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Electricity: circuit makers and breakers

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07/10/2014 > 16 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140190809 - Auxiliary keyboard and auxiliary input device: An auxiliary keyboard comprises an insulating board and a plurality of conductive keys. The insulating board has a sheet having a plurality of portions respectively defining a plurality of thru holes, a plurality of resilient supporting portions respectively connected to the sheet correspondingly arranged to the thru holes, and a... Agent:

20140190808 - Bridging structure for signal transmission of touch panel: The invention includes a substrate with a visible area and a shielded area, a touch panel overlapped on the substrate and having touch sensor units overlapping with the visible area and a bridging layer with an insulating film. The touch sensor units are connected with signal wires to electric contacts... Agent: Young Fast Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

20140190811 - Methods and apparatus for capacitively detecting key motion and finger presence on a magnetic keyboard key: Devices and methods for capacitively sensing key cap position during the initial and latter stages of a keystroke. A key assembly includes a stationary key guide magnet, a movable key cap magnet, and a transmitter/receiver electrode pair. One or both of the electrodes underlies the key cap. The capacitance change... Agent:

20140190810 - Stabilization techniques for key assemblies and keyboards: Key stabilization techniques for a key assembly or keyboard are provided. In one embodiment, a key assembly includes a keycap having a touch surface for receiving a press force that moves the keycap from an unpressed position toward a pressed position. The key assembly also includes a base having a... Agent:

20140190807 - Touch panel and a manufacturing method thereof: The present disclosure relates to a touch technology, and more particularly, to a touch panel and a manufacturing method the same. A touch panel is provided, comprising an inductive electrode layer and a patterned protective layer covering the inductive electrode layer; wherein formative pattern of the patterned protective layer is... Agent:

20140190803 - Load transfer switch for a tap changer: The invention relates to a load transfer switch for a tap changer for switching among various winding taps of a step transformer without interruption. The general inventive concept lies in fastening both the force accumulator and the load transfer switch not on the bearing plate but rather on the force... Agent: Ucl Businessw PLC

20140190800 - Variable depth circuit interrupter assembly with interlock: An improved circuit interrupter assembly provides enablement of an interlock feature for a circuit interrupter situated within a cabinet having an external handle for switching the circuit interrupter between ON and OFF conditions when the cabinet door is closed. The improved circuit interrupter assembly includes a motion transfer apparatus that... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140190801 - Shutter system for a switchgear compartment and method of manipulating a shutter system: A shutter system for a switchgear compartment includes a moveable shutter translatable between a closed position and an open position. Also included is a pusher operatively coupled to a first side of the moveable shutter and configured to impart a force on the moveable shutter in response to an insertion... Agent: General Electric Company

20140190802 - Emergency switch for a flashlight: Improvements in an emergency switch for an end cap flashlight that allows conducting power to the light source by applying side or rotational force on the end caps of the flashlight. The cap is designed to give faster and more convenient access to light in an emergency, or when needed.... Agent:

20140190804 - Luminous press key module: A luminous press key module includes: a key cap; a base plate disposed under the key cap and formed with a base plate opening; a circuit unit disposed between the base plate and the key cap; a restoring unit disposed between the key cap and an upper surface of the... Agent: Changshu Sunrex Technology Co., Ltd.

20140190805 - Operating device and electronic device using the same: An operating device and an electronic device using the same are provided. The operating device comprises a base, an electronic circuit board, a lever and a slider. The base comprises a bearer. The electronic circuit board is disposed on the base. The lever is disposed on the electronic circuit board.... Agent: Ability Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140190806 - Operation command transmitting device: An operation command transmitting device includes a coupling portion coupling a bar portion to a housing so that the bar portion is movable relative to the housing along a central axis and the bar portion is allowed to be tilted around a supporting axis passing through the bar portion, and... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140190812 - Push switch: A rotor on which a moving contact is attached is received and rotatably held in a body, and a knob is received and held in the body side by side with the rotor and is movable. A plurality of first and second teeth are circumferentially staggered with each other on... Agent: Hosiden Corporation

