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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/12

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12/27/2012 > 35 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120326497 - Electrical network of an aircraft and method of operation of the electrical network: An electrical network of an aircraft and a method of operation comprises: an AC bus, a DC bus, a rectifier providing a DC voltage to the DC bus with the help of the AC bus, a plurality of bidirectional converters comprising two linkup points, each bidirectional converter being linked up... Agent: Thales

20120326500 - Lithium-ion secondary battery, negative electrode for lithium-ion secondary battery, battery pack, electric vehicle, power storage system, electric tool, and electronic device: A lithium-ion secondary battery includes a positive electrode, a negative electrode containing an active material, and an electrolytic solution, in which the active material contains, as constituent elements, Si, O, and at least one element Ml selected from Li, C, Mg, Al, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120326499 - Power transmission system and power supply device for vehicles: A power transmission system has an AC power source and a high-frequency power driver that make up a high-frequency power source, and a primary self-resonant coil and a secondary self-resonant coil. The secondary self-resonant coil is magnetically coupled, by magnetic field resonance, to the primary self-resonant coil, and receives as... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120326498 - Providing a plurality of vehicles, in particular track bound vehicles, with electric energy: An arrangement for providing a plurality of vehicles, in particular track bound vehicles, with electric energy, includes an electric conductor arrangement for producing alternating electromagnetic fields and for thereby transferring electromagnetic energy to the vehicles. The conductor arrangement includes a plurality of consecutive segments, wherein each segment comprises at least... Agent: Bombardier Transportation Gmbh

20120326501 - Vehicular power source unit: Provided is a vehicular power source unit having an external electric power supply controlling element (94) configured to control the operation of a heater (16) and a recharger (22) operated by an electric power supplied from a commercial power source (70) via an external power source connector (25) according to... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120326502 - System and method of eliminating wasted energy known as vampire electricity or phantom load loss: An apparatus for eliminating electricity leakage from an electronic device connected to a power supply, while the electronic device is in switched-off or stand-by state is disclosed. The apparatus comprises of a charging module connected to at least one rechargeable battery for selectively providing electricity from the power supply to... Agent:

20120326504 - B-side feed for critical power applications: A method of providing power to a load, such as an IT load, includes generating an output power using at least one power module comprising at least one fuel cell segment, providing a first portion of the output power through a grid to an A-side power feed of the load,... Agent: Bloom Energy Corporation

20120326503 - Method and apparatus for managing transmission of power in a power transmission network: A method of managing transmission of power in a power transmission network, said power transmission network comprises: at least one power producer, a utility grid comprising power transmissions lines and substations, a plurality of power consumers consuming power produced by said at least one power producer, said method comprising the... Agent:

20120326505 - Electric power supply-and-demand control system, electric power management apparatus, and electric power supply-and-demand control method: An electric power supply-and-demand control system includes a memory unit, an estimation unit, a first calculation unit, and a second calculation unit. The system is capable of transmitting/receiving data to/from a power management apparatus provided to each of consumers to instruct a power management apparatus to adjust electric power. The... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120326506 - Load-segmentation-based 3-level inverter and method of controlling the same: The present disclosure relates to a load-segmentation-based 3-level inverter and method for controlling same. Three-level inverter includes: multiple capacitors charged with voltages divided from a DC input voltage; top switch having one end connected with positive terminal of one of multiple capacitors; bottom switch having one end connected with negative... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20120326507 - Power conversion apparatus having casing accommodated with a plurality of circuit boards: An apparatus for converting power of a power source used for a main unit mounted on a vehicle includes: a first circuit that converts the power into a first power and supplies the first power to a first auxiliary unit mounted on the vehicle; a second circuit that converts the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120326508 - Led array auxiliary power supply: A method and apparatus for providing one or more operating voltages and currents to one or more auxiliary loads by tapping an LED array driven by an LED driver providing a drive voltage to the LED array, and/or supplying an operating voltage to the LED driver itself using such a... Agent: General Electric Company

20120326509 - Duty cycle controller: There is provided systems, methods and devices configured to supply the load requirements of any resistive, inductive, or combination device while restricting electrical energy that does not contribute to the load requirement, wherein the load requirement is defined as the amount of electrical energy required for the device to substantially... Agent:

20120326510 - Power conditioning system: The present disclosure relates to a power conditioning system that includes an electrical energy source interface for connecting to an electrical energy source and includes a load interface for connecting to a load. Between the electrical energy source interface and the load interface is a plurality of electrical energy storage... Agent:

20120326511 - Methods and apparatus for controlling operation of photovoltaic power plants: A photovoltaic power plant includes a photovoltaic inverter that converts direct current generated by solar cells to alternating current. The output of the photovoltaic inverter is provided to a point of interconnection to a power grid. A meter at the point of interconnection may be read to detect the output... Agent:

