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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/12

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11/29/2012 > 25 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120299375 - Electrically-cooled power module: In one embodiment, an apparatus for cooling an electrical component in a vehicle is provided. The apparatus comprises a power module including the electrical component for converting energy. The power module includes a first printed circuit board (PCB) including a first ceramic substrate for receiving the electrical component. The power... Agent: Lear Corporation

20120299374 - Onboard power supply system and method for operating the onboard power supply system: An onboard power supply system for a motor vehicle includes a voltage converter and a voltage source which is electrically coupled with the voltage converter and is constructed for providing a predefined source voltage. The onboard power supply system further has a base energy accumulator which is electrically coupled with... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20120299373 - Power transmitting and receiving system for vehicle: A power transmitting and receiving system for a vehicle includes: an information communication device for transmitting/receiving vehicle positional relation specifying information; a power transmitting/receiving antenna for wirelessly transmitting/receiving an electric power between vehicles; a directionality specifying information transmitting/receiving device for transmitting/receiving directionality specifying information of the power transmitting/receiving antenna between... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120299376 - Wind power plant comprising a battery device: A wind power plant, in particular for use on or in a water system, includes a wind wheel, a generator, which can be brought into driving engagement with the wind wheel, and a battery device including at least one electrochemical cell.... Agent: Li-tec Battery Gmbh

20120299377 - Power source system for electric powered vehicle and control method thereof: An electric powered vehicle is equipped with a main battery for storing electric power input to and output from a motor, and an auxiliary battery as a power source for an auxiliary system including a control system. A DC/DC converter converts an output voltage of the main battery to a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120299378 - Auxiliary drive apparatus and method of manufacturing same: An auxiliary drive circuit includes a first energy storage device coupled to a first DC bus and configured to output electrical power to the first DC bus, a first switch-mode power supply coupled to the first DC bus and to a second DC bus, the first switch-mode power supply configured... Agent:

20120299379 - Duplex encoder/decoder for alternating current systems: A duplex encoder/decoder pair 11 and 13 for interfacing two AC sources with two AC loads 17a 17b over a single conductor 25, with a return conductor 19 is disclosed. The pair has an encoder portion 11 with two inputs 21a 21b for connection to the two AC sources, and... Agent: Bookleaf Pty. Ltd.

20120299380 - Controlling the direct current flow in a photovoltaic system: The present invention relates to a control device for controlling a direct current generated in a photovoltaic system. The control device is configured to alternately enable a current flow through the photovoltaic system for a first time interval and at least to reduce the current flow for a second time... Agent:

20120299381 - Intelligent high speed automatic transfer switch: A transfer system may be provided. The transfer system may comprise a first transfer switch comprising first normally closed contacts and first normally open contacts. In addition, the transfer system may comprise a second transfer switch comprising second normally closed contacts and second normally open contacts. Furthermore, the transfer system... Agent: Symcom, Inc.

20120299382 - Control method of an uninterruptible power supply for extending a discharge time under a no-load condition: A control method of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for extending a discharge time under a no-load condition instructs a battery of the UPS to discharge by repeating an alternate on and off cycle when the UPS enters a battery mode and after a no-load condition continues over a period... Agent:

20120299383 - Power distribution system: A system coordination unit 1 includes a reverse power flow prevention circuit 10. When power output from a fuel cell 6 and/or a secondary cell 7 exceeds power consumed in AC loads and DC loads, the reverse power flow prevention circuit 10 prevents a reverse flow of excess power into... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd

20120299384 - Energy storage and generation systems: This disclosure relates to energy storage and generation systems, e.g., combination of flow battery and hydrogen fuel cell, that exhibit operational stability in harsh environments, e.g., both charging and discharging reactions in a regenerative fuel cell in the presence of a halogen ion or a mixture of halogen ions. This... Agent:

20120299385 - Power supply system with variable supply voltage: A power supply system with a variable supply voltage is provided. The power supply system includes a power adaptor, a battery unit, a switching circuit, and a main equipment. The power adaptor is suitable for producing a power voltage. The switching circuit selects the power adaptor or the battery unit... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20120299386 - Dc microgrid for interconnecting distributed electricity generation, loads, and storage: A device includes an energy unit coupled to an energy device and adapted to couple a pair of split DC rails. A controller senses the voltage on the DC rails and regulates its output current response by means of an autonomous current response that creates the aggregate effect of controlling... Agent: Pika Energy LLC

20120299387 - Diagnostics of integrated solar power: A method for detecting faults in a solar cell includes measuring at least one operational parameter of a solar cell, measuring an output of the solar cell, identifying differences between the measured output of the solar cell and estimated outputs of a first and second model of operating modes of... Agent: Indiana Research & Technology Corporation

