled to the second shaft. The second rotor assembly... Agent: Howard & Howard Attorneys, P.C.

20090027044 - Measuring arrangement comprising a magnet: The invention refers to a measuring arrangement where a magnet moves or is positioned because of the movement or position of an object, and this movement or positioning of the magnet is collected by a sensor, an in particular non-magnetic dividing wall being provided between the magnet and the sensor,... Agent: Jacobson Holman PLLC

20090027043 - Roller encoder: An encoder is provided for a conveyor having a belt, a plurality of rollers supporting the belt and a motor for driving one of the rollers. The encoder includes a hall effect cartridge having at least one hall effect sensor. The hall effect cartridge is adapted to be mounted inside... Agent: Van Dyke, Gardner, Linn & Burkhart, LLP

20090027046 - Magnetic detection device: A magnetic detection device is provided in which a first signal is outputted in accordance with the mutual phase relationship between the output of a first magnetoelectric conversion output circuit and the output of a second magnetoelectric conversion output circuit that are based on the movement, in forward direction, of... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090027047 - Current sensor having sandwiched magnetic permeability layer: A current sensor includes a support structure (12), a magnetic field sensor (11) positioned on the support structure, a primary conductor comprising sandwich (13) including an electrically conducting top layer (13a) and electrically conducting bottom layer (13b), and a layer of magnetic permeable material (13c) interposed between. The magnetic permeable... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20090027048 - Three-axis magnetic sensor and method for manufacturing the same: In the three-axis magnetic sensor of the present invention, a plurality of magnetoresistive effect element bars are connected in series by means of bias magnets to constitute magnetoresistive effect elements, and magnetoresistive effect elements of the X-axis sensor and those of the Y-axis sensor are formed on a flat surface... Agent: Dickstein Shapiro LLP

20090027049 - Cancellation of ringing artifacts and far field interference in nuclear quadrupole resonance: A device for detecting a class of target species containing quadrupolar nuclei in a specimen by nuclear quadrupole resonance, comprising pulse generating means for generating a three-pulse-composite-pulse to refocus signals that were excited by another pulse, irradiating means for irradiating a specimen with the three-pulse-composite-pulse, detecting means for detecting an... Agent: Naval Research Laboratory Associate Counsel (patents)

20090027050 - Frequency swept excitation for magnetic resonance: A method of magnetic resonance is provided that uses a frequency swept excitation wherein the acquired signal is a time domain signal is provided. In one embodiment, the method comprises, applying a sweeping frequency excitation and acquiring a time domain signal. The sweeping frequency excitation has a duration and is... Agent: Dorsey & Whitney LLP Intellectual Property Department

20090027052 - Method for acquiring measured data: A PET examination which acquires a data record of the body of a patient is carried out during at least one embodiment of a method for acquiring measured data. On the basis of the measured values of the data record, at least one region of interest in the body of... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20090027051 - Method for magnetic resonance imaging using inversion recovery with on-resonant water suppression including mri systems and software embodying same: Featured are methods for magnetic resonance imaging of a volume, such a volume having susceptibility-generating objects or interfaces having susceptibility mismatches therein. Such a method includes selectively visualizing one of susceptibility-generating objects or interfaces having susceptibility mismatches as hyperintense signals, where such visualizing includes controlling variable imaging parameters so as... Agent: Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP

20090027053 - Magnetic resonance examination platform with independently moveable bed and antenna device: An examination platform for a magnetic resonance apparatus has a patient bed for supporting a patient, a local antenna device for acquisition of magnetic resonance signals, and a drive device arranged at the patient bed. The drive device is coupled with the local antenna device. The local antenna device thus... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20090027054 - Radio-frequency acquisition device for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus: A radio-frequency acquisition device for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus has at least one reception antenna for acquisition of magnetic resonance signals and with an amplifier device to amplify acquired magnetic resonance signals. The amplifier device has an input transistor and a transformation device to transform the source impedance of... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20090027055 - Locating technique and apparatus using an approximated dipole signal: Location determination is performed using a transmitter including an elongated generally planar loop antenna defining an elongation axis. The elongation axis is positioned along at least a portion of a path. A magnetic field is then generated which approximates a dipole field. Certain characteristics of the magnetic field are then... Agent: Pritzkau Patent Group, LLC

20090027056 - Battery performance monitor: Improvements both in the methods whereby existing techniques for determining the condition of a battery are communicated to a user (for example, to the owner of a private vehicle, or to the service manager of a fleet of vehicles), or the vehicle's operating system, and in the methods for evaluating... Agent: Michael De Angeli Michael M. De Angeli, P.C.

20090027057 - Ethernet electrometer: An electrometer includes an input terminal adapted to receive an input signal an ethernet terminal, a web server, and a microcontroller. The ethernet terminal is adapted to receive an ethernet cable such that electrical power is provided to the ethernet terminal. The web server is in electrical communication with the... Agent: Foley & Lardner LLP

20090027058 - Integrated circuit and integrated circuit package: An integrated circuit includes a monitoring-target circuit portion 1200 and a debugging circuit portion 1100. The debugging circuit portion 1100 acquires a signal on a signal line of the monitoring-target circuit portion 1200 and transmits the acquired signal to an external device 2000 by radio. The debugging circuit portion 1100... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack L.L.P.

20090027060 - Adapter and interface and electronic device test apparatus provided with adapter: An adapter able to reduce the costs of an electronic device test apparatus, the adapter having a frame member interposed, between an opening formed at a handler and a HIFIX attached to a test head and inserted in the opening for adapting the shape of the HIFIX to the shape... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20090027059 - Techniques for detecting open integrated circuit pins: A technique of detecting an open integrated circuit (IC) pin includes selectably coupling a first open detect circuit, which includes a first inverter having a first threshold, to the IC pin. Next, a first logic state at an output of the first inverter is determined. Then, based upon the first... Agent: Dillon & Yudell LLP

20090027061 - Method and apparatus for an electrical conductor monitoring system: A system and method for determining the status of each monitored conductor, and optionally indicating peak current or other parameters are provided. Wireless self-powered sensor elements can eliminate much of the wiring required in traditional systems, and greatly ease the installation in difficult underground locations.... Agent: Bell, Boyd, & Lloyd LLP

20090027062 - Partial discharge detection device: The present invention provides a high-performance partial discharge detection device which is user-friendly and compact and which allows detection of the electromagnetic waves caused by partial discharge, over a wide bandwidth with a simple constitution and a favorable S/N ratio. The waveguide antenna which receives electromagnetic waves that leak from... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20090027064 - Method and system for error checking an electrochemical sensor: A method and a corresponding system for error checking an electrochemical sensor having at least two electrodes and a liquid measuring medium applied thereto are disclosed. The method comprises determining a first admittance between a first set of electrodes of the sensor; determining a second admittance between a second set... Agent: Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP One Dayton Centre

20090027063 - Method for calibrating an electrostatic discharge tester: The present disclosure relates to a method for calibrating transient behaviour of an electrostatic discharge (ESD) test system. The system includes an ESD pulse generator and probe needles for applying a predetermined pulse on a device under test. The probe needles are connected to the ESD pulse generator via conductors.... Agent: Mcdonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP

20090027066 - Method and system of real-time estimation of transmission line parameters in on-line power flow calculations: A system and method for estimating parameters of transmission lines employing phasor measurement units is provided, wherein measurements are provided from the phasor measurement units relating to a transmission line. These measurements are filtered to remove invalid measurements. Using the remaining valid measurements, resistance, reactance and grounding admittance are calculated... Agent: Nixon Peabody LLP

20090027065 - Wordline-to-bitline output timing ring oscillator circuit for evaluating storage array performance: A wordline-to-bitline timing ring oscillator circuit for evaluating storage cell access time provides data on internal bitline access timing, and in particular the total wordline select-to-bitline read output timing. Columns of a storage array are connected in a ring, forming a ring oscillator. The bitline read circuit output of each... Agent: Ibm Corporation (mh) C/o Mitch Harris, Attorney At Law, L.L.C.

20090027067 - Method and system for real time identification of voltage stability via identification of weakest lines and buses contributing to power system collapse: A method of identifying voltage instability in a power system via identification of a weakest line and bus that contribute to the collapse of the system is provided. The method includes periodically calculating an extended line stability index for the transmission lines monitored in the power system; and using the... Agent: Nixon Peabody LLP

20090027068 - Proximity sensor: A capacitive touch sensor providing an automatic switch-off function for an apparatus in which the sensor is incorporated is provided. The sensor comprises a sensing element coupled to a capacitance measurement circuit for measuring the capacitance of the sensing element. A control circuit is operable to determine from the capacitance... Agent: David Kiewit

20090027069 - Functionalized carbon nanotube-polymer composites and interactions with radiation: The present invention involves the interaction of radiation with functionalized carbon nanotubes that have been incorporated into various host materials, particularly polymeric ones. The present invention is directed to chemistries, methods, and apparatuses which exploit this type of radiation interaction, and to the materials which result from such interactions. The... Agent: Winstead PC

20090027070 - Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy method and system: A dual cell Electrochemical Impedance System (EIS) testing apparatus and method for measuring coating integrity on various substrates. The counter reference electrode is in a first cell in electrical contact with the coating. The working electrode is in a second cell in electrical contact with the coating instead of the... Agent: John P. O'banion O'banion & Ritchey LLP

20090027071 - Probe tap: A probe tap that monitors data or signals occurring within a device is disclosed. The probe tap can be used to monitor signals, data, or other communications between components of the device. The probe tap can be connected to traces, pins, or other aspects or components of a device and... Agent: Workman Nydegger 1000 Eagle Gate Tower

20090027072 - Apparatus for testing chips with ball grid array: An exemplary an apparatus for testing chips with ball grid array comprised of a number of solder balls is provided. The apparatus includes a main printed circuit board, a supporting board and a testing device. The main printed circuit board has a edge connector. The supporting board defines a number... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Cheng-ju Chiang

