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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems

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04/10/2014 > 38 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140097672 - Battery device, control method, and electric vehicle: This technology relates to a battery device, a control method, and an electric vehicle capable of providing a highly secure anti-theft function. A battery outputs DC power through a power line, a reader/writer communicates by outputting a high-frequency signal through the power line to read authentication information of an electronic... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140097668 - Charging system for electric vehicle: A charging system for an electric vehicle is disclosed in the present invention. It includes a rechargeable battery module, a motor driver, a power switch, and a control circuit. The motor driver stops outputting electric power from the rechargeable battery when the control signal from the control circuit is received... Agent: Go-tech Energy Co., Ltd.

20140097673 - Hybrid vehicle and method for operating a device for charging a battery in a hybrid vehicle: In order to operate a hybrid vehicle, a mode is provided in which adjustment to the remaining electrical range is performed, specifically said remaining range is kept substantially constant. For example, the driver of the vehicle can continuously maintain the currently determined remaining electrical range by activating an activation element,... Agent: Audi Ag

20140097671 - Non-contact power receiving apparatus, non-contact power transmitting apparatus, and non-contact power transmitting/receiving system: A non-contact power receiving apparatus includes a power reception unit for receiving electric power from a power transmitting apparatus outside of a vehicle in a non-contact manner, and a control device for controlling the electric power transmission from the power transmitting apparatus. The control device controls the electric power transmission... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140097669 - Power supply device, electrical storage device, electric vehicle, and electric power system: A power supply device includes: an input determination section configured to determine which one of a commercial power supply and a power generator is an input power supply, and to generate a determination signal; a conversion section of a switching type configured to convert an input voltage into an output... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140097674 - System and method for transferring electric energy to a vehicle using a plurality of segments of a conductor arrangement: A system for transferring electric energy to a vehicle. The system comprises an electric conductor arrangement which produces an alternating electromagnetic field, transfers electromagnetic energy to the vehicle, and includes a plurality of consecutive segments. Each segment extends along the path of travel of the vehicle. The system includes an... Agent: Bombardier Transportation Gmbh

20140097675 - System and method for transferring electric energy to a vehicle using constant current operation of segments of a conductor arrangement: A system for transferring electric energy to a vehicle such as a track bound vehicle or road automobile. The system includes an electric conductor arrangement which produces an alternating electromagnetic field, transfers electromagnetic energy to the vehicle and includes a plurality of segments. Each segment extends along the vehicle path... Agent: Bombardier Transportation Gmbh

20140097670 - Vehicle auxiliary power supply: A vehicle auxiliary power supply that is mounted on a railway vehicle, includes a three-phase inverter circuit that converts DC power or AC power input from an overhead line to desired AC power to supply the AC power to a load, and is connected in parallel with a VVVF inverter... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140097676 - Electrically powered vehicle and method for controlling electrically powered vehicle: A charging control unit sets a fully charged state of a power storage device so as to have a margin for a fully charged capacity of the power storage device. The charging control unit sets the fully charged state to be variable in accordance with a degree of deterioration of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140097677 - Efficiency monitor for inductive power transmission: An efficiency monitor for monitoring the efficiency of power transmission by an inductive power outlet. The efficiency monitor includes an input power monitor, for measuring the input power delivered to the primary coil, and an output power monitor, for measuring the output power received by the secondary coil. The input... Agent: Powermat Technologies, Ltd.

20140097678 - Subsea electrical architectures: The subject-matter of the present invention concerns an electrical architecture for power distribution to subsea equipment comprising at least one variable speed drive, VSD, module, wherein said at least one VSD module comprises at least one self commutated line side converter including power semiconductor.... Agent: Total Sa

20140097679 - Bus system: The bus system is divided into segments each having one or more consumers respectively associated with a current supply unit and which each have a first current supply line and a second current supply line. The first current supply line and the second current supply line are respectively not directly... Agent: Sick Ag

20140097681 - System and method for electricity management: A system and a method for electricity management are disclosed. The system includes a data management unit, a cabinet, a control unit, an uninterruptible power supply apparatus and a power switch. The cabinet is powered by an external power supply. When the data management unit sends a testing instruction to... Agent: Lite-on Clean Energy Technology Corp.

20140097680 - Ups with multiple independent static switches: An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) includes a frame, at least one AC input supported by the frame and configured to be coupled to at least one external power source and at least one AC output supported by the frame and configured to be coupled to at least one external load.... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140097682 - Centralized dc power supply control system and method of economically controlling power consumption: An economical centralized DC power consumption control system is used to separate electric power into an AC circuit for high-power-consumption electric appliances such as TV set, refrigerator, washing machine, and air conditioner and a DC circuit for low-power-consumption electric appliances such as lamp, electric fan, notebook computer, tablet computer, mobile... Agent: Lightstar Information Co., Ltd.

