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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 22 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120074774 - Apparatus for energy transfer using converter and method of manufacturing same: According to an aspect of the invention, a motor drive circuit includes a first energy storage device configured to supply electrical energy, a bi-directional DC-to-DC voltage converter coupled to the first energy storage device, a voltage inverter coupled to the bi-directional DC-to-DC voltage converter, and an input device configured to... Agent:

20120074773 - Method for operating a control circuit, particularly for use in a motor vehicle: A method for operating a control circuit having a first output and a second output and having an allocated first switching arrangement and an allocated second switching arrangement, in which a control voltage present between the outputs for operating a load, in particular of a motor vehicle, is formed in... Agent:

20120074775 - On-board electrical system for a motor vehicle and method for operating an electrical load: Disclosed is a method allowing the advantageous operation of an on-board electrical system (10) of a motor vehicle without high energy expenditure. Provided is an on-board electrical system (10) comprising a vehicle battery (16), an electrical load (30, 48) and a double-layer capacitor (32) with a positive and a negative... Agent: Audi Ag

20120074776 - Electronic switch control system and electronic switch drive method: An electronic switch control system, including an alternating voltage source, an electronic switch, a load, a control circuit, an alternating voltage source being electrically associated to a first conduction terminal of the electronic switch, a second conduction terminal of the electronic switch being associable to a load, the load being... Agent:

20120074777 - Electric power system: An electric power converting apparatus mainly includes a first power supply circuit, a second power supply circuit, a selection circuit, a control circuit, a bi-directional inverter circuit, and a charge/discharge circuit. The control circuit composed of a microcomputer or a microprocessor such as a DSP controls an operation of the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120074778 - Method and apparatus for booting up digital circuit nodes coupled to a single conductor current line: Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are increasingly used in illumination applications. To control multiple Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), or any other controllable light source, this document introduces a single-wire multiple-LED power and control system. Specifically, individually controlled LED units are arranged in a series configuration that is driven by a control... Agent: Neofocal Systems, Inc.

20120074779 - System and method for phase balancing in a power distribution system: A phase balancing system includes a load forecasting module, a phase unbalance identification module and a demand response module. The load forecasting module determines a load forecast for the distribution system for the period of interest and the phase unbalance identification module determines voltage unbalance on the distribution system for... Agent: General Electric Company

20120074780 - Load control apparatus with peak reduction in aggregate behavior: When load control is activated by a local or remote mechanism to control a load, the method and system use a usage profile of the load and one or more of (1) interval start times, (2) ON/OFF or OFF/ON cycling and (3) predefined periods during which load must not be... Agent: Aclara Power-line Systems Inc.

20120074781 - Electronic apparatus: In response to turning-on of a lock-type power switch, an initial controller outputs a first voltage for a first period and a gate is turned on for the period via a first driver responsive to the first voltage, then DC power is supplied to a main circuit. During the period,... Agent: Yamaha Corporation

20120074782 - System and method for load control: An example system includes a sensor configured to generate a human-in-area signal. The human-in-area signal may indicate that a human is in an area of the sensor. The system may further include a power-saving device in communication with the sensor and configured to receive the human-in-area signal. The power-saving device... Agent:

20120074783 - Passive impedance matching: Methods, devices, and systems for passive impedance matching are provided. An example of a method of passive impedance matching includes providing a substantially equivalent impedance between a source and a load for three single-phase power supplies via a geometry of a busbar. The busbar can be coupled to the three-phase... Agent:

20120074784 - An intelligent lighting tile system powered from multiple power sources: This invention relates to a power unit for a lighting system. Said power unit includes a mains power input (2), output terminals (3a, 3b) and a power supply (5) for regulating a supply voltage (V1) of the power unit (1). The power unit further comprises a polarity detector (13), a... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120074785 - Method for operating a redundant system and system therefor: A method for safely detecting in two redundantly-configured output modules a possible wire break of a load, wherein during a switch-off test of a first module, a current test is performed in the respective other module and a binary test is performed in the switched-off module. The binary test determines... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120074786 - Uninterruptible power supply systems and methods using isolated interface for variably available power source: An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system includes a first port configured to be coupled to an AC power source and a second port configured to be coupled to a load. The system also includes a UPS circuit including a first converter circuit coupled to the first port, a second converter... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20120074787 - Integrated photovoltaic source circuit combiner and protection subsystem: A combiner circuit and voltage protection circuit is disclosed. A plurality of photovoltaic sources is provided. A set of fuses, each having one side coupled to one of the plurality of photovoltaic sources is provided. A set of contacts, each having one side coupled to the other side of one... Agent: Xantrex Technology, Inc.