20090027073 - Device mounted apparatus, test head, and electronic device test system: A device mounted apparatus includes a board on which a plurality of devices are mounted and a device cooling cover covering the plurality of devices, and formed inside it with a channel through which a refrigerant can flow. The device cooling cover includes a first cover covering only the measurement... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20090027076 - Device and method for testing integrated circuit dice in an integrated circuit module: An IC module, such as a Multi-Chip Module (MCM), includes multiple IC dice, each having a test mode enable bond pad, such as an output enable pad. A fuse incorporated into the MCM's substrate connects each die's test mode enable bond pad to one of the MCM's no-connection (N/C) pins,... Agent: Trask Britt, P.C./ Micron Technology

20090027075 - System and method of digitally testing an analog driver circuit: A circuit and method of testing an analog driver circuit using digital scan-based test methodologies. The circuit of the present invention comprises a control circuit for generating signals in response to a test enable signal, a differential driver circuit for receiving a differential input signal, amplifying the differential input signal... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation Dept. 18g

20090027074 - Test structure and test method: The present invention discloses a wafer level test structure and a test method; in which, a heating plate is formed on the wafer for heating a structure to be tested positioned above or adjacent to the heating plate. The heating plate produces heat by electrically connecting to a current. Thus,... Agent: North America Intellectual Property Corporation

20090027077 - Method and apparatus for identifying outliers following burn-in testing: A method includes performing burn-in testing of a device in a tester to generate post burn-in data. Pre-burn-in data associated with the device is compared to the post burn-in data. The device is identified as an outlier device based on the comparison.... Agent: Williams, Morgan & Amerson

01/22/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090021236 - Alignment correction system and method of use: A system and method for correcting alignment of a product on a tool and, more particularly, to a system and method for correcting alignment of a wafer on a chuck of a tool. The system is a tool comprising at least one contact near a circumference of the tool and... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20090021235 - Methods and systems for detecting dc influence in a current sensor: Methods and systems for an electrical meter are provided. The meter includes a current sensor configured to be communicatively coupled to a conductor, and a processor communicatively coupled to the current sensor wherein the processor is configured to receive signals indicative of current flow through the conductor and wherein the... Agent: John S. Beulick (17851) Armstrong Teasdale LLP

20090021237 - Current transformer and electric energy meter: A current transformer detects a sine-wave alternating current having a maximum effective current value Imax(Arms) and a frequency f(Hz) and a half-sine-wave rectified current having a maximum peak value Ipeak(Aop) and a frequency f(Hz) in a primary winding, consisting of at least one magnetic core with one turn of primary... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20090021238 - Optical device and method of controlling the same: An optical device includes an optical element, a detector and a controller. The optical element has an optical waveguide. Refractive index of the optical waveguide is controlled by a heater. A temperature of the optical element is controlled by a temperature control device. The detector detects a current flowing in... Agent: Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian, LLP

20090021239 - Current measuring apparatus, test appartaus, current measuring method and test method: There is provided a current measuring apparatus that measures an electric current received by an electronic device from an input terminal, The current measuring apparatus includes a first voltage accumulator that accumulates a reference supply voltage that acts as a reference for a voltage being supplied to the electronic device... Agent: Robert E. Lockman, Jr.

20090021240 - Circuit tester/jumper: A device which may be utilized as a circuit testing device or a power source conductor device includes a handle with a single lead wire electrically connected to a light in series circuit with a probe. Further included is a push button switch on the side of the handle which... Agent: Banner & Witcoff, Ltd.

20090021241 - Method for measuring velocity of conductor pressing on capacitive sensor: A method for measuring a velocity of a conductor pressing on a capacitive sensor. The method includes: sampling a capacitance of a sensing electrode at each preset time; providing a threshold value; and determining the velocity of the conductor pressing on the capacitive sensor according to a specific period, wherein... Agent: Joe Mckinney Muncy

20090021242 - Device and method for measuring a quantity representing the rotational speed of a motor vehicle and system and method using said device and method: The invention concerns a device for measuring a quantity representing the rotational speed of a motor vehicle wheel (14ag, 14ad, 14rg, 14rd), comprising means (22ag, 22ad, 22rg, 22rd) for coding and measuring the rotational speed in the form of electromagnetic pulses, means (24) for determining a time interval including a... Agent: Nicolas E. Seckel Patent Attorney

20090021243 - Inductive speed detector: Arrangement for inductive speed detection in which two planar coils are arranged offset at a given distance from a so-called pulse wheel and in the rotational direction of the pulse wheel, and are each part of an oscillator, the oscillator frequency of which is evaluated.... Agent: Jordan And Hamburg LLP

20090021245 - Linear and rotational inductive position sensor: An apparatus for providing a signal related to a position of a part comprises an exciter coil, and a receiver coil disposed proximate to the exciter coil. The exciter coil generates magnetic flux when the exciter coil is energized by a source of electrical energy, such as an alternating current... Agent: Gifford, Krass, Sprinkle,anderson & Citkowski, P.c

20090021244 - Sensor: A magnetizing apparatus is for magnetizing a magnetizable object. The magnetizing apparatus comprises a programming unit being shaped in such a manner that, when the programming unit is positioned adjacent to the magnetizable object and an electrical programming signal is applied to the programming unit, the magnetizable object is magnetized... Agent: Fay Kaplun & Marcin, LLP

20090021247 - Device for determining the angular position of a rotatable compressor stator blade: The invention refers to a device for determining the angular position of a compressor stator blade, which is rotatable around its longitudinal axis and arranged in a compressor, with which is associated a measuring surface which rotates synchronously with it. For a reliable, simple and approximately error-free recording of the... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20090021246 - Rotation angle detection device and rotation angle correction method: A device for detecting an absolute rotation angle of multiple rotation with a high accuracy and high resolution by using a target connected to the rotation axis and having an outer circumferential surface to which magnetic poles of alternate polarities are magnetized. The device includes: a first rotor holding a... Agent: Ratnerprestia

20090021248 - Inductive proximity detector with switched windings: d

20090021249 - Core-less current sensor: Core-less current sensor comprises two parallel conductors carrying equal currents in the same direction. The magnetic field in mid location of the two parallel conductors carrying equal currents in the same direction for all current magnitudes is zero in absence of an external magnetic interference. Sum of magnetic fields in... Agent: Bryan Anderson Honeywell International, Inc.

20090021250 - Target substance detection kit and target substance detection method: The present invention allows a target substance to be detected easily without applying an external magnetic field to a magnetic marker. The present invention provides a target substance detection kit including: a target substance detection board which contains a magnetic sensor and a first target substance capture molecule; and a... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20090021251 - Balancing circuit for a metal detector: A balancing circuit for a metal detector. The metal detector includes an oscillating power source, a transmit coil connected to the oscillating power source, first and second receive coils inductively coupled to the transmit coil, a first amplitude balancing circuit connected to the first receive coil, and a first phase... Agent: Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

20090021252 - Metal detector: A vibration canceling circuit for a metal detector. The metal detector includes a transmit coil, first and second receive coils, a differential circuit coupled to the first and second receive coils, a controller coupled to the differential circuit, and a vibration canceling circuit coupled to the controller. The controller uses... Agent: Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

20090021253 - Method and device for long-range guided-wave inspection of fire side of waterwall tubes in boilers: Methods and devices for inspecting waterwall tubes for the detection of fire side damage over a long length of the tube are described. The system of the invention uses a magnetostrictive strip and a flat coil-type plate magnetostrictive sensor (MsS) that are held in place on the waterwall using a... Agent: Kammer Browning Pllc

20090021254 - Methods for arbitrary shape selective excitation summed spectroscopy and applications of same: In another aspect, the present invention relates to a method for NMR measurements of an arbitrarily shaped region of interest of a living subject. In one embodiment, the method comprises the steps of applying a broad bandwidth of RF pulses to the arbitrarily shaped region of interest to obtain a... Agent: Morris Manning Martin LLP

20090021255 - Apparatus and method for cryogenically cooling a coil on a magnetic resonance imaging system: A magnetic resonance imaging system (10) includes a primary magnet and a secondary magnet operable to produce magnetic fields within a sample being imaged. The MRI system further includes at least one RF coil (50) that is operable to receive electromagnetic frequencies from the sample. The RF coil is formed... Agent: Driggs, Hogg, Daugherty & Del Zoppo Co., L.p.a.

20090021256 - High frequency coil and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus: An RF coil has a set of input/output terminals and two loops. The two loops are disposed and capacitors in the loops are adjusted so that the linearly polarized magnetic fields generated and detected by the loops are perpendicular to each other, and the combined magnetic field of the linearly... Agent: Stanley P. Fisher Reed Smith LLP

20090021259 - Low temperature susceptibility compensation: The NMR device with a magnet utilizes a composition exhibiting a desired value of magnetic susceptibility, wherein the composition comprises a metal ion selected from the group consisting of Gd+3, Fe+3 and Mn+2 and an amorphous material using a ligand or chelating agent to solubilize the metal ion throughout the... Agent: Varian Inc. Legal Department

20090021257 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, setting supporting apparatus, and setting supporting method: Support information including at least a setting image showing a present configuration of placing a patient on a bed and a present configuration of placing an RF coil for the patient is displayed. As necessary, the support information is displayed while including the position of a virtual magnetic field center... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, Pc

20090021258 - Method for determining local deviations of a main magnetic field of a magnetic resonance device: The invention relates to a method for the determination of local deviations of a main magnetic field of a magnetic resonance device from a setpoint value, comprising: loading of a first image data record of an examination region recorded by means of the magnetic resonance device with a first frequency... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20090021260 - Rotor drive apparatus and methods utilizing center-fed radial-outflow gas: A rotor drive apparatus includes a rotor and a stator. The stator has a gas injection orifice located on the axis about which the rotor spins. The gas injection orifice communicates with a bearing gap formed between a tapered surface of the rotor and an axially spaced tapered surface of... Agent: Varian Inc. Legal Department

20090021261 - Rf trap tuned by selectively inserting electrically conductive tuning elements: A magnetic resonance imaging scanner (10) includes a main magnet (20) generating a spatially uniform main magnetic field at least over a field of view, a plurality of gradient coils (30) selectively generating magnetic field gradients at least over the field of view, and a radio frequency coil (32, 34)... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090021262 - Non polarized contacts for resistivity measurements in drill cuttings samples for surface logging while drilling: Apparatus and probe for non-polarized contacts for resistivity measurements in drill cuttings. At least two probes having a highly conductive shell from non-corrosive metal in form of pipe and a wood and/or other fine channeled thread (grained) water filled that will be conductive when it is wet.... Agent: Diederiks & Whitelaw, Plc

