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Electricity: circuit makers and breakers

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10/02/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140291134 - Input device securing techniques: Input device adhesive techniques are described. A pressure sensitive key includes a sensor substrate having one or more conductors, a spacer layer, and a flexible contact layer. The spacer layer is disposed proximal to the sensor substrate and has at least one opening. The flexible contact layer is spaced apart... Agent:

20140291130 - External on-load tap changer: Disclosed is a suspensible external combined on-load tap changer, including: a switch box, a switch body and a motor mechanism, a top box wall of the switch box being opened with a top opening, a top box cover being mounted on the top opening, wherein the switch body is detachably... Agent: Shanghai Huaming Power Equipment Co., Ltd

20140291128 - Low-g mems acceleration switch: A motion-sensitive low-G MEMS acceleration switch, which is a MEMS switch that closes at low-g acceleration (e.g., sensitive to no more than 10 Gs), is proposed. Specifically, the low-G MEMS acceleration switch has a base, a sensor wafer with one or more proofmasses, an open circuit that includes two fixed... Agent:

20140291129 - Electric switch with rubbing contact: The present invention relates to an electric switch with rubbing contact (3) comprising on the one hand at least one fixed contact (9) and on the other hand at least one moving rubbing contact (3) that can move along a predefined trajectory and exhibiting a contact surface (10) intended to... Agent: Sc2n

20140291131 - Waterproof structure and switch device including waterproof structure: An engine start switch includes a substrate on which electronic components are mounted, a case which is formed in a cylindrical shape by a peripheral wall portion surrounding the substrate and of which at least one end portion is opened, and a support member that supports the substrate in the... Agent: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

20140291132 - Protective switch cover system: The instant invention teaches a protective cover for an electrical switch forming part of an electrical circuit having three key components: a fastening flange adapted to be secured to a cover plate for the switch, a shield portion connected to the fastening flange which serves to help block accidental contact,... Agent:

20140291133 - Keycap structure of a button and method of making thereof: A keycap structure of a button includes a cap body, a plurality of clamping members and a covering member. The cap body is made of metal and has a first surface and a second surface. The covering member is disposed on the first surface. Each clamping member is connected to... Agent: Inhon International Corp., Ltd.

20140291135 - Slide switch: A slide switch includes a case forming an accommodation space, a first contact disposed in the accommodation space, a second contact disposed in the accommodation space, a third contact disposed in the accommodation space, and a slider fixed to the third contact. The slider is movable between a first position... Agent: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

20140291136 - Mems device and manufacturing method thereof: According to one embodiment, a MEMS device includes a first electrode formed on a support substrate, a second electrode arranged to face the first electrode and formed to be movable in a facing direction with respect to the first electrode, a beam portion formed on the support substrate and formed... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140284193 - Command generation structure for thin keyboards: A command generation structure for thin keyboards includes a circuit board and a frame stacked over the circuit board. The circuit board has a plurality of keyboard command portions to receive contact to generate command signals. The frame includes a plurality of housing zones corresponding to the keyboard command portions,... Agent: Zippy Technology Corp.

20140284194 - Membrane switch and connection socket: A membrane switch has two membranes. Each membrane includes a substrate section and a tail section extending from the substrate section. Each membrane has a circuit surface and a back surface opposite to each other. The two substrate sections overlap with the two circuit surfaces facing to each other. One... Agent: Darfon Electronics (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20140284186 - Plug-type power supply connector for a power input selector switch: A transfer switch mountable in a standard electrical panel connects either a utility supply or an auxiliary supply to an electrical system. An internal mechanical interlock prevents both the utility supply and the auxiliary supply from simultaneously being connected to the system. The transfer switch may utilize either a rocker-style... Agent:

20140284187 - Handlebar switch: A handlebar switch can include a switch case housing switches, and manipulation members arranged on the switch case and configured to be manipulated by a driver to operate the respective switches. A center portion of the switch case 66 on which the manipulation members are arranged is formed as an... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140284189 - Laminate-type actuator: A laminate-type actuator including a laminate wherein an electrostrictive material layer is wound and laminated in a form of a tube together with first and second electrodes sandwiching the electrostrictive material layer therebetween is provided with high volume efficiency and high reliability. The tubular laminate includes a pair of flat... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140284188 - Mems device and method of manufacturing the same: According to one embodiment, a MEMS device comprises a first electrode provided on a support substrate, a second electrode opposed to the first electrode and movable in the direction it is opposed to the first electrode, and beam parts, each connected to those sides of the second electrode, which oppose... Agent:

20140284190 - Mounting plate: A mounting plate is disclosed for supporting a circuit breaker accessory part. In an embodiment, the mounting plate includes a holding device, configured to hold the mounting plate on a wall of a housing of a circuit breaker and a fastening device, configured to fasten the circuit breaker accessory part... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140284191 - Key structure and electronic apparatus: A key structure in an electronic apparatus case includes a top portion that is exposed through a surface of the case, a shaft portion that extends from the top portion and includes a elastomer at a tip of the shaft portion, and a stopper portion that projects from a periphery... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140284192 - Driving rod for medium voltage switching element gear: A device for medium or high voltage switching element gear, the device having: a switching element for connecting two conductors: and a driving rod for operating the switch, wherein the driving rod comprises at least a surface layer of an electrically high resistance material. The electrically high resistance material ensures... Agent: Eaton Industries (netherlands) B.v.

20140284195 - Switch: A switch has a normally-closed fixed contact unit, a common contact unit, a pressing member, and a movable contact that is attached to the pressing member, and that slides on the normally-closed fixed contact unit and the common contact unit. A conductive region and an insulating region are formed on... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140284196 - Household appliance comprising touch sensors: The present invention relates to a household appliance (1) comprising a panel (2) which is produced from at least partially electrically conductive material, a transparent non-conductive plate (3) which is placed onto the panel (2), more than one sensor (4) which is located on the non-conductive plate (3) and detects... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20140262701 - Cycle selector knob to rotary encoder user interface: A cycle selector knob to rotary encoder user interface for the operation of an appliance has a knob for rotating a shaft of a rotary encoder wherein the shaft is received by a control panel barrel to provide radial and thrust bearing surfaces. The knob has an axial boss dimensioned... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140262717 - Anti-tilt and rotation techniques for a touchsurface assembly having translating keys: The key assembly comprises a keycap having a touchsurface for receiving a press force that moves the keycap from an unpressed position toward a pressed position. The keycap has first and second ramp contacting features comprising first and second angular protrusions. The first and second angular protrusions have first and... Agent:

20140262715 - Keyframe modules for a flexible keyboard: Embodiments provide a flexible keyboard including a flexible skin layer and a set of key frame modules coupled to one side of the flexible skin layer. The flexible skin layer can be made of at least one of polyurethane or polyester. The keyframe module can include a metal support plate... Agent: Logitech Europe S.a.

20140262716 - Touchsurface assembly having key guides formed in a sheet metal component: Methods and apparatus for a touchsurface assembly such as a key assembly are described. The touchsurface assembly includes a sheet metal component having ramps formed therein and a keycap having ramp contacting features and a touchsurface for receiving a press force that moves the keycap toward a pressed position. The... Agent:

20140262718 - Push button switch: A push button switch comprises a base, a plurality of contact plates, a switching assembly, and a push button assembly. The base has a first cavity with a plurality of first, second, and third conductive terminals assembled therein. A length of the first conductive terminal is greater than that of... Agent:

20140262702 - Circuit breaker lockout devices and methods: Circuit breaker lockout devices are disclosed that effectively lock one or more circuit breakers in a circuit breaker panel in a safe or open circuit position. Embodiments of the circuit breaker lockout devices are robust, utilize few loose parts, and are easily installed. The devices are also short in profile,... Agent: Huntington Ingalls, Inc.

