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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110181106 - Mobile terminal and control method thereof: Disclosed is a mobile terminal capable of converting an operational state of a controller thereof upon generation of a preset event and controlling an operational state of a particular terminal having a communication connection under control of the controller, and a control method thereof, the control method for controlling power... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110181105 - Power conversion apparatus for vehicle use: A power conversion apparatus for vehicle use having a small size and a light weight is obtained. The power conversion apparatus is provided with: a plurality of semiconductor modules in which semiconductor devices are molded with a resin, and each of which has a module body, an input terminal, and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110181107 - Switching assembly for the top portion of an automobile steering column, and corresponding control assembly and method: The invention relates to a switching assembly for the top portion of an automobile steering column that comprises: a base substrate (5) having a plurality of locations (E1, E2, E3, E4) connectable to switching module (7) connectors, each switching module (7) having at least one switch (15) capable of going... Agent: Sc2n

20110181104 - Vehicle abnormality detection apparatus and vehicle: A vehicle having an electricity accumulator for driving a vehicle, a charging inlet for receiving power supplied from a power supply provided on the outside of the vehicle, a circuit for charging the electricity accumulator with power from the power supply, and power lines for connecting the charging inlet and... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110181108 - Apparatus, system and method for a ups: According to one aspect of the invention, a UPS includes an input configured to be coupled to an AC power source, a DC power source, an output configured to receive power from at least one of the AC power source and the DC power source, a first switched receptacle outlet... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20110181109 - Power flow measurement and management: Methods and systems for measuring and/or managing power consumption by power units connected to an electricity distribution network are disclosed. Power flow to and/or from a power unit connected to an electricity distribution network is controlled in accordance with a control sequence, such that the consumption and/or provision of power... Agent: Energy2trade Limited

20110181112 - Multi-voltage power supply: A multi-voltage power supply includes a transformer, a first output circuit to generate a first output voltage using a voltage transferred to a secondary winding of the transformer, and a first output voltage controller to control a voltage supplied to the primary winding of the transformer according to the first... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20110181110 - Smart power delivery system and related method: According to one disclosed embodiment, a smart power delivery system includes a power conversion unit having a communication module and a power management module that can convert mains power into an optimized voltage and limited current used to power an electronic device. In one embodiment, a power conversion unit can... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110181111 - Smart powering and pairing system and related method: According to one disclosed embodiment, a smart powering and pairing system includes a power conversion unit (PCU) having a communication module, a power management module and a pairing module. The PCU can convert mains power into a form that can be used to power a plurality of electronic devices. In... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110181113 - Fuel cell system and power management method thereof: A fuel cell system including a fuel cell power generator, a first state detecting unit, an electronic load circuit, an external load power supply circuit, a secondary battery, a charge module, and a control unit is provided. The first state detecting unit detects an output voltage and an output power... Agent: Young Green Energy Co.

20110181114 - System and method for load control: A system is described including a master power saving device configured for connection with a master load. The master power saving device is configured to determine when the master load is in an operating condition and a non-operating condition, and the master power saving device provides non-continuous power to the... Agent: Hammerhead International, LLC

20110181115 - Power management dc-dc converter and method for induction energy harvester: A system for managing AC energy harvested from a harvesting device (1) including a coil (4) including switching circuitry (S1-S4) coupled between first (7A) and second (7B) terminals of the coil. The switching circuitry includes first (S1), second (S2), third (S1), and fourth (S4) switches. A switch controller (17) closes... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110181116 - Power control apparatus, image forming apparatus, and power control program product: A reception unit sequentially receives input of voltage values indicating an AC input voltage from an AC power supply. A ROM stores a power control table in which a power control parameter corresponding to the AC power supply voltage is matched with each group of the voltage values indicating the... Agent:

20110181117 - Power switching for electronic device test equipment: An apparatus, system and method are provided for testing a battery-powered electronic device-under-test in a transport frame engaged with a test fixture. A transport frame power supply is arranged to provide power to the DUT in a pre-testing stage. A switching circuit is arranged to switch from the transport frame... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110181121 - Controller for wireless energy transfer: A system includes a network and a controller. The network has a plurality of nodes. The plurality of nodes includes a first node and a second node. The first node is configured to transmit energy to the second node. The first node is magnetically coupled with the second node. The... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110181123 - Non-contact power reception device and vehicle including the same: A non-contact power reception device includes a load such as a power storage device (150) identified as a subject of power feeding, and a secondary self-resonant coil (110) receiving electric power to be supplied to said load from an external primary self-resonant coil (240). The secondary self-resonant coil (110) is... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110181118 - One-to-multipoint wireless powering method and a non-resonance wireless power device thereof: The invention discloses a one-to-multipoint wireless powering method, wherein by using the radiating of magnetic line of force from the high frequency alternating magnetic field in a fixed area; by using the coils that composed of the loop to cut the high frequency magnetic line of force, and powering the... Agent:

20110181119 - Power supply system: In a power supply system, reducing influence of a noise etc., optimal electric power is supplied corresponding to power consumption of a receiving side load, and power consumption is decreased greatly. When a potential difference detector 12 detects that a power supply voltage of the receiving side load is decreased... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110181120 - Wireless energy transfer: A system includes at least one active energy transfer coil and a first passive energy transfer coil. The active energy transfer coil is configured to couple with a power supply. The at least one active energy transfer coil has an active coupling range. The first passive energy transfer coil is... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110181122 - Wirelessly powered speaker: Described herein are embodiments of a transmitter that includes a modulation circuit configured to modulate a power carrier signal with an information signal to form a modulated signal; and a high-Q resonator configured to couple with a high-Q resonator of a receiver, wherein the resonator is configured to transmit the... Agent:

20110181124 - Breaker and power monitoring system: A breaker is provided including a plurality of branch breakers. The plurality of branch breakers each include: a current measuring section configured to measure a current flowing through an internal power line; a radio communicating section configured to transmit a measured value of the current measuring section to an information... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110181125 - Method and system for a connection system operable to sink and source supply power: Aspects of a method and system for a connection system operable to sink and source supply power are provided. In this regard, one or more circuits within a connector that resides in a networking enabled device may be operable to determine whether the networking enabled device is to operate as... Agent:

20110181126 - System and device for current measuring, controlling, and heat sinking: The present invention provides a system and device for current measuring, controlling, and heat sinking which includes a positive electrode terminal carrier, a positive electrode output terminal carrier, a negative electrode terminal carrier, and a current control circuit carrier. The system and device is to be installed on a battery... Agent:

20110181127 - Medium voltage electric rotary joint for a wind turbine generator: Medium voltage electric rotary joint for energy conduction between the rotating nacelle 1 and the static tower 2 of a wind turbine generator comprising a pivoted and ball-bearing mounted 5 upper housing 6 and a fixed lower housing 7; mounted coaxially on a centre shaft 8; brushes 9 and springs... Agent: Gamesa Innovation & Technology, S.l.,

20110181128 - Grid-tied power conversion circuits and related techniques: Circuit topologies and control methods for a power converter and are described.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110175442 - Apparatus, method, and system for conveying electrical energy: An apparatus, system, and method, the apparatus includes an intelligent energy transfer system including a configurable switching system electrically coupleable to a vehicle. The vehicle includes one of an electric vehicle and a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. The configurable switching system is configured to convey a first direct current (DC)... Agent:

20110175441 - Device and method for coupling two parts of a dc network, particularly in an aircraft: A device and method for coupling two parts of a dc network, in which at least two capacitors respectively are installed, particularly onboard an aircraft. The device includes at least one static converter including at least one electronic coupling device, including at least one transistor and one diode, associated with... Agent: Airbus Operations (inc As A Soc Par Act. Simpl.)

20110175443 - Alternating current autonomous distributed ac power system: The objective of this invention is to provide an autonomous distributed electric power system without depending on a known electric power system. In order to achieve such objective, this invention proposes a following feature: Output frequencies of autonomous grid-connection inverters (104, 164) are to be variably controlled by the control... Agent: Vpec, Inc.