20140097683 - Generator dispatching or load shedding control method and system for microgrid applications: A microgrid power generation system includes a plurality of generators having a plurality of different rated capacities and a plurality of distribution nodes, at least some of the distribution nodes being powered by the generators. A grid is formed by the distribution nodes, the grid includes a system frequency. A... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140097684 - Multimode distribution systems and methods for providing power from power sources to power consuming devices: Multimode distribution systems and methods are described. A multimode distribution system includes a first source interface for coupling to a first power source, a second source interface for coupling to a second power source, and a first selection device to be coupled via a first connection matrix and the first... Agent:

20140097685 - A serial loading constant power supply system: The inventive concept is constituted by a constant current source power supply unit outputting a predetermined direct current, a load connection unit having the same rated current characteristic as the constant current source, a load connection unit having a rated current characteristic smaller than the constant current source, a load... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140097686 - Low/high voltage selector: A voltage selector circuit is described. The voltage selector circuit includes a first voltage input, a second voltage input, and a voltage comparison input. The voltage selector circuit also includes a first voltage selector connected to an output. The first voltage selector is configured to compare the first voltage input... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20140097688 - System and method for a mesh power system: A power mesh system and method comprising at least three polyphase power devices of a plurality of polyphase power devices, each having a phase connection for each phase, where each polyphase power device has each phase connection coupled to at least one phase connection of another polyphase power device to... Agent: Enphase Energy, Inc.

20140097687 - Three-level photovoltaic inverter configured for asymmetric control of dc-link voltages for separate mppt driving: A three-level inverter having two direct current (DC)-links for converting DC voltages generated in a plurality of photovoltaic (PV) modules into alternating current (AC) voltages, wherein one end of a first DC-link of the two DC-links is connected to a first potential point at which a first potential is generated... Agent: Lg Uplus Corp.

20140097689 - Static transfer switch off detection and transfer management: A static transfer switch is used for switching an output load from a first power source to a second power source. A first switching unit has a first pair of silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR). A second switching unit has a second pair of SCRs arranged in an anti-parallel configuration. The... Agent: Chloride Srl

20140097690 - Uninterruptible power supply system with fast transfer for undervoltage source line failures: A UPS system may be operated selectively in either a high efficiency mode or a low efficiency mode. An inductor is connected in series between the transfer switch and a secondary power source. The transfer switch includes thyristors arranged in a reverse connected configuration. A controller synchronizes gate commands to... Agent: Chloride Srl

20140097693 - Electrical feeding device: An electrical feeding device has at least one feed connection at which electrical power can be fed into the feeding device and/or electrical power can be tapped from the feeding device. A converter has at least one a.c. voltage connection at which an alternating current can be fed in or... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140097691 - Intelligent power sensing device: The power sensing device includes a power input interface in electrical communication with a current sensing circuit and a voltage sensing circuit. The current sensing circuit is connected to a load. The voltage sensing circuit is connected in parallel with the load. A metering integrated circuit and a micro-controller unit... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20140097692 - Lighting device having uninterruptible illumination and external power supply function: The present invention provides a lighting device having uninterruptible illumination and external power supply function, in which the lighting device is combined with an energy storing/discharging device thereby providing an uninterruptible illumination function and supplying uninterruptable AC or DC power to the exterior during power blackout, a controller assembly is... Agent:

20140097694 - Method and apparatus for regulator control: Aspects of the disclosure provide an integrated circuit (IC) chip that includes a feedback control circuit and a detecting circuit. The feedback control circuit is configured to govern a feedback signal to a first regulator that regulates a first power supply to the IC chip based on the feedback signal.... Agent: Marvell World Trade Ltd.

20140097695 - Power control apparatus and power control method: A power control device is provided at a customer site having a distributed power supply capable of supplying power and load devices and controls a stand-alone operation in which the power supplied from the distributed power supply is converted to AC power and supplied to the load devices. The power... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140097696 - Systems and methods for distributing power in a vehicle: Various systems and method for distributing electrical power are provided. In one embodiment, a system includes a first inverter coupled to an electrical bus, a second inverter coupled to the electrical bus, a filter including a first inductor and a second inductor, and a transfer switch circuit coupled between the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140097699 - Controlling a contactless energy transmission by means of a characteristic of a resonant circuit: The invention relates to a circuit for transmitting an input voltage (36) from an electrical energy source (64) in a stator (4, 55) to a load (70) within a device (6) movable relative to the stator (4, 55) comprising an control element (34) for converting an input voltage (36) into... Agent:

20140097698 - Multi-mode power amplifying circuit, and multi-mode wireless transmission module and method thereof: A multi-mode power amplifying circuit, and a multi-mode wireless transmission module and method thereof are provided. The multi-mode wireless transmission module includes the multi-mode power amplifying circuit and an antenna. In the multi-mode power amplifying circuit and the antenna, a first power amplifier is electrically connected between a signal input... Agent: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

20140097697 - Wired-wireless combined power transmission apparatus and the method using the same: Disclosed are a wired-wireless combined power transmission apparatus and a method using the same. The wired-wireless combined power transmission apparatus includes a rectifying unit converting an AC input signal into a DC signal, a transformer unit transforming a size of the input signal, which has been converted into the DC... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140097700 - Safety instrumented process control apparatus and methods: Example apparatus and methods to remove power from a field device are disclosed. An example apparatus includes a first switch to control power to the field device, and a second switch comprising a first gate and a second gate. The second gate is electrically coupled in parallel to the first... Agent: Fisher-rosemount Systems, Inc.

