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Electrical generator or motor structure October categorized by USPTO classification 10/11

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10/27/2011 > 31 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20110260557 - Actuator apparatus of active accelerator pedal: The present invention relates to an actuator apparatus of an active accelerator pedal, which can provide a driver with a pressing-force rise mode or a vibration mode in accordance with the operational condition of the accelerator pedal and the traveling condition of the vehicle; therefore, it is possible to improve... Agent: Donghee Industrial Co., Ltd.

20110260558 - Stage drive device: A stage comprises a linear guide rail (2) for guiding a movable table (4), a driven bar (12), a linear drive actuator in contact with the driven bar (12) to transmit driving force to the driven bar (12), and parallel plate springs (30) for holding opposite ends of the driven... Agent:

20110260559 - Flat vibration motor: A flat vibration motor for suppressing deformation of coils even in a reflow at a high temperature, having a stator structure 10 fixing a shaft 1 and having no-core coils C1 and C2; a cover case 20 covered by the stator structure 10 and supporting the other end of the... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110260560 - Linear vibrator having broadband: A linear vibrator is disclosed having a structure capable of generating a large vibratory force with a small size, outputting various types of vibrations in a wide bandwidth, and accurately coupling the magnet, the linear vibrator including: a case providing an inner space; a trembler including a yoke formed with... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20110260561 - Induction motor: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention relate to an induction motor including a stator having a circular cross-section and an inner passage having a longitudinal axis defining a bore, a solid core steel rotor having a circular cross-section rotatably disposed within the bore of the stator, and an air gap... Agent:

20110260562 - Solenoid with reverse turn spool hub projection: A solenoid arrangement for a starter motor includes a plunger configured to move in an axial direction and a coil positioned radially outward from the plunger. The coil is wound on a spool that includes a first end and a second end with a hub extending between the first end... Agent: Remy International, Inc.

20110260563 - Stator for electric rotating machine: A stator for an electric rotating machine is provided which includes a stator winding made up of a plurality of conductor segments. Each of the conductor segments has a leg which includes an in-slot portion into one of slots of a stator core and a protrusive end extending outside the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110260564 - Electrical machine: An electrical machine comprises: a first rotor, rotatable about a first axis, and having a first arrangement of magnets on a first surface thereof; a second rotor, held with a first surface thereof adjacent the first surface of the first rotor and such that it cannot rotate about the first... Agent:

20110260565 - Alloy material for r-t- b system rare earth permanent magnet, method for production of r-t-b system rare earth permanent magnet, and motor: An alloy material for an R-T-B based rare earth permanent magnet of the present invention includes: an R-T-B based alloy that comprises R, T, and B (wherein R represents at least one selected from the group consisting of Nd, Pr, Dy, and Tb, with Dy or Tb being essentially contained... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110260566 - Rotating electrical machine: A rotor disc is disclosed for an axial flux permanent magnet rotating electrical machine. The rotor disc (12) comprises a plurality of laminations in a radial direction through the rotor disc, and a plurality of slots which pass radially through successive laminations for accommodating permanent magnets (14). The rotor disc... Agent: Cummins Generator Technologies Limited

20110260567 - Motor without armature coil: The motor contains a rotary disc, a number of magnets, a first stationary disc, a second stationary disc, a number of electromagnets, a casing member, and an electromagnetic circuit connected to the electromagnets. The magnets are uniformly distributed and embedded inside the rotary disc. The electromagnets are fixedly positioned on... Agent:

20110260568 - Rotor for magnetic motor: Rotor formed by groups of materials (4) that orientate the magnetic field and magnets (2) in spiral lines, with the two magnetic poles of each magnet (2) facing the stator (3). Close to a magnetic pole of the end of the group, the material (4) that orientates the magnetic field... Agent:

20110260569 - Electric motor: An electric motor has a stator and a rotor magnetically coupled to the stator. The rotor has a shaft, a rotor core fixed to the shaft and having a plurality of teeth, a commutator fixed to the shaft adjacent the rotor core and having a plurality of segments, and rotor... Agent:

20110260570 - Stator of rotating electrical machine: A turn part of a lead wire includes a projection part, a slope part and a second bent part. The projection part projects from a first slot to a direction parallel to an axial direction of the stator core. The slope part is diagonally extended at an angle of less... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110260571 - Dynamoelectric machine: A U phase winding, an X phase winding, a V phase winding, a Y phase winding, a W phase winding, and a Z phase winding are configured by mounting conductor wires so as to alternate repeatedly between 5π/6 short-pitch windings and 7π/6 long-pitch windings, and are mounted into the stator... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110260572 - Motor stator and manufacturing method of motor stator: A motor stator (10) is provided with a stator core (11) having a plurality of slots (16), insulation members (12) which are disposed in the plurality of slots, and coils of a plurality of phases (13) which are respectively formed by distributed-winding wires (20) in prescribed slots of the plurality... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110260573 - Electric motor: An electric motor has a rotor, a stator and brushes. The rotor has a shaft, a rotor core fixed to the shaft and having a plurality of teeth, a commutator fixed to the shaft adjacent the rotor core and having a plurality of segments, and rotor winding units wound about... Agent:

20110260574 - Magnetic core and use of magnetic core for electrical machines: A magnetic core is described comprising a stack of electrical steel sheets with a known preferential direction of permeability. In the stack the preferential direction of permeability of successive single sheets and in addition or alternatively of successive groups of sheets differs by a predetermined shift angle. Further the use... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel Gmbh

