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Electrical generator or motor structure

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04/10/2014 > 22 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140097706 - Xcl power producer: The XCL Power Producer works by moving molecules to said bodies and continues to move at uniform velocities acted upon vacuum pressures by force, which creates an acceleration of energy production. Produces 45,000 volts @ 300 amps every 4 minutes for a 14 year cycle, continually, as a main power... Agent:

20140097707 - Voice coil motor: The present invention provides a voice coil motor comprising a carrier, upper and lower spring plates, magnets, a base and a conductor. The carrier comprises a main body and a coil surrounding said main body. The upper spring plate is provided on the top of the main body and the... Agent: Tricore Corporation

20140097708 - Electromagnetic reciprocating engine: The invention relates to an electromagnetic reciprocating engine capable of efficiently converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electromagnetic reciprocating engine employs the repelling force generated by electromagnets and permanent magnets to achieve a reciprocating linear motion, which motion is converted to rotational power by a crankshaft.... Agent: Fuelless Technologies, LLC

20140097709 - Power generation switch: A power generation switch includes: parallel beams including at least one magnetostrictive rod made of a beam-shaped magnetostrictive material; a coil wound around the rod; a first connecting part connecting two beams in the parallel beams together, at first ends of the parallel beams; a second connecting part connecting the... Agent: National University Corporation Kanazawa University

20140097710 - Spacer for stabilizing and insulating an end winding: A spacer for mechanically stabilizing and electrically insulating an end winding in an electric motor includes an elastic nose having a free end. A planar, electrically insulating sheet is integrally formed at an end of the nose located opposite the free end. Such spacers are used in an electric motor... Agent:

20140097711 - One piece rotor hub/shaft for an electric machine and method: A one piece rotor hub/shaft includes a hub portion having an outer annular surface, an axial end integrally formed with the outer annular surface, and a shaft section extends from, and is integrally formed with, the axial end.... Agent:

20140097712 - Electric motor: An electric motor includes: a shaft having an internal cooling medium passageway; a cooling medium supply portion provided inside a housing at a side of one end of the shaft and supplying a cooling medium to the internal cooling medium passageway; a rotation angle detection sensor attached at the side... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20140097713 - Electric motor with coolant shield assembly: An electric motor assembly includes a shield that extends about a sector of the winding head to be disposed axially outboard of the outer axial end of the winding head and radially inboard of the inner diameter portion of the winding head. The shield defines a reservoir in which the... Agent:

20140097714 - Electrical motor: An electrical motor includes a motor case inside which an inner space is formed, a bearing disposed so as to pass through a wall of the motor case, a rotor shaft rotatably supported by the bearing, and an earth conductor fixed with the motor case and provided with a frame... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20140097715 - Systems and methods for cooling a drive end bearing: Certain embodiments provide systems and methods for cooling a drive end bearing. The system may include an alternator including a drive end bearing, a drive end fan and a front housing face. The drive end fan may include a shaft aperture and auxiliary air flow inlet apertures positioned circumferentially around... Agent: Prestolite Electric Inc.

20140097727 - Securing structure for fan sensing element: A securing structure for fan sensing element includes a substrate and a stator. The substrate has a first face and at least one electronic element plug-in connected to the first face. The stator is correspondingly disposed on the substrate. The stator has a silicon steel sheet assembly, a first insulation... Agent: Asia Vital Components (china) Co., Ltd.

20140097716 - Electric motor having air tightness test holes: Through a housing of an electric motor, an output shaft attached to a rotor penetrates. In this housing, an air tightness test hole of the electric motor which communicates with internal space of the electric space formed with the housing and a stator is formed. Further, an oil seal which... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140097717 - Fluid dynamic pressure bearing apparatus and spindle motor: There is provided a fluid dynamic pressure bearing apparatus including a shaft, a bearing sleeve rotatably supporting the shaft, and a lubricating oil filled between the shaft and the bearing sleeve, wherein at least one of the shaft and the bearing sleeve is formed of a copper alloy containing 0.8... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20140097718 - Brushless motor: Disclosed is a magnetic flux concentrated-type brushless motor performing field weakening control and reducing iron loss. The teeth of the stator are provided with a stator-side wide-width portion, and the rotor is provided with magnetic members having a rotor-side wide-width portion, and magnets disposed between the magnetic members. The motor... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140097719 - Motor for environment-friendly vehicle: Discloses is a motor for an environmentally friendly vehicle. In particular, the motor includes a stator core including a first coating portion and a second coating portion. The first portion and the second coating portion are adjacent to each other, wound with a coil on an outside thereof and fixedly... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140097720 - Production of die cast rotors with copper bars for electric motors: A rotor core for an electric motor includes a stack of laminations having peripherally spaced openings receiving copper bars with opposite end portions projecting from the stack. The core is mounted on an arbor and is inserted into a mold on a vertical die cast press having a shot chamber.... Agent:

20140097721 - Rotor apparatus and methods of improving magnetization in electric machines: Induction motors may have a rotor that includes a shaft and a plurality of rotor laminations. The plurality of rotor laminations may have a central bore sized to receive the shaft, and the shaft may have a laminated portion that extends throughout the central bore. In other embodiments, the plurality... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20140097722 - Electrohydrodynamic (ehd) fluid mover with collector electrode leading surface shaping for spatially selective field reduction: In various electrohydrodynamic (EHD) fluid mover designs disclosed herein, electric field strength may be locally reduced in peripheral regions of an emitter-to-collector electrode gap. As a result, detrimental accumulations of silica, dust and other airborne contaminants can be reduced on surfaces in such peripheral regions, which may otherwise be susceptible... Agent: Tessera, Inc.

