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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems

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12/04/2014 > 47 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140354043 - Connection, method, equipotential shunt connection and equipotential bonding current return network in a non-conductive architecture: According to one embodiment, an electrical connection assembly of an aircraft fuselage (100) having a composite skin comprises in-line shunt connections (2) for electrically interconnecting an aluminum-alloy-based cable (1) of large cross section acting as an equipotential connection to brackets (113, 141) for primary current-return networks and to brackets (111)... Agent: Mecatraction

20140354038 - Control device: A control device is provided for controlling an electric device on a bicycle. The control device basically includes a bicycle attachment member, an operating member, an operation detection unit and a signal output unit. The operating member includes at least a first operating part and a second operating part. The... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140354039 - Electrical protection using a semiconductor switch: The subject matter disclosed herein relates to methods and devices for protecting a circuit against overcurrents. The device uses variable impedance properties of a semiconductor switch and includes closed-loop control for controlling the impedance of the switch as a function of the overcurrents to be corrected. The physical design stresses... Agent:

20140354042 - Failure protection for a power delivery system: A power delivery system includes a bus bar and a housing coupled to the bus bar. A semiconductor power device is enclosed within the housing. The housing comprises an outlet configured to direct failure material of the power semiconductor device away from any remaining components connected to the bus bar.... Agent: Gemeral Electric Company

20140354041 - Non-contact electric power transmission and reception system, vehicle, and electric power transmission device: A non-contact electric power transmission and reception system includes an electric power transmission portion for transmitting electric power to a vehicle in a non-contact manner, an electric power reception portion for receiving electric power from the electric power transmission portion in a non-contact manner, and a control device. The control... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140354044 - Power line protection structure: A power line (51) provided to a vehicle that drives a wheel assembly (21) by a motor (12) and connected to the motor (12) so as to be exposed outside the vehicle body (41) is covered with a protective member (52) which has mesh-type ventilating opening.... Agent:

20140354040 - Vehicle electrical system and method for operating a vehicle electrical system: A vehicle electrical system includes a first system branch with a first nominal voltage U1, a second system branch with a second nominal voltage U2, at least one DC/DC converter configured to transmit energy between the first and second system branches, a first actuating unit to actuate the DC/DC converter(s),... Agent:

20140354045 - User configurable vehicle steering column stalks: A user-configurable steering column is made from steering column-mounted switches, each of which is coupled to a computer, which is also coupled to various different driver circuits, each of which is configured to control the operation of a corresponding vehicle accessory device, such as head lamps, a wiper motor or... Agent:

20140354046 - Vehicle electrical distribution system and method for operating a vehicle electrical distribution system: A vehicle electrical system has at least one vehicle distribution branch and at least one energy storage device. The system additionally has at least one switching device which is able to assume a first switching position and a second switching position. The at least one energy storage device is electrically... Agent:

20140354047 - Battery assisted power: An apparatus includes a rechargeable battery, a circuitry, and a controller. The circuitry is operable to receive power from a power source and to provide power to the rechargeable battery and to other electrical components of the apparatus. The controller is configured to monitor power requirements of the apparatus. Moreover,... Agent:

20140354048 - Integrated lamp with automatic emergency light and regular light: An integrated lamp with automatic emergency light and regular light is provided in the present invention. The integrated lamp with automatic emergency light and regular light is coupled to an AC power source, wherein the AC power source includes a first AC terminal and a second AC terminal. The integrated... Agent: National Formosa University

20140354049 - Auxiliary winding for extended current measurement: A power controller controls power to a load and includes a primary current sensor, a controller and a current source. The primary current sensor includes a primary conductor and an auxiliary conductor. The primary conductor carries a primary current to the load and the auxiliary conductor carries an auxiliary current... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140354050 - Power bank and control method for supplying power: The present invention discloses a power bank and a control method for supplying power. The power bank includes a rechargeable battery, a charging switch for controlling a charging path to the rechargeable battery, a discharging switch for controlling a discharging path from the rechargeable battery, and a control circuit for... Agent: Richtek Technology Corporation

20140354051 - Power supply system and method for converting power thereof: A power supply system includes an input stage converting circuit, a first energy storage component, and an output stage converting circuit. The first energy storage component is electrically coupled to the input stage converting circuit, and the output stage converting circuit is electrically coupled to the first energy storage component.... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20140354052 - Wireless power transmission device and control method of the same: Performing power transfer to a plurality of power receiving devices, a power transmission device allocates one of a plurality of channels to perform wireless power transfer to a power receiving device in response to a power transmission request transmitted from the power receiving device designating one or more of the... Agent: The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.

20140354054 - Control apparatus: A control apparatus is used for a power-supply apparatus with power-supply systems connected in parallel between a pair of power wires connected to a load. Each power-supply system has a series circuit of a battery and a contact of a relay. When the control apparatus determines that at least one... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140354055 - High efficiency solar power generator for offshore applications: A dual-type solar power generator comprising a dual capture panel. The dual capture panel comprises a reflective surface configured to reflect solar radiation having a reflecting wavelength and an absorbent surface configured to absorb solar radiation having an absorbent wavelength to create a released electron stream. A thermal transfer unit... Agent: Saudi Arabian Oil Company

20140354053 - Hybrid wind power generator and concentrator with solar panel for improved power generation: This alternative hybrid wind concentrator generator (the “device”) provides low wind environments with improved added capabilities for various power generation applications. A hybrid solar power system such a solar panel is incorporated on top of the device adding power assistance in low wind conditions and or added power generation. Incorporating... Agent:

20140354058 - Power converter and power supplying method thereof: A power converter includes a DC/DC converting circuit and a first energy storage element. The DC/DC converting circuit includes a first output terminal and a second output terminal. The first energy storage element includes a first terminal and a second terminal. The first output terminal of the DC/DC converting circuit... Agent:

20140354057 - Resonant converter apparatus and control method for the same: A resonant converter apparatus includes a first pre-regulator, a first resonant converter, a second pre-regulator, a second resonant converter and a controller. The first pre-regulator receives a first input voltage and generates a first output voltage. The first resonant converter receives the first output voltage and generates a supply voltage.... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20140354056 - Uninterruptible power supply system: An uninterruptible power supply system including a rectification circuit, a power calibrating conversion circuit, an inverting conversion circuit, an LC circuit, a first output switch, a second output switch and a relay switch is disclosed. The rectification circuit couples to the main electricity. The power calibrating conversion circuit couples to... Agent:

20140354059 - Power supply system and power source apparatus: A power supply system comprising a power source apparatus connected at a junction point P1 to a system power source line L0 provided between a system power source and a load device, and a power source apparatus connected at a junction point P2 to the system power source line L0.... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140354060 - Power supply apparatus and electronic apparatus having the same: A power supply apparatus and an electronic apparatus are provided. The power supply apparatus includes: a plurality of power supplies arranged as a single array; a switch disposed between the plurality of power supplies configured to control connection states of the plurality of power supplies; and a controller configured to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140354061 - Power supply device and switch method thereof: A power supply device includes a power supply unit, a switch unit, a discharge unit and a control unit. The power supply unit is for receiving a first power or a second power, for outputting a third power. The switch unit is coupled to the power supply unit, for receiving... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20140354062 - Power system stabilization: A system for damping power system oscillation includes a damping device controller for generating a damping control signal to compensate for a plurality of oscillation modes in the power system oscillations and a damping device to generate a damping signal based on a damping control signal. The damping device controller... Agent: General Electric Company

20140354072 - Communication terminal apparatus and method for supplying terminal power source: A communication terminal that includes a wireless communication unit used to communicate with another communication terminal, a power transmitting unit that transmits contactless electric power to the another communication terminal, and a control unit that controls the wireless communication unit to transmit, to the another communication terminal, an instruction for... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications, Inc.

20140354071 - Efficient near-field wireless energy transfer using adiabatic system variations: Disclosed is a method for transferring energy wirelessly including transferring energy wirelessly from a first resonator structure to an intermediate resonator structure, wherein the coupling rate between the first resonator structure and the intermediate resonator structure is κ1B, transferring energy wirelessly from the intermediate resonator structure to a second resonator... Agent:

20140354075 - Electric power transmission system and power transmission device: A power reception device includes power reception electrodes which establish electric field coupling with power transmission electrodes provided in a power transmission device; and a transformer and rectification circuit which supply electric power based on the electric field excited by the power reception electrodes to a load. The power reception... Agent:

20140354065 - Inductive power transmission device: A power transmission device for inductive energy transfer. The power transmission device comprises a first stage adapted to be connected to a supply input voltage and adapted to convert the supply input voltage to an operating voltage. The power transmission device further includes a second stage comprising a resonant circuit... Agent: Friwo Ger&#xe4 Tebau Gmbh

20140354070 - Non-contact switch device: The present disclosure aims to provide a high-durability switch device. The switch device includes: a switch key top and a switch key bottom that are freely displaceable relative to each other, the switch key top including key top reception and transmitting coils that are connected to each other, and the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140354073 - Power feed device of inductive charging device: A power feeding device of a non-contact charging device includes a power factor improvement circuit which converts an AC power supply to DC, and improves a power factor, a smoothing capacitor connected to an output end of the power factor improvement circuit, an inverter circuit which includes a plurality of... Agent:

20140354074 - Power feed device of inductive charging device: A power feeding device of a non-contact charging device includes a power factor improvement circuit which converts an AC power supply to DC, and improves a power factor, a smoothing capacitor connected to an output end of the power factor improvement circuit, an inverter circuit which includes a plurality of... Agent:

20140354068 - Power reception device, power transmission device, and power transfer system: A power reception device includes a power reception unit having a first capacitor, receiving electric power in a non-contact manner from an externally provided power transmission unit, a first housing case housing the power reception unit inside, and a first anchor member anchoring the first capacitor. The first housing case... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140354064 - System and method for safe, wireless energy transmission: A system for transmitting energy comprises a controller operably coupled to a plurality of energy transmitters. Each of the transmitters comprises a microwave generator, a waveguide positioned for receiving the beam of electromagnetic energy from the microwave generator, an antenna positioned for receiving the guided beam of electromagnetic energy, and... Agent: Escape Dynamics, Inc.

20140354063 - Tracking surface for determining optimal charging position: The present disclosure describes a methodology for tracking position and orientation of one or more electronic devices, which may receive charge through wireless power transmission based on pocket-forming. This methodology may include one transmitter and at least one or more receivers, being the transmitter the source of energy and the... Agent:

20140354067 - Wireless power transmission system and method for designing the same: A wireless power transmission system includes a transmitting antenna, a power supply for supplying power of a resonance frequency f0 to the transmitting antenna, a first capacitor connected in series to the transmitting antenna, a receiving antenna magnetically coupled to the transmitting antenna, a load connected to the receiving antenna,... Agent: Daihen Corporation

20140354066 - Wireless power transmitter: A first oscillator is configured to be switchable between a disabled state and an oscillation state in which a first clock signal CLK1 having a first frequency is generated. A second oscillator oscillates at a second frequency that is lower than the first frequency, so as to generate a second... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20140354069 - Wireless power transmitting device and method for controlling to transmit wireless power signal in wireless power transmitting device: There is provided a wireless power transmitting device including a transmission coil configured to transmit a wireless power signal to a wireless power receiving device; a driving driver configured to generate a wireless power driving signal which is a driving signal for the wireless power signal; an alternating current sensor... Agent: Hanrim Postech Co., Ltd.