20140097701 - Application of normally-on switching elements/devices in a stacked switching circuit: A stacked switching circuit with normally-on devices includes a first normally-on switch coupled between a first input rail and an output port, and is coupled to be switched in response to a first control signal. A second normally-on switch is coupled to the output port and is coupled to a... Agent:

20140097702 - Method and circuit for reducing current surge: Systems and methods are provided for reducing surge current in power gated designs. In one aspect, a storage capacitor supplies a portion of the current used to power up a circuit. The storage capacitor may be charged from a power supply or other source. When the circuit is to be... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140097703 - Power supply system and power control circuit thereof: A power supply system for supplying power to a chipset of an electronic device is provided. The power supply system includes a voltage converter, converting a supply voltage of a power supply into a predetermined voltage and supplying the predetermined voltage to the chipset, and a power control circuit connected... Agent: Via Technologies, Inc.

20140097704 - Method and system for controlling the turn-on time of a device that includes a magnetic circuit: p

20140097705 - Method for operating a power source and a device for disconnecting a power source from a consumer: The invention relates to a method for operating a power source, wherein in a first operating state a current supplied by the power source via a power supply line is fed to a consumer and wherein in a second operating state a feed of a current supplied by the power... Agent: M & S Sectec Gbr

04/03/2014 > 28 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140091617 - Circuit breaker module: A circuit breaker module includes a breaker circuit connected to a first electrical lead and a second electrical lead, a housing surrounding the breaker circuit, wherein said first and second electrical leads extend through the housing, and wherein the housing is at least partially constructed of a thermally conductive polymer,... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140091619 - Power source device for vehicle: A vehicle power source device reliably turns on a high voltage battery even if the output voltage of a low-voltage ancillary battery drops at the start of driving the vehicle. A request to run on a high-voltage battery (to turn on a relay contact point) is made by means of... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20140091618 - Voltage discharging device of vehicle and voltage discharging method thereof: Provided is a voltage discharging device. The voltage discharging device includes a battery, an inverter converting a DC power supplied from the battery into an AC power to output the converted AC power, a motor driven by the AC power outputted through the inverter, a main relay disposed between the... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20140091620 - Electric energy converter: An electric energy converter generates a first output signal (S1) and a second output signal (S2) and includes switching elements (10), the converter including at least two bridge arms (10a, 10b, 10c) adapted to generate the first output signal (S1), with a transformer generating the second output signal (S2) simultaneously... Agent:

20140091621 - Structure and method for providing power to external mobile devices: A structure for providing power to external mobile devices has a first power supply module and a second power supply module. The first power supply module has a first voltage source outputting an activation current to a main circuit of an external mobile device when activated. The second power supply... Agent:

20140091622 - Modular power conversion system: A modular power conversion system. The modular power conversion system includes at least one first electric resource, a modular power stage, at least one second electric resource, and wherein the modular power stage comprising at last one module including power electronics for converting power between the at least one first... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20140091624 - Method for controlling voltage based on temperature and terminal supporting the same: A method for controlling a voltage based on a temperature and a terminal supporting the same are provided. The terminal includes a temperature sensor for detecting a temperature of at least one location of the inside and of the outside of at least one system and a voltage control unit... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140091623 - Power share controller: A battery input receives a power discharge from a first battery of a local device. A controllable charging circuit generates a charging signal based on the power discharge, a charge status of the first battery, a charge status of one or more second battery for at least one of one... Agent:

20140091625 - Open fuse detection system for a solar inverter: A photovoltaic power circuit is provided and includes a plurality of strings of connected photovoltaic panels operable to generate DC current from solar radiation. Each of the strings is connected to a solar inverter by a pair of fuses. A detection circuit is provided that is operable to detect when... Agent: Abb Inc.

20140091626 - Power receiving device having device discovery and power transfer capabilities: A wireless power transfer system is disclosed that includes a power station and a chargeable device. The power station transmits discovery beacons in order to detect a chargeable device within its vicinity using any available communication protocols and/or standards. Once a device is discovered, the power station can perform coil... Agent:

20140091627 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for a gate driver circuit for an alternative energy power supply: Certain embodiments of the disclosure may include systems, methods and apparatus for providing a gate driver circuit for an alternative energy power supply. According to an example embodiment of the disclosure, a gate drive circuit for an alternative energy power supply may be provided. The gate drive circuit may include... Agent: General Electric Company

20140091628 - Dual-input inverter and method of controlling same: A system and method for controlling a voltage from both a PV array and a battery source received by a common PV inverter includes a PV module configured to generate a DC output from received solar irradiation and a DC storage device configured to supply a DC output. The system... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20140091629 - Power supply device and method of controlling power supply: A converter which converts first AC power input from an external power system to DC power, a storage device charged with the DC power from the converter, an inverter which converts DC power from the storage device to second AC power, an output AC power generating unit to which the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140091631 - Droop compensation using current feedback: A system includes a boost converter configured to amplify input voltage received from one or more power sources into output voltage. The system also includes a current sensor configured to sense a current of the input voltage for example, by induction. The system further includes a controller configured to adjust... Agent: Fluidic, Inc.

