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Electricity: electrical systems and devices

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04/16/2015 > 59 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20150103447 - Modular equipment center distributed independent protections: Distributed electronic protections and control architecture enabling simultaneous fault clearance without conflicting fault isolation logic. A plurality of modular equipment centers (MECs) is spatially distributed throughout a vehicle to service equipment loads with power and data. In one embodiment, protective functions are embedded on integrated protection chipsets (IPCs) within the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150103448 - Battery management system, motor vehicle and battery module: A battery management system for a battery module having at least one battery cell provides a current path between poles of the battery module in response to a tripping signal. The current path prevents or terminates an arc in a fuse of the at least one battery cell after the... Agent:

20150103449 - Motor protection device, motor protection method, and motor control system using the same: Disclosed herein are a motor protection device, a motor protection method, and a motor control system using the same. According to the present invention, the motor protection device including: a rotation speed change sensing unit that senses and outputs pulse widths of a pulse signal outputted from a rotation sensor... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150103450 - Thermal protection for electrical device: There is disclosed an apparatus and method for protecting an electrical device. The electrical device is coupled to a power source, and an electric load, a sensor, and a controller. The controller is configured to shut off the electrical device if certain sensed thermal values exceed predetermined values.... Agent:

20150103451 - Bi-directional esd protection circuit: An electrostatic discharge (ESD) device for protecting an input/output terminal of a circuit, the device comprising a first transistor with an integrated silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) coupled between the input/output (I/O) terminal of the circuit and a node and a second transistor with an integrated silicon-controlled rectifier coupled between the node... Agent:

20150103453 - Electrostatic discharge protection for modular equipment: A modular electrical assembly that includes a first enclosure that physically couples to a second enclosure to form a modular stackup arrangement. The first enclosure having a connection to an electrical ground for discharging electrostatic discharge (ESD) energy of ESD events of the modular electrical assembly. The first enclosure configured... Agent:

20150103452 - Esd protection devices and methods: Various embodiments described below relate to an ESD protection device that includes a voltage controlled shunt (e.g., a transistor) to selectively shunt energy of an incoming ESD pulse away from a circuit that includes a semiconductor device to be protected. In some embodiments, the ESD protection device includes a power... Agent:

20150103455 - Integrated switchboard for a modular data center: A modular data center includes a first module that provides a first function of the mobile data center, a second module operable that provides a second function of the mobile data center, and an integrated switchboard having first and second protection devices and a switch. The integrated switchboard receives a... Agent: Dell Products, Lp

20150103454 - System for combining direct current power from multiple inputs: A system for combining multiple direct current power sources is provided. The system is operable to combine multiple feeds from an array of power generating elements, such as solar panel arrays and combine the feeds into a single voltage output. The system includes a current monitoring assembly operable to monitor... Agent: Solarbos, Inc.

20150103456 - Methods and systems for protecting dc circuits: Methods and systems for protecting DC circuits are provided. In an aspect, a method for controlling at least one protection circuit is disclosed. The method can monitor one or more parameters of the at least one protection circuit. One or more control signals can be selectively provided to a plurality... Agent:

20150103457 - Modular equipment center solid state primary power switching network: A solid state primary power switching network for modular equipment centers (MECs) distributing primary power throughout a vehicle. The solid state primary power switching network includes multiple primary power switch network devices (PPSNDs) of a MEC for controlling and distributing primary power to other MECs spatially distribute throughout a vehicle.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150103458 - Modular equipment center integrated truss sensors: A modular truss assembly for mechanically and electrically mounting system components of a modular equipment center (MEC). A plurality of MECs is spatially distributed throughout the vehicle to service equipment loads. The modular truss assembly provides different voltage levels for powering the system components of the MEC and for powering... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150103459 - Actuator circuit for control of circuit breaker: m

20150103460 - Wellhead mounted transient voltage surge suppression and method of use thereof: The invention is directed to a system and method for lightning strike protection for oil well electric motors and cables, and in particular, an explosion-proof transient voltage surge suppressor that is mounted internally or attached externally to a packer penetrator directly on a wellhead. The transient voltage surge suppressor can... Agent:

20150103461 - Surge protector having improved i-shaped load structure: Provided is a surge protector having an improved I-shaped load structure. The surge protector includes an outside conductor provided with input and output terminals on both sides thereof, an input terminal configured such that a high frequency signal is input from the outside thereto, an output terminal configured such that... Agent: Surge Lab Korea Co., Ltd.

20150103462 - Overvoltage protection device: A surge protection device having a housing, two connections for connection to a current path to be protected, and at least a first discharge conductor in the housing. In a normal state of the device, the first connection is electrically conductively connected to the first connection region of the discharge... Agent:

20150103463 - Tank: A tank which has at least one at least partially electrically conductive container, an electric component arranged in the fuel tank, and a cover to close an opening for the electric component, the tank allowing grounding in a simple manner.... Agent:

20150103464 - Static-protective component and static-protective composition: There is provided a static-protective component including: an insulating substrate; first and second electrodes disposed on the insulating substrate, having a gap of a predetermined interval therebetween; and a turn-on voltage controlling unit disposed at the gap and containing conductive particles and non-conductive particles each having a particle diameter of... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150103466 - Ceramic multi-layered capacitor: A ceramic multi-layer capacitor includes a main body, which has ceramic layers arranged along a layer stacking direction to form a stack, and first and second electrode layers arranged between the ceramic layers. The multi-layer capacitor also includes a first external contact-connection arranged on a first side surface of the... Agent: Epcos Ag

20150103467 - Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same: A multilayer ceramic capacitor includes a multilayer body including a plurality of stacked dielectric layers including a dielectric ceramic that includes a plurality of crystal grains and a plurality of internal electrodes disposed at a plurality of interfaces between the dielectric layers, and external electrodes. The multilayer body includes a... Agent:

20150103465 - Ultra thin film capacitor and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed herein are an ultra thin film capacitor and a manufacturing method thereof. According to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, there is provided an ultra thin film capacitor including: a substrate; a dielectric unit formed of thin film dielectric layers alternately stacked with a plurality of internal electrode... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150103468 - Multilayer ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the same: A multilayer ceramic electronic component may include: a ceramic body including a plurality of dielectric layers; and first and second internal electrodes disposed to be alternately exposed to both end surfaces of the ceramic body, having at least one of the dielectric layers interposed therebetween. The second internal electrode may... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150103470 - Electrochemical device: An electrochemical device comprises an element body 10 in which a pair of a first inner electrode and a second inner electrode are laminated to sandwich a separator layer; an exterior sheet 4 covering the element body; a first lead terminal 18 drawn to an outside of the exterior sheet... Agent:

20150103469 - Interlayer distance controlled graphene, supercapacitor and method of producing the same: A method of producing interlayer distance controlled graphene, an interlayer distance controlled graphene composition, and a supercapacitor are provided. A method of producing an interlayer distance controlled graphene involves dispersing a graphene oxide in a solution by using a surfactant, forming a reduced graphene oxide by adding a reducing agent... Agent: Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

20150103471 - Composite electrode structure: A method of storing charge comprising the steps of providing a capacitor comprising an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte, wherein the electrolyte comprises a nonaqueous liquid of sufficient dielectric constant to dissociate salts soluble in the nonaqueous liquid, a composite comprising a prefabricated porous carbon electrode structure or a... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of Navy

20150103472 - Bucket assemblies for motor control centers (mcc) with disconnect assemblies and related mcc cabinets and methods: Circuit breakers with a rotary handle attached to an inwardly oriented shaft that connects to a gear assembly that translates rotational input to linear input also include a trip assist spring in communication with the rack gear so that, in operation, the trip assist spring applies a force to the... Agent:

20150103473 - Electrical contactor with control signal header connector: A disclosed electrical contactor may include a line-side electrical terminal, a load-side electrical terminal, a switching element coupled between the line-side and load-side electrical terminals, a control signal connector adapted for receiving and routing a control signal, and a control unit coupled between the control signal connector and the switching... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

20150103474 - Window member in a curved display device, method of manufacturing a window member of a curved display device, and curved display device having the same: A window member in a curved display device includes a window body having a flat portion and a curved portion. A first radius of curvature of an inner surface of the curved portion may be different from a second radius of curvature of an outer surface of the curved portion.... Agent:

20150103475 - Circuit board assembling structure, electronic device having the same and assembling method of electronic device: A circuit board assembling structure includes a first casing, a second casing, a dam and a circuit board. The first casing has an outer edge and at least a snap-engaging element. The second casing is coupled to the first casing. The dam is mounted on the first casing. The at... Agent: Getac Technology Corporation

20150103476 - Computer keyboard: An adjustable keyboard includes a first keying module situated pivotably with respect to the second keying module for providing a keyboard having improved ergonomics and comfort, and promoting improved productivity of a user. In one embodiment, the first and the second keying modules are pivotably mounted on a base assembly... Agent:

20150103477 - Building-block display device: The present invention provides a building-block display device. The building-block display device includes a display module, a supporter, a casing and a plurality of engaging units. The casing is disposed on the display module in a surrounding manner. The plurality of engaging units is respectively disposed on outer surfaces of... Agent: Top Victory Investments Ltd.

