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Electrical generator or motor structure April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110095627 - Integrally molded plastic fan motor frame and sintered oil-impregnated bearing structure and method of manufacturing the same: An integrally molded plastic fan motor frame and sintered oil-impregnated bearing structure includes a plastic fan motor frame and a sintered oil-impregnated bearing integrally enclosed in a central tube of the frame, so that the integrally molded structure is solid and precise. In a method of manufacturing an integrally molded... Agent:

20110095628 - Axial gap motor, compressor, motor system, and power generator: The present invention provides a low-iron-loss (high-efficiency) and low-cost axial gap motor that includes a high-quality soft magnetic material placed at an appropriate position, reduces torque pulsation, keeps induced voltage in the shape of a sine wave, and increases the degree of freedom in design. The axial gap motor includes... Agent:

20110095658 - Rotational angle detector: A rotational angle detector provided with a circular rotary plate integrally rotatable with a rotor of a motor and including a circumferential surface having marks, which are spaced apart by different angular intervals in a circumferential direction. A rotational angle detection unit is arranged along the circumferential direction of the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho

20110095659 - Integrated-inverter electric compressor and inverter unit thereof: An integrated-inverter electric compressor and an inverter unit thereof are provided, with which sufficient anti-vibration properties can be ensured and weight reduction can be achieved. In an integrated-inverter electric compressor, an inverter unit includes an inverter module in which a power-system metallic board having mounted thereon semiconductor switching elements and... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110095629 - Step actuator apparatus: Disclosed is a step actuator apparatus. The step actuator includes a step actuator including a housing, a stator installed in the housing, a rotor rotating by a reaction with the stator and a screw member coupled to the rotor and moving linearly according to rotation of the rotor; and a... Agent:

20110095630 - End cap assembly: An electric motor has an end cap assembly comprising: a base and a cover. The base has a first chamber configured to receive a commutator, a second chamber configured to receive electronic components, and brush boxes having passages configured to receive brushes. The first chamber and the second chamber are... Agent:

20110095632 - Mechanical part and manufacturing method for the same: Reliability of a mechanical part including two parts fixed to each other by an anaerobic adhesive is improved, at least one of the two parts being made of a resin material. After UV treatment is performed on an adhesive surface (10) with respect to a bracket (6) of an outer... Agent: Ntn Corporation

20110095631 - Spindle motor: A spindle motor is provided. The spindle motor includes a base, a bearing housing, a bearing, a rotation shaft, a stator, a bushing, and a rotor. The bearing housing is installed on the base. The bearing is fixed inside the bearing housing. The rotation shaft is installed to be supported... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20110095633 - Magical power: Electric generator also can generate from silicon magnetic and quartz material by attract and repulsion polarity of silicon magnetic north and south apply force compress and decompress on quartz material to create electric signal. The other useful of silicon magnetic can keep holes charge at bay to create more free... Agent:

20110095634 - Electric machine comprising a stator support for a hybrid drive train: An electric machine (2) having a stator support (5) for a hybrid drive train of a vehicle, in particular a utility vehicle, with a transmission housing (3), for accommodating the transmission, and a hybrid housing (4), for accommodating the electric machine (2), such that the stator support (5) is formed... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20110095635 - Various motor assembly: A various motor assembly comprises at least one single motor allowing to enter a coding position at instant; a single-layer circular or cylindrical motor unit comprised of the at least one single motor; a multi-layer cylinder motor set piled from the single-layer circular or cylindrical motor unit, and including piled... Agent:

20110095636 - Magnetic force based automatic power generation device: A magnetic force based automatic power generation device includes a ring body, which has an inner circumference along which spaced permanent magnets are arranged and an outer circumference along which spaced electric magnets are arranged. A driving element is coupled to a top of the ring body. A speed reduction... Agent:

20110095637 - Rotor for a rotary electric machine comprising a magnet element between two adjacent teeth: A rotor (10) for a rotary electric machine which comprises: two field spiders (12) each of which runs more or less radially with respect to the main axis of the rotor (10) and comprises a series of axial arms (20) in which each arm (20) runs axially inwards from the... Agent:

20110095638 - Hybrid electric automobile: In an electric motor, magnets (4) have two pairs of poles, the number of teeth (9) is 18, and the number of segments (14) of a commutator is 18. Winding wires (12, 25) for forming an armature coil (7) are formed by a first conductive wire (110) or a second... Agent:

20110095639 - Stator for electric rotating machine and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a stator for an electric rotating machine. The method includes the steps of: (1) forming a plurality of planar electric wires, each of the planar electric wires including a plurality of in-slot portions to be received in slots of a stator core and a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110095640 - Locking wedge for maintaining a winding in a slot and dynamoelectric machine incorporating same: A locking wedge for a slot of a dynamoelectric machine is provided. The locking wedge has a main body extending in an axial direction, and includes a top and a bottom surface. The bottom surface has a greater surface area than the top surface. A first end surface faces towards... Agent: General Electric Company

20110095641 - Dielectric extrusion for stator slot liners: An electric motor includes a rotor and a stator assembly concentrically located about the rotor. The stator assembly includes a stator stack and a plurality of spaced apart stator teeth extending radially from the stator stack. The plurality of stator teeth define a plurality of stator slots. A plurality of... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110095642 - Magnetic iron core, method for manufacturing the same, axial-gap rotating electrical machine, and static electrical machine: The invention provides a high-quality magnetic iron core by concurrently satisfying requirements for enhancement in strength of a wound iron core, particularly, strength of a wound iron core made up of amorphous foil strips, reduction in manufacturing time, and manufacturing cost. The invention also provides an electromagnetic application product highly... Agent:

20110095643 - Rotor for a multipolar synchronous electric machine with salient poles: A rotor for a multipolar synchronous electric machine including a plurality of salient poles, each salient pole being surrounded by an induction coil; a ring integrating the plurality of salient poles; wherein each salient pole includes a polar body integral with the ring; two removable pole tips facing each other... Agent: Jeumont Electric

20110095644 - Electrical generator and electricity generation system: The present invention relates to an electrical generator (40) and an electricity generation system (10 or 11 or 12) incorporating the generator. The generator comprises a stationary part (42) and a movable part (43), one of which (43) is deployed with magnetising means and the other (42) with coil means,... Agent:

20110095645 - Electromechanical transducer and manufacturing method therefor: In an electromechanical transducer which includes a vibration membrane provided with an upper electrode, a substrate provided with a lower electrode, and a support member adapted to support the vibration membrane in such a manner that a gap is formed between the vibration membrane and the substrate with these electrodes... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110095646 - Device for converting thermal power into electricity: A device for converting thermal power into electric power including a plurality of bimetallic strips disposed between a rigid support and a plate of a resilient plastic material; and on the side of the plate of a resilient plastic material opposite to the strips, a layer of a piezoelectric material... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (crolles 2) Sas

20110095647 - Valve apparatus: A rotating valve apparatus includes a cylindrical casing; a shaft arranged symmetrically in the casing; a member fixedly attached to the shaft and in close fit with the cylindrical casing, defining separated chambers within the casing; at least one outlet fixedly arranged along the circumference of the casing; and a... Agent:

20110095648 - Nonlinear oscillator for vibration energy harvesting: An oscillator apparatus and method for vibration energy harvesting includes a nonlinear oscillator (e.g. piezoelectric, magnetic or liquid oscillator) configured in association with a potential energy profile to enhance a desirable nonlinear effect with a larger displacement and a wider spectrum response. A cantilever beam associated with a vibrating structure... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110095649 - Vibrating device: A vibrating device that includes a small number of components and that has a high vibration transmission efficiency is provided. The vibrating device is fixed to a fixing member. The vibrating device includes a single elastic plate and piezoelectric vibrating plates. The elastic plate includes a fixing portion, a vibrating... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110095650 - Ultrasonic motor: An ultrasonic motor is configured as follows. Namely, the ultrasonic motor includes a vibrator, a rotor, a press mechanism, a frame, and a regulating unit. The vibrator's section perpendicular to a central axis has a rectangular shape, in which a ratio of a short side to a long side that... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20110095651 - Device for detecting interaction with an object: A device and method for the detection of the interaction between two or more objects is disclosed. The device utilizes electrical impedance spectra measured from a piezoelectric element attached to one such object. Comparison of such spectra along a range of traverse allows precise estimates of distance to be made.... Agent: Sonoplot, Inc.