20140091630 - Medium voltage dc collection system with power electronics: A power generation system includes at least one generator that generates a medium voltage direct current that has a positive DC voltage output and a negative DC voltage output. The system also provides a medium voltage DC (MVDC) cable system with a positive pole cable and a negative pole cable,... Agent:

20140091632 - Paralleling module for a generator system: Some embodiments relate to an example power management system. The power management system includes a first enclosure and a second enclosure. A first generator is inside the first enclosure and a second generator is inside the second enclosure. The power management system further includes a paralleling enclosure and a paralleling... Agent: Kohler Co.

20140091633 - Adaptive multi-pathway wireless power transfer: Adaptive multi-pathway wireless charging is described. In one aspect, embodiments enable one or more wireless charging pathways to be established concurrently in a wireless charging environment. The wireless charging pathways use same or different frequencies, powers, wireless power transfer (WPT) standards, and WPT configurations. Embodiments for adaptively configuring wireless charging... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20140091639 - Apparatus and method for detecting foreign objects in wireless power transmission system: Aspects of the present invention relate to an apparatus and method for detecting foreign objects in a wireless power transmission system. This specification provides a wireless power reception apparatus for detecting foreign objects, including a power measurement unit for generating required power information indicative of required power for the wireless... Agent: Spacon Co., Ltd.

20140091640 - Arrangement and method for contactless energy transmission with a coupling-minimized matrix of planar transmission coils: The invention relates to an arrangement and a method for contactless energy transmission by means of induction. There are a plurality of coils arranged in a matrix, the coils having at least one conductor that surrounds a central axis of the coil at least once in one turn. The central... Agent: Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140091641 - Non-contact power reception device and vehicle including the same, non-contact power transmission device, and non-contact power transfer system: AC power having a power transmission frequency is transmitted from a resonant coil in a power transmission device to a resonant coil in a power reception device. Moreover, communication is conducted between a communication device in the power transmission device and a communication device in the power reception device through... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140091638 - System and method for inductive power provision over an extended surface: A power providing system for transferring power from an inductive power outlet to an inductive power receiver. The power providing system includes a targeting apparatus capable of detecting the location of the inductive power receiver adjacent to said extended surface and driving a primary inductor in the vicinity of the... Agent: Powermat Technologies, Ltd.

20140091634 - Systems and methods for detecting wireless charging transmit characteristics: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for detecting wireless charging transmit characteristics. One aspect of the disclosure provides a method of detecting a transmit characteristic in a wireless power transmission device. The device includes a series element electrically coupled to a transmit coil. The method includes determining real and... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140091637 - Wireless power receiver: An automatic tuning assist circuit is coupled with a transmission antenna. Multiple switches SW and a first auxiliary capacitor CA are arranged between a first terminal and a second terminal of the automatic tuning assist circuit. A first control unit is configured to switch on and off the multiple switches... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20140091635 - Wireless power supply apparatus, filter unit and power supply apparatus for robot using the filter unit: A wireless power supply apparatus includes a power reception coil, an actual load and an auxiliary load. The power reception coil functions as a repeater for receiving electric power in a non-contact manner by magnetic resonance with a power transmission coil to which electric power is supplied from a power... Agent:

20140091636 - Wireless power transfer: Methods and systems for wireless transmission of power to a battery-operated device include a power receiving apparatus featuring at least one receiving resonator and a housing dimensioned to engage with a battery compartment of a battery-operated device, and a power transmitting apparatus including: a first pair of spaced source resonators,... Agent:

20140091642 - Device and method for controlling the polarity of a microphone of a terminal device: A device for controlling the polarity of a microphone of a portable terminal includes: a microphone that includes a current control element that is connected between a first polarity terminal and a second polarity terminal; first and second connection terminals that are connected to the first polarity terminal and the... Agent:

20140091644 - Electric hand-held power tool with a shut-off delay device: An electric hand-held power tool includes at least one electrical drive, at least one electrical device that requires electrical energy in order to operate, a shut-off delay device for the electrical drive and/or the electrical device, at least one rechargeable battery for supplying electrical energy to the drive and the... Agent:

20140091643 - Electronic circuit with an electronic switch and a monitoring circuit: An electronic circuit includes an electronic switch having a control terminal and a load path. A monitoring circuit includes a switched-capacitor circuit with a capacitive storage element. The switched-capacitor circuit is coupled to the load path of the electronic switch. The monitoring circuit is operable to evaluate a load voltage... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

03/27/2014 > 33 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140084677 - Method for rationalising a chain of electrical components of an aircraft, implementation architecture and corresponding aircraft: A chain of components for transmitting electric power of an aircraft includes an auxiliary power unit (APU), main engines and end consumer systems via power networks and electronic connections controlled by a unit. The APU supplies power to a shaft by a connection to at least one energy converter unit,... Agent: Turbomeca

20140084676 - Positive biased pilot filter for electric vehicle supply equipment: In one implementation a method is provided for filtering a detected pilot signal. The method includes storing a pilot signal sample in a first in first out memory, sorting the pilot signal samples, and determining an average value of a subgroup of the sorted pilot signal samples. The method further... Agent: Aerovironment, Inc.

