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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems

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02/05/2015 > 33 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150035355 - System for inductively transferring electric energy to a vehicle using consecutive segments: A system for transferring electric energy to a vehicle including an electric conductor arrangement for producing an alternating electromagnetic field and for thereby transferring electric energy to a vehicle, and a current supply for supplying electric energy to the segments. The conductor arrangement including a plurality of consecutive segments. Each... Agent:

20150035356 - Vehicle power source device and vehicle equipped with the power source device: A vehicle power supply device comprises a first battery connectable to a starter motor, a vehicle load, and a generator, a second battery different from the first battery in electric characteristics, a connecting switch connected between the first and second batteries, and connecting the first and second batteries in parallel... Agent:

20150035357 - Integrated generator and motor pump: A combination motor and pumping system (10) for use in a vehicle, the vehicle including a vehicle electrical system, the combination system including a secondary electrical generation device (15) in communication with a vehicle engine, adapted to generate electrical power for the combination motor and pumping system; and a motor... Agent: Magna Powertrain Of America, Inc.

20150035360 - Bi-directional battery converter and balancer for an electric energy storage of a power supply system: A power supply system for supplying a load with electric energy from an electrical network can include at least one power supply module. The power supply module can include a DC link to be supplied from the electrical network; and an inverter connected to the DC link and configured to... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150035358 - Electrical power management system and method: An electrical power system and a method of managing electrical power. Some embodiments provide improved fault isolation and service continuity circuitry. In some embodiments, a first source breaker is connected in series with a first load breaker. The load breaker can include a shunt trip, and the source breaker can... Agent: Ragingwire Data Centers, Inc.

20150035359 - Energy storage system of uninterruptible power supply equipped with battery and method of driving the same: Disclosed herein are the energy storage system of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) equipped with the battery and a method of driving the same. The energy storage system includes a commercial power source unit configured to supply a first power source to a load, and the battery configured to supply... Agent: Ehwa Technologies Information Co.,ltd.

20150035361 - Power supply device: Embodiments of the present invention include a power supply device having one or more converters (DC/DC and/or AC/DC) that convert input power supplied from one or more power sources, and a secondary battery which is charged by receiving power supplied from power sources. In addition, however, the power supply device... Agent: Iks Co., Ltd.

20150035362 - Detection circuit and electronic device using same: An electronic device includes a power supply, a processor, a storage, and a detection circuit. The power supply provides driving voltage to the processor and the storage. The processor is capable of generating different instructions for processing the data stored in the storage. The detection circuit connected to the power... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150035363 - Performance and isolation improvements for digitally controlled ac attenuation and protection circuits: A protection and attenuation circuit for sensitive AC loads is described. The circuit provides AC power protection and attenuation utilizing high-efficiency switch-mode techniques to attenuate an AC power signal by incorporating a bidirectional, transistorized switch driven from a pulse width modulation signal, PWM. The circuit monitors characteristics of the AC... Agent: Butler Engineering LLC

20150035364 - Control circuit: A control circuit (20) comprising: first and second terminals (22,24) for respective connection to first and second power transmission lines (26,28); a current transmission path extending between the first and second terminals (22,24) and having first and second current transmission path portions (30,32) separated by a third terminal (34), either... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20150035365 - System and method for controlling power delivered to a powered device through a communication cable: Power over Ethernet (PoE) communication systems, control circuits and methods are presented for controlling power delivered to a powered device through a communication cable, in which a power sourcing equipment measures a supply voltage and selectively discontinues provision of power from a power source in response to a measured supply... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20150035366 - Method for synchronizing a feed voltage with a network voltage: In a method for synchronizing a feed voltage with a network voltage of an electrical energy supply network, a property of the feed voltage can be determined on the basis of a static characteristic curve. The static characteristic curve is compared to the property of the feed voltage of a... Agent:

20150035367 - Power source conversion module, power supply apparatus and power supply method: A power supply apparatus including: N+m power source conversion modules, where N power source conversion modules are main power source conversion modules; a power source conversion module includes a detection and switching unit and a conversion unit, where the detection and switching unit is separately connected to an output end... Agent:

20150035369 - Charging control circuit, method and electronic device thereof: The present invention discloses a charging control circuit, comprising an external power source, a switching circuit, and a charging path circuit comprising a first output circuit and a second output circuit, wherein the external power source is configured to charge a secondary battery through the first output circuit and charge... Agent: Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

20150035368 - Smart power consumer: This invention describes the Smart Power Consumer product, which is a product that can be attached or integrated during the manufacture of all computers, tablets or generic electrical devices that employ a rechargeable battery. The purpose of the Smart Power Consumer is the use the built-in battery as much as... Agent:

20150035370 - Dc-dc convertor for batteries having multiple positive terminals: A battery module including a first positive terminal, a second positive terminal, a ground terminal, a power conversion circuit, and a power assembly. The power assembly includes a plurality of battery cells coupled in series and disposed in a stacked orientation relative to each other and configured to output a... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20150035371 - Apparatus and method for voltage and current balancing in generation of output power in power generation systems: An apparatus for voltage balancing parallel arranged direct current (DC) voltage source strings in a power generation system includes a string voltage balancing circuit having reverse blocking switches to control a current flow and an output voltage of the DC voltage source strings. Capacitors are connected to a corresponding reverse... Agent:

