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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

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02/23/2012 > 25 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120043808 - Apparatus and method for transferring data and energy via devices of a network: An apparatus and a method for transferring data and energy over network units of a defined network. The apparatus has at least two units, a bus coupling the units with a receive line and a transmit line and a bus control device coupled with the bus, the bus control device... Agent:

20120043807 - Charging device for vehicle: An electric power reception terminal is configured such that it can electrically be connected to an AC power supply. A charger is configured to convert AC power input from the electric power reception terminal to a prescribed DC voltage. A non-contact electric power reception portion is configured to receive electric... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120043809 - Auxiliary device using primary inverter feeds: An electric machine system includes an electric motor, an auxiliary device configured to receive filtered electric power, and a filter. The filter is configured to receive electric power and to pass filtered electric power to the auxiliary device at a frequency not used for power conversion to rotational energy by... Agent: Remy Technologies, L.L.C.

20120043810 - Method and system for eliminating fuel consumption during dynamic braking of electric drive machines: A drive system (100, 100a-c) for an electric drive machine (102, 102a-c) having an engine (104, 104a-c), a generator (106, 106a-c), a motor (108, 108a-c), final drive wheels (110, 110a-c) and auxiliary devices (116, 116a-c) is provided. The drive system (100, 100a-c) may include an inverter circuit (118, 118a-c) and... Agent: Caterpillar, Inc.

20120043811 - Power supply having improved system efficiency: A power supply having improved system efficiency includes: a standby stage converting a DC voltage into an operating voltage and a first standby voltage, which have a preset magnitude, and supplying the first standby voltage to a standby output terminal; a DC/DC stage supplied with the operating voltage from the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120043812 - Power managers for an integrated circuit: A system for an integrated circuit comprising a plurality of power islands includes a first power manager and a second power manager. The first power manager manages a first power consumption for the integrated circuit based on needs and operation of the integrated circuit. The second power manager communicates with... Agent:

20120043813 - Power control apparatus and method: According to one embodiment, a power control apparatus includes a calculation unit, a detection unit, a storage unit, a selection unit and an execution unit. The calculation unit calculates a spare power capacity and a total spare power capacity. The detection unit detects whether a required spare capacity is short,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120043814 - Solar cell and battery 3d integration: An integrated photovoltaic cell and battery device, a method of manufacturing the same and a photovoltaic power system incorporating the integrated photovoltaic cell and battery device. The integrated photovoltaic cell and battery device includes a photovoltaic cell, a battery, and interconnects providing three-dimensional integration of the photovoltaic cell and the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120043815 - Active filtering electrical accumulator unit: A power generation system has a generator, a power bus and an electrical accumulator unit. The electrical accumulator unit includes an independent controller that actively filters transients from the power bus.... Agent:

20120043816 - Submodule for a multi-stage power converter having additional energy storage device: A submodule for forming a multilevel power converter for electric energy distribution and transmission, includes a capacitor unit and a power semiconductor circuit having power semiconductors that can be switched off. The capacitor unit and the power semiconductor circuit are interconnected in such a way that, depending on the actuation... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120043817 - Drive system for a facility having an alternating-current isolated network: At least one embodiment of the invention generally relates to a drive system for a facility having an alternating-current isolated network, in particular for a ship or an offshore platform, including a three-phase drive machine, which can be operated both as a motor and as a generator, and including a... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120043818 - Switching circuits for extracting power from an electric power source and associated methods: An electric power system includes N electric power sources and N switching circuits, where N in an integer greater than one. Each switching circuit includes an input port electrically coupled to a respective one of the N electric power sources, an output port, and a first switching device adapted to... Agent: Volterra Semiconductor Corporation

20120043821 - Electronic device and method of controlling power supply therein: Disclosed is an electronic device, which includes an external power supply unit configured to receive power from an external power source and an auxiliary power storage unit configured to be charged upon receiving the power from the external power supply unit and store the power. The electronic device further includes... Agent:

20120043820 - Fuel cell system having bypass circuit and method of driving the same: Disclosed is a fuel cell system, which bypasses a cell, bundle, or stack. The fuel cell system includes a stack, which includes at least one unit cell including an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte formed between the anode and the cathode. The unit cell produces electricity via an electrochemical... Agent:

20120043819 - Power storage system, method of controlling the same, and computer readable recording medium storing a program for executing the method: A power storage system for supplying power to a load by coupling a power generation system, a battery, and a grid, the power storage system includes a battery management system (BMS) for controlling charging and discharging of the battery and a power supply circuit for supplying power to the BMS,... Agent:

20120043822 - Modular electrical accumulator unit: A modular electrical accumulator unit includes multiple electrical accumulator unit modules, which are operated in conjunction with each other to form a single electrical accumulator unit.... Agent:

20120043823 - Switching circuits for extracting power from an electric power source and associated methods: A switching circuit for extracting power from an electric power source includes (1) an input port for electrically coupling to the electric power source, (2) an output port for electrically coupling to a load, (3) a first switching device configured to switch between its conductive state and its non-conductive state... Agent: Volterra Semiconductor Corporation

20120043827 - Adaptive inductive power supply with communication: An adaptive inductive ballast is provided with the capability to communicate with a remote device powered by the ballast. To improve the operation of the ballast, the ballast changes its operating characteristics based upon information received from the remote device. Further, the ballast may provide a path for the remote... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20120043826 - Coil apparatus and non-contact power transmission apparatus: A coil apparatus and a non-contact power transmission apparatus having improved power transmission efficiency are provided. A power transmission side coil apparatus comprises: an excitation coil (second winding section) which transmits AC power supplied from a power source to a transmission coil; a resonance circuit (first resonance circuit) which is... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120043824 - Electromagnetic transmission apparatus: An electromagnetic transmission apparatus comprises a plurality of electromagnetic coupling elements, wherein each electromagnetic coupling element has at least one resonant structure. The plurality of electromagnetic coupling elements are arranged that when the electromagnetic transmission apparatus is operated within a specific frequency band, an electromagnetic coupling device near the electromagnetic... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120043825 - Wireless power feeder, wireless power receiver, and wireless power transmission system: Power is fed from a feeding coil L2 to a receiving coil L3 by magnetic resonance. A VCO 202 alternately turns ON/OFF switching transistors Q1 and Q2 at a drive frequency fo, whereby AC power is fed to the feeding coil L2, and then the AC power is fed from... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120043828 - Uninterruptible photosensing power controller for streetlight: An uninterruptible photosensing power controller for streetlight has a control box and a photosensing device. The control box has two sets of power cables and a socket. One set of power cables is connected to a utility pole and the other set of power cables is connected to a streetlight.... Agent:

20120043829 - Mode switching rc network: Various embodiments include apparatus, systems, and methods having a conductive contact configured to couple to a resistor-capacitor (RC) network, a device unit coupled to the conductive contact, and a mode switching unit to change a characteristic of a signal at the conductive contact based at least in part on an... Agent: Atmel Corporation

20120043830 - Adaptable automation control module with integrated power bus distributor: Present embodiments include an adaptable automation control component that includes a base capable of communicatively coupling with a system bus and with a functional module that includes communication and control circuitry. The adaptable automation control component also includes a device power bus including electrical contacts that are capable of communicatively... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20120043831 - Human-robot interactive system: A human-robot interactive system wherein a robot and a human share an area for performing interactive work, characterized by being provided with a force sensor which is set at an end effector attached to a front end of the robot or which is set at the robot and stopping the... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

02/16/2012 > 18 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120038210 - Apparatus and method for electric floating storage and offloading: An Electric Floating Storage and Offloading system comprises a floating vessel that may be moored at a location convenient for connection to the power grid and which supports an array of grid-scale batteries or other energy storage devices and has means for delivering stored electrical energy to the power grid... Agent: Seahorse Equipment Corp.