20140262703 - Interlock system for switchgear: An interlock system for a circuit-interrupting device. The circuit-interrupting device includes a gearbox, a load-breaker in series with a visible disconnect, and an assembly driving the visible disconnect between an open state and a closed state. The interlock system includes a cam and a bias-driven follower. The cam is coupled... Agent: G & W Electric Company

20140262704 - Sandwich-type tilt switch: A tilt switch includes an insulated housing with two housing halves cooperatively defining an accommodation chamber and a plurality of positioning grooves formed in a surface of at least one housing half around the accommodation chamber. A plurality of conductive terminals are sandwiched between the housing halves. Each conductive terminal... Agent:

20140262705 - Paddle switch system: A paddle switch system comprises a housing, a paddle having a pivot member pivotally disposed in the housing for operating an electrical switch within the housing in response to a force on the paddle, a cover coupled to the housing wherein the housing and the cover partially enclose the paddle,... Agent: Judco Partnership, LLC

20140262706 - On/off detecting buckle switch: An ON/OFF detecting buckle switch includes: a case in a housing shape; a slider insertion port equipped in an upper face of the case; a support portion equipped in an inner side face of the case; a fixed terminal provided with a notched portion in one end in a strip... Agent:

20140262723 - Pneumatic detector integrated alarm and fault switch: An integrated switch to indicate pressure changes in an environment includes a housing with a cavity between a first retainer portion and a second retainer portion, a first diaphragm held in the cavity of the housing to indicate fault conditions, and a second diaphragm held in the cavity of the... Agent: Kidde Technologies, Inc.

20140262707 - Nanowire-based mechanical switching device: Nanowire-based mechanical switching devices are described. For example, a nanowire relay includes a nanowire disposed in a void disposed above a substrate. The nanowire has an anchored portion and a suspended portion. A first gate electrode is disposed adjacent the void, and is spaced apart from the nanowire. A first... Agent:

20140262708 - Single-pole switching unit and switchgear device comprising one such unit: n

20140262709 - Heat reducing terminals including a surface having protrusions and electrical switching apparatus including the same: A terminal includes a fastener; a conductor member having a plurality of protrusions on a surface thereof facing the fastener; and a collar member. The collar member includes first, second, third and fourth surfaces, a tapped opening on the first surface engaging the fastener, and a conduit between the second... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140262710 - Switch guard for restricting the operation of a rocker type electric wall switch: An electrical rocker wall switch guard that is sized to fit over an electrical rocker wall switch where the electrical rocker wall switch guard has a main body sized to fit over a rocker arm of an electrical rocker wall switch; at least one aperture; and a circumferential skirt that... Agent: American Tack & Hardware, Co. Inc.

20140262711 - Switch assembly for disconnect operator: A sealed switch assembly for use with a disconnect operator movable between an on state, a tripped state, and an off state. The disconnect operator housed within a sealed enclosure. The switch assembly includes a housing sealed to the enclosure to inhibit ingress of solids and liquids therebetween. A handle... Agent:

20140262712 - Water-proof button assembly and object with the water-proof button assembly: A water-proof button assembly includes a seat, a sealing member, a button and a contact member. The seat has an opening and an inward protrusion extends inward from the inside of the opening. The sealing member is installed in the opening and has a through hole which is defined by... Agent:

20140262713 - Wall switch assembly: A wall switch actuator for both remote and local actuation. Switch position is reported to network devices.... Agent: Bby Solutions, Inc.

20140262714 - Switchgear and switchgear operating mechanism: A switchgear operating mechanism has: a ratchet wheel that rotates together with a closing shaft; a stop lever that enables contact between an energy storing cam and a roller; a motor that transmits power to a feed lever; a feed pawl; stop pawls that suppresses reverse rotation of the feed... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140262719 - Key structure: A key structure includes a bottom board having first holes, a membrane circuit board disposed on the bottom board and having second holes that are registered with the first holes, an elastic layer disposed on the membrane circuit board and having third holes that are registered with the second holes,... Agent: Changshu Sunrex Technology Co., Ltd.

20140262720 - Sealed switch apparatus and systems and methods for using the same: A sealed switch apparatus and systems and methods for using the same are disclosed. A sealed switch apparatus may include a sealed contact structure and a switch mechanism operable to apply a force to the switch mechanism to trigger a switch event. The sealed contact structure may include a sealing... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140262722 - In-molded resistive and shielding elements: An article of manufacture having an in-molded resistive and/or shielding element and method of making the same are shown and described. In one disclosed method, a resistive and/or shielding element is printed on a film. The film is formed to a desired shape and put in an injection mold. A... Agent: T-ink, Inc.