20150035378 - Energy harvesting and control for sensor node: An integrated circuit, such as included as a portion of a sensor node, can include a regulator circuit having an input coupleable to an energy harvesting transducer. The integrated circuit can include a wireless receiver circuit coupled to the regulator circuit and configured to wirelessly receive at least enough operating... Agent: University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

20150035381 - Inductive power transmission system and method for concurrently transmitting digital messages: A control circuit for an inductive power outlet configured to transfer power to an inductive power receiver includes a resonant circuit having a characteristic resonant peak and connected to a primary coil configured to inductively couple with a secondary coil of the inductive power receiver, a frequency driver operable to... Agent:

20150035379 - Method and apparatus for wireless energy reception using hybrid synchronization: A wireless energy reception apparatus includes a target resonator configured to receive energy on a frame-by-frame basis from an energy transmission end through a resonance with a source resonator in a symbol duration constituting a criterion for transmitting energy from the energy transmission end to an energy reception end; a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150035372 - Multimode wireless power receivers and related methods: A wireless power receiver comprises a resonant tank configured to generate an AC power signal responsive to an electromagnetic field, a rectifier configured to receive the AC power signal and generate a DC output power signal, and control logic configured to control the resonant tank to reconfigure and adjust its... Agent: Integrated Device Technology, Inc.

20150035373 - System of wireless power transmission and method thereof: A management system of wireless power transmission comprises a plurality of first power modules, wherein the first power modules form a first cluster. Each of the first power modules comprises a first power unit, an energy information unit, a first wireless transceiver unit and a first control unit. The energy... Agent: Simplo Technology Co., Ltd.

20150035380 - Systems and methods for power transfer based on resonance coupling of inductors: An integrated circuit (IC) includes a first resonator circuit that includes: a first switching device that connects and disconnects a supply voltage to and from a first node; a first inductor that is connected between the first node and a first ground potential; and a second inductor that is connected... Agent:

20150035377 - Var control for inductive power transfer systems: Disclosed herein is an inductive power transfer (IPT) compensation circuit and method for reflecting a controlled reactance to a primary conductor at a selected operating frequency, compensating for reactive loads reflected to the primary conductor by one or more other pick-ups inductively coupled with the primary conductor in use. The... Agent:

20150035375 - Wake-up device for a brake system component of a vehicle and method for exciting at least one brake system component of a vehicle: A wake-up device for a brake system component of a vehicle includes a magnet that is arranged to be set, via a transmission device, in rotational motion jointly with a shifting of a driver brake force transmission component, thereby effecting a relative motion between the magnet and an electrical conductor.... Agent:

20150035376 - Wireless power control system: A wireless power transfer component with a selectively adjustable resonator circuit having a Q control subcircuit that varies the Q factor of the resonator circuit to control the amount of power relayed by the resonator circuit. The resonator circuit may be in the wireless power supply, the wireless power receiver,... Agent:

20150035374 - Wireless transceiver circuit, wireless power transmission circuit, wireless power reception circuit, and wireless power transmission/reception system including the same: A wireless power transmission/reception system includes a wireless power transmission circuit and a wireless power reception circuit. The wireless power transmission circuit includes an oscillator, a DC-AC converter that converts a direct current to an alternating current and is turned on/off in response to a control signal, a power transmission... Agent: Sk Hynix Inc

20150035382 - Electrical relay with header connectors: A disclosed electrical relay may include a line electrical terminal adapted for connection to an electrical conductor carrying an electrical voltage, a normally-closed connector and a normally-open connector each having a housing and multiple electrical terminals arranged within a cavity of the housing, and a switching element. The switching element... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

20150035383 - Three-lead electronic switch system adapted to replace a mechanical switch: This disclosure provides example methods, devices, and systems for a three-lead electronic switch system adapted to replace a mechanical switch. A device is disclosed that includes a sensor, a current limiting circuit, an output switching circuit comprising a first switching device and a second switching device, and a three lead... Agent:

20150035384 - Load balancing in discrete devices: In a general aspect, an apparatus can include a temperature measurement circuit configured to produce a first signal indicating a first operating temperature of a first semiconductor device and a temperature comparison circuit operationally coupled with the temperature measurement circuit. The temperature comparison circuit can be configured to compare the... Agent:

20150035385 - Circuitry and method for operating an electronic switch: A circuit includes an electronic switch with an isolated gate, a measuring device for determining a charge at the isolated gate, and an energy supply for providing charge to the isolated gate based on the charge determined by the measuring device.... Agent:

20150035386 - Battery management scheme for nfc: There is described a method for establishing an NFC connection between a subscriber identity module (SIM) and an NFC device (RDR). The subscriber identity module (SIM) is connected to a telecommunications system (CELL_P) through contacts (VCC, RST, CLK, D+, GND, SWP, IO, D−) of the telecommunications system (CELL_P). The telecommunications... Agent:

20150035387 - Mems switch device and method of fabrication: A MEMS switch device including: a substrate layer; an insulating layer formed over the substrate layer; and a MEMS switch module having a plurality of contacts formed on the surface of the insulating layer, wherein the insulating layer includes a number of conductive pathways formed within the insulating layer, the... Agent: Analog Devices Technology