20140097723 - Mounting flexure contacts: A device may comprise a flexure formed of a first semiconductor material. A first trench may be formed in the flexure. The first trench may separate the first semiconductor material into a first portion and a second portion thereof. An oxide layer may be formed in the first trench. The... Agent: Digitaloptics Corporation Mems

20140097724 - Liquid-ejecting head, liquid-ejecting apparatus, piezoelectric element, and piezoelectric material: A liquid-ejecting head includes a pressure-generating chamber communicating with a nozzle opening, and a piezoelectric element. The piezoelectric layer contains a perovskite complex oxide containing Bi, La, Fe, and Mn and is ferroelectric.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140097725 - Efficient cooling of piezoelectric transducers: A sealed piezoelectric transducer having a single, uniform, electrically insulating, heat-conducting layer of a soft, rubbery material filled with a fine, homogeneously-dispersed powder having high thermal conductivity. The material is placed in contact with the surfaces of the transducer and conducts the heat from the surfaces to an external heat... Agent: Industrial Sonomechanics, LLC

20140097726 - Spindle motor: A spindle motor is provided, the motor comprising: a base plate, a PCB on the base plate, a bearing assembly arranged on the base plate, a stator coupled to a periphery of the bearing assembly, a rotor rotationally coupled to the bearing assembly, the rotor including a yoke and a... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

04/03/2014 > 39 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140091645 - Linear actuator: A linear actuator includes an inner core, and an outer core that is provided outside the inner core in a radial direction while being supported by a pair of flat springs. Permanent magnets are formed at one of the inner core and the outer core, and magnetic pole portions are... Agent: Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.

20140091646 - Actuator: An actuator having a drive element which is made of a magnetic shape memory material, can be driven in response to electrical control of a plurality of coil apparatuses (10, 12) and is designed to carry out an expansion movement in response to said control, wherein the coil apparatuses are... Agent: Eto Magnetic Gmbh

20140091647 - Thermoplastic copolymer insulated coil: A method for insulating a motor/generator coil includes providing a thermoplastic copolymer material in liquid form and applying a coating of the thermoplastic copolymer to the motor/generator coil in a thickness sufficient to withstand a predetermined minimum voltage threshold.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140091648 - Electric power tool: In an electric power tool in which an electric motor is mounted in a housing that has a half-split structure, positions of middle screw fastening portions when a left housing and a right housing are fixed to each other by screws are located between a front protruding coil portion and... Agent: Makita Corporation

20140091649 - Electromagnetic interference shield and balance ring for electrical machine: An electrical machine including a stator and a rotor assembly. The rotor assembly defines a rotational axis and has a rotor core wherein the rotor core defines first and second axial end surfaces. A balance ring is rotationally fixed to the rotor assembly and is configured to rotationally balance the... Agent: Remy Technologies, LLC

20140091651 - Electrical machine with cooling: A stator for an electric machine having electrical windings surrounded by a casting compound, and fluid channels for cooling the electrical windings formed in the casting compound in close spatial proximity to the electrical windings.... Agent: Magna Powertrain Ag & Co Kg

20140091650 - Pole shoe: The invention relates to a pole shoe of an electrical machine, in particular a rotor of an electrical generator of a wind turbine generator system, comprising a pole shoe body for conducting a magnetic field and for receiving a winding for conducting an electrical current, in particular an excitation current,... Agent: Wobben Properties Gmbh

20140091652 - Electric machine including a housing having materially integrally formed coolant channels and an outer sleeve: An electric machine housing includes a housing body having an outer surface provided with a plurality of materially integrally formed ribs defining a plurality of coolant channels. Each of the plurality of materially integrally formed ribs has an outer surface portion. A sleeve is provided on the housing body extending... Agent:

20140091653 - Motor having highly-efficient air-cooling structure: A motor with an air-cooling structure having high cooling efficiency and capable of avoiding an increase in the size of the motor. A stator of the motor has an air flow channel being formed in the stator near outer circumferences of the slots. Air conveyed from a fan motor collides... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20140091680 - Rotary electric machine and bearing changing method: A rotary electric machine includes a stator core; a rotor that includes a laminated core, core holders, and cooling fans; a frame that includes a tubular unit that encloses the stator core and the rotor, and a first bracket and a second bracket that extend in a direction of a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140091681 - Bicycle generator: A bicycle generator that includes a stator, a rotating member defining a rotating axis, a magnet arranged so as to face the stator, a first transmission structure that transmits rotational motion of the rotating member to the magnet at a first rotational speed ratio when the rotating member rotates in... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140091682 - Controller-integrated electric rotating machine and assembling and disassembling methods of the same: In a controller-integrated electric rotating machine configured to assemble a front side semi-manufactured assembly E formed from an electric rotating machine main body 1 and a front bracket 4 with the rear side semi-manufactured assembly D to which a rear bracket 5, a control unit assembly A, a power unit... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140091683 - Electric drive unit: An electric drive unit (100) of the invention includes the electric motor (1) and the control apparatus (20) that is disposed on an axis line of a rotation shaft (2) of the electric motor (1) and controls the driving of the electric motor (1). The electric motor (1) has a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140091655 - Bus bar for use in electric motor: A bus bar that can be manufactured easily as a part of an electric motor and, as a result, enables manufacturing the electric motor easily and inexpensively. The bus bar is configured to supply power to a plurality of coils of an electric motor and/or ground the coils in assemblage,... Agent: Hayashi Industry Co., Ltd.

20140091654 - Electric motor with maximized active motive material: An electric motor configured to maximize active motive material within a given motor size by having one or more phase lead exit holes configured to prevent unwanted outside contaminants from entering the motor, phase leads each having an integral strain relief, and two or more Wye terminations that are not... Agent: Zero Motorcycles, Inc.

20140091656 - Three-phase permanent magnet type motor: A three-phase permanent magnet type motor has a stator in which a plurality of windings wound in a same direction are disposed, and the number of slots is 12n; a rotor in which the number of poles of the permanent magnet is 10n or 14n; and multilayer wiring boards for... Agent: Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.

