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Electrical generator or motor structure March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 26 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20120074795 - Elastic motor-spring actuator: An actuator according to one embodiment of the present invention may include a fixed member and a free member. The free member is operatively engaged with the fixed member so that the free member is moveable with respect to the fixed member. The actuator also includes means for moving the... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents, Acting For And On Behalf Of, Northern Arizona University

20120074796 - Linear oscillatory actuator: A linear oscillatory actuator includes a magnetic pole forming portion that includes an electromagnet and a base, magnetic blocks each of which includes a magnet attracted or repelled by the electromagnet to reciprocate, elastic suspensions for supporting the magnetic blocks, and at least one coupling spring portion that couples the... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20120074797 - Sectionalized electromechanical machines having low torque ripple and low cogging torque characteristics: A method and apparatus for reducing or eliminating the effects of torque ripple and cogging torque and otherwise improving performance in an electromechanical machine such as a motor or generator. The rotor and/or stator is conceptually sectionalized and the sections spaced apart by amount sufficient to alleviate deleterious aspects of... Agent: Northern Power Systems, Inc.

20120074798 - Electromagnetic rotary machines having modular active-coil portions and modules for such machines: Electromagnetic rotary machines, such as electrical power generators and electric motors, that have one or more active portions modularized into a set of modules. Each of the modules is secured to a support frame via a sliding-interlock system that allows that module to be slidingly engaged with the support frame.... Agent: Northern Power Systems, Inc.

20120074799 - Electric machine cooling system and method: Embodiments of the invention provide an electric machine module comprising an electric machine with a stator and housing at least partially circumscribing the electric machine. The housing includes at least two housing members coupled together and substantially securing the electric machine within the housing. The electric machine module also includes... Agent:

20120074801 - Magnetic rotor having inset bridges to promote cooling: A rotor arrangement with decreased fluid flow impedance and improved rotary motor cooling is mountable on a shaft for rotation relative to the stator of a rotary motor arrangement The rotor arrangement has a plurality of laminations joined together to form a multilayer laminated rotor with a plurality of magnet... Agent: Kollmorgen Corporation

20120074800 - Stator and method of assembly: The present application provides a stator. The stator may include a number of poles and a stator tip and cooling assembly. The stator tip and cooling assembly may include a number of stator tips with a number of cooling tubes adjacent thereto such that the stator tips align with the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120074802 - Driving motor: Provided is a driving motor that will meet the requests of making the length of a rotating axis of the driving motor to be shorter in the axial direction, and which will also have waterproof, vibration resistance, and soundproof characteristics. In this driving motor (3); a motor interior-space (35) is... Agent:

20120074820 - Electromechanical device, actuator using the same, and motor: An electromechanical device includes a central shaft; a rotor having a rotor magnet disposed along the periphery of the central shaft; a stator disposed on the periphery of the rotor; and a rotation mechanism connected to the rotor and used for transfer of a rotational driving force, wherein in the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120074803 - Electric generator: My Improved Electrical Generator is a high efficiency generator that functions by a series of frictionless bearings and rotating magnets.... Agent:

20120074804 - Permanent magnet and method for manufacturing the same, and motor and power generator using the same: In an embodiment, a permanent magnet includes a composition of R (FepMqCur(Co1-sAs)1-p-q-r)z (R: rare earth element, M: Ti, Zr, Hf, A: Ni, V, Cr, Mn, Al, Si, Ga, Nb, Ta, W, 0.05≦p 0.6, 0.005≦q≦0.1, 0.01≦r≦0.15, 0≦s≦0.2, 4≦z≦9). The permanent magnet includes a two-phase structure of a Th2Zn17 crystal phase and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120074806 - Reinforced magnet: A magnet that includes a composite body and at least one reinforcing element. The reinforcing element is embedded within the body and increases the radial strength of the body. As a result, the magnet is able to rotate at higher speeds without fracturing. Additionally, methods of manufacturing the magnet are... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20120074805 - Rotor: A rotor includes a hub, a rotor core, holes and permanent magnets. Salient poles are each formed between neighboring openings on a circumference of the rotor core and, when viewed from a front along a line of axis of the rotor, a recessed portion that is formed by causing one... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120074807 - Retaining sleeve for over molding magnets: A retaining sleeve for retaining magnets inserted therein so that the magnets may be overmolded with a polymer pursuant to the manufacture of a rotor for an electric motor. The retaining sleeve comprising a generally cylindrical portion having an inner peripheral surface concentric about a central axis and a plurality... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20120074808 - Target magnet assembly for a sensor used with a steering gear: A target magnet assembly configured to be secured to a rotating shaft of a steering gear assembly. The target magnet assembly includes an index hub with a mount and a magnet secured by the mount. The mount includes a tab with a protrusion extending from the tab, a finger, and... Agent:

20120074809 - Surface acoustic wave sensor: A surface acoustic wave sensor that achieves increased detection sensitivity includes a piezoelectric substrate, an IDT electrode provided on the piezoelectric substrate, and a protection layer arranged on the piezoelectric substrate so as to cover the IDT electrode. The surface acoustic wave sensor is arranged so as to be excited... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120074810 - Mechanical resonating structures including a temperature compensation structure: Mechanical resonating structures are described, as well as related devices and methods. The mechanical resonating structures may have a compensating structure for compensating temperature variations.... Agent: Sand9, Inc.