20140354076 - Linear transformer driver for pulse generation with fifth harmonic: A linear transformer driver includes at least one ferrite ring positioned to accept a load. The linear transformer driver also includes a first, second, and third power delivery module. The first power delivery module sends a first energy in the form of a first pulse to the load. The second... Agent:

20140354077 - Electronic device with keys and voltage detecting method thereof: An electronic device with a plurality of keys which correspond to a plurality of standard voltages respectively comprises a voltage generation module, a detection module, storage, an acquiring module, a comparison module, and an extraction module. The voltage generation module with an initial voltage decreases the initial voltage to the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140354078 - Multi-switching device and multi-switching method thereof: A multi-switching device and a multi-switching method thereof perform the following steps. A first control signal and a second control signal are received. Whether the first control signal and the second control signal are received is determined. When the first control signal and the second control signal are received, whether... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20140354079 - Programmable & simultaneous load switch control for power sequencing: A power delivery and control device that includes a voltage input line, a voltage output line, a control logic unit coupled to the voltage input and voltage output line to control a voltage being delivered by the voltage output line based on a programmable behavior parameter, a voltage output register... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140354080 - Electronic device and method for applying power depending on whether accessory is charged: A method is employed by an electronic device for managing power used by an associated accessory device attached to the electronic device. The method includes applying a current to the accessory device and in response to the applied current, at least one of first and second identifier resistances are identified... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140354081 - Electrical power grid for a downhole bha: A downhole electrical power grid electrically connects a string of downhole tools including at least a first power generating tool and a second power consuming tool. The power generating tool includes a power generator, an electric load, and a power management controller. The power management controller is configured to automatically... Agent:

20140354082 - Fault tolerant service switch operation in a utility meter: A method for controllably disconnecting a utility power service from a load includes a step of receiving a disconnect command at a control circuit within a utility meter housing. Then, responsive to receiving the disconnect command, using the control circuit to provide a first signal to a first switch operably... Agent:

20140354083 - Switch: A switch is provided. The switch includes a control chip and a trigger device. The trigger device is coupled to a first pin of the control chip. When a user uses the trigger to generate a first control signal, and the control chip detects the first control signal via the... Agent: Edge-core Networks Corporation

20140354084 - Power transmitting apparatus, power receiving apparatus, and non-contact power transmission system: An active electrode and a passive electrode provided in a power transmitting apparatus 10 are connected to an inductor provided on the secondary side of a transformer generating an AC voltage and are respectively coupled to an active electrode and a passive electrode of a power receiving apparatus through electric... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 43 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140346857 - Protecting against transients in a communication system: A system for transmitting alternating current power and communication signals between a first location and a second location via a communication path which includes at least one inductive load and at least one switching means for switching power to said at least one load on and off, the system including... Agent: Vetco Gray Controls Limited

20140346863 - Battery apparatus for supplying power to oppositely-mounted bicycle crank arms: A battery apparatus comprises a bicycle crank axle having a first end, a second end, and a hollow portion. The first end of the bicycle crank axle is configured to attach to a first bicycle crank arm, the second end of the bicycle crank axle is configured to attach to... Agent: Shimano, Inc.

20140346859 - Battery emulator and methods of use: A dynamic battery emulator for replacing and mimicking the characteristics of a battery in a portable electronic device when the device is located in or on a vehicle can include a power control module capable of varying its output voltage to adapt to the voltage requirements of an attached portable... Agent: Forward Thinking Products, LLC

20140346860 - Inductive power transmission device: The invention relates to a single device (500) combining the functions of an inductive power transmitter for recharging a mobile device and of near-field data communication (NFC) with said mobile device. Said device comprises at least the following elements: a) an inductive power transmission module (500) for transmitting power to... Agent: Valeo Systemes Thermiques

20140346858 - Method for operating an on-board power supply system of a motor vehicle: A method for operating an onboard power supply system of a motor vehicle, wherein the onboard power supply system includes at least two electric networks with different supply voltages. A network component, in particular an electrical load, is connected to each network, and a high-voltage battery is connected to the... Agent: Audi Ag

20140346862 - Motor vehicle: A motor vehicle includes an electric machine that can be connected or is connected to a rechargeable energy storage device for supplying electric energy by way of an intermediate power inverter. The energy storage device can be connected via a motor-vehicle-side charge connection element to an external energy supply device... Agent:

20140346861 - Vehicle auxiliary power supply device and overcurrent protection method thereof: A vehicle auxiliary power supply device includes a resonant inverter circuit that converts DC input into a desired AC voltage and outputs the AC voltage and a control unit. The control unit includes a resonance-time managing unit managing resonance time of current flowing in the resonant inverter circuit, a gate-off-command... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140346864 - Device for maintaining voltage during startup for a motor vehicle: Device (DMT) arranged to provide an additional voltage, when the heat engine starts up, for the electrical power supply of the rotating electrical machine (AD). This additional voltage is added to a rated voltage of the on-board electrical system (RB) provided by a battery (BAT). The device comprises a second... Agent:

20140346865 - Power supply device for vehicle: A power supply device for a vehicle has connection changeover means for alternatively changing a connection of a capacitor and a battery over to any one of a parallel connection of the capacitor and the battery, a series connection of the capacitor and the battery and an independent connection of... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140346866 - Distribution strip: The invention relates to a distribution strip for distributing electrical energy for equipment, device and/or server cabinets. The distribution strip has an inner chamber which is defined by an upper, lower, two lateral side faces and two end faces. A feed cable is provided on one of the end faces.... Agent: Knuerr Gmbh

20140346867 - Home appliance comprising an electric motor having at least two coils, method and system for controlling the home appliance, use of electric motor for feeding in the home appliance: A control method and system for home appliances which include an electric motor having at least two coils. The coils of the electric motor are combined in series or in parallel due to the input voltage and are used as a voltage supply for devices of a set of electrical... Agent: Whirlpool S.a.

