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Electricity: conductors and insulators

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04/10/2014 > 33 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140096991 - Coupling structure for airframe components: Provided is a coupling structure for airframe components that is capable of ensuring sufficient lightning protection capability. A conductive pattern part 40 made of a conductive material is formed around each fastener member 24 between wing surface panels 21A and 21B. The conductive pattern part 40 is formed, for example,... Agent: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

20140096992 - Pressure balanced connector termination: A pressure-balanced sleeve assembly for an electrical cable termination is disclosed. The sleeve assembly includes an outer sleeve surrounding the electrical cable; a chamber defined between the outer sleeve and the electrical cable; dielectric fluid contained within the chamber; and a seal that is positioned between the outer sleeve and... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises LLC

20140097001 - Pressure balanced connector termination: A pressure-balanced electrical cable assembly including a connector body, an electrical conductor positioned within the connector body, an interior chamber defined within the connector body, a dielectric fluid medium contained within the chamber, and a shuttle delimiting at least a portion of the chamber to prevent the escapement of the... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises LLC

20140096993 - Waterproof casing for an electronic device: A waterproof casing for an electronic device has a body, a cover module and multiple fixers. The body has two connecting assemblies respectively mounted on two side surfaces of the body and each connecting assembly has two wings and a trough defined between the wings and the corresponding side surface... Agent: Sinpro Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140096994 - Parking lot power pedestal: A parking lot power pedestal is described which has a single spring attaching a tubular body to a base. The spring flexes in response to a blow to enable the tubular body to be angularly offset relative to the base and the spring resiliently returns to its original state to... Agent:

20140096995 - Conduit, manufacture thereof and fusion process therefor: A method for fusing a first conduit to a second conduit. The first conduit and the second conduit each include a linear portion having a linear portion inside diameter, and at least one bell portion with a first end and a second end and having a bell portion inside diameter... Agent: Underground Solutions Technologies Group, Inc.

20140097020 - Vertical cable manager: A cable manager includes one or more cable manager units. Each cable manager unit includes a pair of side cable guides, each comprised of a plurality of finger-like projections extending forwardly from a support column. At least one of the pair of support columns has a socket arranged at a... Agent: Chatsworth Products, Inc.

20140097021 - Bundle division structure for flexible circuit cable: Disclosed is a bundle division structure for a flexible circuit cable. The flexible circuit cable includes a plurality of conductor units that extends in an extension direction and is collected together to form a clustered structure. The clustered structure defines at least one bundle division section. The bundle division structure... Agent: Advanced Flexible Circuits Co., Ltd.

20140097022 - Connector cover: A seal for a cable and connector interconnection includes a unitary elastic primary body with a primary bore therethrough. The primary bore is provided with a primary cable outer diameter seal portion at a cable end, the cable outer diameter seal portion adjacent a primary connector cavity portion, the primary... Agent: Andrew LLC

20140097023 - Liquid-tight conduit fitting with grounding element: A fitting for terminating a conduit includes a substantially tubular fitting body having a central bore extending therethrough, a forward end, and a rearward end opposing the forward end. The fitting body includes a first liquid-proof coating that includes a rearward sealing rim. A gland nut is rotatably coupled to... Agent: Thomas & Betts Internatonal, Inc.

20140096996 - Single motor power and communication cable: Aspects of the present invention provide a combined power and communications cable for use with a motor and drive unit in an industrial control system. By grouping, electrically shielding and jacketing particular conductors, and applying certain fillers, noise and interference onto low voltage communication conductors caused by high voltage power... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140096997 - Semi-finished wire for a nb3sn superconducting wire: A semi-finished wire (1) for a Nb3Sn superconducting wire (45) has a multiplicity of elements containing Nb packed against each other (6). The elements containing Nb (6) each have a rod containing Nb (7) and an enclosure containing Cu (8) surrounding the latter. The semi-finished wire also has a structure... Agent:

20140096998 - Electrical contact pad: In various embodiments, an electrical contact pad is provided, wherein the electrical contact pad has at least two regions which are electrically separated from one another.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140096999 - Collective conductor and method for producing collective conductor: A collective conductor includes a plurality of conductive wires that is arranged collectively; and a copper foil that is wound around the collectively-arranged conductive wires and fusion-bonded to the conductive wires, and the copper foil has a tin plating on the side in contact with the conductive wires.... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140097000 - Cable management apparatus: A cable management apparatus includes two mounting brackets, a cable management arm connected between the two mounting brackets and slidable vertically, and two elevating mechanisms respectively mounted between opposite ends of the cable management arm and the corresponding mounting brackets. Each of the elevating mechanisms includes a sliding plate connected... Agent:

