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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems October categorized by USPTO classification 10/11

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10/27/2011 > 29 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20110260528 - Power supply apparatus for vehicle: A power supply apparatus for a vehicle supplies/charges electric power to/from a power supply unit. The vehicle includes a first power-inverter circuit, a capacitor, high-resistance and low-resistance electric-paths between the capacitor and a battery, a first switching unit opening/closing the electric-paths, and a unit operating the first switching unit, when... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110260529 - On-demand electric power control strategy: A motor vehicle includes an internal combustion engine configured to generate engine power, and a transmission operatively connected to the internal combustion engine and configured to transmit the engine power for driving the vehicle. The vehicle additionally includes a three-phase electrical device configured to operate on three-phase power, and an... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110260531 - Power supply apparatus for vehicle: A power supply apparatus for a vehicle is provided which supplies electric power to a power supply unit and charges electric power from the power supply unit via a power port. The vehicle includes a plurality of power inverter circuits which are connected to a common storage unit in parallel.... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110260530 - Vehicular electrical systems, automotive electrical systems, and automotive propulsion systems: Vehicular electrical systems are provided. The vehicular electrical systems include a source device including an electrical component, a load device, and a cable assembly interconnecting the source device and the load device. The cable assembly includes a conductive core electrically interconnecting the electrical component and the load device, a conductive... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110260532 - Power-supplying device, control method for the same, and power-supplying system: Even when power is to be simultaneously supplied to a plurality of power-supplied devices by using one primary coil, it is possible to properly supply power to the respective power-supplied devices. More specifically, a power-supplying device stops non-contact power supply in accordance with the detection of a plurality of power-supplied... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110260533 - Sustainable modular structure powered by green energy: A sustainable structure is provided that is powered by a rechargeable battery that is charged by alternating wind and solar energy generators.... Agent:

20110260534 - Sspc for ac power distribution: A method of operating an alternating current (AC) power distribution assembly (PDA), where the ACPDA includes a plurality of AC power distribution modules, each connected to a respective AC load includes turning a first switch off and turning a second switch on in each of the AC power distribution modules;... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20110260535 - Power converter: A power converter includes a DC input (26) connected to an inductive element (TR), a switch (T1) arranged to interrupt the inductive current cyclically with a predetermined cycle period, a plurality of load circuits (31, 32, 33), and a multiplexer (36) having a plurality of parallel channels (M1, M2, M3)... Agent: Power Research Electronics B.v.

20110260536 - Efficient power conversion for ultra low voltage micro scale energy transducers: A power converter is provided for an energy harvesting system of a micro-scale electronic device. The power converter is configured to transfer electrical energy from an energy transducer to an energy storage device. The power converter illustratively includes a tree topology charge pump.... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20110260537 - Method of balancing current supplied to a load: A method of balancing current supplied by a plurality of regulators coupled to a load includes: measuring an average load current supplied by each regulator; determining an overall average current to be shared by the plurality of regulators; comparing each average load current with the overall average current to be... Agent: Infineon Technologies Austria Ag

20110260538 - High reliability dual power sources automatic switch circuit and isolation apparatus of the same: A high reliability dual power sources automatic switch circuit and an isolation apparatus thereof are provided. The dual power sources automatic switch circuit includes a main power source circuit and a backup power source circuit installed respectively in a main circuit automatic switch zone and a backup circuit automatic switch... Agent:

20110260540 - Backup power supply for a vehicle: The backup power supply of the present invention is adapted for a vehicle, which has a power system. The backup power supply includes a motor electronic appliance and a battery. The motor electronic appliance is installed in the vehicle and electrically connects to the power system of the vehicle. The... Agent: Exa Energy Technology Co., Ltd

20110260543 - Converter device and uninterruptible power supply equipped with one such device: e

20110260539 - High efficiency backup-power circuits for switch-mode power supplies: Disclosed are novel interconnections of a coupling circuit and an energy storage device which enables the storage device to provide back-up power for a switching power supply without requiring the device to store or output high voltage, and which enables full utilization of the energy stored in the device. In... Agent: Trimble Navigation Limited

