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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > 22 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories. invention type

20110156477 - Audio system adapters for audio signal distribution using electrical extension cables: Audio cables used in deploying audio equipment are typically selected to minimize signal transmission losses and may be chosen based on a distance between, and terminations of, an amplifier system and a loudspeaker system. Since this is usually unknown prior to deployment, multiple audio cables with different sizes and terminations... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110156478 - System and method for cord management: The present invention relates to a cord management system comprising: a vehicle comprising: (a) an upper opening in a dashboard; (b) a lower opening in the base of the dashboard or in a center console; (c) a sleeve attached to and extending from the upper opening to the lower opening;... Agent:

20110156479 - Solar powered dc load system: The solar powered direct current (DC) load system is a reliable, versatile and user friendly system; it uses solar energy and rechargeable battery powering at least one type of DC load which are: a type of motor operation such as water pump and/or a type of at least one LED;... Agent:

20110156480 - Data center using fuel cells in place of diesel generators for backup power: The need for backup diesel generators in a data center is obviated by using fuel cells to convert a fuel to electrical energy, which provide backup power to equipment in a data center, which may include the servers in the data center and other important systems that normally use utility... Agent:

20110156481 - Post regulation control circuit: A post regulation control circuit aims to monitor ancillary output power generated from a power supply. The power supply includes at least one primary output circuit to provide a primary output power. A post regulation circuit obtains the primary output power and regulate to an ancillary output power. The monitor... Agent:

20110156483 - Power management systems: A power management system includes a first switch, a second switch, and a controller coupled to the first and second switches. The first switch has a first transfer terminal. The second switch has a second transfer terminal. The controller controls power conversion by turning on a third switch periodically. The... Agent:

20110156482 - Uninterruptible power supply having integrated charge/discharge circuit: An uninterruptible power supply includes an AC-to-DC converting circuit, an energy storage unit, a first path-switching circuit, a second path-switching circuit, an integrated charge/discharge circuit and an operating control unit. If the input voltage is abnormal, the input terminal and the output terminal of the integrated charge/discharge circuit are respectively... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20110156484 - Reliable photovoltaic power system employing smart virtual low voltage photovoltaic modules: A reliable photovoltaic (PV) power system is provided, including a plurality of smart virtual low voltage PV modules arranged in a plurality of columns and a plurality of rows. The smart virtual low voltage PV modules on the same column are connected in series. The smart virtual low voltage PV... Agent: Du Pont Apollo Ltd.

20110156485 - Semiconductor integrated circuit device: A semiconductor integrated circuit device includes a driving-voltage generating circuit including a diode-connected rectifying element and a resistor element as a voltage generating source, one end of which is connected to one end of the rectifying element and the other end of which is connected to a ground potential, wherein... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110156488 - Electronic circuit: An electronic circuit carries out communication by inductive coupling between chips which are stacked and mounted. The electronic circuit relays an inter-chip communication signal by a repeater which receives a signal from a transmitter to recognize a transmission source and a receiving destination, and relays a received signal when the... Agent: Keio University

20110156493 - Phased array wireless resonant power delivery system: A resonant power transmission system for wirelessly delivering electric power to a target device. A transmitter resonant phased array includes a power source operable to source alternating current power at a target frequency. A plurality of transmitting elements, each operable to produce a non-radiated magnetic field, produces a composite non-radiated... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110156491 - Resonance power generator: A resonate power generator is provided. The resonate power generator may include a waveform and sequence memory to record a predetermined waveform and a predetermined sequence, a delta-sigma modulator to delta-sigma modulate an output signal of the waveform and sequence memory, and a waveform recovery unit to receive, as an... Agent:

20110156489 - Resonance power receiver that includes a plurality of resonators: Provided is a resonance power receiver, including a first resonator, a second resonator to receive a resonance power and a phase shifter to shift the phase of the signal received via the second resonator such that the signal received via the first resonator and the signal received via the second... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110156494 - Wireless energy transfer system: A system for transmitting power without wires or with no more than one connection, wherein communication is provided between an unlimited number of electronic devices, or to connect these devices to an unlimited number networks that are located externally to the system to thereby enable high speed voice and data... Agent: Governing Dynamics LLC

20110156487 - Wireless energy transfer with energy relays: Embodiments of the invention disclose a method and a system configured to transfer energy wirelessly, comprising a source configured to transfer the energy wirelessly to a sink via a coupling of evanescent waves, wherein the source generates an electromagnetic (EM) near-field in response to receiving the energy; and an energy... Agent:

20110156486 - Wireless energy transfer with negative index material: Embodiments of the invention disclose a method and a system configured to exchange energy wirelessly, comprising a structure configured to exchange the energy wirelessly via a coupling of evanescent waves, wherein the structure is electromagnetic (EM) and non-radiative, and wherein the structure generates an EM near-field in response to receiving... Agent:

20110156492 - Wireless power transmission apparatus using near field focusing: A wireless power transmission apparatus using near field focusing is provided. The wireless power transmission apparatus may include a source unit including a source resonator that transmits power wirelessly to a target apparatus, and a near field focusing unit to focus a near field of a magnetic field radiated in... Agent:

20110156490 - Wireless power transmission device and method: A wireless power transmission device and method are provided. An amount of power transmitted wirelessly by the wireless power transmission device may be controlled based on information to be transmitted by the wireless power transmission device, such that the information may be transmitted without using any additional device for information... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110156495 - Switching method and apparatus: A switch circuit and method for converting a hard switch into a soft switch. In one example, the circuit includes a first switch having a first node and a second node, and a switch control circuit coupled in parallel with the first switch between the first and second nodes. The... Agent:

20110156496 - Outdoor electrical power receptacle and control system thereof: Disclosed is an outdoor electrical power receptacle, comprising a main body, a mounting member, and an extension power cord, wherein an upper end of the mounting member couples to the main body. The extension power cord, couples to each of controllable power outlets disposed on the main body and extended... Agent: Powertech Industrial Co., Ltd.

