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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems

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05/21/2015 > 34 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150137591 - Bicycle electronic system: A bicycle electronic system comprising a battery unit, at least one operating unit and a power supply and communication bus, each of said units being connected to said bus is provided. The system comprises first means or controller for switching-off/(re)switching-on able to be activated/deactivated by a user and second means... Agent: Campagnolo S.r.l.

20150137592 - Power conversion system suppressing reduction in conversion efficiency: A power conversion system includes a DC-DC converter, a voltage detector, a current detector and a controller. The controller controls the DC-DC converter such that the DC-DC converter starts outputting power when the output voltage detected by the voltage detector is below a predetermined voltage and stops outputting the power... Agent:

20150137590 - Power reception device, power transmission device, and vehicle: A power reception device includes a coil and a core having the coil wound therearound, the core including a stem portion extending in a direction in which the winding axis extends, and having the coil wound therearound, and a magnetic pole portion formed at least at one end portion of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150137594 - Charge control device for electrically driven vehicle: While a drive battery (11) is charged, the output voltage of a DC-DC converter (20) is set to a first predetermined voltage (e.g. 14.4 V) at which thermal runaway does not occur even if the temperature of an auxiliary battery (19) is high and at which the auxiliary battery (19)... Agent: Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150137593 - Voltage control in an electric vehicle: An example voltage control method for a powertrain of a hybrid vehicle includes controlling a power supply system to vary a voltage limit based on temperature.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150137595 - Hybrid alternating current (ac)/direct current (dc) distribution for multiple-floor buildings: A hybrid alternating current (AC)/direct current (DC) distribution system for multiple-floor buildings includes per-floor rectifiers for converting supply side AC to DC. Each rectifier is configured to supply a plurality of DC loads associated with one floor of a multiple-floor building. The system further includes per-floor DC busses, each of... Agent:

20150137596 - System, method and device for providing a stable power source without the use of direct connection to an ac or dc source: A combined energy harvesting and measuring device, for use in harvesting energy from a power line conductor and in optimizing load balance and charge as between one or more energy storage or energy drawing devices comprises a single, multi-function current transformer (CT) which itself comprises an electrical winding disposed thereon,... Agent: Awesense Wirless Inc.

20150137597 - Arrangement for and method of dynamically managing electrical power between an electrical power source and an electrical load: Electrical power is dynamically managed among one or more power sources and one or more loads. A plurality of monitor nodes is connected to an input terminal connected to each source, and to an output terminal connected to each load. A plurality of electrical power storage cells is connected among... Agent:

20150137599 - Current electronic distributing device: A current electronic distributing device that can limit maximum output currents of a plurality of input/output (I/O) ports to a first current or a second current. The current electronic distributing device includes a plurality of current detection units, a plurality of current limiting units, a control unit, and a power... Agent:

20150137598 - Dynamic voltage adjust circuits and methods: In one embodiment, an electronic system comprises one or more power circuits configured to receive a first voltage from an external power source and produce a second voltage to one or more electronic components of the electronic system, and a power management circuit configured to determine one or more output... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150137600 - Management of energy demand and energy efficiency savings from voltage optimization on electric power systems using ami-based data analysis: A method, apparatus, system and computer program is provided for controlling an electric power system, including implementation of a voltage control and conservation (VCC) system used to optimally control the independent voltage and capacitor banks using a linear optimization methodology to minimize the losses in the EEDCS and the EUS.... Agent:

20150137601 - Power supply management method for electronic device, and electronic device and power supplying device: A power supply management method for electronic devices includes: an electric power transmission step of wirelessly transmitting electric power to each of electronic devices 50, 60 placed on a table 10 from a power supplying device 20 contained in the top plate of the table 10; a step of receiving... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150137603 - Apparatus for bi-directional power switching in low voltage vehicle power distribution systems: A plurality of modules each including at least a pair of series connected power MOSFETs are configured between a plurality of DC voltage sources, and a plurality output terminals for connection to respective loads, are controlled for selectively applying power to the loads via time delay switching incorporating forward biased... Agent:

20150137602 - Power management unit and its application in apparatus and method for wireless power supplying unit: A power management unit, adapted to a wireless power supplying unit, for switching between input powers and providing a rated voltage or a variable flow current is provided. The power management unit includes a rectifying unit, a regulating unit, and a control unit. The rectifying unit converts AC power into... Agent: Richtek Technology Corp

20150137604 - Method to select optimal synchronization source in a multiple uninterruptible power supply system: A multiple uninterruptible power supply system includes at least two uninterruptible power supply modules. Each uninterruptible power supply module has a control unit with the control unit coupled to a synchronization bus. The uninterruptible power supply module are synchronized to each other with one of the uninterruptible power supply modules... Agent: Liebert Corporation

20150137605 - Backup power source for providing a fail-safe actuation of an electric actuator: A capacitive-based system that provides an electrical backup power source to an electric actuator for fail-safe actuation. The capacitive-based system includes an input power supply, a plurality of supercapacitors, and an output power supply. The input power supply converts an AC or DC primary power to a regulated DC output.... Agent:

20150137606 - Circuit for interconnected direct current power sources: Controlling a power converter circuit for a direct current (DC) power source is disclosed. The power converter may be operative to convert input power received from the DC power source to an output power and to perform maximum power point tracking of the power source. The power converter is adapted... Agent:

20150137607 - Switched capacitor dc-dc converter based distributed maximum power point tracking of partially shaded photovoltaic arrays: A method and system for implementing DMPP tracking of partially shaded/uniformly illuminated photovoltaic arrays using switched capacitor DC-DC converter is disclosed. Here, a dedicated SC converter is connected across each PV cell or PV module made of series connected PV cells wherein series connected modules make a PV string and... Agent:

20150137608 - Monitoring power source redundancy via a power distribution unit: A programmable logic circuit assigns a value to an outlet of a power distribution unit (PDU) that comprises a power source at an input of the PDU and at least one light-emitting diode (LED) associated with the outlet. The programmable logic circuit sends the value to a program on a... Agent:

20150137609 - Direct current power combiner: A circuit for combining direct current (DC) power including multiple direct current (DC) voltage inputs; multiple inductive elements. The inductive elements are adapted for operatively connecting respectively to the DC voltage inputs. Multiple switches connect respectively with the inductive elements. A controller is configured to switch the switches periodically at... Agent:

20150137612 - Antenna coil: Provided is an antenna coil capable of forming a magnetic field in a desired direction in an efficient manner, while suppressing leakage of magnetic flux into a space other than the space in which the magnetic field is formed. The antenna coil includes a main coil portion formed by winding... Agent: Equos Research Co., Ltd.

20150137610 - Auto load switch detection for wireless power receiver: Apparatus and methods are provided to automatically detect and control a load switch for a wireless power receiver. In one novel aspect, a method is provided to adaptively control the load switch based on the output condition of a rectified output according to a predefined criteria. In one embodiment of... Agent: Active-semi, Inc.

20150137615 - Electromagnetic interference mitigation: A primary unit for transmitting power and/or data wirelessly by electromagnetic induction to a secondary unit separable from the primary unit, the primary unit comprising: a coil; and driving means operable to drive a fluctuating current through the coil, wherein both ends of the coil are decoupled from the driving... Agent:

20150137614 - Non-contact type power supplying apparatus and non-contact type power supplying method: A non-contact type power supplying apparatus may be capable of detecting another power receiving apparatus even during the charging. The non-contact type power supplying apparatus may include: a first output unit outputting a detection signal detecting a power receiving apparatus; and a second output unit outputting a wake-up signal waking-up... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150137611 - Power management unit and wireless power system using the same: A power management unit, adapted to a wireless power system, includes: a rectifier, converts an AC power received by an input port thereof to a direct-current (DC) voltage outputted by a rectifying output terminal thereof; a first switch, wherein a first protecting capacitor is coupled between one terminal of the... Agent: Richtek Technology Corp

20150137613 - Wireless power transmission antenna apparatus: A wireless power transmission antenna apparatus (100, 200) is mounted on a wireless power transmitting apparatus configured to transmit electric power in a wireless manner, and is provided with: an antenna coil (10) obtained by winding a conductive member; a plurality of plate-like members (21, 22, 23, 24), each containing... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20150137616 - Bst capacitor control: A circuit for controlling a capacitor having a capacitance adjustable by biasing, including an amplifier for delivering a D.C. bias voltage, having a feedback slowed down by a resistive and capacitive cell.... Agent:

20150137617 - Using pulsed biases to represent dc bias for charging: Power transfer systems including a direct current source and a plurality of outputs operable in several modes. A ground mode may couple an output to circuit ground and a current mode may couple the output to the direct current source. The power transfer system may also include a controller configured... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150137618 - Adaptive battery protection: Methods and apparatuses, including computer program code are disclosed herein that provide adaptive battery protection. A method includes disabling a timer, when a current drawn by a battery-powered device from a battery is less than or equal to a lower current threshold. When the timer is disabled, the battery may... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150137619 - Method and circuitry for controlling a depletion-mode transistor: In described examples, a first transistor has: a drain coupled to a source of a depletion-mode transistor; a source coupled to a first voltage node; and a gate coupled to a control node. A second transistor has: a drain coupled to a gate of the depletion-mode transistor; a source coupled... Agent:

20150137620 - Anti-interference switch signal transmission circuit: An anti-interference switch signal transmission circuit, in which a changeover contact is used at a signal terminal, wherein a normally closed contact is connected to DC−, a normally open contact is connected to DC+, and a common terminal is connected to a switch signal acquisition circuit. When no signal exists,... Agent: Beijing Sifang Automation Co., Ltd.

20150137621 - Sensor: The present invention generally pertains to a sensor (101), more particularly the present invention pertains to sensors for saving energy, wherein the sensor (101) comprising at least one input (11) for receiving signal, at least one output (12) for transmitting signal, and at least a sensing module (14) for sequentially... Agent: Tricklestar Limited

20150137622 - Control switch figuration and related methods: A control assembly includes a locking device having at least a first mode of operation and a second mode of operation, the locking device configurable to change from the first mode of operation to the second mode of operation. The locking device has a non-contact sensor and a microcontroller. An... Agent:

20150137623 - Power feeding apparatus and power feeding system: According to the present embodiment, the power feeding apparatus configured to feed power by electric field coupling to a power receiving apparatus having a first and a second electrodes for receiving power arranged along a mounting surface and a protrusion arranged on the mounting surface side includes a power feeder... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 28 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150130269 - Detection, classification and mutual recognition of 4 pair power over ethernet: A method for verifying interconnection of a PSE and PD with 4-pair PoE capabilities includes performing a first classification event on first and second pairs, respectively, and detecting a first predetermined class current on first and second sets of twisted pairs, respectively. The method includes performing a second classification event... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150130270 - Electrical system adapted to transfer data and power between devices on a network: This invention relates to an electrical system which enables peripheral devices to communicate exclusively of other AC and power transceivers which provide to the electrical system and receive from the electrical system power and signals. The invention is an electrical system that comprises network channels (1000, 2000) connected by circuits... Agent:

20150130272 - Wireless power receiving apparatus and control method for such apparatus: A wireless power transmitting apparatus (10) is a wireless power transmitting apparatus which transmits electric power in a wireless manner by electromagnetic induction to a power receiving apparatus (20) which is provided with a power reception coil (220) and a fixed capacitance capacitor (230) electrically connected in parallel with the... Agent:

20150130271 - Wireless power transmitting apparatus and control method for such apparatus: A wireless power transmitting apparatus (10) is a wireless power transmitting apparatus which transmits electric power in a wireless manner by electromagnetic induction to a power receiving apparatus (20) which is provided with a power reception coil (220) and a fixed capacitance capacitor (230) electrically connected in parallel with the... Agent:

20150130273 - Dc link capacitance measurement for electric vehicle drivetrain: In order to detect deterioration of a DC link capacitor between a DC source and an inverter load in an electric propulsion vehicle, capacitance of the link capacitor must be accurately measured during in-service use. A charge is established on the link capacitor. The capacitor is isolated from the source... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150130274 - Isolation contactor state control system: A controller area network (CAN) installed on a hybrid electric vehicle provides one node with control of high voltage power distribution system isolation contactors and the capacity to energize a secondary electro-mechanical relay device. The output of the secondary relay provides a redundant and persistent backup signal to the output... Agent: International Truck Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20150130276 - Energy saving and/or safety device: A power control device comprising a communication system for communicating with at least one remote agent and/or remote user input device; wherein the power control device is configured to control power supplied to or from one or more power outlets responsive to the remote agent and/or remote user input device.... Agent:

20150130275 - Smart socket for automatically switching between electricity utilization modes: The present invention is to provide a smart socket, which includes a timing unit for obtaining current time; a power receiving/output unit for receiving electricity from an external power supply or outputting electricity to a power storage device; an electricity quantity monitoring unit for detecting power value of electricity received... Agent: D-link Corporation

20150130277 - Dc micro-grid: Systems and methods are provided for creating and operating a Direct Current (DC) micro-grid. A DC micro-grid may include power generators, energy storage devices, and loads coupled to a common DC bus. Power electronics devices may couple the power generators, energy storage devices, and loads to the common DC bus... Agent:

20150130278 - Feeding apparatus and feeding method: A feeding apparatus configured to be supplied with electric-power from a noncontact power-feeding module and to feed electric-power to a power-feeding object, the feeding apparatus, includes: an electric-current variation detecting block configured to detect variation of power-feeding electric-current supplied from this noncontact power-feeding module; a battery configured to assist supply... Agent:

20150130279 - Power supply with dual asymmetrical inputs: A dual asymmetric input power supply architecture for use in power systems employing input power source redundancy. The dual asymmetric input power supply operates from a main input of the power supply when acceptable voltage is present on the main input. If the main input fails or is out of... Agent:

20150130280 - Variable neutral impedance for multi-source system: A system includes a first power source and a variable neutral impedance circuit configured to vary a neutral impedance of the first power source based on presence and absence of a parallel coupling of the first power source with a second power source. The variable neutral impedance circuit may be... Agent:

20150130283 - Batteries for use in implantable medical devices: The present disclosure provides devices, systems, and methods for identifying conditions in a battery that predict fault or failure, alerting a user to the condition, and providing solutions to mitigate the potential harm that would otherwise result from the fault or failure. Further provided are battery casing designs for improved... Agent: Leviticus Cardio Ltd.

20150130281 - Integrated energy module: An integrated energy module includes an array of photovoltaic cells, a battery module, and an input/output interface. The integrated energy module further includes an integrated power control circuit to configure the input/output interface to dynamically couple to one or more other integrated energy modules of a solar array.... Agent:

20150130282 - System and method for emergency lighting: A lighting network (100) and methods therefore are disclosed. The lighting network (100) a plurality of lighting units (10) that can operate on AC power and DC back up power if the AC power is removed. A controller (15) is used to redistribute the DC power between the plurality of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150130284 - High efficiency interleaved solar power supply system: A high efficiency solar power system combining photovoltaic sources of power (1) can be converted by a base phase DC-DC photovoltaic converter (6) and an altered phase DC-DC photovoltaic converter (8) that have outputs combined through low energy storage combiner circuitry (9). The converters can be synchronously controlled through a... Agent:

20150130289 - Adaptive coupler for reactive near field rfid communication: An adaptive near field electromagnetic coupler for coupling electromagnetic power to a plane metallic trace (inlay) independently of the inlay geometry and/or orientation without external control algorithms. This is achieved by employing a microstructure of phase altering elements suitable for creating a constant phase field distribution along a top surface... Agent:

20150130293 - Generator unit for wireless power transfer: An RF signal generator wirelessly transferring power to a wireless device includes, in part, a multitude of generating elements generating a multitude of RF signals transmitted by a multitude of antennas, a wireless signal receiver, and a control unit controlling the phases and/or amplitudes of the RF signals in accordance... Agent:

20150130287 - Method and apparatus for contactless transmission of electrical energy between a wall and a door leaf/window sash fastened to this wall: A method to transmit electrical energy between a wall and a door leaf fastened to the wall includes providing a primary power coil and a secondary power coil which are in an inductive operative connection. An electrical primary current flowing through the primary power coil is measured to obtain a... Agent: Dr. Hahn Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150130291 - Non-contact type power transmitting coil and non-contact type power supplying apparatus: A non-contact type power transmitting coil may include at least one conductor pattern disposed on at least one surface of a base having a predetermined area, having a plurality of turns, and transmitting received power externally in a non-contact manner. The intervals between at least some of adjacent pattern portions... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150130285 - Portable transmitter for wireless power transmission: The present disclosure may provide a portable wireless transmitter which may be used to provide wireless power transmission (WPT) while using suitable WPT techniques such as pocket-forming. Portable wireless transmitter may be intended for providing power to a variety of devices in applications which demand portability or mobility for the... Agent: Dvinewave Inc.

20150130288 - Power reception device and power transmission device: A power reception device includes a first case having an accommodation portion formed therein, a core disposed in the first case, a second coil disposed in the first case and provided on the core, a first electrical device disposed in the first case and connected to the second coil, a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150130286 - Systems and methods for wireless power transmission: Systems and methods are disclosed herein that generally involve wirelessly transmitting power to an electronic device with improved efficiency by reducing or eliminating the Z direction positional gap between the power transmitter and the power receiver and ensuring that the transmitter and receiver electrodes are substantially parallel. In some embodiments,... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150130292 - Voltage converter, wireless power reception device and wireless power transmission system including the same: A voltage converter includes a high voltage regulator, a buck converter and a dual input linear regulator unit. The high voltage regulator converts a rectified voltage to a first load voltage. The rectified voltage is rectified from an input voltage. The buck converter generates an output voltage having a first... Agent:

20150130290 - Wireless power transmitting apparatus and wireless power transmitting-receiving apparatus: A wireless power transmitting apparatus may include a power transmitting coil wirelessly transmitting power to an exterior thereof according to controlling, a power transmission controlling unit controlling the power transmitted through the power transmitting coil, and a protection unit blocking power induced through the power transmitting coil from the exterior... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150130294 - Wireless power transmitting apparatus, wireless power receiving apparatus, and wireless power feeding system: A wireless power transmitting apparatus (10) is a wireless power transmitting apparatus which transmits electric power in a wireless manner by electromagnetic induction to a power receiving apparatus (20) which is provided with a power reception coil (220) and a fixed capacitance capacitor (230) electrically connected in parallel with the... Agent:

20150130295 - Electronic circuit arrangement: An electronic circuit arrangement may include a first supply line and a second supply line which are connectable with an electric energy supply unit at a first supply line input connection and a second supply line input connection. The first supply line and the second supply line may be electrically... Agent:

20150130296 - Power supply device and method, and program: The present technique relates to a power supply device and method as well as a program which can surely perform a billing process when a device is charged. When a vehicle ID registered in advance in an external storage matches a vehicle ID acquired by a reader/writer, a control unit... Agent: Sony Corporation

05/07/2015 > 36 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150123461 - Methods for powering ndt probes: The present invention provides methods for powering non-destructive (NDT) probes, such as ultrasonic probes. Methods allow for power and signal transmission to NDT probes via a single wire. Methods provide for one or more bias tees disposed at ends of the single wire for power and signal transmission.... Agent:

20150123467 - Distribution system: Provided is a power system 1 including a central distributor 3, to which power is supplied from a power generator 2 of an aircraft 100, and a distal distributor 5. The distal distributor 5 is away from the central distributor 3 in the aircraft 100, so that the distal distributor... Agent:

20150123463 - Electrical power system for an aircraft: An electrical power system for an aircraft having electrical loads and at least one jet engine with a high pressure spool and a low pressure spool, the electrical power system includes a first electrical machine driven by a first pressure spool and outputting a first voltage, a second electrical machine... Agent: Ge Aviation Systems Limited

20150123462 - Fueling station for unmaned arial vehicle of the vertical takeoff types: An unmanned self-sustained fuel dispensing station for fuels of all sorts (gasoline, pesticides, water, fertilizers etc.) a tank, docking, and coupling system for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) of the vertical takeoff types. The station can be independent of public power and communication utilities and can operate by remote control without... Agent:

20150123464 - Seat power systems and methods: Various embodiments of the present invention relate to an intelligent seat power system in which a plurality of seat nodes are embedded in respective aircraft seats. The seat nodes receive power and commands from a plurality of power supply units, each of which is connected to a cabin management system.... Agent:

20150123465 - Vehicle: A vehicle includes: a power reception unit that receives electric power contactlessly from a power transmission unit externally provided; and an electronic device. The power reception unit includes a coil formed to surround a winding axis. Assuming that a region extending in a direction in which the winding axis extends... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150123466 - Wireless power distribution systems and methods: Apparatus, methods and systems of wireless power distribution are disclosed. Embodiments involve the redirection of collimated energy to a converter, which stores or converts the energy into a more suitable form of energy for at least one specific point-of-use that is coupled to the converter.... Agent:

20150123468 - Apparatus, method and article for power storage device failure safety: In response to receiving information regarding an unsafe condition from portable electrical energy storage device (e.g., battery) safety sensors, a locking mechanism controller determines whether the battery is in a desired state to, as a safety measure, have the compartment that holds the battery locked and/or to send a signal... Agent:

20150123469 - Electrical apparatus with a filter for suppressing interference signals: An electrical apparatus for a vehicle has a primary control unit for controlling and supplying the electrical apparatus with energy and a secondary output unit subordinate to the control unit and outputs data transmitted by the control unit. The control unit and the output unit are connected to one another... Agent:

20150123470 - Electrical equipment power manager for vehicle battery protection: A system for controlling electrical demands on a vehicle battery in a vehicle is provided. The system includes a power conduit adapted to be coupled between the vehicle battery and one or more pieces of aftermarket electrical equipment deployed within a vehicle having electrical systems powered by the vehicle battery... Agent:

20150123471 - Apparatus for controlling ldc in electric vehicle: Embodiments provide an apparatus controlling a low voltage DC-DC converter (LDC) in an electric vehicle that enables the LDC to autonomously wake up and operate when at least one of an ignition IGN signal and other electric components linked to the LDC is in the ON state and enables the... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150123472 - Energy supply device for explosion-proof electronic functional units: An exemplary energy supply device for explosion-proof electronic functional units includes a plurality of inductors. The functional units are supplied from a high-frequency AC voltage that is individually output for each of the functional units via an inductor. In order to supply a multiplicity of functional units with little effort,... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150123474 - Battery storage system and controlling method of the same: A battery storage system includes: an energy converting unit configured to generate electrical power; a power converter including a control circuit, and a circuit that is controlled by the control circuit to generate electrical power to be supplied from an output of the energy converting unit to a load and... Agent:

20150123473 - Uninterruptable power supply for device having power supply modules with internal automatic transfer switches: Techniques are described for determining whether power from a first power source is unavailable to a power supply module. In response to determining that power from the first power source is unavailable, the techniques de-couple the first power source from one or more components of an electronic device connected to... Agent: Juniper Networks, Inc.

20150123475 - Control of operating equipment by influencing a grid voltage: To stabilize the grid voltage in a grid section which is connected to a higher-level grid via an apparatus having a variable voltage transformation ratio and which includes at least one energy consumption or generation unit, the voltage transformation ratio is changed in order to change a grid voltage level... Agent:

20150123476 - Apparatus and method in connection with crane sheave: An apparatus for collecting energy in connection with a sheave system in a hoisting apparatus provided with a sheave system. The apparatus includes at least one generator including a rotor and at least one stator. The rotor is connected rigidly to a sheave of the sheave system, and the at... Agent: Konecranes PLC

20150123477 - Power integrated device and power control method thereof: The present invention provides a power integrated device including a detection circuit and a determination circuit. The detection circuit detects whether first and second connection ports are coupled to a power source and produce first and second valid signals, respectively, and detect whether the power source coupled to the first... Agent: Wistron Neweb Corp.

20150123478 - Power transmission system: A power transmission system, which has a plurality of DC power sources and a load that receives a supply of DC power, is characterized in that: a power priority retrieving device is attached to each DC power source; control is performed by a controller; and the amount of power to... Agent:

20150123480 - Bidirectional switch circuit for power banks and the method thereof: A power bank having an input terminal; an output terminal; a battery; a bidirectional switch circuit coupled between the battery and the output terminal of the power bank; and a select circuit coupled between the input terminal and the output terminal of the power bank; wherein when the input terminal... Agent:

20150123479 - Power conversion apparatus: A power conversion apparatus is applied to a filter circuit. A reactor of the filter circuit includes a vertical pair of yoke iron cores, in each of which a thin strip of magnetic material is rolled in a toroidal manner and magnetic leg iron cores having respective phases being a... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150123481 - Energy storing device with cooling elements, and method for cooling energy storing cells: The disclosure relates to an energy storing device for generating a supply voltage for an electric machine, comprising at least one energy supply branch which is connected in parallel and each of which has a plurality of first and second energy storing modules that are connected in series. The first... Agent:

20150123482 - Active damping with a switched capacitor: An active damping switching system includes an active damping switching apparatus, including a damping capacitor, a damping resistor coupled to the damping capacitor, an input switch coupled to the damping capacitor, an oscillator coupled to the input switch and configured to open and close the input switch at a frequency,... Agent:

20150123486 - Contactless power transfer transformer for moving body: According to one embodiment, contactless power transfer transformer includes power transmission coil and power reception coil. At least one of the power transmission coil and the power reception coil is configured by coupled and both-sides wound coil. The coupled and both-sides wound coil is configured by both-sides wound coils. One... Agent: Technova Inc.

