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Electricity: circuit makers and breakers

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05/14/2015 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150129406 - Keyboard device: A keyboard device includes a base seat, a circuit board including a plurality of switches, a press key membrane connected to a periphery of the base seat to forma sealed space to enclose the circuit board therein, and a plurality of resilient members. The press key membrane includes a plurality... Agent: Changshu Sunrex Technology Co., Ltd.

20150129407 - Two-shot injection molded housing with seats for keycaps in user-interface: A device has a housing with a top part that accommodates one or more pressable keys forming the user-interface of the device. Each specific key has a specific keycap. The top part is formed from a harder plastic element and a softer rubber layer in a two-shot injection molding process.... Agent:

20150129398 - Rotary battery switch: A battery switch including a selector supported by a housing and rotatably mounted to the housing. The selector having four positions, including, a first position in which a first and second bank terminals are disconnected from a first and second load terminals, a second position in which the first bank... Agent:

20150129396 - Locking switch with cover configuration and related methods: A locking switch assembly includes a locking switch having a locking plunger, and an actuator has a housing and a cover. The actuator has a through hole, and the through hole receives the locking plunger. The actuator having a non-access mode and an access mode, and at least one of... Agent:

20150129397 - Switchboard: Disclosed is a switchboard. The switchboard includes a switchboard case with a built-in circuit breaker, a door mounted on the switchboard case in a hinge structure to be opened or closed and configured to include a door hook including an inclined surface at a front end, an external manipulation handle... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150129399 - Devices with liquid metals for switching or tuning of an electrical circuit: Devices for switching or tuning of an electrical circuit comprise a liquid metal (LM) drop confined inside a sealed cavity. The cavity is formed at least partially inside a microelectronics layered structure which includes metal, dielectric and semiconductor layers. The microelectronics layered structure may be prepared using a VLSI/CMOS technology.... Agent:

20150129400 - Molded case circuit breaker: A molded case circuit breaker, includes: a case; a power side terminal portion and a load side terminal portion formed at two sides of the case; a mounter installed at the terminal portion with a structure to enclose a terminal connector connected to the terminal portion, wherein the mounter includes:... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150129401 - Electronic devices with component mounting structures: Electronic devices are provided that have components. A housing protrusion may be interposed between a display cover layer and display components. A button may have a button member. A support structure for a dome switch in the button may have a screw hole. A housing may have screw holes through... Agent:

20150129402 - Junction box auxiliary securing structure: The invention is relative to a junction box auxiliary securing structure comprises an auxiliary securing plate mounted in the junction box, and a switch base mounted securely on the auxiliary securing plate. The auxiliary securing plate, from outside to inside, oppositely defines long slots, short slots, and a central hole... Agent:

20150129403 - Handle operating device for circuit breaker: The present disclosure relates to a handle operating device for a circuit breaker, and there is provided a handle operating device including a connecting rod configured to transfer power for operating a manual operating handle that manually operates the on/off of a circuit breaker from the outside; a movable frame... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150129404 - Two-piece rocker assembly: A two-piece rocker assembly having an inner rocker and an outer rocker, the inner rocker being snap-fit into the outer rocker via a connection between at least one flange and at least one latch beam. In certain embodiments, a locking member is added to the two-piece rocker assembly.... Agent:

20150129405 - Click mechanism for switch: A click mechanism for a switch includes a button that is operable by a user, a click generation surface formed on the button or a body to which the button is coupled, an urging mechanism, and a pusher pushed against the click generation surface by the urging force of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20150129408 - Capacitive control interfaces for domestic appliances: A capacitive control interface for a domestic appliance includes an outer layer configured to be pressed by a user, a first capacitive component, a second capacitive component facing and separated from the first capacitive component, a first layer of insulating material between the outer layer and the first capacitive component,... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

05/07/2015 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150122617 - Washing machine and control panel assembly thereof: Disclosed is a washing machine, a control panel assembly of which has an improved structure to minimize problems caused by a shaking of a rotary knob and the interference of the rotary knob with other surrounding parts. The control panel assembly of the washing machine includes a control panel, a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150122621 - Controller-less quick tactile feedback keyboard: In some examples, techniques are provided for quick haptic feedback, without the use of a controller, which is local to individual, non-actuating keys, such as keys of a thin keyboard or keypad. The haptic feedback may be in the form of a simulated “key-click” feedback for an individual key that... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150122622 - Keyboard device and key fabricating method for keyboard device: A keyboard device includes an upper cover, an elastic key plate, a switch module, and a base plate. The upper cover includes plural openings. The elastic key plate is disposed on an inner surface of the upper cover. The elastic key plate includes plural elastic keys. The plural elastic keys... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20150122623 - Touch panel and method of manufacturing the same: A touch panel includes a transparent substrate, a first pattern/layer on the transparent substrate, and an second pattern/layer on or under the first pattern/layer. The first pattern/layer includes first electrodes detecting a first coordinate value and first metal interconnections connecting the first electrodes to a flexible printed circuit board (FPCB).... Agent: Dongbu Hitek Co., Ltd.

