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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems August inventions list 08/12

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08/30/2012 > 30 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120217797 - Battery system with dc/dc converter: A battery system includes a plurality of groups of series-connected battery cells, a plurality of DC/DC converters and a first switch. The groups of series-connected battery cells are themselves in turn connected in series. The DC/DC converters are connected on the input side to a first pole and to a... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120217796 - Control device for putting an electronic member of a communication network on hold prior to rebooting: The invention relates to a control device (D) intended for forming part of an electronic member (OE) to be connected to a communication network (R) and which includes: i) a power-supply means (CV), intended for being supplied with power from an electric DI power source (BA); ii) a control means... Agent: Peugeot Citroen Automobiles Sa

20120217795 - Inverter apparatus: An inverter apparatus according to one embodiment includes switching elements and freewheel diodes which are connected to a direct-current power supply, a temperature detector provided near at least one of the switching elements, and a temperature estimation unit. The temperature estimation unit estimates temperatures of switching elements not provided with... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120217798 - Vehicle electric load system: An electric load system and method for a vehicle includes an electric load, electric devices, an electrically driven element operating in an operating state, an electric load detector to measure an electric load generated by the electric devices, and an electric control unit communicating with the electric load detector and... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120217799 - Central battery interconnected smoke detector system with single wire ac and dc pass-through relay: An AC powered and DC battery backup powered interconnected smoke alarm/detector system that provides battery backup to each and all smoke alarms/detectors within a dwelling using a single, centrally located rechargeable backup battery. Both AC power and DC backup power sources are distributed and provided to each and all smoke... Agent:

20120217800 - Solar power systems optimized for use in communications networks: A power system supplies electrical power to at least one load of a communications system. A rectifier module generates a first DC signal based on the utility power signal. A charge control system generates a second DC signal based on the solar power signal. A DC bus is operatively connected... Agent: Alpha Technologies Inc.

20120217801 - Electronic apparatus and data output method: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a receiver, a generator, an output module, a reception module, and a controller. The receiver is configured to receive power information associated with power consumption of respective external apparatuses from the respective external apparatuses. The generator is configured to generate display data... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120217802 - System and method for power sharing of front-end converters without communication link in a modular-stacked dc transmission system: A sub-sea power transmission/distribution network includes a plurality of standard proven power converter building blocks on each of the power source side and the sub-sea load side. The power source side converters and the sub-sea load side converters are each configured to provide a modular stacked dc (MSDC) converter architecture.... Agent: General Electric Company

20120217803 - Supplying grid ancillary services using controllable loads: A method includes determining a desired power draw for a plurality of loads connected to an electrical grid, each of the plurality of loads connected to the electrical grid through a load supply control and being able to obtain a desired amount of energy from the grid in a desired... Agent: Google Inc.

20120217804 - Adjustable transformer for a model vehicle: A system and method is provided for powering and/or controlling a plurality of model devices, including at least one model vehicle. In one embodiment of the present invention, the system includes an adjustable transformer in communication with at least a model train. The adjustable transformer is configured to convert an... Agent: Lionel L.L.C.

20120217805 - Method and system for distributing energy: A method of delivering electrical energy to a point in an electrical power grid, including accessing a source of energy at a first location and converting the energy into a form of transportable energy. The next step is transporting the transportable energy via a bulk transportation network from the first... Agent:

20120217806 - Charge equalization systems and methods: A battery system having at least one battery string of more than two batteries connected in series, a charge equalization circuit, a relay matrix, and a balance controller. The charge equalization circuit is capable of equalizing the charge on any pair of series connected batteries in the at least one... Agent: Alpha Technologies Inc.

20120217807 - Power regulating system for solar power station: The invention relates to a system for the dynamic regulation of a regenerative energy generation installation comprising a plurality of energy generation units. Said system has a signal input for receiving a pre-determined set value, a measuring device for measuring an actual value on an output of the energy generation... Agent: Skytron Energy Gmbh

20120217808 - Switching systems and methods for use in uninterruptible power supplies: The present invention may be embodied as an uninterruptible power supply comprising an input section, an output section, an inverter section, and a transformer. The transformer is operatively connected to the input section, the output section, and the inverter section. The uninterruptible power supply operates in a line mode and... Agent: Alpha Technologies Inc.

20120217809 - Uninterruptible power supply apparatus: In this uninterruptible power supply apparatus, even after electric power supply to a load stops due to prolonged power failure time, the operation of an inverter is continued, a DC power supply voltage is generated based on an output of the inverter, and a control circuit is driven by the... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20120217810 - Dc plant controller and method for selecting among multiple power sources: Various embodiments of a DC plant controller and methods of selecting among multiple power sources. In one embodiment, the DC plant controller includes: (1) a source identifier configured to identify power sources couplable to a common DC bus, (2) a source prioritizer coupled to the source identifier and configured to... Agent:

20120217812 - Fuel cell stack: A fuel cell stack includes a plurality of unit cells, bypass resistors, and connective resistors. The unit cells are connected in series and/or in parallel. The connected resistors are disposed between the unit cells connected in series and disconnected by heat due to resistance at a small current value in... Agent:

20120217811 - Parallel-serial battery switching and voltage regulating circuit and method for strong authentication tokens: An electronic power supply circuit for battery-powered hardware devices is disclosed which can be electronically switched to supply any of at least two predetermined voltages wherein the batteries are switched in parallel or in series depending on the desired voltage. Also disclosed is an electronic apparatus comprising the electronic power... Agent: Vasco Data Security, Inc.