20120299390 - Electronic device and method for transmitting and receiving wireless power: An electronic device and method for transmitting and receiving a wireless power are provided. An electronic device for transmitting and receiving wireless power may include a resonator configured to operate, based on a plurality of operating modes of the electronic device including a power reception mode, a relay mode, and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120299391 - Electronic device, control method, and recording medium: An electronic device includes a power receiving unit that receives power wirelessly from a power supply apparatus, a first unit that transmits, in response to a command received from the power supply apparatus, first information indicating a status of the electronic device, a second unit that transmits second information indicating... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120299389 - Establishing data communication connection using wireless power transmission: A power transmitter according to an embodiment disclosed herein can include a power conversion unit configured to form a wireless power signal using power supplied from a power supply unit and receive a modulated wireless power signal containing a packet; a communication unit configured to transmit and receive user data... Agent:

20120299388 - Wireless power source: A wireless power transmission system includes a transmitting portion and a receiving portion. The transmitting portion includes an inductive coil as a transmitting antenna. The inductive coil will have 20-40 turns. A control circuit includes a field-effect transistor, a signal generator, and a capacitor with a resistor in parallel connection... Agent:

20120299392 - Power transfer system: The frequency generated by a high-frequency high-voltage generator is set to a higher one of the frequencies of two coupled modes which take place when a resonance circuit of a power transmission device and that of a power reception device are coupled to each other. For this reason, charge generated... Agent:

20120299393 - Device and method to break the current of a power transmission or distribution line and current limiting arrangement: A device (13) to break an electrical current flowing through a power transmission or distribution line (14) comprises a parallel connection of a main breaker (8) and a non-linear resistor (11), where the main breaker (8) comprises at least one power semiconductor switch of a first current direction. The device... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20120299394 - Electronic device and power control method thereof: An electronic device includes a first module including a first conductive component and a power control unit coupled to the first conductive component. The electronic device further includes a second module, a first hinge for pivoting the second module relative to the first module, and a first arm connected to... Agent:

20120299395 - Swtiching phase offset for contactor optimization: A system and methods providing for minimizing the arc energy delivered to the pads of a plurality of contactors using a single control coil based on monitoring the electrical sine waves of the three alternating current electrical poles and calculating the instant to energize or deenergize a single control coil.... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20120299396 - Cover for converting electromagnetic radiation in electronic devices: A method and apparatus for capturing and converting radio frequency (“RF”) radiation emitted from an electronic device are disclosed. In at least certain embodiments, the method includes capturing at least a portion of the RF radiation emitted from an electronic device and converting it into DC current that can be... Agent:

20120299397 - Power transmission device and power transfer system: A power transmission device that includes a high-frequency high-voltage generating circuit which applies a high voltage of high frequency between a power transmission device side active electrode and a power transmission device side passive electrode, the power transmission device side passive electrode being disposed in a manner to surround the... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

11/22/2012 > 38 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20120292986 - Supply module for passenger transport vehicles: A supply module is provided for a passenger transport vehicle that includes, but is not limited to a first supply unit for supplying passengers with a first supply medium in a first supply area and a second supply unit for supplying passengers with a second supply medium in a second... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20120292987 - System and method providing power within a battery pack: A system for supplying power internal to a battery pack is disclosed. In one embodiment, the system includes a power supply that is powered by battery cells in the battery pack such that each battery cell supplies substantially the same amount of current to power the power supply. In this... Agent: A123 Systems, Inc.

20120292984 - Vehicle-mounted electronic control device: In a vehicle-mounted electronic control device having a switching power supply in which a switching element is controlled to obtain a predetermined intermediate voltage Va stepped down from a vehicle-mounted battery, and to which a downstream side coil, a flywheel diode, and an output capacitor are connected to suppress a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120292985 - Vehicular electric system: In a vehicular electric system, a first motor driver device and a second motor driver device are connected in parallel to a DC power source. A first capacitor is provided to suppress variations in a voltage developed between the DC power source and the first motor driver device. A second... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120292989 - Control of a converter for an electric vehicle: Control of a converter for an electric vehicle may control the converter of the electric vehicle where the converter is adapted to drop voltage and a counting unit is adapted to count a signal generated by the converter. The control includes inputting a signal generated by the converter to the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120292990 - Method of controlling fuel cell vehicle: In a case where a load amount of a load is a predetermined value or less, a control device of an FC vehicle implements extremely low current control for performing power generation at an extremely low current below a lower limit current of an FC for normal operation. At the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd

20120292988 - On-vehicle electronic control apparatus: A fourth constant-voltage power circuit directly powered from an on-vehicle battery is connected, in parallel through a serial resistor, to a second constant-voltage power circuit powered from the on-vehicle battery through an output contact of a power relay, and is connected to a drive power terminal of a microprocessor. When... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120292991 - Combination gfci/afci receptacle with class 2 power units: A combination AC receptacle and low voltage class 2 power units are provided in a standard single strap flush wall-mount outlet so that portable battery operated electronic devices may be charged without having to use a special AC charger. Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and/or arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI)... Agent: Cooper Technologies Company