20140097002 - Electrical components and methods and systems of manufacturing electrical components: A method of manufacturing an electrical component includes providing an electrically insulating substrate having an outer surface, applying a coated structure on the outer surface and irradiating the coated structure with an electron beam to form an electrical conductor on the substrate. The irradiating may include heating the coating layer... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20140097003 - Electrical components and methods and systems of manufacturing electrical components: A method of manufacturing an electrical component includes providing a substrate, applying an insulating layer on the substrate, applying a circuit layer on the insulating layer, irradiating the insulating layer with an electron beam to transform the insulating layer, and irradiating the circuit layer with an electron beam to transform... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20140097004 - Method of mounting semiconductor chips, semiconductor device obtained using the method, method of connecting semiconductor chips, three-dimensional structure in which wiring is provided on its surface, and method of producing the same: A three-dimensional structure in which a wiring is provided on a surface is provided. At least a part of the surface of the three-dimensional structure includes an insulating layer containing filler. A recessed gutter for wiring is provided on the surface of the three-dimensional structure, and at least a part... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140097005 - Glass wiring board: A glass wiring board is provided that includes a glass substrate and a primer layer. The prime layer is disposed on the glass substrate and includes an intermediate layer and a copper plating layer disposed on the intermediate layer. The intermediate layer includes a resin coupling agent and a metal... Agent: Tyco Electronics Japan G. K.

20140097006 - Etchant composition, metal wiring, and method of manufacturing a display substrate: A wet etching composition usable for etching a copper-based wiring layer includes between about 40% by weight to about 60% by weight of phosphoric acid, between about 1% by weight to about 10% by weight of nitric acid, between about 3% by weight to about 15% by weight of acetic... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140097007 - Wiring substrate and method for producing the same: Embodiments of the present wiring substrate include a stacked body including one or more insulation layers and one or more conductive layers, wherein the wiring substrate has a plurality of connection terminals formed on the stacked body, each connection terminal has a top surface whose area is smaller than that... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20140097008 - Method of growing electrically conductive tissue: An electrical circuit is comprised of a sheet of mycelium having a wiring pattern for an electrical circuit thereon. The sheet of mycelium is prepared from a solution of Potato Dextrose Broth and Potato Dextrose Agar that is inoculated with a macerated tissue culture including a filamentous fungi selected from... Agent:

20140097009 - Wiring substrate: A wiring substrate includes a first wiring layer, a first insulating layer, a second wiring layer, and a first wiring pattern. The second wiring layer includes a first metal foil that is thinner than the first wiring layer. A first via in the first insulating layer connects the first and... Agent:

20140097011 - Composite component with electrical lines: A composite component composed of a plastics-fibre composite material, having at least two plies of fibre-reinforced material, and at least one electrical line arranged between the at least two plies of fibre-reinforced material.... Agent: Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik Ag & Co Kg

20140097010 - For electrical circuits: c

20140097012 - Leadframe for semiconductor packages: A leadframe for semiconductor packages is provided. The leadframe includes a die pad, a side rail, a tie bar, and a plurality of leads. The side rail is around the die pad. The tie bar connects the die pad and the side rail. The leads extend from the side rail... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20140097013 - Wiring substrate and method for manufacturing wiring substrate: A method for manufacturing a wiring substrate includes forming a through-hole penetrating a core layer from one to another surface of the core layer, forming a first metal layer covering the one and the other surface of the core layer and an inner wall surface of the through-hole, forming a... Agent: Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

20140097014 - Surface mounting gasket and method of manufacturing same: Disclosed are a surface mount gasket and a method of manufacturing the same. The surface mount gasket includes a laminated sheet comprising a solderable metal layer and a core layer adjoining one surface of the metal layer, and a plating layer surrounding the laminated sheet.... Agent:

20140097015 - Shielded cable fixing structure: A shielded cable fixing structure includes a shielded cable that includes an electric wire, a braid for covering the electric wire, and a sheath for covering the braid, an insulation housing that receives a terminal fitting electrically connected to the electric wire, a pair of split shield shells in which... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140097016 - Emi shielding material having improved delamination behavior: Disclosed herein are thermoplastic compositions that provide electromagnetic/radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) shielding characteristics to a molded article. The compositions offer improved delamination behavior. The compositions include a polycarbonate resin, a polysiloxane block co-polycarbonate, a conductive filler capable of providing EMI shielding characteristics and optionally other pigments and/or processing additives. The... Agent:

20140097018 - Electromagnetic shielded aircraft passenger window: Aircraft windows are constructed with a transparent layer having an embedded layer of electromagnetic radiation shielding material where the transparent layer of the window protects the layer of shielding material.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140097017 - Infrared light enabled and electromagnetic shielding aircraft window: A flight deck aircraft window 10 has improved transparency from two layers of different types of glass and electromagnetic radiation shielding from a thin layer of indium tin oxide between the two layers of glass. The thin layer of indium tin oxide provides the required shielding without appreciably adding to... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140097019 - Modular enclosure assembly for terminals wiring and distribution: A modular enclosure assembly comprising: an upper and lower enclosure subassemblies, interconnected by a partial interpenetration, and a pair of hinged panel subassemblies for opening/closing the inner space of the enclosure subassemblies. Each of the enclosure subassemblies incorporates a back base plate having a first interpenetrating zone, located at an... Agent: Vpl Entreprises Ltd.

