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Electrical transmission or interconnection systems March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110074211 - Apparatus and method for controlling the switching frequency of a power converter: In at least one embodiment, an apparatus for controlling a switching frequency of at least one power switch in a vehicle is provided. The apparatus comprises a power conversion circuit including a power switch. The power conversion circuit is configured to convert a first energy signal into a second energy... Agent: Lear Corporation

20110074212 - Power supply providing an integrated power system: A power supply with an integrated power system has a common transformer. After the power supply receives input power, the common transformer generates an induction power at the secondary side. The power supply further includes a standby power system receiving the induction power and outputting a standby power, an actuation... Agent:

20110074213 - Power-enabled connector assembly and method of manufacturing: An advanced connector assembly enabled to receive and distribute power signals. In one embodiment, the connector comprises a multi-port modular jack, and incorporates a PSE controller board disposed in the rear portion of the connector assembly, e.g., outside the connector housing. The PSE controller board controls the power to a... Agent:

20110074214 - Battery apparatus and electric vehicle: Terminals of a battery apparatus is connected to terminals of a vehicle body controller, respectively, and terminals of the battery apparatus are connected to terminals of a charger, respectively. The terminals are connected to each other through a communication path, and the terminals are connected to each other through a... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110074215 - Energy storage based countermeasure for a delayed voltage recovery: The disclosed system includes a metering device for monitoring electrical power grid conditions, a controller for determining if the metering device is detecting a condition on an electrical grid that is indicative of a delayed voltage recovery event, and a communication device for communicating with one or more remotely located... Agent: A123 Systems, Inc.

20110074216 - Power system for a device: A power system is designed for providing reliable electrical power to a facility and/or associated devices. The system includes one or more fuel cells and a circuit adapted to receive power from the one or more fuel cells. The circuit is electrically connected to a device receiving the electrical power... Agent: Sprint Communications Company L.p.

20110074217 - Device for supplying uninterruptible power: The invention relates to uninterruptible power supply devices which make it possible to supply emergency power to a load, which is to be supplied, in the event of mains failure. The invention is based on the object of providing a device for supplying uninterruptible power, which device can be operated... Agent: Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110074219 - High-frequency inductive coupling power transfer system and associated method: The invention relates to a high-frequency inductive coupling power transfer system with SP compensation in the primary and which is suitable both for series- and parallel-compensated secondaries, i.e. with a capacitor in series followed by a capacitor in parallel in the primary and a capacitor in series or a capacitor... Agent:

20110074218 - Wireless energy transfer: Disclosed is an apparatus for use in wireless energy transfer, which includes a first resonator structure configured to transfer energy non-radiatively with a second resonator structure over a distance greater than a characteristic size of the second resonator structure. The non-radiative energy transfer is mediated by a coupling of a... Agent:

20110074221 - Electronic device for regulating a variable capacitance of an integrated circuit: The present disclosure relates to an electronic regulation device of a variable capacitance of an integrated circuit having a time parameter depending on the variable capacitance. The regulation device includes a regulation loop, and is configured to generate in output a plurality of binary regulation signals.... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20110074220 - Semiconductor device and radio communication device: To provide a fast charge means for a capacitor in a negative bias generation circuit. A capacitor is present in a down converter in a negative bias generation circuit. In order to perform fast charge, the capacitance of the capacitor is reduced and a necessary amount of charge is minimized.... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110074222 - Multiple location load control system: A multiple location load control system comprises a main device and remote devices, which do not require neutral connections, but allow for visual and audible feedback at the main device and the remote devices. The main device and the remote devices are adapted to be coupled in series electrical connection... Agent: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

20110074224 - Method and apparatus for operating an electrical appliance: In a method for operating an electrical appliance such as a hob, the electrical appliance has a plurality of functional units, an operator control surface and a freely movable operator control element for mounting on the operator control surface, with a mounting point for the operator control element provided on... Agent: E.g.o. Elektro-geraetebau Gmbh

