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05/27/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100127578 - X-y table actuator: Provided is an X-Y table actuator, which is capable of moving and positioning a movable table (5) freely in an X-Y plane with a sufficient thrust, and can be simply manufactured at a low cost. The X-Y table actuator is constituted by stacking a stationary plate (2), an intermediate plate... Agent: Westerman, Hattori, Daniels & Adrian, LLP

20100127579 - Magnetically levitated transport system: A DC linear electric motor-generator has located at each edge of a curved triangular shaped linear ferromagnetic core, electro-magnets or solenoids interconnected in series or parallel as determined by user objectives, with each main solenoid coil hosted by each segment of the ferromagnetic core.... Agent: Patent Law & Venture Group

20100127580 - Motor for optical systems: A motor for optical systems, for example endoscopes, has a stator with two permanent magnets having poles which are disposed in the same direction and are magnetically interconnected by a flux return element. A coil is disposed between the magnets. Laterally of each magnet, a pole shoe is also magnetically... Agent: Meyertons, Hood, Kivlin, Kowert & Goetzel, P.C.

20100127581 - Vibration motor for portable terminal: Disclosed is a vibration motor for a portable terminal, including a flat spring; a cylindrical magnetic substance mounted on the flat spring; an annular magnetic substance disposed around the cylindrical magnetic substance mounted on the flat spring; and a coil disposed between the cylindrical magnetic substance and the annular magnetic... Agent: The Farrell Law Firm, LLP

20100127582 - Method and device for energy generation: A method and device for using magnetostriction to generate electricity from fluid motion. The device includes a first structural component, an outer housing, and a strain structure. The outer housing substantially circumscribes the first structural component and at least partially defines an annular space between the first structural component and... Agent: HolmanIPLaw

20100127583 - Driving mechanism: A driving apparatus includes: a rotating electrical machine; an inverter capable of supplying electric power to the rotating electrical machine; an electrical device connected to the inverter; a containing case capable of containing the rotating electrical machine, the inverter, and the electrical device; and a cooling coolant circulation circuit, distributing... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100127584 - Clamp and lock permanent magnets within a rotating electrical machine using pitched focused flux magnets: Permanent magnets are mounted within an electrical machine in a pitched saw-tooth pattern around the rotor shaft. This focused flux configuration provides for improved magnet mounting strength without resort to bonding or taping; provides improved rotor and stator cooling by access to the axial generator air flow; and provides for... Agent: Law Office Of Art Dula

20100127602 - Frequency converter for controlling an electric motor: An assembly includes a frequency converter, a motor, and an adapter. The frequency converter and the motor both have housings with an opening. The adapter has a base part and a circuit board having first and second electrical connecting elements supported over a portion of a central opening of the... Agent: Brooks Kushman P.C.

20100127586 - Drive device: A driving device (100) is provided with first and second rotating electrical machines (MG1, MG2); an inverter (30); a first storing case (23) having a first rotating electrical machine storing section (21) for storing the first rotating electrical machine (MG2), and an inverter storing section (300) for storing the inverter... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100127585 - Grounding mechanism for electric motor: An electric motor such as an AC induction electric motor includes a rotor having a rotor core and a rotor shaft. The rotor shaft defines an axially extending bore which has an electrical grounding ring positioned therein. The electrical grounding ring has an inertia insensitive configuration and forms a relatively... Agent: Caterpillar C/o Liell, Mcneil & Harper Intellectual Property Department

20100127587 - Electric motor: A motor for HVAC applications, has a stator; a motor housing forming a part of the stator; an end cap fixed to the motor housing, and a rotor rotatably mounted confronting the stator. The end cap has an opening formed by a ring-shaped collar, the collar being at least partly... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100127588 - Motor: A motor includes a base, a stator, a bearing, a positioning member and a rotor. The base includes a shaft tube. The stator is mounted around the shaft tube. The bearing is received in the shaft tube. The positioning member is fixed to an end of the shaft tube and... Agent: Kamrath & Associates P.A.

20100127589 - Bearing device having a shaft which is mounted magnetically such that it can rotate about an axis with respect to a stator, and having a damping apparatus: The invention relates to a bearing device (100) having a magnetic bearing (210) for mounting a shaft (101) and a damping device (200). The damping device (200) comprises a first disc-shaped damper part (201) that is part of the shaft (101), and a yoke-shaped second damper part (202) that comprises... Agent: Henry M Feiereisen, LLC Henry M Feiereisen

20100127590 - Rotating electrical machine, in particular for the starter of an automotive vehicle: A DC electric rotating machine mainly for the starter of an automotive vehicle, including: a stator having a magnetised structure with permanent magnetisation and extending along the circumference of the stator; a rotor; a set of brushes adapted for the electric supply of the rotor by switching the electrical current... Agent: Berenato & White, LLC

20100127591 - Electric motor windings: A stator for a multi-phase electric motor comprises a plurality of teeth for each phase. The windings on two teeth from one phase are formed from a single length of conductor. The windings on a first one of the teeth being formed at least in part from two sections of... Agent: Macmillan, Sobanski & Todd, LLC

