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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems October categorized by USPTO classification 10/12

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10/25/2012 > 19 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120267949 - System for wave energy harvesting employing transport of stored energy: A system employs wave energy harvesting apparatus and a water vessel (e.g., a ship) carrying an energy storage apparatus (e.g., array of batteries). The energy harvesting apparatus is preferably also carried by the water vessel, but may be fixed or carried by a separate water vessel. The water vessel is... Agent: Fraunhofer Usa, Inc.

20120267948 - Wireless network-compatible microwave oven for aircraft and other passenger transport vehicles: Embodiments of the present invention provide a power supply for a microwave oven designed for use on-board an aircraft and that is configured to deliver power to the microwave magnetron in such a way as to avoid interference with Wi-Fi networks. Output from the power supply to the microwave oven... Agent: Mag Aerospace Industries, Inc.

20120267950 - Engine start control apparatus: The accuracy of measuring the temperature of a semiconductor element is improved, while a method for measuring the temperature using a general-purpose semiconductor element is provided at low cost. A fourth conductor that is a part of a first conductor connected to a power semiconductor element and is a thin... Agent:

20120267951 - Metering assembly and customer load panel for power delivery: Systems and methods for power delivery to a load through a transfer switch are provided. The transfer switch has a first input terminal coupled to a source of a first power, a second input terminal coupled to a source of an alternate power, and an output terminal coupled to the... Agent: Officepower, Inc.

20120267952 - Dc micro-grid: Systems and methods are provided for creating and operating a Direct Current (DC) micro-grid. A DC micro-grid may include power generators, energy storage devices, and loads coupled to a common DC bus. Power electronics devices may couple the power generators, energy storage devices, and loads to the common DC bus... Agent: Bloom Energy Corporation

20120267953 - Apparatus and method for controlling and supplying power to electrical devices in high risk environments: An integrated power hub and device controller apparatus, and associated operational method, are operable to control and supply power to electrical devices that operate in environments which create a high risk for the electrical devices to generate stray voltages and currents. According to one embodiment, the apparatus includes a plurality... Agent:

20120267954 - Load line calibration device: An adjusting device adjusts a load line of a CPU power supply circuit. The adjusting device includes a controller, a DC electronic load device, a voltage follower, an adjustable resistor, and an indicator. The controller controls the DC electronic load device to change an output current of the circuit. The... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120267955 - Power transmission and distribution systems: A power transmission and distribution system suitable for subsea electrical loads includes a primary dc transmission cable connected to an onshore AC/DC converter module that connects the onshore end of the cable to an ac supply network. The subsea end of the cable is connected to a primary subsea power... Agent: Converteam Technology Ltd.

20120267956 - Power supply circuit: A current mirror circuit converts a positive-side supply voltage of a second power supply with respect to a reference potential into an electric current so as to supply the electric current to a current/voltage converting section. The current/voltage converting section converts the electric current from the current mirror circuit into... Agent: Onkyo Corporation

20120267957 - Transfer switch for automatically switching between alternative energy source and utility grid: An automatic transfer switch configured for connection to a non-traditional, full-time or intermittent power source, such as a wind turbine or solar panel, selectively connects the non-traditional power source as a primary power source and a utility-derived power source as a secondary power source. The intermittent power source includes an... Agent:

20120267958 - Current suppression circuit and electronic device employing the same: A current suppression circuit for an electronic device and includes a main power supply and a standby power supply. The current suppression circuit includes a voltage comparator and an electronic switch. The voltage comparator includes a non-inverting input, an inverting input, and an output. The non-inverting input and the inverting... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120267959 - Device for transporting energy by partial influence through a dielectric medium: The invention proposes a means for transporting electrical energy and/or information from a distance by using, at a slowly varying regime, the Coulomb field which surrounds any set of charged conductors. The device according to the invention is composed of energy production and consumption devices situated a short distance apart,... Agent: Tmms Co., Ltd.