20110156497 - System and method for activating an isolated device: Disclosed is a system and method for controlling the activation of isolated circuitry, and more particularly complete discharge devices for batteries, and similar circuits that are enclosed within sealed housings.... Agent: Ultralife Corporation

20110156498 - Power generating and distribution system and method: A system and method of generating and distributing power includes one or more microwave power transmitters at locations on Earth adjacent natural fuel or power resources such as natural gas, oil, solid fuel, or geothermal energy. The fuel or energy source is converted into electricity on site, and the electricity... Agent:

06/23/2011 > 34 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories. invention type

20110148190 - Polarity reversal protection unit for vehicle electric systems of motor vehicles: A polarity reversal protection device for motor vehicles has a detection device (10), a first connection element (22) electrically connected to a supply tap (94), a second connection device (24) having the electrical potential of the vehicle body. In case of a polarity reversal, the first connection element (22) is... Agent: Auto Kabel Managementgesellschaft Mbh

20110148191 - Power feeding control apparatus: A power feeding control apparatus includes a housing for accommodating at least a relay unit which opens and closes power feeding lines, a control circuit for controlling the relay unit, a leakage current detection circuit for detecting leakage current in the electric vehicle and a power supply circuit for generating... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20110148192 - Aircraft security system: The security system provides an aircraft security system capable of protecting both single and multiple engine aircraft. Variations of the present system prevent unauthorized starting of protected aircraft and activate an alarm when engine starting it is attempted. Embodiments of the system draw no power from the aircraft when the... Agent: Brooks Aviation Services, Inc.

20110148193 - Networked occupancy sensor and power pack: A lighting control system includes an enhanced occupancy sensor and/or an enhanced power pack, allowing for more sophisticated and/or accurate lighting control and energy management capability. In one example, the power pack and/or occupancy sensor is networkable, providing the capability to link and coordinate multiple power pack/occupancy sensor combinations, thereby... Agent: Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

20110148194 - High voltage direct current uninterruptible power supply system with multiple input power sources: The invention discloses a high-voltage direct-current uninterruptible power supply system configured to be connected to a plurality of power sources. The uninterruptible power supply system according to the invention includes a plurality of power modules, each of which is connected to a power source for receiving an input power from... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20110148196 - Distributed energy source system: An energy management system includes at least one distributed energy source for producing energy, the distributed energy source in electrical communication with at least one consumer device to be powered by electric power, and in electrical communication with an electric utility. The device also includes a CPU in communication with... Agent:

20110148195 - Energy storage system and method of controlling the same: An energy storage system and a method of controlling the same is provided. The energy storage system may directly provide generated DC power or DC power stored in a battery to a DC load without performing a DC/AC conversion or an AC/DC conversion. Furthermore, in the case where a grid... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20110148197 - In-line uninterruptible power supply: A portable power station and/or an in-line uninterruptible power supply for use with a laptop, mobile computer, netbook, notebook and other electronic devices is presented. The in-line uninterruptible power supply comprises a plurality of data ports disposed in a communicative relation with the electronic device and a plurality of power... Agent:

20110148198 - Power conversion system and method: A power conversion system for converting electrical power from at least one power source includes a plurality of converter chains which couple the at least one power source to at least one load. At least two of the converter chains comprise an associated dissipating unit. The dissipating units are coupled... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20110148199 - Appliance demand response randomization after demand response event: An energy management system and method for one or more appliances includes a controller for managing power consumption within a household. The controller is configured to receive and process a signal indicative of one or more energy parameters of an associated energy supplying utility, including at least a peak demand... Agent: General Electric Company

20110148201 - Fuse element having damping structure: A fuse element having a damping structure is disclosed. The fuse element includes a fuse body having two ends, a housing for encapsulating the fuse body and two extending anchor sections connected to the two ends. A meltable portion is coupled between the two ends and housed by the housing,... Agent: Atieva, Inc.

20110148200 - Over voltage protection of a switching converter: Embodiments for at least one method and apparatus of generating a regulated voltage are disclosed. One apparatus includes a voltage regulator. The voltage regulator includes regulator circuitry for generating a regulated voltage from a first power supply and a second power supply, and voltage spike protection circuitry for voltage-spike-protecting the... Agent: R2 Semiconductor, Inc.

20110148202 - Methods and apparatus for power factor correction and reduction of distortion in and noise in a power supply delivery network: Methods and apparatus for power factor correction include selectively coupling bit reactive loads with a load having dynamic reactive properties to dynamically correct a power factor. Methods and apparatus for reducing distortion in a power delivery system include a means for determining distortion in a power line, forming a corrective... Agent: Geneva Cleantech Inc.