20100127592 - Stator-slot wedge and dynamoelectric-machine stator having stator slots and wedges: A dynamoelectric-machine stator includes a stator lamination stack, a plurality of electrically-conductive magnetic wedges, a plurality of electrically-insulative nonmagnetic wedges, and coil windings. The stator lamination stack has circumferentially-spaced-apart stator teeth. Adjacent stator teeth each have a tooth side bounding an intervening stator slot. Adjacent stator teeth each have a... Agent: Thompson Hine L.L.P. Intellectual Property Group

20100127593 - Electric motor: An electric motor comprises a stator and a rotor rotatably mounted confronting the stator. The rotor has a rotor core which comprises at least a first tooth, a second tooth and a third tooth which are adjacent. Each of the teeth comprises a rib section radially and outwardly extending from... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100127594 - Inductor-type synchronous machine: An inductor-type synchronous machine having an axial gap structure, which has a shaft portion at the center thereof, the machine includes: a field-side stator which has a yoke made of a magnetic material and a field body protruding from the yoke in an axial direction of the shaft portion to... Agent: Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen

20100127595 - Electret and electrostatic induction conversion device comprising the same: To provide an electret whose surface potential is improved and an electrostatic induction conversion device comprising the same, an electret is formed by spin-coating a fluorine-containing polymer composition for coating which contains a fluorine-containing polymer having a ring structure in its main chain, a silane coupling agent, an aprotic fluorine-containing... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100127596 - Micro-electromechanical resonators having boron-doped and boron-assisted aluminum-doped resonator bodies therein: A micro-electromechanical resonator includes a resonator body having a semiconductor region therein doped with boron to a level greater than about 1×1018 cm−3 and even greater than about 1×1019 cm−3, in order to obtain reductions in the temperature coefficient of frequency (TCF) of the resonator over a relatively large temperature... Agent: Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec

20100127597 - Acoustic boundary wave device and electronic apparatus using the same: An acoustic boundary wave device includes a piezoelectric body, an IDT layer formed on the piezoelectric body, a pad electrode layer formed on the piezoelectric body and connected to the IDT layer, a first dielectric layer formed on the piezoelectric body and covering at least a part of the IDT... Agent: Panasonic Patent Center

20100127598 - Miniature piezoelectric motors for ultra high-precision stepping: A miniature piezoelectric motor is described whereby in one embodiment teethed protrusions emanating inward from an annular-shaped stator engage with a rotor as the stator deforms in response to stresses applied to the stator by PZT pads attached thereto. The PZT pads are driven by voltage waveforms according to either... Agent: Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

20100127599 - Ultrasonic transducer: An ultrasonic transducer comprises an elongate horn, a counterpiece, two piezoelectric drives and a screw. The counterpiece is fastened to the horn by means of the screw and thus clamps the piezoelectric drives, which are arranged on either side of a longitudinal axis of the ultrasonic transducer, between the horn... Agent: Mccormick, Paulding & Huber LLP

20100127600 - Piezoelectric sensor arrangement comprising a thin layer shear wave resonator based on epitactically grown piezoelectric layers: The invention relates to piezoelectric sensor arrangements, especially sensor arrangements that can be operated in a measuring fluid, in order to be able to detect, for example, elastic properties of the measuring fluid itself or the presence and/or concentration of analyte molecules in the fluid. According to the invention, the... Agent: Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

20100127601 - Linear vibrator: Disclosed herein is an apparatus. The apparatus includes a housing, a first piezo element, a second piezo element, and a mass. The first piezo element and the second piezo element are inside the housing. The mass is movably mounted inside the housing. The mass is configured to move inside the... Agent: Harrington & Smith

05/20/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100123359 - Power tool: According to an aspect of the present invention, there is provided a power tool including: a motor that generates a rotational force; a power transmission mechanism that is driven by the motor to transmit the rotational force and that is connected to a bit; and a housing that houses the... Agent: Kimble Intellectual Property Law, PLLC

20100123371 - Generator structure for a bicycle hub: A generator structure for a bicycle hub is provided with a generator on an axle in a hub housing. The generator is provided with a magnet group and two opposite yoke iron groups on an outer periphery of a coil unit. The magnet group is formed by arranging plural magnets... Agent: Dr. Banger Shia Patent Office Of Bang Shia

20100123372 - Motor integrated to electronic device: An integrated motor, integrated to a structural part and an electronic substrate of an electronic device, includes a base formed on the structural part of the electronic device, a rotor having a load, and a stator having a plurality of winding coils and a driving circuit respectively shaped on the... Agent: Morris Manning Martin LLP

20100123373 - Diode lead support shell: A shell that mechanically supports the diode lead wires against movement both during assembly and subsequent operation of the rotor shaft. In addition, the present invention relates to a method for retaining diode lead wires in a power generator rotor by using the shell of the present invention.... Agent: Honeywell/shimokaji Patent Services