20140346868 - Energy transfer and storage apparatus for delivery of pulsed power: A method and system supply pulsed power. The system includes an inertial energy storage device configured to store inertial energy and an electrochemical energy storage system configured to store electrochemical energy. The system includes a bidirectional energy transfer system. The energy transfer system is configured to receive energy from an... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140346869 - Emergency power supply method for container terminal and container terminal: Provided are an emergency power supply method for a container terminal and a container terminal, which supply emergency electric power by using a cargo handling machine as a power source in an emergency situation due to electric outage of the container terminal, or the like. In an emergency where an... Agent:

20140346870 - Power supply unit: A power supply unit having a circuit for uninterrupted power supply comprises a first DC-DC converter arranged on the input side, at least one output configured for outputting an output DC voltage, and at least one first output switching controller. A DC link is arranged between the first DC-DC converter... Agent:

20140346871 - Power conversion apparatus and power conversion method: A power conversion apparatus includes a primary side circuit, a secondary side circuit magnetically coupled to the primary side circuit through a transformer, and a control unit that adjusts transmitted power transmitted between the primary side circuit and the secondary side circuit by changing a phase difference between switching of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140346872 - Power supply apparatus for power converters: There is provided a power supply apparatus for power converters which convert power generated by power generators into power to be supplied to a power system. The power supply apparatus includes a photovoltaic power cell for the power converters, the photovoltaic power cells generating power for supplying power of the... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20140346873 - Enhanced battery system and method: Various systems and methods for managing a plurality of battery modules are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a system may include two or more battery modules with each battery module having a state of charge. The system may include at least one battery management system for monitoring the state of... Agent: Powerful Battery Solutions LLC

20140346875 - Method and apparatus for providing power: Embodiments of the subject invention are drawn to power supply units and systems for supplying power to loads. Specific embodiments relate to systems incorporating the loads. The power supply units and systems can include a feedback mechanism for monitoring the system and maintaining a parameter of interest at or near... Agent:

20140346874 - Power supply with standby operation: A power supply includes a power conversion circuit configured to selectively operate in one of an active mode in which output power is supplied to a load and a standby mode in which output power is not supplied to the load, a plurality of auxiliary circuits including a first auxiliary... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140346876 - Power supply circuit, method, and portable device: The disclosure provides a power supply circuit including an external power source, an ID pin provided in a universal serial bus (USB) port on a printed circuit board (PCB), and an internal power and signal management subsystem. The external power source is configured to power the internal power and signal... Agent:

20140346877 - Power converter: A power converter can include an inverter including, connected in series, switching elements, the inverter circuit being connected to both ends of a DC power source series circuit resulting from connecting in series a DC power source and a DC power source. Also included can be an AC output terminal... Agent:

20140346880 - Power conversion apparatus: When a snubber capacitor is charged to at least a predetermined voltage, a protection circuit renders conductive a clamp diode provided on current paths to complete the charging of the snubber capacitor.... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20140346879 - Power module: A power module (10) includes at least one power supply unit (110) and a power distribution board (130) separately located on different circuit boards to prevent any cross-influencing in voltage conversion. The power supply unit (110) includes an AC to DC converter (113) configured to receive an external alternating current... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140346878 - Semiconductor integrated circuit and operating method thereof: The present invention is made to not only reduce voltage drop when a power supply circuit makes a selection between a power supply voltage from a main power supply and a backup power supply voltage from an auxiliary power supply, but also reduce the power consumption of the auxiliary power... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20140346881 - Voltage generating circuits based on a power-on control signal: A circuit includes a power-on control circuit and a voltage generating circuit. The power-on control circuit is configured to cause a power-on control signal to follow a voltage level of a first supply voltage during a first time period that a voltage level of a second supply voltage is less... Agent:

20140346882 - Power supply device and power supply switching method: A power supply device (10) includes a plurality of constant current output circuits (14) that can supply power to a load (12). The constant current output circuit (14) includes a pulse generation unit (20) that generates a pulse voltage, and a communication unit (34) that transmits and receives drive information,... Agent: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

20140346883 - Control circuit for power supply: A control circuit includes a controller, first and second electronic switches, a diode, first to fourth resistors, and a capacitor. The controller is coupled to a power supply of a computer. The controller is also coupled to the first and second electronic switches. The first electronic switch is coupled to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140346884 - Power converter: A power converter that can supply constant voltage to a load even upon fluctuation of voltage of an AC power source includes an inverter circuit resulting from connecting switching elements in series, the inverter circuit being connected to both ends of a DC power source series circuit resulting from connecting... Agent:

20140346886 - Antenna configuration to facilitate near field coupling: Described herein are techniques related to near field coupling and wireless power transfers. A portable device may include a coil antenna that includes an upper loop and a lower loop to form a figure-eight arrangement. The figure-eight coil antenna arrangement is wrapped against top and bottom surfaces of a component... Agent:

20140346889 - Drive method for non-contact power supply device, non-contact power supply device, and non-contact power supply system: A power supply device (2) is provided with a push-type power generator (4). When a push-button (5) on the push-type power generator (4) is pushed, a variable voltage is generated by a piezoelectric element (6) that excites a primary coil (L1). A high-frequency inverter (8) is activated by the variable... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140346890 - Feed unit and feed system: A feed unit includes: a power transmission section configured to perform power transmission with use of a magnetic field or an electronic field; a power limiting section provided on a power supply line from an external power source to the power transmission section; and a control section provided on a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140346887 - Galvanic isolator: A system on a package (SOP) can include a galvanic isolator. The galvanic isolator can include an input stage configured to transmit an input RF signal in response to receiving an input modulated signal. The galvanic isolator can also include a resonant coupler electrically isolated from the input stage by... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorported

20140346885 - Power transmitting system capable of power flashing and selective power distribution: A wireless power transfer system is disclosed that allows for directed power distribution. A power station that transmits the power can also transmit a distribution instruction that authorizes and/or prohibits various systems/components within a receiver device to receive power. A manager and power router within the receiver device route the... Agent:

20140346888 - Wireless power transmitting and charging system, and method for controlling communication and power in the wireless power transmitting and charging system: Disclosed are a wireless power transmitting and charging system, and a method for controlling communication and power in the wireless power transmitting and charging system, with wireless power referring to energy transferred from a wireless power transmitting apparatus to a wireless power receiving apparatus through a magnetic coupling. Thus, the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140346891 - Device and method to break the current in power transmission or distribution system: A direct current (DC) circuit breaker for power transmission or distribution system includes a current sensor for sensing current of a system, a controller, a physical switch, and multiple switch modules. The multiple switch modules are electrically coupled to the current sensor and the physical switch in series. Each switch... Agent: Ge Energy Power Conversion Technology Limited

20140346892 - Polling system and polling method using the same: Disclosed herein is a polling system, including: a matrix element including individual elements including upper electrodes and lower electrodes, the individual elements being arrayed in plural, the upper electrodes of the individual elements being each connected in series to form upper electrode units which are arrayed in plural and the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140346893 - Switching control systems: We describe a system for controlling very large numbers of power semiconductor switching devices (132) to switch in synchronisation. The devices are high power devices, for example carrying hundreds of amps and/or voltages of the order of kilovolts. In outline the system comprises a coordinating control system (110, 120), which... Agent: Amantys Ltd

20140346894 - Battery pack test system: A battery pack test system is provided. The system includes a battery charging device that monitors an output voltage level of the vehicle battery pack. The system further includes a switch electrically coupled between an igniter and a voltage source. The system further includes a first video camera that generates... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140346895 - Method and circuit arrangement for the activation and parameterization of an electrical device: A method for the activation of an electrical device (50), which comprises at least one electrical component (30) whose values are mechanically variable by rotating or displacing is characterized by the following steps: at least one first and one second threshold value are predetermined, which are adjustable by rotating, touching,... Agent: Balluff Gmbh

20140346896 - System and method to manage energy usage: A system and method are provided for managing energy usage that includes obtaining an allocated power value associated with a predetermined time period, metering at least one of consumed power and corresponding consumed energy to determine a consumed power value and a consumed energy value and prompting for a reduced... Agent:

20140346897 - High-voltage dc voltage unit and method for operating a high-voltage dc voltage unit: A high-voltage DC voltage unit with a first DC voltage apparatus providing a first high-voltage DC voltage between a first output connection and a second output connection of the DC voltage apparatus or can be fed with a first high-voltage DC voltage. A second DC voltage apparatus provides a second... Agent:

20140346898 - Junction box having the mppt control function that is individually embedded in a solar cell module, and method for driving same: Disclosed is a junction box which includes voltage and current sensors that are connected to both ends of bypass diodes provided within the junction box to sense currents and voltages of the solar cell module; a MPPT controller that tracks a maximum power point from current and voltage values sensed... Agent:

20140346899 - Power control device with multi-directional sensing ability: A power control device includes an electric power switch and a control unit. The control unit is mounted on an electric device, determines whether the electric device is disposed at a normal use position or an abnormal inclined position, and determines whether the electric device is at a normal use... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 34 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140339891 - Battery controller, battery system: A battery controller that performs current limitation in consideration of limitation on other components than a battery main body and the state of health of a battery is provided. A battery controller limits a battery current using allowable average current information describing current average values respectively allowed for a plurality... Agent:

20140339890 - Inverter and power system with fuse protection: A power conversion system includes a bus bar, a switch coupled to the bus bar and configured to receive a DC input voltage from a voltage source through the bus bar, and a parallel fuse system. The parallel fuse system may be disposed on the bus bar in series with... Agent:

20140339892 - Disconnection unit for disconnecting a battery from a power system and a motor vehicle having a lithium-ion battery: A disconnection unit is configured for disconnecting a battery from a power system. A fuse is configured to interrupt a circuit between the battery and the power system. The fuse is integrated into the disconnection unit.... Agent:

20140339893 - Life degradation mitigation for transient response energy storage: A variable speed genset system is provided that may include a primary power source, an electric machine, an energy storage device, a boost converter, and a controller. The electric machine may be coupled to the primary power source and electrically coupled to a load through a common bus. The boost... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140339894 - Pre-emphasis circuit: An embodiment of a pre-emphasis circuit, an embodiment of a method for pre-emphasizing complementary single-ended signals, an embodiment of a transmitter, and an embodiment of a communication system.... Agent:

20140339895 - Charging device with removable insert: Disclosed herein is a charging device. In one embodiment, the device includes a base unit that forms bottom and side surfaces, a top unit that forms a top surface of the apparatus, the top unit including a user-removable insert, the user-removable insert comprising a substantially transparent portion and a substantially... Agent:

20140339896 - Photovoltaic module: A photovoltaic module may include a transparent conductive layer on a substrate a first submodule including a first plurality of photovoltaic cells connected in series and a second submodule including a second plurality of photovoltaic cells connected in series.... Agent:

20140339897 - Controlled switched capacitor coefficients: A switched capacitor circuit including two or more capacitors arranged in a switched capacitor circuit configuration with a comparator comparing a node whose potential varies with the charging of one or more of the switched capacitors. The switched capacitor circuit also has two or more current sources scaled relative to... Agent:

20140339898 - Integrated solar and battery inverter: A circuitry arrangement includes two-pole connectors for connecting a battery and a further voltage source. The plus pole of one connector and the minus pole of the other connector are directly connected to a plus pole and a minus pole of a DC voltage link. The plus and minus poles... Agent:

20140339899 - Multilevel power converter circuit: A multilevel power converter circuit driven by two direct current power supplies in series includes a first semiconductor switch series circuit that combines a series circuit of 2n IGBTs connected between positive and negative electrodes with a capacitor, a second semiconductor switch series circuit that combines a series circuit of... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20140339900 - Power supply switching device and switch board: A power supply switching device and switch board checks whether or not a primary-side voltage of a remote shutoff breaker and a secondary-side voltage thereof become a rated voltage after a commercial power system is recovered from a blackout. Next, when both primary-side voltage and secondary-side voltage become the rated... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140339901 - Apparatus, system, and method for controlling power within a power-redundant system: An apparatus may include a bus that electrically couples an electrical load to redundant power feeds. The apparatus may also include at least one capacitive component electrically coupled between first and second rails of the bus via both a conductive path and a resistive path that has substantially greater resistance... Agent: Juniper Networks, Inc.

20140339902 - Design for hybrid super-capacitor / battery systems in pulsed power applications: A hybrid super-capacitor/battery system is disclosed (particularly under high pulsed power and low temperature conditions) which allows an existing battery system to ride through transient loading and provide excellent energy density and power density under practical loading conditions.... Agent: Electro Standards Laboratories

20140339903 - Electric power transmitting apparatus and method for controlling electric power transmission: An electric power transmitting apparatus and a method for controlling electric power transmission that switches a connection state of a coupling electrode in accordance with the shape and the size of an electric power receiving apparatus, a position where the electric power receiving apparatus is placed.... Agent:

20140339911 - Contactless power supplying system, electric appliance, repeater, and adaptor: A contactless power supplying system includes a contactless power supplying device provided with a high-frequency inverter and a primary coil and an electric appliance provided with a secondary coil and a power receiving circuit that supplies induced electromotive force generated by the secondary coil to a load. The system further... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140339906 - Detecting device, power supply system, and detecting device control method: A detecting device includes: a measurement coil made up of a first partial coil to which current in a particular direction is induced by a magnetic field to be supplied to a power reception coil configured to receive power, and a second partial coil to which the current in the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140339907 - Detecting device, power supply system, and detecting device control method: A detecting device includes: a measurement coil made up of a first partial coil to which current in a particular direction is induced by a magnetic field to be supplied to a power reception coil configured to receive power, a second partial coil to which the current in the particular... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140339908 - Detection apparatus, power supply system, and method of controlling detection apparatus: A detection apparatus includes: a measurement coil disposed in a vicinity of a power reception coil configured to receive power supplied through a magnetic field; a measurement section configured to measure a voltage of the measurement coil as a measurement coil voltage; and a foreign object detection section configured to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140339910 - Device to device signaling in wireless energy transfer systems: Described herein are improved configurations for wireless energy transfer. System elements of a wireless energy transfer system may pair in-band and out-of-band communication channels by exchanging related information. Energy transfer signals may be modulated according to defined waveforms. Waveform characteristics may be transmitted using an out-of-band communication channel. A system... Agent:

20140339912 - Feed unit and feed system: A feed unit includes: a power transmission section configured to perform power transmission with use of a magnetic field or an electronic field; a power limiting section provided on a power supply line from an external power source to the power transmission section; and an operation stop section configured to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140339905 - Foreign object detection device and non-contact power transfer device: A foreign object detection device has a foreign object detector configured to detect a foreign object when a power receiver receives power from a power transmitter in a non-contact manner, the foreign object detector being arranged between the power receiver and the power transmitter, and a power control signal generator... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140339904 - Method and apparatus for transferring electromagnetic power: A method and apparatus for inductively obtaining alternating current from a first variable magnetic field with an input coil; forming with an output coil a second variable magnetic field using the alternating current; and conducting the alternating current from the input coil to the output coil.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140339916 - Power system: The present invention provides methods and apparatus for reducing power consumption. One method includes detecting the presence of an object, identifying whether the object is a valid device and restricting power if it is not a valid device. Another method includes temporarily applying a low amount of power to the... Agent:

20140339909 - Power transmission device, power transmission method, and storage medium: A power transmission device for wirelessly transmitting power to a power reception device includes a power transmission target determination unit configured to determine a power transmission target power reception device, a power transmission time determination unit configured to determine, if a power reception device to which power has already been... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140339914 - System providing inductive transmission of power and data through a permeable conductive barrier layer: A wireless power transmission system is designed to transmit power through a permeable conductive barrier layer. The system comprises a power transmitting circuit including a first inductive coil. A power receiving circuit includes a second inductive coil located on the opposite side of the barrier layer to the first inductive... Agent: The Technology Partnership PLC