20110148203 - Smart power switch for broadband communications network: A power switching module provides power to a line amplifier in a broadband telecommunications network. The switch includes a first input port for connection to a first power source, a second input port for connection to a second power source, an input/output port for connection to a cable connecting the... Agent: Maya Industries Limited

20110148205 - Power storage system and method of controlling the same: A power storage system and method of controlling the system is disclosed. The power storage system is connected to a power generation system and a grid. If a remaining amount of power of a battery is insufficient when the grid is in a quasi-normal state, the battery is charged by... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20110148204 - Selecting a single ac source for a switching power supply: An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for providing alternating current (“AC”) power redundancy in power supplies. A first input module is configured to receive a first AC power input waveform. A second input module is configured to receive a second AC power input waveform. A first switch and second... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110148208 - Display device and portable terminal: In order to increase the continuous operating time of a display device driven by a battery or the like, and a portable information terminal using the same, the volume and weight of the battery are increased. Thus, there arises a trade-off between the increased capacity of the battery and the... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20110148207 - Hybrid architecture for dc power plants and a method of minimizing battery conductor current: Included herein is a DC power plant, a DC power system and a method of reducing battery current. In one embodiment, the DC power plant includes: (1) a rectifier system including an AC power input and a DC power output, the rectifier system configured to receive an AC input voltage... Agent: Lineage Power Corporation, A Nevada Corporation

20110148206 - In-line uninterruptible power supply: An in-line uninterruptible power supply for use with an electronic device having a base unit and a power adapter is presented. In particular, the in-line UPS is positioned between the electronic device's power adapter and the base unit, and is structured to supply continuous power to the electronic device, even... Agent:

20110148209 - Energy storage system for peak-shaving of drilling rig power usage: An energy storage means for a drilling rig has a source of power, an AC bus connected to the source of power, a DC bus, a load connected to the DC bus, a rectifier connected to the AC bus and to the DC bus for converting AC power from the... Agent:

20110148210 - Systems, circuits, and methods for reconfiguring solar cells of an adaptive solar power system: A back sheet comprises an interconnect circuit coupling a plurality of solar cell tiles. A tiled solar cell, comprising a solar cell and encapsulating and glass layers, is inserted into the solar cell tiles. Each solar cell is individually monitored and addressed through the use of the interconnect circuit. As... Agent:

20110148212 - Electronic device: A projector includes an internal power supply, which supplies power to an electrical circuit in the projector, and a power supply terminal, which is electrically connected to a peripheral device. The projector also includes a switching circuit that switches between a power output state, in which power from the internal... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110148211 - Semiconductor device: In a semiconductor device according to the embodiment, a core circuit is an IC. A peripheral circuit includes a driver supplied with voltages from an internal power source and an external power source and outputting data transferred from the core circuit, and a fetch portion transferring the digital data to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110148213 - 380 volt direct current power distribution system for information and communication technology systems and facilities: A method and a modular direct current power distribution system. A distribution panel may receive alternating current power with a voltage range between 200 volts and 15000 volts. A modular rectifier may convert the alternating current power from the distribution panel to direct current power with a range of 250... Agent: Direct Power Technologies, Inc.

20110148214 - Management techniques for electric power generation equipment: A method for controlling power generation equipment, including bringing a generator online into a shared power bus environment, is described. The method includes determining whether the shared power bus is currently active, and whether a voltage determination fault is present with respect to a specific generator. Where the shared power... Agent:

20110148216 - Apparatus and system for communicating electromagnetic service: An electromagnetic service communicating device for coupling to a host in at least two distinct orientations as well as a modular system including a host and a functional device. The electromagnetic service communicating device provides electromagnetic service from the host to the functional device. The electromagnetic service communicating device includes... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20110148215 - Automatic tuning for wireless power transfer: In one embodiment, a wireless power transfer system has a wireless power transmitter and receiver. The transmitter has a transmitting resonant circuit that resonates at a first frequency and a signal generator that generates a signal at a second frequency. The transmitter also has a power detector that measures reflected... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20110148220 - Inspection method and inspection apparatus: There is established an easier inspection method with which it is not required to set up probes on wires. Also, there is provided an inspection apparatus using this inspection method. With the inspection apparatus or inspection method, primary coils of an inspection substrate and secondary coils of a device substrate... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20110148217 - Power supply regulating device: A power supply regulating device for supplying electric power to a wireless data card includes an interface, a first voltage regulator connected to the interface, a second voltage regulator connected to the first voltage regulator; and a capacitor connected to both the first voltage regulator and the second voltage regulator.... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20110148219 - Short range efficient wireless power transfer: Described herein are embodiments of an electronic system that includes a magnetically coupled resonance system, that includes a first surface against which devices to be provided with power are located, and providing power to said devices on said first surface, and providing power to other devices that are not on... Agent:

20110148221 - Systems and methods for providing a power optimized waveform: The present invention describes systems and methods for providing a power optimized waveform. An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a method of powering wirelessly powered devices including the step of providing a wirelessly powered device and a wireless power transmission system. Furthermore, the method involves receiving a power... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20110148218 - Wireless powered electrochromic windows: Electrochromic windows powered by wireless power transmission are described, particularly, the combination of low-defectivity, highly-reliable solid state electrochromic windows with wireless power transmission. Wireless power transmission networks which incorporate electrochromic windows are described.... Agent: Soladigm, Inc.