01/29/2015 > 28 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150028669 - Battery arrangement for a motor vehicle: A battery arrangement for a motor vehicle, includes a plurality of battery modules, each of the battery modules having a plurality of battery cells and being coupled to a control unit, and a high voltage lead wire for electrical coupling being provided between all adjacent battery modules, the control units... Agent:

20150028668 - Modular vehicle unit: An apparatus, modular devices, and methods are disclosed. One method comprises receiving electric power at a modular device from a vehicle battery, wherein the modular device has a housing and a circuit protection block accessible through a first opening in the housing; and transmitting the received electric power to one... Agent:

20150028670 - Power management for galley with fuel cell: Described are power management systems having at least one fuel cell system, a power distribution unit, at least one galley insert, a galley network controller, a control panel, and/or at least one battery pack. The power management system compares a power output from the power distribution unit to a maximum... Agent:

20150028671 - Method for managing the load profile of a low or medium voltage electric network and a control system thereof: s

20150028672 - Isolated battery management systems and methods thereof: Systems and methods of the invention relate to circuitry that isolates low power circuitry of a battery management system. One or more circuits can be utilized with a battery management system to provide isolation of low power circuitry from at least one of a high voltage, noise interference from a... Agent: General Electric Company

20150028673 - Power transmission device and power transmission-reception system: A power transmission device has: a power transmission unit configured to perform wireless power transmission; a communication unit configured to perform wireless communication within a range wider than a power transmission possible range of the power transmission unit; and a power transmission control circuit configured to control power of wireless... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150028674 - Four-terminal circuit element with photonic core: A four-terminal circuit element is described that includes a photonic core inside of the circuit element that uses a wide bandgap semiconductor material that exhibits photoconductivity and allows current flow through the material in response to the light that is incident on the wide bandgap material. The four-terminal circuit element... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20150028675 - Electrical power system and method for operating an electrical power system: An electrical power system includes a power grid and a plurality of power plants connected to the power grid. A central repository including one or more electrical energy storage devices is connected directly to the power grid. The one or more energy storage devices are configured to be connected to... Agent:

20150028677 - Control device, conversion device, control method, and electricity distribution system: In a control device configured to control power to be supplied to a specific load from at least one of a converter that has a power generator and a storage battery, and a commercial power supply, the control device determines whether the commercial power supply is in a power failure... Agent:

20150028678 - Edge rate control gate driver for switching power converters: This document discusses, among other things, apparatus and methods for an edge rate driver for a power converter switch. In an example, the driver can include an input node configured to receive a pulse width modulated signal, a first switch configured to couple a control node of the power converter... Agent:

20150028676 - Voltage output circuit, electronic apparatus, moving object, manufacturing method for voltage output circuit, and manufacturing method for electronic apparatus: A voltage output circuit includes a first power supply terminal, a second power supply terminal, an output terminal, a switch circuit present in a supply path of a voltage from the second power supply terminal to the output terminal and configured to supply the voltage from the second power supply... Agent:

20150028679 - Renewable energy unit with simplified connection: The present invention relates to an electronic device comprising a power supply module connected to a converter system, wherein said power supply module comprises a plurality of elements for producing electricity from renewable energy connected in series and said elements for producing electricity from renewable energy are assembled in groups,... Agent: Belenos Clean Power Holding Ag

20150028680 - Control module for an electrical energy accumulator, energy accumulator unit having such a control module, uninterruptible power supply unit and method for operating a control module: The invention relates to a control module for an electric energy store for operation on a supply line, which is configured for the parallel connection of a plurality of consumers, comprising a supply terminal for connection to the supply line, and comprising a control unit for the controlled charging and/or... Agent:

20150028681 - Multi-level output cascode power stage: A power stage to generate an output voltage at one of a high reference voltage, an intermediate reference voltage and a low reference voltage, including a first switch stage connecting the output terminal to the high reference voltage, comprising a pair of transistors connected in series along their source-to-drain paths,... Agent: Analog Devices Technology

20150028682 - Solar energy generation system, measurement module and positioning method: A solar energy generation system a measurement module and a positioning method are disclosed herein. The positioning method is adaptable to a power generation system having AC generation modules. Each of the AC generation modules generates an output current and is electrically connected to each other in a power-supply network.... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20150028683 - Systems and methods to balance solar panels in a multi-panel system: Systems and methods to balance currents among a plurality of photovoltaic units connected in series. In aspect, a management unit is coupled between a photovoltaic energy production unit and a string of energy production units. The management unit has an energy storage element (e.g., a capacitor) connected to the photovoltaic... Agent:

20150028684 - Multi-connector splice box for coupling a plurality of power converters: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a multi-connection splice box. In one embodiment, the multi-connection splice box comprises a first plug having a first plurality of plug pins coupled to a plurality of conductors within a cable wherein the cable couples to an AC power line, and a... Agent:

20150028685 - Coil sheet including core and contactless power transmission device including the same: There is provided a coil sheet including: a sheet having a spiral coil thereon; a core located at the central portion of the coil and having a thickness of t mm, wherein the core has a curvature in at least one of an upper surface of the core, a corner... Agent: Samsung Electro-machanics Co., Ltd.