20120074811 - Acoustic wave devices: In one aspect of the invention, an acoustic wave device includes a substrate, and at least one acoustic wave resonator having a bottom electrode adjacent to the substrate, a top electrode, a piezoelectric layer sandwiched between the bottom and top electrodes, a passivation layer formed on the top electrode, and... Agent:

20120074812 - Piezoelectric power generator and wireless sensor network apparatus: A piezoelectric power generator that includes a piezoelectric multilayer body including a piezoelectric element that converts vibration into electricity and a substrate on which the piezoelectric multilayer body is mounted. The resonant frequency of the piezoelectric element coincides with the reference of the substrate so that the piezoelectric element efficiently... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120074813 - Ultrasonic motor device: Provided is an ultrasonic motor device which is easy to downsize and superior in assembling workability. The ultrasonic motor device includes a first ultrasonic motor unit and a second ultrasonic motor unit each of which includes: a vibrator which periodically vibrates; a case which accommodates the vibrator; a moving member... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120074815 - Pressure power recovery device: A power recovery device, including an electroactive polymer membrane; an actuator capable of moving along a first direction non-parallel to the mid-plane of the membrane; a member for converting the motion of the actuator into a stretching of the membrane along at least one second direction of the mid-plane of... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20120074814 - Wheel with piezoelectric ring and vehicle having same: A wheel includes a rim and a tire. The rim includes a ring body defining a central axis, two flanges, and two piezoelectric rings. The flanges extend from the circumference of the ring body around the central axis. A first annular groove is defined in the circumference of each flange... Agent: Foxsemicon Integrated Technology, Inc.

20120074816 - Piezoelectric device: The piezoelectric device (100) stores a piezoelectric vibrating piece (10) which vibrates whenever an electrical voltage is applied. The piezoelectric device comprises: a package lid (11) having a first peripheral surface (M1) which surrounds a plane surface in a predetermined width; and a package base (12) comprising a second peripheral... Agent: Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20120074817 - Actuator: An actuator includes a sheet having dielectric elastomer layers and conductive rubber layers provided on the front and back faces of each dielectric elastomer layer. The sheet is wrapped and rolled about a coil spring. The actuator expands the rolled sheet along an expansion direction of the coil spring by... Agent: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

20120074818 - Systems having integrated mechanical resonating structures and related methods: Devices including integrated components are described. The components may be integrated by being formed on a single substrate. The components may be integrated by being formed on separate chips within a multi-chip module. The components being integrated may include mechanical resonating structures, which in some instances may be piezoelectric mechanical... Agent: Sand9, Inc.

20120074819 - Piezoceramic transducer and method for manufacturing the same: A piezoceramic transducer (PZT transducer) and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The PZT transducer includes a piezoceramic substrate and an electrode unit. The piezoceramic substrate has a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface, and has a mechanical quality factor (Qm) greater than 1400.... Agent: China Steel Corporation

03/22/2012 > 25 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120068557 - Electric motor arrangement for a medical, especially dental, tool holder: An electric motor arrangement for a medical, especially dental, tool handle, which is extremely compact and resistant to sterilizing temperatures due to a plurality of advantageous embodiments. The electric motor arrangement is characterized by the following properties: the use of a light source based on SMD-LED or LED as a... Agent: Kaltenbach & Voigt Gmbh

20120068558 - Hybrid pole bearingless srm: Disclosed is a hybrid pole bearingless switched reluctance motor (BLSRM). The BLSRM includes a stator provided with windings, a rotor rotating about an axis when current is conducted to the windings. The rotor includes a plurality of rotor poles extending radially outward, and the stator includes a plurality of stator... Agent: Kyungsung University Industry Cooperation Foundation

20120068559 - Rotating shaft support apparatus and magnetic motor having the same: A apparatus is provided in which, in a state before being assembled to a drive target, one end of a rotating shaft is not supported by a bearing, and in this state, the rotating shaft is pressed to the side of a bracket by coil springs and thus centering of... Agent: Advics Co., Ltd.

20120068560 - Arrangement of conducting bar ends: An arrangement includes conducting bar ends connected together and a cap) covering them filled with a putty. The cap is made of a resin containing a high thermal conductivity filler. The putty is a silicone elastomer containing a high thermal conductivity filler.... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20120068561 - Air-cooled motor-generator and method for operating a motor-generator: An air-cooled motor-generator (10) includes a rotor (34) with a rotor shaft (11), which is arranged rotatably about a machine axis (15) and on which a rotor winding (16) is arranged, and a stator (35) with a stator laminate stack (18) and a stator winding (17) arranged therein, which concentrically... Agent:

20120068562 - Rotary electrical apparatus: A rotary electrical apparatus includes a housing, a stator including a center axis inclined by a predetermined angle relative to a horizontal direction in a case where the housing is fixed to a mounting member, a rotor, and an oil stored at a lower side within the housing relative to... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120068581 - Fan and motor thereof: A motor includes a base plate, a stator, a rotor, a circuit board and a Hall element. The stator is disposed on the base plate. The rotor is disposed around the stator, and includes a rotating shaft and a magnetic assembly. The rotating shaft is extended to a center part... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20120068580 - Linear drive unit: A linear drive unit having a casing with top, middle and low bodies, a vertical gear, DC motor, shaft and control module. The bodies and DC motor are fitted with an O-seal. The turntable and worm are fixed at end of the shaft. A connection sit is set on the... Agent: Her Yuan Chyun Co., Ltd.

