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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110121666 - Voice coil motor: A VCM is disclosed, the VCM including a bobbin formed with a coil at an outer surface thereof; at least one permanent magnet facing the coil formed at the bobbin; a cylindrical yoke encompassing the bobbin and the permanent magnet and including a metal member for blocking a magnetic field... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20110121667 - Motor damping structure for actuator device: A motor damping structure for an actuator device includes a motor housing and a casing. The motor housing includes a drive motor therein. The casing includes an upper actuator case and a lower actuator case to accommodate the motor housing therebetween, the casing including a motor support section formed integrally... Agent: Calsonic Kansei Corporation

20110121669 - Motor with eccentric rotor: The invention relates to a rotary electric machine with an eccentric rotor that comprises a stator and an eccentric rotor, the stator including a plurality of magnetic poles circumferentially distributed in order to define a closed cylindrical space, the rotor having a generally cylindrical shape with a diameter lower than... Agent: Delachaux S.a.

20110121668 - Permanent magnet rotor, and rotating machine comprising such a rotor: A rotor for rotating an electric machine having permanent magnets and flux concentration, including a shaft extending along the rotational axis of the rotor, a rotor body placed on the shaft, the rotor body having a central opening for the mounting thereof on the shaft; radially oriented recesses wherein the... Agent: Moteurs Leroy-somer

20110121670 - Fluid cooled electric motor: An electric motor includes a stator fixed in a motor housing, disposed around a motor shaft rotatable relative to the motor housing and formed with a radially extending through hole that is in spatial communication with an air-flow space defined between the stator and a tube body of the motor... Agent:

20110121692 - Vehicle drive device: A vehicle drive device, having a case with a support wall that extends at least radially, and an axially protruding portion that is cylindrically shaped integrally with the support wall and protrudes axially from the support wall toward a rotating electrical machine. A rotor support member is supported radially and... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20110121693 - Driving device: A driving device includes a first rotating member, an armature member being movable and rotatable together with, a second rotating member being rotatable relative to the armature member, a magnetic force generating portion for generating a magnetic force for attracting the armature member toward the second rotating member in order... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110121671 - Single bearing motor with magnetic element: A single bearing motor comprises a fan blade set, a motor set and a fan blade base. The fan blade set has a fan blade hub to join with a spindle fitting with a bearing on the outside thereof. The motor set is attached to the fan blade base and... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20110121673 - Magnetic gear arrangement: A magnetic gear arrangement is provided having a first gear member that generates a first magnetic field and a second gear member that generates a second magnetic field. A plurality of interpoles are disposed between the two gear members for coupling the first and second magnetic fields to control a... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20110121674 - Magnetic gear arrangement: A magnetic gear arrangement, having a first gear member for generating a first magnetic field and a second gear member for generating a second magnetic field. An interpole member is provided between the first and second gear members for coupling the two magnetic fields and controlling the gear ratio between... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20110121672 - Magnetic pole-piece support: A pole piece support comprising a frame having a spaced array of non-magnetic support structures, wherein disposed between at least a pair of adjacent non-magnetic support structures is a magnetic pole piece supported along at least a portion of its body by the adjacent non-magnetic support structures.... Agent: Magnomatics Limited

20110121675 - Method of rare earth-iron based annular magnet and motor fabricated thereby: Improvement of torque densities, miniaturization and weight saving for outer rotor type motors or permanent-magnet-field-type DC motors can be efficiently achieved by high-energy densification of a magnet. However, torque pulsation or armature reaction gives negative influences thereto. Further, in application of a slotless (coreless) structure eliminating the torque pulsation or... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20110121676 - Vehicle disk motor with movable magnet poles: A brushless D.C. disk motor has one or more disk rotor assemblies and pairs of stator assemblies for each rotor assembly. Each disk rotor assembly has a disk and a plurality of permanent magnets distributed along two or more circular paths in the disk inboard of the peripheral edge of... Agent: Silicon Valley Micro M Corporation

20110121677 - Rotor for a permanent magnet electric machine: A rotor for a permanent magnet electric motor includes a rotor core having a generally cylindrical shape with an outer circumferential surface and a rotational axis and a plurality of magnet insertion hole arrangements formed in the rotor core and arranged circumferentially at a preset angular interval about the rotational... Agent: Uqm Technologies, Inc.

