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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems June invention type 06/12

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06/28/2012 > 37 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120161512 - Method for supplying energy to an aircraft: The present invention relates to an energy supply system of an aircraft comprising a fuel cell and having one or more consumers which are or can be connected to the fuel cell such that they are supplied with energy directly or indirectly from the fuel cell in emergency operation as... Agent: Liebherr-aerospace Lindenberg Gmbh

20120161513 - Single-phase voltage source ac/dc converter and interconnection system: A single-phase voltage source AC/DC converter according to the present invention generates a second axis voltage command from difference between a DC voltage detection value at a DC terminal and a DC voltage command value and controls a DC voltage by increasing and decreasing active power with the second axis... Agent: Origin Electric Company, Limited

20120161514 - Multi-voltage power supply and electronic apparatus including the same: A multi-voltage power supply including a transformer including a primary coil, a first secondary coil, and at least one second secondary coil, a first output unit to output a first output voltage by using a voltage transferred to the first secondary coil of the transformer, at least one second output... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120161515 - Method and system for power-fail protection of communication equipment, and power controller: The invention discloses a method and a system for power-fail protection of communication equipments, and a power controller. The method is applied to a system comprising a power controller, a power detection unit, and an energy storage conversion unit. The method includes: a power controller acquires the information of one... Agent: Zte Corporation

20120161516 - Power supply device: A power supply device includes a fuel-cell power device which supplies a direct current (DC) power to one or more load devices using fuel cells as an input source; and a control unit which controls an output from the fuel-cell power device. In the power supply device, when a load... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120161517 - Electronic device for controlling consumption power and method of operating the same: An aspect of the present invention relates to a method of restricting power consumption of an electronic device. The method includes a request reception step of receiving a power consumption restriction request including a restricted power consumption value and a response transmission step of sending a response to the power... Agent:

20120161518 - Method and system for control power in remote dc power systems: A method and system for a control power supply system is provided. The control power supply system includes a first conductor configured to carry a direct current (DC) electrical current from a source to a load, a second conductor configured to carry the DC electrical current from the load to... Agent:

20120161520 - Double loop structure: A double loop structure includes: a first feed loop that is connected to a first high-frequency power source and energized; and a second feed loop which is connected to a second high-frequency power source, and in which an induced voltage is induced by the first feed loop. The first feed... Agent: Central Japan Railway Company

20120161519 - System and method for hot-swapping of power sources in portable electronic devices: A method of hot-swapping in a portable electronic device having at least two power sources comprising determining one of the at least two power sources requires replacement; confirming that the portable electronic device is being powered by another of the at least two power sources; and transmitting an indication that... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120161522 - Power supply device: A power supply device is provided. The power supply device includes: an AC power output unit storing and outputting an AC power; a rectifier unit rectifying an output of the AC power output unit; a DC output unit outputting an output from the rectifier unit as a DC power; and... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20120161521 - Standby wake-up circuit for electronic device: A standby wake-up circuit is configured for determining whether to wake an electronic device which is powered by a power-supplying module. The power-supply module is able to supply a standby power to the electronic device when the electronic device is in standby, and supply a main power to the electronic... Agent: Au Optronics Corp.

20120161523 - Photovoltaic power generation system: A photovoltaic power generation system is disclosed, which can allow a user to easily acquire information on a photovoltaic inverter, easily control the photovoltaic inverter, and save electric charges.... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20120161524 - Modular electronically reconfigurable battery system: An electronically reconfigurable battery includes a number of battery modules selectively interconnected by a number of electronic switches, wherein a selectable number of battery modules may be connected either in a series configuration or in a parallel configuration, as a result of placing selected switches of said plurality of switches... Agent: L-3 Communications Titan Corporation

20120161525 - Motor control device of air conditioner using distributed power supply: The present invention relates to a motor control device of an air conditioner using a distributed power supply, comprising: a DC/DC converter which level-converts a DC power supply supplied from the outside to output the level-converted DC power supply to a DC bus terminal; a bidirectional DC/AC converter which converts... Agent:

20120161526 - Dc power source conversion modules, power harvesting systems, junction boxes and methods for dc power source conversion modules: A DC power source conversion module is provided, including a DC power source module and a DC to DC conversion module. The DC to DC conversion module includes a DC to DC converter and a control module. The DC to DC converter is powered by the DC power source module... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20120161527 - Photovoltaic dc/dc micro-converter: A photo-voltaic (PV) power generating system and a control system for PV array string-level control and PV modules serially-connected into strings of PV modules. The system includes plural parallel strings of serially-connected power-generating photovoltaic modules that form a PV array, DC/DC micro-converters that are coupled to a DC voltage buss... Agent:

20120161528 - Solar photovoltaic systems: Improved techniques for photovoltaic power generation are described. Inverter failure is can be a significant problem in solar photovoltaic systems as it can lead to loss of opportunity to harvest energy. A solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation system is described comprising solar PV panels and power conditioning units. A dc... Agent:

20120161529 - Power feeding device, power receiving device, and wireless power feed system: A wireless power feed system with high transfer efficiency of electric power is disclosed. The wireless power feed system includes a power feeding device and a power receiving device, wherein the power feeding device includes a first electromagnetic coupling coil that is connected to an AC power source via a... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120161540 - Apparatus for transmitting/receiving energy in energy system: Disclosed is an energy transmitting apparatus in an energy system, including: a transmit feeding cable configured to be applied with AC power; a transmit inductor in which AC current for an AP power supply flows; a transmit metal electrode configured to transmit the AC power to a receive metal electrode... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120161535 - Device and method for selectively controlling multiple transmission coils in wireless power transmission device: One exemplary method for selectively controlling multiple power transmission coils may include: outputting a first detection signal and a second detection signal to a wireless power receiving device through first and second power transmission coils, respectively; detecting either or both of a first response signal and a second response signal... Agent: Hanrim Postech Co., Ltd.

20120161542 - Method and system for reducing radiation field in wireless transmission system: A system for reducing a radiation field in a wireless power transmission system includes a signal generation unit, a power amplification unit, a signal detection unit, a standing wave ratio (SWR) calculation unit and a control unit. The signal generation unit receives power and generates a signal for wireless power... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120161537 - Power feeding device and contactless power feeding system provided with power feeding device: A power feeding device utilizing an electromagnetic resonance coupling method and a contactless power feeding system can be provided. A coupling coefficient of electromagnetic induction coupling in the power feeding device and/or the inside of a power receiving device is optimized to improve electric power transmission efficiency of a resonance... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120161543 - Power line communications method and apparatus: System, for transmitting and receiving signals over residential electrical cables includes at least one active wire, one neutral wire and one ground wire. The system includes at least two power line modems, each one of the two power line modems including a processor, transmitters and at least one receiver, transmitters... Agent: Sigma Designs Israel S.d.i Ltd.

20120161539 - System for wireless power transmission and reception using in-band communication: A wireless power transmitter and receiver using an in-band communication and a method thereof are provided. In one embodiment, a wireless power transmitter using an in-band communication may include: a source resonance unit including a source resonator that is configured to transmit wireless power to one or more in-band resonators;... Agent:

20120161531 - Wireless power and data transmission and reception system: Provided are an apparatus and a method for simultaneously transmitting and receiving a wireless power and data. A wireless power and data transmission apparatus may include: a modulator configured to modulate first data by adjusting a power amount to be charged in one or more capacitors; a switch controller configured... Agent:

20120161530 - Wireless power feeder and wireless power receiver: A wireless power feeder 116 feeds power from a feeding coil L2 in the ground to a receiving coil L3 incorporated in an EV by wireless using a magnetic field resonance phenomenon between the feeding coil L2 and receiving coil L3. A plurality of feeding coils L2a to L2d are... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120161533 - Wireless power feeder, wireless power receiver, and wireless power transmission system: A wireless power feeder which performs power feed to a wireless power receiver having a power receive resonance circuit including a power receive coil and a power receive capacitor, this wireless power feeder including: a power feed coil; a resonance current detector; and a control circuit; wherein the power feed... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120161534 - Wireless power feeder, wireless power receiver, and wireless power transmission system: A wireless power receiver according to an embodiment of the present invention is a wireless power receiver which acquire power by a non-contact method from a wireless power feeder, the wireless power receiver having: a power receive resonance circuit that includes a power receive coil and power receive capacitor and... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120161536 - Wireless power feeding system: A wireless power feeding system includes a power feeding device and a power receiving device. The power feeding device includes a first resonance coil connected to a high-frequency power source through a first matching circuit, and a first control circuit connected to the first matching circuit and a first transmitter-receiver... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120161544 - Wireless power transmission device and power receiving device: A wireless power transmission device that supplies power to a power receiving device including a second self-resonant coil having a winding structure in which a conductive wire is wound one turn or more perpendicularly to a second central axis, the wireless power transmission device comprising: a first self-resonant coil having... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120161538 - Wireless power transmission system: A wireless power transmission system transmits power wirelessly from a power transmitter to a power receiver. The power transmitter includes a class E amplifier, a transmitting-end resonant circuit, a detector that detects a voltage or current waveform at a predetermined position in the class E amplifier in accordance with the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120161541 - Wireless power transmission system: A wireless power transmission system according to an embodiment of the present invention is a wireless power transmission system performing non-contact power transmission from a wireless power feeder selectively to a plurality of wireless power receivers, and each of the plurality of wireless power receivers comprises a power receive resonance... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120161532 - Wireless power transmitting device and wireless power receiving device: A loop antenna includes: a pair of first linear elements, a feed point connected with each of the first linear elements, a first variable impedance element, one end of which is connected with one end of the first linear elements, a second variable impedance element, one end and the other... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120161545 - Appratus and method for improving power efficiency: An apparatus and a method for improving a power efficiency are disclosed. In accordance with the present invention, since the apparatus for improving a torsional electromagnetic wave is electrically isolated from a power source unit providing a power source to a load, the apparatus can be used regardless of the... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20120161546 - Power controller, external device, and operating method thereof: An external device including a communication device, a power supply, and a power controller is provided. The communication device communicates with a host system through an interface and the power supply provides power to the communication device. The power controller determines an operation of the power supply as one among... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120161547 - Usb ac adapter with automatic built-in power switch: The USB AC adapter with automatic built in power switch comprises of an AC power supply circuit, an AC control circuit, a monitoring circuit, and a circuit for the light emitting diode indicator. The monitoring circuit further comprises of a standby power supply circuit, a microcontroller circuit, a circuit for... Agent: Ever Win International Corporation