20120326512 - Electric power control apparatus, electric power control method, and electric power feeding system: An electric power control apparatus, an electric power control method, and an electric power feeding system by which the maximum operating point of a generating element such as a solar battery can be controlled to be maintained, and electric power loss can be avoided. The electric power control apparatus is... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120326513 - Power off delay circuit and power supply system: A power off delay circuit includes a first diode with an anode receiving input power and a boost transformer circuit connected to a cathode of the first diode. The boost transformer circuit outputs power signals to a load circuit, and includes a capacitor, a primary winding, a first secondary winding,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120326514 - Power supply control apparatus and power supply control system having the same: A power supply control apparatus is connected to an electric device to control supply of power to the electric device. The apparatus includes a main power switch to apply or interrupt main power to the electric device, the main power being external input commercial AC power, an auxiliary power storage... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120326515 - Electric power receiving device and method of receiving electric power: An electric power receiving device according to the invention receives an electric power from a primary coil, with which a first alternating voltage is applied and through which a first alternate current flows. The device includes an electric power receiving section and a reducing-voltage generating section. The receiving section includes... Agent: Central Japan Railway Company

20120326516 - Fuel cell power generation system with isolated and non-isolated buses: A fuel cell system provides isolation of one or more DC buses which supply power to a DC IT load from AC noise generated by AC inverters or the AC grid using one or more isolating DC/DC converters.... Agent: Bloom Energy Corporation

20120326518 - Parallel electric service system and method using meter socket and load center combination: A parallel electric service system including a combination load center is disclosed. More particularly, the parallel electric service system encompasses a combination load center adapted to receive power from a utility power source and a parallel power source such as a solar module, wind turbine, fuel cell, or the like.... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20120326517 - System and method for switching between a first supply voltage and a second supply voltage of a load: A system switches between application of a first supply voltage and a second supply voltage to a load. The second supply voltage is a regulated voltage that is generated from the first supply voltage, or is alternatively generated from a reference voltage, such as bandgap. When the load is supplied... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Pvt. Ltd.

20120326519 - Adaptive control method and adaptive controller for controlling energy supplied to a resonant tank: The invention relates to an adaptive controlling method for controlling energy supplied by an electrical source to a resonance tank that is connectable to an electric load. The method comprises the step of determining an energy amount to be supplied to the tank, based on information of energy in the... Agent: Optimos Apto B.v.

20120326520 - Communication apparatus and communication system: There is provided a communication apparatus including a magnetic sheet that includes an opening, a non-contract power supply coil that is disposed on the magnetic sheet, a high-frequency coupler that includes a coupling electrode, a ground, and a resonance unit configured to increase an amount of current flowing into the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120326521 - Detection of an electrically conductive foreign object in an inductive transmission path: A system for contactless inductive energy transmission includes a primary system and a secondary system. The primary system comprises a first modulation unit that is configured to convert an energy signal to a first modulated alternating voltage signal. Furthermore, the primary system comprises a primary element that is configured to... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20120326526 - Inductively coupled data and power transfer system and apparatus: The present invention provides a system and apparatus for transferring electronic data and/or power from one station to another by means of a transportable pod comprising a solid state memory device and further provided with an inductively linked, electrically insulated connector. The transportable pod comprises a battery which is used... Agent:

20120326524 - Non-contact power transmission device: A portable terminal is activated when receiving verification power transmitted in a contactless manner from a charger using electromagnetic coupling between the charger and the portable terminal. The portable terminal sends an electrical signal (wakeup frame) indicating activation immediately after being activated to the charger. Reception of the wakeup frame... Agent:

20120326525 - Regulating power for a wireless communication device: A method is provided for managing power for a wireless communication device. The method includes receiving a loop current at an insertion voltage at an initial input, the loop current being generated by a power supply. The method further includes comparing a reference voltage to the insertion voltage and generating... Agent:

20120326522 - Wireless power feeder, wireless power receiver, and wireless power transmission system: To increase efficiency of wireless power feeding to a moving object in wireless power feeding. A wireless power feeder 116 feeds power by wireless from a plurality of feeding coils L2 to an EV 108 including a receiving coil L3. The feeding coils L2 are arranged along a moving direction... Agent:

20120326523 - Wireless power feeder, wireless power receiver, and wireless power transmission system: To increase efficiency of wireless power feeding to a moving object in wireless power feeding of a magnetic field resonance type. A wireless power feeder includes a plurality of feeding coils and a power feeding source (power transmission control circuit) provided in common to the plurality of feeding coils and... Agent:

20120326527 - Electromagnetic pulse generator: An electromagnetic pulse generating apparatus including an elongated flexible tube having an inflated mode and a non-inflated mode, wherein a cross section of said tube perpendicular to the elongation axis is larger when inflated mode than when not-inflated. The tube is placed inside an electrically conductive coil wound along the... Agent:

20120326528 - Compenstation scheme for the voltage droop of solid-state marx modulators: A novel design scheme for the compensation circuitry of solid-state Marx modulators has been described for enhancing the compensation ability of the compensation cells of solid-state Marx modulators and simplifying the entire circuitry of the modulator. High-speed solid-state switches are adopted in the new compensation cell for the control of... Agent:

20120326529 - Power supply identification apparatus and power supply identification method: A power supply identification apparatus includes a first delay section for delaying a voltage via the first power terminal or the second power terminal by a first delay time so as to output the voltage to the first input terminal, a second delay section for delaying a voltage via the... Agent:

20120326530 - Electronic device enabled to decrease power consumption: An electronic device includes an input interface receiving a power signal, a voltage conversion unit converting the power signal into a voltage signal, a processing unit receiving the voltage signal to operate normally, a load unit, and a control unit electrically connected to the processing unit, the voltage conversion unit... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120326531 - Electrical storage apparatus: According to one embodiment, an electrical storage apparatus includes an electrical storage unit configured to output direct-current power, a switch element configured to block positive-side wiring connecting the electrical storage unit to an outside, a diode connected in parallel with the switch element in a direction of a current flowing... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

12/20/2012 > 38 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20120319467 - Method and a device for reducing the electricity consumption associated with a communications line: A method and device are provided for reducing electricity consumption associated with a communications line having a set of N carriers of predetermined power suitable for conveying information to a receiver device. The method is adapted to determine first and second groups, each having respectively at least one of the... Agent: France Telecom

20120319468 - Power over ethernet prioritization system and method for surveillance cameras: The present invention provides a system and method for prioritized application of operational power receiving over a data transmission cable. The system includes a primary component, at least one secondary component, and a power supply. The system further includes a data transmission cable for transmitting operational power from the power... Agent: Videolarm, Inc.

20120319471 - Energy storage systems and methods: In an energy storage system that includes a battery and an ultracapacitor, the state of charge (SOC) of the capacitor is the subject of a dynamic set-point. This dynamic set-point control is a function of the load regime to which the storage system is exposed, for example a hybrid automobile... Agent: Maxwell Technologies, Inc.

20120319469 - Intelligent electrical power distribution system: An intelligent power distribution system distributes power on a vehicle. The system includes at least a first power source and a second power source for supplying electrical power, and at least a first power block and a second power block, each connected to receive power from the first power source... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120319470 - Method to supply an electric accessory of a motor vehicle comprising an electric battery to which said accessory is connected: A method of powering an electrical accessory of a motor vehicle including an electric battery to which the accessory is connected, the accessory and the battery also being connected electrically to an external electricity generator, wherein the following steps are performed in alternation: a) causing the accessory to be powered... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20120319472 - Refrigeration system: A refrigeration system can include an electrical generator coupled to a mechanical interface, the mechanical interface configured to transfer mechanical energy from a vehicle to the electrical generator, and a control module connected to the electrical generator via electrical wiring. The refrigeration system can also include an electrically-driven refrigeration unit... Agent:

20120319473 - Current sensor with a self-test function: A current sensor includes a core arranged around a conductor, a sensing element arranged on the core and configured to generate an output variable dependent on a magnetic field in the core, and a measuring unit configured to detect the output variable and to derive a measured value of the... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120319474 - Systems and methods for transmission of electric power to downhole equipment: Systems and methods in which output power that would conventionally be provided by surface equipment to drive downhole equipment, is transformed to increase the voltage before transmitting the power over a power cable to downhole equipment. The downhole equipment includes a step-down transformer that receives power from the power cable... Agent:

20120319475 - Connection base and electric power integration apparatus having the same: A connection base is disclosed. The connection base includes a first connection port, a second connection port, a charging unit, a first electric power conversion unit, and a second electric power conversion unit. The first electric power conversion unit is for converting an input voltage to a first output voltage,... Agent: Cooler Master Co., Ltd.

20120319476 - Power and control unit for a low or medium voltage apparatus: c

20120319477 - Lighting system: Lighting system utilizing electricity from energy storage and/or alternative energy source during peak usage times to power a load. In one instance, a series of batteries are configured to provide any desired voltage (e.g. 12V for LED lighting and 108V DC for an electric motor for a fan).... Agent:

20120319478 - Dc to dc converter with ripple cancellation: Ripple cancellation techniques are described for various DC to DC converters having multiple parallel phases with magnetically coupled inductors.... Agent: Volterra Semiconductor Corporation

20120319479 - Power demand management in inductive power transfer systems: A method of controlling power delivered to one or more loads in an inductive power transfer (IPT) system includes varying a frequency of a current in a primary conductive path (109), detecting the frequency in a pick-up inductively coupled with the primary conductive path (109), and controlling the power supplied... Agent:

20120319480 - Systems and methods for optimizing power loads in a power distribution unit: A method of optimizing power loads of a power strip is disclosed. The power strip includes single or three phase power input, a plurality of circuit breakers, and a plurality of outlets, with at least one circuit breaker being associated with at least one outlet. The method includes: obtaining real-time... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20120319481 - Double display device: A double display device includes a first display and a second display. The first and the second displays cooperatively show an interface. The double display device further includes a double display module, a detection module, a determination module, a single display module. The double display module activates the first and... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20120319482 - Methods and systems for activating sealed sensors in the field: The present disclosure provides methods and systems for initiating sealed sensor units in the field. A packaged sensor unit may include a sensor module, an activation mechanism and an internal battery, all situated in a sealed enclosure. In some cases, the sealed enclosure may be devoid of any externally accessible... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120319483 - Apparatus for bi-directional power switching in low voltage vehicle power distribution systems: A plurality of modules each including at least a pair of series connected power MOSFETs are configured between a plurality of DC voltage sources, and a plurality output terminals for connection to respective loads, are controlled for selectively applying power to the loads via time delay switching incorporating forward biased... Agent:

20120319484 - Current limited linear and switching regulators: Circuits and methods for current limited DC-to-DC converters having multiple power sources have been disclosed. One of multiple power sources is activated by a multiplexer. A current sensing unit, deployed close to the multiplexer, detects if an input current to the DC-to-DC converter has reached a current limit. In case... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20120319485 - Transfer switch with arc suppression: An automatic transfer switch for a power system receiving multiple alternating current sources and delivering multiple alternating current output is described. A transfer switch control circuit can sense a power loss in one or both AC sources. Each power supply can deliver current to drive a load but, if one... Agent: Server Technology, Inc.

20120319486 - Battery backup system and associated method: The invention is related to a battery backup system comprising a power cell array, a controller, and a power inverter. The power cell array may include power cells and a charger to provide electrical power to the power cells. The power cells may include a battery for storing and discharging... Agent:

20120319488 - Electrical power supply apparatus and controlling method thereof: Disclosed is an electrical power supply apparatus, comprising a switch circuit, an output circuit, single-direction pass circuit and a control circuit. The output circuit is used for outputting a supply of main power source. The standby circuit is used for providing a supply of standby power source. The control circuit... Agent: Silitek Electronic (guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

20120319487 - Integrated battery backup and charging for mobile devices: A battery backup and charging device (BBCD) is described. The BBCD includes a battery, a charger coupled to the battery, AC prongs coupled to the charger, and a connection module adapted to connect the battery and charger to the mobile device. The charger may provide charging to the battery and... Agent:

20120319490 - Parallel connected inverters: A distributed power system wherein a plurality of power converters are connected in parallel and share the power conversion load according to a prescribed function, but each power converter autonomously determines its share of power conversion. Each power converter operates according to its own power conversion formula/function, such that overall... Agent: Solaredge Ltd.

20120319489 - Power shuffling solar string equalization system: A photovoltaic (PV) array system may include multiple PV strings, each PV string including respective PV panels coupled in series. Each PV string may be coupled in series with a first terminal of a respective string equalizer module. The string equalizer module may equalize a maximum power-point voltage (VMP) of... Agent:

20120319493 - Dynamically reconfigurable framework for a large-scale battery system: A dynamically reconfigurable battery framework for management of a large-scale battery system systems is provided. The framework monitors, reconfigures, and controls large-scale battery systems online. The framework is built upon a topology-based bypassing mechanism that provides a set of rules for changing the battery-pack configuration, and a semantic bypassing mechanism... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20120319491 - Methods and systems for providing an appliance hybrid mode: A hybrid energy management method and system which provides a main power supply and a secondary power supply. The main power supply is electrically coupled to the utility power grid, while the secondary power supply is electrically isolatable from the utility power grid. A switch is provided to selectably power... Agent: Sears Brands, LLC

20120319492 - Power control method and electronic device: According to one embodiment, a power control method includes receiving supply amount information regarding a limit of supply amount of commercial power and consumption information regarding consumption of the commercial power in the past time, generating predictive information regarding a predictive value of consumption of commercial power at a time... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120319495 - Power inverter with multi-fed on-board power supply: An inverter includes a DC/AC converter connectable to a DC power grid, at least one DC/DC converter arranged upstream of the DC/AC converter and providing a galvanic isolation, and a DC voltage link at the input of the at least one DC/DC converter and connectable to at least one DC... Agent: Sma Solar Technology Ag

20120319494 - Secure control mechanism for distributed photovoltaic system: A system for controlling photovoltaic electricity production equipment comprising photovoltaic modules each equipped with a DC/DC microconverter connected to a DC bus, a DC bus manager, and an inverter for converting the direct current from the photovoltaic panels into alternative current intended for an electrical distribution network. Power is injected... Agent: Schneider Electric Industries Sas

20120319500 - Adapting portable electrical devices to receive power wirelessly: Wireless power receiving apparatus 150 is retrofitted to a portable electrical device 100 to enable the device to receive power wirelessly. The apparatus comprises a power-receiving element 200 adapted to be attached to the device, e.g. by adhesive 201, and also being adapted to receive power wirelessly from a transmitter... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20120319499 - Control apparatus for electromagnetic inductive load: A control apparatus for an electromagnetic inductive load is a circuit in which a switching element that is PWM-controlled and the electromagnetic inductive load are connected together in series between a DC power supply and a ground. The control apparatus includes a current sensing unit which senses a regenerative current... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20120319498 - Efficient robust wireless energy transfer: A method or apparatus for transferring energy between a source coil and a drain coil, comprises setting an initial resonant frequency of the source coil as a first condition; setting the source coil and said drain coil in positions relative to each other to define an initial coupling coefficient therebetween,... Agent: Yeda Research And Development Co, Ltd.