20110148222 - Method for determining a switching time of an electrical switching device: A method determines a switching time of an electric switching device containing an interrupter path disposed between a first line section subjected to a driving voltage and a second line section that forms an oscillating circuit after the switching device undergoes a shut-off step. The method is used for determining... Agent: Siemens Aktiengessellschaft

20110148223 - Mechanically energized eservice connector system: A system for receiving an eService, such as a thermal service, an illumination service or an acoustic service, from an eService source. A service switch is provided for selectively transferring the eService from a host or other eService source to an eService consumer. The service switch is activated to transfer... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

06/16/2011 > 38 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories. invention type

20110140511 - Electric power transmission system for wind turbine and wind turbine farm and method for operating same: A method of operating a wind turbine includes energizing at least a portion of a power conversion assembly via an alternating current (AC) power source. The method also includes converting AC power to direct current (DC) power having a DC component and an AC component via the power conversion assembly.... Agent:

20110140517 - Aluminum alloy wire: An aluminum alloy, an aluminum alloy wire, an aluminum alloy stranded wire, a covered electric wire, and a wire harness that are of high toughness and high electrical conductivity, and a method of manufacturing an aluminum alloy wire are provided. The aluminum alloy wire contains not less than 0.005% and... Agent:

20110140516 - Device for actuating actuators in a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a device for actuating actuators in a motor vehicle having an at least partially metallic housing (MG) in which an electric circuit is arranged, which has at least one high-voltage-generating circuit (HES) for generating an output voltage (UHS) which is higher than a voltage which is... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

20110140513 - Electric accumulator utilizing an ultra-capacitor array: Disclosed is an electric accumulator for selectively operating at least one aircraft device. The electric accumulator includes an ultra-capacitor array for storing electrical energy, which can later be used to power an aircraft device. The stored electrical energy can also be used as a source of emergency backup power. The... Agent: Messier-dowty Inc.

20110140514 - Electric accumulator utilizing an ultra-capacitor array: A device for controlling all airbags for a vehicle is provided, and also a control unit for forming a control signal for all airbags for a vehicle, as well as a system of this device and this control unit. The device has a trigger circuit control and also an energy... Agent:

20110140512 - Embedded wireless communications for electronic control unit having multiple ground references: A system configured to facilitate wireless communications between different ground planes is provided. The system may rely on bi-directional communications between galvanically isolated components to support any number of operations, including but not limited operations associated with supporting wireless message communications between three or more isolated ground planes, such as... Agent: Lear Corporation

20110140518 - Vehicle power supply apparatus: There is provided a vehicle power supply apparatus which includes a battery charged by a generator and supplies, to a plurality of loads, electric power discharged by the battery and electric power generated by the generator. The apparatus includes an electric double layer capacitor connected in parallel to the battery,... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110140515 - Work platform vehicle: The object of the present invention is to provide a work platform vehicle having an engine drive system and an electric power drive system as the drive system for a work apparatus, which prevents its engine starting battery from becoming dead when driving the work apparatus with electric power and... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110140519 - Power supply with reduced power consumption and computer having such power supply: A power supply is used in a computer. The power supply includes a main power circuit, an auxiliary power circuit and a switching circuit. The main power circuit has a first main output terminal for outputting a first operating DC voltage. The auxiliary power circuit has an auxiliary output terminal... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20110140520 - Energy storage system and method of controlling the same: A grid-connected energy storage system and a method of controlling the energy storage system. In the energy storage system, a normal operation of the energy storage system and the UPS function due to electrical failure may be stably performed even if electrical failure occurs. The energy storage system includes: a... Agent:

20110140521 - Multiple-level switched-mode power supply: A circuit for providing at least two power supply voltages from a D.C. voltage provided by a first switched-mode converter between a first and a second terminals, wherein: a second reversible buck-type switched-mode converter is powered with said D.C. voltage; a capacitive dividing bridge connects said first and second terminals,... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (tours) Sas

20110140522 - Electricity distribution system, end user residence, and method: An electricity distribution system, arranged to provide low voltage to end users (for instance, transport means) and located at end user locations includes a first medium voltage line for providing medium voltage and several end user electricity providers associated with respective several end user locations. Each end user electricity provider... Agent: Nuon Techno B.v.

20110140523 - Apparatus, system and method employing a ups: A method of installing a power distribution system in a facility includes acts of: obtaining a power distribution unit including at least one rack mounted power distribution unit, the power distribution unit including an electrical connection having an electrical bus configured to directly connect to a riser of a power... Agent:

20110140524 - Multiple bi-directional input/output power control system: A multiple bi-directional input/output power control system includes a network of functional blocks housed in a single enclosure, providing DC power to one or more DC loads, and providing control and internal pathways, sharing one or more AC and/or DC power inputs. The system feeds back AC power from the... Agent: Nextek Power Systems, Inc.

20110140525 - Conformal deposition of dielectric composites by electrophoresis: Techniques are generally described herein for the design, manufacture and use of composite dielectric materials. Embodiments include, but are not limited to, methods, apparatuses, and systems. Other embodiments may also be disclosed and claimed. Some techniques described herein include electrophoretic deposition of dielectric particles to conformally form a thin layer... Agent:

20110140526 - Modular electronically reconfigurable battery system: An electronically reconfigurable battery includes a number of battery modules selectively interconnected by a number of electronic switches, wherein a selectable number of battery modules may be connected either in a series configuration or in a parallel configuration, as a result of placing selected switches of said plurality of switches... Agent: L-3 Communications Titan Corporation

20110140527 - Energy storage system: An energy storage system includes: a new renewable energy unit generating a new renewable energy power; a DC link connected to the new renewable energy unit and generating a DC link power; a power system connected to the DC link and generating a power system power; a battery connected to... Agent:

20110140529 - Battery unit arrangement for high voltage applications, connector and disconnector arrangement and method: A battery unit arrangement for high voltage applications. The battery unit arrangement includes a battery unit having a battery chassis, and a switching device. The switching device includes switching mechanism for switching the battery chassis between two positions, a first position connecting the battery chassis to a pole of the... Agent:

20110140528 - Cable bus: A photovoltaic array cable bus system can include a cable bus and at least one electrical connector.... Agent: First Solar, Inc.