20120161548 - Usb ac adapter with automatic built-in power switch: A power management system includes a signal repeater and a wall outlet device having the electrical appliance plugged therein. The signal repeater is configured to receive a power control signal from a remote controller and generate a power management signal in correspondence with the power control signal, wherein the power... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

06/21/2012 > 32 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120153716 - Power supply apparatus for electric bicycle: A power supply apparatus for an electric bicycle is disclosed. The apparatus may include i) a battery pack and ii) a keybox connected to the battery pack and controlling on/off operations of the power supply apparatus. The keybox may further include i) a key set configured to receive a key... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20120153717 - Power supply apparatus for vehicles: A power supply apparatus for vehicles is provided. This apparatus includes a battery mounted on a vehicle as well as first and second power transferring means and a power conversion unit. The first power transferring means transfers power between the battery and a first power supply section placed outside the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120153719 - Semiconductor element control device and in-vehicle electrical system: A semiconductor element control device that controls a semiconductor element that performs switching operation for converting DC power into AC power, or AC power into DC power, includes: a drive unit that outputs a drive signal for controlling the switching operation of the semiconductor element to a terminal of the... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20120153718 - Thermal management system for use with an integrated motor assembly: An integrated drive system assembly is provided that combines an electric motor, a power inverter assembly and a gearbox into a single, multi-piece enclosure. Combining these components into a single enclosure reduces weight, reduces drive system complexity, reduces system volume, simplifies assembly integration into an electric vehicle, reduces manufacturing cost,... Agent: Tesla Motors, Inc.

20120153722 - Method and apparatus for integrated electric power generation, storage and supply distributed and networked at the same time: An electric power retention distribution cell supplies stored electrical power as the primary electric supply to an end user at predetermined times. The cell has a rechargeable battery assembly, a bi-directional inverter and a switch control, and is connected to an electric utility grid, to one or more end users... Agent:

20120153720 - Power system for container data center: A power system for a container data center includes an interruptible power supply, a power supply unit and a storage capacitor. The uninterruptible power supply rectifies the inputted AC voltage to a DC voltage output. The power supply unit converts the DC output voltage to a suitable voltage for a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120153721 - Uninterrupted power supply circuit unit and method for uninterrupted power supply of consumers of a power generation plant: An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) circuit unit for uninterrupted power supply of consumers of a power generation plant for feeding current into a power network, including an inductance element, in particular a transformer and/or a choke, and a first UPS control circuit which is connected to the inductance element and... Agent: Fecon Gmbh

20120153723 - Power supply circuit with shared functionality and method for operating the power supply circuit: A power supply circuit and a method for operating the power supply circuit are described. In one embodiment, a power supply circuit includes at least one input terminal to receive at least one input voltage, a power element including multiple power element components configured to convert the at least one... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120153724 - Power-generation control apparatus, power-generation control method and power generation system: Disclosed herein is a power generation control apparatus including: a power generation efficiency control section configured to control the power generation efficiency of a power generation module for generating electric power in accordance with light received by the power generation module; and a power accumulation control section configured to control... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120153725 - Priority-based energy management: A system for controlling operation of a plurality of appliances includes first and second appliances. The first appliance is configured to report a power consumption via a network. A second appliance is configured to operate dependent on the power consumption reported by the first appliance.... Agent: Lennox Industries Inc.

