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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110095602 - Controller for ac electric vehicle: In a controller for an AC electric vehicle that includes a converter control unit controlling an operation of a PWM converter that converts an AC voltage inputted from an AC overhead line through a transformer into an DC voltage, arithmetic processing performed in the converter control unit is divided into... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110095600 - Enhanced cigarette lighter adapter: A cigarette lighter adapter (CLA) is disclosed comprising a body and a barrel portion extending therefrom, said barrel portion including a first and second contacts respectively connectable within a vehicle cigarette lighter to be powered therefrom, said CLA being additionally provided with at least one primary electronic circuit within the... Agent: Tomtom International B.v.

20110095601 - Switch module for a power supply network and power supply network comprising at least one switch module: A switch module includes at least one switch exhibiting at least two states of operation, provided for connecting at least two conductor segments of an electrical power supply network, the electrical power supply network including one or more power sources and one or more electrical loads. One control unit is... Agent: Volvo Technology Corporation

20110095603 - Emergency control apparatus and method for use: The present invention provides an emergency control apparatus, and method which maintains the power flow between a battery and an inverter and the operation state of an electric vehicle in the event of failure of a bidirectional DC-DC converter connected between the battery as a power source and the inverter... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20110095604 - Power adjustment system adapted for powering an electric line for supplying power to vehicles: The invention relates to a power adjustment system adapted for powering an electric line for supplying power to vehicles moving in a traffic lane combined with said electric line that comprises an electric supply feeder (AD) delivering an average electric power directly or via at least one converter to the... Agent: Siemens S.a.s.

20110095605 - Power supply equipment to simultaneously power multiple electronic device: Power supply equipment is provided with two power ports for simultaneously powering two electronic devices. The equipment includes low power assemblies and high power assemblies, each of which is detachably mateable to either one of the power ports. To simultaneously power two low power devices, low power assemblies are respectively... Agent: Comarco Wireless Technologies, Inc.

20110095606 - Multi-input power converting system for renewable energies: The present invention provides a multi-input power converting system for renewable energies capable of integrating and converting various renewable energies so as to achieve energy compensation and thus high-reliability power supply. The multi-input power converting system comprises a multi-input power converter, at least a battery bank and at least a... Agent: Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan

20110095607 - System and method for supplying power to a load using deep-sleep-mode power supplies: A system and method are provided for supplying power to a load using deep-sleep-mode power supplies. Each of plural switching power supplies includes an input converter, an output converter and a standby converter. Each is configured to have its output converter connected to the load, and each is configured to... Agent:

20110095608 - Power node for energy management: A power node provides energy management features in a networked data communications and control environment.... Agent:

20110095610 - System for processing analog-type electrical signals with low noise driving device: A system includes analog supply circuitry providing first and second analog potentials. A switch module assumes first or second states to enable and inhibit transfer of an analog electrical signal from a source module to a user module based upon a driving electrical signal. A driving device drives, based upon... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.i.

20110095609 - Systems and methods for regulating power in renewable energy sources: Certain embodiments of the invention may include systems and methods for regulating power in renewable energy sources. According to an exemplary embodiment of the invention, a method is provided for regulating active power produced by the renewable energy source towards an apparent power setpoint. The method may include selectively regulating... Agent: General Electric Company

20110095611 - Uninterruptible power supply supporting active loads: An uninterruptible power supply supporting active loads includes a charge and discharge module having a battery set and a charger charging the battery set with an input power, a switch circuit having at least two active switches connected to the battery set, a dynamic PWM control module connected with each... Agent: Cyber Power System Inc.

20110095612 - Method and apparatus to combine and condition ac power from multiple sources: This invention pertains to switching and combining more than one AC power supply using an internal controller that has external control and status functions available. The method taught in this invention is to convert all the AC power to DC, and, by varying the individual AC to DC converter output... Agent:

20110095613 - Solar generator and solar cell thereof distributively performing maximum power point tracking: A solar generator distributively performing maximum power point tracking (MPPT) has a plurality of solar cell modules formed by electrically connecting multiple solar cells, and a power conversion and transmission unit electrically connected with two power output terminals of the solar cell module. Each of the solar cells has a... Agent: Chiccony Power Technology Co., Ltd.