20120038211 - Drive authorization system for an electric drive: A drive authorization system for an electric drive includes a predefined number of field coils and a rotationally movable element. An evaluation and control unit for operation of the electric drive determines the current position of the movable element from several items of positional information, which can be made available... Agent: Daimler Ag

20120038212 - Power-fluctuation reducing apparatus for power generation system: According to one embodiment, there is provided a power-fluctuation reducing apparatus in a power generation system to control a converter connected to the power generation system and connected to secondary batteries. The power-fluctuation reducing apparatus includes adjusting direct current voltages output from the secondary batteries, respectively, detecting the directing current... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120038213 - Non-charging battery backup unit (bbu): A battery backup unit (BBU) includes a housing, at least one battery compartment in the housing with an output terminal, a DC input, a DC output, a path from the DC input to the DC output, circuitry for selectively connecting the output terminal to the path, which circuitry includes a... Agent:

20120038214 - System for multiple energy storage and management and method of making same: A system for multiple energy storage and management includes a propulsion system includes an electric drive and a direct current (DC) link electrically and a first energy storage system coupled to the electric drive. The first energy storage system includes a low specific-power energy storage device (ESD). A coupling device... Agent:

20120038215 - System for multiple energy storage and management and method of making same: A propulsion system includes an electric drive, a first energy storage system electrically coupled to the electric drive through a DC link, and a second energy storage system electrically coupled to the first energy storage system in a series connection. The first energy storage system comprises a high specific-energy storage... Agent:

20120038216 - System for multiple energy storage and management and method of making same: A propulsion system includes an electric drive, a first energy storage system electrically coupled to the electric drive through a DC link, and a second energy storage system electrically coupled to the first energy storage system in a series connection. The first energy storage system comprises a high specific-energy storage... Agent:

20120038217 - Controller apparatus with maximum power point tracking for controlling an electric power generation system based on photovoltaic sources, controlling method and related electric power generation system: Controller apparatus with MPPT tracking for controlling an electric power generation system comprising two identical sub-sections of a photovoltaic field, connected to two respective identical switching power converters, the two converters being controlled by two respective periodic controlling signals and the outputs of the two converters being connected in parallel.... Agent:

20120038218 - Power transmission system: A power transmission system a power transmission apparatus, a center frequency acquiring unit, and a control unit. The power transmission apparatus includes a primary-side coupling electrode electrically configured to couple to a secondary-side coupling electrode and connected load circuit of a power receiving apparatus, a high-frequency voltage generating circuit configured... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120038219 - Wireless energy transfer with anisotropic metamaterials: Embodiments of the invention disclose a system configured to exchange energy wirelessly. The system includes a structure configured to exchange the energy wirelessly via a coupling of evanescent waves, wherein the structure is electromagnetic (EM) and non-radiative, and wherein the structure generates an EM near-field in response to receiving the... Agent:

20120038220 - Wireless power transmission apparatus and transmission method thereof: Disclosed herein are a wireless power transmission apparatus and a transmission method thereof. The wireless power transmission apparatus is configured to include a wireless power transmitter generating a wireless power signal to be wireless transmitted, wirelessly transmitting the generated wireless power signal by a magnetic resonance manner, receiving a reflection... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120038221 - Electronic correction unit: The present invention relates to a device for power factor correction and electrical wide band filtering in electrical systems for reducing considerably voltages of frequencies higher than 110 Hz on power systems rated for 10 Hz to 60 Hz and to improve power factor by injecting reactive power into the... Agent:

20120038222 - Self-matching pulse generator with adjustable pulse width and pulse frequency: Pulse-generator circuits that permit independent control of pulse widths and the delays between successive pulses. In several embodiments, a pulse-generator subcircuit includes a transmission-line segment comprising first and second conductors, configured such that the first conductor is coupled to a first DC potential. The pulse-generator subcircuit further includes a terminating... Agent: Alcon Research, Ltd.