20150103478 - Waterproof structure: A waterproof structure including a housing, a display element assembled to the housing, and a sealing member is provided. The housing has a frame and an opening located on a plane. A portion of the display element is exposed out of the opening. The sealing member disposed between the housing... Agent: Getac Technology Corporation

20150103479 - Load reduced memory module: The embodiments described herein describe technologies for memory systems. One implementation of a memory system includes a motherboard substrate with multiple module sockets, at least one of which is populated with a memory module. A first set of data lines is disposed on the motherboard substrate and coupled to the... Agent:

20150103480 - Door assembly and electronic device: A door assembly disposed at an opening of a casing of an electronic device is provided. An insertion hole provided at a side of the casing close to the opening for an pin to be inserted into the casing through the insertion hole. The door assembly includes a door cap... Agent: Htc Corporation

20150103481 - Hybrid memory blade: The present invention is directed to server systems and methods thereof. More specifically, embodiments of the present invention provides a memory controller within a server system, where the memory controller is disengageably connected to one or more processors, a plurality of volatile memory modules, and plurality of solid-state memory modules.... Agent:

20150103482 - Hard disk drive mounting device and information processing apparatus: A hard disk drive mounting device includes: a housing; a mounting area provided in the housing and configured to mount a plurality of hard disk drives; a first hard disk drive provided with a guide pin protruding on both side surfaces thereof; and a mechanism configured to attach the first... Agent:

20150103483 - Detachable electronic apparatus: A detachable electronic apparatus includes a tablet device and a base. The base includes a back plate and a rotatable supporting device pivoted on the back plate. The rotatable supporting device further includes a supporting bracket and a connector module floating connected to the supporting bracket. The connector module is... Agent:

20150103484 - Cradle: A cradle connects with an information terminal device that displays information. The cradle includes a first case including a first claw portion and a curved surface portion, a second case including a second claw portion, and a shaft portion holding the first case and the second case. At least one... Agent:

20150103485 - Electronic apparatus, method of controlling electronic apparatus and program for controlling electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus includes: a flowpath through which a liquid flows; a heat-generating body that is cooled by the liquid; a liquid temperature measuring device that measures a temperature of the liquid; a temperature measuring device that measures a temperature of the heat-generating body; a heat generation amount measuring device... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150103486 - Phase change module and electronic device mounted with same: The phase change module 300 includes a jacket case 312 attached with an evaporator surface 311 with the evaporator surface 311 being arranged on a heat generating body, a radiator case 321 attached with cooling fins (radiator) 322 arranged at a position departing from the heat generating body, and a... Agent:

20150103487 - Systems and methods for incorporating post-consumable material in layered composite: In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, a method for forming a layered composite structural member may include reducing post-consumable material in size into smaller particles, forming the smaller particles into a core layer of material, and coupling the core layer of material to at least one layer of... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20150103488 - Cable support apparatus and information processing apparatus: There is provided a cable support apparatus included in an information processing apparatus having a plurality of electronic equipment units, the cable support apparatus includes: a slide member configured to assemble cables connected to the plurality of electronic equipment units; a holding board on which the slide member is installed,... Agent:

20150103489 - Integrated circuit chip comprising electronic device and electronic system: An electronic device includes a substrate wafer made of an insulating material and having an electrical connection network. An integrated circuit chip is mounted to a top side of the substrate wafer. The substrate wafer contains an internal duct. The duct is formed by a covered trench located in the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (grenoble 2) Sas

20150103490 - Oil cooling device for server and method for driving same: The present invention relates to an oil cooling device for a server and a method for driving the same. The oil cooling device for the server comprises: a server tower having a flow passage into which insulating cooling oil flows; a heat absorbing part for absorbing the heat generated from... Agent:

20150103491 - Unpacked structure for power device of radio frequency power amplification module and assembly method therefor: An unpacked structure for a power device of radio frequency power amplification module and assembly method therefor. The radio frequency power amplification module includes the power device, a heat dissipating plate and a printed circuit board, wherein the power device is embedded into the printed circuit board; the heat dissipating... Agent: Innogration (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20150103492 - Plug-in mechanism, subrack including plug-in mechanism, and finished board: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a plug-in mechanism, a subrack including the plug-in mechanism, and a finished board, and relate to a power mechanism, so as to implement fast and reliable plug-in and plug-out by using a lever assistance effect, and a gearing effect of a parallelogram mechanism. The... Agent:

20150103493 - Electronic appartus: According to one embodiment, an apparatus includes a board, a module, cables, and an insulator. The module includes a module body having a first end portion protruding to form a step and module terminals attached to the first end portion. The first end portion is thinner than a main portion... Agent:

20150103495 - Electronic component module: A plating layer of a Cu—M-based alloy (M represents Ni and/or Mn) is formed on an end surface of a connection terminal member at an exposed side, the Cu—M-based alloy being capable of generating an intermetallic compound with an Sn-based low-melting-point metal contained in a bonding material forming a bonding... Agent:

20150103494 - Printed circuit boards having metal layers and semiconductor packages including the same: Printed circuit boards are provided. The printed circuit board includes an insulation layer, an interconnection portion and a metal layer. The insulation layer has a flat plate shape and includes a top surface and a bottom surface. The interconnection portion is disposed on at least one of the top and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150103497 - Photovoltaic system with improved ac connections and method of making same: An alternating current (AC) harness for a photovoltaic (PV) system includes a wire assembly having a first end and a second end, the wire assembly having a plurality of lead wires, and at least one AC connection module positioned at a location along a length of the wire assembly between... Agent: General Electric Company

20150103496 - Power conversion and connection for photovoltaic (pv) panel arrays: A solar energy collection and power generation element is described. The solar energy and collection element includes: a photovoltaic (PV) panel having a set of DC outputs; and a power management module coupled to the PV panel. The power management module includes: a base module having a connector adapted to... Agent:

20150103498 - Power module package and method of manufacturing the same: Provided is a power module package including: a substrate; at least one electrode arranged on the substrate; and an encapsulation member covering at least a portion of the substrate, the encapsulation member including a housing unit housing the at least one electrode. The at least one electrode is spaced apart... Agent:

20150103499 - Electronic component-embedded module and communication terminal device: To prevent decrease of the bonding strength of an electronic component and a multilayer substrate, an electronic component-embedded module may include an electronic component having a plurality of pads and a multilayer substrate which includes a plurality of resin layers and a cavity for containing the electronic component. The multilayer... Agent:

20150103500 - Electronic component, electric device including the same, and bonding method thereof: Provided is an electronic component including a pad region including a plurality of pads extending along corresponding extension lines and arranged in a first direction, and a signal wire configured to receive a driving signal from the pad region, wherein the plurality of pads include a plurality of first pads... Agent:

20150103501 - Electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a housing, a circuit board arranged in the housing, a screw-receiving member having a threaded hole and mounted on the circuit board, a mounted component mounted on the circuit board and screw-attached to the screw-receiving member, and a support rib provided on... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150103502 - Electronic appartus: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a housing, a circuit board in the housing, and a connector. The connector includes an opening into which a flexible cable is configured to be plugged. The connector is attached to the circuit board and faces an inner surface of the housing.... Agent:

20150103503 - Injection molded product and method of manufacturing the same: An injection molded product in which an electrical connection between a contact pin and an electrode pattern is sufficient, and a method of manufacturing the same, are provided. The injection molded product comprises: a base film; an electrode pattern, which is formed on the base film; an electrically conductive adhesive,... Agent:

20150103504 - Surface properties of polymeric materials with nanoscale functional coating: An electronic device comprising a substrate having a component-side surface and a moisture protection film covering the component-side surface. The moisture protection film includes a first water layer bonded to component-side surface that is an activated surface, wherein the activated surface has a lower water contact angle than the substrate... Agent:

20150103505 - Apparatus for making contact with a direction-dependent electrical and/or electronic component, and corresponding component arrangement: A device is described for contacting a direction-dependent electrical and/or electronic component that includes a predetermined first number of functions to be contacted, having a basic body and having a predetermined first number of first contact elements that are respectively assigned, according to a predetermined connection assignment, to a function... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

04/09/2015 > 49 patent applications in 37 patent subcategories.

