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Electricity: circuit makers and breakers

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11/13/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140332360 - Keyboard integrated pushbutton with multi illumination: A multi-illuminated pushbutton, including a substrate having a switch and a button cap. A lighting board may be affixed to the substrate, the lighting board having a first light source, a second light source, and a through channel disposed between the first light source and the second light source. The... Agent:

20140332361 - Touch inductive unit and touch panel: A touch inductive unit includes a receiving electrode pattern and a driving electrode pattern. The receiving electrode pattern includes a first main stem, a first branch portion and a second branch portion. The first branch portion and the second branch portion are extended from the first main stem. The driving... Agent: Wintek Corporation

20140332357 - Plunger switch and method of operating same: A plunger switch assembly and method of operation comprises a housing having an interior cavity for locating electronic components, a contact support movably located within the interior cavity. The contact support holds and moves at least one electrical contact that engages a corresponding contact located on a printed circuit board.... Agent: Delta Systems, Inc.

20140332355 - Childproof electric switch enclosure: The present invention is a childproof electrical switch cover that prevents children from operating the enclosed toggle or rocker electrical switch but allows adults to do so. The childproof cover is placed over the existing electrical switch to be protected and is held firmly in place against the existing electrical... Agent: Philip Jarvinen

20140332356 - Handle tie apparatus for g-frame 1 pole breakers: The disclosed concept relates to a handle tie apparatus for connecting two or more operating handles of two or more electrical switching assemblies for simultaneous operation of the operating handles, such as switching from “on” position to “off” position. The handle tie apparatus including apertures formed therein for receiving the... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140332358 - Operation key and switching unit: An operation key including an image transmissive part configured to transmit an image of display information located behind the image transmissive part, where an inclined surface is formed in at least a part of a rear surface of the image transmissive part, and the inclined surface is inclined onto a... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140332359 - Pivotable key structure: A pivotable key structure includes a housing body, a pivotable unit, a switch module, and a carrier. The pivotable unit has a touchpad module and a pivotable member. The pivotable member is engaged to the touchpad module thereunder. The pivotable member is disposed on the carrier through two pivot axle... Agent: Llte-on Electronics (guangzhou) Limited

11/06/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140326589 - Key plate and illuminated keyboard having the same: A key plate includes a light-permeable covering plate having a plurality of first key openings and includes a key symbol display plate disposed on the light-permeable covering plate and having a plurality of second key openings and a plurality of light-permeable key symbol blocks. The light-permeable key symbol blocks are... Agent:

20140326585 - Actuating device: An actuating device is proposed for an electric/electronic device within an in particular flame-proof housing, said electrical/electronic device comprising an essentially linearly movable on/off lever. In order to provide such an actuating device being accessible on the exterior of the respective flameproof housing and allowing mechanical actuation of the respective... Agent:

20140326586 - Limit switch: A limit switch has a housing having an opening in a front surface of the housing, and a connection hole in which a lead wire is drawn made in a bottom surface of the housing, a switch main body fixed in the housing, a front surface of which is vertically... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140326587 - Switch apparatus for vehicle: A switch apparatus may include a switch body to which a connector of an electronic unit is connected and in which a relay board is provided, a conductive coupling section provided at a lower end of the switch body to be coupled to a vehicle body, and a conductive ground... Agent: Kia Motors Corp.

20140326588 - Contact and manufacturing method therefor: A contact has a flat surface and a side surface that is parallel to the flat surface. At least a part of the side surface is curved so as to swell. At least a part of the contact is able to be elastically deformed in parallel to the flat surface.... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140326590 - Pushbutton switch having a rotatable drive member: A pushbutton switch includes a shell body, a resilient member, and a movable unit movable relative to the shell body between an upper limit position and a lower limit position. The movable unit includes a drive member and an electrical contact member driven by the drive member to move between... Agent: Excel Cell Electronic Co., Ltd.

