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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 27 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120098328 - Method and apparatus for distributing power and data on a single conductor output line: Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are increasingly used in illumination applications. To control multiple Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), or any other controllable light source, this document introduces a single-wire multiple-LED power and control system. Specifically, individually controlled LED units are arranged in a series configuration that is driven by a control... Agent: Neofocal Systems, Inc.

20120098331 - Circuit arrangement for power distribution in a motor vehicle: A circuit arrangement (1) for power distribution in a motor vehicle is described, which comprises a transformer (T1, T1a . . . T1n) having at least three transformer windings (W1, W1a . . . W1n, W2, W2a . . . W2n, W3, W3a . . . W3n). A first and... Agent: Brusa Elektronik Ag

20120098330 - Coil unit, noncontact power receiving apparatus, noncontact power transmitting apparatus, noncontact power feeding system, and vehicle: In a noncontact electric power feeding system by means of a resonance method, an electric power receiving apparatus includes a plurality of secondary self-resonant coils. The noncontact electric power feeding system makes a switch between these secondary self-resonant coils to detect a distance between the electric power receiving apparatus and... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120098329 - Generator excitation during load fault conditions: A mechanism is provided for generator excitation during a fault condition. A low spool generator is coupled to a low spool shaft. A high spool generator is coupled to a high spool shaft. When a fault occurs, the low spool generator provides excitation current to coils of the high spool... Agent: Hamilton Sundtrand Corporation

20120098332 - Starting device for high-voltage components of fuel cell vehicle and method for controlling the same: The present invention provides a starting device for high-voltage components of a fuel cell vehicle and a method for controlling the same, which can improve starting performance during start-up of the fuel cell vehicle by eliminating a DC-DC converter for the operation of the high-voltage components (e.g., air blower, water... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120098333 - Subscriber line interface circuit with intra-operational state selectable supply: A method of generating a plurality of supply voltages for a plurality of subscriber line channels includes generating a first target VBAT value for a first associated linefeed driver from a first VBAT control. A second target VBAT value for a second associated linefeed driver is generated from a second... Agent:

20120098334 - Intermediate bus architecture power supply controller: A voltage controller (700) operable to generate control signals for controlling an intermediate bus voltage (VIB) in an intermediate bus architecture power system (100), the intermediate bus voltage comprising a voltage output from a first stage DC/DC power converter (200) to at least one second stage DC/DC power converter (500-1... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20120098335 - Energy supply in an electric network: The invention relates to a device and a method that can enable generators for producing electrical energy to be kept stable on the network during and following a line failure, such as a voltage dip. This requirement is defined in the network connection conditions of many network operators and must... Agent: Andritz Hydro Gmbh

20120098336 - Fuel cell control device and method: A method includes controlling multiple networked input-parallel/output-parallel inverters of a fuel cell system as a single inverter assembly by a master controller. A fuel cell system includes a plurality of fuel cell segments, a plurality of DC/DC converters and at least one DC/AC inverter, where an output of each of... Agent: Bloom Energy Corporation

20120098337 - Electric power path switching method and electric power path switching circuit: An electric power path switching method for switching a first electric power path from a built-in rechargeable battery in a communication device and a second electric power path from a charger for charging the rechargeable battery which can be connected to the communication device by plugging in and out, includes... Agent:

20120098338 - Sharing redundant power supply modules among physical systems: A system may include a switchover element configurable to source or sink power from or to an electronic device electrically coupled to the switchover element and a controller in communication with the switchover element. The controller may be configured to determine if the electronic device is healthy. When the electronic... Agent: Juniper Networks, Inc.

