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Electrical generator or motor structure

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05/21/2015 > 46 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20150137624 - Linear motor and stage apparatus: A linear motor includes a magnet unit and a coil unit. The magnet unit includes two magnet arrays oppositely parallel and symmetrically located on a magnetic yoke: a first and a second magnet array. The coil unit is disposed in a magnetic gap between the two magnet arrays. In a... Agent:

20150137625 - Stator device for a linear motor and linear transport system: A stator device for a linear motor comprises an electrically energizable magnetic field generator for forming a magnetic field, the magnetic field generator comprising a stator tooth and a coil wound around the stator tooth and a holding module for holding the magnetic field generator, the holding module having a... Agent: Beckhoff Automation Gmbh

20150137626 - Permanent magnet power generating device: A permanent magnet power generating device comprises a first soft magnetic body (1), a coil (2) and a permanent magnet (3). The first soft magnetic body has a first branch (11), a second branch (12), and a third branch (13) arranged at intervals. The second branch is located between the... Agent:

20150137628 - Vibration actuator: A vibration actuator includes: a coil having a vibration space along an axial direction; an outer case that covers the coil and that extends the vibration space in the axial direction; a movable element that comprises a magnet that vibrates within the coil and a weight unit that vibrates within... Agent: Nidec Copal Corporation

20150137627 - Vibration actuator and mobile information terminal: A vibration actuator has a stationary element including a frame, a coil, and a movable element having a magnet and a weight portion. The movable element vibrates in a vibration direction relative to the stationary element. The vibration actuator includes a sliding support member, provided within the frame, extending parallel... Agent: Nidec Copal Corporation

20150137629 - Low cost permanent magnet motor for an electric power steering system: A rotor includes an inner wall and an outer wall, where the inner wall forms a space and is radially centered along a central longitudinal axis of the rotor. The rotor further includes a first magnetic pair of legs corresponding to a first pole. The first leg and a second... Agent:

20150137630 - Systems and methods for regulating fluid flow for internal cooling and lubrication of electric machines: The invention provides systems and methods for cooling and lubrication of high power density electric machines with an enhanced fluid injection system. Multiple fluid flow passages may be provided within the electric machine, which may include one or more bearing fluid flow pathways and one or more rotor fluid flow... Agent:

20150137631 - Drive module for a vehicle: A drive module for a vehicle has a transmission (12) and an electric machine (11) that is coupled to an input shaft (16) of the transmission (12). An air-filled cavity (23) is formed between the electric machine (11) and the transmission (12). The electric machine (11) is an external-rotor motor... Agent:

20150137632 - Rotor and rotating electric machine including the rotor: A rotor includes a hollow cylindrical rotor core that has a center hole, in which a rotating shaft is to be press-fitted, and a plurality of magnet-receiving holes in which a plurality of permanent magnets are respectively received. In a radially inner surface of the rotor core defining the center... Agent:

20150137633 - Ac generator: A vehicle AC generator capable of enhancing a cooling effect by increasing an air volume of cooling air is obtained. The AC generator includes: a casing having a ventilation port on an outer periphery; a stator installed in the casing; a rotor supported in the stator in a rotatable manner;... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150137669 - Mechanical system for a simple and accurate to assemble in-wheel electric motor: The invention refers to a mechanical design for a simple and accurate to assemble in-wheel electric motor comprising at least stator, rotor plate, rotor tube, bearing system and brake system arranged in such a way that rotor plate is attached to the rotor tube and to the bearing system and... Agent: Elaphe Pogonske Tehnologije, D.o.o.

20150137638 - Armature and rotating electrical device: There is provided an armature including: an armature core that includes plural tooth portions extending in a radial direction and disposed in a row around a circumferential direction; an insulator including plural insulation portions integrated with the armature core; plural windings each including plural wound portions wound on the tooth... Agent:

20150137635 - Electric motor with a thermal switch: The present invention relates to an electric motor (1) used in household appliances such as washing machines, comprising a rotor (2), a stator (3), more than one winding (4) the diameter and coil number of which are determined according to the desired power and the number of revolutions, more than... Agent:

20150137639 - Motor: A motor may include a rotor having a magnet and a stator having a stator core and a coil. The stator core is provided with salient poles, including a predetermined salient pole, separately formed in the circumferential direction, the salient poles are protruded to an inner side and face the... Agent:

20150137636 - Motor controller and production method of the same: A motor controller and a production method thereof are provided to be capable of lowering the stress applied to joint parts of terminals and a board as much as possible, even if a thermal load or external force is applied to the connector, and in addition, capable of achieving a... Agent:

20150137640 - Rotating electrical machine cable: A rotating electrical machine cable includes: one cable unit arranged between a rotating electrical machine including an encoder and a control apparatus; a rotating electrical machine side connector case for accommodating a rotating electrical machine side connector connected to one end of the cable unit and connected to the rotating... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150137637 - Stator of motor having bus-bar wiring structure and method of wiring coil in parallel using the same: A stator of a motor having a bus-bar wiring structure according to the present invention includes: a stator core configured of a core base in which a plurality of teeth is formed; an upper insulator coupled to a top of the stator core to insulate the teeth; a lower insulator... Agent:

20150137634 - Stator, manufacturing method therefor, and rotary electric machine that includes stator: A stator is configured so as to have an annular shape by linking core blocks that are each produced by laminating electromagnetic steel sheets and that each have a yoke portion and a tooth portion by bendable first linking portion, concentrated winding coils are each produced by winding a conductor... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150137641 - Motor: A motor includes a stator, a rotor tube which is disposed inside the stator, a rotor core assembly which is coupled to an outer circumferential surface of the rotor tube, and a shaft which is coupled in the rotor tube. The rotor tube is divided into at least two stepped... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20150137642 - Magnetic bearing and method for mounting a ferromagnetic structure around a core of a magnetic bearing: Magnetic bearing that is provided with a radial actuator part and an axial actuator part, whereby the aforementioned radial actuator part comprises a laminated stator stack that is provided with a stator yoke, wherein the stator yoke is linked to a closed ferromagnetic structure that surrounds the stator yoke.... Agent: Atlas Copco Airpower, Naamloze Vennootschap

20150137643 - Radial magnetic bearing and method of manufacture: A radial magnetic bearing having an inner rotor including a central shaft having a ferromagnetic armature mounted on the shaft and an outer stator providing a plurality of electromagnets including poles made of ferromagnetic material which project radially inwardly towards the rotor is provided. As such, air-gaps (e) are left... Agent: Skf Magnetic Mechatronics

20150137644 - Apparatus with polymer permeability path: Certain exemplary aspects of the present disclosure are directed towards an apparatus in which a base deck and a base deck cover interface with one another to provide a permeability path. The base deck includes an outer region, and the base deck cover includes a lip that interfaces with the... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20150137645 - Spindle motor: A spindle motor may include: a sleeve rotatably supporting a shaft; a rotor coupled to the shaft and rotating together therewith; and a base member fixedly coupled to the sleeve, wherein the base member includes a plurality of penetration holes formed therein so as to penetrate therethrough, and a magnetic... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150137646 - Rotor and permanent-magnet embedded type motor: A rotor includes a plurality of magnets, and an annular rotor core having a plurality of magnet insertion holes formed in a circumferential direction, into which the magnets are respectively inserted, in which each of the magnet insertion holes is formed with a protruding portion A on an inner wall... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150137647 - Brushless electric motor/generator: Disclosed are various embodiments for a motor/generator comprising: a rotor adapted to rotate about a longitudinal axis, the rotor comprising a first partial toroidal magnetic cylinder defining a semi-circular tunnel, wherein the plurality of magnets forming the first partial toroidal magnetic cylinder have substantially all like poles facing inward toward... Agent:

20150137649 - Method for producing a rotor and electric machine having a rotor: A method produces a rotor which can rotate about a rotation axis, in particular for an electrical machine of a motor vehicle. At least two rotor body elements are each provided with a number of receiving pockets which are made in an axial direction. Magnet bodies are in each case... Agent:

20150137648 - Variable magnetomotive force rotary electric machine and control device for variable magnetmotive force rotary electric machine: A rotary electric machine includes a stator and a rotor. The rotor has at least one permanent magnet arranged in a d-axis magnetic path. The rotor includes a magnetic gap part located between the permanent magnet arranged in the d-axis magnetic path of one pole and an adjacent magnet with... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150137650 - Rotor for rotating electric machine: A rotor includes a rotor core that has magnet-receiving holes in each of which is received a corresponding permanent magnet. The rotor core also has, for each of the magnet-receiving holes, first and second supporting portions. The first supporting portion supports a radially inner end portion of a first magnetic... Agent:

20150137651 - Sealed switched reluctance motor: A motor including a sealed rotor with at least one salient rotor pole and a stator comprising at least one salient stator pole having an excitation winding associated therewith and interfacing with the at least one salient rotor pole to effect an axial flux circuit between the at least one... Agent:

20150137652 - Sectionalized electromechanical machines having low torque ripple and low cogging torque characteristics: A method and apparatus for reducing or eliminating the effects of torque ripple and cogging torque and otherwise improving performance in an electromechanical machine such as a motor or generator. The rotor and/or stator is conceptually sectionalized and the sections spaced apart by amount sufficient to alleviate deleterious aspects of... Agent:

20150137653 - Electric machine with housing segments and stator segments: In summary, the invention relates to an electric machine having a housing, a stator which is arranged in the housing and a rotatable rotor arranged inside the stator, wherein the housing comprises at least two housing segments, and the stator comprises at least two stator segments, and a method for... Agent: Siemens Ag

20150137654 - Rotating electric machine: This disclosure discloses a rotating electric machine including a tubular frame and a stator core. The frame includes a bulged linear part on an inner peripheral surface. The bulged linear part has a shape extended linearly in an axial direction and bulged toward the inner periphery side. The stator core... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150137655 - Rotor securing arrangement and rotating electric machine having the same: A rotor securing arrangement for directly or indirectly securing a rotor to a shaft. The rotor has at least one through hole along a axial direction of the rotor. A second hole diameter of the at least one through hole at either or both of axial ends of the rotor... Agent:

20150137656 - Brush holder apparatus, brush assembly, and method: Devices and methods of use for brush holder assemblies are disclosed. Brush holder assemblies including a mounting block and a brush holder are disclosed. Also illustrated is a brush holder assembly including a first portion in sliding engagement with a second portion. In some embodiments the brush holder includes a... Agent:

20150137657 - Brush holder apparatus, brush assembly, and method: Devices and methods of use for brush holder assemblies are disclosed. Brush holder assemblies including a mounting block and a brush holder are disclosed. Also illustrated is a brush holder assembly including a first portion in sliding engagement with a second portion. In some embodiments the brush holder includes a... Agent:

20150137658 - Commutator and method for forming the same: A commutator is formed by providing an electrically insulating commutator body. First and second areas are defined on the commutator body covering a brush contact surface in an alternating manner. At least the surfaces of the first areas are formed of laser direct structured material. The first areas are treated... Agent:

20150137659 - Vibration power generator: Power generated by a vibration power generator utilizing an electret is efficiently supplied to a power supply load. A vibration power generator includes a first substrate and a second substrate configured to be moved relative to each other by external vibration while remaining opposite each other, a group of a... Agent:

20150137660 - Surface elastic wave generator, transceiver, and generation method thereof: A surface elastic wave generator may include a substrate. A first conductivity type region is formed in the substrate. A second conductivity type doped region includes at least one doping pattern doped on surface of the first conductivity type region. Through applying reverse bias to junctions between the first conductivity... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150137661 - Capacitive load drive circuit: A capacitive load drive circuit includes first and second capacitive loads, first and second connection path selection sections, and a voltage generation section. The first capacitive load and the second capacitive load are configured to charge and discharge in accordance with a drive signal. The first connection path selection section... Agent:

20150137662 - Apparatus and method of driving piezoelectric actuator, and system for driving piezoelectric actuator using the same: An apparatus for driving a piezoelectric actuator may include: a digital-to-analog conversion unit receiving digital waveform information and outputting an analog signal corresponding thereto; an amplification unit amplifying the analog signal to generate an analog voltage; and a power supply unit supplying power for the amplification. The power supply unit... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150137663 - Vibration actuator: A vibration actuator includes a vibrator including an electromechanical transducer and an elastic body, a vibrator fixing member configured to hold the vibrator, a driven member configured to come into frictional contact with the vibrator so as to move relative to the vibrator, a pressing portion configured to press the... Agent:

20150137664 - Piezoelectric actuator array: A piezoelectric actuator array comprising a substrate plate (10) with a number of signal leads (14) and at least one common lead (18) formed on at least one surface (12) thereof, and a number of piezoelectric bodies (30, 32) arranged in a row (34) on one surface (12) of the... Agent: Oc&#xe9 -technologies B.v.

20150137665 - Energy harvesting mechanism: Embodiments of the invention provide an energy harvesting mechanism comprising a central conductive element and a plurality of transductive elements. Each transductive element is positioned to be in contact with a corresponding peripheral length segment of the central conductive element. Also each transductive element is deformable in a characteristic radial... Agent:

20150137666 - Reactive ionic liquid, and ion-immobilized metal oxide particle, ion-immobilized elastomer, and transducer using same: A reactive ionic liquid to be used as an ionic component that is contained in an ion-containing layer in a transducer arranged in contact with a high-resistance layer as a dielectric layer of the transducer, and is restrained from migrating from the ion-containing layer to the high-resistance layer on application... Agent: Kyushu University

20150137667 - Ceramic material, sinter, ceramic device, piezoelectricity ceramic bimorph and gluing method thereof: The present disclosure provides a piezoelectricityity ceramic material. The piezoelectricityity ceramic material includes main components that are represented by a general chemical formula of Pb(Mn1/3Sb2/3)xZryTizO3+awt % WO3 and satisfy the following conditions: 0.02 ≦x≦0.1, 0.4≦y≦0.6, 0.4≦z≦0.6, and 0.5≦a≦3. Compared to related art, the products provided by the present disclosure have... Agent: Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

20150137668 - Ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing ceramic electronic component: In a piezoelectric ceramic base, a contact interface in contact with an electrode has recess portions surrounded by crystal particles. An average depth T of the recess portions is preferably 1 to 10 μm, and an occupation rate of the recess portions at the contact interface is preferably 65% or... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 37 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20150130297 - Energy harvesting device: An energy harvesting device comprises a semiconductor device, a first magnet core, and at least one second magnet core. The semiconductor device, disposed in a housing, includes a plurality of first sensors and a plurality of second sensors. The first magnet core, disposed over the semiconductor device, is configured to... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.

20150130298 - Vibration power generator: The vibration power generator includes: a plurality of permanent magnets (1, 2) integrated together to have given inter-magnet gaps under a state in which the same poles of the permanent magnets are opposed to each other; and a plurality of coils (3, 4) arranged on respective outer peripheries of the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Company, Limited

20150130299 - Rotating electric machine: This disclosure discloses a rotating electric machine includes a rotor disposed rotatably, a stator including a plurality of stator windings, and a connector unit connecting ends of the plurality of stator windings. The connector unit includes a plurality of conductors, and a plurality of resin films each formed sterically to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150130300 - Rotary motor and manufacturing method therefor: The present invention provides a rotary motor including at least a field magnet having field winding, and an armature having armature winding with an electrically insulating coating material applied thereto, and the coating material includes at least two layers of; a lower-layer coating material including a first low-viscosity resin liquid;... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150130301 - Actuator: An actuator includes an electric motor having a shaft, an output member coupled to the shaft, a casing having a wall, a mounting structure, and a tubular body sleeved around the shaft and coupling the mounting structure to the wall. The motor is mounted to the casing via the mounting... Agent:

20150130302 - Electrical machine: In an electrical machine for the hybrid drive of a vehicle, an annular cooling jacket extends between a housing and a casing. The cooling jacket is connected to a coolant inlet and a coolant outlet so that coolant is axially introduced into the cooling jacket. The coolant inlet and the... Agent:

20150130303 - Superconducting synchronous motor: A superconducting synchronous motor having a simple and stable structure is provided. The superconducting synchronous motor according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises: a rotary shaft; a rotation core mounted at the rotary shaft so as to be rotated by connecting with the rotary shaft; and hooked magnetic... Agent: Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

20150130304 - Electric machine: The electric machine has a casing housing a stator and a rotor and containing a gas, and a dryer for the gas. The dryer is connected to the casing. The dryer includes a separation group, for separating humidity from the gas, a water accumulator, for at least temporally accumulating water... Agent:

20150130305 - Motor cap assembly for reducing internal temperatures: Disclosed is an end cap for a motor housing containing an electric motor, including a tubular structure defining an interior space, including an open first end connectable to the motor casing; a second end, including a first planar surface; a second planar surface offset from the first planar surface and... Agent:

20150130306 - Motor: A motor includes an impeller including a plurality of blades arranged in a circumferential direction and fixed to a shaft between a cover portion and an armature. The cover portion includes at least one cover portion through hole arranged to axially overlap with the blades. A cylindrical portion includes at... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20150130328 - Hall sensor cover and motor using the same: Disclosed is a hall sensor cover comprising: mag-mate terminal portions each having a mag-mate terminal having a coil insertion slit formed thereon and a power terminal pin extended toward one side direction of the mag-mate terminal; and a power connector portion having a base having mag-mate terminal insertion slots formed... Agent:

20150130329 - Electric motor: An electric motor includes a yoke having a cylindrical section, two pairs of permanent magnets disposed at an inner circumferential surface of the cylindrical section to oppose each other, and an armature rotatably supported further inside in a radial direction than the permanent magnets, wherein at least a pair of... Agent:

20150130331 - Magnetostatic voltage/current limiting system for wind turbine generator comprising the same: A magnetic voltage/current limiting system is mounted in conjunction with a main coil, in a coil assembly of a wind turbine generator, for limiting the outputted voltage (or current) to a predetermined upper value. The limiting system generally comprises at least one limiting coil and a control circuit connected to... Agent:

20150130330 - Netzbetriebene handwerkzeugmaschine: A mains-operated handheld machine tool includes a tool housing, an electric drive motor arranged in the housing and configured to drive an associated tool insert, and a slide switch arranged, at least in a longitudinally displaceable fashion, on the tool housing and coupled to a sliding element configured to switch... Agent:

20150130332 - Motor: A motor includes an attachment portion, a first circuit board, and a second circuit board. The attachment portion is fixed to a frame of an apparatus to be driven by the motor. The first circuit board is located axially below coils and axially above the attachment portion. End portions of... Agent:

20150130307 - High inertia stamped rotor can: An outer rotor motor or generator is provided. The motor or generator includes a stator and a rotor rotatable about an axis. The rotor includes a stamped rotor can and an inertia ring. The stamped rotor can includes a generally radially extending base and a generally axially extending sidewall extending... Agent: Nidec Motor Corporation

20150130333 - Dual cam torque transfer mechanism: In one aspect, an actuator assembly is disclosed, which includes an input shaft, an output shaft, and a limited angle actuator that is coupled to the input shaft for rotating the input shaft to generate an input torque profile over an input stroke. A rotatable input element having a first... Agent:

20150130308 - Motor/generator with combination clutch and bearing arrangement: An electric motor or generator is provided. The motor or generator includes a rotor component rotatable about an axis, a stator, and a support assembly supporting the rotor component and the stator. The support assembly includes a shaft component rotatable about an axis and a bearing arrangement rotatably supporting the... Agent: Nidec Motor Corporation

20150130309 - Starter for a combustion engine: A starter motor (1) for a heat engine of a motor vehicle, comprising: an electric motor having a stator (7) and a rotor (3) mounted on a rotor shaft (5); a translatably mobile starter shaft (15) carrying a drive pinion (13) that can move from an idle position wherein the... Agent:

20150130310 - Motor: A motor includes a housing, a back cover, a brush card, and a brush. The brush card is disposed in a casing defined by the housing and the back cover. The brush is disposed on a front side of the brush card. The back cover includes a through-hole in the... Agent:

20150130312 - Crankshaft starter generator and housing for a crankshaft starter generator: A housing for a crankshaft starter generator is designed so as to be divisible and/or a crankshaft starter generator without a housing and with a stator is designed so as to be divisible.... Agent:

20150130311 - Rotary electric machine and method for manufacturing rotary electric machine stator: A plurality of core blocks that are arranged into an annular shape are inserted into and fixed to a cylindrical frame, and are disposed inside the frame, a bolt passage member that is produced as a solid body and that has a bolt passage aperture that passes through in a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150130313 - Method and apparatus for hybrid suspension system: A system for suspending a rotating body consisting of a combination of magnetic and engineered materials. The suspension system allows for some axial motion to account for varying system loads.... Agent:

20150130315 - Motor/generator with combination clutch and bearing arrangement: An electric motor or generator is provided. The motor or generator includes a rotor component rotatable about an axis, a stator, and a support assembly supporting the rotor component and the stator. The support assembly includes a shaft component rotatable about an axis and a bearing arrangement rotatably supporting the... Agent: Nidec Motor Corporation

20150130314 - Mounting base for motor/generator: A motor or generator assembly including a motor or generator machine and mounting structure supporting the machine on an appliance is provided. The machine presents an axially extending, radially outermost circumferential face and a pair of axially spaced apart, radially projecting axial margins. The mounting structure includes a pair of... Agent: Nidec Motor Corporation

20150130316 - Variable speed electro-mechanical drive: An electrical machine and method for driving at least one ancillary device of a motor is provided wherein the electrical machine comprises a stator, configured to be rotated, and a rotor, rotatably mounted relative to the stator, coupled to the ancillary device. The speed of the rotor may be a... Agent:

20150130317 - Rotor and motor using the same: A rotor includes a rotor body and a plurality of permanent magnet received in the rotor body. The rotor body separately defines a plurality of recess troughs on an outer wall of the rotor body. Side surfaces of each recess trough include a bottom surface and two side surfaces. The... Agent:

20150130318 - Resin composition for rotor fixing, rotor, and automotive vehicle: A rotor-fixing resin composition of the present invention comprising: an epoxy resin-containing thermosetting resin; a curing agent; and an inorganic filler, wherein a tensile elongation at break-a is 0.1% or higher and 1.7% or lower, the tensile elongation at break-a is obtained by subjecting a test piece to a tensile... Agent:

20150130319 - Rotor and magnet thereof: An annular magnet includes a hollow magnet body having an outer circumferential surface that defines a cylindrical shape and an inner circumferential surface that defines an inlet hole. The inlet hole is adapted for receiving a back iron and has a cross-section substantially shaped in an equiangular polygon. The magnet... Agent:

20150130320 - Stator of electric motor provided with coil fastening part, electric motor, and fastening method of unit coil: A coil fastening part in a stator of the present invention can be turned about its axis of rotation in a gap between an end face of a tooth and an inner circumferential surface of a unit coil and has a noncircular shape cross-section vertical to its axis of rotation.... Agent:

20150130321 - Casting technology for induction rotor assemblies: An induction rotor assembly having an induction cage that is formed using a combination of liquid and solid materials. The first and second end plates of the induction cage may be fabricated before the casting of the conductors of the induction cage. According to certain embodiments, the first and second... Agent:

20150130322 - Stator for rotating electric machine and method for manufacturing stator for rotating electric machine: A tooth of a stator has a tapered shape in which a tooth width decreases toward a distal end portion thereof. A winding is formed of an edgewise winding wound around the tooth in a row. The winding is supplied with power so that a terminal on a base portion... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150130323 - Panel for use in vibratory panel device: A panel for use in a vibratory panel device comprises a substrate, a layer of electroactive material applied to the substrate and a layer of material applied to the electroactive material forming separate active areas whereby signals may be applied to or received from respective areas of the electroactive material,... Agent:

20150130324 - Apparatus for generating mechanical oscillations and a method for determining the resonance frequency of such apparatus: A device for generating mechanical oscillations is provided. The device has a first mass, a second mass, and a piezoelectric excitation system mechanically coupling the first mass and the second mass to one another, with the piezoelectric excitation system having a stiffness. The piezoelectric excitation system is designed such that... Agent:

20150130325 - Piezoelectric element, and piezoelectric vibrating device, portable terminal, acoustic generator, acoustic generating device and electronic apparatus including the same: There are provided a piezoelectric element in which the peeling of a surface electrode is suppressed, and a piezoelectric vibrating device, a portable terminal, an acoustic generator, an acoustic generating device and an electronic apparatus including the same. A piezoelectric actuator includes a piezoelectric element including a plate-shaped stacked body... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150130326 - Wiring board, method of manufacturing the same, element housing package, electronic device, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A method of manufacturing a vibrator which includes a method of manufacturing a wiring board includes disposing one granular conductor within each of through holes of a ceramic substrate having the through holes formed therein, supplying a glass paste into the through holes, baking the glass paste, forming an electrode,... Agent:

20150130327 - Multilayer component and method of producing a multilayer component: A method of producing a fully active multilayer element including producing a fully active stack, and optionally sintering of the fully active stack or a green precursor thereof; applying outer electrodes onto sides A′ and C′ of the fully active stack and contacting of the uncoated inner electrodes so that... Agent: Epcos Ag

05/07/2015 > 21 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150123497 - Vibration energy harvesting using cycloidal motion: Some embodiments relate to an energy conversion device, comprising: a casing; an electromagnetic (EM) transducer disposed at one side of the casing; a round magnet disposed in the casing and free to move relative to the casing and the EM transducer in at least two degrees of freedom; and a... Agent: The Commonwealth Of Australia

20150123500 - Haptic actuator: An haptic actuator includes: a base member; a hollow cylindrical coil arranged in the upper portion of the base member; a core formed in the base member and arranged so as to be inserted into the center of the coil; a cover member covering the upper portion of the base... Agent: M2sys. Co., Ltd.