20090021263 - Multi-ion potential sensor and fabrication thereof: A multi-ion potential sensor is disclosed. The multi-ion potential sensor comprises a substrate, a conductive layer, an isolation layer, a tin oxide (SnO2) layer and a selective layer. The conductive layer comprises a plurality of independent conductive areas, wherein every conductive area comprises a readout area, a transmissive area and... Agent: Wpat, Pc

20090021264 - Method and apparatus for repeatable drive strength assessments of high speed memory dimms: The present invention assesses memory (DIMM) strength by calculating frequency content of a radiated field which is collected by an apparatus, such as a dipole antenna. Radiated field is created by accelerated charge, which is a function of the slew rate or DIMM strength. Radiated power is directly proportional to... Agent: Hoffman Warnick Llc

20090021265 - Lead insertion system and method: A system for determining whether a lead is securely inserted into a connector includes an actuator for moving the lead to a plurality of positions, a position sensor for measuring a position of the lead relative to the connector, and a force sensor for measuring an actual force exerted on... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20090021266 - Defect detection system with multilevel output capability and method thereof: A defect detection system and related method take advantage of multilevel detection technique for detecting defects on an integrated circuit. The defect detection system utilizes an analog-to-digital converter for converting an analog sensing signal into an output code having a plurality of bits. The defect detection methods include an open... Agent: North America Intellectual Property Corporation

20090021269 - Method for measuring speed of conductor slipping through capacitive sensor: A method for measuring a speed of a conductor slipping through a capacitive sensor. The method includes: sampling a capacitance of a sensing electrode at each preset time; determining a first threshold value and a second threshold value according to a peak value of the capacitance when the capacitance achieves... Agent: Joe Mckinney Muncy

20090021268 - Touch sensor with electrostatic immunity and sensing method thereof: The present invention relates to a touch sensor with electrostatic immunity and sensing method thereof. The touch sensor includes a sensing electrode, a discharge element, a sensing-controlling terminal and an input-output (I/O) control terminal, wherein the discharge element is coupled between the sensing-controlling terminal and the I/O control terminal and... Agent: Joe Mckinney Muncy

20090021267 - Variably dimensioned capacitance sensor elements: A capacitance sensing apparatus includes capacitance sensor elements covered by a layer of material. The layer of material has an uneven effect on a measure of capacitance induced in the capacitance sensor elements when an object is in proximity to a sensing surface. For example, the layer of material may... Agent: Synaptics C/o Wagner Blecher LLP

20090021270 - Capacitive detection of dust accumulation in a heat sink: A system and method for electronically detecting the accumulation of dust within a computer system using a capacitive dust sensor. The dust detection system may be implemented on a smaller computer, such as an individual PC, or in a more expansive system, such as a rack-based server system (“rack system”)... Agent: Ibm Corporation (ss/nc) C/o Streets & Steele

20090021271 - Measuring the on-resistance of a transistor load path: Methods, and apparatuses for performing them, including applying a control signal to a control terminal of a transistor, to switch the transistor to an on-state such that the transistor carries a load current through a load-path of the transistor; measuring a voltage drop across the load-path of the transistor while... Agent: Banner & Witcoff, Ltd. Attorneys For Client 007052

20090021272 - Inspection apparatus, probe card and inspection method: By allowing an electrical conduction between a probe and an electrode by a fritting phenomenon before inspection, simplification of circuit configuration and shortening of inspection time is achieved. A fritting circuit is formed in a probe card of an inspection apparatus for each probe pair consisting of two probes. A... Agent: Pearne & Gordon LLP

20090021273 - On-wafer test structures: A test structure for characterizing integrated circuits on a wafer includes a differential cell outputting a differential mode signal in response to a differential mode input signal. The probe pads of the test structure are arrayed linearly enabling placement of the test structure in a saw street between dies.... Agent: Chernoff, Vilhauer, Mcclung & Stenzel

20090021274 - Electrical connecting apparatus: An electrical connecting apparatus comprises a plurality of plate-shaped probes. Each probe has a cut-off portion opening on its inside surface side and both sides in the thickness direction of the probe and is engaged with a dropout preventing member disposed in a plate-shaped housing at the cut-off portion, thereby... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.c.

20090021275 - Method and arrangement for positioning a probe card: A method for perpendicular positioning of a probe card relative to a test substrate, includes storing a separation position approached in a first positioning step as a distance between the needle tips of the probe card and the substrate, storing a contact position approached in a second positioning step until... Agent: Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti Pc

20090021276 - Probe or measuring head with illumination of the contact region: A probe or measuring head for measuring an electrical signal of an electrical contact has an electrically conducting feeler (1) which protrudes out of a housing (3) and has, at its end, a contact region (4) which comes into touching contact with the electrical contact. The contact region (4) of... Agent: Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP

20090021277 - Device and method for reparing a microelectromechanical system: A second method for repairing a damaged probe from a probe card is also disclosed. The method repairs a damaged probe from a probe card that includes a plurality of operational probes connected to a substrate and a plurality of replacement probes connected to the substrate and wherein the plurality... Agent: Manuel F. De La Cerra

20090021278 - Commutation failure detection circuit for back-to-back scr circuit and controlling method thereof having relatively better efficiency: The configurations of a commutation failure detection circuit for a back-to-back SCR circuit and the controlling methods thereof are provided. The proposed commutation failure detection circuit includes a first detecting signal generator coupled to the back-to-back SCR circuit for detecting a commutation at a negative half cycle of an AC... Agent: Haverstock & Owens LLP

20090021279 - Semiconductor testing circuit and semiconductor testing method: A semiconductor testing circuit of the present invention includes a signal line which is connected to a terminal not to be tested and a plurality of terminals to be tested of a semiconductor device; switch circuits for controlling electrical connection/disconnection between the signal line and the terminals to be tested;... Agent: Steptoe & Johnson LLP

20090021280 - Method and test system for determining gate-to-body current in a floating body fet: In one disclosed embodiment, the present method for determining a gate-to-body current for a floating body FET comprises measuring at least three unique gate-to-body currents corresponding to at least three unique body-tied FET structures, determining at least three unique relationships between the at least three unique gate-to-body currents and at... Agent: Farjami & Farjami LLP

01/15/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090015235 - Method and apparatus for testing a system module: A method for testing a system module assembled by integrated circuits during mass production. The integrated circuits and the assembled system modules are manufactured by the same manufacturer. The method includes the steps of apply a plurality of system level tests to the system module to determine the performance of... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20090015236 - Noise diagnosis of operating conditions for an electromagnetic flowmeter: An analysis circuit in an electromagnetic flowmeter provides diagnostic operating conditions and identifies one or more of the diagnostic operating conditions for which the coil current is stable during a sample interval. A diagnostic operating condition is selected as a measurement operating condition as a function of a noise floor... Agent: Westman Champlin & Kelly, P.A.

20090015237 - Classification technique for powered devices using selective frequency filtering: A method, performed by a power sourcing apparatus is provided. The method includes (a) providing an electronic signal to a powered device (PD) over a wire through a circuit device, the circuit device permitting current to flow at pre-determined frequencies, the pre-determined frequencies forming a first set of frequency components,... Agent: Bainwood Huang & Associates LLC

20090015238 - Integrated spectrum analyzer circuits and methods for providing on-chip diagnostics: Spectrum analyzer circuits and methods are provided which implement “zero-IF” (direct conversion) or “near-zero IF” (or very low IF) architectures that enable implementation of integrated (on-chip) spectrum analyzers for measuring the frequency spectrum of internal chip signals. An integrated spectrum analyzer circuit, which comprises a zero IF or near-zero IF... Agent: F. Chau & Associates, LLC

20090015239 - Transmission line sensor: A system and method in which an overhead high voltage transmission line sensor system is able to measure one or more of temperature, current, and line sag for a conductor within a high voltage transmission line system. The sensor system may be able to clamp to a transmission conductor or... Agent: Gibson & Dernier L.L.P.

20090015240 - Detection circuit: A detection circuit includes: a control signal updating circuit configured to update a digital control signal for controlling drive of a sensor based on a clock having a predetermined frequency; a digital to analog converter configured to convert the digital control signal output from the control signal updating circuit to... Agent: SocalIPLaw Group LLP

20090015241 - Method and apparatus for sensing and controlling fan speed: One embodiment of the present invention provides a system that determines fan speeds for a set of fans in a computer system. During operation, the system receives time-series data collected by a vibration transducer associated with the computer system, wherein the vibration transducer is configured to record mechanical vibrations from... Agent: Pvf -- Sun Microsystems Inc. C/o Park, Vaughan & Fleming LLP

20090015242 - Method to test the measurement accuracy of at least one magnetic field sensor: In a process for testing the measurement accuracy of at least one magnetic field sensor, in particular during manufacturing, a semiconductor wafer that has at least two semiconductor chips is provided. A measurement coil is integrated into at least one first semiconductor chip, and a magnetic field-sensitive electric circuit is... Agent: The Webb Law Firm, P.C.

20090015244 - Control element for a motor vehicle: A control element is provided for a motor vehicle, particularly a rotary actuator, having at least one pivoted control knob, an extension formed on the control knob, and an electrical means to detect the rotary movement of the control knob, whereby the electrical means works together with the extension of... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20090015243 - Device and system for detecting position: [Means for Solving Problems] The position sensor comprises a Hall IC (50) for turning an electric signal on/off according to the position relative to a magnet provided on the piston of an air cylinder, a resin (60) such as a polyamide resin molded to cover the Hall IC (50), a... Agent: Hickman Palermo Truong & Becker, LLP

20090015245 - Mechanisms for sensing the opening and closing of pharmaceutical containers: Multiple embodiments of mechanisms for sensing the opening and closing of pharmaceutical containers are disclosed. In particular, the example sensing mechanisms of the invention trigger an automatic, built-in, electronic dosage reminder and open/close event logging operation while requiring no additional actions or otherwise changed behavior by the patient, in order... Agent: Mark Burrows

20090015246 - Lithographic apparatus and position sensor: A lithographic apparatus having a stationary magnet motor to drive a support such as a substrate support or a patterning device support, may be provided with a measurement system to measure a position of the support in question, e.g., to provide a safety system to prevent a collision of the... Agent: Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox P.l.l.c.