20120074788 - System and method for providing redundant power to a device: A system for providing power to a device includes a first power supply unit having a first power module that provides A.C. power and is selectively connectable to input lines and a first communication module. The system also includes a second power supply unit having a second power module selectively... Agent: General Electric Company

20120074789 - Green power demand management device: A green power demand management device includes: a power meter which receives power from a power distribution system with a plurality of power generating units, and supplies a received power to a first appliance; a receiver which receives energy mixture information showing a power generation proportion among each power generating... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120074790 - Method and apparatus for controlling a lifting magnet supplied with an ac source: A magnet controller supplied by an AC source controls a lifting magnet. Two bridges allow DC current to flow in both directions in the lifting magnet. During “Lift”, relatively high voltage is applied to the lifting magnet until it reaches its cold current. Then voltage is lowered. After a desired... Agent: The Electric Controller And Manufacturing Company, LLC

20120074791 - Supply circuit for supplying a switch circuit: To improve energy efficiencies, supply circuits (1) for supplying switch circuits (2) have first supply modes for receiving first amounts of input power from sources (7) and providing first amounts of output power to output circuits (5) comprising control parts (3) of the switch circuits (2) and have second supply... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120074792 - System and method for load control: A device includes a load sensor configured to measure a load demand that indicates that a load is operating in an active state or an inactive state. A load switch is configure to selectively supply electric energy to the a load in accordance with a load control signal. A controller... Agent:

20120074793 - Peripheral device and control method thereof: There is provided a peripheral device capable of being connected to a host device through a connection cable including a power line. This peripheral device comprises: a first power terminal capable of being connected to the power line of the connection cable; a power circuit connected to a second power... Agent: Buffalo Inc.

20120074794 - Method and system for establishing a power feed to systems during operation: A method of adding a power feed to electrical systems includes coupling a set of input lines to a power source such that the input lines are connected to at least one phase of AC power from the power source, and coupling a set of backfeed lines to an output... Agent:

03/22/2012 > 26 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120068531 - Power supply system: A power supply system comprises first electrical conversion means for converting an alternating current electrical output from a generator to a direct current electrical output for supply to an electrically powered motor, second electrical conversion means for converting a direct current electrical output from a battery to a direct current... Agent: Goodrich Actuation Systems Sas

20120068532 - Power supply apparatus and vehicle: A relay that is electrically connected/disconnected to/from a battery in parallel with a smoothing capacitor on an inverter side with respect to a system main relay is provided. Thus, when the system is turned off, the battery and electrode buses are electrically disconnected from each other by the system main... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120068534 - Power supply system including alternative sources-control and communication: A power supply system comprises multiple power consumption units, a DC power distribution unit, a control unit and a centralized DC power storage unit. The DC power may be generated from alternative power sources. Each of the consumption units further comprises appliances that consume either AC or DC powers. Each... Agent:

20120068533 - Power supply system including alternative sources-dc power management: A power supply system comprises multiple power consumption units, a DC power distribution unit, a control unit and a centralized DC power storage unit. The DC power may be generated from local alternative power sources in the consumption units. The DC power may also be generated from alternative power sources... Agent:

20120068536 - Controlling inductive power transfer systems: An inductive power transfer system comprises a primary unit operable to generate an electromagnetic field and at least one secondary device, separable from the primary unit, and adapted to couple with the field when the secondary device is in proximity to the primary unit so that power can be received... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20120068535 - Energy converter, and associated method, for providing converted energy to a set of electronic devices: An apparatus, and an associated method, converts input energy, such as energy sourced at a household electric power supply, into converted energy for powering a set of electronic devices having operating power requirements. A converter housed in a converter housing forms first-converted energy of the input energy. The first-converted energy... Agent: Radioshack Corporation

20120068538 - Electronic device having data transmission interface capable of receiving external power and transmitting electronic data: The present invention is related to an electronic device capable of transmitting electronic data and receiving power input via at least one data transmission interface and the method thereof. The electronic device of the present invention utilizes data transmission interfaces of different standards to receive electrical power as well as... Agent: Cywee Group Limited

20120068537 - Energy management system: An energy management system and method connecting a load to multiple energy sources. The system includes a load connection, source connections for each energy source, a control unit and at least one energy management module having an inductor and four switches. The first source is in parallel with the load.... Agent:

20120068539 - Semiconductor integrated circuit: A constantly power-ON domain and a standby-time power OFF domain are included on the same chip, and the constantly power-ON domain includes: a shutoff control circuit shutting off a signal inputted and outputted between the constantly power-ON domain and the standby-time power OFF domain when the first power source is... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120068540 - Energy storage system for balancing load of power grid: An energy storage system for balancing the load of a power grid, said energy storage system comprising: a controller; a plurality of energy storage tanks connected in parallel; and a plurality of controllable switches connected to the plurality of energy storage tanks, wherein the controller is configured to detect a... Agent:

20120068542 - Power supply: Provided is a platform with backup power and burst load power needs met using a supercapacitor.... Agent:

20120068541 - Power supply systems and methods employing a ups interfaced generator: An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system includes a power transfer circuit having a power output configured to be coupled to a load, a UPS circuit having first power input configured to be coupled to a generator, such as a diesel- or gas-powered engine-generator set. The UPS circuit also has a... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20120068543 - Apparatus and method for managing and conditioning photovoltaic power harvesting systems: The efficiency of a PV power generation system (10) is maximised by an apparatus providing series of electronic units (20) connected to the PV modules (12) and comprising microprocessor controlled DC converters/power supply units. A managing unit (60) communicates with the electronic units (20) of a string (11) in order... Agent:

20120068544 - Autonomous control in current share power supplies: A method for autonomous control by a power supply unit (PSU) among a number of current share PSUs in a power supply system. The method includes: Receiving input power from a power input feed; setting a mode of the PSU to ON; receiving a first controlled signal including a first... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20120068545 - Energy storage system: An energy storage system includes a plurality of battery units; a plurality of thermistors detecting a temperature of the plurality of battery units; a multiplexer performing multiplexing on the plurality of thermistors, and connecting a thermistor selected from among the plurality of thermistors to a reference resistor; a power switch... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20120068546 - Power supply unit and its control device: A control device is provided that includes a power supply unit. First and second MOSFETs are serially connected to a sub power supply line in the power supply unit by connecting their respective drains to one another. Third and fourth MOSFETs are serially connected to a sub power supply in... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20120068547 - Electronic management system for photovoltaic cells: An electronic management system for a photovoltaic generator is disclosed herein. The, the electronic management system comprises a plurality of static microconverters, each microconverter being electrically connected to one or more photovoltaic cells, the one or more photovoltaic cells forming a portion of a whole of the cells of the... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique(cnrs)

20120068552 - Contactless power-feed equipment: In order to provide contactless power-feed equipment that can avoid excessive energy consumption upon switching, a primary side includes a DC power-supply device 11, a power-feed device 12, and a power-feed unit 13 and a secondary side includes a power-receiving unit 15. The power-feed device 12 includes: an insulating transformer... Agent:

20120068551 - Electrical-energy storage devices: An electrical-energy storage device configured for use in a time-varying electromagnetic field, the storage device comprising: an electrode at least part of which is configured so as to hinder the ability of eddy currents induced by said field to circulate therein.... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20120068550 - Method and device for detecting a device in a wireless power transmission system: A method of detecting a receiver (214) by a transmitter and a transmitter for detecting a receiver are provided. The transmitter is intended to transmit power inductively to the receiver (214). The transmitter comprising a first transmission coil as a first electrode (204) and a second electrode (206). The first... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120068549 - Wireless energy transfer, including interference enhancement: Disclosed is an apparatus for use in wireless energy transfer, which includes a first resonator structure configured for energy transfer with a second resonator structure over a distance D larger than characteristic sizes, L1 and L2, of the first and second resonator structures. A power generator is coupled to the... Agent:

20120068548 - Wireless power supply apparatus: A wireless power supply apparatus transmits an electric power signal including any one of an electric field, a magnetic field, and an electromagnetic field. A bridge circuit includes multiple switches. A control unit performs switching control of the multiple switches of the bridge circuit at a first frequency configured as... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120068553 - Apparatus for adaptively reducing electromagnetic wave: Disclosed is an apparatus for adaptively reducing electromagnetic waves that reduces electromagnetic waves generated from commercial power by changing a grounding point of the commercial power supplied to a home. The apparatus for reducing electromagnetic waves includes an electromagnetic wave generator, an electromagnetic wave detector, an impedance varying unit, and... Agent:

20120068554 - Power-line-communication adapter: The present invention relates to a power-line-communication adapter including a main functional unit (PLTC) supplied with direct voltage by an internal voltage converter (AC/DC), characterised in that said adapter includes at least one means (I1, I2) for interrupting the direct current supply to the main unit (PLTC) while the adapter... Agent:

20120068555 - System and method for controlling a m2lc system: A modular multilevel converter system. The system includes a plurality of series connected two-terminal M2LC subsystems and a control system module. The two-terminal M2LC subsystems are arranged into at least two output phase modules. A first one of the output phase modules defines a total value of inductance and includes... Agent: Curtiss-wright Electro-mechanical Corporation

20120068556 - Safety sensor device: A safety sensor device for an appliance detects burning conditions and shuts off power to the appliance. The device includes a sensor unit positioned near an exhaust of the appliance, and a relay unit connected along a power supply path to the appliance. The relay and sensor units are linked.... Agent: Pioneering Technology Corp.