20150123499 - Linear vibrator: A linear vibrator includes a housing providing an internal space; a fixed part including a coil fixed to the housing to be disposed in the internal space; a vibrating part including a magnet disposed to face the coil and generating electromagnetic force by interacting with the coil; and an elastic... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150123498 - Linear vibrator and production method therefor: Disclosed herein is a vibration generator which is used to embody vibration for signal reception indication or a haptic function of wireless communication devices such as mobile phones. The vibration generator includes a casing which has a space therein, a stator which is provided in the casing and is provided... Agent:

20150123501 - Motor: Disclosed is a motor including: a housing formed by means of insert injection molding in such a manner as to locate a stator assembly inside a mold, the stator assembly having a stator core, an upper insulator adapted to be coupled to the upper side of the stator core, and... Agent:

20150123502 - Cooling structure of oil cooling motor: A cooling structure of an oil cooling motor may include a housing, a front cover and a rear cover each mounted at both sides of a housing along a length direction of the housing, a rotor shaft extending through the housing and have both ends rotatably supported by bearings of... Agent:

20150123517 - Rotary electric machine and bearing changing method: A rotary electric machine includes a stator core; a rotor that includes a laminated core, core holders, and cooling fans; a frame that includes a tubular unit that encloses the stator core and the rotor, and a first bracket and a second bracket that extend in a direction of a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150123503 - Stator: A stator configured with an annular stator core, and a plurality of coils mounted on the stator core and each including a winding portion formed by winding a rectangular conductor in a loop shape, a bus bar portion extended from one end in a radial direction of the stator core... Agent:

20150123504 - Interference suppression device: An interference suppression device (100) for an electric machine (1), wherein at least a subregion of a spring element (25), together with a region (38) of a section (17; 17a, 17b) which makes contact with a housing element (18), is arranged in a radial gap (40) between a component part... Agent:

20150123505 - Electromechanical flywheel device: An electromechanical flywheel machine includes a flywheel mass and a motor-generator having a rotor rotatable about a stationery inner stator having stator windings.... Agent:

20150123506 - Modular permanent magnet motor and pump assembly: A permanent magnet machine, a rotor assembly for the machine, and a pump assembly. The permanent magnet machine includes a stator assembly including a stator core configured to generate a magnetic field and extending along a longitudinal axis with an inner surface defining a cavity and a rotor assembly including... Agent: General Electric Company

20150123507 - Electric generator for wind power installation: An electric generator for windmill installations has a simple and efficient design, including a stator having a coil, a rotor having a base, a lid, and magnets. Rotor magnets are arranged on the lid and base along an annular line with a predetermined gap, and the coil, fixed by ring-shaped... Agent:

20150123508 - Rotating machinery: Rotating machinery of the invention includes a 2n-pole rotor, 72n slots, and three-phase armature windings (n≧1). Each of the slots houses a top coil on an inner radius side of the slots and a bottom coil on an outer radius side thereof. Each of the armature windings is formed by... Agent:

20150123509 - Coil, rotating electrical machine, and method of manufacturing coil: A coil includes a wound body and a resin covering. The wound body is configured by winding a conductor. The wound body is pressure-moulded. The resin covering covers a surface of the wound body.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150123510 - Electric machine: The proposed arrangement relates to an electric machine comprising a stator (7) and a rotor (8) moveable relative to the stator. The stator (7) has slots (1, 2) for accommodating electrical windings (+A, −A), wherein teeth (3) of the stator are formed between adjacent slots. During operation of the machine,... Agent:

20150123511 - Flux shield for electric motor: An electric motor includes: a stator; a shaft; a rotor mounted on the shaft, the rotor having an end ring that is concentric with the shaft; and a flux shield around the shaft inside the end ring.... Agent: Tesla Motors, Inc.

20150123512 - Generator retaining ring and other component thermal degradation evaluation by eddy current non-destructive examination: Eddy current non-destructive examination and evaluation of physical properties of a component, such as a generator retaining ring, after experiencing potentially degrading thermal exposure during any stage of manufacture, assembly and service use, is performed to determine whether it is acceptable for service use, requires further modification (e.g., additional heat... Agent:

20150123513 - Energy conversion substrate using liquid: The present invention relates to an energy conversion substrate using a liquid and, more specifically, to an energy conversion substrate using a liquid capable of converting mechanical energy into electric energy through a flow of a liquid on a substrate having an energy conversion layer. Thus, the present invention enables... Agent: Korea Electronics Technology Institute

20150123514 - Electronic device, circuit substrate for electronic device, electronic apparatus, and moving object: An electronic device includes a first conductive pattern and a second conductive pattern that are disposed on a main surface of an insulating substrate, a first electrode pattern that is electrically connected to the first conductive pattern, and a vibrator element that is disposed on the main surface, and the... Agent:

20150123515 - Crystal unit: A crystal unit is provided with a rectangular substrate, a frame which is provided on an upper surface of the substrate, a mounting frame which has joining pads which are provided along the outer circumferential edge of the upper surface and which is provided on the lower surface of the... Agent: Kyocera Crystal Device Corporation

