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20150144370 - Electrical fittings with integral cover plate and method of use thereof: An electrical fitting that comprises an integral cover plate and an electrical component, such as an outlet or a switch, the combined electrical component/cover plate being secured via screws through the cover plate into a wall box. Wires are secured to power wires coming from the wall box via quick-connectors... Agent:

20150144371 - Mounting brace assembly for mounting an electrical box: A brace assembly is provided having a brace for mounting to a support and a hanger member. The hanger member is coupled to the brace by a bar positioned in a longitudinal slot in the bottom side of the brace. The bar enables the hanger member to slide along the... Agent:

20150144372 - Industrial lighting support system: A pole support system suitable for lighting fixtures. The system may include a lower support; a guide member interior to the lower support; a telescoping upper support inside the lower support and axially movable between an extended position and a retracted position, the upper support being at least partially received... Agent:

20150144397 - Wire harness waterproofing structure: A wire harness waterproofing structure includes a grommet that includes a pipe-formed body part the periphery of which is watertightly attached to a through hole which is bored in a body panel which separates a compartment outside part and a compartment inside part, and a small diameter tubular part one... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150144398 - Adapter for sealing cover for electrical interconnections: An assembly includes: a mounting structure having a threaded member; a generally annular adapter, the adapter having threads that engage the threaded member, the adapter further including a radially outward sealing surface formed of one of the materials; an electrical cable having a connector threaded onto the threaded member, and... Agent:

20150144373 - Ground apparatus: A ground apparatus applicable to an array of solar cell modules includes at least one first ground unit and a plurality of second ground units, and a plurality of depression plates. The first ground unit mounted to a lateral side of one specific solar cell module includes a grounding dock... Agent:

20150144375 - Cable: An object of the invention is to provide a cable capable of matching exposed dimensions of conductors with a predetermined dimension to perform good processing at the time of distal end processing. In a cable (10) in which a pair of insulated wires (1) each of which is formed by... Agent:

20150144376 - Electronic device and spacing tube: An electronic device includes: a spacing tube including a first conductor of a tubular shape with both end faces forming electrical connection, and a second conductor provided inside the first conductor to be electrically spaced from the first conductor, the second conductor including recess to be engaged with screws in... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150144374 - Varying radial orientation of a power cable along the length of an umbilical: A power triad of an umbilical may be rotated during multiple transition lengths to position each power cable of the power triad equally at radial orientation over the length of the umbilical. A first portion of the umbilical includes the triad in a first radial orientation, a second portion of... Agent: Aker Solutions Inc.

20150144377 - Reduced delay data cable: A data cable includes a core and a jacket surrounding the core. The core defines a longitudinal axis and includes a central twisted pair of insulated conductors and a plurality of outer twisted pairs of insulated conductors. The central twisted pair of insulated conductors is disposed along the longitudinal axis... Agent:

20150144378 - Grommet: A grommet to be inserted into a mounting hole of a panel includes a grommet inner and a grommet outer assembled to the grommet inner so as to cover the grommet inner. The grommet outer includes: electrical cable insertion tubes each through which an electrical cable is inserted; a flange... Agent:

20150144379 - Method and system for producing a multilayer element and multilayer element: A method produces a multilayer element with a substrate and at least one conductor structure connected in an areal manner to the substrate, which has first regions of electrically conductive material, which is present in accordance with a prescribed pattern, while electrically non-conductive second regions lie between the first regions.... Agent: 3d- Micromac Ag

20150144380 - Transparent conductive coatings based on metal nanowires and polymer binders, solution processing thereof, and patterning approaches: Polymer binders, e.g., crosslinked polymer binders, have been found to be an effective film component in creating high quality transparent electrically conductive coatings or films comprising metal nanostructured networks. The metal nanowire films can be effectively patterned and the patterning can be performed with a high degree of optical similarity... Agent:

20150144381 - Flexible printed circuit and a method of fabricating a flexible printed circuit: Various embodiments provide a flexible printed circuit comprising a substrate layer portion and an electrically-conductive layer portion. The electrically-conductive layer portion may be superimposed over the substrate layer portion. The substrate layer portion may have an opening formed therein and part of the electrically-conductive layer portion may be positioned over... Agent:

20150144382 - High speed differential wiring in glass ceramic mcms: The embodiments of the present invention relate generally to the fabrication of integrated circuits, and more particularly to a structure and method for fabricating differential wiring patterns in multilayer glass-ceramic (MLC) modules. A structure and method of forming a MLC having layers with staggered, or offset, pairs of lines formed... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150144383 - Plug standards-compliant circuit modules and connectors: A high speed, high reliability circuit module and connective strategy that is connectively compliant with a receptacle in compliance with the SFF-8639 Specification whether expressing for example a PCIe interface or a high speed SAS interface. The present invention reduces impedance discontinuity by reducing the interconnection length and cross-planar transit... Agent: Avant Technology, Inc.

20150144384 - Packaging substrate and fabrication method thereof: A packaging substrate is disclosed, which includes: a dielectric layer; a circuit layer embedded in and exposed from a surface of the dielectric layer, wherein the circuit layer has a plurality of conductive pads; and a plurality of conductive bumps formed on the conductive pads and protruding above the surface... Agent: Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd

20150144385 - Circuit board and electronic apparatus including the same: The circuit board includes a ceramic sintered body and a metal wiring layer provided on at least one primary surface thereof with a glass layer interposed therebetween, and when the cross section of the circuit board perpendicular to the primary surface of the ceramic sintered body is viewed, the ratio... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150144387 - Electrical apparatus: An electrical apparatus, comprising a circuit board, and a capacitor installed on the circuit board; the capacitor is detachably installed on the circuit board. The capacitor can be conveniently detached from the circuit board; therefore, a damaged capacitor can be easily replaced with a new capacitor, saving cost by avoiding... Agent:

20150144386 - Electronic component embedded substrate and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention discloses an electronic component embedded substrate and a manufacturing method thereof. The electronic component embedded substrate in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes: a core board having a cavity formed therein; an electronic component being embedded in the cavity; and a circuit pattern formed... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150144388 - Solder material and bonded structure: Solder material used in soldering of an Au electrode including Ni plating containing P includes Ag satisfying 0.3≦[Ag]≦4.0, Bi satisfying 0≦[Bi]≦1.0, and Cu satisfying 0≦[Cu]≦1.2, where contents (mass %) of Ag, Bi, Cu and In in the solder material are denoted by [Ag], [Bi], [Cu], and [In], respectively. The solder... Agent:

20150144389 - Method of minimizing mold flash during dambar cut: A method of reducing the amount of mold flash created during the molding process of a molded integrated circuit package by extending a protrusion from the leadframe dambar into the mold flash area.... Agent:

20150144390 - Wiring board and method for mounting semiconductor element on wiring board: A wiring board of the present invention includes an insulating board having a mounting portion on an upper surface to mount a semiconductor element, and semiconductor element connection pads formed on the mounting portion, on which at least three first dummy pads arranged on a center portion of the mounting... Agent: Kyocera Circuit Solutions, Inc.

20150144393 - Circuit board: A structure (10) includes at least three conductors (111, 131, 151) that are opposed to each other, a penetration via (101) that penetrates the conductors (111, 131, 151), openings (112, 152) that are formed so as to surround the penetration via (101), and conductor elements (121, 141) that are located... Agent:

20150144391 - Connection device and connection method for high-frequency digital signals: In order to improve the signal integrity, for a connection device for twinax cables the connecting pad belonging to the respective drain wire is disposed directly between the two connecting pads of the two leads belonging to the same data line. Groups of connecting pads can be disposed so that... Agent: Harting Electronics Gmbh