20110260575 - Rotor made of magnetic material: The invention relates to a rotor including a magnetic material. At least one surface section of the magnetic material is provided with a wear-resistant coating.... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20110260576 - Electromechanical transducer and method for fabricating the same: An electromechanical transducer includes a first electromagnetic element and a second electromagnetic element, such as electrodes, disposed opposite to each other with a sealed cavity therebetween. The sealed cavity is formed by removing a sacrifice layer and then performing sealing. A sealing portion is formed by superposing a film of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110260577 - Piezoelectric resonator device and method for manufacturing piezoelectric resonator device: A piezoelectric resonator device is provided with a piezoelectric resonator plate, and first and second sealing members that hermetically seal driving electrodes formed on the piezoelectric resonator plate. The piezoelectric resonator plate and the first sealing member are bonded together with a bonding material, and the piezoelectric resonator plate and... Agent: Daishinku Corporation

20110260578 - Electromechanical materials and devices including the same: An electromechanical article that includes a composite material (110) including a polymer and at least one expanded microsphere having an outer shell of a shell material and a gas contained within the outer shell, wherein the polymer at least partially encapsulates the microsphere and wherein the polymer, shell material and... Agent:

20110260579 - Tubular linear piezoelectric motor: Tubular linear piezoelectric motor (100, 300), and a method for exciting a tubular piezoelectric resonator (101, 301) used in such motor. The motor is comprised of a resonator (101, 301) formed of a cylindrical tube. The tube has length nL comprised of a piezoelectric material, where L is some length,... Agent: Discovery Technology International, Inc.

20110260580 - Electromechanical motor, especially a piezoelectric microstepper drive: A microstepper motor which comprises two electromechanical drive elements, especially piezoelectric bending actuators, having effective directions that are perpendicular to each other. These actuators act upon a drive ring to thereby rotate a shaft. The actuators are non-radially hinged to the drive ring via a torsion-proof, nested frame-type complex structure... Agent: Continental Automotive Gmbh

20110260581 - Flexible phased array sensor: A sensor includes a film, at least one piezoelectric strip disposed on the film, a first conductive line disposed on the film, the first conductive line electrically connected to a first portion of the at least one piezoelectric strip, a second conductive line disposed on the film, the second conductive... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20110260584 - Piezoelectric polymer fibers: Piezoelectric fibers include a polypeptide wherein molecules of the polypeptide have electric dipole moments that are aligned such that the piezoelectric fiber provides a piezoelectric effect at an operating temperature. A piezoelectric component provides a plurality of piezoelectric fibers, each comprising an organic polymer. A method of producing piezoelectric fibers... Agent:

20110260583 - Piezoelectric power apparatus: A piezoelectric power apparatus comprises a first case, at least one piezoelectric module and a rotating member, wherein the first case has a bottom surface and at least one hollow chamber recessed into the bottom surface, and the piezoelectric module is disposed into the hollow chamber. The piezoelectric module comprises... Agent:

20110260582 - Wave power generator: A wave power generator comprises a transmitting module and a piezoelectric generator, the transmitting module comprises a raft, a transmission member and a coupling member, the raft has a surface, and the transmission member is disposed at the first surface. The piezoelectric generator has a case and at least one... Agent:

20110260585 - Surface-mountable piezoelectric devices including eutectic-bonded packages: Piezoelectric devices are disclosed that are mountable on the surface of a printed circuit board or the like. An exemplary device comprises a piezoelectric vibrating piece enclosed and sealed within a package including at least a cover and a base-substrate formed of glass or piezoelectric material. The package includes frame-shaped... Agent: Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20110260586 - Piezoelectric device with tuning-fork type piezoelectric vibrating piece: The piezoelectric device comprises a piezoelectric vibrating piece having a base portion, a pair of vibrating arms extending in a specified direction from the base portion, and a pair of connection portions disposed on the pair of the supporting arms; a package having a bottom surface which accommodates the piezoelectric... Agent: Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20110260587 - Piezoelectric vibration piece and piezoelectric device: A piezoelectric vibration piece includes a base made of a piezoelectric material; a plurality of vibration arms which is integrally formed with the base and extends in parallel; elongate grooves which are formed along longitudinal directions of the vibration arms; and excitation electrodes which include inner electrodes disposed in the... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

10/20/2011 > 27 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20110254385 - Direct acting rotation actuator: A direct acting rotation actuator includes a motor unit, an output shaft, a detector unit, and a bearing portion. The motor unit includes a field magnet portion which includes a permanent magnet or a core tooth, a first armature winding which generates a rotation magnetic field in the rotation direction,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20110254386 - Power generator with high power-to-volume ratio: A power generator with high power-to-volume ratio includes a plurality of silicon steel plates and air gaps or plastic plates, which are alternately arranged to form adjacent magnetic paths of a stator and a mover or a rotor of a power generator and which have intervals (which are defined by... Agent:

20110254387 - Drive unit of electric motor and motorized equipment using the drive unit: A power module of a drive unit of an electric motor is formed by inserting multiple power transistors, which supply a drive current to a coil wound around a stator or a rotor, and wirings connecting the power transistors in a resin, which is formed in the shape of a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110254388 - Motorized equipment: A power module, a control board and a heat sink are provided on one axial side of a shaft of an electric motor, which consists of a motor case, a stator, a rotor, the shaft and the like. The power module is electrically connected with extraction lines, which extend from... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110254389 - High force rotary actuator: An actuator includes an upper stator with four upper poles and a lower stator with four lower poles aligned with the four upper poles. A permanent magnet is attached to the upper stator and the lower stator. Four moving armatures are positioned at terminal ends of the four upper poles... Agent: Qm Power, Inc.