20140091657 - Winding, winding method, and automotive rotating electric machine: [Constitution] A winding according to the present invention includes a first descending conductor portion (2818c) being bent from an end-portion (2818a) of a winding conductor placed at a top portion of an elevated winding portion (28m) toward an outer lateral side in an axial direction of a winding (15), and... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140091658 - Actuating drive: An actuating drive includes an electric motor and a gearing arranged in a housing which is open on one side and which is closed by a cover. The electric motor is mounted in a recess bulge of the housing which is substantially sealed off from the gearing. The configuration provides... Agent:

20140091659 - Small power generator and portable electronic apparatus: In a small power generator 1, a rotary dial 31 is disposed in the middle of the surface. By turning the rotary dial 31 with a finger, a rotor of an inner rotor type power generation unit 6, which is disposed inside the small power generator 1, is rotated by... Agent: Seiko Instruments Inc.

20140091660 - Motor: There is provided a motor including: a sleeve rotatably supporting a shaft via a lubricating fluid; a base plate having the sleeve fixed thereto; a stator coupled to the base plate and including a core having a coil wound therearound in order to generate rotational driving force; and a rotor... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140091662 - Driving apparatus for direct-drive type washing machine: A driving apparatus for a direct-drive type washing machine includes a support member that is fixed to the lower side of a washing tub; a dehydrating tub rotating shaft that is rotatably supported on the support member and that is connected to a dehydrating tub to rotate the dehydrating tub;... Agent: Amotech Co., Ltd.

20140091661 - Polyphasic multi-coil electric device: A polyphasic multi-coil generator includes a drive shaft, at least first and second rotors rigidly mounted on the drive shaft so as to simultaneously synchronously rotate with rotation of the drive shaft, and at least one stator sandwiched between the first and second rotors. A stator array on the stator... Agent: Exro Technologies Inc.

20140091663 - Permanent-magnet type rotating electrical machine: Magnet insertion holes for embedding a plurality of permanent magnets per pole are formed in a rotor core in a protruding shape toward a center of a rotor. A pair of flux control holes formed in a symmetrical shape with respect to a center line between magnetic poles is provided... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140091664 - Interior permanent magnet electric rotating machine: An electric rotating machine comprises a stator adapted for receiving stator windings; a rotor rotatable relative to the stator; permanent magnets in the rotor forming magnetic poles; and apertures with a low permeability. Each aperture is for that portion of one of the permanent magnets located in a predetermined range... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20140091665 - Electric rotating machine, mainly for starter of automotive vehicle: A DC electric rotating machine, mainly for the starter of an automotive vehicle. The machine includes a stator including a wound structure forming a plurality of poles extending along the circumference of the stator, a rotor, and a set of brushes adapted for the electric supply of the rotor by... Agent: Valeo Equipements Electriques Moteur

20140091666 - Direct drive segmented generator: The present invention relates an electrical machine comprising a plurality of stator segments;each segment has a plurality of electrical phase windings embedded in stator slots in a phase sequence, wherein the phase of the first slot of a segment is different from the phase of the first slot of an... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140091667 - Armature and motor: In an armature, a plurality of teeth extending from an annular core back each include a projection portion arranged to extend in a circumferential direction from a circumferential side surface of the tooth. Insulators, each of which is attached to the stator core and is arranged to cover at least... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20140091668 - Hybrid rotor bar assemblies, electric motors including hybrid rotor bar assemblies, and methods of assemblying same: Hybrid rotor bar assemblies and electric motors having hybrid rotor bar assemblies are disclosed, as are other aspects. The hybrid rotor tar assemblies have rotor bars lined with shims. The rotor bars can be copper rotor bars. In certain aspects, the shim may be about one fourth to about one... Agent: Siemens Industry, Inc.

20140091670 - Electric motor: An electric motor includes a stator, a case surrounding the stator, and a rotor rotatably disposed with respect to the stator. The rotor includes a rotor core having a plurality of poles and slots, a shaft coupled to a central portion of the rotor core, a rotor coil wound on... Agent:

20140091669 - Generator/motor wedge with lamination interface for reduced stress levels: A wedge for use in an electric machine has a central leg extending in a direction that will be radially inward when the wedge is mounted on a lamination stack, The wedge has arms extending in both circumferential directions from the central leg, with a circumferentially outermost part of the... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140091671 - Stator core, split core block, stator manufacturing method and rotary electric machine: A stator core is formed by laminating a plurality of annular core plates one on top of another. The stator core includes a cylindrical yoke and a plurality of radially protruding teeth arranged at a specified interval along a circumferential direction of the yoke. Each of the core plates includes... Agent:

20140091672 - Method of manufacturing stator core and the stator core: A method of manufacturing a stator core includes die-cutting iron core materials from a band-shaped magnetic steel sheet, each iron core material being formed into an annular shape and having m number of interconnecting lugs protruding radially outward from an annular outer circumference of the magnetic steel sheet when m... Agent: Toshiba Industrial Products Manufacturing Corporation

20140091673 - Direct drive segmented generator: The present invention relates a stator segment for an electrical machine, comprising a plurality of windings, each winding having a winding starting and ending point, and a stator yoke with a plurality of stator slots for receiving at least one stator winding, said segment having a first side and a... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140091674 - Stress relieved microfabricated cantilever: A micromechanical device has a functional layer. One or more layers are provided between the functional layer and the micromechanical device to provide stress relief.... Agent: Ucl Business PLC

20140091675 - Ultrasonic transducer assembly installation device and methods: Transducer assemblies and associated methods are provided for facilitating alignment of ultrasonic transducers with respect to pipes onto which the transducers are installed. The transducer assembly can include a transducer housing having a track on along which the transducers can be slidingly engaged. The transducer assembly can include attachment structures... Agent: Blue-white Industries, Ltd.