03/15/2012 > 20 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120062026 - Power and data solution for remote low-power devices: Systems and methods include a voltage transformer connected to a power source. The voltage transformer transforms a high voltage of the power source to a first low voltage signal. Regulators are connected to the voltage transformer, and the regulators receive the first low voltage signal from the voltage transformer and... Agent:

20120062027 - Drive system for vehicles: According to one embodiment, a vehicle drive system has an engine to generate torque. The vehicle drive system has an alternator coupled to the engine. The alternator converts torque from the engine to magnetic flux and generate an AC voltage. The vehicle drive system has a PWM converter coupled to... Agent:

20120062028 - System for powering a vehicle with a heat engine and provided with an automatic stop and restart system: The invention relates to a system for powering a vehicle with a heat engine and provided with an automatic stop and restart system for the heat engine, wherein said powering system comprises an onboard grid to which electric consumers are connected, means (16) for starting/restarting the engine, a battery (11)... Agent: Peugeot Citroen Automobiles Sa

20120062029 - Discharge device for vehicle: A power control unit (PCU) case accommodates an electric circuit of a PCU that includes a first capacitor and is operated by a storage battery. In the electric circuit, a first bus bar is connected to a part in the vicinity of the anode of the first capacitor, and a... Agent: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

20120062031 - Control system for multi output dcdc converter: A multi-output DC to DC converter can have complex control requirements in CCM mode because of the differing load requirements of the outputs. A multi-output DC to DC converter having a single coil or inductor and a freewheel switch is described. A controller measures the duration of the freewheel phase.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20120062030 - Switching converter and method for controlling a switching converter: This invention provides a switching converter having a number N of outputs providing N output signals, said switching converter being operable in at least a boost mode. The switching converter has at least one inductor, a number of switches, and a controlling device for controlling a charging time of the... Agent:

20120062032 - Energy harvesting resistor: The harvesting Resistor consists of single or dual supply DC to DC converter, which has a current sense resistor in series with its output port. The sensed current magnitude is coupled back to modulate the duty cycle in a way such that a voltage to current together with the power... Agent:

20120062033 - Power supply circuit using rechargeable battery: A power supply circuit uses a rechargeable battery that if a connection switching unit changes to a circuit connected state, a current starts to be supplied from the rechargeable battery to an over-discharge protection circuit, a logic circuit, and a power supply control circuit, and if the connection switching unit... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20120062034 - Battery system: A battery system includes batteries; a voltage detector linking batteries and detecting batteries' voltage; an equalizer linking batteries and fine-tuning their charging/discharging efficiency; a battery protection board on which there is a MCU used to receive signals from the voltage detector for characteristic differences between batteries balanced by the equalizer... Agent: All New Energy Technology Corp.

20120062035 - Photovoltaic device and manufacturing method: The invention relates to a photovoltaic device comprising at least one photovoltaic cell (60) provided with active thin layers (15) deposited on a substrate (10), said active layers being unsegmented, and at least one static converter (50) associated with each photovoltaic cell (60). Each photovoltaic cell (60) supplies an electrical... Agent:

20120062036 - Camera controlled solar cells array: A system and a method for improving the operation, utility, and exploitation of solar cell fields are introduced. The system includes all or parts of the following: a solar cells array, an interconnect matrix, a measuring sub-system for measuring environmental conditions as ambient temperature and/or ambient wind speed, and/or ambient... Agent:

20120062037 - Shadow detection apparatus using fiber optics for solar-based power generation plants: A solar-based power generation system may include an array of components responsive to solar radiance. The components may be disposed over respective locations on a field. The system may further include a plurality of optical fibers having respective first ends coupled to the array of components and arranged to receive... Agent:

20120062038 - Device and method for equalizing voltages of energy-storage elements: A device (3) and a method for equalizing the voltage of an energy-storage element (4) are provided herein. The device (3) comprises at least one transformer (36) and at least one bi-directional DC/AC converter circuit (35). Each transformer (36) comprises at least one equalizing winding (30) and at least one... Agent:

20120062039 - Power feeding device, wireless power feeding system using the same and wireless power feeding method: An object is to provide a power feeding device, a power feeding system, and a power feeding method which are more convenient for a power feeding user at the power receiving end. The power feeding device includes a means of controlling a frequency of a power signal transmitted to a... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120062040 - Semiconductor device and signal transmission method: A first inductor (310) and a second inductor (320) are formed in a multilayer interconnect layer (400), are wound in a plane parallel to a first substrate (102), and overlap each other. A first circuit (100) connects to either the first inductor (310) or the second inductor (320). At least... Agent:

20120062041 - System and method for more accurate temperature sensing using thermistors: A system includes a first module, a second module, and a third module. The first module determines a first temperature and a first power dissipation value of a thermistor based on a resistance of a first resistor connected in series with the thermistor. The second module, after disconnecting the first... Agent: Gm Global Technololgy Operations, Inc.