20150098156 - Arc flash mitigation system for use with generator excitation system: An arc flash mitigation system for use with a generator excitation system is provided. An exemplary arc flash mitigation system includes three semiconductor fuses, three current transformers, an overcurrent detection circuit, a gate firing circuit, and three pairs of thyristors respectively arranged in an anti-parallel phase-to-phase configuration. An exemplary method... Agent: General Electric Company

20150098157 - Vehicle power controlling apparatus: The vehicle power controlling apparatus includes: a power control signal receiving block configured to receive a power control signal (for example, a vehicle ignition signal IGN_ENA); a dark current preventing block configured to prevent a power voltage Vbat from flowing before the power control signal from a next stage of... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150098159 - Esd protection circuit and esd protection method thereof: The present invention provides an ESD protection circuit including a discharge transistor, a first switch, a second switch, a third switch and a fourth switch. The discharge transistor forms a discharge path between a first voltage terminal and a second voltage terminal. The first switch selectively provides voltage at the... Agent:

20150098158 - Intrinsically safe voltage limiting shunt regulator circuit: An intrinsically safe redundant regulator circuit includes a plurality of voltage limiting regulators between a regulated rail and a ground rail. Each of the plurality of voltage limiting regulators includes: (i) a shunt regulator component configured to clamp a voltage across the regulated rail and the ground rail to a... Agent: Fisher Controls International LLC

20150098160 - Protection circuit and a gate driving circuitry: A protection circuit and a gate driving circuitry. The protection circuit is for protecting a p-type back-to-back MOS switch. The circuit receives an input driving signal and provides a driving output signal to common gates of the p-type back-to-back MOS switch. The circuit comprises a driving signal insulation switch for... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc,

20150098161 - Integrated corona fault detection: A power distribution cabinet includes a housing having walls that define an interior space for housing electric components. A capacitive sensor is located on an interior surface of one or more of the walls. The capacitive sensor includes a first conductive layer located proximate to the interior surface of the... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150098162 - Apparatus and methods of bootstrap and over voltage combination clamp for wireless power receiver: Apparatus and methods are provided for bootstrap and over voltage protection (OVP) combination clamping. In one embodiment, method is provided to use the same bootstrap capacitors and bootstrap terminals for an over voltage protection circuit. In one embodiment, an integrated circuit for a wireless power receiver comprises a first rectifier... Agent: Active-semi, Inc.

20150098163 - Sensor controlled transistor protection: A circuit for protecting a transistor is enclosed. The circuit includes a temperature sensing device coupled to the transistor and a tunable clamping circuit connected between transistor terminals, wherein the tunable clamping circuit is configured to provide an adjustable clamping voltage. A temperature controller coupled to the temperature sensing device... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20150098164 - Controlling a controllably conductive device based on zero-crossing detection: A load control device may control power delivered to an electrical load from an AC power source. The load control device may include a controllably conductive device adapted to be coupled in series electrical connection between the AC power source and the electrical load, a zero-cross detect circuit configured to... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20150098165 - Conductive paste, multilayer ceramic electronic component, and method for manufacturing same: A conductive paste that includes a (meth)acrylic resin serving as a binder resin, an organic solvent, and a metal powder. The (meth)acrylic resin has a glass transition point Tg in the range of −60° C. to 120° C., a hydroxyl group content in the range of 0.01% to 5% by... Agent:

20150098166 - Dielectric composition and multilater ceramic electronic component manufactured using the same: There are provided a dielectric composition and a multilayer ceramic electronic component manufactured using the same, the dielectric composition including a dielectric grain having a perovskite structure represented by ABO3, wherein, when an imaginary line is drawn in a direction from a center of the dielectric grain to a grain... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150098167 - Capacitor with electrodes made of an interconnected corrugated carbon-based network: Capacitors having electrodes made of interconnected corrugated carbon-based networks (ICCNs) are disclosed. The ICCN electrodes have properties that include high surface area and high electrical conductivity. Moreover, the electrodes are fabricated into an interdigital planar geometry with dimensions that range down to a sub-micron scale. As such, micro-supercapacitors employing ICCN... Agent:

20150098168 - Server cabinet: A server cabinet includes a main body and a door. A number of servers is located in the main body. The door is rotatably connected to a front end of a side of the main body. The door includes a first power distribution unit arranged at an inner surface of... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150098169 - Bus bar assembly comprising a memory metal composition: A power distribution system element formed via an additive manufacturing technique, such as applying a conductive material to a memory metal substrate, are discussed herein. In operation (e.g. in response to delivering current through the distribution system), the memory metal contracts while the conductive material expands. The result is distribution... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20150098170 - Aluminum coated copper bond wire and method of making the same: The invention relates to a wire, preferably a bonding wire for bonding in microelectronics, containing a copper core with a surface and a coating layer containing aluminum superimposed over the surface of the core. In any cross-sectional view of the wire, the area share of the coating layer is from... Agent: Heraeus Materials Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150098171 - Hermetic sealing cap, electronic component housing package, and method for manufacturing hermetic sealing cap: A hermetic sealing cap includes a base material, a first plated layer formed on the base material, and a second plated layer formed on the first plated layer. A surface of the base material is sectioned into a first region, a second region not adjacent to the first region inside... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20150098172 - Method and apparatus for securing a handheld electronic device to a dashboard: A secure mounting device for connecting handheld electronic equipment securely to a control panel, including the dashboard of a vehicle, can include a cover panel, and a connecting component with a locking component, which can be inserted in a joint between the control panel and a radio or other control... Agent:

20150098174 - Electronic device with curved display module: Disclosed herein is an electronic device with a curved display module. A housing has a first surface adjacent to the display module and the first surface is formed to have a curvature corresponding to the curvature of the display module. At least one electronic component is disposed in a second... Agent:

20150098175 - Hinge structure and electronic device having the same: A hinge structure includes a hinge, a first bracket, a second bracket and a third bracket. The first bracket and the second bracket are pivoted with each other through the hinge, wherein the second bracket has a first connecting portion. The third bracket has a second connecting portion, wherein the... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150098176 - System and method for heat dissipation: The various implementations described herein include systems, methods and/or devices used to manage heat flow for dissipating heat generated by electronic components in an electronic system (e.g., a memory system that includes closely spaced memory modules). In one embodiment, heat sinks are disposed on front sides of a first module... Agent: Sandisk EnterpriseIPLLC

20150098177 - System and method for modular data center: A modular data center is disclosed. The modular data center may have a plurality of unit structures arranged generally parallel to one another. A plurality of supports may be used for supporting the unit structures elevationally above a floor, and wherein adjacent ones of the unit structures form hot aisles... Agent:

20150098178 - Hard disk drive with feedthrough connector: Described herein is an apparatus that includes a housing that defines an interior cavity. The housing also includes a feedthrough aperture. The apparatus also includes an electrical connector that is coupled to the housing over the feedthrough aperture. The electrical connector includes a base, a plurality of pins extending through... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20150098179 - Cold row encapsulation for server farm cooling system: An apparatus includes an enclosure defining an interior space and at least one server-rack port configured to engage one or more of racks such that one or more servers installed in each rack are contiguous to the interior space. The enclosure is inside of a room and includes at least... Agent:

20150098180 - Computing device, method, and computer program for controlling cooling fluid flow into a computer housing: A computing device having a housing; a temperature monitor to monitor a temperature within the housing; a cooling fluid drawing mechanism to draw cooling fluid into the housing; a cooling fluid drawing controller, when the computing device is installed within an enclosure as one of plural computing devices, to obtain... Agent:

20150098173 - Blade enclosure: Enclosures and systems that can control airflow and signal connectivity in a blade enclosure are provided. Some examples include a front section including a number of blade server modules, a rear section including a number of switch modules; and a middle section having a number of openings and a number... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150098181 - Carrying structure for carrying electronic device: The present disclosure provides a carrying structure for carrying electronic device. The carrying structure comprises a carrying base, a start-up member, a linkage module, a latch member, a first buckle member, and a releasing member. When an electronic device is disposed to the carrying base, the electronic device drives the... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150098182 - Electronic device, combining device, and detaching method: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a first part, a second part, a third part, and a combining portion. The second part is connected with the first part and configured to move between a first position and a second position. The combining portion is configured to combine the... Agent:

20150098183 - Portable computing device with a housing secured by a magnetic element and related method: Magnetic elements and attractors may be employed to secure a top case and a bottom case of a housing of a personal computing device. The magnetic elements may include a magnet that produces a magnetic field and a shunt. The shunt may direct the magnetic field through an opening to... Agent:

20150098184 - Dock station with movable support: Disclosed is a dock station that can form an electrical connection with a portable electronic device. The dock station can form the electrical connection with the portable electronic device when the portable device is being used with a protective case. The dock station can have a movable support to accommodate... Agent:

20150098185 - Foldable structure for portable devices: A foldable structure for the support and use of portable devices is presented. The structure is attached to the rear side of a portable device or as a part of the device case. When the structure is unfolded, it rests flat in the indented area at the rear side of... Agent:

20150098186 - Automatic sealing of a gap along a chassis positioned in a rack: An apparatus includes a chassis having longitudinal rails for guiding the chassis to move longitudinally into and out of a rack. A flexible sealing member is secured to at least one longitudinal surface of the chassis along a lateral pathway, wherein the flexible sealing member has a first side secured... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150098187 - System and method for measuring switching loss associated with semiconductor switching devices: A method according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, controlling a vehicle using switching loss information of a semiconductor switching device, the switching loss information derived from a conduction loss and a combined conduction and switching loss.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150098188 - Compound structural frame with integrally formed thermal cooling channels and method of using same: A support for plural display modules each including a rearwardly extending heat sink includes a compound structural frame that defines a frame frontside, a frame backside, and a vertical cooling conduit, the frame backside for mounting the structural frame to a mounting structure, the frame frontside defining a bay member,... Agent:

20150098189 - Integrated electronic assembly for conserving space in a circuit: An integrated electronic assembly including a first electronic component defining a receptacle and at least a second electronic component wherein at least a portion of the second electronic component is disposed in the receptacle of the first electronic component, and a method for conserving space in a circuit or on... Agent:

20150098190 - Heat dissipation: Embodiments are directed to an apparatus comprising a thermal block coupled to an electronic device, a thermal strap coupled to the thermal block, and retention hardware coupled to the thermal strap and configured to retain the thermal block within the thermal strap when the apparatus is exposed to at least... Agent:

20150098191 - Silicon heat-dissipation package for compact electronic devices: Embodiments of a silicon heat-dissipation package for compact electronic devices are described. In one aspect, a device includes first and second silicon cover plates. The first silicon cover plate has a first primary side and a second primary side opposite the first primary side thereof. The second silicon cover plate... Agent:

20150098192 - Motor control device: An illustrative example motor control device includes a printed circuit board including electronics for motor control. At least one connector is associated with the electronics. The connector is configured for communicating at least one of control signals or power to a motor. A housing includes a first portion configured to... Agent: Ussi, LLC D/b/a Nartron

20150098193 - Covering device for a contacting portion of a printed circuit board, control system for a mechatronic module and method for assembling a control system: A cover device for a contact section of a printed circuit board for a mechatronics module is proposed. The printed circuit board includes a contact section which has at least one connection hole, for connecting an electrical connection element to the printed circuit board. The cover device is characterized in... Agent:

20150098194 - Apparatus for receiving a plurality of memory cards: An apparatus and corresponding memory card holder wherein the apparatus includes: a casing configured to enable a plurality of memory cards to be removably inserted into the casing; contact pads located within the casing configured to enable an electrical connection to be established between the contact pads and at least... Agent:

20150098195 - Foldable assembly and pivot assembly thereof: A foldable assembly includes a first plate component, a second plate component and a pivot assembly. The pivot assembly comprises a first pivot member, a second pivot member and a third pivot member. The first pivot member and the second pivot member are connected with the first plate component and... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150098197 - Electronic device: Terminal portions are arrayed at regular widths and regular intervals, and each face any enable terminal, and are electrically connected to the enable terminals by conductive particles. A lead portion is connected to the other terminal portion except for a pair of terminal portions which is a pair of terminal... Agent: Japan Display Inc.

20150098196 - Printed circuit board apparatus and methods of making the same: Printed circuit board apparatus with electromagnetic interference shields and methods of making the same.... Agent: Advanced Bionics Ag

20150098198 - Control apparatus, in particular for a motor vehicle: A control apparatus has a housing and a first integral, multilayer printed circuit board with first, second and third parts. The first part carries electric and/or electronic components, the second part is electrically and mechanically connected to a contact pin of a first plug-in connector, and the third part connects... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

20150098200 - Electronic enclosure device: An electronic enclosure device including an enclosure, an electric circuit device, and a sealing device is disclosed. The sealing device is provided as one, continuous gasket having a first gasket section configured to seal a first sealing area, a second gasket section configured to seal the second sealing area, and... Agent:

20150098199 - Fixing mechanism for a circuit board and related electronic device: A fixing mechanism includes a casing and a positioning component. The casing includes a base and at least one wall whereon an opening is formed. A bottom of the positioning component is disposed on the base, and a top of the positioning component includes a level difference structure, which includes... Agent:

20150098201 - Electronic apparatus having jack connector: An electronic apparatus which is capable of preventing a joint between a jack connector and a connector substrate from being broken due to prying after insertion of a plug without bringing about an increase in the size of the connector substrate. In a cantilever spring portion of a chassis, hooking... Agent:

20150098202 - Embedded multilayer ceramic electronic component and printed circuit board having the same: A multilayer ceramic electronic component embedded in a board may include: a ceramic body including dielectric layers; a plurality of first and second internal electrodes alternately exposed through both end surfaces of the ceramic body; and first and second external electrodes formed on both end portions of the ceramic body,... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150098203 - Substrate with built-in electronic component: In a first conductive layer and a third conductive layer that are respectively closest to a core layer having a storage portion that penetrates therethrough, four first penetrating holes and four first penetrating holes are formed so as to overlap part of an opening edge of the storage portion that... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20150098204 - Printed wiring board, method for manufacturing printed wiring board and package-on-package: A method for manufacturing a printed wiring board includes forming a resin layer on an interlayer layer such that the resin layer has first openings exposing circuits in central portion and second openings exposing circuits in peripheral portion of the interlayer layer, forming solder bumps on the circuits in the... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

04/02/2015 > 81 patent applications in 49 patent subcategories.

20150092304 - Device and method for protection from an electric arc: A device for protection against an electric arc in an electric installation comprising: at least one detection apparatus of the electric arc, at least one short-circuiter establishing a short-circuit for extinction of the electric arc, an electronic control unit of the short-circuiter commanding to an established state of said short-circuit... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

20150092306 - Panel device having electrostatic discharge protection: A display device includes a substrate, at least one signal circuit, a ground protection circuit, and an auxiliary protection circuit. The substrate has a first surface, wherein the first surface includes an active area and a frame area surrounding the active area. The at least one signal circuit is disposed... Agent:

20150092305 - Virtual circuit breaker: A virtual circuit breaker having an electrical relay and a control circuit, the control circuit including a load and wire protection (“OC”) detection unit, a microprocessor and a driver. The OC detection unit is configured to monitor a power flow and the electrical relay is effective to control it. The... Agent: Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems Corp.

20150092307 - On chip reverse polarity protection compliant with iso and esd requirements: A semiconductor device is disclosed. In one embodiment a semiconductor device includes a semiconductor chip including a substrate, a ground terminal configured to be provided with a reference potential and a supply terminal electrically coupled to the substrate, the supply terminal configured to be provided with a load current and... Agent:

20150092308 - Scheme to reduce stress of input/ output (io) driver: An input/output (IO) circuit is provided that reduces stress on a driver without using an additional reference voltage. The IO circuit receives an overshoot voltage and an undershoot voltage in a receive mode. The IO circuit includes a driver circuit. The driver circuit includes an NMOS transistor coupled to a... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150092309 - Protection device with directional zone selective interlock functionality: A protection device, externally connectable to an existing circuit breaker with zone selective interlock functionality, enables a circuit breaker to implement directional zone selective interlock. The protection device includes a first input port and a first output port connectable to a circuit breaker, and second and third ports for connecting... Agent:

20150092310 - Electronic circuit: An electronic circuit arrangement may include a first and a second electrical supply line for connecting an electronic device with a rechargeable battery. The first electrical supply line may be connected at one end with the rechargeable electric battery and at the other end with the electronic device for supplying... Agent:

20150092311 - Methods, systems, and computer readable media for protection of direct current building electrical systems: Methods, systems, and computer readable media for providing protection of DC building electrical systems are disclosed. According to one aspect, a system for over-current protection of direct current (DC) building electrical systems includes a DC bus for providing DC power to a building and multiple DC feeder conductors for providing... Agent:

20150092312 - Circuit for protecting an electronic control unit (ecu) from high energy pulses: A circuit for protecting an electronic control unit (ECU) from a high energy pulse is disclosed herein. The circuit includes an input node to receive a voltage from a vehicle associated with the ECU; a low power transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diode connected via first node to an input node... Agent:

20150092313 - System and method for driving a relay circuit: A system and method for driving a relay circuit involves driving a relay circuit using a first driver circuit if a voltage of a battery supply for the relay circuit is lower than a voltage threshold and driving the relay circuit using a second driver circuit if the voltage of... Agent:

20150092314 - Connector placement for a substrate integrated with a toroidal inductor: A system includes a first connector coupled to a first surface of a substrate. The first connector enables the system to be electrically coupled to a first device external to the substrate. The system includes a second connector coupled to a second surface of the substrate. The system also includes... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150092315 - Tunable mems capacitor: A capacitive MEMS structure comprising first and second opposing capacitor electrode arrangements, wherein at least one of the electrode arrangements is movable, and a dielectric material located adjacent to the second electrode arrangement, wherein the second electrode arrangement is patterned such that it includes electrode areas and spaces adjacent to... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20150092316 - Multilayer ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the same: A multilayer ceramic electronic component includes a ceramic body including internal electrodes and dielectric layers, and an electrode layer disposed on at least one surface of the ceramic body and electrically connected to the internal electrodes. A conductive resin layer containing metal particles and a base resin is disposed on... Agent:

20150092317 - Magnetically enhanced energy storage systems and methods: In one embodiment, a system, comprising: a first non-magnetic conductive electrode; a second non-magnetic conductive electrode; a dielectric layer disposed between the first and second electrodes, the dielectric layer extending between the first and second electrodes; and first and second layers comprising plural pairs of magnetically coupled pairings of discrete... Agent:

20150092318 - High voltage high power energy storage devices, systems, and associated methods: A high power density energy storage device having enhanced operation voltage is provided. Such a device can include a cathode having a structured surface on a conductive substrate, an anode positioned adjacent to the cathode, where the anode includes a silicon substrate having a structured surface, and wherein the structured... Agent:

20150092319 - Solid electrolytic capacitor for use under high temperature and humidity conditions: A solid electrolytic capacitor that is capable of exhibiting good electrical properties even under the extreme conditions of high temperature and humidity levels is provided. More particularly, the capacitor contains a capacitor element that includes a sintered porous anode body, a dielectric that overlies the anode body, and a solid... Agent: Avx Corporation