20110175444 - Portable power system: A remote station may be constructed such that components or the station arc placed upon a skid and transported to a remote site. When deposited at the remote site, the remote station may cause a minimal disturbance on the ground while providing the necessary remote services, such as power and... Agent:

20110175445 - Fuel cell system and power management method thereof: A fuel cell system including a fuel cell power-generating part, a state detector, a charging circuit, a secondary cell, a control unit, a first internal load power supply circuit, a second internal load power supply circuit, a path selection circuit, an internal load, and an external load power supply circuit... Agent: Young Green Energy Co.

20110175447 - Current control system and method for controlling a current: A current control system comprising at least one series arm including a linear series regulator for generating a manipulated variable signal, wherein the linear series regulator is connected to a semiconductor control element which is connected to a supply voltage referenced to a ground potential, and the semiconductor control element... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110175446 - Monitoring system and input device thereof: A monitoring system includes a controller, a number of input devices, a number of digital sensors, a number of analog sensors, a number of displays, and a number of alarms. Each input device includes a switching circuit, an input circuit, and a connector. The connector is connected to a digital... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110175448 - Combined wireless bridge and surge protected power strip: The present invention is directed toward a combined wireless bridge and power strip including a housing defining an interior and an exterior. A power cord is coupled to the housing. A power surge protector coupled to the power cord is disposed in the housing. An electrical power switch is coupled... Agent:

20110175449 - Power supply circuit: A power supply circuit generates the internal power supply voltage intVCC from a first power supply capable of supplying a first power supply voltage V1 and a second power supply capable of supplying a second power supply voltage V2, which is lower than the first power supply voltage V1. A... Agent: Sanyo Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

20110175450 - Load control module for a generator and method of operation: A load control module is provided for use with a transfer switch apparatus that controls the delivery of standby electrical power to a load during utility power interruption. The load control module selectively brings loads online to receive standby electrical power to prevent overloading of the electric generator that is... Agent:

20110175451 - Power storage apparatus, method of operating the same, and power storage system: A power storage system and method are disclosed. The system is connected to a load, a power grid, and a power generation system. When the grid is in an abnormal state, a battery is simultaneously charged with power from the power generation system and used to supply power to the... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20110175452 - Power supply device and method of controlling the same: A power supply device includes a power conversion circuit, a secondary battery, a table, and a control circuit. The power conversion circuit converts alternating-current or direct-current power into direct-current power to supply power to a load. The secondary battery is connected between the power conversion circuit and the load and... Agent:

20110175453 - Meter socket transfer switch: A control system for a home electrical system includes a first switch installed at a meter socket of a utility module for controlling flow of electricity from a utility source to an electrical load, a second switch installed in a home generator for controlling flow of electricity from the generator... Agent: Briggs & Stratton Corporation

20110175454 - Dual-loop dynamic fast-tracking mppt control method, device, and system: A converter unit to improve the response dynamics and overall recovered power in a photovoltaic array configuration. Each photovoltaic panel in the photovoltaic array may be coupled to a respective converter unit, which may include a controller to sense an output voltage and output current produced by the solar panel,... Agent:

20110175458 - Adaptive inductive power supply: A contactless power supply has a dynamically configurable tank circuit powered by an inverter. The contactless power supply is inductively coupled to one or more loads. The inverter is connected to a DC power source. When loads are added or removed from the system, the contactless power supply is capable... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20110175457 - Power supplying apparatus, power receiving apparatus, and wireless power supplying system: A power supplying apparatus includes: a power generation section adapted to generate power to be supplied; a power supplying element adapted to receive the power generated by and supplied thereto from the power generation section; and a plurality of resonance elements disposed at multiple stages and adapted to couple to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110175456 - Wireless power supplying rack: Disclosed herein is a wireless power supplying rack, including: a power transmission device adapted to transmit power to be supplied; a repeater device adapted to repeat the transmission power of the power transmission device; a power reception device adapted to receive the power repeated by the repeater device; and a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110175455 - Wireless power supplying system: Disclosed herein is a wireless power supplying system, including a power transmission device adapted to transmit power supplied thereto, a repeater device adapted to repeat the transmission power of the power transmission device, and a power reception device adapted to receive the power repeated by said repeater device... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110175459 - Method and system for control and power supply of at least one electrical consumer: A method for controlling and supplying power to at least one electrical consumer that is connectable in a wired, electrically conductive fashion to an energy source is provided. In the method, electrical energy is transferred by an alternating voltage and control information for activating the at least one electrical consumer... Agent:

20110175460 - Dc current breaker: A device for breaking DC currents exceeding 2500 A has a resonance circuit connected in parallel with an interrupter and a surge arrester connected in parallel with the resonance circuit. The resonance circuit has a series connection of a capacitor and an inductance. The relationship of the capacitance in μF... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110175461 - Method and apparatus for harvesting energy: An energy harvesting circuit includes one or more broadband or narrow band antennas to detect WIFI (wireless fidelity) or other RF (radio frequency) signals. The signals are rectified and voltage multiplied, and the resultant DC voltage is provided to a power management circuit. The output of the power management circuit... Agent: Audiovox Corporation

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110169326 - Method and apparatus for distributing powerline communications signals: A system for using Powerline Communications (PLC) as a means to solve various flat wire limitations. The PLC modem connects to the electrical power line and can communicate with devices on the powerline network. The PLC data is then coupled to the flat wire, which conducts the data to the... Agent:

20110169327 - Device for balancing the power supplied by power generators: A device for balancing power generators, including a plurality of converters each including an elementary conversion cell with a switch driven by a comparator that receives a ramp on one input thereof and, on another input, a voltage from a driving amplifier wherein the driving amplifiers receive on their negative... Agent: Airbus Operations

20110169328 - Generator for gas turbine engine having main dc bus accessory ac bus: An aircraft electrical system includes a generator that supplies electrical AC power to a plurality of accessories associated with a gas turbine engine. The generator also supplies power to an aircraft DC bus in parallel to the supply to the accessory bus.... Agent:

20110169329 - System and method for enabling power applications over a single communication pair: A system and method for enabling power applications over a single communication wire pair. In one embodiment, a data transformer is provided that has three separate windings. Two of the windings are tied to each other via high frequency pass DC-blocking capacitors, or another suitable element that creates an AC... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110169330 - Power supply system and portable electronic device using the same: A power supply system includes a transformer for converting an external AC power into an external DC power, a battery for providing a battery power, a selection module for outputting the external DC power or the battery power, a first-stage DC conversion module for converting power provided by the selection... Agent:

20110169331 - Adaptive power architecture for electronic modules: A system may include a module that includes a component, a logic device to provide an instruction on behalf of the component, and control logic to generate a desired output voltage signal in response to a constant current, where the desired output voltage signal indicates a determined voltage that the... Agent: Juniper Networks, Inc.

20110169332 - Modular power supply arrangement, in particular for reactors for producing polysilicon: A power supply arrangement for producing polysilicon with a central control unit and a basic supply unit, which are regulated and controlled by control means. The basic supply unit supplies the supply module with electric energy, an output for connecting to loads which are supplied with electric energy from the... Agent: Aeg Power Solutions B.v.

20110169333 - Methods and systems for distributing load transfers in power supply systems: A power supply system includes an AC power line with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) device coupled to receive power from the AC power line. The UPS includes control circuitry that couples power conversion circuitry of the UPS to the AC power line when the available AC power is acceptable.... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20110169334 - Renewable energy appliance: A Renewable Energy Appliance incorporates an integrated, attractive, energy collection, conversion management and storage system in a self- contained deliverable structure. The appliance prioritizes the production of electrical energy using ambient wind and solar energy sources, while at the same time, providing for the substitution of fossil fuels on an... Agent:

20110169339 - Method and apparatus of load detection for a planar wireless power system: Described herein are embodiments of a method of determining information regarding power delivered to a high-Q resonator for a planar wireless power transfer system that includes delivering power to a high-Q resonator, measuring a voltage across a capacitor in said high-Q resonator and determining information regarding power delivered to said... Agent:

20110169337 - Power feed device, power receiving device, and wireless power feed system: A power feed device includes: a power generator configured to generate power that should be fed; a power feed element configured to be formed of a coil fed with power generated by the power generator; a resonance element configured to be coupled to the power feed element by electromagnetic induction;... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110169338 - Power feeding device, power receiving device and wireless power feeding system: Disclosed herein is a power feeding device including a power transmitter adapted to generate a plurality of transmission signals at different frequencies including at least power to be fed; a power feeding element that is fed with transmission signals including power generated by the power transmitter; and a plurality of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110169335 - System and method for energy transfer: A system configured to exchange energy wirelessly is disclosed. The system comprises a structure configured to exchange the energy wirelessly via a coupling of evanescent waves, wherein the structure is electromagnetic (EM) and non-radiative, and wherein the structure is a resonant having a resonant mode, wherein the structure is configured... Agent:

20110169336 - Wireless energy transfer to moving devices: Embodiments of the invention disclose a method and a system configured to transfer energy wirelessly, comprising: a source configured to generate evanescent waves, in response to receiving the energy, on at least part of a surface of the source; a sink configured to receive the energy wirelessly from the source... Agent:

20110169340 - 2-phase threshold detector based circuits: A switched capacitor circuit includes a threshold detector to generate a threshold detection signal when a difference between first and second input signals crosses a predetermined level. A variable current source produces a varying amount of current in response to the difference between the input signals. A voltage measurement means... Agent: Cambridge Analog Technologies LLC

20110169342 - Automatic variable power outlet for energy saving power source: A variable power device in a form of a power strip includes a plurality of power outlets for powering electrical devices connected thereto. A current sensing circuit is electrically coupled to each power outlet and senses current flowing through the power outlet and drawn by an electrical device connected to... Agent: Audiovox Corporation

20110169341 - Power saving circuit: A power saving circuit is provided for a consumer device for disconnecting a mains power supply (2) from a supply circuit (including a transformer (18)) of the device when the device goes into a standby mode. The circuit comprises a high voltage switching module (16) interposed between the mains alternating... Agent:

20110169343 - Methods and apparatus for powering electric devices coupled to a patient to reduce transients in patient monitoring devices: Apparatus, systems, and methods for powering an electric device coupled to a patient to reduce transients on patient monitoring devices are provided herein. In some embodiments, an apparatus for reducing transient electrical events on a patient monitoring device may include a device that can be powered on or off to... Agent:

20110169344 - Utility interconnection and inverter device: p

20110169345 - Control system: A control system has an input instrument that generates a signal indicating permission and prohibition of running of a load, a power-supply unit that is configured to supply driving power to the load when the load is permitted to run by an input signal from the input instrument, and to... Agent: Omron Corporation

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110163597 - Vehicle electrical power management apparatus and vehicle electrical power management module: A vehicle electrical power management module is capable of controlling electrical power supplying to an air conditioning load with respect to an overall amount of electrical power associated with a vehicle and an actual temperature value inside the vehicle. The vehicle electrical power management module comprises, an AC to DC... Agent:

20110163598 - Method and apparatus for controlling a supply current for a circuit or a plurality of circuit blocks: A method for controlling a supply current for a circuit includes setting a target value of a quantity related to a supply current, said target value being different from a presently established value of the quantity, and adjusting the quantity until a value of the quantity corresponds to the target... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20110163599 - High voltage gain power converter: A high voltage gain power converter includes: a main switch element; an assistant switch element; a first inductive element, a first switch element, and a first capacitive element; and a second inductive element, a second switch element, and a second capacitive element. The first inductive element is connected between an... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20110163600 - Power supply and method related thereto: Some embodiments include an electrical system. In many embodiments, the electrical system can include a power input. In the same or different embodiments, the electrical system can include at least one power output configured to be electrically coupled to at least one load. In the same or different embodiments, the... Agent: Belkin International, Inc.