20120062042 - Low power start-up circuit: A start-up circuit includes an energy storage device operable to selectively power a load. A switch controls a flow of current from the energy storage device to the load. The switch preventing a flow of current to the load in an OFF state. A voltage comparison device is configured to... Agent:

20120062043 - Bi-directional power control: An electrical circuit for bi-directional power control between two devices, including a mobile communication card, an electronic device that connects to the communication card, the electronic device being either (i) a host device that operates independently of the communication card and also interoperates with the communication card, or (ii) a... Agent:

20120062045 - Electric energy conversion system: This electric energy conversion system of the type including a main converter (40) connected at the input to at least one input network (41) operating under an input voltage and at the output to an output network (42) operating under an output voltage and associated with an electric energy storage... Agent: Thales

20120062044 - Methods and systems for operating a two-stage power converter: A power conversion system for providing power to an electrical grid is described. The system includes a boost converter coupled to a photovoltaic (PV) array and configured to control a PV array voltage. The system also includes an inverter coupled to the boost converter by at least one conductor and... Agent:

03/08/2012 > 25 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120056474 - Integrated power system for delivery of power to a vehicle accessory: The integrated power system provides for the integration of multiple sources of power for powering a vehicle accessory. The integrated power system provides a power sharing connection which provides for a balance of the load current demanded by the vehicle accessory. As a result, excessive engine loading is avoided.... Agent: Johnson Truck Bodies, LLC

20120056475 - Vehicle-used power supply system: Disclosed is a vehicle-used power supply system. The vehicle power supply system comprises a storage unit, a bidirectional dc/dc convertor, a dc bus, a controller and a driving module. The bidirectional dc/dc convertor is configured to boost the power stored in the storage unit to a dc bus power. The... Agent: Chung-shan Institute Of Science And Technology Armanments, Bureau, Ministry Of National Defense

20120056476 - Electrical system having an electrical distribution center: An electrical distribution assembly comprises an insulating base member comprising a primary bus bar channel, including an isolation plate and sidewalls, to electrically isolate and support a current carrying primary bus bar and position the primary bus bar in the electrical distribution assembly. A bus bar securing boss is disposed... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120056477 - Electrically drivable motor vehicle: An electrically drivable motor vehicle with at least two parallel connectable vehicle batteries is provided with an electronic circuit arrangement. The electronic circuit arrangement includes a number of electronic load interrupter switches corresponding to the number of vehicle batteries, via which the vehicle batteries can be connected through individually or... Agent: Daimler Ag

20120056478 - Power-supply control device: A power-supply control device for battery having a plurality of cells connected in series has a voltage conversion unit that steps down a voltage at the battery to supply the stepped-down voltage to a first load, a first opening and closing unit that opens and closes a supply path of... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120056479 - Load sharing apparatus: Load sharing apparatus for load sharing between a plurality of power supplies (1, 2). The apparatus comprises one or more load sharing modules (Share1, Share2), each for association with a respective power supply. The or each load sharing module comprises load determining means for generating a signal which represents a... Agent: Tdk-lambda Uk Limited

20120056480 - Control device, electronic apparatus, timepiece device, and control method: There are provided an operation input unit that pulls down or pulls up a signal input from an operating unit, a control unit that executes a predetermined operation according to the signal input through the operation input unit, and a power control unit that controls the control unit so as... Agent:

20120056481 - Direct-coupled it load: Apparatus and associated method and computer program products involve a highly efficient uninterruptible power distribution architecture to support modular processing units. As an illustrative example, a modular processing unit includes an integrated uninterruptible power system in which a PFC-boost AC-to-DC conversion occurs between the utility AC grid and the processing... Agent: Google Inc.

20120056482 - Building with energy recovery and storage systems: A building energy recovery system having at least one wind drive mounted to the building structure proximate to the roof junction, a generator and an electrical output. The wind drive includes a radial flow wind turbine having a rotor, a rotatable shaft of the rotor, an open windward facing air... Agent:

20120056483 - Power converter for a solar panel: A solar array power generation system includes a solar array electrically connected to a control system. The solar array has a plurality of solar modules, each module having at least one DC/DC converter for converting the raw panel output to an optimized high voltage, low current output. In a further... Agent: Beacon Power Corporation

20120056484 - Inverters: We describe a photovoltaic power conditioning unit for delivering power from multiple photovoltaic panels to an ac mains power supply output, comprising: a dc input for receiving power from multiple photovoltaic panels; an ac output for delivering ac power to the ac supply; a bank of electrolytic energy storage capacitors... Agent:

20120056487 - Power converter in resonance power transmission system, and resonance power transmission apparatus: A power converter which may be used in a resonance power transmission system and an apparatus for transmitting a resonance power are provided. According to an aspect, a power converter in a resonance power transmission system may include: an input end configured to receive a direct current (DC) voltage of... Agent:

20120056486 - Wireless power receiving apparatus: In a wireless power supply system, a first capacitor is arranged in series with an antenna. A second capacitor and a switch are arranged in series on a path arranged in parallel with the first capacitor. A control unit adjusts the duty ratio of the switch according to the frequency... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20120056485 - Wireless power transfer system, power transfer apparatus, and power reception apparatus: According to one embodiment, a wireless power transfer system performs electrical power transfer and signal communication by magnetic field resonance. A power transfer apparatus includes a first resonator configured to resonate at a predetermined frequency and to switch a Q-factor between high and low, and a first controller configured to... Agent:

20120056488 - Digital circuit block having reducing supply voltage drop and method for constructing the same: A digital circuit block includes first to fourth conducting segments, a digital logic, first and second conducting layers, and a dielectric layer. The first and second conducting segments are coupled to first and second supply voltages, respectively. The digital logic and dielectric layer are between the first and second conducting... Agent:

20120056489 - Method and apparatus for switching the main/standby single board: The present invention discloses a method and apparatus for switching an active board and a standby board, and the active board and the standby board respectively are one of the first working state board and the second working state board. The method disclosed in present invention includes: switching a first... Agent: Zte Corporation

20120056491 - Connecting apparatus with a combo port: Provided is a connecting apparatus with a combo port. The connecting apparatus particularly supports two or more connecting terminals in compliance with various types, especially the RJ-45 and RJ-11 connectors. According to one of the embodiments, the apparatus with combo port includes a detecting circuit and a connector control unit.... Agent: Arcadyan Technology Corporation

20120056492 - Current sensing load demand apparatus and methods: An apparatus supplies AC power to a load. The apparatus includes a set output terminals, a primary circuit, and a load sensing circuit. The primary circuit is electrically coupled to a source of AC power and to the output terminals for selectively providing power at a low voltage at the... Agent: Technology Mavericks, LLC

20120056493 - Current sensing load demand apparatus and methods: An apparatus supplies AC power to a load. The apparatus includes a set output terminals, a primary circuit, and a load sensing circuit. The primary circuit is electrically coupled to a source of AC power and to the output terminals for selectively providing power at a low voltage at the... Agent: Technology Mavericks, LLC

20120056494 - Current sensing load demand apparatus and methods: An apparatus supplies AC power to a load. The apparatus includes a set output terminals, a primary circuit, and a load sensing circuit. The primary circuit is electrically coupled to a source of AC power and to the output terminals for selectively providing power at a low voltage at the... Agent: Technology Mavericks, LLC

20120056490 - User interface with proximity sensing: An electronic circuit including a microchip for use as an intelligent user interface also comprises touch sensor technology that differentiates between proximity and physical contact events to activate and control various loads including light bulbs, products with radio frequency circuitry or electric motors. An input to the microchip is connected... Agent:

20120056495 - Current sensing load demand apparatus and methods: An apparatus supplies AC power to a load. The apparatus includes a set output terminals, a primary circuit, and a load sensing circuit. The primary circuit is electrically coupled to a source of AC power and to the output terminals for selectively providing power at a low voltage at the... Agent: Technology Mavericks, LLC

20120056496 - Method for connecting an inductive load and connecting circuit for carrying out the method: A method is provided for connecting an inductive load, especially a winding of a generator, for testing purposes to a predetermined alternating medium voltage, whereby the inductive load is connected to the medium voltage by means of a breaker. To reduce the inrush current, the connection is timed to come... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20120056497 - Communication terminal apparatus and method for supplying terminal power source: A communication terminal that includes a wireless communication unit used to communicate with another communication terminal, a power transmitting unit that transmits contactless electric power to the another communication terminal, and a control unit that controls the wireless communication unit to transmit, to the another communication terminal, an instruction for... Agent: Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Japan, Inc.

20120056498 - Rfid tag with energy collecting function: The present invention provides an RFID tag with energy collecting function, comprising a shell, and an RFID circuit is arranged in the shell. The RFID tag also comprises an energy converter and an energy-storage unit, wherein the energy converter is used for converting external energy of the RFID tag to... Agent:

03/01/2012 > 37 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120049620 - Inductive power transfer for wireless sensor systems inside a tyre: A system for inductive power transfer comprises: a send coil for transmitting power, a receive coil for receiving the power by induction, wherein the receive coil is moveable with respect to the send coil. The system further comprises a communication path from the receive coil to the send coil for... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120049619 - Wind based load isolated electrical charging system: This invention relates to electrically operated vehicle with power supply system having wind based charging unit (1a, 1b) with load isolation. The power supply unit has one or more energy storage device with an inverter for supplying AC loads. Two such power supply units (PS1, PS2) are used in an... Agent:

20120049621 - Battery management apparatus: A vehicle carries a battery package as its power source. Each of plural battery modules in the battery package has a memory device for memorizing identification information that proves authenticity of each of the battery modules. A battery control unit in the vehicle has an authentication unit. The authentication unit... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120049622 - Offshore compound renewable power plant: An offshore compound renewable power plant, which is built in an on-sea plant site, includes marine platforms set up in the on-sea plant site in a spaced manner and wind power generation systems respectively installed on the marine platforms for receiving winds to generate electrical power. An ocean energy based... Agent:

20120049623 - Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same: An image forming apparatus includes a plurality of toner carriers, a plurality of charging members, a common alternating-current power source, a plurality of individual direct-current power sources, and a controller. The charging members are configured to charge the respective toner carriers. The common alternating-current power source is configured to apply... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20120049624 - Power supply system: A power supply system drives a plurality of loads, and includes a power stage circuit, a pulse width modulation controller, a first isolation transformer, at least two second transformers, and at least two rectifier circuits. The power supply system converts external power signals into first alternating current (AC) power signals,... Agent: Ampower Technology Co., Ltd.