20110140530 - Power apparatus for a high voltage electrical power system: A power apparatus for a high voltage electrical power system, that includes a voltage source converter and a high voltage dc power source including one or more strings having a plurality of dc power source members connected in series, and switches configured to connect and disconnect the strings, where the... Agent:

20110140532 - Systems, circuits, and methods for generating a solar cell string of an adaptive solar power system: A back sheet comprises an interconnect circuit coupling a plurality of solar cell tiles. A tiled solar cell, comprising a solar cell and encapsulating and glass layers, is inserted into the solar cell tiles. Each solar cell is individually addressable through the use of the interconnect circuit, The interconnect circuit... Agent:

20110140531 - Systems, circuits, and methods for voltage matching of an adaptive solar power system: A back sheet comprises an interconnect circuit coupling a plurality of solar cell tiles. A tiled solar cell, comprising a solar cell and encapsulating and glass layers, is inserted into the solar cell tiles. Each solar cell is individually addressable through the use of the interconnect circuit. Moreover, the interconnect... Agent:

20110140533 - Assigning addresses to multiple cascade battery modules in electric or electric hybrid vehicles: According to one aspect there is disclosed an apparatus. The apparatus may include a first battery module. The first battery module may include a switch configured to open or close a first current path from a first terminal of a battery to a second terminal of the battery when a... Agent: O2micro, Inc.

20110140534 - Power supply device and method: An object is to provide a duplex power supply for auxiliary machines. A power supply device includes a switching section that is connected to a direct-current link between a generator-side inverter and a grid-side inverter via an auxiliary machine power inverter for converting direct-current power supplied from the direct-current link... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110140536 - Current bypass for distributed power harvesting systems using dc power sources: A converter circuit providing multiple current bypass routes between the output leads to provide reliability in a series connection of several converters. If the converter malfunctions due to component failure, the current bypass routes provide a path for the current that views the malfunctioning converter as substantially a short. Diodes... Agent:

20110140535 - Power converting device for new renewable energy storage system: A power converting device for a new renewable energy storage system includes rechargeable batteries, bidirectional converters respectively connected in parallel to the batteries, direct current (DC) links connected in parallel to the bidirectional converters, respectively, bidirectional inverters connected in parallel to the DC links, respectively, and an electric power system... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20110140544 - Adaptive wireless power transfer apparatus and method thereof: Described herein are embodiments of a method that includes coupling a high-Q resonator of a transmitter and a high-Q resonator of a receiver together by a common inductance of the transmitter and the receiver; and adjusting the transmitter, the receiver, or both, to control power transmitted wirelessly between the transmitter... Agent:

20110140541 - Battery pack with wireless power transmission resonator: A battery pack employing a resonator for wireless power transmission is provided. The battery pack may include a thin film type resonator for a wireless power transmission. The battery pack may also include a battery to charge a power source using power generated by the thin film type resonator.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110140540 - Charge apparatus: A charge apparatus including a natural energy conversion module, an energy converter, an energy transmitter, and an energy receiver is provided. The natural energy conversion module receives a natural energy and converts the natural energy into a first electric energy. The energy converter is electrically connected to the natural energy... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20110140537 - Frequency variable power transmitter and receiver in fresnel region and power transmitting system: An object is to achieve a radio power transmitting system capable of adaptively controlling power transmission efficiency, and the following means for achieving it is proposed. The power transmitting system includes a receiver having a loaded antenna and a transmitter whose transmitting frequency is variable, and it controls power transmission... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110140539 - High frequency electric wire: A high frequency electric wire is provided in such a manner that a large number of wires are bundled, twisted and insulated with an outer sheath S. Each wire has an extra-fine hollow pipe structure of a capillary shape. The wire is provided to make its hollow section with the... Agent: Showa Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd.

20110140538 - Non-contact power transmission apparatus: A non-contact power transmission apparatus accurately determines the kind of object that is placed on the charging deck of the non-contact power transmission apparatus, and, only when a non-contact power receiving apparatus is placed on the power transmission apparatus, allows power transmission and data communication to take place, thereby accurately... Agent: Hanrim Postech Co., Ltd.

20110140542 - Resonance power generator and method, and resonance power receiver and method: Provided is a resonance power generator and a resonance power receiver, and methods thereof. The resonance power generator may include a frequency generator to receive a direct current (DC) voltage, and to generate a power carrier signal, a high voltage matching transformer to be adjusted to enable an output voltage... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110140543 - Wireless power transmission apparatus: Provided is a wireless power transmission apparatus, including a source unit including a power resonator to transmit a wireless power to a target apparatus, and a near field controller to control a direction of a magnetic field of the power resonator.... Agent:

20110140545 - Remote activation system: A remote activation system is disclosed that consumes no standby power. The system comprises a remote electromagnetic radiation transmitter able to transmit radiation having sufficient power to enable the closure of a switch. The system also comprises an electrical activation element that is electrically attached to both the on-off circuit... Agent:

20110140546 - Switch structure and associated circuit: An apparatus, such as a switch module, is provided. The apparatus can include an electromechanical switch structure configured to move between an open configuration and a fully-closed configuration (associated with a minimum characteristic resistance) over a characteristic time. A commutation circuit can be connected in parallel with the electromechanical switch... Agent: General Electric Company

20110140547 - Fuel cell system and electronic device: A fuel cell system that is able to perform power generation more stably than in the past regardless of external environment is provided. Based on a temperature of a power generation section detected by a temperature detection section, a supply amount of a liquid fuel from a fuel pump is... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110140548 - Method and apparatus for converting an electronic switch to a dimmer switch: A load control device for controlling the power delivered from an AC power source to an electrical load is operable to be converted from being configured as an electronic switch to being configured as a dimmer switch after installation. The load control device comprises a dimmer bezel having a control... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