20110121678 - Dynamoelectric machine locking wedge for maintaining a winding in a slot: A locking wedge for a slot of a dynamoelectric machine is provided. The locking wedge includes a main body extending in an axial direction. The main body has a top surface and a bottom surface with a greater surface area than the top surface, and a first end surface and... Agent: General Electric Company

20110121679 - Motor: A motor may include a stator provided with a yoke having a plurality of pole teeth and an exciting coil and a rotor disposed in a circular space surrounded by the pole teeth. A portion where a difference between an inner side area of the pole tooth facing the rotor... Agent: Nidec Sankyo Corporation

20110121680 - Stator core suspension and related spring bar: A stator core suspension includes a frame for supporting a stator core; a keybar coupled to a stator core section of the stator core; and a spring bar coupled to the frame and coupled to the keybar so as to be substantially aligned radially outboard of the keybar. A spring... Agent: General Electric Company

20110121681 - Electrochemical-based mechanical oscillator: A mechanical oscillator in accordance with one embodiment of the invention includes first and second electrodes and an electrolyte for conducting ions between the first and second electrodes. A power source, such as a voltage or current source, may be provided to create an alternating current between the first and... Agent:

20110121682 - Signal amplification by hierarchal resonating structures: An electromechanical resonating structure, including: first level major elements coupled to each other to form a second or higher level hierarchy; and first level sub-micron size minor elements with a characteristic frequency and coupled to each of the first level major elements to form a second level hierarchy in which... Agent: Sand9, Inc.

20110121683 - Piezoelectric resonator operating in thickness shear mode: An acoustic wave resonator device comprising a resonant layer that comprises a series of side-by-side areas of first and second dielectric materials. In one embodiment the first dielectric material is a piezoelectric, in particular the first dielectric material can be a piezoelectric and the second dielectric material can be non-piezoelectric.... Agent:

20110121684 - Piezoelectric actuator: A piezoelectric actuator comprises a stack of piezoelectric elements formed from piezoelectric material, a plurality of positive internal electrodes interdigitated with a plurality of negative internal electrodes to define active regions of the piezoelectric material which are responsive to a voltage being applied across the internal electrodes, in use. The... Agent:

20110121685 - Piezoelectric generator: A piezoelectric generator that includes a piezoelectric element having first and second surfaces on which a first electrode and a second electrode are disposed. A vibrating plate is bonded to the piezoelectric element such that the first surface is adjacent thereto. The vibrating plate includes a first bend disposed at... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110121686 - Driving circuit for vibration-type actuator: A driving circuit is configured to drive a vibration-type actuator including a vibration member and a moving member. The vibration member includes an electro-mechanical energy conversion element and may generate a vibration wave in response to an alternating voltage applied to the electro-mechanical energy conversion element. The moving member is... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110121687 - Ultrasound probe: A flexible printed circuit board, interposed between an intermediate member and a backing material, covers an almost whole back face of the intermediate member and has first and second wiring patterns. A first electrode is interposed between the piezoelectric transducer and the intermediate member, extracted onto the side face of... Agent: Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

20110121688 - Piezoelectric sensor and method for making the same: The present disclosure relates to a piezoelectric sensor. The piezoelectric sensor includes a polymer layer, a first metal layer, and a second metal layer. The polymer layer includes pyrolytic polyacrylonitrile. The first metal layer is located on a surface of the polymer layer. The first metal layer includes a first... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110121689 - Polarity determining seed layer and method of fabricating piezoelectric materials with specific c-axis: An acoustic resonator comprises a first electrode, a second electrode and a piezoelectric layer disposed between the first electrode and the second electrode, and comprising a C-axis having an orientation. A polarization-determining seed layer (PDSL) is disposed beneath the piezoelectric layer, the seed layer comprising a metal-nonmetal compound. A method... Agent: Avago Technologies WirelessIP(singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110121690 - Piezoelectric thin film element and piezoelectric thin film device: To provide a piezoelectric thin film element comprising: a piezoelectric thin film on a substrate, having an alkali-niobium oxide-based perovskite structure expressed by a composition formula (K1-xNax)yNbO3, wherein composition ratios x, y of the piezoelectric thin film expressed by (K1-xNax)yNbO3 are in a range of 0.4≦x≦0.7 and 0.7≦y≦0.94.... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20110121691 - Polymer actuator: There is provided a polymer actuator including a first electrode layer as an active member layer made of a conductive polymer, a second electrode layer opposing to the first electrode layer, and an electrolyte placed between the first electrode layer and the second electrode layer, so that the polymer actuator... Agent:

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110115309 - Method of sizing, selection and comparison of electrical machines: The object of invention is the method of sizing, selection and comparison of linear and rotary electrical machines. According to the invention, the machines can be sized, selected and compared by new specific parameters: electromagnetic specific motor constant kEMS, specific motor constant kS, electromagnetic normal motor constant kEMN, normal motor... Agent:

20110115310 - Flat linear vibrator: A linear vibrator is disclosed. The linear vibrator includes a housing having a base and a cover, a number of elastic members connected to the housing, a vibrating unit suspended in the housing by the elastic members, and a coil positioned in the housing. The base has a bottom wall... Agent:

20110115311 - Linear vibrator: A linear vibrator is disclosed. The linear vibrator includes a housing having a base and a cover, a number of elastic members connected to the housing, a moving unit suspended inside the housing by the elastic members, a PCB covered by the housing and a coil mounted on the PCB.... Agent:

20110115312 - Brushless dc motor: Disclosed herein is a brushless DC motor. The brushless DC motor includes a rotating shaft, a bearing, an integrated washer holder, a rotor casing, a stator and a support plate. The bearing rotatably supports the rotating shaft in the radial direction. The integrated washer holder supports the lower end of... Agent:

20110115313 - Electric water pump: An electric water pump may include a stator generating a magnetic field according to a control signal and a rotor rotated by the magnetic field generated at the stator and pressurizing coolant. According to the electric water pump, the stator may include, a stator core formed by stacking a plurality... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20110115314 - Power tools with motor having a multi-piece stator: A power tool has a motor having a stator made by separately forming pole pieces, return path pieces and field coils. The field coils are placed over necks of the pole path pieces and the return path pieces are affixed to the pole pieces. An armature having an outside diameter... Agent: Black And Decker Inc.