20150144392 - Multipolar connector: A multipolar connector is provided. It is possible to prevent deformation of a particular pin-shaped terminal of plural pin-shaped terminals arranged in a line in a direction perpendicular to a connection direction of the multipolar connector, and also possible to prevent positional displacements of the particular pin-shaped terminal and other... Agent:

20150144394 - Cable holder: A cable holder useful for holding a single insulated cable assembly or a multiplicity of insulated cable assemblies wherein the cable holder is formed by a pair of components attached to or integral with each other so as to form a sheath or sleeve for containing the cable assembly or... Agent:

20150144395 - Connector: A connector (10) to be mounted on a case (C) of a device includes a resin housing (30). A shield bracket (50) is fixed to the case (C) to cover the housing (30) and wires (W) are drawn out through a rear opening (51A). Rubber plugs (24) are accommodated in... Agent:

20150144396 - Connector: A connector (10) includes a housing (30) with a wire draw-out portion (34) from which wires (W) are drawn out. Rubber plugs (27) are accommodated in rubber plug accommodating portions (41) in the housing (30) and seal between the wires (W) and inner peripheral surfaces of the rubber plug accommodating... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 51 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20150136470 - Selection method for strong wind region composite insulator based on structure parameters, and composite insulator: A selection method for a strong wind region composite insulator based on structure parameters, and a composite insulator are disclosed. When a selection is made among a plurality of composite insulators according to the selection method, structure parameters of the composite insulators are measured first, and then the selection is... Agent:

20150136435 - Cable for down hole pump: A cable is provided for suspending a down hole pump that has a core with at least one tube for the transport of fluid and at least one conductor covered with an insulation layer made of a high temperature resistant insulating material. The core is covered by a steel tape... Agent:

20150136436 - Securing mechanism and electronic device case comprising the same: A securing mechanism includes a first securing unit fixedly disposed on a first component of an electronic device case, and a second securing unit fixedly disposed on a second component for securing the second component to the first component in a first direction. The first securing unit includes a fixture... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150136437 - Efficient installation electrical hardware system and method of use: An improved installation system for electrical hardware, such as power outlets, electrical switches, light fittings, ceiling fans and the like, whereby the cutting of their installation access holes in drywall panels is accomplished much faster than prior art methods and with a high degree of accuracy by the use of... Agent:

20150136438 - Electrical device with a busbar assembly having a frame providing access for laser welding: An electrical device having an electrical component, which has an electric terminal, and a busbar assembly having a busbar and a frame. The busbar is formed of a strip of conductive material and has first and second busbar sides that are opposite from one another. The frame has a busbar... Agent:

20150136476 - Electrical device having busbar with flexible weld crimp: An electrical device according to the principles of the present disclosure includes a frame, a conductor having a conductive element and an electrically insulating cover disposed about at least a portion of the conductive element, and a busbar mounted to the frame. The busbar includes a busbar body and a... Agent:

20150136477 - Electrical-wire-protecting member: An electrical wire cover (11) has a corrugated tube fixing portion (29) and engagement projection strips which are integral parts of a cover body (27) which surrounds electrical wires (19) to be cabled, an electrical wire tie (43) which fixes, that is, tightly fastens, a corrugated tube (31), and tying... Agent:

20150136478 - Current return connecting loom and method for mounting on a composite fuselage frame: A connecting loom (30) of this type is suitable for connecting structural metal pieces in an available volume between a protection structure and a transverse frame made of composite carbon material or a cabin lining. In one embodiment, it comprises conductors (51) arranged parallel side by side which form a... Agent: Labinal Power Systems