20140091676 - Crystal unit: A crystal unit according to this disclosure includes an IT-cut round crystal element supported at two points on an outer periphery portion of the IT-cut round crystal element. A rotation angle in plane between a straight line connecting the two points and Z″ axis of a double-rotation is within a... Agent: Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20140091677 - Piezoelectric element: A piezoelectric element includes a substrate, a lower electrode layer, a piezoelectric layer, and an upper electrode layer. The lower electrode layer is fixed to the substrate and the piezoelectric layer is formed on the lower electrode layer. The upper electrode layer is formed on piezoelectric layer. The lower electrode... Agent:

20140091678 - Laminate: A piezoelectric/electrostrictive film type element includes a lower electrode, a piezoelectric layer, and an upper electrode laminated in order on a support. An average particle diameter of each of particles of a piezoelectric material forming the piezoelectric layer falls within a range of 0.5 μm to 10 μm. The sectional... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140091679 - Base unit, motor and disk drive apparatus: A base unit includes a base member including a first through-hole, a peripheral edge portion, and a thin portion, and a bushing including a bearing holding portion and first and second protrusion portions. The first and second protrusion portions respectively extend radially outward from an upper end portion and a... Agent: Nidec Corporation

03/27/2014 > 51 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20140084709 - Strip stator: A strip stator including: a strip stator core; a plurality of upper end insulation groups; and a plurality of lower end insulation groups. The stator core includes two ends. Each upper end insulation group includes at least two upper end insulations connected together by injection molding. Each lower end insulation... Agent: Zhongshan Broad-ocean Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140084710 - Vibration actuator: A cylindrical magnet of an oscillating actuator includes a plurality of divided magnet portions which are magnetized in the radial direction. Since adjacent magnet portions have different poles in the direction of an oscillation axis, magnetic poles do not repel each other when adhering the magnet portions and it is... Agent: Nidec Copal Corporation

20140084711 - Rotating electrical machine for vehicle: In a rotating electrical machine for vehicle, at least one of a rectifier device, a voltage regulator, and a brush holder includes an external terminal connection portion provided with an insert terminal inserted into resin and an insert nut inserted into the resin and superimposed on the insert terminal. The... Agent:

20140084712 - Transverse flux electrical machine stator components: A phase module of a transverse flux electrical machine (TFEM) includes a pair of halves adapted to receive therein a plurality of cores and a coil therein. The cores are discretely located in the phase with radially angularly distributed core-receiving spaces. The plurality of cores and the coil are secured... Agent: Eocycle Technologies Inc.

20140084713 - Rotating electric machine and method of manufacturing same: A rotating electric machine includes: a stator including a stator core, slots provided in the stator core at equal intervals along the circumferential direction, and coils placed in the stator slots and configured to generate a rotating magnetic field; and a rotor rotatably provided with a predetermined rotation gap between... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140084714 - Homopolar motor-generator: A motor-generator utilizes a multi-part rotor encircling a stator, the rotor including a plurality of rotor segments.... Agent:

20140084716 - Rotating electrical machine with so-called double homopolar structure: Homopolar electric machine, characterized in that its structure is double, its rotor and its stator being simultaneously homopolar, and in that it includes a stack of pairs of simple homopolar stators, forming monophasing elementary machines, or in a reverse version, the elementary machines being powered with AC current; the rotor... Agent: Sintertech

20140084715 - Switched reluctance motor: A switched reluctance motor (SRM) with a rotor shaft defining a rotational axis, a rotor disc extending radially from the rotor shaft, the rotor disc has rotor poles spaced equally circumferentially. The SRM also has a stator arrangement with member stators spaced equally circumferentially and aligned in a common plane... Agent:

20140084717 - Brushless motor and electric-powered tool: In a brushless motor, a rotor core is fixed to a shaft. Through holes are formed in the rotor core, and permanent magnets are inserted to be fixed in place in the through holes. A stator core is fixed to an outer circumferential surface of the rotor core such that... Agent: Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd.

20140084718 - Electric tools: An electric tool may include a tool main body configured to be able to mount a battery pack. The tool main body may include an electric motor, a controller for controlling the electric motor, and a centrifugal fan rotatably driven by the electric motor for producing a flow of air.... Agent:

20140084719 - Power control unit: A power control unit that controls a rotary electric machine that drives a vehicle, and that is mounted onto a motor case in which the rotary electric machine is housed, includes a fixed base that is made of resin; a cooler that is arranged on the fixed base and that... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140084720 - Permanent magnet modules and rotors: A permanent magnet rotor comprising a rotor rim and a plurality of permanent magnet modules arranged on the outer or inner circumference of the rotor rim. The permanent magnet modules comprise a base adapted to be fixed to the rotor rim, one or more permanent magnets, and a central magnet... Agent: Alstom Renovables Espana, S.l.

20140084721 - Motor assembly cooling arrangement and method of cooling a motor assembly: A motor assembly cooling arrangement includes a first plurality of laminations having a first radially inner surface defining a centrally disposed aperture and a first radially outer surface. Also included is a second plurality of laminations having a second radially inner surface substantially corresponding to the first radially inner surface... Agent:

20140084722 - Linked semiconductor module unit and electronic circuit-integrated motor device using same: A linked semiconductor module unit links a plurality of semiconductor modules by a first bus bar and a second bus bar, which are embedded in resin parts. The linked semiconductor module unit is disposed in a place other than on a printed circuit board. The semiconductor module linking structure is... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140084756 - Electromechanical flywheel: An electromechanical flywheel machine includes a flywheel mass and a motor-generator having a rotor rotatable about a stationery inner stator having stator windings.... Agent:

20140084759 - Electromechanical device, rotor used for electromechanical device, and mobile unit and robot with electromechanical device: An electromechanical device has a rotor and a stator provided on an outer circumference of the rotor. The rotor includes a rotation shaft, a plurality of rotor magnets cylindrically fixed and arranged along an outer circumference of the rotation shaft, and two magnet side yokes fixed and arranged in contact... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140084758 - Resolver: A resolver can have a stator installed in a housing simply, without requiring a special jig. In the resolver including a housing and a stator core fixed in the housing, the stator core is fixed to the inside of the housing by rotating relative to the housing.... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd

20140084757 - Rotating electrical machine: A motor includes: a almost annular stator, a rotor arranged inside the annular ring of the stator for rotating about a central axis, a sensor for detecting the rotation of the rotor, and a sensor board for implementing the sensor. The sensor and the sensor board are arranged outside the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140084723 - Thrust washer for an electric machine: The invention relates to a thrust washer (28) for an electric machine (10, 12) intended to be arranged on a shaft (16) between a bearing (18) and a rotor (14), preferably a rotating electrical contact element (24) impacted by brushes (38), and/or a disk pack (36) of the rotor (14).... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140084724 - Hydrodynamic bearing assembly and spindle motor including the same: There are provided a hydrodynamic bearing assembly and a spindle motor including the same, the hydrodynamic bearing assembly including a sleeve having a shaft inserted therein, a rotor coupled to an upper portion of the shaft in an axial direction to rotate together with the shaft, and a stopper plate... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140084726 - Capless mounting for motor: A motor is provided for use in a machine. The motor includes a frame having a catch and a mounting ring retained on the frame by the catch. The motor is supported in the machine by the mounting ring.... Agent:

20140084725 - Permanent magnet electrical machine with bearing release system and method for bearing replacement: A method and apparatus for bearing replacement in an electrical machine is provided. An electrical machine is provided, comprising a stator with at least one stator winding, the stator defining a centre axis, and a rotor comprising magnetic material and having a first end and a second end. The electrical... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems

20140084727 - Electrical generator apparatus, system, method, and applications: An electrical generator apparatus, an electrical generator system and a method for generating electricity while using the electrical generator apparatus or the electrical generator system each include at least one hollow tubular arc component (i.e., generally a hollow tubular ring), at least one coil winding surrounding the at least a... Agent: Cornell University

20140084729 - Electric rotating machine: The electric rotating machine includes a stator having an inner hole, a rotor disposed in the inner hole of the stator with a gap with an inner periphery of the stator and formed with magnet housing holes each housing a permanent magnet as a magnetic pole embedded in the outer... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140084730 - Methods for manufacturing rotors for electric motors and rotors manufactured using said methods: A method for manufacturing a rotor with permanent magnets may include providing a central core with a desired cross-section; providing a plurality of ferromagnetic discs having a hole shaped in a complementary manner to the cross-section of the central core; stacking up the ferromagnetic discs around the central core to... Agent: Mavel S.r.l.

20140084728 - Rotating electrical machine and electric power steering system using the same: A concentrated winding motor having the combination of the number of poles and the number of slots of 10:12 or 14:12 includes coils in the same phase that are adjacent to each other and have mutually different numbers of coil turns.... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140084731 - Permanent magnet type electric rotating machine and manufacturing method thereof: In a permanent magnet type electric rotating machine, a rotor is arranged in a Halbach array, a main magnet magnetized in the radial direction is formed of a rare-earth magnet and an auxiliary magnet magnetized in the circumferential direction is formed of a ferrite magnet, and a gap is provided... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140084732 - Rotor and electric rotating machine: A rotor is provided which includes a first rotor portion, a second rotor portion which is arranged at a position deviated from the first rotor portion by a predetermined skew angle so as to contact the first rotor portion, first magnets each of which is provided in a magnetic pole... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140084733 - Method of manufacturing a rotor for electric motors and associated rotor: A method of manufacturing an electric-motor rotor may include providing a magnet of sintered magnetic material, the magnet having a first diameter; providing a sheath of composite material, the sheath having an inner diameter smaller than the first diameter; reducing the first diameter to a second diameter; fitting the sheath... Agent: Mavel S.r.l.

20140084734 - Rotating electrical machine, method for manufacturing magnetic pole piece: The present invention, in a rotating electrical machine having a configuration in which a plurality of magnetic pole pieces is attached along outer perimeters of the rotating axis, provides a structure of rotating electrical machine with small cogging torque by providing a skew in magnetic pole pieces. The rotating electrical... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140084735 - Permanent magnet-embedded motor and rotor thereof: In a rotor of a permanent magnet-embedded motor, a plurality of permanent magnets is arranged in one magnet housing of a rotor core. A rib portion which connects an outer peripheral portion of the rotor core with an inner peripheral portion of the rotor core is arranged per plurality of... Agent: Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.

20140084739 - Housingless transverse flux electrical machine: A housingless transverse flux electrical machine (TFEM) includes a pair of halves adapted to receive therein a plurality of cores and a coil therein. The halves are the exterior boundary for the environment and the TFEM can be in operating configuration without further housing.... Agent: Eocycle Technologies Inc.

20140084737 - Modular transverse flux electrical machine: A modular stator portion adapted to be used in a transverse flux electrical machine (TFEM) includes a plurality of phase modules adapted to be axially secured together with a plurality of securing members. The phase modules of at least en embodiment thereof are substantially identical and interchangeable. Each pair of... Agent: Eocycle Technologies Inc.

20140084736 - Stator for rotating electric machine: A stator for a rotating electric machine includes an annular stator core and a plurality of winding groups mounted on teeth of the stator core. Each of the winding groups is either a short-pitch winding group which consists of windings wound at a pitch shorter than 180° in electrical angle... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140084738 - Transverse flux electrical machine stator phases assembly: A modular stator adapted to be used in a transverse flux electrical machine (TFEM) includes a plurality of phase modules comprising respective halves sized and designed to receive therein a plurality of cores about a rotational axis. The phase modules are adapted to be assembled together to produce a multi-phase... Agent: Eocycle Technologies Inc.