20150092320 - Electric storage device: An electric storage device having a positive electrode, a negative electrode, a separator located between the positive electrode and the negative electrode, and a nonaqueous electrolyte. The positive electrode has a positive substrate layer, a positive composite layer containing a positive active material, and an undercoat layer located between the... Agent:

20150092321 - Energy supply device for explosion-proof electronic functional units: An exemplary energy supply device for explosion-proof electronic functional units supplies each functional unit with a high-frequency AC voltage via an inductor. The inductors are formed as substantially congruent conductor tracks of a multi-level printed circuit board, which can be connected to one another and arranged vertically on a distribution... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150092325 - Connector having waterproof function and electronic device using same: A connector is fixed in an opening of a housing of an electronic device. The connector comprises a main body housed in the opening, a gasket and a securing member. The main body comprises a plug portion, and an engaging portion connecting the plug portion. Furthermore, an engaging groove located... Agent:

20150092324 - Low-profile electrical and mechanical connector: A connector providing both an electrical and mechanical connection and an electronic device utilizing the connector. The connector includes a rigid body, a head connected to the rigid body, and a flexible conductor coupled to the body. The rigid body and the flexible conductor define an electrically conductive path to... Agent:

20150092322 - Power supply unit: A power supply unit includes a shell receiving a power supply with a socket, a rotating member, and a resilient hook. A first end of the rotating member is rotatably connected to a first side of the shell, the hook is mounted to a second side of the shell opposite... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150092328 - Mobile appliance with an extendable second display: An apparatus is provided with a mobile appliance including a front grooved rail member on a bottom and a rear grooved rail member on the bottom, each of the front and rear grooved rail members having a left opening; a second display including front grooved rail on a top and... Agent:

20150092332 - Apparatus related to a structure of a base portion of a computing device: In one general aspect, an apparatus can include a display portion, a base frame coupled to the display portion where the base frame includes a channel defined by a top wall opposite a bottom wall and a side wall coupled to the top wall and to the bottom wall. The... Agent:

20150092329 - Electronic device system with an embedded display unit: Particular embodiments described herein provide for an electronic device, such as a notebook computer, laptop, or tablet that includes a circuit board coupled to a plurality of electronic components (which may include any type of components, elements, circuitry, etc.). One particular example implementation of an electronic device may include a... Agent:

20150092331 - Electronic device with damage prevention features: One embodiment provide an electronic device, including: a housing having an upper face and a lower face; a keyboard disposed in the upper face of the housing; a display part including a display; a hinge mechanism connecting the housing to the display part in a rotatable fashion; and a link... Agent:

20150092330 - Keyboard for an electronic device: Particular embodiments described herein provide for a keyboard that includes a plurality of keys; and a plurality of key actuators. At least a portion of the key actuators raises at least a portion of the plurality of keys when the portion of the plurality of key actuators is activated. In... Agent:

20150092323 - Control buttons for notebooks and convertible devices: A keyboard or keyboard unit comprises an upper surface and a lower surface, and a front edge. An array of keys is disposed on the upper surface. One or more control buttons are disposed on the front edge, wherein the control buttons are configurable to provide a first functionality such... Agent:

20150092333 - Docking apparatus for portable electronic device: A docking apparatus usable with a portable electronic device includes a locking member configured to be moved between a first position in which the portable electronic device docked to the docking apparatus is locked and a second position in which the locking of the portable electronic device is released, a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150092334 - Computer display including a bezel: The computer display includes a display case, a bezel, and a bezel frame in contact with the display case and the bezel, the bezel frame including at least one portion extending away from the bezel to a surface of the display case, the at least one portion defining at least... Agent: Google Inc.

20150092335 - Frictional hinge for electronic devices: A frictional hinge assembly for use with electronics devices such as computer notebooks having base and lid portions may present a higher level of frictional resistance to rotation in one direction than in the other. The hinge may comprise a base-mounted helical sleeve having loops that embrace a rotational shaft... Agent:

20150092326 - Detachable screen accessory: Detachable screen accessory. In accordance with a first embodiment, an apparatus includes an electronic display screen is mounted to a shell. A docking housing is mechanically coupled to the shell, opposite the electronic display screen. The docking housing is configured to mechanically capture a second electronic device. The second electronic... Agent: Kobo Incorporated

20150092336 - Apparatus and method for improving thermal energy transfer: An apparatus or method for providing thermal energy transfer comprising; a circuit board, a housing connected to the circuit board, at least one electronic component contained within said housing, said housing comprising a aperture, wherein said housing is configured to receive a thermally conductive material through the aperture and said... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150092337 - Electronic component case and electronic component device: An electronic component case includes a lower case including a bottom plate, a aide wall having a protruding portion, an engaging projection formed on an outer face of the side wall, and a screw hole formed in the side wall in a region where the protruding portion is provided, and... Agent: Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

20150092338 - Hard disk drive module: A hard disk drive (HDD) module includes two cartridges for receiving two HDDs. Each cartridge includes a bottom tray and a top cover adjustably connected to the bottom tray. Each top cover includes a top plate located above the corresponding bottom tray. The cartridges are arranged up and down. The... Agent:

20150092341 - Optical disc drive installation mechanism, and outer frame for installing optical disc drive: Disclosed are an optical disc drive installation mechanism, and an outer frame for installing an optical disc drive. The optical disc drive installation mechanism includes: an optical disc drive module and an outer frame which is configured to insert or pull out the optical disc drive module, and a buckle... Agent:

20150092339 - Push button assembly, chassis, and operating method of chassis: A push button assembly disposed on a cover has a push button hole, and includes a holder, a latch, a resilient member, and pushing bracket. The holder forms a chute with the cover. The holder has an abutting plate and a retaining structure. The abutting plate and the retaining structure... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20150092340 - Server: A server includes a chassis, a main tray and a hard disk drive (HDD). The main tray is slidably connected to the chassis and is capable of pulling out of the chassis or pushing into the chassis along a first direction. The main tray includes an accommodating slot and a... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20150092327 - Pull tab with exchangeable identification marker for pluggable communications modules: A pull tab with exchangeable identification marker for pluggable communications modules is provided. In general, the pull tab includes an identification region that receives an exchangeable identification marker. The exchangeable identification marker is attached to the pull tab via at least one of compression, fastening, clipping, spring force, and retention... Agent:

20150092342 - Electronic device: An electronic device includes a chassis, a circuit board, and a fan module. The chassis includes a side plate defining an opening. The circuit board is located inside the chassis and includes a first connector. The fan module includes a fan and a cage enclosing the fan. The fan includes... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150092344 - Push pin and graphics card with the push pin: The invention discloses a push pin and a graphics card with the push pin. The push pin comprises a rod, a head, an expansion lock and a first spring. The head is disposed at a first end of the rod and having a radial dimension larger than that of the... Agent:

20150092343 - Ultra-capacitor structures and electronic systems with ultra-capacitor structures: Ultra-capacitor structures and electronic systems and assemblies are provided. In one aspect, the ultra-capacitor structure is configured to selectively power and at least partially house electronic component(s) therein. In one embodiment, the ultra-capacitor structure includes a thermally conductive material facilitating dissipation of heat generated. In another embodiment, the ultra-capacitor structure... Agent: The Paper Battery Company, Inc.

20150092346 - Adjustable support and a mobile computing device having an adjustable support: A support that is selectively adjustable to a plurality of configurations that enable a variety of viewing/user orientations of a mobile device. The mobile device includes a display, a back panel, a support positioned at the back panel, and adjustment members pivotally connected to respective outer ends of the support... Agent:

20150092345 - Button retention, assembly, and water sealing: A sealed physical button for use with a portable electronic device that effectively presents ingress of liquids. Embodiments include a button cap having flange portions that interlock with complementary flanges from a button retainer. The button cap may also include a downward oriented central post, proportioned and oriented to interface... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150092347 - Cooling device, electronic apparatus and method of attaching cooling device: A cooling device includes a cooling member connected with a cooling pipe through which a cooling medium flows, a first fastening mechanism part provided at a first position on the cooling member and configured to fasten the cooling member and a substrate in a state where an electronic part to... Agent:

20150092348 - Space-saving thermal management system for electronic devices: A thermal management system includes a distributor plate secured to and parallel to a circuit board. The circuit board has a module secured thereto and the distributor plate defines an area on an inner surface thereof secured to or otherwise in thermal contact with the module. Heat pipes embedded in... Agent: Cyan Inc.