20150136480 - Protector: Projection strips are formed on the inner surface of a bottom wall between a pair of side walls. Of boundary portions between each projection strip and the two respective side walls, a boundary wall located lower in the vertical direction when a protector is attached to a vehicle is formed... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150136484 - Wire harness combination structure: Each of wire harnesses includes a conductive path, an exterior member which covers the conductive path, a base portion which is retrofitted to or integrally formed with the exterior member, and a combination structure portion which is integrally formed with the base portion. The combination structure portion includes a combining... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150136481 - Wire harness exterior member and wire harness: An exterior member has a straight tube body to be arranged at a vehicle underfloor portion of a vehicle and at least one rigidity adding portion to add rigidity to the straight tube body.... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150136483 - Wire harness exterior member and wire harness: A wire harness exterior member has a plurality of specified sections set along a tubular body longitudinal direction of a body portion, and the body portion has, for each specified section, a resin characterized portion molded using a resin material having characteristics adapted to the corresponding specified section.... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150136479 - Wire harness with fixing members: A wire harness wiring structure includes a wire harness and three fixing members. A first fixing member, is provided at the wire harness, and is fixed to a vibration transmitting source. A second fixing member is provided at the wire harness, and is fixed to a vibration non-transmitting object. A... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150136482 - Wire-harness packaging member and wire harness: A wire-harness packaging member covering a conductive path includes a setting portion which is provided on an outer surface of the wire-harness packaging member so as to set an attachment position of a post-fitted part attached to the wire-harness packaging member. The wire-harness packaging member is a tube body which... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150136485 - Ignition coil assembly with terminals connecting insert: An ignition system comprises an ignition coil assembly (100) that supplies a high voltage electric current to a resistor-type spark plug (20). The ignition coil assembly (100) includes an ignition coil (140), a high voltage coil terminal (120), a terminals connecting insert (30) and an insulator (40). The terminals connecting... Agent:

20150136439 - Sealing cover boot and cover and interconnection junctions protected thereby: A hollow cover boot formed of an elastomeric material includes, in merging succession, a cable collar, a main section, a transition section, and an interconnection section, wherein the main section has a diameter greater than the cable collar and the interconnection section, and the transition section tapers between the main... Agent: Andrew LLC

20150136440 - Cable and method of making the same: A cable that has a cable core with a first armor wire layer and a second armor wire layer. The second armor wire layer is segregated from the first armor wire layer, and an outer jacket is disposed about the second armor wire layer.... Agent:

20150136441 - Communication cable with improved crosstalk attenuation: Methods and apparatus directed towards communication cables and barrier tapes for use in communication cables are disclosed herein. In an embodiment, the present invention employs conductive segments within the communication cables and/or on the barrier tape.... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20150136442 - Booster cable for motor vehicle: A new booster cable for motor vehicle includes a first cable body. The first cable body includes a first insulation and a first conductor located inside the first insulation. A first temperature warning color strip is embedded on the first insulation. The first temperature warning color strip contacts with the... Agent: Shanghai Guangwei Electric & Tools Co., Ltd

20150136443 - Cable with multiple conductors each having a concentric insulation layer: An electrical transmission cable has at least two wires joined in side-by-side relationship by a web. Each wire has a central conductor surrounded by a single layer of insulation that has an outer surface. A majority of the outer surface of the insulation layer is concentric with the conductor. The... Agent: Paige Electric Company, Lp

20150136444 - Corona-free cap assembly: Disclosed is a corona-free cap assembly for achieving uniform electrical stress distribution around an electrical device having a cylindrical end, the corona-free cap assembly comprising: a clamping member configured for clamping on the cylindrical end along circumferential direction of the cylindrical end; and a corona-free cap comprising a grading chamber... Agent:

20150136445 - Non-conductive wire splice connector: A non-conductive wire splice apparatus having a connector configured to be coupled between a first wire and a second wire. The connector having a non-conductor coupled between a first sleeve and a second sleeve. The first sleeve being attachable to the first wire. The second sleeve being attachable to the... Agent:

20150136448 - Flexible printed wiring board and electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, a flexible printed wiring board includes a first conductor layer formed on the first surface of an insulation base, a second conductor layer formed on the second surface of the insulation base, a first insulation layer covering the first conductor layer, and a second insulation layer... Agent:

20150136447 - Multilayer wiring board: A multilayer wiring board has a strip structure comprising a core material in which a ground pattern is disposed on one side of an insulating layer and a strip line is disposed on the other side, a prepreg disposed on the strip line of the core material, and a ground... Agent:

20150136449 - Multilayered wiring substrate: [Means for Solution] A multilayer wiring substrate 10 includes a sheetlike capacitor element 101, a resin filler 92, and via conductors 43 and 47. A sheetlike capacitor element 101 has an element main-surface 102 and an element back-surface 103, is configured such that a dielectric layer 107 is sandwiched directly... Agent:

20150136446 - Printed circuit board: Embodiments of the invention provide a printed circuit board having a structure in which a plurality of insulating layers having a metal wiring formed on one surface thereof are stacked, wherein a metal layer is interposed in the insulating layers, in order to improve warpage property of the board.... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150136453 - Combined wiring board and method for manufacturing the same: A combined wiring board includes a wiring board set having multiple wiring boards and one or more adhesive agent portions such that the wiring boards are connected each other by the adhesive agent portion or adhesive agent portions, and a metal frame having an accommodation opening portion formed to accommodate... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150136454 - Combined wiring board and method for manufacturing the same: A combined wiring board includes multiple wiring boards, and a connected metal frame having multiple metal frames and one or more connecting portions such that the metal frames are connected each other by the connecting portion or connecting portions and have accommodation opening portions formed to accommodate the wiring boards,... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150136451 - Electronic component module: There is provided an electronic component module including: a substrate on which an electronic component is mounted; at least one insulating member coupled to the substrate and having a surface on which a plating layer is formed; and a molded portion covering the electronic component and the at least one... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150136452 - High-withstanding-voltage alumina sintered compact and high-withstanding-voltage member: The high-withstanding-voltage member includes an alumina sintered compact containing alumina as a main crystal. Furthermore, the alumina sintered compact exhibits a peak intensity of 5000 or less at a wavelength of about 330 nm when measured by a cathode luminescence method.... Agent:

20150136455 - Shape forming process and application thereof for creating structural elements and designed objects: A tool provided that individually creates three-dimensional structural elements which are sequentially positioned into formation of a shaped object.... Agent:

20150136450 - Touch panel and method of manufacturing the same: There are provided a touch panel and a method of manufacturing the same. The touch panel includes: a substrate; and a plurality of fine conductive lines, each of the fine conductive lines including a first black layer formed to have a predetermined pattern, a metal layer formed in accordance with... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150136456 - Coating process and coating for press-fit contact: A process is disclosed for coating a substrate. The process includes providing a substrate having at least one free surface; depositing a first layer of a first material on the free surface of the substrate; depositing a second layer of a second material, different from the first material, on the... Agent: Tyco Electronics France Sas

20150136460 - Enhanced bus bar system for aircraft transparencies: A transparency having a bus bar system includes a non-conductive substrate having a major surface. At least one conductive coating is located over at least a portion of the major surface. An electrically conductive adhesive, such as an isotropically conductive tape or film, is located over at least a portion... Agent:

20150136457 - Interposer and method for manufacturing same: t

20150136458 - Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed herein are a printed circuit board and a method of manufacturing the same. In detail, according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the printed circuit board includes: an insulating layer; and a metal layer formed on the insulating layer, wherein in the metal layer, a ratio occupied... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150136459 - Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing printed wiring board: A wiring board includes a first resin insulating layer, conductor pads on the first insulating layer including first and second conductor pads, a second resin insulating layer on the first insulating layer covering the first and second pads, an outermost conductor layer on the second insulating layer including first and... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150136461 - Solder alloy, solder paste, and electronic circuit board: A solder alloy of a tin-silver-copper solder alloy, containing tin, silver, antimony, bismuth, copper, and nickel, and substantially does not contain germanium, relative to the total amount of the solder alloy, the silver content is more than 1.0 mass % and less than 1.2 mass %, the antimony content is... Agent:

20150136464 - Electronic device: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a printed circuit board on which mounted is a multilayer ceramic capacitor includes a rectangular parallelepiped capacitor main body in which a pair of external electrodes are formed on both ends in a shorter side. The electronic device has a mount structure... Agent:

20150136465 - Metal oxide varistor design and assembly: A stacked arrangement of metal oxide varistors includes a plurality of metal oxide varistors with each metal oxide varistor of the plurality of metal oxide varistors having a first lead on a first surface and a second lead on a second surface, the first surface and the second surface being... Agent:

20150136462 - Multilayer ceramic electronic component and board having the same mounted thereon: There is provided a multilayer ceramic electronic component including: a ceramic body including dielectric layers; and a plurality of internal electrodes disposed in the ceramic body, having at least one of the dielectric layers interposed therebetween, wherein when a distance between a widthwise end of an internal electrode disposed at... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150136463 - Multilayer ceramic electronic component and board having the same mounted thereon: A multilayer ceramic electronic component is provided including a ceramic body having dielectric layers and a plurality of internal electrodes disposed in the ceramic body. The internal electrodes have exposed portions exposed to the exterior of the ceramic body. An electrode layer is disposed on an outer surface of the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150136467 - High speed circuit assembly with integral terminal and mating bias loading electrical connector assembly: A method of making an array of integral terminals on a circuit assembly. The method includes the steps of depositing at least a first liquid dielectric layer on the first surface of a first circuit member, imaged to include a plurality of first recesses corresponding to the array of integral... Agent:

20150136466 - Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing the same: Disclosed herein are a printed circuit board and a method for manufacturing the same. According to a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the printed circuit board includes: an insulating layer having a connection pad; and a resist layer formed on the insulating layer and provided with an opening so... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150136468 - Micro vias in printed circuit boards: Some embodiments relate to micro vias in printed circuit boards (PCBs). In an example, a PCB may include a PCB substrate and a micro via. The micro via may extend between opposing surfaces of the PCB substrate and may have a diameter less than or equal to about 100 microns.... Agent:

20150136469 - High-frequency signals double-layer flat cable adapter card: A high-frequency signal double-layer flat cable adapter card that is capable of eliminating transmission disorder of a double-layer cable caused by paralleling and overlap of high-frequency signals and a direct current power supply loop. The high-frequency double-layer flat cable adapter card comprises a first connecting end, a second connecting end... Agent:

20150136471 - Single wire seal for sealing an electric cable in an aperture of a terminal: A single wire seal for sealing an electric cable in an aperture of a terminal or a connector housing is provided. The single wire seal is provided with an essentially cylindrical shape and a through hole for the electric cable. The single wire seal further comprises a crimping portion for... Agent:

20150136472 - Wire seal assembly: In at least some implementations, a seal for a wire includes a body having at least one opening adapted to receive at least one wire therethrough, and an axially extending engagement surface disposed around at least a portion of each of said at least one openings. The engagement surface has... Agent:

20150136473 - Electrical connector with release and fit buttons: The present invention is a connector for connecting an electrical cable to an aperture in an electrical panel. The assembled connector has a spring ring, a shell, and a block along a longitudinal axis. The spring ring has a base from which two insertion tabs extend coaxial with the axis.... Agent:

20150136474 - Quick lock tube securing system: A connecting system for quickly securing a hollow tube to a structure or another hollow tube using a connector that has housing with a tapered interior edge that operably engages a tapered locking wedge received therein. When the tube is inserted into the tapered locking wedge, the locking wedge therein... Agent:

20150136475 - Electrical feedthrough for housing of active implantable medical device: A housing of an active medical device includes a metal wall having at least one feedthrough for an electrical connection through the wall. In the area of the feedthrough, the housing wall includes a contour groove extending through the thickness of wall, defining a metal islet electrically and physically isolated... Agent:

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