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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 26 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20110233995 - Dc-dc power converter and control method: A vehicle includes a high-voltage (HV) energy storage system (ESS), an HV power bus, a DC-DC power converter electrically connected to the HV power bus, an HV bus connector, a low voltage (LV) battery power bus, and a pair of LV bus connectors. The vehicle includes a vehicle module electrically... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110233997 - Power supply apparatus, power reception apparatus, and power supply method: A server, client and method cooperate to provide packetized power to a client device from a power server, where the packetized power is compatible with the power profiled required by the client device. The packetized power is provided according to a priority that can be set by the client, depending... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110233996 - Vehicle electric power supply system: A vehicle electric power supply system includes: an electric power generating source; a battery; a first voltage converter configured to raise a voltage of the electric power generating source; a second voltage converter configured to raise a voltage of the battery; and an electric power converter configured to supply voltages,... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110233998 - Electric power supplying system: An electric power supplying system is provided that includes at least two systems each including: a bus line which is formed by at least two conductors and on which an information signal representing information is superimposed on electric power; at least one power supply server which is connected to the... Agent:

20110234000 - Distributed power supply system with digital power manager providing digital closed-loop power control: A power supply system includes a digital power manager and multiple power blocks each conveying regulated power to a respective load. The power blocks include the power part of non-isolated DC/DC converters, signal sampling and conversion circuits to provide analog voltage signal representing output voltage, output current, temperature, etc., and... Agent: Bel Fuse (macao Commercial Offshore) Limited

20110234001 - Drive circuit, light print head, and image forming apparatus: A drive circuit is provided for supplying a drive current to drive a plurality of driven elements each having two main electrodes. The drive circuit includes a switch circuit for receiving a drive signal; and a constant current circuit connected to the switch circuit for adjusting the drive current at... Agent:

20110233999 - Method to reduce system idle power through system vr output adjustments during s0ix states: An electronic device includes a power control circuit to generate a power mode signal and a plurality of voltage regulators to receive the power mode signal. Each voltage regulator reduces an output voltage in response to the power mode signal, and the reduced output voltage of each voltage regulator is... Agent:

20110234002 - Power sharing with stackable switches: A technique includes selecting a first device from a plurality of interconnected devices to form a root of a power tree connecting the interconnected devices and allocating power among neighbors of the interconnected devices in a direction along the tree away from the root. The technique includes determining whether at... Agent:

20110234003 - Inherently safe modular control system: A modular system for transmitting power and data between a control processor that receives and transmits signals along a trunk of a distributed control network, and one or more field devices located in a hazardous area includes a backplane bus and a trunk module connected to the backplane and interconnecting... Agent:

20110234006 - Parallel device including a battery module and control method thereof: A parallel device comprises a battery module, a plurality of switching units and a control module being couplable to the battery module. The battery module includes a plurality of battery groups. The plurality of switching units includes a plurality of first switches. Each of the switching units is couplable to... Agent: Byd Company Limited

20110234005 - Photovoltaic power generation system: A photovoltaic power generation system is discussed. The photovoltaic power generation system includes a solar cell module having a plurality of solar cell row groups, a plurality of sensing units respectively connected to the plurality of solar cell row groups, a plurality of amplification units respectively connected to the plurality... Agent:

20110234004 - Photovoltaic system with potential reduction: A photovoltaic system comprises a plurality of photovoltaic modules which are electrically connected to a string or to multiple parallel-connected strings and form a PV generator. The first string end forms the negative pole of the photovoltaic generator, and the second string end forms the positive pole. A voltage reduction... Agent:

20110234007 - Standby power supply device: The present invention relates to an electronic device (1) comprising a control-supply circuit (2) which, by means of a microprocessor (3) and a battery (4), prevents the battery (4) from consuming energy when the device (1) is not connected to the mains and in the stand-by mode, and which, furthermore,... Agent:

20110234008 - Method for smoothing alternating electric current from a number of power generating units and wind power plant including a number of wind mills with variable rotational speed: A method and a wind power plant are provided for smoothing alternating electric current from a number of power generators are provided. Generators are electrically connected to an electric network. Each power generator includes a transformer with pulse width modulation for converting direct current to pulse width modulated alternating current... Agent:

20110234009 - Fuel cell device and method for feeding electrical current to electrical network: A method is disclosed for producing electrical current by a fuel cell device, which inputs electrical current to an electrical network. A fuel cell device can be arranged to be parallel connected to the electrical network. A phase reference signal can be utilized in the inputting of the electrical current,... Agent: Wartsila Finland Oy

20110234014 - Antenna module and electronic apparatus: Provided is an antenna module including: an antenna coil having a first pattern width; a magnetic sheet, which includes a first surface on which the antenna coil is to be arranged, and has a first distance being a distance on the first surface between an edge of the first surface... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110234013 - Communication device, communication method and communication system: A communication device including: a first slave communication section performing first communication which is proximity communication at a first communication speed; a second slave communication section performing a second communication which is proximity communication at a second communication speed faster than the first communication speed; and an electrical power reception... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110234010 - Contactless power transfer system and method: A contactless power transfer system is proposed. The system includes a first coil coupled to a power source and configured to produce a magnetic field. A second coil is configured to receive power from the first coil via the magnetic field. A field focusing element is disposed between the first... Agent: General Electric Company

20110234011 - Power receiving apparatus and wireless power transceiving system: A wireless power transceiving system includes a power transmitting apparatus which converts power into a resonance wave and transmits the resonance wave, and a power receiving apparatus which receives the transmitted resonance wave, and converts the resonance wave into DC power using a parallel resonant rectifier circuit that is impedance... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110234012 - Power receiving apparatus and wireless power transceiving system: A wireless power transceiving system includes a power transmitting apparatus which converts power into a resonance wave and transmits the resonance wave, and a power receiving apparatus which receives the transmitted resonance wave and converts the resonance wave into DC power using a series resonant rectifier circuit which is impedance... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110234015 - Cooling system and sever using same: A cooling system is used in a server. The server includes an uninterruptible power supply. The cooling system includes a protecting unit, a transformer unit and a alternating current powered fan. The protecting unit is electrically connected to the uninterruptible power supply for suppressing harmful factors in the power provided... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110234016 - Capacitor, integrated device, radio frequency switching device, and electronic apparatus: According to one embodiment, a capacitor includes a substrate, a first electrode, a second electrode, and a first dielectric portion. The substrate includes an insulating layer and a semiconductor layer provided on the insulating layer. The semiconductor layer includes a dummy active region electrically isolated from an active region including... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110234017 - Domestic appliance having automatic switch-off: A method and apparatus for autonomously switching off a domestic appliance after completion of a previously selected program is disclosed. The domestic appliance has a control device that executes programs controlling the domestic appliance and an operating unit. The domestic appliance is connected to electrical energy from a power source... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausger&#xc4 Te Gmbh

20110234018 - Control circuit for an electronic household appliance: A control circuit for an electronic household appliance has a control device for controlling the operation of a unit of the appliance. The control device is connected to a supply system via a supply line. A switching device for optionally connecting or disconnecting the control device to or from the... Agent: Diehl Ako Stiftung & Co. Kg

20110234019 - Method and device for transporting, distributing and managing electrical energy by remote longitudinal coupling in near field between electric dipoles: The apparatus according to the invention is composed of one or plural generator devices (2) connected to an energy source and of one or plural loads (3) (which may be mobile). Each load is powered by the intermediary of a limited spatial zone (4) where an electric field that is... Agent: Tmms Co., Ltd.