20150123516 - Method for producing a multi-layer component and multi-layer component: A method for producing a multilayer component (21) is specified, which involves providing a body having dielectric layers (3) arranged one above another and first and second electrically conductive layers (4, 84, 5, 85) arranged therebetween. The first conductive layers (4, 84) are connected to a first auxiliary electrode (6)... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 34 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20150115748 - Power generation device: A power generation device includes: first and second beams which are arranged to face each other and are bent by vibration; and a coil wound around the first and second beams. Each of the first and second beams includes: a beam body; and a stress relaxation layer made of a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150115749 - Dual phase magnetic material component and method of forming: A magnetic component having intermixed first and second regions, and a method of preparing that magnetic component are disclosed. The first region includes a magnetic phase and the second region includes a non-magnetic phase. The method includes mechanically masking pre-selected sections of a surface portion of the component by using... Agent: General Electric Company

20150115750 - Pm stepping motor: A PM stepping motor includes a two-phase stator which includes first and stator stators, and a rotor which is rotatably supported inside the two-phase stator. Each of the first and second stators includes an outer yoke, an inner yoke and a coil. Each of the first and second stators is... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20150115751 - Permanent magnet embedded rotary electric machine: A permanent magnet embedded. rotary electric machine includes: permanent magnets 23 respectively accommodated in the magnet accommodation holes 25. In the magnet accommodation hole 25, a portion of each permanent magnet 23 corresponding to the radially outer side of the rotor iron core 21 is fixed to the rotor iron... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150115752 - Open-type induction motor: There is provided an open-type induction motor, and more particularly, to an open type induction motor in which a rotor has a structure allowing air to flow therein, thus enhancing cooling efficiency of the rotor and a stator. The open-type induction motor includes: a stator including an iron stator core... Agent:

20150115753 - Rotating electric machine: A cooling device mounted in the interior of a frame of a rotating electric machine is configured in such a manner that at least one of the end-face portions between a first end-face portion through which a cooling fluid flows into the cooling device and a second end-face portion from... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150115778 - Integral actuator design: An integrated actuator drive unit (ADU) assembly for an electric motor actuator is disclosed. The integrated ADU assembly may comprise at least one of an integrally formed ring gear, an integrally formed thrust bearing and integrally formed load cell. The integrated ADU assembly may comprise a portion of an electromechanical... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20150115779 - Load cell on ema housing with trim resistors: A instrumented housing for an electric motor actuator is provided. The instrumented housing may have a ribbon gage coupled to a housing of an electrical motor actuator. The ribbon gage may have one or more strain gages. The strain gages may measure the tension on the housing when the electric... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20150115780 - Generator: In one embodiment, a generator includes an alternating current exciter to output first, second and third alternating currents respectively having first, second and third phases, and a rotary rectifier to convert the first, second and third alternating currents into first, second and third direct currents, respectively. The generator further includes... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150115754 - Rotating electric machine: A rotating electric machine includes a motor section and a controller section. The motor section includes an annular stator, a winding wire wound on the stator, and a rotor rotatably disposed inside the stator. The controller section is positioned in an axially non-overlapping position with the stator and controls an... Agent:

20150115755 - Rotating electric machine: A rotating electric machine includes a cover formed in a cylindrical shape and extending in an axial direction to cover the controller section, a lid section disposed inside of the cover body to seal the cover body, a first sealing member compressed between the lid section and the cover, and... Agent:

20150115781 - Electrical generator: A rotary electric generator. A rotor rotates around a fixed electrical coil. The rotor has a magnetic retainer housing a ring of alnico magnets. Cooling vanes separate and insulate the alnico magnets from turbine blades and facilitate the passage of air for cooling. Also included are roller bearing rings for... Agent:

20150115756 - Axial-loading megnetic reluctance device: A magnetic bearing retains a rotatable shaft in a selected position by magnetic coupling between a circular magnet and one or more magnet arrays. Each magnetic coupling completes a magnetic circuit. The magnet arrays focus magnetic flux towards the circular magnet to facilitate magnetic coupling. Magnet arrays configured in Halbach... Agent:

20150115757 - System and method for heating ferrite magnet motors for low temperatures: A system and method for heating ferrite permanent magnets in an electrical machine is disclosed. The permanent magnet machine includes a stator assembly and a rotor assembly, with a plurality of ferrite permanent magnets disposed within the stator assembly or the rotor assembly to generate a magnetic field that interacts... Agent: General Electric Company

20150115758 - Permanent magnet rotating electrical machine and a motor vehicle using same: A permanent magnet rotating electrical machine includes a rotor which has permanent magnets buried in a plurality of permanent magnet insertion slots that are provided in a rotor core, and the rotor is rotatably supported by a rotary shaft with a gap on the inner peripheral side of a stator.... Agent:

20150115759 - Rotor support and method for producing a rotor support: A rotor arm for an electrical machine includes a support pot for mounting a magnetic element. The support pot has a hub bearing a drive shaft. An inner peripheral surface of the rotor arm has, in an axial direction from the hub, an end stop for a supporting element of... Agent: Daimler Ag

20150115760 - Rotor and motor: A rotor includes a first rotor core, a second rotor core, a first magnet, a second magnet, and an annular magnet. The first magnet is arranged between first extensions of the first rotor core. The annular magnet, which is arranged between second extensions of the second rotor core, is held... Agent:

20150115761 - Electro-hydraulic device comprising a three-phase asynchronous motor for moving a jib: The invention relates to an electro-hydraulic device for moving a jib for a derricking-jib tower crane, the motor of said device being designed for operation at the average required power. The operating time in an energy-wasting part load range is thus significantly reduced in relation to conventional electro-hydraulic devices for... Agent: Wolffkran Holding Ag

20150115762 - Rotating transformers for electrical machines: A rotary transformer for an electrical machine includes a rotary printed circuit board and a stator printed circuit board. The rotary printed circuit board is operatively connected to the stator printed circuit board for relative rotation with respect to the stator printed circuit board. A conductor is fixed to the... Agent: Rosemount Aerospace Inc.