20140084740 - Slot liner for electro-dynamic machine: A slot liner is configured for association with a tooth of an electro-dynamic machine core having an annular rim and circumferentially spaced teeth radially extending from the annular rim. The slot liner includes sidewalls configured to line circumferential surfaces of the tooth, first and second tabs formed by bends in... Agent: Remy Technologies, L.L.C.

20140084742 - Pole shoe of a generator, preferably a generator of a wind turbine generator system: The invention concerns a pole shoe, in particular of a generator, comprising a pole assembly which is of a laminated configuration, at least one winding arranged around the pole assembly, and a body which passes through the laminated pole assembly in the longitudinal direction and which has a plurality of... Agent: Wobben Properties Gmbh

20140084741 - Rotating electrical machine and electric power steering system using the same: A permanent magnet rotating electrical machine includes: a stator including a stator core and a polyphase stator coil incorporated into the stator core; and a rotor including a rotor core and a plurality of permanent magnets which is fixed to the outer peripheral surface of the rotor core, wherein the... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140084743 - Transverse flux electrical machine stator and assembly thereof: A stator adapted to be used in a transverse flux electrical machine (TFEM) includes a plurality of phases comprising respective halves sized and designed to receive therein a plurality of cores about a rotational axis. The halves can be separated in angular portions sized and designed to be assembled together... Agent: Eocycle Technologies Inc.

20140084744 - Rotary electric machine: In a rotary electric machine having a rotor core of a skew structure, when one of the core blocks is sequentially stacked on the other of the core blocks to form a step skew, a communication reference groove is formed along an axial direction of the rotor core by aligning... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140084745 - Commutator: A commutator includes a cylindrical insulator and commutator pieces, which are formed on the outer circumferential surface of the insulator and arranged side by side in the circumferential direction of the insulator. The commutator pieces are each composed of a conductive plate material, and each includes a connection claw and... Agent: Asmo Co., Ltd.

20140084746 - Dc commutator motor and auxiliary machine for motor vehicle using the same: DC commutator motor that prevents variation in characteristics of the motor and suppressing deterioration of performance, and reduces the number of assembly steps. A magnet is attached to an inner circumferential surface of a bottomed cylindrical bracket to form a field pole. In an armature, a commutator is fastened to... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20140084747 - Electromechanical converter having a two-layer base element, and process for the production of such an electromechanical converter: the polymer layer base element (1) is at least partially bonded with its electret layer (1b) to the second polymer layer element (2) to form voids (5). The invention relates further to a process for the production of an electromechanical, for example piezoelectric, converter and to the use thereof.... Agent: Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh

20140084748 - Triboelectric nanogenerator for powering portable electronics: A triboelectric generator includes a first contact charging member and a second contact charging member. The first contact charging member includes a first contact layer and a conductive electrode layer. The first contact layer includes a material that has a triboelectric series rating indicating a propensity to gain electrons due... Agent:

20140084750 - Piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head, ultrasonic motor, and dust removing device: A piezoelectric element having an improved piezoelectric constant is provided, and a liquid discharge head, an ultrasonic motor, and a dust removing device, each of which uses the above piezoelectric element, are also provided. A piezoelectric element at least includes a pair of electrodes and a piezoelectric material provided in... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140084749 - Thin film piezoelectric device: A thin film piezoelectric device according to the present invention includes a pair of electrode layers and a piezoelectric thin film interposed between the pair of electrode layers, wherein the piezoelectric thin film contains a rare gas element and has a content gradient of the rare gas element in the... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140084751 - Driving apparatus: A driving apparatus capable of suppressing operation noise, the apparatus comprising a piezoelectric element expanding and contracting in accordance with a driving signal; a supporting shaft connected to said piezoelectric element; a movable body frictionally engaged with said supporting shaft and capable of moving along said supporting shaft; and a... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140084752 - Method of manufacturing electronic device, electronic apparatus, and mobile apparatus: A method of manufacturing an electronic device including an electronic element, a base substrate, and a lid member, includes joining the lid member to the sealing part by application of an energy beam so that a plate thickness of the lid member may be larger in a part joined to... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140084753 - Lower electrode for piezoelectric element, and piezoelectric element provided with lower electrode: In the present invention, a half-value width of a rocking curve, an average roughness of a surface, and an average grain diameter are all specified at one time with respect to a Pt layer that constitutes a lower electrode for a piezoelectric element, thereby stably film-forming the Pt layer having... Agent:

20140084754 - Thin film piezoelectric device: A thin film piezoelectric device according to the present invention includes a potassium sodium niobate-based piezoelectric thin film having an average crystal grain diameter of 60 nm or more and 90 nm or less, and a pair of electrode films configured to hold the piezoelectric thin film therebetween.... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140084755 - On-vehicle rotary electric machine: An on-vehicle rotary electric machine includes a first member provided with a stator, a rotor, and a housing in which the stator and the rotor is housed, a second member adjacent to the first member in an axial direction, and a third member adjacent to the second member in the... Agent: Hitachi Automotive System, Ltd.

03/20/2014 > 40 patent applications in 30 patent subcategories.

20140077627 - High-resolution positioning device: The invention relates to a high-resolution positioning device having a stator and a rotor, a coil array, arranged on the stator, having at least three groups of flat coils, wherein each group has at least two single coils and the coil array encloses a free space on the stator, also... Agent: Physik Instrumente (pi) Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140077628 - Vibration generator: A vibration generator includes a tubular magnetic case, an end cover holding a first bearing metal, a second bearing metal held in a burring portion of the bottom plate of the case, a non-magnetic movable thrust shaft that is inserted in an axially movable manner spinning the first and second... Agent: Nidec Seimitsu Corporation

20140077629 - Robot drive with passive rotor: A substrate transport apparatus including a drive section and a first movable arm assembly. The drive section includes a first motor. The first motor includes a stator and a passive rotor. The first movable arm assembly is connected to the first motor. The substrate transport apparatus is configured for the... Agent: Persimmon Technologies, Corp.