20110234020 - Uninterruptible power supply system for avoiding arcing generation and cabinet thereof: An uninterruptible power supply includes plural power units, plural output capacitor units, a capacitor energy bleeder circuit, plural output units, a detecting unit and a controlling unit. The capacitor energy bleeder circuit is electrically connected to the plural output capacitor units. The plural output units are connected with each other... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

09/22/2011 > 17 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110227406 - Control method for electrical accumulator unit: A power generation system has a generator, a power converter, a power bus and an electrical accumulator. The electrical accumulator stores power when the generator generates excess power and supplements power from the generator when the generator generates insufficient power.... Agent:

20110227408 - Electric power generation system with multiple alternators driven by a common prime mover: An apparatus includes a vehicular electric power generation system comprising a variable speed internal combustion engine, a first variable speed electric power generator driven by the engine, a second variable speed electric power generator driven by the engine, a first inverter to receive electric power from the first generator a... Agent:

20110227409 - Relay and power supply apparatus for vehicle: A relay includes contacts, a driving coil, a moving part, and a resistor. The driving coil generates a magnetic force in accordance with a command signal. The moving part is configured to be driven by the magnetic force to open and close the contacts. The resistor has a predetermined electrical... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110227407 - Systems and methods for deactivating a matrix converter: Systems and methods are provided for deactivating a matrix conversion module. An electrical system comprises an alternating current (AC) interface, a matrix conversion module coupled to the AC interface, an inductive element coupled between the AC interface and the matrix conversion module, and a control module. The control module is... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110227410 - Micro-hybrid system provided for supplying power to an electricity distribution network of an automobile: Described is a micro-hybrid system for an automobile including: 1)a rotating electrical machine (i.e., a starter/alternator); 2) at least one power converter connectable to an electricity distribution network of the automobile, this network including a power storage unit; and, 3)a control circuit capable of controlling the power converter to provide... Agent:

20110227411 - Systems and methods for detecting and correcting a suboptimal operation of one or more inverters in a multi-inverter system: Provided is a system and method for detecting and correcting a suboptimal operation of one or more maximum power point tracking (MPPT) devices in a solar photovoltaic power generation (SPVPG) system. MPPT devices may become stuck in a local maximum in a power curve and fail to reach an optimal... Agent: Tigo Energy, Inc.

20110227412 - Dc voltage distribution system: A DC voltage distribution system includes at least one load connected in parallel to a first DC power supply via a first distance of wire, and connected in parallel to a second DC power supply via a second distance of wire. The first and second DC power supplies are configured... Agent:

20110227413 - Power supply apparatus: A power supply apparatus is provided. The power supply apparatus includes two power suppliers coupled in parallel so as to simultaneously supply the electric power required by an electronic product in operation. The power supply apparatus provided by the invention may stably/accurately output the desired DC output voltage to the... Agent: 3y Power Technology (taiwan), Inc.

20110227414 - Cell site power system management, including battery circuit management: Systems, apparatuses, and methods for managing battery circuits in systems such as wireless communications service base stations are disclosed. An example apparatus includes a battery circuit having multiple strings of one or more serially connected batteries. The apparatus may be configured to rotate between battery strings such that one or... Agent:

20110227416 - Direct current uninterruptible power supply device for a data-processing system with at least one processor: A direct current backup power supply device of a data processing system with at least one computer supplied with very low voltage whose direct current power supply is connected to an alternating current power supply system using an AC/DC converter of alternating current into direct current includes means for storing... Agent:

20110227415 - Method and apparatus for providing uninterruptible power: Methods and apparatus for providing uninterruptible power are provided by aspects of the invention. One aspect is more particularly directed to an uninterruptible power supply for providing power to a load. The uninterruptible power supply includes an input to receive input power, an output to provide output power, a plurality... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20110227417 - Renewable energy delivery systems and methods: A system, method and/or apparatus for the delivery of energy at a site, at least a portion of the energy being delivered by at least one or more of a plurality of renewable energy technologies, the system and method including calculating the load required by the site for the period;... Agent: Alliance For Sustainable Energy, LLC