20110074223 - Variable timing switching system and method: A low-EMI switched circuit comprises two or more switches, wherein impedance transitions of the switches are overlapped and the overlap is varied using variable switch timing based on an output power level of the switched circuit. The variable timing results in a variable impedance overlap between the switches. In one... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110074225 - Reduced power consumption sensor device and illumination system comprising such a sensor device: The invention relates to a wireless sensor device configured for sensing motion of an object in an area. The device comprises a motion sensor configured for generating a sensing signal when sensing motion in the area and a signal processor configured for processing the sensing signal. A power supply is... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110074226 - Power controller, electronic apparatus and power control method: A power controller for controlling a power supply having a predetermined voltage, generated based on a power supplied from an external power source and supplied to a signal processor, includes: a receiver configured to receive a signal for switching an ON/OFF state of the power supply from a remote controller,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110068621 - Method for generating electricity from solar panels for bus/rv use: A method for generating electricity from solar power to an air handling unit or an electrical system for a bus/RV, relying on a photovoltaic panels (1) DC disconnects (2,3); charge controller (4); batteries (5); air handling unit or an electrical system (7); electrical wires, and fuses. The photovoltaic panel(s) will... Agent:

20110068622 - Vehicle high voltage cable layout structure: In a layout structure for a high voltage cable of an electric vehicle, the high voltage cable running from front to back is arranged to be kept towards the center of the vehicle, thereby avoiding damage to the cable even in the event of side impact. The high voltage cable... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20110068623 - Bus bar power distribution for an antenna embedded radio system: A power distribution for an array of active electronic circuits in an antenna of a mobile communications base-station is disclosed. The power distribution comprises a first conductor connectable to a first terminal of a power supply unit, and a second conductor connectable to a second terminal of the power supply... Agent:

20110068624 - Solar powered system with grid backup: A system includes a solar power subsystem that receives power from one or more solar power arrays. A storage control subsystem is coupled to the solar power subsystem to charge a battery from the power received by the solar power subsystem. A grid power control subsystem having an AC to... Agent: Noribachi LLC

20110068625 - Dual line active automatic transfer switch: A dual line active automatic transfer switch (ATS) is provided. A first switch structure is connected to a first PSU of the plurality of PSUs, and operable between a first position connecting a first input line of the dual line and a second position connecting a second input line of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110068626 - Multiport power converter with load detection capabilities: Power converters are provided that convert alternating current (AC) power to direct current (DC) power. A power converter may have multiple ports. Each port may have an associated connector with multiple power and data terminals. When an electronic device is connected to a given port, the electronic device draws DC... Agent:

20110068627 - Method of obtaining dc microgrid having minimized power loss: Power loss of a direct-current microgrid is analyzed. The process includes initialization and statistics; mutation; competition and convergence test; adaptive mutation; and taboo search. Rearrangement of the microgrid can be figured out in a short time. Thus, power loss is minimized and service can be quickly recovered.... Agent: Atomic Energy Council-institute Of Nuclear Energy Research

20110068628 - Power assist device: [Means for Solution] An instantaneous output power calculating section comprises a power calculating section to calculate power by using detected values of voltage and current on the output side of an inverter, and a correction calculating section to correct the calculated power. Moreover, limiter sections are provided, respectively, in charge... Agent: Meidensha Corporation

20110068629 - Power supply arrangement of an elevator: The invention relates to a power supply arrangement of a transport system. The transport system comprises a motor for moving the transport appliance; a power supply circuit of the transport system, for supplying power between the power source of the transport system and the motor; a power controller of the... Agent: Kone Corporation

20110068630 - Power supply cooperation system and uninterruptible power supply device: A UPS device is coupled to an external power source and another UPS device through a power line. The UPS device includes: a storage battery in which power from the external power source is charged, the UPS device being configured to be capable of supplying power charged in the first... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110068631 - Electrical generator network and a local electrical system: A local electrical system having an electrical generator is connected to an electrical generator network. The local electrical system has a controller to avoid the non-detection zone of loss-of-mains relays. The controller is arranged to monitor the real power flow from the electrical generator network to the local electrical system... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20110068632 - Integrated circuit adapted to be selectively ac or dc coupled: An integrated circuit is adapted to be selectively AC or DC coupled to an external device at a coupling point. The integrated circuit includes a first connector connected to the coupling point by way of a coupling capacitor for AC coupling, a second connector connected to the coupling point for... Agent: Ati Technologies Ulc