20140339913 - Wireless power feeding system and wireless power feeding method: A wireless power feeding system capable of long distance and highly efficient space transmission of power is provided. A wireless power feeding system includes a power transmitter, a power receiver, and a power receiving body. The power transmitter generates electromagnetic waves. The power receiver is supplied with power by means... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140339915 - Wireless power transmission system: A power transmitting antenna includes a first resonant circuit including a power transmitting coil. A power receiving antenna includes a second resonant circuit including a power receiving coil. When the power transmitting antenna and the power receiving antenna are electromagnetically coupled to each other, the power transmitting antenna and the... Agent:

20140339917 - Method for providing sequential power pulses: The present invention relates to a method for providing power pulses for PVD sputter cathodes which comprise a power consumption component and a cathode element, wherein during a power increase interval for a generator the power on the power consumption component is decreased and then the power on the cathode... Agent: Oerlikon Trading Ag, Trubbach

20140339918 - Enhanced stacked switched capacitor energy buffer circuit: A stacked switched capacitor (SSC) energy buffer circuit includes a switching network and a plurality of energy storage capacitors. The switching network need operate at only a relatively low switching frequency and can take advantage of soft charging of the energy storage capacitors to reduce loss. Thus, efficiency of the... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140339919 - System of servicing device and field device and method for communication with a field device: A system composed of a servicing device and a field device having at least one sensor unit for determining and/or monitoring at least one process variable. At least one electronics unit, which has an evaluation unit, wherein the evaluation unit receives measurement signals from the sensor unit and evaluates such... Agent:

20140339920 - Thermal runaway and fire detection and prevention device: A system and method to monitor and control a battery string in an uninterruptible power supply unit is provided. The present system and method aids in the prevention of thermal runaway conditions which may lead to battery damage and fire. Battery parameters are measured and compared to a given standard... Agent:

20140339921 - Light load current detection system: A light load current detection system including a detection process module and a control circuit is provided for detecting a current value of a light load current of a load in a light load mode; the detection process module including a power save unit and a voltage detection module. The... Agent: Feeling Technology Corp.

20140339922 - Data transmission using an electrical machine: A battery pack includes an electrical energy store, a data memory and an interface for the alternative connection of the battery pack to a data source or a data sink. The data memory is designed to receive data from the data source while the interface is connected to the data... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140339923 - Magnetic field detection apparatus for a wireless power transfer system: A wireless power receiver configured to control an electrical connection between a capture resonator of a wireless power transfer system and an electrical load, such as a battery pack or electric motor. The circuitry of the wireless power receiver is powered directly by the power output from the capture resonator,... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 28 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140333127 - Aircraft electrical system: An aircraft electrical network including a first starter generator mechanically coupled to a first shaft of an aircraft main engine. The first starter generator is configured to turn the first shaft of the main engine in a starting mode, and to generate electricity from the first shaft of the gas... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140333128 - Electric power transmission device, vehicle, and non-contact electric power transmission and reception system: An electric power transmission device includes an electric power transmission portion, a first communication portion, and a first control device controlling the electric power transmission portion and the first communication portion. A vehicle includes an electric power reception portion, a second communication portion, and a second control device controlling the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140333126 - Electrical system for an aircraft: This invention relates to an electrical system for an aircraft, comprising: a first main generator connected to at least one load via a first bus; a second main generator connected to at least one load via a second bus; a first and a second auxiliary generator associated with the first... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140333129 - System and method for compensating for high-frequency leakage currents in a motor vehicle: A system for compensating for a high-frequency leakage current emanating from at least one component of a motor vehicle, connected to a power supply network via a rectifier device, the power supply network having a ground and at least one phase other than ground. For each component, a first compensation... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20140333130 - Charging/discharging harness routing structure in electric vehicle: In an electric vehicle, high-power unit (20) disposed in motor room (2) to supply drive current to motor drive unit (10), and battery pack (30) disposed below vehicle body floor (3) are connected to each other through charging/discharging harness (51). High-power unit 20 includes unit back surface (high-power module back... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20140333131 - Power transmitting apparatus, power transmitting method, and storage medium: A power transmitting apparatus, which simultaneously or sequentially supplies electric power to a plurality of power receiving apparatuses in a wireless manner, includes a power transmitting unit configured to transmit electric power to the plurality of power receiving apparatuses, a reception unit configured to receive a power transmission end request... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140333132 - Battery system: A battery system (201) includes a battery module (314) in which plural battery cells (310) are connected in series, a battery pack (203) in which the battery modules (314) are connected in series, parallel or series-parallel, and a battery block (212) in which the battery packs (203) are connected in... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140333133 - Integrated circuit power management module: An integrated circuit includes a set of electronic circuits, a voltage regulator, and a power management module. The power management module includes a set of dummy circuits connected to the set of electronic circuits, a control signal generator, a counter and a shift register. The control signal generator generates a... Agent:

20140333134 - Power managers for an integrated circuit: A system for an integrated circuit comprising a plurality of power islands includes a first power manager and a second power manager. The first power manager manages a first power consumption for the integrated circuit based on needs and operation of the integrated circuit. The second power manager communicates with... Agent:

20140333135 - High performance voltage compensation: An apparatus for producing a compensated voltage output comprising: a first power source or power sink coupled between a first node and a reference node; a second power source or power sink coupled between a second node and the reference node; a biasing means comprising one portion coupled between the... Agent: Control Techniques Limited

20140333136 - Integrated electronics for perpetual energy harvesting: An apparatus for perpetually harvesting ambient near ultraviolet to far infrared radiation to provide continual power regardless of the environment, incorporating a system for the harvesting electronics governing power management, storage control, and output regulation. The harvesting electronics address issues of efficiently matching the voltage and current characteristics of the... Agent: Banpil Photonics, Inc.