20120319497 - Kit of parts, connection device, lighting device and luminaire: A kit of parts (1) comprising an electric cable (3) comprising hermetically sealed electric conductors, a connection device (5) comprising a first (9a) and a second connection part (9b), the first and second connection part each comprising a cavity (12) in which a respective secondary conduction coil (14) is arranged... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20120319496 - Proximity sensing using ehf signals: A system for sensing proximity using EHF signals may include a communication circuit configured to transmit via a transducer an EM signal at an EHF frequency, and a proximity sensing circuit configured to sense a nearby transducer field-modifying object by detecting characteristics of a signal within the communication circuit. A... Agent: Waveconnex, Inc.

20120319501 - Electric device having low power consumption in the stand-by state: An electrical device, particularly having at least one lighting system having light emitting diodes, such as a television having LED backlighting (57), which has a stand-by mode (ZPM) with very low power consumption in which only one control unit (3) is supplied with power via a capacitive voltage divider. For... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20120319502 - Virtual switch and method for operating same: The invention relates to a method for actuating a virtual switch (50) by means of a sensor system (17.2) which detects an actuation of the switch (50), the sensor system (17.2) having at least two non-contact sensors (11, 12). The method comprises the following steps: a) starting the method, b)... Agent: Huf H&#xfc Lsbeck & F&#xfc Rst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120319503 - System and method for conserving power for devices: A power conservation circuit for a hand-held motion-sensing device and a method for conserving power on such devices are provided. The present disclosure provides for sensing the movement of device by a sensor and outputting a sense signal in response to the movement, processing the sense signal output of the... Agent:

20120319504 - Control of dynamic bus voltage in an intermediate bus architecture power system: To reduce power loss in an intermediate bus architecture power system, embodiments of the present invention provide an intermediate bus converter which converts an input voltage to an intermediate bus voltage using a converting unit; receives a signal indicative of an output of a converting unit; determines an intermediate bus... Agent:

12/13/2012 > 29 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120313428 - Communication system and electronic choke circuit: The object of the invention is to propose a communication system using an electronic choke circuit which has impedance slightly varied with a load variation and is prevented from having negative resistance and can stabilize circuit operation. A terminal device includes an electronic choke circuit separating DC power supplied from... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120313431 - Battery with integrated power inverter: A vehicle battery having an integrated power inverter includes an outer housing having a positive terminal and a negative terminal located exterior to the outer housing; a battery located in the outer housing, the battery having a positive output and a negative output that together output a DC current, wherein... Agent:

20120313430 - Converter having variable frequency control: A converter operable for powering one or more loads having a variable switching frequency. The switching frequency of the converter being selectable based on a desired output power level and/or whether switching of a plurality of switches of the converter is characterized as zero voltage switching (ZVS) or non-zero voltage... Agent: Lear Corporation

20120313429 - Solid state contactor assembly: An example solid state contactor assembly includes a switching element having a field-effect transistor and a diode in parallel. The switching element is configured to communicate electric current along a current flow path extending from a first bus bar to a second bus bar. A control device is configured to... Agent:

20120313432 - Power distribution system connecting apparatus: A power distribution system connecting apparatus comprises a power generation amount calculating portion for calculating a theoretical amount of power generation of the power source apparatus from an environment measurement value, a power measuring portion for measuring an amount of power generation of the power source apparatus, a comparator portion... Agent: Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120313433 - Switching power supply apparatus: In a switching power supply apparatus, a resonant capacitor and an inductor are connected in series between a primary winding in a transformer and a second switching element. A first rectifier smoothing circuit including a diode and a capacitor rectifies and smoothes a voltage occurring at a first secondary winding... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120313434 - Automatic and dynamic home electricity load balancing for the purpose of ev charging: “A circuit breaker interfaces with a power rail of an electric service panel. The circuit breaker monitors a total present electric current consumption value for electric consumers served by the service panel and not served by the circuit breaker. It compares the present electric current consumption value with a preset... Agent: Patent Navigation Inc.

20120313435 - Voltage converter: A voltage converter includes a driver, a subsidiary voltage converter, an inductor, a capacitor, and a voltage detection unit. The subsidiary voltage converter generates a driving voltage transmitted to the driver to supply working power to the driver. The driver controls the capacitor to be alternately charged and discharged through... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120313436 - Renewable energy enhanced apparatus: A renewable energy enhanced apparatus includes a rechargeable buffer battery unit; a renewable energy generation unit for generating electric energy in the form of a cell; a rectifying and charging unit for converting AC into DC and charging the DC into the buffer battery unit; a power conversion and energy... Agent:

20120313437 - Data center battery enhancement method and system: A method for increasing workable power output and run time duration of a battery backup system is disclosed. A plurality of battery groups is provided. A microprocessor electrically connects the power output of a first battery group and a second battery group to a UPS. The microprocessor monitors the output... Agent:

20120313438 - Uninterruptible power supply: An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system includes an AC power input configured to receive AC power from a single-phase AC power source or a multi-phase AC power source, a DC power source, an output circuit including a power output, a controllable switch configured to selectively couple at least one of... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20120313439 - Power source apparatus: The power source apparatus configuration can be changed to adapt to the installation site and environment. The power source apparatus is provided with first equalizing circuits 14 to control remaining charge capacity variation among a plurality of battery units 10, and second equalizing circuits 24 to control remaining charge capacity... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120313440 - Solar system for generating electric power: A solar power generation system for providing operating power for a desired application, the system includes one or more solar-array modules, wherein each of the one or more solar-array modules includes a multiplicity of solar cells and a high efficiency DC to DC power converter. The multiplicity of solar cells... Agent: Solar Wat Ltd.

20120313441 - Active cell balancing: A battery cell balancing system includes N switching circuits connected to first terminals and second terminals of N battery cells, respectively, where N is an integer greater than one. A first transformer includes a first core and N sets of windings wound around the first core. The N sets of... Agent: Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

20120313443 - Smart and scalable off-grid mini-inverters: A method and apparatus is disclosed for intelligently inverting DC power from DC sources such as photovoltaic (PV) solar modules to single-phase or three-phase AC power to supply power for off-grid applications. A number of regular or redundant off-grid Mini-Inverters with one, two, three, or multiple input channels in a... Agent: Cyboenergy, Inc.

20120313442 - Solar power conversion apparatus: Provided is a solar power conversion apparatus which includes at least one solar array receiving light and generating a DC power, a converter unit converting amplitude of the generated DC power, a multilevel inverter unit receiving the DC power from the converter unit to output AC power with multi levels... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20120313451 - Beam power with multiple power zones: A beam power source transmits a signal indicating power availability, receives a request for power in response, and beams power in response to the request.... Agent: Searete LLC

20120313448 - Inductive power supply: A method for wirelessly powering a load over an inductive link, wherein the inductive link is between a primary side and a secondary side, including transmitting a first power from the primary side to the secondary side; receiving by the primary side a modulated data signal from the secondary side;... Agent: Powerkiss Oy

20120313444 - Inductively controlled series resonant ac power transfer: An inductive power transfer pickup circuit has a pickup coil (L2) and tuning capacitor (C2) connected in series to provide a series resonant circuit. A bi-directional switch (S1) is used to vary the phase angle between the open circuit pickup coil voltage (Voc) and the pickup coil inductor current (iL)... Agent:

20120313446 - Method and apparatus for controlling wireless power of a receiver in a wireless power transmission/reception system: A method and apparatus are provided for controlling power of a receiver in a wireless power transmission/reception system, wherein a wireless power quantity supplied to receivers from a transmitter is controlled through communication between the receivers. The method includes receiving required power information transmitted from a joining receiver in a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120313450 - Method and apparatus for transmitting multi-radio power using time division mode: A method for multiple wireless power transfer, capable of transmitting power wirelessly to multiple receivers, by using a time division scheme, includes the steps of: (a) allotting exclusive power transmission time for at least one of the multiple receivers; and (b) transmitting the power wirelessly to each of the at... Agent: Snu R&db Foundation

20120313447 - Method of performing bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver in wireless power transmission/reception system, the transmitter, and the receiver: A method and apparatus for performing bidirectional communication between a transmitter and a receiver in a wireless power transmission system are provided. The method includes detecting the receiver; transmitting, when the receiver is detected, transmitting a predetermined level of power to the receiver through a transmission (Tx) resonator; receiving a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120313449 - Resonator optimizations for wireless energy transfer: Described herein are improved configurations for resonator for wireless power transfer that includes a magnetic material having at least one hollow section, and at least one electrical conductor wrapped around the magnetic material. The cavity of the magnetic material may be used for lossy elements such as circuit boards or... Agent: Witricity Corporation

20120313445 - Wireless power transmission apparatus and system: A wireless power transmission apparatus includes a wireless power transmitter for wirelessly transmitting power to at least one wireless power receiver by magnetic resonance coupling; and a master wireless power receiver that is wire-connected to the wireless power transmitter for communication, and performs peer-to-peer wireless communication with the at least... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120313452 - Flux compression generator: A flux compression generator (FCG) is provided for producing an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). The FCG includes an environmental case, a reactive load, a dielectric core, a superconducting stator, an electric energy source, a load switch, and a transition device. The reactive load transmits the EMP in response to an electric... Agent: United States Government, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20120313453 - Printable polarity switch: Switch assembly for changing the direction of current from a power source to an appliance comprising—at least four wirings, two of the wirings are connectable with the power source and the remaining wirings are connectable with the appliance,—all wirings are fixed on the surface of a substrate and none of... Agent: Basf Se

20120313454 - Power control device: A power control device is disclosed which controls power shutdown and restart on an electrical power line. The power control device includes a first switch which couples and decouples a power input line to a first power output line in response to the switch being either closed or open, respectively.... Agent: John Mezzalingua Associates, Inc.