20120217813 - Storage battery system and storage battery module: A storage battery system in which multiple storage battery modules are connected in series and such that deteriorated storage battery modules may be made replaceable without causing dielectric breakdown. The storage battery system is one that has multiple storage battery modules connected in series and has a mechanism of, when... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120217814 - Storage control apparatus and storage control method: Power generating elements output electromotive force. A path switching unit switches a path for connecting arbitrary power generating elements among the power generating elements. A voltage converting unit is a DC-DC converter that converts voltage levels of outputs of some of the power generating elements. A path switching control unit... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120217819 - Electric power transmission system and antenna: An electric power transmission system includes: a transmitting-side system that includes switching elements that convert a direct-current voltage to an alternating-current voltage and that output the alternating-current voltage and a transmitting-side magnetic resonance antenna unit that has a first inductor and a first capacitor directly coupled to each other and... Agent: Equos Research Co., Ltd.

20120217815 - Method and system for injecting rf signal into a fluid-containing system: A method and system for injecting a pulsed radio frequency signal into a fluid-containing system in order to create and propagate an electromagnetic field throughout the fluid-containing system. The electromagnetic field may be used to prevent the formation and build-up of scale in the fluid-containing system and/or to prevent the... Agent:

20120217818 - System and method for automatically optimizing wireless power: A system transfers energy wirelessly from a source to a sink as an EM near-field according to parameters. The source includes a receive RF chain, and a receive controller. The sink includes a transmit RF chain, and a receive controller. The receive controller measures the energy received as feedback information,... Agent:

20120217817 - Tuning electromagnetic fields characteristics for wireless energy transfer using arrays of resonant objects: A system for exchanging energy wirelessly includes an array of objects, wherein each object is electromagnetic (EM) and non-radiative and generates an EM near-field in response to receiving the energy. Each object in the array is electrically isolated from the other objects and arranged at a distance from all other... Agent:

20120217816 - Wireless energy transfer using arrays of resonant objects: A system for exchanging energy wirelessly includes an array of at least three objects, wherein the objects have similar resonant frequencies, wherein each object is electromagnetic (EM) and non-radiative and generates an EM near-field in response to receiving the energy. Each object is electrically isolated from the other objects and... Agent:

20120217820 - Wireless power transmission system and resonator for the system: Provided is a wireless power resonator. The wireless power resonator may include a transmission line and a capacitor, may form a loop structure, and may further include a matcher to determine an impedance of the wireless power resonator.... Agent:

20120217821 - System and method for performing harmonic frequency filtration and analysis: A system for filtering harmonic frequency distortion in AC power distribution system is disclosed. The system comprises a filter configured to filter harmonic frequency from the AC power, an input sensor configured to acquire harmonic frequency level of the input AC power before filtration, an output sensor configured to acquire... Agent: Telekom Malaysia Berhad

20120217822 - Variable capacitance circuit: A variable capacitance circuit includes: a prescribed node, to which an alternate current signal with a reference potential as a center voltage is applied; a first capacitor connected to the prescribed node; a second capacitor connected between the first capacitor and the reference potential; a third capacitor and a transistor... Agent: Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

20120217823 - Display device and power-supply necessity determination method of branch device connected to display device: A branch device has a connector for connecting to a display device as a sink device. A pull-up resistor is connected between an internal power source in the branch device and a first terminal in the connector when power supply from the display device is not necessary for the branch... Agent:

20120217824 - Variable speed wind turbine, and a method for operating the variable speed wind turbine during a power imbalance event: A variable speed wind turbine is provided. The wind turbine comprises a generator, a power converter for converting at least a portion of electrical power generated by the generator, an energy management arrangement coupled to the power converter, the energy management arrangement comprises an energy storage unit, and a controller.... Agent:

08/23/2012 > 34 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120212046 - booster control apparatus and an idling-stop system using the same: A booster control apparatus for controlling a booster provided between a battery and a load in an idling-stop vehicle in which a boosting operation of the booster is initiated in connection with a restart of an engine after an idling-stop, is disclosed. When the boosting operation of the booster is... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120212047 - Electric drive vehicle: Solution: A prime mover 03; a generator 04 driven by the prime mover 03; a power supply circuit 30 that uses a generator voltage VR obtained by rectifying a generator output PR and a trolley voltage VL obtained by rectifying an incoming power PL from a trolley feeder 10 as... Agent:

20120212049 - Configurable apparatus and methods for supplying power and data to electronic devices: Embodiments of a system, topology, and methods for providing electrical power to electronic devices from various power sources are described generally herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.... Agent:

20120212048 - Landscape electrical component connector system: A landscape electrical component connector system is provided which is based on a low-voltage electrical circuit with underground wire cable lines and interchangeable, below ground waterproof connectors which interconnect outdoor electrically positioned above ground lighting, audio, and cooling components. These components, which are hard-wired with waterproof connectors, provide versatility in... Agent: Coastal Source, LLC

20120212050 - Electricity supply management device: An electricity supply management device includes a solar cell; a commercial Alternating Current (AC) power source; and a storage battery, in which the storage battery is charged by an electric power from the solar cell, and a power from at least one of the solar cell, the commercial AC power... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120212051 - Uninterruptible power supplies for use in a distributed network: A UPS module configured to be arranged between at least one AC line and a communications system comprising at least one load comprises a power system, a diagnostic system, and a communications module. The power system comprising a battery module, an inverter module, and a transformer module and is operatively... Agent: Alpha Technologies Inc.