04/03/2014 > 25 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140090885 - Portable equipotential grid: A portable grid for creating an equipotential zone that comprises at least two portable conductive elements. Each element comprises an electrically conducting platform forming a separation barrier with a working surface such as a ground surface. The elements may be joined electrically and mechanically. By joining multiple such elements, a... Agent:

20140090863 - Multi-gang adjustable electrical box: An electrical box assembly includes an electrical box having a removable partition plate that can be positioned between the ends of the electrical box or at the end of the electrical box when two or more of the electrical boxes are ganged together. The electrical box can include a mounting... Agent: Hubbell Incorporated

20140090864 - Surface-modified glass substrate: Scratch-resistant glass substrates including a hard, scratch-resistant layer over a major surface of the substrate are disclosed. The layer may exhibit a hardness, as measured using a Berkovich indenter, of at least 10 GPa and an x-ray amorphous structure along at least a portion of the thickness of the layer.... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140090865 - Electrical junction box with built-in isolation transformer: An electrical junction box with a built-in isolation transformer is provided. The junction box comprises an interior base portion having at least one opening, a transformer secured to the interior base portion and in electrical communication with low-voltage and high-voltage terminals, a cover configured to attach to a junction box... Agent: Hayward Industries, Inc.

20140090866 - Wiring combiner box: A wiring combiner box for combining wires from photovoltaic panels includes a fuse block mounted to a side wall of an enclosure. This construction design allows for combiner boxes to be manufactured in a more narrow enclosure, and also makes it easier to connect the solar panel circuit conductors to... Agent:

20140090886 - Corrugated tube with path-maintaining member and wire harness: A purpose of the present invention is to enable, at a lower cost, a path of an electric wire to be kept constant while covering the electric wire. A corrugated tube with a path-maintaining member is provided with a corrugated tube and a path-maintaining member. The corrugated tube has annular... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20140090867 - Device and method for routing cables: A cable routing device is provided for mounting and managing cables to telecommunications equipment. The cable routing device includes a support body with a plurality of cable channels defining a curved shape. A cable securing device secures the cables to the support body. The cable routing device can be mounted... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20140090887 - Cable gland: The invention relates to a cable gland (10) for a cable (20), comprising an outer shield (26), a cable sleeve (21) enclosing the outer shield (26) and an anti-kink grommet (22) which is injection molded externally onto the cable sleeve (21) and has stop means for the cable gland (10).... Agent:

20140090868 - Cable and method for manufacturing the same: A cable includes: a conductor including strands densely arranged, the strands including out most strands located at outermost parts of the conductor and inner side strand located on inner side of the outermost strands; and an insulation covering that covers the periphery of the conductor. The insulation covering is in... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140090869 - Differential signal transmission cable and method of making same: A differential signal transmission cable includes two core wires, and a foamed insulation that collectively covers the two core wires by foaming extrusion molding. The foamed insulation is not more than 5% in a dispersion of foaming degree defined below in a cut surface when the cable is cut orthogonally... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140090870 - Nanowire apparatuses and methods: Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to apparatuses and methods involving nanowires having junctions therebetween. As consistent with one or more embodiments, an apparatus includes first and second sets of nanowires, in which the second set overlaps the first set. The apparatus further includes a plurality of nanowire joining... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20140090871 - Graphene hybrid structures for transparent conductive electrodes: Aspects of the invention are directed to an electrode for use in an electronic device. The electrode comprises a plurality of nanostructures and a passivating film. Each nanostructure in the plurality of nanostructures contacts or is fused to one or more other nanostructures in the plurality of nanostructures. The passivating... Agent: Bluestone Global Tech Limited

20140090872 - Arrangement configuration of bus bars: In an arrangement configuration of bus bars including a plurality of bus bars having a connecting portion provided at a center portion thereof and a housing integrally molded while exposing the connecting portions of the plurality of bus bars, the bus bar has a pair of bending portions that is... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140090874 - Cable holding element: A cable holding element includes a base body and a number of latching projections that project from the base body. The latching projections may be curved or straight, or angled. A first row of latching projections preferably opposes a second row of latching projections and cooperates to define a channel... Agent: Novomatic Ag

20140090873 - Cordage restraint and management system: Implementations of the present disclosure provide a cable restraint and management apparatus comprising of a pliable material, a mechanism attached or embedded within said material that allows for an enclosed form and or open form of said material, and a cable attachment mechanism configured to attach an electronic cable, power... Agent:

20140090875 - Cold shrink assembly: A cold shrink assembly includes a first member, a second member, a shrink fit joint and a band. The first member has a tapered shape and includes a first opening or first notch. The second member has a tapered shape and includes a second opening or second notch. The shrink... Agent: Thomas & Betts International, Inc.