20110227418 - Ac-to-dc conversion: A front-end converter in an uninterruptible power supply system includes: a boost circuit having first and second inputs, and positive, negative, and neutral output nodes, and being configured to provide a positive capacitor voltage between the positive and neutral nodes and to provide a negative capacitor voltage between the negative... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20110227419 - Circuit device, electronic apparatus and power supply circuit: A circuit device includes a power supply circuit having a resonance circuit, and a logic circuit. The resonance circuit includes a first coil, and a second coil having a core section shared by the first coil. The logic circuit performs an adiabatic circuit operation with a power supply voltage generated... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110227421 - Non-contact power transmission apparatus and design method: A non-contact power transmission apparatus is disclosed. The non-contact power transmission apparatus includes an alternating-current power source and a resonant system. The resonant system includes a primary coil connected to the alternating-current power source, a primary-side resonance coil, a secondary-side resonance coil, and a secondary coil is connected to a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110227420 - Wireless power feeder, wireless power receiver, and wireless power transmission system: Power is fed from a power feeding coil L2 to a power receiving coil L3 by magnetic resonance. A VCO 202 alternately turns ON/OFF switching transistors Q1 and Q2 at a drive frequency fo, whereby AC power is supplied to the power feeding coil L2, and then the AC power... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110227422 - Dc capacitor balancing: Methods and devices for balancing voltages of capacitors in an electronic circuit are provided. The device includes a chopper circuit having a chopper inductor. Further, the chopper circuit may detect voltages across capacitors as well as an output current of the electronic circuit. In addition, the device may include a... Agent: Indian Institute Of Technology Madras

09/15/2011 > 15 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20110221267 - Voltage supply: Control devices can be destroyed or damaged by their supply voltage in the event of malfunction. The voltage supply according to the present invention comprises a means (12) having a primary part (121) and secondary part (122), the primary part (121) being connected to the voltage source (10) and being... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110221268 - Power converter and in-car electrical system: Downsizing, cost reduction, and a low inductance of an input/output circuit are to be achieved with a power converter in which a multilayer board having a power semiconductor module 500 and busbars 11, 12 is modularized. The positive busbar 11 and the negative busbar 12 for feeding main circuit current... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110221269 - Power generation system comprising a plurality of inverters: A power generation system for feeding power from generators into an AC grid, the system comprising a plurality of inverters connected to corresponding ones of the generators, and connected to the AC grid is disclosed. The plurality of inverters forms part of a data network, wherein one of the inverters... Agent: Sma Solar Technology Ag

20110221270 - Node redundant power architecture for two domains with electronic circuit breakers: According to one embodiment, a circuit for providing redundant power includes a first channel having a first input, a first electronic circuit breaker, and a first output, a second channel having a second input, a second electronic circuit breaker, and a second output, and a first transistor coupled to the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110221271 - Signal variance sensing power controller: A signal variance sensing power controller is described. The power controller functions by measuring the power consumption of a first device, and detecting fluctuations in the power consumption. The power controller then determines a level of variability, based on measured changes in the first device. Based on the level of... Agent:

20110221272 - Semiconductor device: The invention provides a circuit which provides a stabilized boosting in the case where a semiconductor device typified by a non-contact ID chip includes a circuit which requires a higher voltage than a logic circuit does. By inputting an alternating signal inputted from an antenna to a charge pump circuit... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20110221273 - Inverter power system: A photovoltaic system may include a DC to AC inverter, a voltage sensor configured to measure an input voltage from a photovoltaic array, and a controller configured to calculate a voltage differential.... Agent:

20110221274 - Photovoltaic grounding: A photovoltaic power system can include a switched grounding system.... Agent:

20110221275 - High output impedance current source: The high output impedance current source utilizes an opto-coupler integrated circuit to provide a high output impedance, regulated current to a load. The circuit includes an initial voltage source for energizing an LED. The light intensity of the LED is controlled by varying the voltage source or by a separate... Agent:

20110221276 - Regulation of contribution of secondary energy sources to power grid: An energy storage medium is combined with a secondary energy source that supplies power to an electricity distribution grid. The charge and discharge behavior of the energy storage medium is controlled so that rapid increases in the output of a secondary source of energy are absorbed by the storage system,... Agent: The Aes Corporation

20110221277 - Inductively coupled ac power transfer: An Inductive Power Transfer System pickup provides a controlled AC power supply by controlled variation of the phase angle between the pickup coil induced voltage (jwMI) and the tuning capacitor C voltage. The phase angle can be varied by maintaining the tuning capacitor C voltage substantially constant for a selected... Agent:

20110221278 - Power supply system and method of controlling power supply system: Described herein are embodiments of a power supply system that includes a power supply coil and a power supply-side resonance coil that are provided at a facility, a power receiving coil and a power receiving-side resonance coil that are provided for a mobile unit, a power supply-side information exchange unit,... Agent:

20110221281 - Method for detecting capacity leakage of capacitor in power conditioner, power conditioner performing the same, and photovoltaic power system provided with the same: A photovoltaic power system continues or stops running according to a degree of a detected capacity leakage of a capacitor in a power conditioner of the system. The capacitor in the power conditioner performs power conversion of an output of a photovoltaic cell to output an output power to the... Agent: Omron Corporation

20110221280 - System and method for control of a grid connected power generating system: A power generating system includes an energy source coupled to a DC link through a first power converter and a second power converter to couple the DC link to a power grid. A first controller in the power generating system regulates voltage on the DC link and a second controller... Agent: General Electric Company

20110221279 - Wide input voltage power supply: A ground power unit having a power supply unit capable of accepting a wide range of AC input voltages and producing one or more DC power signals for powering components of the GPU is disclosed. In one embodiment, the power supply unit includes a rectifier that converts an AC input... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

09/08/2011 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20110215639 - Vehicle communication control device: Provided is a vehicle communication control device for which an isolation boundary equipped with a signal isolation means, in particular, a digital isolator, is configured between a high-voltage region and a low-voltage region, and which is capable of preventing erroneous output from the signal isolation means and of performing vehicle... Agent:

20110215640 - Dispatchable power from a renewable energy facility: The placement of fully available prime movers having a DC output at a location inside or adjacent to an inverter-based intermittently available renewable energy site is disclosed. The fully available prime movers add reliability to an unreliable energy asset that is reaching its maximum penetration within the grid due to... Agent: Icr Turbine Engine Corporation

20110215641 - Management of an electric power generation and storage system: In one technique of the present invention, DC electric power from a DC bus is inverted to provide AC electricity to one or more electrical loads, and AC power from a power generating device is rectified to provide a first variable amount of electric power to the DC bus. This... Agent:

20110215642 - Monitoring system and input and output device thereof: A monitoring system includes a controller, a number of input and output (I/O) devices, a number of sensors, and a number of electronic devices. Each I/O device comprises an input circuit, an output circuit, and a connector. The connector is connected to a sensor or an electronic device. The controller... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110215643 - Solar module: A solar module includes a plurality of serially connected photovoltaic solar cells and current connections configured to provide solar current generated by the photovoltaic solar cells and configured for connecting the solar module to at least one additional solar module. A mechanical switching contact is connected in parallel with the... Agent: Eaton Industries Gmbh

20110215644 - Supercapacitor backup power supply with bi-directional power flow: A system for providing backup power supply to a device is provided. The system includes a supercapacitor and a single circuit for charging and discharging of a supercapacitor. The single circuit operates with an inductor to provide for charging and discharging of the supercapacitor.... Agent: Psion Teklogix Inc.

20110215645 - Containerized continuous power system and method: It is an object of this disclosure to provide an efficient continuous power system that may be deployed quickly and at low cost to a variety of destinations. The containerized nature of the presently disclosed system may allow these advantages to be attained. The disclosed system is particularly well suited... Agent: Active Power, Inc.

20110215647 - Electrical assembly and method for supplying without interruption an installation with alternating current: An electrical assembly including an installation having an alternating current power supply port and at least one electrical system, and a device for supplying without interruption with alternating current the power supply port. The uninterruptible power supply device includes a first circuit for electrically connecting the power supply port to... Agent: Bull Sas

20110215648 - Uninterrupted power supply unit: An uninterrupted power supply unit is provided with a straightforward switch connected between a power source and a load to supply or interrupt a power to a system. The combination of the outputs from two kinds of single phase inverters enables compensating for a variation in the system voltage in... Agent: Mitsubishi Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110215646 - Ups at the recovery mode from the power failure: An uninterruptable power supply (UPS) designed to switch power inputs between an alternating current mode and a battery mode having a sensor to monitor a load current, and a control processing unit (CPU) to boost a bus voltage of the uninterruptable power supply by increasing a calculated reference voltage to... Agent: Toshiba International Corporation