20110254390 - Mounting arrangement for an electrical machine: A mounting arrangement for locating a stator (10) within a casing (16) of a rotating machine comprises at least one mounting plate (12) adapted to engage with the stator (10) and the casing (16). The mounting plate (12) has a series of discrete apertures (20) therein. The apertures (20) extend... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20110254391 - Electrical motor having radially offset cooling stream and cooling method: The rotor of an electrical motor should be designed simply and able to be efficiently cooled. To this end, the invention relates to an electrical motor having a rotor that has at least one radial cooling slot (16) and axially running cooling channels. The first cooling channels (18) run having... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110254392 - Alternator with dual axial air flow: A vehicle alternator comprises a rotor and a stator positioned within a housing. The housing includes a front face, a rear face, and a outer wall extending between the front face and the rear face. The front face includes a plurality of air inlet holes, and the rear face including... Agent: Remy International, Inc.

20110254393 - Electric motor device: A power module for supplying driving current to coils wound on a stator of an electric motor and a heat sink for absorbing heat generated at the power module are provided at an axial outside of a motor casing. An intermediate member is provided between the motor casing and the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110254409 - Reduced size and light weight hub dynamo of bicycle: A reduced size and light weight hub dynamo of bicycle is capable of increasing the power output when the bicycle runs at a relatively low speed. The hub dynamo of bicycle comprises a hub, at least two magnetic rotor sleeves, magnet isolation sleeves disposed among the magnetic sleeves, at least... Agent:

20110254410 - Electric water pump: In a circuit substrate of an electric water pump, a Hall IC can be mounted on a circuit substrate at an optimum position in a stable and durable state. The electric water pump includes a motor housing, a stator constituted by a stator core covered by a resin insulator and... Agent: Yamada Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110254411 - Semiconductor module and motorized equipment using the same: In a power module having two systems of inverter circuits for driving an electric motor of a motorized equipment, a wiring board mounted with power transistors and shunt resistances is embedded in a plate-like mold section. A plurality of lands have radiation surfaces exposed from the mold section. The radiation... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110254394 - Electric motor for roto-linear actuator: The electric motor consists of a rotor fitted with permanent magnets and comprises a stator the armature of which is made up of two parts: a stack of laminations forming round teeth and a solid tube-shaped field frame made of a material of the stainless steel kind enveloping the said... Agent: Sagem Defense Securite

20110254395 - Electrical motor having rotor support shield: A bearing change in an electrical motor and in particular a generator having permanent magnetic excitation should be able to be carried out safely. To this end, the invention relates to an electrical motor having a shaft (2) on which a rotor is mounted and a bearing unit (5) by... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110254396 - Magnetic-assisted linear bearing: A door suspension system comprises a horizontally suspended ferromagnetic shaft; a nonmagnetic bracket comprising a bracket cylinder for enclosing a linear bearing and an attached bracket hanger plate for securing a door panel; a nonmagnetic cylindrical linear bearing sized to slide into the bracket cylinder and over the shaft; at... Agent: Ricon Corp.

20110254397 - Positioning structure for stator assembly of fan motor: A positioning structure for a stator assembly of a fan motor has a fan base and a stator assembly. The fan base has a central hub projected thereon for connecting to one end of an axial tube. The fan base is further formed with a plurality of first engagement portions... Agent: Adda Corporation

20110254398 - Self-contained & propelled magnetic alternator & flywheel directdrive generator aka:maw-directdrives flywheel generator: MAW-DirectDrives Flywheel Generators are self-contained directly driven large-scale flywheels suspended within a stationary housing affixed below a strong drive-plate and spindle sub-assembly joined to the housing via the housing's central wheel hub assembly. The rotating flywheel is driven by one of four to ten frameless direct drive alternator stators secured... Agent:

20110254399 - Interior rotor for a rotary electrical machine and method of assembling it: A buried-magnet internal rotor (1) for an electric rotating machine, the rotor comprising: a shaft (2), a plurality of polar parts (30) made of a magnetic material surrounding the shaft, the polar parts delimiting housings (40) between them, a first lateral shroud (5) and a second lateral shroud (5′) axially... Agent:

20110254400 - Traction motor: In one embodiment, a rotor for an induction motor comprises a punching assembly, a plurality of conductive bars, and an end-ring. The plurality of conductive bars may be substantially parallel to an axis of the rotor and connected to the punching assembly at a periphery of the punching assembly. Each... Agent:

20110254401 - Permanent-magnet switched-flux machine: A permanent-magnet switched-flux (PMSF) device has an outer rotor mounted to a shaft about a central axis extending axially through the PMSF device. First and second pluralities of permanent-magnets (PMs) are respectively mounted in first and second circles, radially outwardly in first and second transverse planes extending from first and... Agent: Board Of Regents Of The Nevada System Of Higher Education On Behalf Of The University Of Nevada

20110254402 - Brushless dc motor: A brushless DC motor provided with nine slots and eight poles includes a stator including a stator core having pole teeth on the outer circumference thereof and a coil wound around each pole tooth; a rotor disposed at an outside position of the outer circumference of the stator via a... Agent:

20110254403 - Integrated stator flange assembly for dynamoelectric machine: An integrated stator flange assembly is disclosed. In one embodiment, the integrated stator flange assembly may have an outer surface and include: a stator flange; and a flux shield bonded directly to the stator flange, the flux shield forming a portion of the outer surface of the integrated stator flange... Agent: General Electric Company