20110095615 - Power source selection circuit and electronic device using the same: A power source selection circuit includes an external power port and a battery compartment, which are used to connect to an external power source and a battery module, respectively. The power source selection circuit further includes a selection switch including a control terminal connected to the external power port, and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110095614 - Scalable highest available voltage selector circuit: A scalable highest available voltage selector circuit determines the highest of n input voltages and connects the highest voltage to an output. The circuit has at least n circuit branches, each of which comprises n−1 “comparator” FETs connected between an input voltage and an output node, and a diode-connected FET... Agent: Analog Devices, Inc.

20110095616 - Electric power selling system: It is an object of the present invention to suppress such a situation that electric power selling becomes impossible while the deterioration of supply power is prevented. The electric power selling system of the present invention comprises a solar battery 3 as a power generator, and a control unit 7... Agent:

20110095617 - Ferrite antennas for wireless power transfer: Ferrite core antenna used for transmitting or receiving wireless power. The antenna can move relative to the core.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110095620 - Galvanic isolators and coil transducers: Disclosed herein are various embodiments of coil transducers and galvanic isolators configured to provide high voltage isolation and high voltage breakdown performance characteristics in small packages. A coil transducer is provided across which data or power signals may be transmitted and received by primary and secondary coils disposed on opposing... Agent: Avago Technologies Ecbu (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110095618 - Wireless energy transfer using repeater resonators: Described herein are improved configurations for a device for wireless power transfer that includes a conductor forming at least one loop of a high-Q resonator, a capacitive part electrically coupled to the conductor, and a power and control circuit electrically coupled to the conductor, the power and control circuit providing... Agent:

20110095619 - Wireless power feeder, wireless power transmission system, and table and table lamp using the same: Power is fed from a feeding coil to a receiving coil by magnetic resonance. A drive circuit outputs an IN signal generated by an oscillator as a DR signal to alternately turn ON/OFF switching transistors at a resonance frequency, whereby AC current is fed to the feeding coil, and then... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110095621 - Power cord with thermal control: The present invention relates to a cord for powering a cooling element including a thermally-actuated switch assembly and a method of controlling a cooling element through a power cord including a thermally-actuated switch assembly in an alternating current (AC) circuit. The cord assembly includes a multiple conductor wire for carrying... Agent: Gardtec Incorporated

20110095622 - Wall-mounted electrical device with modular antenna bezel frame: An electrical device configured to install within a wall mounted electrical box includes an antenna bezel frame, an antenna element, and a radio frequency circuitry component. At least a portion of the antenna bezel frame is configured to protrude through an opening in a faceplate. The antenna element is mounted... Agent:

20110095623 - Battery pack protection circuit, battery pack protection method, and electric bicycle: A battery pack protection circuit includes: a sensing unit for sensing a variation in an angle of orientation; a charge/discharge control unit for outputting a stop control signal for interrupting charge and discharge operations of a battery cell, if the angle of orientation is greater than or equal to a... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20110095624 - Single wire transmission interface and method for the same: The present invention discloses a single wire transmission interface comprising: a signal detection circuit detecting level switchings of a transmission signal from a single wire, and generating an enable signal and a decoded signal corresponding to the transmission signal, the level switchings including first switchings from a first level to... Agent: Richtek Technology Corporation, R.o.c.

20110095625 - Fault tolerant service switch operation in a utility meter: An arrangement for controllably disconnecting a utility power service from a load includes a meter housing, a service switch, an electrically-powered source of motive force, and energy storage device, and a charging circuit. The meter housing includes metrology circuitry configured to generate metering information regarding electrical power provided to the... Agent: Landis+gyr, Inc.

20110095626 - Hybrid electret: This invention discloses a hybrid electret. The hybrid electret comprises at least a first dielectric layer and at least a second dielectric layer, and the first dielectric layer and the second layer are alternatively stacked. The first dielectric layer comprises at least a polymer and the second dielectric layer comprises... Agent:

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110089757 - Method for generating electricity from solar panels for emergency trailer use: A method for generating electricity from solar power to an air handling unit or an electrical system of an emergency trailer relying on a photovoltaic panels (1) DC disconnects (2,3); charge controller (4); batteries (5); air handling unit or an electrical system (7); electrical wires, and fuses. The photovoltaic panel(s)... Agent: Green Solar Transportation LLC

20110089758 - Method for allocating high voltage electrical energy to vehicle systems during propulsion: A method is disclosed that defines a protocol for distributing power to high voltage components when two conditions exist: they being when the vehicle is being propelled or operated and when the power requested of the power supply is less than what the power supply can provide. The method determines... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110089759 - Home power supply system: A power supply system is disclosed. The system comprises an AC power source from a power grid and a DC power source from an alternative power generation system. The alternative power generation system may comprise one or a plurality of solar systems. The system may also comprise one or a... Agent:

20110089760 - System and method for managing a power system with multiple power components: According to a preferred embodiment of the invention, the system for managing a power system with a plurality of power components that includes power source components and power consumption components includes a central power bus, a plurality of adaptable connectors that each electrically couple to a power component and to... Agent:

20110089761 - Method and apparatus for power conversion and regulation: Techniques are disclosed to control a power converter with multiple output voltages. One example regulated power converter includes a an energy transfer element coupled between a power converter input and first and second power converter outputs. A switch is coupled between the power converter input and the energy transfer element... Agent: Power Integrations, Inc.

20110089762 - Lossless short-duration electrical storage means for power generation system: A vehicle energy harvester including a subunit having an upper surface forming a roadway surface; a vehicle activated treadle on the subunit, the vehicle activated treadle moveable between a first position in which an upper surface of the treadle is at an angle with respect to the upper surface of... Agent:

20110089763 - Battery energy source arrangement and voltage source converter system: The invention relates to power networks, and in particular to a battery energy source arrangement and voltage source converter system in such network. The battery energy source arrangement includes battery energy storage, having one or more parallel-connected battery strings and a mechanism for connecting a voltage of the battery strings... Agent:

20110089764 - Method of controlling battery power, power control apparatus, and portable device using the same: A method for controlling batteries, a power control apparatus, and a portable device using the same are provided. Based on a connection status of a main battery and an auxiliary battery and the relative magnitudes of voltage of the main battery and the auxiliary battery, supplying of electric power from... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20110089766 - Apparatus for phase rotation for a three-phase ac circuit: An apparatus for power conversion. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a plurality of AC power sources, wherein each AC power source in the plurality of AC power sources has a phase rotation circuit coupled to a DC/AC inverter for converting DC input power to AC output power, wherein (i)... Agent: Enphase Energy, Inc.

20110089765 - Power converting apparatus: A power converting apparatus includes a first inverter circuit including a high-voltage first DC voltage source and operated at a low frequency using Si IGBTs having a high withstand voltage exceeding 1000 V and a second inverter circuit including a low-voltage capacitor operated by high-frequency PWM using SiC MOSFETs having... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110089767 - Arrangement related to offshore cable system: A method for measuring a capacitance using a capacitance meter. The capacitance meter includes an AC power source with a controllable frequency which is fed to a capacitor to measure its capacitance. A first measurement of the capacitance is performed by the capacitance meter using a first frequency. When the... Agent: Vetco Gray Scandinavia As

20110089769 - Wireless power transmission device, wireless power transmission control device, and wireless power transmission method: A wireless power transmission device, a wireless power transmission control device, and a wireless power transmission method are provided. A coupling frequency between a source resonator and a target resonator is determined A transmission frequency is controlled such that power is transmitted from the source resonator to the target resonator... Agent:

20110089768 - Worksurface power transfer: A power transfer system (100) is used with a primary table (102) and one or more secondary tables (170). Incoming power is supplied from a source outlet receptacle block (108) to raceway assemblies (120, 134) and an energy center (140) on the primary table (102). The raceway assemblies (120, 134)... Agent:

20110089770 - Self power-acquiring quick-responsive controllable reactor: This invention relates to a self power-acquiring quickly responsive controllable reactor whose coil of the main body portion contains a control winding (6), a net-side winding (5), further contains a tertiary winding (7). The tertiary winding (7), the control winding (6) and the net-side winding (5) are set in turn... Agent: Tbea Shenyang Transformer Group Co., Ltd

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110084550 - Control network for single- or multi-motor actuators, the network being particularly adapted to aviation applications such as powering the motors of landing-gear hook units: The invention provides an emergency power network for aircraft, for powering actuator motors (4) connected to the network, the network comprising a power bus (11) adapted to convey three-phase AC power generated by at least one DC/AC converter (12) that is powered by a DC source of the aircraft, the... Agent: Messier-bugatti

20110084549 - Flexible power distribution module: A power distribution module for a vehicle includes an insulating housing including a component grid, the component grid defining a plurality of circuit protection footprints, the housing further including at least one connector mount or terminal mating location; a printed circuit board (“PCB”) located within the housing and beneath the... Agent: Littelfuse, Inc.