20140084680 - Electrical power distribution module for a utility vehicle: An electrical power distribution module is adapted for use with a utility vehicle, which includes a vehicle body frame, and an electric generator driven by an engine to generate electrical power, and includes: a hollow casing secured to the vehicle body frame; a mounting plate connected to the casing for... Agent: Kwang Yang Motor Co., Ltd.

20140084678 - Modular electrical connection device/modular plug connector, electrical component for such a plug, set of electrical components and electric vehicle using said plug connector:

20140084679 - Power supply management apparatus and method thereof: An apparatus comprising an onboard energy storage device, an onboard power conversion device configured to be electrically coupled to an external power source for receiving electrical power therefrom, and at least one drive system electrically coupled to the onboard energy storage device and the onboard power conversion device, wherein the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140084681 - Maintain power signature (mps) from a powered device (pd) while power is drawn from another source: A system for sinking maintain power signature (MPS) current to a rectifier bridge from a powered device (PD) controller in a Power over Ethernet (PoE) network is disclosed. In one or more implementations, the system includes a rectifier bridge configured to electrically connect to Power over Ethernet power sourcing equipment... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

20140084682 - Local demand side power management for electric utility networks: A demand side electric power supply management system is disclosed. The system comprises an islanded power system having a point of coupling to a supply grid. The islanded power system supplies a plurality of electric loads, each of which is associated with a load controller to control the maximum power... Agent:

20140084683 - Fault-tolerant power control in a computer system: Fault-tolerant power control in a computer system is described. In an example, a power controller to control power applied to an enclosure having a plurality of computing devices includes: first and second alternating current (AC) primary power meters respectively measuring first and second input power feeds to the enclosure; a... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140084684 - Power supply circuit: The present invention provides a power supply circuit, which includes a plurality of switchable bidirectional regulators, respectively coupled between a first common node and a plurality of external terminals, and each external terminal has a switchable connection selectively electrically connectable to a external power source for receiving power supply from... Agent: Richtek Technology Corporation

20140084685 - Systems and methods for stabilizing power rate of change within generator based applications: Systems and methods for monitoring an electrical energy storage unit and a parameter related to the load and based on the monitoring, if the load parameter is greater than a second rate of change of electrical power for a second component of an electrical power system, providing power from the... Agent: Caterpillar Global Mining LLC

20140084686 - Power converting apparatus and non-transitory computer readable medium: In one embodiment, there is provided a power converting apparatus that includes: a power receiver configured to receive a first power from a first apparatus; a power converter configured to convert the first power into a second power; a power output module configured to output the second power to the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140084687 - Solar energy conversion and utilization system: An improved solar energy utilization system is described based on the use of a smart load center which can automatically select the use of utility power or solar-derived power independently for each of a number of load circuits based on availability of utility and solar power, preset user priorities, battery... Agent:

20140084688 - Method and apparatus for wireless power transmission: A method for wireless power transmission includes establishing respective wireless communication link between a coordinating transmitter and each receiver. The method further includes measuring respective mutual impedance between a coordinating transmitter and each receiver by applying a voltage to the coordinating transmitter and configuring each receiver to measure an induced... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd

20140084689 - Battery system and energy storage system including the same: A battery system includes at least one battery unit, and a first battery management system that is operable to control the at least one battery unit. The first battery management system includes a first identification setup that is manually adjustable and is visible on an outside of the first battery... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20140084690 - Voltage equalization apparatus for connecting power storage unit racks and power storage system including the same: The present disclosure describes a voltage equalization apparatus for equalizing voltages of adjacent power storage unit racks included in a power storage system. The voltage equalization apparatus according to the present disclosure includes a resistor to which a current flowing from a high-voltage unit rack to a low-voltage unit rack... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140084691 - Powered device controllers having shared connection interfaces and two-level inrush current limit: A system for controlling the operation of isolation transistors in high power Power over Ethernet (PoE) networks to achieve greater power delivery to a load is disclosed. In one or more implementations, the system includes a first power over Ethernet (PoE) powered device controller configured to control power supply to... Agent:

20140084692 - Power supply method, power supply device, and base station: A method includes receiving currents supplied by a power generation apparatus, distributing the currents supplied by the power generation apparatus to a load and a lithium ion battery to ensure normal running of the load and enable the lithium ion battery to be charged. After the lithium ion battery is... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20140084693 - Gate driving circuit and inverter having the same: An inverter includes an inverter unit including at least one inverter arm having at least one high side switch and at least one low side switch connected to each other in series between a ground and an input power terminal providing input power having a preset voltage level, and switching... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140084694 - Power management system comprising a power source, a source of renewable energy, and a power converter: The invention relates to a power management system, comprising: a power source; a source of renewable energy; a power converter; a first selection means arranged to connect the input of the power converter either to the power source or to the source of renewable energy; a second selection means arranged... Agent: Schneider Toshiba Inverter Europe Sas

20140084695 - Serially connected micro-inverter system having concertina output voltage control: The present invention is directed towards a serially connected micro-inverter (SCMI) system comprising a plurality of power sources for producing DC power, a plurality of micro-inverters, where each micro-inverter is coupled to at least one power source of the plurality of power sources, for converting the DC power into AC... Agent: Enphase Energy, Inc.