20110115315 - Rotor for a multipolar synchronous electric machine with salient poles: A rotor for a multipolar synchronous rotating machine includes a plurality of salient poles, each salient pole including a polar body and being surrounded by an induction coil including a plurality of layers of coiled wire; a plurality of spacers such that each spacer of the plurality of spacers creates... Agent: Jeumont Electric

20110115343 - Motorized hub for a motor vehicle with an electric drive: A motorized hub (1) for an electric traction automobile vehicle, said motorized hub comprising a hub (9) adapted to receive a wheel (2), the hub being mounted to rotate relative to a hub-carrier (7) about a hub axis. The motorized hub comprises a traction electric machine having an external stator... Agent:

20110115317 - Electric motor: An electric motor includes a stator made up of individual segments disposed in the circumferential direction, each individual segment including a core stack around which a winding is provided and at whose axial terminal regions end caps are provided, the winding being produced by a winding wire, an end cap... Agent:

20110115316 - Rotating electrical machine: A rotating electrical machine includes a stator including a coil, a case accommodating the stator and oil, an external connection terminal block arranged at an outer circumferential portion of the case and connecting the coil to an external device, a terminal box arranged at the outer circumferential portion and including... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110115344 - Hobby servo shaft attachment mechanisms having textured surfaces: An apparatus for enhancing an operational capacity of a hobby servo motor having a splined output shaft is disclosed. An apparatus illustratively includes a spline receiving portion. The spline receiving portion includes a plurality of circumferentially distributed protrusions sized and dispersed so as to support a functional engagement of the... Agent: Robotzone, LLC

20110115318 - Control apparatus for electric automobile: A clutch mechanism is provided between a drive wheel and an electric motor. In a high vehicle speed region, the electric motor is decoupled from the drive wheel to prevent the electric motor from over-speeding. In the high vehicle speed region, in which the clutch mechanism is switched to a... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110115319 - Electric actuators having internal load apparatus: Electric actuators having internal load apparatus are described herein. An example electric actuator having an internal load apparatus described herein includes a housing defining a cavity to receive a drive system and a drive shaft operatively coupled to the drive system. Rotation of the drive system in a first rotational... Agent:

20110115321 - Electric motor and planetary gear assembly: An electric motor assembly includes a stator defining a first interior space, a rotor positioned within the first interior space and configured for rotation relative to the stator, the rotor defining a second interior space, and a planetary gear assembly associated with the rotor and at least partially positioned within... Agent: Remy Technologies, LLC

20110115320 - Reversible planetary gear assembly: A planetary gear assembly includes a ring gear configured for connection to a rotor of an electric motor when in a first position and configured for connection to a housing of the electric motor when in a second position, a sun gear configured for connection to the housing when the... Agent: Remy Technologies, LLC

20110115322 - Motor rear cover: The present invention relates to a motor rear case, which is mounted on a motor case with a connecting bore. The motor rear case includes a main body and a plurality of protrusions. The main body has an annular plug, on which the protrusions are provided. The annular plug is... Agent: Taiwan Long Hawn Enterprise Co.

20110115324 - Bearing unit, and motor using same: A bearing unit is provided which includes a shaft (51) to support rotatably, radial bearing (55) to support the shaft (51) circumferentially, a thrust bearing (66) to support the shaft (51) in the direction of thrusting, and a housing (56) having the radial bearing (55) and thrust bearing (66) disposed... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110115323 - Hydrodynamic bearing assembly and motor having the same: There is provided a hydrodynamic bearing assembly including: a sleeve against which a shaft is supported so that an upper end of the shaft, being compressed and inserted into a hub base of a rotor case, protrudes upwardly in an axial direction; a first thrust dynamic pressure generating part formed... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110115325 - Motor endshield: An electric motor assembly is configured to be mounted within a machine in a selected one of multiple possible motor dispositions corresponding with different motor axis positions. The motor assembly includes an endshield having a pair of opposite generally radially-extending mounting flanges. Each mounting flange presents an engagement portion that... Agent: Emerson Electric Co.