20110260542 - Power control circuit: A power control circuit includes a switch circuit, a current sampling circuit, a controller, and a standby power circuit. The switch circuit is connected to an alternating current (AC) power source and an electronic device. The sampling circuit is used to sample a current of a line of the AC... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20110260544 - Power supply unit having plurality of secondary batteries: The power supply unit includes a lead secondary battery (first battery) that is capable of being charged with power generated by an alternator (power generator); a lithium secondary battery (second battery) that is electrically connected in parallel to the lead secondary battery, capable of being charged with power generated by... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110260541 - Uninterrupted power supply apparatus: Disclosed is an uninterrupted power supply apparatus, comprising a rectifying unit outputs a positive half-cycle of voltage potential and a negative half-cycle of voltage potential; a backup battery outputs a backup voltage; a first boost unit receives the positive half-cycle of voltage potential or the backup voltage and outputs a... Agent: Voltronic Power Technology Corp.

20110260546 - Output control apparatus for hybrid engine generator: Suppresses noise due to high engine speed and improves emission and fuel consumption of a hybrid generator. A difference computing unit 29 computes a first difference between an alternator output and a load output. A difference computing unit 31 computes a second difference between a battery output and the load... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110260545 - Voltage in a voltage source converter, a voltage source converter and a method for control thereof: A VSC converter includes in each valve one first semiconductor device of turn-off type with a voltage blocking capacity rating of a first, high level and connected in parallel therewith a series connection of a plurality of second semiconductor devices of turn-off type with a voltage blocking capacity rating of... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110260547 - Electrical system and control method: A method of controlling electrical power systems coupled to an electrical connection point includes obtaining carrier signals and fundamental waveforms from electrical power systems coupled to at least two renewable energy sources, generating pulse width modulation (PWM) signals using the carrier signals and the fundamental waveforms while interleaving carrier signals,... Agent: General Electric Company

20110260549 - Non-contact power transmission apparatus: A non-contact power transmission apparatus accurately determines the kind of object that is placed on the charging deck of the non-contact power transmission apparatus, and, only when a non-contact power receiving apparatus is placed on the power transmission apparatus, allows power transmission and data communication to take place, thereby accurately... Agent: Hanrim Postech Co., Ltd.

20110260550 - Non-contact power transmission apparatus: A non-contact power transmission apparatus accurately determines the kind of object that is placed on the charging deck of the non-contact power transmission apparatus, and, only when a non-contact power receiving apparatus is placed on the power transmission apparatus, allows power transmission and data communication to take place, thereby accurately... Agent: Hanrim Postech Co., Ltd.

20110260548 - Wireless power feeder, wireless power transmission system, and table and table lamp using the same: Power is fed from a feeding coil L2 to a receiving coil L3 by magnetic resonance. A VCO alternately turns ON/OFF switching transistors Q1 and Q2 at a drive frequency fo, whereby AC current is fed to the feeding coil L2, and then the AC current is fed from the... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110260551 - Circuit and method for generating a pulse signal: Embodiments provide a circuit and a method for generating a pulse signal. The circuit includes a generating circuit configured to generate a first pulse signal, a branching circuit coupled to the generating circuit and configured to branch the first pulse signal into a second pulse signal and a third pulse... Agent: Nanyang Technological University

20110260552 - Method and device for controlling the adjustment of a switching state of an electric switching system in the field of guided vehicles: A method and a device dynamically control the secure adjustment of a binary switching state of at least one electric switching system built into an automatically functioning apparatus used in the field of guided vehicles, the switching system driving at least one actuator by a driving circuit. The device includes:... Agent: Siemens S.a.s.

20110260553 - Appliance having user detection functionality for controlling operation thereof: An apparatus is provided that includes first, second and third switches, the first and second of which are in line between an appliance and terminals of the appliance that are connectable to a power source. The first switched is configured to open and close based on closing and opening of... Agent: Electrolux Home Products, Inc.