20120098340 - Equipment power management system: An equipment power management system in accordance with the present invention has a plurality of electrical devices and a control device. The electrical devices can operate in any one of multiple operational states different from each other in power consumption of a commercial power source. The control device switches the... Agent:

20120098339 - Power supply device: A power supply device for an electronic device includes a power supply module, a sampling module, a pulse width modulation (PWM) controller, and a processor. The PWM controller controls the power supply module to be switched on. The sampling module samples current generated by the power supply module and generates... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120098341 - Bidirectional dc-dc converter and control method thereof: Disclosed is a small-size, high-efficiency, isolated, bidirectional DC-DC converter. The bidirectional DC-DC converter includes a transformer in which windings are magnetically coupled, switching circuits, a diode which is connected in parallel with a switch, smoothing capacitors, and a control section. First and second DC power supplies, which are connected in... Agent: Hitachi Computer Peripherals Co., Ltd.

20120098343 - Chassis slots accepting battery modules and other module types: A chassis includes a component interconnect board having multiple multi-function slots coupled thereto. Each of the multi-function slots is configured to accept different types of modules, including a battery module and one or more other types of modules, such as server modules or storage modules. The component interconnect board also... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120098342 - High density uninterruptible power supplies and related systems and power distribution units: High density uninterruptible power supplies are provided including an enclosure and at least one uninterruptible power supply positioned in the enclosure. A battery associated with the at least one uninterruptible power supply is positioned in the enclosure. The at least one uninterruptible power supply and the associated battery are configured... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20120098344 - Photovoltaic units, methods of operating photovoltaic units and controllers therefor: The present invention relates to the field of photovoltaic systems with solar cell (s) or modules having insolation differences or mismatch. Each solar module is formed by placing a large number of solar cells in series. The PV system is then formed by placing a number of solar modules in... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120098345 - Minimal interruption dc power supply: A DC power distribution system and method includes a solid state remote power controller that connects a switching power source to a DC bus when the DC bus is switching power sources thereby providing a nearly uninterrupted power supply to the DC bus.... Agent:

20120098346 - Renewable energy power generation systems: We describe a modular adjustable power factor renewable energy inverter system. The system comprises a plurality of inverter modules having a switched capacitor across its ac power output, a power measurement system coupled to a communication interface, and a power factor controller to control switching of the capacitor. A system... Agent:

20120098347 - Electronic circuit breaker with alternate mode of operation using auxiliary power source: An electronic circuit breaker includes controllable mechanical contacts adapted to connect a primary power source to at least one load; and control circuitry for monitoring the flow of power from the primary power source to the load, detecting fault conditions and automatically opening the contacts in response to the detection... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20120098352 - Method and apparatus for transmitting power and data for usb device: In a power and data transmission method which can transmit power and information (data) simultaneously and contactlessly to a USB device using a USB interface, and an apparatus therefor, a pair of coil units are magnetically coupled to each other. Each of the coil units has: a power transmission coil... Agent: Fujikura Co., Ltd.

20120098348 - Non-contact electric power supplying equipment, non-contact electric power receiving device, and non-contact electric power supplying system: Electric power supplying equipment and an electric power receiving device include a primary self resonant coil and a secondary self resonant coil, respectively, resonating through an electromagnetic field to allow the electric power supplying equipment to supply the electric power receiving device with electric power in a non-contact manner. A... Agent: Nippon Soken, Inc.

20120098351 - Rf generator system for surgical vessel sealing: Systems, methods, and apparatus for providing power to an electrosurgical instrument. In particular, a power supply is disclosed in which non-sinusoidal (e.g., pulsed) constant frequency voltage having a variable amplitude is passed to an LC circuit to produce a quasi-sinusoidal current in the LC circuit. The constant driving frequency can... Agent: Just Right Surgical

20120098350 - Wireless energy transfer for photovoltaic panels: Described herein are improved configurations for a wireless power transfer involving photovoltaic panels. Described are methods and designs that use electric energy from a photovoltaic module to energize at least one wireless energy source to produce an oscillating magnetic field for wireless energy transfer. The source may be configured and... Agent:

20120098349 - Wireless power transfer device: Provided is a wireless power transfer device. The wireless power transfer device includes: a base substrate including a base coil; transmission substrates spaced from the base substrate and including transmission coils; and a contact plug penetrating the base substrate and the transmission substrates to connect one ends of the transmission... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120098353 - Semiconductor integrated circuit: An adjustment circuit including tri-state circuits is provided between a transmitter circuit and a receiver circuit. Jitter generated by transmission of a signal over a long-distance interconnect is reduced by being converted into jitter of control signals generated by a pulse generator circuit in the tri-state circuits.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120098354 - System for inducing a high efficiency conductive state in materials: A method of inducing a high efficiency conductive state at room temperature within a conductive mass (1) by injecting a complex modulated carrier signal (7) into one or more injection points (2,3) whereby the carrier signal and the subharmonic modulation frequencies (4,5,6) which are imbedded in the modulation of the... Agent:

04/19/2012 > 38 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120091790 - Electric drive vehicle: An electric drive vehicle is equipped with a battery usable for traveling and chargeable by an external power supply and a vehicle-side ECU that permits the battery to be charged by a power generating unit capable of charging the battery in a case where power supplied from the external power... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120091789 - Electrical power control system for a vehicle: An Electrical Power System for supplying electrical power to the loads of a vehicle comprising a Power Generation Area (11); a Primary Distribution Area (13); a Secondary Distribution Area (15) including Electrical Power Load Management Units (EPLMUs) (17, 17′, 17″, 17′″) that comprise a Control Board (31) and one or... Agent: Eads Construcciones Aeronauticas, S.a.

20120091791 - Power-supply unit and power supply: A power-supply unit has an electric connection box operable to supply an electric power of a battery to loads and a power supply operable to control first voltage supplied from the battery and outputted through the electric connection box and supply second voltage into which the first voltage is controlled... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20120091792 - Method and apparatus for charging or discharging an electrical device: An apparatus for charging and discharging an electrical device in vehicle is provided. The apparatus comprises a switch, first and second power sources, and first and second contactors. The first power source is configured to provide a low voltage. The switch is configured to enable/disable the first power source. The... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120091793 - Vehicle window opening and closing control device: The driver seat unit and the other-seat unit are connected by the single signal line. A direction of a current passed through a motor is switched using contacts of a window opening switch and a window closing switch in the other-seat unit. When a window closing manipulation is performed by... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120091798 - Electrical power supplying device having a central power-hub assembly supplying electrical power to power plugs, adaptors and modules while concealed from view and managing excess power cord during power supplying operations: An electrical power-supplying device for supplying electrical power to a group of electrical appliances located in an environment. The electrical power supplying device includes a power supply cord for plugging into a standard power receptacle by way of a supply power plug, and also a housing base portion having a... Agent:

20120091797 - Energized tabletop: An energized table includes a capacitively-loaded conducting loop source resonator, with a characteristic size, L1, connected to a switching amplifier and configured to generate an oscillating magnetic field, wherein the conducting loop comprises multiple turns circumscribing an area of a table, the conducting loop does not extend into the center... Agent:

20120091796 - Wireless powered projector: A wireless power system for powering a projector includes a source resonator, configured to generate an oscillating magnetic field, and at least one device resonator, configured to receive power from the source resonator via the oscillating magnetic field, wherein said at least one device resonator supplies power to a projector... Agent:

20120091795 - Wireless powered television: A wireless power system for powering a television includes a source resonator, configured to generate an oscillating magnetic field, and at least one television component attached to at least one device resonator, wherein the at least one device resonator is configured to wirelessly receive power from the source resonator via... Agent:

20120091794 - Wirelessly powered laptop and desktop environment: A wireless energy transfer system for energizing desktop electronics includes a source resonator, having a dipole moment, and configured to be positioned above a desk and oriented such that the dipole moment of the resonator is parallel to a top surface of the desktop, the source resonator configured to generate... Agent:

20120091799 - Portable computing device with wireless power distribution: A core module for a portable computing device includes a wireless power receiver module, a battery power module, a power supply module, a processing module, and an RF link interface. The wireless power receiver module, when operable, receives a wireless power transmit signal and converts it into a supply voltage.... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120091801 - Power supply apparatus: The power supply apparatus includes a first power device, a second power unit, and controlling means. Each of the first power device and the second power unit supplies DC power to a DC supply line. The first power device makes constant voltage control. The second power unit includes a second... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20120091800 - System and method for optimizing solar power conversion: A solar power system is provided for maximizing solar power conversion. The solar power system includes n power units connected in series and n-1 DC-DC converting units, and each of the n-1 DC-DC converting units is coupled to at least one of n solar power units. Each of the n-1... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20120091802 - Arrangement for and method of dynamically managing electrical power between an electrical power source and an electrical load: Electrical power is dynamically managed among one or more power sources and one or more loads. A plurality of monitor nodes is connected to an input terminal connected to each source, and to an output terminal connected to each load. A plurality of electrical power storage cells is connected among... Agent: Nextek Power Systems, Inc.

20120091803 - Constant voltage constant current generation circuit: A constant voltage constant current generation circuit includes a first transistor, a first resistor connected between the first terminal and a second potential, a first diode connected in series with the first resistor, and a first operational amplifier which outputs a first control signal to a control terminal of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120091804 - Load control system having an energy savings mode: A load control system for a building having a lighting load, a window, and a heating and cooling system comprises a lighting control device for controlling the amount of power delivered to the lighting load, a daylight control device (such as a motorized window treatment) for adjusting the amount of... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20120091805 - Method for operating an energy generator with inverter operation depending on a mains voltage and circuit layout: A method for operating a first energy generator in an electric power supply system to which a plurality of electric consumers and at least the first energy generator, which is embodied as a regenerative energy generator, are connected via respectively one grid connection point each assigned thereto, wherein at least... Agent:

20120091807 - Method and apparatus for discharging the capacitors of a boost converter composed of plural bridge devices: The present invention concerns a method for discharging the capacitors of a boost converter composed of a number n of bridge devices connected in series, the boost converter is connected to electric direct current providing means, each bridge device is composed of plural switches and a capacitor. The method comprises... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120091806 - Power conditioner for feeding system: A power conditioner for a feeding system which stabilizes a load of active power is provided. A power conditioner for a feeding system comprises a first AC-DC and DC-AC converter for performing conversion between AC power and DC power; and a nickel-metal hydride battery disposed between and connected to a... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120091808 - Photovoltaic ladder inverter: Techniques for DC-to-AC conversion are disclosed, and may be embodied in a solar inverter device that can operatively couple to a power grid. The device includes a photovoltaic (PV) stack including series-connected PV modules. Each PV module is associated with a capacitor for storing output of that PV module. A... Agent: Stellaris Corporation

20120091809 - Field device for a process automation system having an intrinsically safe power supply device: c

20120091810 - Automatic system for synchronous enablement-disablement of solar photovoltaic panels of an energy production plant with distributed dc/dc conversion: A solar energy plant may include a DC bus, photovoltaic panels coupled in parallel to the DC bus, each photovoltaic panel having a DC/DC converter, and a first controller controlling the DC/DC converter depending on whether a voltage on the DC bus is equal to or greater than a first... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.i.

20120091811 - Uninterruptible power supply systems and methods for communications systems: An uninterruptible power supply for supply electrical power to a load, comprises a connection to a primary source for supplying primary power, a battery system for storing battery power, an inverter, and a controller. The controller controls the inverter to operate in a first mode, a second mode, and in... Agent: Alpha Technologies, Inc.

20120091813 - Method and apparatus for predicting end of battery life: A powering subassembly for a portable electronic device includes a main battery, a converter, a backup battery, and a controller. The main battery provides a main voltage and the backup battery can provide a backup voltage. The converter receives the main voltage and increases it to at least one operating... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20120091814 - Power supply apparatus: The power supply apparatus a main power device, an auxiliary power unit, and controlling means. Each of the main power device and the auxiliary power unit is configured to supply DC power to a DC supply line. The main power device is configured to generate DC power by use of... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20120091812 - Power switching device: A power switching device including a rectifier circuit and a control circuit is provided. A first terminal of the rectifier circuit receives an external voltage source and a second terminal of the rectifier circuit is electrically connected to a node. The control circuit is electrically connected between the node and... Agent: Upi Semiconductor Corp.