20100123360 - Connection method for rotating rectifiers on a generator: An annular bus ring assembly for connecting main rotor windings of a generator to the exciter diodes includes a plurality of annular bus rings with tabs bent over forming plurality of pads mounted on either side of a dielectric hub. The pads of annular bus rings clocked at an angle... Agent: Honeywell/shimokaji Patent Services

20100123362 - Hydrostatic bearing pad type rotating device: A hydrostatic bearing pad type rotating device includes: a stationary body; an axial pad and a radial pad each attached to the stationary body; a rotating body supported by the axial pad and the radial pad at least in the radial direction toward an axis thereof so as to be... Agent: Mcdermott Will & Emery LLP

20100123361 - Motor: A motor is disclosed. The motor in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention includes: a rotor, a shaft, which is coupled to the rotor; a plate, which is coupled to an outer circumference of the shaft; a bearing, which supports the shaft such that the shaft can rotate;... Agent: Mcdermott Will & Emery LLP

20100123363 - Method of preventing corrosion in a pump motor for a dishwasher, and associated apparatus: A method of preventing galvanic corrosion in a pump motor for a dishwashing appliance is provided, wherein the dishwashing appliance includes a tub portion and a sump assembly disposed about a lower end of the tub portion for receiving a dishwashing fluid therein. Such a method comprises operably engaging a... Agent: Alston & Bird LLP

20100123364 - Substantially parallel flux uncluttered rotor machines: A permanent magnet-less and brushless synchronous system includes a stator that generates a magnetic rotating field when sourced by polyphase alternating currents. An uncluttered rotor is positioned within the magnetic rotating field and is spaced apart from the stator. An excitation core is spaced apart from the stator and the... Agent: Ut-battelle/chicago/bhgl

20100123365 - Arrangement for closure of slots: An exemplary slot closure arrangement has a sliding block and a pressure piece. At least one spring element is arranged in between them and can be prestressed by at least one attachment, which interacts with the sliding block and the pressure piece, thus creating a prefabricated assembly. Once the slot... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20100123366 - Electromechanical transducer and method for manufacturing the same: An electromechanical transducer of the present invention includes a first electrode, a vibrating membrane formed above the first electrode through a gap, a second electrode formed on the vibrating membrane, and an insulating protective layer formed on a surface of the second electrode side. A region where the protective layer... Agent: Canon U.s.a. Inc. Intellectual Property Division

20100123367 - Lamb wave device: There is provided a lamb wave device with small variations in frequency, the device including: a piezoelectric thin film; an IDT electrode which is provided on a main surface of the piezoelectric thin film; and a support structure which supports a laminate of the IDT electrode and the piezoelectric thin... Agent: Burr & Brown

20100123368 - Film formation method, film formation device, piezoelectric film, piezoelectric device, liquid discharge device and piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer: When a film containing constituent elements of a target is formed on a substrate through a vapor deposition process using plasma with placing the substrate and the target to face each other, a potential in a spatial range of at least 10 mm extending laterally from the outer circumference of... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100123369 - Piezoelectric devices and methods for manufacturing same: Piezoelectric devices and method for making them are disclosed. An exemplary piezoelectric device has a package base defining a cavity on a first surface thereof. An opposing second surface of the package base has at least one through-hole, a mounting electrode on which a piezoelectric vibrating piece is attached, and... Agent: Klarquist Sparkman, LLP

20100123370 - Piezoelectric/electrostrictive ceramics composition, piezoelectric/electrostrictive ceramics sintered body, piezoelectric/electrostrictive element, manufacturing method of piezoelectric/electrostrictive ceramics composition, and manufacturing method of pi: [Solving Means] Piezoelectric/electrostrictive ceramics have the composition represented by the general formula: xBNT-yBKT-zBT (x+y+z=1) wherein at least one kind among A-site elements are allowed to become deficient from stoichiometry in which a point (x, y, z) representing content ratios x, y and z of (Bi1/2Na1/2)TiO3, (Bi1/2K1/2)TiO3 and BaTiO3 is within... Agent: Burr & Brown

05/13/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100117460 - Voice coil motor with guiding posts and stopping bars: An exemplary voice coil motor includes a hollow stationary magnetic field generator, a movable magnetic field generator, two elastic members, a hollow case and a base. The movable magnetic field generator is received in the stationary magnetic field generator. The two elastic members are adjacent to two ends of the... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20100117461 - Electromotive machines: An electromotive machine (200) comprises a stator (210), comprising a plurality of primary windings (215; 500; 520; 540), and a rotor (220). The primary windings (215; 500; 520; 540) are concentrated windings. The rotor (220) comprises secondary windings (230; 300; 400).... Agent: Stout, Uxa, Buyan & Mullins LLP

20100117462 - Damper power-generating system: A damper power-generating system includes a damper, a driving apparatus, and a generator. The driving apparatus simply consumes energy to do work for generation of electric power. That is, the work is done by utilizing the displacement due to the strong up-and-down vibration within a damper, wherein the displacement due... Agent: Hdls Patent & Trademark Services