20150092349 - Implementing redundant and high efficiency hybrid liquid and air cooling for chipstacks: A method and apparatus are provided for implementing redundant and high efficiency hybrid liquid and air cooling for chipstacks. The apparatus includes an electronic module having a chipstack of one or more semiconductor chips; a liquid heat sink lid over the chipstack; an inlet flow and an outlet flow enabling... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150092350 - Heat-conductive connection arrangement: A heat-conductive connection arrangement for connecting a printed circuit board to a cooling body. The connection arrangement has a carrier which is flat. At least part of the carrier includes at least one balloon body which faces away from the carrier and is connected to the carrier. The balloon body... Agent:

20150092351 - Heat transfer structure: An electronic device can include a heat transfer structure that is positioned between a first component that generates heat and a second component that dissipates heat. The heat transfer structure transfers heat from the first component to the second component. The heat transfer structure can include a heat transfer member... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150092353 - Display device: Disclosed is a display device having reduced noise during curvature varying. The display device includes a display module configured to display an image and a curvature varier configured to change a shape of the display module to a plane shape or a curvature shape with respect to a front surface... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150092352 - Thermal interface solution with reduced adhesion force: An article of manufacture comprises a composite, layered, and compressible TIM differentially adhered to a heat-spreader surface and a heat-source surface, such as a circuit card, where at least one of the surfaces comprises an uneven surface, and the TIM is compressively bonded to the uneven surface. The adhesive strength... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150092354 - Pluggable module housing assembly: A pluggable module housing assembly comprises a base at least partially surrounding a socket having an entrance sized and dimensioned to receive a pluggable module. At least one guide extends adjacent to the socket. A heat sink assembly includes a riding heat sink having a module-contacting surface facing the socket,... Agent:

20150092355 - System and method for industrial control using a high availability backplane: Base modules are provided over a backplane network for high availability control of industrial processes or machines. The base modules may include, for example, an I/O base module, which may control the industrial processes or machines and which may releasably receive an I/O function card, an adapter base module, which... Agent:

20150092356 - Printed wiring board, method for manufacturing printed wiring board and package-on-package: A method for manufacturing a printed wiring board includes forming a removable layer over first pads in central portion of an interlayer insulation layer to mount IC chip, forming on the interlayer and removable layers a resin insulation layer having openings exposing second pads in peripheral portion of the interlayer... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150092357 - Printed wiring board, method for manufacturing printed wiring board and package-on-package: A method for manufacturing a printed wiring board includes forming a resin insulation layer on an interlayer resin insulation layer and conductive circuits such that the resin insulation layer has first openings exposing pad portions in central portion of the interlayer layer and second openings exposing pad portions in peripheral... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150092358 - Package carrier: A package carrier including a removable supporting plate and a circuit board is provided. The removable supporting plate includes a dielectric layer, a copper foil layer and a releasing layer. The dielectric layer is disposed between the copper foil layer and the releasing layer. The circuit board is disposed on... Agent: Subtron Technology Co., Ltd.

20150092359 - Touch window and touch device with the same: Disclosed are a touch window with an improved visibility and a touch device with the same. The touch window includes a substrate; a first sensing electrode aligned on the substrate as a first conductive pattern; and a second sensing electrode aligned on the substrate as a second conductive pattern, wherein... Agent:

20150092360 - Battery overmolding: A portable electronic device commonly includes one or more batteries. Further, a portable electronic device may be manufactured using one or more overmolding techniques to achieve certain aesthetic and/or mechanical characteristics. Batteries within the portable electronic device may be overmolded by using a covering, wherein the covering includes a protective... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20150092362 - Flexible display device: A flexible display device includes a flexible display panel, a driving circuit film, and a spacer. The flexible display panel includes a terminal part configured to receive a driving signal. The driving circuit film includes a base film and a driving chip on the base film. The driving chip being... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150092363 - Transceiver module adapter device: There is provided an adapter device for connecting and interfacing a transceiver module in conformance with first mechanical specifications and first connector specifications into a host socket adapted to receive transceiver modules in conformance with second mechanical specifications and second connector specifications. The adapter device comprises: a rigid-flex circuit board... Agent:

20150092364 - Transmission line structure and method of attaching transmission line structure to conductive body: A method comprises mounting a grounding clip to a planar flexible printed circuit transmission line; clamping the grounding clip to an inner wall of a chassis of an electronic device; and operating a laser beam to weld the grounding clip to the chassis to route the flexible printed circuit transmission... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150092361 - Variable display device and method of driving the same: A variable display device includes a display panel; a joint plate installed at a rear surface of the display panel and including a plurality of plates each configured to be rotated by a hinge; and a driving system installed at a rear surface of the joint plate and rotating the... Agent: Lg Display Co., Ltd.

20150092367 - Display device: A display device is disclosed. In one embodiment, the display device includes a display panel, a housing which houses the display panel and a frame which is disposed under the housing and comprises a first bottom portion. The first bottom portion includes a first bottom surface which is an upper... Agent:

20150092365 - Insert molded parts and methods for forming the same: The embodiments described herein relate to insert molding methods. The methods involve partially or fully encasing an insert within a thermoplastic material, forming a composite part that includes the insert and the molded thermoplastic material. Methods described provide a number of improvements over traditional insert molding techniques. In specific embodiments,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150092366 - Protection case for electronic device: A protection case for protecting an electronic device includes a cover body shaped to receive and hold to the electronic device. A cable winding apparatus is arranged adjacent the cover body and includes a wheel rotatably arranged adjacent the cover body, and a pivot protruding from a center of the... Agent:

20150092369 - Component-embedded substrate and manufacturing method thereof: A component-embedded substrate includes a multilayer body formed by stacking up a plurality of resin layers in a predetermined direction, a component embedded in the multilayer body, the component having a plurality of terminal electrodes, a plurality of joining conductors provided in the multilayer body and joined to the plurality... Agent:

20150092368 - Electronic module: An electronic module includes a substrate, a built-in electronic component and a surface mount electronic component. A suckable region is provided on a front surface of the substrate. When viewed in a see-through manner in a direction perpendicular or substantially perpendicular to the front surface of the substrate, the suckable... Agent:

20150092370 - Masking substrates for application of protective coatings: A method for applying a protective coating to selected portions of a substrate is disclosed. The method includes applying a mask to or forming a mask on at least one portion of the substrate that is not to be covered with the protective coating. The mask may be selectively formed... Agent:

20150092371 - Contact pad structure, an electronic component, and a method for manufacturing a contact pad structure: According to various embodiments, a contact pad structure may be provided, the contact pad structure may include: a dielectric layer structure; at least one contact pad being in physical contact with the dielectric layer structure; the at least one contact pad including a metal structure and a liner structure, wherein... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150092372 - Devices and stacked microelectronic packages with parallel conductors and intra-conductor isolator structures and methods of their fabrication: Embodiments of devices and methods of their manufacture include coupling first and second package surface conductors to a package surface with an intra-conductor insulating structure between the package surface conductors. The package surface conductors extend between and electrically couple sets of pads that are exposed at the package surface. Elongated... Agent:

20150092373 - Mounting solution for components on a very fine pitch array: Various exemplary embodiments relate to a printed circuit board (PCB) comprising a ball grid array (BGA) of BGA pads on one side of the PCB, arranged in a grid pattern; through-hole vias, including a via pad, arranged in said grid pattern electrically connected to said BGA pads; a solder mask... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Canada Inc.

20150092376 - Power semiconductor module and method for producing a power semiconductor module: A printed circuit board (PCB) has a first, structured metalization arranged on its top side and at least one second metalization arranged below the first metalization in a vertical direction, parallel to the first metalization and insulated therefrom. Also on the PCB top side is a bare semiconductor chip having... Agent:

20150092374 - Solder void reduction between electronic packages and printed circuit boards: A method includes fabricating a printed circuit board. The fabricating includes forming at least one conductive layer on top a first dielectric layer, wherein the at least one conductive layer comprises at least one of a ground plane and a power plane. The fabricating includes forming a second dielectric layer... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150092375 - Transistor arrangement with semiconductor chips between two substrates: An electronic device comprising a first substrate, a second substrate, a first semiconductor chip comprising a transistor, comprising a first mounting surface bonded to the first substrate and comprising a second mounting surface bonded to the second substrate, and a second semiconductor chip comprising a first mounting surface bonded to... Agent: Infineon Technologies Austria Ag

20150092377 - Devices and stacked microelectronic packages with in-trench package surface conductors and methods of their fabrication: Embodiments of methods for forming microelectronic device packages include forming a trench on a surface of a package body between exposed ends of first and second device-to-edge conductors, and forming a package surface conductor in the trench to electrically couple the first and second device-to-edge conductors. In one embodiment, the... Agent:

20150092378 - Direct chip attach using embedded traces: A circuit board upon which to mount an integrated circuit chip may include a first interconnect zone on the surface of the circuit board having first contacts with a first pitch, and a second interconnect zone, surrounding the first zone, having second contacts or traces with a second pitch that... Agent:

20150092381 - Padless via: One disclosed embodiment comprises formation of a padless via in a substrate. The padless via includes a hole through a metal layer blanketing the substrate, as well as the underlying substrate. An inner wall of the padless via hole receives a seed layer of a conductive material. Electrolytic differential plating... Agent:

20150092379 - Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same: A semiconductor device according to the present invention includes a ceramic substrate, a plurality of circuit patterns arranged on a surface of the ceramic substrate, a semiconductor element arranged on an upper surface of at least one circuit pattern, and a sealing resin for sealing the ceramic substrate, the plurality... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150092380 - Semiconductor module comprising printed circuit board and method for producing a semiconductor module comprising a printed circuit board: A semiconductor module includes a printed circuit board, a ceramic substrate and a semiconductor chip. The printed circuit board includes an insulating material, a cutout formed in the insulating material, and a first metallization layer, which is partly embedded into the insulating material. The first metallization layer includes a conductor... Agent:

20150092384 - Electrical junction box: Disclosed is an electrical junction box including a frame including an upper side component mounting section and a lower side component mounting section. An electrical junction box 1 is provided with a frame including a peripheral wall, an upper side component mounting section located above in the peripheral wall to... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150092382 - Electronic device having housing with embedded interconnects: An electronic device has an electronic device housing containing electrical components such as integrated circuits and other components. The electronic device housing may be provided with signal paths. Electrical components may be mounted to the electronic device housing and may be electrically coupled to the signal paths. The housing may... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150092383 - Mounting bracket assemblies and methods: A mounting bracket assembly comprises a flexible body including at least one top member and a flexible angled bottom member connected to the top member. The flexible body defines a beam insertion aperture between the top member and the bottom member. The mounting bracket assembly further comprises at least one... Agent: Array Technologies, Inc.