20140077630 - Heatsink design with thermal insulator to reduce encoder temperature for mp motor: An electric motor assembly including a housing, an electric motor supported in a motor compartment of the housing, an encoder operatively coupled to the electric motor and supported in an encoder compartment of the housing, and a heat sink surrounding at least a portion of the encoder, the heat sink... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140077634 - Cooling jacket and deflection unit for cooling jackets: A cooling jacket (14) for cooling an electric motor, in particular a stator (23), wherein a first spiral line (16) for transporting a coolant is formed at least partially on the cooling jacket (14). The aim of the invention is to provide a cooling system that is optimized in terms... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

20140077631 - Cooling system for motor: In a vertical through hole of a rotational shaft, a first protrusion portion and a second protrusion portion protruding from an inner peripheral surface of the vertical through hole are provided in an axial direction of the though hole to form a storage area for storing oil, and discharge holes... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140077632 - Electric machine with thermal transfer by liquid: A rotor of an internal permanent magnet (IPM) electric machine includes a core having first and second axial ends, longitudinal channels extending between the ends, and a plurality of permanent magnets disposed in the channels. A first conical spring washer having a circumferential edge is secured to the first axial... Agent:

20140077633 - Vehicle: A vehicle includes a motor, a driving device, and a cooling device. The motor includes a motor main body and a winding switching unit. The motor main body includes windings and a first coolant channel to cool said windings. The winding switching unit is disposed on an outer surface of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140077635 - Motor cooling system with potted end turns: A thermal control system includes a stator having conductor end turns at opposite axial ends thereof, and first and second cooling systems respectively disposed at the opposite axial stator ends, each cooling system having a cover, a coolant inlet, a coolant outlet, and at least one cooling channel. Thermally conductive... Agent:

20140077666 - Axial gap type electric rotating machine, electric wheelchair and electric bicycle: An axial gap type electric rotating machine is disclosed. The rotating machine includes a rotor arranged to rotate about an axis of rotation, and a stator arranged so as to face the rotor with a predetermined gap in an axial direction of the axis of rotation. The rotor includes a... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140077638 - Control device and motor unit including the control device: A control device of a motor unit has a gear housing having a supporting wall portion, a ceramic portion formed on the supporting wall portion, a circuit board body fixed to the ceramic portion, a power element located inside the circuit board body, and a load receiving member that is... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140077636 - Hairpin connecting device and hairpin winding motor including the same: Disclosed are a hairpin connecting device and a hairpin winding motor including the same. An exemplary embodiment of the present invention may provide a hairpin connecting device including: a cover part shaped like a circular loop fastened to a leg side of a stator core; and a plurality of connection... Agent:

20140077639 - Method and system for joining stator wires: A method and system is provided to join the wire ends of a stator by placing a crimpable element on a wire end pair such that the wire ends of the wire end pair are surrounded by the crimpable element, and deforming the crimpable element using a crimping tool to... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140077637 - Robot drive with passive rotor: A substrate transport apparatus including a drive section and a first movable arm assembly. The drive section includes a first motor. The first motor includes a stator and a passive rotor. The first movable arm assembly is connected to the first motor. The substrate transport apparatus is configured for the... Agent: Persimmon Technologies, Corp.

20140077640 - Submerged motor: The submerged motor comprises an external case (2) having a tubular shape inside which is coaxially inserted an electric motor unit (3). Closure means (10, 20) are suitable to isolate a room for housing the motor unit (3) inside said case (2) from the fluid present outside the same case... Agent:

20140077641 - Drive unit for a motor vehicle with an electric machine and a clutch: A drive unit for a motor vehicle includes an electric machine which has a stator, a rotor and clutch for producing a rotary driving connection of the rotor to a drive element. The clutch has a release member which is axially displaceable by means of an actuating device arranged at... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20140077642 - Motor stator assembly: A motor stator assembly includes an iron core, a coil unit and a dustproof ring. The coil unit is coupled with the iron core. The iron core is spaced from a predetermined part of the coil unit by a gap when coupled with the coil unit. The dustproof ring is... Agent: Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Co., Ltd.

20140077644 - Ac generator for vehicles: An AC generator for vehicles includes a rotor, a stator, a frame, a bearing retaining portion, and a resin-made cylindrical member. The bearing retaining portion is disposed in the frame, and retains a bearing that rotatably supports the rotor. The resin-made cylindrical member is disposed between the bearing and the... Agent:

20140077643 - Spindle motor: There is provided a spindle motor including: a shaft having a lower end portion fixed to one of a base member and a lower thrust member and provided with an installation groove depressed downwardly from an upper surface thereof; an upper thrust member including an insertion part inserted into and... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140077645 - Device and method for controlling an active magnetic bearing: A command procedure for an active magnetic bearing, the magnetic bearing comprising a series of electromagnetic actuators forming a stator, each actuator being suitable for exerting radial force on the rotor, a ferromagnetic body forming a rotor, kept free of contact between the electromagnetic actuators and suitable for being set... Agent: Ge Energy Power Conversion Technology Ltd.