20110115326 - Electrical machines: Embodiments of the present invention provide an electrical machine comprising a first moveable element having a first plurality of permanent magnets associated therewith, a winding arranged generally adjacent to the first moveable element, wherein the winding is arranged to interact magnetically with a magnetic field of the permanent magnets associated... Agent: Magnomatics Limited

20110115327 - Ac generator: AC generators are disclosed. Example generators may include a tubular air core, with high magnetic permeability and with a first and second end, the air core having a plurality of eddy current reducing slits passing from a radially outer surface of the air core to a radially inner surface of... Agent:

20110115328 - Embedded magnet motor and manufacturing method of the same: In an embedded magnet motor, radial magnets and first inclined magnets form north poles. The radial magnets and second inclined magnets form south poles. Core sheets each include preformed radial accommodating slots the number of which is expressed by P/2. Some of the preformed radial accommodating slots are short slots... Agent: Asmo Co., Ltd.

20110115329 - Universal motor: A universal motor includes a stator and a rotor rotatable relative to the stator. The stator includes a stator core and winding wound on the stator core. The stator core has an E-shape cross section and comprises a main part and three extension parts extending perpendicularly from the main part.... Agent:

20110115330 - High efficiency alternator bobbin: A rotor assembly is disclosed for use with an alternator. The rotor assembly includes a bobbin assembly, a claw pole assembly having an integrated hub on which the bobbin assembly is positioned, a shaft that is received in the claw pole assembly, and a slipring assembly connected to the shaft.... Agent:

20110115331 - Carbon brush assembly of slip ring: The present invention relates to a carbon brush assembly of a slip ring, wherein the slip ring further has a conductive ring. The carbon brush assembly includes a base having two tilted rails, and on each of which a carbon brush is movably mounted for reciprocation. Two biasing members are... Agent: Taiwan Long Hawn Enterprise Co.

20110115332 - Stepping motor: A stepping motor may include a rotor having a drive magnet and a stator having a drive coil wound in a tube shape and disposed on the drive magnet. The stator may include a first yoke, a second yoke, a plurality of first pole teeth, and a plurality of second... Agent: Nidec Sankyo Corporation

20110115333 - Electromechanical transducer and method of manufacturing the same: An electromechanical transducer, including: a plurality of devices each including at least one cell including a first electrode and a second electrode facing each other across a gap; and an outer frame extending along an outer periphery of the plurality of devices, wherein the first electrode of each of the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110115334 - Surface acoustic wave element: A surface acoustic wave element includes a piezoelectric substrate made of a LiNbO3 or LiTaO3 single crystal, a base electrode layer disposed on the piezoelectric substrate and primarily including at least one of Ti and Cr, and an Al electrode layer primarily including Al disposed on the base electrode layer.... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110115335 - Device for changing the operational state of an apparatus: The invention relates to a device for changing the operational state of an apparatus, in particular from a stand-by or power down mode into an active state, which, in order to reduce power consumption during a stand-by mode and, furthermore, in order to reduce accidental powering up of the apparatus,... Agent:

20110115336 - Driving apparatus, and manufacturing method of the same: A driving apparatus comprises: an electromechanical conversion element that expands and contracts in an extending direction of a given fiducial line; a driving shaft mounted on one end of the electromechanical conversion element in the extending direction; a driven member frictionally engaged with the driving shaft; a holder that supports... Agent:

20110115338 - Methods of fabricating a membrane with improved mechanical integrity: Methods for fabricating robust films across a patterned underlying layer's edges or steps are disclosed. The novel methods diminish the negative effects of electrode steps or edges on the integrity of a membrane. Thus, the methods are particularly applicable to membrane release technology. The height of the step or edge... Agent: Agere Systems Inc.

20110115337 - Ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic sensor, method of manufacturing ultrasonic transducer, and method of manufacturing ultrasonic sensor: An ultrasonic transducer includes: a support member having an opening section; a diaphragm adapted to cover the opening section; and a piezoelectric member provided to the diaphragm and at least one of expanding and contracting in an in-plane direction in response to application of a voltage, wherein the diaphragm has... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110115339 - Acoustic wave device: An acoustic wave device according to one embodiment of the present invention has a base with a vibrating body, a sealing member which is joined to the base in a frame-shaped region surrounding the vibrating body and faces the vibrating body with a space therebetween, and an intermediate layer between... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20110115340 - Touch panel device: A touch panel device in which a support portion is provided to include an actuator for generating vibration giving an excellent sense of touch without the need for a separate mounting space. To this end, the touch panel device having a front cover portion, a touch sensor unit divided into... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110115341 - Insulated film use in a mems device: A method of forming an actuator and an actuable device formed by this method are disclosed. This method includes depositing a photoimageable material to form a first photoimageable layer on a piezoelectric layer; patterning the first photoimageable layer to form an aperture; and disposing a first conductive layer on the... Agent:

20110115342 - Tuning fork quartz crystal resonator: A tuning fork quartz crystal resonator has a base and two resonating arms extended in parallel from the same side of the base. Each resonating arm has asymmetric grooves on its upper and bottom surface, and the via-hole to reliably connect the top and bottom electrode. The asymmetric groove design... Agent: Wafer Mems Co., Ltd.

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110109173 - Electrical machine apparatus: A mover includes a permanent magnet array including permanent magnets magnetized in a perpendicular direction perpendicular to a motion direction of the mover such that magnetic poles having different polarities alternately appear on magnetic pole surfaces of the permanent magnets along the motion direction. A stator includes first and second... Agent: Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.

