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Electrical generator or motor structure July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110181129 - Linear and rotary actuator: Provided is a linear and rotary actuator capable of bearing moment and load from a movable body and downsizing its radial dimension. A spline shaft is held in housings to be movable linearly in the axial direction and rotatable about the axis. The spline shaft is connected to a mover... Agent: Thk Co., Ltd.

20110181130 - Coolant-cooled linear motor: In a coolant-cooled linear motor includes an armature including armature windings and a cooling jacket arranged to surround the armature windings, the cooling jacket unit includes four cooling jackets defining four side faces parallel to the extension direction of the armature and two end blocks defining two opposite end faces... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20110181131 - Flat vibrating motor: A flat vibrating motor is disclosed. The flat vibrating motor includes a housing having a base and a cover, a magnet assembly suspended inside the housing, and a coil positioned right below the magnet assembly. A magnetic conductive plate is located between the coil and the base.... Agent:

20110181132 - Miniaturized generator with oscillating magnets for the production of electric energy from vibrations: An electric energy generator from a vibrational field includes a body of non-ferromagnetic material, at least one pair of permanent magnets pivotally hung from the body in such a way that they are arranged therebetween. The magnets have faces of equal magnetic polarity turned to each other from opposite sides... Agent:

20110181133 - Production method of vibrating motor and rotor for vibrating motor: A vibrating motor has a shaft, a stator including a yoke having pole teeth extending toward an axis of the shaft from an inner circumference and coils wound around the pole teeth, a rotor including an eccentric weight formed on a radially outer surface of the shaft, and a permanent... Agent:

20110181134 - Stepping motor: Disclosed is a stepping motor in which the rim of a substrate and the lower surface of the substrate directed toward the outside of a bracket are arranged inside of the bracket to prevent the rim and lower surface of the substrate from projecting outwardly. Accordingly, the substrate is prevented... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20110181135 - Micro-stepping reluctance motor: The present invention relates to control of electrical motors and in particular, to the design and control of reluctance motors capable of micro-stepping position control. According to the invention there is provided a single stack variable reluctance machine with salient stator teeth and salient rotor teeth, the stator further comprising... Agent: Technelec Ltd

20110181136 - Cooling structure of stator: A cooling structure of a stator, including a case that accommodates a rotating electrical machine, and cooling a coil end portion protruding from a stator core included in the stator of the rotating electrical machine. The structure supplies a cooling medium from the stator axial direction toward a gap that... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20110181137 - Permanent magnet type electric power generator: For providing a permanent magnet type generator that has a limited inside temperature rise gradient even if the capacity thereof is increased and permits to reduce the size thereof, the present invention provides a ventilation means that increases the inner gas (air or cooling wind) quantity that is caused circulated... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.,

20110181138 - Totally enclosed motor: A totally enclosed motor which includes a rotor disposed inside a housing and a heat of the rotor is transferred to the housing, a stator disposed inside the housing and a heat of the stator is transferred to the housing, and an inner fin which is disposed in the rotor... Agent:

20110181139 - Starter comprising an armature shaft supported by a bearing inserted between an armature and speed reducer: The invention describes a starter wherein the second front bearing is inserted axially between the armature windings and the speed reducer. This configuration helps solve the problem that the operating forces of known starter armature shafts are too great for the armature shaft guide ring to withstand long term intensive... Agent:

20110181140 - Apparatus having a stator and a rotor mounted in said stator: A stator has a first bearing for a first end of a shaft of the rotor, and a second bearing for a second end of the shaft. The first and the second bearings have a respective permanent magnet which exerts a magnetic force on the shaft. Alternatively, the shaft is... Agent: Micronel Ag

20110181141 - Electric motor and position holding device for such an electric motor: An electric motor, particularly for an actuating device for displacing a control device, such as a valve, a gate valve, a blow-out preventer or the like, for use in oil or gas production includes a stator and a rotor assigned to a motor shaft, and a position holding device for... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20110181142 - Dynamoelectric machine and method for manufacturing a rotor therefor: In the dynamoelectric machine, holding grooves are recessed into yoke portions in a non-piercing state so as to have openings on respective facing portions of inner wall surfaces of trough portions, so as to have openings at axially inner ends of the yoke portions, and so as to have groove... Agent:

20110181144 - Stator for electric rotating machine: A stator for an electric rotating machine includes a stator coil that is formed of a plurality of electric wire segments each of which is comprised of an electric conductor and an insulating coat covering the electric conductor. The electric wire segments include a joined pair of first and second... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110181143 - Stator for use in electric rotating machine: A stator for use in an electric rotating machine is provided which includes a stator winding wound through slots of a stator core. The stator winding is made up of a plurality of conductor segments connected together. Each of the conductor segments includes an in-slot portion disposed inside one of... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110181145 - Conductive bar for electric machines: An conductive bar (1) for electric machines includes a plurality of interwoven conductive strands (2) insulated from one another and defining two side-by-side stacks (4). The outer surface of the conductive bar (1) is at least partly uneven.... Agent:

20110181146 - Stator for electric rotating machine with enhanced cooling ability: A stator for an electric rotating machine is provided which is equipped with a stator coil. The stator coil has a plurality of in-slot portions arrayed within each of slots formed in a stator core in a radial direction of the stator core. Adjacent two of the in-slot portions disposed... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110181147 - Motor: A motor comprises a base, a stator and a rotor. The base is equipped with a shaft tube having an outer circumferential wall. The stator is coupled with the shaft tube of the base and has an assembly hole. Wherein, a plurality of close-fitting portions is formed between an inner... Agent:

20110181148 - Brush device having a spring, for an electric machine: A brush device for an electric machine includes a brush holder, a brush which is accommodated therein and has an integrated stranded wire, and a first spring which prestresses the brush with respect to a commutator. At least one second spring is disposed parallel to the first spring, which prestresses... Agent:

20110181149 - Ultrasound transducer, ultrasound probe, and a method for manufacturing ultrasound transducers: In the ultrasound transducer of the present embodiment, front surface electrodes and rear surface electrodes are provided for a plurality of ultrasound vibrators. A circuit board is disposed on the rear surface side of the ultrasound vibrators, and connected to the rear surface electrodes. An electronic circuit is connected to... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110181150 - Piezoelectric aln rf mem switches monolithically integrated with aln contour-mode resonators: Piezoelectric switches and methods of forming piezoelectric switches. The piezoelectric switch includes first and second cantilever beam actuators. The second cantilever beam actuator has a projection that overlaps the first cantilever beam actuator in a contact region. The projection is mechanically separated from the first cantilever beam actuator by a... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20110181151 - Rigid dual-servo nano stage: The present invention relates to a stage, particularly to, a stage which is able to move minutely, having a rigidity-improved transfer part. A stage includes a work table on which a working object is placed, a motor configured to provide a rotational force, a shaft rotated by the motor to... Agent:

20110181152 - System for using the air pressure acting on a vehicle in motion to produce energy: An energy conversion system is provided configured to be installed on a vehicle (1), preferably a car, such that a movably mounted surface (2) of the energy conversion system is exposed to the air resistance force acting on the vehicle (1), when the vehicle is moving. The movably mounted surface... Agent:

20110181153 - Piezo-resistive mems resonator: A piezo-resistive MEMS resonator comprising an anchor, a resonator mounted on the anchor, an actuator mounted to apply an electrostatic force on the resonator and a piezo-resistive read-out means comprising a nanowire coupled to the resonator.... Agent: Nxp B.v.

20110181154 - Thin film piezoelectric vibrator, thin film piezoelectric bulk acoustic wave resonator, and radio-frequency filter using such resonator: A thin film piezoelectric bulk acoustic wave resonator has a multilayer structure including a piezoelectric thin film, a first metal electrode film, and a second metal electrode film. At least a part of the piezoelectric thin film is interposed between the first and second metal electrodes. A resonance part and... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110181155 - Piezoactuator with a predetermined breaking layer: A piezoactuator of multilayer design includes piezoelectric layers and electrode layers to form a stack. A predetermined breaking layer for the targeted origination and guiding of cracks is introduced between two adjacent electrode layers. The predetermined breaking layer has a barrier region, in which the formation of continuous electrically conductive... Agent: Epcos Ag

20110181156 - Tuning-fork resonator with grooves on principal surfaces: A resonator having a base part; and a resonating arm that performs flexing vibration, the resonating arm part has two principal surfaces, a first groove provided on the one principal surface, a second groove provided in juxtaposition with the first groove on the other principal surface, a third groove provided... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110175462 - Linear drive: The present invention relates to an electric linear drive, particularly for a rotary-lifting motor. Such a linear drive includes a winding system including a plurality of wound coils which are arranged to be coaxial to each other and successive in axial direction, and a magnet system which is movable in... Agent: Maxon Motor Ag

20110175463 - Reciprocating magnet engine: A reciprocating magnet engine has first and second magnet pairs (20A and 40A, 20B and 40B), first and second sections (15, 35), a continuous flux return plate (15G) and a core (15C) which have high relative magnetic permeabilities, an interrupting flux return plate (25) which has a high relative magnetic... Agent: Energy Engines, Inc.