20110084548 - Method and system for controlling current flow through a power distribution circuit: An automotive vehicle capable of receiving power from a power distribution circuit including a power line and return line includes a controller disposed within the vehicle. The controller is configured to be electrically connected with the power distribution circuit, determine a difference between a resistance of the power line and... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110084551 - Photovoltaic system with managed output: Photovoltaic systems with managed output and methods for managing variability of output from photovoltaic systems are described. A system includes a photovoltaic module configured to receive and convert solar energy to DC power. The system also includes a sensor configured to detect a future change in solar energy to be... Agent:

20110084552 - Power management methodology: A power management system for regulating supply voltage in at least two selectable power modes with low power, minimal leakage current and quicker startup times is disclosed. The power management system includes at least two regulators having regulator inputs and regulator outputs. The regulator inputs are respectively coupled to at... Agent: Energy Micro As

20110084553 - Distributed power system using direct current power sources: A distributed power system including multiple (DC) batteries each DC battery with positive and negative poles. Multiple power converters are coupled respectively to the DC batteries. Each power converter includes a first terminal, a second terminal, a third terminal and a fourth terminal. The first terminal is adapted for coupling... Agent:

20110084554 - Led lamp: An LED lamp includes an optical part, a heat dissipation member and an electric part. The optical part includes a hollow light penetrable tube and an LED module received in the tube. The heat dissipation member is received in the tube to mount the LED module thereon. The electric part... Agent: Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd.

20110084555 - Power supply system for electrical appliance: A power supply system is disclosed. The system comprises an AC power source from a power grid and a DC power source from an alternative energy source. The alternative energy source is a solar system in the preferred embodiment. The system provides a means of supplying the electrical appliance the... Agent:

20110084557 - Maximum power point tracking solar power system: A solar power system includes a number of solar panels, a bus, and a DC-AC inverter. Each of the solar panels includes a plurality of photovoltaic chips and a DC-DC converter wherein the photovoltaic chips are serially connected and configured for converting sunlight energy into electrical power. The DC-DC converter... Agent: Ampower Technology Co., Ltd.

20110084556 - System and apparatus for interconnecting an array of power generating assemblies: A system and apparatus for interconnecting an array of power generating assemblies includes a cable assembly having a plurality of continuous conductors and a plurality of cable connectors electrically coupled to the continuous conductors. The continuous conductors are configured to receive inverter AC power generated by inverters and deliver the... Agent:

20110084558 - Motion sensor switch for 3-way light circuit and method of lighting control using the same: Systems and methods are provided for controlling light in a 3-way light circuit, where at least one of the switches in a 3-way light circuit includes an occupancy sensor and the on/off state of the load in the 3-way circuit is determined based on the voltage output of circuits configured... Agent: Hubbell Incorporated

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110080041 - Electronic device control system and method: There is provided a system and method for controlling an electronic device. An exemplary method comprises employing a look-up table to derive waveform value data for a multi-phase reference waveform. The exemplary method also comprises employing the look-up table to derive waveform value data corresponding to harmonic data for the... Agent: General Electric Company, A New York Corporation

20110080043 - Motorcycle: A motorcycle comprises an electricity accumulator configured to supply electric power to driving devices required for driving of the motorcycle and to non-driving devices; a voltage detector configured to detect a voltage of the electricity accumulator; and a power supply controller configured to control supply of the electric power; the... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110080040 - Power generation apparatus: An apparatus including an alternator that is drivable by an engine for producing a first AC electric current, a rectifier in electrical communication with the alternator for producing a DC electric current, an inverter in electrical communication with the rectifier for producing a second AC electric current where the second... Agent:

20110080042 - System and method for providing power to two loads from a single three-phase inverter: A method for providing electrical power to two loads on a powered system/unit, the method including supplying electrical power from a first phase and a second phase of a three-phase inverter to a first load, supplying electrical power from the second phase and a third phase of a three-phase inverter... Agent:

20110080044 - Standalone unit of a standalone power grid for communicating energy requests with another standalone unit: The invention relates to a standalone unit for a standalone power grid, to a standalone power grid comprising a standalone unit and to a method for controlling a standalone power grid. In order to permit reduced recourse to an external power grid or public power grid, the standalone unit according... Agent: Voltwerk Electronics Gmbh

20110080045 - Solar energy system for a building: A solar energy system that maximizes the amount of a building surface space exposed to sunlight to capture the energy produce by the sun's rays. The solar paneling attached to the window frames, door frames and other natural architectural entry points of the building, electrical circuitry to link the solar... Agent:

20110080046 - Master and slave power outlet system: This invention provides a master and slave power outlet system with a master outlet and a slave outlet, wherein the master outlet includes a current detecting unit and a first wireless module, and the slave outlet includes a second wireless module. When an operating state of a master device connected... Agent: Powertech Industrial Co., Ltd.

