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Electrical generator or motor structure

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08/07/2014 > 25 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140217835 - Levitated-micro manipulator system: A system including a first circuit substrate having conductive traces in layers of the first substrate, the first substrate having a first diamagnetic layer, a second circuit substrate having conductive traces in layers of the second substrate, the second substrate having a second diamagnetic layer, at least one manipulator residing... Agent: Sri International

20140217836 - Arrangement having at least one electrical winding and electric machine with this arrangement: An arrangement has at least one electrical winding having a one-part or multi-part component produced from a soft-magnetic powder composite material, which component conducts an electromagnetic flow of the winding, at least in certain regions, and has a recess provided in the region of this flow conduction, and having a... Agent: Miba Sinter Austria Gmbh

20140217837 - Stator with radially mounted teeth: A stator for an electric motor or generator comprising a circumferential support having a plurality of protrusions circumferentially distributed about the support; and a plurality of teeth arranged to receive coil windings, wherein each tooth includes a recess with interlocking means formed within the recess for engaging with a protrusion... Agent: Protean Electric

20140217838 - Magnetic gear arrangement having a variable gear ratio: A magnetic gear arrangement is provided having a magnetically active gear member that generates a first magnetic field, which is modulated by interpoles. The modulated magnetic field generates magnetic poles on a magnetically passive gear member, and these poles form a second magnetic field. The material of the passive gear... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140217839 - Stator assembly with aluminum windings, electric motor and discharge pump for household appliances comprising said stator assembly: A stator assembly (1) comprising: a ferromagnetic stator core (2); at least two stator coils (3) of enameled aluminum wire wound around said stator core (2); and a heat-dissipating envelope (4; 61) surrounding said stator coils (3), the heat-dissipating envelope (4; 61) comprising one or more degassing holes (5) traversing... Agent: Askoll Holding S.r.l.

20140217840 - Stator for an electric motor: A stator (1) for an electric motor, which comprises a substantially hollow-cylindrical stator stack (2) provided with wire windings and an end winding (6), which adjoins the stator stack (2) in the axial direction, wherein the stator stack (2) comprises a number of slots (4), wherein a coolant line (8)... Agent:

20140217842 - Generator motor and electric vehicle using same: To uniformly cool down armature windings along the circumferential direction of a stator in a generator motor. A generator motor includes a stator 1 fixed to the inner diameter side of a housing 18, a rotor 130 rotatably supported by bearings 5, and armature windings wound around the teeth of... Agent:

20140217841 - High efficiency, low coolant flow electric motor coolant system: A fluid-cooled electric motor includes a generally tubular-shaped motor housing having a plurality of channels through which a coolant can flow. The channels are spaced apart from each other in an annular arrangement around the housing and extend through the housing in an axial direction. Each of the channels is... Agent: Brammo, Inc.

20140217843 - Motor having cooling structure: A motor having a cooling structure includes a rotor fixed to a rotatable motor shaft, a rotor coil formed adjacent the rotor, a coil protection cover disposed adjacent the rotor coil, mounted in the motor shaft, and having a coolant chamber filled with a coolant. The motor further includes a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140217844 - Electrical machines and methods of assembling the same: A housing for coupling to a motor having an axis of rotation is provided. The housing includes an end cap having an outer surface and an inner surface. The housing also includes a plurality of first heat fins coupled to the outer surface. Each first heat fin of the plurality... Agent: Regal Beloit America, Inc.

20140217857 - Alternator for a motor vehicle: An alternator for a motor vehicle includes a radial fan unit having a fan wheel with a plurality of radial fan blades. A magnetic field generator is arranged in the end region of at least two opposite fan blades. A magnetic coil arrangement is arranged around an outer circumference of... Agent:

20140217858 - Dynamo-electric machine: A structure which enables highly accurate detection of the temperature of the stator windings of a dynamo-electric machine. A terminal base (12) integrated with a stator by resin molding is provided with: positioning sections (13, 14, 15) for three-phase stator windings (100, 101, 102); and a positioning section (16) for... Agent:

20140217859 - Permanent magnet type rotating electrical machine and vehicle using the electrical machine: Permanent magnet type rotating electrical machine with rotor core including a plurality of magnet insertion holes, each having a substantially rectangular cross section, for each magnetic pole. A nonmagnetic section is formed at both ends of the magnet insertion hole in a circumferential direction. Between adjacent magnet insertion holes, a... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd

20140217845 - Device to prevent foreign objects from entering screw holes of brushless motor of ceiling fan: The present invention relates to a device to prevent foreign objects from entering screw holes of a brushless motor of a ceiling fan. The device includes a cover to prevent foreign objects and a motor cover. The cover is adapted to cover screw holes of the motor cover. The cover... Agent: Rhine Electronic Co., Ltd.