20120068563 - Electric motor terminal block assembly: An electric motor includes a housing, and a stator arranged within the housing. The stator includes a plurality of terminal leads. A terminal box is mounted to the housing, and a terminal block assembly arranged within the terminal box. The terminal block assembly includes a terminal block portion having a... Agent: General Electric Company

20120068564 - Hydrodynamic disc drive spindle motor having hydro bearing with lubricant: A lubricating fluid contains a synthetic ester base fluid having a viscosity index of at least 110, from 0.01% to 5% by weight, based on the total weight of the lubricating fluid, of at least one tri-C6-C14-aryl phosphate, and from 0.01% by weight to 5% by weight, based on the... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120068565 - Thermally decoupled bearing arrangement: The invention relates to a bearing arrangement for supporting a shaft (3), comprising a bushing (2) in which the shaft (3) is received, a circumferential ring gap (4) being present between the bushing (2) and the shaft (3), and the bushing (2) and the shaft (3) being made of materials... Agent: Eagleburgmann Germany Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120068566 - Dc motor: A DC motor comprises: a tubular metal case; a magnet that is provided along the inner surface of the metal case and has four or more of magnet poles in the circumferential direction; an armature that is arranged to face the magnet and composed of a core and a coil;... Agent: Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd.

20120068567 - Polyphasic axial electric current generator with pivoting magnets: A motor or generator has a design that allows resistive magnetic forces that restrict the movement of the rotor to be diminished, thus increasing efficiency. A pivoting rotor design allows magnets on the rotor to break the magnetic field first in the center of the rotor due to the attraction... Agent: Megaion Research Corporation

20120068568 - Axial winding motor: An axial-winding motor includes a stator and a rotor. The stator has a winding assembly, a first magnetic-conducting plate and a second magnetic-conducting plate. The first and second magnetic-conducting plates are coupled with two ends of the winding assembly in an axial direction of the winding assembly. The first magnetic-conducting... Agent:

20120068569 - Dynamoelectric machine:

20120068570 - Parallel path phase lead exits from electric machine: A stator winding for an electric machine includes two or more conductors defining one or more phases about the stator winding. Each phase includes at least two conductors of the two or more conductors arranged in an electrically switchable relationship. An end of each conductor of the two or more... Agent: Remy Technologies, L.L.C.

20120068571 - Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer: A capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (CMUT) is described, including a substrate, a conductive film disposed over the substrate, a conductive membrane suspended over the conductive film with a vacuum space underneath, and at least one anchoring post disposed under a middle of the conductive membrane and supporting the conductive membrane.... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120068572 - Method for producing of an electromechanical transducer: The present invention relates to a method for producing an electromechanical, for example piezoelectric, transducer in which a first polymer layer comprising cutouts is applied to a first continuous polymer layer by means of a printing and/or coating method, a cover is applied to the first polymer layer comprising cutouts... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20120068573 - Surface acoustic wave device, electronic apparatus, and sensor apparatus: A SAW device includes an IDT which is provided on the principal surface of a quartz crystal substrate having Euler angles (−1.5°≦φ≦1.5°, 117°≦θ≦142°, |ψ|≠90°×n (where n=0, 1, 2, 3)) and excites a Rayleigh wave (wavelength: λ) in a stopband upper end mode. Inter-electrode-finger grooves are recessed between electrode fingers of... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120068574 - Control device for suppression of residual vibration of piezoelectric transducer: A control device for suppression of residual vibration of a piezoelectric transducer includes a capacitive energy storage component, and a switch unit. The control device is operable in a non-working mode, in which the switch unit provides voltage on the capacitive energy storage component to the piezoelectric transducer for reducing... Agent: Tung Thih Electronic Co., Ltd.

20120068575 - Rotatable antifriction bearing: The invention relates to a rotatable antifriction bearing (1) having a first bearing ring (2), a second bearing ring (3) which can be rotated with respect to the first bearing ring (2), and a plurality of rolling bodies (4) which are arranged between the first and the second bearing ring... Agent:

20120068576 - Energy harvesting electric device: Provided is an energy harvesting electric device capable of increasing output power. The energy harvesting electric device includes an energy harvester array including a plurality of energy harvesters, a single rectifier connected to the energy harvester array, and an output unit which is connected to the single rectifier and has... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20120068577 - Power harvesting scheme based on piezoelectricity and nonlinear deflections: An energy harvesting device (FIG. 1) and a method of using the energy harvesting device to generate an electrical charge are described. The energy harvesting device comprises a mass (2) and at least two tethers (4, 6, S and 10), at least one of which comprises a piezoelectric material that... Agent: Yale University

20120068578 - Piezoelectric device: A piezoelectric device (100) comprises: a piezoelectric vibrating piece (101); a frame body (105) separated from piezoelectric vibrating piece by through-hole (108); a piezoelectric frame (10) having a supporting portion (104), a first surface (Me) and a second surface (Mi); a package lid (11) having a first connecting surface (M1)... Agent: Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20120068579 - Method for manufacturing a piezoelectric device and the same: The present disclosure provides a method for manufacturing piezoelectric devices by using a base wafer having through-holes manufactured in precise size. In the method for manufacturing a piezoelectric device comprises: a step of: forming an anticorrosive film (S121) on a first surface and on a second surface opposing the first... Agent: Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

03/15/2012 > 34 patent applications in 29 patent subcategories.

20120062046 - Multi-head linear motor with cores: A multi-head linear motor with cores according to an embodiment includes a permanent magnet field and an armature. The permanent magnet field includes P pieces of permanent magnets. The armature is arranged so as to face the permanent magnet field through a magnetic air gap and includes M pieces of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20120062047 - Linear actuator and method of manufacturing linear actuator: A linear actuator includes a linear actuator body (2), a casing (3) for housing the linear actuator body (2), and insulating oil (L) that fills the casing (3) with a coil (44) of the linear actuator body (2) submerged therein. In such a configuration, heat generated by the coil (44)... Agent: Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.