20120212052 - Electricity distribution system: The invention provides an electricity distribution system, which can keep a voltage to ground low, and can commonly detect abnormity, such as an electrical leak etc. produced in AC and DC feed lines. An AC-DC converter 21 is installed between the AC feed line (branch electrical circuit Lb) of a... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co. Ltd

20120212054 - Administering offset voltage error in a current sensing circuit: Administering offset voltage error in a current sensing circuit including recording by a power supply management module a current sensing voltage for a power supply when no operating load is drawn from the power supply and dynamically calculating by the power supply management module output current of the power supply... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120212053 - Inline power device for multiple inline formats: Techniques are provided for delivering power to powered devices. Power is received from an inline power device and the power is separated into multiple power distribution paths. The power is received at a connector jack comprising conductor pins configured to receive the power and data. A transceiver is configured to... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20120212055 - Multi-protocol fire-alarm strobe synchronization: A system and method of synchronization protocol for fire alarm strobe systems which has the ability to synchronize the strobe light devices from different manufactures simultaneously.... Agent:

20120212056 - Modularized balancing bridge for multiple voltage sources: A balancing bridge module includes a magnetic core, an intra-module pair of windings around the core, each to couple to a separate voltage source, and at least one inter-module winding around the core to couple to an adjacent balancing module. Each of the intra-module and inter-module windings has an equal... Agent:

20120212057 - Portable device and image recording device: A portable device operated by a rechargeable battery includes a connecting unit that connects the portable device and a power supply that supplies a driving current and a charging current; a detection unit that detects a battery voltage of the rechargeable battery; and a charging control unit that controls starting... Agent:

20120212058 - Dynamically configuring current sharing and fault monitoring in redundant power supply modules: Methods, apparatus, and products for dynamically configuring current sharing and fault monitoring in redundant power supply modules for components of an electrically powered system, including summing, by a master service processor, during powered operation of the system, the present power requirements of components presently installed in the electrically powered system... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120212059 - Power supply system with multiple power sources in parallel: The present disclosure provides a power supply system. The power supply system includes a plurality of power supply devices connected in parallel. Output terminals of the plurality of power supply devices are coupled to a common supply line. Each of the plurality of power supply devices includes a DC-to-DC converter,... Agent:

20120212060 - Dc plant for selecting among multiple power sources: Various embodiments of a DC plant. In one embodiment, the DC plant includes (1) power sources couplable to a common DC bus, (2) rectifiers and DC-DC converters associated with the power sources and (3) a DC plant controller. The DC plant controller includes a source identifier configured to identify the... Agent: Lineage Power Corporation

20120212062 - Battery parallel-operation circuit and battery system: A first line includes a switching element and is electrically coupled to a branch point and an external load which is electrically connectable to a battery parallel-operation circuit. A second line includes a resistive element, and is electrically coupled to the external load and the branch point. The first line... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120212061 - High voltage power source device and image forming device: A high voltage power source device includes piezoelectric transformers, each of the piezoelectric transformers being formed with a primary electrode and a secondary electrode on piezoelectric ceramics, receiving a primary voltage at the primary electrode, and generating a second voltage from the secondary electrode, switching elements, each of the switching... Agent: Oki Data Corporation

20120212063 - Wireless headset having adaptive powering: A system that includes a bus, a battery, core processing circuitry, radio frequency (RF) processing circuitry, first power regulating circuitry, second power regulating circuitry, and control circuitry is provided. The bus can be coupled to receive power from a source external to the system. The core processing circuitry and RF... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120212064 - Methods and devices for controlling a photovoltaic panel in a three phase power generation system: Methods, apparatus and systems for controlling a photovoltaic panel, to output three-phase power while ensuring the power source operates safely include determining a temperature of the photovoltaic panel, determining a voltage provided from the photovoltaic panel, determining a parameter based on the voltage and the temperature and controlling a DC... Agent: Array Converter Inc.

20120212066 - Safety mechanisms, wake up and shutdown methods in distributed power installations: A distributed power system including multiple DC power sources and multiple power modules. The power modules include inputs coupled respectively to the DC power sources and outputs coupled in series to form a serial string. An inverter is coupled to the serial string. The inverter converts power input from the... Agent: Solaredge Technologies Ltd.