20140217846 - Electric motor having an iron-free winding: An electric motor (1), comprising a primary part (2a, 2b) having an iron-free winding device (3) that comprises at least two phases (6) , wherein one phase (6) comprises at least two phase windings (4) and at least one electrical connecting element (5) , a secondary part (7a, 7b) having... Agent: Otto-von-guericke-universitaet Madgeburg

20140217847 - Brushless permanent magnet motor: A brushless permanent magnet electric motor (10) configured to have high saliency and low cogging torque, comprises a stator (30) having a plurality of stator teeth (36), and a rotor (50) having a permanent magnet (56) having a plurality of magnetic poles. The stator teeth (36) contain pole heads (37)... Agent: Johnson Electric S.a.

20140217848 - Interior permanent magnet machine: An interior permanent magnet machine includes a stator including a plurality of electrical conductors. The interior permanent magnet machine further includes a rotor concentrically disposed in relation to the stator. The rotor is configured to rotate relative to the stator about a rotational axis and includes a plurality of polar... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140217849 - Rotor for rotary electric machine: A rotor for a rotary electric machine includes a plurality of magnetic poles in a rotor core, a side barrier as a magnetic air gap, an air gap section as a magnetic air gap. Each of the plurality of magnetic poles includes a magnet insertion hole, a permanent magnet. The... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140217850 - Rotor of superconducting rotating machines: A rotor of superconducting rotating machines according to the present invention comprises: a yoke provided with receiving sections which are consecutively formed on the outer peripheral surface thereof; bobbins received in each of the receiving sections of the yoke; and a superconducting coil coupled with the bobbins, wherein interval-maintaining members... Agent: Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

20140217851 - Electric machine and a method of constructing a commutator for an electric machine: An electric machine and a method of forming a commutator for an electric machine includes forming a commutator assembly including a plurality of commutator bar members linked through a corresponding plurality of bridge elements, rolling the commutator assembly into a commutator form having a substantially continuous, uninterrupted, outer surface, introducing... Agent: Remy Technologies, L.L.C.

20140217852 - Power-generating system: A power-generating system includes a heat source which is able to produce temporal temperature variation; a first device which is able to produce temporal temperature variation so as to include at least partially a temperature range of −20° C. relative to the Curie temperature to +10° C. relative to the... Agent: Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

20140217853 - Piezoelectric generator: The present disclosure provides an ionic ring comprising a number of piezoelectric elements, a piezoelectric device including the ionic ring, and a piezoelectric generator including the ionic ring and host devices incorporating the piezoelectric generator. The piezoelectric generator can be used to generate energy on a portable electronic device in... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140217854 - Ultrasonic transducer: An ultrasonic transducer as an important part of an ultrasonic flow meter is described, with a transducer housing and with a transducer element, the transducer housing having an ultrasound window and a housing tube, the transducer element being made for sending or receiving ultrasonic waves and being either near the... Agent: Krohne Ag

20140217855 - Vibration power-generating strain wave gearing: The strain wave gearing includes a rigid internally toothed gear, a flexible externally toothed gear that is disposed coaxially therein and is flexible in the radial direction, and a wave generator that is disposed coaxially inside the externally toothed gear. The flexible externally toothed gear is bent in the radial... Agent: Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.

20140217856 - Piezoelectric resonator element and piezoelectric resonator: A piezoelectric resonator element includes a piezoelectric substrate formed of an AT-cut quartz crystal substrate in which the thickness direction thereof is a direction parallel to the Y′ axis; and excitation electrodes disposed so as to face vibrating regions on both front and rear principal surfaces of the piezoelectric substrate.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

07/31/2014 > 25 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 24 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140203668 - Linear motor: In a linear motor, one of a field system and an armature is configured as a mover and the other is configured as a stator. The field system relatively moves with respect to the armature. The field system includes two yoke boards which are arranged facing each other, a yoke... Agent:

20140203669 - Compact positioning assembly comprising an actuator and a sensor built into the yoke of the actuator: A positioning assembly includes a position sensor and a magnetic actuator, the actuator including a stator assembly formed of at least one ferromagnetic stator bearing at least one electric power supply coil and a yoke able to move relative to the stator assembly, the actuator having a geometry that is... Agent: Moving Magnet Technologies (mmt)

20140203670 - Method of magneto-electric hybrid drive and power unit: A method of magneto-electric hybrid drive and power unit, characterized in that the unit includes a trigger control circuit (5), a cylinder block (1), a permanent magnet set (2), a piston assembly (3) and a pole changing drive coil (4). The said piston assembly (3) is inserted and set in... Agent:

20140203671 - Motor: There are disclosed a motor comprising a stator and a rotor rotary with respect to the stator, the stator comprising a stator core comprising a back yoke and a plurality of teeth projected from the back yoke 311 in a radial direction; an insulator provided in a predetermined portion in... Agent:

20140203672 - Rotating electrical machine for vehicle: A rotating electrical machine for a vehicle includes a protective cover including a protruding portion projected to an opening side from a circumferential edge portion of a through hole formed in a bottom portion, a stud bolt that is inserted into the through hole to fix a rectifier to a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140203673 - Liquid cooled electrical machine: Flow control apparatus for an electrical machine and comprising an arrangement of shaped chambers and passages for conveying a liquid coolant. The rate of heat transfer from certain portions of the machine to the coolant is determined by the varying velocity of the liquid through the chambers, resulting in a... Agent:

20140203674 - Rotor and a motor and compressor comprising the rotor: The invention relates to a rotor and a motor and compressor comprising the rotor. The rotor comprising a rotor core defining an outer periphery, a bore concentric with a center of the rotor core, a plurality of magnet slots positioned on the outer periphery, and a plurality of oil holes... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20140203675 - Rotating electric machine: The rotating electric machine is configured in such a way that a surface of the heat sink, on which the cooling fins of the heat sink are formed, faces the housing; and a plate, which blocks the surface of the housing facing the heat sink and forms a wind passage... Agent:

20140203677 - Rotor, stator and motor: A rotor with four axially stacked rotor cores, and a plurality of field magnets interposed between them. Each rotor core includes a rotor-side claw-shaped magnetic pole. Each rotor-side claw-shaped magnetic poles are respectively extending from and formed on each rotor core at equal angle intervals. Tip end surfaces of the... Agent:

20140203676 - Transmission for a vehicle: A transmission for a vehicle is disclosed which includes a casing defining a first cavity and a second cavity inside the casing. A platform is at least partially disposed inside the casing to separate the first and second cavities. The platform defines a plurality of first apertures arranged together to... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140203678 - Magnetic coupling: A rotatable magnetic coupler includes disc carrying, circumferentially spaced magnets arranged in rows on a first side of the disc. The magnets are oriented such that one pole of a first magnetic polarity from each magnet faces outwardly from the disc rotation axis while the other pole of a second... Agent:

20140203679 - Flux machine: A flux machine includes a stator and a rotor. A set of electrical coil assemblies with side surfaces and sets of plural permanent magnets are arranged circularly on the stator and the rotor. Pole faces of the magnets are positioned adjacent to and spaced apart from side surfaces of permeable... Agent: Clearwater Holdings, Ltd

20140203680 - Easy-to-start motor and a base thereof: An easy-to-start motor includes a base, a stator and a rotor. The base has a plastic member and a metallic induction member wrapped with the plastic member. The metallic induction member includes at least one magnetic attraction portion. Each magnetic attraction portion is in the form of a protrusion. The... Agent: Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Co., Ltd.

20140203681 - Small-size or micro electric machine and its stator iron core: A small-size or micro electric machine and its stator iron core. Such machine comprises rotor assembly and stator assembly installed between front & rear end covers; the stator assembly also includes the stator iron core evenly set with multiple stator slots; the bottom width of the stator slot is as... Agent:

20140203682 - Electromechanical transducer and production method therefor: An electromechanical transducer includes a plurality cells that are electrically connected to form a unit. Each of the cells includes a first electrode and a second electrode provided with a gap being disposed therebetween. Dummy cells that are not electrically connected to the cells are provided around the outer periphery... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140203683 - Sports implement, amusement tool, and training tool: The present invention provides a sports implement whose characteristics a user can adjust freely and minutely. According to the present invention, it is realized that a light-weight high functional circuit is installed in various sports implements by constituting various functional circuits with a TFT formed on a film, without using... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140203684 - Ultrasonic generation device: An ultrasonic generation device including an ultrasonic generation element having a frame, a first piezoelectric vibrator, and a second piezoelectric vibrator and configured to emit ultrasonic waves in a buckling tuning-fork vibration mode in which the first piezoelectric vibrator and the second piezoelectric vibrator vibrate in mutually opposite phases at... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140203685 - Multiaxis drive device and control instrument fitted with such a device: An electric motor device includes a rotor, a stator, and electrical means for driving rotation of the rotor relative to the stator, the device being characterized in that the stator includes a substantially spherical cavity receiving the rotor, which is itself substantially spherical, and in that the electrical means are... Agent: Sagem Defense Securite

20140203686 - Resonator and fabricating method thereof: Provided are a resonator and a method of fabricating the same. The resonator may include a first electrode disposed on a substrate, a piezoelectric layer disposed on the first electrode, a second electrode disposed on the piezoelectric layer, and a control layer disposed on the second electrode and having a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140203687 - Stealth dicing for ultrasound transducer array: An ultrasound transducer array is formed with stealth dicing. A laser is used to form defects within the piezoelectric substrate and along the desired kerf locations. The substrate is fractured along the defects. A controlled expansion, such as using thermal expansion, may be used to establish the desired kerf width.... Agent: Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.

20140203688 - Method for manufacturing electronic device, electronic device: A method for manufacturing an electronic device includes a through electrode forming step of forming a through electrode on an insulating base substrate; an electronic element mounting step of mounting an electronic element on one surface of the base substrate; a cover body placing step of bonding a cover body... Agent: Seiko Instruments Inc.

20140203689 - Resonator element, resonator, oscillator, electronic apparatus and moving object: A resonator element has a piezoelectric substrate including a vibration section and a thick section having a thickness which is thicker than that of the vibration section, and a pair of excitation electrodes provided on a surface and aback surface of the vibration section. In addition, the thick section has... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140203690 - Manufacturing method of cylindrical piezoelectric element, cylindrical piezoelectric element, and minute drive mechanism: In manufacturing method of a cylindrical piezoelectric element, a cylindrical piezoelectric material is formed by molding a piezoelectric material into a cylindrical shape and subjecting the molded piezoelectric material to calcination. A reference electrode is provided on an inner circumferential surface of the cylindrical piezoelectric material. Drive electrodes are provided... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20140203691 - Motor and disk drive apparatus: A motor for use in a disk drive apparatus includes a bearing, a rotary unit, a stator, a thin flat base member, and a cylindrical holder extending in an axial direction. The base member includes a first through-hole, a peripheral edge portion, and a thin portion. The thin portion is... Agent: Nidec Corporation

07/17/2014 > 19 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140197700 - Rotor: A rotor includes an axle, a back iron unit, a magnet unit and an adhesive layer. The back iron unit includes annular inner and outer components, and a plurality of plastic components. The inner component is made from a non-metal material and is sleeved on the axle. The outer component... Agent:

20140197702 - Electric motor rotor thermal interface with axial heat sinks: A cooling system of an electric machine first and second heat sinks respectively mounted to axial ends of a rotor core, and a thermal interfacial material interposed between respective complementary surfaces of the heat sinks and the rotor core for substantially eliminating air gaps therebetween. A method of cooling includes... Agent: Remy Technologies, LLC

20140197701 - Electric motor stator housing interference gap reducing method and apparatus: A cooling system of an electric machine includes a stator core, a housing, and a thermal interfacial material interposed between complementary mating surfaces of the stator core and the housing for substantially eliminating air gaps therebetween. A method of cooling an electric machine having a housing and a stator includes... Agent: Remy Technologies, LLC

20140197715 - Electric motor with improved flux path and power density: An improved configuration for an electric motor has an inner rotor and an outer stator wherein each stator coil is arranged radially outwardly of its respective stator pole and configured to create a magnetic flux path forming a closed magnetic circuit that flows in directions parallel to the longitudinal axis... Agent:

20140197703 - Electric motor rotor thermal interface for hub/shaft: A cooling system of an electric machine includes a hub, a rotor core, and a thermal interfacial material interposed between respective complementary mating surfaces of the hub and the rotor core for substantially eliminating air gaps therebetween. A method of cooling an electric machine having a rotor core and a... Agent: Remy Technologies, LLC