20110260554 - Control device and method for triggering passenger protection means for a vehicle: A control device and a method for triggering a passenger protection arrangement for a vehicle are provided, an interface being provided that is used to receive at least one signal whose amplitude is a function of the vehicle battery voltage or a substitute voltage that takes its place. Furthermore, a... Agent:

20110260555 - Energy saving cable assemblies: A cable assembly for use with any power cable for an electrical device, the cable assembly including a remotely locatable switch for connecting or disconnecting the electrical device from power draw. Also, a cable assembly for a power device such as a charger for providing output power to an electronic... Agent: Voltstar Technologies, Inc.

20110260556 - Personal portable power distribution apparatus: A personal portable power distribution apparatus including a portable central power source, a power management module coupled to receive power from the central power source, and a harness assembly having at least one power supply node for distributing power from the power management module, wherein the power management module is... Agent: Tectonica Australia Pty Ltd.

10/20/2011 > 20 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20110254365 - Connecting apparatus for connection of field devices: A connecting apparatus for connection of field devices comprising a bus connection for connection to a bus, a field device connection for connection for a field device, a power supply path and a signal path, wherein the power supply path and the signal path are arranged in parallel with one... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110254366 - Data transmission device: The invention relates to a data transmission device for transmitting data between an Ethernet connection (3) suitable for energy transmission and a lighting mains current-free two-wire connection (4). According to the invention, a means for energy transmission is disposed between the Ethernet connection (3) and the lighting mains current-free two-wire... Agent: Mobotix Ag

20110254367 - Redundant power delivery: Redundant power delivery including a power cable comprising a first plug including contacts for hot, neutral, and ground and a plurality of power lines, each power line electrically connected independently to the hot, neutral, and ground contacts of the first plug at a first end and each power line having... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110254368 - Power distribution system and method thereof: The proposed system has a plurality of generator systems, each generator system having an alternating current generator directly connected to a rectifier. The alternating current generator is rotationally coupled to a prime mover, wherein, upon operation of the prime mover, the alternating current generator produces an alternating current output ,... Agent:

20110254369 - Power system with shared clamp reset: An example power supply includes a first power converter, a second power converter, and a shared clamp reset circuit. The first power converter is adapted to convert an input to a first output and includes a first transformer having a first primary winding. The second power converter is also adapted... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20110254371 - Method and apparatus for controlling distribution of power: Aspects of the invention are directed to apparatus and methods for controlling power distribution to a plurality of devices including a primary device and at least one secondary device, the primary device having at least a first mode of operation and a second mode of operation, with the second mode... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20110254370 - Wireless annunciator for an electrical generator: A wireless annunciator for an electrical generator displays data regarding operation of the electrical generator to provide feedback to a remote observer regarding performance of the electrical generator in meeting the demands placed thereon. The wireless annunciator wirelessly receives transmissions from one or more wireless modules and displays information based... Agent:

20110254372 - Alternative-source energy management: A power converter system includes a power converter system including: a DC-to-AC power converter; a first output configured to be coupled to a power grid; a first input configured to be coupled to the power grid; second outputs each configured to be coupled to a corresponding AC load; a power-grid... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20110254373 - Apparatus for inverting dc voltage to ac voltage: An apparatus for inverting DC voltage to AC voltage by stacking of DC voltage sources from a series of DC voltage sources comprises a plurality of circuits. Each circuit includes a first power switch, a second power switch, and a third power switch. The first power switch allows selective connection... Agent: East Coast Research And Development, LLC

20110254374 - System and method for a redundant power solution: A redundant power solution system, including at least a first and second input module, each configured for receiving input power, an output converter, wherein a first output line from the first input module and a second output line from the second module both feed into the output converter, and a... Agent:

20110254375 - Server and method for detecting work state of power transformers: A server and method detects a power transformer. The server reads power transformer data from a data converter and determines if work state of a power transformer needs to be changed from based on the power transformer data. An alert message is generated by the server and sent to an... Agent: Gds Software (shenzhen) Co.,ltd