20100117463 - Linear actuator using magnetostrictive power element: A linear actuator includes a substantially cylindrical magnetostrictive element disposed in a housing. A retainer is cooperatively engaged with the housing and an exterior of the magnetostrictive element such that relaxed portions of the magnetostrictive element are frictionally retained in the retainer. An actuator rod is functionally coupled to one... Agent: Schlumberger Reservoir Completions

20100117464 - Electric motor starting device: An electric motor starting device for an electric motor that incorporates air, gas, liquid or electrically actuated engine starter to initiate rotation of an electric motor and its associated driven component. Embodiments of the present invention provide apparatus and method for starting an electric motor whether or not it is... Agent: Burns & Levinson, LLP

20100117465 - Rotating electric machine: In a rotating electric machine, a path length between a rotor and an inter-hetero-phase tooth where a magnetic flux from a magnetic pole proceeds from the rotor and starts to enter the inter-hetero-phase tooth is longer than a path length between the rotor and an inter-V-phase tooth where the magnetic... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100117466 - Device for rectifying the current of an electric rotary machine and rotary electric machine including such device: A device for rectifying the current of a rotary electric machine comprising a bearing (50) with through openings (51) for a coolant, that comprises at least one module (100) including a holder (10, 16) for holding current rectifying members (93, 94) having the same phase as the machine, said holder... Agent: Berenato & White, LLC

20100117467 - Exciter machine comprising an auxiliary exciter machine: An exciter machine including an auxiliary exciter machine and a fan is provided. The fan is arranged on one side of the exciter machine and includes a mount ring on the external circumference on which permanent magnets are arranged in order to form an auxiliary rotor. The auxiliary rotor is... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20100117494 - Claw pole generator, especially for bicycle generator hub: A claw pole generator is basically provided with a circularly arranged permanent magnet and an internal stationary unit with a yoke and a coil. The yoke includes a first laminated yoke and a second laminated yoke. The first and second laminated yokes include a disc-shaped connecting portion arranged on one... Agent: GlobalIPCounselors, LLP

20100117469 - Electric motor: The invention relates to an electromotor (1) having a conducting rotor shaft (3), a contacting element (10) for electrically contacting the rotor shaft (3), and a connection device (14) for connecting the rotor shaft to a virtual or fixed potential.... Agent: Michael J. Striker

20100117468 - Fan motor: A fan motor may include a stator supporting portion for supporting a stator with a drive coil, a rotor rotatably supported by a rotating center shaft (rotating shaft) provided at the stator supporting portion, a magnet placed on the inner peripheral side of the rotor so as to face the... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20100117470 - Electric drive: The invention relates to an electric drive, particularly a windshield wiper drive for vehicles, comprising an electric motor (10) in a crucible-shaped, preferably metal, motor housing (14), a gearbox housing (16) that is attached to the motor housing (14), and an arrangement for the interference suppression of the motor (10).... Agent: Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

20100117471 - Micro vibration motor with adjustable vibration amount: A micro vibration motor with adjustable vibration amount includes a rotor and a stator. The rotor includes a round cover; a perforation, formed on a rotation center of the round cover; a weight portion, integrally formed on an edge of the round cover, for changing a mass center of the... Agent: Morris Manning Martin LLP

20100117472 - Turbogenerator: A turbogenerator (10) has a rotor (11) having a cylindrical rotor body (13), which at each of the two ends merges into a shaft end (14), and in a middle section has the electromagnetically active region (23) of the rotor (11), in which the rotor (11) is assembled from a... Agent: Cermak Kenealy Vaidya & Nakajima LLP

20100117473 - Robust permanent magnet rotor assembly: A rotor assembly for an electric motor having at least one gas vent allowing for the release of gases from within an enclosed portion is provided. The rotor assembly comprises a rotor shaft with at least one magnet longitudinally extending a portion of an outer surface thereof in an axial... Agent: Honeywell/shimokaji Patent Services

20100117474 - Axial gap motor: An axial gap motor includes: a rotor; and a stator, wherein: the rotor includes a plurality of main permanent magnet parts and a plurality of auxiliary permanent magnet parts, the auxiliary permanent magnet parts being disposed near an end portion of each of the main permanent magnet parts and a... Agent: Arent Fox LLP

20100117476 - Electrical machines with reduced cogging: An electrical machine has at least two separate groups of at least two circumferentially adjacent magnet poles. One of the circumferentially outer magnet poles in one of the groups of magnet poles is defined as being in its reference position. The reference position of each other magnet pole is defined... Agent: Kirschstein, Israel, Schiffmiller & Pieroni, P.C.