20120049625 - Power limiting control for multiple drilling rig tools: A power limiting control system includes at least one power generator configured to provide power to a plurality of tools on a drilling rig; and a power limiting controller configured to control the provision of power from the power generator to the plurality of tools. The power limiting controller is... Agent: Omron Oilfield & Marine, Inc.

20120049626 - Power demand surge management circuit: A method of turning on a plurality of loads connected to a multi-channel power controller includes turning ON a first load, comparing a current-related value of the first load to a predefined threshold, and turning ON a second load after a selected one of a first time delay or a... Agent:

20120049628 - Apparatus for charging an external capacitor: Conventional circuits often have undesirable characteristics to due “hot spots” or use a large amount of area. Here, however, a charging circuit is provides that uses an improved driver. Namely, an amplifier within a current sensor is used to control the rate that a switch can charge an external capacitor.... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120049627 - Current collecting box for photovoltaic power generation: A current collecting box for photovoltaic power generation comprising a ground fault detector detecting a ground fault in photovoltaic strings; a switch disposed for each of the photovoltaic strings and interposed between the photovoltaic string and a connecting cable; a control circuit determining the presence of a ground fault and... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120049630 - Device for monitoring the insulation of a non-grounded electrical dc grid, particularly a photovoltaic system, and system comprising such a device: The invention relates to an insulation monitoring device (IMD) in a non-grounded electrical DC grid (DC-IT System), particularly an electrical photovoltaic system (PV). Said device has a power supply unit (B), which is supplied with electrical energy from the electrical DC grid (DC-IT System). According to the invention a rechargeable... Agent: Dip.-ing. W. Bender Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120049629 - Method and apparatus for control of fault-induced delayed voltage recovery (fidvr) with photovoltaic and other inverter-based devices: A method of assembling a motor stall correction system includes coupling an inverter-based electric power generation device to an electric power inverter assembly. The method also includes coupling the electric power inverter assembly to at least one induction motor. The method further includes operatively coupling at least one controller to... Agent:

20120049631 - Power supply system and method for electronic apparatus: A power supply system includes an adapter adapted to covert AC power into DC power, a power supply chipset connected to the adapter, a main battery, a slave battery, and a control chipset connected to the power supply chipset, the main battery, and the slave battery. The power supply chipset... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120049633 - Multi-voltage power supply for a universal airplane ground support equipment cart: An airplane ground support system includes a multi-voltage power supply. A control system within the power conversion module receives measurements to regulate the power module's output to a predetermined preset voltage level as mandated by the power output selection signal. In an alternate embodiment a multi-voltage or upgradable power supply... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120049632 - Power supply device and recording apparatus including the device: A power supply device which supplies power through a power supply line to a device, the power supply device including a first voltage generation unit which generates first DC voltage and supplies the first DC voltage to the power supply line, a second voltage generation unit which generates second DC... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120049637 - Methods and systems for operating a power generation system: A photovoltaic (PV) power generation system is described. The system includes a plurality of PV collector units that include at least one PV cell and a collector-side single-phase inverter. The plurality of PV collector units are configured for coupling with a symmetric poly-phase alternating current (AC) load. The system also... Agent:

20120049634 - Power conversion using dc and ac current sharing to produce an ac distribution output: Examples provide DC current sharing at a first stage and AC current sharing at a second stage to provide an AC power distribution output.... Agent:

20120049635 - Solar power generation system and method: A power generation system includes photovoltaic (PV) modules for generating power and power converters coupled to receive power from the PV modules. The power generation system further includes converter controllers to control the power converters, each converter controller includes a maximum power point tracking control element. A master controller in... Agent: General Electric Company

20120049636 - System and method for distribution of inverter var support: Power inverters are controlled in response to reactive power support commands received from a power grid such that at least one power inverter provides reactive power to the power grid. The reactive power provided is based on each power inverter's reactive power capacity only while the total power capacity of... Agent: General Electric Company

20120049638 - System and method for paralleling electrical power generators: A plurality of generators can be connected in parallel to a common electrical bus. Each generator has a controller that regulates the voltage and frequency of the electricity being produced. Before a given generator connects to the electrical bus, its controller senses whether electricity is present on the bus and... Agent:

20120049639 - Smart plug with internal condition-based demand response capability: A smart load switch or smart plug incorporates a built-in circuit that can monitor a physical variable condition and compare that sensed condition to data stored in a memory. A controller receives input data from the measuring device, compares the data to the reference data in memory, and selectively controls... Agent: General Electric Company