20120212065 - Scalable and redundant mini-inverters: The Scalable and Redundant Mini-inverters as described in this invention include double, triple, or quadruple redundant capabilities so that the Mini-inverters can work in a harsh environment for a prolonged period of time. A number of regular, redundant, triple redundant, or quadruple redundant Mini-inverters with one, two, three, or multiple... Agent:

20120212067 - Portable complex power supply apparatus: A portable complex power supply apparatus includes a portable case in which a hand generator, a power input connection member, a power control circuit element, a power storage unit, and an output connector are disposed or contained. Thus, the portable complex power supply apparatus is capable of supplying electric power... Agent: Sunwell Dynamics Resources Corp.

20120212074 - Magnetic resonance power transmitter and magnetic resonance power receiver: A magnetic resonance power transmitter of a magnetic resonance wireless power transmission system includes a resonance coil, an alternating current power source configured to cause the resonance coil to generate an alternating current, and a frequency changer configured to change, based on communication data, a frequency of the alternating current... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120212073 - Non resonant inductive power transmission system and method: Non-resonant inductive power transmission wherein the driving voltage across a primary inductor oscillates at a frequency significantly different from the resonant frequency of the inductive coupling system. Embodiments of the invention include systems and methods for: power regulation using frequency control, fault detection using voltage peak detectors and inductive communication... Agent: Powermat Technologies, Ltd

20120212070 - Power supply apparatus, method, and storage medium: A power supply apparatus includes a power supply unit that wirelessly outputs power to an electronic apparatus, a control unit that determines that a predetermined object is detected if a reflection corresponding to power outputted is greater than or equal to a first value and determines that the predetermined object... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120212071 - Power transmission device, power transmission method, and power transmission system: A power transmission device includes a communication unit that transmits a power capability information transmission request via a communication channel and receives power capability information in response to the power capability information transmission request. The power transmission device also includes a processing unit that sets a parameter based on the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120212072 - Power transmission device, power transmission method, and power transmission system: A power transmission device includes a communication unit that transmits a power capability information transmission request, receives power capability information in response to the power capability information transmission request, and transmits randomized parameter information by a communication channel. The power transmission device also includes a processing unit that produces the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120212068 - Wireless power feeder, wireless power receiver, and wireless power transmission system: A wireless power feeder which performs power feed by a non-contact method to a wireless power receiver having a power receive coil, this wireless power feeder having a power feed coil; and a control circuit having a phase delay device which generates a delayed AC voltage where the phase of... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120212069 - Wireless power transmitting device and wireless power transmission system: A wireless power transmitting device includes a housing configured to have a feeding surface on which a power receiving device is to be placed; a power transmitting coil disposed inside the housing and configured to have a central axis that intersects with the feeding surface; and an alternating-current power supply... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120212075 - Programmable gate controller system and method: Controlling power switches with a programmable gate controller system proximate associated power switches and remote from the central controller including sensing at least one predetermined condition local to the associated power switches; reporting the sensed conditions to the remote programmable gate controller system; developing, in response to the sensed condition... Agent:

20120212076 - Protection circuit for electric outlet: A protection circuit for electric outlet includes: a switch control circuit (101), having input terminals connected to a DC power supply or an AC power supply; an automatic load detection circuit (102), having input terminals connected to the switch control circuit (101) and output terminals connected to output terminals of... Agent:

20120212077 - Hot swappable synchronous buck regulator: A synchronous buck regulator includes a voltage regulator, a sample unit, a switch element, a comparison unit, a time delay unit, and a control unit. The sample unit is connected to the external power source for sampling a voltage drop in the external power source. The comparison unit is connected... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120212078 - Power supply equipment utilizing interchangeable tips to provide power and a power indication signal to an electronic device: Power supply equipment includes an adapter which converts power from a power source to DC power for powering an electronic device. The power supply equipment includes circuitry which produces a power indication signal for use by the electronic device to control power drawn by the electronic device. A cable, which... Agent: Comarco Wireless Technologies, Inc

20120212079 - Antenna protection device and system: A protection device for electrically insulating an antenna from a signal receiving device while transferring RF signals, and a system including the same are disclosed. In an embodiment, the protection device includes a first waveguide in signal communication and electrical communication with the antenna; and a second waveguide in signal... Agent: General Electric Company

08/16/2012 > 23 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120205971 - Battery module of excellent structural stability: Disclosed is a battery module including a base plate on which unit modules, each with two or more secondary batteries therein, are stacked in a vertically erected state, a pair of end plates disposed in tight contact with outer surfaces of outermost unit modules while bottoms of the end plates... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20120205970 - Drive arrangement for an electric bicycle: The present invention relates to a drive arrangement, that uses an electric motor, an energy source for electrical energy, and an energy transmission cable, which electrically connects the energy source to the electric motor and which performs this function as a coaxial cable.... Agent: Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnk Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120205969 - Power source control circuit for working machine: A power source control circuit for a working machine includes an electric circuit connecting a key cylinder, controller and accessories. The electric circuit is provided with a first self-holding relay drivable directly by a relay drive signal outputted from the controller and second self-holding relays drivable in conjunction with the... Agent: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20120205972 - Power source connecting device: A power source connecting device includes an adapter, a rail and a plurality of power cables. The adapter connected to an external power source converts the alternating current output from the external power source to direct current. The rail electrically connects to the adapter. One end of each of the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120205973 - Pseudo-random bit sequence generation for maximum power point tracking in photovoltaic arrays: A converter unit configured to couple to a photovoltaic panel (PV) may include a controller to sense an input voltage and input current obtained from the photovoltaic panel, and manage the output voltage of a corresponding power converter coupled to a DC bus to regulate the resultant bus voltage to... Agent:

20120205974 - Regulation of inverter dc input voltage in photovoltaic arrays: A converter unit configured to couple to a photovoltaic panel (PV) may include a controller to sense an output voltage and output current produced by the photovoltaic panel, and manage the output voltage of a corresponding power converter coupled to a DC bus to regulate the resultant bus voltage to... Agent:

20120205975 - System for controlling electric power supply to devices: A system for controlling an electric power supply to devices is provided. The system includes a plurality of power supply sources, devices operated by an electric power, and a control part that determines the power supply source to be used for supplying the electric power to the devices. Further, the... Agent:

20120205976 - Redundant power system regulating operation according to loads: A redundant power system regulating operation according to loads includes a power back panel and a plurality of power supplies electrically connected to a plurality of input ports on the power back panel. The power back panel has a plurality of output ports electrically connected to at least one load.... Agent:

20120205977 - Power transaction system and transaction method of distributed power: Provided are a CDI electrode and a method for manufacturing a module using the same. A hybridized electrode manufactured by the manufacturing method of the present invention can manufacture a CDI electrode capable of increasing adsorption efficiency and rate of ions and selectively adsorbing cation and anion, thereby simply and... Agent: Iljin Electric Co., Ltd.

20120205978 - Regulator providing various output voltages: A regulator for providing a plurality of output voltages is provided. The regulator includes a basic unit and a plurality of replica units. The basic unit amplifies an input voltage to obtain a core voltage according to a first control signal. Each of the replica units outputs one of the... Agent: Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd.

20120205979 - Usb isolator with advanced control features: A USB-based isolator system conveys USB signals between a pair of galvanically isolated circuit systems and supports controlled enumeration by a downstream device on upstream USB signal lines. The isolator system provides a multi-mode voltage regulator to support multiple voltage supply configurations. The isolator system further provides control systems for... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20120205980 - Stand-alone electric power generation unit: A method and apparatus for sustained power self-generation using a reduced drag high efficiency (HE) electric machine are disclosed. Electric power supply having a power level is produced from an electrical generation unit including an HE electric machine and a non-fossil fuel unit such as a hydrogen unit, a hydro... Agent:

20120205981 - Utilization of distributed generator inverters as statcom: The invention provides a method and system for operating a solar farm inverter as a Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) device—a STATCOM—for voltage control. The solar farm inverter can provide voltage regulation, damping enhancement, stability improvement and other benefits provided by FACTS devices. In one embodiment, the solar farm operating... Agent: The University Of Western Ontario

20120205982 - Uninterruptible power supply systems and methods using an isolated neutral reference: An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system includes an AC input configured to be coupled to an AC power source, an AC output configured to be coupled to a load and a power converter circuit coupled to the AC input and the AC output and configured to selectively provide power to... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20120205984 - Power supply device: A power supply device includes battery interfaces configured to removably receive at least three batteries and a connection circuit configured to electrically connect the at least three batteries to each other. The connection circuit is capable of connecting at least two batteries in parallel and connecting at least one other... Agent: Makita Corporation

20120205983 - Three-level power conversion apparatus: In cases where a connection is made between direct current power supplies (electrolytic capacitors) 25, 26 and IGBT modules 16 through 18 of a three-level inverter, a wiring conductor for a bi-directional switch part is divided into three conductors 35, 42, 43 or two conductors 35, 42 on a same... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120205985 - Power distribution device and power distribution system using same: A power distribution device includes a direct current power source DC/DC converter connected to a direct current power source, and an AC/DC converter connected to an alternating current power source. The direct current power source DC/DC converter and the AC/DC converter are accommodated in a single container from which a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120205986 - Multiple single phase generator configuration: Some embodiments relate to a power generation system which includes a bus and a first single-phase synchronous generator that may provide a voltage output to the bus. A first generator controller operates the first single-phase synchronous generator. The power generation system further includes a second single-phase synchronous generator that may... Agent: Kohler Co.

20120205987 - Electrical phase synchronization: The electrical phase synchronization technology includes a system, a method, and/or components thereof. In some examples, the electrical phase synchronization system includes an electrical power transmission network having a plurality of transmission lines and a plurality of electrical power generation devices. Each electrical power generation device includes an electrical power... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120205989 - Adaptive inductive power supply with communication: An adaptive inductive ballast is provided with the capability to communicate with a remote device powered by the ballast. To improve the operation of the ballast, the ballast changes its operating characteristics based upon information received from the remote device. Further, the ballast may provide a path for the remote... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20120205988 - Power supply apparatus, method, and storage medium: A power supply apparatus includes a power supply unit that outputs power to an electronic apparatus, and a control unit that determines whether a predetermined object is detected. The control unit controls the power supply unit to output power that is less than a predetermined value if the predetermined object... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120205990 - Energy access control: A method of controlling access to an electrical power network, comprising: receiving a power network access rule from a power network, the power network access rule defining an access condition which permits a device to access the power network; receiving a device usage rule, the device usage rule being a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120205991 - Device for simulating an alternator, method of controlling such a device and simulation system comprising such a device: m