20110095654 - Apparatus for generating electrical energy from mechanical vibrations having a wide variety of amplitudes and frequencies by means of piezo sensors: An apparatus couples mechanical energy in the form of wide-range mechanical vibrations to a piezo sensor, especially a multi-layer piezo sensor, for converting the mechanical energy into electric energy. The apparatus has a housing onto which the mechanical energy acts in the form of the vibrations, and a vibrating mass... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110095652 - Holster-integrated piezoelectric energy source for handheld electronic device: A holster for a handheld electronic device. The holster has integrated therein one or more piezoelectric elements that provide an output voltage to the handheld electronic device upon insertion of device in the holster. The output voltage can be used to charge the battery of the device, to power, at... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110095653 - Piezoelectric nanodevices: A piezoelectric nanodevice may include a first substrate having formed thereon a multiple number of nanorods and a second substrate having formed thereon a multiple number of piezoelectric nanorods. The first substrate associates with the second substrate to generate friction between the nanorods of the first substrate and the piezoelectric... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20110095655 - Thermoelectric generator: A thermoelectric generator including, between first and second walls delimiting a tightly closed space, a layer of a piezoelectric material connected to output terminals; a plurality of openings crossing the piezoelectric layer and emerging into first and second cavities close to the first and second walls; and in the tight... Agent: Stmicroelectronics (crolles 2) Sas

20110095656 - Piezoelectric oscillator and manufacturing method thereof: A piezoelectric oscillator includes: a package including a floor surface and a step portion thereinside; a conductive adhesive applied on the step portion; and a piezoelectric vibrator including one end placed on the step portion via the conductive adhesive. The floor surface is provided with a recess filled with a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110095657 - Piezoelectric resonator: A piezoelectric resonator includes: a piezoelectric plate having a vibrating portion surrounded by a peripheral portion; and an excitation electrode on the piezoelectric plate, wherein long sides of the vibrating portion and excitation electrode are parallel to a piezoelectric plate long side. Assuming a piezoelectric plate long side length X,... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110089771 - Motorized stage: A stage comprising a first translation platform having a first axis of motion, and a second translation platform having a second axis of motion, a first linear drive motor for driving the first translation platform in the first axis of motion, and a second linear drive motor for driving the... Agent: Thorlabs, Inc.

20110089772 - Flat linear vibrating motor: A flat linear vibrating motor includes a cover, a base forming a receiving cavity together with the cover, a coil fixed on the base, an elastic member coupled to the base, a vibrator suspended in the cavity by the elastic member. The elastic member includes a mounting section couple to... Agent: American Audio Components Inc.

20110089773 - Linear vibration generator: A linear vibration generator is disclosed. The linear vibration generator in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes a stationary part, which has a polygonal-prism-shaped coil and in which the polygonal-prism-shaped coil induces a magnetic field by having an electric current supplied, a vibrating part, which has a... Agent:

20110089774 - Transverse flux motor with integral cooling: A transverse flux, switched reluctance motor includes a stator, a rotor mounted for rotation relative to the stator about an axis, and a plurality of phased coils. The stator and rotor are spaced apart from each other by a gap and a first phased coil is positioned to extend at... Agent:

20110089775 - Parallel magnetic circuit motor: A parallel magnetic circuit motor includes a rotor without magnets and a stator with magnets. The rotor, stator and windings are configured to produce unidirectional current and torque with electrically independent phases.... Agent: Qm Power, Inc.

20110089776 - Stepping motor: A stepping motor includes: a cylindrical rotor assembly disposed around the rotation axis; a stator assembly including two stator units disposed around the rotor assembly and axially coupled to each other; and a terminal structure disposed at the axial center of the outer circumference of the stator assembly. The terminal... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20110089777 - Thermally manageable system and electric device: An assembly is provided that includes a thermally manageable system. The system includes a first segment, a second segment, and a third segment. The first segment has one or both of an outward facing surface that defines a plurality of channels, and an inward facing surface that defines a plurality... Agent:

20110089789 - Motor drive device: A motor drive device comprises a motor, a gearbox mounted to the motor and a control module. The gearbox comprises a gearbox housing that has an opening facing the motor. The motor has a shaft that extends into the gearbox housing through the opening to drive a worm gear of... Agent: Johnson Electric S.a.