20150122624 - Touch panel and method of manufacturing thereof: A touch panel including: a substrate; first conductive patterns separately disposed on the substrate with a preset distance therebetween; second conductive patterns formed thereon to separately intersect the first conductive patterns with a preset distance therebetween; a second connecting member configured to connect adjacent second conductive patterns to each other;... Agent:

20150122625 - Touch screen panel and display device: The present invention provides a touch screen panel and a display device which include a plurality of first electrodes arranged in a first direction in parallel; a plurality of second electrodes arranged in a second direction to intersect with the first electrodes; and a cover, wherein a width of at... Agent:

20150122618 - Lockout devices for electrical control switches: Electrical switch lockout devices for selectively maintaining a position of an electrical switch on an electrical switch base are described. The electrical switch lockout devices include a base adapter configured to be fitted around the electrical switch base, a housing that is moveable between an engaged position and a disengaged... Agent:

20150122626 - Circuit breaker: A circuit breaker includes: a main body housing circuit-breaking parts; a terminal portion exposed outside the main body; a lug-type terminal block attached to the terminal portion and connecting a wire to the terminal portion; and an insulating member provided between the lug-type terminal block and the main body.... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150122619 - Actuation of a body-borne switch by a body gesture: A wearable or body-borne switch is actuated by a body gesture. The switch is coupled to a mechanical linkage that links two distinct body locations. Specific body gestures cause changes in the distance between the two body locations, inducing forces within the linkage, and, in turn, actuating the switch. The... Agent:

20150122620 - Snap-action switch: A snap-action switch has at least two switching contacts, at least one flexible circuit carrier carrying conductor tracks and at least one multifunction component receiving the flexible circuit carrier. The switching contacts and the conductor tracks are connected with each other via a non-detachable connection. The region of the flexible... Agent:

20150122627 - Conductivity power connection: An improved electrical switch that provides for manual connection and disconnect of power by hand by utilizing a compressible stack of elements to load force over a radial distance as rotated by a user of the switch to establish a high force, low resistance connection.... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150114813 - Keyboard: A keyboard includes a membrane switch circuit module, a metallic supporting plate, plural keys, an induction antenna assembly, and a signal processing unit. The induction antenna assembly includes a first partition plate, a second partition plate and an antenna layer. The first partition plate is arranged between the metallic supporting... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20150114814 - Pressure-sensitive switch, manufacturing method for same, touch panel including pressure-sensitive switch, and manufacturing method for touch panel: The present disclosure relates to a pressure-sensitive switch including a support substrate, a conductive structure provided on the support substrate, and an electrode unit disposed to face the support substrate with the conductive structure interposed therebetween. The conductive structure includes an elastic component extending to protrude from the support substrate... Agent:

20150114815 - Touch panel and method for manufacturing the same: The present disclosure provides a touch panel, including a substrate, at least one sensing electrode layer, a wire layer, a first light-shielding layer and a second light-shielding layer. The substrate has a visible region and a non-visible region. The wire layer corresponds to the non-visible region, wherein the wire layer... Agent:

20150114805 - Switch: A switch has a rotary shaft that rotates in response to an external force, a cam provided on the rotary shaft and including a cam action section, wherein the cam rotates in response to the rotation of the rotary shaft, a displacement member including a cam support section that contacts... Agent:

20150114806 - Switch: A switch has a switching mechanism, a housing in which the switching mechanism is disposed, and a slidable actuator that causes the switching mechanism to operate. At least one connection which can be in direct contact with outside air, out of connections between members of the switch, is provided with... Agent:

20150114807 - Withdrawable contactor trucks with integral motorized levering-in, related swtichgear, kits and methods: Withdrawable contactor trucks for a circuit breaker have a cradle with a motorized drive system comprising an electric motor in the cradle. The motorized drive system is configured to move the contactor truck in a controlled path between a withdrawn position and a levering-in position in a switchgear compartment.... Agent:

20150114808 - Ergonomic foot switch: A switch is provided including an actuating body and a base where the actuating body is movably disposed upon the base, the actuating body has an arcuate shape delimited by generally parallel arc edges joined at their ends by curved edges, the actuating body includes an upper surface which inclines... Agent:

20150114809 - Electromechanical low voltage switch: An electromechanical low voltage switch has a movable switching element that has an electrically conductive support and at least one electrical contact piece attached to this support. The support consists, at least in part, of a metal or of an alloy, the density of which lies below 5 g/cm3.... Agent:

20150114810 - Illuminated-type push-button switch and keyboard: A push-button switch (1) is arranged such that, once a user presses an operation button (8), a switch body (20) performs an operation, and light from an LED (21) passes through a transmission plate (70) and then illuminates the operation button (8). A structure (700) is provided on a lower... Agent: Omron Corporation

20150114811 - Electronic device and button: An electronic device includes a housing defining a receiving hole, a switch fixed in the housing, and a button which is axially true. The button comprises a fixing piece and a pressing piece. The fixing piece is fixed in the housing and defines a restriction hole. The pressing piece is... Agent:

20150114812 - Switch system with high temperature operating plunger: A switch system includes a snap action switch, an operating plunger, and an actuator. The snap action switch is configured to move, with snap-action, from a first switch position to a second switch position. The operating plunger is disposed adjacent to the snap action switch and is coupled to selectively... Agent:

20150114816 - Touch panel: Disclosed is a touch panel. The touch panel includes a cover substrate including an active area and an inactive area; a first printing layer on the inactive area; and first and second conductive layers on the first printing layer, wherein the first and second conductive layers extend from a side... Agent:

04/25/2015 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.
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