20120062048 - Magnetic force intensifying electromagnetic driving device: A magnetic force intensifying drive system for generating a large drive force, and that is arranged so that polarities of at least one of a movable magnet and stationary magnets may be inverted to achieve continuous rotary movement or back-and-forth movement of the movable magnet relative to the stationary magnets... Agent: Fumiko Kaneko

20120062049 - Electromechanical energy converter: An electromechanical energy converter (1) is provided that can convert mechanical vibration energy into electrical energy. For this purpose, the energy converter (1) has a housing (2) in which a coil (12) and a permanent magnet (15) are disposed moveable with respect to each other, the coil (12) lying within... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20120062052 - Rotor for an electric external rotor motor and external rotor motor: Disclosed is a rotor (1) for an electric rotor motor, consisting of a rotor bell (2) with a peripheral wall (4) and at least one one-sided rotor base (6) to enclose a stator, in particular as a part of a motor housing with a high IP rating, for example IP54... Agent:

20120062050 - Rotor for motor: A rotor for a motor includes a shaft having an outer periphery with an engaging portion. At least one coupling member includes an engaging hole. The shaft extends through the engaging hole of the at least one coupling member. The at least one coupling member is engaged with the engaging... Agent:

20120062051 - Split stator and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed are a split stator and a manufacturing method thereof with which insulation reliability can be improved by preventing deformation or cracking of the insulator by eliminating slippage of the insulator at the coil end face. A slip prevention mechanism that prevents slippage of the insulator is provided at the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120062053 - Rotor for a synchronous reluctance machine: A rotor for a synchronous reluctance machine wherein a torque ripple behaviour of the machine is optimized by altering the geometry of insulating barriers of the rotor. A q-axis pitch angle is used as a design variable instead of setting its value equal to the rest of the rotor slot... Agent:

20120062054 - Permanent magnet rotor for electric machine: A permanent magnet rotor assembly for an electric machine includes a rotor core including one or more axially-extending openings and one or more permanent magnets located in the one or more axially-extending openings defining one or more gaps between the one or more permanent magnets and the one or more... Agent: Remy Technologies, L.L.C.

20120062055 - Cooling structure for rotating electric machine: A cooling structure for a rotating electric machine, having a coolant supply portion, and configured to supply a coolant to a coil end portion of a stator. A protrusion portion is provided on a portion of a coil end facing area, and projects toward the coil end portion side and... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20120062056 - Electric machine including a stator having a stator sleeve and method of cooling a stator: An electric machine including a housing, and a stator mounted relative to the housing. The stator includes a body including a first end portion that extends to a second end portion and a plurality of stator windings that extend between the first and second end portions. A sleeve member is... Agent: Remy Technologies, L.L.C.

20120062057 - Traction motor: According to one embodiment, a traction motor includes a stator core, a rotor core, a first bearing, a second bearing, a rotor shaft, a first ventilation passage made at an outer circumference portion of the stator core, a first fan, and a second ventilation passage to introduce external air. And,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120062077 - Drive device for hybrid vehicle and case for the same: A drive device for a hybrid vehicle includes an input shaft, a motor having a rotor and a stator, an output shaft integrally and coaxially connected to the rotor along a rotation axis and configured so as to be engaged with and disengaged from the input shaft, a rotation angle... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120062078 - Permanent magnet motor and washing machine provided therewith: A permanent magnet motor includes a rotor including a rotor core formed with circumferentially arranged magnet insertion holes and permanent magnets inserted into the respective magnet insertion holes, the magnets establishing in the magnet insertion holes magnetic poles corresponding to magnetic pole teeth of a stator. The magnets include a... Agent: Toshiba Consumer Electronics Holdings Corporation

20120062058 - Shaft-less energy storage flywheel: Embodiments of the present invention include a shaft-less energy storage flywheel system. The shaft-less energy storage flywheel system includes a solid cylindrical flywheel having permanent motor magnets mounted about the flywheel. The shaft-less energy storage flywheel system also includes a motor stator having motor windings carrying electrical currents. The motor... Agent: The Texas A&m University System

20120062079 - Rotor for motor: A rotor for a motor includes a hub having a through-hole. A shaft extends through the through-hole and includes an outer periphery having a reduced section, wherein the reduced section has two end walls in an axial direction of the motor. The engaging member includes a hole through which the... Agent:

20120062059 - Angular momentum engine: r

20120062060 - Magnetic fan device: A magnetic fan device includes a stator, at least three bearings fixed on the stator, a rotor fixedly connected to the stator, a motor, and at least three magnetic posts. The at least three bearings are permanent magnets. The rotor includes a shaft and a plurality of impellers rotatably connected... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120062061 - Method and apparatus for elevating and manipulating objects using electromagnetic fields only: An enclosure to enclose the vertical electromagnetic repulsive elevation and manipulation of electromagnets is presented. The enclosure is capable of elevating the electromagnet to various heights and additionally horizontally repelling the elevated electromagnet from one elevated position to the next. The heights of the elevated electromagnet may vary depending on... Agent:

20120062062 - Stator for a rotating electrical machine: A stator for a rotating electrical machine, includes a housing including an outer casing and two end plates, a lantern ring made of a stack of magnetic plates supported by a frame made of flanges connected by bars; wherein the housing includes intermediate plates that are semicircular in shape and... Agent: Jeumont Electric

20120062063 - Motor magnetic pole assembly and motor manufacturing method using the same: A motor magnetic pole assembly includes a coil body, an H shape base, and two conductive portions. The coil body has a central shaft in a center and connection ends at two ends respectively. The H shape base includes a column and a first plate body, the coil body surrounds... Agent: Risun Expanse Corp.