20110068633 - Protective circuit: A protective circuit for electrical connection to solar cells of a solar cell module is provided with a protective circuit that has a controlled electronic circuit arrangement. In this way, only minimal heating of the protective circuit for electrical connection of solar cells of a solar cell module occurs in... Agent: Insta Elektro Gmbh

20110068634 - Direct current power supply for mission critical applications: A DC power supply apparatus and method of supplying DC power for mission critical applications utilizes multiple power circuits in one unit, the power circuits being optimizable for efficiency as the load increases or decreases. The individual power supplies may use a multiphase topology within the power circuits, with logic... Agent: Power Distribution Inc.

20110068635 - Medium or high voltage switchgear apparatus and method of earthing: A method of earthing two current inlet/outlet systems in a medium or high voltage switchgear using one circuit breaker comprises the following steps: a) switching OFF the circuit breaker; b) connecting the circuit breaker to the first current inlet/outlet system as well as to the earthing; c) switching the circuit... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20110068636 - Systems and methods for a spdt switch or spmt switch with transformer: A SPDT or SPMT switch may include a transformer having a primary winding and a secondary winding, where a first end of the secondary winding is connected to a single pole port, where a first end of the primary winding is connected to a first throw port; a first switch... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Company, Ltd.

20110068637 - Method for maximum power point tracking of photovoltaic cells by power converters and power combiners: This invention also relates to a method for Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) multiple photovoltaic cells by a power combiner that combines the output of the multiple photovoltaic cells into a single output. The power combiner is comprised of multiple power converters, one for each photovoltaic cell. Each power converter... Agent:

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110062777 - Battery backup for vehicle emergency communicator: The battery backup for vehicle emergency communicator includes mechanisms for applying backup battery power to an emergency communicator. Electrically operated relays may be employed to switch the backup battery in order to power the emergency communicator of a telematics device. When relays are used in the system, failure of the... Agent:

20110062778 - Diesel-electric drive system: The invention relates to a diesel-electric drive system, comprising a generator (4) having two multi-phase winding systems (22, 24), a diesel engine (2), and a DC-link converter (6), the two self-commuted pulse power converters (10, 12) on the generator side of which are linked to said windings systems (22, 24)... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110062779 - Method for a kit for generating electricity from solar panels: A kit for generating electricity from solar power to an electrical system inside any vehicle relying on a photovoltaic panels in the format of a foldable solar panel (1) DC disconnects (2,3); charge controller (4); batteries (5); electrical wires, and fuses.... Agent:

20110062780 - Power distribution unit with support for human interface and communication: A power distribution unit (PDU) is disclosed wherein the PDU includes an interactive display and communications capability. The display is interactive. A touch screen allows a user to make selections of data, commands, and modes to view, as well as enter commands. Some versions include audio and video capability, allowing... Agent: Cyber Switching, Inc.

20110062782 - Extending achievable duty cycle range in dc/dc forward converter with active clamp reset: Novel system and methodology are provided for controlling a DC/DC forward converter having a transformer with primary and secondary windings, a reset switch, and a first switch coupled to the primary winding of the transformer. The control system involves a PWM control circuit responsive to an output signal of the... Agent: Linear Technology Corporation

20110062781 - Transmission line driver and method for driving the same: A transmission line driver and a method for driving the same are provided, in which a composite current source is provided as an input current source, such that an output voltage is fixed. The composite current source includes an internal current source and an external current source. The composite current... Agent:

20110062783 - Portable electronic device: A portable electronic device includes a main body and a power supply module. The main body includes a main circuit, a power input port, and a housing. The housing defines a receiving space at a side surface thereof. The main circuit is disposed in the housing; the power input port... Agent:

20110062784 - Device for distributed maximum power tracking for solar arrays: The present invention is a system for providing power from solar cells whereby each cell or cell array is allowed to produce its maximum available power and converted by an operatively connected DC/DC converter. Each cell or cell array has its own DC/DC converter. In one form the system for... Agent: Tigo Energy, Inc.