20140333137 - Dc-based uninterruptible power system and method for detecting abnormal voltage: A direct current (dc) uninterruptible power system is disclosed. The dc-based uninterruptible power system includes a multiplexer, a battery unit, a linear regulator, a switch-transistor, a voltage comparator and micro controller. The multiplexer receives a first control signal, a first reference voltage and a second reference voltage and outputs a... Agent: Lite-on Electronics (guangzhou) Limited

20140333138 - System and method for maintaining proper phase neutral wiring in a power system: According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a method of operating a UPS system, the method comprising receiving, at an input of a first UPS, input power from a power source, generating, with a first analysis circuit, a first signal indicative of a characteristic of the input power,... Agent: Schneider Electric It Corporation

20140333139 - Systems and methods of semi-centralized power storage and power production for multi-directional smart grid and other applications: Systems and methods of semi-centralized power storage and distributed power generation comprise at least one power storage facility at a first location, at least one distributed power generation facility at a second location different than the first location, and at least one mobile stored power transportation unit. The power storage... Agent: Expansion Energy, LLC

20140333140 - Power supply apparatus, control method of power supply apparatus, and power supply system: The power supply apparatus according to the present invention is connected in parallel with the grid and includes a voltage sensor 108 configured to obtain a first measured voltage value by measuring a voltage of the grid, a communication interface 114 configured to communicate with another power supply apparatus connected... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140333141 - Photovoltaic (pv)-based ac module and solar systems therefrom: A photovoltaic (PV)-based AC module (module) includes a PV panel and a three-phase micro-inverter system attached to or integrated directly into the PV panel including a DC/AC inverter stage including first, second and third phase circuitry each having a plurality of semiconductor power switches. A first, second and third control... Agent: University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140333149 - Circuit device: A circuit device includes a semiconductor substrate, a first inductor provided over the semiconductor substrate, and a second inductor provided over the semiconductor substrate and coupled to the first inductor. The first inductor and second inductor are wound in a same direction with each other from respective inner end portions... Agent:

20140333144 - Control apparatus, wireless power transmission system and wireless power transmission apparatus: According to one embodiment, there is provided a control apparatus for a first wireless power transmission apparatus and a second wireless power transmission apparatus. The first wireless power transmission apparatus includes a first inductor and an alternating-current signal source that supplies an alternating-current power to the first inductor. The second... Agent:

20140333145 - Differential load detecting method for detecting a wireless power receiver in wireless power network and wireless power transmitter: A differential load detection apparatus and method are provided for detecting a wireless power receiver in a wireless power network. The differential load detection method includes transmitting first detection power for detecting the wireless power receiver, transmitting second detection power when an impedance variation greater than a first predetermined threshold... Agent:

20140333143 - Electromagnetic coil system for driving control of micro-robot: An electromagnetic coil system for driving control of a micro-robot includes pairs of X-axis and Y-axis Helmholtz coils whose winding central axes are placed on an X axis and Y axis respectively, a position recognition system that detects a position and direction of the micro-robot in a workspace, a controller... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140333146 - Inductive power transfer: A detection method for use in a primary unit of an inductive power transfer system, the primary unit being operable to transmit power wirelessly by electromagnetic induction to at least one secondary unit of the system located in proximity to the primary unit and/or to a foreign object located in... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20140333142 - Limiting wireless power receiver voltage: Disclosed are various embodiments for controlling voltage in a wireless power receiver. A wireless power receiver may comprise an electromagnetic coil configured to receive a current induced by a magnetic flux generated by a wireless power transmitter and a comparator configured to compare a voltage generated by the induced current... Agent:

20140333153 - Non-contact electric power transmission system: Disclosed is a non-contact electric power transmission system including a power feeding unit provided with a power feeding side coil to which electric power is supplied, a power receiving unit provided with a power receiving side coil electromagnetically coupled with the power feeding side coil, and a capacitor connected in... Agent:

20140333152 - Power receiving apparatus and power transmission system: A power receiving apparatus includes a power reception circuit, a first member having a cylindrical shape, a power receiving coil disposed on a cylinder side surface of the first member and connected through wires to the power reception circuit, and a resonance coil configured to be freely movable along the... Agent:

20140333148 - Power receiving apparatus with a plurality of resonance coils: A power receiving apparatus includes a plurality of resonance coils, a power receiving circuit, and a single wire configured to start at a first terminal of the power receiving circuit and to end at a second terminal of the power receiving circuit, the single wire forming one coil or a... Agent:

20140333150 - Power transmitting apparatus and power transmitting method: A power transmitting apparatus (100, 150) is provided with a first coil (105) and is configured to transmit electric power in a wireless manner to a second coil (204) disposed opposite to and at a distance from the first coil. The power transmitting apparatus is provided with: a first conversion... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20140333151 - Power transmitting apparatus, power transmission system, and power transmission method: A power transmitting apparatus includes a power transmission or reception circuit, a first coil connected to the power transmission or reception circuit through wires, a plurality of resonance coils having respective, different diameters one of which is selectively coupled to the first coil through electromagnetic induction, and a position control... Agent:

20140333147 - Wireless power transmission/reception apparatus and method: A wireless power transmission/reception apparatus includes a wireless power transmission unit. The transmission unit is configured to generate a wireless power signal to be transmitted, transmit the wireless power signal using magnetic resonance, receive a reflected wireless power signal from a wireless power reception unit, determine whether a load device... Agent:

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