20120062064 - Electric rotating machine: An electric rotating machine includes a multi-phase stator coil that is wound on a stator core in a distributed winding manner. Each of phase windings of the stator coil is formed of an electric wire bundle which includes a plurality of insulation-coated electric wires that are electrically connected to one... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120062065 - Stator of vehicle ac generator and method for manufacturing the same: In a vehicle AC generator, a stator core (42) is formed by laminating thin steel sheets, the stator core (42) being provided with a plurality of slot portions (43) which accommodate a stator winding (41) and tooth portions (44) which define adjacent ones of the slot portions; the stator winding... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120062066 - Silicon steel assembly and assembling method thereof: A silicon steel assembly includes a first cover, a second cover, plural tooth members and an outer ring. The second cover has plural recesses. The tooth members are accommodated within respective recesses of the second cover. The first cover, the tooth members and the second cover are combined together to... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20120062067 - Sheet plate for dc motor: Disclosed is a sheet plate for a DC motor, in which a brush holder manufactured as a separate member is coupled to the sheet plate of the DC motor, thus effectively guiding movement of a brush and a pigtail, and affording good space utilization, the sheet plate including a brush... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20120062068 - Multi-mode bulk-acoustic-wave resonators: The various embodiments of the present disclosure relate generally bulk-acoustic-wave resonators. An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a bulk-acoustic-wave resonator comprising an acoustic reflector, a substantially c-axis oriented hexagonal crystal structure, and a plurality of electrodes. The crystal structure is solidly-mounted to the acoustic reflector. The bulk-wave resonator... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corpoation

20120062069 - Surface acoustic wave device, electronic apparatus, and sensor apparatus: A SAW device has an IDT which is provided on the principal surface of a quartz crystal substrate having Euler angles (−1.5°≦φ≦1.5°, 117°≦θ≦142°, 42.79≦|ψ|≦49.57°) and excites a SAW in a stopband upper end mode, and a pair of reflectors which are arranged on both sides of the IDT. Inter-electrode-finger grooves... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120062070 - Surface acoustic wave device, electronic apparatus, and sensor apparatus: A SAW device has an IDT which is provided on the principal surface of a quartz crystal sustrate having Euler angles (−1.5°≦φ≦1.5°, 117°≦θ≦42°, ψ) and excites a SAW in a stopband upper end mode. Inter-electrode-finger grooves 8 are recessed between the electrode fingers of the IDT. When the Euler angle... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120062071 - Piezoelectric/electrostrictive actuator: A piezoelectric/electrostrictive actuator, including a piezoelectric/electrostrictive element that includes at least one laminate including one piezoelectric/electrostrictive layer and one pair of electrodes disposed respectively on both sides of said piezoelectric/electrostrictive layer and has a moving part corresponding to a portion where said piezoelectric/electrostrictive layer is sandwiched by one pair of... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20120062072 - Method of fabricating crystal unit, crystal unit fabrication mask, and crystal unit package: A method of fabricating a crystal unit fills an adhesive from a first opening in a front surface of a mask of each of penetration holes in the mask in a state in which the mask is set on a base, into each penetration hole, and heats, by a heating... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120062073 - Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, and actuator device: A liquid ejecting head including a pressure-generating chamber which communicates with a nozzle opening, and a piezoelectric element including a first electrode, a piezoelectric layer formed above the first electrode and having a perovskite structure represented by the general formula ABO3, and a second electrode formed above the piezoelectric layer,... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120062074 - Piezoelectric element, piezoelectric actuator, liquid ejecting head, and liquid ejecting apparatus: A piezoelectric element includes a first electrode, a first multilayer composite disposed on the first electrode, a second multilayer composite disposed on the first electrode with a distance from the first multilayer composite, and a covering layer covering the side surfaces of the first and second multilayer composites and the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120062075 - Piezoelectric component: A piezoelectric component includes a stack of piezoelectric layers arranged one on top of the other and first and second electrode layers arranged therebetween. The stack includes at least one first piezoelectric layer having a first electrical coercive force and directly adjacent thereto at least one second piezoelectric layer having... Agent: Epcos Ag

20120062076 - Motor: According to one embodiment, a motor has a cylindrical stator core and rotor. A first framework is fixed to a side of the stator core in an axial direction, and a first bearing housing is fixed to the outside of the first framework. A second framework is fixed to the... Agent:

03/08/2012 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120056499 - Electrical energy generator: An electrical energy generator that converts kinetic energy harvested from voluntary motor activity of a human or animal to electrical energy. The electrical energy generator includes a housing, a coil of electrically conductive material, a reciprocally movable electromagnetically active mass, springs connecting the mass to either the housing or to... Agent: Tremont Electric, LLC

20120056500 - Stator and method of manufacturing the stator: The invention has a purpose to provide a stator enabling size reduction and a method of manufacturing the stator. One aspect of the invention provides a stator a stator comprising a cylindrical core, a cylindrical outer ring provided on an outer periphery of the core, a coil mounted on a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120056501 - Rotor shaft and ac generator for vehicle: A rotor shaft is supported in a rotatable manner at both ends by bearings respectively disposed to a housing forming a part of a stator and provided with a positioning portion of the bearing in at least one shaft end. The positioning portion is formed of an annular step-like rise... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20120056502 - Ac electric machine with claw poles: An AC claw-pole electric motor includes a casing, a stator connected with the casing, a rotor and two exciting parts. The rotor includes a rotor shaft (9), a center magnetic yoke (11), a first side magnetic yoke (8), a second side magnetic yoke (13), and claw poles (2, 3, 4,... Agent: Jing-jin Electric Technologies (beijing) Co., Ltd.

20120056503 - Process and mold for producing ferromagnetic cores of electric motors: A process and a blanking mold are described for the production of a ferromagnetic core for electric motors formed by a plurality of segments, The laminations are blanked from a sheet of ferromagnetic material and stacked in an accumulation chamber of the blanking mold, along which they advance until a... Agent: Ernesto Malvestiti S.p.a.