20100117475 - Permanent magnet machine with offset pole spacing: An internal permanent magnet machine has multiple rotor sections, each section having multiple rotor laminations. Permanent magnets are placed asymmetrically in lamination openings to attenuate oscillations in torque caused by harmonic components of magnetic flux.... Agent: Brooks Kushman P.C./fgtl

20100117477 - Permanent magnet synchronous motor and hermetic compressor: It is an objective to provide a permanent magnet synchronous motor that is highly efficient with low vibration and low noise. A stator 30 includes a stator core 1 that includes magnetic pole teeth 2 each formed between adjacent slots 3, and stator windings 4 that are provided in the... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20100117478 - Electric motor: A universal motor has a stator and a rotor installed in the stator. The stator comprises a pair of stator segments. Each segment has a yoke with first and second ends, a pole and a neck connecting the pole to the first end of the yoke. The second end of... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100117479 - Electromotive machines: An electromotive machine (200, 900) comprises a rotor (230; 800; 920) and a stator (210, 220; 500; 600; 700; 910, 920). The stator (210, 220; 500; 600; 700; 910, 920) comprises a first group of primary windings (260a, 240b, 240d; 520; 640a, 640b, 650a, 650b, 660a, 660b; 930a, 930b, 933a,... Agent: Stout, Uxa, Buyan & Mullins LLP

20100117480 - Stator for dynamoelectric machine and method of manufacturing same: A stator for a dynamoelectric machine includes a stator core and a stator coil. The stator coil is made up of wave-shaped electric wires mounted on the stator core. Each of the electric wires has in-slot portions, each of which is received in one of slots of the stator core,... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100117481 - Winding arrangement for an electrical machine: A design for and method of winding an electric motor, generator or other electrical machine using multiple strands of wire preformed into a wave shape with a plurality of legs connected by shaped end turns. This results in efficient packing and improved machine performance in terms of both efficiency and... Agent: Daniel B. Schein, Ph.d., Esq., Inc.

20100117482 - Valve apparatus: A rotating valve apparatus including a cylindrical casing, a shaft arranged symmetrically in the casing, a member fixedly attached to the shaft and in close fit with the cylindrical casing, defining separated chambers within the casing, at least one outlet fixedly arranged along the circumference of the casing and a... Agent: Venable LLP

20100117483 - Elastic wave device and method of producing the same: An elastic wave device has a structure that prevents cracks from being formed in a piezoelectric substrate in flip-chip bonding using a bump, that minimizes the contact resistance in a contact portion where wiring patterns are electrically connected to each other, and that improves the insertion loss. In the elastic... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Company, Ltd. C/o Keating & Bennett, LLP

20100117484 - Driver and driving method: Conventional drivers for transducers oftentimes did not provide an efficient driving mechanism because the driving signal was not “close enough” to the natural frequency of the transducer. Here, a driver for a transducer is provided that measures the natural frequency of the transducer and generates a driving signal accordingly. Thus,... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20100117485 - Piezoelectric transducers with noise-cancelling electrodes: In a representative embodiment, an apparatus comprises a transducer providing a first output; a capacitor providing a second output; a first load impedance connected to the first output; a second load impedance connected to the second output; and a differential amplifier having a first input connected to the first output... Agent: Kathy Manke Avago Technologies Limited

20100117486 - Positioning apparatus and method: Positioning apparatus comprises: a first surface; a tubular body having a longitudinal axis and a first end surface at a first end of the tubular body, the first end surface being arranged in contact with the first surface; and surface wave generation means arranged to generate a first travelling surface... Agent: Wilmerhale/boston

20100117487 - Driving apparatus: A driving apparatus (100u) is provided with: a first base portion (110-1); a first stage portion (130-1); a first elastic portion (120-1) which has elasticity to displace the first stage portion in one direction (X axis); a second stage portion (130-2) which is disposed on the first stage portion and... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100117488 - Piezoelectric and semiconducting coupled nanogenerators: An electrical generator includes a substrate, a semiconductor piezoelectric structure having a first end and an opposite second end disposed adjacent to the substrate, a first conductive contact and a second conductive contact. The structure bends when a force is applied adjacent to the first end, thereby causing an electrical... Agent: Bryan W. Bockhop, Esq. Bockhop & Associates, LLC

20100117490 - Method of manufacturing piezoelectric resonator, piezoelectric resonator, and electronic component: To provide a piezoelectric resonator in which a casing houses a tuning-fork piezoelectric resonator element and whose failure occurrence caused when shavings of adjustment films scatter and adhere to excitation electrodes is prevented. In a method of manufacturing a quartz-crystal resonator in which a casing 20 houses a quartz-crystal resonator... Agent: Jordan And Hamburg LLP

20100117489 - Package-type piezoelectric resonator and method of manufacturing package-type piezoelectric resonator: A package-type quartz resonator of the present invention is structured such that lead electrodes are interposed between stepped surfaces and a lower surface of a frame portion of a piezoelectric substrate in a close contact state when a base is joined to a lower surface side of the piezoelectric substrate,... Agent: Jordan And Hamburg LLP

20100117491 - Packaging for piezoelectric resonator: The invention concerns an assembly comprising a piezoelectric resonator (14) and a case (10), the case including a base part (11), on which the resonator is mounted, a wall (12) extending from said base part so as to surround at least partially said resonator, and a cover fixed to said... Agent: Griffin & Szipl, PC

20100117492 - Unit having resonator, oscillator having unit and electronic apparatus having unit: In a unit comprising a quartz crystal resonator, a case having a mounting portion, and a lid connected to the case, the quartz crystal resonator having a base portion, and first and second vibrational arms connected to the base portion, at least one groove being formed in at least one... Agent: Bruce L. Adams, Esq. Adams & Wilks

20100117493 - Piezoelectric device and its manufacturing method: Upper adhesion layer 35 formed between piezoelectricity layer 32 and upper electrode layer 34 so as to abut on piezoelectricity layer 32 and upper electrode layer 34 is included. Upper adhesion layer 35 includes first tungsten layer 47 made of tungsten in which an α phase and a β phase... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack L.L.P.