08/09/2012 > 26 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120200153 - Generating set preloader: An diesel or gas engine-generator unit comprises an internal combustion engine and an alternator, the output of which unit, in use, is adapted to supply electrical power to a site load. The unit is further provided with means to apply a further load (2) to the unit controllable by a... Agent: Mtu Friedrichshafen Gmbh

20120200152 - Method and device for operating a hybrid vehicle in the event of a fault in an energy system: A method for operating a hybrid vehicle in the event of a fault in an energy system, the hybrid vehicle being driven by at least two power plants, together or separately, and at least one electric power plant electrically charging a high voltage energy system which supplies a low voltage... Agent:

20120200151 - Non-contact power supply control device, non-contact power supply system, and non-contact power charge system: A non-contact power supply control device controls power supply to transmit power in a non-contact manner from a ground-side power supply section provided outside a vehicle traveling using stored power to a vehicle-side power receiving section provided to the vehicle. A detection unit detects a living body at the periphery... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120200150 - Wireless power transmission system: A wireless power transmission system aims to feed power by wireless from a feeding coil to a receiving coil using a magnetic field resonance phenomenon between the feeding coil and receiving coil. The wireless power transmission system includes the feeding coil, receiving coil, a loading coil, and a power transmission... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120200155 - Electric power distribution methods and apparatus: A plurality of end-user locations are served by a commercial utility grid. More than one and less than all of the end-user locations are themselves interconnected by a feeder, the feeder not metallically connected to the utility grid. The end-user locations each have a local AC bus that is not... Agent:

20120200154 - System and method for a redundant and keyed power solution: In accordance with the present disclosure, a system and method a power deliver system is presented. The power delivery system includes at least two power supplies with a bridge connecting an output of each of the at least two power supplies. The bridge may be made of busbars, each of... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20120200156 - System for generating electrical power for a port: One example embodiment includes a system for generating electrical power for a port. The system includes a power generator, where the power generator is configured to convert energy within a body of water to electrical power. The system also includes a power storage, where the power storage is configured to... Agent:

20120200157 - Electronic apparatus, system and method of controlling electric power supply, and recording medium storing electric power supply control program: Electric power supply among a plurality of electronic devices in a system is controlled to improve efficiency in electric power conservation in the entire system. The system is provided with at least one electronic apparatus including a main power supply unit that supplies electric power from a main power source,... Agent:

20120200158 - Wireless power transmission system and wireless power transmission apparatus: A wireless power transmission system is a system essentially includes a small number of transmitters and a large number of receivers having unique IDs, in which the transmitter collectively controls variable reactance inside the transmitter and the receiver by using the same ID so as to perform one-to-multiple power transmission.... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120200159 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device includes: first and second power supply wirings VDDQ and VSSQ, respectively; an output circuit 12 arranged between VDDQ and VSSQ; and a noise cancellation circuit 13 arranged between VDDQ and VSSQ. The noise cancellation circuit 13 produces a damped oscillation for the SSN oscillation noise that is... Agent: Elpida Memory, Inc.

20120200160 - Grid regulation services for energy storage devices based on grid frequency: Disclosed herein are representative embodiments of methods, apparatus, and systems for charging and discharging an energy storage device connected to an electrical power distribution system. In one exemplary embodiment, a controller monitors electrical characteristics of an electrical power distribution system and provides an output to a bi-directional charger causing the... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20120200161 - System and method for providing redundant power to a device: A system for providing redundant power to a device includes a first power supply unit that includes a first communication module including first and second first power supply unit transmitters and first and second first power supply unit receivers and a second power supply unit that includes a second communication... Agent: General Electric Company

20120200162 - Bi-directional grid-tied inverter with series capacitor for regulating voltage of dc bus: A series-connected capacitor and battery circuit is constructed to form the dc-bus of a bi-directional, grid-tied inverter. The batteries are the main energy storage components that accept and storage the energy flow from the grid through the inverter. The batteries can also be independently charged from her power generation sources,... Agent:

20120200163 - Electric energy storage apparatus capable of ac output: An electric energy storage apparatus can generate an AC output in a low-loss and low-noise manner without using a DC-DC converter or an inverter. The electric energy storage apparatus comprises: an electric energy storage module group formed by connecting in series electric energy storage modules each comprising one or more... Agent: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

20120200164 - Power conversion apparatus and electric vehicle: A power conversion apparatus capable of improving the impedance characteristics between each of two power modules and each of a plurality of capacitor cells, the power conversion apparatus including: plural capacitor cells connected in parallel between a three-layer laminated wiring board consisting of a positive polarity conductor board and a... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120200165 - Switching an inductive load: The invention relates to an arrangement and a method for switching an inductive load. Yet further the invention relates to a software product of a control system switching an inductive load. A semiconductor valve is used for switching an inductive load. The semiconductor valve comprises at least two semiconductor levels.... Agent: Alstom Grid Oy