20110163601 - Power control system and method for charging battery using fluctuating power source: Systems and methods are disclosed for improving power efficiency in battery-charging DC power control systems when a power source input voltage is fluctuating. Power is received from the power sources in the form of AC or DC electrical energy and is controlled and regulated by the DC power control systems... Agent:

20110163602 - Method and apparatus for providing standby power for visual display device: Provided are an apparatus and method thereof for providing standby power to a visual display, the apparatus including: a light collection unit which is operable to receive light and output a charging current; a battery which is operable to receive the charging current and providing the standby power to the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110163604 - Power supply circuit of terminal and method for supplying power using the same: A power supply circuit and a power supply method using the same are provided. The power supply circuit includes a power interface to which power is supplied, a converter and a charging circuit connected to the power interface, a battery for receiving power from the charging circuit and for providing... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110163603 - Smart-grid combination power system: The embodiments shown and described herein relate to a portable clean power generation and aggregation system. The system comprises a plurality of power generation units operable to generate DC electrical power, a power storage device, an inverter unit, and a main controller. The plurality of power generation units may include... Agent: Ses Technologies, LLC.

20110163605 - Power over ethernet extender suitable for use with multiple powering arrangements: A power over Ethernet extender arranged to detect if power is received over 2 pairs of wires or over 4 pairs of wires. If power is received over 4 pairs of wires, power is output over only 2 pairs of wires. Preferably, the power signature of the received power is... Agent: Microsemi Corp. - Analog Mixed Signal Group Ltd.

20110163606 - Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling a power system: A power system includes a plurality of power generation units configured to generate power from a renewable energy resource and at least one controller configured to be coupled to at least one power generation unit of the plurality of power generation units. The power system also includes a server that... Agent:

20110163607 - Method for synchronizing an electric machine with an electric grid and arrangement of an electric machine and an electric grid: A method is provided for synchronizing an electric machine with an electric grid. The method includes synchronizing the frequency of a generator with a frequency of the grid, and regulating the voltage of the generator towards the voltage of the grid, by connecting the generator to the grid when the... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20110163610 - Planar tri-mode cavity: A system and method for distributing the power of an electromagnetic signal is presented. In one embodiment, a power distribution cavity includes, a planar cavity, input ports and output ports. The planar cavity is formed with a metallic sheet in the shape of a star pattern with a plurality of... Agent: Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

20110163608 - Reducing corruption of communication in a wireless power transmission system: An embodiment of the invention provides a method for reducing data corruption in a wireless power transmission system. Power is transmitted from a primary coil to a secondary coil by induction. The voltage induced on the secondary coil by induction is rectified. The change in current supplied to a load... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110163611 - System and method for device suspension and wireless power transmission: A system and method for device suspension and wireless power transmission are disclosed. According to one embodiment, an apparatus, comprises a suspended object having a wireless receiving circuit. A wireless transmission circuit is configured to transmit power to the wireless receiving circuit housed in the suspended object. A magnetic stabilization... Agent:

20110163609 - Wireless power feed system: Disclosed herein is a wireless power feed system including a power feed device, and a power receiving device configured to receive power transmitted from the power feed device. The power feed device includes a power generator to generate power that should be fed, and a resonant element fed with power... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110163612 - Load devices with linearization technique employed therein: A load device has tunable capacitive units including at least a first tunable capacitive unit and a second tunable capacitive unit with different inherent capacitive characteristics, respectively. Each of the first tunable capacitive unit and the second tunable capacitive unit has a first node and a second node, where the... Agent:

20110163613 - Semiconductor device: Of a wireless communication system, an RF tag which can operate normally even when a communication distance is extremely short, like the case where the RF tag is in contact with a reader/writer, whereby the reliability is improved. The RF tag which communicates data by wireless communication includes a comparison... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20110163614 - Method and system for rearranging sound conductors in parallel lines in power transmission: A method and a system for rearranging sound conductors included in parallel lines in power transmission are provided. The parallel lines include at least a first line (L1) and a second line (L2) each of which includes N conductors (1A, 1B, and 1C; or, 2A, 2B, and 2C), N is... Agent: Abb Research Ltd.

20110163615 - Patterned electret structures and methods for manufacturing patterned electret structures: A patterned electret structure (21) on a substrate (10) comprises a dielectric structure comprising at least one non-patterned dielectric layer (22), and a charge pattern (14) in the dielectric structure and/or at a surface of a dielectric layer that is part of the dielectric structure and/or at an interface between... Agent: Imec

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