20110254405 - Electromechanical transducer and production method therefor: An electromechanical transducer includes a plurality cells that are electrically connected to form a unit. Each of the cells includes a first electrode and a second electrode provided with a gap being disposed therebetween. Dummy cells that are not electrically connected to the cells are provided around the outer periphery... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110254404 - Electrostatic drive, micromechanical component, and manufacturing method for an electrostatic drive and a micromechanical component: An electrostatic drive is described having an inner frame, at least one intermediate frame, which encloses the inner frame, and an outer frame, which encloses the inner frame and the at least one intermediate frame, each two adjacent frames of the inner, intermediate, and outer frames being connected to one... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110254406 - Boundary acoustic wave device: A boundary acoustic wave device that has a three-medium structure and that prevents a high-order mode spurious response includes a piezoelectric substrate, a first dielectric layer laminated on the piezoelectric substrate, a second dielectric layer laminated on the first dielectric layer, and an IDT electrode provided at an interface between... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110254407 - Ultrasonic actuator: An ultrasonic actuator may be provided in which generation of a stress is prevented in the connection face of the piezoelectric element between the electrodes and the conductive members. The ultrasonic actuator includes a piezoelectric element (P1) and flexible cables (F1). The piezoelectric element (P1) includes: a piezoelectric layer (1);... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110254408 - Electroactive polymers and articles containing them: An electroactive polymer device is described that includes at least one layer of a dielectric polymer that is a polymerized product of at least one ethylenically unsaturated nitrogen-containing monomer. Also disclosed is a transducer that includes the electroactive polymer as disclosed.... Agent:

10/13/2011 > 30 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20110248578 - Positioning apparatus: A positioning apparatus includes a moving member, an actuator, and a controller. The moving member can move in at least a first direction. The actuator is provided along the first direction. The controller controls a current applied to the actuator in order to support the weight of the moving member.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110248579 - Linear motor: A linear motor including magnetic-pole teeth which pinch and hold permanent magnets deployed in a displacer, a plurality of iron cores used for continuously connecting the magnetic-pole teeth, windings wound around the plurality of iron cores in batch, and the displacer in which positive and negative magnetic poles of the... Agent:

20110248580 - Systems, apparatuses and methods for the transmission and recovery of energy and power: Systems and apparatuses for delivering power and energy using deflecting beams or other oscillating members motivated to oscillate a beam assembly using an eccentrically balanced rotating body that induces deflections in the elastic beam or other oscillating member. One or more rotors may be used on the elastic beams and... Agent:

20110248581 - Magnetic actuation method and device: The present invention relates to a magnetic actuation method according to which a magnetised mobile (4) is directed by means of at least one magnetic element (2, 2a, 2b) placed opposite said magnetised mobile, characterised in that the preferred direction (or easy axis) of magnetisation is made to turn at... Agent: Institit Polytechnique De Grenoble

20110248582 - Switched reluctance machine: A switched reluctance machine (SRM) having a rotor and stator pole numerical relationship of S number of stator poles and R number of rotor poles, where R=2S−2, when S is greater than 4; provides improved power density, torque production, torque ripple, and is readily adaptable to existing hardware such as... Agent: Illinois Institute Of Technology

20110248583 - Power transmission tool and system: An improved power tool system includes a power tool having a motor and a controller enclosed within a motor and controller housing, with the motor and controller sealingly coupled with the motor to prevent liquids and gasses from entering the motor and controller housing. In one aspect, the motor and... Agent: Atlas Dynamic Devices, LLC

20110248584 - Electric machine: An electric machine is disclosed, which includes a stator having several end windings, a rotor and a cooling means transporting a liquid cooling medium. The cooling means axially projects out of the stator. At least the end windings are encased by a thermally conductive material. In one embodiment the cooling... Agent:

20110248585 - Electric motor assemblies and systems and methods associated with joining wires of electric motor assemblies: A stator for an electric motor includes a stator coil including a wire pair with respective ends that are joined with a ring. The ring is positioned around the wire pair and joined to the wire pair by a metal joining process.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110248586 - Implementation of a non-metallic barrier in an electric motor: A motor for use in a volatile environment includes a rotor exposed to the volatile environment, electronics for rotating the rotor, an impervious ceramic barrier separating the electronics and the rotor, and a flexible seal for preventing the volatile environment from contacting the electronics and for minimizing vibratory and twisting... Agent:

20110248587 - Permanent magnetic device: An apparatus to operate with a rotor includes a plurality of permanent magnetic components and a plurality of hydraulic cylinders. The permanent magnetic components are arranged to surround the rotor. The hydraulic cylinders are coupled to permanent magnetic components and are connected via at least one hydraulic tube.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20110248588 - Residual magnetic devices and methods: Residual magnetic locks, brakes, rotation inhibitors, clutches, actuators, and latches. The residual magnetic devices can include a core housing and an armature. The residual magnetic devices can include a coil that receives a magnetization current to create an irreversible residual magnetic force between the core housing and the armature.... Agent:

20110248589 - Circular transformer-generator: The Circular transformer-generator is a rotational electrical machine that joins creation of sinusoidal voltage and current with the transformation phenomenon or mutual inductivity of the individually wound stator coils. The Circular transformer-generator consists of the stator part that has a number of the inner pole extensions, and a number of... Agent:

20110248590 - Rotary motor: The present invention relates to rotary motors in which the rotational motion of the motor is provided by the attractive (or repulsive) forces between a pair of cooperating magnets in response to tilting of the motor axle.... Agent:

20110248591 - Anisotropic bonded magnet and direct current motor using the same: An anisotropic bonded magnet molded in a ring shape to be used to excite a brush-equipped direct current motor. A magnetic flux density distribution in each of magnetic pole sections of the ring shape forms an asymmetric distribution which includes a magnetic flux density reduced portion wherein the absolute value... Agent: Aichi Steel Corporation

20110248592 - Synchronous machine: The invention relates to a rotor for an electric machine, comprising a base body and a plurality of support bodies that are fixed on the base body and support permanent magnets. The rotor is characterized in that two first support bodies that are located at a distance from one another... Agent: Aerodyn Engineering Gmbh

20110248593 - Permanent magnet rotor for axial airgap motor: The present invention is a permanent magnet rotor for axial airgap motor apparatus comprised of a rotor frame having a plurality of polarized magnets secured inside retaining bands placed into apertures in the rotor frame. The magnets are arranged so that the polarities of the magnets alternate.... Agent:

20110248595 - Electric motor: An electric motor (1) has a stator (2) and a radially symmetric, permanent magnet excited rotor (4) coaxial with the stator (2). The rotor (4) rotates relative to the stator (2) about a common motor axis (X). The stator (2) has a radially symmetric iron core (6) with a defined... Agent:

20110248594 - Electrical machine and permanent-magnet: An electrical machine including a permanent magnet and a coil is provided. The coil is arranged to interact with the permanent magnet via an air gap, which located between the two. The permanent magnet includes a surface, which is aligned to the coil and to the air gap so that... Agent:

20110248596 - Rotor for electric rotating machine: A rotor for an electric rotating machine includes a rotor core and a plurality of magnetic poles. The rotor core is formed of a plurality of magnetic steel sheets laminated in the axial direction of the rotor core. The magnetic poles are formed on a radially outer periphery of the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110248597 - Segment core forming stator core of rotary electric machine and method for manufacturing the segment core: A segment core forms an annular-shaped stator core of a rotary electric machine. The stator core is formed into an annular shape by circumferentially connecting a plurality of segment cores, each segment core having a L shape and includes a yoke portion that forms the outer periphery of the stator... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110248598 - Mounting-structure of stator core adapted to rotating electrical machine: A stator core of a rotating electrical machine, in which no compressive load is applied to divided cores each having an arc shape, when the divided cores are secured into a circular form, thereby decreasing the motor loss and improving the motor efficiency. The divided cores are circularly disposed, and... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110248599 - Electrical machine: Electrical machine, in particular AC generator, having a stator (16) and a rotor (20), wherein the rotor (20) has a conductor arrangement for exciting an electromagnetic field, having a device for transmitting electrical energy to the conductor arrangement, wherein the device for transmitting electrical energy comprises at least one sliding... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110248601 - Cascaded micromechanical actuator structure: A cascaded micromechanical actuator structure for rotating a micromechanical component about a rotation axis is described. The structure includes a torsion spring device which, on the one hand, is attached to a mount and to which, on the other hand, the micromechanical component is attachable. The torsion spring device has... Agent:

20110248600 - Resonator element and resonator: A resonator element includes: at least one resonating arm which performs flexural vibration; a base portion connected to an end of the resonating arm; and a tapered portion which is axisymmetrical with respect to a centerline which bisects the width of the resonating arm, and which has a width increasing... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110248602 - Acoustic resonator comprising an electret and method of producing said resonator, application to switchable coupled resonator filters: The resonator comprises: at least one piezoelectric layer (30); electrodes (24, 26) on either side of this layer; and at least one electret layer (32) between the electrodes, to apply a permanent electric field to the piezoelectric layer. The intensity of this electric field is determined to shift the resonance... Agent: Commiss. A L'energie Atom. Et Aux Energ. Alterna

20110248603 - Ultrasound transducer, ultrasound probe, and a method for manufacturing ultrasound transducers: An ultrasound transducer according to an embodiment has two-dimensionally arranged ultrasound vibrators. A wiring board block is a laminate of wiring boards which are arranged along the row direction in the arrangement. The wiring board has a first surface facing a rear surface of the ultrasound vibrators and a second... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110248604 - Method for manufacturing at least one mechanical-electrical energy conversion system, and mechanical-electrical energy conversion system: In a method for manufacturing at least one mechanical-electrical energy conversion system including multiple individual parts, and a mechanical-electrical energy conversion, multiple different individual parts are positioned in an assembly device and joined in joining areas assigned to the individual parts in the assembly device, the individual parts including at... Agent:

20110248605 - Piezoelectric power generating apparatus: A piezoelectric power generating apparatus comprises a frame body having an axis line, a moving member and a plurality of piezoelectric portions. The moving member is penetrated into the frame body. Each of the piezoelectric portions comprises a first end and a second end. Each of the first ends is... Agent:

20110248606 - Resonator element, resonator, and piezoelectric device: A resonator element includes: a laminate formed by laminating a plurality of piezoelectric substrates in which thickness-shear vibration occurs.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110248607 - Piezoelectric actuator with outer electrode: A piezoelectric actuator of a multilayer design which has a stack of piezoelectric layers and electrode layers arranged in between. The electrode layers are contacted by way of two outer electrodes, which have a multiplicity of wires. The outer electrodes are fastened in fastening regions on first side faces of... Agent:

10/06/2011 > 53 patent applications in 43 patent subcategories.