20140084697 - Contactless power transfer apparatus: A contactless power transfer core used for a power transmission coil or a power reception coil of a contactless power transfer apparatus includes: a winding core part wound by an electric wire; and a magnetic pole core part constituting a magnetic pole portion provided at both sides of the winding... Agent: Technova Inc.

20140084702 - Modular photovoltaic power supply assembly: An apparatus, device, and system for generating an amount of output power in response to a direct current (DC) power input includes a configurable power supply, which may be electrically coupled to the DC power input. The configurable power supply is selectively configurable between multiple circuit topologies to generate various... Agent:

20140084698 - Noncontact connector apparatus and system using inductive coupling between coils: A power transfer system is provided with a transmission coil and a reception coil respectively provided along a first surface and a second surface that face each other proximal to each other. The transmission coil and reception coil are provided proximally to be electromagnetically coupled to each other. The winding... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140084703 - Resonator arrays for wireless energy transfer: Described herein are improved configurations for an apparatus that may include a plurality of resonators electrically interconnected and arranged in an array to form a composite resonator for wireless power transfer, each one of the plurality of resonators may include a block of a magnetic material having a conductor wire... Agent:

20140084700 - Rf power amplifier splitter: A novel and useful radio frequency (RF) front end module (FEM) circuit that provides high linearity and power efficiency and meets the requirements of modern wireless communication standards such as 802.11 WLAN, 3G and 4G cellular standards, Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc. The configuration of the FEM circuit permits the use of... Agent: Dsp Group, Ltd.

20140084696 - System and method for power transmission in a bottom hole assembly: Various embodiments of methods and systems for wireless power and data communications transmissions to a sensor subassembly below a mud motor in a bottom hole assembly are disclosed. In a certain embodiment, a float valve is located above the motor. Power is supplied by a turbine or by batteries located... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140084699 - Wireless power transmission apparatus and direct drive type system including the apparatus: A direct drive type system such as a direct drive type robot is provided. This system includes a rail member, a movable member guided by the rail member and movable along the rail member, and an electric motor to drive the movable member. The system includes a transmission coil and... Agent: Denso Wave Incorporated

20140084701 - Wireless power transmitter and method of controlling power thereof: Disclosed are a wireless power transmitter and a method of controlling power thereof. A wireless power transmitter includes a power supply device to supply AC power to the wireless power transmitter; and a transmission coil to transmit the AC power to a reception coil of a wireless power receiver by... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140084704 - Power tool: A chain saw as a power tool which has an engine and an electric motor is provided. The chain saw includes a driving shaft which is adapted to drive a saw chain, a controller which controls the electric motor, and a driving source which provides current to the electric motor.... Agent: Makita Corporation

20140084705 - Apparatus for saving standby power in a microwave oven: An apparatus for saving standby power in a microwave oven includes a power switch that powers on the microwave oven; a power saving button that powers off the microwave oven; a power saving relay connected in parallel to the power switch and having a contact point to the power supply... Agent:

20140084706 - Circuitry and methods for switching power: Circuitry and methods related to switching power are provided. One of a plurality of current-limited power distribution switches is enabled in accordance with a hierarchical scheme depending upon the respective states of plural power sources. The power source having the greatest available load carrying capacity is thus coupled to a... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140084707 - Power supply control device with user identifying function and control method: A method for controlling connection or disconnection between a load and a power source via a power supply control device with user identifying function is provided. The method includes sensing an encoded signal transmitted by a second antenna of a handset device by a first antenna; decoding the encoded signal... Agent:

20140084708 - Data transmitting method, data transmitting apparatus, and energy storage system including the same: An energy storage system configured to be coupled to at least one of a power generation system, a grid, or a load, and including a battery system including a system bus, a system controller coupled to the system bus and configured to transmit one or more first system frames, each... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 39 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20140077589 - Extended signaling system and method: Embodiments are described that include a “front end” device located remotely from a local telephone location. The front end filters DC and AC current on a telephone line to separate these signals and passes a DC current through a low resistance Low Pass Filter without traditional resistance or current limiting... Agent: Cottonwood Creek Technologies

20140077588 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device includes a first nonlinear element, an differential amplifier that generates a differential signal from a signal output by the first nonlinear element; a first and second insulating elements that are connected to a non-inverting signal output terminal and an inverting signal output terminal of the differential amplifier,... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20140077590 - Systems and methods to emulate high frequency electrical signatures: Some embodiments teach an electrical device configured to emulate a high frequency electrical noise signal on an electrical power line. The electrical power line is coupled to one or more electrical outlets and the electrical device configured to be coupled to one or more electrical appliances. The electrical device can... Agent: Belkin International, Inc.