20120292992 - Dual fuel system and method of supplying power to loads of a drilling rig: A system for providing power to a load of a drilling rig has a dual fuel engine/generator and an energy storage system. The load is switchably connected to one or both of the dual fuel engine/generator and the energy storage system. The dual fuel engine/generator and the energy storage system... Agent:

20120292993 - Energy scavenging power supply: An energy scavenging power system and method may include an energy conversion system having at least one transducer configured to harvest energy, an energy management and storage system configured to store harvested energy; and a load regulation system configured to provide stored energy to power one or more low power-consumption... Agent: American Science And Technology Corporation

20120292994 - Demand response management system and method with var support: A method for providing VAR support in a power distribution network having a demand response management system can include querying the demand response management system for an inductive device on the power distribution network and power cycling the inductive device to affect reactive power in the power distribution network.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120292996 - Multi-output dc-to-dc conversion apparatus with voltage-stabilizing function: A multi-output DC-to-DC conversion apparatus with a voltage-stabilizing function includes a center-tapped main transformer, a semiconductor component group, and a triggering controller. The DC-to-DC conversion apparatus provides at least two output voltages which are a main output voltage and an auxiliary output voltage, respectively. The auxiliary output voltage is functioned... Agent:

20120292995 - Synchronous switching power supply: A method for powering one or more loads from a varying input voltage comprises controlling a primary switch to selectively apply the input voltage to energize an inductor, controlling a load switch to selectively connect the inductor to the load, monitoring one or more load parameters to determine load conditions,... Agent: Light-based Technologies Incorporated

20120292997 - Network system and control method thereof: Provided are a network system and a method of controlling the network system supplied with energy from an energy generation component. The network system includes an energy consumption component consuming the energy generated from the energy generation component, and driving a driving component for processing or managing a consumable. The... Agent:

20120292998 - Drive circuit for electromagnetic manipulation mechanism: When a closing coil is excited with a charged capacitor by closing a switch to drive a movable core and to close a vacuum valve not shown, if switches are opened, no current flows even when a voltage is electromagnetically induced in a coil from the coil, and no power... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120292999 - Redundant module with symmetrical current paths: The invention relates to a redundant module for decoupling short-circuit currents in a redundant voltage supply. The redundant module comprises at least two power supply units, and the number of inputs corresponds at least to the number of power supply units. Each input is routed via a separate current path... Agent: Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120293000 - System and method for supplementing a generated dc power supply: Renewable energy farmed from solar, wind or the like enters a DC to DC converter with pulse width modulation (PWM) control to produce a generated DC with a known voltage. A micro controller controls the PWM control of the generated DC between zero and 100 percent such that it is... Agent:

20120293002 - Method, device, and system for supplying power from batteries: A method for supplying power from batteries includes: detecting a power supply state of a cycling battery in a system, where the system firstly uses the cycling battery to supply power to a load; and when a voltage of the cycling battery drops to a voltage threshold, activating a standby... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20120293001 - Power management circuitry in peripheral accessories of audio devices: A power management circuitry for a peripheral electronic device includes a power regeneration circuitry, a power selector, a power switch and an audio signal detection circuitry. The power regeneration circuitry receives a continuous periodic sound wave from an audio device and converts the continuous periodic sound wave into an amplified... Agent: Bbpos Limited

20120293003 - Cell capacity adjusting device: Provided is a cell capacity adjusting device for reducing fluctuations in state of charge (SOC) among cells of a battery pack 101, which is formed by connecting a plurality of cells 111-116 in series, during suspension of operation of electrically-powered equipment whose main power source is the battery pack 101.... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120293004 - Parallel running control apparatus for inverter generators: In a parallel running control apparatus for inverter generator A having first, second and third inverters adapted convert alternating current outputted from windings wound around an alternator into direct/alternating current by driving switching elements, and CPUs to control turning ON/OFF of the switching elements, it is configured so that the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120293006 - Apparatus and method for using near field communication and wireless power transmission: An apparatus and method of using near field communication (NFC) and wireless power transmission (WPT) are provided. A power receiving apparatus includes a resonator configured to receive a power and to output the power. The power receiving apparatus further includes a near field communication (NFC) receiver configured to perform wireless... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120293005 - Apparatus and method for wireless power transmission: An apparatus and method for efficiently, wirelessly transmitting a power to a plurality of target devices are provided. A wireless power transmitter may include: a source resonator configured to wirelessly transmit energy to a target device with at least one target resonator, the energy being stored in a capacitor; and... Agent:

20120293009 - Apparatus and method of protecting power receiver of wireless power transmission system: An apparatus and method of protecting a power receiver of a wireless power transmission system are provided. A wireless power receiver includes a rectifier comprising an input and an output, and configured to receive a signal through the input, to rectify the signal to produce a rectified signal, and to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120293010 - Method and apparatus for controlling wireless power transmission: A wireless power transmission controlling apparatus and method are provided. The apparatus includes a power amplifier that receives a source power, amplifies the received source power, and outputs a wireless power transmission signal from the amplified received source power, a band pass filter that filters the wireless power transmission signal,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120293011 - Power transmitting and receiving apparatus and method for performing a wireless multi-power transmission: An apparatus and method are provided for transmitting and receiving power for wireless power transmission. A power transmitting apparatus includes a power supplier for generating power; a resonator for transmitting the power generated by the power supplier to a plurality of power receiving apparatuses; and a controller for determining whether... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120293007 - Power transmitting method and power transmitter for communication with power receiver: A method and power transmitter for efficiently controlling power transmission to one or more power receivers in a wireless multi-power transmission system are provided. The method includes performing, when a predetermined measurement cycle arrives, a load measurement; comparing a current load measurement value with a previous load measurement value; determining... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20120293008 - Wireless power receiver and method for controlling the same: A wireless power receiver that receives wireless power from a wireless power transmitter and a control method thereof are provided, wherein the wireless power receiver receives the wireless power from the wireless power transmitter; rectifies the wireless power; monitoring a voltage value of the rectified wireless power; determines whether a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120293012 - Switchable capacitor arrays for preventing power interruptions and extending backup power life: A technique for preventing power interruptions and extending backup power life is provided. The technique automatically prevents power interruptions in a line between a power source and a load. The technique can also extend the operating life of the power source. In one embodiment, a circuit for preventing power interruptions... Agent:

20120293013 - Wireless occupancy sensing with portable power switching: A system may include a wireless receiver to receive a wireless signal from an occupancy sensor and at least one power switch to control power to at least one load in response to the wireless signal, where the wireless receiver and power switch are included in a local switching device,... Agent: Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

20120293014 - Power supply: A power supply includes an alternating current (AC)/direct current (DC) converter, a control unit, and a selection switch. The AC/DC converter is connected to an AC power source to convert an AC voltage into a DC voltage. The control unit includes a controller and a switch. The selection switch is... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120293015 - Process device with light change triggered display: A field device comprises a transducer, a photodetector, a display, and a display controller. The transducer controls or monitors process variable, and the display shows information relating to the process variable. The photodetector detects a light level. The display controller is capable of switching the display on and off in... Agent: Rosemount Inc.

20120293016 - Protective device for galvanic cells: A protective device for galvanic cells (201, 202, 301, 302) which are interconnected via contact elements (205, 207, 209, 212, 405, 409, 406, 407, 506, 507, 509, 606, 607, 706, 707, 709, 805, 806, 807, 809) that are suitably connected to pole connections (203, 204, 503, 504) of said cells... Agent: Li-tec Battery Gmbh

20120293017 - Integrated protection devices with monitoring of electrical characteristics: Disclosed are systems, devices, circuits, components, mechanisms, and processes in which a switching mechanism can be coupled between components. The switching mechanism is configured to have an on state or an off state, where the on state allows current to pass along a current path. A monitoring mechanism has one... Agent: Volterra Semiconductor Corporation

20120293018 - Polarity correcting device: Embodiments disclosed herein relate generally to a device for correcting the polarity of electricity in a circuit. In direct current circuits, a positive voltage received from a power source will exit the device at a predetermined output regardless of which input of the device received the positive voltage. In alternating... Agent: International Safety & Development, LLC

20120293019 - Connector and power feeding system: The connection and the power feeding system which receives a supply of a currents from a current source through the connector, and which has: connecting portions which are provided in series with respect to the current source, and to which a plug is detachably connected; and a first terminal and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120293020 - Device for collecting energy wirelessly: A device for collecting energy has first, second, and third capacitive plates, each spaced from, substantially parallel to, and electromagnetically coupled to each other. An inductor is coupled between two of the plates, and a load resistance is inductively coupled to the inductor for drawing energy from electromagnetic field excitation... Agent:

20120293021 - Variable power energy harvesting system: The disclosed invention provides examples of preferred embodiments including systems for harvesting energy from variable output energy harvesting apparatus. The systems include energy harvesting apparatus for providing energy input to a switched mode power supply and a control loop for dynamically adjusting energy harvesting apparatus input to the switched mode... Agent: TriuneIPLLC

11/15/2012 > 24 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120286568 - Methods and circuits for controlling a battery disconnect switch: Redundant power supplies and redundant channels of communication maximize the probability that a controller will trigger a battery disconnect switch to open when commanded to do so.... Agent: International Truck Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20120286569 - Circuit system for a vehicle electrical system: A circuit system for a vehicle electrical system, including a base vehicle electrical system having an energy store, a vehicle power supply system having an additional energy store, and a DC/DC converter. The energy store and the additional energy store are connected in series, and the DC/DC converter is provided... Agent:

20120286570 - Power distribution architecture for dual integrated core engine transceiver for use in radio system: A method and apparatus of using DICE-T personality cards to adapt the incoming voltages supplied by the GVA and provide the ability to turn any voltage to any card on or off depending upon operating mode in a radio system is disclosed. The ability to control voltages individually also allows... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20120286571 - Power supply: A power supply to provide electrical power to one or more loads. The power supply may include a resonant air core transformer to provide an adjustable and adaptable source of power to electronic devices. The power supply may include isolated primary-side circuitry and secondary-side circuitry. The primary-side circuitry may include... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20120286572 - Self-sufficient generator for producing electrical power: A self-sufficient generator system includes one or more battery banks recharged by alternators driven by a motor. A main battery bank provides power to a load while other battery banks power the motor.... Agent:

20120286573 - Power managing system: A power managing system including a power plant and a plurality of electric vehicles each having a battery for storing the power generated by the power plant. The power stored in the battery of each electric vehicle is recovered to the power plant according to demand for power during the... Agent: Disco Corporation

20120286574 - Power system: Disclosed is an electric power system including a first unit (for example, a unit 201) equipped with a first power source (for example, a solar panel (201b)), a first rechargeable battery (for example, a unit storage battery (201c)) to which an output of the first power source is input, and... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20120286575 - Apparatus for managing secondary battery: Disclosed is a secondary battery management apparatus including a current control switch for opening and closing the flow of charge or discharge current of a secondary battery; a connector for selectively providing a power conducting state and a power cutoff state based on whether the apparatus is connected to a... Agent:

20120286576 - Single-inductor-multiple-output regulator with synchronized current mode hysteretic control: A single-inductor-multiple-output (SIMO) DC-DC switching regulator with a current-mode hysteretic control technique having an ultra-fast transient response to suppress cross-regulation is provided. The DC-DC switching regulator includes: at least one power source for providing electrical energy; an inductive energy storage element for accumulating and transferring the electrical energy from the... Agent: The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology

20120286577 - Power monitoring apparatus: Disclosed herein is a power monitoring apparatus supplying power applied to a plug to an electrical device through a socket, the power monitoring apparatus including: a detecting unit sensing intensity of current applied to the electrical device to detect an operational state of the electrical device; a power supply unit... Agent:

20120286578 - Series-parallel reconfigurable cell voltage equalization circuit designed using mosfet as switches thereof, and driver circuit thereof: [Solution] A plurality of field-effect transistors are arranged such that each of a plurality of parallel circuits formed, in one of connection states attained by switching of the switches, by connecting in parallel energy storage cells to perform mutual charging and discharging, includes a field-effect transistor adapted to avoid blocking... Agent:

20120286579 - Electrical power conditioning unit and system: An electrical power conditioning for an electrical power conditioning system comprises a first terminal for connecting either an electrical power generator or a battery; a second terminal for connecting either a battery or an electrical power generator, respectively; a third terminal for connecting a power bus; characterized in that it... Agent: Agence Spatiale Europeenne

20120286581 - Apparatus and method for wireless power transmission: An apparatus and method for controlling a magnetic field when power is wirelessly transmitted are provided. According to one general aspect, a wireless power transmitter may include: a source resonator configured to wirelessly transmit power to a target device including at least one sub-resonator located there within; and a magnetic... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120286585 - High-frequency (hf) voltage supply system and method for supplying a multipole mass spectrometer with the hf ac voltage used to generate a multipole field: A radio-frequency (RF) voltage supply system for supplying a multipole mass spectrometer, in particular a quadrupole mass spectrometer, with the alternating RF voltage used to generate a multipole field, in a secondary circuit excited by means of a primary circuit. The RF voltage supply system has an RF voltage measuring... Agent: Inprocess Instruments Gmbh

20120286583 - Power transmitting device, power receiving device, and power transmission system: A power transmission system that includes a power transmitting device and a power receiving device. The power transmitting device includes a high-frequency voltage generator, a piezoelectric resonator, a power transmitting device side passive electrode, and a power transmitting device side active electrode. The power receiving device includes a piezoelectric resonator,... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd

20120286584 - Space-adaptive wireless power transfer system and method using evanescent field resonance: A magnetic resonance wireless power transfer method according to an aspect of the present invention includes transmitting power from a source coil to the Tx resonant coil using a magnetic induction method, transmitting the power from the Tx resonant coil to an Rx resonant coil, having a resonant frequency identical... Agent: Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute

20120286580 - Transmission devices and method for transmitting an electric current to a component of a steering wheel of a motor vehicle: In one form, the invention relates to a transmission device for transmitting an electric current to a component of a steering wheel of a motor vehicle, including a rotor which is to be arranged on the steering wheel such that it is rotatable along with the steering wheel; a stator... Agent:

20120286582 - Wireless power transmission system, and method of controlling resonance impedance and resonance frequency of wireless power transmission system: A wireless power transmission system, and a method for controlling a resonance impedance and a resonance frequency of the wireless power transmission system are provided. According to one aspect, a wireless power transmitter may include: a power generator configured to generate tracking power using a resonance frequency, the tracking power... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120286586 - Impedance circuit and method for signal transformation: An impedance circuit includes an input terminal, a first and a second capacitive arrangement and an output terminal coupled to the input terminal by a network. The network includes the first and the second capacitive arrangement. The first capacitive arrangement includes a varactor circuit having a varactor and at least... Agent: Epcos Ag

20120286587 - Intelligent control system for high-voltage switch and control method thereof: An intelligent control system for a high-voltage switch and a control method thereof. The control system includes a control terminal (10) and a plurality of high-voltage switches (21-1, 21-2, . . . , 21-n-1, 21-n), each of which is controlled by an executive terminal (11-1, 11-2, . . . ,... Agent: Ningbo Xingbang Electric Co., Ltd.

20120286589 - Circuit and method for interrupting a current flow in a dc current path: A DC current path for DC power transmission includes a switchable element. An inductance is connected in series to the switchable element. When an interrupt scenario is detected, a resonance circuit is connected in parallel to the series connection of the switchable element and the inductance for charging a capacitance... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20120286588 - Mems switching circuit: A switching circuit employs MEMS devices. In connection with various example embodiments, signal switching circuit couples primary and secondary data link connectors having at least two channels and an electrode for each channel. A MEMS switch is coupled to each channel in of the secondary data link connectors, and includes... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120286590 - Switch device of data card with battery and realization method for saving power thereof: The present invention discloses a switch device of a data card with a battery comprising a connection detecting module and a battery connection enable switch-off module inside an original battery power supply module. The present invention further discloses a method for saving power of a data card with a battery.... Agent: Zte Corporation

20120286591 - Power supply device: A power supply device has a power source providing a voltage and a monitoring device electrically connected to the power source. The monitoring device measures the voltage, the current, and the temperature of the power source when power is drawn from the power source, and interrupts the power draw if... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

11/08/2012 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120280563 - Time-domain multiplexing of power and data: Circuits, methods, and apparatus that may allow an electronic device to control a power adapter. One example may provide an electronic system where an electronic device may control a power adapter through a communication channel. Data transferred in the communication channel may include the temperature of the power adapter, the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120280564 - Electric accumulator utilizing an ultra-capacitor array: Disclosed is an electric accumulator for selectively operating at least one aircraft device. The electric accumulator includes an ultra-capacitor array for storing electrical energy, which can later be used to power an aircraft device. The stored electrical energy can also be used as a source of emergency backup power. The... Agent: Messier-dowty Inc.

20120280565 - System and method for an intelligent power controller: In accordance with an embodiment, a method of operating a node coupled to a power network and a communications link includes receiving a status from a further node coupled to the power network via the communications link, and adjusting a power consumption of a device coupled to the node and... Agent: Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

20120280566 - Levelling partial powers flowing via the individual phases of a multi-phase ac grid: For levelling the partial powers which flow at a grid connection point between a multi-phase AC power grid having a plurality of phase conductors and a unit for feeding electric energy into the AC power grid having a multi-phase inverter as well as electric consumer loads connected to the AC... Agent: Sma Solar Technology Ag

20120280568 - Battery production device: A battery production device, in particular a forming device formation device (1) for forming the formation of electrochemical cells (4), comprising a production unit, in particular a receiving device (3) for receiving at least one electrochemical cell (4), in particular a plurality of electrochemical cells (4), a power network connecting... Agent: Li-tec Battery Gmbh

20120280567 - Photovoltaic device: A method and system for operating a photovoltaic module includes providing a reversed electrical bias to the photovoltaic module.... Agent:

20120280569 - Supercapacitor-based grid fault ride-through system: The supercapacitor-based grid fault ride-through system provides a dynamic model of a wind generation system including a Voltage Source Converter (VSC), which functions as a Static Compensator (STATCOM). The power control capability of the STATCOM is extended by incorporating energy stored in a supercapacitor. The system implements a vector control... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20120280570 - Electrical power distribution installation: An electrical power transmission system where there are solar cells attached to a plurality of transmission poles. The cells are in panels wrapped around the poles to reduce windage loading and visual impact.... Agent:

20120280572 - Battery systems and controllers: A battery system includes battery cells and a control circuit having a control pin. The control circuit determines a condition of the battery cells according to cell parameters of the battery cells. The control circuit compares a voltage at the control pin with a first voltage threshold to select an... Agent: O2micro, Inc.