20110080047 - Solar power supply system supporting ac/dc power conversion loads: A solar power supply system includes a power supply unit, a rectification unit, a solar power supply unit and an AC/DC power conversion load. The power supply unit may be an AC power derived from a household electrical source and then rectified to a second DC power through the rectification... Agent:

20110080048 - Electronic assembly provided with a parallel circuit for connecting electrically to two battery units: An electronic assembly with two battery units includes a system module provided with a preset threshold value and a parallel circuit. The parallel circuit is coupled electrically to the system module, and includes first and second power diverter circuits. Each of first and second power diverter circuit consists of a... Agent: Giga-byte Technology Co., Ltd.

20110080049 - Corrosion reducing two-wire control systems: A control system for a two-wire power and communication system is described herein. A gateway connects to an irrigation controller and at least two wires that are further connected to a plurality of decoders. The gateway includes an H-bridge circuit that creates an alternating potential at the same potential or... Agent: The Toro Company

20110080055 - Magnetically integrated current reactor: A system and method for delivering electrical power-on-demand to at least one load circuit wherein the system operates primarily with reactive power. The method includes inductively coupling power from a source in a primary circuit to one or more load circuits. The system is arranged to store magnetic energy in... Agent: Verde Power Supply

20110080056 - Method and apparatus for contactless power transfer: Embodiments of the subject invention pertain to a method and apparatus for contactless power transfer. A specific embodiment relates to an impedance transformation network, a new class of load network for application to a contactless power system. Embodiments of the impedance transformation network enable a contactless power system to operate... Agent:

20110080052 - Power transmission apparatus, power reception apparatus and power transmission system: A power transmission apparatus including a power transmitting unit which includes an induction unit which receives an electrical energy from an external power source by induction and a magnetic resonance unit which transmits the electrical energy to an external receiving unit by magnetic resonance.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110080050 - Systems and methods for directional reactive power ground plane transmission: Systems and methods for transmitting electrical power through a ground plane are provided. A phased array of transmitters transmits moving, reactive power ground waves through a ground plane to a focus. A receiver, disposed proximate the focus, collects and converts the reactive power to real power for use in driving... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20110080053 - Wireless power feeder and wireless power transmission system: Power is transmitted from a feeding coil L2 to a receiving coil L3 by magnetic resonance. A VCO 202 alternately turns ON/OFF switching transistors Q1 and Q2 to feed AC current to the feeding coil L2, whereby the AC power is fed from the feeding coil L2 to the receiving... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110080054 - Wireless power feeder and wireless power transmission system: Power is fed from a feeding coil L2 to a receiving coil L3 by magnetic resonance. An oscillator 202 alternately turns ON/OFF switching transistors Q1 and Q2 to cause AC current IS of drive frequency fo to flow in a transformer T2 primary coil Lb. The AC current IS causes... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110080051 - Wireless power transmission/reception apparatus and method: Disclosed herein is a wireless power transmission/reception apparatus. The wireless power transmission/reception apparatus includes a wireless power transmission unit and a wireless power reception unit. The wireless power transmission unit receives power, generates a wireless power signal to be wirelessly transmitted, wirelessly transmits the generated wireless power signal in a... Agent:

20110080057 - Power harvesting device and method of use thereof: A structure is provided. The structure includes a signal retrieval circuit formed within a disk located within a coaxial cable connector. The signal retrieval circuit is located in a position that is external to a signal path of an electrical signal flowing through the coaxial cable connector. The signal retrieval... Agent: Rochester Institute Of Technology

20110080058 - Electric junction box and power supply device having the same: An electric junction box, having a terminal portion positioned in the connector engagement portion and arranged perpendicular to a direction along which case members attach each other, which can be assembled easily without increasing the number of components and manufacturing cost is provided. Also, a power supply device having the... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20110080059 - Electric junction box and power supply device having the same: A downsized electric junction box and a power supply device having the same are provided. The electric junction box includes: a box main body including a connector engagement portion to be engaged with a connector and relay mount portions for mounting relays; and a wiring unit received in the box... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

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