20120267962 - System for providing power and data transmission between a door and a frame: A system for providing wire-free and contact free electric power and communication connection in a security installation between a door and a frame. The cores, windings, and control circuits of first and second transformers portions are disposed in the frame and the door, respectively. Power applied to the first transformer... Agent:

20120267961 - Wireless power supply apparatus: A resonance circuit includes a transmission coil and a resonance capacitor connected in series. A multi-tone power supply is capable of selecting arbitrary frequency components from among multiple discrete frequency components, and outputs, to the resonance circuit, a multi-tone signal obtained by superimposing sine wave signals of the respective frequency... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120267960 - Wireless power transmitter tuning: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for tuning a wireless power transmitter. In one aspect an apparatus configured to wirelessly provide power to a load is provided. The apparatus includes a transmit circuit including a transmit coil. The transmit circuit is configured to wirelessly provide power to the load.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120267963 - Device for transporting energy by partial influence through a dielectric medium: The invention proposes a means for transporting electrical energy and/or information from a distance by using, at a slowly varying regime, the Coulomb field which surrounds any set of charged conductors. The device according to the invention is composed of energy production and consumption devices situated a short distance apart,... Agent: Tmms Co., Ltd.

20120267964 - Touch switches and practical applications therefor: A touch switch apparatus emulating a mechanical switch includes a field effect sensor and an electric field stimulator mechanically associated with the field effect sensor. A field generation signal applied to the field effect sensor causes an electric field to be generated thereabout. The electric field stimulator can be moved... Agent: Touchsensor Technologies, LLC

20120267965 - Power control device and electronic device using the same: A power control device for an electronic device includes a power switching unit for switching to output a dc power source to a load of the electronic device according to a power switching signal, a switching detection unit for responding a power switching status to generate a switching detection signal,... Agent:

20120267966 - Circuit board and electronic device: A circuit board includes a wiring substrate, a circuit that operates with a power from a first power supply and is provided on the wiring substrate, the circuit including a degrading component that degrades by being in a non-electrified state, a second power supply provided on the wiring substrate, an... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

10/18/2012 > 29 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120261981 - Equipment module for a vehicle and vehicle with a vehicle body comprising a cargo space: An equipment module for a vehicle comprises a floor element, at least one first inductive coupling element and at least one electronics unit. The floor element comprises at least one attachment means, which can be reached from the top, for attaching items of equipment, and on the underside at least... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20120261982 - Multi-voltage on-board power supply system for a motor vehicle: In the case of a multi-voltage on-board power supply system for a motor vehicle having a hybrid or electric drive, comprising a dc-dc converter, by means of which a high voltage level having a higher direct-current voltage and at least a first energy storage device is connected to a low... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20120261983 - On-vehicle generator provided with overvoltage detecting circuit: An on-vehicle generator includes a field winding, an armature winding, a bridge circuit having MOS transistors, a rotation detecting circuit that detects a rotational state based on the phase voltage of the armature winding, an excitation current controlling circuit to control the output voltage to be a regulation voltage while... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120261984 - Automotive electrical system configuration: Disclosed herein are a variety of different electrical system topologies intended to mitigate the impact of large intermittent loads on a 12 volt vehicle power distribution system. In some embodiments the intermittent load is disconnected from the remainder of the system and the voltage supplied to this load is allowed... Agent: Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.

20120261985 - coded power converter system: The present invention relates to a power converter system (1) comprising at least a first power converter (2) and a second power converter (3), where each power converter (2, 3) comprises a corresponding power converter input (4, 7), a corresponding power converter output (5, 8) and a corresponding power converter... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20120261986 - Residential electric power storage system: A residential electric power storage system includes a lead-in wire, a distribution line, an electric power storage device, a voltage sensor sensing a voltage of the lead-in wire, a current sensor sensing a current charged to the electric power storage device through the distribution line and an electric power adjustment... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120261987 - Internal voltage generator and operation method thereof: An internal voltage generation circuit includes a plurality of active driving units configured to supply a plurality of active power supply voltages to a plurality of voltage terminals, respectively, in an active mode, and a common standby driving unit configured to commonly supply a standby power supply voltage to the... Agent:

20120261989 - Electric power consumption control system: Disclosed is an electric power consumption control system for a factory where a plurality of machine tools are installed. A machine tool is provided with a control device whereby either the rotational acceleration/deceleration for the motor for the machine tool and/or the rotational speed thereof is controlled on the basis... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20120261988 - Electrical system with circuit limiter: An electrical power distribution system automatically limits the number of substantially similar or identical power cable assemblies that are electrically energizable from a power source. A control unit is connected between the power source and the power cable assemblies, and limits the number of power cable assemblies that can be... Agent:

20120261990 - Photovoltaic power plant output: A photovoltaic power system can include a photovoltaic array, an inverter, and a battery.... Agent:

20120261991 - Wireless sensor with energy scavenger: An apparatus (100) comprises a wireless sensor system (102) with electronic circuitry (104) and a power supply (106) for powering the electronic circuitry. The power supply comprises a primary cell (108) and an energy scavenger (110). The energy scavenger scavenges ambient energy and converts the scavenged ambient energy into electric... Agent:

20120261992 - Renewable energy power controller: A system to provide power to a load from a renewable power source and an energy storage device, comprises input and isolation circuits for receiving power from renewable energy sources and to isolate each renewable energy source from one other, a battery charger circuit to charge a battery by receiving... Agent:

20120261993 - Reverse bias protected solar array with integrated bypass battery: A method for protecting the photovoltaic cells in a photovoltaic (PV) way from reverse bias damage by utilizing a rechargeable battery for bypassing current from a shaded photovoltaic cell or group of cells, avoiding the need for a bypass diode. Further, the method mitigates the voltage degradation of a PV... Agent:

20120261994 - Dual input rtc supply generation with replica power path and autonomous mode of operation from the system supply: Circuits and methods providing a electronic power supply applicable to any dual supply rail systems, which require a smooth and uninterrupted output supply and a replica power path and autonomous mode of operation from the system power supply are disclosed. In a preferred embodiment of the invention the power supply... Agent: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

20120261995 - Electronic device: There is provided an electronic device including a power circuit and a system circuit. The system circuit includes a processing unit and a charge-discharge device. The processing unit controls the power circuit to stop providing power to the system circuit when identifying that the electronic device enters a standby state... Agent: Hannstar Display Corp.

20120261996 - Photovoltaic system with overvoltage protection: A photovoltaic system having a photovoltaic generator, whose strings with series-connected photovoltaic modules have a positive pole and a negative pole, and with an inverter whose DC input is connected to the two poles. The voltage of the positive pole and/or of the negative pole is measured with respect to... Agent:

20120261998 - Power control apparatus, power control method, and program: There is provided a power control apparatus including a calculating unit that calculates transmission efficiency of power from each of a plurality of devices when the power is received from one device of the plurality of devices and a control unit that controls power transmission from a device in which... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120261997 - Power control system and controlling method thereof: A power control system includes a rechargeable battery, the rechargeable battery including a first battery unit and including a second battery unit connected to a first terminal of the first battery unit at a first node, a switching unit, the switching unit including a first switch connected to a second... Agent:

20120261999 - Reconfigurable power systems and converters: Reconfigurable power systems and converters and operating methods therefor are disclosed. Reconfigurable power systems may include a DC power source, an electrical energy storage device, an AC power grid connection, and a power converter configured to selectively couple two or more of the DC power source, the electrical energy storage... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20120262002 - Antenna alignment and vehicle guidance for wireless charging of electric vehicles: Embodiments are directed to a wireless power antenna alignment systems and methods for electric vehicles. A system may include a sensor configured to detect the strength of an electromagnetic field in multiple dimensions and a processor configured to determine at least one of a direction and a position of a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120262001 - Arrangement for contactless power transmission and grounding in a computed tomography system: The present embodiments include an arrangement for contactless transmission of electrical power between a fixed gantry section and a gantry section of a computed tomography system that is rotatable about an axis of rotation. The arrangement includes a first carrier ring in annular form arranged on the rotatable gantry section... Agent:

20120262003 - Receiver powered by a wireless interface of inductive type: e

20120262000 - Wireless power feeder and wireless power transmission system: A wireless power feeder 116 feeds power from a feeding coil L2 to a receiving coil L3 by wireless based on a magnetic field resonance phenomenon between the feeding coil L2 and receiving coil L3. A power transmission control circuit 200 supplies AC current at a drive frequency fo to... Agent:

20120262004 - Wireless power transmission for electronic devices: Exemplary embodiments are directed to wireless power transfer. A wireless power receiver includes a receive antenna for coupling with a transmit antenna of transmitter generating a magnetic near field. The receive antenna receives wireless power from the magnetic near field and includes a resonant tank and a parasitic resonant tank... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120262005 - Device for transporting energy by partial influence through a dielectric medium: The invention proposes a means for transporting electrical energy and/or information from a distance by using, at a slowly varying regime, the Coulomb field which surrounds any set of charged conductors. The device according to the invention is composed of energy production and consumption devices situated a short distance apart,... Agent: Tmms Co., Ltd.