20110175465 - Gearbox drive unit: The invention relates to a gearbox drive unit (2), particularly for adjusting moving parts in a motor vehicle, comprising a gearbox housing (1), in which an output gear is rotatably supported on a bearing axle (4) extending perpendicular relative to a housing bottom (13). According to the invention, the bearing... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110175464 - Motor stator and molded motor: A motor stator is disclosed. Each of a first phase, second phase and third phase of three-phase winding has multiple toroidal coils and crossover wires connecting the coils. The crossover wire of the first phase runs inside the second phase coil and the third phase coil. The crossover wire of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110175466 - Hans power tool with brush motor: A hand power tool with an oblong motor housing, particularly used as a handle, houses an electric collector motor. The brushes of the motor are housed in a brush holder with a brush shaft in a spring loaded way. Furthermore, the brush holder is solely/individually fixed in the motor housing,... Agent:

20110175467 - Coolant system for electric motorcycle: A cooling system for an electric motor of an electric motorcycle is disclosed. The cooling system includes a motorcycle frame including an internal volume, an entrance orifice and an exit orifice. The cooling system further includes an electric motor including an internal volume, a first tubular element connecting the exit... Agent:

20110175468 - Electric rotating machine: An electric rotating machine including a rotor rotating relative to a stator, the rotor rotating a first fan placed at a first end of the stator, and a second fan placed at a second end of the stator opposite to the first end, the first and second fans being configured... Agent: Moteurs Leroy-somer

20110175494 - Rotor for an electric motor: A rotor of an electric motor has a carrier structure including a disc portion to which is centrally connected a shaft, and the periphery of which is joined to an essentially cylindrical annular skirt portion which in use extends coaxially around the stator. The disc portion has a plurality of... Agent:

20110175469 - Automotive alternator: An approximately C-shaped rectifier is disposed in a vicinity of a rotating shaft, and a regulator assembly is disposed between two end portions of the approximate C shape of the rectifier. A brush holder portion, a regulator circuit housing portion, and a connector portion that constitute a regulator assembly are... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110175495 - Electric machine with isolated ground electronics: An electrical system for a vehicle comprises a battery including a positive terminal and a negative terminal, and an alternator. The alternator includes a metal housing with a rotor and a stator positioned within the housing. The alternator further includes an electronics package positioned on the alternator housing. The electronics... Agent: Remy International, Inc.

20110175496 - Control apparatus-integrated dynamoelectric machine: A dynamoelectric machine main body, power circuit modules and a field circuit module, and a control apparatus that has a heatsink that is prepared by die casting, and that is mounted integrally onto the dynamoelectric machine main body are included, the heatsink including a plurality of convex heat receiving portions... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110175497 - Motor and electronic apparatus using the same: The motor comprises a stator, a rotor, and magnets. The stator has a plurality of magnetic poles circumferentially arranged at first spaced intervals. The rotor is rotatably arranged in a position opposing to the stator. The magnets are arranged at second spaced intervals circumferentially on a surface of the rotor.... Agent:

20110175470 - Motor-driven compressor: A motor-driven compressor includes a housing having at one end thereof an accommodation space, an electric motor, a motor driver circuit provided in the accommodation space and having a circuit board, a connector having a bus bar electrically connected to the circuit board, and a cylindrical portion located at the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20110175471 - Stator connector: A stator connector has an annular carrier structure adapted to be superposed on and fixed to the central annular portion of the stator and manufactured from an electrically insulating plastic overmolded onto a group of N conducting members which are separated from each other and electrically insulated by said plastic... Agent:

20110175472 - Stator for electric rotating machine: A stator includes a stator coil that is formed of a plurality of electric wires each being comprised of an electric conductor having a substantially rectangular cross section and an insulating coat covering the electric conductor. The electric wires include a pair of first and second electric wires each having... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110175473 - Rotating electrical machine apparatus: A rotating electrical machine apparatus comprising a motor generator 10 having a stator (11) to which a plurality of coil groups are provided and a rotor (12), and a control apparatus (30) which controls a current supplied to the coil groups of the stator (11), wherein the stator (11) is... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110175474 - Compact active material actuated transmissions for driving multiple output loads from a single primary actuator: Power is selectively transferred from a primary actuator to one of a plurality of output shafts with a transmission including a plurality of output members coupled to an input member, the input member being coupled to the primary actuator. A first active material actuator includes a mechanical coupling feature coupling... Agent: Dynalloy, Inc.

20110175475 - Electric motor drive device: An electric motor drive device (1) includes a motor (11), a speed reducing part (31) to reduce speed of a rotation outputted from the motor (11) and transmit it to the side of a wheel, and a connection/disconnection part (21) to disconnect or connect rotation transmission of the speed reducing... Agent: Ntn Corporation

20110175476 - Free-ejecting starter: A free-ejecting starter for cranking an internal combustion engine in a vehicle includes a pinion shaft, which at the front, free-ejecting end, has an engaging pinion and a pinion shank at the opposite end which is guided and supported slidably on a drive shaft of the starter and accommodated in... Agent:

20110175477 - Direct rotation-inducing generator: The invention discloses a direct rotation-inducing generator, which comprises an iron core bracket, and a rotating shaft is arranged on the iron core bracket. A first rotary disc and a second rotary disc are respectively arranged on both ends of the rotating shaft. A first iron core is arranged on... Agent:

20110175478 - Permanent magnet electric motor: An increase of the magnetization current can be restrained during demagnetization and magnetization, and a variable speed operation can be achieved at a high power output over a wide range of from a low speed to a high speed. A rotor 1 is configured by a rotor core 2, permanent... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110175479 - Permanent magnet rotor: A permanent magnet rotor for a brushless electric motor of the kind with an internal stator, has a carrier structure of molded plastic that includes a disc portion fixed to a shaft. The disc portion has a periphery joined to a substantially cylindrical cage portion coaxial with the shaft. The... Agent:

20110175480 - Magnetic component part for a rotor assembly: A magnetic component part for a rotor assembly of an electromechanical transducer is provided. The magnetic component part includes a base element having a first side and an opposing second side, a permanent magnet, attached to the base element at the first side, and a mounting structure fixed to the... Agent:

20110175481 - Permanent type rotary machine: The permanent magnet type rotary machine is capable of reducing cogging torque even if permanent magnets are displaced in the axial direction and which is capable of reducing production cost and increasing torque. At least a stator unit of a first phase out of two stator units, which are stacked... Agent: Shinano Kenshi Kabushiki Kaisha

20110175482 - Optimized stator tooth tip for a motor with axially inserted stator windings: An electric motor includes a rotor and a stator assembly concentrically located about the rotor. The stator assembly includes a stator stack and a plurality of spaced apart stator teeth extending radially from the stator stack. The plurality of stator teeth defines a plurality of stator slots. Each stator tooth... Agent:

20110175483 - Stator for electric rotating machine: A stator includes a stator coil formed of electric wires which include a joined pair of first and second electric wires. The first electric wire has a lead portion led out from the radially inner periphery of a first slot of a stator core and including a crossover part. The... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110175484 - Methods of manufacturing induction rotors with conductor bars having high conductivity and rotors made thereby: Squirrel cage rotors of aluminum based material end rings joined with high conductive and durable material (such as copper) conductor bars for use in electric motors and methods of making them are described. The methods include forming conductor bars by casting or other metal forming methods in the slots of... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110175485 - Rotating electrical machine and manufacturing method of a stator thereof: A rotating electrical machine includes: a rotor to which a plurality of magnetic poles are provided along its circumferential direction; a stator core laminating a plurality of core plates, and having a cylinder portion with teeth extending radially outwards; and a stator coil received in a slot between the teeth;... Agent:

20110175486 - Windingly laminated core of rotary electric machine and manufacturing method thereof: A windingly laminated core of a rotary electric machine, having a first number of magnetic poles in total and configured by unit cores, each of which is formed in an arc and thin plate shape and has a second number of magnetic poles, wherein a winding lamination is applied to... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110175487 - Method for producing a dielectric layer in an electroacoustic component, and electroacoustic component: The invention relates to a method for producing a dielectric layer (3) in an electroacoustic component (1), in particular a component operating with acoustic surface waves or bulk acoustic waves, comprising a substrate and an associated electrode structure, in which the dielectric layer (3) is formed at least in part... Agent:

20110175488 - Piezoelectric thin film element and piezoelectric thin film device: To provide a piezoelectric thin film on a substrate, having an alkali-niobium oxide-based perovskite structure expressed by a composition formula (K1−xNax)yNbO3, wherein the composition ratio x of the piezoelectric thin film expressed by (K1−xNax)yNbO3 is in a range of 0.4≦x≦0.7, and a half width of a rocking curve of (001)... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20110175490 - Piezoelectric actuator: A piezoelectric actuator has a piezoelectric element and a frictional portion. The piezoelectric element simultaneously generates first and second vibration modes in response to a voltage applied thereto. The frictional portion is arranged on an outer surface of the piezoelectric element and adapted to come into contact with a body... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110175489 - Ultrasonic actuator: The invention relates to an ultrasonic actuator, preferably for use in an ultrasonic motor, in the form of a piezoelectric plate with a length L, height H and thickness t, wherein the piezoelectric plate has a lateral plane of symmetry Sq, a longitudinal plane of symmetry Sl and at least... Agent: Physik Instrumemte (pi) Gmbh & Co. Kf

20110175491 - Piezoelectric actuator: A piezoelectric actuator has a piezoelectric element adapted to simultaneously generate first and second vibration modes in response to a voltage applied thereto. The piezoelectric element has one outer surface including a first region and a second region projecting from the first region, while the second region comes into contact... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110175492 - Temperature compensation device and method for mems resonator: The present disclosure provides a device including a MEMS resonating element, provided for resonating at a predetermined resonance frequency, the MEMS resonating element having at least one temperature dependent characteristic, a heating circuit arranged for heating the MEMS resonating element to an offset temperature (Toffset), a sensing circuit associated with... Agent: Imec

20110175493 - Fan: A fan includes a bracket, a stator, a rotor, and a slanting portion. The bracket includes a tray, and a frame circling the tray. The stator is mounted to and circled by the frame. The rotor includes a shaft rotatably mounted to the stator, and a shell coupled to the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110169346 - Magnetic actor and a method for its installation: The invention relates to a magnetic actor in which the permanent magnets are arranged in a Halbach configuration and inserted into a slide-in frame.... Agent: Integrated Dynamics Engineering Gmbh