20110109174 - Electric generator: An electric generator device includes a magnetic stator assembly, opposed coils, and a rotary-to-linear converter (e.g., cam). The coils are configured to reciprocate relative to the magnetic stator assembly or to linearly translate in a common direction relative to the magnetic stator assembly. The coils are coupled to the cam... Agent: Nucleus Scientific

20110109175 - Arrangement with an electric motor and a pump: An arrangement including an electric motor driving a pump is provided. The arrangement is delivering a process fluid along a flow path, which flow path extends along a gap between a stator and a motor rotor of the electric motor. To avoid rotor dynamic instability caused by hydrodynamics in the... Agent:

20110109176 - Induction motor equipped with heat dissipating disc for dissipating rotor heat: An induction motor has a rotation detector, a heat dissipating disc for dissipating heat generated from a rotor, and a cooling fan for forcibly cooling the heat dissipating disc with outside air. The heat dissipating disc is disposed between the rotation detector and the cooling fan.... Agent: Fanuc Ltd

20110109206 - Bicycle power generator: A bicycle power generator includes a tube which is adapted to be installed in a bottom bracket of a bicycle. The tube has a receiving space defined therein. A plurality of coil stators is annularly disposed in an inner periphery of the receiving space. A rotary shaft axially passes through... Agent:

20110109178 - Automotive dynamoelectric stator: In a dynamoelectric machine according to the present invention, first lead portions that connect a plurality of windings to configure phase windings are each led axially outward from a rear-end coil end group, and then disposed so as to extend parallel to an axially outer peripheral surface of the rear-end... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110109177 - Motor assembly with switch module: A new motor assembly uses a switch module to facilitate the assembly of an electric motor. The switch module can be prefabricated, and is connected to a terminal block on the motor by plug and socket connectors on the terminal block and on a terminal end of the module. The... Agent:

20110109179 - Power plant: A power plant which is capable of reducing the size and costs thereof and attaining high driving efficiency. In the power plant 1, the ratio between the number of first armature magnetic poles that form a first rotating magnetic field generated by a first stator 23 of a first rotating... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110109180 - Power plant: To provide a power plant which makes it possible to make the power plant more compact in size, reduce manufacturing costs thereof, and improve the degree of freedom in design. The power plant 1 comprises an engine 3, and first and second rotating machines 10 and 20, and drives front... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110109181 - Motor: In the invention, in order for a brush assembly to be easily built in a motor, the motor includes an aligning means for aligning a main body portion of the brush assembly relative to a lower case engaging the main body portion with the lower case and a guide means... Agent: Nidec Copal Corporation

20110109182 - Magnetic transmission: A magnetic transmission is provided for increasing or decreasing rotational speed as any transmission or reducer including those for cars and trucks. Since this transmission does not require oil, it will eliminate the need for a separate oil cooling system which is especially beneficial for electric cars, also design useful... Agent:

20110109183 - Series electric engine power drive with rheostat and battery feedback: The motor generator set described here has unique circuitry which allows for the combined electrical output of two generators to be paired up with one another as well as the output of a battery in a manner that maximizes there output. Diodes are provided in this circuitry to direct the... Agent:

20110109184 - Tandem rotor servo motor: A tandem rotor servo motor assembly is provided comprising a first phase element positioned on a shaft, the first phase element having a first rotor in communication with the shaft and surrounded by a stator carrying four magnetic poles, each of said poles exerting a magnetic force when said poles... Agent:

20110109185 - High efficiency magnetic core electrical machine: A magnetic core electrical machine includes a plurality of “U”-shaped stator yokes arranged circumferentially with respect to a rotor and either staggered to form a continuous flux return path or displaced relative to permanent magnets of the rotor in order to reduce cogging. Various mechanisms and/or circuits are provided to... Agent:

20110109186 - Conductor bar for the stator of a generator and method for its production: A conductor bar for a stator of a generator includes a plurality of internal conductor elements; an insulation wound around the plurality of internal conductor elements so as to externally enclose the plurality of internal conductor elements, the insulation including impregnated glass/mica bands; and at least one interlayer disposed between... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20110109187 - Key bar compression apparatus: Solutions for reducing key bar rattle in dynamoelectric machines are disclosed. In one embodiment an apparatus includes: a plurality of key bars operably coupling a stator core to a stator wrapper in which the stator core is at least partially contained; a cable surrounding the plurality of key bars; and... Agent: General Electric Company

20110109188 - Partial discharge resistant motor slot insulation: Systems and methods for reducing or preventing partial discharge between turns of a single coil within an electric motor by placing insulating barriers between different pluralities of wire turns in a single coil. One embodiment comprises an electric motor. The motor includes a rotor and a stator, where the stator... Agent:

20110109189 - Rotary machine stator: According to one embodiment, a rotary machine stator includes a cylindrical stator core, an insulating film, and a ring-shaped insulator. The stator core includes a slot and a slot opening. The insulating film is formed cylindrical to be in close contact with the inner surface of the slot. The insulating... Agent: Fujitsu General Limited