20110241448 - High efficiency magnetohydrodynamic power generation using ultra-high magnetic fields and novel cooling: A magnetohydrodynamic energy conversion device with an electrically conductive working fluid flowing through a conduit in a magnetic field has permanent magnets aligned for maximum field density for inducing an electric current in the fluid and a multistage cooling system for cryogenically cooling the magnets whereby heat is removed from... Agent:

20110241449 - Thrust generation mechanism, drive device, xy stage and xyz stage: A thrust generation mechanism comprising magnetic pole teeth which are arranged so as to sandwich and hold permanent magnets disposed on movers, cores which serially connect the magnetic pole teeth which sandwich and hold the magnets, armature winding wires which are collectively wound around the cores, and the movers having... Agent:

20110241450 - Voice coil motor: A voice coil motor includes a stationary frame defining a first receiving space, a cover, and a base defining a second receiving space. The stationary frame includes a top surface and an opposite bottom surface. The top surface defines at least two first recesses. A first blocking portion is formed... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110241451 - Linear vibrator: Disclosed is a linear vibrator, the vibrator including a case including a lower case and an upper case engaged with the lower case; a stator that is disposed on a bottom plate of the lower case and includes a coil block formed of coil wound in the horizontal direction to... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20110241453 - Electrical machine and method for the manufacture of stator sections therefor: Electrical machine with a rotor with magnets carried by an annular carrier, in which a magnetic field is created over an air gap between two rotor parts, at which an ironless stator with windings is arranged. A space saving machine is achieved with a stator which is assembled of sections... Agent: Rolls-royce Marine As

20110241452 - Motor assembly: A motor assembly includes a flexible base mount having an integrally formed axial tube, support ledges disposed on the axial tube to axially support a stator disposed on the axial tube to be firmly engaged with the stator for further ensuring immobility, a flexible mounting shell member axially insertable into... Agent:

20110241454 - Pump assembly: A pump assembly with a motor housing (4) and with a terminal box (6) which includes at least one peripheral section (10) situated on the outer periphery of the motor housing (4). A cover (12) is provided, which in each case at least partly covers the motor housing (4) and... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20110241455 - Magnetic shield for stator core end structures of electric rotating machine: In an electric rotating machine, for reducing losses that occur in clamping plates and their shield, the electric rotating machine includes a rotor formed with field winding wound around a rotor core, a stator placed opposite to the rotor at a predetermined space and formed with stator winding wound around... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110241457 - Hand-held power tool: A hand-held power tool has a tool member and a motor drivingly connected to the tool member, wherein the motor is arranged in a motor housing. A battery for driving the tool member is provided. A guide shaft has arranged on its first end the battery and on its second... Agent: Andreas Stihl Ag & Co. Kg

20110241456 - Portable electrical power tool: A portable electric power tool including a housing having one end to which an L-shaped battery pack is installable. A motor is accommodated in the housing. A switch assembly includes a switch body installed in the housing. The switch body is overlapped with the L-shaped battery pack in a longitudinal... Agent: Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd.

20110241458 - Stator coil coolant flow reduction monitoring: A coolant flow reduction monitoring system for a rotary electric machine having stator coils within a plurality of slots of a stator thereof is provided. The stator coils are cooled by a coolant flowing in a plurality of passages provided in the stator coils. The system includes an outlet temperature... Agent: General Electric Company

20110241459 - Magnet generator: In a flywheel-type magnet generator, a heat dissipation member which has no relation with a magnetic circuit is fitted into a space formed by cutting a bulk of a laminating core used for configuring the magnetic circuit, a cooling tube installed to be inserted into or penetrate the heat dissipation... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110241497 - Electrical machine having a contact element for electrically connecting electrical components: An electrical machine, in particular a generator, preferably a claw pole generator, having a contact element for electrically connecting electrical components, which is made up of a generally arc-shaped, electrically non-conductive substrate having arc end areas, including electrical conductors for connecting the components. At least one of the electrical conductors... Agent:

20110241460 - Axial flux machine: An axial flux rotating electrical machine is disclosed, which comprises a stator sandwiched between two rotors. The machine comprises retention means for retaining magnets on the rotor, the retention means comprising a back plate with a plurality of protrusions which define a plurality of pockets for accommodating the magnets. The... Agent: Cummins Generator Technologies Limited

20110241498 - Device for mounting a resolver in an electric machine: An electric machine with a resolver for a system for autocontrol of the machine includes a machine stator, a machine rotor mounted for rotation in the stator, the rotor being mounted on a shaft, and a casing enclosing this assembly. The resolver includes a fixed resolver stator centred axially in... Agent: Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

20110241499 - Brushless dc motor: A brushless DC motor is provided and includes: a stator assembly; a rotor assembly including a sleeve; a case assembly; and a circuit board assembly which has an electronic component mounted thereon. The case assembly is provided with an opening, the electronic component passes through the opening so as to... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20110241463 - Stator coil for axial gap electrical rotating machine: A stator coil for an axial gap electrical rotating machine includes first coil pieces, second coil pieces, and an annular base member having recesses for arranging and holding the first and second coil pieces in back and front faces of the annular base member. The first and second coil pieces... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110241461 - Stator for electric rotating machine: A stator for an electric rotating machine includes a hollow cylindrical stator core and a multi-phase stator coil comprised of a plurality of electric wires mounted on the stator core. The stator coil includes a plurality of phase windings each of which is formed of at least two electric wires.... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110241462 - Stator for electric rotating machine: A stator for an electric rotating machine includes a hollow cylindrical stator core having a plurality of slots and a stator coil formed by joining a plurality of electric wires mounted on the stator core. For each joined pair of the electric wires, one of the electric wires has an... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110241500 - Drive train for a motor vehicle: A drive train for a motor vehicle which comprises of at least a rotatable drive shaft (3) and an electric motor (10) which has an enclosure mounted stator (11) and a rotatable rotor (12) which is coupled with the drive shaft (3). The rotor (12) is designed as at least... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20110241464 - Vibration motor surface mounting structure and vibration motor: In order to provide a vibration motor surface mounting structure capable of preventing a vibration motor from tipping over without using a part such as metal holder requiring complicated assembly, for a vibration motor having an eccentric weight mounted on the rotating shaft of the motor and mounted on a... Agent: Minebea Motor Manufacturing Corporation