05/06/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100109448 - Magnetic levitation system: A magnetic levitation system includes a levitation-actuator movable element which generates a levitation force applied to a control object; and a levitation-actuator stator which receives a reactive force while the control object is being operated, the levitation-actuator stator being attached to a fixed or movable structure. The levitation-actuator stator includes... Agent: Ditthavong Mori & Steiner, P.C.

20100109449 - Cover for a secondary part of a linear motor: The invention relates to a cover (20) for a secondary part (2) of an electrical linear motor (1), wherein the secondary part (2) includes at least one first and one second secondary partial element (12), and wherein each secondary partial element (12) comprises a toothed profile, and wherein the cover... Agent: Henry M Feiereisen, LLC Henry M Feiereisen

20100109450 - Multiple armature linear motor/alternator having magnetic spring with no fringe fields and increased power output: An electromagnetic, reciprocating linear motor or alternator having at least two armatures that are adjacent along an axis of reciprocation. The armatures have gaps that are linearly aligned along a gap path parallel to the axis. Field magnets reciprocate within the gap path. The field magnets include a main field... Agent: Kremblas, Foster, Phillips & Pollick

20100109451 - Energy accumulator comprising a switched reluctance machine: The energy storage device has an electrical machine (12) comprising a rotor (14) and a stator (16), the stator (16) being separated from the rotor (14) by an air gap (18) and having at least one stator coil (20). The rotor (14), moreover, has a fly-mass (22) and, together with... Agent: Carter, Deluca, Farrell & Schmidt, LLP

20100109453 - Polyphase transverse and/or commutated flux systems: Disclosed are single- and poly-phase transverse and/or commutated flux machines and components thereof, and methods of making and using the same. Exemplary devices, including polyphase devices, may variously be configured with an interior rotor and/or an interior stator. Other exemplary devices, including polyphase devices, may be configured in a slim,... Agent: Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. (main)

20100109452 - Transverse and/or commutated flux system rotor concepts: Disclosed are transverse and/or commutated flux machines and components thereof, and methods of making and using the same. Certain rotors for use in transverse and commutated flux machines may be formed to facilitate a “many to many” flux switch configuration between flux concentrating stator portions having opposite polarities. Other rotors... Agent: Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. (main)

20100109454 - Liquid deflecting baffle for an electric motor: A fluid deflecting baffle is provided for use on an electric motor to be used in an environment where liquid may otherwise pass through a vent opening in an endshield of the motor. The baffle is secureable to the endshield and extends in a partial covering relationship with the vent... Agent: Hovey Williams LLP

20100109455 - Automotive electric machine: An automotive electric machine provided with: a stator; a rotor, which is rotationally mounted coaxially to the stator and inside the stator to rotate about a rotation axis; a shaft, which is rotationally mounted about the rotation axis, supports the rotor, and is hollow inside so as to have a... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A.

20100109490 - Method for mounting an angle measuring device on an electric motor: In order to connect an angle measuring device to a brushless direct-current motor, a coupling is used, the coupling halves (10, 28) of which are each attached to the rotor (46) of the motor and/or the rotor (42) of the angle measuring device. Instead of using a coupling that is... Agent: Henry M Feiereisen, LLC Henry M Feiereisen

20100109491 - Motor structure with rotation detector: A casing of a motor with resolver includes a stator, a motor shaft rotatably supported by a bearing, a motor rotor integrally rotatable with the motor shaft, and a resolver for detecting a rotation angle of the motor rotor. The resolver includes a disc-shaped resolver stator held on the motor... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100109492 - Starter: Provided is a starter that can ensure stable insulation and exhibits excellent leakage resistance. The starter includes: a starting motor realized with a dc motor that has a commutator, positive brushes which are disposed around the commutator to abut on the commutator and connected to an external power supply, negative... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100109458 - Brushless direct current motor: A brushless direct current motor including a rotor having permanent magnets, which rotates in a commutation created alternating magnetic field of a stator (1) is provided, which magnetic field is created by a coil system of wire coils (3) applied on an insulating body (4) in the circumferential direction and... Agent: Volpe And Koenig, P.C.

