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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 27 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150145324 - Power over data lines detection and classification scheme: A PoDL system includes a PSE connected via a wire pair to a PD, where differential data and DC power are transmitted over the same wire pair. Typically, low voltage/current detection and classification routines are required upon every powering up of the system to allow the PD to convey its... Agent:

20150145325 - Active power factor correction for aircraft power system harmonic mitigation: Active power factor correction can be used to reduce input harmonics in an aircraft power distribution system. In an embodiment, one or more power factor correction (PFC) units can be placed in a power distribution system to profile an input signal. Each PFC unit can include a converter, such as... Agent:

20150145326 - Aircraft power management system and method for managing power supply in an aircraft: A power management system includes an electrical power supply input configured to be coupled to an electrical power supply, a first power supply bus bar coupled to the power supply input, a power management device coupled to the first power supply bus bar, at least one primary electrical equipment including... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20150145327 - Motor vehicle component support and method for the production thereof: The invention relates to a motor vehicle component support, in particular a motor vehicle door lock (1), and to a method for the production thereof. Said motor vehicle component support is equipped with a strip conductor structure (3) composed of several strip conductors (7). According to the invention, the strip... Agent: Kiekert Aktiensellschaft

20150145328 - Distributed power system and operation method: A distributed power system is designed to continuously supply electric power to a load even when a system voltage of the electric power system becomes abnormal. The distributed power system includes a DC/DC converter to convert DC current generated by solar power generation facility to DC current with a predetermined... Agent:

20150145329 - Power supply controlling circuit and storage apparatus: A power supply controlling circuit, includes: at least one switch configured to switch between on and off of a power supply to at least one apparatus; at least one switch controlling circuit configured to control on/off of the switch; at least one monitoring circuit configured to monitor whether or not... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150145330 - Coupling-in and coupling-out of power in a branch of a dc voltage network node comprising a longitudinal voltage source: A device for load flow control of a direct current in a branch of a direct current voltage network node having a longitudinal voltage source which has a coupling device for connection or disconnection of electrical power. The coupling device for connection and disconnection of electrical power are connected to... Agent: Siemens Aktiengellschaft

20150145331 - Circuits and methods for operating a switching regulator: The present disclosure includes circuits and methods for controlling the operation of a switching regulator. Closing and opening high side and low side switches may be controlled so that an inductor current may be used to charge and/or discharge an intermediate switching node when both switches are open. In one... Agent:

20150145332 - Method and apparatus for regulating a voltage in a distribution system: A method for the closed-loop control of a voltage in a distribution network that supplies nodes with voltage via mains power lines. A node, which recognizes that the local voltage of the distribution network present at the node lies above or below a permissible supply voltage range, switches from slave... Agent:

20150145334 - Systems and methods for dynamic voltage control: System and methods are provided for dynamic voltage control of a device. An example system includes: a power management unit configured to dynamically detect one or more operation modes of a plurality of chip components of a device, determine a target operating voltage based at least in part on the... Agent:

20150145333 - Vibration power generator: Power generated by a vibration power generator using an electret is efficiently supplied to a power supply load. A vibration power generator includes a first substrate and a second substrate configured to be moved relative to each other by external vibration while remaining opposite each other, a group of a... Agent:

20150145335 - Home appliance that can operate in a time range: A home appliance can operate in a future time frame. Information is obtained from a power distributor in order to determine a time when to operate the home appliance in this future time frame. The home appliance then operates at the time determined with information from the power distributor.... Agent:

20150145336 - Modular power conversion system and method: A method for converting electrical power includes providing a modular power converter having a mode control module and a plurality of autonomously operating power conversion modules operatively connected to a first power bus; selecting, by the mode control module, individual modes of operation for the plurality of power conversion modules... Agent: Solantro Semiconductor Corp.

20150145337 - Power sharing device and method thereof: A power sharing device and method thereof are disclosed herein. The power sharing device includes a control unit, multiple regulators and multiple feedback circuits. Each regulator includes a first input terminal, a second input terminal and an output terminal. The control unit generates multiple pulse-width modulation signals. The first input... Agent:

20150145340 - Coil unit: A coil unit includes first and second coils that are apposed, and third and fourth coils located on the rear side of the first and second coils so as to interpose the center of the first coil and the center of the second coil between the third and fourth coils,... Agent:

20150145346 - Contactless power transmission circuit: The present invention provides a contactless power transmission circuit which is capable of narrowing a fluctuation extent of an output voltage output by a over receiving coil via a rectifier circuit. The contactless power transmission circuit controls a period of an alternating voltage output from a driving circuit based on... Agent:

20150145344 - High voltage transformer arrangement for high voltage tank assembly: A high voltage transformer arrangement for supplying power to a high voltage tank assembly is disclosed. The high voltage transformer arrangement includes a first core arranged in the high voltage tank assembly and a secondary winding configured on the first core, a second core positioned outside of the high voltage... Agent:

20150145345 - Method and apparatus for wireless transmission of line frequency, line voltage alternating current: A wireless power transmission circuit for wirelessly transmitting line frequency sinusoidal AC power to a load where the line frequency ripple filter of conventional circuits is eliminated and a DC-to-AC inverter is replaced by a simple polarity inversion circuit. The envelope of the high frequency AC on the AC line... Agent:

20150145338 - Method and system for maximum achievable efficiency in near-field coupled wireless power transfer systems: Methods and systems for maximum achievable efficiency in near-field coupled wireless power transfer systems may comprise, for example, configuring coil geometry for a transmit (Tx) coil and a receive (Rx) coil based on a media expected to be between the coils during operation. A desired susceptance and conductance may be... Agent:

20150145339 - Power feeding coil unit and wireless power transmission device: A power feeding coil unit includes a power feeding coil, and an auxiliary coil. The auxiliary coil is arranged not to interlink with a magnetic flux that interlinks with a power receiving coil that is arranged to face the power feeding coil during power feeding. An axial direction of the... Agent:

20150145341 - Power feeding coil unit and wireless power transmission device: A power feeding coil unit includes a power feeding coil, and first and second auxiliary coils arranged so that a wire of the first auxiliary coil and a wire of the second auxiliary coil do not overlap a wire of the a power feeding coil when viewed from a direction... Agent:

20150145342 - Power feeding coil unit and wireless power transmission device: A power feeding coil unit includes a first power feeding coil and a second power feeding coil that generate a first magnetic flux, a first auxiliary coil that generates a second magnetic flux interlinking with the first power feeding coil, and a second auxiliary coil that generates a third magnetic... Agent:

20150145343 - Power feeding coil unit and wireless power transmission device: A power feeding coil unit includes a power feeding coil, and first and second auxiliary coils located outside of the region defined by a wire of the power feeding coil. The axis of the first auxiliary coil and the axis of the second auxiliary coil are substantially perpendicular to the... Agent:

20150145347 - Low power consumption ac load switches: A circuit for ensuring ultra-low power relay switching to control an AC load and extend a battery's lifetime. A control circuit may be designed to work where power is provides at very low duty cycle in that the on-time of applied voltage is quite short compared to its off-time. During... Agent:

20150145348 - Inductive proximity switch: Inductive A proximity switch comprising an oscillator 1 and a transmitter coil 2 for generating an alternating magnetic field, a receiving circuit 3 comprising two receiving coils 4 and 5 operating in differential connection for detecting a metallic trigger 6, wherein the receiving coils 4 and 5 are arranged such... Agent: Ifm Electronics Gmbh

20150145349 - Switchgear assembly: A load or a generator is connected to an energy line, e.g. a ring feeder of an energy distribution network by using a switching system. For this purpose, the switching system has a thyristor circuit, which is connected in parallel to a disconnect switch and connects the transformer of the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150145350 - Active cmos recovery units for wireless power transmission: A rectifying circuit includes, in part, first and second NMOS transistors, an impedance matching network, and an RF block circuit. The source and gate terminals of the first NMOS transistor respectively receive the ground potential and a biasing voltage. The second NMOS transistor has a gate terminal coupled to the... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 34 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150137591 - Bicycle electronic system: A bicycle electronic system comprising a battery unit, at least one operating unit and a power supply and communication bus, each of said units being connected to said bus is provided. The system comprises first means or controller for switching-off/(re)switching-on able to be activated/deactivated by a user and second means... Agent: Campagnolo S.r.l.

20150137592 - Power conversion system suppressing reduction in conversion efficiency: A power conversion system includes a DC-DC converter, a voltage detector, a current detector and a controller. The controller controls the DC-DC converter such that the DC-DC converter starts outputting power when the output voltage detected by the voltage detector is below a predetermined voltage and stops outputting the power... Agent:

20150137590 - Power reception device, power transmission device, and vehicle: A power reception device includes a coil and a core having the coil wound therearound, the core including a stem portion extending in a direction in which the winding axis extends, and having the coil wound therearound, and a magnetic pole portion formed at least at one end portion of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150137594 - Charge control device for electrically driven vehicle: While a drive battery (11) is charged, the output voltage of a DC-DC converter (20) is set to a first predetermined voltage (e.g. 14.4 V) at which thermal runaway does not occur even if the temperature of an auxiliary battery (19) is high and at which the auxiliary battery (19)... Agent: Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150137593 - Voltage control in an electric vehicle: An example voltage control method for a powertrain of a hybrid vehicle includes controlling a power supply system to vary a voltage limit based on temperature.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150137595 - Hybrid alternating current (ac)/direct current (dc) distribution for multiple-floor buildings: A hybrid alternating current (AC)/direct current (DC) distribution system for multiple-floor buildings includes per-floor rectifiers for converting supply side AC to DC. Each rectifier is configured to supply a plurality of DC loads associated with one floor of a multiple-floor building. The system further includes per-floor DC busses, each of... Agent:

20150137596 - System, method and device for providing a stable power source without the use of direct connection to an ac or dc source: A combined energy harvesting and measuring device, for use in harvesting energy from a power line conductor and in optimizing load balance and charge as between one or more energy storage or energy drawing devices comprises a single, multi-function current transformer (CT) which itself comprises an electrical winding disposed thereon,... Agent: Awesense Wirless Inc.

20150137597 - Arrangement for and method of dynamically managing electrical power between an electrical power source and an electrical load: Electrical power is dynamically managed among one or more power sources and one or more loads. A plurality of monitor nodes is connected to an input terminal connected to each source, and to an output terminal connected to each load. A plurality of electrical power storage cells is connected among... Agent:

20150137599 - Current electronic distributing device: A current electronic distributing device that can limit maximum output currents of a plurality of input/output (I/O) ports to a first current or a second current. The current electronic distributing device includes a plurality of current detection units, a plurality of current limiting units, a control unit, and a power... Agent:

20150137598 - Dynamic voltage adjust circuits and methods: In one embodiment, an electronic system comprises one or more power circuits configured to receive a first voltage from an external power source and produce a second voltage to one or more electronic components of the electronic system, and a power management circuit configured to determine one or more output... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150137600 - Management of energy demand and energy efficiency savings from voltage optimization on electric power systems using ami-based data analysis: A method, apparatus, system and computer program is provided for controlling an electric power system, including implementation of a voltage control and conservation (VCC) system used to optimally control the independent voltage and capacitor banks using a linear optimization methodology to minimize the losses in the EEDCS and the EUS.... Agent:

20150137601 - Power supply management method for electronic device, and electronic device and power supplying device: A power supply management method for electronic devices includes: an electric power transmission step of wirelessly transmitting electric power to each of electronic devices 50, 60 placed on a table 10 from a power supplying device 20 contained in the top plate of the table 10; a step of receiving... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150137603 - Apparatus for bi-directional power switching in low voltage vehicle power distribution systems: A plurality of modules each including at least a pair of series connected power MOSFETs are configured between a plurality of DC voltage sources, and a plurality output terminals for connection to respective loads, are controlled for selectively applying power to the loads via time delay switching incorporating forward biased... Agent:

20150137602 - Power management unit and its application in apparatus and method for wireless power supplying unit: A power management unit, adapted to a wireless power supplying unit, for switching between input powers and providing a rated voltage or a variable flow current is provided. The power management unit includes a rectifying unit, a regulating unit, and a control unit. The rectifying unit converts AC power into... Agent: Richtek Technology Corp

20150137604 - Method to select optimal synchronization source in a multiple uninterruptible power supply system: A multiple uninterruptible power supply system includes at least two uninterruptible power supply modules. Each uninterruptible power supply module has a control unit with the control unit coupled to a synchronization bus. The uninterruptible power supply module are synchronized to each other with one of the uninterruptible power supply modules... Agent: Liebert Corporation

20150137605 - Backup power source for providing a fail-safe actuation of an electric actuator: A capacitive-based system that provides an electrical backup power source to an electric actuator for fail-safe actuation. The capacitive-based system includes an input power supply, a plurality of supercapacitors, and an output power supply. The input power supply converts an AC or DC primary power to a regulated DC output.... Agent:

20150137606 - Circuit for interconnected direct current power sources: Controlling a power converter circuit for a direct current (DC) power source is disclosed. The power converter may be operative to convert input power received from the DC power source to an output power and to perform maximum power point tracking of the power source. The power converter is adapted... Agent:

20150137607 - Switched capacitor dc-dc converter based distributed maximum power point tracking of partially shaded photovoltaic arrays: A method and system for implementing DMPP tracking of partially shaded/uniformly illuminated photovoltaic arrays using switched capacitor DC-DC converter is disclosed. Here, a dedicated SC converter is connected across each PV cell or PV module made of series connected PV cells wherein series connected modules make a PV string and... Agent:

20150137608 - Monitoring power source redundancy via a power distribution unit: A programmable logic circuit assigns a value to an outlet of a power distribution unit (PDU) that comprises a power source at an input of the PDU and at least one light-emitting diode (LED) associated with the outlet. The programmable logic circuit sends the value to a program on a... Agent:

20150137609 - Direct current power combiner: A circuit for combining direct current (DC) power including multiple direct current (DC) voltage inputs; multiple inductive elements. The inductive elements are adapted for operatively connecting respectively to the DC voltage inputs. Multiple switches connect respectively with the inductive elements. A controller is configured to switch the switches periodically at... Agent:

20150137612 - Antenna coil: Provided is an antenna coil capable of forming a magnetic field in a desired direction in an efficient manner, while suppressing leakage of magnetic flux into a space other than the space in which the magnetic field is formed. The antenna coil includes a main coil portion formed by winding... Agent: Equos Research Co., Ltd.

20150137610 - Auto load switch detection for wireless power receiver: Apparatus and methods are provided to automatically detect and control a load switch for a wireless power receiver. In one novel aspect, a method is provided to adaptively control the load switch based on the output condition of a rectified output according to a predefined criteria. In one embodiment of... Agent: Active-semi, Inc.

20150137615 - Electromagnetic interference mitigation: A primary unit for transmitting power and/or data wirelessly by electromagnetic induction to a secondary unit separable from the primary unit, the primary unit comprising: a coil; and driving means operable to drive a fluctuating current through the coil, wherein both ends of the coil are decoupled from the driving... Agent:

20150137614 - Non-contact type power supplying apparatus and non-contact type power supplying method: A non-contact type power supplying apparatus may be capable of detecting another power receiving apparatus even during the charging. The non-contact type power supplying apparatus may include: a first output unit outputting a detection signal detecting a power receiving apparatus; and a second output unit outputting a wake-up signal waking-up... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150137611 - Power management unit and wireless power system using the same: A power management unit, adapted to a wireless power system, includes: a rectifier, converts an AC power received by an input port thereof to a direct-current (DC) voltage outputted by a rectifying output terminal thereof; a first switch, wherein a first protecting capacitor is coupled between one terminal of the... Agent: Richtek Technology Corp

20150137613 - Wireless power transmission antenna apparatus: A wireless power transmission antenna apparatus (100, 200) is mounted on a wireless power transmitting apparatus configured to transmit electric power in a wireless manner, and is provided with: an antenna coil (10) obtained by winding a conductive member; a plurality of plate-like members (21, 22, 23, 24), each containing... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20150137616 - Bst capacitor control: A circuit for controlling a capacitor having a capacitance adjustable by biasing, including an amplifier for delivering a D.C. bias voltage, having a feedback slowed down by a resistive and capacitive cell.... Agent:

20150137617 - Using pulsed biases to represent dc bias for charging: Power transfer systems including a direct current source and a plurality of outputs operable in several modes. A ground mode may couple an output to circuit ground and a current mode may couple the output to the direct current source. The power transfer system may also include a controller configured... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150137618 - Adaptive battery protection: Methods and apparatuses, including computer program code are disclosed herein that provide adaptive battery protection. A method includes disabling a timer, when a current drawn by a battery-powered device from a battery is less than or equal to a lower current threshold. When the timer is disabled, the battery may... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150137619 - Method and circuitry for controlling a depletion-mode transistor: In described examples, a first transistor has: a drain coupled to a source of a depletion-mode transistor; a source coupled to a first voltage node; and a gate coupled to a control node. A second transistor has: a drain coupled to a gate of the depletion-mode transistor; a source coupled... Agent:

20150137620 - Anti-interference switch signal transmission circuit: An anti-interference switch signal transmission circuit, in which a changeover contact is used at a signal terminal, wherein a normally closed contact is connected to DC−, a normally open contact is connected to DC+, and a common terminal is connected to a switch signal acquisition circuit. When no signal exists,... Agent: Beijing Sifang Automation Co., Ltd.

20150137621 - Sensor: The present invention generally pertains to a sensor (101), more particularly the present invention pertains to sensors for saving energy, wherein the sensor (101) comprising at least one input (11) for receiving signal, at least one output (12) for transmitting signal, and at least a sensing module (14) for sequentially... Agent: Tricklestar Limited

20150137622 - Control switch figuration and related methods: A control assembly includes a locking device having at least a first mode of operation and a second mode of operation, the locking device configurable to change from the first mode of operation to the second mode of operation. The locking device has a non-contact sensor and a microcontroller. An... Agent:

20150137623 - Power feeding apparatus and power feeding system: According to the present embodiment, the power feeding apparatus configured to feed power by electric field coupling to a power receiving apparatus having a first and a second electrodes for receiving power arranged along a mounting surface and a protrusion arranged on the mounting surface side includes a power feeder... Agent:

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