20090015247 - Rotation angle detecting unit: A rotation angle detecting unit includes a pedal arm rotated by the pedal force transmitted from an accelerator pedal, an urging device urging the pedal arm in an opposite direction from a direction, in which pedal force is applied to the pedal arm, a pedal rotor engaging the pedal arm... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20090015248 - Position feedback for self bearing motor: A sensing mechanism includes a magnetic source, a magnetic flux sensor, a sensor backing on which the magnetic source and flux sensor are mounted, and a ferromagnetic target, where the magnetic source, magnetic flux sensor, and ferromagnetic target are positioned to form a magnetic circuit from the magnetic source to... Agent: Perman & Green

20090015249 - Detecting failures in flexible multistrand steel structures: A flexible elongate structure, such as a flexible riser (10) for connecting oil and gas wells to floating production platforms, comprising at least one layer (20) of steel wires near the surface which extend at least partly along the length of the structure, can be monitored by inducing a magnetic... Agent: Law Offices Of William H. Holt

20090015250 - Resonator-based magnetic field sensor: The resonator-based magnetic field sensor system has an oscillatory member as resonator, means for driving an electrical current through said resonator such that its resonance frequency is altered by an external magnetic field to be measured (measurand), and means for detecting or measuring said altered resonance frequency. A secondary excitation... Agent: Mark D. Saralino (general) Renner, Otto, Boisselle & Sklar, LLP

20090015251 - Magnetic sensor and production method thereof: A magnetic sensor is disclosed that has plural axes at the same time, able to be fabricated in a small number of steps. The magnetic sensor includes a substrate; and plural sensor bridge circuits each including a pair of magnetic field detectors and a pair of fixed resistors on the... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.

20090015252 - Magnetoresistive magnetic field sensor structure: A magnetic field sensor structure including a first magnetoresistive element in a spin-valve arrangement with a first reference layer structure with a first reference magnetization direction and a second magnetoresistive element in a spin-valve arrangement with a second reference layer structure with a second reference magnetization direction, wherein the first... Agent: Slater & Matsil LLP

20090015254 - Demagnetizer to eliminate residual magnetization produced by nuclear magnetic resonance logs: An apparatus and method is disclosed for measuring a parameter of an earth formation surrounding a wellbore. A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) tool and at least one second tool are conveyed in the wellbore on a wireline, the NMR tool having a magnetic influence on a region of the wellbore.... Agent: Madan, Mossman & Sriram, P.C.

20090015253 - System and method implementing inherently conducting polymers for downhole applications: Embodiments of conductive polymers and instruments using the conductive polymers in geophysical exploration are provided. Methods for fabrication are included.... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP- Baker Atlas

20090015255 - Demagnetized implant for magnetic resonance imaging: A method of operating a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system is described. A magnetic element in an implanted medical device is demagnetized by exposing it to an external demagnetizing magnetic field. Magnetic resonance imaging of the patient is performed. Then the magnetic element is remagnetized without removing it from the... Agent: Bromberg & Sunstein LLP

20090015257 - Magnetic resonance anatomical image generating method and system: In a method to generate an anatomical image of an examination area with a magnetic resonance apparatus as well as computer program and magnetic resonance apparatus for implementation of the method, at least one image data set of the examination area and a parameter value map are loaded. The at... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20090015256 - Optimized mri strip array detectors and apparatus, systems and methods related thereto: Featured is a device for NMR or MRI signals from excited nuclei as well as related apparatus, systems and methods. The device includes a strip array antenna including one or more conductor and N reactive tuning components, where N is an integer ≧1 at least one of the N reactive... Agent: Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP

20090015258 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus performs photographing by magnetic resonance imaging using hardware of which temperature is likely to rise due to a photographing operation. The magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes an obtaining device, an alert state detecting device, and a control device. The obtaining device obtains information providing an... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20090015259 - Systems and methods for mounting instruments on nmr systems: According to one aspect, a suspended mounting bridge is used to attach a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) instrument assembly including shim coils and/or an NMR probe to an NMR magnet cryostat. The mounting bridge is suspended across a central region of an end cover (e.g. bottom plate) of the cryostat.... Agent: Varian Inc. Legal Department

20090015260 - Antenna cutout in a downhole tubular: In some embodiments, an apparatus (200) includes a tubular to operate downhole. The tubular has a longitudinal axis and has a cutout (210N) that has a direction that is other than 90 degrees to the longitudinal axis of the tubular. The apparatus also includes an antenna (202A) positioned in the... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A.

20090015261 - Determining formation parameters using electromagnetic coupling components: A method to determine one or more parameters of a formation traversed by a borehole, at least a portion of the formation having substantially parallel boundaries, the method comprising disposing a tool in the borehole, wherein the tool includes a transmitter having a dipole moment at an angle θT with... Agent: Schlumberger Oilfield Services

20090015262 - Buoy-based marine electromagnetic signal acquisition system: A sensor cable system for measuring electromagnetic response of the Earth's subsurface includes a sensor cable deployable on the bottom of a body of water. The sensor cable has a plurality of electromagnetic sensing devices thereon at spaced apart locations. A system control unit is in signal communication with the... Agent: Dewipat Incorporated

20090015263 - Ion control sensor: A static electricity removal device that removes static electricity by supplying positive and negative ions to a target of static electricity removal, comprising a surface potential measuring probe that measures a surface potential of the target of static electricity removal, wherein a potential detector (11a) that constitutes a surface potential... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090015264 - Ionization gauge with a cold electron source: An ionization gauge that eliminates a hot cathode or filament, but maintains a level of precision of gas density measurements approaching that of a hot cathode ionization gauge. The ionization gauge includes a collector electrode disposed in an ionization volume, an electron source without a heated cathode, and an electrostatic... Agent: Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds, P.C.

20090015265 - Acoustic emission sensor and method for checking operating state of acoustic emission sensor: The object is to make it possible to check the operating state such as degradation in sensitivity of an AE sensor when it is used actually. There are provided an AE conversion element 41, a pulse signal transmitter 42 for applying a pulse signal to the AE conversion element through... Agent: Christie, Parker & Hale, LLP

20090015266 - Resonator, printed board, and method for measuring complex dielectric constant: A plurality of through-hole vias connected to conductor layers is disposed with gaps left between these vias around opening parts disposed in the conductor layers in a printed board in which these conductor layers are disposed parallel to each other so as to sandwich a dielectric layer in between. Furthermore,... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090015267 - System and method for distortion analysis: A method, circuit and system for determining at least one of an amplitude and a relative phase of a signal under test. A reference signal is generated based, at least in part, upon the at least one of the amplitude and the relative phase of the signal under test. The... Agent: Holland & Knight LLP

20090015268 - Device and method for compensating a capacitive sensor measurement for variations caused by environmental conditions in a semiconductor processing environment: A method of sensing proximity to a showerhead in a semiconductor-processing system is provided. The method includes measuring a parameter that varies with proximity to the showerhead, as well as with at least one external factor. The method also includes measuring a parameter that does not vary with proximity to... Agent: Westman Champlin & Kelly, P.A.

20090015269 - Stray capacitance compensation for a capacitive sensor: A capacitive sensor (10) producing an output signal (VOUT) that is insensitive to stray capacitance (CS) caused by environmental and aging conditions. The sensor includes a sensing electrode (11) that exhibits a total capacitance that is responsive to both the measured process variable and to stray capacitance (CT=CA+CS). The sensor... Agent: Beusse Wolter Sanks Mora & Maire, P. A.

20090015270 - Electrostatic capacity-type sensor: An object of the present invention is to provide an electrostatic capacity-type sensor which is excellent in durability and can detect bending-deformation. An electrostatic capacity-type sensor comprises a dielectric film made of an elastomer and a pair of electrodes arranged via the dielectric film, and detects the deformation based on... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090015271 - Sensors: The invention provides a sensor (1) having an electrode (2) that capacitively couples with the object and can be formed from an electrically conductive ceramic material. The electrode (2) is substantially surrounded by a housing (4) formed from an electrically non-conductive ceramic. A first electrically conductive bridge (5) is connected... Agent: Greensfelder Hemker & Gale PC

20090015272 - Self-healing composite material: A self-healing composite material comprising a fibre-reinforced polymeric matrix, wherein the polymeric matrix comprises a thermosetting polymer and a thermoplastic polymer.... Agent: Seyfarth Shaw LLP

20090015273 - Test patch system and method: A test system for taking a sample of a constituent on a surface utilizing a fluid source includes a transition region having a capillary layer for delivering a fluid from said fluid source, an extraction region having a collection material in contact with said surface, and a collection region having... Agent: Middleton & Reutlinger

20090015274 - Method for automated stress testing of flip-chip packages: Methods for testing flip-chip packages includes aligning a microscope and a test engine. The package under test is placed between the microscope and the test engine, and an acoustic transducer is attached to the package under test. The test engine delivers an impact to the package under test on the... Agent: Glast, Phillips & Murray, P.c

20090015277 - Device for testing electronic components, in particular ics, having a sealing board arranged inside a pressure test chamber: In a device for testing electronic components, in particular ICs, under particular pressure conditions, the pressure test chamber comprises contact elements (13) which on the one hand are connected to an electronic testing device and on the other hand extend into a cavity of the pressure test chamber. Arranged inside... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20090015276 - Probe assembly and method for producing it: A method of producing a probe assembly which uses thermal energy of a laser light for bonding a plurality of connection pads provided on a probe board and a probe disposed on each connection pad. In the neighborhood of at least one of the connection pads on the probe board,... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C.

20090015275 - Ultra-fine area array pitch probe card: A system and a method of testing a semiconductor die is provided. An embodiment comprises a printed circuit board connected to a space transformation layer, which is connected to a substrate. The substrate uses through silicon vias and a redistribution layer to reduce the pitch of the connections beyond the... Agent: Slater & Matsil, L.L.P.