20140190813 - Moisture barrier layer dielectric for thermoformable circuits: This invention is directed to a polymer thick film moisture barrier layer dielectric composition comprising thermoplastic urethane resin, thermoplastic phenoxy resin, diacetone alcohol and fumed silica. Dielectrics made from the composition can be used in various electronic applications to protect electrical elements and particularly to insulate and protect both the... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140190815 - Moisture barrier layer dielectric for thermoformable circuits: This invention is directed to a polymer thick film moisture barrier layer dielectric composition comprising thermoplastic urethane resin, thermoplastic phenoxy resin, diacetone alcohol and fumed silica. Dielectrics made from the composition can be used in various electronic applications to protect electrical elements and particularly to insulate and protect both the... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140190814 - Touch input device with button function: A touch input device with a button function is provided. The touch input device includes a base plate, a touch module, an elastic element, and a triggering element. When the touch module is depressed, the triggering element is triggered to generate a touch signal. The triggering element is arranged between... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

07/03/2014 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140183011 - Switch device: A switch device including: a circuit board, a mounting member, a push button and a rotary knob. The circuit board includes a switch, and the mounting member has a vertical slit and is fixed on the circuit board. The push button is inserted in the mounting member, is vertically guided... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140183020 - Capacitive touch sensitive housing and method for making the same: A method for making a capacitive touch sensitive housing, comprises: forming a non-patterned active metal layer on a housing wall; patterning the non-patterned active metal layer on the housing wall by laser ablation such that the non-patterned active metal layer is formed into a patterned active metal layer including a... Agent: Taiwan Green Point Enterprises Co., Ltd.

20140183017 - Control module with redundant switches: A control module includes a housing, a continuous cover supported by the housing, and a plurality of switches positioned within the housing in selective mechanical engagement with the continuous cover. Each of the plurality of switches is electrically configured to be capable of independently triggering a particular function when the... Agent: The Raymood Corporation

20140183018 - Illuminated keycap for generating soft light: An illuminated keycap for generating soft light is located in a keyboard which includes a command circuit board located beneath the keycap and a lighting unit to project light to the keycap. The keycap includes a press surface, a connecting section extended from the press surface towards the command circuit... Agent: Zippy Technology Corp.

20140183019 - Key input device: There is provided a key input device including a supporting member including groove portions inclined with respect to a horizontal direction, a plurality of keytops each including a sliding portion which is fitted in a corresponding groove portion of the groove portions and slides along the groove portion, and a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140183012 - Circuit breaker handle extension with positive stop features: An improved circuit breaker switch handle extension is described. The circuit breaker switch handle extension is used to control and limit operation of a circuit breaker switch handle to which it is attached. The handle extension includes positive stop features that prevent damage or destruction of the circuit breaker switch... Agent:

20140183013 - Switch apparatus of vehicle: Disclosed is a switch apparatus of a vehicle that includes a switch body that is connected to a connector of an electronic apparatus and includes a relay board disposed in an inner space thereof. The apparatus further includes a coupling portion disposed on a bottom of the switch body, formed... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20140183021 - Float switch device with magnetic tongue: A float switch device includes a tubular member, a magnet tube and a magnetic switch. The tubular member has a first restriction portion and a second restriction portion formed on an external surface thereof. The magnet tube is sleeved over the tubular member, and is movable between the first restriction... Agent:

20140183014 - Electric equipment having movable portion, and its manufacture: On seed metal layer of first metal, pedestal and counter electrode are formed of second metal by plating, adjacent to free space region. The free space region is filled with first sacrificial layer. By using resist pattern, second sacrificial metal layer is formed, extending from the first sacrificial layer to... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140183015 - Push switch: The invention provides a push switch including a keytop movable in a first direction, a switch, first and second circuit boards, an electronic component mounted on the second circuit board, first and second circuits electrically connected to the switch, and a body. The switch is turned on or off in... Agent: Hosiden Corporation

20140183016 - Lighting module: A lighting module is adapted to an electronic device. The electronic device includes a light transmitting portion. The lighting module comprises a light source and a microstructure. The light source is disposed in the electronic device, and the light source includes a light emitting surface facing the light transmitting portion.... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