20110254379 - Bi-directional inductive power transfer: A method, apparatus, and system are provided which enables the control of contactless power transfer in an inductive power transfer system using a phase control technique. The method comprises adjusting the phase of a secondary-side converter output voltage with respect to that of a primary-side converter. The magnitude of power... Agent: Auckland Uniservices Limited

20110254378 - Non contact power transfer device and vehicle equipped therewith: A non contact electric power transfer device includes: a self resonant coil; an induction coil capable of transmitting and receiving electric power to and from an induction coil capable of the self resonance coil through electromagnetic induction; and a bobbin that has at least one of the self resonant coil... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110254376 - Noncontact electric power receiving device, noncontact electric power transmitting device, noncontact electric power feeding system, and vehicle: In a noncontact electric power feeding system using a resonance method, electrical equipment installed within a coil case is configured to include an electric power receiving antenna and a rectifier in an integrated manner. The electrical equipment is driven by receiving electric power from an electromagnetic field generated by electromagnetic... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110254380 - Power supply apparatus: A power supply apparatus supplies power to a body-insertable apparatus from outside a subject. The body-insertable apparatus is introduced into the subject and obtains intra-subject information. The power supply apparatus includes a first electric cable which is wound around a circumferential surface of a garment and forms a coil, the... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110254377 - Wireless power transmission in electric vehicles: Exemplary embodiments are directed to bidirectional wireless power transfer using magnetic resonance in a coupling mode region between a charging base (CB) and a battery electric vehicle (BEV). For different configurations, the wireless power transfer can occur from the CB to the BEV and from the BEV to the CB.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110254381 - Environment activated automatic shut-off switch system and method: An environment-activated automatic shut-off switch is disclosed. The disclosed embodiments allow power to be removed from a trailer auxiliary power circuit when the environment-activated automatic shut-off switch senses that the trailer is being put into motion. The disclosed embodiments of the environment-activated automatic shut-off switch do not require external control... Agent:

20110254382 - Monitoring and controlling electrical consumption: The invention provides a wall AC socket plug-in device for measuring electricity consumption of appliances and for controlling the alternating current power to said appliances. The invention uses an internal short-range mesh radio for continuously transmitting radio packets of the collected power usage to a collection device that logs and... Agent:

20110254383 - Smart module and method with minimal standby loss: A smart method (100) and module (300) to minimize standby loss is disclosed. The method (100) can include the steps of: detecting (110) a current parameter at a load node; determining (120) whether a current parameter threshold has been reached; and disabling (13) power delivery based on determining whether the... Agent: Motorola, Inc.

20110254384 - Method and apparatus for electric: Methods and apparatus for hydrodischarging and hydrocharging substrates and articles to produce enhanced ability to avoid attraction of contaminants or improved capability of removing contaminants from fluids are disclosed. In another form the method involves removal of electric charges or neutralization of charge on or within substrates. Also disclosed are... Agent:

10/13/2011 > 15 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20110248563 - Operating arrangement for an electrically operated vehicle: For a battery, converter circuit, and electric motor in an electrically operated vehicle, the converter circuit is used to charge the battery from the power grid. The converter circuit is operated in such a way that the voltage in the intermediate circuit is at least 650 V and a sinusoidal... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110248564 - Electric power converting system: An electric power converting system includes a common DC power supply, and a plurality of inverter sets operated mutually independently to one another, and supplied with electric power from the common DC power supply. Each inverter set has an inverter circuit and a main circuit capacitor. The system further includes... Agent: Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd.