20090015278 - Apparatus to monitor substrate viability: An apparatus for detecting and reporting a condition is described. The apparatus is an electronic package comprising a substrate with electrically conducting lines electrically connected to an integrated chip, and to a source of voltage. The integrated circuit chip is mounted onto a substrate and electrically connected to at least... Agent: Ibm Corporation, T.j. Watson Research Center

20090015279 - Socket, and test apparatus and method using the socket: An apparatus for testing electric characteristics of a test object including first connection terminals on a bottom surface and second connection terminals on a top surface, the apparatus comprises a test board comprising first pads on a predetermined surface; a socket configured to electrically connect the test object to the... Agent: Mills & Onello LLP

20090015280 - Method for correcting displacement of multi card and method for testing circuit element: A method for correcting displacement of a multi card with respect to a product wafer, includes displacing a predetermined wafer on a stage of a probing device and forming a contact trace of a probe needle on a surface of the wafer by bringing the probe needle into contact with... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20090015281 - Method of positioning an anisotropic conductive connector, method of positioning the anisotropic conductive connector and a circuit board for inspection, anisotropic conductive connector, and probe card: The method is a method for positioning a three-layered rectangular frame-like anisotropic conductive connector in order to inspect the electrical properties of an object for inspection. The positioning is carried out in the following manner. The three-layered anisotropic conductive sheet is composed of a first anisotropic conductive sheet, a center... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.

20090015282 - Electronics tester with a signal distribution board and a wafer chuck having different coefficients of thermal expansion: The invention relates to a tester apparatus of the kind including a portable supporting structure for removably holding and testing a substrate carrying a microelectronic circuit. An interface on the stationary structure is connected to the first interface when the portable structure is held by the stationary structure and is... Agent: Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP

20090015283 - Integrated circuit probing apparatus having a temperature-adjusting mechanism: A probing apparatus for integrated circuit devices comprises a probe card, a probe holder for holding the probe card, a test head and a temperature-adjusting mechanism. The probe card comprises at least one probe capable of forming an electrical connection with the integrated circuit device facing a first surface of... Agent: Wpat, PC Intellectual Property Attorneys

20090015284 - Semi-generic in-circuit test fixture: A semi-generic test fixture for testing printed circuit boards (PCBs) and/or for testing printed circuit boards assemblies (PCBAs) is presented. The semi-generic test fixture implements a combination of generic and customized parts for tester-to-fixture interface instead of a static dedicated in-circuit test (ICT) fixture which is able to interconnect only... Agent: Brouillette & Partners

20090015286 - Power supply voltage detection circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device: A semiconductor integrated circuit device includes a first chip, a second chip to transmit and receive data to and from the first chip, and a through circuit provided in the first chip to transfer a clock signal and a test signal to the second chip. The clock signal and the... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20090015285 - Test structures for electrically detecting back end of the line failures and methods of making and using the same: Test structures for electrically detecting BEOL failures are provided. In an embodiment, the structure comprises: an input/output connection disposed above a primary conductive pad which is embedded in an insulator; a dielectric layer disposed upon the insulator; a primary via extending through the dielectric layer down to the primary conductive... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP - IBM Fishkill

20090015287 - Apparatus for testing an object: An apparatus for testing an object includes a test chamber, a guiding member, testing units and a transferring unit. The test chamber is configured to receive the object. The guiding member is arranged extending along a first direction in the test chamber. The testing units are movably connected to the... Agent: F. Chau & Associates, LLC

20090015288 - Circuit testing apparatus: A circuit testing apparatus for testing a device under test is disclosed. The circuit testing apparatus includes a function generator, a signal measuring module and a determining module. The function generator is coupled to the device under test for providing a plurality of testing signals according to a predetermined manner.... Agent: Joe Mckinney Muncy

01/08/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090009154 - Wide-band antenna coupled spectrometer using cmos transistor: To create a broad band spectrometer, a plurality of individual antenna based bolometers are fabricated on the surface of a single spectrometer chip, each bolometer having an individual antenna which is sized differently from all others, thus being responsive to a generally unique frequency of radiation. Each antenna is coupled... Agent: Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly LLP

20090009155 - Discrete time direct sampling circuit and receiver: A direct sampling circuit and a receiver which carry out discrete time analog processing with a high degree of design freedom and are provided with a filter property which is achievable to comply with the receipt of a broad band signal. A plurality of discrete time analog processing circuits (101)... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20090009156 - Magnetic sensor device with reference unit: The invention relates to a magnetic sensor device comprising excitation wires (11, 13) for generating a magnetic field (B) in a sample chamber (1) and a magnetic sensor element (12), for example a GMR element, for sensing magnetic fields generated by magnetic particles (2) in the sample chamber. The device... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090009157 - System and method for measuring energy in magnetic interactions: An apparatus and method is provided for measuring magnetic force response time due to the magnetic viscosity of materials and for measuring total energy exchanged due to relative motion of magnetic materials. Voltage and current versus time through an electromagnet is measured and recorded. Corresponding force versus time is measured... Agent: Seyfarth Shaw LLP

20090009158 - Self-energizing sensing device for detecting moving ferrous elements and assemblies therewith: A self-energizing, non-contacting sensing device for detecting movement of ferrous elements, methods of use and assemblies therewith. The device includes a permanent magnet, a pair of ferrous conductors, an inductor coil and a microprocessor. The ferrous conductors are attached to the permanent magnet with free ends of the ferrous conductors... Agent: Dickinson Wright, PLLC

20090009161 - Cylindrical cover-attached encoder apparatus: A cylindrical cover-attached encoder apparatus, including a magnetic metal-based body having a cylindrical shape, a magnetic rubber-based encoder having a cylindrical shape and formed around the outer peripheral surface of said magnetic metal-based cylindrical body, and a nonmagnetic material-based cover having a cylindrical shape and adapted to be mounted on... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

20090009160 - Magnetic sensor with high and low resolution tracks: A sensing apparatus that includes first and second magnet assemblies. The first magnet assembly includes first and second magnets that have respective first and second opposite magnetic fields, and respective first and second dimensions. The first dimension is relatively smaller than the second dimension. The second magnet assembly is positioned... Agent: Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

20090009159 - Robust solution for mitigating eccentricity in a rotary sensor apparatus: A robust solution for eccentricity issues in 360 degree rotary sensor application utilizing a hollow cylindrical magnet. A hollow cylindrical magnet design can be implemented to drive a parallel field magnetic sensor based oh Hall/AMR technologies. Eccentricity variations of ±0.46 mm on X and Y axes can be reduced by... Agent: Attorney, Intellectual Property Honeywell International Inc.

20090009162 - Eddy current flaw detection probe: Disclosed is an eddy current flaw detection probe that is capable of pressing itself against an inspection target whose curvature varies. A flaw sensor is configured by fastening a plurality of coils to a flexible substrate that faces the surface of the inspection target. A first elastic body is positioned... Agent: Mattingly, Stanger, Malur & Brundidge, P.C.

20090009163 - Magnetic sensing device and electronic compass using the same: Positive and negative bias magnetic fields are applied to a sensor unit 12 to determine first and second output voltages. A first difference between the first and second output voltages is calculated. Next, correction bias magnetic fields, each of which is obtained by adding an additional bias magnetic field to... Agent: Beyer Law Group LLP

20090009164 - Magneto-sensitive integrated circuit: A magneto-sensitive integrated circuit which amplifies a magneto-sensitive output voltage of a Hall element by an amplifier to generate an amplified voltage, converts an output voltage of the amplifier into a digital signal by an A/D converter; and generates a reference voltage of magnitude corresponding to an indicated value. The... Agent: Volentine & Whitt PLLC

20090009165 - Quantum information processing device and method: Quantum information processing device includes resonator incorporating material containing physical systems, each of physical systems having at least four energy states, transition between two energy states of at least four energy states, and transition energy between at least two energy states of at least four energy states, at least four... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.

20090009167 - Magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging with short echo times: Radio frequency (rf) pulses are applied to a sample to produce magnetic resonance (MR) echo signals from the sample at multiple different echo times. Magnetic field gradients are applied to the sample to select for acquisition components of each MR echo signal. The selected components correspond to groups of radial... Agent: Fish & Richardson, PC

20090009166 - Method of using g-matrix fourier transformation nuclear magnetic resonance (gft nmr) spectroscopy for rapid chemical shift assignment and secondary structure determination of proteins: The present invention presents a new approach to rapidly obtaining precise high-dimensional NMR spectral information, named “GFT NMR spectroscopy”, which is based on the phase sensitive joint sampling of the indirect dimensions spanning a subspace of a conventional NMR experiment. The phase-sensitive joint sampling of several indirect dimensions of a... Agent: Nixon Peabody LLP - Patent Group

20090009168 - System and method for minimizing mri-imaging artifacts: Methods of, and systems for, simultaneously compensating for external-magnetic-field inhomogeneity as well as radiofrequency magnetic-field inhomogeneity in an MRI system. In one method embodiment, a pulse sequence is applied when the transmitter-reference frequency is delivered on resonance. The pulse sequence includes radiofrequency pulses which may be applied at arbitrary-excitation-flip angles... Agent: Montgomery, Mccracken, Walker & Rhoads, LLP

20090009170 - High-magnetic field mri system within a housing and a method of operating an mri system within a housing: An MRI system is housed within a housing that is provided with a set of deployable barriers that are attachable to the housing. The magnet in the MRI system may be operated at a first magnetic field intensity, such that the magnetic field outside of the housing remains below a... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20090009169 - Low local sar birdcage radio frequency coil: A radio frequency coil (30) for detecting magnetic resonance signals includes a plurality of distributed-capacitance rungs (70) and one or more conductive segments or rings (72, 74, 100) arranged transverse to the rungs (70) and coupled with the rungs (70). Each rung (70) includes: (i) an insulating substrate (80) having... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090009171 - Shim support guide jig for magnetic field generation apparatus, magnetic field generation apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging equipment each including shim support in which magnetic material shims are arranged and adjusted by employing shim support g: A shim support guide jig includes a shim support guide pipe in which a guide passage for guiding the movement of a shim support is formed. In a state where a superconducting magnet has generated a static magnetic field, the designated shim support can be drawn out from the internal... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20090009172 - Magnetic resonance apparatus patient support: An arrangement for supporting a patient in a magnetic resonance apparatus includes a platform that accommodates the patient for a magnetic resonance examination to be conducted, local coils for the magnetic resonance examination and fastening belts, with the fastening belts being fashioned to affix the local coils on the patient... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20090009173 - Portable wireless metal detector: The subject of invention is a portable electromagnetic metal detector, of the type comprising a detection head placed at the end of a support stick, the detection head includes a transmitting coil and a receiving coil. The metal detector has, an electronic command and control box making it possible to... Agent: Lowe Hauptman & Berner, LLP

20090009174 - Borehole conductivity simulator verification and transverse coil balancing: Calibration of the arrays of a multicomponent induction logging tool is achieved by positioning the tool horizontally above ground. The upper and lower housings of the tool are connected by a borehole conductivity simulator which as a resistance comparable to that of a borehole. Axial and radial positioning of the... Agent: Madan, Mossman & Sriram, P.C.