20110241465 - Low profile starter-generator: A power system for a vehicle may comprise an electric machine interposed between an engine and a transmission of the vehicle. The electric machine may comprise an exciter generator with exciter armature windings surrounding an axis, a main generator with main field windings surrounding the axis so that the exciter... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110241466 - Permanent magnet synchronous machine, and pressing or extrusion machine including permanent magnet synchronous machine: To provide a permanent magnet synchronous machine capable of expanding a high-speed operation range without reducing torque, and a pressing machine or an extrusion machine using the permanent magnet synchronous machine. In order to achieve the object described above, the present invention provides a permanent magnet synchronous electric machine having... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110241467 - Permanent magnet motor: A permanent magnet motor is provided. The permanent magnet motor includes: a stator including a stator core, and an insulator for insulating the stator core from the wire; and a rotor in which a rotating shaft is attached to a center of the rotor and a permanent magnet is provided... Agent: Fujitsu General Limited

20110241468 - Rotary electric machine: A rotary electric machine configured with a stator, rotor, and permanent magnets disposed in an inverted V-shape that becomes gradually narrower from a side of a center of rotation of the rotor. The rotor is provided with a plurality of support portions that extend radially about the center of rotation,... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110241469 - Permanent magnet, and method for manufacturing a permanent magnet: A permanent magnet, in particular a permanent magnet rotor for a machine, includes a first sleeve, a first cap and a second cap arranged to close off an inner opening of the first sleeve, and a permanent magnet material formed in the inner opening of the sleeve between the first... Agent: Grundfos Management A/s

20110241470 - Brushless electric machine: A first member (40a) has a magnet assembly (20) that includes a plurality of permanent magnets (10) held with their homopoles contacting one another. A second member (50a) includes magnet coils (30), and is designed to be changeable in position relative to the first member. The magnet assembly (20) generates... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110241471 - Rotor of electric rotating machine: A rotor of alternator has core layer units serially located along axial direction. Each unit has a field coil generating magnetic flux and two rotor cores receiving the flux on respective sides of the coil in axial direction. Each core has a first yoke portion located on inner side of... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110241472 - Rotating electrical machine and method for manufacturing a stator thereof: A group of coils used in a stator of a rotating electrical machine, wound continuously upon a divided core with a crossover wire, in which 2N coils (where N is a natural number) are arranged at approximately regular intervals, wherein a winding direction of N coils, which are first through... Agent: Kokusan Denki Co., Ltd.

20110241473 - Electric motor rotor: A rotor of an electric machine is disclosed that resists expansion of the rotor components even at high rotational speed. The rotor includes first and second pluralities of laminations having slots to accept rotor bars. A support disk, also having slots, is placed between the laminations. The support disk, into... Agent: Ecomotors International, Inc.

20110241474 - Armature and motor: An armature includes a core-back, insulator members, coils and insulating sheets. The insulating sheets are arranged between the coils adjacent to one another. Each of the insulator members includes a flange-shaped inner wall portion positioned radially inwards of each of the insulating sheets. The inner wall portions of the insulator... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20110241475 - Method for producing a rotor of a commutator motor, a commutator motor, and anti-lock braking device: The present invention relates to a method for producing a rotor of a commutator motor, particularly in a direct current design, comprising a stator having a plurality of stator poles, wherein the rotor comprises a plurality of armature teeth which are disposed on the circumference of the rotor having interposed... Agent: Brose Fahrzeugteile Gmbh & Co Kommanditgesellschaft Wurzburg

20110241476 - Parallel wound stator: A wound stator includes a plurality of windings, each winding including a primary lead and a secondary lead defined by free ends of the winding. Each of the windings being associated with a first, second or third phase. For each phase, a plurality of the primary leads are wrapped around... Agent: Globe Motors, Inc.

20110241477 - Hall effect power generator: One or more superconductive cells are connected in series to provide voltage arising from the Hall effect when cooled to superconductor temperatures and immersed in a magnetic field. The magnetic field causes the Hall-effect voltage to develop across the London penetration depth, normal to the surface of each superconductive cell.... Agent:

20110241478 - Vortex flux generator: A method and apparatus for generating electricity by electromagnetic induction, using a magnetic field modulated by the formation, dissipation, and movement of vortices produced by a vortex material such as a type II superconductor. Magnetic field modulation occurs at the microscopic level, facilitating the production of high frequency electric power.... Agent:

20110241479 - Ceramic, and piezoelectric/electrostriction element: the ceramic having a portion defined by parallel sectional surfaces in a thickness direction, the portion being equally divided into a plurality of segments by parallel sectional surfaces in a planar direction, and when the amount of boron in each segment is compared, the thickness of a low boron concentration... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110241480 - Surface acoustic wave device: A surface acoustic wave device according to the present invention includes a piezoelectric monocrystal substrate 10, and an interdigital electrode 20 configured of a base electrode layer 21 formed on the piezoelectric monocrystal substrate, the base electrode layer 21 being made of a conductive material, and an aluminum-containing main electrode... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