20140090876 - Method of mounting semiconductor chips, semiconductor device obtained using the method, method of connecting semiconductor chips, three-dimensional structure in which wiring is provided on its surface, and method of producing the same: A three-dimensional structure in which a wiring and a pad part are provided on a surface is provided. A recessed gutter for wiring and a hole for the pad part having a depth that is greater than a thickness of the recessed gutter for wiring are provided on the surface... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140090877 - Method for manufacturing printed wiring board and printed wiring board: A printed wiring board includes an interlayer resin insulation layer, a pad structure formed on the interlayer resin insulation layer and positioned to mount a semiconductor device, and a solder-resist layer formed on the interlayer resin insulation layer and having an opening portion exposing a portion of the pad structure... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20140090878 - Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same: A printed circuit board has a core substrate, a first conductive pattern on first surface of the substrate, a second conductive pattern on second surface of the substrate, and a through-hole conductor formed of plated material through the substrate such that the conductor is connecting the first and second patterns.... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20140090880 - Electrical connecting element having nano-twinned copper, method of fabricating the same, and electrical connecting structure comprising the same: An electrical connecting element, a method of fabricating the same, and an electrical connecting structure comprising the same are disclosed. The method of fabricating the electrical connecting structure having twinned copper of the present invention comprises steps of: (A) providing a first substrate; (B) forming a nano-twinned copper layer on... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20140090879 - Embedded architecture using resin coated copper: Electronic assemblies and methods for their manufacture are described, including those related to the formation of an assembly including a carrier and a resin coated copper layer positioned on the carrier. The resin coated copper layer includes a first layer comprising a resin and a second layer comprising copper, with... Agent:

20140090881 - Passive device embedded in substrate and substrate with passive device embedded therein: The present invention relates to a passive device embedded in a substrate, which includes a laminate formed by alternately laminating a plurality of internal electrodes and dielectric layers; a first external electrode covering one side surface of the laminate and having a first upper cover region, which covers a part... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140090882 - Pad structure: One or more techniques or systems for mitigating peeling associated with a pad, such as a pad of a semiconductor, are provided herein. In some embodiments, a pad structure for mitigating peeling comprises a bond region located above a first region. In some embodiments, a first inter-layer dielectric region associated... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

20140090883 - Nested shielded ribbon cables: The disclosure generally relates to nested shielded ribbon cables that form an electrical cable assembly (200). The electrical cable assembly (200) includes features that can facilitate bending and movement of the cable.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140090884 - Elastic conductive material: [In Formulae (1) to (4), X is a substituent crosslinkable with the second polymer; Y is a functional group having an affinity for the conductor; constitutional units A, B, and C each are one kind selected from acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, salts of acrylic acid and methacrylic acid, esters, polybutadiene,... Agent: Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.

03/27/2014 > 34 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140083730 - Ground electrode with magnetic coupler: A ground electrode includes a base plate having an upper and a lower side. The ground electrode includes a plurality of tubes each having a first and a second end. The first ends of the tubes are connected to the lower side of the base plate. The tubes are tilted... Agent: Green Innovations Holding LLC

20140083737 - Electrical apparatus having a gas insulation containing a fluorinated compound: An electrical apparatus for a medium- to high-voltage current transport line having a gas insulation including: a sealed housing filled with an electrically insulating gas including at least one fluorinated compound such as a fluoroketone, at least one electrical component arranged inside the inner space of the housing, and a... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

20140083731 - Adaptive machining for improving assembly fit of consumer electronics: Methods and structures for manufacturing and assembling matching parts in a manufacturing line are described. In some embodiments, the parts are portions of a consumer product, such as an electronic device. The matching parts are manufactured and assembled in a way such that the interface between the matching parts is... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140083734 - Electrical box with drip point compartments: An equipment enclosure comprising a first compartment; a second compartment, the first compartment including a first element to guide a conduit from the first compartment to the second compartment, wherein the first element creates a first drip point with respect to the conduit that prevents a liquid from entering the... Agent: Thomas & Belts International, Inc.