20110248565 - Method and apparatus for dynamic load sharing: A method for providing dynamic load sharing between a first and a second three phase system is disclosed, wherein the first and second three phase system are connected to a first and second three phase interleaved winding in a generator. The method comprises determining a first q-axis control signal for... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20110248566 - Switching device for, and a method of switching, a downhole tool: The switching device comprises an electronic switch (111) embedded within a downhole tool (100) and an activator (20) for remote switching of the electronic switch (111). The activator (20) may be a handheld unit that is used at the surface of the wellbore by an operator or may be a... Agent:

20110248567 - Power factor correction system: A charging system of the present invention is connectable to a power grid having a monitoring device. The monitoring device monitors the power delivered to a plurality of loads and determines a power factor and a power factor correction value associated with the loads. The power factor correction value indicates... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110248568 - Energy storage device power sleep mode: In methods and apparatuses at least one power supply is connected to at least one functional component. The power supply is also connected to an alternating current power source. The power supply provides power to the functional component when the functional component is operating in a relatively high power mode... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110248569 - Apparatus and control method of micro-power source for microgrid application: The present invention relates to a micro-power source for successfully implementing a microgrid and to a control method for realizing smooth reconnection between the microgrid and an upper electric power system and smooth switching between the control modes of the micro-power source. A micro-power source sectionalizes an electric power system... Agent: Gridon Inc.

20110248574 - Mobile type non-contact power feeding device: A non-contact power feeding device feeds power from a power transmission coil to a power receiving coil based on a mutual induction effect of electromagnetic induction. In such a non-contact power feeding device, power can be fed to the power receiving coil by a mobile power feeding method whereby the... Agent: Showa Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd.

20110248572 - Power feeding apparatus, power receiving apparatus, wireless power feeding system and method for wireless transfer of power: A power feeding apparatus, power receiving apparatus, wireless power feeding system, and method for wireless transfer of power are provided. The power feeding apparatus includes an impedance detector, a controller, a power transmitter, a variable matching circuit, and a signal transmitter. The controller is configured to provide first control information... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110248571 - Resonance power generation apparatus: Provided are a resonance power generation apparatus and method for wireless power transmission. The resonance power generation apparatus may include a voltage controller to receive an input of an alternating current (AC) signal of a first frequency band and to output a direct current (DC) voltage having a constant level,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.,

20110248570 - Resonance power receiving apparatus and method with wireless power transform function, and resonance device: Provided is a wireless power transmission system including a wireless power transmission function. The wireless power transmission system may be included in a set-up box and may include a source unit that transmits a resonance power to a resonance power receiving apparatus. A target resonance unit that receives the resonance... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110248575 - Television system with wireless power transmission function, television set, and set-top box: A television (TV) system with a wireless power transmission function is provided. The TV system includes a TV set, a set-top box (STB) and a shielding unit. The STB includes a source resonating unit and the TV set includes a target resonating unit to receive a resonance power from the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110248573 - Wireless power transmission system: A wireless power transmission system is designed to transmit power between a power-transmitting resonator 105 and a power-receiving resonator 107, which are implemented as inductors LL and Ls of mutually different sizes, by a non-contact method over a resonant magnetic field with a resonant frequency f0. When measured at the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110248576 - Systems and methods for an intelligent energy-saving power supply: The systems and methods described herein include an intelligent energy-saving power supply system which conserves energy by recognizing when a chargeable electronic device, such as a cellular telephone, has been detached from its battery charger and by then cutting off power to the battery charger to prevent energy from being... Agent: Tenebraex Corporation

20110248577 - Transmission device using a plurality of elementary return conductors: An interconnection comprises 4 transmission conductors and 5 elementary return conductors which are distinct from the reference conductor. One end of the interconnection is connected to a termination circuit. A transmitting circuit receives at its input the signals from the 4 channels of a source, and is connected to the... Agent: Excem