03/26/2015 > 60 patent applications in 42 patent subcategories.

20150085403 - Soft shutdown for isolated drivers: An apparatus for controlling a high-power drive device external to a package of a motor drive circuit includes a motor drive circuit. The motor drive circuit includes a driver to control the high-power drive device based on a first reference voltage, a second reference voltage, and a control signal based... Agent:

20150085404 - Magnetizing inrush current suppressing device: According to one embodiment, a magnetizing inrush current suppressing device includes, a first closing unit closes the circuit-breaker at the notable phase by the first phase determined by the first-phase determination unit, a second-phase determination unit determines a second phase at which the notable phase detected by the notable phase... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150085405 - Portable ground fault circuit breaker: A portable ground fault circuit breaker includes a main housing. An interior housing in which moving and static contacts are disposed is disposed inside the main housing and includes a base and a base cover. The static contacts are hung in the interior housing. The moving contacts are disposed on... Agent:

20150085406 - Electrostatic discharge clamp circuit for ultra-low power applications: An electrostatic discharge clamp circuit is provided for low power applications. The clamp circuit includes: a detection circuit, a bias circuit and a shunting circuit having at least one shunt transistor. The detection circuit is configured to detect an occurrence of an electrostatic charge on a power supply node and... Agent:

20150085409 - Active esd protection circuit with blocking diode: An electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection integrated circuit (IC) includes a substrate having a semiconductor surface, a high power supply rail (VDD) and a low power supply rail (VSS) on the semiconductor surface. A trigger circuit including at least one trigger input and at least one trigger output is coupled between... Agent:

20150085408 - Eos protection circuit with fet-based trigger diodes: An integrated circuit is disclosed, including a circuit with a first type of FET having a first breakdown voltage (VBD), resulting from a first set of design and manufacturing process parameters and having VBD tracking characteristics resulting from a second set of design and manufacturing process parameters. The IC may... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150085407 - Stacked protection devices and related fabrication methods: Protection device structures and related fabrication methods and devices are provided. An exemplary device includes a first interface, a second interface, a first protection circuitry arrangement coupled to the first interface, and a second protection circuitry arrangement coupled between the first protection circuitry arrangement and the second interface. The second... Agent:

20150085411 - Controller area network node transceiver: A transceiver includes a control module and a transceiving module. The control module is configured to generate a control signal in response to a signal from a micro-control unit. The transceiving module is integrated with the control module. The transceiving module is configured to, in response to the control signal,... Agent:

20150085410 - Load driving device: A load driving device includes a driving switching element, an interrupting part, a short-circuiting switching element, and a protecting element. The driving switching element drives a load by controlling energization to the load. The interrupting part is disposed on an energizing path to the load. The interrupting part is not... Agent:

20150085412 - Overvoltage protection circuit with digital control: A device for digitally protecting against an overvoltage event may include a front-end circuit, an overvoltage protection circuit, and a protection switch. The protection switch may be coupled to the overvoltage protection circuit and may be configured to decouple the front-end circuit from an external medium, in response to a... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20150085413 - Battery protection circuit and system: Techniques pertaining to battery protection circuits are disclosed. According to one embodiment of the present invention, the battery protection circuit includes a power button, a power detection circuit, a first switch coupled between the power button and the power detection circuit, the power detection circuit configured to output a power-off... Agent:

20150085414 - Output stage with short-circuit protection: An output stage with short-circuit protection includes a power transistor, a detecting module, a disable module, and a driving module. The power transistor is electrically connected between a voltage source and an output node. A gate end of the power transistor is configured to receive a driving signal. The detecting... Agent: Himax Analogic, Inc.

20150085415 - Passive circuit for improved failure mode handling in power electronics modules: A power electronics module for enhancing short circuit failure mode (SCFM) transitions. The module is adapted to disconnect a gate unit from the module using a first switch, upon a failure of at least one of a plurality of semiconductor chips during which the failed chip enters an SCFM, and... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20150085416 - Integrated circuit with protection function: An integrated circuit generating a driving signal to a load according to an input voltage and including an impedance switching unit, a first protection unit, a first detection unit and a control unit is disclosed. The impedance switching unit takes the input voltage as the driving signal according to a... Agent: Nuvoton Technology Corporation

20150085417 - Electrical energy saving system: A system for conditioning the three-phase alternating current electric power, including a first phase, a second phase, a third phase, and a neutral line, supplied to a load includes a plurality of first surge arresters, a plurality of second surge arresters, a plurality of third surge arresters, a three-phase surge... Agent: Black Hawk Energy Products LLC

20150085418 - Systems and methods for discharging inductors with temperature protection: An integrated circuit for demagnetizing an inductive load includes a first switch to control current supplied by a voltage supply to the inductive load. A Zener diode includes an anode connected to a control terminal of the first switch and a cathode connected to the voltage supply. A second switch... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

20150085419 - Magnetic element control device, magnetic element control method and magnetic detection device: A magnetic element control device of the present invention includes an excitation signal generation unit that generates an alternating signal, an excitation signal adjustment unit that generates an alternating voltage signal from the alternating signal, and generates an excitation signal which is applied to an exciting coil on the basis... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20150085420 - Conductive assembly: In one embodiment a conductive assembly may include a casing having a compressed portion and a cylinder. A fiber may be positioned within the casing and the relative position of the fiber with respect to the casing may be secured via engagement between the casing and the fiber at the... Agent:

20150085421 - Ionic cooling assembly for electronic device: In one embodiment an ionic airflow system comprises an anode, a cathode platform having an elongated surface, and a first ultrasonic transducer to direct ultrasonic waves into the cathode platform. Other embodiments may be described.... Agent:

20150085422 - Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same: A multilayer ceramic capacitor includes a ceramic body including dielectric layers; first and second internal electrodes facing each other while having the dielectric layer disposed therebetween, and alternately exposed to end surfaces of the ceramic body; first and second external electrodes electrically connected to the first and second internal electrodes,... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150085427 - High surface area nano-structured graphene composites and capacitive devices incorporating the same: A carbon composite material, including a plurality of spaced graphene sheets, each respective sheet having opposed generally planar surfaces, and a plurality of functionalized carbonaceous particles. At least some functionalized carbonaceous particles are disposed between any two adjacent graphene sheets, and each respective at least some functionalized carbonaceous particle is... Agent:

20150085426 - Highly porous separator foil: The invention relates to a biaxially oriented single- or multilayer porous foil, the porosity of which is generated by transformation of ss-crystalline polypropylene during orientation of the foil. The Gurley value of the foil is <250 s. The invention also relates to a process for producing the foil by using... Agent:

20150085423 - Structural supercapacitors: The present disclosure relates to solid polymer electrolytes, prepolymer compositions, and their uses in the preparation of capacitors.... Agent: The Arizona Board Of Regents, A Body Corporate Act For And On Behalf Of

20150085425 - Supercapacitor electrodes and associated methods of manufacturing: Electrodes and their associated methods of manufacturing are disclosed. An electrode comprises a metal body, a conductive coating, and a metal oxide layer. The metal body is formed from a plurality of compacted metal nanoparticles. The conductive coating is formed on a first side of the metal body. The conductive... Agent:

20150085424 - Synthesis of three-dimensional graphene foam: use as supercapacitors: The invention relates to three-dimensional crystalline foams with high surface areas, high lithium capacity, and high conductivity for use as electrode materials and methods for their fabrication. In additional embodiments, the invention also relates to the use of three-dimensional crystalline foams as supercapacitors for improved charge and energy storage.... Agent: National University Of Singapore

20150085428 - Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing same: A solid electrolytic capacitor comprises a positive electrode, a dielectric layer, a silane coupling layer, a conductive polymer layer, and a negative electrode layer. The dielectric layer is provided on the positive electrode. The silane coupling layer is provided on the dielectric layer. The conductive polymer layer is provided on... Agent:

20150085430 - Display device with force dispersal structure: A display device includes a housing, a display module, and a force dispersal member. The housing has a top plate and a bottom plate, wherein the top plate has a top plate inner surface and the bottom plate has a bottom plate inner surface. The display module is disposed on... Agent:

20150085429 - Electronic component embedded in ceramic material: A ceramic material having an electronic component embedded therein, and more particularly to a sapphire surface having an electrically energized component embedded within. In some embodiments, the sapphire surface may take the form of a portion of a housing for an electronic device. Since sapphire may be substantially transparent, it... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150085432 - Electronic component embedded in ceramic material: A ceramic material having an electronic component embedded therein, and more particularly to a sapphire surface having an electrically energized component embedded within. In some embodiments, the sapphire surface may take the form of a portion of a housing for an electronic device. Since sapphire may be substantially transparent, it... Agent:

20150085433 - Portable display device: A portable display device is provided in which two display panels are joined to each other to form a single screen when two panel housings are unfolded from a folded state. The portable display device includes at least two panel housings and display panels that are mounted on the panel... Agent:

20150085431 - Power supply system comprising a power converter unit and a rack: A power supply system having a power converter unit and a rack. The rack has a shelf and a shelf connection device. The power converter unit has a housing and a unit connection device, where the unit connection device is adapted to be releasably locked to the shelf connection device... Agent: Eltek As

20150085434 - Casing covered by silicone rubber and electronic device using same: A casing includes a main body, a silicone rubber layer, and a bonding layer. The main body is made of magnesium alloy. The bonding layer is bonded between the main body and the silicone rubber layer. The bonding layer includes about 12 to about 30 by percentage weight of silane... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150085437 - Adjustable ergonomic keyboard: An adjustable keyboard having a number of keys (205) is formed in at least two segments (202, 203) which are mutually movable relative- to one another using a hinge or joint (206). Each of the segments (202, 203) of the keyboard has mounted thereon some of the keys (205). The... Agent:

20150085438 - Car wash kiosk: A car wash kiosk has components that are easily removable via screws or other fasteners, such as hook and loop fasteners, and that can connect via a plug-in connection, such as USB or a serial connection, for example. Car wash owners, with the car wash kiosk, can easily swap parts... Agent:

20150085439 - Fastening mechanism for electronic device: A fastening mechanism for an electronic device is provided. The electronic device is embedded into a fixed object, and has a display portion and an embedding portion. The fixed object is formed with a receiving space. A connection box is mounted in the receiving space. The fastening mechanism includes a... Agent:

20150085436 - Electronic device: The present invention discloses an electronic device comprising: a body comprising a display screen exposed on a first surface of the body; a connector arranged on a second surface of the body, the second surface being opposite to the first surface; an operational posture switching unit connected to the body... Agent: Lenovo (beijing) Limited

20150085435 - Portable type electronic device, portable type electronic device group, and method of manufacturing portable type electronic device: A first antenna (31) is disposed closer to a rear touch panel (4) than to a display panel (2a) in the front-rear direction of a housing (20). The first antenna (31) is disposed so as to be offset with respect to the rear touch panel (4) in a direction perpendicular... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20150085440 - Invisible screw device and fastening method, and terminal using same: A screw device, for mounting within a housing, configured to fixedly connect a first portion and a second portion of the housing, includes: a driving part fixedly connected within the first portion of the housing; a screw connected with the driving part; a nut fixedly connected within the second portion... Agent:

20150085441 - Speaker cooling: Embodiments are provided for cooling one or more components of a playback device using speaker vibrations that result from inaudible audio. Movement of air molecules arising from the speaker vibrations may disperse heat away from the one or more components of a playback device. The playback device may include a... Agent: Sonos, Inc.

20150085442 - Computer provided with cooling system: The computer having a module board with semiconductor elements mounted on both sides thereof, a motherboard on which a plurality of units of the module board are mounted, and a rack cabinet on which a plurality of units of the motherboard are mounted includes a thermo-siphon that is thermally connected... Agent:

20150085443 - Mobile terminal device and a chassis: A mobile terminal device that includes a frame that supports a structure of the mobile terminal, a button that fits with a hole in the frame, a gasket that contacts with the button, a first area of which contacting with the button being configured to move when the button is... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150085444 - Latch device and computer system using the same: A latch device includes a carrier, an operating member, a resilient member, two linkages, and two latch members. The operating member can move toward or away from the carrier along a first direction. The resilient member is disposed between the operating member and the carrier. Each of the linkages has... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20150085445 - Metal retaining features for handheld electronic device casing: This invention is directed to mechanical and electromagnetic shielding features of an electronic device case. An electronic device case is formed of two housings, each housing having integrated snaps, channels, or other retaining features used to secure the housings together. The housings additionally include integrated retaining features used to secure... Agent:

20150085446 - Substrate, chip arrangement, and method for manufacturing the same: In various embodiments, a substrate is provided. The substrate may include: a ceramic carrier having a first side and a second side opposite the first side; a first metal layer disposed over the first side of the ceramic carrier; a second metal layer disposed over the second side of the... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20150085447 - Grounded belt and movable drawer apparatus: A grounded belt and drawer apparatus including a drawer, mounted on a first track, a tensioner body having a first pulley, a supporting member, and a first belt. The drawer moveable on a first line in a first direction and a second direction. The tensioner body mounted on a second... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150085448 - Conductive structure, touch panel, and method for manufacturing same: Provided are a conductive structure including a) a base, b) a conductive pattern provided on at least one side of the base, and c) a darkening layer provided on the upper surface and lower surface of the conductive pattern, provided on at least a part of the side of the... Agent:

20150085449 - Industrial process fluid device with humidity-sealed electronics module: A field device for use in an industrial process includes a housing having a cavity formed therein. A humidity-sealed electronics module has a first compartment formed therein and is positioned in the cavity. The humidity-sealed electronics module includes a seal board. The seal board separates the first compartment of the... Agent:

20150085450 - Electronic device having clip clasping electronic module: An electronic device includes a frame, a electronic module, and a clip. The frame includes a supporting plate and a first bracket mounted on the supporting plate. The electronic module is located at the supporting plate. A guiding groove is defined in the electronic module. The clip is mounted on... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150085451 - Removable cage and electronic apparatus: An electronic apparatus includes an apparatus casing and a removable cage. The removable cage includes a cage body, a carry handle, and a locking mechanism disposed on the cage body. The carry handle includes a pivotally-connecting part, pivotally connected to the cage body, a handle body, and a pushing part.... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150085452 - Layout method, electronic device and connector: A layout method applied to a connector is provided. The connector is electrically connected between a flexible printed circuit (FPC) and a printed circuit board (PCB). The FPC includes M pairs of differential lines and X shield lines. The PCB includes M pairs of differential lines and Z shield lines.... Agent: Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

20150085453 - Stacked circuit board assembly with compliant middle member: A compliant middle member to be used between encapsulated stacked circuit boards contained in an enclosure. The compliant middle member absorbing expansion forces from an encapsulant experiencing thermal expansion, thereby diverting and reducing the expansion forces exerted upon the electrical components.... Agent: Trumpet Holdings, Inc.

20150085455 - Electronic component-embedded substrate and manufacturing method thereof: Embodiments of the invention provide an electronic component-embedded substrate and a manufacturing method thereof. According to at least one embodiment, the electronic component-embedded substrate includes a cavity formed in a core substrate and including two or more embedding spaces which have a rectangular shape (when viewed on a plane) and... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150085454 - Power module: A power module is disclosed. The power module includes a first substrate, a first metal layer, at least one conductive structure and at least one power device. The first metal layer is disposed on the first substrate. The first metal layer has a first thickness d1. The first thickness d1... Agent:

20150085457 - Electrical connector and manufacturing method thereof: An electrical connector for electrically connecting a first electronic element having protruding conductive portions in the bottom thereof to a second electronic element, includes an insulating body located below the first and above the second electronic element, a conductor, a solder pad disposed on the lower surface of the insulating... Agent: Lotes Co., Ltd

20150085456 - Imprinted multi-level micro-wire circuit structure: An imprinted multi-level micro-wire structure includes a substrate and a first layer formed over the substrate. The first layer includes first micro-wires formed in first micro-channels imprinted in the first layer. A second layer is formed in contact with the first layer. The second layer includes second micro-wires formed in... Agent:

20150085458 - Reducing far end crosstalk in single ended interconnects and buses: Inductive coupling arising between adjacent vias in interconnect technologies (commonly associated with printed circuit boards or package) can be combatted through the addition of metal plates to vias. The plates generate capacitive coupling that can compensate for the inductive crosstalk normally generated between vias in printed circuit boards or packages.... Agent:

20150085459 - Connector, antenna and electronic device: A connector including a first connector body and a mode-converting unit is provided. The first connector body includes a dielectric base, a shell and a pin set. The shell and the dielectric base are fixed to each other. The pin set is disposed on the dielectric base. The mode-converting unit... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150085460 - Patterned substrates with non-linear conductor traces: The present disclosure provides an article having (a) a substrate having opposing first and second surfaces; and (b) a conductor micropattern disposed on the first surface of the substrate. The conductor micropattern has a plurality of traces defining a plurality of open area cells. The conductor micropattern has an open... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150085461 - Combined wiring board and method for manufacturing combined wiring board: A method for manufacturing a combined wiring board includes preparing multiple wiring boards, preparing a metal frame having opening portions which accommodate the boards, respectively, positioning the boards in the opening portions of the frame, respectively, and forming multiple crimped portions in the frame by plastic deformation such that the... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150085462 - Electromagnetic interference shielding material, electromagnetic interference shielding device, method for making the electromagnetic interference shielding device, electromagnetic interference shielding package module and appliance: The present invention relates to an EMI shielding material that has a mixture that constitutes 70 wt % to 98 wt % of the EMI shielding material, wherein the mixture has: 1) a dendritic copper filler having copper dendritic crystals of lengths ranging from 0.1 μm to 50 μm, 2)... Agent:

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