20120200166 - Power or voltage oscillation damping in a power transmission system: A method, device and computer program product for providing improved control of power or voltage oscillation damping in a power transmission system. The device includes a magnitude obtaining element configured to obtain an instantaneous magnitude of a signal representing a deviating oscillation in at least one element of the power... Agent:

20120200170 - Alignment independent and self-aligning inductive power transfer system using mobile, flexible inductors: An inductive power transfer device is provided for recharging cordless appliances. The device includes a plurality of inductors arranged in an array and connected with a power supply via switches which are selectively operable to activate the respective inductors. The inductors serve as the primary coil of a transformer. The... Agent:

20120200167 - Antenna device and communication device: An antenna device that is able to maintain the resonance frequency approximately constant despite changes in temperature to provide for stabilized communication is provided. The antenna device includes an antenna coil that receives a magnetic field transmitted from a reader/writer and a capacitor. The antenna device also includes a magnetic... Agent: Sony Chemical & Information Device Corporation

20120200168 - System and method for interfacing large-area electronics with integrated circuit devices: A system and method for interfacing large-area electronics with integrated circuit devices is provided. The system may be implemented in an electronic device including a large area electronic (LAE) device disposed on a substrate. An integrated circuit IC is disposed on the substrate. A non-contact interface is disposed on the... Agent: The Trustees Of Princeton University

20120200169 - Wireless power feeder and wireless power transmission system: Power is transmitted based on magnetic resonance from a feeding coil L2 to a receiving coil L3. An adjustment circuit 104 of a wireless power receiver 118 is supplied with a first AC power received by the receiving coil L3. An adjustment circuit 104 includes a DC circuit 106 and... Agent:

20120200171 - Control device: A control unit of an uninterruptible power supply device includes a PWM circuit generating a plurality of PWM signals controlling a plurality of IGBT elements of a power conversion unit 3; a plurality of output terminals for supplying the plurality of PWM signals to the plurality of IGBTs; and a... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Industrial Systems Corporation

20120200172 - Audio accessory type detection and connector pin signal assignment: An electronic audio host device has an audio accessory connector with multiple pins. An ultrasonic test signal source has an output coupled to a first pin of the connector. A programmable switch circuit couples a second or third pin of the connector, to a ground of the audio host device.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120200173 - Magnetic connector for data and power transfer: A mobile computing device is disclosed. The mobile computing device comprises a connector with a plurality of contacts and a processing resource. The connector is structured mate with different types of connectors. The mobile computing device also includes a data switching component that is configured to detect a type of... Agent:

20120200174 - Shock proof devices and methods: Devices and methods for preventing shock from a high voltage power source. In one embodiment, a device for preventing an electric shock, comprises output terminals for connecting to an external load, a low voltage circuit for carrying a first current (IL) to the output terminals, the low voltage circuit comprising... Agent: International Safety & Development, LLC.

20120200175 - Portable power supply system: A method and apparatus for supplying cordless power to a remotely-located load device. A first power supply unit of a portable power supply system is configured to operate in a charge receive mode and/or a charge supply mode. When the first power supply unit is in the charge receive mode,... Agent: Nextarts

08/02/2012 > 25 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120193983 - Power source device and vehicle: Disclosed are a power source device and a vehicle having increased reliability as backup in the event of a power cut, even when the power of the vehicle is used during a power cut. A power source device (3) transmits by way of power cable (5) control information for controlling... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120193982 - Shore power transfer switch: A vehicle includes a mobile electric power generation system including a mobile power source such as a generator. An external power interface is included to connect to an external electrical power source. An AC electric power distribution bus is included to power electric loads of the vehicle and a power... Agent:

20120193981 - System and method for automatically managing current draw from a telematics device in transit: The described method and system provide for reduction of the current draw from a vehicle battery caused by a telematics unit while the vehicle is in transit. By programming the telematics unit with instructions to ignore the awake algorithm or awake parameters while the vehicle is being shipped, or by... Agent: General Motors LLC

20120193984 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for integrated volt/var control in power distribution networks: Certain embodiments of the invention may include systems, methods, and apparatus for controlling voltage and reactive power in a distribution network. One method includes estimating at least one present state associated with a distribution network; allocating one or more load zones in the distribution network; predicting load profiles of each... Agent: General Electric Company

20120193985 - Washing machine and method of controlling the same: A washing machine and a method of controlling the same include a motor to rotate a rotary tub including laundry, a heater to heat water contained in the rotary tub, a communication unit to receive an energy saving signal having information regarding an energy saving start time from an energy... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120193986 - Harvesting power from dc (direct current) sources: In a solar panel array, each solar panel in a series-connected string has a current source connected across its output terminals. The current source generates a programmable output current equal to the difference of the load current drawn from the panel and the current corresponding to the maximum power point... Agent: Cosmic Circuits Pvt Ltd

20120193987 - Energy interface system: Aspects of the present disclosure involve systems, methods, and the like, for an energy interface system for interfacing alternative energy sources with a utility power source on a premises. The energy interface system provides flexibility in the use and distribution of utility energy sources and alternative energy sources based on... Agent: Milbank Manufacturing Co.