20120056504 - Mems based pyroelectric thermal energy harvester: A pyroelectric thermal energy harvesting apparatus for generating an electric current includes a cantilevered layered pyroelectric capacitor extending between a first surface and a second surface, where the first surface includes a temperature difference from the second surface. The layered pyroelectric capacitor includes a conductive, bimetal top electrode layer, an... Agent:

20120056505 - Electrostatic generating apparatus for generating an electrostatic charge: There is provided an electrostatic generating apparatus comprising a body, which houses an electrostatic charge separating member for generating an electrostatic charge; a motive member and a source of power for providing motive to the electrostatic charge separating member; a charge-collector for collecting the electrostatic charge; the electrostatic charge separating... Agent:

20120056506 - Boundary acoustic wave device: A boundary acoustic wave device includes a first medium, a second medium laminated on the first medium, and an IDT electrode arranged at an interface between the first medium and the second medium. The boundary acoustic wave device further includes a reformed portion disposed in at least one of the... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120056507 - Microacoustic component and production method: The microacoustic component has a substrate that has at least one layer (composed of a dielectric or piezoelectric material, and a metallic strip structure. The layer is composed of a dielectric or piezoelectric material and/or the metallic strip structure have/has been produced or can be produced by the atomic layer... Agent: Epcos Ag

20120056509 - Mechano-sensitive actuator array: An array of actuators is provided which is adapted for sequential actuation by way of mechano-sensitivity propagating actuation through the array, triggering each actuator upon deformation thereof caused by an adjacent actuator or a load in the form of a fluid or a solid object. Actuation is thus coordinated with... Agent: Auckland Uniservices Limited

20120056508 - Method for manufacturing a piezoelectric film wafer, piezolelectric film element, and piezoelectric film device: A method for manufacturing a piezoelectric film wafer includes an etching step for carrying out a dry etching on a piezoelectric film formed on a substrate by using a gas containing Ar, and a step of changing a rate of the dry etching by detecting a change in an emission... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20120056510 - Integration of piezoelectric materials with substrates: Devices having piezoelectric material structures integrated with substrates are described. Fabrication techniques for forming such devices are also described. The fabrication may include bonding a piezoelectric material wafer to a substrate of a differing material. A structure, such as a resonator, may then be formed from the piezoelectric material wafer.... Agent: Sand9, Inc.

20120056511 - Ultrasonic transducer: An ultrasonic transducer includes a case having a closed end in the main axis direction, a piezoelectric element located substantially at the center of the closed end of the case, and a body arranged inside the case so as to be opposed to the piezoelectric element. The body has an... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120056512 - Probe for ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: The present disclosure provides a probe for an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus. The probe includes a backing layer, a piezoelectric layer disposed on one side of the backing layer, a matching layer disposed on one side of the piezoelectric layer, a signal connector disposed inside the backing layer to transfer a... Agent:

20120056514 - Mesa-type at-cut quartz-crystal vibrating piece and quartz-crystal device: e

20120056513 - Tuning-fork type quartz-crystal vibrating pieces and quartz-crystal devices comprising same: Tuning-fork type quartz-crystal vibrating pieces are disclosed that exhibit low CI and low interconnection resistance. An exemplary vibrating piece includes vibrating arms extending in a predetermined direction from a base, respective excitation electrodes, a base connected to the vibrating arms, respective supporting arms disposed outboard of respective vibrating arms and... Agent: Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

03/01/2012 > 43 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20120049656 - Motor for driving lenses: Disclosed is a motor for driving lenses. The motor includes a case, a yoke fixed in the case, a magnet fixed in the yoke, a carrier equipped with lenses and installed in the magnet such that the carrier moves up and down within the magnet, a coil coupled with the... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20120049657 - Linear motor: A linear motor includes a field including main-magnetic-pole permanent magnets magnetized in a direction of a generation magnetic field, and sub-magnetic-pole permanent magnets magnetized in a direction different from the direction of magnetic poles of the main-magnetic-pole permanent magnets, portions of the main-magnetic-pole permanent magnets located at a magnetic-field generation... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20120049658 - Linear motor armature and linear motor: A linear motor armature according to an embodiment includes an armature coil and a cooling jacket. The cooling jacket is provided to surround the armature coil and has an internal space into which a refrigerant is supplied. The cooling jacket is formed in a thin plate shape having a structure... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20120049659 - Handheld device force induction: Techniques for providing directional force induction in a handheld device for use in, e.g., personal navigation applications. In an exemplary embodiment, a magnetic element is provided on a mechanical support fixedly attached to a chassis of the handheld device. One or more conducting coils surround the support. Current is generated... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120049660 - Horizontal vibration motor: Disclosed is a horizontal vibration motor, the motor including a stator having a coil block secured to a bottom plate of a case, a vibrator having magnets placed above the coil block and a weight holding the magnets, a first elastic member having a first elastic plate secured to portion... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20120049661 - Rotor core assembly: A rotor core assembly that includes a magnet, a first end cap located at an end of the magnet, a second end cap located at an opposite end of the magnet, and a sleeve that surrounds the magnet and the end caps. The sleeve forms an interference fit with each... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20120049662 - Rotor for an electrical machine: A rotor that includes a rotor core assembly secured to a shaft. The rotor core assembly includes a magnet and an end cap secured to an end of the magnet. Each of the magnet and the end cap has a bore into which the shaft extends. The end cap forms... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20120049663 - Rotor and method of forming same: A method of forming a rotor of an electromagnetic device includes substantially filling a channel defined by a lamination stack and having a curvilinear cross-section with a slurry including a polymer and a plurality of permanent magnetic particles each having a magnetic moment, applying a magnetic field having a plurality... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120049664 - Drive unit for electric vehicle: A drive unit for an electric vehicle comprises a device that electrically drives a vehicle, a heat transport system for transporting heat absorbed from the device into the vehicle interior air, and a heat-radiation adjusting system for adjusting heat radiating from the device into the ambient air.... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120049667 - Cooling structure of rotating electrical machine: A cooling structure includes a rotating electrical machine (1) that has a stator (3), the stator including plural split cores (4) annularly combined, and a shrink-fitted ring (5) mounted to the outer periphery of the plural split cores (4) for integrating the plural split cores (4), and a case (10)... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20120049665 - Systems and methods for fluid cooling of electric machines: The invention provides systems and methods for cooling and lubrication of high power density electric machines with an enhanced fluid injection system. Multiple fluid flow passages may be provided within the electric machine, which may include a stator fluid flow pathway between the stator and the machine housing. The stator... Agent:

20120049666 - Systems and methods for providing fluid for internal cooling and lubrication of electric machines: The invention provides systems and methods for cooling and lubrication of high power density electric machines with an enhanced fluid injection system. Multiple fluid flow passages may be provided within the electric machine, which may include one or more bearing fluid flow pathways and one or more rotor fluid flow... Agent:

20120049668 - Systems and methods for cooling and lubrication of electric machines: The invention provides systems and methods for cooling and lubrication of high power density electric machines with an enhanced fluid injection system. Multiple fluid flow passages may be provided within the electric machine, which may comprise a stator fluid flow pathway, a rotor fluid flow pathway, and a bearing fluid... Agent:

20120049669 - Systems and methods for fluid distribution for cooling and lubrication of electric machines: The invention provides systems and methods for cooling and lubrication of high power density electric machines with an enhanced fluid injection system. A plurality of fluid flow passages may be provided within the electric machine. A method for fluid distribution for cooling and lubrication of the electric machine may comprise... Agent:

20120049670 - Electric motor and method for its production: An electric motor (10) for a machine tool or the like. The electric motor (10) is provided with a shaft (12) on which an encoder disk (15) is arranged. A first bushing (17) is provided and is connected to the encoder disk (15). The encoder disk (15) is arranged with... Agent: Dunkermotoren Gmbh

20120049698 - Bldc motor with dual rotation directions: A BLDC motor with dual rotation directions includes a rotor and a stator. The rotor has a rotating portion and a magnet portion, wherein the magnet portion has a plurality of magnetic poles each having a magnetic pole face. The stator has an excitation assembly and a control assembly. The... Agent:

20120049697 - System and method for monitoring health of electrical machines: A system for monitoring health of an electrical machine is provided. The system includes at least one sensor element embedded in at least one substrate element located in a stator core. The system further includes a measuring subsystem coupled to the at least one sensor element and configured to monitor... Agent: General Electric Company

20120049671 - Knurled multiple conductor windings: An example electric machine includes a stator disposed about an axis having a plurality of slots. The electric machine also includes a plurality of windings each having a first portion and a second portion. At least two of the plurality of windings are at least partially disposed within each of... Agent:

20120049672 - Terminal block cover with nut retention feature: A terminal block cover includes a base having a base surface configured to be secured against a terminal block. First and second spaced apart sidewalls extend from and adjoin the base. An outer wall is spaced apart from the base and is secured to the base by and adjoins with... Agent:

20120049673 - Generator system for water tank: The invention provides a generator system comprising a water tank, a dividing wall, first and second cylinder plates, a pulley, an electrical motor, a turbine generator, a solar panel, a battery, and a return pipe. Each of the cylinder plates is disposed and configured to perform a piston movement through... Agent:

20120049674 - Magnetic drive motor assembly and associated methods: A permanent magnet is rotated about an axis extending between opposing north and south poles. The magnetic field of the rotated permanent magnet interacts with magnetic fields of permanent magnets carried by a shuttle for repelling and attracting the fixed permanent magnets, and providing a linear reciprocating movement of the... Agent: Magnamotor, LLC

20120049675 - Electric power generating differential: A differential comprises a differential case and electrical generator. The electrical generator comprises a first portion that is supported by the differential case and a second portion that is disposed in the differential case. The electrical generator is responsive to rotation of the differential case for generating electrical power. In... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20120049679 - Electric motors and generators with opposing non-contact piezoelectric bearing supports: Electric motors and generators, in which a non-contact ultrasonic suspension of the rotor of the electric motor, are provided. The non-contact ultrasonic suspension is achieved by the formation of an elevated-pressure gaseous microfilm between conjugated surfaces of saddle-resonators and trunnions of a bearing system.... Agent: Discovery Technology International, Inc.

20120049676 - Fluid dynamic bearing assembly and motor having the same: There are provided a fluid dynamic bearing assembly and a motor having the same. The fluid dynamic bearing assembling according to the present invention may include: a sleeve formed to have a hollow into which a shaft is inserted; a sleeve housing formed to insert the sleeve therein; a bypass... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120049677 - Motor: There is provided a motor including: a fixing member inserted with a shaft and supporting the rotation of the shaft; a rotating member rotating while interworking with the shaft; a stopper part formed on one of the fixing member and the rotating member to prevent the rotating member from floating;... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120049680 - Rotating device having rotor, stator, and driving mechanism: A rotating device includes: a rotor on which a recording disk is to be mounted; a stator rotatably supporting the rotor; and a driving mechanism configured to rotate the rotor with respect to the stator. The relationship between (a) the magnitude of a gap between the rotor and the stator... Agent: Alphana Technology Co., Ltd.