20150028686 - Coil type unit for wireless power transmission, wireless power transmission device, electronic device and manufacturing method of coil type unit for wireless power transmission: The present invention relates to a coil type unit for wireless power transmission, a wireless power transmission device, an electronic device, and a manufacturing method of a coil type unit for wireless power transmission. A coil type unit for wireless power transmission according to the present invention includes a coil... Agent:

20150028691 - Non-contact power feeding apparatus and non-contact power feeding method: A non-contact power feeding apparatus transmits, by at least magnetic coupling, an electric power in a non-contact manner to a power reception coil from a power transmission coil. The transmission coil is electrically connected to an alternating-current power source. The non-contact power feeding apparatus outputs an electric power to a... Agent:

20150028689 - Power receiving device, electric circuit, and power supply device: Provided is a power receiving device including a power receiving coil which receives power supplied by electromagnetic waves, and a measurement coil which is disposed near the power receiving coil and measures an electromagnetic field.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150028690 - Power supply device, power receiving device, power supply method, power receiving method, and program: Devices and methods for supply or receiving electric power. A power supply method may include specifying a type of a power source, specifying a power receiving capability of a power receiving device, performing collation of the specified type of the power source with the specified power receiving capability, and controlling... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150028687 - Power transmitting device, power receiving device and power transfer system: A power transmitting device includes a power transmitting portion that contactlessly transmits electric power to a power receiving portion. The power transmitting portion has a resonance coil (24) and a tubular member (240) that faces the resonance coil (24). At least one portion of the tubular member (240) is electrically... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150028688 - Wireless power transfer system, power transmission device, power receiving device, and control method of wireless power transfer system: A wireless power transfer system includes a power receiving device and a plurality of power transmission devices that perform power transfer to the power receiving device. The power receiving device transmits request-power to the power transmission device, the request-power being power the power receiving device requests to be supplied with.... Agent: The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.

20150028692 - Systems and methods for remote or local shut-off of a photovoltaic system: Systems and methods for shut-down of a photovoltaic system. In one embodiment, a method implemented in a computer system includes: communicating, via a central controller, with a plurality of local management units (LMUs), each of the LMUs coupled to control a respective solar module; receiving, via the central controller, a... Agent:

20150028693 - Photocontrol for luminaire consumes very low power: A photocontrol includes a switch that consumes very low power when the switch is turned ON and when it is turned OFF. The photocontrol can provide low-power digital control signals to high-impedance inputs of control devices that control the delivery of power to load devices, such as LED drivers that... Agent: Express Imaging Systems, LLC

20150028694 - Power couplings in transmitters for wireless power transmission: The present disclosure may provide various electric transmitter arrangements which may be used to provide wireless power transmission (WPT) while using suitable WPT techniques such as pocket-forming. In some embodiments, transmitters may include one or more antennas connected to at least one radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) and one microcontroller.... Agent: Dvinewave Inc.

20150028695 - Battery pack discharging device and method for discharging a battery pack: A battery pack discharging device having a hand-held member and a docking device are provided. The hand-held member has a handle portion, first and second extension members, first and second conductive members, and a resistor. The resistor is disposed in the handle portion between the first and second conductive portions.... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

01/22/2015 > 47 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20150021982 - Direct current electrical generating system including a plurality of direct current electrical generating modules each having an electromechanical switch: A system includes a power line, a control line, and a plurality of direct current electrical generating modules. Each of the direct current electrical generating modules is electrically connected to the power line and the control line and includes an electromechanical switch structured to interrupt power flowing through the power... Agent:

20150021983 - Aircraft universal power converter: A power supply system suitable for use by an aircraft is disclosed. The power system converts power from an unregulated DC power source to multiple AC and DC voltage outputs. The power supply system comprises an interleaved buck converter, and interleaved full-bridge converter, an interleaved inverter, and a control system.... Agent:

20150021985 - Electric vehicle and operation method of control device in electric vehicle: An electric vehicle comprises an electric motor for generating driving power for moving a vehicle body of the electric vehicle; a battery unit for supplying electric power to the electric motor; a charging connector connected to an outside electric power supply for supplying the electric power to be charged; a... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150021984 - System and method for controlling energy under interlock of eco-friendly vehicle: A system and method for controlling energy of an eco-friendly vehicle are provided and include turning off, by a controller, a main relay in response to sensing interlock by means of a detection circuit and charging a secondary batter by discharging voltage of a capacitor in an inverter to the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150021986 - Vehicle power source apparatus: A vehicle power source apparatus is provided with a driving battery mounted in a vehicle, an auxiliary apparatus battery that supplies electric power to an auxiliary apparatus of the vehicle, a DC power conversion unit that supplies electric power from the driving battery to the auxiliary apparatus battery, a control... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150021987 - Power supply system and method: A power control system includes an event data bus configured to carry event information. Several power supply managers are coupled to the same event bus. Each power supply manager has one or more point of load (POL) regulators assigned to it. Each power supply manager communicates event information with other... Agent: Linear Technology Corporation

20150021989 - Direct-current uninterruptible power supply system and device: A DC uninterruptible power supply system includes plural uninterruptible power supply devices, each of which includes a power cord, a battery module, a voltage detecting circuit, a current detecting circuit, and a control unit. When the voltage detecting circuit detects that a voltage at the power cord is lower than... Agent: Lite-on Electronics (guangzhou) Limited

20150021990 - Energy-efficient solar-powered outdoor lighting: One or more outdoor lights may operate independently with sensing and control processes mainly on-pole, or may communicate as a networked array of poles, wherein a master/coordinating pole/node transmits signals from the networked array to a control station, and receive signals from the control station for the networked array, via... Agent: Inovus Solar, Inc.