20140197716 - Rotating electric machine and power transmission device (as amended): Provided is a compound motor (14) comprising a magnet rotor (19) supported by bearings (B3, B4) in a rotatable manner, a winding rotor (20) supported by bearings (B5, B6) in a rotatable manner relative to the magnet rotor (19) at the inner side of the magnet rotor (19) and having... Agent:

20140197717 - Drive unit for a revolving door with an integrated blocking device and/or braking device: A drive unit for a revolving door having a turnstile includes: an electronically commutated multipole motor having: (i) a disk-shaped or cup-shaped stator part configured to be arrangable at a stationary structural component part of the revolving door, (ii) a disk-shaped or cup-shaped rotor part configured to be gearlessly connectable... Agent:

20140197718 - Low-profile, disk-shaped drive unit for a revolving door: A drive unit for a revolving door with an electronically commutated multipole motor having a quantity of coil elements and a quantity of magnet elements. The multipole motor has a flat base structure and a disk-shaped or cup-shaped stator part arranged at a stationary structural component part. A disk-shaped or... Agent:

20140197704 - Systems and methods for facilitating oil flow in relation to rotor bearings: Systems and methods for rotor bearings that enable improved oil circulation, wherein axial grooves are formed in the outer periphery of each bearing to form channels that allow axial flow of oil through the channels. Each bearing includes a collar, a sleeve and an interference ring. The collar has a... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20140197706 - Reaction force compensation device: Provided is a reaction force compensation device capable of compensating for a reaction force caused by a motor that is continuously rotating. The reaction force compensation device is configured to compensate for a reaction force generated when a motor including a stator and a rotor, which is combined with the... Agent: Foundation Of Soongsil University-industry Cooperation

20140197705 - Rotary electric machine: In the rotary electric machine, a cylinder 04a of a ring component 04 is formed in such a way that a fitting outer surface 04c1 of the cylinder 04a of the ring component 04 is fitted to a fitting inner surface 02a of a first housing 02; a clearance value... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140197707 - Magnetic drive apparatus: A primary disc and the secondary discs are each fitted with magnetic means, typically in the form of permanent magnets of the same polarity, located along a radial line from the centre point of the discs, and arranged generally transverse to the axis of rotation of the respective disc. These... Agent:

20140197708 - Rotating electrical machine: A rotating electrical machine comprising an armature; a yoke; and a plurality of magnets arrayed in a ring shape along an inner peripheral face of the yoke. The magnets are respectively formed in circular arc shapes fit with the inner peripheral face of the yoke, and are fixed to the... Agent: Asmo Co., Ltd.

20140197709 - Assembly conducting wire for rotary electric machine winding and rotary electric machine: An assembly conducting wire for a rotary electric machine winding includes a plurality of bundled wires, the plurality of wires being twisted in a circumferential direction of the assembly conducting wire, and the plurality of wires being welded together at a predetermined distance.... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140197710 - Wound field rotating machine with capacitive power transfer: An electrical rotating machine, such as a generator or motor, communicates power from a stationary location to the rotating rotor of the rotating machine via opposed pairs of capacitor plates, one plate of each pair rotating with the rotor and one plate of each pair fixed not to rotate. In... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20140197711 - Drive unit, particularly for a revolving door, with an electronically commutated multipole motor: A drive unit for a door includes an electronically commutated multipole motor having: a stator part configured to be arrangable at a stationary structural component part; and a rotor part configured to be gearlessly connectable to a rotationally drivable element. The stator part and the rotor part include sheet metal... Agent:

20140197712 - Resonant transducer and manufacturing method of resonant transducer: A resonant transducer includes a resonator, a resonator electrodes connected to an end part of the resonator, at least one fixed electrode arranged in the vicinity of the resonator, and a buried part formed between the fixed electrode and the resonator electrode. The resonator, the resonator electrodes and the fixed... Agent: Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20140197713 - Out-of-plane spacer defined electrode: In one embodiment, a method of forming an out-of-plane electrode includes providing an oxide layer above an upper surface of a device layer, providing a first cap layer portion above an upper surface of the oxide layer, etching a first electrode perimeter defining trench extending through the first cap layer... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140197714 - Saw device with heat efficient temperature controller: A surface acoustic wave (SAW) device comprising at least one heating element formed on the substrate; at least one temperature sensor having a first electric component on the substrate whose resistance varies with the temperature of the substrate and a second electric component whose resistance does not vary; and a... Agent: Phonon Corporation

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