06/26/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140174894 - Combination switch device for clutch pedal of vehicle: A combination switch device for a clutch pedal of a vehicle in which functions of a clutch switch and an ignition-lock switch are combined and in which electrical contact action is carried out by a slide motion.... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140174895 - Contact arrangement for high voltage switchgear with contact arrangement: A contact arrangement has a symmetry axis (z) and includes at least a first elongated contact and at least a second elongated contact. At least one of the contacts is movable linearly along the axis (z) relative to the other contact and contacts it electrically and mechanically at a front... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20140174896 - Double-layer electrode device: A double-layer electrode device includes an electrode bottom layer formed on a transparent substrate, and an electrode top layer formed on the electrode bottom layer. First electrodes of the electrode bottom layer are separated from each other, and second electrodes of the electrode bottom layer are connected via second conductive... Agent: Henghao Technology Co. Ltd

20140174897 - Electronic device with button assembly: An electronic device includes a button and a front panel having a button receiving hole to partly receive the button. A frame is secured to an inner side of the front panel, and includes a support portion spaced apart from the inner side of the front panel. A circuit board... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140174898 - Switchgear state display device: Included are: a movable plate which is coupled to a main shaft of the switchgear and performs motion in accordance with the movement of the main shaft; an ON/OFF display plate in which a display showing the state of the switchgear, such as “ON”/“OFF,” is provided on each of different... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140174899 - Keyboard equipped with illuminated keycaps: A keyboard equipped with illuminated keycaps mainly includes a keyboard portion and a plurality of lighting units. The keyboard portion includes a circuit board with a plurality of keyboard command portions, a plurality of keycaps respectively corresponding to the keyboard command portions and a plurality of elastic support members located... Agent: Zippy Technology Corp.

20140174900 - Keyswitch structure and balance link thereof: A keyswitch structure includes a base plate, a keycap, a lift mechanism, and a balance link. The lift mechanism connects between the keycap and the base plate such that the keycap can move up and down relative to the base plate. The balance link is formed substantially in a U-shaped... Agent: Darfon Electronics (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20140174901 - Keyboard button structure: A keyboard button structure includes a flexible board and a key cap. The flexible board includes an hollow-out body, a first support portion, a second support portion, and an extending arm including a conducting contact. The first supporting is connected to the hollow-out body. A first perpendicular distance is formed... Agent:

20140174902 - Touch panel: A touch panel including a substrate, a plurality of first electrode lines, and a plurality of second electrode lines is provided. The first electrode lines are arranged on the substrate in parallel and extended along a first axial direction. Each first electrode line includes multiple first electrode pads and multiple... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 18 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140166457 - Illuminated keyboard: An illuminated keyboard includes a key structure, a key wiring board, and a light-emitting element. The light-emitting element is located at a lateral side of the key wiring board. The key structure is disposed over the key wiring board. When the key structure is depressed, the key wiring board is... Agent:

20140166456 - Keyboard device with luminous key: A keyboard device with a luminous key is provided. The keyboard device includes at least one luminous key, a light-emitting element, and a light shade, and a membrane switch circuit module. When the membrane switch circuit member is triggered by the at least one luminous key, the membrane switch circuit... Agent:

20140166455 - Luminous keyboard: A luminous keyboard includes a lateral-emitting type illumination element, a light guide panel, a sensing circuit pattern, a light-transmissible substrate, a supporting plate, and plural keys. When one of the keys is moved toward the sensing circuit pattern, the sensing circuit pattern generates a corresponding non-contact key signal. The lateral-emitting... Agent:

20140166458 - Luminous keyboard: A luminous keyboard includes a lateral-emitting type illumination element, a light guide panel, a sensing circuit pattern, a light-transmissible supporting plate, and plural keys. The lateral-emitting type illumination element is used for providing a light beam to the light guide panel. Consequently, the light beam can be diffused to the... Agent: Primax Electronics Ltd.