20120280571 - Voltage compensation: An apparatus is provided for producing a compensated voltage output comprising at least one photovoltaic module biasing means connected in series with the at least one photovoltaic module. The biasing means is operable to generate a controllable bias voltage for modulating an output voltage of the at least one photovoltaic... Agent: Control Techniques Ltd

20120280573 - Battery system, electric vehicle, movable body, power storage device, and power supply device: One state detector detects an abnormal state or a normal state relating to charge and discharge of a battery cell group in one battery module, and generates one detection signal representing the detected state. Another state detector detects an abnormal state or a normal state relating to charge and discharge... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120280575 - Wireless power transmission and reception system: A wireless power transmission method and a wireless power transmitter are provided that may selectively transmit wireless power to a plurality of target devices. According to an aspect, a wireless power transmitter may include: a detecting unit configured to detect a plurality of target devices; a controller configured to determine... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120280574 - Wireless power transmission method for preventing frequency interference: The present invention relates to a wireless power transmission method for preventing frequency interference, and more particularly, to a wireless power transmitter and a wireless power transmission method for preventing frequency interference that flexibly controls an operation of the wireless power transmitter in order to avoid signal interference and collision... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120280576 - Variable control for handheld device: A handheld device includes a capacitance sensing variable control that detects the presence of and movement of a user's finger on an external surface of the device. The handheld device also includes a variable output power supply and an electronic device that is powered by the variable output power supply.... Agent: Welch Allyn, Inc.

20120280577 - Method and apparatus for transmitting discontinuous monopolarized electrical energy: Method and apparatus for periodical transmission of electrical energy, with a high level of effectiveness, at low cost, with zero voltage times and heat dissipation times, using one or more alternating polarization electrical energy supply sources, to one or multiple destinations, with a form of electrical energy constituted by discontinuous... Agent:

20120280578 - Intelligent laser interlock system: Systems and methods are disclosed for shutting down a laser system in an intelligent and flexible manner. An intelligent laser interlock system includes both hardwired components, and intelligent components configured to execute computing instructions. The hardwired components and the intelligent components are configured to shutdown the laser system to one... Agent:

11/01/2012 > 25 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120274131 - Power supply control apparatus for vehicle: A power supply control apparatus for use in a vehicle is provided for ensuring necessary running and workability when an electrical insulation degradation of a high-voltage part is detected. A vehicle 100 having a high-voltage battery 14 and an inverter 17 is provided with: an electrical insulation degradation sensor 25... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20120274132 - Rectifier circuit, and environmental energy harvesting system comprising the rectifier circuit: A rectifier circuit includes a first, second, third and fourth parasitic diodes electrically connected to form a full-wave diode-bridge rectifier. A first switch and a second switch are connected in parallel, respectively, to the first and second parasitic diodes, and a third switch and a fourth switch connected in parallel,... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20120274133 - Electric power supply system: Disclosed is an electric power supply system which has: a common power source which stores and supplies a power via a local power grid; and a distributed power source which supplies a power to buildings and a surplus to the common power source. The electric power supply system further includes... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120274134 - Dc-dc converter, method for operating the dc-dc converter, environmental energy harvesting system comprising the dc-dc converter, and apparatus comprising the energy harvesting system: A DC-DC converter independently supplies electrical loads. The converter includes a charge switch and a discharge switch connected between an input supply and a reference. An inductor has a first terminal connected between the charge switch and the discharge switch and a second terminal. Coupling switches are provided between the... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20120274135 - Power management mechanism: An integrated circuit includes a global power supply node. A first power domain has a first power management circuit, which includes a local power supply node. A first power control circuit is capable of receiving an input signal. A second power control circuit has a higher current capacity than the... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120274136 - Multi-path constant current driving circuit: A multi-path constant current driving circuit. In the multi-path constant current driving circuit, a current sharing transformer (T31, T32, T33, T3(n−1)) is provided in power supply circuits which are provided with adjacent rectifier and filter units (Z31, Z32, Z33, Z3n). A first winding of the current sharing transformer (T31, T32,... Agent: Inventronics (hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

20120274137 - Fuel cell system and control method therefor: During an intermittent operation of the fuel cell, a demanded FC voltage calculation portion calculates a predetermined voltage that is below a heightened potential avoidance threshold voltage as a demanded FC voltage, and outputs the voltage to a converter. When during the intermittent operation of the fuel cell, a deviation... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120274138 - Photovoltaic array systems, methods, and devices with bidirectional converter: Devices, systems and methods for operating, monitoring and diagnosing photovoltaic arrays used for solar energy collection. The system preferably includes capabilities for monitoring or diagnosing an array, under some circumstances, by using a bidirectional power converter not only to convert the DC output of the array to output power under... Agent: Ideal Power Converters, Inc.