20150115763 - Winding layers composed of different materials: Fewer insulation layers can be used by virtue of using hydrophobic electrically conductive materials around a main insulation around a conductive bar. There are several more layers of conductive and/or non-conductive material.... Agent:

20150115765 - Motor and method of winding stator coil: A motor having an improved structure in which winding patterns of a stator coil can be simplified, and a method of winding a stator coil. The motor includes a stator, a rotor and a motor shaft. The stator has a stator body and a first insulator and a second insulator... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150115764 - Vibration damage repair in dynamoelectric machines: Embodiments of the disclosure can include a method for reducing or repairing vibration-caused damage in a stator bar, and a dynamoelectric machine resulting therefrom. The method for reducing vibration-caused damage in a stator can include applying, from within a ventilation slot of a stator core, a liquid based vibration-absorbing material... Agent: General Electric Company

20150115766 - Dust core, method of manufacturing said dust core, and inductance element and rotary electric machine including said dust core: It is an objective of the invention to provide a dust core made of an Fe-based amorphous metal powder having excellent magnetic properties, in which the dust core has a higher-than-conventional density, excellent magnetic properties and a high mechanical strength. There is provided a dust core including a mixture powder... Agent:

20150115767 - Membrane-based nano-electromechanical systems device and methods to make and use same: Nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS) devices that utilize thin electrically conductive membranes, which can be, for example, graphene membranes. The membrane-based NEMS devices can be used as sensors, electrical relays, adjustable angle mirror devices, variable impedance devices, and devices performing other functions.... Agent: Clean Energy Labs, LLC

20150115768 - Radiation tolerant nuclear electric cell: An electric cell comprises layers of moderating material 1 & 8, nuclear fuel 2 & 7, cathode 3, anode 6, and semiconductor junction layers 4 & 5 adjacently stacked one above another. Ionic compounds with high proton numbers are used to form the semiconductor junction layers 4 & 5. Highly... Agent:

20150115769 - System for conversing thermal energy into electrical energy: An assembly converting thermal energy into electrical energy including: at least one temperature sensitive bimetallic strip arranged in a space delimited by a hot source and a cold source facing each other, the bimetallic strip extending along a longitudinal axis; at least one suspended element fixed in movement to the... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20150115770 - All-silicon electrode capacitive transducer on a glass substrate: An all-silicon electrode capacitive transducer comprising: a movable silicon microstructure coupled to a glass substrate, the movable silicon microstructure having a movable silicon electrode, the glass substrate having a top surface and at least one recess, the movable silicon electrode having a first flat surface parallel to a plane of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150115771 - Elastic wave device and method for manufacturing the same: An elastic wave device includes a piezoelectric substrate including a primary surface and a first electrode which is provided on the primary surface of the piezoelectric substrate, which includes a first multilayer metal film including at least three metal films laminated in a bottom-to-top direction, and which includes at least... Agent:

20150115772 - Resonator element, resonator, electronic device, electronic apparatus, and moving object: A resonator element includes a vibrating portion that vibrates in a thickness shear vibration and includes a first main surface and a second main surface which are in a front and back relationship to each other, a first excitation electrode that is provided on the first main surface, and a... Agent:

20150115773 - Ultrasound transducer and method for manufacturing an ultrasound transducer: An ultrasound transducer includes an acoustic layer that includes a micromachined piezoelectric composite body having a front side and an opposite back side. The micromachined piezoelectric composite body is configured to convert electrical signals into ultrasound waves to be transmitted from the front side toward a target. The micromachined piezoelectric... Agent: General Electric Company

20150115774 - Linear actuator: A linear actuator especially for adjustable furniture comprises a spindle (16) with a spindle nut (16a) for bringing about the adjustment of the article of furniture. At the end of the spindle (16) there is a bearing (17) for mounting of this in the actuator. The spindle/spindle nut (16,16a) is... Agent: Linak A/s

20150115775 - Piezoelectric power generator using wind power: A piezoelectric power generator using wind power is provided. To elaborate, the piezoelectric power generator has a central axis unit with a charger, a piezoelectric film supporting frame engaged onto an outer circumference surface of the central axis unit, and a piezoelectric film having a pre-set area and at least... Agent:

20150115776 - Ceramic electronic component and method for manufacturing ceramic electronic component: A ceramic electronic component includes a ceramic body and first and second outer electrodes. The first and second outer electrodes respectively include first and second resin-containing electrode layers and first and second Ni plating layers. The first and second Ni plating layers are respectively provided on the first and second... Agent:

20150115777 - Asymmetric unbalanced acoustically coupled resonators for spurious mode suppression: A resonator includes a piezoelectric core, a set of electrodes, and at least one ground terminal. The electrodes are arranged on the piezoelectric core and also includes at least one input electrode having a first width and at least one output electrode having a second width that differs from the... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

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