20140083732 - Electrical junction box: Provided is an electrical junction box that enables appropriate protection of a bus bar and also enables downsizing. The electrical junction box includes a terminal reception block (11) that accommodates a connection terminal, and a casing (12) that accommodates the terminal reception block (11). The terminal reception block (11) is... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd

20140083733 - Storing box and electrical junction box: A storing box of the present invention includes a first lower member (12) which includes a first lower member body (C) which is assembled to a storing room body (B) to cover a bottom port (20b), and a reinforcing wall (30a to 33a) which enters into the storing room body... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140083735 - Electronic component package, electronic component, and electronic component package manufacturing method: An electronic component package has a first sealing member main surface with mounted electronic element, and a second sealing member. An outer circumference portion of a second sealing member is molded into a tapered shape, providing a tapered area in at least part of the outer circumference. A flat area... Agent: Daishinku Corporation

20140083763 - Wirejt: WIRE jT is designed to facilitate efficient splicing of wires when installing after-market items into vehicles. Many consumers may add various features to their vehicles, such as lights, speaker systems, and other items that require re-wiring. WIRE jT provides mechanics with a way to easily and effectively splice wires. WIRE... Agent:

20140083736 - Silicone multilayer insulation for electric cable: An electric cable has at least one elongated electric conductor and a multilayer insulation surrounding the electric conductor. The multilayer insulation comprising a first semiconducting layer and an electrically insulating layer, the two layers being made from a silicone rubber based composition, where the first semiconducting layer and the electrically... Agent:

20140083738 - Non-halogen flame-retardant insulated wire: A non-halogen flame-retardant insulated wire includes a conductor and an insulating coating layer including an inner layer and an outer layer. The inner layer includes an inner layer resin composition in which 50 to 95 parts by weight of a polyethylene with a density of 0.930 g/cm3 or more and... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140083739 - Silicone multilayer insulation for electric cable: An electric cable made from at least one elongated electric conductor and a multilayer insulation surrounding the electric conductor. The multilayer insulation has a first semiconducting layer and an electrically insulating layer, where the two layers are made from a silicone rubber based composition. The semiconducting silicone rubber based composition... Agent:

20140083740 - Conductive material and connection structure: The conductive material according to the present invention includes a binder resin and conductive particles each having a solder at a conductive surface, the binder resin includes a curable compound capable of being cured by heating, and a thermal curing agent, and when the binder resin and the solder in... Agent:

20140083741 - Implementing graphene interconnect for high conductivity applications: A method, and structures for implementing enhanced interconnects for high conductivity applications. An interconnect structure includes an electrically conductive interconnect member having a predefined shape with spaced apart end portions extending between a first plane and a second plane. A winded graphene ribbon is carried around the electrically conductive interconnect... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140083743 - Manufacturing method for printed circuit board: A printed circuit board is manufactured by forming on a top surface of a support base, in a pattern having a predetermined width, a first metal layer for defining boundary ends between adjacent printed circuit boards in a printed circuit board assembly, forming on top of the first metal layer... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140083742 - Patterned transparent conductive film based on random grid: The present invention discloses a patterned transparent conductive film based on the random grid, wherein the surface of the conductive film can be divided into a conductive region and an insulating region, with the conductive region having the grid made of metal. The grid of the conductive region, composed of... Agent: Nanchang O-film Tech. Co., Ltd

20140083744 - Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing same: A printed circuit board includes a first trace layer, a first dielectric layer, a second trace layer, a second dielectric layer, a third trace layer, a third dielectric layer and a fourth trace layer arranged in that order. A cavity is defined in the printed circuit board running through from... Agent: Zhen Ding Technology Co., Ltd.

20140083746 - Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing printed wiring board: A printed wiring board includes multiple insulating layers laminated on each other and each including resin and core, the insulating layers having first-surface sides and second-surface sides on the opposite side, respectively, and including multiple first insulating and second insulating layers, multiple first-surface-side conductive layers formed on the first-surface sides... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20140083747 - Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing printed wiring board: A printed wiring board includes an outermost interlayer resin insulation layer, n outermost conductive layer formed on the outermost interlayer resin insulation layer and including multiple alignment marks, a connection wiring structure connecting the alignment marks, and a solder-resist layer formed on the outermost interlayer resin insulation layer and the... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20140083745 - Wiring substrate: There is provided a wiring substrate. The wiring substrate includes: a first wiring layer; a first insulating layer on the first wiring layer; a first coupling agent layer on the first insulating layer; a first copper/tin alloy layer on the first coupling agent layer; a first via hole formed through... Agent: Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

20140083748 - Conductive pattern formation: A system and method for forming conductive lines on a substrate comprising depositing a precursor onto at least a portion of the substrate, depositing a thin layer of conductive material over the precursor, forming a negative-patterned mask over a portion of the thin layer of conductive material to form an... Agent: Sri International

20140083749 - Wiring substrate: A wiring substrate is provided with a substrate core including a first main surface, a second main surface, and a through hole. An electronic component is arranged in the through hole. A projection projects from a wall of the through hole toward a connection terminal of the electronic component. An... Agent:

20140083753 - Method of forming copper wiring, method of manufacturing wiring board, and wiring board: Provided are a method of forming copper wiring, a method of manufacturing a wiring board, and a wiring board, which are capable of improving conductivity and suppressing deterioration over a period of time of copper wiring. The method of forming copper wiring includes: a wiring pattern formation step of depositing... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140083752 - Nanotube dispersants and dispersant free nanotube films therefrom: A degradable polymeric nanotube (NT) dispersant comprises a multiplicity of NT associative groups that are connected to a polymer backbone by a linking group where there are cleavable groups within the polymer backbone and/or the linking groups such that on a directed change of conditions, bond breaking of the cleavable... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140083750 - Raw glass plate for manufacturing touch panel and method of manufacturing touch panel using raw glass plate: Disclosed herein are a raw glass plate for manufacturing a touch panel and a method of manufacturing a touch panel using the raw glass plate. The raw glass plate includes a unit substrate region divided into an active region and a non-active region that is an edge portion of the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140083751 - Touch panel: Disclosed herein is a touch panel. The touch panel 100 according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention includes an electrode pattern 110 formed of a combination of unit patterns 113 in which an intersecting region 117 in which sides 115 intersect each other and a width of the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140083754 - Blind via printed circuit board fabrication supporting press fit connectors: An information handling system circuit board interfaces storage device surface connectors and storage device controllers disposed on opposing sides by coupling a first circuit board portion having a controller press in connector to a second circuit board portion having plural surface connectors. The first and second circuit board portions couple... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140083755 - Laminated chip electronic component, board for mounting the same, and packing unit thereof: A laminated chip electronic component includes: a ceramic body including internal electrodes and dielectric layers; external electrodes formed to cover both end portions of the ceramic body in a length direction; an active layer in which the internal electrodes are disposed in an opposing manner, while having the dielectric layers... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140083756 - Multi-level circuit board for high-frequency applications: A capacitance for removing high-frequency power to ground potential is formed through the at least one second carrier substrate (PCB2, PCB3) toward the ground layer (M2, M4), preferably through two carrier substrates made of the second material toward a metallization surface lying therebetween, in that a metallization surface (C3) having... Agent: Conti Temic Microelectronic Gmbh

20140083757 - Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing same: A printed circuit board includes a first, second, and third dielectric layers, and a first, second, and third trace layers. The first trace layer and the second trace layer are formed on opposite surfaces of the first dielectric layer. The second dielectric layer is formed on the second trace layer,... Agent: Zhen Ding Technology Co., Ltd.

20140083758 - Magnetic board and method for manufacturing the same: Disclosed herein is a magnetic board including a composite film including a rigidity film and a ductility film, and a magnetic sheet attached to one surface of the composite film and having fracture lines formed on portions joined with the ductility film.... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140083759 - Bracket and sleeve assembly: An assembly includes a bracket mountable directly to a wall. An inner periphery of the bracket defines an opening in the wall substrate. A removable sleeve is engageable with the bracket and the wall substrate to secure tight contact between the wall substrate and a device interior of the wall,... Agent: Brainwave Research Corporation

20140083760 - Method for production of sealed body, frame-shaped spacer for production of sealed body, sealed body and electronic instrument: Provided is a method for production of a sealed body which is capable of improving workability and reducing costs owing to resin-sealing in which a mold is not used, while an electronic instrument obtained has no performance failure and the like. The method for production of a sealed body according... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140083762 - Feedthrough assembly for an implantable device: A feedthrough assembly includes a metallic ferrule, an insulator mounted within the ferrule, a plurality of feedthrough wires mounted within and extending through the insulator, and a ground wire directly attached to the ferrule, wherein the ground wire does not pass through or alongside the insulator.... Agent: Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

20140083761 - Waterproof structure for portable terminal: A waterproof structure for a portable terminal including a flexible printed circuit (FPC) extending outside of a first housing of a pair of housings from inside the first housing and arranged inside of a second housing of the pair of housings. A wiring hole is formed in each housing to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

03/20/2014 > 34 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140076597 - Subterranean cable: The present invention relates to a cable comprising a first conductor and a first insulator layer, wherein the first conductor and the first insulator extend along a longitudinal axis of the cable, wherein the first insulator layer is axially external to the conductor, and wherein the first insulator layer comprises... Agent:

20140076624 - Cable termination device, a method for prefabricating a cable termination device and a method for achieving a cable termination: A cable termination device of the dry type, for terminating a high voltage cable, including an insulator housing with a first end and a second end and having a hollow interior, and which second end has an opening for insertion of a high voltage cable. The cable termination device further... Agent:

20140076600 - Changing colors of materials: The described embodiments relate generally to cosmetic surfaces and associated treatments to alter a color of cosmetic surfaces. According to one embodiment, cosmetic ink configured to be applied to a cosmetic surface can include a suspension matrix configured to suspend a number of small particles in the suspension matrix. Each... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140076599 - Dust-proof mechanism and electronic device using the same: An electronic device with an inbuilt mechanism sealing unused interface holes, or gaps, against dust is disclosed. The dust-proof mechanism includes two blocking members and two elastic members. The two blocking members are movably mounted on a bottom wall of a housing and close an interface hole in the manner... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140076598 - Outer sleeve for catv filter: An outer sleeve for a CATV filter has, in one embodiment, a first end and a second end. The second end has a face with one or more engagement holes.... Agent: Ppc Broadband, Inc.