20140077646 - Shaft coupling apparatus, rotary fluid damper, and deployable device with magnetic coupling mechanism: A shaft coupling apparatus, a rotary fluid damper, and a deployable device are provided herein. In an embodiment, the shaft coupling apparatus includes a chamber having a non-magnetic diaphragm delimiting at least a portion of the chamber. A first shaft is disposed in the chamber and is rotatable about a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140077648 - Electric winding for electric energy converters or machines, method for manufacturing same and electric machine: A winding is provided for electric energy converters, such as electric machines, like electric motors, generators or transformers, and a respective machine. The winding has conductor paths applied to a flexible carrier material by means of a printing process, in particular screen printing process. The conductor path preferably includes an... Agent:

20140077647 - Generator device using permanent magnets: The invention relates to a device characterised in that said device is made of the assembly of a plurality of microgenerators, each including a magnetic circuit as a loop of segments for the insertion of a winding of turns of copper wire (3) and the application thereof against the inclined... Agent:

20140077649 - Electric motor: The invention relates to a rotatory electric motor (1), comprising: a stator arrangement (2) with stator poles having permanent magnet stator poles (P) and consequent poles in an arrangement of consequent poles; and a rotor (6) having an armature made of a magnetically conductive material, with a ratio of the... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140077650 - Rotor for rotating electric machine: A rotor includes a rotor core having a plurality of pairs of magnet-receiving holes and a plurality of magnets respectively received in the magnet-receiving holes. Each pair of the magnet-receiving holes is arranged in a substantially V-shape opening radially outward and a center bridge formed between the two magnet-receiving holes... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140077651 - Permanent magnet rotor arrangement: A permanent magnet rotor arrangement includes a rotor and a plurality of nonmagnetic, axially extending profiled tubes defining a closed channel and affixed circumferentially along the outer rim of the rotor. A plurality of permanent magnet pole pieces are arranged in the channels. A single pole piece is arranged in... Agent:

20140077652 - Rotor for rotating electrical machine, rotating electric machine, and method for producing rotor for rotating electrical machine: Provided is a rotor for a rotating electrical machine which is capable of minimizing increases in eddy current losses via a magnet, while making insulating film processing of the surface of the magnet unnecessary. The rotor for the rotating electrical machine includes: a rotor core having a magnet insertion hole... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140077653 - Rotor for rotating electric machine: A rotor includes a rotor core having a plurality of pairs of magnet-receiving holes and a plurality of magnets respectively received in the magnet-receiving holes. Each pair of the magnet-receiving holes is arranged in a substantially V-shape that opens toward a stator side. The rotor core has, for each of... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140077654 - Rotor of motor and synchronous motor having the same and wound rotor synchronous motor: Disclosed is a rotor for a motor in a vehicle. More specifically, the rotor includes a rotation shaft serving as a center of rotation of the rotor, a core installed at the rotation shaft and comprising a plurality of teeth radially protruding with respect to the rotation shaft, a coil... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140077655 - Stator and rotating electrical machine: A stator includes: a stator core having an almost annular outer core and an inner core arranged inside the outer core; and a bobbin having a cylindrical body part around which a winding wire is wound and a flange part that is formed so as to rise up from the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20140077656 - Generation of electrical energy in a ski or snowboard: An implantable device having a power source is provided. The power source uses reverse electrowetting technology to generate a charge to power the implantable device. The power source includes a flexible, non-conductive substrate having a first side and a second side opposite the first side with a channel between the... Agent:

20140077657 - Vibration power generator and vibration power generation device, and communication device and electronic equipment with vibration power generation device: A vibration power generator is provided that increases output power by improving the electrostatic capacitance when the area of the overlap between electret electrodes and counter electrodes is maximum while having the function of limiting the spread of the electric field from the electret electrodes. The vibration power generator is... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140077658 - Piezoelectric motor with efficient transfer of energy: Provided are embodiments of piezoelectric motors which comprise at least one piezo-electrically active part and one passive part which are mounted with the ability of relative movement with respect to each other and which interact with each other by friction. The piezo-electrically active part includes at least one oscillator of... Agent: Discovery Technology International, Inc.

20140077659 - Piezoelectric actuating device: A piezoelectric actuating device includes a carrier, at least a piezoelectric unit, at least a linked component and a moving component. The piezoelectric unit is disposed on the carrier and includes at least a piezoelectric buzzer. The linked component is disposed corresponding to the piezoelectric unit. One end of the... Agent: Academia Sinica

20140077660 - Smart material actuator: A smart material actuator including a smart material stack and a compensator preventing expansion of the stack in a non-driving direction. When actuated, the smart material stack causes a force transfer surface to be driven in the driving direction, thereby actuating a first stage amplifier having two arms, which in... Agent:

20140077661 - Vibrating actuator: There is provided a vibrating actuator including: a housing including an inner space; a piezoelectric element mounted on a portion of an inner surface of the housing; a mass body disposed above the piezoelectric element; a first elastic member disposed between the piezoelectric element and the mass body to elastically... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140077662 - Piezoelectric apparatus for harvesting energy for portable electronics and method for manufacturing same: This disclosure presents an advanced design of an energy harvester that utilizes a piezoelectric element to convert vibration to electricity. The advanced design is based on a fixed-fixed folded beam. An aqua regia wet etching and PZT sol-gel deposition/patterning processes can be used to manufacture the energy harvester.... Agent: The Governors Of The University Of Alberta

20140077663 - Piezoelectric vibrator, oscillator, electronic apparatus and radio timepiece: A piezoelectric vibrator including a package having a base member, a lid member forming a cavity with respect to the base member, and a piezoelectric vibrating piece mounted on a mount surface and housed inside the cavity, in which the piezoelectric vibrating piece has a pair of vibrating arm portions... Agent: Sii Crystal Technology Inc.

20140077664 - Vibrator element, vibrator, electronic device, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A gyro element as a vibrator element fulfills the relationship: |fd−fy1|>|fd−fy2|, where fd is a drive vibrational frequency of first through fourth drive vibration arms, fy1 is a y1-mode vibrational frequency of a y1 mode, in which a base section and the first through fourth drive vibration arms vibrate in... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140077665 - Removable wound stator for integrated motor/compressor: A pressurized gas cooled high speed motor includes a wound stator and rotor assembly disposed within a pressure vessel such that the stator and rotor assembly can be removed without disconnecting the high pressure lines to the pressure vessel. The stator has a spring loaded axial retention mechanism that cooperates... Agent: General Electric Company

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