20110089778 - Motor assembly: A motor assembly comprising a motor unit having a first end and a second end and being couplable adjacent the first end of the motor unit to an external electrical device, the motor unit comprising at least one motor winding extending between the first and second ends and an electrical... Agent: Bp Exploration Operating Company Limited

20110089779 - Synchronous generating machine with rectifier snubber circuit: A machine for generating electricity has an exciter rotor with a plurality of coils, and is associated with a shaft to be driven by a source of rotation. A diode bridge is connected downstream of the exciter rotor to provide a rectifier for an AC current generated by rotation of... Agent:

20110089780 - Magnetic bearing with high-temperature superconductor elements: A magnetic bearing with high-temperature superconductor elements which has a stator and a rotor, which is held such that it can rotate with respect to the stator and is mounted in an axially and radially self-regulating manner in the stator. A body of a Type-2 superconductor, in particular a high-temperature... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110089781 - Rotor for motor and motor: A rotor for motor may include a rotation shaft, a permanent magnet structured in a tube-like shape and fixed to an outer peripheral side of the rotation shaft, and a sleeve which is structured in a tube-like shape, disposed between an outer peripheral face of the rotation shaft and an... Agent: Nidec Sankyo Corporation

20110089782 - Rotor for eletromotor using permanent magnets: A rotor for an electromotor using permanent magnets is provided. The rotor may include one or more C-type permanent magnets, a core, and a rotor shaft. Each of the one or more C-type permanent magnets may have a C shape and provide magnetic force. The core may be of a... Agent:

20110089783 - High-efficiency permanent magnet motor: The present invention relates to a high-efficiency permanent magnet motor driven by a direct current (DC) without alternation, with the motor generating a high-efficiency kinetic energy synthesized from active energy of a stator and passive energy of a rotator, comprising: a stator comprising a coil distributively wound radially around a... Agent:

20110089784 - Heat exchanger device: A heat exchanger device includes a body and at least one channel located in the body, through which a heat exchange fluid is adapted to be guided, thereby providing heat transfer per unit area between the heat exchange fluid and the material of the body, wherein the body has a... Agent:

20110089785 - Micromechanical resonator with enlarged portion: An apparatus with a micromechanical acoustic resonator formed on a substrate and enclosed in a cavity in the substrate. The resonator is partially suspended in the cavity. The resonator is shaped with a primary portion, and a first enlarged portion, where the primary portion is connected to the substrate, and... Agent:

20110089786 - Arrangement of a piezoacoustic resonator on an acoustic mirror of a substrate, method for producing the arrangement and use of the arrangement: In an arrangement of at least one piezoacoustic resonator on a substrate surface, the resonator has an piezoelectric layer, an electrode and a further electrode arranged such that activation of the electrodes leads to a resonance oscillation, the substrate surface is formed by an acoustic mirror integrated in the substrate... Agent:

20110089787 - Polymer actuator and device equipped with polymer actuator: Provided is a polymer actuator including: an electrolyte layer; and a pair of electrodes provided on both surfaces of the electrolyte layer in the thickness direction, wherein the polymer actuator is deformed when a voltage is applied across the pair of electrodes, and wherein the polymer actuator includes a support... Agent:

20110089788 - Piezoelectric resonator element, piezoelectric resonator, and acceleration sensor: A piezoelectric resonator element includes: a resonating arm extending in a first direction and cantilever-supported; a base portion cantilever-supporting the resonating arm; and an excitation electrode allowing the resonating arm to perform flexural vibration in a second direction that is orthogonal to the first direction. In the piezoelectric resonator element,... Agent: Epson Toyocom Corporation

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110084559 - Direct linear drive, drive device and actuating device: The invention relates to a direct linear drive having a stator (12; 112) and a runner (14; 114), to at least one of which electric energy can be applied in order to initiate a translational movement on a coupling element (36; 136); and having a position sensing device (16; 116)... Agent: Festo Ag & Co. Kg

20110084560 - Step motor: Disclosed herein is a step motor, including a lead screw, a rotor fixed to an outer surface of the lead screw, a fixture containing a stator disposed to face the rotor and a housing whose one side end part is open to insert the stator and wrap the stator, and... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20110084561 - Oil cooled motor/generator for an automotive powertrain: An oil-cooled motor/generator for an automotive powertrain located outside of the transmission is provided, such as a BAS motor/generator. The motor/generator may have a stator, a rotor circumscribed by the stator, and a motor shaft on which the rotor is mounted for rotation. A housing assembly may surround the stator... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110084562 - Motor: An armature includes an insulator component with a wiring member arranged in a wiring fixing groove positioned outside of an outer wall portion of the insulator component. When a lead wire is wound around the insulator component, a winding start portion and a winding end portion of the lead wire... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20110084563 - Auxiliary bearing system with plurality of inertia rings for magnetically supported rotor system: An auxiliary bearing system for supporting a rotating shaft including a first auxiliary bearing coupled to the rotating shaft. A first inertia ring is coupled to and circumscribes the first auxiliary bearing. A second inertia ring circumscribes the first inertia ring. A radial clearance is defined between the first and... Agent: Dresser-rand Company