20140262721 - Touch keyboard with improved structure: A touch keyboard with an improved structure is disclosed. The touch keyboard includes a keyboard casing and an inductive circuit layer. The keyboard casing has a front surface and a rear surface; the front surface has a keyboard key assembly composed of a plurality of touch keyboard keys. The touch... Agent: Paragon Technologies Co., Ltd.

09/11/2014 > 28 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140251776 - Key button assembly for electronic device and operating method thereof: An electronic device includes a substrate having a key sensor region and a touch sensor regions, a dome key unit, a key button, and a touch sensor. The dome key unit is arranged on the key sensor region of the substrate. The key button is arranged above the dome key... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140251769 - No trip at off circuit breakers and methods of operating same: Embodiments provide a circuit breaker exhibiting no trip at OFF functionality. The circuit breaker includes a blocking subassembly that effectively blocks tripping of a trip bar when the circuit breaker is in the OFF configuration. The blocking subassembly may include a translating plunger cooperating with a rotatable trip bar block.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140251770 - Switching device: An acceleration responsive switching device formed as a micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) device in which components are deposited and etched on and or above a substrate. The device has a proof mass module. The proof mass module includes: at least one proof mass made of metal; at least three resilient suspending... Agent:

20140251771 - Slide fasteners: A slide fastener (SF1) is configured from: mutually facing rows of elements (20) provided along the edges of opening/closing sides of mutually opposed fastener tapes (10); and a slider (30). By means of the slider (30) being made to slide along the elements (20) placed facing each other, and the... Agent:

20140251772 - Rattle-free keyswitch mechanism: A keyswitch mechanism having reduced key rattle and a keyboard having reduced key rattle. A rattle suppression mechanism may be formed on a portion of the scissor mechanism or on a portion of the keycap. The rattle suppression mechanism is configured to maintain force on the portion of the scissor... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140251773 - Electrical switching apparatus and link assembly therefor: A link assembly is for an electrical switching apparatus, such as a circuit breaker. The circuit breaker includes a housing, separable contacts enclosed by the housing, and an operating mechanism for opening and closing the separable contacts. The operating mechanism includes a movable contact arm. The separable contacts comprise a... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140251774 - Wiring device with contact dampening: An electrical wiring device includes dampening member placed in contact with a stationary contact. The dampening member absorbs and thus decreases at least a portion of the vibration that occurs in the stationary contact when it is impacted by a movable contact in the electrical wiring device. Thus, the noise... Agent:

20140251775 - Autotrip plunger of a circuit breaker and circuit breaker: An autotrip plunger of a circuit breaker is disclosed for opening contacts of the circuit breaker to install and uninstall the circuit breaker from a current source. In an embodiment, the autotrip plunger includes a compression spring, a first body section and a second body section, the first body section... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140251777 - Low current switch: A low current switch has a flexible movable contact that can be deflected by an actuator. In some implementations the switch may permit a low current switch to be manufactured using elements of a high current switch without requiring large amounts of precious metal. The flexible movable contact may be... Agent:

20140251778 - Switch: A space where a member is disposed is ensured in a central portion without changing dimensions of an appearance. In a push-button switch, a movable contact portion is disposed while bent in an outer peripheral space between an insertion pipe and sidewalls constituting a quadratic-prism lower case, and the sidewall... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140251779 - Disconnecting switch: A disconnecting switch includes a contact part that includes a stationary contact and a movable contact, a shaft that moves the movable contact relative to the stationary contact, an open/close mechanism part that moves the shaft back and forth freely between a closed contact position at which the movable contact... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140251780 - Switching device: A switching device including a movable member configured to swing around a fulcrum and having a movable contact, a sliding member of which a part slides on a surface of the movable member, an elastic member for supporting the sliding member so as to be slidable while the part remains... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140251781 - In-molded resistive and shielding elements: An article of manufacture having an in-molded resistive and/or shielding element and method of making the same are shown and described. In one disclosed method, a resistive and/or shielding element is printed on a film. The film is formed to a desired shape and put in an injection mold. A... Agent: T-ink, Inc.

20140251782 - In-molded resistive and shielding elements: An article of manufacture having an in-molded resistive and/or shielding element and method of making the same are shown and described. In one disclosed method, a resistive and/or shielding element is printed on a film. The film is formed to a desired shape and put in an injection mold. A... Agent: T-ink, Inc.

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