20110169347 - Linear motor and portable device provided with linear motor: A linear motor whose thickness can be reduced is obtained. This linear motor (100) includes a spiral coil (141), wherein the spiral coil has a first section (141a, 141b) and a second section (141c, 141d) and is so formed that the magnitude of a magnetic flux of a magnetic field... Agent:

20110169348 - Flat spring and voice coil motor using the same: A flat spring for a voice coil motor includes an curved internal flat spring, an outer flat spring placed outward the internal flat spring, a first connection body folded at least twice and interposed between the internal flat spring and the outer flat spring, a second connection body placed between... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20110169349 - Electromagnetic vibrator and producing method thereof: An electromagnetic vibrator is composed of vibration sheet, suspension edge, basin frame and magnetic return path system. The electromagnetic vibrator is prepared as connecting back surface of vibration sheet to voice coil being set in magnetic return path system, injecting the vibration sheet and suspension edge to be an integral... Agent:

20110169350 - Active element for an electromagnetic machine, a method of fabricating such an active element, and an electromagnetic machine including such an active element: The invention provides an active element (20) for an electromagnetic machine, the element comprising an alternating succession in a main direction (X) of portions (21) presenting a first magnetic property and of portions (22) presenting a second magnetic property, wherein the element includes a non-magnetic covering (25) that is thin... Agent: Messier-dowty Sa.

20110169351 - Field stack for a motor: A power tool includes a shaft rotatable about an axis and configured to drive a tool element, a motor armature, a first field coil, and a second field coil. First and second symmetrical stack parts each include a pole piece that is configured to receive respective first and second field... Agent:

20110169352 - Motor and vehicle: This disclosure discloses a motor comprising: a motor main body; and a winding switching unit configured to switch windings of the motor main body; the motor main body including: a motor housing that a first coolant channel is formed inside; and a stator having the windings and fixed to an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20110169353 - Rotating electric machine: A motor generator serving as a rotating electric machine includes: a rotor; a rotor shaft rotating with the rotor; and end plates and provided at opposite ends, respectively, of the rotor. The rotor shaft has oil channels and provided independently of each other and passing oil therethrough. The end plates... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110169354 - Rotating electrical machine: A rotating electrical machine includes a rotor and a stator including an annular stator core formed by helically stacking a plurality of core pieces that are connected to each other by connecting portions, the rotor being disposed inside an inner periphery of the stator core. The connecting portions are linearly... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20110169355 - Induction motor: Exemplary embodiments of the present invention relate to an induction motor including a stator having a circular cross-section and an inner passage having a longitudinal axis defining a bore, a solid core steel rotor having a circular cross-section rotatably disposed within the bore of the stator, and an air gap... Agent:

20110169356 - Modularized elongation ring for air outlet in self-ventilated traction motor: An elongation ring adapted for use in a self-ventilated traction motor and for fixed placement between the non-driving end of the motor housing and a motor end shield. The ring has radial air outlet openings placed along its circumference and is adapted to enclose a fan wheel fixed on a... Agent:

20110169381 - Transverse and/or commutated flux systems for electric bicycles: Electrical machines, for example transverse flux machines and/or commutated flux machines, may be configured to be coupled to an electric bicycle or other light electric vehicle. Certain exemplary electrical machines may be configured with a high torque density and/or lower operating losses, providing improved operational characteristics to an e-bike. Moreover,... Agent: Motor Excellence LLC

20110169382 - Resolver with locating feature: A resolver is configured to determine the rotational position of a first member that is selectively rotatable about an axis with respect to a second member. The resolver includes a stator core, a plurality of wire windings operatively connected to the stator core, a winding support between the windings and... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110169383 - Electric motor and brush holder spring: An electric motor (1) comprises a casing (2), a stator housed in the casing (2), a sealing cover (10), a rotor (6) rotatable inside the casing (2) and equipped with a commutator (7), a circuit (8) for powering the commutator (7) comprising two brushes (15) in sliding contact with the... Agent: Spal Automotive S.r.l.

20110169357 - Compact electromechanical actuator: An electromechanical actuator for controlling the position of an aircraft component has a linear actuator to be driven to position a component. A transverse flux motor drives the linear actuator to move in a linear direction and control the position of the component... Agent:

20110169358 - Motor and motor manufacturing method: A motor includes a stator, a bearing, a cover, a shaft, a rotor holder and a rotor magnet. The cover member includes an outer cylinder portion arranged to support the stator on the inner surface thereof, an inner cylinder portion arranged to support the bearing on the inner surface thereof... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20110169359 - Assembly structure of bearing and holder of brushless dc motor: Disclosed herein is an assembly structure of a bearing and a holder of a brushless DC motor. The bearing is forcibly fitted into a hollow space formed through the holder. A beveled mouth edge is formed on the upper end of the circumferential inner surface of the holder through which... Agent:

20110169362 - Connection module for dc motors: A DC motor is disclosed which includes a motor housing and at least one connection module adapted to be installed on the motor housing. The DC motor can be compact, flexibly adaptable to customer requirements and also easily installable in the case of a confined installation space. For this purpose,... Agent: Maxon Motor Ag

20110169361 - Polygon motor: A polygon motor. The polygon motor includes a rotor casing for loading a magnetic disc or an optical disc thereon, a rotatable shaft fitted into the rotor casing and supporting the rotor casing, a bearing rotatably supporting the rotatable shaft and having a hollow cylindrical shape, a stator producing an... Agent:

20110169360 - Stator housing and bearing support connection: A transmission having an electric motor/generator includes a transmission housing and a bearing support rigidly connected to the transmission housing and substantially enclosed by the transmission housing. A stator housing is substantially enclosed by the transmission housing, and is rigidly joined to the bearing support by a plurality of rivets,... Agent:

20110169364 - Rotor for use in ipm rotating electric machine, and ipm rotating electric machine provided with the rotor: A rotor includes a rotor core; and first permanent magnets and second permanent magnets arranged in the rotor core so that, on a cross-sectional plane of the rotor core perpendicular to the rotation axis thereof, the first and second magnets corresponding to each other define the letter V having an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20110169363 - Variable speed electric motor/generator: The present invention is an electric energy converter for converting between mechanical and electric energy. The energy converter is operable at a high efficiency over a very wide rpm band. The energy converter includes a first peripheral magnetic field element (magnet) having a north pole and a second peripheral magnetic... Agent:

20110169365 - Transverse and/or commutated flux systems configured to provide reduced flux leakage, hysteresis loss reduction, and phase matching: Electrical machines, for example transverse flux machines and/or commutated flux machines, may be configured to achieve increased efficiency, increased output torque, and/or reduced operating losses via use of extended magnets, overhung rotors, and/or stator tooth overlap. Extended magnets may reduce flux leakage between adjacent flux concentrators. Overhung rotors may reduce... Agent: Motor Excellence LLC

20110169366 - Transverse and/or commutated systems having phase offset: Electrical machines, for example transverse flux machines and/or commutated flux machines, may be configured to achieve reduced overall cogging torque via implementation of a sixth-phase offset. Individual cogging torque waveforms in the electrical machine may be evenly distributed across one-sixth of a voltage phase or other suitable spacing, resulting in... Agent: Motor Excellence LLC

20110169368 - Rotating electrical machine: A rotating electrical machine includes a stator including a stator core and a rotor. The stator core includes an annular-shaped first stack core and an annular-shaped second stack core. The first stack core includes first core pieces and first couplers. The first core pieces are spirally stacked. The first couplers... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20110169367 - Stator of an electric motor: A stator for an electric motor has a stator core, a winding and a housing enclosing the stator core and winding. The stator core has a yoke and a plurality of poles extending inwardly from the yoke. The winding formed by coils wound about the poles of the stator core.... Agent:

20110169369 - Stator for an electric machine: An electric machine having a stator surrounding a rotor with an air gap therebetween. The stator has slots in its inner margin for accommodating stator coil windings. Stator teeth defined by the slots have irregular shapes to modify a variable flux flow pattern in the air gap to reduce harmonic... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110169370 - Six-pole dc machine: The invention relates to a six-pole DC machine, particularly a DC motor for use in a motor vehicle, having a stator (16) excited preferably by a permanent magnet and a rotor (20) which is rotatably supported in a pole housing (12) and which has a wave winding (23) and a... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110169371 - Motor and brush configuration method: A detailed listing of all claims that are, or were, in the present application, irrespective of whether the claim(s) remain(s) under examination in the application is presented below. The claims are presented in ascending order and each includes one status identifier. Those claims not cancelled or withdrawn but amended by... Agent: Asmo Co., Ltd.

20110169372 - Energy harvesting device using pyroelectric material: Provided is an energy harvesting device using pyroelectric materials. The energy harvesting device includes a first heat source; a second heat source having a temperature higher than a temperature of the first heat source; and a cantilever which is interposed between the first heat source and the second heat source,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110169373 - Multi-layer piezoelectric element: A multi-layer piezoelectric element of high durability wherein the internal electrodes and the external electrodes do not break even when operated continuously over a long period of time under high electric field and high pressure is provided. The first multi-layer piezoelectric element according to the present invention comprises a stack... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110169374 - Method for tuning a resonant frequency of a piezoelectric component: A method for tuning a resonant frequency of a piezoelectric component is disclosed. The piezoelectric component includes a transducer extending in three spatial directions. The resonant frequency depends on an extension in at least one of the spatial directions and/or on a material-dependent elasticity modulus. The transducer includes a layered... Agent: Epcos Ag