20120038224 - Circuit arrangement and method for supplying a high-power functional component with high-voltage pulses: A circuit arrangement for supplying a high-power functional component with high-voltage pulses, having two input terminals for applying an input voltage, two output terminals for connection to a high-voltage terminal contacts of the high-power functional component, a plurality of charge storage modules, which each contain a capacitive element, and which... Agent: Transtechnik Gmbh & Co., Kg

20120038223 - Power supply system and fixed and movable body therefor: Provided is a power supply system which makes it possible to stably supply power regardless of changes in placement of electrodes. The power supply system for supplying power to a load (24). The fixed body (10) includes: a first power-transmitting electrode (12) and second power-transmitting electrode (13); and an AC... Agent:

20120038225 - Vertical bus disconnect: A vertical bus disconnect for Motor Control Center Sections. The invention removes/opens a connection between the horizontal bus and vertical bus when it is in the OPEN or OFF state. The invention creates/closes a connection between the horizontal bus and vertical bus when it is in the CLOSED or ON... Agent:

20120038226 - Systems and methods for monitoring pill taking: Systems and methods are disclosed for operating electronic components in a device by separating the devices into a high power group and a low power group; constantly powering the low power group; providing a movable device coupled to power when the device is moved; and providing power to the high... Agent:

20120038227 - Semiconductor assisted dc load break contactor: An electrical switch apparatus for use in connecting and disconnecting a DC power source and a load includes first and second pairs of controllable electromechanical contacts coupled to the DC power source and the load for connecting the power source to the load when the contacts are closed, and disconnecting... Agent: Xantrex Technology Inc.

02/09/2012 > 31 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20120032503 - Electronic system having resistors serially connected: An electronic system has a capacitor that smoothes voltage of a direct current source, a resistance circuit that discharges charge of the capacitor, and an inverter circuit that converts the smoothed voltage into a three-phase ac voltage and applies this ac voltage to a motor. The resistance circuit has resistors... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120032504 - Power source device: An electrical generator is connected with a first end of DC/DC converter and an electric storage section is connected with a second end of the converter. An output voltage detecting circuit is connected to the electrical generator, and a control circuit is connected to both the DC/DC converter and the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120032505 - Power supply system and vehicle equipped with the same: Converters are connected in parallel with each other to a pair of electric power lines. When required electric power required by a drive force generation unit is not more than a threshold value, a converter ECU causes a voltage converting operation of one of the converters that is associated with... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120032506 - Method and apparatus for starting an internal combustion engine: A starting system for an internal combustion engine includes a starter motor configured to transfer torque to the engine during an engine starting event, a low-voltage power bus including a first bus segment and a second bus segment, a controllable isolation circuit including a first state wherein the first and... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120032507 - Electric power system: To provide an electric power system capable of adequately controlling the power flow in an AC switch (120) constituting an interruptible power supply, an electric power system according to the present invention includes: an uninterruptible power supply (100) including an AC switch (120) provided between a commercial power supply (200)... Agent: Shimizu Corporation

20120032508 - Method and apparatus for peak shifting adjustment: An apparatus and a method for peak shifting adjustment are disclosed. The apparatus includes a controlling unit that is configured to sequentially control different outputting units to output the Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) signals according to a preset time sequence. The interval between two adjacent outputted PWM signals is T1, which... Agent: Chengdu Huawei Symantec Technologies Co., Ltd.

20120032509 - Voltage transforming device and method and power supply system: A voltage transforming device is provided, which includes: a first voltage transforming module, configured to perform a pre-stage voltage transformation on an input DC voltage to output an isolated DC voltage, in which the pre-stage voltage transformation includes a primary transformation that converts the input DC voltage to a to-be-transformed... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20120032510 - Server management system and method: In a server management method, a blade server system including a plurality of blade servers is connected to a monitor device in series. The monitor device sends a command to the server system to control the plurality of blade servers. The plurality of blade servers responds to the command. The... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120032513 - Battery management circuit, battery module and battery management method: A battery management circuit, a battery module and a battery management method are provided. The battery management circuit includes a conduction circuit and a control circuit. The battery management is coupled to a rechargeable battery cell and has a first conduction path passing through the rechargeable battery cell and a... Agent: Energy Pass, Inc.