10/30/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140318942 - Key switch and keyboard: Provided is a key switch that enables sufficiently enhancement of the rigidity of a key top. A key switch includes a support plate; a key top disposed on the support plate; a link configured to link the key top with the support plate; a switch; a first arm disposed on... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20140318941 - Keyboard with pivoting key supporting portion: A keyboard with a key supporting portion which is retractable and ergonomically suited for typing activities includes a hollowed main body. The key supporting portion has one end pivotally connected to the hollowed main body, and one or more latching holes at the other end. A latching member is slidably... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140318936 - Power-switch with internal voltage measurement: A power-switch having a switch housing and an electronic module, at least one contact being provided to tap a voltage at a primary conductor, and an adapter being provided to reduce the tapped voltage of said primary conductor.... Agent: Eaton ElectricalIPGmbh & Co. Kg

20140318940 - Switch conversion apparatus: A switch conversion apparatus including an interface device, a mounting plate configured to mount to a toggle switch and including at least one aperture for receiving a toggle arm of a toggle switch, and an actuator plate configured to slidably engage the mounting plate and including at least one aperture... Agent:

20140318933 - Circuit breaker and handle locking device thereof: Disclosed is a handle locking device, including a first frame, a first snap hook and a second frame. A second snap hook is provided on the first frame; the first snap hook is rotatably mounted on the first frame; the second frame is rotatably mounted on the first frame; a... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140318934 - Cord switch and cord switch mounting structure: A cord switch including a cord switch main body including a hollow tubular member having elasticity and electrical insulating property and a plurality of electrode wires provided to face each other with an interval at an inner surface of the tubular member and spaced from each other by the elasticity... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140318935 - Seismic actuator: An actuator that includes a shelf having a pivot cone, a first member, a second member, a trigger pin and a trigger lever latch. The first member includes a weight, a first shaft extending upwardly from the weight and through an opening in the pivot cone, and a first plate... Agent:

20140318937 - Configurable multi-gate switch circuitry: Integrated circuits with configurable multi-gate switch circuitry are provided. The switch circuitry may include switch control circuitry and an array of multi-gate switches. Each multi-gate switch may have first and second terminals, first and second gates, and a metal bridge. The metal bridge is attached to the first terminal. The... Agent:

20140318938 - Push switch: A push switch includes a switch contact part for carrying out electrical connection by pressing, a case having a wall part on a periphery thereof and accommodating the switch contact part in a concave portion surrounded by the wall part, and a protective sheet covering the concave portion. The protective... Agent:

20140318939 - Switch unit and game machine: A switch unit has an operation key, a cover member having an opening corresponding to the operation key, and a light emitting device disposed on a rear surface side of the cover member that makes the periphery of the operation key luminous by irradiation with light from a light emitting... Agent: Omron Corporation

20140318943 - Push switch: Provided is a push switch that can be made thin without requiring that a notch be made into a mounting board. The push switch includes a substrate having a L-shaped cross section and wherein the substrate has a front surface, a back surface and a side face, an accommodating recess... Agent:

10/23/2014 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140311881 - Keyboards with planar translation mechanism formed from laminated substrates: Keyboards with planar translation effecting mechanisms formed by laminated key guides are disclosed. A key assembly for a keyboard includes a keycap having a touch surface for receiving a press force that moves the keycap from an unpressed position toward a pressed position, the unpressed position and pressed position separated... Agent:

20140311880 - Retractable keyboard keys: A keyboard includes a bezel having a plurality of key openings and a plurality of key holding features configured adjacent to the plurality of key openings on a bottom side of the bezel. A plurality of keycaps are positioned within the plurality of key openings. A chassis is included that... Agent:

20140311878 - Retaining insert for an electrical protection system and method: A retaining insert coupleable to a base assembly configured to operatively support a primary circuit breaker and a pair of opposing circuit breakers that define a recess is provided. The retaining insert includes a base portion configured to be disposed between the primary circuit breaker and the pair of opposing... Agent: General Electric Company

20140311879 - Button assembly and electronic device having the same: An exemplary button assembly for use in an electronic device includes a casing, a switch, a button, a spacer, and a coil spring. The casing is connected to the electronic device. The switch is arranged under the casing. The button is received in the casing. The spacer is received in... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140311882 - Switch: A switch includes an insulating case, a fixed electrode and a movable electrode. The insulating case is formed with an operating space therein. At least a part of the fixed electrode is disposed in the operating space. The movable electrode is disposed in the operating space, and is configured to... Agent: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

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