06/09/2011 > 31 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories. invention type

20110133545 - Aircraft electrical power system architecture using auxiliary power unit during approach and taxi: An electrical power system architecture uses an auxiliary power unit as an electrical power source during taxi (ground idle) and approach idle (if required). Using the APU as a power source enables a low pressure spool driven electrical generator to be off-line when its speed is too low for it... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110133547 - Motor drive system for hybrid vehicle and method for controlling the same in the event of failure: The present invention provides a motor drive system for a hybrid vehicle and a method for controlling the same in the event of a failure in a voltage converter, in which high voltage stored in a DC-link capacitor is discharged to a 12V electrical load through a DC-DC converter, of... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20110133546 - Systems and methods for discharging bus voltage using semiconductor devices: Systems and methods are provided for discharging a voltage bus. An electrical system comprises a first switch coupled to a first voltage rail, a second switch coupled between the first switch and a second voltage rail, and a control system coupled to the first switch and the second switch. The... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110133548 - Wiring harness and a method of providing wiring structure of the same: A wiring arrangement of a wiring harness 41 at an underfloor 34 is finished by arranging a connecting member 43 to a position of a through-hole 35, by extending a sheath 48 on the underfloor 34 parallel to the underfloor 34 while the sheath 48 is received in a wire... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20110133549 - Motor drive system for hybrid vehicle and method for controlling the same: The present invention provides a motor drive system for a hybrid vehicle and a method for controlling the same, which can prevent a counter electromotive force generated from a motor during turn-off of a main relay from being applied to non-powertrain components such as a DC converter and an electric... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20110133550 - Antitheft apparatus for equipment with prime mover: In an apparatus for preventing theft of equipment (electric motor) having a prime mover (motor), a prime mover controller, a starter switch that allows the operator to connect/disconnect power from a power source to the prime mover; and an authenticator that acquires ID information from an electronic key through a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110133551 - Battery backed power-over-ethernet system: A power control system arranged for use in a power-over-Ethernet system comprises a battery (38), a battery charging unit (40) connected to, and for charging, the battery (38) and a processor (34) arranged to monitor the charge level of the battery (38) and, in response, to direct current to, or... Agent: Sensormatic Electronics, LLC

20110133552 - Dual use photovoltaic system: A system for providing power from a direct current (DC) source to the power grid. The system includes a first inverter with an input and an output. The input is adapted to connect to the DC source. A first switch disposed between the output and the power grid. A second... Agent:

20110133553 - System and method for delaying phase shift within a dc/dc converter: A multi-output DC/DC voltage regulator has a master regulator for providing a first output voltage pulse responsive to an input voltage. The master regulator generates a synchronization signal that ramps from a first level up to a second level and discharges back to the first level responsive to the first... Agent: Intersil Americas Inc.

20110133554 - Converter device and uninterruptible power supply equipped wtih such a device: m

20110133555 - Energy storage system: An energy storage system is disclosed. The system can supply DC power from a battery to a DC load or from the DC load to the battery without inverting an AC power to the DC power.... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20110133556 - Energy storage system: An energy storage system capable of improving the lifespan of a battery pack while supplying power in a secured manner is provided. In one embodiment, the energy storage system includes a plurality of battery packs connected between a grid and a solar cell to charge/discharge power. The energy storage system... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20110133558 - Grid-connected power storage system and method for controlling grid-connected power storage system: A grid-connected power storage system for coupling a power generation system to a grid, including: a main battery for discharging stored power to the load system; at least one additional battery coupled to the main battery for discharging stored power to the load system; a bidirectional converter coupled to the... Agent:

20110133560 - Server and uninterruptable power supply housed in that server: The main server block 20 houses uninterruptible power supplies 10 that supply 150V-400V DC operating power to the main server block 20 input power supply lines 23 both with and without power outage. An uninterruptible power supply 10 has rechargeable batteries 1 having a voltage specification of 60V or less,... Agent:

20110133559 - Server uninterruptable power supply: The server uninterruptible power supply is housed inside the server case 91, and is connected to the 12V DC power supply line 43 of the server 90. The uninterruptible power supply is provided with a DC/DC boost converter 3 that steps-up the power supply line 43 voltage to the rechargeable... Agent:

20110133557 - Voltage converter: Systems and methods of operating a voltage converter are provided. The converter includes an output inductor and an output capacitor coupled to a rectifier circuit. The converter also includes a clamp circuit having a clamping diode and a clamping capacitor coupled in series, with the serial combination in parallel with... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20110133561 - Semiconductor device: A semiconductor device (10) includes: an base substance (15) having a ferromagnetic material; a first semiconductor chip (11) and a second semiconductor chip (12) installed on the base substance (15); a first coil (131) installed on the base substance (15) and electrically connected to the first semiconductor chip (11); a... Agent: Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.