20100109456 - Wiring component for motor coil: A wiring component for a motor coil includes: a wire coil configured by a plurality of wire segments arranged in a circumferential direction so as to form a ring shape, each of the wire segments including an arc-shaped main-body portion made of a conductive wire rod bent in an arc... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20100109457 - Wiring component for motor coil: A wiring component for a motor coil includes a wire coil configured by a plurality of wire segments arranged in a circumferential direction so as to form a ring shape, each of the wire segments including an arc-shaped main-body portion made of a conductive wire rod bent in an arc... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20100109459 - Robot with internal pressure explosion-proof structure: A robot includes a plurality of motors that drive respective joint shafts and gas-tight chambers in which the motors are disposed. The robot is placed in a second ambience, and at least one of the joint shafts is provided with a hollow motor integrated with a reduction gear.... Agent: Ditthavong Mori & Steiner, P.C.

20100109460 - Motor: A motor includes a base, a stator, a retaining seat, a bearing, a retaining ring and a rotor. The base has a shaft tube with an assembling hole. The stator is mounted around the shaft tube. The retaining seat, bearing and retaining ring are received in the assembling hole. Outer... Agent: Kamrath & Associates P.A.

20100109462 - Transverse and/or commutated flux system stator concepts: Disclosed are transverse and/or commutated flux machines and components thereof, and methods of making and using the same. Certain exemplary stators for use in transverse and commutated flux machines may be configured with gaps therebetween, for example in order to counteract tolerance stackup. Other exemplary stators may be configured as... Agent: Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. (main)

20100109461 - Vehicle drive device: A vehicle drive device includes a partition wall defining at least a part of a space where the rotating electrical machine is accommodated; a rotor support member that rotates about the rotation shaft center and supports the rotor; a bearing disposed between the rotor support member and the partition wall;... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100109463 - Hybrid five axis magnetic bearing system using axial passive pm bearing magnet paths and radial active magnetic bearings with permanent magnet bias and related method: An extremely energy efficient, compact, integrated hybrid five axis passive and active magnetic bearing system is developed for suspending a rotor within a non-rotating stator without conventional rolling element or fluid film bearings wherein 1) an axial permanent magnetic set of poles generates a magnetic flux path creating an axial... Agent: University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

20100109464 - Electric motor: A motor comprises a stator and a rotor (20) disposed within the stator. The stator comprises: a housing (31) having a polygon cross section that comprises a plurality of side portions (32a-32d) and a plurality of curved corner portions (33a-33d), each of the corner portions connect two adjacent side portions... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100109465 - Motor structure and fan: A motor structure and a fan are provided. The motor structure includes a shaft, a motor control panel, a stator, a rotor and a motor housing. The motor control panel has a first fastening portion and is engageable with the shaft. The stator has a second fastening portion coupled to... Agent: Pearne & Gordon LLP

20100109466 - Rotor for electric rotary machine: A rotor for an electric rotary machine and a method of manufacturing the same are disclosed wherein none of permanent magnets is fixed to a magnetic supporting segment of a magnet support ring in advance and each permanent magnet is assembled separately of the magnet support ring. Prior to the... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20100109467 - Field element: The field magnet is formed of, for example, two permanent magnets, and a width of the field magnet increases from a center toward both ends thereof in a monotonically non-decreasing manner. The field magnet includes, at the both ends thereof, projecting portions projecting to a side opposite to a rotation... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100109468 - Permanent magnet motor and method for manufacturing same: A permanent magnet motor includes: a rotor and a stator; and a plurality of permanent magnets placed on either the rotor or the stator. Each permanent magnet is an R—Fe—B based rare-earth sintered magnet including a light rare-earth element RL (at least one of Nd and Pr) as a major... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd. C/o Keating & Bennett, LLP

20100109469 - Capped stator core wedge and related method: A slot wedge for a generator stator includes a wedge body having opposite side edges adapted to engage complimentary stator core slots. At least the opposite side edges are covered with an aramid paper or woven aramid fabric material.... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye P.C.

20100109470 - Alignment of segmented stators for electric machines: A stator segment for a segmented stator of an electric machine includes insulative material configured for overlapping with insulative material of an adjacent stator segment to provide continuous insulation along a joint between the adjacent stator segments. Additionally, or alternatively, the stator segment can include one or more alignment tabs... Agent: Harness, Dickey, & Pierce, P.l.c

20100109471 - Stator for a multiple phase rotary electric machine, multiple phase rotary electric machine including such rotor, and method for making such rotor: A stator for a multiple-phase rotary electrical machine, in which each phase includes at least one winding, each winding including coils (70) with several turns (73), the stator (5) comprising a body (50) having an axial length (L) and having on the inside a plurality of notches (60) defined by... Agent: Berenato & White, LLC

20100109472 - Electrostatic acting device: An electrostatic acting device in which leakage of charge from an electret film is suppressed. The electrostatic acting device comprises a movable electrode section (20) having a movable electrode (22), a fixed electrode section (10) having an electret film (12) opposed to the movable section (20) at a predetermined distance... Agent: Ditthavong Mori & Steiner, P.C.