20140076601 - Portable power distribution box: An enclosure, in accordance with an embodiment of the invention, comprises a plurality of peripheral frame members, a plurality of corner frame members, a plurality of corner members, a plurality of primary surface sheets, and a plurality of secondary surface sheets. In preferred embodiments, the components of the enclosure are... Agent: Trystar, Inc.

20140076602 - Hermetic sealing of atomic sensor using sol-gel technique: A method of forming a physics package for an atomic sensor comprises providing a plurality of panels, with each of the panels having multiple edges, and assembling the panels in a three-dimensional multi-faced geometric configuration such that the edges of adjacent panels are aligned with each other. A sol-gel material... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140076603 - Screw retaining mechanism and pv junction box assembled with the screw retaining mechanism: A screw retaining mechanism includes a hollow stud and a nut is matched with the hollow stud. The hollow stud has a plurality of elastic plates extending from a free end thereof and along a peripheral wall thereof An opening is located between two adjacent elastic plates. An inner wall... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140076604 - Power transmission line covers and methods and assemblies using same: A power transmission line cover includes an elongate, flexible panel and first and second elongate, integral edge portions. The first edge portion includes an elongate first latch feature and the second edge portion includes an elongate second latch feature. The cover includes an elongate inner creepage extender wall forming a... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20140076626 - Foldable and restrainable cables: A foldable and restrainable cable for electrical and electronic devices. The cables are preformed with bends to allow the cable to be gathered together easier for bundling. The cable also has a restrainer section at one end to hold the cable together after it is gathered and bundled for storage.... Agent:

20140076627 - Elastomeric cable adapters for power transmission cables and cover assemblies and methods including the same: A cable adapter unit for building up an outer diameter of an electrical cable to facilitate fitment of a cold-shrinkable cover sleeve body on the electrical cable includes a cold-shrinkable, tubular, elastomeric cable adapter and a removable holdout. The cable adapter defines a cable adapter through passage configured to receive... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20140076628 - Rigidified non-conduited electrical harnesses: A rigidified flexible cable including flexible portions and one or more rigid segments, including a primary flexible cable with ends and end fittings, and at least one rigid medial section integral with the flexible portion and formed by coating the flexible cable material with a composite matrix material. Lateral transitions... Agent: Icore International, Inc.

20140076629 - Splice for a mineral insulated cable: A splice for splicing opposed ends of mineral insulated cable, where each mineral insulated cable has a jacket surrounding a conductor, and mineral insulation insulating the conductor from the jacket, where the mineral insulation is recessed from the end of each mineral insulated cable, such that a length of conductor... Agent: Petrospec Engineering Ltd.

20140076605 - Flexible plastic hose and method for its manufacture: Flexible plastic hose comprising a flexible wall made out of a plurality of laterally connected windings of a helically wound profile, wherein the windings of the profile are attached to each other by means of a weld, wherein the profile comprises a web part with predetermined properties for providing flexibility... Agent: Plastiflex Group

20140076630 - Cable duct, electronic device system, cable duct system, and method for replacing housing in electric device system: Provided are: a cable duct (20) that routes cables (9a, 9b) connected to units (7, 7) provided inside an electronic device (1a); and another cable duct (20) that is placed on another electronic device (1b) positioned adjacent to the electronic device (1a) and that routes the cables (9a, 9b) routed... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140076606 - Subterranean cable: The present invention relates to a cable comprising three conductors and three insulator layers, wherein the conductors and the insulators extend helically along a longitudinal axis of the cable, wherein the insulator layers are axially external to the conductors, and wherein the insulator layers comprise a fluoropolymer, as well as... Agent:

20140076607 - Flexible data cable: A multi-layered cable consisting of three or more conductive layers separated by layers of dielectric and/or adhesive material. The bottom layer and the top layer may act as return path for the transmitted signals and as a shield to prevent interference between these and external electrical signals. Located between the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140076608 - Foamed coaxial cable and multicore cable: A foamed axial cable includes a pair of signal conductors, an insulation covering a periphery of the signal conductor and formed of a foamed material, a skin layer covering a periphery of the insulation and formed of a non-foamed material, and a shield conductor on a periphery of the skin... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140076609 - Insulation composition for dc power cable and dc power cable prepared by using the same: The present invention relates to an insulation composition for a DC power cable and the DC power cable prepared using the same. Specifically, the present invention relates to an improved insulation composition for a DC power cable, which can prevent decrease of DC dielectric strength and decrease of impulse strength... Agent: Ls Cable & System Ltd.