20150021988 - Hybrid power architecture for controlling a lighting system: A hybrid power architecture for lighting system that physically separates the conversion of AC-DC constant voltage power from the conversion of DC-DC constant current needed to drive the LEDs. The hybrid power architecture comprises a power converter to generate DC volt power, a battery backup unit for providing backup in... Agent:

20150021991 - Management of battery capacity: Disclosed is a battery cell system, which provides regulation service to the grid, as well as the battery being used as part of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Part of the capacity of the storage batteries may be used for regulation service, while maintaining a reserve of battery capacity to... Agent: East Penn Manufacturing Co.

20150021992 - Fuel cell system, method for controlling fuel cell system, and storage battery system: The fuel cell system includes: a power generation unit; an obtaining unit obtaining battery information indicating a storage state of a storage battery; and a control unit selecting one of a first control mode and a second control mode based on the battery information when load power changes from a... Agent:

20150021993 - Power management in line powered hazard detection systems: Hazard detection systems according to embodiments described herein are operative to provide failsafe safety detection features and user interface features using circuit topology and power budgeting methods that minimize power consumption. The safety detection features can monitor environmental conditions (e.g., smoke, heat, humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, radon, and other... Agent:

20150021995 - Dynamic port power allocation apparatus and methods: Methods and apparatus for dynamically adjusting the amount of power (or current) distributed to one or more connected devices via electrical interfaces. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a first module adapted to detect current drawn by a first set of ports, and a second module adapted to adjust the... Agent:

20150021996 - Modular dc power supply with independent output converters: A power supply with a DC-DC converter and a switching converter comprises an intermediate circuit and at least one output switching regulator. The intermediate circuit has an intermediate circuit voltage, and is connected to a supply voltage via the DC-DC converter. The at least one output switching regulator is connected... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150021994 - Power converter having emi filter common to multiple converters: A power supply system is disclosed that includes a first interleaved power supply, a second interleaved power supply, and a common electromagnetic interference filter. The common electromagnetic interference filter is configured to provide DC power from a DC power source to both the first interleaved power supply and the second... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150021997 - Power gating in hazard detection systems: Hazard detection systems according to embodiments described herein are operative to provide failsafe safety detection features and user interface features using circuit topology and power budgeting methods that minimize power consumption. The safety detection features can monitor environmental conditions (e.g., smoke, heat, humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, radon, and other... Agent:

20150021998 - Stabilized power generation: Stabilized power generation apparatus and techniques are disclosed. A stabilized power generator includes a power generating component, an energy store, a bi-directional Direct Current (DC)/DC converter, and a bi-directional DC/Alternating Current (AC) converter. The bi-directional DC/DC converter is electrically coupled between the power generating component and the energy store. The... Agent:

20150021999 - Grid apportioning bimodal power module and method: A system for storage and communication of electrical power generated at local renewable energy generations sites, for subsequent communication to the local power grid is disclosed. Employing electrical energy monitors and storage, locally generated electrical power is always communicated to the local grid within threshold parameters for sale and payment.... Agent:

20150022000 - Reactor and power supply device employing the same: A reactor includes an annular iron core and four coils separately wound around the iron core. The four coils have first electrodes connected to output terminals of four choppers, respectively, and second electrodes each connected to a load. Therefore, the four choppers can be connected in parallel to the load... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishit-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20150022002 - Method and apparatus of master selection logic in ups parallel system: According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a method of operating a UPS system having a plurality of UPS's, the method comprising powering on the UPS system, assigning each one of the plurality of UPS's a unique identifier, calculating a master priority index for each one of the... Agent: Schneider Electric It Corporation

20150022001 - Modular grid power backup system: A modular power backup system has a plurality of smart battery packs for storing electrical energy. Each of the plurality of smart battery packs includes a first power and control connector. A battery pack rack defines a plurality of slots for holding the plurality of smart battery packs. Each of... Agent:

20150022003 - Modular three phase on-line ups: An uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) includes an interconnect circuit configured to receive three-phase AC input power from an AC power source and a plurality of UPS subsystems each coupled to the interconnect circuit. A first UPS subsystem includes first and second single-phase AC-to-DC converters. At least one second UPS... Agent: Schneider Electric It Corporation

20150022004 - Control device and power distribution system: A detection unit determines whether a commercial power supply is in a power failure state or a power distribution state. A power source connection management unit controls whether a solar cell is to be connected to a first power conditioner connected to a storage battery or to be connected to... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20150022005 - Hybrid energy harvesting device and fixed threshold power production: Systems and methods here are described for harvesting energy, certain embodiments including a power generator, a rotatable base attached to the power generator, one or more protruding blades attached to the rotatable base, a kinetic energy harvesting device mounted on the base, and a gear shaft for associating the base... Agent:

20150022006 - Renewable energy power generation systems: We describe a modular adjustable power factor renewable energy inverter system. The system comprises a plurality of inverter modules having a switched capacitor across its ac power output, a power measurement system coupled to a communication interface, and a power factor controller to control switching of the capacitor. A system... Agent:

20150022007 - Wind turbine generator controller responsive to grid frequency change: A wind turbine generator park (1) for supplying power to a power system (37), the park having an assigned first droop response characteristic for use in responding to an under-frequency occurrence on the power system (37). The park comprises a first comparator (108) for generating a first signal when the... Agent:

20150022023 - Electromagnetic interference suppression: An inductive power transmitter for transmitting electrical power to a device by electromagnetic induction, the transmitter being configured to receive power conductively by way of a current via an electrical conduit from an external power source, the transmitter including a field generator configured to generate a fluctuating electromagnetic field having... Agent:

20150022021 - Electromagnetic wave transmission sheet and electromagnetic wave transmission device: An edge portion which defines a planar shape has two long end sides (108a, 108b) which extend in parallel to each other, and two short end sides (107, 109) which have parallel portions extending in parallel to each other. The two long end sides and the two short end sides... Agent:

20150022008 - Home base station for multiple room coverage with multiple transmitters: The present disclosure may provide a wireless power system which may be used to provide wireless power transmission (WPT) while using suitable WPT techniques such as pocket-forming. Wireless power system may include a single base station which may be connected to several transmitters. Base station may manage operation of every... Agent: Dvinewave Inc.

20150022018 - Method and apparatus for authentication in wireless power transmission system: An authentication of a power transmitting unit (PTU) includes determining whether an access right to an external device is present in a power receiving unit (PRU) based on identification information of the PRU, and network-connecting the PRU to the external device in response to a result of the determining being... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022016 - Method and apparatus for controlling interference in wireless power transmission system: An interference control method of a power transmitting unit (PTU) includes determining whether the PTU is in an interference environment in which interference by a neighbor PTU occurs, and controlling a communication parameter of either one or both of the neighbor PTU and a power receiving unit (PRU) in response... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022012 - Method and apparatus for detecting coupling region: A method and apparatus to detect a coupling region in a wireless power transmission and reception system are provided. To detect a coupling region, a wireless power transmission apparatus receives state information of a wireless power reception apparatus, calculates a variation in the state information due to movement of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022011 - Method and apparatus for network communication in wireless power transmission system: A method of configuring a network of a power transmitting unit (PTU) includes determining whether a neighboring PTU is operating in a master mode; determining an operation mode of a PTU based on a result of the determining; and setting a network between the PTU and the neighboring PTU based... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022015 - Method and apparatus for synchronization control in wireless power transmission system: A method of synchronization control of a power transmitting unit (PTU) includes network-connecting a PTU to a PTU operating in a slave mode by setting an operation mode of the PTU to a master mode, and transmitting a signal to a power receiving unit (PRU) by controlling either one or... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022020 - Method and shielding units for inductive energy coils: The invention relates to protecting metals and components from inductive energy. The protecting apparatus comprises an inductive energy coil (51), a first shielding unit comprising an opening (58) around the inductive energy coil (51) wherein the first shielding unit (54) is located in parallel to inductive energy coil (51); and... Agent:

20150022009 - Method for 3 dimensional pocket-forming: The present disclosure describes a methodology for wireless power transmission based on pocket-forming. The method includes a transmitter device capable of forming pockets of energy used by a receiver device to charge an electronic device such as a computers, cell phones, tablet and/or devices of the like. The method may... Agent: Dvinewave Inc.

20150022017 - Method of controlling impedance matching with respect to multiple targets in wireless power transmission system, and wireless power transmission system adopting the method: A method of operating a wireless power transmission apparatus includes receiving information on rectifier output voltages from at least one wireless power reception apparatus; determining whether the rectifier output voltages are within a predetermined operating range, and controlling an impedance of the wireless power transmission apparatus based on a result... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022014 - Power supply device and method for detecting presence of foreign object: The power supply device of the present invention is provided with: a power supply surface on which a power-supply object is placed; a plurality of electrodes arranged along the power supply surface; a capacitance-detecting unit for detecting the capacitance produced in each of the electrodes; and a control unit for... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20150022019 - Power transmitter device for inductively providing power to a mobile device: An inductive power transmitter device (1) for inductively providing power to a mobile device provided with a receiver coil unit is disclosed. The transmitter device comprises a holder (3) and a coil arrangement (11). The holder (3) has a cavity (5) defined by two walls (7a,7b) providing facing surfaces (9a,9b),... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150022013 - Power transmitting unit (ptu) and power receiving unit (pru), and communication method of ptu and pru in wireless power transmission system: A communication method of a power transmitting unit (PTU) in a wireless power transmission system includes receiving a connection request signal from each of at least one power receiving unit (PRU), transmitting impedance change information of the at least one PRU to the at least one PRU, sensing a change... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150022010 - Wireless charging and powering of electronic sensors in a vehicle: Configurations and methods of wireless power transmission for charging or powering one or more electronic sensors or devices within a vehicle are disclosed. Wireless power transmission for powering or charging one or more electronic sensors or devices within a vehicle may include a transmitter capable of emitting RF waves for... Agent: Dvinewave Inc.