20120032512 - M2lc system coupled to a current source power supply: A system. The system is a modular multilevel converter system and includes a plurality of series connected two-terminal modular multilevel converter subsystems. The subsystems are magnetically coupled to an AC current source power supply.... Agent: Curtiss-wright Electro-mechanical Corporation

20120032511 - Vss-sensing amplifier: Some embodiments regard a circuit comprising a memory cell, a first data line, a second data line, a sensing circuit coupled to the first data line and the second data line, a node selectively coupled to at least three voltage sources via at least three respective switches, a fourth switch,... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120032514 - Household appliance with demonstration mode function: Household appliance comprising: a user interface, a logic unit adapted to control the user interface and the other electrical components of the household appliance, and to perform, via the user interface, a demonstration mode, a main power supply circuit connectable to the supply mains and adapted to energize the user... Agent: Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

20120032515 - Systems for optimized solar power inversion: The DC-AC inversion of solar power in systems having high voltage, highly varying photovoltaic power sources may be provided to optimize input into a high voltage, high power photovoltaic DC-AC inverter. The inverter may coordinate the conversion of solar power in photovoltaic DC-DC power converters to achieve a desired inverter... Agent: Ampt, LLC

20120032516 - Uninterruptible power supply system and power management method thereof suitable for audio visual apparatus: An uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) and a power management method thereof suitable for an audio visual apparatus are provided. The uninterruptible power supply system includes a power management unit, a wireless transceiver module and a current detecting unit, wherein the current detecting unit is coupled to an output of... Agent: Powertech Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120032517 - Dc-dc converter: A voltage drop of an output voltage of a DC-DC converter, caused by a wiring resistance, can properly be compensated at low cost. The DC-DC converter is connected to a low-voltage battery through an ignition switch and started up by the ignition switch. A transformation unit transforms a voltage inputted... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120032518 - Method and apparatus for energy harvest from ambient sources: An energy harvesting system includes a plurality of transducers. The transducers are configured to generate direct current (DC) voltages from a plurality of ambient energy sources. A sensor control circuit has a plurality of sensors configured to detect the DC signals from the plurality of transducers. A DC-to-DC converter is... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20120032519 - Automated shore power system: A shore power system includes a primary switchgear, a secondary switchgear, a dual output power transformer disposed in electrical communication between the primary switchgear and the secondary switchgear, a grounding switch section, and a vessel connector assembly. The shore power system further includes an automation and control system for automating... Agent: Cochran, Inc.

20120032520 - Reduction of inrush current due to voltage sags with switch and shunt resistance: Various systems and methods are provided for minimizing an inrush current to a load after a voltage sag in a power voltage. In one embodiment, a method is provided comprising the steps of applying a power voltage to a load, and detecting a sag in the power voltage during steady-state... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20120032525 - Electrical powered vehicle and power feeding device for vehicle: An electrical powered vehicle includes a secondary self-resonant coil, a secondary coil, a rectifier, and a power storage device. The secondary self-resonant coil is configured to be magnetically coupled with a primary self-resonant coil of a power feeding device by magnetic field resonance, and allow reception of high frequency power... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120032521 - Non-contact electric power feeding equipment and non-contact electric power feeding system: Electric power feeding equipment and an electric power receiving device include a primary self resonant coil and a secondary self resonant coil coil, respectively, resonating through an electromagnetic field to allow the electric power feeding equipment to feed the electric power receiving device with electric power in a non-contact manner.... Agent: Nippon Soken, Inc.