20120193988 - Hybrid inverter generator: A hybrid engine and battery generator and a method of operating the same. The generator is controlled to operate in at least three modes: a battery-only mode, a battery charging mode, and a boost mode. In the battery-only mode, the engine is off and an internal battery of the generator... Agent:

20120193989 - Operating direct current (dc) power sources in an array for enhanced efficiency: In a solar panel array that includes a string of series-connected panels, the load current flowing through the string is measured. The peak current (Ipp) of a panel in the string is determined. A current equal to the difference of the load current and the peak current (Ipp) is generated... Agent: Cosmic Circuits Pvt Ltd

20120193991 - Active desynchronization of switching converters: A power generator park provided, which includes at least two power generator devices. Each power generator device has a switching converter for providing an electrical output power. A central controller is provided for providing switching parameter settings to the switching converters. Each of the at least two power generator devices... Agent:

20120193992 - Power converter system: A power converter system includes a first unipolar voltage source that produces a first voltage and a second unipolar voltage source that produces a second voltage. The power converter system also includes a transformer with a first primary winding, a second primary winding, and a secondary winding, and control equipment.... Agent:

20120193990 - System and method for controlling a group of photovoltaic generators: A method for controlling a group of photovoltaic energy generators, the method includes providing, to a junction that is coupled to a component of a first photovoltaic energy generator (PEG), power generated by at least a second PEG such as to increase the power that is generated from the group... Agent: Ramot At Tel Aviv University Ltd.

20120193996 - Apparatus and method for wireless power transmission: A source resonator for wirelessly transmitting power to a target device may include a magnetic field distribution adjusting unit that is configured to adjust the magnetic field generated by the source resonator. In one or more embodiments, the magnetic field distribution adjusting unit may adjust the magnetic field to be... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120193993 - Energy efficient inductive power transmission system and method: An inductive power transfer system and method for transferring power to an electrical device wirelessly. The system includes an inductive power outlet and an inductive power receiver. During operation, instruction signals are sent from the inductive power outlet to the inductive power receiver. When no instruction signals are transferred, the... Agent: Powermat Ltd.

20120193998 - Low-loss data transmission method for high-power induction-type power supply system: A low-loss data transmission method used in a high-power induction-type power supply system consisting of a supplying-end module and a receiving-end module is disclosed. The supplying-end microprocessor of the supplying-end module has built-in anti-noise signal analysis software that can remove noises from the data signal fed back by the receiving-end... Agent: Fu Da Tong Technology Co., Ltd.

20120193994 - Power receiving device, power supply system, and method for supplying power: A power transmitting system in which power can be successfully supplied by magnetic resonance from a power transmitting device to a selected power receiving device among a plurality of power receiving devices. The power receiving device includes a variable unit which can change the self resonant frequency of a resonance... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120194000 - Power transmitting device and power transmitting apparatus: A power transmitting device includes a power transmitting coil having a resonance point different from that of a power receiving resonant coil, which transmits power supplied from a power supply unit as magnetic field energy to the power receiving resonant coil which resonates at a resonant frequency causing magnetic field... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120193995 - Voltage generation circuit, resonance circuit, communication apparatus, communication system, wireless charging system, power supply apparatus, and electronic apparatus: A voltage generation circuit includes: a resistor circuit which includes a plurality of resistors connected to each other in series or in parallel; a plurality of input ports which are connected in parallel to the resistor circuit and to which a control signal for controlling a potential state of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120193999 - Wireless power transmission system: The wireless power transmission is a system for providing wireless charging and/or primary power to electronic/electrical devices via microwave energy. The microwave energy is focused to a location in response to receiving a beacon signal from a beacon device by a power transmitter having one or more adaptively-phased microwave array... Agent: Omnilectric, Inc.

20120193997 - Wireless power transmission system and resonator for the system: Provided is a wireless power resonator. The wireless power resonator, including a transmission line and a capacitor, may form a loop structure, and may additionally include a matcher to determine an impedance of the wireless power resonator.... Agent:

20120194002 - Device for generating torsional electromagnetic wave and electric power system employing the same: A device for generating a torsional electromagnetic wave and an electric power system employing the same are disclosed. In accordance with the present invention, since the device for generating the torsional electromagnetic wave is electrically isolated from a power source unit providing a power source to a load, the device... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20120194001 - Low frequency restoration: Low frequency components are removed from an input signal, and transitions in the input signal are detected at a receiver input. A feedback loop restores the low frequency components at the input of the receiver.... Agent:

20120194003 - Bypass and protection circuit for a solar module and method of controlling a solar module: A bypass and protection circuit for a solar module includes an input for connecting the solar module, an output, a bypass element connected in parallel to the output, and a separating element connected between the input and the output and configured to control the connection between the input and the... Agent: Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

20120194004 - Battery pack: A battery pack including a plurality of battery modules including a plurality of battery cells; a plurality of relays connected to output lines of the plurality of battery modules and at least one connection line between battery modules of the plurality of battery modules; a battery control unit connected to... Agent:

20120194005 - Power flow regulator including a plurality of dc-dc converters: A power flow regulator includes a plurality of bi-directional DC-DC converters, each of said converters comprising a first input, a second input, a first output and a second output; and a capacitor electrically connected between the first and second inputs of each of said converters. Either the first output of... Agent:

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