20120153726 - Energy storage system and method of controlling the same: An energy storage system includes a storage device for storing energy generated by an energy generation system and for supplying the energy to an electric power system, and a controller for monitoring an output of the storage device and, when the output is within an abnormal output range, for controlling... Agent:

20120153727 - Inverter and power converter having inverter mounted therein: Disclosed is an inverter having improved power conversion efficiency. The inverter (200) converts direct current power supplied from a plurality of direct current power supplies (V1, V2) having different voltages into alternating current power. The inverter (200) is provided with a control unit (20). The control unit (20) generates modified... Agent:

20120153728 - Balancing voltages between battery banks: A system that balances voltages between battery banks. The system includes battery banks, including a first bank and a second bank, and a first capacitor. The system also includes a first set of switching devices which selectively couple first and second terminals of the first capacitor to first and second... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120153730 - Interleaved llc converter employing active balancing: An interleaved LLC converter, a method of operating an LLC converter and a power supply are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the LLC converter includes: (1) a plurality of LLC power channels, with each of the plurality having an independent power input and (2) a compensation controller configured to actively... Agent: Lineage Power Corporation

20120153729 - Multi-input bidirectional dc-dc converter: Provided is technology for charge and discharge control of a plurality of energy storage modules having different properties. For achieving the technology, there is provided a multi-input bidirectional DC-DC converter including: a first bidirectional DC-DC converter including a first input unit which stores an input current from a first energy... Agent: Korea Institute Of Energy Research

20120153740 - Inductive body armor: A system for the inductive transmission of power from a primary coil to a secondary coil and its associated secondary circuits, and for the inductive transmission of data between the primary and secondary coils includes a hard body-armor plate mountable in a tactical garment wherein at least one primary coil... Agent:

20120153745 - Inductive connection structure for use in an integrated circuit: An embodiment in a single structure combines a pad comprising a connection terminal suitable for coupling the circuit elements integrated in a chip to circuits outside the chip itself and at least one inductor that can be used to receive/transmit electromagnetic waves or to supply the chip with power or... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20120153741 - Non-contact power feeding apparatus: In a non-contact power feeding apparatus of the present invention, power is fed through an air gap from a power transmission coil of a power feeding side circuit to a power receiving coil of a power receiving side circuit, which are closely located to face each other, based on a... Agent:

20120153744 - Power generating and distribution system and method: A power distribution network is provided comprising ground-based microwave transmitters, receivers and microwave redirectors. The ground-based microwave transmitters have their own directional, focus and amplitude controllers for aiming a focused microwave beam at a microwave redirector. The microwave redirectors each have a receiving antenna and a plurality of transmitting antennae... Agent:

20120153743 - Power transmitting apparatus, power transfer system, control method for power transmitting apparatus, and storage medium: A power transmitting apparatus which has a power transmitting antenna, and transfers power from the power transmitting antenna to a power receiving antenna. The power transmitting apparatus includes a storage unit configured to be associated with a position of the power receiving antenna, and to store a parameter for controlling... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120153739 - Range adaptation mechanism for wireless power transfer: In accordance with various aspects of the disclosure, a method and apparatus is disclosed that includes features of a switching mechanism coupled to a wireless power transmitting device, wherein the switching mechanism is configured to selectively control operation of a transmitting coil in the wireless power transmitting device.... Agent:

20120153738 - Wireless energy transfer across variable distances using field shaping with magnetic materials to improve the coupling factor: In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a method and system comprising a first resonator coupled to an energy source generating a field having magnetic material, and a second resonator located a variable distance from the source resonator having magnetic material and not connected by any... Agent:

20120153732 - Wireless energy transfer for computer peripheral applications: Described herein are improved configurations for wireless power transfer for computer peripherals, including a source magnetic resonator, integrated into a source station and connected to a power source and power and control circuitry; a device magnetic resonator, integrated into a computer peripheral; wherein power is transferred non-radiatively from the source... Agent:

20120153737 - Wireless energy transfer over distance using field shaping to improve the coupling factor: In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a method and system comprising a first resonator optionally coupled to an energy source and a second resonator located a variable distance from the source resonator and not connected by any wires to the first resonator, where the first... Agent:

20120153733 - Wireless energy transfer systems: Described herein are improved capabilities for a source resonator having a Q-factor Q1>100 and a characteristic size x1 coupled to an energy source, and a second resonator having a Q-factor Q2>100 and a characteristic size x2 coupled to an energy drain located a distance D from the source resonator, where... Agent:

20120153734 - Wireless energy transfer using conducting surfaces to shape field and improve k: In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a method and system comprising a source resonator optionally coupled to an energy source and a second resonator located a distance from the source resonator, where the source resonator and the second resonator are coupled to provide near-field wireless... Agent:

20120153736 - Wireless energy transfer using object positioning for improved k: In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a method and system comprising a source resonator optionally coupled to an energy source and a second resonator located a distance from the source resonator, where the source resonator and the second resonator are coupled to provide near-field wireless... Agent:

20120153735 - Wireless energy transfer with high-q resonators using field shaping to improve k: In embodiments of the present invention improved capabilities are described for a method and system comprising a source resonator optionally coupled to an energy source and a second resonator located a distance from the source resonator, where the source resonator has Q>100 and the second resonator has Q>100, the source... Agent:

20120153742 - Wireless power peer to peer communication: Exemplary embodiments are directed to wireless power communication. In one aspect a wireless power receiver configured to receive wireless power from a wireless power transmitter is provided. The wireless power receiver includes a switchable element configured to couple a receive coil to a ground voltage. The wireless power receiver further... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120153731 - Wireless power transfer for furnishings and building elements: Exemplary embodiments are directed to wireless power transfer. A power transmitting device is attached to an existing furniture item or is embedded in a host furnishing. The power transmitting device includes a transmit antenna to wirelessly transfer power to a receive antenna by generating a near field radiation within a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120153746 - Network connector module with switching function: A network connector module with switching function for connecting with a first connecting terminal, a second connecting terminal and a switch unit installed within a electronic device electrically connected between a first connecting terminal and a second connecting terminal, a detector circuit electrically connected to the switch unit, a network... Agent:

20120153747 - Usb charger, its switch control system and method, and a usb interface charger for a laptop: The present invention discloses a switch control system and its method for a USB charger, wherein the switch control system controls the on-off status of the charging circuit according to whether a charging load is connected or not. The switch control system comprises a first switch and an on-off control... Agent: New Focus Lighting & Power Technology (shanghai) Co. Ltd.

06/14/2012 > 30 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120146403 - Aircraft comprising a reversible rotary electrical machine: The invention concerns an aircraft comprising a reversible rotary electrical machine 30), a wheel (35) for imparting movement to a stream of air, linked to said machine (30), a first ventilation duct (10, 15) configured to supply said wheel (35) with air, an electricity distribution network (70), a reversible power... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)

20120146402 - Control system for regulating bus voltage for an electric shovel: A control system for regulating a bus voltage used to power an electric shovel. The system includes a controller for controlling motions of the shovel and for providing a measurement of bus voltage of a bus. The system also includes a shunt resistor located in a current path of the... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20120146405 - Dynamic electrical load management: In one embodiment, a method is used to provide dynamic electrical power management which may minimize the potential for overload conditions and may ensure that system performance limits are maintained. The method may dynamically limit the primary load system power draw in response to the net power draw of all... Agent: The Boeing Company

20120146406 - Electric vehicle control device: An electric vehicle control device wherein: AC power generated by an AC synchronous generator is converted to DC power by a converter; the DC power converted by the converter is converted to AC power by an inverter, and is supplied to a vehicle drive motor constituting a motive power source... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120146404 - Vehicle-mounted device and key switch identification method: A voltage detector 22 has an input port IN connectable to a steering remote control 6 of a voltage dividing type adapted to output one of output voltages different from each other for each of key switches to be pressed by a user, and detects through the input port IN... Agent: Jvc Kenwood Corporation

20120146407 - Power supply apparatus for sliding door: The power supply apparatus for sliding door 100 includes the vehicle body side fixing member 110 provided in the guide rail receiving portion 143, the bracket side fixing member 120 provided in the bracket 151, the wiring body 130 for supplying power from the vehicle body 140 side to the... Agent: The Furukawa Electric Co, Ltd.

20120146408 - Production system power supply control method, and production system: A power supply control method of a production system including a first unit and a second unit includes: starting power supply for operation of the second unit in accordance with a signal acquired according to an operation status of the first unit (S41); starting the operation by the second unit... Agent:

20120146409 - Semiconductor device having data output buffers: A semiconductor device includes: a plurality of power supply pads to which external voltages are supplied; a plurality of data output pads; power supply main lines that are connected to the respective corresponding power supply pads in common; a plurality of power supply branch lines that are branched from the... Agent: Elpida Memory, Inc.

20120146412 - Electrical energy distribution system with ride-through capability: This invention concerns an electrical energy distribution system. The system incorporates ‘ride-through’ capability, comprising: a supply side for supplying energy in the form of direct current at a supply voltage, a delivery side for delivering energy, having plural connection ports for selective connection to respective electrical energy loads. Wherein each... Agent:

20120146411 - Polyphase power management system for telecommunications equipment site power plant and method of operation thereof: A polyphase power management system (PMS) and a method of operating the same. In one embodiment, the PMS includes: (1) a switching unit having a polyphase mains input with a neutral, a backup power input, a rectifier output and an other loads output, (2) a mains monitor/controller coupled to the... Agent:

20120146410 - Power supply system incorporating storage unit: An exemplary power supply system includes a mains supply unit, a generator unit, a switch unit selectively connected to one of the mains supply unit and the generator unit, a heat dissipation unit connected to the switch unit, a storage unit connected to the switch unit through a control element,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120146413 - Terminal device and consumption current control method: Provided are a terminal device and a consumption current control method which enable reliable charging with a current obtained by power generation. In a terminal device (100), a charging display control unit (106) changes the current amount adjustment value set in a constant current control unit (107) on the basis... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120146414 - Synchronous switching power supply: A method for powering one or more loads from a varying input voltage comprises controlling a primary switch to selectively apply the input voltage to energize an inductor, controlling a load switch to selectively connect the inductor to the load, monitoring one or more load parameters to determine load conditions,... Agent:

20120146415 - Power allocation to downhole tools in a bottomhole assembly: The present disclosure relates to a method to allocate electrical power among tools in a bottomhole assembly disposed in a wellbore. A bottomhole assembly having an electric generator, an electrical bus, a bus master, and two or more tools is provided. One or more of the two or more tools... Agent:

20120146416 - Test apparatus: A DUT comprises a notifying circuit configured to generate a notification signal which is used to notify an external circuit of an event that leads to a change in the operating current of the DUT before such an event occurs. A main power supply supplies electric power to a power... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120146417 - Methods and apparatus for providing and distributing standby power: Aspects of the invention are directed to power distribution systems and methods for distributing power from a primary power source and a backup power source to a load. In one particular aspect, a power distribution system includes a first input to receive input power from the primary power source, a... Agent:

20120146418 - Utility grid power averaging and conditioning: A power system can include an input configured to be coupled to a utility grid. The power system can further include an electrical energy storage unit comprising a dielectric layer disposed between first and second electrode layers, the dielectric layer comprising a high permittivity ceramic material. In an embodiment, the... Agent: Eestor, Inc.

20120146419 - Power supply system incorporating ups: An exemplary power supply system includes a main power supply, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) connected to the main power supply, a control unit connected to the UPS, and a server unit connected to the UPS through a power distribution unit. The UPS includes a rectifier connected to the main... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120146420 - Device for distributed maximum power tracking for solar arrays: A system for providing power from solar cells whereby each cell or cell array is allowed to produce its maximum available power and converted by an operatively connected DC/DC converter. Each cell or cell array has its own DC/DC converter. In one form the system includes one or more solar... Agent: Tigo Energy, Inc.

20120146421 - Fuel cell system: An output of a fuel cell is appropriately controlled. A required electric power generation amount calculation unit calculates and adds: an amount of electric power to be supplied to a traction motor; an amount of electric power to be supplied to an auxiliary apparatus; and an amount of electric power... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120146422 - Hybrid electric-power supplying system: In a plug-in operation, a first winding which functions as an armature winding for supplying an R-phase current of a three-phase rotary electric machine, a third winding, and a second winding are connected respectively to terminals for supplying R-phase, S-phase, and T-phase currents of a three-phase power source. Thus, the... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20120146423 - Wind farm island operation: A method and a system are described for island operation of at least two wind turbines associated with a wind farm, wherein said wind farm is configured for providing power generated by wind turbines in said wind farm to a main grid and wherein the method comprises: detecting at least... Agent: Xemc Darwind B.v.

20120146426 - Alignment independent and self-aligning inductive power transfer system: An inductive power transfer device is provided for recharging cordless appliances. The device includes a plurality of inductors arranged in an array and connected with a power supply via switches which are selectively operable to activate the respective inductors. The inductors serve as the primary coil of a transformer. The... Agent:

20120146424 - Wireless power feeder and wireless power transmission system: A wireless power feeder 116 feeds power from a feeding coil L2 to a receiving coil L3 by wireless based on a magnetic field resonance phenomenon between the feeding coil L2 and receiving coil L3. A power transmission control circuit 200 supplies AC current at a drive frequency fo to... Agent:

20120146425 - Wireless power transmission/reception apparatus and method: Disclosed herein is a wireless power transmission/reception apparatus. The wireless power transmission/reception apparatus includes a wireless power transmission unit configured to generate a wireless power signal to be transmitted, transmit the wireless power signal using magnetic resonance, receive a reflected wireless power signal from a wireless power reception unit, determine... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120146427 - Low leakage io circuit and associated apparatus: A low-leakage IO circuit is provided. The IO circuit includes an impedance path between a pad and a power supply. The impedance path bypasses a signal path of the pad and includes a switch circuit. According to a relationship between voltages of the power supply and the pad of the... Agent: Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

20120146428 - Switch device and power supply control system: The switch device includes a control switch that turns on/off an electrical connection between an apparatus and the power supply, a condition judging circuit that judges conditions of driving the control switch, an electric wave reception circuit that receives an electric wave, and a power supply circuit that generates power... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120146429 - Battery pack for electric bicycle and control method thereof: Provided is a battery pack for electric bicycle and a control method of the battery pack, and the battery pack may prevent the electric bicycle from moving abnormally. The electric bicycle includes a motor and a motion sensor. The battery pack includes a battery, a main switch and a controller.... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20120146430 - Managing ssl fixtures over plc networks: Managing solid-state luminary (SSL) fixtures over power line carrier (PLC) networks is described herein. Devices provided in this description include SSL arrays, and converter circuitry coupled to drive the SSL arrays. More specifically, the converter circuitry is adapted to convert input voltage received from a power distribution network into a... Agent:

20120146431 - Power transfer system and noncontact charging device: A power transfer system includes a power transmission device and a power reception device. A central conductor and a peripheral conductor are formed near the upper surface of a casing of the power transmission device. The peripheral conductor surrounds the central conductor in an insulated state from the central conductor.... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

06/07/2012 > 30 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120139337 - Controller driving apparatus of electric vehicle: Disclosed is a controller driving apparatus of an electric vehicle which includes a first switch connected to a low-voltage DC-DC converter, a first port of a battery management system (BMS), and an electric vehicle controller, and a second switch connected to an output terminal of a high-voltage DC-DC converter connected... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120139336 - Grip actuated vehicle control system: Grip actuated control system to provide operational control of vehicle functions at a gripping surface of handlebar equipped vehicles. The system can be provided as original equipment and as an aftermarket addition or replacement for existent vehicle controls. The system includes one or more grip controls positioned adjacent a user's... Agent:

20120139335 - System for extracting electrical power from an electric vehicle: A system is disclosed for extracting electrical power from a plurality of batteries of an electric vehicle for use by an electric device. The system may include a power inverter configured to convert a DC power output of the batteries to an AC power output usable by the electric device.... Agent: Hydrive Vehicles, Incorporated

20120139338 - High voltage system of electric vehicles: The present invention provides a high voltage system of an electric vehicle. More particularly, it relates to a high voltage system of an electric system which makes it possible to remove a sub-battery conventionally required in such systems by allowing a high voltage battery to function as the sub-battery. The... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120139339 - Power supply apparatus and method to control the same: A power supply apparatus includes a converter to convert AC power into DC power, an SMPS to convert the DC power into DC powers desired by loads, a capacitor to interconnect the converter and the SMPS, a PTC element connected to the converter, a first switch connected in parallel with... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120139340 - Rf and em field shield and electrical generator: The RF (Radio Frequency) and EM (Electro Magnetic) Field Shield and Electrical Generator is an apparatus for shielding the user of an electrical device from electrical frequency generated internally from the device during normal operations while at the same time absorbing the unproductive fields generated internally or available from external... Agent: Multiple Access Communication LLC

20120139341 - Enhanced load management and distribution system: A system for managing distribution of electrical power includes a power management circuit, power control units, a first keyline and a second keyline. The power management circuit includes a device configured to measure power consumed by an electrical load, and a comparator comparing the measured power with a power limit.... Agent:

20120139342 - Method and apparatus for implementing an unregulated dormant mode with output reset in a power converter: An implementation of an unregulated dormant mode with an output reset controller in a power converter is disclosed. An example method for controlling an output of a power converter includes generating a drive signal with a drive signal generator to regulate a flow of energy to one or more loads... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20120139343 - Safety mechanisms, wake up and shutdown methods in distributed power installations: A distributed power system including multiple DC power sources and multiple power modules. The power modules include inputs coupled respectively to the DC power sources and outputs coupled in series to form a serial string. An inverter is coupled to the serial string. The inverter converts power input from the... Agent: Solaredge, Ltd.

20120139344 - Inrush current protection for wind turbines and wind farms: A wind turbine is provided. The wind turbine includes a transformer having a low-voltage side and a high-voltage side. The transformer is configured to step up a voltage of the low-voltage side of the transformer to a voltage of an external grid. The wind turbine further includes an electrical power... Agent:

20120139345 - Control method of hybrid power battery charger: A power supply system and method for operating same. The power supply system is connectable to receive power from an adapter and supply power to a load. The power supply system includes a rechargeable battery, a buck mode circuit, and a boost mode circuit. A switching circuit switches between the... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120139346 - Ac conversion of varying voltage dc such as solar power: An alternating current conversion method and system are disclosed that can adapt to varying voltages of the direct current sources. An exemplary system includes a first and second connection arrangements for the voltage sources such that the direct current can be supplied to the DC/AC converter selectively in the first... Agent: Abb Oy

20120139347 - Reverse current sensor: In a photovoltaic system including a plurality of strings, each includes a plurality of photovoltaic modules exclusively connected in series, bus lines to which the strings are connected in parallel, and a converter for feeding electric energy from the bus lines into a power grid. A system voltage drop between... Agent: Sma Solar Technology Ag

20120139348 - Load condition controlled inline power controller: In various embodiments, a power converter system that is configured to provide power to an electronic device is provided. The power converter system comprises a power converter and a power controller. The power converter is configured to condition power from a power source. The power converter is also be configured... Agent: Igo, Inc.