20110169375 - Photostructured acoustic devices and methods for making same: A photostructurable ceramic is processed using photostructuring process steps for embedding devices within a photostructurable ceramic volume, the devices may include one or more of chemical, mechanical, electronic, electromagnetic, optical, and acoustic devices, all made in part by creating device material within the ceramic or by disposing a device material... Agent: The Aerospace Corporation

20110169376 - Piezoelectric actuator: An SIDM device 1 is provided with a columnar piezoelectric element 2 which expands and contracts in the axial direction by the application of a voltage, a columnar-shaped driving rod 3 which is fixed to the end surface of the piezoelectric element 2 in the axial direction and is displaced... Agent:

20110169377 - Piezoelectric oscillator: A piezoelectric crystal unit includes a package including a concave portion; a piezoelectric element having a protruding electrode and disposed within the package; and an electrically conductive adhesive contained in the concave portion. The piezoelectric element is fixed to the package with the protruding electrode embedded in the concave portion... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110169378 - Actuator apparatus and methods of manufacturing actuator apparatus, liquid ejecting head, and liquid ejecting apparatus: Oxygen defect of PZT can be suppressed from being generated because a temperature of a piezoelectric layer containing the PZT when a first layer of an upper electrode is formed is equal to or lower than 250° C. If the first layer containing Ir is formed on the piezoelectric layer... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110169380 - Assembly structure of bearing and holder of brushless dc motor: Disclosed herein is an assembly structure of a bearing and a holder of a brushless DC motor. The bearing is forcibly fitted into a hollow space formed through the holder. A beveled mouth edge is formed on the upper end of the circumferential inner surface of the holder through which... Agent:

20110169379 - Heat insulation structure for cooling fan: A heat insulation structure for cooling fan includes a base, a blade hub, and a stator. The base has a ceramic bearing sleeve, which defines an axial inner space for receiving at least one bearing therein. The bearing has an axial shaft hole; and a heat insulating nanomaterial is applied... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

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20110163616 - Voice coil motor: Disclosed is a voice coil motor, including a base having an opening, a stator is disposed on the base and including a magnet, a mover including a conductive coil opposing with the magnet, and a cylindrical bobbin in which a conductive coil is installed, a case fixed on the base... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20110163617 - Oil immersed solenoid: An oil immersed solenoid capable of easily and quickly removing air and air bubbles in oil in a space accommodating a movable core and preventing the air and the like from accumulating in the space. In an oil immersed solenoid in which a movable core is accommodated in a space... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110163618 - Rotating electrical machine: This rotating electrical machine includes a stator, a rotor having a plurality of convex portions on its surface that opposes the stator and extending along its direction of rotation, a magnet, and a frame made from magnetic material. The number of poles of the stator is the same as the... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110163640 - Rotor cooling for a dynamoelectric machine: A rotor for a dynamoelectric machine is disclosed. A bottom duct is disposed in the rotor, through which a cooling medium flows and conductors are cooled via radial ducts during operation. The bottom duct is embodied such that the cross section thereof decreases towards the center of the rotor.... Agent:

20110163641 - Permanent-magnet synchronous motor: The present invention provides a highly efficient permanent-magnet synchronous motor that can obtain output in a high-speed area without prolonging the axis of the permanent-magnet synchronous motor, in which stator magnetic poles are formed by dividing a magnetic pole in each phase into a plurality of parts and placing them... Agent:

20110163619 - Sealed electric generator: A sealed electric generator includes a casing (2) housing a stator (3) and a rotor (4) connected to a shaft (5), wherein the shaft (5) is provided with a duct housing and a lead (10) carrying electric power from an exciter (8) to rotor field windings (9). The duct has... Agent:

20110163620 - Stator for electric rotating machine and manufacturing method of the same: A stator for an electric rotating machine includes a stator core which has a plurality of slots and a stator winding which is provided at the stator core. The stator winding has a plurality of conductor segments each of which includes an inner conducting body accommodated in the slot of... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110163621 - Spindle motor and manufacturing method thereof: A spindle motor is provided, the motor including a bearing assembly including an upper end-opened cylindrical bearing housing and a bearing inserted into the bearing housing and formed with a rotation shaft hole, a stator including a core coupled to a periphery of the bearing housing and formed with at... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20110163622 - Combination radial/axial electromagnetic actuator: An electromagnetic actuator includes a body and first and second poles residing apart from the body. The first and second poles communicate magnetic flux across a gap with opposing end facing surfaces of the body. The body, the first pole, and the second pole are magnetically coupled and define an... Agent:

20110163623 - Electrical machines: Embodiments provide an electrical machine, comprising: first and second moveable elements arranged to interact in a magnetically geared manner via a magnetic field created, at least in part, by a first electrical winding arrangement associated with the first moveable element; and a second electrical winding arrangement which is arranged to... Agent: Magnomatics Limited

20110163624 - Permanent magnet type rotary electric machine: A rotary electric machine, wherein the rotation direction of a rotor is a defined direction, a groove is provided in a rotor core on the radial outside with respect to permanent magnets, and the groove is provided in a position inclined from the centerline between the permanent magnets within a... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110163625 - Stator designed to minimize leakage current and electric rotating machine using same: A stator which may be employed in an electric rotating machine. The stator includes a stator winding which includes in-slot portions disposed in slots of a stator core. The in-slot portions are arrayed in each of the slots in a form of multiple layers aligned in a radial direction of... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110163626 - Linear material and stator structure: A stator structure includes: a stator core (104) having a large number of concave slots (105) and a large number of convex magnetic poles (106) circumferentially alternately arranged; and magnet wires (101) of rectangular cross section in each of which an insulating coating (103) is formed on the outer surface... Agent: Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd.