20150022022 - Wireless power transmission system: The wireless power transmission is a system for providing wireless charging and/or primary power to electronic/electrical devices via microwave energy. The microwave energy is focused to a location by a power transmitter having one or more adaptively-phased microwave array emitters. Rectennas within the device to be charged receive and rectify... Agent: Ossia, Inc.

20150022024 - Switch linearizer: Exemplary embodiments are related to switch linearizer. A device may include at least one switch. The device may further include a linearizer coupled to the at least one switch and configured to cancel at least a portion of distortion generated by the at least one switch in an off-state.... Agent:

20150022025 - Smart energy-saving power source control apparatus and method: The present invention discloses a smart energy-saving power source control apparatus and method. The apparatus includes a sensor set and a system control unit, and the system control unit includes a moving direction determination unit, a timer, a counter, a power switch system control unit. The method includes the steps... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20150022026 - Power quality differentiation in hazard detection systems: Hazard detection systems according to embodiments described herein are operative to provide failsafe safety detection features and user interface features using circuit topology and power budgeting methods that minimize power consumption. The safety detection features can monitor environmental conditions (e.g., smoke, heat, humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, radon, and other... Agent:

20150022027 - Multiple signaling hinged safety switch for mobile protection barriers: A multi-signaling hinged safety switch for mobile protection barriers includes a fixed member designed to be secured to a stationary part of the barrier and having a pair of axial end holes, a movable member designed to be secured to a pivotal part of the barrier and having a pair... Agent: Pizzato Elettrica Srl

20150022028 - System and method for electret surface potential restoration by a directional pulsating electric field: A system is disclosed for restoring a surface field potential of an electret material. An oscillator generates an oscillating output, and a power amplifier amplifies the oscillating output. A step-up transformer generates a high voltage alternating current output from the amplified oscillating output, and a polarity controller generates one of... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 28 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150015062 - Vehicle electrical center: An electrical center for distributing electrical power to an electrical system of a vehicle is provided. A housing of the electrical center includes a shroud that protrudes outward from a sidewall of the housing. A fuse assembly which is configured to fit into the housing includes a tab that protrudes... Agent:

20150015063 - Vehicle electrical system state controller: A motor vehicle electrical power distribution system includes a plurality of distribution sub-systems, an electrical power storage sub-system and a plurality of switching devices for selective connection of elements of the power distribution system to the electrical power storage sub-system. A state transition initiator directs control system operation of switching... Agent: International Truck Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20150015064 - Boost converter deadtime compensation: A hybrid powertrain system may include an electric machine, a battery back, a boost converter and at least one controller. The boost converter may include an inductor and be configured to receive input voltage from the battery back and provide an output voltage to the electric machine. The at least... Agent:

20150015065 - System and method for supplying auxiliary power to an electrified vehicle: A power supply system for an electrified vehicle according to an exemplar aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a primary power source and an auxiliary power source configured to selectively supply power in place of or in addition to the primary power source. At least one electrical... Agent:

20150015067 - Control circuit and electronic device using same: An electronic device is connected between a power apparatus and an external device for converting a voltage from the power apparatus to charge the external device. The power apparatus is capable of switching between a first state and a second state. The power apparatus generates a working voltage and storing... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150015066 - Method and system for control and protection of direct current subsea power systems: A method and a high-voltage DC (HVDC) power system are provided. The system includes a plurality of sending-end (SE) modules coupled in electrical series and divided into at least two groups that each operate independently with respect to an electrical ground and a plurality of receiving-end (RE) power converter modules... Agent:

20150015068 - Multi-port energy storage system and control method thereof: A multi-port energy storage system includes a bi-directional power conversion circuit, a DC-AC inverter circuit, an electric energy storage facility, a first AC port, a second AC port and an AC switch. The multi-port energy storage system controllably provides various classifications of power supply quality via the first AC port... Agent:

20150015070 - Electronic device, power source device, and power control method of electronic device: An electronic device includes a case; a power source unit including a heat generation unit, the power source unit being configured to be inserted in the case and slidable between a stored state in which the power source unit is stored in the case and an exposed state in which... Agent:

20150015069 - System and method for controlling frequency: Provided are a system and a method for controlling a frequency. The system for controlling the frequency includes: at least one power supplying unit generating power; at least one systematic unit consuming the power generated from the power supplying unit; at least one standby power unit storing the power generated... Agent:

20150015071 - Post-regulated flyback converter with variable output stage: A power circuit is described that includes a transformer arranged to store energy. The power circuit further includes a parallel switch device arranged in parallel to a secondary side winding of the transformer.... Agent:

20150015072 - Power converter circuit and method: A power converter circuit includes a converter series circuit that includes a number of converter units. The converter series circuit is configured to output a series circuit output current. A synchronization circuit is configured to generate at least one synchronization signal. At least one of the converter units is configured... Agent:

20150015073 - Power supply circuit: A power supply circuit includes a connector, a first power supply module, and a second power supply module. The first power supply module is connected to, and supplies power to, the connector. The second power supply module is connected to the connector and the first power supply module. The first... Agent:

20150015074 - Power supply device and power management method: A method for managing a number of power supply units (PSUs) of a power supply device is provided. A total operation time of each PSU is counted. A number of the PSUs to be assigned to work is determined according to a load value of a load connected to the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150015076 - Charging system and power failure device detecting power failure of led light: In an emergency lighting apparatus, charging efficiency is increased by individually charging cells in a power storage unit. When a power failure or other situation occurs requiring the actual use of the emergency lighting device, the proper operation of the emergency lighting device is ensured. In particular, the disadvantage of... Agent:

20150015075 - Distribution board and battery pack: A distribution board includes: a pack housing unit which houses a battery pack and includes a connecting unit; and a charge control unit. The battery pack includes a connecting terminal unit for charge and discharge of power and can supply power to the distribution board and another device different from... Agent:

20150015077 - System and method for selectively controlling a solar panel in segments: A control system is provided for a solar panel. The control system includes a plurality of control elements that are individually connected to a corresponding segment of the solar panel. The control system also includes control logic that is structured to individually signal each of the plurality of control elements... Agent:

20150015078 - Cable and compensation method for transmitting high speed signal and delivering power: The present specification provides a cable and a compensation method for transmitting a high speed signal and delivering power. The cable according to one embodiment disclosed in the present specification interconnects a first device and a second device, the cable comprising: a power line for transmitting power from the first... Agent: Smartphy Inc.

20150015084 - Contactless power transmitting device, contactless power receiving device, and contactless electric power transfer system: A contactless power transmitting device is capable of contactlessly transmitting power to a power receiving device. The contactless power transmitting device includes a power transmitting unit configured to be capable of contactlessly transmitting power to the power receiving device, and a communication unit configured to send information, which relates to... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150015086 - Device for inductively transmitting power: A system is provided for inductive power transmission. The system includes a primary unit having a primary coil and a secondary unit having a secondary coil. The primary coil generates a magnetic transmission field in a transmission area between the primary unit and the secondary unit. The system includes a... Agent:

20150015079 - Noncontact power supply system and electromagnetic induction coil for noncontact power supply apparatus: A noncontact power supply system includes a power supply device having a primary coil acting as an electromagnetic induction coil for a noncontact power supply system, and a power receiving device having a secondary coil. The primary coil has a primary core and a winding wire. The secondary coil has... Agent:

20150015083 - Power receiving apparatus, power supplying apparatus, and communication apparatus: An object is to provide a compact interface apparatus capable of receiving electric power, supplying electric power, or/and performing communication on a communication sheet while reducing the influence of a standing wave. A power receiving apparatus (100) that receives electric power from a electromagnetic-wave propagation sheet (10) includes a first... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150015080 - Power transmission apparatus and coil device: In a power transmission apparatus which transmits power from a power transmission device to a power reception device in a noncontact manner through electromagnetic coupling, the power transmission device includes a power transmission coil, and an AC power source supplying AC power to a resonance element including the power transmission... Agent:

20150015081 - Power transmission apparatus, and power transmitting device and power receiving device for the power transmission apparatus: There is provided a non-contact power transmission apparatus which can supply stable power from a power transmitting side to a power receiving side even if a load is changed. The power transmission apparatus transmits power from a power transmitting device to a power receiving device in a non-contact manner. The... Agent:

20150015082 - Power transmission apparatus, power transmission device and power reception device for power transmission apparatus: In a power transmission apparatus which transmits power from a power transmission device to a power reception device in a noncontact manner, the power transmission device includes a first main body supporting the power reception device on adjacent first and second surfaces, and a power transmission coil formed by planar... Agent:

20150015085 - Wireless power transfer system, control method of wireless power transfer system, wireless power transmitting apparatus, control method of wireless power transmitting apparatus, and storage medium: A wireless power transfer system comprising a wireless power transmitting apparatus and a plurality of wireless power receiving apparatuses, the wireless power transmitting apparatus comprising: a power transmitting unit adapted to transmit power to the wireless power receiving apparatus; a recognition unit adapted to recognize the wireless power receiving apparatus;... Agent:

20150015087 - Wireless power transmitting apparatus and wireless power supply system: A wireless power transmitting apparatus transmits an electric power signal comprising any one from among an electric field, a magnetic field, and an electromagnetic field to a wireless power receiving apparatus. A reflector coil is arranged at a distance from a radiation coil. A driving power supply supplies a driving... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20150015088 - Capacitive dc power transformer: The present document relates to power transformers for electronic computing devices. In particular, a power converter configured to convert electrical power at a DC input voltage Vin into electrical power at a DC output voltage is described. The power converter comprises a plurality of flying capacitors, and a plurality of... Agent:

20150015089 - Safety switching apparatus with switching element in the auxiliary contact current path: A safety switching apparatus for switching on or off a technical installation has a failsafe control/evaluation unit with an input for receiving an input signal. The failsafe control/evaluation unit is designed to process the input signal in order to produce an output signal for switching on or off the technical... Agent:

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