20140166454 - Sensing keyboard device with luminous key: A sensing keyboard device includes at least one luminous key, a non-contact sensor board, at least one light-emitting element, a light guide plate, and a bottom plate. When the non-contact sensor board is triggered by the at least one luminous key, at least one key signal is generated. The at... Agent:

20140166449 - Forward/backward rotation switching mechanism: The present invention relates to a forward/backward rotation switching mechanism, comprising: a cover, a turntable, a terminal-fixing body, a first contact terminal, and a second contact terminal. In the present invention, a plurality of dust-off trenches are especially formed on the peripheral edges of the turntable for preventing from the... Agent: Solteam Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140166450 - Multi-pole switching device: A multi-pole switching device (1) for a busbar system includes a movable front cover (3), which is movably attached to the housing of the switching device and which locks at least one receiving unit (4) for receiving a component when the multi-pole switching device (1) is switched on.... Agent:

20140166447 - Method and apparatus for controlling operations and signaling at times dependent on clock, calendar and geographic location: Techniques are provided for inhibiting changes in the operational state of electrical circuits for lights, appliances and other devices by controlling the effect of manual actuation of an electrical switch in an electrical circuit. A normal mode is established in which manual actuation of the switch effects a change in... Agent: United Electrical Systems, LLC

20140166448 - Circuit breaker and handle locking device thereof: Disclosed is a handle locking device including a first frame, a first hook and a second frame, wherein a second hook is provided on the first frame. The first and second hooks are rotatably installed on the first frame, and the second frame capable of fixing the first hook and... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140166451 - Touch module: A touch module includes a transparent substrate, a shield layer, a touch electrode layer, a transparent insulation layer and a lead layer. The shield layer is coated on the transparent substrate. The touch electrode layer is coated on both the transparent substrate and the shield layer. The transparent insulation layer... Agent:

20140166452 - Low voltage circuit breaker with a control device for re-closing said low voltage circuit breaker: The present invention refers to a low voltage circuit breaker with a control device for re-closing said low voltage circuit breaker. The control device is provided with an actuating element, comprising a shape memory material and operatively associated with manoeuvring means for the circuit breaker. When this shape memory material... Agent: Abb S.p.a.

20140166453 - Accessory controller for electronic devices: Accessories such as headsets for electronic devices are provided. A headset may be provided with a button controller assembly that has user-actuated buttons and a microphone. The microphone may be formed by mounting a microphone transducer on a printed circuit board. A housing may be mounted over the transducer to... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140166459 - Key including secondary domes: Example embodiments disclosed herein relate to a key including a primary dome, a plurality of second domes, and a first layer. The primary dome is to compress a switch if the primary dome collapses. The first layer is over the primary and secondary domes. The first layer collapses the primary... Agent:

20140166460 - Key structure: A key structure comprises a bottom portion, a keycap and an elastic element. The bottom portion includes a pressing portion. The keycap includes a conducting portion and a fixing portion. The elastic element is a hollow structure formed by linear winding, and it is disposed between the bottom portion and... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20140166462 - Capacitive touch keypad assembly: A capacitive touch keypad assembly includes a housing, a capacitance sensing substrate disposed within the housing, and a plurality of conducting members. The housing includes a barrier panel and a keypad display disposed on an exterior surface of the barrier panel. The keypad display defines a plurality of key locations... Agent: Master Lock Company LLC

20140166464 - Capacitive touch panel device: A multi-layer body for providing a touch panel functionality has a plurality of areas of surface which have a different size defined by corresponding electrically conductive elements; in particular, larger areas of surface are arranged more in a central area of the entirety of the area of surface and smaller... Agent: Polylc Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140166463 - Planar cavity mems and related structures, methods of manufacture and design structures: A method of forming a Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) includes forming a lower electrode on a first insulator layer within a cavity of the MEMS. The method further includes forming an upper electrode over another insulator material on top of the lower electrode which is at least partially in contact with... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140166461 - Three-dimensional inter-chip contact through vertical displacement mems: An electrically conducting, vertically displacing microelectromechanical system (MEMS) is formed on a first integrated circuit chip. The first integrated circuit chip is physically connected to a three-dimensional packaging structure. The three-dimensional packaging structure maintains a fixed distance between the first integrated circuit chip and a second integrated circuit chip. A... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

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