20120313455 - Instantaneous solar array recombining technology: An automatically re-configurable solar array apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a solar array electrically connected to an inverter through a power switch controlled by a microprocessor. The solar array comprises a combination of solar panel strings wired in parallel. Each solar panel string comprises a plurality of solar panels... Agent:

20120313456 - Load control device having an electrically isolated antenna: A load control device for controlling the power delivered from a power source to an electrical load includes an antenna and a communication circuit to receive and transmit messages via radio frequency (RF) signals. The communication circuit is coupled to the power source but is capacitively coupled to the antenna.... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

12/06/2012 > 31 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120306263 - Control device for electrically powered vehicle: A control device for an electrically powered vehicle, mounted to the electrically powered vehicle, includes: a current control element that takes off a charging current to be supplied to a low voltage battery in order to charge up the low voltage battery from an output current on the low voltage... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20120306265 - Power feeding device and vehicle power feeding system: A power feeding device includes a network analyzer that measures measurement of S-parameters of a resonant system that includes an electromagnetic induction coil and a resonance coil, and an electronic control unit (ECU). The ECU adjusts the resonant frequency of the resonance coils to the power supply frequency in accordance... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120306266 - Power supply system and electric vehicle: In a power supply system, when an ignition switch is turned OFF, a second switch is turned OFF to cut off supply of electric power to an leveling circuit from the 12-V battery and on the other hand, a first switch is turned ON to supply the electric power from... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120306262 - Shield device for resonance type contactless power transmission system: A shield device for a resonance type contactless power transmission system that reduces adverse influence on power transmission efficiency without unnecessarily increasing space for installing the shield device is provided. A shield device of the resonance type contactless power transmission system includes cylindrical shield members, which are provided in a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20120306264 - Switch load shedding device for a disconnect switch: A switch load shedding device for a disconnect switch may be used in electric vehicles. The disconnect switch must perform a galvanic disconnect between the battery and the intermediate circuit. To this end, at least one semiconductor switch is used. The current to be switched off is conducted via the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120306267 - Device for minimizing the current consumption of a motor vehicle generator from the battery during the starting phase of the motor vehicle: A device for minimizing the current consumption of a motor vehicle generator from the battery during the starting phase of a motor vehicle, has a generator unit and a generator regulator. The generator regulator includes a regulator control, which has a unit for providing a first control signal having a... Agent:

20120306268 - Battery system for micro-hybrid vehicles comprising high-efficiency consumers: A battery system for a motor vehicle is disclosed. The battery system includes an internal combustion engine, said battery system comprising at least one starting circuit, a low-voltage on-board supply system, and an on-board supply system with an increased voltage. The starting circuit has a starter battery and a starter... Agent: Sb Limotive Germany Gmbh

20120306269 - Method and apparatus for detecting load fluctuation of wireless power transmission: A method and apparatus to detect load fluctuation of a wireless power transmission are provided. A wireless power transmitter includes a resonator configured to wirelessly transmit, to a target device, an output power. The wireless power transmitter further includes a power detector configured to detect a current of the output... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120306270 - Energy management apparatus and energy management method, and energy management system including energy management apparatus: The present disclosure relates to an energy management apparatus, an energy management method and an energy management system including an energy management apparatus, in which a new renewable energy generation system such as a charged energy of a battery in an electric vehicle, a solar energy generation system, a wind... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20120306271 - Storage battery system: A storage battery is charged with power supplied from at least one of a commercial power system and an independent power source, and supplies the charged power to a plurality of electric devices or the commercial power system. A control unit switches the operation state of the storage battery to... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120306272 - System and method for dynamic power management of a mobile device: A method of dynamic power management of a mobile device. The method includes monitoring at least one load to determine when at least one of the loads will become active or inactive, determining a minimum required output voltage level to be provided by a single voltage converter based on voltage... Agent:

20120306273 - Sequence control circuit for power source: A sequence control circuit for power sources includes two switched circuits and a sequence control unit. Each of the switched circuits has a control node and is coupled between a power source and a load. The sequence control unit includes two output terminals coupled to the control nodes. The output... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120306274 - Ups adaptive output voltage control systems: An uninterruptible power supply includes a rectifier coupled to an input of an uninterruptible power supply and converts a first alternating current having a first alternating current voltage to a direct current. An inverter is coupled to an output of the uninterruptible power supply and converts the direct current to... Agent: Liebert Corporation

20120306276 - Electrical and/or electronic supply circuit and method for providing a supply voltage: An electrical and/or electronic supply circuit, which serves to provide a first or a second, essentially constant value of a supply voltage, which supply voltage serves to operate an operating electronics. The supply circuit serves to output the first value of the supply voltage when the supply voltage is derived... Agent: Endress + Hauser Process Solutions Ag