10/06/2011 > 28 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20110241420 - Power supply device and unit: A power supply device for a unit that is to be supplied with electrical energy and typically arranged on a commercial vehicle trailer, for example. The power supply device comprises an electro-hybrid drive system for a commercial vehicle and a supply unit which is designed to convert a direct voltage,... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20110241421 - Supplying circuit for the electrical supply of a vehicle: A supply circuit is provided for the electrical supply of a vehicle. Here, a battery for generating a battery supply voltage and a step-up converter for generating an intermediate voltage from the battery supply voltage are provided. A temporary store is supplied from the intermediate voltage and serves for storing... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110241422 - Wiring structure to supply power to license light of two-wheeled vehicle: A wiring structure to supply power to a license light provided in a two-wheeled vehicle includes a wire, a connector, a vehicle-body-side harness, and a plug. The wire is connected to the license light attached to a fender support. The fender support is attached to a back surface of a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110241423 - Circuits, systems and methods to detect and accommodate power supply voltage droop: Circuits, systems, and methods for monitoring a power supply voltage and determining if the power supply voltage has drooped are disclosed. In one embodiment, a voltage monitoring circuit is provided and configured to determine if the power supply voltage supplied to a functional circuit has drooped. When no droop of... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110241424 - Voltage transforming device and method and power supply system: A voltage transforming device is provided, which includes: a first voltage transforming module, configured to perform a pre-stage voltage transformation on an input DC voltage to output an isolated DC voltage, in which the pre-stage voltage transformation includes a primary transformation that converts the input DC voltage to a to-be-transformed... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110241425 - Method and apparatus for distributing power over communication cabling: A PoE powered device and method of operation are provided. The device includes a first port unit configured to negotiate receipt of a level of PoE power from a power sourcing equipment. The power is received on a first pair of taps on a first communication port. A detection unit... Agent: Andrew LLC

20110241426 - Safety device for plug and play solar energy system: An apparatus and system for preventing branch circuit current overload in a non-dedicated branch circuit where current is supplied at least in part by a co-generation power system through an electrical receptacle or outlet. Co-generation systems of this type are typically used in residential applications and can include solar photovoltaic... Agent:

20110241429 - Battery backup system - a method for a coffeemaker: A power backup system for a coffeemaker comprising: an AC power source; a battery charger, where the battery charger receives power from the AC power source; a DC power source, where the DC power source remains charged by the battery charger; and a DC/AC inverter, where said inverter inverts the... Agent:

20110241430 - Method for controlling system gain of ups: The present invention discloses a control method for the system gain of a UPS, which includes the steps of: S1: detecting a PFC unit so as to determine whether to start an LLC, and if so, then going to step S2; otherwise, going to step S8; S2: starting the LLC;... Agent: Liebert Corporation

20110241427 - Portable electronic device: A portable electronic device includes a transformer unit, a power transmission unit electrically connected to the transformer unit, a rechargeable battery electrically connected to the power transmission unit; and an inner circuitry electrically connected to both the power transmission unit and the battery. The transformer unit regulates a voltage provided... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110241428 - Uninterruptible power supply and power supplying method thereof: An uninterruptible power supply includes plural power modules and a controlling module. The power modules are electrically connected with a power source, an energy storage unit and a load for converting an input voltage into an output voltage. The controlling module is electrically connected with the plural power modules and... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20110241431 - Solar light power generation system, control device, and control method thereof: A solar light power generation system, a control device, and a control method thereof are provided. The solar light power generation system includes: a solar cell array configured to output a plurality of branches of electric energy; a combination control unit configured to receive the plurality of branches of electric... Agent:

20110241432 - Interface circuit and interface system: Accordingly, the activation of the differential signal receiving circuit that receives a differential signal input through the shared terminals is controlled by controlling the differential signal input through the pair of dedicated input terminals, and furthermore, the possibility that the differential signal receiving circuit becomes inactive at an unexpected timing... Agent:

20110241433 - Dc transmission system for remote solar farms: A DC transmission system for solar arrays comprises a system DC link for receiving power from the solar arrays through series coupled DC to DC converter. DC to AC power converter modules are coupled in series between the system DC link and a power grid.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110241434 - Communication system, communication apparatus, and method of supplying electric power: According to one embodiment, a communication system including a first communication apparatus and a second communication apparatus is provided. The first communication apparatus includes: a connector which is connectable to a cable for electrical transmission; an electric power generator which generates electric power when the cable is connected to the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110241441 - Dc/dc converter and semiconductor device using dc/dc converter: It is an object to provide a DC/DC converter that can stabilize power supply potential in use. It is another object to provide a semiconductor device in which circuit operation is stabilized. In addition to a power supply that supplies potential to be reference potential of boosting in a DC/DC... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20110241440 - Non-contact power transmission apparatus and power transmission method using a non-contact power transmission apparatus: Disclosed is a non-contact power transmission apparatus provided with an AC power source and a resonant system. The resonant system has a primary coil that is connected with the AC power source, a primary-side resonance coil, a secondary-side resonance coil, a secondary coil and a load that is connected with... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110241435 - Power supply device and driving method thereof: An object of the present invention is to provide a highly reliable power supply device which can withstand long-term use. Another object of the present invention is to provide a power supply device with reduced power consumption. The power supply device includes a cell including an antenna and a switch... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20110241439 - Wireless power receiver and wireless power transmission system: Power is fed from a feeding coil L2 to a receiving coil L3. In a wireless power receiver 118, capacitors CA and CB are each charged by received power and function as a DC power source. Meanwhile, a reference signal and an input signal are supplied to a control signal... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110241436 - Wireless power receiving apparatus and wireless power supply system: A wireless power receiving apparatus receives an electric power signal including any one of an electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic field transmitted from a wireless power supply apparatus. A reception coil is configured to receive the electric power signal. A power storage capacitor is arranged having a first terminal set to... Agent: Advantest Corporation

20110241438 - Wireless power transmission apparatus and wireless power transmission method: Provided is a wireless power transmission apparatus and method. The wireless power transmission apparatus may include a coupling unit to couple a reflected signal with respect to a transmitted resonance power, and a resonance point detecting unit to scan a frequency of the reflected signal to detect a resonance point.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.,

20110241437 - Wireless power transmission system: The wireless power transmission system of this invention transmits power over a resonant magnetic field. The system includes a power-transmitting resonator 105 and a power-receiving resonator 107, at least one of which is a series resonant circuit with an inductor including spiral wiring 201 and extended wires 213, 207a, 207b... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110241442 - Capacitive dome switch: This is directed to a dome switch that includes a capacitive sensor. A dome switch can include a dome operative to deform to provide tactile feedback to a user. To provide an electrical instruction to the device, the region underneath the dome can define a free space separating conductive regions... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110241443 - Load condition controlled power strip: In accordance with various aspects of the present invention, a method and circuit for reducing power consumption of a power strip is provided. In an exemplary embodiment, a power strip is configured for reducing or eliminating power during idle mode by disengaging an outlet from power input. A power strip... Agent: Igo, Inc.

20110241444 - Load condition controlled wall plate outlet system: In accordance with various aspects of the present invention, a method and circuit for reducing power consumption of a wall plate system during idle conditions is provided. In an exemplary embodiment, a wall plate system is configured for reducing power during idle mode by disengaging at least one outlet from... Agent: Igo, Inc.

20110241445 - Transceiver interface: A transceiver interface is disclosed in which a true positive node and a true ground node are maintained with three adaptive terminals. The adaptive terminals each have pairs of isolation elements linking them to the true positive node and true ground node, whereby, each of the adaptive terminals can function... Agent: TriuneIPLLC

20110241446 - Irreversible circuit activation switch: An electrical device is provided, including a substrate, an electrical component on the substrate, and a battery on or integrating the substrate for providing electrical energy to said electrical component. An open switch prevents electrical communication between the electrical component and the battery while open. A circuit activating component is... Agent: Blue Spark Technologies, Inc.

20110241447 - Motor driving system, motor controller, and safety function expander: The motor driving system includes a driving state amount detector configured to detect a driving state amount, a motor control part configured to perform a power supply control, a higher control part capable of outputting a higher control command to the motor control part, and a safety requesting part that... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

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Thank you for viewing Electrical transmission or interconnection systems patents on the FreshPatents.com website. These are patent applications which have been filed in the United States. There are a variety ways to browse Electrical transmission or interconnection systems patent applications on our website including browsing by date, agent, inventor, and industry. If you are interested in receiving occasional emails regarding Electrical transmission or interconnection systems patents we recommend signing up for free keyword monitoring by email.

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