20110241481 - Surface acoustic wave device: A surface acoustic wave device has a large electromechanical coupling coefficient, a low insertion loss, and high resistance to static electricity. In the surface acoustic wave device, a piezoelectric substance includes a plurality of grooves. Each electrode finger of an IDT electrode includes a first electrode layer disposed in the... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110241482 - Method of rapidly interrogating elastic wave sensors: A method of remotely interrogating a passive sensor, comprising at least one resonator, so as to determine the resonant frequency of said resonator, having a resonant frequency response defined by the design of said resonator, includes: a preliminary frequency-scan step for interrogating said resonator over a frequency range allowing for... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20110241487 - Drive unit: A drive unit includes: a shaft; a movable body supported by the shaft so as to be displaceable along the shaft; a vibratory actuator configured to drive the movable body; and a support body configured to support the vibrator actuator. The vibratory actuator includes an actuator main body that contacts... Agent:

20110241484 - Motor device, method of manufacturing motor device, and robot device: A motor device comprises a transmission substrate formed with a transmission portion that is wound around at least part of the outer periphery of a rotator; and a driving substrate that has a driving portion which moves the transmission portion by a certain distance in a state in which a... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20110241485 - Motor device, method of manufacturing motor device, and robot device: A motor device includes a base portion; a transmission portion that is formed with the base portion as one member and is wound around at least a part of an outer periphery of a rotator; and a driving portion which is supported by the base portion, moves the transmission portion... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20110241483 - Piezoelectric composition, piezoelectric ceramic, transducer, and ultrasonic motor: A piezoelectric composition includes a compound represented by a general expression Bi4Ti3O12—SrBi4Ti4O15 as a main component; and Mn or a Mn compound as an additive. A Mn content is less than 1.0% by mass based on a main component amount.... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110241486 - Ultrasonic motor and electronic apparatus which mounts the motor thereon: An ultrasonic motor which exhibits stable performances by suppressing irregularities of magnitudes of two standing waves excited by a piezoelectric element is provided. The ultrasonic motor is provided with a piezoelectric element which includes: a plurality of divided electrodes which are mounted on one surface and are equidistantly arranged in... Agent:

20110241488 - Vibration type actuator, vibrator, and vibrator manufacturing method: A vibration type actuator providing a satisfactory actuator performance even when an increase in speed is achieved and having a contact spring. The actuator includes a vibrator equipped with an electrical-mechanical energy conversion element, an elastic member to which the electrical-mechanical energy conversion element is fixed, and a protrusion provided... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110241489 - Piezoelectric vibrator and electronic device using same: A piezoelectric vibrator is used in an electronic device having a screen. The piezoelectric vibrator includes a diaphragm, at least one piezoelectric layer attached to the diaphragm, and a vibrating element extending from the diaphragm for being coupled to a surface of the screen.... Agent:

20110241490 - Polymer metal composite membranes: Systems and methods of harvesting and converting naturally occurring energy are described that include exposing a material to an ambient condition and harvesting at least a portion of energy that is created. Energy harvesting from fluidic and flow environments or vibration can be accomplished using types of energy harvesters, such... Agent: Indian Institute Of Science

20110241491 - Surface-mountable quartz-crystal devices and methods for manufacturing same: In an exemplary method for making crystal vibrating devices, four wafers are provided: a crystal wafer, a base wafer, a first-lid wafer, and a second-lid wafer. The crystal wafer defines multiple crystal vibrating pieces including respective frames and respective electrodes formed on both main surfaces thereof. The base wafer defines... Agent: Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20110241492 - Quartz crystal device using at-cut quartz substrate and manufacturing the same: The quartz crystal device of a first aspect comprises a quartz crystal element having an vibrating portion which vibrates when a voltage is applied and a frame portion which surrounds the periphery of the vibrating portion, the quartz crystal element being formed of an AT-cut quartz crystal material specified by... Agent:

20110241493 - Ceramic, and piezoelectric/electrostriction element: A ceramic having a plurality of crystal grains that contain lead, lithium, and boron, are arranged in a planar direction, and have a mutually same crystal orientation with respect to the thickness direction.... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110241494 - Multi-layered actuator with external electrodes made of a metallic, porous, expandable conductive layer: A monolithic multilayer actuator made of a sintered stack of thin films of piezoceramio with embedded metallic internal electrodes. All metallic internal electrodes of one polarity are electrically connected in parallel by way of a base metallization applied to the stack and wherein an external electrode is connected in an... Agent:

20110241495 - Piezoelectric vibrating pieces, piezoelectric devices, and methods for manufacturing same: Piezoelectric vibrating pieces are disclosed that include a base, a pair of vibrating arms, and a pair of supporting arms. The base is fabricated of piezoelectric material. The vibrating arms extend straight from the base in a designated longitudinal direction and having a first thickness. A respective supporting arm extends... Agent: Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20110241496 - Tuning-fork type piezoelectric vibrating pieces and devices comprising same, and methods for making same: An exemplary tuning-fork type quartz-crystal vibrating piece includes a base, a pair of vibrating arms, and a connecting electrode electrically connectable to an internal conductive member of a package. The base and vibrating arms are made of a piezoelectric material. The vibrating arms extend in a prescribed direction from the... Agent: Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

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