20120032523 - Supplying power to underwater devices: A method of supplying electrical power to at least one device at a tree of an underwater fluid extraction well is disclosed. The method comprises using magnetic resonance coupling for wirelessly transmitting power from a supply to each device.... Agent:

20120032524 - System and method for food preparation: A food preparation system includes a non-contact power supply for energizing a cooking appliance. The food preparation system includes a communication system for enabling communication between a food appliance and the system. The appliance transmits an identifier to the system. If the appliance does not have a transmitter, the system... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20120032522 - Wireless energy transfer for implantable devices: Described herein are improved configurations for a wireless power transfer. Described are methods and designs for implantable electronics and devices. Wireless energy transfer is utilized to eliminate cords and power cables puncturing the skin to power an implantable device. Repeater resonators are employed to improve the power transfer characteristics between... Agent:

20120032526 - Methods, systems and devices for dissipating kinetic energy from shock waves with electrical loads: Methods, systems and devices for dissipating kinetic energy from a shock wave are provided herein. In one embodiment, a method for dissipating kinetic energy from a shock wave may include: applying a magnetic flux across a shock wave disposed within a channel, wherein the channel includes substantially constant dimensions as... Agent: Applied Research Associates, Inc.

20120032527 - Thermogenerator arrangement, thermal switch, and method for operating an electrical device: A thermogenerator arrangement is provided. The thermogenerator arrangement comprising an electrically operable device, switching means by means of which the device can be switched from a first, energy-saving state to a second, active state and at least one thermogenerator which generates an electrical signal when there is a temperature change... Agent: Micropelt Gmbh

20120032528 - Interface device for host device, interface device for slave device, host device, slave device, communication system and interface voltage switching method: A communication system in which an operating voltage can be selected from a plurality of interface voltages enables an interface voltage to be switched in a stable manner during operation of the system. When the interface voltage is to be switched, a host device (1) and a slave device (2)... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120032529 - Latching relay control circuitry: Electronic circuits and methods are provided for power conservation applications. A latching relay includes a controlled switch electrically coupled within a power supply of a computer or other load. Circuitry of the present teachings controls operation of the latching relay. Set and reset conditions of the latching relay establish normal... Agent:

20120032530 - Beam power with multipoint broadcast: A beam power source transmits a signal indicating power availability, receives a request for power in response, and beams power in response to the request.... Agent: Searete LLC.

20120032531 - Power bank apparatus with speaker: A power bank apparatus with speaker combines the function of power bank and the function of speaker. The power bank apparatus not only charges the portable electronic apparatuses but also supplies power to the internal speaker. The voice or music of the portable electronic apparatus is amplified by the speaker... Agent: Cooler Master Co., Ltd.

20120032532 - System for generating electrical power and method of operating the system: A system for generating electrical power is described. In at least one embodiment, the system includes a turbine that is mechanically connected to a generator, wherein the generator is electrically connected via a first converter to a load. The first converter generates a first output current. A second output current... Agent: Converteam Technology Ltd.

20120032533 - Electric motor car control system: An embodiment of an electric motor car control system includes a resistor connected parallel to a main motor cut-off switch, or a switch for grounding terminals of the main motor, to discharge electric charges accumulated in stray capacitances of the main motor, whereby the electric motor car control system can... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

02/02/2012 > 32 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120025604 - Electrical power supply system for an aircraft: The invention relates to an electrical power supply system for an aircraft comprising at least one main generator (20) feeding at least one technical load and at least one commercial load through at least one electrical power distribution channel comprising at least one electrical distribution busbar (21, 23, 25) and... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)

20120025603 - Inductive power transfer apparatus: A magnetic flux pad for generating or receiving magnetic flux has two pole areas (11, 12), a permeable core (14) and a coil (16) wound about the core. The pad allows useable flux to be generated at a significant height above a surface of the pad.... Agent:

20120025602 - Inductive power transfer apparatus: A magnetic flux pad for receiving or generating magnetic flux. The pad includes two pole areas (11, 12) associated with a magnetically permeable core 14. Coils 17 define the pole areas. The pad allows useable flux to be generated at a significant height above a surface of the pad.... Agent:

20120025601 - Low voltage bus stability: Systems and methods provide voltage stability for a low voltage bus coupling a DC/DC converter with a low voltage load comprising one or more vehicle accessories. The DC/DC converter can be coupled to a high voltage battery, the low voltage load, and a starter circuit configured for starting an engine.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120025605 - System having vehicles: the induction voltage arising at the second coil corresponds to the difference of the summation voltage of all individual voltages induced at the windings of the first type, and to the summation voltage of all individual voltages induced at the windings of the second type, when the magnetic flux enclosed... Agent: Sew-eurodrive Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120025606 - Dual output power supply: A single power supply provides at least one constant voltage output and at least one constant current output. The single power supply includes two or more switching power converters, such as flyback converters, that are independently controllable based on an error signal corresponding to the associated output. Further, one or... Agent:

20120025607 - Power supply system for mounting to a rail: Power supply system for mounting to a rail has an AC/DC converter for converting high voltage AC power to low voltage DC power a controller for controlling the power supply system, an AC/DC converter and controller module for mounting to the rail and for connection to the AC/DC converter and... Agent: Eltek Valere As

20120025608 - Multiple power sources for a switching power converter controller: An electronic system includes two power supplies to supply an operating voltage to a switching power converter. The first power supply, referred to as a start-up power supply, includes a first source follower transistor to conduct a start-up current for a controller and supply an operating voltage for the controller.... Agent:

20120025610 - Power supply having low quiescent consumption: Electronic circuitry and methods are provided. Electrical energy is coupled to a transformer by way of line filter of a power supply. A clipper circuit limits the alternating-current voltage applied to the primary side. A voltage tripler receives output from the secondary side of the transformer and a resulting voltage... Agent:

20120025609 - Very high efficiency uninterruptible power supply: The invention is an electrical power conversion topology. The preferred embodiment is as a three-phase, on-line Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The desired AC output voltage waveform is formed on each output line or phase of the UPS, using pulse modulation techniques and a smoothing output filter inductor. A semiconductor switching... Agent: Renewable Power Conversion, Inc.

20120025611 - Wireless power feeding system and wireless power feeding method: A power feeding device which wirelessly supplies power to a power receiver receives a position and resonant frequency detection signal from the power receiver, detects the position and the resonant frequency of the power receiver, and controls the frequency of a power signal to be transmitted to the power receiver... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120025612 - Methods and circuits for power switching: The present invention relates to a method and a circuit for power switching. The method comprises the steps of: providing a operation circuit; receiving a command from a Host and setting up a power mode of the operation circuit; supplying a first rated consuming power source and then a second... Agent: Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

20120025613 - Electric power supply device: A power supply device includes an electric storage unit connected to a main power supply and a load via a charging circuit; and a control circuit connected to the main power supply, the charging circuit, a voltage detection circuit, and a current detection circuit. When the electric storage unit is... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120025614 - Uninterruptible power supply apparatus and methods using reconfigurable energy storage networks: A power supply system includes an inverter circuit, for example, an inverter circuit of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), having an output configured to be coupled to a load and an input configured to be coupled to a power source and a storage network configuration circuit configured to vary interconnections... Agent:

20120025616 - Dc power system having a power architecture for optimizing efficiency and a system controller of the system: A DC power system and a system controller for the DC power system are disclosed herein. The architecture of the DC power allows optimizing efficiency thereof. In one embodiment, the DC power system includes: (1) a battery configured to provide transitional DC power to a load bus of the DC... Agent: Lineage Power Corporation

20120025615 - Power supply apparatus: A power supply apparatus is disclosed. The power supply apparatus includes a rechargeable battery and a battery management system (BMS) for managing charging and discharging of the battery. The power supply apparatus is configured to supply an operating power to the BMS from an external power of an external power... Agent:

20120025617 - Connecting mechanism arrangeable to a photovoltaic module: A connecting device which can be arranged relative to a photovoltaic module for the purpose of electrically connecting a plurality of photovoltaic modules to one another and/or to an inverter device comprising at least a housing. The housing includes a first housing element and a second housing element; first connection... Agent: Semikron Electronik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120025618 - Thin-film photovoltaic power element with integrated low-profile high-efficiency dc-dc converter: A photovoltaic device includes at least one photovoltaic cell and a DC/DC converter electrically coupled to the at least one photovoltaic cell. The at least one photovoltaic cell and the DC/DC converter are integrated into a photovoltaic package.... Agent: Miasole