20110109190 - Rotary electrical machine: When a conventional technology is employed, it is difficult to manufacture a magnet row because magnets are disposed so that N-poles face each other while S-poles face each other. Further, magnetic reluctance is increased because a generated magnetic flux obliquely crosses an air gap in which the magnets are disposed.... Agent:

20110109191 - Generator stator unit: e

20110109192 - Electric machine, in particular commutator machine: The invention relates to an electric machine, in particular a commutator machine (10), the carbon brushes (14) of which cooperate with a commutator (13) to supply the rotor with current, the carbon brushes (14) being continuously provided or provided in layer sections with different additives such as scouring material, lubricants... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110109193 - Motor device: There is provided a motor device. The motor device includes a sleeve including an axial hole, a shaft inserted in the axial hole and rotatably installed thereto, a rotor case coupled with the shaft, rotating together with the shaft, and supporting a disc disposed thereupon, and a balancer including one... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110109194 - Two-dimensional micromechanical actuator with multiple-plane comb electrodes: A micro-electro-mechanical actuator consists of a first semiconductor layer comprising a movable element with comb electrodes, a support element with inner and outer comb electrodes and a stationary element with comb electrodes, an electrical insulation layer, and a second semiconductor layer with a cavity to allow out-of-plane rotation of the... Agent:

20110109195 - Vibration power generator, vibration power generating device and communication device having vibration power generating device mounted thereon: Generating efficiency of a vibration power generating device, which generates power by vibration in the biaxial direction, is improved. The vibration power generating device is provided with: a first substrate (101) and a second substrate (106); a first electrode (104) formed on the first substrate; a fixed structural body (103);... Agent:

20110109196 - Plate wave element and electronic equipment using same: A plate wave element includes a piezoelectric body, a comb-shaped electrode disposed on an upper surface of the piezoelectric body, and a medium layer disposed on the upper surface of the piezoelectric body so as to cover the comb-shaped electrode. The comb-shaped electrode excites a Lamb wave as a main... Agent:

20110109197 - Drive device: A drive device includes a stator; a rotatably provided drive member; a piezoelectric element, which is nipped between the stator and the drive member in a tangential line direction of a rotation locus circle of the drive member, and expands and contracts in the tangential line direction at an expansion... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20110109198 - Phased array buckling actuator: A harmonic buckling actuator is comprised of numerous buckling units engaged to a rotational track/gear. Each buckling unit includes two input translational actuators. One end of each input actuator is constrained to rotate about a rotational joint that is rigidly attached to a common ground. The other end of each... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110109199 - Electromechanical transducer and method for manufacturing the same: Disclosed is an electromechanical transducer and the method for manufacturing the same, which can detect or control deformation and vibration of a structure and flow of fluids by applying controlling forces. The electromechanical transducer of the present invention comprises a base substrate to which initial stress is applied; an electro-active... Agent: Agency For Defense Development

20110109200 - Two- or multi-layer ferrelectret and method for the production thereof: The present invention relates to a method for producing two- or multi-layer ferroelectrets with defined voids, with the exception of three-layer ferroelectrets with a perforated middle layer made of PTFE between two FEP layers, involving, introducing one or more clearances into at least one surface side of a polymer film... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110109202 - Autonomous piezoelectric device for generating an electrical voltage: e

20110109201 - Manual control device with power generation function and remote control device with power generation function: A manual control device with a power generation function includes a manual input unit of a touch sensor type, a control unit that detects a direction input in the manual input unit and performs a control operation according to the direction, a power generation unit that is formed of piezoelectric... Agent: Soundpower Corporation

20110109203 - Flexible piezoelectric structures and method of making same: A flexible piezoelectric structure and a method of making the structure are disclosed. A piezoelectric film having a relatively high piezoelectric coefficient is attached to a flexible substrate. The piezoelectric film is fabricated on a different substrate and transferred to the flexible substrate by contact.... Agent: The Trustees Of Princeton University

20110109204 - Piezoelectric element and audio device: A piezoelectric element including a plurality of stacked piezoelectric sheets, wherein the stretching axis of a first piezoelectric sheet and the stretching axis of a second piezoelectric sheet of the plurality of piezoelectric sheets are oriented in different directions from each other. Preferably, the stretching axis of the first piezoelectric... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110109205 - Vibration device and electronic device: A vibration device includes: a vibrating reed including a base having a notch, a plurality of vibrating arms extending from the base, and each including an arm section, a weight section, and a groove section, and a support section, wherein a mechanical resonant frequency f of the vibrating reed is... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

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20110101796 - Vibration actuator: A vibration actuator includes a coil that extends in a vibration direction and has a flat shape and a magnet that extends in the vibration direction and has a flat shape, so that a case can be made flat or low profile. A weight portion is supported by a shaft,... Agent: Nidec Copal Corporation

20110101798 - Spring for linear vibration motors: Disclosed herein is a spring for a linear vibration motor. The spring elastically supports a vibrator to a stator of the linear vibration motor. The vibrator linearly vibrates using electromagnetic force generated by interaction between a coil and a magnet. The spring is provided between the stator and the vibrator.... Agent:

20110101797 - Vibration motor: A vibration motor is disclosed. In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, the vibration motor includes a base, a vibrator, which reciprocates, a coupling part, which is protruded on at least one of the base and the vibrator, and a leaf spring, which includes a frame and an... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110101799 - Linear vibrator: A linear vibrator is disclosed. The linear vibrator in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes a base, a coil unit, which is coupled to the base, a magnet assembly, which forms a closed circuit of a magnetic force perpendicular to an electric current flowing through the coil... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110101800 - Apparatus for holding an electrical machine such that it is decoupled from vibration: The invention relates to an apparatus for holding an electrical machine (1) such that it is decoupled from vibration, which electrical machine (1) has a pole housing (3) and a machine flange, between which at least one vibration-decoupling element (7) is arranged, which rests on at least one contact surface... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110101801 - Forced cooling rotary electric machine: The invention aims at providing a forced cooling rotary electric machine capable of bringing temperature distribution close to a designed temperature distribution and avoiding becoming a larger size, and employs a wedge formed with ventilation grooves and a wedge not formed with the ventilation grooves to regulate the flow rates... Agent:

20110101802 - Cooling device for an electric machine arrangement: A cooling device (1) is provided for an electric machine arrangement (M) that has two electric machines (m1, m2). The cooling device (1) has cooling ducts that run helically around the electric machine arrangement (M). Two openings (7, 9) are arranged at one end (11) of the cooling device (1)... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c.f. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20110101803 - Brushless rotary electric machine: Provided is a brushless AC generator for a vehicle, with improved cooling performance for an exiting core and an exciting coil. In the brushless AC generator for the vehicle, a rotor includes: magnetic-pole cores fixed to a shaft; a cylindrical exciting core fixed to a rear bracket, the exciting core... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110101804 - Controller-integrated electric rotating machine: In a controller-integrated electric rotating machine provided with a stator 3 configured with an iron core 3B and a stator winding 3A, a rotor 4 having a cooling fan 5, an inverter power circuit 20 that is a control apparatus for applying a stator current to the stator winding 3A,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110101805 - Electrical power system, method and assembly having nonconductive support bar: A method, system and assembly for transferring electrical power adapted to provide power to a grounded aircraft is provided. The assembly comprises a first and second insulated electrical conductor and a plug body, attached to ends of these conductors. A first contact and a second contact is provided within the... Agent:

20110101806 - Safety device for a linear actuator and a linear actuator: The invention concerns a safety device (1) for an actuator comprising a connection means (2) allowing a connection to a releasable holding means (5). The connection means (2) is fixed via a sacrificing means (3) to a supporting means (4), and a resilient means (7) is acting between the supporting... Agent:

20110101807 - Hydrodynamic bearing assembly and motor having the same: A hydrodynamic bearing assembly according to an aspect of the invention may include: a sleeve against which a shaft is supported so that an upper end of the shaft, being compressed and inserted into a hub base of a rotor case, protrudes upwardly in an axial direction; a first oil... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110101808 - Magnetic bearing device: Provided is a magnetic bearing device capable of facilitating manufacture of the magnetic bearing device and improving precision in production thereof while maintaining eddy current reducing effects. The magnetic bearing device 10 supporting a rotating shaft 3 with a magnetic force includes a plurality of magnetic poles 5 arranged in... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20110101809 - Actuator: An actuator that includes a housing and an electric motor arranged in the housing. The housing has an insertion opening with a cylindrical motor receiving compartment through which the electric motor is axially inserted. The electric motor axially rests on a bottom of the motor receiving compartment on a first... Agent:

20110101810 - Serial connection structure of direct-drive motor: A serial connection structure of a direct-drive motor, including a central shaft, a housing, at least two rotors and stators of the same number as the rotors. The central shaft has a predetermined length. The housing has an internal space and is coaxially fitted around the central shaft. The rotors... Agent:

20110101812 - Electric motor and/or generator with mechanically tuneable permanent magnetic field: Apparatus and method for tuning the magnetic field of brushless motors and alternators to obtain efficient operation over a broad RPM range. The motor or alternator includes fixed windings (or stator) around a rotating rotor carrying permanent magnets. The permanent magnets are cylindrical and have North (N) and South (S)... Agent:

20110101811 - Reconfigurable inductive to synchronous motor: A reconfigurable electric motor includes rotatable permanent magnets in a rotor, the magnets having a first position producing a weak magnetic field and a second position producing a strong magnetic field. The motor is reconfigurable from an asynchronous induction motor at startup into a synchronous motor for efficient operation. The... Agent:

20110101813 - Rotary single-phase electromagnetic actuator: A single phase, rotary electromagnetic actuator comprising first and second stator assemblies, located in oppositely facing spaced apart positions along a common central axis, permits a magnetized disc magnet rotor to rotate about the common axis free of any magnetic attractive forces normally tending to move the disc magnet longitudinally... Agent:

20110101814 - Reconfigurable inductive to synchronous motor: A reconfigurable electric motor includes a rotor containing rotatable permanent magnets or non-magnetically conducting shunting pieces. The magnets and/or shunting pieces have a first position producing a weak magnetic field for asynchronous induction motor operation at startup and a second position producing a strong magnetic field for efficient synchronous operation.... Agent:

20110101815 - Electric motor or generator with mechanically tuneable permanent magnetic field: Apparatus and method for tuning the magnetic field of brushless motors and alternators to obtain efficient operation over a broad RPM range. The motor or alternator includes fixed windings (or stator) around a rotating rotor carrying permanent magnets. The permanent magnets are generally cylindrical and have North and South poles... Agent:

20110101816 - Stator for a rotating electric machine and rotating electric machine: A stator includes a stator-core having slots and teeth, and a back-yoke having convex and concave portions. The convex portions are partially inserted into the slots, and the concave portions receive the teeth. The teeth include tip portions whose circumferential widths become larger along a radial direction from the inside... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110101817 - Variable geometry electric machine: A variable geometry electric machine that includes a moveable magnetic member that varies the flux path between a rotor and a stator of the machine depending on the machine speed to control the flux between the rotor and the stator. As the speed of the machine increases, the magnetic member... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110101818 - Segmented stator assembly: An electric machine and stator assembly are provided that include a continuous stator portion having stator teeth, and a tooth tip portion including tooth tips corresponding to the stator teeth of the continuous stator portion, respectively. The tooth tip portion is mounted onto the continuous stator portion.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110101819 - Fixing enhancement mechanism for large iron core: A fixing enhancement mechanism for large iron core, including an iron core and two end rings. The iron core is composed of several arc-shaped bodies, which are successively connected in an annular form with their curvature centers coinciding with each other. The end rings are coaxially fixedly connected to two... Agent:

20110101820 - Brush holder assembly with spring clip: A brush holder assembly of an electrical device is disclosed. The brush holder assembly includes a brush holder, a spring clip removable from the brush holder, a spring detachably coupled to the spring clip, and a spring retainer for retaining the spring on the spring clip. The spring clip is... Agent: Cutsforth Products, Inc.

20110101821 - Electrode comb, micromechanical component, and method for producing an electrode comb or a micromechanical component: An electrode comb for a micromechanical component includes at least one electrode finger for which a first electrode finger subunit with a first central longitudinal axis and a second electrode finger subunit with a second central longitudinal axis are defined. The second central longitudinal axis are defined is inclined in... Agent:

20110101822 - Surface acoustic wave sensor and system: A surface acoustic wave sensor to measure physical, biological or chemical parameters is claimed. Using different piezoelectric substrate materials, piezoelectric substrates with different thicknesses or metallizations with different thicknesses or patterns are used to distinguish between the effects of different physical, biological or chemical parameters.... Agent:

20110101823 - Actuator: The invention provides an actuator for an electric motor and an electric motor including said actuator. The actuator includes one or more body formed from a dielectric elastomer, each body having at least one active region that is directly or indirectly coupled to a drive means. The active regions are... Agent: Auckland Uniservices Limited

20110101824 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: There are provided a transducer that irradiates an ultrasonic wave, a transmitter that drives the transducer, and a plurality of power sources that supply a plurality of positive voltages and negative voltages to the transmitter. The transmitter includes a plurality of switches (SW1 to SW4) that connect the power sources... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110101826 - Linear driving device: In a linear driving device 7, in which a driving shaft 21 vibrates in an axial direction by a vibration member 17, as a result of which a movable body 3 that is frictionally contact with the driving shaft 21 slides along the axial direction of the driving shaft 21,... Agent: Shicoh Co., Ltd.

20110101825 - Piezoelectric motor: Disclosed herein is a piezoelectric motor. The piezoelectric motor includes a piezoelectric vibrating body, a dummy piezoelectric sheet layer and a contact member. The piezoelectric vibrating body is configured such that piezoelectric sheets on which electrode patterns are printed are stacked on one on another. The dummy piezoelectric sheet layer... Agent:

20110101827 - Energy harvesting device: The present invention discloses an energy harvesting device that converts small magnitude and low frequency vibrations into electrical energy. The device can include a base, a low frequency element, and a piezoelectric element. The low frequency element can be movably attached to the base and the piezoelectric element can also... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20110101828 - Piezoelectric element and method for manufacturing the same: A piezoelectric element includes a substrate, and a lower electrode layer, a piezoelectric layer, and an upper electrode layer sequentially formed on the substrate. The substrate has a linear thermal expansion coefficient higher than that of the piezoelectric layer, and the piezoelectric layer includes a polycrystalline body having an in-plane... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110101829 - Piezoelectric multilayer component: A piezoelectric multilayer component includes a stack of green piezoceramic layers which are arranged one on top of the other. A first electrode layer is applied to a piezoceramic layer and contains a first metal. A second electrode layer is applied to a further piezoceramic layer and is adjacent to... Agent:

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