20110062785 - System and method for supporting high burst current in a current limited system: A current limited system for providing a burst current capability comprises a variable load having a first mode of operation requiring a first current level and a burst current mode of operation requiring a second current level. The second current level is greater than the first current level. A control... Agent: Silicon Laboratories Inc.

20110062786 - Electric power generating system for multiple sources and interface to an ac grid: An electric power generating system includes a plurality of variable power sources including at least one source of DC power and at least one source of AC power. Converters convert power supplied by the plurality of power sources to a common source of power to be communicated to a collector... Agent:

20110062787 - Intelligent solar energy collection system: A street-lighting and solar energy collection system is disclosed. The system comprises a plurality of lighting/solar energy collecting units, an AC and DC power transmission means and a control unit. The system operates in one of the two operation modes. In the first operation mode as the street-lighting system, the... Agent:

20110062789 - Inductively coupled power module and circuit: Inductive coupling modules for providing power to secondary devices placed in proximity thereto on a surface are described. The modules include above-surface, flush, recessed, and sub-surface mounting configurations. The modules further include dual housing, single housing, low-profile, and adjustable configurations. Inductively coupled power distribution circuits are also disclosed. The circuits... Agent: L & P Property Management Company

20110062791 - Power transmission network: A network for power transmission to a receiver that converts the power into current includes a first node for transmitting power wirelessly in a first area. The first area has a minimum electric or magnetic field strength. The network includes a second node for transmitting power wirelessly in a second... Agent: Powercast Corporation

20110062790 - System for wirelessly powering three-dimension glasses and wirelessly powered 3d glasses: Some aspects are directed to a system for wirelessly powering a pair of three-dimension (3D) glasses, and to a wirelessly powered 3D glasses. The system uses a powering device for generating and transmitting a wireless power signal, and a rectenna integrated within the 3D glasses for receiving the wireless power... Agent:

20110062788 - Wirless power supply device: A wireless power supply device is adapted for providing electric power to an exterior electronic appliance. The wireless power supply includes a transmitting unit and a receiving unit. The transmitting unit includes a power unit for providing power to a voltage-controlled oscillator circuit and a signal amplification unit, the voltage-controlled... Agent:

20110062792 - Power-supply control device and power-supply control method: According to one embodiment, a power-supply control device includes a connecting unit to which another electric apparatus different from the electric apparatus can be connected; an apparatus discriminating unit that discriminates whether the electric apparatus is a controlling-side electric apparatus that controls supply of electric power to the other electric... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110062793 - Transmission-guard system and method for an inductive power supply: A transmission-guard is disclosed for preventing an inductive power outlet from transmitting power in the absence of an inductive power receiver. A transmission lock is associated with an inductive power outlet and a transmission key is associated with an inductive power receiver. The transmission lock is configured to prevent a... Agent: Powermat Ltd.

20110062794 - Method for switching a multimedia source and multimedia sink from an operating mode to a standby mode, and from a standby mode to an operating mode: The invention relates to a method for switching a multimedia source and multimedia sink from an operating mode to a standby mode, and a method for switching a multimedia source and multimedia sink from a standby mode to an operating mode. When the consumer device comprises two distributed boxes, such... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110062795 - Integral stack columns: Systems and methods for power conversion are illustrated. Power conversion architecture for fuel cell systems in particular are described that use dual bus architectures having stack segment pairs and a center-tapped neutral line, and/or an architecture employing integer multiple of three DC/DC converter branches.... Agent: Bloom Energy Corporation

20110062796 - Headset for receiving wireless power: Exemplary embodiments are directed to device for selectively forming an open loop antenna or a closed loop antenna. A device may include a wireless power receiver and a receive antenna operably coupled to the wireless power receiver and having a portion for selectively forming an open loop antenna or a... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20110062797 - Protection system for voltage transformers: The subject of the invention is a protection system for voltage transformers, finding application in the attenuation of ferroresonant states occurring in voltage transformers in high and medium voltage grids. The system according to the invention contains a ferroresonance detection circuit (3), connected to the terminals of the secondary winding... Agent:

20110062798 - Functional high-voltage interlock system and method: Methods and apparatus are provided for a functional high-voltage interlock system. The apparatus includes an enclosure, a high-voltage terminal, a low-voltage circuit, and a control circuit. The enclosure includes an access point that may be breached. The high-voltage terminal is disposed at least partially within the enclosure, is accessible by... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110057509 - Electronic device and electronic system: A vehicle-mounted device that is capable of attaching and detaching a portable device including a rechargeable battery, and supplies an electric power to the portable device in a attachment state where the portable device is attached, the electronic device characterized by comprising: a controller that confirms completion of the operation... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20110057510 - Power supply apparatus for vehicle and method of controlling power supply apparatus for vehicle: A subsidiary power supply (50), which is an electric power storage device, is connected in parallel to a circuit that connects a main power supply (100) to a motor drive circuit (30). A power supply control portion (62) controls a boosted voltage of a voltage-boosting circuit (40) so that an... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110057511 - Device for disconnecting at least one appliance from the electrical mains, which provides at least one override operating mode, a configurable device, system and configuration method: According to a first aspect, the invention relates to a device 1 for saving electric energy providing at least one override operating mode. With the invention it is possible to handle in a particularly optimized way the power supply of appliances such as for example video recorders, decoders, appliances comprising... Agent:

20110057512 - Mobile power system: A mobile power system comprises a plurality of energy sources, wherein at least one energy source is a solar powered generating device and at least one energy source is a wind powered generating device; a plurality of electronic and telecommunications components configured to receive the power generated by the plurality... Agent: Sundial Power Pods, LLC

20110057513 - Power sampling systems and methods: An automatic sensing power system automatically has a voltage sampling system that samples a voltage from an electrical device, determines a power requirement for the electrical device, converts power to the required level, and outputs the power to the electrical device when the electrical device is connected to the automatic... Agent: Polsinelli Shughart, PC

20110057514 - Power meter with transfer switch: Apparatus and methods for providing a capability to perform automatic switching between a primary and secondary power source and primary source metering in the same meter enclosure.... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20110057515 - Three phase power generation from a plurality of direct current sources: A direct current to pulse amplitude modulated (“PAM”) current converter, denominated a “PAMCC”, is connected to an individual source of direct current. The PAMCC receives direct current and provides pulse amplitude modulated current at its three output terminals, wherein the current of each terminal is one hundred twenty degrees out... Agent: Array Converter, Inc.

20110057516 - Three phase power generation from a plurality of direct current sources: A direct current to pulse amplitude modulated (“PAM”) current converter, denominated a “PAMCC”, is connected to an individual source of direct current. The PAMCC receives direct current and provides pulse amplitude modulated current at its three output terminals, wherein the current of each terminal is one hundred twenty degrees out... Agent: Array Converter, Inc.

20110057517 - Hybrid conditioner for a power system: A hybrid conditioner for filtering harmonics in a power system that includes a non-linear load. The hybrid conditioner includes an active filter structured and controlled to filter one or more high-order harmonic currents of the fundamental frequency, and a passive filter structured to filter one or more low-order harmonic currents... Agent:

20110057518 - Configurable device, a configuration method and system: The invention relates to a configurable device 1, a system comprising such a device and a configuration method particularly suitable for allowing configuration by the general public of devices comprising at least one microprocessor and a non-volatile memory.... Agent:

20110057519 - Switch circuit: The present invention is a switch circuit equipped with a first switch connected between another end of an inductive load having a one end connected to a one end of a DC power supply and another end of the DC power supply, a capacitor connected between the another end of... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Mobile Technology Co., Ltd

20110057520 - Power management integrated circuit and power management method: The power management integrated circuit has a startup circuit, a switch controller and a standby controller. Powered by a power source, the startup circuit provides electric power to an operational power source during a startup period. The switch controller controls a power switch to store or release energy in an... Agent:

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110049976 - Electric power converter: An electric power converter for a vehicle, including a semiconductor element from which a motor drive current is output, a drive circuit that drives the semiconductor element, a control circuit that controls the drive circuit, a capacitor that smooths a DC current to be input to the semiconductor element, a... Agent:

20110049977 - Safety and performance optimized controls for large scale electric vehicle battery systems: An electric vehicle power system including a battery system, a bus configured to transfer power to a motor drive, and a control circuit to selectively couple the battery to the bus. The control circuit is discharges capacitance of the bus to a chassis in response to a disconnect between the... Agent:

20110049978 - Self-resonant coil, non-contact electric power transfer device and vehicle: There is provided a self-resonant coil used in a contactless power transferring apparatus capable of at least one of transferring and receiving electric power by magnetic field resonance. A coil is defined as a virtual coil, wherein the coil has a circular cross-sectional shape of a cross-section perpendicular to the... Agent:

20110049979 - Portable electric energy supplying device: An electric energy supplying device includes a set-up circuit coupled to an electric energy source, a limited current circuit and a voltage regulator coupled to the set-up circuit, a battery coupled to the set-up circuit with a charge electrocircuit for being charged by the electric energy the charge electrocircuit, another... Agent:

20110049980 - System and method for allocating power to loads: A system and method for adaptive control of power among a plurality of loads based on a categorization of the loads as either delayable or non-delayable, wherein the non-delayable loads are preferably supplied power over the delayable loads. In one aspect, the system may be used to allocate limited power... Agent:

20110049981 - Electric shock proof socket circuit: An electric shock proof socket circuit includes a power supply module for stepping down and rectifying an input voltage and then providing the step-down and rectified voltage to a detecting module and a switching module. The detecting module includes a light-emitting unit and a light-receiving unit. The light-emitting unit is... Agent:

20110049982 - Modular device: A modular device for use in emergency or everyday applications and having a plurality of modular components that are interchangeable with one another depending on the particular desired use. The modular device generally includes a plurality of interchangeable load modules, wherein each of the load modules has a load connected... Agent:

20110049986 - Adaptive phase offset controller for multi-channel switching power converter: An adaptive phase offset controller for use with a switching power converter having first and second channels. The controller includes a discriminator which detects a ‘critical condition’ in which a switching signal for the first channel transitions during a critical time interval so as to give rise to crosstalk that... Agent:

20110049985 - Electronic device: An electronic device includes alight emitting unit that provides backlight to a liquid crystal display unit, a communication unit that transmits video data, and a control unit that controls a current flowing from a DC-DC convertor to the light emitting unit. The control unit controls the current flowing from the... Agent:

20110049983 - Power strip system: A power strip system includes a master control socket, at least one subsidiary socket of which the power on/off status is decided by a current of the master control socket, a current detecting unit connected with the master control socket for detecting the current of the master control socket and... Agent:

20110049987 - Power tap, terminal apparatus and communication system: A power tap that supplies an alternating-current power to an terminal apparatus, is connected to the terminal apparatus to configure a closed circuit, and transmits or receives data to/from the terminal apparatus, the power tap including: a plurality of routes including difference loads; a selecting portion that, when data is... Agent:

20110049984 - Power-consumption control apparatus and method for smart meter: The present invention relates to a power-consumption control apparatus and method for a smart meter. The total amount of power consumption and amounts of power consumption of individual electrical devices connected are sensed, and the amounts of power consumption of the individual electrical devices are analyzed. The total amount of... Agent:

20110049988 - Control system and semiconductor device used therein: The present invention aims to provide a control system which is capable of building high-precision current detecting means in a single-chip LSI and can be realized at a lower cost, and a semiconductor device used in the control system. Drive circuits are provided inside the same semiconductor chip. The drive... Agent:

20110049989 - Dc-dc converter circuit: This inverter circuit includes two switching elements which are turned alternately ON and OFF, and a first primary winding connected in series between these switching elements, and also includes an output transformer having a secondary winding for obtaining an output voltage. This inverter circuit also includes a first voltage source... Agent:

20110049990 - Grid synchronisation: The invention relates to a grid synchroniser for connecting an AC output of a power converter to the AC grid mains. In one aspect the invention provides a grid synchroniser comprising an inverter controller to control an AC output of the inverter, the controller including a receiver to receive grid... Agent:

20110049991 - Uninterruptible power supply apparatus: In an uninterruptible power supply apparatus, a common mode current flowing from nodes (N1 to N3) to a line of a ground voltage (GND) through a stray capacitance (41) of a battery (40) is limited by a common mode reactor (34), and the low-level common mode current passing through the... Agent:

20110049992 - Systems, methods, and devices including modular, fixed and transportable structures incorporating solar and wind generation technologies for production of electricity: Disclosed are systems, methods, and devices related to fixed and transportable structures and vehicles utilizing the integration of solar and wind technologies for generation of electricity. The system generates electricity using solar panels (and/or solar thermal units) and wind turbines, stores and converts electricity, and can be located in various... Agent:

20110049993 - Reverse polarity series type led and drive circuit: The present invention of a reverse polarity series type LED is formed by two sets of LED and diode assemblies in reverse polarity series connection wherein the first set is consisted of at least one or multiple homopolar series or parallel connected or series and parallel connected LEDs, and the... Agent:

20110049994 - Wind farm having a plurality of wind energy installations: The invention relates to a wind power plant (4) which consists of a nacelle (12) arranged on a tower (14), a rotor (28), a generator (16), a power converter (20) on the generator side, a power converter (22) on the network side and a transformer (26), the two power converters... Agent:

20110049995 - Noncontact electric power feeding apparatus, noncontact electric power receiving apparatus, noncontact electric power feeding method, noncontact electric power receiving method, and noncontact electric power feeding system: Disclosed herein is a noncontact electric power feeding apparatus, including: a resonance element for supplying an alternative current electric power in a noncontact style in accordance with a resonance; an alternative current power source portion configured to generate an alternative current electric power to be supplied to said resonance element;... Agent:

20110049998 - Wireless delivery of power to a fixed-geometry power part: Described herein are embodiments of an electronic system that includes a substrate, having a plurality of power consuming elements thereon, said power consuming elements arranged in a fixed geometry on said substrate, and at least a plurality of said power consuming elements including at least one high-Q wireless power receiving... Agent:

20110049996 - Wireless desktop it environment: Described herein are embodiments of a wireless power transmitting system for transmitting power to a high-Q magnetic resonator that includes a desktop component and a high-Q magnetic resonator, formed of an inductive loop and a capacitor, said magnetic resonator integrated into the desktop component.... Agent:

20110049997 - Wireless power feeder and wireless power transmission system: Power is transmitted from a feeding coil L2 to a receiving coil L2 by magnetic resonance. A power circuit 200 turns ON/OFF switching transistors Q1 and Q2 to feed AC current to an exciting circuit 110, whereby the AC power is fed from an exciting coil L1 to a feeding... Agent:

20110049999 - Circuit for controlling a tuning gain of a voltage controlled oscillator: A circuit is provided that includes a first variable capacitance circuit receiving a first voltage, at least one selectable capacitor bank circuit coupled to the first variable capacitance circuit, at least one multiplexer, the at least one multiplexer coupled to at least one selectable capacitor bank circuit and receiving the... Agent:

20110050000 - Battery management system: A battery management system capable of safely disconnecting a charge/discharge current line from a battery pack in an over-charge condition is provided. The battery management system includes a charge/discharge relay including a relay switch coupled to a charge/discharge current path of a battery pack and a driving coil for driving... Agent:

20110050001 - Method and system for providing an on/off switch for an electrical charger transformer at the low voltage device connector: A method and system for providing an on/off switch for an electrical charger transformer at the low voltage device connector are provided. The electrical charger transformer of the present invention enables the conservation of energy. The electrical charger transformer includes an on/off switch that is located at the end of... Agent:

20110050002 - Energy supply system with a protected solar module: The energy supply system comprises at least one protected solar module with at least one photovoltaic cell and a local control unit connected to a switching module, which is controllable in such a way that the transfer of electrical energy from the photovoltaic cell via first and second wires of... Agent:

20110050003 - Electric shock preventing device and information processing terminal including electric shock preventing device: There is provided an information processing terminal including an electric shock preventing device in a rear surface thereof. The electric shock preventing device includes a power source covering plate which slides to cover a connection unit; a separation preventing member which is prevented from sliding in a transverse direction by... Agent:

20110050004 - Power transmission system: The invention relates to a power transmission system for transmitting electrical power from a power source to a load. The system comprises a capacitive and lossy transmission line or cable and a transformer device (10). The transformer device comprises a magnetic core and a first winding wound around a first... Agent:

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