20120262006 - Method and apparatus for combining ac power relay and current sensors with ac wiring devices: A method and a device for joining a remotely controlled switching and current sensing AC device structured for attachment to standard and popular three way SPDT AC switches or cross DPDT AC switches and/or power outlets, such that the front wall plate of a single gang electrical box will cover... Agent:

20120262007 - Switch matrix modeling system and method: A method that includes identifying a desired signal connectivity through a switch matrix, where the switch matrix includes a plurality of switching elements, and where the switching elements are selectively operable in a plurality of states to provide a plurality of signal paths for routing signals through the switch matrix.... Agent:

20120262009 - Switch matrix system and method: A switch system having a plurality of switch inputs, a plurality of switch outputs, a switch matrix comprising a plurality of N×N switching elements to selectively couple one or more of the plurality of switch inputs to one or more of the plurality of switch outputs during use to provide... Agent:

20120262008 - Switching element system and method: A 2×2 switching element that includes first and second relays each having a first terminal, a second terminal and a third terminal, wherein the first and second relays each operate between a first state to connect the first terminal to the second terminal and a second state to connect the... Agent:

10/11/2012 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120256481 - Hybrid drive of a hybrid vehicle: A hybrid drive of a hybrid vehicle has an internal combustion engine (10), at least one electrical machine (11, 12) and an electrical energy storage (13) that can be discharged when the electrical machine is operated as a motor, and can be charged when the electrical machine is operated as... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c.f. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20120256482 - High power electrical distribution system: A high power electrical distribution system for distribution high power to at least one consumer arranged on a rotatable element. The distribution system includes at least one high frequency alternating current HFAC generator configured to generate HFAC. A rotary power transformer is connected to the at least one HFAC generator.... Agent: Saab Ab

20120256483 - Electrical charge and discharge system, method of managing a battery and a power generator, and computer-readable recording medium: This charge and discharge system comprises a battery connected to a bus to which multiple power a generator and an electric power transmission system are connected, a charger configured to supply power from the bus to the battery, a discharger separate from the charger and configured to output electric power... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120256484 - Computer adapter with power outlet and replaceable and rechargeable battery, wireless card, and transceiver: The present invention is directed to an electronic adapter that has a receptacle capable of receiving power cords and power a device, such as a computer. The present invention may have a rechargeable and replaceable battery. In addition to allowing access to a power receptacle from a single power source,... Agent:

20120256485 - Power managers for an integrated circuit: A system for an integrated circuit comprising a plurality of power islands includes a first power manager and a second power manager. The first power manager manages a first power consumption for the integrated circuit based on needs and operation of the integrated circuit. The second power manager communicates with... Agent:

20120256486 - Electronic device using solar cell: An electronic device comprises a solar cell a main body which includes a display unit, a battery, and a processing unit and a power controller which connects the solar cell and the main body and controls the electronic device so that power generated from the solar cell is stored in... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120256488 - Battery management apparatus of high voltage battery for hybrid vehicle: The present invention relates to a battery management apparatus of a high voltage battery for a hybrid vehicle, in more detail, a battery management apparatus of a high voltage battery for a hybrid vehicle which includes: a plurality of battery packs including a plurality of unit cells; slave battery management... Agent: Sk Innovation Co., Ltd.

20120256487 - Charge/discharge system: This charge/discharge system includes a storage portion storing power generated by a power generation module coupled to a power grid and discharging power to a load and a control portion including a function of stopping discharge of the storage portion on the basis of a result of comparison between a... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120256489 - Energy conserving (stand-by mode) power saving design for battery chargers and power supplies with a control signal: A system is described that turns off a high power, power supply when a device no longer needs high power. A low power, power supply or a rechargeable battery provides power to determine when the device again needs high power. The low power supply consumes a minimum possible power when... Agent: Glithouby Mgmt. LLC

20120256490 - Integrated expandable grid-ready solar electrical generator: The generator of the present invention is a complete 220V or 120V AC solar electrical generator that is ready to be directly connected to utility power grid, and more than one of the generators can be connected in parallel to power the grid or to power an isolated electrical system.... Agent:

20120256491 - Switching mode power supply: There is provided a switching mode power supply including: a direct current (DC)/DC converting unit converting a DC power level; an auxiliary power supply unit discharged in a no load mode in which a load is not connected to an output terminal of the DC/DC converting unit; and a controlling... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120256492 - Passive rf energy harvesting scheme for wireless sensor: A radio frequency energy harvester harvests RF energy from the environment. The energy harvester may include a local power source. The energy harvester may have an associated crystal radio antenna that harvests AM radio waves ubiquitously. The radio frequency energy harvested may be stored via a super capacitor. The stored... Agent: Siemens Corporate Research, Inc.

20120256493 - Switching device and switching module: A switching device includes: a switching element; an emitter electrode; an emitter terminal for main wiring for connecting the emitter electrode to an external main wiring; a plurality of control emitter terminals interposed in a main current path between the emitter electrode and the emitter terminal for main wiring; and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120256495 - Power supply apparatus, method, and recording medium: A power supply apparatus includes a power supply unit that wirelessly supplies power to an electronic apparatus, and a control unit that controls, if power output from the power supply unit to the electronic apparatus is lower than a first predetermined value, the communication unit so that a predetermined speed... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120256494 - Tunable wireless energy transfer for medical applications: A mobile wireless receiver for use with a first electromagnetic resonator coupled to a power supply includes a load associated with powering an electrically powered medical device, and a second electromagnetic resonator configured to be coupled to the load and moveable relative to the first electromagnetic resonator, wherein the second... Agent:

20120256496 - Method and apparatus for positioning in-wall power: The present invention discloses a method and apparatus for locating a pre-wired electrically isolated power source. The invention includes a plurality of embodiments of encased receptacles combined with recessed electrical enclosures for mounting the receptacles. The recessed electrical enclosures allow for the input and output receptacles to be mounted externally... Agent:

20120256497 - Battery pack and power supply system with the same: A power supply system includes a battery pack and an electronic device. The battery pack includes a battery, a voltage conversion circuit, and a first power port. The electronic device includes a second power port. When the battery pack is connected to the electronic device via the first power port... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

10/04/2012 > 35 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120248863 - Safety mechanisms, wake up and shutdown methods in distributed power installations: A distributed power system including multiple DC power sources and multiple power modules. The power modules include inputs coupled respectively to the DC power sources and outputs coupled in series to form a serial string. An inverter is coupled to the serial string. The inverter converts power input from the... Agent: Solaredge Technologies Ltd.

20120248865 - Autonomously operated buoys with power generation and power usage control: Apparatus, intended to be deployed in a body of water, includes a payload comprised of a multiplicity of different electronic and electromechanical loads and a wave energy converter (WEC) system responsive to the amplitude of waves in the body of water for producing electrical power, which is a function of... Agent: Ocean Power Technologies Inc.

20120248867 - Electric component arrangement structure of vehicle: An electric component (electric-power convertor) and a pair of air-conditioning ducts are arranged side by side in a vehicle width direction. In case in which a rear end portion of the electric component is located in back of an outlet of the air-conditioning duct, the electric component is formed in... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20120248868 - Swappable battery car and battery car station: In described embodiments, a battery car employed in conjunction with a battery car station employs a swappable battery configuration. Batteries are of differing types depending on provision of high current or high voltage, with each having a energy sensor. Access to the batteries of differing types is controlled through a... Agent:

20120248864 - System and method for operating inverters: There is provided a control system and method related to the use of insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) devices in vehicles. An exemplary control method includes applying a voltage to a gate of an IGBT device to turn the IGBT on, measuring the collector-to-emitter voltage of the IGBT, and comparing... Agent: General Electric Company, A New York Corporation

20120248866 - Vehicle power supply apparatus: A vehicle power supply apparatus for supplying electrical power from a secondary battery to a prime mover and a plurality of accessories. The apparatus includes a plurality of power converters each electrically connected between a corresponding accessory and the secondary battery and operative to convert electrical power between the secondary... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120248869 - Vehicular electric power unit and method of controlling the same: An electric power unit for a vehicle mounted on a vehicle includes a base battery, a boost converter that converts the voltage supplied from the base battery to a target voltage to supply electric power to an inverter, an electric power line that connects the inverter with the boost converter,... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120248870 - Battery charger and method using an irregular power source: A battery charger includes an irregular power source, a capacitor connected to the power source for storing charge from the power source, and a control circuit which is operable to detect a charge current of a battery to be charged and to discharge the charge from the capacitor into the... Agent:

20120248872 - Electric power supply system: An electric power supply system can determine a sharing ratio of an electric power so as to increase and decrease an output electric power supplied by an electric power generator in accordance with an output electric power value required for the electric power supply system, in a fuel cell following... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120248871 - Transponder power supply, a transponder and a method for providing a transponder power supply current: A transponder power supply for providing a supply current based on an antenna input signal. The transponder power supply comprises an emergency circuit comprising a charging circuit, an emergency capacitor, and an output stage. The charging circuit is configured to charge the emergency capacitor based on the antenna input signal... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20120248873 - Energy storage systems: A method for controlling an energy storage system for connection to a power system, and such an energy storage system are provided. The method makes use of a model based predictive controller to optimize the charging/discharging rates of energy storage elements in a hybrid energy storage system. The method includes... Agent: Abb Research Ltd

20120248874 - Method and apparatus for improving the operation of an auxiliary power system of a thermal power plant: Apparatus and method for controlling power in an auxiliary power system of a thermal power plant having a generator and one or more auxiliary buses. The apparatus includes adjustable speed drives and capacitance sources for connection to the one or more auxiliary buses and sensors for measuring voltage and reactive... Agent: Abb Research Ltd.

20120248876 - Power supply apparatus: A power supply apparatus includes a secondary battery and a timer unit for measuring a time required to charge the secondary battery from a first State Of Charge (SOC) to a second SOC, or a time required to discharge the second battery from the second SOC to the first SOC.... Agent:

20120248875 - System and method for off-line ups: A method of operating an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) includes generating, during a portion of an output cycle, a substantially sinusoidal output voltage responsive to a plurality of pulse width modulation (PWM) control signals provided to a power conversion circuit of the UPS, comparing the output voltage to a reference... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20120248877 - Power supply device, power supply managing device, method for detecting connection position of power supply device, and power supply system: Disclosed herein is a power supply device including: a position detection signal output section configured to output a position detection signal to a line allowing a current flow in only one direction in response to an order to output the position detection signal from a power supply managing device connected... Agent:

20120248879 - Electrical assembly for selectively operating a household appliance in a demonstration mode or a standard mode: An electrical assembly is provided for selectively operating a household appliance in a demonstration mode or a standard mode. A logic unit (2) is adapted to control the electrical and/or electronic components of the household appliance (1), and to make the household appliance (1) to-perform a standard mode or a... Agent: Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

20120248878 - Polymer material, solar cell using the same, and solar photovoltaic generation system: According to one embodiment, a polymer material includes two or more different repeating units each containing a quinoxaline backbone. At least one of the repeating units includes a halogen atom.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120248880 - System for the electronic management of photovoltaic cells as a function of meteorology: The invention relates to a system for the electronic management of a photovoltaic generator, said system comprising a plurality of n static converters (11, 12, 13) connected in parallel, each converter (11, 12, 13) being electrically connected to at least one photovoltaic cell (10) of the generator. The number of... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20120248881 - High voltage battery system for vehicle applications: In one embodiment, a battery management system comprising a first circuit comprising a first plurality of circuit elements arranged in series, the first plurality of circuit elements comprising: a direct current (DC) voltage source, and first plural switching devices, each of the first plural switching devices connected to, and operably... Agent: Changs Ascending Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20120248885 - Circuit for generating a direct current voltage and method thereof: A circuit for generating a direct current voltage includes a three-axis antenna set, a first capacitor, a limiting direct current voltage generator, a second capacitor, and a low dropout regulator. The three-axis antenna set receives a signal transmitted by a reader. The first capacitor generates a first direct current voltage... Agent:

20120248892 - Inductive power transfer system: A magnetic flux pad (BPP) is provided for generating or receiving magnetic flux. The pad may be used with an inductive power transfer system, and comprises a magnetically permeable core (4) and two substantially flat overlapping coils (2, 3) magnetically associated with the core (4). The coils (2, 3) are... Agent:

20120248887 - Multi-resonator wireless energy transfer for sensors: A mobile wireless receiver for use with a first electromagnetic resonator coupled to a power supply and a second electromagnetic resonator coupled to at least one of a power supply and the first electromagnetic resonator. The mobile wireless receiver includes a load associated with a sensor and configured to power... Agent:

20120248886 - Multi-resonator wireless energy transfer to mobile devices: A mobile wireless receiver for use with a first electromagnetic resonator coupled to a power supply and a second electromagnetic resonator coupled to at least one of a power supply and the first electromagnetic resonator. The mobile wireless receiver includes a load associated with a mobile device such that the... Agent:

20120248889 - Power transmitting apparatus, power receiving apparatus, and power transmission system: According to one exemplary embodiment, a power transmitting apparatus is provided with: a plurality of resonators configured to resonate at resonance frequencies which differs from one another, respectively; a plurality of exciters each configured to cause an associated one of the plurality of resonators to excite alternating current; and a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120248883 - Reconfigurable coil techniques: Techniques are disclosed involving reconfigurable coils. Such coils may be used in applications, including (but not limited to) wireless charging and near field communications (NFC). For instance, a reconfigurable coil may include a first conductive portion and a second conductive portion. Two or more configurations may be established. These configurations... Agent:

20120248891 - Systems and methods for detecting and protecting a wireless power communication device in a wireless power system: Embodiments are directed to detecting and limiting power transfer to communication device, such as NFC and RFID cards. A method may include detecting one or more communication devices positioned within a wireless power transfer region of a wireless power transmitter. The method may further include limiting an amount of power... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120248888 - Wireless energy transfer with resonator arrays for medical applications: A medical device-powering wireless receiver for use with a first electromagnetic resonator coupled to a power supply includes, a load configured to power an implantable medical device using electrical power, and a second electromagnetic resonator adapted to be housed within the medical device and configured to be coupled to the... Agent:

20120248890 - Wireless power feeder/receiver and wireless power transmission system: A wireless power feeder/receiver according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: a power feed/receive coil; a power feed/receive capacitor to configure a resonance circuit together with the power feed/receive coil; a coupling coil electromagnetically coupled to the power feed/receive coil; a power adjustment section performing at least any... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120248882 - Wireless power receiver and wireless power transmission system: Power is fed from a feeding coil to a receiving coil L3 by magnetic resonance. The receiving coil L3 and a capacitor C3 are connected in series to constitute a receiving coil circuit. A loading coil L4 electromagnetically coupled to the receiving coil L3 is connected to a load through... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120248884 - Wireless power transmission apparatus: Described herein are embodiments of a wireless power receiver that includes a receive high-Q resonator configured to receive wireless power from a magnetic near field, the receive high-Q resonator that may include a first resonator and a second resonator wirelessly coupled to the first resonator. The wireless power receiver may... Agent:

20120248893 - Wireless power transmittal: Wireless power transmittal apparatus and systems are disclosed in which transmitter and receiver inductors, or coils, are coupled in configurations for wirelessly transferring power and/or data among them. In preferred implementations, a plurality of non-coplanar primary side coils are provided in power transmittal apparatus for transmitting power, or power and... Agent: TriuneIPLLC

20120248894 - Microcomputer system: It is an object of the present invention to provide a technology that a microcomputer is capable of detecting the states of a large number of switches with a small number of ports. In a microcomputer system according to the present invention, any one of (2N−1) kinds of the combination... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20120248895 - Signal processing circuit, vibration detection circuit, and electronic device: In a signal processing circuit for an acceleration switch, it has been difficult to realize a circuit in which, when a system is powered off, almost no current is consumed, and, when vibration is applied, a sensor is activated to start detecting acceleration. In a signal processing circuit, one terminal... Agent:

20120248896 - Field device: A switch is provided in a supply line for an operating power supply from an operating power supply generating circuit to a main circuit, An electric current detecting circuit and a comparison evaluating circuit are provided as a controlling circuit portion for controlling the ON/OFF state of the switch. The... Agent: Yamatake Corporation

20120248897 - Power distribution systems using distributed current sensing: A system includes a plurality of power conversion devices, for example, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices, having inputs coupled in common to a power input line and each including a control circuit configured to operate the power conversion device responsive to a current sense signal at a current sense input... Agent: Eaton Corporation

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