20120139352 - Advanced renewable energy harvesting: The power of DC electrical sources is combined onto a DC buss, such that each source behaves independently from any other source attached to the buss. In one embodiment, a converter module is attached to each of a plurality of solar photovoltaic panels and its output is attached in a... Agent:

20120139349 - Method and apparatus for applying an electric field to a photovoltaic element: A method and apparatus for applying an electric field to a photovoltaic element. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises at least one photovoltaic (PV) cell having a P-N junction; and a voltage supply for (i) converting a first voltage to an e-field voltage, the first voltage generated local to the... Agent: Enphase Energy, Inc.

20120139353 - Method for controlling an energy conversion system: The present invention discloses a method for controlling a back-to-back converter when disturbances are produced in the grid which limit the capacity of the converter (105) on the side of the grid to control the voltage of the DC stage (106). In that event, the solution proposed is to pass... Agent: Ingeteam Technology, S.a.

20120139351 - System and method for integrating wind power generation with wave power generation: A system for integrating a wind power generation with a wave power generation includes a wind power generation device, a wave power generation device and a power integration device. The wind power generation device generates a first voltage. The wave power generation device generates a second voltage. The power integration... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20120139350 - System and method of integrating wind power and tidal energy: A system integrating a tidal power generation device and a wind power generation device and a method thereof are provided. The system includes a wind power generation device, a tidal power generation device and an integration device. The wind power generation device generates a first voltage, the tidal power generation... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

20120139354 - No break power transfer for power generating system: A method for no break power transfer in a variable frequency power generating system, the power generating system comprising a first bus connected to a first generator and a second bus connected to a second generator includes configuring a power transfer device to output power that is synchronized to match... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20120139357 - Coupled inductor power transfer system: Coupled inductor systems are disclosed in which transmitter and receiver inductors, or coils, are coupled in a configuration for wirelessly transferring power and/or data among them. In preferred implementations, the systems are used for transmitting both power and data in pairs of coupled coils. Primary side circuits in preferred embodiments... Agent: TriuneIPLLC

20120139356 - Device and method for controlling wireless power signal in wireless power transmission device: Various embodiments of a method for controlling a wireless power signal in a wireless power transmission device and related devices are disclosed. In one exemplary embodiment, the method may include transmitting an object detecting signal via a transmission coil of the wireless power transmission device, receiving an object response signal... Agent: Hanrim Postech Co., Ltd.

20120139358 - Multiple coil data transmission system: Multiple coil systems and methods are disclosed in which transmitter and receiver inductors, or coils, are coupled in a configuration for wirelessly transferring data and/or power among them. In preferred implementations, the systems and methods are used for transmitting data using pairs of coupled coils. One preferred aspect of the... Agent: TriuneIPLLC

20120139359 - Wireless charging system and transmitting end circuit thereof: A transmitting end circuit includes a rectifying unit, a control unit, a resonant unit, a primary coil and an inductor unit. The control unit outputs a control signal to the rectifying unit. The resonant unit has a first end connected to the rectifying unit. The primary coil is connected to... Agent:

20120139355 - Wireless energy transfer for medical applications: Described herein are improved configurations for a wireless power transfer. Described are methods and designs for medical environments and devices. Wireless energy transfer is utilized to eliminate cords and power cables from operating instruments and electronic equipment requiring mobility.... Agent:

20120139360 - Emergency stop module arrangement: An emergency stop module arrangement having a logic circuit for the detecting a switching status of an emergency stop switch and for the control of a load switch for the safe connection and disconnection of a load, wherein the emergency stop module arrangement has a first emergency stop module and... Agent: Schneider Electric Automation Gmbh

20120139362 - Fail-safe switching module: A fail-safe switching module having a first switching device and a second switching device, the first and second switching devices being configured to switch a load by a switching-on device, a first temperature sensor being arranged on the first switching device and a second temperature sensor being arranged on the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120139361 - Method and apparatus for redefining electrical powe system wiring: Methods and apparatus detect wiring error(s), identify to the user what wiring error has been detected, and redefine the wiring configuration. An indication is provided to the user that the apparatus has redefined the wiring configuration. Steps may be automated and/or initiated by the user.... Agent:

20120139363 - Reconfigurable rf switch die: A radio frequency (RF) switch die which includes an antenna port, a plurality of RF ports, a switch fabric for selectively coupling one or more of the RF ports to the antenna port, and control circuitry that is adapted to, in a first mode, direct the switch fabric to couple... Agent: Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

20120139364 - Auto-shut off circuit: An auto-shut off circuit includes a relay, a voltage conversion device, a first diode, a second diode, a third diode, a capacitor, a first transistor, and a second transistor. The relay includes a coil and a switch. The auto-shut off circuit disconnects an electronic device from a power supply when... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry(shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

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