20140076612 - Conductive sheet and touch panel: In this conductive sheet and touch panel, a laminated conductive sheet is configured by laminating: a first conductive sheet having a first conductive pattern configured from a plurality of first sensor units; and a second conductive sheet having a second conductive pattern configured from a plurality of second sensor units.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140076610 - Planarizing printed electronic device and method for manufacturing the same: Disclosed are a method for manufacturing a planarizing printed electronic device and a planarizing printed electronic device manufactured by using the same by simply implementing a large-area embedded printed electronic device by coupling a printing process such as inkjet printing and gravure printing and a transferring process using a laminating... Agent:

20140076611 - Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed herein is a method of manufacturing a printed circuit board, including: preparing a base substrate; disposing a mask having through-holes formed therein on one surface of the base substrate; inserting metal core balls into the through-holes of the mask, performing reflow treatment on the metal core balls, and removing... Agent: C/o Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140076613 - Method of electrophoretic depositing (epd) a film on a system and system thereof: A packaged component and a method for making a packaged component are disclosed. In an embodiment the packaged component includes a component carrier having a component carrier contact and a component disposed on the component carrier, the component having a component contact. The packaged component further includes a conductive connection... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140076614 - Wiring substrate: A wiring substrate includes a first insulating layer, an adhesion insulating layer formed under the first insulating layer and an outer face of the adhesion insulating layer is made to a roughened face, a first wiring layer formed on the first insulating layer, a second insulating layer formed on the... Agent: Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

20140076615 - Array substrate and mask plate: Embodiments of the disclosed technology provide an array substrate. The array substrate comprises: a plurality of electrode patterns with a predetermined shape being subsequently arranged in a predetermined direction, every two adjacent electrode patterns having a slit therebetween; a preset width of all or a part of the plurality of... Agent: Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140076616 - Laser direct structuring materials with improved plating performance and acceptable mechanical properties: The disclosure relates to relates to blended thermoplastic compositions, and in one aspect to blended thermoplastic compositions capable of being used in a laser direct structuring process. The present invention also relates to methods of manufacturing these compositions and articles that include these compositions. This abstract is intended as a... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140076617 - Passive devices in package-on-package structures and methods for forming the same: A device includes a polymer. A device die is disposed in the polymer. A passive device includes three Through Assembly Vias (TAVs) penetrating through the polymer, wherein the TAVs are coupled in series. A Redistribution Line (RDL) is underlying the polymer. The RDL electrically couples a first one of the... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140076620 - Conductive particle and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed herein is a conductive particle, including: a base particle containing a metal; a seed particle formed on a surface of the base particle; and a first metal layer formed on the base particle, wherein the first metal layer includes a protrusion surrounding the seed particle. The conductive particle has... Agent: Hanwha Chemical Corporation

20140076619 - Method for removing seed layer in manufacturing printed circuit board and printed circuit board manufactured by using the same: Disclosed herein is a method for removing a seed layer in manufacturing a printed circuit board, the method including: forming a photo resist layer on a printed circuit board having a seed layer formed on a surface thereof; removing the photo resist layer according to a predetermined pattern; forming a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140076618 - Method of forming gold thin film and printed circuit board: There is provided a method of forming a gold thin film, the method including: forming a nickel plating layer on a surface of an object through electroless nickel (Ni) plating; forming a palladium-copper mixture plating layer on the nickel plating layer through electroless plating using a palladium-copper (Pd—Cu) mixture; and... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140076621 - Acoustically quiet capacitors: The described embodiments relate generally to printed circuit boards (PCBs) including a capacitor and more specifically to designs for mechanically isolating the capacitor from the PCB to reduce an acoustic noise produced when the capacitor imparts a piezoelectric force on the PCB. Conductive features can be mechanically and electrically coupled... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140076622 - Printed circuit board with integrated thin film battery: The present invention relates to, for example, printed circuit boards having a thin film battery or other electrochemical cell between or within its layer or layers. The present invention also relates to, for example, electrochemical cells within a layer stack of a printed circuit board.... Agent: Infinite Power Solutions, Inc.

20140076623 - Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing the same: A printed circuit board includes: a substrate; a land that is disposed on a surface of the substrate, and includes a central portion and a plurality of extended portions, the central portion having the same shape and the same size as a land of a surface mount device, and the... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20140076625 - High voltage arrangement comprising an insulating structure: A high voltage arrangement for a high voltage power system has an insulating structure which reduces the creep path. The insulating structure is arranged around the second conductor and has a continuous extension in an axial direction from a first end thereof providing insulation of essentially the entire length of... Agent:

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