20100109473 - Dynamic capacitor energy system: An energy conversion and storage system uses pre-charge-enabled energy-converting variable capacitors that can be buried in asphalt roads and streets. Radiant solar energy does work on temperature-sensitive capacitors. It modifies the capacitance of the previously cold and pre-charged capacitor, thereby converting solar energy into increased electrical energy available for practical... Agent: William Mehrkam Peterson

20100109474 - Thermomagnetic generator device and energy converting method: A generator device for converting thermal energy to electric energy. A magnetic circuit includes at least a portion made of a magnetic material. A temperature-varying device varies the temperature in the portion made of the magnetic material alternately above and below a phase transition temperature of the magnetic material to... Agent: Venable LLP

20100109475 - Surface acoustic wave element, surface acoustic wave device and methods for manufacturing the same: A surface acoustic wave (“SAW”) element includes a substrate which is formed of a piezoelectric material, a plurality of first electrodes which are disposed on the substrate and separated from each other, a plurality of second electrodes which are disposed on the substrate and are separated from the first electrodes... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20100109476 - Driver: A driving apparatus (100) is provided with: a base portion (110); a stage portion (130) on which a driven object (12) is mounted and which can be displaced; an elastic portion (120) which connects the base portion and the stage portion and which has elasticity to displace the stage portion... Agent: Young & Thompson

20100109477 - Prestress-adjustable piezoelectric gripping device: A prestress-adjustable piezoelectric gripping device is provided, in which a prestressing device adjusts a prestressing force applied to a piezoelectric element of a piezoelectric unit on the basis of a feedback signal from a force-sensing unit, so as to adjust the friction between the piezoelectric unit and a gripping unit.... Agent: Wpat, PC Intellectual Property Attorneys

20100109479 - Drive device: A driving apparatus is provided with: a first base portion; a first stage portion; a first elastic portion which has elasticity to displace the first stage portion in one direction (X axis); a second stage portion which is disposed on the first stage portion and on which a driven object... Agent: Young & Thompson

20100109478 - Driving apparatus: A driving apparatus (100t) is provided with: stage portion (130) which can be displaced; a first elastic portion (120-1) whose one end is connected to the stage portion and which has elasticity to displace the stage portion in one direction; a driving source device (180), to which other end of... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100109480 - Method for manufacturing a membrane and object provided with such a membrane: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a membrane or wall (3) of a material, which is capable of vapour/vacuum deposition, over an opening of an object (2). The method includes: placing the opening with a defined rim against a backing surface (4) coated with a layer (5)... Agent: Darby & Darby P.C.

20100109481 - Multi-aperture acoustic horn: A device, for transmitting or receiving ultrasonic signals, includes a transducer and an acoustic horn. The transducer is configured to convert between electrical energy and the ultrasonic signals, and may be a micro electromechanical system (MEMS) transducer. The acoustic horn is coupled to the transducer, and includes multiple apertures through... Agent: Kathy Manke Avago Technologies Limited

20100109482 - Tidal power generator: The present invention relates to a power generation technology using tidal power or wave power, especially relates to a power generation technology using a piezoelectric element. It is an object of the present invention to provide a power generation device for generating electric power in water or on a ship... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20100109483 - Piezoelectric component and method for manufacturing same: Disclosed is a piezoelectric component (1) comprising a piezoelectric transducer (10) wherein a pair of electrodes (20a, 20b) are formed on both major surfaces of a piezoelectric substrate (11), a pair of frame members (30a, 30b) fitted to both major surfaces of the piezoelectric transducer (10), a pair of sealing... Agent: Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

20100109484 - Electronic component, mounting structure thereof, and method for mounting electronic component: An electronic component includes: a functional piece having a predetermined function; a bump electrode formed on the functional piece, the bump electrode including a core with elastic property and a conductive film provided on a surface of the core; and a holding unit for holding a conductive contact state between... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100109485 - Electroacoustic component: An electroacoustic component includes a substrate that includes a quartz single crystal. The quartz single crystal has a first Euler angle λ: −5°≦λ≦5°, a second Euler angle μ, and a third Euler angle θ. A contiguous region of the quartz single crystal has the following vertices Pi(μi, θi): (23°, 20°),... Agent: Fish & Richardson PC

20100109486 - Surface deformation electroactive polymer transducers: Electroactive polymer transducers configured for surface mode deformation to provide thickness mode actuation.... Agent: Levine Bagade Han LLP

20100109488 - Piezoelectric multilayer component: A piezoelectric multilayer component has a base body with a stack of piezoceramic layers and electrode layers arranged one on top of the other in an alternating manner. Neighboring layers of the stack are braced against one another such that stresses run perpendicular to the stacking direction.... Agent: Slater & Matsil, L.L.P.

20100109487 - Piezoelectric transformer with pinwheel type electrode: Disclosed herein is a piezoelectric transformer having a pinwheel-type electrode. The piezoelectric transformer of the present invention includes a body, an upper electrodes and a lower electrode. The body is formed in a circular planar shape and is made of a piezoelectric material. The upper electrodes are formed to be... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20100109489 - Piezoelectric single crystal device: In a piezoelectric device that uses a vibration mode in a direction parallel to a polarization direction, a single crystal device that achieves an electromechanical coupling factor of 65% or more, which is more than the electromechanical coupling factor (about 60%) of the existing flat plane type piezoelectric single crystal... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

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