20110084564 - Permanent-magent motor: A permanent-magnet motor composed of an irony barrel, a magnet set, a magnet holder, and a rotor. The irony barrel includes a thin body. The magnet set includes a plurality of magnets. The magnet holder is received inside the irony holder and includes a plurality of retaining pieces located at... Agent: J-star Motor Industrial Co., Ltd.

20110084565 - Brushless electric machine: A first member (40a) has a magnet assembly (20) that includes a plurality of permanent magnets (10) held with their homopoles contacting one another. A second member (50a) includes magnet coils (30), and is designed to be changeable in position relative to the first member. The magnet assembly (20) generates... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110084566 - Superconductive rotor, superconductive rotating machine and superconductive rotating-machine system: The main problem to be solved by the invention is to provide a superconductive rotor, a superconductive rotating machine and a superconductive rotating-machine system which are capable of inductive and synchronous rotation while employing the induction machine configuration and also offer satisfactory heat dissipation performance, stability under an excessive load,... Agent:

20110084567 - Rotating electric machine system: A rotating electric machine system includes a rotor having a rotor plane. The rotor includes magnetic salient poles of more than one in a circumferential direction on the rotor plane. Adjacent magnetic salient poles are magnetized in different polarities from each other by a permanent magnet. A control magnet is... Agent: Kura Laboratory Corporation

20110084568 - Rotor for electric motor optimized for high power: A rotor for a high power electric motor intended to operate at particularly high rotational speeds. It includes a magnetic mass, gripped on either side by short circuit rings, and passed through at a plurality of notches by main bars forming a squirrel cage. The rotor also includes secondary bars... Agent: Converteam Technology Ltd.

20110084569 - Armature core: An armature core includes a back yoke and teeth. The teeth include a plurality of magnetic plates laminated along a lamination direction. The back yoke includes holes through which the teeth are inserted. The holes penetrate through a pair of surfaces of the back yoke. The back yoke and the... Agent:

20110084570 - Process for producing capacitive electromechanical conversion device, and capacitive electromechanical conversion device: A process for producing a capacitive electromechanical conversion device by bonding together a substrate and a membrane member to form a cavity sealed between the substrate and the membrane member, the process for producing a capacitive electromechanical conversion device comprises the steps of: providing a gas release path penetrating from... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110084571 - Magnetic head driving piezoelectric ceramic actuator: A magnetic head driving piezoelectric ceramic actuator having an actuator body and a coating layer. The actuator body has a piezoelectric ceramic substrate and first and second electrodes. The piezoelectric ceramic substrate has first and second principal surfaces, first and second side surfaces, and first and second edge surfaces. The... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110084572 - Piezoelectric damping device: The piezoelectric damping device is a passive piezoelectric vibration suppression and damping device for reducing amplitude of vibration in structures. The piezoelectric damping device includes a magnetic layer having opposed inner and outer faces, with the inner face thereof being adapted for releasable magnetic attachment to a vibrating structure, such... Agent:

20110084573 - Elastic wave device and electronic device using the same: An elastic wave device has the following elements: a piezoelectric substrate; an inter-digital transducer (IDT) electrode disposed on the piezoelectric substrate; internal electrodes disposed above the piezoelectric substrate and electrically connected to the IDT electrode; side walls disposed above the internal electrodes surrounding the IDT electrode; a cover disposed above... Agent:

20110084574 - Sandwich piezoelectric device with solid copper electrode: Disclosed are apparatus and methodology for minimizing and compensating for cracking in piezoelectric devices so as to maintain long term functionality of the devices. Compensation for cracking is achieved by applying solid conductive electrodes over the entire surface of the piezoelectric device and extending the electrodes beyond the perimeter of... Agent: Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