20090009175 - Current-measuring clamp on sensor in electromechanical relays: This invention relates to the system that detects the origin of relay or relays where failures are seen in electromechanical relays, and ensuring the repair of failure at the shortest time. System developed by this invention consists of a clamp on sensor handle, clamp on sensor ground, mumetal, magnetic area... Agent: Saul Ewing LLP (philadelphia)

20090009176 - Electronic device, battery pack, and electronic device system: An electronic device which is capable of performing high-accuracy remaining battery capacity management. The electronic device has a plurality of battery pack compartments assigned specific addresses, respectively. A remaining capacity-detecting unit detects the remaining battery capacity of a battery pack mounted in a battery pack compartment. A control microcomputer receives... Agent: Cowan Liebowitz & Latman P.C. John J Torrente

20090009178 - Abnormal condition detection apparatus: A plurality of result signals are driven low when abnormal condition is detected and driven high when no abnormal condition is detected. Presence and absence of the abnormal conditions of different types are indicated in a predetermined sequence by high and low signal levels of the result signals. The voltage... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20090009177 - Voltage monitoring method and circuit for electrical energy storage device: Disclosed herein is a voltage monitoring method and circuit for an electrical energy storage device. The voltage monitoring method includes detecting the voltages of one or more unit cells constituting the electrical energy storage device; generating logical signals depending on the respective levels of the detected voltages; and generating a... Agent: Steptoe & Johnson LLP

20090009179 - Apparatus and method for verifying a seal between mutiple chambers: An open seal check system for a multi-chamber supply container having at least one elongated seal, the system includes: (i) a base configured to support the multi chamber container; (ii) a plurality of electrodes positioned on the base so as to be at least substantially parallel with the elongated seal;... Agent: Baxter Healthcare Corporation

20090009180 - Directional fault current indicator: A method for identifying a fault condition associated with a power line conductor of an electrical power distribution network. The method comprises determining a load current carried by the conductor is above a minimum load current, determining a learned phase angle relationship between the load current and a source signal,... Agent: Beusse Wolter Sanks Mora & Maire, P. A.

20090009181 - Current differential protection relays: In the field of current differential protection relays there is a need for improvements in or relating to the protection relays to allow them to accommodate current transformer saturation while maintaining a desired degree of reliability. A method of operating a current differential protection relay following a fault, the protection... Agent: Thelen LLP

20090009184 - test circuit and test method: In a test circuit, a first N-channel transistor with an open drain is connected to a receiver in a test target integrated circuit and is configured to generate a first amplitude voltage signal in response to a first voltage drive signal. A second N-channel transistor with an open drain is... Agent: Mcginn Intellectual Property Law Group, PLLC

20090009182 - Circuit to provide testability to a self-timed circuit: The present invention enables asynchronous circuits to be tested in the same manner and using the same equipment and test strategies as with synchronous circuits. The feedback path of an asynchronous element, for example a Muller C element, includes a test structure which may be invoked for the purpose of... Agent: Michael W. Caldwell

20090009183 - System and method for predictive maintenance of a battery assembly using temporal signal processing: A technique of monitoring a battery assembly may include monitoring a parameter associated with the battery assembly to obtain a number of monitored parameter samples. A temporal sequence of monotonically increasing values may be generated from the monitored parameter samples. The temporal sequence may be analyzed for an indication of... Agent: Renner, Otto, Boisselle & Sklar, LLP (abbi)

20090009185 - Diagnostic system for monitoring a connector: A diagnostic resistor via which a diagnostic current flows is used in a diagnostic system for monitoring a connector in particular for high-frequency modules. The diagnostic resistor is integrated into a connector.... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20090009186 - Systems and methods for determining the state of a programmable fuse in an ic: Systems and methods for detecting the mode (a.k.a., state) of a fuse or set of fuses in a device such as an integrated circuit. One embodiment comprises a method for determining three fuse states (uncut, cut, and destroyed) by comparing the fuse voltage with two reference voltages. Each fuse state... Agent: Law Offices Of Mark L. Berrier

20090009187 - Method for identifying connected device and electronic device using the same: A method for identifying connected devices and an electronic device using the method are disclosed. When the connected device is connected to the electronic device, a type of the connected device is identified based on the voltage change according to a change of current flowing in therebetween, and then a... Agent: JeffersonIPLaw, LLP

20090009188 - Structural health monitoring sensor system and method using resonant transmission line sensors: A structural health monitoring system and method uses a resonant transmission line sensor. A resonant transmission line sensor, which includes one or more sensor conductors and a dielectric material disposed at least proximate the one or more sensor conductors, is coupled to the structure. The dielectric material exhibits a dielectric... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20090009189 - Apparatus and method for the measurement of mass and/or moisture of dielectric objects: An apparatus for the measurement of mass and/or moisture of dielectric objects, with an analysing unit, at least one high frequency generator, at least one high frequency detector and with a high frequency resonator, wherein the at least one high frequency generator can generate at least two modes which are... Agent: Vidas, Arrett & Steinkraus, P.A.

20090009191 - High-resolution, nondestructive imaging of dielectric materials: The enhanced detection of defects in the bulk dielectric material (Specimen) having radiation partly reflected at interfaces where the dielectric constant changes (e.g., where there are defects or structures). A sinusoidal or quasisinusoidal wave (Microwave Source) results. Localization or imaging of features is enhanced by exploiting the variation in distance... Agent: Patent Department Taylor, Porter, Brooks & Phillips, L.l.p

20090009190 - Inspection apparatus using terahertz wave: The inspection apparatus 100 includes a substrate 103 having therein a structure for holding an inspected object 104, an electromagnetic wave transmitting portion 101 having an antenna structure, and an electromagnetic wave receiving portion 102 having an antenna structure. The electromagnetic wave transmitting portion 101 and the electromagnetic wave receiving... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20090009192 - System and method for package inspection: A system are described in the field of automated packaging, relating to the inspection of packages (packaged product) in a production line. In particular, the invention addresses a number of problems with inspection systems of the prior art. One embodiment described provides a capacitor sensing inspection system (3) comprising a... Agent: Crompton, Seager & Tufte, LLC

20090009193 - Moisture-sensitive element with an interdigital capacitor and fabrication thereof: A moisture-sensitive element with an interdigital capacitor (IDC) and fabrication thereof are disclosed, wherein the moisture-sensitive element with the interdigital capacitor investigates a moisture sensor for the determination of human skin moisture based on the interdigital capacitor. The moisture-sensitive element with an interdigital capacitor comprises a printed circuit board (PCB),... Agent: Wpat, PC

20090009194 - Normalizing capacitive sensor array signals: An embodiment of the present invention is directed to a method for processing a position signal. The method includes receiving a first position signal from a capacitive sensor and determining a proximity of the capacitive sensor to a connection of an array of capacitive sensors. The sensitivity of the capacitive... Agent: Cypress C/o Murabito, Hao & Barnes LLP

20090009195 - Method for improving scan time and sensitivity in touch sensitive user interface device: System and method for optimizing the consumption of power while maintaining performance in capacitive sensor arrays. A limited sensing area is used to improve the update rate and sensitivity of a row/column array of capacitive sensors. According to one embodiment, a method is provided for scanning a plurality of capacitive... Agent: Cypress C/o Murabito, Hao & Barnes LLP

20090009196 - Analogue measurement of alignment between layers of a semiconductor device: A method of obtaining parametric test data for use in monitoring alignment between layers of a semiconductor device. The method employs a test structure comprising a meander (10, 30) of the material of a first layer of the semiconductor device, deposited relative to a conductive line (18,38). A number of... Agent: Nxp, B.v. Nxp Intellectual Property Department

20090009197 - Probe for electrical test: A probe for electrical test comprises an arm region extending in a first direction, and a tip region leading to one side in a second direction intersecting the first direction of the arm region, and has a plate form making a direction interesting the first and second directions a thickness... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C.

20090009198 - Probing device: A probing device includes a rack that has an outer support member supporting a circuit layer and a center support member supporting a probe assembly. When the tester touching down the circuit layer of the probing device from the top side, the outer support member of the rack bears this... Agent: Browdy And Neimark, P.l.l.c. 624 Ninth Street, Nw

20090009199 - Systems and methods for testing packaged microelectronic devices: Systems and methods for testing packaged microelectronic devices are disclosed herein. One such system for testing a packaged microelectronic device includes a test socket configured to receive the device for testing and a tester interface including a plurality of test contacts aligned with external contacts of the device when the... Agent: Perkins Coie LLP Patent-sea

20090009200 - Method for providing alignment of a probe: A method for aligning a probe relative to a Supporting substrate defining a first planar surface, an edge, and a first crystal plane includes the steps of masking the surface of the substrate to define an exposed area on the first surface at the edge; and etching, using an etch... Agent: Klein, O'neill & Singh, LLP

20090009202 - Methods of retaining semiconductor component configurations within sockets: The invention includes methods of utilizing removable mechanical precising mechanisms and/or optical-based precising mechanisms to align chips within sockets. The sockets can be configured so that compression of the sockets opens a clamping mechanism. A chip can be placed within a socket with a manipulator and aligned during compression of... Agent: Wells St. John P.s.