20110215649 - Energy storage system and method of controlling the same: An energy storage system and a method of controlling the energy storage system, the energy storage system including a power converting unit for converting a voltage output from the power generating system into a direct current (DC) link voltage, a bidirectional converter enabled to perform mutual conversion between an output... Agent:

20110215650 - Offshore energy harvesting, storage, and power generation system: A system for harvesting, storing, and generating energy, that includes floating structure supporting machinery to extract energy from wind, waves, surface generators, or currents. At least one energy storage and power generating unit is anchored to the seafloor and adapted to tether the floating structure to the unit. The unit... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110215651 - Power conversion apparatus: In a power conversion apparatus that converts AC power to DC power, an inverter circuit including one or more single-phase inverters connected in series with each other is connected in series at the subsequent stage of a rectification of an AC input. At the subsequent stage of the inverter circuit,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110215652 - Substantially bumpless transfer grid synchronization: This disclosure includes systems and methods for managing the interaction between inverter-based DC and other power systems. In one embodiment, a 3-phase isolation transformer is fluxed to create a 3-phase rotating field from the output of a source inverter. An inductive filter turns that output into three sine waves. A... Agent: Mechanical Electrical Systems, Inc.

20110215653 - Energization control apparatus: An energization control apparatus includes a control portion, a disconnection detecting portion, and a prohibiting portion. The control portion controls energization to a plurality of loads coupled in parallel. The disconnection detecting portion repeatedly or continuously determines whether a supply current to the plurality of loads is less than a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110215654 - Switchable capacitor arrays for preventing power interruptions and extending backup power life: A technique for preventing power interruptions and extending backup power life is provided. The technique automatically prevents power interruptions in a line between a power source and a load. The technique can also extend the operating life of the power source. In one embodiment, a circuit for preventing power interruptions... Agent:

20110215655 - Switching system for multi-channel testing: A switching system for interfacing a single channel test equipment with a multi-channel device under test, the switching system including: an input connection for connecting to the single channel test equipment; an N-way switch having an N-way switch input coupled to the input connection, the N-way switch having N switch... Agent: Itt Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.

20110215656 - Power supply with zero power consumption capability: Power supply devices are provided that can include power regulating circuitry for regulating (e.g., transforming or converting) electric power to be passed to an electronic device. A power supply device can also include control circuitry coupled with the regulating circuitry. The control circuitry can determine when the power supply device... Agent: Apple Inc.

09/01/2011 > 19 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20110210607 - Adaptive power supply: A voltage supply unit for providing an adaptive voltage supply to a consumer in a means of transport, wherein the voltage supply unit comprises a voltage output device and an output control device. The output control device and the voltage output device are designed to set an output voltage of... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20110210606 - Method and device for providing an electrical system alternating voltage in an aircraft: The present invention provides a method and a device for providing a three-phase electrical system alternating voltage for an electrical system of an aircraft, a plurality of voltage sources being provided which comprise at least one engine generator and a further voltage source, in particular a fuel cell, comprising one... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20110210605 - Methods and circuits for controlling a battery disconnect switch: Redundant power supplies and redundant channels of communication maximize the probability that a controller will trigger a battery disconnect switch to open when commanded to do so.... Agent: International Truck Intellectual Property Company, LLC

20110210608 - System and method for a single stage power conversion system: A power conversion system includes a photovoltaic source to generate direct current (DC) power; a direct current (DC) to an alternating current (AC) single stage inverter to convert the direct current (DC) power from the photovoltaic source to alternating current (AC) power for delivery to a power grid, and a... Agent: General Electric Company

20110210609 - Sneak path eliminator for diode multiplexed control of downhole well tools: A system for selectively actuating multiple load devices, such as well tools, which are selectively actuated by applying a predetermined voltage across a predetermined pair of conductors. At least one lockout device is associated with each load device. The lockout device prevents current from flowing through the respective load device... Agent:

20110210610 - Photovoltaic power generation system: A photovoltaic power generation system includes: a plurality of units, each of the units being formed with a string, which is a series-connection body of a plurality of solar cell modules, or with a solar cell module; a plurality of connection cables to which the units are each connected such... Agent:

20110210611 - Novel solar power circuits: Particular embodiments of the inventive technology disclosed herein seek to reduce or eliminate the risk of damage to components of photovoltaic power circuits such as solar arrays. Aspects of the inventive technology, in embodiments, utilize diode to prevent reverse current flow in the event of application of a voltage to... Agent: Ampt, LLC

20110210612 - Inverter for photovoltaic systems: r

20110210613 - Power generation frequency control: A solar power generation system includes a control system and a DC to AC converter coupled to a photovoltaic (PV) module and for supplying power to a power network. The control system includes a power point tracker to extract either maximum power available from the PV module or less than... Agent: General Electric Company

20110210614 - Power storage system and method of controlling the same: A power storage system and a method of controlling the same include supplying power to a load by connecting a power generation system and a grid. The system includes a power converting unit that operates in one of at least two control modes including a maximum power point tracking control... Agent:

20110210615 - Motor starting and switching: A method of starting and apparatus for starting a multiphase electrical machine is disclosed. The aim is to reduce oscillatory pulsation in torque generated by the motor and inrush current that occurs shortly after start-up. The starting method comprises the steps of first connecting at least one, but less than... Agent:

20110210619 - Adapting portable electrical devices to receive power wirelessly: Wireless power receiving apparatus 150 is retrofitted to a portable electrical device 100 to enable the device to receive power wirelessly. The apparatus comprises a power-receiving element 200 adapted to be attached to the device, e.g. by adhesive 201, and also being adapted to receive power wirelessly from a transmitter... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20110210616 - Binary impedance method: An electrical circuit, two methods and two energy transformation processes are disclosed in support of invention of the electrical motor apparatus disclosed in which the electrical energy provided to operate the motor is recycled and reused by the invented circuitry incorporated in the Binary Torque Motor.... Agent:

20110210620 - Contactless power reception circuit and contactless power tranmission system: This disclosure provides a contactless power reception circuit that includes a power reception part, a voltage rectifying part, a voltage transforming part and a load modulation part. The voltage transforming part includes a smoothing capacitor, a DCDC converter and a backflow prevention device. The power reception part is couplable with... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110210618 - Electronic apparatus and communication control method: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a communication module, a connection request reception module, a connection establishing module, a disconnection request transmission module, and a connection control module. The communication module executes close proximity wireless transfer. The connection request reception module receives a connection request signal from an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110210617 - Power transmission across a substantially planar interface by magnetic induction and geometrically-complimentary magnetic field structures: Geometrically complimentary magnetic field structures are adapted for efficient power transfer by induction from a planar power delivery surface to a power receiving device. Planar surface electro-magnetic coil pole areas for power delivery and receiver coil assemblies as well as several would coil apparatus and configurations are included.... Agent: Pure Energy Solutions, Inc.

20110210621 - Wireless power supply apparatus, power transmission coil unit, and wireless power supply system: A wireless power supply apparatus for a capsule-type endoscope has three sets of coils that generate a magnetic field in directions that are orthogonal to each other, a gravity sensor that detects a gravitational direction, a coil selection section that selects a coil that generates a magnetic field in a... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110210622 - Half-automatic switch: A half-automatic switch is operated in concert with a movement detecting sensor, and is also manually driven to supply power to an electric apparatus. The driving of the half-automatic switch is stopped when it is manually turned off or a signal from the movement detecting sensor is not provided. When... Agent: Ensm Co., Ltd.

20110210623 - Switch device and power supply control system: The switch device includes a control switch that turns on/off an electrical connection between an apparatus and the power supply, a condition judging circuit that judges conditions of driving the control switch, an electric wave reception circuit that receives an electric wave, and a power supply circuit that generates power... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

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