20110084575 - Spindle motor: A spindle motor is disclosed. The spindle motor includes a rotation shaft; a bearing rotatedly supporting the rotation shaft inserted therein; a bearing housing supporting the bearing and coupled to a stator; and a base plate coupled to the bearing housing, wherein the base plate has a reverse burring part... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110080060 - Electric motors and related systems for deployment in a downhole well environment: Electric motors configured for deployment in a downhole well environment are provided. Downhole well pumping systems including an electric motor are also provided. In one example, an electric motor includes a series of at least three magnets, one of the inner and outer two magnets being movable. A supply of... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110080061 - Resonant actuator for a personal care appliance having a programmable actuation capability: The drive system for a personal care appliance, such as a toothbrush, includes a first opposing pair of permanent magnet assemblies positioned longitudinally along the length of the internal surface of a cylindrical appliance housing, each first permanent magnet assembly having one portion with a north polarity and the other... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110080071 - Bicycle power supply module for supplying power to electrical devices on a bicycle and related bicycle: A bicycle power supply module is for supplying power to electrical devices on a bicycle. The bicycle power supply module includes a bicycle hub dynamo mounted on a hub of the bicycle for generating an AC power, an AC to DC converting module coupled to the bicycle hub dynamo for... Agent:

20110080073 - Motor drive with a device for safe fitting with a circuit breaker: A motor drive includes a device for safe fitting of the motor drive with a circuit breaker. In at least one embodiment, the device includes a first cover, whose position can be altered, for example by being guided in slotted links, in such a way that only the receiving opening... Agent:

20110080072 - Stator arrangement for an electric motor: A stator arrangement for an electric motor. The stator arrangement including a laminated stator core with stator windings running through stator grooves and forming winding overhangs at each end face of the laminated stator core. The stator arrangement also includes an interconnection unit having a switching disk covering the winding... Agent:

20110080062 - Brushless dc motor for fuel pump: The present invention is characterized in that it does not require specific fastening tools, which causes breakage or defects, or bonding work, because a brushless DC motor includes an insulator that is inserted in a stator to insulate a coil wound with led magnet wires and has at least one... Agent: Dh Holdings Co., Ltd.

20110080063 - Direct-drive motor module: A direct-drive motor module employing a torque motor as a power source. The direct-drive motor module includes a transmission member having the form of a ring-shaped disc with larger radius for transmitting power. The transmission member is directly coupled with an end of the power output shaft of the torque... Agent:

20110080064 - Stator of electric rotating machine: The stator of an electric rotating machine includes a stator core constituted of a plurality of split cores joined to one another in a ring, a plurality of phase windings wound around the stator core, and an outer casing to an inner periphery of which an outer periphery of the... Agent: Denso Corporation

20110080065 - Rotor for axial gap-type permanent magnetic rotating machine: An axial gap-type permanent magnetic rotating machine comprises a rotor comprising a rotating shaft having an axis of rotation, a rotor yoke of disc shape radially extending from the shaft, and a plurality of permanent magnet segments circumferentially arranged on a surface of the rotor yoke such that each permanent... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110080066 - Rotor for permanent magnet rotary machine: A permanent magnet rotary machine comprises a rotor comprising a rotor core and a plurality of permanent magnet segments embedded in the rotor core and a stator having a plurality of coils and disposed to define a gap with the rotor, or a permanent magnet rotary machine comprises a rotor... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110080067 - Squirrel-cage rotor and manufacturing method of squirrel-cage rotor: A squirrel-cage rotor including a rotor core provided with a plurality of circumferentially disposed slot holes opened in a rotational axis direction of the rotor; a pair of end rings disposed at opposite sides of the rotor core in the rotational axis direction of the rotor, each end ring being... Agent: Fanuc Corporation

20110080068 - Laminated generator rotor structure and related method: A laminated generator rotor structure and a related method for repairing a rotor using a laminated rotor structure are disclosed. In an embodiment, the rotor body includes a stack of laminated plates flanked by end flange members, and placed in compression by at least one stud member passing through the... Agent: General Electric Company

20110080069 - Piezoelectric actuation structure including an integrated piezoresistive strain gauge and its production method: The invention relates to a piezoelectric actuation structure including at least one strain gauge and at least one actuator produced from a stack on the surface of a substrate of at least one layer of piezoelectric material arranged between a bottom electrode layer and a top electrode layer, at least... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20110080070 - Tuning-fork resonator with grooves on principal surfaces: A resonator element includes: a base part; and a resonating arm part that extends from the base part in a first direction and performs flexing vibration, wherein the resonating arm part has one principal surface and the other principal surface opposed to the one principal surface, a first groove part... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

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