20120025620 - Hybrid power management system and method for unmanned remote cell sites: A method is disclosed for managing power at an unmanned remote cell site having at least one battery and at least one generator. The method includes the steps of determining whether there is a commercial power outage at the remote cell site and determining whether site temperature at the remote... Agent:

20120025619 - Method for high voltage bus control in fuel cell vehicles: A system and method for controlling the voltage on a high voltage bus in a fuel cell system in response to a failed high voltage battery. The method includes determining if the high voltage battery has failed, and disconnecting the battery from the high voltage bus in response to a... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120025621 - Device, system, and method for sectioning and coupling multiple photovoltaic strings: A photovoltaic system has a power converter connected by power rails to a plurality of photovoltaic strings, each string has serially connected photovoltaic panels and switches. The switches divide each string into sections, and the strings are distributed in electrical parallel paths over a plurality of arrays with one section... Agent:

20120025624 - Low power detection of wireless power devices: Exemplary embodiments are directed to detection and validation of wirelessly chargeable devices positioned within a charging region of a wireless power transmitter. A device may include a wireless power transmitter configured detect a change in at least one parameter at the transmitter. The transmitter may further be configured to determine... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120025623 - Multi-loop wireless power receive coil: Exemplary embodiments are directed to wireless power reception at a wireless power receiver. A receiver may include a coil comprising a plurality of loops. The receiver may further include a switching element coupled to the coil for selectively shorting at least one loop of the plurality.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120025628 - Power transmitting apparatus, power receiving apparatus, and power transmission system: A power transmitting apparatus has a power transmitting apparatus side active electrode provided within the casing thereof along a seat. A power transmitting apparatus side passive electrode is exposed on a backrest. A power receiving apparatus has a power receiving apparatus side active electrode formed along the bottom surface thereof.... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120025625 - System and installation for transferring electrical energy without contact: A contact-free inductive power transfer system for minimizing the radiating magnetic field in the vicinity of the transmission zone. The system includes a primary coil (9) of n1 turns and a secondary coil (10) of n2 turns. In operation, the same volume of current is circulated in the primary and... Agent: Numexia Sa

20120025629 - Systems and methods for distributing energy in a roadway: A system and method for powering of a vehicle is disclosed. In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, a roadway may include an embedded conductor and a source of energy. The embedded conductor may be embedded in the roadway configured to transfer energy to a vehicle upon the roadway... Agent:

20120025626 - Wireless feeding system: The present disclosure provides a wireless feeding system including: a feeding device; and a power receiving device receiving power transmitted from the feeding device; wherein the feeding device includes a power generating section generating the power to be fed, and a resonant element fed with the power generated by the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120025627 - Wireless power feeding system and wireless power feeding method: e

20120025622 - Wireless power transmitter, wireless power receiver, and method for wireless power transfer using them: Provided is a method for a wireless power transfer. The method includes modulating a transmission frequency according to a predetermined value at a wireless power transmitter; and transmitting a high frequency signal according to the modulated transmission signal from the wireless power transmitter to at least one wireless power receiver... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunication Research Institute

20120025630 - Image forming apparatus: There is provided an image forming apparatus including: a load device which performs a copy function, a scan function, a print function and the like; and a power saving mode such as a standby mode and a sleep mode. When the image forming apparatus is in the power saving mode,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120025631 - Wireless power feeding system and wireless power feeding method: An object is to provide a power feeding system and a power feeding method which are more convenient for a power feeding user at the power receiving end, without causing increases in complexity and size of devices. An object is to provide a power feeding system and a power feeding... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20120025632 - Electric motor apparatus: An apparatus is provided and includes a load, circuitry coupled to the load for turning the load on and off, a conduit box through which electricity is transmitted to the load to power the load when the load is turned on, the conduit box including a conduit box body formed... Agent: General Electric Company

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