20110133562 - Level shifter: According to one embodiment, a level shifter includes a transmission circuit and a controller. The transmission circuit is connected between a first circuit operating at a first power source voltage and a second circuit operating at a second power source voltage higher than the first power source voltage. The transmission... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110133563 - Method and apparatus for reduction of harmonics in a power supply: A power supply device adapted for supplying electrical power to a load comprises a first electrical generator adapted for providing a first output current having a first phase angle; at least a second electrical generator adapted for providing a second output current having a second phase angle independent of the... Agent:

20110133570 - Apparatus and method for implementing a differential drive amplifier and a coil arrangement: Exemplary embodiments are directed to differentially driving a load. An apparatus includes a differential drive amplifier including a switching device coupled with a first output node and a second output node. The first output node and the second output node drive a load network including primary coils. The differential drive... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110133568 - Wireless energy transfer with metamaterials: Embodiments of the invention disclose a system configured to exchange energy wirelessly. The system includes a structure configured to exchange the energy wirelessly via a coupling of evanescent waves, wherein the structure is electromagnetic (EM) and non-radiative, and wherein the structure generates an EM near-field in response to receiving the... Agent:

20110133564 - Wireless energy transfer with negative index material: Embodiments of the invention disclose a system configured to exchange energy wirelessly. The system includes a structure configured to exchange the energy wirelessly via a coupling of evanescent waves, wherein the structure is electromagnetic (EM) and non-radiative, and wherein the structure generates an EM near-field in response to receiving the... Agent:

20110133565 - Wireless energy transfer with negative index material: Embodiments of the invention disclose a system configured to exchange energy wirelessly. The system includes a structure configured to exchange the energy wirelessly via a coupling of evanescent waves, wherein the structure is electromagnetic (EM) and non-radiative, and wherein the structure generates an EM near-field in response to receiving the... Agent:

20110133567 - Wireless energy transfer with negative index material: Embodiments of the invention disclose a system configured to exchange energy wirelessly. The system includes a structure configured to exchange the energy wirelessly via a coupling of evanescent waves, wherein the structure is electromagnetic (EM) and non-radiative, and wherein the structure generates an EM near-field in response to receiving the... Agent:

20110133566 - Wireless energy transfer with negative material: Embodiments of the invention disclose a system configured to exchange energy wirelessly. The system includes a structure configured to exchange the energy wirelessly via a coupling of evanescent waves, wherein the structure is electromagnetic (EM) and non-radiative, and wherein the structure generates an EM near-field in response to receiving the... Agent:

20110133569 - Wireless power transmission device and wireless power reception device: Provided are a wireless power transmission device and wireless power reception device. A power-relaying resonant coil is disposed between a power transmitter and a power receiver to increase transmission efficiency and lengthen a transmission distance. The wireless power transmission device includes a power generation module for generating power, a power... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20110133571 - Protection circuit and battery pack: A protection circuit having: a connecting terminal which is connected to an external circuit and which inputs and outputs a charging/discharging current of a secondary battery to and from the external circuit; a voltage detection unit for detecting an output voltage of the secondary battery; a current detection unit for... Agent:

20110133572 - Electrical appliance holder system: An appliance holder system for electrical handheld appliances of the type having a flexible electrical power cord attached thereto is provided. The appliance holder system includes an appliance holder assembly having at least one receptacle for receiving and storing at least one electrical handheld appliance having a flexible electrical power... Agent:

20110133573 - Ground power unit for aircraft: Embodiments of a ground power unit are disclosed for providing power to a grounded vehicle, such as an aircraft. In accordance with certain embodiments, the ground power unit (GPU) accepts a wide range of AC input voltages and is capable of providing a range of DC output voltages. The GPU... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20110133575 - In-vehicle integrated-inverter electric compressor: Disclosed is an in-vehicle integrated-inverter electric compressor (1) in which an inverter accommodating section (3) is provided on the periphery of a housing (2), an inverter device is installed in the inverter accommodating section (3), and the opening portion of the inverter accommodating section (3) is sealed by means of... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110133574 - Safety switching apparatus: A safety switching apparatus for the failsafe disconnection of an electrical load has a first and a second terminal for supplying a first and a second signal from a signaling device, such as an emergency-off button. The safety switching apparatus also has a first and a second switching element which... Agent:

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20110127831 - Battery emulator and methods of use: A dynamic battery emulator for replacing and mimicking the characteristics of a battery in a portable electronic device when the device is located in or on a vehicle can include a power control module capable of varying its output voltage to adapt to the voltage requirements of an attached portable... Agent: Forward Thinking Products, LLC

20110127830 - Battery isolator unit: A battery isolator unit is disclosed for controlling a switching means having a first contact for connection to a terminal of a first battery, a second contact for connection to a corresponding terminal of a second battery, and an actuating input for biasing a switch element of the switching means... Agent:

20110127832 - Power supply arrangement for integrated circuit core: A power supply arrangement is for supplying power to a chip core. A dc-dc converter arrangement is used both for a wake-up state of the core in preparation for an active state, and for a shut down charge recycling state in which the core supplies charge to the dc-dc converter.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110127833 - Power supply unit provided with ac/dc input voltage detection and power supply system incorporating same: Disclosed is a power supply unit provided with AC/DC voltage detection and a power supply system incorporating such power supply unit. The power control unit of the power supply unit can manipulate the first stage power circuit and the bypass switch thereof according to the form and magnitude of the... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20110127834 - Intervention of independent self-regulation of power consumption devices: Methods and apparatuses for intervening in the self power or thermal regulations of a plurality of independent power consumption devices are described herein. The novel methods may include monitoring power consumption and thermal conditions of the plurality of power consumption (i.e., power/heat dissipation) devices that are configured to independently self-regulate... Agent:

20110127835 - Battery pack and uninterruptible power supply having the same: Provided are battery packs capable of preventing electrical shorts due to incorrect arrangement of polarities of the battery packs during assembly of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) having the battery packs and a UPS having the battery packs. The battery pack includes: a casing housing a plurality of cells; first... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20110127837 - Power conversion apparatus: A power conversion apparatus includes an inverter for converting DC power to AC power for supply to a load, a converter for converting AC power from an AC power supply to DC power for supply to the inverter, a DC voltage converter for converting a voltage value of power stored... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Indus. Sys. Corp.