20120049678 - Rotating machine provided with sleeve molded of porous material and method of producing the rotating machine: In a rotating machine, a base is configured such that a housing space is formed by joining a cover to the base and has a bearing hole communicating ambient air and the housing space. A sleeve is fitted into the bearing hole and formed with a porous material. The circumferential... Agent: Alphana Technology Co., Ltd.

20120049681 - Supporting basket for an end winding: A method for the production of a supporting basket (1) for an end winding of a stator winding of an electrical machine includes preassembling the supporting basket (1), mounting electrically insulated round connectors (6) on the supporting basket (1), immersing the supporting basket (1) with the mounted round connectors (6)... Agent:

20120049682 - Magnetic gear: A magnetic gear includes a gear base, magnetic members, rotating members, operating members, and a cover. Each magnetic member is a bar magnet. The magnetic members are rotatably positioned on the gear base, and a rotation axis of the magnetic member is substantially parallel to an axis of the magnetic... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120049683 - Method for assembling a rotor with permanent magnets, holder applied thereby, and rotor obtained by such a method: Method for assembling a rotor with permanent magnets, including the steps of introducing the magnets in 10 recesses of a non-ferromagnetic holder; combining the holder and the permanent magnets with a non-ferromagnetic support plate; attaching the permanent magnets to the support plate; and removing the holder and providing lamellae over... Agent:

20120049684 - Magnet ring of a multi-pole generator for a wind turbine: In the case of a magnet system (1) of a multipole generator, in particular for a wind energy installation or wind power installation, comprising a magnet ring (2, 2′, 2a′-2c′, 2a-2j) having a support (5) on whose external circumference or internal circumference individual permanent magnets (4, 4′) are arranged in... Agent: Avantis Ltd.

20120049685 - Axial gap rotating electrical machine: When an axial gap rotating electrical machine is assembled, stator cores are accurately positioned and a manufacturing process therefor is simplified. The axial gap rotating electrical machine is comprised of: a housing frame body having a first space in the cylindrical central part thereof and multiple second spaces located in... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20120049686 - Rotary electric machine: A rotating portion of a rotary electric machine includes a shaft arranged to extend along a central axis, and a rotor core fixed to the shaft. The rotor core includes a through hole group including a plurality of through holes extending through the rotor core in an axial direction. The... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20120049687 - Solid phase welding of aluminum-based rotors for induction electric motors: Squirrel cage rotors of aluminum end rings solid state welded to aluminum conductor bars for use in electric motors and methods of making them are described. In one embodiment, the method includes: providing a laminated steel stack having a plurality of longitudinal slots; placing a plurality of aluminum conductor bars... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120049688 - Electricity-generating device: An electricity-generating device has a rotator unit comprising a rotator, multiple magnetic strips and a shaft; has an outer stator unit comprising multiple annular steel sheets, multiple dividing boards, multiple insulating sheets, and an outer coil; and has an inner stator comprising multiple annular steel sheets, multiple dividing boards, multiple... Agent:

20120049689 - Hydrogel implants with varying degrees of crosslinking: The present disclosure relates to a hydrogel composition and methods of using the same. The hydrogel composition may include precursors that react with each other upon contact as well as precursors that react upon contact with an initiator. In embodiments, the resulting hydrogels may have varying levels of crosslinking with... Agent:

20120049690 - Acoustic wave device: An acoustic wave device includes a piezoelectric substrate, an interdigital transducer (IDT) electrode, a reflector electrode, and a dummy electrode. The IDT electrode includes electrode fingers extending in a predetermined direction. The reflector electrode faces the IDT electrode across a gap. The dummy electrode is situated on a straight line... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120049691 - Manufacturing method for boundary acoustic wave device and boundary acoustic wave device: A manufacturing method for a boundary acoustic wave device is capable of certainly providing the boundary acoustic wave device with desired target frequency characteristics. The manufacturing method for the boundary acoustic wave device includes a process for preparing a laminated body that includes a first medium, a second medium laminated... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20120049692 - System for harvesting energy from motor vehicle surfaces and methods thereof: Embodiments of the present invention are generally related to a system for harvesting energy from surfaces upon which motor vehicles travel and methods thereof. More specifically, embodiments of the present invention relate to a system and method for harvesting energy by utilizing piezoelectric devices embedded within a roadway or surface,... Agent:

20120049693 - Actuator and method for using the same: An actuator and a method for using the same are provided. The actuator includes a flexible element and a photoelectric layer. The flexible element includes an elastic layer or a piezoelectric layer. The photoelectric layer is disposed on a side of the flexible element. An electrical characteristic of the photoelectric... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20120049694 - Micromachined piezoelectric energy harvester with polymer beam: A micromachined piezoelectric energy harvester and methods of fabricating a micromachined piezoelectric energy harvester are disclosed. In one embodiment, the micromachined piezoelectric energy harvester comprises a resonating beam formed of a polymer material, at least one piezoelectric transducer embedded in the resonating beam, and at least one mass formed on... Agent: Stichting Imec Nederland

20120049695 - Piezoelectric vibrating devices and methods for manufacturing same: Methods are disclosed for manufacturing piezoelectric vibrating devices that do not contain any unwanted gas or water vapor inside the devices. In an exemplary method, a base wafer is prepared including multiple package bases each having a first main surface and a second main surface. The base wafer also includes... Agent: Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20120049696 - Piezoelectric device using nanopore and method of manufacturing the same: A piezoelectric device including an engraved nanostructure body and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. The piezoelectric device includes a matrix including a piezoelectric material, a nanopore may be disposed in the matrix, and the nanopore may be extended substantially in a predetermined direction. The method may include... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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