20140077591 - Controller mounted in construction machine: A controller mounted in a construction machine such as a dump truck includes a case having an upper surface provided with a plurality of heat release fins and a connector receiver hole for receiving a receptacle connector. The heat release fin includes a first heat release fin and a second... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140077592 - Fail operational power system with multiple energy storage devices: Method for operating a fail operational power system for a vehicle includes monitoring voltages on first and second power distribution paths arranged in parallel. Each path includes a respective first or second isolator switch effective when operative in a closed state to power the respective path by a respective energy... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140077593 - Battery comprising a control device and method for operating said battery: The invention relates to a battery (1) comprising: at least one electrochemical energy accumulator device (2, 2a, 2b, 2c) for supplying electrical energy; a control device (3) for monitoring the exchange of energy with the electrochemical energy accumulator device (2, 2a, 2b, 2c); a measuring device (4, 4a, 4b) for... Agent: Li-tec Battery Gmbh

20140077594 - Current diverting device, a method and a computer program product: Disclosed is a current diverting device adapted to be electrically connected with a battery pack arranged to power a machine including at least a first operating unit. The battery pack includes a positive and a negative pole and a plurality of battery cells interconnected between the poles such that at... Agent: Electroengine S.a

20140077595 - Battery energy storage system: A battery energy storage system including: a power control circuit group provided by electrically connecting a plurality of power control circuits in series with each other on a load connection terminal side, the plurality of power control circuits each having load connection terminals electrically connected with a load and having... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd

20140077596 - Power electronics device, cooperative control method, cooperative control system and computer readable medium: There is provided a power electronics device including: a first connection unit, a second connection unit, a power conversion unit and a control unit. The first connection unit and the second connection unit are connected to a first power line and a second power line of plural power lines. The... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140077597 - Power electronics device, cooperative control method, cooperative control system and computer readable medium: A power electronics device includes: first and second connection units, a power conversion unit and a control unit. The first and second connection units are connected to a first power line and a second power line, respectively. The power conversion unit converts power input from one of the first and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140077598 - Voltage regulating circuit and method: A voltage regulating circuit is provided for regulating an output voltage in order to minimize an absolute difference between a level of said output voltage and a reference level. The voltage regulating circuit comprises a voltage regulator and a reference level generator. The reference level generator generates an internal reference... Agent: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

20140077599 - Multiple hybrid integration: A power platform for a motorized work device that includes hybrid power sources is disclosed. The hybrid power system may include a hydraulic power source that provides power and stores power, an electric power source that provides power and stores power and a kinetic power source that provides power and... Agent: Caterpillar, Inc.

20140077600 - System and method for controlling energy storage and distribution: Embodiments relate to a system for controlling the storage and distribution of energy on a drill rig. The system includes a drill rig having a power consuming device, a power source for providing electrical power, a power storage device, and an electrical power bus. The power bus is electrically connected... Agent:

20140077601 - Inverter that converts dc power into ac power: An inverter converts a direct-current (DC) power supplied from different DC power supplies into an alternate-current (AC) power formed by a quasi sinusoidal wave and then outputs the thus converted AC power. A first absolute-value setting switch to a fourth absolute-value setting switch are switched to generate absolute values of... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20140077603 - Power supply apparatus with power backup mechanism: A power supply apparatus is provided. The provided power supply apparatus has a power backup mechanism, in which a main DC power and a backup DC power are switched by a fast switching circuit composed of a plurality of switch transistors. Since the switching time of each switch transistor is... Agent: Fsp Technology Inc.

20140077602 - Power supply system and method for controlling the same: A power supply system and a method for controlling the same are disclosed. The power supply system includes: a first AC source and a second AC source; a circuit switching module; a controllable AC/DC conversion module electrically coupled to the circuit switching module; a subsequent stage power supply module electrically... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20140077604 - Power supply system and power supply controller: According to an embodiment, a power supply system includes a power storage unit, a changeover unit, and a control unit. The power storage unit is configured to store electric power generated by a power generation unit. The changeover unit is configured to make a changeover between a first state in... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140077605 - Modular battery cover: A device may include an electronic component stack cover having an open end sized to receive a modular electronic component stack including a plurality of like modular electronic components, an at least partially closed end, and sides extending from the at least partially closed end toward the open end. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140077606 - Distributed power supply system and method: A distributed power supply system and a method for managing such a distributed power supply system is disclosure. The method may include: for each power storage unit i of the plurality of power storage units, determining whether power storage unit i have sufficient status of charge (SOC) based on SOC... Agent: Nova Greentech, Inc.

20140077607 - Power distribution systems: A power distribution system such as a marine power distribution and propulsion system. The system includes an ac busbar and a plurality of active front end power converters. Each AFE power converter includes a first active rectifier/inverter connected to the busbar and a second active rectifier/inverter connected to an electrical... Agent: Ge Energy Power Conversion Technology Ltd.

20140077608 - Power generation control device, photovoltaic power generation system and power generation control method: A power generation control device is electrically connected to a photovoltaic panel for controlling an output voltage of the photovoltaic panel. The power generation control device includes a scanning unit, configured to perform a scanning process in which the output voltage of the photovoltaic panel is sequentially changed in a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140077609 - Serially connected micro-inverter system with trunk and drop cabling: A system and apparatus for serially coupling a plurality of inverters. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a cable assembly for (i) coupling the plurality of inverters in series to form a string, and (ii) coupling AC power generated by the plurality of inverters to the AC grid, wherein the... Agent: Enphase Energy, Inc.

20140077610 - Selecting a hybrid power source: A method of controlling power in a hybrid power system comprising a plurality of power sources is also disclosed. The state of charge of each power source may be determined where the power source stores and provides power. A current power score for each power source may be determined where... Agent: Caterpillar, Inc.