20120274140 - Battery pack system: A source of environmental pollution is the burning of fuel by the transportation vehicles (e.g., cars, trucks). The use of electric vehicles (EVs) is perceived as an essential step towards better utilization of energy. Current EVs make use of an electric engine and a battery pack that provides energy to... Agent: Evchip Energy Ltd.

20120274139 - Switching coordination of distributed dc-dc converters for highly efficient photovoltaic power plants: A distributed photovoltaic (PV) power plant includes a plurality of distributed dc-dc converters. The dc-dc converters are configured to switch in coordination with one another such that at least one dc-dc converter transfers power to a common dc-bus based upon the total system power available from one or more corresponding... Agent: General Electric Company

20120274141 - Variable capacitance device: A variable capacitance device includes a substrate, a beam, a driving capacitance, a variable capacitance, and a driving voltage control circuit. The beam is connected to the substrate by a cantilever structure. The driving capacitance is generated in an area where the beam and the substrate faces each other, and... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120274142 - Battery energy storage system with short circuit protection, and method: A battery energy storage system including a control unit and a plurality of battery units. The battery units are arranged in series, and each battery unit includes a semiconductor switch and a battery module including a plurality of battery cells. Each battery module is connected in series with a respective... Agent:

20120274143 - Power supply device: A power supply device includes a plurality of power supply units connected in parallel, and includes a positive electrode-side junction formed by the joining of positive electrode-side terminals of the plurality of power supply units and a negative electrode-side junction formed by the joining of negative electrode-side terminals of the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120274144 - System and method for efficiently harvesting environmental energy: A transducer converts energy coming from an energy source into an electrical signal for storage as electrical energy on a first storage element. A switch is selectively actuated to pass electrical energy from the first storage element to a second storage element. The selective actuation of the switch is driven... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20120274146 - Advanced clock synchronization circuit for switch mode power supplies: In a switch mode power supply, a circuit and method for switching between an internal clock and an external synchronization clock when a stable external clock has been detected, and for switching back to operating the power supply using said internal clock when a predetermined number of sequential external clock... Agent:

20120274145 - Circuit for rendering energy storage devices parallelable: A circuit for rendering an energy storage device parallelable comprised of an energy storage device connected to a power adapter that converts the potential of the energy storage device into a potential that follows a predetermined function of the state of charge of the energy storage device. When multiple assemblies... Agent: Green Charge Networks

20120274148 - Contactless power transmission device and electronic device having the same: There are provided a contactless power transmission device and an electronic device having the same. The contactless power transmission device includes: a flexible substrate; a coil unit formed in the flexible substrate and including a coil part formed to have a wiring pattern form and having a plurality of coil... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120274151 - System, apparatus and method for supplying electric power, apparatus and method for receiving electric power, storage medium and program: An electric power supply system includes an electric power reception apparatus and an electric power supply apparatus adapted to supply electric power to the electric power reception apparatus when the electric power reception apparatus is placed on the electric power supply apparatus. The electric power supply apparatus includes a plurality... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120274147 - Wireless energy transmission using near-field energy: Techniques are described for wireless energy transmission and projecting magnetic fields over relatively long near-fields. In one example, a device for transmitting near-field energy comprises at least one source that generates a radiofrequency (RF) signal, an antenna that generates near-field signals from the RF signal, and a plurality of sub-wavelength... Agent: Alliant Techsystems Inc.

20120274150 - Wireless power interface and device: A wireless power interface includes first coil, a plurality of coils, and a control module. Each of the plurality of coils has a different orientation with respect to at least one axis of a multi-dimensional axis system. The control module is configured to enable at least one of the plurality... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120274149 - Wireless power transmission system: A wireless power transmission system according to the present disclosure includes: a pair of antennas, between which power is transmissible wirelessly by resonant magnetic coupling at a frequency f0, one of which is a series resonant circuit, and the other of which is a parallel resonant circuit; and a control... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120274152 - Controlling a release event from an electrical component: Techniques are generally disclosed for controlling a release event from an electrical component. In some examples described herein, a device may include an inner packing material that is coupled to the electrical component and adapted to surround the electrical component. The inner packing material may be configured to trap gases... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120274153 - Load switch having load detection: Conventionally, current detection in load switches is implemented by monitoring the voltage across a small value sense resistor in series with the load switch, where the differential voltage across is applied to a comparator to generate a control signal corresponding to a light load condition, a normal load condition, or... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120274154 - Methods and apparatuses for wireless power transfer: This document discusses, among other things, a method for providing wireless power from a power providing device to a portable electronic device. The method includes generating a wireless power signal as a beam having a propagation path directed toward the portable electronic device. The beam can be generated based on... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120274155 - Power adapters for powering and/or charging peripheral devices: A power adapter for a peripheral device such as portable electronics device is disclosed. The power adapter includes a housing that contains electrical components associated with the power adapter. The power adapter also includes a data port provided at a surface of the housing. The data port is configured to... Agent: Apple Inc.

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