20090009201 - Probe for electrical test and probe assembly: A probe for electrical test provided with positioning marks parallel to a plane where tips are provided and at a height position lower than the plane on a plane directed in the same direction as the plane, the positioning marks are in a predetermined positional relation to said tips. The... Agent: Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz, P.C.

20090009203 - Inspection apparatus and method: There are provided an inspection apparatus and method that can locally perform sample temperature regulation, so that the sample drift can be suppressed. There are included a sample stage 109 that holds a semiconductor sample 118, multiple probes 106 used to measure electrical characteristics of a semiconductor device on the... Agent: Mcdermott Will & Emery LLP

20090009204 - Test socket: A test socket in accordance with one aspect of the present invention includes a socket body, a thermoelectric element and a heat transfer member. The socket body receives an object. The thermoelectric element is arranged in the socket body to emit heat and absorb heat in accordance with current directions.... Agent: Mills & Onello LLP

20090009205 - Microcontactor probe assembly having a plunger and electric probe module using the same: In order for a conduction path to have a reduced number of sliding portions for conduction, without increase in inductance nor resistance, thereby permitting an enhanced accuracy of inspection, a pair of plungers (3, 4) biased in opposite directions by a coil spring (2), to be electrically connected to a... Agent: The Nath Law Group

20090009206 - Bist ddr memory interface circuit and method for testing the same: An apparatus and method for self-testing a DDR memory interface are disclosed. In one aspect, a built-in-self-test (BIST) memory interface circuit comprises a signal multiplier for receiving a first clock signal from a tester and outputs a multiplied clock signal. A first multiplexer is used for selecting between a test... Agent: Wade James Brady Iii Texas Instruments Incorporated

20090009207 - Sensor unit with safety system: A sensor unit is disclosed with a safety system for use with a signal generator, where at least one evaluation unit is provided for evaluating a signal from a sensor and for producing a first trigger signal based on the signal. In at least one embodiment, a more compact and... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20090009208 - Semiconductor device and inspection method thereof: A semiconductor device is disclosed. The device has a photodiode isolated by element isolating regions (Ia, 14a, 14b) characterized by the following facts: on the principal surface of first semiconductor layer 11 of the first electroconductive type, second semiconductor layer 12 of the second electroconductive type is formed; element isolating... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20090009209 - Multiple point gate oxide integrity test method and system for the manufacture of semiconductor integrated circuits: A method for testing a semiconductor wafer using an in-line process control, e.g., within one or more manufacturing processes in a wafer fabrication facility and/or test/sort operation. The method includes transferring a semiconductor wafer to a test station. The method includes applying an operating voltage on a gate of a... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

01/01/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090001961 - Systems and methods for determining a concentration of biodiesel in a mixture of biodiesel and petrodiesel: Systems and methods for determining a concentration of biodiesel in a mixture of biodiesel and petrodiesel are provided. In one exemplary embodiment, a method includes receiving an oscillatory signal at an inductance-capacitance-resistance circuit. The circuit has a sensing element fluidly communicating with the mixture of biodiesel and petrodiesel. The method... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20090001962 - Current sensor with reset circuit: A current sensor includes a coils located within the integrated circuit die and inductively coupled to a conductor located in the integrated circuit package holding the die. The inductors sense the current in the conductor and supply the sensed signal to an integrator that supplies a voltage indicative of the... Agent: Zagorin O'brien Graham LLP

20090001963 - High temporal resolution optical sampler and sampling method: An optical sampler with high temporal resolution comprises a TOAD device (11) with a loop optical path (12) at the inlet of which is input an optical signal to be sampled Si of duration Tp and along which path is arranged a point (13) of input of an optical control... Agent: Kirschstein, Ottinger, Israel & Schiffmiller, P.C.

20090001964 - Integrated hybrid current sensor: A sensor arrangement for measuring current is disclosed. The sensor arrangement includes a substrate, at least one Hall element integrated in or arranged on the substrate, a first coil that is spaced apart from a surface of the substrate in a vertical direction, a second coil that is spaced apart... Agent: Slater & Matsil LLP

20090001965 - Magnetic-field sensor and method of calibrating a magnetic-field sensor: An embodiment of a magnetic-field sensor has a plurality of sensor elements connected to form measurement arrangements, each measurement arrangement having a measurement tap, and a control circuit formed to perform an embodiment of a method of calibrating the magnetic-field sensor.... Agent: Slater & Matsil LLP

20090001968 - Apparatus for measuring the relative position of two parts: Apparatus for measuring the relative position of two parts with a deformable coil, which is connected to both parts and deforms according to their relative position, wherein the inductance of the coil depends on shape and is thus a measure of the relative position, and wherein the coil has a... Agent: Bachman & Lapointe, P.C.

20090001969 - System and method for electromagnetic navigation of a magnetic field generating probe: An electromagnetic navigation probe includes a structural component, a magnetic field generator coupled to the structural component for generating a magnetic field and an actuator for varying the magnetic field as a function of time and space such that a location of the probe in three dimensional space can be... Agent: General Electric Company Global Research

20090001967 - Cylinder control unit:

20090001966 - Motor system employing analog encoded hall effect sensor position information for reduced wiring: A system has a sensor assembly mounted adjacent to a moving magnetic member such as a motor rotor to sense its position. The sensor assembly includes Hall-effect sensors each having a binary output, configured such that distinct positions of the moving magnetic member correspond to distinct digital patterns of the... Agent: Bainwood Huang & Associates LLC

20090001970 - Magnetic encoder: Each of first to fourth magnetoresistance elements A1, A2, A3, and A4 has at least a pinned layer, and a free layer in which an internal magnetization direction changes in accordance with external magnetic fields emitted by a magnetic body 11. A magnetization direction α of the pinned layer is... Agent: Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione

20090001971 - Magnetic structure for detecting a relative motion between the magnetic structure and a magnetic field sensor: A magnetic structure for detecting a relative motion between the magnetic structure and a magnetic field sensor comprises at least two permanent magnets. The permanent magnets are arranged along a predetermined line which for example is a straight or circular line at a predetermined distance g from each other. The... Agent: Mccormick, Paulding & Huber LLP

20090001972 - Calibration circuits and methods for proximity detector: A proximity detector employs a first peak detector circuit and a second peak detector circuit, both responsive to a magnetic field signal. The second peak detector circuit includes a positive peak detector circuit and a negative peak detector circuit, each of which have a predetermined excursion limit in an outward... Agent: Daly, Crowley, Mofford & Durkee, LLP

20090001973 - Magnetic sensor arrangement for defined force transmission: A magnetization arrangement includes an inner element having an outer surface, an outer element having an inner surface, a connecting device, and a magnetic field measuring device. At least one element of the inner and outer element has a magnetizable area. The magnetic field measuring device is designed to measure... Agent: Fay Kaplun & Marcin, LLP

20090001974 - Torque and load monitoring using magnetic sensor arrays: An apparatus for the nondestructive measurement of materials that includes at least two layers of electrical conductors. Within each layer, a meandering primary winding is used to create a magnetic field for interrogating a test material while sense elements or conducting loops within each meander provide a directional measurement of... Agent: Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds, P.C.

20090001975 - Apparatus and method for non-symmetric magnetic field balancing in an inspection scanner: An inspection system positions a balancing shim to asymmetrically balance a magnetic field generated by an inductive sensor, which forms part of the inspection system. Additionally, relays and capacitors used to tune the inductive sensor to a desired resonance frequency are geometrically arranged to minimize electrical interference generated by operation... Agent: General Electric Company Ge Global Patent Operation

20090001976 - Magnetic crash sensor: A time-varying signal is applied to at least one coil in magnetic communication with at least a portion of a vehicle susceptible to deformation responsive to a crash. A sense resistor in series with the at least one coil provides for detecting a current therethrough responsive to a voltage thereacross.... Agent: Raggio & Dinnin, P.C.

20090001977 - Bill discrimination device and sensor for same: The sensor portion of the bill discrimination device has a variable inductance portion whose inductance changes depending on thickness of the bill and the magnetic ink amount, and an output signal generator for generating an output signal depending on the inductance of the variable inductance portion. The variable inductance portion... Agent: Mcdermott Will & Emery LLP

20090001978 - Sensor system: A sensor system is provided. The sensor system includes an electrically conductive surface and an air coil in proximity to the electrically conductive surface. The air coil has a wire winding pattern with an “L” shaped cross section. The sensor system also includes a controller, coupled to the air coil... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20090001979 - Magnetic field measuring apparatus: Providing: quickly brining a vapor cell 119 to a desired temperature when retaining the heat of the vapor cell 119 to enhance the magnetic field detection performance of an optically pumped magnetometer; preventing adherence of atoms in the vapor cell 119 to a laser irradiation light passing-through part of the... Agent: Stanley P. Fisher Reed Smith LLP

20090001981 - Magnetic field sensor circuit with common-mode voltage nulling: A magnetic field sensor circuit with common-mode voltage nulling, reduces or eliminates the effect of common-mode variation and transients due to rotation of the magnetic field sensor terminals between the bias current source and sensor output voltage terminals. A switching circuit rotates the bias current source and sensor output voltage... Agent: Mitch Harris, LLC - Cirrus

20090001982 - Method and apparatus for defined magnetizing of permanently magnetizable elements and magnetoresistive sensor structures: A method of magnetizing a permanently magnetizable element associated with a magnetic field sensor structure includes generating a test magnetic field penetrating the magnetic field sensor structure and the permanently magnetizable element, detecting the magnetic field and providing a test signal based on a magnetic field through the magnetic field... Agent: Slater & Matsil LLP

20090001980 - Radio frequency sensor systems, electromagnetic sensor arrays, and methods of manufacture: An embodiment includes a radio frequency (RF) sensor system having a plurality of magnetoresistive (MR) sensors, where each MR sensor includes a configuration of MR elements and is adapted to produce a time-varying output voltage in response to a time-varying, external magnetic field. The RF sensor system also includes combiner... Agent: Duke W. Yee