20150123485 - Electric power transmission system: c

20150123490 - Electromagnetic connector: An electromagnetic connector is disclosed that is configured to form a first magnetic circuit portion comprising a first core member and a first coil disposed of the first core member. The electromagnetic connector is configured to mate with a second electromagnetic connector, where the second electromagnetic connector is configured to... Agent:

20150123488 - Power feeding device and contactless power feeding system provided with power feeding device: A power feeding device utilizing an electromagnetic resonance coupling method and a contactless power feeding system can be provided. A coupling coefficient of electromagnetic induction coupling in the power feeding device and/or the inside of a power receiving device is optimized to improve electric power transmission efficiency of a resonance... Agent:

20150123484 - Wireless energy transfer systems: A wireless power supply includes a source magnetic resonator, connected to a power source and configured to exchange power wirelessly via a wireless power transfer signal with at least one device magnetic resonator integrated into at least one peripheral component of a computer and a processor configured to adjust the... Agent: Witricity Corporation

20150123487 - Wireless power transmission device for closed space: A wireless power transmission device includes an inner retainer fixed to an inner surface of a wall and supporting a power-receiving coil in proximity to a power transmission wall, and an outer retainer fixed to an outer surface of the wall and supporting a power-supplying coil in proximity to the... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20150123491 - Wireless power transmission system, and method for controlling wireless power transmission and wireless power reception: A wireless power transmission system, and a method for controlling wireless power transmission and wireless power reception are provided. According to an aspect, a method for controlling a wireless power transmission may include: detecting a plurality of target devices used to wirelessly receive power; selecting a source resonating unit from... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150123489 - Wireless power-supplying system: A wireless power-supplying system of the present invention includes a ground-based power-supplying device having a power-supplying coil and a vehicle having a power-receiving coil, and performs power supply from the power-supplying coil to the power-receiving coil in a wireless power supply manner. Further, this wireless power-supplying system includes a foreign... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20150123483 - Wireless powering of electronic devices with selective delivery range: The present disclosure describes a methodology for wireless power transmission based on pocket-forming. This methodology may include one transmitter and at least one or more receivers, being the transmitter the sender of energy and the receiver the device that is desired to charge or power. In the present disclosures, transmitters... Agent: Dvinewave Inc.

20150123492 - Pcb capacitor variable device and method: There are provided PCB capacitor variable device and method. The PCB capacitor variable device includes: a PCB forming any parallel capacitor by disposing a dielectric layer between a first pattern and a second pattern; and a switch unit connected to a pattern of one of the capacitors to switch the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150123493 - High performance power input circuits using synchronized mechanical switeches: The preferred embodiments of the present invention use synchronized mechanical switches to support electrical switching circuits. Due to near perfect impedances of mechanical switches as well as accurate timing control mechanisms, the preferred embodiments of the present invention provide significant improvements in power efficiency and cost efficiency of first stage... Agent:

20150123494 - Electrical cord reel with control system to limit overheating: In an electrical cord reel, a rotatable member can rotate about a winding axis to spool and unspool a linear material. An input power connector can couple to an electrical power source. An output power connector on the rotatable member can couple to an electrical cord at least partially wound... Agent:

20150123495 - Reset unit and portable electronic device having same: A portable electronic device is formed of a system circuit, a battery, a normally open switch, and a reset unit. The system circuit includes a processor. The normally open switch is electrically connected with the battery. The reset unit is electrically connected with the system circuit, the battery, and the... Agent: Merry Electronics (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20150123496 - Wireless powered house: The present disclosure may provide wireless power system used in a wireless powered house for providing power and charge to a plurality of mobile and non-mobile devices. Wireless powered house may include a single base station which may be connected to several transmitters, the base station may manage operation of... Agent: Dvinewave Inc.

04/30/2015 > 45 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150115705 - Circuit arrangement and a method for controlling an ac drive system of an electric vehicle: Circuit arrangement for controlling an AC drive system of an electric vehicle comprising at least one asynchronous drive motor (1) associated with at least one wheel of the vehicle, at least one frequency converter unit (3) having at least one AC heavy-current input and at least one AC heavy-current output... Agent:

20150115704 - Electric power transmission device, electric power reception device, vehicle, and non-contact electric power feed system: In a non-contact electric power feed system, electric power is supplied in a non-contact manner from an electric power transmission device to a vehicle representing an electric power reception device. The electric power transmission device includes an electric power transmission unit, a communication unit for radio communication with the electric... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150115706 - Metallisation of an electrically insulating housing of an aeronautic engine: the aeronautic engine (1) being characterized in that the equipment is connected to the structural piece (2) by means of the metallic piece (16a, 16b, 17, 18) by means of an electrically conductive connecting path (20, 22).... Agent: Snecma

20150115703 - Railway vehicle system: An electric locomotive includes a first control line and DC buses laid between couplers, a power storage device connected to the DC buses, and a DC/DC converter that executes charge and discharge control with respect to the power storage device. A non-powered vehicle includes DC buses connected to the DC... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150115709 - Apparatus for energy transfer using converter and method of manufacturing same: According to an aspect of the invention, a motor drive circuit includes a first energy storage device configured to supply electrical energy, a bi-directional DC-to-DC voltage converter coupled to the first energy storage device, a voltage inverter coupled to the bi-directional DC-to-DC voltage converter, and an input device configured to... Agent:

20150115707 - On-board power system for a vehicle: An on-board power system for a vehicle includes a first on-board power system branch with a first operating voltage U1, a first energy accumulator, and a first electrical consumer; a second on-board power system branch with a second operating voltage U2 and a second energy accumulator; and a third on-board... Agent:

20150115708 - System for multiple energy storage and management and method of making same: A propulsion system includes an electric drive, a first energy storage system electrically coupled to the electric drive through a DC link, and a second energy storage system electrically coupled to the first energy storage system in a series connection. The first energy storage system comprises a high specific-energy storage... Agent:

20150115715 - Apparatus and method for controlling charge and discharge of secondary battery: Disclosed is an apparatus and method for controlling charge and discharge of a secondary battery. The apparatus for controlling charge and discharge of the secondary battery includes the power control unit calculates an amount of discharging power of the secondary battery, and when voltage value of the secondary battery is... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150115714 - Method and system for powering a load: A method of controlling an electrical power supply to a load, wherein said load has an associated power threshold, is provided. The method comprises using a first electrical power source to generate a first amount of power for supply to the load, wherein said first electrical power source comprises a... Agent:

20150115711 - Multi-level data center consolidated power control: Multi-level data center consolidated power is disclosed. One or more controllers communicate with one or more power supplies and sensors to adapt to dynamic load requirements and to distribute DC-power efficiently across multiple IT racks. The distributed DC-power includes one or more DC-voltages. Batteries can be temporarily switched into a... Agent:

20150115713 - Power supply apparatus: A power supply apparatus includes a master circuit part charging a battery initially, supplying energy to a load that is a light load, and charging the battery when discharged; and a slave circuit part having a common output terminal with the master circuit part and supplying energy to the load... Agent:

20150115712 - Power supply device: A power supply device includes a first body and a second body. The first body has an opening and an adapter module which is electrically connected to the first electronic device. The opening is divided into a first port and a second port via a first axis, and the shape... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

20150115710 - System for the monitoring and maintenance of remote autonomously powered lighting installations: A system of monitoring and/or maintaining remotely located autonomously powered lights, security systems, parking meters, and the like is operable to receive data signals from a number of the devices, and provide a comparison with other similar devices in the same geographic region to detect a default condition of... Agent:

20150115716 - Method for recording power consumption data of a residential unit and method for controlling a residential unit: A method for recording power consumption data of a residential unit, the residential unit having a distributor (4) with at least one load circuit (7), wherein at least one load (9) is arranged in each load circuit (7), wherein at least one load (9) can be individually actuated and wherein... Agent:

20150115717 - Mos-based voltage reference circuit: A voltage reference circuit is provided that includes a first circuit, a second circuit and a third circuit. The first circuit has a first MOS transistor pair and the second circuit has a second MOS transistor pair. The first circuit is configured to provide a first voltage component that changes... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

20150115718 - Semiconductor device and semiconductor module: A semiconductor device includes: a voltage-dividing resistor circuit including first and second resistors connected in series between a power supply potential and a reference potential and outputting a potential at a point of connection between the first and second resistors; a transient response detection circuit including a third resistor having... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150115719 - Transfer switch with bypass topology: An automatic transfer switch (ATS) for supplying power to a load is provided. The ATS includes a main transfer switch portion configured to connect one of a first or second power source to the load. The ATS also includes a bypass transfer switch portion configured to form a bypass connection... Agent: Asco Power Technologies, L.p.

20150115720 - Backup battery systems for traffic cabinets: Backup battery systems for traffic cabinets that control traffic lights are provided herein. Backup battery systems include a controller operably coupled to 1 or more backup battery panels having rechargeable battery cells. Preferred systems can fit and operate entirely within the traffic cabinet. Monitoring and control of the backup system... Agent:

20150115722 - Control of a plurality of inverters connected to a common grid connection point: In order to control a plurality of inverters, which are connected on their input side to a current source each and on their output side to a common grid connection point, electrical variables are measured at the individual inverters and are used for controlling the individual inverters, currents being output... Agent:

20150115721 - Power system and method of operating a power system: A power system includes a power generating plant including a plurality of power generators, and an AC collection grid adapted to interconnect the power generating plant and an HVDC converter station. The AC collection grid is adapted to operate outside network regulations, whereby advantages such as simplified control and electronics... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20150115735 - Apparatus, system, and method for back-channel communication in an inductive wireless power transfer system: An inductive wireless power transfer device comprises a transmitter that comprises a transmit coil configured to generate a wireless power signal to a coupling region in response to an input voltage, and a modulator configured to modulate the wireless power signal and encode data with the wireless power signal to... Agent:

20150115731 - Contactless power feeding apparatus and contactless power feeding system: A contactless power feeding apparatus includes a power source portion, a power feeding coil, and a power feeding apparatus side control portion, and the power feeding apparatus side control portion is configured to perform feeding voltage control in order to control the feeding voltage value of the power source portion... Agent:

20150115726 - Electronic device: There is provided an electronic device including: a power reception unit having a plurality of power receiving coils and receiving a wireless power signal from a wireless power transmission device; a switching unit controlling an ON/OFF switching operation of the plurality of power receiving coils; and a control unit obtaining... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150115732 - High current, low equivalent series resistance printed circuit board coil for power transfer application: An apparatus for a multilayer printed circuit board (PCB) coil, comprising: a first coil layer of a PCB; a plurality of vias coupled to and distributed to cover substantially the surface of the first coil layer within the PCB; and a second coil layer of the PCB and coupled to... Agent:

20150115723 - Multi-mode wireless charging: A device may include a multiple inductive coils arranged concentrically for operating according multiple modes of wireless power transfer. The device may include multiple layers of magnetic shields to protect device components from the effects of the magnetic field used for power transfer. Construction and material of multiple layers of... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20150115734 - Power theft inspection apparatus and method, and recording medium: A power theft inspection apparatus is provided with: a controlling device configured to open a third switch unit between a power reception unit and a power reception control circuit of a power receiving apparatus at the start of a power theft inspection, then open a first switch unit between a... Agent:

20150115728 - Power transmission apparatus and wireless power transmission system: A power transmission apparatus includes the following elements. A position detection coil detects a signal from a power reception coil of a power reception apparatus installed on an installation surface. A position detection circuit determines from the detected signal that the power reception apparatus is installed on the installation surface.... Agent:

20150115727 - Systems, apparatus, and method for a dual mode wireless power receiver: Systems, methods and apparatus are disclosed for a dual mode wireless power receiver. In accordance with on aspect, an apparatus for receiving wireless power is provided. The apparatus includes a first coil configured to wirelessly receive power from a first transmitter configured to generate a first alternating magnetic field having... Agent:

20150115724 - Wireless power receiver and electronic device having the same: There is provided a wireless power receiver, including: a frame providing an inner space; a coil pattern provided on the frame; contact terminals provided on one side of the frame and electrically connected to the coil pattern; and a magnetic sheet coupled with the frame, disposed on an upper portion... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150115725 - Wireless power relay apparatus and case including the same: There are provided a wireless power relay apparatus capable of improving charging efficiency by relaying wireless power within a wireless charging system, and a case including the same. The wireless power relay apparatus may include: a substrate; a coil formed on the substrate; and a circuit unit including at least... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150115733 - Wireless power transfer for a seat-vest-helmet system: Wireless power transfer system include: a seat configured to support a human and including a first resonator featuring a conductive coil formed by a plurality of loops that each encircle a common first axis, a layer of magnetic material, and a conductive shield; an article of clothing featuring a second... Agent:

20150115729 - Wireless power transmission apparatus and wireless power transfer system: A wireless power transmission apparatus according to the present disclosure includes a power transmission antenna, receiver circuits, and a control circuit. The power transmission antenna transmits high-frequency power at each of frequencies to wireless power reception apparatuses. Each of the receiver circuits obtains, from a corresponding one of the wireless... Agent:

20150115730 - Wireless power transmission apparatus and wireless power transmission system: In a case that the at least one transmission antenna is transmitting a high-frequency power to at least a first wireless power reception apparatus and it is detected that at least a second wireless power reception apparatus is newly electromagnetically coupled with at least one transmission antenna, a wireless power... Agent:

20150115738 - Battery safety device for vehicle and method of detecting failure thereof: A battery safety device for a vehicle and a method of detecting failure thereof is installed between a high-voltage battery mounted on the vehicle and a power line. The device includes a first main relay connected to a positive terminal of the battery in series, and a second main relay... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150115736 - Bypassable battery modules: A battery system may include a plurality of battery modules connected in series. A battery module of the plurality of battery modules may include a cell stack array, a first solid state switch and a second solid state switch arranged in a half bridge configuration and configured to operate in... Agent: Saft S.a.

20150115737 - Matrix ferrite driver circuit: A ferrite module matrix driver circuit comprises a controller, a charging circuit, a plurality of ferrite modules arranged in the form of a matrix, a plurality of first switches driven by the controller, a plurality of second switches driven by the controller, and one or more comparators coupled to the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150115739 - Standby-power cutoff device for electronic product using power adaptor: The present invention is a standby-power cutoff device for an electronic product using a power adaptor. The power adaptor comprises: a power supply unit for receiving external commercial AC power and generating DC power required for the operation of the electronic product; a first switching unit and a first switching... Agent:

20150115740 - Power supply relay controller and electric power steering apparatus: To provide a power supply relay controller and an electric power steering apparatus capable of appropriately preventing contact failure of relays. When abnormal conduction between relay contacts occurs, a power supply relay circuit is opened and closed while a predetermined potential difference is applied between the relay contacts. At this... Agent:

20150115741 - Ac power over ethernet: Methods, systems and computer readable media for providing AC power over a computer network (e.g., Ethernet) are disclosed.... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20150115742 - Line break detection system: A line break detection system for detecting a break in a conductor (1.004), the system including a first return signal generator (1.020) proximate a first end of a segment of the conductor, the first return signal generator being adapted to apply a first return signal to the conductor, the system... Agent:

20150115744 - Electronic device and broadcasting signal receiver: An electronic device and a broadcasting signal receiver including the same are disclosed. The electronic device includes a power supply unit supplying electric power and a connector including a plurality of pins. When a jack of a first external device having a self power source is connected to the connector,... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150115743 - Transfer switch with monitor on load side: A transfer switch selectively couples at least two power sources to a load. The load may be a home, business, or vehicle. A current transformer is coupled to the output of the transfer switch and generates a load measurement signal that is proportional to the current or power output from... Agent: Kohler Co.

20150115746 - Apparatus and method for selectively determining a mode of operation: An apparatus for selectively switching a mode of operation of a detector, the apparatus comprising a detector configured for connection to a signalling terminal, switching means for configuring the detector to operate in one of sink mode or source mode and a voltage comparator, wherein the apparatus is configured to... Agent:

20150115745 - Transfer switch: A transfer switch (104) transfers electric power provided to an electrical load (106) from a first power source to a second power source. The transfer switch (104) includes a coil arrangement that controls movement of a member to open or close a contactor of the first or second power source.... Agent:

20150115747 - Method and device for operating a trigger device for occupant protection means: A method for operating a trigger device for an occupant protection unit includes: activating a first switch (high side) of the trigger device for occupant protection units; activating a second switch (low side) of the trigger device for occupant protection units; detecting an output voltage at the second switch (low... Agent:

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