20110127836 - System and methods to extend the service life of portable devices: A method for extending the service life of a portable device includes monitoring a battery of a portable device; identifying a problem bank; reconfiguring a connection schema for the battery to replace the problem battery bank with at least one spare bank; conditioning or exercising the problem bank; connecting the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110127838 - Power converter: A power converter includes an inverter circuit for superimposing a generated voltage on an AC input voltage, a diode bridge full-wave rectifying circuit connected to the inverter circuit, smoothing capacitors connected between DC output terminals of the rectifying circuit, short-circuit switches connected to the rectifying circuit, a rectification mode changing... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110127839 - Solar power generation device: A transmitting circuit is connected to a power line at current flow-in sides to solar battery strings, and a receiving circuit is connected to the power line at current flow-out sides to the solar battery strings. An attenuating circuit connected in series to a bypass diode is provided in a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110127840 - Power switching device and method thereof, and projection device using the power switching device: A power switching device, a power switching method, and a projection device using the power switching device are provided. In the power switching method, a first power and a second power are received, and the voltage level of the first power is compared with the voltage level of the second... Agent: Coretronic Corporation

20110127841 - Smart virtual low voltage photovoltaic module and photovoltaic power system employing the same: A smart virtual low voltage photovoltaic (PV) module is disclosed, including a PV module having one or more photovoltaic cells, configured to convert solar energy into DC power, and a DC/DC converting unit, coupled between the PV module and a control center coupled to the smart virtual low voltage PV... Agent: Du Pont Apollo Ltd.

20110127842 - Inductive coupler connector: An inductive coupler connector arrangement for transferring electrical energy between a first connector part to a second connector part. The first and second connector parts have respective ones of first and second magnetic core limbs of which at least one limb carrying a respective electrical winding and respective mating means... Agent:

20110127844 - Low pin count wireless power ic: A low pin count IC includes a wireless power receive coil, a rectifying circuit, an output circuit, circuit modules, a power management unit (PMU), a die, and a package substrate. The wireless power receive coil generates an AC voltage from a wireless power electromagnetic signal and the rectifying circuit generates... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110127845 - Wireless power circuit board and assembly: A circuit board assembly includes a multiple layer substrate, a wireless power transmitter control module, a wireless power coil assembly, and a plurality of ICs. The wireless power transmitter control module is supported by a layer of the multiple layer substrate and the wireless power coil assembly is fabricated on... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110127846 - Wireless power feeder, wireless power receiver, and wireless power transmission system: Power is fed from a feeding coil L2 to a receiving coil L3 by magnetic resonance. A VCO 202 alternately turns ON/OFF switching transistors Q1 and Q2 at a drive frequency fo, whereby AC power is fed to the feeding coil L2, and then the AC power is fed from... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110127847 - Wireless power supply device: A wireless power supply device adapted to wireless supply power to an electricity receiving object is provided. The wireless power supply device includes a transformer, a wireless power supply module, and an indicator. The wireless power supply module is coupled to the transformer to wirelessly supply electricity of the transformer... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20110127843 - Wireless power system with selectable control channel protocols: A wireless power system includes a wireless power transmit and receive units. The wireless power transmit unit includes a wireless power transmit circuit that generates a wireless power magnetic field and a transmit unit transceiver that transceives a communication regarding the wireless power magnetic field in accordance with a control... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110127848 - Wireless power transceiver and wireless power system: A wireless power transceiver that is disposed between a source resonator and a target resonator and that may increase wireless power transmission efficiency is provided. The wireless power transceiver may include a power receiver that includes a receiving resonator that receives an inbound power from a source resonator, a power... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110127849 - high-power tunable capacitor: A tunable capacitor device may be provided in accordance with example embodiments of the invention. The tunable capacitor device may include a first capacitor; a second capacitor; a third capacitor, where the first, second, and third capacitors are connected in series, wherein the second capacitor is positioned between the first... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20110127850 - Semiconductor device having internal volatage generating circuit: To include an internal voltage generating circuit that includes a capacitor having a first electrode and a second electrode and generates an internal voltage by repeating a charge operation for charging the capacitor to a VDD level and a discharge operation for applying the VDD level to the first electrode... Agent: Elpida Memory, Inc.

20110127851 - Selecting structure for device: Disclosed is a device selection structure for selecting one or more devices, comprising: a plurality of devices each having an input port and an output port; and a device module including a movement plate installed movably in conjunction with the plurality of devices, an input connector, and an output connector,... Agent: Kmw Inc.

20110127852 - Circuit breaker control: A method of circuit breaker control includes determining if a trip event for a circuit breaker has occurred, determining a set of redundancy parameters for the circuit breaker, and transmitting a trip signal and a shunt trip signal to the circuit breaker based on the set of redundancy parameters.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110127853 - Method and apparatus for switching electrical power: A current control device is described. The current control device includes at least one line socket configured to couple to a first power system. The current control device also includes at least one load socket configured to couple to a second power system and at least one micro-electromechanical system (MEMS)... Agent:

20110127854 - Systems and devices for reducing phantom load: Systems and devices are described herein for reducing a phantom load. The system may include a device for connection to a power source and a transformer or machine, wherein the device is configured to disconnect the transformer or machine from the power source under a predetermined load condition. The device... Agent: International Electrical Savings & Development, LLC

20110127855 - High voltage safety device for high voltage battery: A high voltage safety device for a high voltage battery is provided, which comprises: a switch terminal forming a switch of an electric circuit for a high voltage portion and protruding to be fitted in a position hole of a high voltage cover; and a plug forming the electric circuit... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

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