20090001983 - Magnetic field sensing element: A magnetic field sensing element includes a pair of electrodes; a dielectric polymer layer separating the electrodes; and a network of magnetic nanoparticles in the insulating layer forming a current flow path between the electrodes; where the network of magnetic nanoparticles includes at least one magnetic tunnel junction involving two... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20090001984 - Method and apparatus for k-space and hybrid-space based image reconstruction for parallel imaging and artifact correction: A method for performing correction in an autocalibrated, multi-shot MR imaging data acquisition includes performing correction on k-space data in an autocalibration region for each shot individually and then combining the corrected k-space data from each shot to form a corrected reference autocalibration region. Uncorrected source k-space data points are... Agent: Ziolkowski Patent Solutions Group, Sc (gems)

20090001985 - Methods for electromagnetic measurements and correction of non-ideal receiver responses: A method for determining formation electrical properties includes deploying one or more receivers for electromagnetic logging; obtaining measurement data indicative of the formation electrical properties using the deployed receivers; correcting the measurement data for receiver imperfection; and inverting the corrected measurement data to obtain one or more parameters of formation... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C. Jeffrey E. Griffin

20090001986 - Systems and methods for calibrating an electromagnetic receiver: An electromagnetic receiver includes at least one sensor for measuring electromagnetic signals, and a calibration antenna configured to generate an electromagnetic signal at a first frequency.... Agent: Westerngeco L.L.C. Jeffrey E. Griffin

20090001987 - Cable-type electromagnetic receiver system for subsurface exploration: A marine electromagnetic survey cable includes a reference electrode extending substantially along the entire length of the cable. A plurality of spaced apart measuring electrodes is disposed along the cable and each is electrically insulated from the reference electrode. A voltage measuring is circuit functionally coupled between each measuring electrode... Agent: E. Eugene Thigpen Petroleum Geo-services, Inc.

20090001988 - Electrical connector interfaced with conductive ink on a cardboard substrate: An inventory control system, comprising a blister pack having a pierceable sheet that includes a plurality of printed circuits overlying each of the compartments of the blister pack. The printed circuits are in electrical communication with a connector assembly, the connector assembly being in electrical communication with a removable header.... Agent: Tyco Technology Resources

20090001989 - One row wavelet sensor layout for resistivity imaging: A sensor electrode for imaging a formation, includes a geometry that one of reduces or substantially limits spatial aliasing in formation data, the aliasing resulting from imaging the formation with an array of the sensor electrodes. A method and a computer program product for designing sensor electrodes are provided. A... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP- Baker Atlas

20090001990 - Detector for an ultraviolet lamp system and a corresponding method for monitoring microwave energy: A detector for an ultraviolet lamp system of the type having a microwave generator includes a first circuit that is configured to detect the microwave energy generated from the microwave generator. The first circuit includes at least one radiation sensitive component capable of failing upon exposure to an excessive amount... Agent: Wood, Herron & Evans, LLP (nordson)

20090001991 - Projection lamp test device: A projector lamp electronic test circuit is provided. The test circuit includes an electrical connector configured to be operatively coupled to a lamp of a projection unit under test, a converter configured to receive a test charge to be sent to the lamp from an alternating current power source, the... Agent: Alleman Hall Mccoy Russell & Tuttle LLP

20090001992 - Charged state estimating device and charged state estimating method of secondary battery: When a battery current is not larger than a limit current set depending on the battery temperature and is flowing continuously for a predetermined time set depending on the battery temperature or longer, a decision is made that a secondary battery is in stable state. When the secondary battery is... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090001993 - Systems and methods for detecting a faulty ground strap connection: Systems and methods are disclosed for detecting a faulty ground strap connection for a machine hosting a high voltage system. In one embodiment, a fault detection and compensation system includes a ground strap, a DC power supply electrically referenced to a machine frame, a leakage detection switch connected to the... Agent: Caterpillar/finnegan, Henderson, L.L.P.

20090001994 - Semiconductor device including fuse and method for testing the same capable of suppressing erroneous determination: In a semiconductor device including first and second power supply terminals, a measuring terminal, and at least one trimming detection circuit connected between the measuring terminal and one of the first and second power supply terminals, the trimming detection circuit is constructed by a current supplying element, a series arrangement... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090001995 - Circuit for detecting connection failure between printed circuit boards: A connection failure detection circuit that detects incomplete connection between printed circuit boards. A supervisory signal source is mounted on a first printed circuit board to produce a supervisory signal. A supervisory signal receiver is mounted on the first or second printed circuit board to receive the produced supervisory signal... Agent: Staas & Halsey LLP

20090001996 - Systems and methods to evaluate permanent magnet motors: Methods and systems for evaluating a permanent magnet motor are provided. The method includes the steps of spinning a rotor of the permanent magnet motor; determining a total harmonic distortion of the permanent magnet motor; and comparing the determined total harmonic distortion of the permanent magnet motor with a baseline... Agent: General Motors Corporation Legal Staff

20090001997 - Systems and methods for determining a total acid number associated with biodiesel in a mixture of biodiesel and petrodiesel: Systems and methods for determining a total acid number associated with biodiesel in a mixture of biodiesel and petrodiesel are provided. The method includes receiving an oscillatory signal at an inductance-capacitance-resistance circuit. The circuit has a sensing element fluidly communicating with the mixture of biodiesel and petrodiese. The method further... Agent: Delphi Technologies, Inc.

20090001998 - Capacitance detecting apparatus: A capacitance detecting apparatus which can detect the change in minute capacitance of a measuring object with high sensitivity comprises a signal generator, a differential amplifying circuit, and a detecting unit. The signal generator generates a probe signal w(t) to be applied to one end of the measuring object. The... Agent: Drinker Biddle & Reath (dc)

20090001999 - Proximity sensor with connection hole, and method for manufacturing the same: The present disclosure relates to a capacitive sensor film (50) for mounting to a body, said film comprising a backing layer (2) having, on one side, a rear major surface (2a) facing, in use, the body and, on the other side, a front major surface (2b), said rear major surface... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20090002000 - Failure analysis method and failure analysis apparatus: Failure analysis method includes performing fixed radiation of semiconductor chip (wafer) by photocurrent generation laser beam, scanning and radiating a region to be observed on semiconductor chip by heating laser beam, detecting, by a SQUID fluxmeter, current change generated in the semiconductor chip by radiating the photocurrent generation laser beam... Agent: Young & Thompson

20090002002 - Electrical testing system: Electrical testing system which is mainly used for testing double-sided printed board (DSB) (having terminals which are electrically connected with each other are separately provided on the two sides, respectively) is provided. The system includes a test board which is electrically contacted with the PCB, a test fixture which supports... Agent: Lin & Associates Intellectual Property, Inc.

20090002004 - Integrated compound nano probe card and method of making same: An integrated compound nano probe card is disclosed to include a substrate layer having a front side and a back side, and compound probe pins arranged in the substrate layer. Each compound probe pin has a bundle of aligned parallel nanotubes/nanorods and a bonding material bonded to the bundle of... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20090002001 - Integrated light conditioning devices on a probe card for testing imaging devices, and methods of fabricating same: A probe card is disclosed which includes a body, at least one housing in the body, the housing having at least one light opening, and at least one light conditioning device in the at least one light opening in the housing. A method of forming a probe card is also... Agent: Dickstein Shapiro LLP

20090002006 - Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus: In one aspect of the present invention, a manufacturing method of a semiconductor device may include performing an electrical test on a plurality of electronic components on a wafer, generating a mapping data set including category information representing categories of the respective electronic components based on the electrical test result... Agent: Amin, Turocy & Calvin, LLP

20090002003 - Probe-testing device and method of semiconductor device: A probe-testing device includes probe tips configured to apply inputs to pads of a semiconductor chip, wherein one of the probe tips is connected to a calibration pad for impedance adjustment and a calibration resistor is connected thereto.... Agent: Rabin & Berdo, PC

20090002005 - Substrate probe card and method for regenerating thereof: Provided are a substrate of a probe card for installing a plurality of probes thereon to inspect an object by contacting the probes to the object, and a method for repairing the substrate. The substrate includes main channels electrically connected to the probes; and at least one spare channel for... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20090002007 - Universal cover for a burn-in socket: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a universal cover to be adapted to burn-in sockets, where at least some of the burn-in sockets have different dimensions. In this way, the universal cover enables an actuator plate of an actuator system having a fixed configuration of actuation members to open... Agent: Trop Pruner & Hu, PC

20090002008 - Inspection method, inspection apparatus and control program: Probes 4a and 4b having irregularities formed in leading end portions thereof are brought into contact with an electrode P of a device D, which is a target object to be inspected, at a predetermined probe pressure so that a mechanical damage is applied to an insulating film O on... Agent: Pearne & Gordon LLP

20090002009 - Multi-offset die head: An upper die portion of a die head for aligning probes having different offsets in a first array of first micro-holes formed in a lower die portion of the die head. The upper die portion includes a spacer portion and a first assembly aid film. The spacer portion includes first... Agent: Wiggin And Dana LLP Attention: Patent Docketing

20090002010 - Active thermal control using a burn-in socket heating element: In one embodiment, the present invention includes a burn-socket for insertion into a test board, where the burn-in socket is coupled to receive a semiconductor device under test (DUT). The burn-in socket includes a substrate to support the semiconductor DUT, which includes a heating element embedded in a layer of... Agent: Trop Pruner & Hu, PC

20090002011 - Inspecting method and storage medium for storing program of the method: An inspecting method includes registering a pre-obtained relationship between contact time of the probes with the target object having the predetermined temperature and tip positions of the probes which vary in accordance with the contact time. The method further includes inspecting the chips by estimating the tip positions of the... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.

20090002012 - Accurate capacitance measurement for ultra large scale integrated circuits: Test structures and methods for measuring contact and via parasitic capacitance in an integrated circuit are provided. The accuracy of contact and via capacitance measurements are improved by eliminating not-to-be-measured capacitance from the measurement results. The capacitance is measured on a target test structure that has to-be-measured contact or via... Agent: Slater & Matsil, L.L.P.

20090002013 - Testing circuit and testing method for liquid crystal display device: This invention discloses a testing circuit and a test method for a liquid crystal display device. The testing circuit for the liquid crystal display device comprises: a substrate, a plurality of pixels, a plurality of signal paths, and numbers of p shorting bars, wherein the plurality of pixels are formed... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

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