20120091816 - Power systems with multiple power sources: In one embodiment, a power system includes a first power source having a first voltage, a second power source having a second voltage, and a controller. The controller is coupled to the first power source and the second power source. The controller compares the first voltage with the second voltage,... Agent: O2micro, Inc.

20120091815 - System and method for thermal protection in a power system: In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, systems and methods for thermal protection in a power system may be provided. In accordance with certain embodiments of the present disclosure, a method for thermal protection in a power system having a plurality of power modules selectively enabled and disabled in... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20120091817 - System, method, and apparatus for ac grid connection of series-connected inverters: A system, method and apparatus are disclosed for converting DC power to AC power. The system includes a master controller that couples to a phase of a power distribution system and provides a synchronization signal, the phase of the power distribution system having a phase voltage. The system also includes... Agent: Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.

20120091821 - Antenna apparatus: There is provided an antenna apparatus. A magnetic flux passing through a coil aperture of an antenna coil passes through a conductor aperture of a conductive layer, but the magnetic flux does not pass through the conductive layer. Accordingly, the magnetic flux is diverted to a path in which the... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120091819 - Computer that wirelessly powers accessories: A wireless power source includes a computer display comprising a planar source resonator configured to receive power from the display, wherein the source resonator generates an oscillating magnetic field in a region surrounding the display when the display is powered on, and the source resonator delivers useful power to at... Agent:

20120091818 - System for supplying bus subscriber modules with contactless energy and data: A supply system for supplying in a contact-free manner electrical energy and data signals to a subscriber module, including a support member, a supply bar mounted on the support member, which supply bar supports primary energy and data interfaces, and at least one bus subscriber module mounted on the support... Agent: Weidmueller Interface Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120091820 - Wireless power transfer within a circuit breaker: A wireless power service panel source includes power and control circuitry that receives power from a wired power connection at a position in a service panel, and generates an electronic drive signal at a frequency, f, and a source magnetic resonator configured to generate an oscillating magnetic field in response... Agent:

20120091822 - Method for a power distribution system comprising two selectively tripping switches: In at least one embodiment, a method includes setting a dedicated current limit value for the upstream switch; opening the upstream switch each time a current limit value thereof exceeds the set dedicated current limit for a set time; connecting the two switches to one another in terms of signaling;... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120091823 - Mobile storage device and method for managing power consumption of the mobile storage device: In a method for managing power consumption of a mobile storage device, the mobile storage device includes a power switch, a timer, and a universal serial bus (USB) port. The method detects whether the USB port has a data transmission signal from the electronic device. The method further drives the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120091824 - Electric vehicle supply equipment with line fitting disconnect sensing: A system includes an electric vehicle supply circuit adapted to supply electric power to an electric vehicle, a line fitting arranged to connect the electric vehicle supply circuit to a source of electric power, and a sensor arranged to detect when the line fitting is being disconnected from the source... Agent: Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

20120091825 - Circuit for switching-on and/or switching-off an electrical load: A circuit for switching-on and/or switching-off an electrical load comprises an electrically conductive operator control element, an electrically operated lighting element that is looped-in between the operator control element and a live pole of an AC voltage source in such a way that current flows through the lighting element, as... Agent: E.g.o. Elektro-geratebau Gmbh

20120091826 - Fan: A fan includes a housing, a cable, a number of blades received in and mounted to the housing, a motor driving the blades to operate and receiving electric energy by the cable, and a switch mounted on a bottom of the housing and connected with the cable. When the fan... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

04/12/2012 > 21 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120086267 - Electric-powered vehicle: A power receiving port includes an inlet, a pullout hole for a pullout type cord, and a selector switch. Inlet is connectable with a charging cable provided outside a vehicle. Pullout type cord is pulled out from pullout hole so as to be connectable to a socket of a power... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120086266 - Power distribution system: A power distribution system which may be provided in an aircraft for example is described, the power distribution system comprising: a power distribution bus and a plurality of localised voltage converters each supplied by the power distribution bus. By providing a plurality of localised voltage converters, the power distribution system... Agent:

20120086268 - Power feeder and power feeding system: Disclosed herein is a power feeder including: a power transmission section adapted to transmit power to one or a plurality of electronic devices using a magnetic field; and a control section adapted to control the operation of the power transmission section, wherein the control section controls the operation of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120086269 - Power conversion system and uninterruptible power supply system: An uninterruptible power supply system includes a plurality of uninterruptible power supply devices (U1 to U3) connected in parallel between a commercial AC power supply (70) and a load (71); and a control unit (5) selecting the required number of uninterruptible power supply devices for driving the load (71) from... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Indus. Sys. Corp.

20120086270 - Configurable distributed power module: The present invention provides a configurable dc-dc power converter module and method of manufacture for such module. The power converter module comprises an isolated subassembly with a capacitor bank, control circuits and an isolated power train that converts an input voltage to an intermediate bus voltage. The power module further... Agent:

20120086271 - Multi-output power supply device: A method of controlling a plurality of output voltages in a multi-output power supply device for generating a plurality of output powers by using a transformer. The method includes, if a system to which power is supplied from the multi-output power supply device is in a standby mode, blocking any... Agent:

20120086272 - Remotely power-controllable power outlet device and power outlet thereof: A remotely power-controllable power outlet device has at least one power outlet and a remote control. Each of the at least one power outlet has at least one set of sockets formed through the power outlet, at least one power switch and a control circuit electrically connected with the at... Agent:

20120086273 - Dynamic thermostatic control of small-scale electrical loads for matching variations in electric utility supply: A method of dynamically controlling a small-scale electrical load receiving energy from an electricity grid that includes sources of renewable generation causing variations in electricity supply of the electricity grid. The small-scale electrical loads are coupled to a load-matching thermostat having a communication module and a controller that manage electricity... Agent:

20120086274 - Circuit system having standby power supply unit and circuit system layout method: A circuit system layout method for laying out a circuit system has a standby power supply unit. The circuit system includes a core circuit set and a non-core circuit set and operates on power supplied by a power source. The core circuit set is still enabled to finalize a temporary... Agent: Askey Computer Corp.

20120086275 - Control circuitry for receiving power on electronic devices and computers: A switching OR buck power receiver or receiving circuit is provided for electronic devices. The power receiver or power receiving circuit includes a plurality of power input lines arranged in parallel, a controller, and a buck circuit element. Each power input line is connectable to a corresponding power source, and... Agent:

20120086278 - Fuel cell system: Weld of a relay provided on an electric power supply path can be suppressed. When a fuel cell system starts, a controller sets an output voltage of a Bat converter at an open circuit voltage of a battery and sets an output voltage of a FC converter at an open... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120086277 - Method and apparatus for providing uninterruptible power: Methods and apparatus for providing uninterruptible power are provided by aspects of the invention. One aspect is more particularly directed to an uninterruptible power supply for providing power to a load. The uninterruptible power supply includes a first input to receive input power from an input power source, an output... Agent:

20120086276 - Supplying power to an electronic device using multiple power sources: An electronic device includes multiple power sources (102, 104, 202, 206, 302, 304) that can provide power to a load (106, 208, 306) in the electronic device. A DC-DC converter (110, 204, 310) is provided between one of the multiple power sources and the load.... Agent:

20120086279 - Three-dimensional wind-light congregating power generating system with spherical joints: A three-dimensional wind-light congregating power generating system with spherical joints includes a spherical joint wind-light congregating device (10), a spherical joint wind-light trapping device (20), both of which are assembled through spherical joints, and a vertical axis wind generator (30), wherein the profile of the spherical joint wind-light congregating device... Agent:

20120086280 - Power supply system for electrical appliance: A power supply system for an electrical appliance is disclosed. The system comprises a DC power path and an AC power path. Power limiters are used to limit output power to the appliance. A controller is used to maximize power consumption from DC path that receives the power from an... Agent:

20120086282 - Smart cards: A smart card includes an internal voltage generator, a clock generator, and an internal circuit. The internal voltage generator generates a first internal voltage and a second internal voltage based on an input voltage received through an antenna. A level of the second internal voltage is lower than a level... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120086281 - Wireless power transmission unit and power generator with the wireless power transmission unit: A wireless power transmission unit includes oscillators that convert DC energy into RF energy with a frequency f0, power transmitting antennas, and power receiving antennas. Each power transmitting antenna is a series resonant circuit in which a power transmitting inductor and a first capacitor are connected in series. Each power... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120086285 - Apparatus for harvesting energy from electromagnetic field: An apparatus for harvesting energy from an electromagnetic field include an interface unit and a rectifier circuit. The interface unit obtains signals induced in a human body in electronic devices. The rectifier circuit rectifies an AC signal inputted from the interface unit and converts the inputted AC signal into DC... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120086283 - Power generation system and power generating unit: The power generation system includes first and second power generating units, each of which converts DC energy into RF energy and transmits the power wirelessly, a combining section, which combines the respective outputs of the power generating units together, and an oscillation phase control section, which reduces the phase difference... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120086284 - Wireless transmission of solar generated power: A wireless power source station includes a solar panel generating an output DC voltage, power and control circuitry that receives the output DC voltage and generates an electronic drive signal at a frequency, f, and a source magnetic resonator that generates an oscillating magnetic near field in response to the... Agent:

20120086286 - Cycling load controller having a learn mode for automatically determining when the load is turned on and off: An electrical device to be used with an electrical load which is repetitively cycled on and off. The device includes a controllable switch for connecting the load to, and disconnecting the load from, the electrical power source; a device for detecting when the load is drawing power, and a memory... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

04/05/2012 > 21 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120080938 - System and method for a battery pack output contactor: Systems and methods for controlling the output of a battery pack are disclosed. In one example, a battery pack contactor is closed after receiving a request to open the battery pack contactor during a power-up sequence. The system and method may reduce battery pack degradation.... Agent: A123 Systems, Inc.

20120080939 - Power terminal block and power supply apparatus: A power terminal block includes a base made of an insulator, a plurality of power terminals electrically insulated from each other and disposed on the base, and a plurality of terminal bases, each terminal base including a base connecting part made of a conductor and electrically coupled to the power... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120080940 - Load coordinating power draw for limited ampacity circuits: Presented is a system and method for coordinating power usage of electrical devices on a power bus. In an embodiment, the system includes a power bus, a first electrical device that is able to intermittently draw power from the power bus, a second electrical device that is able to intermittently... Agent: The Boeing Company

20120080941 - Scalable intelligent power supply system and method: A scalable intelligent power-supply system and method capable of powering a defined load for a specified period of time is disclosed and claimed. Multiple external AC and DC inputs supply power to the system if available and required. An internal DC input from a back-up energy source is on board.... Agent:

20120080943 - Photovoltaic power systems: A power system includes a plurality of DC/DC converters and a DC/AC inverter. The plurality of DC/DC converters having outputs electrically connected in parallel for supplying a DC voltage bus to an input of the DC/AC inverter. The plurality of DC/DC converters each include a maximum power point tracker (MPPT).... Agent: Astec International Limited

20120080942 - Smart microgrid: Described herein are embodiments of microgrid systems which may be used as stand-alone systems or may be connected to a larger, integrate power supply system. In some embodiments, a system comprises smart microgrid system comprising at least one electrical power bus connectable to at least one input power source by... Agent:

20120080944 - Grid shifting system for a lighting circuit: A power management system for a lighting circuit may include a grid shifting controller that includes a processor and a connection to an external power source. The power management system may also include a communication interface associated with the grid shifting controller. The grid shifting controller may be configured to... Agent: Wireless Environment, LLC.