20140077611 - Capacitor bank, laminated bus, and power supply apparatus: A capacitor bank includes a laminated bus bar having a high potential conductive layer and a low potential conductive layer disposed in close proximity at opposing surfaces of an intervening insulation layer. The bank also includes a plurality of bus capacitors electrically connected to the laminated bus bar. The laminated... Agent:

20140077612 - Magnetic shielding device and magnetic shielding method: A magnetic shielding device includes: a passive shield having an inner space; a first coil that cancels a magnetic field entering in the inner space; a first magnetic sensor that measures the magnetic field entering in the inner space; a second magnetic sensor located in a position farther from the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140077613 - Apparatus and method for controlling resonator of wireless power transmission system: A source device configured to transmit a magnetic field via magnetic resonance with a target device includes a source resonator including a plurality of loop circuits respectively configured to generate different magnetic fields each depending on a length of a corresponding one of the plurality of loop circuits, and a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140077614 - Apparatus and method for wireless power reception, apparatus and method for wireless power transmission, and wireless power transmission system: An apparatus and a method for receiving power wirelessly, and an apparatus and a method for transmitting power wirelessly are provided. The apparatus for transmitting power wirelessly includes: a source resonator configured to transmit power wirelessly to a target resonator through a mutual resonance with the target resonator; a power... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140077618 - Apparatus for contactless transmission of electrical energy between a wall and a door leaf/window sash fastened to said wall: An apparatus for a contactless transmission of electrical energy between a wall and a door leaf/window sash fastened to the wall in an articulated fashion via hinges about a hinge axis includes a primary coil configured to be fastened to the wall, a secondary coil fastened to the door leaf/window... Agent: Dr. Hahn Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140077615 - Controlling inductive power transfer systems: An inductive power transfer system comprises a primary unit, having a primary coil and an electrical drive unit which applies electrical drive signals to the primary coil so as to generate an electromagnetic field. The system also comprises at least one secondary device, separable from the primary unit and having... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20140077617 - Electromagnetically-coupled state detection circuit, power transmission apparatus, contactless power transmission system, and electromagnetically-coupled state detection method: An electromagnetically-coupled state detection circuit including a detection unit that measures a primary side Q value of a circuit containing a primary side coil electromagnetically coupled with a secondary side coil and power transmission efficiency to the secondary side coil, corrects the power transmission efficiency based on the Q value... Agent:

20140077616 - Input parasitic metal detection: A system and method of controlling inductive power transfer in an inductive power transfer system and a method for designing an inductive power transfer system with power accounting. The method of controlling inductive power transfer including measuring a characteristic of input power, a characteristic of power in the tank circuit,... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20140077619 - Apparatus and method for voltage alternating pulse output: The present invention provides a high voltage pulse modulating power source based on alternate group triggering, which comprises: a DC stabilized voltage source for supplying power to the high voltage pulse modulating power source; a plurality of solid-state switches; a plurality of triggers corresponding to said plurality of solid-state switches,... Agent:

20140077620 - Dark current cutoff device and dark current cutoff method: A dark current cutoff device (1) includes: a battery (10) configure to perform electrical power supply to a load (20); a cutoff switch (32), which is provided between the battery (10) and the load (20), cuts off the electrical power supply to the load (20) at a time of being... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20140077622 - Circuit arrangement for connection to an electrical circuit and electrical circuit: A circuit arrangement connected to an electrical circuit including a transformer with primary winding connected to the electric power grid and secondary winding connected to a power converter with a capacitor, the circuit arrangement has a primary winding coupled to the auxiliary winding, which is connected to a switching device.... Agent: Ge Energy Power Conversion Gmbh

20140077621 - Switching circuit for antenna: A switching circuit for an antenna includes a first switching unit, a second switching unit, a third switching unit, a fourth switching unit, a first clamping unit and a second clamping unit. The first clamping unit is coupled to the first switching unit and the fourth switching unit. The first... Agent: Maxtek Technology Co., Ltd

20140077623 - Spike trap logic to prevent unneeded interruption of industrial processes: Techniques are disclosed for preventing unneeded interruption of industrial processes. Spike trap logic used to delay the occurrence of a trip or interlock when a registered signal exceeds a threshold for a minimum period of time. Doing so prevents trips or interlocks from occurring for transient or intermittent signals, which... Agent: Air Liquide Large Industries US Lp

20140077624 - Wall-mounted drum washing machine and method for sensing mounting abnormality and fall thereof: Provided is a wall-mounted drum washing machine which includes a rear panel having a buffer member interposed between a through-hole and a wall surface and mounted on the wall surface through a fastening member inserted through the through-hole, a tub containing wash water and supported by the rear panel, and... Agent: Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Corporation

20140077625 - Function driving apparatus, function driving method, and computer-readable storage medium having function driving program thereon: A function driving apparatus of the present invention includes an acceleration sensor which detects acceleration components of a device in directions of x axis, y axis, and z axis which are orthogonal to each other, at every predetermined time interval; and a control section which transforms, at every predetermined time... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140077626 - On-orbit reconfigurable solar array: In one or more embodiments, the present disclosure teaches a method for reconfiguring a solar array. The method involves providing, for the solar array, at least one string of solar cells. The method further involves deactivating at least a portion of at least one of the strings of solar cells... Agent: The Boeing Company

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