20120306275 - System and method for charging and discharging a li-ion battery: An electrochemical battery system, in one embodiment, includes a plurality of electrochemical cells, a memory in which command instructions are stored, and a processor configured to execute the command instructions to sequentially connect a first set of the plurality of electrochemical cells to an electrical load, disconnect the first set... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120306278 - Voltage regulation of a dc/dc converter: Power system includes at least one power source and a DC/DC converter with an input coupled to the power source, and an output coupled to a load, for allowing power transfer from the power source to the load, the DC/DC converter including means for regulating an input voltage of the... Agent: St-ericsson Sa

20120306277 - Wind turbine controller applying differential pole control algorithm: The present invention relates to a control system and an associated method for controlling an amount of reactive power delivered from a wind power plant to an associated power supply grid, the control system comprising a wind power plant controller and a number of wind turbine controllers each being in... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20120306279 - Photovoltaic voltage regulation: A photovoltaic system includes: a photovoltaic generator comprising strings that each includes one or more photovoltaic cells; a power converter; switches; and a controller. The power converter is configured to convert direct current (DC) power provided by the photovoltaic generator into alternating current (AC) power, and to output the AC... Agent:

20120306283 - Apparatus and method of dividing wireless power in wireless resonant power transmission system: Provided are methods and apparatuses for distributing wireless power in a wireless power transmission system. According to a general aspect, a source device that distributes a wireless power in a wireless power transmission system may include: a matching circuit searching unit configured to determine information associated with a matching circuit... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120306282 - Combining power from multiple resonance magnetic receivers in resonance magnetic power system: Various embodiments of a wirelessly powered local computing environment are described. A system and method for utilizing wireless near field magnetic resonance (NFMR) power transmission in a computing environment. A small form factor wireless power unit can be used to replace conventional batteries.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120306286 - Method and apparatus for controlling wireless power transmission: A method and apparatus for controlling wireless power transmission are provided. An output power of a source device may be wirelessly transmitted to a target device via a resonator. The source device may detect a change in a current of the output power, and may request the target device to... Agent:

20120306285 - Method and apparatus for detecting efficiency of wireless power transmission: Provided are a method and apparatus for detecting an efficiency of a wireless power transmission. An output power of a source device may be adjusted based on current that is flowing in a power converter of the source device. The efficiency of wireless power transmission may be calculated based on... Agent:

20120306287 - Power supply apparatus and method for wireless power transmission: Provided is an apparatus and method that may stably perform wireless transmission. According to one general aspect, a power supply for a wireless power transmitter may include: a detecting unit configured to detect voltage, current, or both supplied to a power amplifier (PA); a controller configured to determine power supplied... Agent:

20120306280 - Resonator structures and method of making: A resonator in the Swiss-roll structure, method of making the resonator structure and the system employing the resonator are disclosed. The resonator includes a plurality of layers, including a ceramic layer and a metallic layer. The ceramic and metallic layers are configured in a Swiss-roll form such that the neighboring... Agent: General Electric Company

20120306281 - System and method for contactless power transfer in portable image detectors: A system and method for contactless power transfer in a portable image detector for charging rechargeable batteries disposed within the portable image detector is provided. The system includes a first coil couplable to a power source, wherein the first coil is configured to produce a magnetic field. The system further... Agent: General Electric Company

20120306284 - Wireless power system comprising power transmitter and power receiver and method for receiving and transmitting power of the apparatuses: Provided is a transmitter in a wireless power transmission system, the transmitter including a Transmission (Tx) power converter for converting a Direct Current (DC) voltage into a first Alternating Current (AC) voltage, and converting the converted first AC voltage into a second AC voltage by amplifying the converted first AC... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120306288 - Switching circuit: A switching circuit according to one embodiment includes first to fourth semiconductor switch elements. A pulse-like signal is applied to each input terminal of the switch elements such that when the first and fourth switch elements are in an ON (OFF) state, the remaining switch elements are in an OFF... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20120306289 - System for managing and controlling photovoltaic panels: The invention relates to a module for locally controlling a photovoltaic panel that includes: first and second terminals (B1, B2) for connecting in series by a single conductor (13) having homologous modules; a first terminal (A1) for connecting the photovoltaic panel, said first terminal being connected to the first terminal... Agent:

20120306290 - Method for controlling a current breaking device in a high-voltage electricity network: A method of controlling a current breaking device in a high-voltage electricity network is disclosed. In one aspect, the method includes, for each phase (A, B, C), obtaining missing supply voltages from an acquired supply voltage, performing healthy phase/faulty phase discrimination, conducting voltage analysis by attempted matching of a model... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd.

20120306291 - Electric machine tool comprising a starting inhibitor: In an electric machine tool having an electronics unit for implementing a starting lockout, the electric machine tool being connectable to an associated power source in an electrically conductive manner, the electronics unit is configured to receive power from the power source only for a limited, predefined period of time... Agent:

20120306292 - Fuel cell system: An FC voltage increasing converter includes a plurality of converter parts having reactors. Regarding the first of the plurality of converter parts provided with a thermistor, the output starts to be limited when the temperature detected by the thermistor reaches a limitation starting temperature, which is obtained based on a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

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