20120049640 - Power transmitting apparatus and power transmission system: This disclosure provides a power transmitting apparatus including coupling electrodes couplable to a power receiving apparatus to transmit power to the receiving apparatus. A high-frequency voltage generator circuit is adapted to supply a high-frequency voltage across the coupling electrodes in accordance with a signal output from a control circuit. A... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120049648 - Adaptive resonance power transmitter: Provided is an apparatus and method for adaptively adjusting an amount of a power to be wirelessly transmitted. In one embodiment, an adaptive resonance power transmitter may include: a source resonator configured to transmit resonance power to a resonance power receiver; a power amplifier configured to amplify a source power... Agent:

20120049642 - Apparatus and method for resonance power transmission and resonance power reception: Provided is an apparatus and method that may select a target for a wireless power transmission. A resonance power transmitter may include a source resonance unit including a plurality of source resonators that are each configured to transmit AC power to a resonance power receiver; a path-multiplexer configured to supply... Agent:

20120049643 - Apparatus for radiative wireless power transmission and wireless power reception: Provided is an apparatus that may control a direction of wireless power transmission. A radiative wireless power transmitter may include at least two first unit resonators to form a magnetic field with a target resonator based on an x-axis direction and a z-axis direction, and to transmit a resonance power... Agent:

20120049645 - Electronic component, power feeding apparatus, power receiving apparatus, and wireless power feeding system: The present disclosure provides an electronic component, including, a coil, and a circuit portion having a grounding terminal and a hot terminal and connected to the coil, wherein the grounding terminal of the circuit portion is connected to one end side of the coil, and the hot terminal of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120049644 - Resonance power transmission system based on power transmission efficiency: A resonance power transmission system for controlling a supply voltage of a power converter based on power transmission efficiency is provided. According to an aspect, a resonance power transmitter configured to transmit resonance power to one or more resonance power receivers may include: a voltage controller configured to receive an... Agent:

20120049649 - Signal transmission device, filter, and inter-substrate communication device: In a signal transmission device, first open-ended resonators include a first first-open-ended resonator and a second first-open-ended resonator, in which open ends of the first first-open-ended resonator face a central portion of the second first-open-ended resonator, and a central portion of the first first-open-ended resonator faces open ends of the... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120049650 - System for transferring energy wirelessly: There is disclosed a system for transferring energy wirelessly by an evanescent electromagnetic field. The system includes a housing including electrically conducting walls defining a space and an injector configured to inject electromagnetic waves into the space. A wall of the housing is configured to be placed adjacent to an... Agent: Telecom Italia S.p.a.

20120049641 - Wireless power feeder, wireless power transmission system, and table and table lamp using the same: Power is fed from a feeding coil to a receiving coil by magnetic resonance. A drive circuit outputs an IN signal generated by an oscillator as a DR signal to alternately turn ON/OFF switching transistors at a resonance frequency, whereby AC current is fed to the feeding coil, and then... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120049646 - Wireless power feeding system: Disclosed herein is a wireless power feeding system, including: a power feeding apparatus including a wireless power transmitting grid transmitting an electric power for wireless power feeding, and a first wireless communication grid carrying out wireless communication; and a power receiving apparatus including a wireless power receiving grid receiving the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120049647 - Wireless power transmitter and method that transmits resonance power using multiple bands: A wireless power transmitter that transmits a resonance power via a multi-band resonator and a method thereof are provided. According to an aspect, a wireless power transmitter may include: a source unit configured to generate resonance power; a power amplifying unit configured to amplify the resonance power; and a multi-band... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120049652 - Household appliance and control module for such a household appliance: A household appliance includes an electronic control facility controlling at least one appliance component of the household appliance, and a connection adapted for connecting the household appliance to a network connection line to supply the household appliance with electrical energy. The connection has at least one interface contact, wherein electricity... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh

20120049651 - Power switch control device and method: A power switch control device includes a control chip connected to power switches distributed in a room, and a microcontroller connected to the control chip. When a person gets through an entry/exit door of the room, both of a first sensor fixed to an interior surface of the door and... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120049653 - Electrical cord reel with control system to limit overheating: In an electrical cord reel, a rotatable member can rotate about a winding axis to spool and unspool a linear material. An input power connector can couple to an electrical power source. An output power connector on the rotatable member can couple to an electrical cord at least partially wound... Agent: Great Stuff, Inc.

20120049654 - Electronic device and powering off method for the electronic device: An electronic device is provided. The electronic device is connected to an external power supply through an interface. The electronic device comprises a processing unit and an input unit. The input unit responds to a power off operation to generate a power off signal and sends the power off signal... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120049655 - Stand-by power mode for power line modem: The external power supply comprises a modem, a power source for providing an operating voltage for the modem and a supply voltage for an appliance and a power safe control. The power safe control comprises a current sense element for sensing a supply current of the supply voltage and a... Agent:

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