20110163627 - Aluminum based composite squirrel cage for induction rotor and methods of making: A method of making a rotor is provided. The method includes mixing aluminum and carbon nanotubes; forming the mixture into an aluminum-carbon nanotube composite conductor bar; providing a laminated steel stack having a plurality of longitudinal slots; placing a plurality of the conductor bars in the longitudinal slots, first and... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110163628 - Pin-style collector brush holder with rotating spring plate, radial contact, and brush-wear indicator: An apparatus for holding a brush in contact with a moving conductive surface, the apparatus includes: a rotatable member disposed adjacent to the brush; and a spring coupled to the brush and to the member and configured to bias the brush towards the moving conductive surface; wherein the rotatable member... Agent: General Electric Company

20110163629 - Motor stator and molded motor: A motor stator is disclosed. Each of a first phase, second phase and third phase of three-phase winding has multiple toroidal coils and crossover wires connecting the coils. The crossover wire of the first phase runs inside the second phase coil and the third phase coil. The crossover wire of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110163630 - Capacitive micromachine ultrasound transducer: The patent application discloses a capacitive micromachined ultrasound transducer, comprising a silicon substrate; a cavity; a first electrode, which is arranged between the silicon substrate and the cavity; wherein the first electrode is arranged under the cavity; a membrane, wherein the membrane is arranged above the cavity and opposite to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110163631 - Electronic control device for a piezo-ceramic bending transducer designed as a trimorph: An electronic control device for a piezo-ceramic bending transducer designed as a trimorph (10) is proposed, wherein a first voltage divider (17) consisting of two resistor branches (18, 19) and powered by a first voltage source (USt1) is provided, whose first resistor branch (18) connects the first piezo-ceramic plate (11)... Agent: Festo Ag & Co.

20110163632 - Driving apparatus: A driving apparatus is capable of efficiently transmitting a reciprocating displacement of an electromechanical transducer element to a movement member and of effectively utilizing a vacant space. The driving apparatus includes an electromechanical transducer element having first and second end faces opposed to each other in a direction of expansion... Agent:

20110163633 - Ultrasonic motor: An ultrasonic motor for driving a driven object with a multi-degree of freedom includes a vibrator configured to simultaneously excite two vibration modes to generate an elliptic vibration on an output surface thereof, a driven object configured to be driven by the elliptic vibration generated on the output surface, and... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110163634 - Piezoelectric actuator module: Disclosed herein is a piezoelectric actuator module. The piezoelectric actuator module includes a flat plate, two or more elastic members, and a piezoelectric element. The elastic members are provided on each of opposite ends of the plate in a longitudinal direction thereof and protrude perpendicularly from the plate in such... Agent:

20110163635 - Piezoelectric actuator module: Disclosed herein is a piezoelectric actuator module. The piezoelectric actuator module includes a flat plate. An elastic member is provided on each of opposite ends of the plate in a longitudinal direction thereof, and protrudes perpendicularly from the plate in such a way that a first end of the elastic... Agent:

20110163636 - Matrix-assisted energy conversion in nanostructured piezoelectric arrays: A nanoconverter is capable of directly generating electricity through a nanostructure embedded in a polymer layer experiencing differential thermal expansion in a stress transfer zone. High surface-to-volume ratio semiconductor nanowires or nanotubes (such as ZnO, silicon, carbon, etc.) are grown either aligned or substantially vertically aligned on a substrate. The... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20110163637 - Piezoelectric device and piezoelectric device manufacturing method: A piezoelectric device includes: a first substrate; a second substrate disposed opposed to the first substrate; a third substrate disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate, a part of the third substrate forming a piezoelectric oscillating piece, and another part of the third substrate forming a frame which... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110163638 - Package manufacturing method, piezoelectric vibrator, and oscillator: A package manufacturing method capable of easily manufacturing a penetration electrode-attached base board having excellent shape accuracy with a high degree of flatness without forming cracks or the like is provided. The package manufacturing method includes an insertion hole forming step of forming insertion holes in one surface of a... Agent:

20110163639 - Bearing holder and spindle motor having the same: A bearing holder and a spindle motor having the same are disclosed. The bearing holder in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention can include a body, which has an insertion hole formed therein such that a bearing is inserted into the insertion hole, a first supporting protrusion, which... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

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