20120080948 - Connection device for connecting between electrical devices: A connection device for connecting between a multifunction peripheral and USB devices. A hub unit is disconnectably connected to the multifunction peripheral via a first interface for enabling power supply from the multifunction peripheral to the hub unit. The hub unit is also disconnectably connected to the USB devices via... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120080946 - Electronic device and method for managing current of the electronic device: A method for managing current of an electronic device initializes a control signal of a baseboard management controller (BMC) of the electronic device to be a low level before the electronic device is powered on, maintains the control signal under a low-level status for a specified time upon the condition... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120080945 - Power management unit systems and methods: Systems and methods provide for a power management unit and its operation. The power management unit includes: a step-down power converter configured to receive a first voltage and output a second voltage, wherein the second voltage is less than the first voltage and at least one step-up power converter configured... Agent: St-ericsson Sa

20120080949 - Power monitoring system: A power monitoring system to monitor electrical power supply to electrical equipments. The monitor includes an energy saving device to reduce unnecessary power consumption. A control means for enabling control of power consumption of electrical devices in response to the data output of the monitored power consumption.... Agent:

20120080947 - Power supply apparatus: The power supply includes an output unit that converts a DC voltage and outputs the DC voltage; a capacitor that stabilizes the DC voltage output from the output unit, the power supply being able to be operated in a power saving mode in which a power consumption is reduced by... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120080950 - Analog photovoltaic power circuit: The present invention discloses an analog photovoltaic power circuit, including: a photovoltaic device group for receiving photo energy to generate an input voltage, the input voltage corresponding to an input current; a power stage circuit for receiving the input voltage and generating an output voltage; an optimum current or voltage... Agent: Richtek Technology Corporation, R.o.c.

20120080951 - Power source circuit and power source management method thereof: A power source circuit includes a power source detection unit, a control unit and a switch unit. The power source detection unit detects whether a plurality of power sources including a green power source is supplied to the power source circuit, and detects and outputting a power value of the... Agent: Au Optronics Corp.

20120080952 - Current and voltage detection circuit, and current control circuit: Disclosed is a current and voltage detection circuit comprising: a voltage input terminal to which a direct current voltage is applied; a voltage comparison circuit that determines which of the applied voltage and a predetermined voltage is larger; a switching element connected in series to a current-voltage conversion unit, between... Agent: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

20120080953 - Multi-input power supply apparatus with regulable output power: A multi-input power supply apparatus with regulable output power includes an AC-to-DC conversion unit, a DC-to-DC conversion unit, an output voltage control unit, and an output power status display unit. The AC-to-DC conversion unit has an AC-to-DC stage feedback control subunit. The DC-to-DC conversion unit has a current sensing subunit,... Agent:

20120080954 - Enhanced power in hdmi systems: There is provided a source device, which is adapted to communicate with a sink device through an HDMI cable. The sink device comprises an internal circuit, handshaking circuitry adapted to verify if the sink device is able to supply a current on a line of the HDMI cable, an internal... Agent: St-ericsson Sa

20120080955 - High voltage energy harvesting and conversion renewable energy utility size electric power systems and visual monitoring and control systems for said systems: A renewable energy, utility size electric power system is provided with a high voltage, renewable energy harvesting network connected by a direct current link to a centralized grid synchronized multiphase regulated current source inverter system. The harvesting network includes distributed renewable energy power optimizers and transmitters that control delivery of... Agent:

20120080956 - Wireless energy transfer using array of resonant objects: A system for exchanging energy wirelessly comprises an array of at least three objects having a resonant frequency, each object is electromagnetic (EM) and non-radiative, and generates an EM near-field in response to receiving the energy, wherein each object in the array is arranged at a distance from all other... Agent:

20120080957 - Wireless power transfer apparatus and method thereof: In accordance with various aspects of the disclosure, a method and apparatus is disclosed that includes features of a receiving antenna configured to wirelessly receive power transmitted by a transmitting device and arranged to associate or dissociate with the transmitting device.... Agent:

20120080958 - Reliable contact and safe system and method for providing power to an electronic device: An electronic system which includes a power delivery surface that delivers electrical power to an electrical or electronic device. The power delivery surface may be powered by any electrical power source, including, but not limited to: wall electrical outlet, solar power system, battery, vehicle cigarette lighter system, direct connection to... Agent: Pure Energy Solutions, Inc.

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